16 September 2016

Did the wannabe Venda King “pay-back-the-money” for Zuma?

Zuma getting some bullshit award from the
wannabe Venda King Toni Ramabulana

By Mike Smith

16th of September 2016

So apparently Msholozi Showerhead paid back the R7.8 Million he stole from the taxpayers to pay for his illegal upgrades on his Nkandla palace which actually cost somewhere between R248 million and R256 million, depending on which source you believe.

Of course the illiterate bastard stole much more, but the court ordered him to only pay back R7.8 million. Problem is that when (and IF) he paid that money back it was an admission of guilt. An admission that he stole that money. Why is he not in prison?

…So I can go to your house steal R248 from you and when I get caught and the court tells me to pay back R7.80 to you…all is forgiven?? Instead they gave him a brand new (Second) Jet.

What kind of bullshit justice is this? He should be behind bars.

Nevertheless, over the years I have developed a very good rule of thumb; Whatever the ANC says is a lie and whenever they say something, believe the opposite.

So I did not for one moment believe that Zuma paid back as much as one cent of that money. He was never going to and he never will and definitely not out of his own pocket.

Both the EFF and the DA have asked for proof of the payment, but with ravishing speed, MiniMe Edward Zuma came out to defend his daddy insulting anyone who asks uncomfortable questions.

Edward Zuma: “People who ask for proof of Daddy’s Nkandla repayment are retarded”

Apparently Zuma took out a home loan from the obscure little bank nobody has ever heard of namely VBS Mutual Bank. Funny enough, Zuma is going to crown Toni Ramabulana, who has shares in the bank, as the Venda King, when in fact his 24year old niece Masindi claims that she is the rightful heir to the throne seeing that she is the only child of the late chief Mphephu, but was overlooked, because she is a woman. In fact she filed a lawsuit in 2012 already to get the coronation stopped.

City Press previously reported that on July 20 a senior VBS Mutual Bank official met with Zuma's lawyer, Michael Hulley, to discuss the loan. Treasury had announced the R7.8m figure that Zuma had to pay back at the end of June.

The City Press article also stated that through Dyambeu Investment, VBS Mutual Bank had financed "black industrialists who formed part of the country's broadcast migration project for up to R550 million".
It is just horrendous the ammount of corruption involved everywhere Zuma goes.


  1. Anonymous1:00 am

    Every-fucking-where. Brian Molefe (now in charge of Eskom) fucked up Transnet as well to benefit the Gupta-Zumas. No wonder investment companies like Futuregrowth won't lend any more money to Zupta controlled SOE's.


  2. Mike, it's amazing that someone hasn't taken IT out yet. Though, we should probably be thankful that no one has because that would probably elevate IT to martyr status, like the other anti-Christ Mandela.

    I just can't get over the level of corruption this [these] thing[s] are capable of. The do not have an iota of decency, self respect or morals in them.

    No, Mate, fuck them, one and all!

    1. Anonymous3:13 am

      TK, I don't think taking out Zuma would lead to martyrdom for the cunt. Look at Mugabe, everyone know he's a cunt, but nobody has taken him out either. The problem is that blacks are natural hunter/predator thieves and will only kill each other for a place at the trough. They have respek' for the main criminal. Honour among thieves/hyenas.

    2. Yeah, you're right Anon 3:13, but fuck it man, how long can this thieving be allowed to go on?

      I pray for "Junk Status". The sooner that happens the sooner the things will start devouring each other. The "Non-seing Whiteys" had better catch a quick wake-up then or they also be devoured. I don't care about the Libtards. I'm talking about our rugby and brannas & Coke blinded brethren here. Most of them might be stupid not to see what's happen but they aren't bad.

    3. Anonymous4:49 am

      We are allready in junk status. The rating agencies must just rubber stamp the fact.

  3. Anonymous3:08 am

    No surprise, after all it is just another banana state.

  4. Anonymous1:11 pm

    This Chief Thief is so deep in it that he just doesnt wanna let go till its all his. Now beside the Masses wanting a cut , which of course will never happen, now the chosen ones also stand behind this Chief thinking they will get a cut as well for their blinded no matter what , loyalty. Its like a frenzied contagion. All because this Chief Thief has gotten away with his doings and nobody wants to do anything or can. So the more he gets away with his thieving the more others see it and side with him. F all Morals and Ethics do it the African way.
    Voila and there a Banks is chosen , that will probably have Monies deposited into it from an unknown source , to loan its main client Zuma chief Thief to pay the fraction amount of R7,8 mil .
    Like you said Mike it makes him GUILTY already , and all the lies , what money ? and there is no money bla bla in Parliament as well. This is the f GOON we have as SA `s President. All these f supporters are actually the same as him , F Thieves ... and man they just dont LAST.