24 August 2016

What are South Africans most obsessed about?

By Mike Smith

24th of August 2016

What do you think South Africans are most obsessed about?

I mean you would think that in a country with an unemployment rate amongst the youth of 50% people would be obsessed about getting an education and finding a decent job.

You would think that in a country with an idiot as president running a kleptocracy people would be obsessed about organising a change of government...

No: You are wrong.

And that, dear reader, is why South Africa will never come right. People have their priorities screwed up.

I just hate it when the media use "South Africans" when they refer to these creatures...as if they are including the Whites as well and we are all the same.
Punani Fruit


  1. Anonymous4:16 am

    If women eat lots of sweets and drink lots of water they retain water, hence the moist pussy. This is why white men give white women chocolates and why women have a love-hate relationship with cakes and sweets. High sugar and water levels cause diabetes and high blood pressure, but hey, you only live once.

    1. Wow. Learn something new everyday.

    2. As the old saying goes, "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker." Feed them champagne. It also has a high sugar content and the alcohol lessens their inhibitions. :)

    3. Anonymous5:28 am

      Is it just me or does that punani fruit platter look good? Maybe with some custard? Vaalpens

    4. Anonymous9:05 am

      Think of those white bitch whores that lay naked for these stinking fucking zots to eat off of them, then maybe poeshani fruit platter is not so good.

      Not even custard will make those white whore sluts look good.

      I do know something that will though.


  2. Anonymous4:21 am

    You are so right Mike. We should start to call all Americans Indians. All Jews, Palestinians or as we know it in Afrikaans, Filistyne. All new Zealanders,Maoris. All Australians, Aboriginals. These people are so screwed up, all they need is WW3 to wipe the whole lot of fuckin retards from earth. In their P.O.V a South African is equal to a kaffir.

  3. Anonymous5:00 am

    "I just hate it when the media use 'South Africans' when they refer to these creatures...as if they are including the Whites as well and we are all the same."
    Well Mike considering how obsessed whites are with mundane things like Rugby,one cannot draw a massive idealogical line between the lack of priorities amongst South-Africa's population.
    It is nearing the last months of 2016 and we are not a inch closer to freedom then we were 22 years ago.
    That my dear blogger is,why as you said :
    "And that, dear reader, is why South Africa will never come right. People have their priorities screwed up."

  4. Anonymous7:18 am

    Whites in the NSA are not considered as South Africans, we are land stealing, capital controlling minority that should be killed, shipped back to Europe or fucked.

    I am sure the media does not even notice or is even aware of our presence.

    As for loose floppy vaginas, well the way these retards breed wtf do they expect and thanks to the white man dutifully paying taxes and the grant that they are paid for breeding, they will continue to loosen those flaps.

    Oh also that huge cunt that leads them, what can you expect from them other than sowing up loose end to prevent further embarrassment.

    1. "Oh also that huge cunt that leads them". Rephrase that; that misleads them. He does a magnificent job of that, but then again, it doesn't take much to mislead Retardus Negris.

    2. Whiteman6:15 am

      I knew a clear thinking doctor, who delt with these creatures for years. He said , whenever a black female would clock into his surgery, with ANY problem, the very first thing he would do, is check for pregnancy ! Most of the time, this was the cause of the " ailment ! " We all know how they can give birth, and carry on normally only minutes later. He related cases to me where the patient would go for a piss, and a baby drops out. And the patient was totally unaware that she was pregnant ! Makes one wonder about the prediction in the Bible, that childbirth would be a painful traumatic experience. Maybe it referred to Adamites only ? !

    3. Graeme8:29 am

      Let me second that, in 1983 prior to the realisation that this scourge/blessing of AIDS/HIV would afflict the countless millions, I was closely acquainted with an OBGYN who treated each and every patient who arrived in the Maternity Ward (at Baragwanath Hospital) with antibiotics as ALL were afflicted with Gonorrhea or Syphilis.

      I could never understand why whites chose to employ these people when this was almost common knowledge, I still can't!

      Now an AIDS afflicted individual prepares your food and cleans your home!

      I know that there are people who read this blog who want religion and whatever happens to be the debate of the day to be separated, agreed, each to his own, I would however highly recommend that one does a little research and read up on the First Horseman of the Apocalypse, if that does'nt convince you find out about Eschatology in Islam.

  5. Anonymous9:48 am

    Mike - a bit off topic, but why do you think Marika De Klerk was murdered? I ask this as South Africans as so in the dark. Look at this article on Praag's website - old news I know - but still something of interest. Maybe you can share your thoughts in a separate discussion

  6. Transvaler10:02 am

    My daily obession is keeping my cool and not going full out nuclear on these grasshoppers.

    1. Anonymous5:40 pm



      The master hasnt forgot his role.

  7. Anonymous3:32 pm

    These stupid kaffirs are always prepared to believe bullshit, but never the truth.

  8. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Yeah, whatever you do Mike don't step on the third rail of the Jewish destruction of apartheid. You wouldn't want to get your paymasters upset.

  9. Anonymous10:38 pm

    Koos Bekker's liberal rags won't ever call it by its name. It reminds me of the time Charlize Theron came to South Africa to tell "South African" men not to rape in a television ad. I honestly don't understand these blacks. When a vagina has been worked harder than a Chines production line in squatter camp production, it sure as hell isn't going to stay tight.

  10. I agree about referring to the parasites as South Africans. They contributed fuckall to SA other than now destroying that which we created.

    But, to get back to the topic. We shouldn't be surprised that the Pitkoppe are so obsessed with pussy. After all, breed, steal, eat and destroy??? So their "freedumb" has now converted them from Pitkoppe to P@#skoppe, that's all.

  11. Anonymous11:34 pm

    Just not a focused nation , had to keep an eye on them all day that while drilling with Kitchen walker didnt snap off the 40 dia Drill bits , that while rolling plate didnt get their hands into the roll , that when grinding in the pressure vessel and the plug unplugged ,it switched off the grinder inside the tank before he replugged, that when flame cutting the pipes didnt catch fire when the slack dropped, that the sweeper didnt load tools in his barrow to be stashed for later collection and many others that happened often . After a whole week of training , the Lost focus over the weekend , to have to start again on Mondays . NAFI ( no ambition and fuckall interest. Just have Pussy on the brain and a BIG one too.

  12. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Mike: Off topic, but something I thought you and your readership might enjoy from 'Liberty GB:


    Islam's whore? No, I don't agree entirely. She's simply a global 'Moderate Muslim' community organizer continuing the mandates of our Kenyan master and his handlers. The same sectarian strategy that helped fracture the Soviet Union is now diligently at work 're-making' Europe and the United States. But of course neither you or your readership need a primer on sectarian or tribal strategies, or who foments and profits from them.

    Just my penny-farthing's worth.

    Regards, Besoeker

  13. Mike and your racist buddies are a funny bunch, I never miss a post.

    So you've never heard of designer vaginas? What about kegels kerels? People obsess about the same things Mike that's why there's hundreds of results for "how to tighten your vagina" on Google.

    1. Anonymous1:20 pm

      why do we always see these pamphlets aimed at blacks advertising penis enlargement?

      You have small willies which explain why all vaginas are loose.

    2. Anonymous1:47 pm

      You missing the point of the article, which is South Africans are so distracted by stupid things, including whites(rugby). It's baffling that a person like Zuma is even able to be a president, but yeah people don't really care enough to try make things better it seems. Rugby, vaginas la la la la

    3. Anonymous8:15 pm

      @ moron morono 7:09 AM. Firstly, determine what has made us racists, then try figure out why you would want to follow a blog of racist, Fucking retards are a confused species

      Secondly, you cannot get enough of the white mans inventions, you now admit to spending your days cruising google, looking at white mans ways and inventions. I suppose you're one of those retards that sit in an AA position, being propped up by whites and enjoying an over inflated salary while the flies buzz around in that void between your ears.

      You're one of those that think you're the darling of the office and you walk around trying to tell jokes and laughing and slapping hands with the white guys and trying your best to lose the darkness that hangs over you.

      You think everybody loves you, you do not know that most of those whites just tolerate you because they need their jobs. Those whites when they see you coming think " here comes that moron again, seez he is so fucking stupid and he just doesn't see it or fuck me! Not him again, I cannot stand the stench of stupid and fuck that hali just kills my plants everytime he exhales.

      You see I have watch your type and had to deal with you numbnuts sometimes, you sit in your office chair surfing the net, wearing your Edgars garb that you've purchased on and already overloaded account, you think with the pink shirt and yellow ties and pointy shoes that you're our equal, you think we do not see you digging in those upward sloping mine shafts that you call nostrils, pulling out boogers, studying them infinitely as they rest on your finger tips and then you start rolling them to flick away in the office where other people( note I said people) work.

      You think we haven't noticed the way you suck off the sugar spoon this those fat putu smackers of yours and then push it back into the sugar bowl.

      Retard, you are so right, we are racists and I am proud of it, I am proudly white and I am unapologetic. I am proud to say I hate your species and I am proud to say that South Africa was a country that could feed, employ, care for, maintain and control its people when the white man was in power.

      For 22 years you retards have destroyed and wrecked a perfectly good country and now that its fucked you want to blame the system and race that built it and progressed it.

      Do yourself a favour get off google, start working and earning and stop trying to be white because nothing will wash the darkness off you and even if we invent something that can, we will never be able to remove the stench of stupid from you lot.


    4. @ Mohau Moloto...I will tell you why you never miss a post. It is because you black males actually like us racist white men. You instinctively know that you have nothing to fear from us, because we are not after your women. The mere inkling of a thought of having sex with a sheboon is probably the most revolting thing for us and gets us involuntarily gagging.

      The ones you should look out for though are the liberal white men like Max du Preez, Athol Trollip and Tim du Plessis, who just pretends to like blacks, but are in fact only after your black women. However it boggles my mind how any self-respecting black woman could find such weak, sissy-like, beta-males attractive. They must be as unattractive to black women as black women are to us.

      See Mohau…I am quite an experienced guy. I had a few girlfriends from all over the world in my life. South African, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, German, Brazilian even Lebanese. However, I have never had a Kaffir girlfriend, so I don’t know how it is amongst you blacks, but in my life and in my experience, I have NEVER come across a Punani that was too big or too loose.

      See, Punanis are wonderful and fascinating things. They can adjust themselves to different sizes and can accommodate virtually all Mtondos out there. If you find that a punani is too loose, MAYBE YOUR DICK IS TOO SMALL. Fact is you are too much of a loser to have realized this simple truth and reality.

      This article highlights, amongst others, the sheer childish insecurity of you black males and the lengths your stupid black women would go to in order to stroke the black male ego. WTF, mate? Douching with bleach and eating punani fruits? Why? To keep a useless man from straying? If he is that insecure and has such a small dick, why would the woman want to keep him in the first place?

    5. Anonymous10:13 pm

      @ moron 6:09 AM. Just so you are aware of this, those whites that refuse to shake hands with you and your retarded species, we know that you pick your nose and scratch your arse and scratch those close knit coarse grains on your head.

      You see we know your filth and foul and we know that you do not wash your stink, grimy, slippery hands so we do not give a fuck about manners we just do not touch filth.

      So please be offended when a white man ignores your hand because he most probably is a racist and has zero tolerance for half witted dumb dirty fucks trying to be his equal.


    6. Anonymous11:55 am

      Welll there you go Mr Smith
      Hardly were your words cold than some tannie went out of her way to prove you wrong

      Step up to the selfie Margaret van Wyk
      Hockey mom of note

      Seems it is true then -- neomfie foemfie -- en daar gat die kat

  14. Anonymous12:28 pm


    Explain to me who these "peope" are again?

    You know what normal "people" obsess about? Caring for their families, their children, their loved-ones! Ensuring their safety and well-being on a daily basis.

    So....if the above does not fit into your agenda, then STFU and GTFO!!!!

  15. Anonymous4:41 pm



    Its coming!

    Remember Eastern Europe tied to events here, watch what happens now.

    I mentioned, when they see their loses we can expect them to go into hyper drive to do what they always wanted to do to the economy and the whites.

    Whitism & the economy go hand in hand.

    Zuma was a high up vet in charge of their arm wing! He knows what he is doing, they have a plan!

    Do you?

    1. Anonymous9:14 pm

      @ anon 4:41 PM.

      The economy is fucked, face it. The rand might be strengthening but there is no money, the money is gone

      We are a Bobs country, we just Haven't had the coffee.

      Investigate repossessions houses and autos, fucking frightening what's happening there.

      I was at the bank the other day to settle some business, I was informed by the manager that businesses are closing down so quickly that the banks cannot even control the recollection of their card machines.

      No mate, Zuma doesn't have a plan, what's happened is South Africa has just become another dirt bowl in Africa.

      The hunger is coming not long now, I give it a year then we start seeing food aid.

      The DA will not perform anybetter than the ANC they will just steal the aid and sell it because that will be all that's left to sell.

      The only plan one should have is annihilation of the infestation, whatever it takes.


    2. Agree LTMA.

      I asked you to email me???

    3. Anonymous4:34 am

      TT, getting to it, waiting for my BK to return from leave then I will have more developments on BAT.

      You will hear from me by end of next week.

    4. Anonymous6:49 am


      @Anonymous9:14 PM

      Yes, I know how many businesses are closing down and cars/houses repossessed.

      In a span of a month, friends of ours know about 4 businesses within their industry just shut the doors.

      Construction industry is another one where no too much is happening.

      Personally, I believe they have a plan. We can see all their actions for the past 22 years.

      Their is nothing random happening here. It was all laid out and planned a long time back.

      If they destroy the economy, they can nationalize, it gives them an opportunity to further do what they have done but this time, they will attempt to take everything.

      Look at the laws and how they have been setup.

  16. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Zuma has a plan?The plan is to get his dirty hands on as much loot as possible and fuck the consequences- mainly because his stunted intellect cant stretch to consequences .Basically the zot mind functions on an instinctual level, I'm horny, I fuck.I'm hungry I eat. I need something I steal.As to the promised bloodbath and uprising, Damp Squib!!That,s what its going to be from them.Our response wont be though.All of us who have lived in Africa and who live here side by side with these carbon copy wonders know that they are at their most dangerous when the are morose and sulky. That is when his simian brain is priming itself for violence.When they are shouting and threatening-well like their primate nearest relatives-they are just posturing.

    1. Anonymous4:42 am

      As you say Zuma's plan is only for Zuma.


  17. http://today.moneyweb.co.za/article.php?id=611801&acid=nqD0d3tAxiUeZeuwhd4cWQ%3D%3D&adid=TGNQFim141w8WkHj2%2BXORA%3D%3D&date=2016-08-26#.V8AQB5h97IV

    He's on about "if, if, if"? They are already behaving in every unethical way imaginable and a tax boycott is fully justified.

  18. Whiteman4:56 am

    I find it ironic, how the " positive " libturds, make these grandiose predictions, for the future of this country ! The " defeat " of the anc in the election, is declared from the rooftops, and the DA take-over, is just round the corner. But what are the realities in this sorry affair ? There is a a steady outflow of whites, AND other nationalities out of this country. They are by and large wealthy individuals, who take LOTS of money, AND skills with them. The whiteys have a very low birthrate, and are being wiped out, physically, and financially, at a horrendous rate. The state coffers are being raided on a daily basis. People who can not , or will not emmigrate, is also transferring VAST sums of money out of this country. If you are an exporter of any thing, you under price your product, and your buyer overseas, stashes away a nest egg for you. Now all you " positive " people, with the beautiful long term visions : Do you honestly think this NSA, satanic " democratic " rainbow abortion, will afford you enough time, to implement your grandiose schemes ? All I can say is : Dream on, you libturd IDIOT !

  19. I doubt that men are obsessed with tight vaginas. Women are obsessed with such things. It is all about money and resources. Lets admit that time is womens worst enemy, after a certain time period womens breasts are drawn towards the south pole by gravity, the buttocks begin to either flatten or get to big and unshaply to stimulate a mans sexual desires.
    As time passes a womans vagina gets bigger regardless of who likes it or not. That is simply how god designed the human species.

    As men get older their social status rises. Even the lowest class of men rise. For example an older garden-boy with years expirience can get much better positions as a labourer in landscaping or on golf courses, driving the tractor for bass etc. Young fellows do not have this expirience and must first gain trust and references from previous employers etc. Also young fellows have no responsibilities like financial obligations to family members and are more prone to quit jobs just because they want more time to sleep untill midday etc.

    Now when the older fellows from 35 onwards begin controlling the money and resources in their industries, the younger females start noticing this, come on fellas you know what I am talking about. The younger under 30 ladies start giving the older wives and spouses competition for the amns resources. At the end of the day the man above 35 does not need to marry the young tight vagina with breasts that are firm and pointing towards the north pole, no stretch marks, the vagina so tight that even a man that is impotent and requires viagra suddenly has a fully functioning sexual organ that gets even harder and standing to attention than that of a healthy 18 year old man. He does not need to marry miss young thing, he simply has to give her a portion of his resources which the wives and spouses are not happy about.

    So it is about resources

    1. Anonymous1:35 am

      Quite so. When a woman's tits hang towards her feet instead of pointing north she had better be wearing expensive shoes.

    2. Anonymous12:19 am

      "Even the lowest class of men rise".....not in general and not to the point of getting the young hot thing you seem to be going on and on about.

      I saw so many of these men in my youth, going to clubs, hitting on girls 20 years their junior, thinking that they are shit hot because of money and perceived power.So many men cheating on their wives, so many wives divorcing their husbands and taking half their money.

      Thing is old age can be lonely, how do you want to spend it? Surrounded by people who love you? Or a broken family with some "hottie" who can't wait for you to die just so that she can get your money.

      It amazes me that men overlook the fact that (90% of the time) their wife married them for love and friendship. When they didn't have much. Standing by his side while he gets his resources. Then she isn't good enough anymore.

      The sexes really treat each other terribly.

  20. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Off topic . As you have many International readers I would like to expose what we as White South Africans have to read in the news everyday:

  21. Stephen10:43 pm

    Hi Mike

    Yes , these marmite monsters are obsessed with their carnal desires as mentioned,yet we as white people are obsessed with restraining our carnal desires,total polar opposites.

    I see that as a good thing , because we all know where that wide road leads to - further into the abyss.

    I must restrain myself every day like most of us , if we were to give in to our carnal-desires most of us would have killed atleast 3 by the time we get to work in the morning .

    But alas boys , it seems like their sins have finally caught up to them , it won't be long now mates hold on . Yes I know the economic tragetory looks bleak , but WE can turn it again , we built it from scratch didn't we , so I'm not stessed about that.

    All I know is the smile on my face is stretching wider every day and by the look of it the frown on the baboon faces are looking more worried every day , some of them even say.." goeie more meneer" ..to me when I get to work'gees when last did I hear that.

    1. Anonymous12:49 am

      Pardon my French but fuck 'em, we don't need them. We must avoid them with all our might. They had their chance.

  22. Anonymous2:25 am

    How can you take this seriously? By the way, that fruit platter looks delicious. Must go get some grapes and guavas.


  23. Anonymous5:19 am

    And yet, white Afrikaners were circulating a photo posted to a whatsapp group; sharing it like crazy on social media and making jokes about it. Don't think that your white skin puts you above the rest, judging by how your fellow whites joined in on the frenzy.

    1. Stephen7:03 am

      anon 5.19 I see we struck a cord with you.

      You don't like it when we hold up the mirror do you ?
      don't like hearing the truth do you?

      So don't come with your ''fellow whites joined in'' story , your just throwing stones from a glass-house.

      In general whites are much more civilised than you kaffirs , and every one knows that whether you want to admit it or not.

  24. Anonymous2:28 pm

    There is only one way to fight racism in South Africa and that is when majority government can reverse apartheid completely and refrain from trying to play equally. Only if the government can start to oppress the minority by taking their citizenship and treat them as temporary citizens. The government must build poor schools and place all minorities in those schools with little or no resources at all. The government must separate amenities with minorities getting the worst undeveloped amenities. Basically all policies that will seek to promote black supremacy. Ultimately minorities will work for blacks and treat them as kings and queens. This will only be a solution to deal with racism effectively. I hope that is only then a white man will see and feel how bad was apartheid and come to their senses.

    1. Anonymous3:09 am

      And then there will be war.

      And you will still feel inferior and hate yourself.

    2. Anonymous3:29 pm

      Firstly the Government hasn't even built decent schools for its majority and I can tell you if it had to build mediocrity schools for the minority those schools would suddenly thrive and yet again the majority would be banging on the doors to be let in. Let me tell you, these schools must be labelled, Minority applicants only. They will thrive. Remember. You suggested it.You are the racist.