16 September 2016

Is Cape Town the most beautiful city in the world?

By Mike Smith
16th of September 2016

Recently in the UK Telegraph Travel awards Cape Town was voted the most beautiful City in the world next to Vancouver and Venice (2nd & 3rd) and if you look at the video below it is easy to see why. Personally I cannot understand how any White Person in South Africa can still stay or live in Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Johannesburg or Pretoria when you have such a beautiful Mother City available to you.

Now if only we can do something about that pathetic eyesore Khayeletisha, the ice cold sea water and that South Easterly wind...it would be the most beautiful place in the universe.

...And for building a City like this they want us to apologise.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/telegraph-travel-awards-2015-16-winners/


  1. Anonymous6:39 am

    The people from 'Gauteng' usually just say 'all the money is up where' and 'everything is fast and gets done quickly'.

    Personally, I have a great quality of life in the Cape, I like the laid back life, beautiful beaches, mountains, epic landscapes, and so many interesting little towns and villages. There's so much to do and so much variety.

    Also, Cape Town city is improving in terms of safety and 'urban renewal programs' and a lot of head offices are moving down to the Cape and its suburban centers.

    1. 'everything is fast and gets done quickly'.

      Where? Filling stations? Shops? Banks? Post Office? Airport?

      Sorry I have to disagree. That is a bullshit myth. It might have been so during the time of Apartheid when you had Whites working there, but nowadays...everything is on African Time. Piss poor service, piss poor quality and utterly dumb people.

      I once saw a sketch by Trevor Noah about the Airport Announcer at Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport. I thought he was just pulling the piss until I flew through OR Tambo last year. That woman really exists!! I heard her!!


    2. Anonymous10:19 pm

      @Mike 10:07PM

      Agreed. We want Cape Town, not Ape Town.

  2. Even more beautiful is the garden of all routes. Spectacular beaches, with warm waters and pefect mountain pass twisties, built for motorbikes. This is paradise!

    1. All the way from Mosselbay to Plett is absolutely stunning.

  3. Anonymous7:44 am

    Hey Bloemies is not bad!Unfortunately is looks like a dump these days!!

    1. I was at the Vroue Monument (Women and children's Monument) there a year ago. The Afrikaans bitch working there wouldn't let me, a Boer, in... because we arrived at 16:30 and they were closing at 17:00. I was willing to pay the full price for two people to just have a quick look..."Nee meneer, ons sluit oor 'n halfuur."

      She wouldn't even let us use the toilet. Slammed the glass door in our faces. So we were only allowed to walk arround the outside. There were some building site on the premisses and I tell you what...The blacks working there were more friendly than the White People working at the museum.

      I decided that That was the last time I would ever drive through Bloemfontein on my way to Pretoria. Next time I will take the N12 through Kimberley.

    2. Ja Mike.
      Was Margaret van Wyk. Ou girl was haastig want 'Chris het al gery'.

    3. Anonymous6:44 am

      I am sorry you had a bad experience Mike.Not all of us are that rude.Next time please let us know in advance and we will organise n lekker get together ;-)

  4. Anonymous8:05 am

    Cape Town, the start of civilization in Southern Africa. Dankie Oom Jan.

  5. Anonymous9:00 am

    The only thing wrong with CT is that its full of Capetonians.

    1. Uhm.
      You stick to eating snotkop moddervis...and leave the galjoen and crayfish for the connoisseurs.
      Otherwise....don't feel left out.
      Muizenberg Vrygronde/Gugs/Mitchell's innie Plein/Hout Bay ( now better known as Houtkop Bay ) - we can do without.

    2. Anonymous1:02 pm

      Hehehe.... lekker lag ek nou. Toemaar, al meer van my tjommies is al daar onder.... dis net 'n kwessie van tyd.

    3. @ Anonymous 9:00 AM...So what is that supposed to mean? What is wrong with Capetonians?

    4. Anonymous1:14 am

      @ Mike Smith.... What is wrong with Capetonians? Well they are Capetonians :D :D :D


    5. Anonymous8:38 pm

      Nei, hy is sodroog soos ń bokkom.

  6. Anonymous11:05 am

    Try Jy uitvind wie wa bly?

    1. Interesseer my glad nie. Wonner net wa-om hulle nie innie Kaap bly nie?

  7. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Ja, well, no, lekker, fine hey.

    Wine route...ooofff!

  8. Anonymous12:45 pm


    There is comments, peeps are pissed off...

    Cape Colony sounds just fine.

    "The fairest of all the Capes" (Min of meer)

    1. Anonymous11:00 am

      @Anonymous12:45 PM

      Thats why you must never educate a karasite, he learns from you and then thinks he knows it all but actually the karasite just confirms he doesnt know a thing at all.

      Would the karasite that came to live off the white man here even know what century it was without the white man? The things have never had a concept of time or history, they are only interested in raping and stealing.

      Without the white man, this karasite piece of shit would still be in the bush banging bongo drums.

      He forgets the internet is a white invention, the books he learnt from were in English not some karasite language.

      He forgets that the university he got his degree from is from the white man. He forgets the toilet that flushes, the lights, his mobile, his tooth paste and deodorant that cannot mask the smell of any Kaffir are from the white man.

      Glad to see so many whites taking that little karasite apart in the comments.

      The only place a karasite belongs is in an underground museum! Its time to wipe these things off the face of the earth forever, useless fucking species.

    2. Anonymous12:12 pm

      News24 en Naspers kan maar gaan kak.

    3. @Boere Ninja
      I have to respond to your rubbish, you can't claim other peoples accomplishments as your own.
      No Boers were involved in any of those things you listed, and the people who invented it despised you lot.

      You can't go around claiming other races accomplishments under the cover of "white man". List your pathetic Boer accomplishments and leave it at that.

    4. Anonymous1:47 am

      Shaka, enough of the excuses, time to develop!

      South Africa under the ANC has de-industrialised, the rate is half now and farming is also now half.

    5. Fuck off shaka , list your negro inventions, we want nothing to do with you lot anymore, don't talk to us, don't look us,go sit in a corner, use you 'technology" and blast off this planet, all that you lot can do is mimic,rape,steal and destroy.

    6. @ghost the feeling is mutual believe me but for some inexplicable reason whites refuse to go back where they came from.

    7. Anonymous6:07 am

      Shaka, we've been in SA longer than the whites in USA, Cananda, Australia, New Zealand and much of South America.

      Stop making excuses. You lose face and any respect.
      You might not like us personally, but we're here to stay. Without us, SA will be in ruin and 90% of blacks even worse off.

    8. Anonymous12:55 pm

      @BN 11:00AM

      Even raw sewage cannot mask the smell of a karasite.

    9. Anonymous1:02 pm

      @Shakarasite 11:31PM

      Boers are not a race. They are part of the white race and whites invented all of the things that BN listed.

      The only pathetic accomplishment is the mud hut with walls covered in shit.

    10. Anonymous1:08 pm

      @All, but Shaka

      You will get more sense out of a shop window dummy.

    11. Anonymous1:19 pm

      @ghost 2:34AM

      Their "technology" is a "rocket" made out of cardboard like on a children's TV programme.

  9. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Even the city's name is cool.

  10. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Brilliant Mike!

  11. @ Anon 12:45 PM ...Yes, I saw that rubish yesterday, skim-read it and thought..."Not worthy of comment and not worthy of my time."

    Glad to see the people took him apart. Five years ago they would have praised him.

  12. Anonymous11:59 pm

    Cape Town may be great, but the reality of South Africa is this - http://www.whitenationnetwork.com/paper/?p=52423

  13. Anonymous10:45 am



    Can you believe the shit this prick writes?

    Another liberal prick that needs to be hung for treason against his people, Maxie will hang in the end.

    1. Anonymous11:54 pm

      BN, het jy in die kommentare gesien hoeveel wit Afrikaners met hom saamstem?

    2. RunForrestRun1:40 pm

      Dis hoekom ek en my familie getrek het, soos die trekboere van ouds het ons besef ons is in die minderheid en sal altyd so wees. Die wat dink hulle kan die parasiete uitroei is mal, die parasiet sit tussen hulle , dis daardie oom of tannie wat lanks jou in die kerk sit. Vat jou goed en trek Ferreira, daar is nog plekke in die wereld waar die onnoselheid nie veel impak op jou lewe het nie. Niks in die natuur bly staties nie, die enigste konstant is dat dinge sal verander. So, hou jou fokus op dit wat belangrik vir jou is, hou jou familie naby en veilig, of dit in Australie, NZ, Kanada, Argentinia of Rusland is maak nie saak nie. Maar om jou te vereenselwig met n klomp onnosele moerskonte net omdat hul dieselfde taal as jy magtig is, is kortsigtig. Ons voorgeslagte het getrek om weg te kom van die kak, dit was nie omdat Suid Afrika die paradys was nie, dit was die enigste plek wat hulle met ossewaens kon bereik, vandag het ons vliegtuie.

  14. Anonymous8:08 pm

    I prefer Plett

  15. Anonymous8:37 am

    Aindie mooiste Kaap!


  16. Anonymous3:30 pm

    But isn't Cape Town really liberal and English speaking? I always thought Pretoria is where all the conservative Afrikaners are concentrated at. Also, it's clear that the center of Afrikaner culture and population right now is Pretoria. I believe in Siener expected Afrikaners to secure Pretoria; Cape Town should be left to Brits, the Cape Dutch, coloureds, and allow it to be as liberal and race mixing as it wants. But that's just my opinion

  17. Anonymous1:24 am

    I've been trying since April last year to get a job in or around Cape Town after I fell in love with the place during my Cape holiday. Nobody wants me. Even though I have 9 years experience in my job. When recruiters hear that I want to move there from where I live now which is 1300km away I never hear from them again. So I gave up. Not to mention the small change they offer as salaries. Would still love to move there regardless.

    1. Go sell Boerwors rolls at the beach. Where there is a will there is a way. Mind you...rather stay where you are. We don't need defeatest types like you in the Cape.

      Only those who give up have already lost.

  18. Whiteman12:03 pm

    Vast numbers of " refugees, " are migrating towards Johannesburg, mainly from the closests countries to the NSA. But I have even heard of somalies in Plettenberg bay, in the past. This migration is very subtle, in many ways, but it is real, and it is frightening. A friend of mine, who flew helicopters, and criss-crossed the Gauteng area, on a regular basis, for years, brought my attention to this. He said that the average whitey in Jhb, does not have a clue how many nignogs are living in Gauteng. He pointed out that when you drive your car, you see townships, squatter camps etc, but you can only get the full picture from the air. So maybe it is just as well, that we dont see it ! But what is my point ? When this whole lot starts fighting, and over runs the whitey suburbs, there will be a whitey migration, like we have never seen. It will be so bad, the whiteys, who manage to escape, will RUN, till they reach the Karoo, at least. And the last thing on their minds will be : Where will I find a well paid job ? It will be more like : Where will I find water and food tomorrow ?