05 September 2016

Fifty years on, Verwoerd's legacy and success overshadows Mandela's Rainbow Nation Failure

By Mike Smith
5th of September 2016

You know that we all know that roughly 50 years ago in 1966 Dr. Hendrik French Verwoerd was assassinated with a dagger by a half-breed Greek/Coloured Communist “lone nutter”, Dimitri Tsavendas posing as a cleaner in parliament.

…But trust the liberal leftist media to remember, record and rejoice the exact minute when that first thrust was made into his heart from behind by the cowardly Tsavendas. 14:14.

50 years ago when the first dagger stab was in the heart of Dr. Verwoerd

I didn’t even know that they have his blood stained shirt and blazer on display to fawn over, but they do.

All I have is my own research of a wonderfully intelligent and remarkable man. The best leader South Africa ever had and probably will ever have.

Opening Pandora’s Apartheid box – Part 20- Dr. Verwoerd, Nationalist Visionary, “The most hated man in South Africa” and the success of Nationalism

I finished that article with the following words:

“But Dr Verwoerd does not need any statue of himself. By the time he died he built his own monument which is there for all to see: The Republic of South Africa…”

‘Nuff said.

If you notice his stab wounds and compare it to what Special Forces soldiers of the day were taught, then it becomes clear that the assassin was not taught by the KGB, but by the CIA or MI6.

Back in those days they believed that the best way to penetrate the heart was from the top by the shoulder, where the collarbone is and thrust the dagger diagonally inwards towards the heart hoping to sever the main arteries like the aorta and puncture the heart.

Of course this is totaly out of date today and probably the reason why Tsavendas had to stab so many times. The length of the blade had to be known to be sure.

Oh my God how we have come a long way. Today it is all an exact science. You cannot just hope you are going to hit a target, you have to be 100% certain.

 Fact of the matter is that Dimitri Tsavendas had professional training. He was not just a “lone nutter” like other “lone nutters” of the time namely “Lee Harvey Oswald” and “Sirhan Sirhan”.

However, any real specialist knows that to kill a sentry from behind is ONE MOVEMENT made up of three. I don’t think I have ever seen it described online.

So here goes in a stabbing assasination:

The type of weapons is very important. Forget all the Rambo Survival knives and bullshit. In the dark you cannot even find the sharp edge or the blunt edge.

The British Fairbairn-Sykes Comando knife.
Take your Rambo Bowie knife and shove it up your bottom. The British Fairbairn-Sykes is a double edged weapon to help you with the problem. It is also the emblem on the beret and flashes of several Special Forces including the SAS and the South African Recces.

My personal favourite is the Swiss army dagger known as the Böker About its Nazi history we will not go into detail. Let us just say that the Nazis had fantastic weapons, were very intelligent and one should not throw out the dagger with the bath water.

In all honesty, for me the Fairbairn-Sykes proved a bit short to do the job and light on the blade and heavy on the shaft. In fact it is supposed to be “so-balanced” , but I won’t run it down completely. It is a good knife; just not for me...albeit I have it sewed into the inside of my forecarmcof my favourite jacket.

Some online amateurs complain it was the bluntest knife they ever ordered. Of course the Fairbairn-Sykes was and still is delivered completely blunt to the operative.

Point is that if you don’t know how to sharpen your own knife you should not be an operative. Duh.

I am not an operative/operator .  Mine was handed to me already sharp by my grandfather, a Boer who fought on the side of the English in Abyssinia, North Africa and Italy against fascism and against the Nazis.

The Swiss Böker
 I still proudly wear all his medals on poppy day. It is what we do.. I will never forget the day when my granddad rocked up at our house in Hermanus in the Western Cape….There they were…All my grandfather’s WWII medals at the bottom of a wooden chest, covered with saws, planes and files.

I don't know what he thought...He gave it all to me at the age of ten.  Of course I don’t have any medals of my own today apart from my own Pro Patria that was posted to me eight months after I was on the border, as a “By the way thank you”.

Somehow my granddad wanted ME to have these medals and none of his own sons of which he had two.

Nevertheless where was I???

Cut all the bullshit and let us return to how we were taught in the army.

You want to learn what?.Killing people with a dagger from behind....And you want to learn that from a Ballie like me?

Remember this is one movement at the end of the day and you have to train this a thousand times before the muscle memory sets in and it becomes automatic. Not ONE, not THREE...ONE MOVEMENT!!!!

It is like tying a shoelace. In the beginning you have to remember every stroke. Today nobody even thinks about how to tie a shoelace; they simply do it.

The technique is like this for righties: Reverse for lefties. ….

You sneak up dead on to the sentry from behind.Clasp over his mouth and nose from the bottom of his jaw upwards with the left hand to smother any noise.

With your right foot you step into the back of his knee (die mik van sy knie) to bring him down. Sometimes you have to do it standing up from behind, but the principle remains the same.

Then you thrust the knife with surgical precision into his neck from the right side of his neck towards the left, exactly parallel to the ground and slightly in front of the vertebrae but behind the windpipe.

The Cresssi Sub Borg
The two sharp edges of your Fairbairn-Sykes should now be pointing forwards and backwards exactly in between the neck vertebrae and the windpipe/ carotid artery. With the knife holding right , now quickly thrust at least 90° forward on the handle, severing all arteries to the brain killing the opponent within 7-10 seconds…silently.

However, I do not take lives anymore, I rescue lives and as a qualified rescue diver, the knife that is my daily dive buddy today is the Cressi Sub Borg. Best diving knife in the world. Attached up-side down to the left of my BC on my inflation hose, it is always within reach. Cressi Sub Borg It is so handy that I have actually attached an exact replica to my 72hr bug out bag. Speaking of which…what was it I was trying to rescue again? Whites in South Africa, wasn’t it?

Message to Kaffir...You touch any of my family in South Africa...I will fare  into the streets tonight and by Six AM tommorrow morning there will be a thousand of you lying dead in the, streets. I dare you. Push me.


  1. justice seeker8:52 pm

    just a quick one can someone please explain why verwoerd put the union jack flag on the south african flag instead of only the boer flags????

    1. Quick answer: Verwoerd did?

      The old SA flag (Union Flag) was first hoisted on the 31st of May 1928 when Verwoerd was 27 years old and studying overseas. He had NOTHING to do with that flag which was decided upon by parliament.

      Nevertheless...It represented the Union of South Africa and took the original Dutch "Prinsevlag" to represent the founding of South Africa by Jan van Riebeeck, and in the centre it put three small flags in such a way as not to make the one more important than the others. In the centre, but facing down was the Freestate ( a Boer Republic) flag as a mast for the other two. Attached to the "mast" on the left in first position was the Union Jack but flying backwards representing the two British colonies of the Cape and Natal... On the right was the Transvaal (Boer Republic) flag flying in the rigt direction.

      I couldn't help but sense a bitter taste in your comment. Do you dislike the old flag and /or Verwoerd?

      The reason why I fly that flag is because to me it represents unity and a time when Soth Africa grew from strength to strength. It represents a time when South Africa was a beautiful country and blossoming.

      The new SA flag will always represent the ANC era of decay, destruction and corruption. That is why I cannot and never will respect the new SA flag. Besides it looks like Winnie Mandela's G-string. Eeeuuhww.

    2. Anonymous11:46 pm

      Hear, hear Mr Smith, step forward and take a bow and accept the salute.

    3. Anonymous4:21 am

      Ex Unitate Vires!

    4. Whiteman11:16 am

      I am a bit more pragmatic about the union jack on the SA union flag, even after a Republic was declared. It was a subtle reminder, for all to see, that britain was still in control of the RSA. They have been, since the Boer War, regardless what any politician had to say. Verwoerds dream was to create the RSA, and he achieved that. But in politics, there is ALWAYS horse trading going on. Ask any man running a company, who is really the boss ? It is always the man/woman, who holds the purse strings. Britain NEVER lost control of this country. Becomming a Republic, gave everybody a warm, patriotic feeling, but it was all a sham. This is why a creature like zuma is destroying this country today. Why is ONE man, Pravin Gordan, causing so much financial kak at the moment ? He, who holds the purse strings, even on behalf of Britain in our case, is the BOSS !

  2. Anonymous9:27 pm

    White Man have you had enough?, black street buskers performing in London, sick, sick, sick. How low can whitie go???? https://www.facebook.com/djafar.khenane/videos/1843532105875238/

    1. Anonymous12:38 am

      sis. Her parents must be real proud.

    2. Graeme11:02 am

      Always nice to see a Gay, black Affirmative Action member of Her Majesty's Constabulary prance around with token Coal Bagger's!

      Now we know why the Brit's voted BREXIT!

      Best thing they did since the Battle of Hastings.

  3. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Love knives Mike. Silent deadly weapon in the right hands. Out of all my knives one i really adore is my burka kukri. Vaalpens

  4. Anonymous9:52 pm

    All you white racist worms will be joining your hero man god shortly.

    We will free you from your racist attitudes and allow your spirits to escape the bondage of hate that binds it to your body.

    We the people of Africa, the true inhabitants and owners of this land will grant you, your freedom.

    Your pig god verwoed will welcome you to his apartheid utopia in the heavens then you pigs can enjoy your all white heaven.


    1. Anonymous10:16 pm

      Then please show us mandla the cunt. Show us your balls, and come for us full force. I dont think you will like what happens to you and your munt brothers and sisters. Vaalpens

    2. Anonymous10:35 pm

      mandla...you bush pig....Verwoed was not a god, he was however following our God's laws of separation of His people and all the beasts, so get your facts straight twat!

      Twat don't take too long with your plans! i am not getting any younger, ask your masters to step up a gear.

    3. Anonymous11:10 pm

      lol ^^ at 952

    4. Mandla, fuck off you uneducated piece of black snot.

    5. Anonymous12:35 am

      Bring it. We have been begging you for years now to bring it.

      You see we cant do anything unless you bring it. You keep threatening but nothing.

      Something tells me you are still to scared of die baas.

    6. Anonymous3:54 am

      You whites just talk and talk there is never any action, just words and racist commentary.

      We are waiting for you maboere to stop this dialogue and discussion and come and show us all you talk about.

      We are waiting.

      Mandla ka ANC

    7. Anonymous4:21 am

      Doesn't Mandla mean "goat fucker" in Xhosa?

      I feel so sorry for you my man. Why did your mother give this name to you? I guess you must be a real stud in Mmtatha. In fact I bet that you are the local "Milnerton Meneer" around those parts.

      Or maybe it's Mandla from Nkandla.Any way to me you are just an ugly black doos.

    8. Anonymous5:27 am

      Piss off Womandla, you're not wanted here.

    9. Anonymous5:46 am

      mandla the munt munto :)

    10. Anonymous5:56 am

      'Mandla', I work with black people everyday and I have only encountered very few racist PAC types like yourself.

      Most blacks just want a job and to live in peace like the rest of us, however a minority like yourself only wants to cause destruction and poverty for everyone.

      If SA followed the Zimbabwe example, the poorest and mostly blacks would suffer the most.

      Instead of focusing on destruction and killing, try focus on growth and development.

    11. Anonymous6:59 am

      Tomcat Tribulations, what is that, are you complaining because you are not king of this jungle or is because you have a tiny willy and you feel inferior.

      I am educated, well educated, your taxes paid for my education and my education has given me a job where white people have to call me boss. You see you racists white pig that is democracy.

      Your white woman they love me, they love my black skin and they love coming home with me and spending the night.

      You white racists are a small group of old and mentally sick people that cannot escape the past.

      You will all get what you deserve.

      Your time is coming soon.


    12. Anonymous7:16 am

      Really Anon 5:56. Because 99% of blacks I work with are lazy freaks who want nothing but to run out the clock and steal money from the company and force whitey to do their work. And they are very quick to talk and laugh about our clients as soon as the clients leave. They are rude over the telephones and they cannot comprehend that the more they fuck up the more people are going to lose their jobs and possibly a bust company. Word of advice - stay the fuck away from them and have nothing more to do with them.

    13. Anonymous7:57 am

      Bullshit "mandla", you are just another suicide lefty fearing his own end now that the whole world can see that the multi-culti scam as complete utter and unworkable bullshit.

    14. Anonymous8:13 am

      @ anon 5:56 AM. You are thinking like a liberal and a fool.

      You state " a few racist PAC types" which planet lost you mate? These things, all of them hate you, get it right.

      I have heard people tell me that maid sophie and garden boy mandla and driver sipho would never do that, they are so loyal. Well if they were so fucking loyal where did the ANC come from and your PAC and EFF should I continue.

      Look have your beliefs but please listen to me, think of Africa and closer to home, its the maid, the garden boy and the trusted driver that have let the murderers in the have led the attacks and they have planned them.

      Lots of Kenya, Nyasaland, Uganda, Rhodesians ex citizens will tell you what I have if they were alive.

      At home the Potgieters, Boshoffs, Greens, Roussouws, Eloffs I can continue would also say the same if they were alive.

      My friend I say this out of concern for you " get your head out of your arse" chop chop.

      They way you are thinking is going to drive nails into a dirt box made with your name on it.


    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    16. Anonymous10:09 am

      Course he brags about "white women" its the white trash we discarded. Well so would you if your only other option was black women.

    17. Anonymous10:14 am

      I bet the Khoi san are saying the same thing to blacks.

    18. Anonymous10:27 am

      Wonder why Mike lets you publish your threats , we learn nothing new from ticks like you . Best you go impale yourself for your rhetoric threats.

    19. Graeme11:00 am

      Mandla, short for Mandela, who was Lucifer's Lackey!
      Pleased to see that only whites are racist and you are a hapless black victim.

      Why not re-read the first sentence of your comment and find the hidden meaning and intent in your sub-conscious?

      Had Verwoerd survived you would not be living in the wretched mess that they call South Africa.

    20. Anonymous11:10 am

      LTMA, don't get me wrong, I don't trust any of them and will never have a maid etc.

      My point is that the ANC and their 'leaders' are stoking racism on purpose to cause further divisions.

    21. Anonymous11:45 am


      "i have never seen a willy bigger than mine."

      I think you'll find that Mandla IS a huge prick. LOL.

    22. Anonymous12:06 pm


      At least you know where you stand with racists. Do you even know what liberals really think about you?

    23. Anonymous1:03 pm

      All these pigs will come home to roost. We surely shall liberate your spirits to go and live with Varkwoed to eternity in hell. Even your ghost and that of your Varkwoed shall run away when it see me. I shall annihilate you in your body of flesh and that if your Ghost as well.

    24. Stephen1:32 pm

      Mandla, two things you mentioned you dont even know how right you are.
      there is something tied around your body holding your spirit in , its calles the' silver cord '...something I dont expect you to undertand.
      but your second point is correct and I'm glad you confess it you freaken black doos - you kaffirs are deffinitly the inhabitants of the earth . There's a special script wrtten about you lot and your performing it on que.

      By the way , are you trying to scare us with these death threats? Newsflash kaffir! ! The whites are waiting for you.

    25. Anonymous1:59 pm

      Anon 5:46 Munt or umuntu means person . Munt is soft . Rather use inyamane Black one .

    26. Anonymous10:51 pm

      @ anon 11:10 AM thanks mate. Just checking we are on the same page.

      Well done and keep the flag flying.


    27. Anonymous10:56 pm

      @Anonsense 1:03 PM

      "Even your ghost and that of your Varkwoed shall run away when it see me."

      This means that YOU are also going to hell you dumb cunt. And how the fuck can you annihilate a ghost?

      And finally, his name was Verwoerd not Varkwoed, but you already know this you disrespectful piece of excrement.

    28. Anonymous6:28 am


      Please Mandla, please, Im begging you, please can you hurry up? plz, plz, plz, I will even get on my hands and knees and beg you - hurry the fuck up!

      Please do so soon, then we can have a nationalist Europe all supporting us. Liberal Karasite lovers in Europe is coming to an end, when that happens expect no mercy and expect the full brunt of white Europes anger when they assist us.

      Please, if you can make it happen sooner rather than later. Please, many of us will even donate to your cause and we will even point you to the white liberal suburbs, you will be doing us a huge favor.

      Brothers/sisters can we start with the donations for this because its about time they do so, then we can eradicate the karasite once and for all and have a totally non racial/racist society.

      Mandla, I fully support you. Please go ahead, please make sure you start first with the liberal whites and those you cant sort out or find, send us the list, we can help you complete it.

      But once the liberals are gone, like that liberal Botox whore Helen Zille & Schutte, do not expect any mercy.

    29. Anonymous2:02 pm

      Black diamond kaffer.only commen white women would be with dogs.sies.you can wear a suite but youre bekke stink na kak.didnt she puked in youre filthy mouth,have you noticed that everywhere youre kind goes the flies follow.

    30. Mandla, sorry I've been out of circulation and can only now reply to your kak of 6:59AM.

      For your information, I am King Of The Jungle in my neck of the woods. Step in and find out?

      Secondly, our taxes paid for everything you useless fuckers have. So what's new?

      Thirdly, any White women who like you are not our women but what we refer to as White Trash.

      And, lastly, cock-size comparisons are all your pea-brains are capable of, but I'd like to bet you. Any White that calls you boss must be fucked in his head, so there's no loss there.

      No matter what you try and be or pose as, you know, I know and every White person with a brain knows that you are an impostor, a failure, a destructive piece of shit and the only reason why you might be in a position of some authority is because of the clour of your heinous skin and your discriminatory AA & BEE kak.

      NOw, for oulaas, just fuck off, will you?

    31. Anonymous2:59 am

      Anon 10:14

      Khoisans are blacks and they interbred with Bantus. We all have suffered at the evil hand of colonialists and imperialists. They can never be our enermy rather they are our ally and we both have one enemy which is white monopoly capital.

    32. Anonymous3:02 am

      Boere Ninja

      Vark Ninja do you know that whites only constitute 10% of the world population? If Europe touches us they touch 90% of the world population. So, they know well that their only solution will be to call you to their territories.

    33. Anonymous3:12 am

      Anon 2:02

      Why do you outburst of anger when I refer to your hero as, I mean "Varkwoed"? The architect of poverty, inequality and marginalisation in our country. He was even a foreigner.

  5. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Mike isn't your real name Simon Templar?

    1. Hehehe. More like Leonardo da Vinci. He is my ultimate idol.

  6. A moment's silence for the great man at 2:12pm today please, Guys & Girls?

    1. Anonymous1:06 am

      Hi Tomkat, a"moment of silence" is a nwo catchphrase.

      We need to rid ourselves of their brainwashing contamination.

      Better a moment of prayer to our Father.

  7. Mike, I love your closing paragraph, Boet. Way to go!

    That the attitude we alol have to adopt with these sub-human parasites.

  8. Anonymous12:20 am

    @Anonymous9:52 PM
    You will mandla after the ROBOTs are finish with you. Keep on dreaming mandrolla terrorist.

  9. 50 years later and SA is still reaping the fruits of Dr. Verwoerd's work.. One of the most underrated leaders ever. Imagine he had 10 more years what SA would have looked like today.?

  10. Mandla, listen to me carefully you piece of parasitical excrement. You Kaffirs hate us, so why do you insist on living among us??? I know the answer, but do you?

    All we want is our own homeland and fuckall to do with you. We want what Verwoerd offered you. Why doesn't your president, Msholozi Showerhead, just give us what we want and we can live in peace while you slaughter and eat each other? Just think of the Utopia you'll have; you can murder, rape and pillage among your own to your heart's content.

    Just be warned though. Don't dare set foot on our land because you will be exterminated.

    Now, be a good little Zot and fuck off this blog and spread your spewing vomit elsewhere. This is not a place for IQ67's. We enjoy intelligent debate here.

    1. Anonymous12:27 pm


      Tomkat, lets not settle for a homeland, lets settle for half the continent.

      I dont want an Israeli/Palestinian situation here.

      Only half the continent, its not asking for much.

    2. Ninja, my mate, I fully agree with you, but one step at a time. First consolidate the Volk.

      Excuse my late response, but thanks to the Rainbow Kotspot we have been with phones or internet for 4 days. Get used to it people. Die Boere'z eyes must open!

  11. Anonymous2:52 am

    Mike, with you all the way. How can we start this?

  12. Mike's trolling knows no bounds.

    1. Anonymous5:45 am

      You again you lefty piece of shit skaka? Go away, you stink bret.

    2. Anonymous3:38 pm

      What you mean is it Shaka or kaka?

    3. Anonymous11:02 pm

      It's Shakarasite.

    4. Anonymous9:00 am


    5. Anonymous9:18 pm

      Guys, shaka and mandla is the same whitey stirring and trolling. Ignore the poes.

  13. Wiki

    From age 16, Tsafendas worked at various jobs.[3] He joined the South African Communist Party in the 1930s.[4] He became a seaman in the merchant marine in 1941.[5] (He served aboard a US convoy ship) after the outbreak of the Second World War, and spent the next 20 years travelling. He began to experience psychotic episodes that resulted in short periods of institutionalization in various countries, including a 6-month detention on Ellis Island where he was diagnosed as schizophrenic.[3][5](Maybee to much LSD from the CIA handlers)

    During his "wanderings", he picked up ("8" languages), and upon his return to South Africa, he worked for a time as a translator

    Sounds like the classic operative.

    1. Anonymous10:21 am

      Donycero , this Psycho had all the deluded things wrong with him but was allowed into the Government chambers willy nilly , with a knife , he could have carried in a rocket launcher , so much for state security . The stupidity is just annoying.
      Verwoed was a highly qualified and intelligent man , Building SA to a Power House that the World envied , organizing the Masses to help themselves , which was stopped by other greed of wanting. Now today they FEED off those Efforts.
      Oh Boy wait until it runs dry ! They will fucken eat each other and there are plenty of them with all the mass rape breeding.

    2. Anonymous8:29 pm

      Ons kan net wonder hoe hy n aanstelling as bode in die parlement kon kry met so n "CV"

    3. His insanity is only part of the CIA strategy against non detection. Picking up 8 languages is not the way of the insane. It takes dedication and a lot of work. This guy was surely an agent and then kicked over by his handlers.

  14. Transvaler11:40 am

    Getting old here waiting for the grasshoppers...pray tell what is legal targets for going on the offensive???

    1. Michael Dean Miller5:56 am


      Comments like this are....suspicious to say the least.
      Reminds me of the joke going around during the early Militia Movement days in the US during the 1990s:

      How do you spot the FBI informant at a militia meeting?
      He's the one urging others to bomb a black church or kill jews.


    2. Anonymous10:14 am

      You can shoot a kudu bull and make biltong for me.

  15. It is unfair to compare the efforts and fruits of labour of the white man to that of the black man...they are two very dissimilar species when it comes to the "needs and wants" of either. In that regard, I think that mandela and its ilk have done a fine job in reaching their goal (in a short 21 years nogal!); that is the utter destruction of a once proud and prosperous country, they are at the threshold of achieving exactly that. Blacks do not want the cost and effort associated with the white mans' way of life, it just wants to live in its own filth, hand out-stretched to the pinko libtards of the world, with "gibs me dat" as its mantra.

  16. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Hey Mandla... why is it that you are not grateful that white taxes paid for your education? A normal human being would be grateful don't you think? Do you not see how stupid you sound? Your education did not give you your job. BEE and Affirmative Action did which has nothing to do with democracy. So it is obvious to everyone that you education has not made you intelligent and it sure as hell has not made you any whiter. You see blacks just simply don't have initiative and ethics that most human beings have. They believe that lying and stealing is an achievement. This is the way of black people. Also, why is it that you want white women? (if we can believe you). Does it make you feel whiter?
    You poor, poor little black boy... ag shame! Your type really bodes well for SA's future don't you think?
    Also, dear Mandla, why is it that a Majority needs BEE and Affirmative Action against a Minority.... Angazi hey! You must be very proud of your wonderful achievements.... DUMB ASS.

    1. Anonymous10:47 pm

      @ anon 2:33 PM what is you whites problem with aa and bee. The people our people, the real people of Africa are just taking back what the white man stole from us.

      It is my right to be promoted above a white man and to enjoy a higher salary. You whites and your forefather boere suppressed my peoples advancement and stole our land and raped our woman. You people made my people in slaves and made them work in your gold and coal mines.

      Now my ancestors have given us the the strength and power by Baba Mandela the greatest man that ever lived the father of nations the god of peace to reclaim our heritage and pride and his fight has enabled us to be ourselves again. Your verwoerd god was a satan slave a evil tyrant and a slave master.

      My appointment in this life was paid for by the broken backs and sweat of my forefathers. You whites are devils children and you just want to steal our land, take what is not yours, suppress what you are afraid of and lie about your achievements.

      Hamba wena, you filthy white thief.


    2. Anonymous4:17 am

      Hey Mandla doos,
      You see actually your are not human, you are a piece of sub-human shit. Your skin color is the same as shit. In nature excrement is the same color, yet you are too fucking stupid to even understand that nature treats you as shit. Any white bitch whore that copulates with you is practicing beastiality , so you can have them, they are not worth shit.
      Mike I see a pattern forming here on your site, methinks you are getting trolled by NIA people, to make your regular readers so pissed -off that they don't want to come here anymore. I have seen in the past couple of month's a definitive increase in this so called black trolls on your site. You better do something about it, you are going to loose viewers mate.

    3. Stephen5:39 am

      HEY YOU BLACK CUNT...that's a reflection of yourself and all kaffirs , kaffirs are Devil children , kaffirs are the thiefs , and kaffirs lie about every thing anf kaffirs are filthy !!!

      so all the things you said is all a reflection of yourself and us whites know that , its called kaffir-sielkunde ...

      its like a fat-person telling a skinny-person he is fat. Its like the pot calling the white-tiles black, your offence don't work , its a reflection of yourself that you see..hahaha!! freakin black doos.

    4. Anonymous5:46 am

      Read this very carefully and acknowledge the truth:
      Excerpt from an article by Dan Roodt.
      “There is no archaeological proof that blacks ‘settled’ South Africa? Apart from a few scattered archaeological remains found of black culture in the far northern Transvaal prior to 1652, it is generally agreed that blacks and whites were contemporary settlers of South Africa. Blacks never ‘settled’ South Africa; their presence was nomadic. Blacks were itinerants who travelled from place to place with no fixed home.
      Whole capital “cities” of grass huts could be moved if grazing was exhausted. They had no demarcated areas, no fences, no borders, no maps, no title deeds to proof ownership of any land apart from a verbal claim and mutual understanding that their temporary presence in a certain area in a certain period of time constituted “ownership” of the land. They left behind no foundations of buildings, no statues, no roads, no rock paintings, not a single proof of “settlement” of the land prior to the whites settling South Africa.
      Whites, on the other hand, built cities, railroads, dams and a first world country comparable to the best in Europe and the new world…their legacy speaks of a people who intended to live there for a thousand years, if not eternity.
      To claim that ‘the whole of Africa belongs to Blacks’ is absurd. It is like an Italian claiming the whole of Europe belongs to Italians, including Norway.” … end quote.
      Without whites you would not have a job, house, car, phone, and especially KFC. You would not be able to afford a white prostitute. You would still be wearing animal skins in a mud hut drinking Kaffir beer. You would not have any ‘rights’ or BEE privileges.
      Wake up you stupid KABOON and get a real education.

    5. Anonymous6:11 am

      Mandla said

      You whites and your forefather boere suppressed my peoples advancement and stole our land and raped our woman

      your peoples advancement?

      How Mandla's (and Shaka's) peoples roll...

      Fucking black parasitic scum.

    6. Anonymous11:18 am


      Spoken like a true loser.

      Despite everything, many whites are making a success and have great careers.

      Even with laws designed to impoverish us, we are still prospering and some even more than before.

      No doubt this pains some hate-filled black racists who get freebies and other benefits.

      Worst of all, AA and BBE types get no respect, this is no doubt painful, and nothing can ever get them this respect.

      And of course, despite everything, whites are here to stay and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

    7. Anonymous11:30 pm

      stopped the advancement of your people.

      Hey Mandla this is how we stopped your advancement. Wait for the part when he realizes he is inferior and ugly.


    8. Anonymous9:29 pm


      "It is my right to be promoted above a white man and to enjoy a higher salary."

      Promotion is not a right. It has to be earned and you have to be qualified for the job.

    9. Anonymous3:36 am

      Anon 5:46

      Firstly, Roodt himself is a settler and will obviously speak for his people. Blacks inhabited Southern Africa even before Jesus Christ was born and his half cooked propaganda will not sway us from the truth that our parents shared to us around an open fire during the cold winters. Africans traditionally never prefared to live like a white man by dermacating where he lives. Our forebears always believed that the land belonged to our gods and anyone who claims its ownership will just be stealing from others because the land was for the benefit of all. It was just until Jan Vark Riebeeck visited our shores that our problems started and were perpetuated to this day. The same problem has visited Palestinians whose land was hijacked in the name of the psedo religion by s white man as if ancient Israelites were white. You are all indeed children of Satan.

    10. Anonymous10:08 am

      So, the entire world where humanity has settled has been stolen from gods or is just Africa that belongs to the gods? It seems you would rather have remained in the Dark Ages then? Can you not see or understand that the life your ancestors had would not be sustainable in todays world! Settlement was absolutely necessary in order to build factories, schools, hospitals etc. If it had been left up to blacks you would certainly still be drinking kaffir beer in your mud huts. White initiative and foreward thinking built South Africa, provided jobs, health care, infrastructure. This is what whites did for you. This is an undeniable fact that cannot be flippantly argued away with talk of ancestors and drunken dialogue around open fires. Our forefathers, black and white, laboured to build Souh Africa so I wonder exactly what it is that whites stole from blacks! Without whites you would have nothing. END OF STORY!
      Dan Roodt has stated facts. Mike Smith the author of this blog has written much in this regard. These are facts… not stories from ancestors and gods. Educate yourself before you open your big, dumb-ass mouth.
      Bt the way, the white settlers of the Cape first came face to face with the Bantu around 1770 on the banks of the Great Fish River, 120 years after Van Riebeeck came to the Cape and 1000 km east of Cape Town. This is a fact that even your ancestors cannot deny. Your ancestors must be very ashamed of what you blacks have become and how you use them to justify your lying, thieving way of life. I think they are also fed up with you lot and this is why things are going to improve dramatically in South africa. Your days of lying and thieving are numbered. Watch your back… the ancestors are angry and I'm sure they have the full support of Jesus Christ.

    11. Anonymous12:36 pm

      @ anon 10:08 AM. These things do not comprehend the truth.

      The are an unruly,thieving, lying, destructive, malicious murdering curse so do not waste breath or ink on this stink.

      Let him rather bring effort to remove us from his supposed land then we will let the gods decide who is superior.


    12. Anonymous12:45 pm

      Apologies for using this thread for an off-topic matter but I felt it was necessary to perhaps enlighten this Kaboon on something he probably was not aware of. And I know it is a BIG waste of time but…. Hey just maybe ???? If he’s as “educated” as he thinks he is ???
      Dr. Verwoed was indeed a GREAT man. I wonder if he ever chats with the ancestors!

    13. Anonymous1:26 pm

      Typo: Dr. Verwoerd

    14. Anonymous4:29 am

      Anon 10:08

      Who cares about your pathetic developments. We wanted to live the way our ancestors used to live far away from your uninvited Jan Vark Riebeeck who only brought us problems which are still visible today. Our ancestors had cattle and land which you stole from them. At least we could have enjoyed our freedoms, our wealth (Land, agriculture, farmings, etc) and our wellbeing free from all your troubles. Maybe you think it is high buildings, roads, airports, etc that makes us happy. Nope! only if we can have our land back and our cattle, that's what going to fulfill our dignity and pride.

    15. Anonymous7:22 am

      Anon 4:29 AM, you really are a dumb fucking retarded bantu boy.

      " our wealth( land, agriculture, farmings, etc) you ignorant prick what is agriculture and farmings? Your ignorance surpasses your arrogance, you stupid POS

      "our wellbeings free from all your troubles. Maybe you think it is high buildings, roads, airports etc that makes us happy." well cuntington stink you lot sure do flock to them high buildings, you sure like them roads and man! Since we allowed you to use air travel you fuckers do cram the airports with your plastic shopper bags and nylon canvas carrier bags and your putrid stench. You talk such shit I and not surprised your breath stinks the way it does.

      If you fuckers didn't want these things then why did you struggle supposed struggle for SA why did you not continue your fucking stupid primitive lives in your homeland? You cunt.

      If you don't want whitemans things why are you always stealing them? You dumb shit.

      You turds break into houses and steal everything, you steal cars, you rob banks and ATMs. Fuck! for a species that doesn't want any of our culture you sure do act strangely.

      Why do your species open clothing accounts that you cannot pay, you buy cars and whitemans houses and cannot pay the repayments, you strain the economy to satisfy your insatiable greed, you like every single stink retard I know, every time you open that shithole you call a mouth you lie.

      Your fucking leader chief thief and master of corruption couldnt wait to build himself a country estate worth how many millions out of white mans material and money and he sure does enough corrupt deals to line his ever greedy pockets.

      You cunts do not know what dignity is your pride is lies and deceit and if you ever get this land you will like every African state cry for some whiteman to feed you stupid cunts.

      Forget it retard the only way you are getting this land is over my dead body and I still have lots of life left in these old bones.

      Please stop drinking whitemans meds and ARV and stop using our sewer systems so that the gremlins that you fuckers breed in your homes and environment can come and take all you cunts to your wonderfully dark place on the dark side

      So fuck off like a good little bantu boy and talk your stink shit to your fellow comrades and pass my message on.


  17. Anonymous9:18 pm

    Verwoerd also wanted to pump millions of Rands into the homelands to help the darkies...he was assassinated shortly afterwards! Truly shows another agenda.

    Verwoerd, Stalin, Hitler and a few others were very genius, (None of them are my heroes)
    How the fuck did they achieve it?

    1. Anonymous6:11 am


      Watch and see in the end how we achieve it.

      "We" as a nation will come together in the end and take matters into our own hands and let the liberals, our enemies and the karasite know that when that day arrives, there will be no negotiating, no surrender, we will fight till the death or until every last one of us dies.

      There will never again be any surrender or negotiations for what we want.

      This is why I repeat, we must as a nation wake up our brothers/sisters and get them prepared.

    2. Anonymous10:35 am

      You talk such a load of cr@p
      Please supply an address so the "karasites" can come around and call your bluff.

      Oh wait
      Perhaps you are one of those ones that shouts from a distance
      Perhaps from across the big bluse ocean somewhere ?

    3. @ Anonymous 10:35 AM...Tell you what. Supply your addresses and I promise you one of us will come by.

    4. Anonymous9:16 pm

      @Anon 10:35AM

      Supply your address and we'll ALL come by!

    5. Anonymous12:14 pm

      @ anon 10:35 AM why the fuck do you need our address? Even if we gave you our address you would not come, you cowardly thing.

      You would rather slaughter helpless woman and children than take on men prepared to fight you.

      You think that scrawling your shit on cardboard and walls intimidate us, ha fucking ha you dumb cunt, it motivates us.

      So stop acting macho man in the ethers you stink rat, you know that you fear the true whites, you know that we are waiting for you to roll your game plan so that we can really and truly fuck your species up for the last time

      Alas I know that you stinks are cowards and cannot muster the fight that you so wish you could. Fuck off now and go shebeen boast to your stink infected whores about what a true retarded hero wishes he could do, if he could cultivate the courage. You might just get laid and re infected yourself with aids, siff and some other nasties then you would have done the only thing that you stinks do properly and that is spread disease and destruction wherever you go.

      You make me laugh, you twurp. " supply us with an address" bwahahahahahaha, you would shit yourself if we did because your primal fear tells you that only big kak awaits you at that address.

      Go burn a school, deface a wall or throw shit at a statue because that is the closest you will ever get to taking us that invite you on.

      Fucking stupid cunt, you are.


  18. Anonymous2:00 am

    Hi folks, something to chew on. We know the Globalists are working towards one world government with one money system which will be controlled by them which will eventually control us all . So, what about a counteract of their useless worthless money that has no value. Say for instance, we, the anti globalists, who are a majority on the globe anyway, start to deal with each other in a new currency. A currency that has value. 1 anti Globalist dollar will have the value of 1 ounce of gold. Each country will have to buy that anti globalist dollars with gold. It means then that we control that currency and all their money will become worthless. The USA's dollar is the globalists’ money system anyway and USA is so deep in shit nothing can free them from that debt. But switching over to a new currency not controlled by the globalist elite can get them out of that misery. If Trump wins and he switches to get the USA out of their debt, then the rest of the world will follow automatically. Each country who's currency suffers from the globalist elite's monetary control will restore their wealth by supporting the anti globalist dollar.

    Only the anti globalist dollar will be able to guarantee 1 ounce gold for each dollar. The monetary authority today controls how much each country's currency is worth and it's been controlled by the globalist elites. So they no longer will be the controllers of world currencies, because there will be only one currency and it will be controlled by us. There is not one country in this world that is not suffering from their money robberies and theft. Therefore the globalist elites disqualify themselves from controlling any currency again. All their money wealth will become nothing because they will have to buy the anti globalist dollars to trade, which will be maintained and controlled by the anti globalists.

    Without their monetary control the globalist elites are nothing, but only a lot of murderers who will murder many more people around the globe if we do nothing. So by spreading the idea of an anti globalist dollar to counteract their money control will be like a dagger in their hearts. Simply, it is impossible that they are the majority on the globe, therefore if we can light the fire and the majority starts to like the idea, then you will see them shit their pants. All their NWO constipation will switch over to diarrhea. A total rejection over the globe suits them perfectly.

    1. Anonymous4:18 am

      All fair enough to have "globalist currency" but what globalists want with their world leader is actually a cashless society where evryone is micro chipped and everything you do whether it is banking, id, medical, educational or whatever will be done on a computer, a matrix.No paper money, probably you will be forced to barter if you want something and vice versa or forced to pay in gold.

    2. Anonymous5:31 am

      Have a look at Bitcoin. It is decentralized and pseudonymous (traceable but anonymous) and not controllable by any government or corporation (it's basically like having cash under your mattress, just securely, and taking up less space).

    3. Anonymous6:31 am

      @ anon 2:00 AM. Is it not just easier to have a war, kill all these globalist fuckers and the retards, the Arabs, Mexicans, Indians, Chinese, Roman Catholics and liberals?

      Would that solve the problem?

    4. Anonymous8:29 am

      You are very naive. You treat this 'globalist' group as stupid. They are way more ahead of the game and powerful. They rule the world as it is. They just want to bring in a new system. This has been in the pipeline for millennia.

      The only One who will overcome/destroy them will be Y'Shua when He returns. Babylon will fall for the second and last time.

    5. Anonymous3:58 pm

      Question: "Does the Bible prophesy a one-world government and a one-world currency in the end times?"

      Answer: The Bible does not use the phrase “one-world government” or “one-world currency” in referring to the end times. It does, however, provide ample evidence to enable us to draw the conclusion that both will exist under the rule of the Antichrist in the last days.

      In his apocalyptic vision in the Book of Revelation, the Apostle John sees the “beast,” also called the Antichrist, rising out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns (Revelation 13:1). Combining this vision with Daniel’s similar one (Daniel 7:16-24), we can conclude that some sort of world system will be inaugurated by the beast, the most powerful “horn,” who will defeat the other nine and will begin to wage war against Christians. The ten-nation confederacy is also seen in Daniel’s image of the statue in Daniel 2:41-42, where he pictures the final world government consisting of ten entities represented by the ten toes of the statue. Whoever the ten are and however they come to power, Scripture is clear that the beast will either destroy them or reduce their power to nothing more than figureheads. In the end, they will do his bidding.

      John goes on to describe the ruler of this vast empire as having power and great authority, given to him by Satan himself (Revelation 13:2), being followed by and receiving worship from “all the world” (13:3-4), and having authority over “every tribe, people, language and nation” (13:7). From this description, it is logical to assume that this person is the leader of a one-world government which is recognized as sovereign over all other governments. It’s hard to imagine how such diverse systems of government as are in power today would willingly subjugate themselves to a single ruler, and there are many theories on the subject. A logical conclusion is that the disasters and plagues described in Revelation as the seal and trumpet judgments (chapters 6-11) will be so devastating and create such a monumental global crisis that people will embrace anything and anyone who promises to give them relief.

      Once entrenched in power, the beast (Antichrist) and the power behind him (Satan) will move to establish absolute control over all peoples of the earth to accomplish their true end, the worship Satan has been seeking ever since being thrown out of heaven (Isaiah 14:12-14). One way they will accomplish this is by controlling all commerce, and this is where the idea of a one-world currency comes in. Revelation 13:16-17 describes some sort of satanic mark which will be required in order to buy and sell. This means anyone who refuses the mark will be unable to buy food, clothing or other necessities of life. No doubt the vast majority of people in the world will succumb to the mark simply to survive. Again, verse 16 makes it clear that this will be a universal system of control where everyone, rich and poor, great and small, will bear the mark on their hand or forehead. There is a great deal of speculation as to how exactly this mark will be affixed, but the technologies that are available right now could accomplish it very easily.

      Those who are left behind after the Rapture of the Church will be faced with an excruciating choice—accept the mark of the beast in order to survive or face starvation and horrific persecution by the Antichrist and his followers. But those who come to Christ during this time, those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life (Revelation 13:8), will choose to endure, even to martyrdom.

    6. Anonymous3:13 am

      We are already governed by a one world system,the new world order.

      In the book of Genesis Yahweh places a mark in Cain's forehead. This is the mark of the beast. In the forehead (frontal cortex/mind) of psychopathic Cain's descendants to this day, and for eg. manifest today in the PTB, in the manner they are facilitating Yahweh's children's (our) destruction.

      There will be no unscriptural rapture out of this world mess we currently live in.
      Only by our Father's grace can we be saved from antichrist' Cain's descendants.

      The rapture is a lie spread by "Cain" controlled charismatic money churches by pastors such as the evil Billy Graham.
      Christ tells us to come out of the churches (congregations) in Revelations - for a good reason.

  19. Whiteman2:02 am

    Anonymous 9:18 PM, please allow me to correct you slightly. Verwoerd was a christian, in charge of a christian government, and supported by a white christian population. The christian belief and conviction, was to help the " poor, uneducated black people, " so that they could also become decent, hard working christians. And they would live peacefully in their homelands, and we would all live happily together. The blacks would be eternally grateful, for what us whiteys did for them. I also believed this utter bullshit, until naked reality opened my eyes. Trillions went into this exercise, even after Verwoerd was murdered. So we can not point a finger at Verwoerd only. The biggest mistake he made, was to not also create a homeland for whites. But I know, he honestly believed the churches, and the dominees, and the missionaries. They convinced ALL of us, that the barbarians would become christians, and we would have a rainbow-paradise, here in the RSA ! The sad thing is, there are still many whites, who still believe this KAK !

    1. Anonymous5:32 am

      WM 2:02 On the Button.

    2. Anonymous6:42 am


      Therein lies the problem.

      The road to hell is paved with good intentioned Christians, just look at the EU accepting these rapefugees.

      I can guarantee everyone that my solution will work, if there are no karasites there can be no problem.

      Karasites+liberals must go and then we can have utopia.

    3. Anonymous8:21 am

      WM202AM. Coincidence is the strangest factor in the universe

      I earlier typed a long essay but deleted it because I thought it would bore you chaps to death. Now you post this

      I today had the misfortune of accidentally stumbling into a libcunt, figuratively that is.

      This woman with her ex hubby left our beautiful land in 85 because they could not live in a country where human rights abuses took place.

      I rightfully told her that we humans that lived here were never abused until 94, so I haven't a clue why she left and what she was spewing about.

      She rather frazzidly told me that the black people were abused by the whites during apartheid.

      Oh! I replied but those are not people, those things are a retarded species of creature that managed to stay around due to dumb shit liberals looking after them.

      Shit, I tell you, she fucking exploded her face drained white, refilled red purple and a shade of black, her lips already thin naturally, pin striped into a plumline and fuck she is fugly but in the precursor to nuclear her pock mark crater skin, beady pig eyes and wingnut ears are a beauty contest winner compared to the faaking fugly of the raging anger that was about to detonate there.

      She blew, mate, she blew so hard and so fast that Versuvius looked like a home made science project for a std 2 geek.

      I was told that I was one of the reason she left. Huh? WTF I didn't know her then and still don't know her today. She didn't appreciate that one either and continued to spew liberal lava and pyrocasticflow from that orifice she called a mouth.

      I was told how great the new SA is and what a cultural diversity example it is for the world and how great the darkies are making it.

      OHF! I was stunned to absolutely amazement, seriously. This woman actually believes the shit that she spews.

      When she told me she lives downunder, I casually enquired as to racism among the off spring of those specially selected prisoners chosen to inhabit that land.

      I was promptly informed that there is no such thing as racism there and that its, wait for it " a global community sharing equally in the benefits of equal coexistence" FMD, that was a mouthful and I almost tossed my freshly swallowed lunch.

      I have to admit though that my retort did throw her a little bit. I asked her what the whiteys downunder had done to those mangy abos back in the day and how was the booze problem with them bows today?

      Well now miss libcunt she doesn't want to talk about them things and curtly told me that it was useless talking to me as I was just a white racist that is preventing SA maturing into a wait for it, " global community of equal shar" oh shit, you know what I wrote above.

      Thankfully she pissed off after that and I could remove the rusty razor blade hovering above my wrist.

      So yes people do believe that crap, they are so blind sided that they will always believe it and the worst is that they preach it and give false hope to retard.

      We need to rid the world of liberals, lawyers, politicians and used car salesmen and then the world will be a better place.


    4. Anonymous1:50 pm


      Fucked up liberals!

      I would love to be on television and these criminal, inbred Australians ask "about apartheid" I want to know where are the...

      - Natives of Australia in parliament.
      - Why they dont have an aborigine president
      - Why did they massacre the aborigines
      - Why do they love to promote apartheid as evil when they massacred, totally destroyed the natives of Australia
      - Why the aborigines live in poverty.

      When they answer these questions, then we can move on and discuss apartheid.

    5. About four years ago my Liberal girlfriend of the time who had a dumb blonde Swiss girlfriend who dated a Communist Irish Dole sponger organised a dinner with the four of us and for this Irishman to sort me out in a debate.


      Dressed in a suit when I was in casuals he stared at me over his glasses and spoke to me in a soft voice. Telling me in the nicests of tones what scum I was for believing what I was believing.

      It didn't take long before he realised that I have read all three volumes of "Das Kapital", The Communist Manifesto, Moa's little red book, "Stalin's letters to Molotov" and many others...he was just surprised that after reading all of that I was even MORE anti Communist than before...because it works like this...Some people read Marx and become Communists. Some people like me read Marx, understand it and become vehemently ANTI-COMMUNIST.

      Every time i cornered him, he tried his petulant Commi strategy of getting up from the table saying, "I cannot listen to this rediculous facsit shit anymore..." and stormed out the door.

      The first time the women were shocked, looked at me as if I was a bully, out of control and should behave myself. I just chuckled and explained to them Communist strategy and tactics at negotiations and debate and said, "Don't worry he will be back in ten minutes and continued eating.

      He was back in seven, started another debate, got nailed and stormed out. Again I said, "Don't worry he will be back in seven minutes. He was back in five.

      The third time he stormed out and came back nobody noticed, the subject was changed, the tactic became boring and he found himself isolated and not part of the new conversation and laughing taking place.

      The steam was coming out his little Commie Leprecaun ears. Classic. The thing Commies and libtards hate the most is when nobody takes them seriously. Just ignore them or pull the piss out of them and you will see how they get violently upset...then rub it in.

    6. Anonymous9:21 pm

      Mike, you described Max du Preez perfectly.

    7. Anonymous3:18 am

      Whiteman we did have a homeland provided by Dr. Vervoerd,- South Africa.

    8. Anonymous3:24 am

      Commies are all lazy parasites.

  20. Anonymous2:12 am

    Just brilliant. This is the mentality of the blacks:


    1. Anonymous6:40 am


      Nah! Nothing like seeing a karasite walking around on fire! Put petrol on the things and burn them alive.

      That is how you send a message, slapping a houtkop, nah they dont feel anything.

      Petrol works real fast, just ask winnie with her necklaces.

  21. Anonymous6:06 am


    When I think of this man, I think of one of the most brilliant white minds yet in the same light, I know Im dealing with at the core an over educated theorist.

    Brilliant in thinking, poor in execution.

    If the nations future, dreams, hang on one mans shoulder, only one way of doing something, with no fail safes, no contingencies, not understanding the karaiste....

    If he had been born a soldier, he would have known what to do, the books gave him great ideas to solve a problem that can only be solved one way.

    You cannot create homelands and not think of the future and know how these things work and then expect it all to work.

    1st failure was giving it a name - see all over educated people love to name things, discoveries, insects after themselves. They want a prize to stroke their ego.

    2nd failure was thinking you could ever work with the karasite.

    3rd failure, no contingencies.
    4th failure, not knowing who our enemies were
    5th failure, not thinking 300-400 years down the line, only dealing with the now.

    6th failure, sharing a country with karasites
    7th failure - uplifting the karasite
    8th failure - educating the karasite
    9th failure - not exterminating the overly infested country of the karasite.

    But all is not lost, we can learn from these mistakes.

    We can now think far into the future, we now have an excuse to do to the karasite what should always have been done to this most useless, pathetic waste of a space thing.

    Our number #1 enemy are the liberal whites in this country, if we can sort them out, then we can sort the #2 problem - the karasite.

    All liberals MUST be taken out for treason and selling our future down the drain. I have a list, my main target is Zille, I want that bitch and her liberal white party supporters to be hung in the streets for supporting the marxists stripping of the whites.

    Zille, you will die in South Africa, you will eventually be hung, you and all your traitor whites operating and taking what is ours. Let her be warned, if she does not reverse her stance regarding BEE/AA, when the day comes, we will hunt her and ALL her white party members down first before dealing with the karasite.

    We will let them pick the method - dragging behind a car or hanging - this is how you send a message that the time of the liberal is up.

    Every white liberal that talks trash about the whites, supports the ANCs stance on BEE/AA must be taken out, these are the real enemies of our people, they use the majority vote to strip us of our freedom via "democracy" - the real liberals.

    They will all have their day.

    1. Anonymous2:33 pm

      @BN 6:06AM

      Send these liberal cunts to Robbeneiland on a ferry then sink the fucker half way across.

    2. Anonymous10:31 am

      @the mad rabid Rasputin

      PLEASE make my day and define -- "LIBERAL" for me
      I am not quite sure you understand the meaning of the word ?

    3. Anonymous9:23 pm

      Liberal = person living in a fantasy world of multiculturalism.

  22. Anonymous6:36 am


    Mike I like your new attitude of new, its about time whites start waking up.

    We must be radical, we must make their radical seem like comedy. This is how you sort the shit out, be 100x more radical than their most radical.

    Calm but during the storm, so radical we make Nazis look like humanitarian from the red cross.

    There will be no skinning or camps, no torture or anything like that, fast, swift but total eradication.

    You want peace?

    Then be radical, so radical on the day that you turn these karasites pale.

    Prepare, unite, arm, train, wake up your people. Spread the word, Die Boerevolk/whites are about to take their future into their own hands in the not so distant future.

    Whether it takes us 50 years or 500 years, we will achieve our objective but it starts now with you preparing + waking up the people.

    1. Radical? I am long past radical. These fuckers have no idea.

    2. Whiteman3:50 pm

      BN, I am going to caution you, about being so radical, because it is not nice to be like that. Let me quote what the nice, friendly, decent " christians " say, when they encounter this terrible right-wing agression. They say : Dont be like these radical blacks ! Dont descend to their level, and maintain the high moral ground ! Not all blacks are bad, and remember, every country has bad people ! You can voice your dissaproval, but just dont do something illegal ! And then the clincher. Remember what hapened to the Boeremag ! ! Dont it just piss you off, when you encounter such arseholes ? Some even quote Bible verses, and that usually makes me even more the moer in ! The bottom line will ALWAYS be : There can be NO peace, without a WAR !

    3. Anonymous5:18 pm


      Im so radical, Im at peace.

      Thats why I refuse to use the K word, stirs up too much inside.

      Nah! When you kill a fly you simply swat it, you dont feel bad. When you roast a colony of parasites, you dont do it 1 by 1, you roast them all and fumigate everything.

      Im more exited about getting hold of the liberals and traitors than the karasite, the Ksite is easy to sort out, just like an infestation in a house or room.

      Now that excites me, getting rid of the liberals and watching them squirm.

      They will ALL pay, every single one of them. There will be no forgiveness, just like during the Boer war when we had to rid this nation of traitors, so we will rid it of liberals.

    4. I am so far right I am almost left already.

    5. Anonymous1:15 am

      Further to the right than a fish knife, further to the left than a fish fork. Eventually the two meet up.

    6. Anonymous10:09 am



      Nah, Im waiting for the right moment. I wont waste my time trying to stir now, my main mission to EMBED the message - prepare! Mentally + Physically and wake our people up.

      When the attack happens & IT WILL HAPPEN! Then I will step up. Only a fool rushes to war, only a fool rushes to convince liberals and white fuckups what is going to happen.

      Im more like the guy who knows where hijackers await their victims and attack them in the moment.

      My main goal is to wake up the people, let them see where this is heading and spread the word.

      Whether it takes us 5, 10, 20, 50 or 500 years, one of yours, mine, our distant relatives will one day take this place back & WHEN we do, this time a complete fumigation of the Karasite.

      They think Malema is a radical, no no no, they dont know what a radical is, my aim is to let the nation know NOW what we are going to do when it happens they are not shocked when the announcement comes that we eradicate the entire colony of Karasites.

      Remember, let them bring it to us and when they do....

      I want everyone to burn it into their hearts, minds & souls, when it happens THERE has to be a complete fumigation of the Karasite, first here in SA and then Southern Africa.

      I dont want to see a karasite from SA to the Northern borders that stretch from Namibia to Moz when it happens.

      That is the goal, that is the mindset and then sort the liberals out.

      I would never waste effort trying to wake up the walking dead in this country, to be honest, the whites that refuse to see it for what it is deserve what is coming.

      When they cry out for help, we will rush in like a hurricane but there will be no stopping us.

      But preparation is key.

      First the mindset, complete, total eradication - now that will happen if more of us begin thinking + letting others know.

      The time will come, it always does - every govamunt has its day.

      I will continue commenting until that day until a large % of our population accept this as the ONLY (and it is) the only viable solution and option for a future for the whites.

      If anyone could let me know or show me proof that some other system will work, please go ahead and I will retract all my previous statements on this blog and even not mention it again... Go on, I dare you...

      You wont find a happy ending to this thing in this country, there is only one way and the Spaniards, Brits knew this when building their empires.

      If you can find a happy ending where the whites arnt bled dry, accused of all the wrongs, our tax money not used on this thing, where we are guaranteed our safety and have a future - please let me know

      Even Dick Head De Klerk now admits he was a doos with his thinking, there is no happy ending here except....


      But who knows, if you or anyone can show me proof or a solution, Im all ears.

      I might be "radical" but I am not closed minded, show me a way or some alternative and I will be glad to contemplate it, I have thought about 100s of possibilities and wrote many of them down on paper, it always, always ends with the white man being disenfranchised in this country.

      I have come to the conclusion, there is only 1 solution if you want a strong country and SA to run efficiently.

      I have repeated it for years and will repeat it for eternity until it happens.

      There can be only 1!

    7. Anonymous10:28 am

      They will ALL pay, every single one of them. There will be no forgiveness, just like during the Boer war when we had to rid this nation of traitors, so we will rid it of liberals.
      Be oh so very careful what you wish for
      More "Boers" were executed by "Boers" than by the English

      Innocent Blood- Executions During the Anglo-Boer War-Graham Jooste,Roger Webster


      Boere Verraier
      Albert Blake

      Albert Blake

      Bloedfamilie Verraiers

    8. Anonymous11:32 am

      They will ALL pay, every single one of them. There will be no forgiveness, just like during the Boer war when we had to rid this nation of traitors, so we will rid it of liberals.
      Why not start with your boeties ( of the old regime )
      They were selling you down the river from long ago
      Then I suppose you do not know how to spell -- Demographics

      For the Whites, the figure was slightly lower at 0.356% a year, for Coloureds and Indians also fractionally lower, but that for th Blacks considerably higher at 4.88%, or around 15 times that of the Whites. The result was that the Whites were being penalised and impoverished, as "The Star" reported 28.7.91. "Half of all white South Africans have net assets of less than R100 000 and one in five SA Whites (22%) have assets of less that R10 000 ...18% of this population group can muster possessions and cash of less than R5000."

      So from a situation in which under a policy of apartheid the nation was "suffering from a surfeit of prosperity" as stated by the old "Rand Daily Mail" in July, 1966, half the White nation had been reduced to poverty under a policy of racial integration and equalisation of living standards. But it was not only the Whites who were impoverished.

      The country itself was impoverished. The total national debt at the time of Dr. Verwoerd's death in September 1966 stood at around R3,5 billion. By 1984 it had grown almost tenfold to R30 billion. By 1996 it had grown tenfold again to R300 billion. Average economic growth rates for the 1960's declined from an average 6% a year to 3% a year in the 1970s and zero in the 1980s. From 1985/91 only one year showed zero growth, the rest negative.


    9. Anonymous10:41 am


      Let me be very clear with my term "traitor" when it comes to the whites.

      I would like to put up a blog listing all the present & past traitors because when the shit hits the fan, we hit the liberal traitors FIRST before doing what needs to be done.

      Here are the criteria for what makes a "traitor" in my book.

      1. Supporting ANY ANC policy which disenfranchises or marginalizes the whites in ANY manner.

      2. Any political party with its members which openly apply the same principles as the ANC i.e The DA.

      3. Openly denying the white genocide.

      4. Accusing whites of stealing land.

      5. Those who accepted the removal of Afrikaans from our schools & universities.

      6. Those who worked to bring about change in this country and continue to deny the white genocide.

      7. Anyone who rolled over and accepted ANC policy in business, academia, language, cultural, sport.

      Every single white working for or with the DA is a traitor and must be hung. Dianne Kohler Barnard will be exempt from the list, she spoke out and put her ass on the line but from this moment forth, every one of the whites in that party is on a hit list.

      ALL OF THEM!

      They support all the ANCs policies regarding whites.

      We must make sure when the shit hits the fan to first take out the liberals and those supporting such policies, they will be a thorn in our side when we begin operation phase 4.

      Remove the liberal/traitors and phase 4 can be ushered in without battering an eye lid.

      I suspect we will be getting rid of a few thousand but who needs a traitor and we will make sure their names are remembered for eternity.

      It wont be long now, the silence you hear from the ANC, is the silence before the coming storm. They never thought they would see the day when they could possibly lose an election and going forward they will persecute our people like we have never seen.

      This is all going to take place just prior to an intense war in Europe which is escalating fast.

      We need that list now, we need them to know, that we are coming for them and I will be there on that day.

      And I will not accept "role reversals" when they figure out they are on a hit list and see what the ANC are doing, I wont accept anyone now who decides to change their stance.

      See that is what traitors do, jump from one burning ship to the other, they have no loyalty. The only thing they are good for is a bullet or hanging.

      Zille is on top of the list with her policies.

      De Klerk can live the rest of his life in a glass house for all to see with the word "traitor" engraved on his forehead.

      1st the liberals
      2nd the karasites
      3rd we get our republic and take it from there.

      Would ask you readers to begin making lists, I would like to put it up in the next few weeks.

      The list will be long but we will find and deal with every single one of them.

    10. Anonymous10:42 am


      @Anonymous11:32 AM

      "Then I suppose you do not know how to spell -- Demographics

      I can spell doos!

    11. Anonymous1:31 am

      @BN 10:41 AM

      Those NP to ANC scum should be at the top of the list. They had the chance to stick two fingers up and walk away with dignity, but chose to bend over instead.

  23. Anonymous6:56 am


    Mike, this is just a personal message to you, no need to make it live. The past 9 months have been a struggle for me seeing where this is heading, hence why I dont blog anymore.

    In the coming months, be careful because things are going to heat up here and many will look for a scapegoat.

    Which is why we must make sure we dont wear uniforms, or do anything which mimics an army or anything like that in the future.

    When your blog reaches new heights in terms of desperate whites looking for a solution, just be careful.

    Many traitors in this country who have no interest in its future other than lining their own pockets and that goes for those who post here including myself.

    You dont have to post this but time is running out now, we should be careful, not worried about the karasites, its the liberals and traitors we should watch out for.

    All the best, take care and be vigilant regarding the enemy.

    1. Anonymous4:44 pm

      BJ cammos don't make a good soldier,sometimes it is counter productive like giving a soldier a sense of invincibility, our Bitterenders forefathers never had cammos, neither did the French or the Crete resistance during WW2 have cammos.the best uniform is the one you wear to work everyday because one has normally refined it's usefulness. I personally prefer my blue overall to anything else because I live and work in it daily, I feel comfortable Because it is part of who I am like a 2nd skin. So this is the one I will fight in, the best resistance clothing are grey in nature they don't cry out for attention, unlike those red beret eff kaffirs,so try wearing clothing of a boring appearance.
      Much of the coming conflict will be around urban centre's and built up areas including the roads that link them together. So in my oppinion it is more important that people obtain necessary life skills rather than getting a pair of cammos

  24. Anonymous7:02 am

    Verwoerd was a highly intelligent man who had a high regard for literally works and research publications, etc. He knew all to well they were not of everybody's interest, especially not the Kaffir therefore he forsaw that apartheid was the best system going forward for the European and also for the Kaffirs, just look at the outcome at westville university burning of books and cars, the result of forced multiculturalism.

  25. Anonymous8:19 am

    Mike, if someone is threatening your family in South Africa, then it's someone you know. A bored teenager wouldn't know who your family are, the other motive of extracting money out of you doesn't apply, so it's someone you know who is out on a mission to demoralise you.

    By the way, I don't think your family is in any danger. This is a campaign motivated by jealousy and spite.

  26. Anonymous10:26 am


  27. Anonymous11:05 am

    Tell us Mr Smith WHO do you think was Tsafendas handler ?


    You mention the CIA ( big buddies of Lang Jan Hendrik BOSS )






    1. FredBarbarossa4:56 am

      Opportunity was long lost by not investigating Dr. Solly Jacobson, a member of the SACP and confidant of Joe Slovo. He was also responsible for the treatment of both mental patients, David Pratt in Johannesburg and later Dimitri Tsafendas in a London institution.

    2. Anonymous12:05 pm

      Thank you
      What happened to the good doctor ?
      AT the risk of again being told I am "trolling" the internet
      Here is a photograph of the actual knife ( as well as some other Verwoerdian photographic memorabilia

      Lets see what Mr Smith makes of the knife ?


    3. @ Anonymous 12:05 PM. The knife is a typical stiletto style dagger designed for stabbing rather than cutting. It is double edged similar to the Fairbairn-Sykes British commando knife.

      The style of stabbing downward is also mentioned next to the photo. Like I said this was standard operative (special forces, spies, etc.) training from the time.

      Times have changed and like I explained above the technique taught now, is by stabbing into the right side of the neck and sharply thrusting the blade of the knife in a semi-circle anti clockwise forward (for right-handed people). This severs both the carotid arteries and the windpipe, preventing the victim from shouting.

      It reiterates what I have said that whoever handed Tsafendas that knife, also trained him very well in the use of it.

      I disagree with the comment right next the picture of the knife that Dr. Verwoerd must have died instantly. This is medically impossible. Even if Tsafendas managed to penetrate the heart, cut the Aorta and severed both carotid arteries taking blood to the brain, It would have taken Dr. Verwoerd between 7 to 10 seconds to lose consciousness and about 3 minutes before he would be brain dead.

    4. Anonymous11:26 pm

      I was hoping you would pick up on "DRUM" and Bailey
      Drum then took off, ably edited by Anthony Sampson. "Mr Drum" was its in-house hero, usually a most courageous staffer named Henry Nxumulo, who exposed farms where flogging was rife, or where payment was made in alcohol. He even went deliberately to jail, enabling a photographer to acquire (from a nearby rooftop) proof of indignities meted out to inmates.

      In continuing to finance the magazine, Jim Bailey made serious dents in the fortune he had inherited from his father, Sir Abe Bailey, the Johannesburg gold millionaire. With Drum so often pilloried in many quarters, a similar erosion might have reduced the courage he inherited from his mother, an aviation pioneer who flew solo from London to Cape Town in 1928, returning the following year via western Africa.


      * Jim Bailey, son of Sir Abe, was the founder of DRUM Magazine
      * The Boschendal Wine Farm was owned by Sir Abe from 1936 to 1941.
      * John Bailey, son of Sir Abe was married to Diana Churchill, daughter of Winston Churchill.
      * Sir Abe was a South African provincial cricketer.
      * The first ever international triangular cricket tournament, held in England in 1912, between Australia, South Africa and England, was the brainchild of Sir Abe.
      * Sir Abe was one of the co-owners of The Rand Daily Mail from 1902.
      * The name of Sir Abe is inscribed among others on a memorial wall erected by the Gauteng Cricket Board, honoring Transvaal cricketers.
      * Ferndale in Randburg, Gauteng was named by Sir Abe after he acquired the property.


      I think FW de Klerk is a prime example: he was an Abe Bailey Scholar and went to Britain as one of a number of South African students. I think that probably had a very big impact on him; his horizons before then didn’t stretch much beyond the Western Transvaal


      and to his death as a trustee of the Abe Bailey Trust.


      It is called -- Connections !

  28. Anonymous12:30 pm


    Sieners vision regarding England being flooded...


    He also said there would be a black movement or some black tension/racial tension stirring in the country.



    So close now, everything.

    I hope those of you who see the signs are prepared and preparing those around you.

  29. @ 11:05 AM...Whodunnit. Idontno...Seeing that you are the expert who has done on the internet trawling/trolling...Why don't you enlighten us? Or keep it as a secret until Christmas. Whatever.

    1. @ Anon 8:19 AM...I get death threats all the time. Check the worry in my eye.

    2. Anonymous6:04 pm

      Nice one Mike, this (guy) thinks we are all waiting with bated breath for him to reveal all the secrets of the universe and enlighten the whole wide world with his infinite (knowledge). Oh we are not worthy. Truly, is there anyone else on earth with this hidden knowledge?

      Anon 11:05
      Just spit if out my man(boss) FFS. Put a tag to your name and we can all (worship) you for eternity for all the (pearls) you have given us.
      whaddaya say

    3. Anonymous2:41 am

      Ask an idiot a question get an idiots reply !

      I have the books no need to "troll the internet"
      The links are put there for people that do not have books or would otherwise not know of them
      Of course Mr Smith has read them all ( in between the collected works of Lenin ( and Stalin )
      Progress Publishers ( cheapest set of books you could buy )
      Incidentally that OTHER Mr Smith ( Wilbur ) makes mention of the assassination of Verwoerd in one of his novels
      Perhaps the one where someone says something about the "Hoek Report" ?????

    4. Listen Pal. This blog is not a quiz show with you the selfappointed quiz master. Say what you want to say or fuck off. Your irritating and condoscending tone will not be tollerated much longer. I will simply delete your junk.

  30. Anonymous1:42 pm


    2 Attempts on 2 politicians in 2 weeks - remember what started the previous world wars?

    I doubt these are somewhat random events.


  31. Anonymous2:10 pm

    BN:50 or 500 years?fuck that,thats way too long to wait

  32. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Donycero at 8.51am is probably correct! I once took Tsafendas his morning meal and the Rapport. He was in his cell at Maximum prison, at the time. Totally cuckoo!! Vacant!!

    1. I am against conspiracy theories but the more i do my own research i find that the term conspiracy theory is a label to discredit people on the right from the left.

      Wish i could tell you all about the nanobot technology hidden and being prepped for war by the super powers without sounding insane.

      They have armies of robotic insecticides artificial intelegantly search and destroy units. I know this sounds crazy but think about it. The atom bomb is hundred years ago and the invention was labeled a conspiracy to the majority until Hiroshima.

      We now have robots so small it can interact with your blood vessels. Russia China and the USA are developing and hiding this technology to the greates degree.

      I really dont want to sound mad but i am a science freak and if you spend some time on science revolutions of the past decade you will come to realize that there are more potent killing things than bombs.

      All these big nations are playing poker keeping aces up their sleeves for the past 50 years.

    2. Whiteman11:13 pm

      Donycero, thanks for your realistic, wise and logic inputs. We all suffer from " tunnel vision, " from time to time. We limit the world, science, religion, politics, to our VERY limited intellect, and think we are very clever. Then we have the audacity, to critisise really bright people, who have more ability than ourselves, to see through the murky layers of deception and bullshit ! The first step towards wisdom, is to realise how little we know, and to be open, and OBJECTIVE, to another mans opinion !

    3. Relax Dony, you're not crazy. Many of those things are true. I think what we've heard and seen is but just a small part..

  33. Anonymous10:07 pm


    This empty vessel is complaining that whites own businesses or anything for that matter.

    Cause & effect something the darkness cannot grasp.

    Bee / AA caused me to work overseas for a few years...coined the bucks big time.

    The effect...came back bought a farm and run my own business.

    Apparently I stole it? Huh WTF!

    Thanks BEE / AA. You made me try harder and succeed.
    A good story to tell.
    (I met many whites, Indians and Colourds from SA doing the same.)

    The truth is they can throw anything at us, we simply adapt or morph it to our advantage.

    1. Anonymous7:47 am

      Good one mate! ... Never give the inferior blunt nosed, short sighted black kaffir a gap to think that they will surpass the great achievements of the white nations. Through inadequacy and frustration they will eventually and most certainly destroy themselves. Good Bye black Africa!

    2. Yeah, we have a supplier who simply states that he isn't BEE compliant and he cannot foresee that he ever will be. My kinda guy.

      We're much the same and told the army & SAPS to piss off, we don't work for them any longer. Everytime they ask you for a quote they take six months then come back and ask you to re-quote. Every time you have a mountain of forms to fill in. Fuck that! They can find someone else to do their work.

  34. Whiteman4:19 am

    It is of great significance, that no other white political leader, after Verwoerd, was assasinated in this country ! And to think, there were two hits on him. To say that these hitmen were insane, is a cop-out, for the libturds. We have many more " insane " people in this country today. How come, they have not blotted, any of the " glorious " politicians we have today ? But maybe I am jumping the gun a bit. Siener predicted that a " black leader, " would die violently, and then the shit hits the fan ? We so hoped that it would be mandela, because he fitted into the picture so well. But he did NOT die violently, so it must be another one. Let us take side-bets, on who it will be !

    1. Anonymous9:25 am

      Siener didnt say that. Adriaan Snyman did.

    2. Whiteman10:56 pm

      Anonymous 9:25 AM, forget about Adriaan Snyman, or Siener van Rensburg, for that matter. Let me introduce you to Julius Malema. He is a true " prophet " in his own right. He has promised he will kick your white arse out of this country, dead, or alive ! Do you need examples of how true his predictions have been, and are comming true every day ? Then there are many books on Africa, and their dictators, and the tragic realities, of this fucked up continent. So wake up, and smell the roses ! Shooting down Adriaan Snyman, or Siener, is not going to make this satanic NSA nightmare go away !

    3. Anonymous10:54 am

      Say what you want Whiteman, I dont listen to liars. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  35. Anonymous6:06 am

    Note to 10:07 PM. We have an intellectual giant on this site called LTMA who will despise you for your success in S.A. via work abroad. He is probably penning his lengthy attack on you at this moment. :) Julius

    1. Stephen9:18 am

      Note to anon 6.06 -- get over yourself !

    2. Anonymous10:03 am

      Julius??? Julius??? ... Pray tell us what have you done with Jacob your political black kaffir brother??? My words to you are but only a few and your obvious ignorance of the black on white genocide is deplorable. Best of luck! From the loyal white supporters of LTMA.

    3. Anonymous12:34 pm

      What a childish post. Seems that LTMA poesklapped you a few times.

    4. Anonymous9:26 pm

      To all who stood in front of me, I salute you and thank you.

      Julius, you SOSA( Sell Out South African) I wait for a worthy opponent, you my little antagonist are not worthy.

      Let me help you quickly, reread 10:07 PM's post. I applaud the man, I salute him and I wish him only the best.

      The man states he worked aboard made money, CAME BACk and purchased a farm and started a business.

      He never slashed, thrashed, insulted, degraded and tried to divide those that stayed.

      You see Juju my little man worm, this man 10:07 PM believes in something, he has vision, strength, character and courage. He returned set up, stepped up and stayed. He never threw stones from afar.

      Please get one thing right Juju I am not the intelligent, intellectual giant that you stone throwers are, I am merely a std 8 dropout who is doing everything in my power to save my kin, culture and country.

      I bid the a good day.


    5. LTMA, I also worked and earned money abroad and then came back to the Cape.

      Every country has its problems, and I now live a far higher quality of life in the Cape than I did earning decent money overseas.

      On a side note, I met a few good South Africans, but many were complete scum too.

    6. Anonymous2:51 am

      Nothing wrong with that LTMA! However to elect a worthless president with "fuckall" but a vacuum between its ears and only a grade four school certificate to brag about tells its own sad and tragic story.

    7. Anonymous4:11 am

      LTMA thanks for updating us about the current state of your policy on "runners". It seems that you now consider them redeemed if (a) they return or (b) [as you previously stated] they do not return but donate money to a fund that you were going to set up (with the help of JP) for the purpose of buying land that would provide a White homeland in S.A. I look forward to seeing your completed policy document on "runners" in due course. In the meantime, perhaps you would be kind enough to let the despicable White Saffers abroad know where to send you the money. Thanks LT. Brother Julius

    8. Anonymous11:46 am

      seems that LTMA really got under the skin of "runner", who goes under the name of Julia now. What a little bitch.

    9. Anonymous9:04 pm

      @ anon 2:51 AM, that is the saddest fact of the NSA.

      The boasting of no education and going from little two stripe herd boy to chief thief and corruption officer.

      Most people would brag about the qualifications they took pride in attaining after realising their initial mistake, not these fuckers, to them having a std 4 is a great achievement.
      Ill disciplined mob of destructive creatures.

      Seezuz! I hate the things.


    10. Anonymous9:36 pm


      Thank you for your pertinent enquiry, please allow me to settle your curiosity about "Runners" permanently.

      My policy on "runners" has been clearly stated in previous posts of MSPB. I have no problem against ex pats that support us here.

      By support, I mean not calling us stupid, telling us there is no hope, insulting us by saying we are a bunch of losers and wankers.

      My request is simple, please do not thrash and breakdown the spirit of those that still remain positive about bringing change to this land. It takes a special breed to wake up here and say ' today is going to be a good day" and then go out and make it a gold day.

      Let us be, for it is ours to believe and only by believing in something will somebody achieve. So, mate don't insult us on our beliefs.

      Argue your opinion and have your say but do not sow division and disruption and I will show you respect.

      You read anon 1:33 AM post he is another believer in SA and proved it by his actions, he and others like him would not be back here if they did not believe that we can make the change.

      So, Julius, I do not expect you to return or donate to be redeemed, all I want is your respect and sometimes encouragement and that my friend will make you my brother.

      As for trustfunds, they are taxable 50% and I will not invest money into my enemy so that's a definitive no, I have arranged to meet with investors and fund managers but to date have been to busy working on my own business to get much further than enquire. I shall keep you informed.


  36. Anonymous7:27 am

    Middernag - D.F. Malherbe

    Dis donker, donker middernag:
    nader kruip die Zoeloemag,
    kruip swart adders om die laer,
    opgeblaas al deur die gras;
    en geen windjie wek die slapers-
    slaap is soet na arbeidslas:
    droombeeld laat ’n kindjie lag,
    moederarms omhels dit sag.
    Rondom, geklem in Kafferhand,
    smag duisend assegaaie, want
    hulle het al nege lange dae
    in somerhitte dors gely.
    O, is die Dood ook so innig-bly
    as op warm lyf hy lê sy hande?
    Aan haar hart druk moeder sag
    haar kindjie en slaap – dis middernag!

    1. Whiteman9:56 am

      Anonymous 7:27 AM , thankyou for this beautiful poem ! I am not into poetry, and admit, I am a poorer person for that. It is regrettable, if we have english readers who can not understand what is written here. Furthermore, I dont think it can be translated into any other language, without loosing much of its beauty ! Very fitting for the times we are living in today. Thanks !

  37. Anonymous9:39 am

    Well, the people's war (which is now renamed to "Social Justice" movement) is all about bullying.

    You need to terrorize the terrorists back into submission

    1. Anonymous8:55 pm


    2. Anonymous4:51 am


      We wont terrorize, we will eradicate the Karasite in the end. Terrorizing is a good stance, however if you eradicate then you will be 100% guaranteed to never have the problem again.

    3. Anonymous11:43 am

      @ BN. I would like to keep a couple alive please. Just a few hundred

      Let me explain. I love animals, proper animals, those with hooves and claws and fur and feathers

      These fucking retarded creatures get pleasure out of hurting innocent creations, they fight dogs, kill cats, snare, trap and dog run game to the ground, they kill the birds and poison the fish.

      I want a couple of hundred of these critters because I want to open an amusement park, I want to take a father and son and give then each a stanley knife and let then play gladiators and entertain me.

      I want a mother and daughter give them sharpened bicycle spokes and let them go at each other until death.

      Take these young retarded critters and put them in the ring with some really aggressive pitbulls.

      Please do not eradicate all until I have had my fun with them and have satisfied my hatred.

      I do promise that none will escape.


  38. Anonymous10:21 am

    Anonymous2:41 AM - Fuck off.

  39. Anonymous11:54 am


    Mike, you know what would make a good post?

    I direct letter to Mr De Klerk and his new stance and view of the ANC and how when we told him the same thing 22 years ago, he called us all racist.

    Your blog gets so many views, comments, let him know and all those liberals, the same fate waits them like it awaits the nation but their fate will be in our hands not the karasites hands.

    I would like to know why he is now telling us what we told him 22 years ago.

    That would be a very nice post for this swine, dedicated to him and viewed by a large portion of the whites around the world.

    1. Whiteman11:30 pm

      BN, I agree with you. Mike, what about something on the 9/11 Twin Towers thing as well ? I have family and friends, who REFUSE to admit/believe that it was an inside job. They dont even accept it to be a partly, or indirect inside job ? But then again, I am just another " right-wing " idiot, and they feel that I need professsional help, to stop thinking and speaking, the way I do ! Maybe some of you guys will join me, and we can get bulk discount at the shrink ? ?

  40. Anonymous2:17 am

    9/11 was not an inside job. The security around Verwoerd was lax; Tsafendas was a disorganised schizophrenic who hallucinated that he was being eaten alive by a tapeworm. There is quite enough real shit to deal with.

    1. Anonymous11:31 pm

      Quotes from V for Vendetta
      “Finch: If our own government was responsible for the deaths of almost a hundred thousand people... would you really want to know?”
      I bet I know what your answer is.

  41. Die regering het Suid-Afrikaners versoek om water te bespaar, weens droogtevooruitsigte wat nie binne die afsienbare toekoms gaan verander nie.

    Apartheid is intussen weer blameer vir die heersende droogtetoestand. In die Oos-Kaap het ANC-lede gesê die waterskaarste is te wyte aan die ou wit regering.

    Gedurende ‘n raadsvergadering in Queenstown, wou ‘n wit raadslid weet, waarom die watervoorraad in die Oos-Kaap so swak bestuur word.

    ‘n Swart raadslid het hom toe as volg geantwoord: “Dit is die skuld van die ou apartheidsregime. Julle het die damme te groot gebou en nou sukkel ons om die damme vol te kry wanneer dit reën. Julle moes die damme kleiner gemaak het, dan het dit gouer vol geword en dan het ons genoeg water gehad voor die dam weer leeg word.”

  42. this is what is being hidden by the Media. War is eminent in England. Mossies chasing crowd police away.


    1. Anonymous9:52 am

      Don't talk kak man. Have you even been to England. Anyway this is 2015 and the police are very strategic with crowd/mob control. You will see that they are herding the mob to a certain point.
      Only stupid cops attack i.e. Marakana.

      Stop trying to be sensational you dur.

    2. Anonymous10:50 am


      And Van Rensburg saw racial tension coming to the UK.

      There will be severe race riots there leading up to events here and the rest of the world.

      You guys saw NK test another large nuclear weapons yesterday right? That is China flexing its muscle regarding the South China sea and the arming of the Asian nations via the US.

    3. Anonymous4:10 pm

      In this video it does look like the cops are on the run, not well trained in crowd control.

  43. Anonymous5:07 am


    "If you notice his stab wounds and compare it to what Special Forces soldiers of the day were taught, then it becomes clear that the assassin was not taught by the KGB, but by the CIA or MI6"

    Consider these facts

    November 22, 1963, Dallas, Texas, United States - JFK assassination.

    September 6, 1966, Cape Town, South Africa - Verwoerd assassination.

    The government held the $35 per ounce price until August 15, 1971, when the gold standard was removed.

    Lets review

    Kennedy was against apartheid and sought to end it. If he intervened he would have had the ANC in power a lot faster, created a war, the Soviets would have had the gold.

    Few years later Verwoered is assassinated, 5 years later the gold standard is applied which would destroy Gold prices and begin the spiral of events in SA that would eventually hurt us economically and remove us from the world stage.

    CIA also led the NATS to the arms cache the ANC were hiding which would put Mandela in jail.

    CIA provided Intel during the bush war.

    Gold and the federal reserve are linked. The FEDs private army of CIA/FBI agents do control nations, governments because they own over 55% of ALL the worlds stock markets.

    IF interest rates are raised in the US, it effects every single currency in the world.

    Had SA still been on the gold standard, we would have been immune to the sanctions world wide and not been part of the NWO.

    It seems people often miss the boat with Kennedy & his connection to the largest producing gold country in the world. Had he personally ended apartheid (which he wanted to) the present gold standard would be screwed because back then the soviets would have had their own bank to finance communism and those who have studied marxism will know that they got their money from somewhere to fund their ideology.

    The same banks that funded WW2, funded the commies all over the world. The last thing they needed were the commies to have a pot of gold and finance themselves - no, the NWO needs control.

    All wars since 1947 have all had the CIA involved, from the drug wars in South America, wars in the far east, wars in Africa.

    The finance all goes back to banks in the US and Europe.

    Ive read & watched a few good videos on the CIA. Many claim many former SS from Germany helped form the CIA.

    It was created coincidentally when WW2 ended and since then, the world has never had peace. War after war, scratch the surface and you find the CIA, whether the drug wars or armed conflicts - all CIA involvement.



    1. Whiteman2:31 am

      Anonymous 5:07 AM, thanks for your contribution ! Nobody has all the answers, but it is so important, to at least try to think " out of the box ! " Have you also experienced, that friends and familly, dont like it when you start thinking for yourself. They immediately put a tazer to your neck, so that you moer helplessly back into the box ! But they are still going to be culled by the savages. It is just a matter of time.

  44. Anonymous7:56 am

    Time for a joke?

    What does a traffic cop and a tampon have in common?

    First you see the string, then you see the bush,
    then you see the poes!

    (I apologize to any ladies reading this,
    just a golden oldie)

  45. Anonymous10:48 am


    You see these fuck heads are more worried about rugby than a future republic - do we really want people like this around us?

    IF I had my way, I would ban all future rugby in this country!

    How can you sell your country down the river for sport?


    Sport is nothing but a political tool, we should never participate in international events.

    They say sports builds character, but these characters are a bunch of spineless jelly fish!

    They just roll with the flow, like a school of dead fish and they wonder why rugby is fucked...

    Its simple! You chose rugby over the future of your country, over your future, over the future generations inheritance.

    No one has a vision further than next year! And they wonder why they have problems, they are the problem bunch of morons.

  46. Anonymous11:29 am


    Siener said the future war would be fought with electrical rays....


    We are so close now.

  47. Anonymous4:33 pm

    9:52 it's called kettling, our Kaffir cops shoot tear gas (stoppa) at the crowds which causes them to break up into smaller angry groups which cause more destruction which then become harder to contain. The best method is to keep the crowd compacted then channel them into the cauldron, the instigators or leaders can then be extracted one at a time for interrogation, the longer the crowd is kept in the cauldron the weaker they become through hunger and thirst.
    Vigilans Et Sciens

  48. Anonymous5:03 am

    Why the dramatic change away from C.J. Rhodes British Imperialism to a total destruction of the white race. an Element of evil stepped in after Rhodes's death in 1902. Suddenly the British Empire started to decline and lost it's desire to extend it's borders from Cape to Cairo. History proves that all big role players in politics were murdered by hands of freemasons in order to achieve their goal. They mention the untimely death of C.J.Rhodes, or was he also murdered and the so-called heart problems returned was to blame for his untimely death. Although Rhodes got money from Rothschlid to establish his diamond mining, he realised that Rothschild didn't bear his point of view.

    Rothschild also seemed unable to absorb Rhodes’s ultimate imperial vision. The disappointment was obvious. Rhodes was to confide to his friend Lord Esher in 1891 that Rothschild,
    "...is absolutely incapable of understanding my ideas. I have endeavoured to explain them to him, but I could see from the look on his face that it made no impression... and that I was simply wasting my time."
    Rothschild was not interested that Britain had to become the ruler in the world as Rhodes had seen it, he was working towards his own NWO plans where he will rule the world through Britain. How odd that C.J.Rhodes gave his whole diamond mining wealth to Rothschild. With all that wealth the road was paved for the Illuminati NWO clan to destroy the white race.

    After his his untimely death, or shall we rather say assasination as usual practise by the freemasons on order of the rulers from behind closed doors, the Boer nation were almost wiped out. Then came ww1 1914 to 1918 and that was not finished then the Russian revolution started in 1917.

    Search up the following link and read more about your destruction from then and what is still to come