12 September 2016

How we lost air superiority in Angola

Where the ANC's Gupta friends pass through without going through
customs and passport control and where Sudanese Dictator Omar al-Bashir escaped through

By Mike Smith
13th of September 2016

We often get people on here who like to tell us how South Africa lost the so called “Battle of Cuito Cuanavale” because we lost air superiority.

I have explained before that this was a myth and total bullshit propaganda by the useless ANC after our white politicians betrayed the country and handed power over to them. South Africa had the Cheetah (Mirage), the new Rooivalk attack helicopter, and arguably the best pilots and airplane mechanics/technicians in the world.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is a video of the latest concept helicopter made in Angola, presented to the public at a military parade.

Novo helicóptero feito em Angola

…Then compare it with the Denel Rooivalk Helicopter and you be the judge of who won and who lost air superiority in Angola.

Also see here:

Thy myth of the Cuban/Angolan victory at Cuito Cuanavale

However...If you look at the South African Air Force today and compare it to the current  National Air Force of Angola I think the Angolans won't have any problems defeating our New SAAF Gripens in about ten seconds...all two of them standing pilotless on the runway at Waterkloof.


  1. Anonymous9:15 pm

    I remember seeing these NP clowns on the TV and on telephone pole posters growing up as a poor boy and even back then I knew these people were skelm, call it a child's intuition. My fears were to be confirmed in high school when these fucks sold a whole people's future away for mere pennies. I don't know who is more skelm, these NP/Broeders clowns or these evil blacks clowns killing everything in sight. May God have mercy on their souls because I know I wont.

  2. Anonymous9:42 pm

    Hey Mike one of them flew over me yesterday, it now has some shit painted on the fuselage. Something like that wog express that the SAA once had.

    I havent a clue who is flying it but it sure ain't no kaffir.

    It didn't stop in mid flight to pick up passengers and it looked to be flying in a straight line, so I guess the pilot was not sms-ing or whats-apping his nylon head while behind the wheel, that makes me sure it was not a muntu steering the thing.


    1. Anonymous2:56 am

      LT, did it have a roor-rack?

    2. Anonymous9:31 am

      @ anon 2:56 AM. Good one


    3. Anonymous12:08 pm

      @LTMA 9:42PM

      A kaffir pilot would've had the plane completely overloaded with goods, livestock and kaffirs holding on to the sides for dear life.

  3. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Butthole Airport...where the ANC's Gupta friends pass through.

  4. Anonymous12:25 am

    A normal human being would be embarassed beyond description at the depths of ineptitude that the present Air (spare)Force has sunk to.
    Of course ,as the velcro heads are totally bamboozled by any technology more advanced than a toyota taxi they are quite satisfied to have one or two working and flying in a straight line. They have no concept of any further operation of the aircraft. Because their highest standard is the lowest common denominator,they feel they are heroes just to get the aircraft up and down in one piece.

  5. Anonymous5:10 am

    Mike, we did lose air superiority in Angola due to the fact that our planes were a poor match for the Russian hardware. Simple as that. It's no reflection on the obvious capabilities of our pilots and other SAAF staff.

    The hardware that enabled us to win the war anyway comprises the G5 and G6 howitzers, and the Ratel IFV. And, most importantly, the guts and ability of the SADF soldiers. Check out General Roland De Vries' book "Eye of the Firestorm". I was privileged to spend an evening listening to him speak.

    1. Anonymous8:14 am

      NOTHING to do with planes
      Everything to do with advanced anti-aircraft missile systems which covered most of the operational area
      For which SA had NO answer.
      Even the US battled in North Vietnam
      Rolling Thunder

      Mr Smith should try talking to some REAL military aviation specialists.
      ( Perhaps from the Institute of Strategic Studies )
      Better yet the Mirage pilots that had to fly in Angolan airspace

  6. Anonymous1:40 pm

    All I can say is Long Range Desert Patrol, maybe one day when we stop playing ball games meant for boys and begin to challenge evil like good men should we will form our own Laeveld kort afstand patrollie. Or hoeveld lang afstand patrollie. And begin to drive crime out of our living areas, because if we don't drive them out they will continue their low level war and drive us out.
    Vigilans Et Sciens.

    1. Anonymous11:39 pm

      @ anon 1:40 PM VES.start preparing, I will challenge you?

      The competition: the Recce MTB mission March 11/12-03-2017.

      Lets start some form of rivalry at least even if it is just an amicable challenge.

      You do not have to expose yourself openly, we can keep our identities private and comment here after the event.

      I lay the challenge to all Mike's posters.

      Lets see you put your mouth where your fingers normally are.


    2. Anonymous8:03 am

      LTMA what shall we call the challenge? How about Danie Theron Wiel Rijders Rapportgangers Korps
      Maybe for us to get our land back we need to go back 100 years and pick up from where we left off.
      LTMA I don't savour everything you say but least you think like a Boer.
      Vigilans Et Sciens

  7. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Angola and Cuba where so good that Infidel Castrate had his general killed by firing squad after the war,real heroes,right?We had 3000 snot nosed boys playing with them and they where more than 100 000. We took 4000 tons of communist weaponry per battle from the terrorists! The ANC knows what the Afrikaner can do because they have all the war documentation and that is why they wont dare take us head on,they are slowley but surely starving us to death and killing us off one by one. Unfortunately we havent reached the point where everybody would just come together and say enough is enough and chase them from our beautiful country that they are raping and destroying brick by brick!! Wake up brothers(mense van my asem) and know the time is near!

    1. Anonymous11:32 pm

      @ anon 8:26 PM. Excellent post. Thank you.

      May I add that the psych war has undermined the confidence of the white South African.

      The whites are doubting themselves. We need to concentrate on reaffirming ourselves to our confidence and to our ability, then we will start taking back what we want and own.

      There are those that would sow doubt amongst us and seek to divide us but if we could build rebuild the confidence that we had back in the 70s and 80s, there be no one, not darky, commie, liberal twat that would stand before us.

      We know our enemy but we have lost ourselves.

      As you state those NDPs were little boys but by fuck those little boys were more than man enough to stand up on the day. Imagine what those young boy who are now mature men would do today, if they could start believing in themselves again and if they would forget rugby, forget B&C and Castle, forget the flash A car and the house on the hill.

      Fuck! There is such potential here that it blows the mind when you sit and contemplate it, but like all things unused it is useless till employed.


    2. Anonymous1:17 pm

      Even the mighty russian special forces(advisors as they say)admitted when the boertjies where coming forward and tha blacks and cubans where runnig away that they also had to run otherwise they would be crushed by us. You destroy and frighten a few and the rest gets the fright of their lives and run away.Speed and brutality wins wars. The rugby is already a lost case and we must all admit it is and let the dead be dead. The white engineroom made the off whites in the back look good by giving them open goal lines but now the white engineroom is no more and now the game is lost as we know it.

    3. Anonymous12:22 am

      forget the flash A car and the house on the hill.

      Such delusion
      Most people have homes and families to take care of
      Bonds to pay off , jobs to keep and bosses to keep happy
      Businesses to run and staff to pay

      Please explain how this person is now suddenly going to give ALL of this up and become "rambo" overnight ?

      You people live in some kind of an altered reality !

    4. Anonymous10:14 am

      Dont worry in time no white man would have anything left to go back to.Then every afrikaner would have to stand up and fight.you liberals would be the hardest hit.

    5. Anonymous1:02 am

      12:22 that that is why big money capital would rather maintain the status quo having nearly the entire working population of this country saddled under the yoke of debt regardless who rules the land.
      Simple salution; when the Boer volk wake up to the reality that they as a people would not only survive but also thrive in multiple mini autonomous Boere free republics. The banks would be booted and families would receive immediate debt forgiveness. Gold would become the standard for a new currency, the $, Euro, pound would also be used for international convenience.

    6. Anonymous5:57 am

      The truth is .....
      The "Boers" have NEVER manged to run a country ( any sort of formally constituted territory )

      Every one of their "republics" has crashed
      ( DO you want a list of them all ? )

      mini autonomous Boere free republics

      Where did you suck this nonsense from ?
      Ever heard of divide and conquer ?
      Ever heard of -- splitting the army ?
      Little islands to be mopped up at leisure !

    7. Anonymous4:25 pm

      5:57 what do you mean crashed the Boer republics of the Transvaal and Orange Free state, were both cash ritch how else do you think Oom Paul was able to buy all thos mausers and artillery pieces from the Germans.
      Norgorno karabakh autonomous republic, Abkhazia, Lichtenstein and closer to home Lesotho and Swaziland are both mini autonomous self governing States. So what do you mean that multiple mini autonomous self rule Boer republics with a mutual understanding to assist each other republics during crisis won't work when the function very well everywhere else.look at the the Israeli settlements in the West Bank have not been wiped out inspite of continued attack from the palastinians, and what about the break up of former Yugoslavia into independent republics, I can go on and on. All I know if it can work for others it can work for us, the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine being the latest.

  8. Whiteman3:19 am

    Anonymous 8:26 PM, you have eluded to, what is called, a war of attrition ! In afrikaans, it is called a " uitputtings-oorlog. " Very descriptive, for when you undermine a population, to get rid of them entirely. You use every dirty trick in the book. You impoverish, emasciate, disarm, criminalise, falsly accuse, and wear them out and/or down, until ALL resistance is broken. This process then culminates in full blown genocide. The Stockholm-syndrome plays a role throughout, and must be taken seriously by all of us. For those who do not know. This syndrome, is when the victim endorses, justifies, compliments, and even assists the enemy, black and white, with his/her own extermination ! This is no joke, or bullshit story, because we see it in this country, EVERY DAY ! And the end of all this, is GENOCIDE !

    1. Anonymous9:32 am

      That is exactly what the communist government are doing right now,according to different info there are almost a million white people that are living in caravans,wendy houses,buite kamers,shacks etc that is almost one kwarter of the total white population that are living of food scraps.The retrench you then youre jobless and then youre left for the dogs!everything is picking up momentum and it is only going to get worst faster and in the end most of the whites would be left out of the economy,and here we all thought it was an inclusive country for all and apartheid was gone!whqt a bunch of fools we all are.The blacks still havent created anything new and built new cities with our money,they only hijacked our companies and raped our economy and infrastructure. If they dont want us to work in our own cities and companies then they should just leave us alone to fend for ourselves but they wont do that because they know a boer maak n plan and would outperform them with their hands behind their backs. They are just prepping us for the big blow to whipe us out in the fastest way possible

    2. Anonymous11:54 am


    3. Anonymous12:24 pm



      Is for the crazy ones -- you know who you are

      Someone went out and did a bit of work
      Instead of sitting on here and talking crap and making like a big rambo-ninja

      You will probably lap it all up without taking the time to deconstruct it.
      Oh yes
      It is full of delightful -- HALF TRUTHS
      See if you can spot them
      NO footnotes

    4. Anonymous11:16 pm

      Yes, what the ANC regime is doing to, and allowing to be done to whites in this country has a name:


      Everything happening to us here fits the pattern of GENOCIDE as mapped out by Genocide Watch. The rest of the world does not care. They want us gone as we are the living proof that a Multi-Cultural Society as espoused by the Powers That Be is an utter and dismal failure, and that a policy of segregation and seperation works and allows us to thrive without the weight of the permanently aggrieved underclasses.

  9. Anonymous1:40 pm

    The Angolan kaffirs have "designed and built" the smelliflopter (smells of floppies) with a tribal grass skirt. Also, the first commenter has got to be kidding.

  10. Anonymous5:48 pm

    Mense, soos ons voorouers gemaak het, vasbyt. Ons voorouers het in die wildernis in getrek met n paar beeste, kleivee, ossewa, sanna voorlaaier en die die motivering van ons Hemelse Vader met die Bybel.Hulle het van die grond gelewe wat die Here vir hulle gegee het want Hy het voorsien dat hulle nie van die honger sal beswyk nie.

    Ons het oorleef teen Dingaan, Silkaats, die kakies en die Britse ryk wat ons vrouens en kinders in konsentrasie kampe gesit so dat hulle die Boere se moed kon breek. Die kommuniste probeer hard om ons uit te moor maar ons gaan nie knak of breek nie, ons gaan net nie lê nie, so dood eenvoudig soos dit. Ons gaan nie terugstaan nie, ons gaan nie padgee nie, ons gaan nie opsy staan nie ons gaan nie bewe nie. Want dit is wie ons is, ons is Boere en ons maak altyd n plan om te oorleef, niks gaan ons terug hou nie, niks nie.