16 August 2016

What qualifies a man to be president?

By Mike Smith
16 th of August 2016

According to Obama’s dick-sucking Vice President Joe Biden Donald Trump is not fit to be president and in fact "totally, thoroughly unqualified" to be president, calling him a dangerous voice on national security and foreign policy and even stating that Trump would have loved Stalin.

So I was wondering…considering our illustrious Communist scumbag, Msholozi Showerhead…what qualifies one to be the president of a country?

If it is the ability to read and comprehend numbers, the current New South African president (yours not mine) fails miserably? What about having at least a high school diploma? No, Zuma fails again. He only has standard one.

So how about not being corrupt? It might be a good start, but Zuma has 783 cases of fraud and corruption pending against him, apart from Nkandla, the Guptas and the oil deal in the DRC of course.

How about being of upstanding character? I would say that philandering and raping your friend’s HIV positive daughter is not really upstanding behavior.

How about trying to be the president of ALL the people in the country and not just the president of the majority? How about trying not to sing hate songs of killing farmers and other minorities? How about not bragging about how you used to beat up gays when you were younger? How about not encouraging young women to go for virginity tests?

How about having a basic idea of a Western democracy and not saying, "You have more rights because you're a majority; you have less rights because you're a minority. That's how democracy works".

Seems like the only thing that qualifies Zuma for the presidency is the fact that he is a convicted terrorist that spent ten years on Robben Island and was on the CIA’s most dangerous terrorist list until 2008.

In other words…he has “Struggle Credentials”.

Personally I think the best qualification for president is the ability to “Get the job done” as in The Raccoon Analogy which says that if you have an infestation in your basement (raccoons, rats, cockroaches…) you don’t care if the exterminator wears a toupee. You don’t care if his wife is a dumb blonde bimbo. You don’t care if he is obnoxious and swears. You want the infestation gone and he is the man who is going to take care of it. He is the man who will “get the job done”.

Problem is that in South Africa, “The Job” means different things to whites and blacks.

Blacks just want free shit. Free houses, free electricity, free water, free T-shirts, free KFC, free etc, etc, etc…

The ANC want their votes and if they are too useless to deliver good governance… The ANC will pay R50 and a bottle of booze for a vote

But the ANC voters who want the free stuff are still the moderates.

For the more extreme blacks and voters of the EFF such as in Rustenburg, I suppose “Getting the job done” means chasing all the whites out of the country and stealing all their property. To them, Kiddi Amin, Julias Malema is the presidential man.

On the other hand, most Whites just want good clean government, doesn’t matter if the president is black, white purple, whatsoever. They want the Springboks to win, doesn’t matter if they are pink, blue or silver.

But the other whites in South Africa need a homegrown version of Donald Trump; a man with balls that can get rid of the infestation. A man that can get the job done…Problem is that even if such a man exists and you can find him, he won’t have any followers. South African men rather pay big bucks to go to Mighty Men concerts to pray and hope for better days…That is their version of “Getting the job done”.


  1. Anonymous7:22 am

    State President S.J.P. Kruger
    Largest land owner in the ZAR

    Historia 59 2 November 2014

    S.J.P. Kruger and landownership in the transvaal
    J.S. Bergh

    Guess how many farms he had ?
    Guess what he sold them for ?

    The only qualification for a president is .....


    1. Paul fought many battles proving himself as having leader substance. He spoke Zulu so well that he fooled a bunch of them out of a cave they were hiding in.

      Farms and land he had plenty of even before becoming president.

      Sometimes the ability to acquire wealth comes through talent and ambition in other cases it comes through corruption and theft. Dont confuse the two.

      And i am not a big Kruger fan but give the man his due. He doesnt compare to Zuma in the slightest.

    2. Anonymous12:13 am

      Please enlighten me ....

      Which cave was it again where Kruger spoke ZULU ?
      ( I would suggest that YOU speak cr@p very well )

  2. Anonymous7:48 am

    Mike since you are thinking about a independent Cape,I was wondering what you have in mind with regards to selecting people to govern it?
    Is it going to be the typical SA style where one needs a certain amount of connections,or a more academic approach where certain qualifications need to obtained?
    None of the above...?
    Thanks in advance.
    Looking forward to a reply.

    1. You need to be qualified for the job you do. You cannot be minister of finance if you don't know anything about finances and are actually holding a diploma in civil engineering (Trevor Manual). You cannot be a minister of education when you know fuckall about education and are actually a lawyer (FW de Klerk).

      The only criteria should be merit. The best man or women for the job.
      No such thing like men get paid more than women simply because they are men. The same pay for the same job.
      There will be yearly job evaluations and performance appraisals. You don't perform, you get told so and have a three month period to buck-up and come right or you are out.
      Anybody found guilty of fraud, corruption, nepotism, "baantjies vir boeties", etc. will not only lose his job, he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and if found guilty will be imprisoned.

    2. You run it like a corporation. I think Dawie Roodt says all we need in this country are six departments. For instance, one of his favourites; what are we doing with a Minister of Sport??? Sport has fuck all to do with government.

    3. Anonymous2:16 am

      In spite of being originally trained as a civil engineering technician, Trevor Manual did not do a bad job as minister of finance. His wife Maria Ramos who smashed up Transnet is another story, and she has a Masters in Economics.

  3. Anonymous7:50 am

    Zuma world's highest paid, worst value-for-money president!

    How many dollars each President is paid for every $1bn of their nation’s Gross Domestic Product.

    Easily the best value of those 12 leaders is Xi Jinping who gets a mere $2.12 a year for each $1bn of China’s GDP. The US’s Barack Obama is good value at $23.06.

    Only two of the leaders are paid over $100 a year for each $1bn in GDP – Canadian Stephen Harper( voted out in the meantime by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals,)at $145.66 and then there’s Jacob Zuma whose pay is a staggering $638.15 a year for each $1bn of the SA economy. And that excludes the add-ons like stipends for his four wives and home improvements.

    On a like-for-like basis, Zumacosts South African taxpayers 27 times what Americans pay for Obama; nine times Merkel; and a staggering 319 times more than Xi’s cost to Chinese taxpayers. Wouldn’t look so bad if the economy he is responsible for wasn’t also one of the worst performing.


  4. Stephen9:27 am

    Hi Mike

    Yes your spot on again , we need someone like that here , someone like you . Trumps ability to cut to the chase and say it like it is , is what makes people like him , much the same as you.

    I bet I know where you would have build our wall -equator ?

    Mike keep on keeping on brother , your efforts are surely not in vain , see howmany people even abroad is waking up ,
    And I know you mean well toward the mighty men guys , they reach the people out there and you reach the people on here.

  5. Transvaler9:36 am

    Grandpa had a saying 'Hoop en wens in die een hand, en kak in die ander. Kyk dan watter hand weeg die swaarste...'

    Hope and pray will not do it!!!

    1. Hope is not a strategy, it is insanity.

    2. Mr Mister2:05 am

      It is better to plan for success rather than hope for it.

  6. Anonymous9:56 am

    Trump worked for and earned his billions four times over in the global financial market place. He has got more go GETUP and GO than Obama, Mandela, Mbeki and Zuma all put together. Trump did not steal his fortune from the US taxpayers or rob the poor even though he had to rebuild fortune from complete bankruptcy three times during that period of time. Those faggots that are finding fault with Trump are not in a worthy position to speak and all appear to be somewhat jealous of his great all round achievements. I say "GO FOR IT DONALD TRUMP". Make America great again and to hell with all of the criticism from the liberal, jealous American fools, mad communists and Muslim terrorists. As for this bunch of insane apolitical idiots here in South Africa I wouldn't waste a good piss on one of the worthless lunatics.

    1. I follow the Trump campaign and honestly it takes a lot of stamina to hold a rally every second day and sometimes even twice on the same day with tv interviews traveling all over the country.

      Just hope he can outwit the false media. They are shameless.

  7. Anonymous9:58 am


    Hierdie kaffirs laat my bloed kook. EK wens almal by naspers kan vrek aan kanker of iets

    1. Moenie laat jou bloed kook nie my vriend dit is juis wat ons wil he. Darrem begin die liberale dose nou stadig agterkom dat die reenboogaborsie nie net `n se ding is nie.

      Hulle is besig om ons as die kwaadwillig rasiste te skilder wat hul rede gaan wees om ons te mag uitmoor. Wanneer hulle praat van rasiste praat hulle van wit mense niemand anders nie.

      Wanneer hulle praat van rasse verhoudinge praat hulle nie van almal nie. Hulle praat net van ons. Hulle almal weet hulle is die grootste rasiste onder die son.

      Die probleem is dit raak nou net te veel vir hulle. Hulle koppe wil ontplof want maak nie saak wat hulle doen, steel of vat nie hulle kan eenvoudig net nie aan ons standaarde voldoen nie.

    2. Anonymous11:30 am

      Die regter is n rassis wat stront praat en glad nie sy eie mense sien wat sing om ons dood te maak nie. As dit maar net liedjies was maar elke dag lees ek van swart jong mense wat nie eens in aprtheid geleef het nie wat ou bejaarde mense geweldaadig vermoor. Ons swart regter dink niks van die voorvalle nie want hy haat wittes. Oor een ding is hy reg dat daar n oorlog broei. Die blanke mense se ordentelikheid gaan gebreek word. Hul gaan ons geloof breek. Taal breek. Standaarde breek. En dan gaan die kak spat

  8. Whiteman10:16 am

    Mike, this is really a nice photo, of THREE BLIND MICE ! But thanks for another interesting topic. Let me share one of my traumatic aggravations, wih my fellow patriots. When an intelligent white man or woman, refers to these creatures, as my/our president ! I just TOTALLY lose it. How can any proud first world Adamite say such a thing ? But I know, in some circles it is fasionable, and SO rainbow-savvy. I dont even want to start with a " million men ! " I preferred the meetings in the good old days, with ET and the AWB. Man, those were high energy, entertaining affairs. Such a pity we could not pull a million men together those days, because then this country would have been VERY different today. Maybe Angus will take over where ET left off ? ? ( Come on guys, I am trying to be positive here ! )

    1. Whiteman, amen on that presidential thing, brother. I have a little more self-respect than to classify myself in the same degenerate class as those things. Scum, the whole lot of them!

  9. Anonymous10:56 am

    Believe it or not, you and I are pretty much on the same wavelength, although I don't care much for Donald Trump.

    (Gosh, there's actually a FROG jumping around next to me! Spring is here! Although winter started in the middle of May, so there's a climate shift taking place in South Africa.)

    Coming back to America: are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump seriously the best candidates America can come up with? Republicans are riddled with fundamentalist Christian arseholes, that's why they're fucked.

  10. Dont take a praying man for a weakling,the praying man is the one that when it comes to life and death and when they dont have a option to fight then they are the most fearless fighters because they are not afraid to die and know where their souls are going when they die,the boers where praying men and never looked for war but when it came they where the most hardened and ferocious people on earth,ask the brits what a handful of praying men did to them. War is coming and the boers arent afraid of it when they are praying,they are prepping their souls as well.Suidlanders are also praying people but they have the awb and broederbond also part of them,when war comes the praying men wil fight with God without fear of death.a handful of Praying men shook the whole world when they picked up arms to pushed back against the mightiest empire on earth,imagine what more than a million praying men would do to her enemies,makes my hair raise to think whats going to happenSef 2:3: “Vra na die wil van die Here alle nederiges in die land. Almal wat doen wat die Here wil.“

    Jesus sê in Lukas 11:9 “Ek sê vir julle, vra en vir julle sal gegee word.“ (Ook Ps 2:8; Matt 7:7-8; ens.)
    Die Wil van die Here – 1 Joh 2:17: “En die wêreld met al sy begeertes gaan verby, maar die wat die wil van die Here doen, bly ewig lewe.“ (Matt 7:21; Spreuke 15:9; Kol 4:12; Rom 12:2 en nog vele meer)
    Ons sien dat die Vader klem lê op nederigheid. Nederigheid is ingesluit in die vrugte van die Gees (Gal 5:22.) Gal 5:16 sê: “Wat ek bedoel, is dit: Laat julle lewe steeds deur die Gees van God beheers word, dan sal julle nooit swig voor die begeertes van julle sondige natuur nie.“ Lees ook Gal 6:9
    Jesus self was nederig. As dit nie so was nie, het ons die hemel gemis. Kol 4:6b “Elkeen wat hoogmoedig is, sal verneder word en elkeen wat nederig is, sal verhoog word.“
    En kyk die pragtige vers! Matt 21:5: “…Kyk, jou Koning kom na jou toe; Hy is nederig en Hy ry op ‘n donkie…“ Ps 138:6; 1 Petrus 5:5; en Jakobus 5:6-7.

    As ons vra na Sy wil, met ‘n nederige houding en met reinheid van die mond en gedagtes (Sefanja 3:9), kom Gee die Vader vir ons ’n juweel van ‘n boodskap. (Sef 3:17) ”Die Here jou God is by jou, Hy die Krygsman wat red. Hy is vol vreugde oor jou, Hy is stil tevrede in Sy liefde. Hy jubel en juig oor jou.” Lees tot by vers 20.

    Dankie Vader dat daar hoop is vir ons.

    1. "Hoop"???

      Jy bedoel die ashoop? Miskien elke brommer op sy eie "hoop" kak? Soos ek hierbo gesê het: Hoop is nie 'n strategie nie. Rol die moue op en begin WERK.

    2. Jip, TFC, ek stem saam met Mike. Een van my skoonpas [daar was 'n heel paar] het all handtyd gese, hoop in die een hand en kak in die ander en kyk watter is die meeste.

  11. Anonymous11:40 am

    what I don't get is the fact that white libtards screamed for " true" democracy in sa, libtards from abroad and local. Well, sa did get this democracy in 1994.
    Zuma is just a product sprouting from this libtard farce, but cunts like max and other ignorant libtard idiots now have the audacity to call him a "one man wrecking ball" and other stuff.
    I mean, what de fuck did these cunts expect...A fucking utopia of multiculturalism, with a strong, educated leader to take us into the 21st century? Any normal and sane person (branded as a white supremacist racist by the uppity libtards) could have predicted that we would end up with a fucking illiterate former goat herder as prez, fuck, almost the rest of Africa can be used to benchmark this fact!!!
    Point is, don't blame the millions of desperate and politically uneducated masses for voting in this village idiot, blame the white traitors like FW, Pik, Roelf and their "enlightened" liberal support base, the european kumbaya lot, and off course last but not least the fuckers who sold their souls in 1992 to watch the cricket world cup.
    Now, these same fuckers will scream we were fast heading for the mother of civil wars..news flash boys and girls, we ARE anyway in a civil war, just one that doesn't fit the classical definition.
    We had the chance to at least force the traitors to cut a deal for our own homeland, but NO!!, cricket and other international sports was more important than the future of our children. Ironically the likes of FW who promised checks and balances are living it up in nice and secured homes while we are subjected to a brutal and savage civil war.

    Yours truly and proudly politically incorrect


    1. Sjo maar jy het darm 'n vuil, vuil bek. Jy laat my dink aan die niggers in die US. Jy's nou 'n ware matagel, sies, ga-poe!

    2. GG, soms is daai taal al wat gestand doen aan mens se gevoelens oor die gespuis. En, aangesien ons nou betrokke is in taal les; VS, nie US nie?

    3. TT, jy's reg VS in Afrikaans ja! Nogsteeds dink ek vuil taal is stupid (eenvoudig). Ons is almal tog eintlik hier want ons verlang na ń "beter wêreld", maar die goddelose en sotte is in die pad.
      Ons moet dus ń voorbeeld wees en nie met die "seumels meng nie" (self soos ń kaffer begin raak nie). Veral as ons God se hulp verlang! Ek seker die manne by Bloedrivier het nie so vuil gepraat nie...

      Ek weet ons sien dit nie altyd nie maar tog bevind ons onself in die rainbownation situasie deur ons eie goddelose foute.
      Jesaja 2 & 3 som die Afrikaner se situasie baie mooi op maar veral hoofstuk 3 vers 12: Die drywers van my volk is kinders (Zuma, Malema ens), en vroue (Helen Zille, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel) heers oor hulle. o My volk, jou leiers is verleiers, en die weg wat jou pad moet wees, het hulle tot ń dwaalweg gemaak.
      Ek wil nie met enige iemand op die blog baklei nie, ook nie preek nie want ek self is verseker nie ń voorbeeld nie.
      Ek dink wel ons manne hier moet iewers begin as ons God se hulp wil hé.

      Moet asseblief nie met my baklei nie. Julle is almal my maatjies en ons gaan mekaar nog nodig hê! ;)

    4. Anonymous1:48 pm

      ag asseblief tog, wie de fok het jou aangestel as die vloek polisie? Gaan fok n gans met jou patetiese happy clappy kak ou grootbek.


  12. As always Mike, you are right on the button...I would however disagree on the comparison of "them" and "us" in regards to what we want...In order to make a decision on what you want, a measurable IQ is required, whilst a dumb animal can be lured into a cage with a piece of carrion or suchlike treat, despite the obvious (to those with an IQ)associated cage and bondage. What "they" want is exactly what they have at the moment...the occasional "party party" with free shit, and the Big Man at the top showing his sexual prowess and ama-powah through his constant display (jungle book style), his dancing and calling for machini-wami...nigger paradise, filth, corruption, decay and rot..

  13. That is so true, Mike. I really never would have cared who the government is, if they just did their job. Like the old government. They were basically "invisible" if you can call it that and everything ran effectively. Everything in the country and especially government departments worked effectively and EVERYBODY who wanted a job had a job. No one stopped many Coloureds and many blacks to become millionaires, even under the old apartheid system.

    With this black government you HAVE to take notice of the government, because EVERYTHING they do turns out a huge flop and but another corrupt undertaking. The broke everything that worked before and they have no idea how to fix it to the way it were. The black government is dis-empowering everyone, even their own black people.

    In addition, they are fuelled by the rhetoric and encouragement of the liberals. I was really surprised at how well the elections turned out, because in my mind's eye, I thought I would have been obviating liberals in the hundreds by now, because they are my primary target. They are the cause of all this suffering we have to endure in the republic.

    The president of South Africa is a total idiot and I would really like to be a fly on the wall, when he has a one on one conference with someone like Putin, for example. Putin must have a hard time not laughing out loud. I don’t think Zuma is the specimen of a Zulu the world has in mind when it thinks of a Zulu. Shaka must be spinning in his grave…hehe.

    The only black man I ever saw who can be a real president is Morgan Freeman and I really don't think that is what the old man wants to do. Why would he, when he is having such a lot of fun just being an actor.

    In any case, if Clinton wins in November then, that is the end of the might and power of the United States that we have come to know. She will destroy the States in total. Eight years was not enough to destroy it in, but another eight years under a democrat - and especially one like Clinton, who hates her own country - will break the US's back.

    hehe...it’s funny, but you are actually our own version of Donald Trump. You will be surprised at how many real men will follow you. I just know you through your writing and is inspired. It is a pity that at the moment no one can trust no one else, but as the ANC starts turning the screws tighter in the coming months and things become unbearable, that will work itself out, and people will start organising.

    We are South Africans, after all - the toughest people on the planet...

  14. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Well Mike maybe you that guy to get the job done like Donald Trump.

    1. Mike is just the Messenger.

    2. Anonymous11:29 pm

      Why do you want to be the messenger?

      Can you not stand up to the task or do you not want to?

      You have followers here and they support you, you're well read intelligent and seem to have the tenacity for the long fight.

      You cut to the chase and you're blunt in a non offensive manner.

      So why do you want to be the messenger.

      You promote an independent Cape, you sell the idea but you're not taking ownership thereof.

      Come Mike Smith, you name 10 people that would be better for the job and name me one with the hardware to get it done then I might believe that you could just be the messenger.

      Do not duck this question, answer it.


    3. No, Mike, you're more than just The Messenger. You're The Strategist, Boet. Keep stirring, Mate. You're doing a great job of "opening the eyes of the blind".

      What did Helen Keller say? "There's only one thing worse than being blind and that is being able to see but having no vision."

      Something like that anyway and that's the problem with the majority of non-libtard Whites in this country.

    4. LTMA, my mate. Leave this "promotion of Mike". He knows what he's doing. Sometimes it is wiser to have someone behind the scenes pulling the strings [Puppet Master] than to expose your trump card to public scrutiny. There are others that can stand in the spotlight while others plot and strategise.

      Remember, we are not engaging in fullscale conventional warfare.

      Regarding BAT - pls talk to me at aquamarinetechnc@gmail.com, Boet.

    5. Anonymous3:46 am

      LTMA. You really are mentally retarded you know. Get help man. And stop trying to kiss Mike's ass.

    6. Anonymous4:28 am

      @ anon 3:46 AM, here you go again, the genius has spoken, why are you here wasting your time on this blog.

      Do you not have to put the universe in order, are you not supposed to be meeting with Stephen and Terence, shouldn't you be having your own blog where you can enlighten and help the mentally retarded.

      I thought as much, you're just to fucking stupid to have a blog, you wouldn't know what day it was or where you are. You hide behind anonymous because you are a ratshit little coward, you throw liberty punches and run away.

      Is this really all your have? Please come with something better, you're so weak, that me posting against you is a waste of time but I am bored and you are bait.

      So go home to mommy and let her dry your tears and ask her to teach you what real men are, maybe the two of you can practice some black retard culture and fuck each other, I am sure your mom would love to do that to you.

      Now go be a good little retard and make your sons your brothers.

      When you find the courage to step up and fight behind name then come and take me on. Work it out moron mental retards just carry on coming back at you and never quit.


    7. Anonymous5:34 am

      @ TT, there is no promotion of Mike, my question is quite clear.

      If I sell something I believe in it and I market it. The product becomes mine and I take ownership of it.

      I do exactly that with my projects and I manage, control and personally over see execution, I do not let others sign my contracts or sign off my projects. I do it.

      When a client requests a job I do not send a messenger to see them, I go because I know there is nobody better than me to do it.

      Mike sells an independent Cape but like most things in SA everybody is waiting for somebody else to do something. Why?

      I have the right to ask the above as I read about an independent Cape but see no action thereto.

      We are being laughed at by all and sundry because we do nothing.

      As for BAT I have started the ball rolling and have a meeting to see how quickly we can finalise everything.

    8. There are various stages in any venture. Every great venture (even yours) starts with an idea, a conscience decision to do something. You would then weigh up the pros and cons to decide what needs to be done. You might discuss it with experts and get their opinions. Maybe you do some research first. You might have to take on a partner or more. Only when you reach an acceptable level of risk do you venture. Most great ventures cannot be done alone and if you dive in without careful thought, you will see your arse.

      A general cannot go to war alone. He needs to train up troops first. He cannot train all the troops himself. He needs instructors to do that. So he need to train the trainers first.

      Samuel Adams, one of the American founding fathers, said "It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

      Samuel Adams was one of the foremost leaders of the American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson, for example, characterized Adams as "truly the Man of the Revolution."

      To me, Samuel Adams was the original blogger. He was an impassionate writer and for years he wrote letters to the media to get the people's mind right for revolution.

      That is how I see my task. Getting the minds of people right who will distribute my opinions amongst more people, etc.

      The revolution will come and...cometh the hour cometh the man.

      So you tell me at what stage are we now? Do you think enough people are ready to be led yet? Are we ready to venture? I am not convinced.

    9. Anonymous8:04 am

      Thank you for the response.

      No, we are not ready to venture.

      I do however believe that the time is right for a leader to step up and start showing.

      The whites need a strong personality that can re invigorate them, they need somebody that will speak up and speak out. They need somebody who will challenge the injustices done to them on a daily basis.

      He/She will not win them all over in a week but slowly the thread will thicken. Win a battle here a skirmish there and the whites will start gravitating towards the successes.

      There is nobody doing that at present, your message is good but its not reaching enough ears.

      I agree with you 100+% that every detail of a venture needs to be investigated, analysed and thoroughly addressed but that is why one is a leader because he/ she will do what has to be done and go out and do whatever it takes to achieve success.

      So yes these whites are not ready to venture but they are crying for a strong, passionate and determined leader.

      On your own blog they rip the shit out of the ff+ so there has to be an alternative and you stepped up by starting this blog so I wanted to know why you do not take it further.

      There are serious people out here that will back you and assist you.

      And believe me I am not arse creeping I really would like to see a positive movement towards an independent colony.


    10. Transvaler10:45 am


      This BAT thinga-ma-bob taking off ?

  15. Anonymous4:39 pm

    This is why Penny Sparrow pooped up.....

  16. PreatorianXVI7:12 pm

    You hit the nail Square on the head with the last paragraph.

    My own family and friends used to drive me up the wall with their kumbaja BS [CHURCH], I am too extreme and "angry", I apparently need to understand that they are also human beings and it's our Christian duty to uplift them. FFS, I don't even talk to them about it any more, any complaints about the new SA, my response is, maybe try harder to help them.

    My one grand mother was of the opinion that if it is the will of the Lord that she dies by the hand of a savage then so be it, and that screwed Christian mentality pervades most of the family, the degreed educated ones are the worst, as the saying goes, geen salfie te smeer nie, and for that matter the majority of white South Africa no matter who they are.

    DSTV and sport rules, told the whole lot I don't care about their 7de laan and the likes, all bread and games.

    Until the large majority of white South Africans have nothing to loose except their lives, no white Uprising will happen, the bread and games will keep them comfortable, as long as they have their rugby god all is well.

    As you can gather there was too much Yellow ice around me so I have packed and left, the South Africa I grew-up in is dead, the new one is not my home.

    1. Whiteman12:31 am

      Preatorian, you hit the nail on the head ! For twenty two years, the " christians " have quoted scriptures, in every shape and form, to show us mere mortals, that we have no faith, or hope. On top of that, we are just a bunch of horrible sinners, and we are getting exactly what we deserve. They have been so effective, that just like your grand mother, good people, have climbed onto the " sacraficial altar, " and are BEGGING these satanic barbarians, to come and kill them ! But on 16 December, they will have " Gelofte-feeste, " to show what wonderful dedicated " christians " they are. The Voortrekkers knew that victory comes through Bible study, prayer, AND ACTION ! And action means, you take a WEAPON, and you DESTROY your enemy. And only when you do this , will you qualify to be called MIGHTY MEN !

    2. Guys, I've said it before on the blog and so have Ninja and others; the churches have been corrupted. Forget about them. How can we belief in institutions that pander to the Satanist's, who rules us, whims? And, condone same-sex marriages and a whole host of other ungodly things?

      There are only 10 Commandments and it's not rocket science to live your life according to those. All other laws are man-made and most Satanic in nature. Worship as you know how to and The Bible tells you to. Don't let people prescribe to you. You aren't zombies.

      On the 16th December we will have our own Geloftefees at the Voortrekker Monument and I urge all my like-minded brothers and sisters to try and be there.

      It's time we became acquainted with one another and start unifying.

    3. Anonymous3:42 am

      Ok Whiteman, now please show me from the teachings of Jesus where he says we must destroy our enemy. I have looked and looked and can not seem to find His support for hatred and killing of our enemy.
      Please help me.

    4. Whiteman5:54 am

      Anonymous 3:42 AM, you are obviously a member of the christian-suicide-religion. I was also a member for the greater part of my life, and then one day I saw the light. Now I relate to people who are serious about their own safety, and that of their loved ones. Just remember, when the black satanic barbarian kills you, you are not a martyr for Jesus, you are just another victim of genocide. And what are you going to do when Christ returns, to destroy the nations of the world, at Armageddon ? Where the blood will flow up to the bits of the horses ? Are you going to be a " conscientious objector, " and sit back for others to do the dirty work ? Were you part of the " bush war, " to try to keep satanic communism out of this country ? ( Even if it was in vain. ) Last, but not least, if you consider the black barbarians, as your ( potential ) brothers and sisters in Jesus, we definitely have nothing to say to one another !

    5. An 3:42

      John 3:8
      "Whoever makes a practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil."

      Romans 13:4
      For he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer.

      Many many more.

    6. Anonymous7:24 am

      Whiteman, I believe in following the ways of God and being 'set-apart'. My brethren are those who do likewise - irrespective of colour.

      As I thought though, you do not follow the Light of Jesus and His teachings. You are just another swine-flesh-eating beast set on his own will.

      You probably have trophies of wild beasts hanging on your wall at home too to show your manhood.

      'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law' - Aleister Crowley

      'If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.24 He that loveth me not keepeth not my sayings' - Jesus (John: 14:23/24)

    7. Anonymous7:41 am

      Here whiteman:

      'there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts' 2 Peter 3:4

      The light that you have seen is an oncoming train.

    8. Anonymous9:41 am


      @Anonymous3:42 AM

      Show me one verse or one mention Christ says that he replaced the laws of the old testament?

      Those laws still apply to this day.

      Christ simply took the entire old book laws and condensed them into two verses - love they neighbor, this only applies to Israelite's, take it in context and love the Lord with all your heart.

      Other than that, every law still stands - like the one not to mix with the heathens.

      Like the one to destroy the heathens.

  17. Anonymous7:22 pm

    You forgot to say that those that do not attend the Mighty Men concerts will run to greener pastures and tell everybody that remained how stupid they are and that there is no hope left.

  18. Anonymous7:42 pm

    We too have our Might Men concert goers, We refer to them as the 'Never Trump' crowd or rhinos. They are little more than limp wristed communists masquerading as Republicans. Yes, the same ones who support wymn's 'choice' and Margaret Sanger's 'Planned Parenthood' baby snuffing and body parts mills. It is yet to be seen if Trump can defeat the evil Hildebeest and her web of feckless surrogates. If the Beest is elected, then we'll have the governance we deserve, and it will be no different than the Kenyan master we have now.

    Hou aan met die goeie werk Mike.
    Regards, Besoeker

  19. Anonymous11:05 pm

    When a man goes down on his knees before God, his fight is not over. It is just beginning!!!

    As a Bible Believing Christian, I pray to God daily for protection and strength. For the protection of my family who travel 50km a day to work/school. For the protection of my father/brother/sisters/mother and thier families. For the strength to STAND as a man if the worst happens.

    Praying is not a weakness. It is a strength. It fills you with hope for a future where we can walk free under Gods Laws. Each man a friend to his neighbor. Free of crime. Free of hate. Free from insane welfare taxes.

    Praying is not a weakness. It is a strength. It fills you with courage and conviction to carry on against all odds. To build a business in the most hostile economic climate in the world and to keep on going. It gives you hope, courage, strength, wisdom and true love. Not the love of the world but the love of God, where you are willing to lay down your life for your (white christian) brothers.

    If I didn't pray, I would have left this FUBAR mess of a Marxist Dictatorship with its racist and oppressive regime years ago...

    Praying is my rock and fortress in this world of uncertaintity. It gives me the hope that there is a better future for us out there - no matter what current conditions look like - no matter how violent the road to that future is. It gives me the strength to continue - to train, to stay fit, to grow food, to stash diesel, legal ammo, and food, to have a plan to get out of areas of conflict and band together with like minded people for our common defense/attack. It gives me the courage to proclaim to others that this country is fucked, that most of its population hate us and that they must be prepared for the worst of the worst. It gives me the wisdom to know what "Zombie Apocalypse" equipment and stores to buy and when, who to help in need and who not to help, what to save and what to spend. It gives me the true love I need, not the warm fuzzy feeling the world calls love, but the calculated decision that this/these are the people I love and I will die to defend those I love.

    We need more MEN to pray, to seek Gods Holy Counsel and He will show them what they must do, when they must do it, and who they should do it with/to and why.

    Being prepared is not a lack of faith, it is the ultimate expression of faith. Noah showed his faith by building a boat. Lot showed his faith by trusting God and leaving Sodom. Abraham showed his faith by being prepared to offer up the son of the promise. Christ showed His faith by going to the cross.

    Prayer is the POWER to have FAITH. Your actions show that faith to others.

    Anyhow... Direct representation (like Switzerland) with a qualified franchise based on Gods Laws, death for blood crimes and trading in the souls of men (prostitution rings, slave rings etc.) and restitution (paying back) for anything else. Jailing a man teaches him NOTHING. Make him do extra work to repay what he took teaches him everything and does not COST the victim. Oh, no economists except Mises and his follower allowed. Sound money backed by our plentiful gold supply (we still sit on the third largest known gold deposit in the world even though almost half the gold ever produced has come out of South Africa). Poll tax. If you breathe you pay. Indigent and poor will provide public works to pay it. Companies in baseindustries pay a percentage of PRODUCTION not profit. No income tax. Consumption levy at point of sale for all goods.

    1. Anonymous12:17 pm

      You speak from the heart. Every single decision we make is about good VS bad. Humans are bad from nature and we need all the help we can. Liberals feel that we must help the black people get on the right path. They say we must take the death and punishment from the black people to show them that we forgive them and then that person will see the light. The bible is however full of the opposites. The bible tell us that we must punish and even kill our children so that their and others soles will not be lost. Even Christ turned over the tables in the church. he did not speak politely and begged them to stop their nonsense. No he turned over the tables

  20. Anonymous11:08 pm

    I'm dumbfounded by some white liberals... the kind that has their heads so deeply stuck up their own arses that their delusion is so strong that they cannot tell day from night. In the end it is all delusional guilt I suppose. I will never, ever feel guilty...

    I see it like it is: People are born inherently racist and birds of a feather flock together. That is why there have been wars for thousands of years - because people are inherently racist by nature. Now the liberal mind wants to tell us that it is not so and that we are all the same.

    Being separate with your own kind ensures peace and stability. It is when races deprive and oppress other races when the pot is stirred - and this usually happens when each race does not have their own country or area where they can govern themselves. Perhaps if leaders wake up to this there would be a lot more peace and prosperity on planet earth. It looks like there is no way in hell that white people in SA will ever wake up.

  21. Anonymous1:12 am

    We were not created to be ruled over by 'man' in positions of authority. Our Creator is our one and only King.

    The rejected King - 1 Samuel 8:7

    And the LORD said to Samuel, “Obey the voice of the people in all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them.

    One of the main narratives of the bible is that YHWH is King. One of the clearest ways in which we see this, is with Israel. YHWH’s chosen nation was always intended to be a witness and example to the world. Israel was to show YHWH’s kingdom on earth and show the nations what it meant to have YHWH rule as king, known as a Theocratic Kingdom.

    The rejection of their covenant keeping YHWH and King, was a foreshadow of the rejection of Y'Shua the Messiah. Acts 3:13–15; 7:51–53.

    Regardless of the people’s rejection, it does not change the fact that YHWH is the sovereign King over all creation.

    Y'Shua has been appointed as King for a time to rule as King of kings. This Kingdom has yet to be established on earth. But at the end of the age even he will return the sceptre to the rightful King (YHWH).

    The problem is that mankind has always wanted a mediator between us and YHWH. We are immature and foolish.

    This world is the kingdom of darkness. YHWH is the King of the Kingdom of Light. I am a citizen of His Kingdom. I care less who rules here. And anyway, only YHWH appoints leaders - even Zuma. He is appointed for YHWH's purpose.

    Isaiah 33:22
    For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us.

    It is not about hope, it is FAITH - a BELIEF and understanding that what is written will be. And of course an understanding that YHWH is in control of every aspect of life on earth (if you don't believe this then you have created another god).

    Have FAITH. We are nearing the end of the 6th day. The Scriptures reveal how dark the times are just prior to the coming of Y'Shua. We should rejoice in the fact that the Bridegroom is coming soon - for His bride.

    Revelation 22:11
    He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.

    Faith Walker

  22. Anonymous2:15 am

    So all of a sudden Stalin comes into the equasion. Doesn't Biden know that Roosevelt and Churchill were big buddies with Stalin and even after Eisenhower killed 15 million Germans for Stalin after the war and he still became POTUS. What changed? It is all hypocrisy!

  23. Anonymous2:48 am

    NWO qualifies their puppets for presidents.

    First things first. Currently the whole world is controlled by the NWO elite. Their helpers , the usefull idiots, will not leave a turd unturned to satisfy their masters. These idiots are in all governments globally where they level the rough terrain for their puppets who will be crooked into power. To them the bigger idiot the new president is the better he can be controlled. History had proven that wherever their usefull idiots failed to level the terrain for their puppets and some candidate of the Folks came into power, they simply get rid of him.

    What is going to happen at some point in time is that the folks will get rid of their puppets too and these NWO elite included. By now everybody knows who they are. Doesn't matter how they try to pull the strings from behind closed doors , their tactics and plans are like an open book for everyone to read. So if they are going to get rid of Trump the people should deal very hard with them. Declare them free game and get rid of them and their usefull idiots for once and for all. What can a snake do without it's head, but die.

  24. Faith Walker, I think what you're saying is pretty evident to all the true followers on this blog. Siener merely confirmed it and put it into a closer time perspective.

    Yet a vast number of our White brethren in this country don't see the light. They are blinded by their materialistic lifestyles. I have two kitchens, one inside and one outside, with almost every conceivable electrical appliance. On Sunday I remarked to a friend that it would all be useless when "the lights go off", which they are going to do. Our blinded brethren don't see this though.

  25. Anonymous3:31 am

    Focussing on who governs SA is missing the greater issue - who brought about the overthrow of white SA. To understand this one needs to look at what happened in Libya, Iraq, Egypt,Afghanistan, Somalia, Vietnam etc:

    The Western powers are the terrorists who bring down sovereign nations for their own purposes - i.e. global control. They want a destroyed, poorly governed SA. Nothing will stop them so stop dreaming about who should govern and discuss how we address this other monster:


  26. PreatorianXVI3:14 am

    To further add to your comment, that is also why America never wins an outright war, they merely set a perpetuating conflict in motion and keep it that way.

    Why Slobodan Milošević Was Demonized By The West: Incredibly Accurate Predictions From 2001

    The question to be asked is: why was he demonized in the first place? Whose interest or interests did it serve? Were there larger programs and plans at work?