28 September 2016

Cape Flats Spine Road High School perpetuating the lies about Dead Terrorist Mandela

What they showed Obama, the Clintons and now school children

By Mike Smith
27th of September 2016

There are few things that get me laughing and my blood boiling at the same time, but one of them is the rubbish the ANC and the leftist clowns spew when they show you Mandela’s Robben Island prison, how he stayed there for 27 years, slept on a blanket on the floor like a dog after turning big rocks into little rocks all day long in the limestone quarry, how he was allowed only one visitor a year for 30 minutes, tada-yadda-ya-BULLSHIT!

They have now built a replica of this cell at the Spine Road High School on the Cape Flats to show the coloured kids from 14 different schools what a great martyr the dead terrorist was and how forgiving he was towards the whites who have imprisoned him for no reason whatsoever apart from the fact that he opposed Apartheid.

Nelson Mandela’s cell comes to Spine Road

Should rather be Spin Road if you ask me.

Of course the truth is a lot different. Nelson was no political prisoner and was not acknowledged so by Amnesty international. In Apartheid SA it was NOT a crime to oppose Aparthied. There were lots of people opposed to Apartheid. The parliament was full of leftist arseholes. The Voelvry movement. The end Conscription Campaign. Many journalists. None of them ever went to prison.

Mandela, however, was a terrorist who killed innocent people, black and white, including giving the order for the Church Street Bomb and the order to kill the Inkhata (Zulu) protestors at Shell House.

His treason trial was open to journalists of the world and even the leftist in parliament said he deserved the death penalty. What Mandela planned in Operation Mayebuye was the infiltration of 7000 Soviet trained terrorists and he was caught with tons of explosives and ammunition to, as the judge put it, “Blow up the entire Johannesburg.”

His prison cell on Robben Island looked a lot different to the crap they showed Barack Obama, the Clintons and Beyonce. He did not spend 27 years there. His last years he had a four bedroom home at Victor Verster prison complete with swimming pool, a (white) personal chef and white maids. His wife Winnie could sleep over and he was allowed unlimited visiting rights.

Just shows you to what pathetic depths of lies and bullshit the left will sink to. Rubish the whole lot of ‘em.

How Mandela's Robben Island cell really looked like. Notice the picture of Winnie Mandela

Mandela's real prison cell on Robben Island. Notice Picture of Winnie in the left corner


  1. All this is is an attempt at brainwashing the Coloureds to try and get them to vote for the scum. They realise their bullshit has become paper thin and is being seen through by more and more people.

    I have to piss myself when I hear them saying that the student riots have a political agenda. Of course they do!

    The cANCer promised all the free-stuff; free this and free that and have, of course, delivered free-fuckall. No, they've stolen all the money for themselves. So if the inspiration of broken political promises is not a political agenda then I don't know what is.

    Just like last year when the residents of Soweto marched for free electricity. I heard a spokesman for them saying that they realised it wasn't feasible to get free electricity, but that is what the ANC promised.

    Ja Boet, so the unrealistic bullshit promises are coming back to topple them.

    1. Anonymous11:32 am

      Eish my baas, I'm still waiting for my washing machine from 1994. I'm still waiting to live in peace next to racist whitey. Eish. Eish. Eish...

    2. Anonymous1:46 pm


      Van renburg said it will be coloureds involved in this revolution as well. Coloureds, jingoes (traitors), English/British and Jews behind it - no sure where the Jew thing comes in, perhaps banking or something like that.

      But their plans go horribly wrong, they underestimate something causes all their plans to fail but this time the nation is prepared and ready for battle.

      May God be with them because they will need it on the day and going forward.

      No karasites from the Cape to the equator.

    3. @ BN...Could you do me a favour please? Whenever you say, "Siener van Rensburg said this, or Siener said that"...could you kindly state the reference page? I have Adriaan Snyman's "Words of a prophet" and "Boodskapper van God" and would like to check it up for myself in order to read it in the right context to comment on it. It also adds to the credibility of the claim, otherwise people might think you are just making this shit up as it is going along. Thanks Boet.

    4. Agreed, Mike, better to see the source.

    5. Anonymous11:04 pm

      I would prefer it if BN cross referenced it against the ACTUAL prophecies and not Snyman's book. Snyman was just another bullshitter as well.

      So The only way I would believe BN, if he cross referenced to a dated prophecy of Siener. I managed to get a copy of the origonal creolized Dutch prophecies.

      Then we can have the truth. Dont need to be a leftie on this site.

  2. Anonymous4:22 am


    This is for the libtrash

  3. Anonymous4:51 am

    It would be interesting to have a re-run of the Mandela trial today to see what the verdict would be give the facts of the case.

    Some film maker should do this to bring out in the open exactly what he was being tried for. Let the world see what a saint he actually was.

    1. Anonymous5:34 am

      I have just listened to these statements made by Mandela and can find no fault in what he had to say:
      Nelson Mandela - Full Speech At Start Rivonia Trial (20 April 1964)

      This racist battle must end - from both sides.

    2. Anonymous7:17 am

      @anon 5:34 AM, yeah lets end racism.

      Start the war so that we can end the battle.


    3. Anonymous10:30 am

      Anon 5:34...you find no fault in what he had to say,but his actions showed another side of the story.Both he and Winnie felt nothing for their own people.let alone Whites.He killed innocent women, children and men. I despise him.

    4. Anonymous11:31 am

      Pipe dream. Racism will never end, how can you change to natural order of things?

    5. Anonymous11:53 pm

      @ anon 5.34 Don't be so stupid. Open your eyes and see how SA changed immediately after Mandela became president. Crime rate, murder rate, education, AA BEE and the list goes on and in your small brain you still believe what he said.

    6. Anonymous11:15 pm

      at 5:34

      Thats what you said in 1994. Then Racist BEE came along as well as other similar things. So your "Racism must end from both sides" actually means "sit down and shut up while we take over everything"

      You wont end your hatred of whites. The more we surrender, the more you attack.


  4. Anonymous4:57 am

    An absolute nail in the coffin of the deluded false Christians hailing the terrorist mandela ( not worth capital letters) as man who dismantled and fought the tyranny of Apartheid. They see him as a god, but forget to tell the truth about his terrorist acts.

    The tyranny of Apartheid. That's what they can shit about their whole lives long. Willfully they forget that all of them white liberal whores who ever called apartheid the tyranny of the world had practiced it themselves and are still doing it. They did even worse. Just look how subtle these NWO bastards do their tricks.

    They own the media and paint apartheid as the pig while they separate themselves from the multiculti society while their media propagate multiculturalism as the essence of live and anyone opposing it will be branded a racist. Suddenly, to belong to a race you became a racist. And can they shit and scream about racism.

    Most of these idiots have no idea what apartheid really is. Verwoerd got a screwed up apartheid system and when they saw that he was busy to work out a system to correct it they murdered him and started to change what was left to a system of terrorist corruption.

    a Complete and correct system of apartheid separates you completely from kaffirs. No kaffir in your boundaries. You cannot hire them to oppress or apply any tyrannical acts against them. You can't rule or make laws for them and vice a versa. None of them in your midst.

    Now if you look back at the picture of the so called apartheid that we had, how did that look? Wasn't it a multicultural society the same as what USA have and the rest of the western societies. Kaffirs everywhere in your boundaries where they can steal rob and rape as far as they go. That is what they called apartheid in these days. a Total fucked up system created by the freemason NWO Illuminati turds in order to overturn all western governments to finally implement their demonic global rule over each and every nation globally.

    If you are completely separated from each other, how the hell are you going to oppress or make laws for any other nation who governs themselves. Oppression and tyranny can only happen in a multicultural society.

    So, clearly you can see that they only used the term apartheid as a stick to blame the whites of a so called oppression in order to start their act of terrorism through mandela to, so called free the kaffirs from the tyranny of apartheid in order to prevent the whites in South Africa to rule themselves by complete apartheid. If H.F. Vewoerd had the chance to separate us from the kaffirs, these constipated NWO clowns could not get a grip on us. Therefore they murdered him and implement their demonic terrorist mandela regime.

    To make matters worse, these idiots call themselves Christians and they want to take all terrorists to heaven. I am sorry, but in that kaffir terrorist heaven of them, I don't want to be. I tell you what you dumb fucks, that heaven of yours will be worst than hell. Rape, rob, murder, and all kinds of tyranny in that multicultural whore heaven of yours. Go and enjoy your false utopia with all your apes. I will go to the apartheid heaven where their is none of the above mentioned. You hate apartheid, you will not enter there. Go love your terrorist mandela.

    1. Anonymous7:33 am

      WOW. Very well said indeed!! Amen!

  5. Whiteman7:23 am

    Anonymous 4:57 AM, there is a Scripture that refers to the 7th Heaven. It makes sense that there can be different Heavens, so we will have a choice. Just like you, I will choose the one where there are no nignogs. But we are maybe stressing for nothing. By rheir OWN confession, they go to their forefathers, wherever that may be. There is more than enough space in the universe, and having, say, one thousand light years between us and them, is good enough for me ! I am reminded of a joke. Two nignogs arrive at the Pearly Gates, and " demand " to be let in. Gate guard angel goes to the office to check the guest list. When he gets back, to tell them no go, they are gone ! Runs back to his boss, to report this. Boss says : Ah well, that is ok, seeing they were not even on our list. Gate guard says : No, no, no, the Pearly gates are gone as well !

  6. But now if he was a terrorist, why did they treat him so kindly in prison? I dont understand.
    I guess the whites at the time must have known he would become president. Hence the reason why he never took revenge?

  7. Anonymous9:11 am

    An attempt to try turn Coloureds against Whites in the Cape?

    Most of the Coloureds vote DA too. And don't like the ANC either.

    1. Anonymous11:29 am

      Fuck the DA and anyone who votes for them, kill all DA voters.

    2. Anonymous4:22 pm

      Dr Peter Hammond's ( Christian man) experience with Nelson Mandela.



    3. Yes Anon 4:22 Peter Hammond exposes the real Kaffir terrorist that he was.

      That fucking Zelda la Grange makes me want to puke when I hear her on the radio.

    4. Anonymous7:57 am


      So basically kill 90-95% of all whites in SA?

    5. Anonymous12:32 pm

      Yes 7:57 it means they are too far gone and indoctrinated. They are now part of the problem and the enemy. Do you even think bro?

  8. Anonymous1:18 pm


    Funny how the coloureds are now doing this, funny how Trevor Noah promotes the same shit in the US...


  9. Anonymous2:31 pm

    I've tried telling libtards the truth about mandela for ages, they just end up giving me the whole "ja but one mans terrorist is another mans hero, he had to do that to fight evil apartheid" bla bla bla

  10. justice seeker7:40 pm

    i know so many whites that laugh and joke with k4s coolies and coloureds what a discgrace especially when white woman call these scum names like sweety babe in the work place.time for serious war against these liberal trash. nothing worst than when white woman serve in the new SA police force i work with one that is a reservist she a real cheeky thing....our society is so bad

    1. @ Jutice seeker...Equally disgraceful is when white men serve in the ANC's Police Force. (or army, navy, airforce, etc). Please don't tell me you are not one of those. I always wonder whose side are they going to be on when the big fight breaks out, because the one who pays the piper calls the tune.

  11. Hi Mike, Another prediction come true?
    Next is to ask how

  12. Anonymous2:57 pm

    I could be wrong/misinformed but Adriaan Snyman seems to be a dodgy cunt,then again you cant believe everything you read.would be nice if someone in the know could clear this up?

  13. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Why does Adriaan Snyman seem dodgy to you?

    Perhaps you could clear up your dilemma yourself by reading his book?
    As you say you can't believe everything you read, and you are surely responsible for your own education.

    So why don't you "put yourself in the know" by reading his book?

    1. Anonymous10:45 pm

      Snyman's book, states that the race war would start 7 days after mandellas death.

      yeah right...

      * Drops mic *

  14. Whiteman4:25 am

    The race war in this country started hundreds of years ago. When the first farmers were killed on their farms, by the barbarians. Let us see the stock theft, which was also rampant, as just normal criminality. But when one race, killis off another race, it qualifies as a RACE WAR ! The numbers killed, and the time frame involved, does not change the fact. And it cuts both ways. And when one race manages to wipe out the other, they are seen as the victorious race. Who is right, and who is wrong, is something that you can never get a consensus on. It is human, to want to be the winning race, because the survival instinct, is part of any living creature on earth. But you get people, who are suicidal, for whatever reason. It is better for them to be wiped out as soon as possible, so that their defective genes can not undermine the group, and jeapordize the ultimate survival of the group, or race.

  15. Anonymous8:11 am

    WM you are right the race war has been in full swing for a long time,it just hasn't been made official.If you don't see it on tv or hear about it on the radio then it does'nt exist.instead it gets called feesmustfall,BLM or some other bullshit name.

  16. Anonymous8:35 am

    AA,BEE etc.same shit different name