07 August 2016

The post 2016 Election reality check.

By Mike Smith
8th of August 2016

It is Blue Monday (a good one) for the DA after their election wins in Cape Town, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth. In PE they were out in full force and celebrated like mad over the weekend.

Thousands gather at DA’s thank you rally

The DA should not make too much of their “success”, because if you compare the 2011 results to the 2016 results you will see that the DA increased their voting percentage only by 3% (24%-27%). The ANC lost 9% on voting percentage (63% to 54%).

So who received the majority of ANC votes? Not the DA, but the EFF. Remember that in 2011 the EFF didn’t even exist yet and did not take part in the elections. In 2016 they received slightly over 8% of the votes.

The DA only scored an outright majority in Cape Town with 66,6% (Three sixes? Coincidence? Who actually won in CT?).

They only narrowly won in some of the major cities such as PE (46%) and Pretoria (43%) but failed to obtain 50%... which means they now have to form coalitions with some minority parties.

On the other hand, the ANC won Durban outright with 56%, East London with 59% and Bloemfontein with 57% and in Johannesburg the ANC won with 45% beating the DA by 6%.

However, judging from the leftist media in SA, it is as if their DA-rling, won an outright majority across the country. Who do they think they are fooling?

The ANC is still firmly in power and when you add the EFF’s 8% to the 54% of the ANC then the ANC hardly lost a vote, because all the EFF is, is a more radical version of the Marxist ANC. Be honest; does the ANC seem worried to you? I don't think they are worried at all.

Like I said back then when the ANC kicked Malema out of the ANC Youth League and he started the EFF; his firing was a promotion not a demotion. He just tipped the dialectic scale more towards the ANC.

The DA should also not misunderstand their victory in Cape Town and get too cozy and secure in their position. The blacks who voted for them there are NOT DA supporters. They are still fully ANC supporters who just wanted to teach the ANC a lesson.

A few years ago I spoke to some disgruntled Xhosas in Cape Town who told me that if the ANC does not deliver they will punish them like they did by voting the DA into power in Cape Town.

The DA is not in charge in Cape Town because the blacks love them and their policies; No, the blacks still love the ANC, but the ANC has been a bit naughty in their eyes by not delivering quickly enough so they needed a spanking. That is all it was.

The DA’s win in Cape Town and the 8% the EFF got across SA are warning signs to the ANC from their own regular voters that unless they start giving the blacks what they want, they WILL vote them out across the country…however they won’t go to the DA. They will go to the EFF.

Nevertheless the DA did a fairly good job of governing Cape Town and the Western Cape. The mistake they make is that they think the blacks love them and admire them for it. No, the blacks actually resent them for it, because it holds a mirror up to them and shows them that blacks cannot govern. The Blacks still see the DA as a white party and the ANC as a black party although both have multiracial memberships.

If the ANC can sort out their infighting and start delivering free houses, cushy high-paying jobs, free land, free electricity, free everything to the blacks at a faster rate, they can actually retake Cape Town and the Western Cape at the drop of a hat.

It will be interesting to see what the DA’s strategy is going to be, because they believe that clean and transparent governance is enough and blacks will vote for them when they carry on governing like that.

I am afraid they are out of touch with black voters. Blacks actually do not mind corruption. As Credo Mutwa wrote in his books, corruption is part of their culture.

Blacks don’t mind a corrupt ANC government stealing all the tax money. Their only concern is that they are not getting any of it. The ANC is greedy and wants to steal everything for themselves and not share with the common blacks as in the customary Ubuntu way. That is why the blacks are disgruntled and frustrated. The ANC promised them all the free stuff and now cannot deliver, because there simply is not enough to go around for everyone.

It is actually quite simple. There are 50 million blacks and there are only four million whites left to steal from. The pizza-pie is only so big and if everyone in the ANC takes a slice there is nothing left for the common black man in the street.

Frustration is going to boil over some or other time and the blacks are going to run out of patience waiting for the “Red Robin Hood” ANC to dish out the loot. The only thing they can do then, is to take matters into their own hands and take what they can take, before the ANC takes it all.


  1. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Thanks for the up[date Mike. Check this one out as well, another hog scrambling for a place at the trough - http://www.whitenationnetwork.com/paper/?p=51406

  2. Anonymous12:20 am

    Mike a few months ago I was speaking to this black (if you want to know what's going on localy don't read the liberal press speak to a Kaffir). Anyway he was lamenting about his low wage, I then told how municipal and govt workers get paid 3 to 4 times what he is earning for performing just the simplest of tasks, and the managers will get a lot more as well. This only made him more depressed and replied he didn't have any family to organize for him, you don't have no brother or sister in guvaamunt, houe wenna kona no chunce, I replied by rubbing it ib
    At the end of the day it's not about qualification or skill it's all about connections with this lot.

    1. Anonymous7:56 am

      More with them but that's always been the case... even in white-man's country. Problem is that they are a parasitic species and will not survive without the white man so sooner or later something is got to give and the most likely scenario is another african basket case with a few opportunistic, unpitying elements of the more intelligent species (white, asian-chinese) taking advantage of the situation. As many have said, South Africa is FUBAR. I try being optimistic but when I look around I don't see any hope for a better future... Todays' youngsters are too busy hunting for Pokemons...

  3. Anonymous12:42 am

    Seems to me the DA face a moral dilemma. They can govern Jhb - but only in coalition with the eff. But it is unlikely they would pick up jhb only on that basis - malema would probably want a national deal. And that would alienate the DA supporters...

  4. The kaffir never learns. If they did, they wouldn't still be in The Stobe Age would they? This is the 21st Century for Whites and Far Eastern Asians. Its still the Middle Ages for Muslims. The kaffir stays behind in The Stone Age as usual. Don't expect them to ever appreciate the situation. They will follow their dark leaders to Hell. No worries. The Chinese are building big airports and ports. Big enough for their Bombers and Fleets no doubt. These suckers are eager to make deals with the Chinese. The Chinese will not be the charitable masters the Whites were trust me. In the Far East, these things are not even considered human.

    1. We were in the iron age actually, but what can I expect from an inbred Boer.

    2. Anonymous6:02 am


      In the far east, they see them for what they are. They dont have Hollywood and the Kardashians brainwashing them.

      They know what they are and that they are useless doff things.

    3. Bwaaahaha Shaka says "We were in the iron age actually..." Well Shaga, when you are a civilised people living in the 21st centuray the Iron and Stone Ages are a bit of a moot point don't you think.

      At least you actually realise that you are several millennia behind. Damn I'm all cracked up now lol.

    4. Anonymous2:01 pm

      Yes Shaka and in the iron age you will stay, iron age is just one one stone removed, not much difference.

    5. Anonymous2:54 pm

      Shaka, apart from a piss poor iron spear head, please tell me what other iron inventions you guys had? That hardly qualifies as Iron Age.

      That guy is wronge tho, you guys weren't at the Stone Age. You were at the grass/mud half naked stage, ie about one stage up from a beaver.

      But what would I expect a pure ape dna to know

    6. Anonymous8:50 pm

      Shaka is nothing more than a white troll working for Satan. Just look at what he defends without taking anything the blacks do into consideration.

    7. Anonymous10:29 pm

      HAHAHAHAHAHA seriously Shaka, I used to get annoyed by your comments, but now I enjoy them, they make my day with a good old laugh.

      The iron age you guys definitley were no where near!!! All you guys made was a kak spear head with such a basic design. Europeans were making beautiful suits of armour and beautifully crafted swords made from steel, silver, gold etc. with design and lovely engravings 100's-1000's years ago. Japanese were making amazingly designed samurai swords etc., i can go on and on.

      And I'm just talking about weapons here. Would you like me to make a list of things such as agricultural machinery, musical, medicinal, transport, printing press and many many more inventions europeans had already created, when we first encountered you half naked, mud hut dwellers?

      Btw, that iron spear head you guys had was probably taught to your people by another race, but all u managed to learn from them was the spear head, cos that's all your destructive minds would remember.

    8. Anonymous9:59 am

      @Shaka: Correct. From the iron age straight to the iron and steal industry.

    9. Anonymous10:45 am

      Just like in the 80s and 90s the ifp and anc would deny their children education by chopping up school desks to make kwashas (homemade single shot guns) to fight one another.

    10. Anonymous10:45 am

      @Shaka 3:59 AM

      Get used to the iron age because you'll never reach the atomic age.

    11. Anonymous8:17 pm


      "inbred Boer"

      Cheeky munt cunt. You are the ones who fuck your own relatives and almost anything else with a pulse. Inbred with fucking dogs and chimps.

    12. Anonymous8:31 pm


      "but what can I expect from an inbred Boer"

      No foul smell, no ugly features and a hell of a lot more than your rubbish species is capable of.

  5. Anonymous12:54 am

    @ anon 11:32 PM. The perfect example of JACK in fantasy world.

    Make ready for SHTF day its not far off. The scramble for Africa will have a whole new meaning.


  6. Anonymous2:05 am

    the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) recently carried out a survey to sample the opinion of Ghanaians on their perception of corruption in the country.

    The survey revealed that Ghanaians do not think corruption could be eradicated in the country and that, the canker has become part and parcel of the Ghanaian society.

    The survey, which sampled 1,500 people from all parts of the country, quoted 24% of them as saying that corruption is in the DNA of Ghanaians.

  7. Anonymous2:39 am

    Eskom strike.


  8. EFF is superior to the DA in everyway

    1. Are you enjoying yourself houtkop.?

    2. Shakaka, jy laaaik maar die wit baas se geselskap hê!? Jys eintlik 'n goeie ou boooi. Oubaas laaik jou elke dag bietjie meer jong!

    3. BLCN & GG - just by making that statement the fucking thing is exhibiting its total lack of intelligence. Ignore the piece of shit.

  9. I also couldn't understand why people were having orgasms about the DA's wins 'everywhere'. They couldn't even get over 50% FFS. Then that kaffir premier of the Free State - Ace whatever his surname is - blurted the usual communist propaganda of how they were now going to radicalize and push for heavy 'transformation' and so on.

    Then people want to tell me that psychological engineering can work on kaffirs??? The only thing a kaffir responds to is 'free stuff'. Nothing else because these creatures are nomadic/subsistence parasites.

    They live off a piece of land until it is exhausted and will live off of us until we are exhausted. The best bet going forward is to work psy-ops on every black you come across telling them how the 'free stuff' is running out and they better get it now while they still can.

    That is the only time a kaffirs eyes actually come alive, when you talk about free stuff. Any other talking results in those infamous shutters coming down.

    If the whites could form a tax cartel - even if just in name - not necessarily that we would actually be able to pull it off, you would see these monkeys panic.

    Then you will have your war.

    Any other approach is an exercise in futility. Tax cartel - even if just in words - and the threat of all whites taking two weeks leave or something.

    Watch the parasite react. We need to force them to play their hand. Know your enemy, know yourself and you will win everytime...

    1. Yip. Shock them with something big and unexpected. My opinion is they won't be able to handle a situation like that.. Catch them off guard and it's a done deal. These kaffirs are actually fast asleep because of their arrogance and the cowardness of hiding behind the race card..

      For 25 years they haven't had a hiding, hence the arrogance and 'untouchable' attitude.. That has to change and it's not as tricky as we might believe it to be. 'We need to force them to play their hand'....

    2. 100% reg! Ergste van als is die wit baas betaal die zot om sy goed en sy land vir hom te breek!
      Die groot geheim is ons moet 'n manier vind om op te hou BETAAL vir ons ellende!
      Oom Mike, hoe dink oom kan ons dit beter regkry!!?
      Los die kaapse partykie en stig 'n anti-tax party!? Ek dink ons moet ook bietjie begin staak!

    3. Anonymous11:11 pm

      Interesting but in practice, how do you do it? And how do you guarantee that there arent white sell outs at the top? Whites look after themselves and wont do anything to get jail time

    4. Anon11:11. I know mate. Easier said than done.. Big business will be the 1st to roll over and play dead. As for the rest of the whites, you can be sure of plenty sell outs there...

    5. You guys know what. Yesterday on this fucking libtard bitches day I was sitting there thinking [and drinking]. I got so moedeloos with all the kak in this country and that there was a day celebrating the Hallelujah, Hail The Kaffir Whores who were major contributors to this kak we have now. I felt like potting a few, strolling by, just at random, for mos. All that stopped me was the thought of if I had to have a face-off with the cops, would anybody stand with me.

      Thank heavens, I hadn't had enough beer yet and restraint [not sanity] prevailed because I realised I would have to stand alone. There aren't enough Boere whose eyes are open yet.

      Fuck it, but it's getting more difficult by the day!

    6. Anonymous8:06 am

      @ TT, mate its not the darkies that are the problem its the whites.

      The whites are ignorant and suck up to these darkies all the time.

      So forget dripping the dark start thinking how to convert the whites.

      We need to start unifying and stamping out libtardheid, it is destroying our culture

      I have a plan but I cannot get it across on the blog but its a start in the right direction.


  10. Over 100 ANC metro councillors will be out of a job. N24

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from these guys losing their jobs and going bananas i think a lot more political assassinations is in order.

    Also all their buddies that received all the munucipal tenders are going to contribute to the situation.

    All is not well. The DA can sing and party all weekend long and all the delusional whites and liberals can join in but i see all of this only as fuel to the fire speeding up our date with destiny.

    1. Dony, they've never had a job. The useless fucking things just sit there picking their snotgun noses and to collect their pay at the end of the month.

      They are all worth absolute shit!

    2. No doubt Tom. I know them, employed them, worked with them and under them, but you can be sure when the money runs out the thins will start going mad. At least the ones used to power and money.

  11. Anonymous6:01 am


    I maintain the EFF will do what the ANC cannot do due to their agreements made prior to 1994. They need another organization to do what they always wanted to do.

    The EFF fits that agenda.

    Again, we saw Zuma in charge of Umkontwo back in the day and funny how the EFF came to power during Zumas term.

    All planned from day 1.

    He knew his time would run out and so the EFF fills in for this plan, its a back up plan.

    But have you ever met an honest politician?

    When the child thinks its smarter than the parent, this is where the problems will start. When the EFF think they are bigger than what they are, when they break protocol, then we will see the fireworks in this place.

    What I do like is the shake up of all of this.

    For the ANC to spend R1 billion to lose like they did, tells me they do not have too much time.

    Imagine if the DA had R1 billion to market their campaigns?

    I just want to know, how much longer can Zuma keep standing?

    When will he get thrown under the bus?

    Will he ever see the inside of a prison again?

    1. Anonymous3:16 pm

      You are asking ?
      I was under the impression that the secret whispers in your head told you everything that was going to happen ?
      WHERE are those secret weapons of the EFF that NO-ONE had ever seen before ?

      Patience patience
      ALL will be revealed.
      In two weeks time we will revisit the blog of Mr Smith to see if he has any conenction to reality ?
      Unless of course
      More "whispering" is revealed to you -- the Ninja Prophet !

    2. Anonymous8:33 am


      Rather worry about that little whisper in your head that continually cries out day and night, "Im a big doos whos wife hates me"

      Worry about your wife whispering in your mates ear!

    3. Anonymous2:58 pm

      Your bullshit may be belied by your flock of sheeple, but you can't fool everybody.

    4. Anonymous4:44 pm

      Lekker Ninja my broer. Hierdie mense probeer nou alles, maar in die einde gaan hulle vaal soos altyd. Daar is veel meer mense wat wil hoor wat jy sê as wat hierdie poefter wil aanvaar.

      Kom poeftertjie, gooi nog. Laat ons sien wat jy nog kwytraak. Jou siel is duister ouboet. Jou tyd raak min.

    5. Anonymous10:48 pm

      Anon 2:58 what bullshit are you referring to? So are facts now for sheeple? Explain.

  12. Anonymous6:30 am

    Watch the ANC and EFF go into coalition where the ANC "lost".

  13. The EFF are funded from London to do precisely what they have done which is to weaken the ANC .

    If the EFF & DA form ANY alliances in ANY metros then this will just be conformation that Lord Renwick is sitting behind the current EFF.

    Any white person who supports the DA is supporting Affirmative action , BEE & Land expropriation because the DA agree on all three, in fact Maimane has said on record that he would speed up Land redistribution to blacks, he has also said that he hates to see only blacks packing shelves & cleaning supermarkets while whites are simply shoppers.

    Maimane is a puppet of whites in the corporate world & Jewish zionists both locally & abroad.

    If there is anybody who would like to know how maimane is being used as a puppet by anglo capital together with madibas legacy they can check out an article on Maimane on harakati.co.za/archives.

    Its all there, all the facts regarding Maimane, madibas bullcrap legacy & anglo capital together with their jewish overlords.

    Also contained is the agreement between Citigroup & RSA (ANC) on repayments expected by IMF, world bank, Citigroup & facilitated locally by Standard Bank & Investec bank.

    The whole of RSA is one giant sham & so is Madiba, the ANC & DA.

    1. justice seeker10:54 am

      This is accurate, come on mike smith comment...jews are scum. Right on Krokodil.

    2. @ Justice seeker 10:54AM...Comment? Why? You seem to have made up your mind already. So what is my comment going to change.

      BTW...anybody coming with crap like "corporate world & Jewish Zionists" in one sentence shows me he has no clue what he is talking about. He obviously thinks that the Rothschild's are Jewish.

      Besides I have read all David Dukes books. I have about six by David Irving. Germar Rudolf, Claus Nordbruch. I have "The Holocaust Industry", By way of deception" and many more. I even own a copy of the Babylonian Talmud. So what is it you want to teach me?

      Take "Doctor" David Duke, a convicted criminal who holds a "Ph.D" from a non accredited Ukrainian university, a career bullshitter and addicted gambler whose ex wife Cloê married his best mate Don Black, but they are all still big friends, etc..etc.

      Nevertheless and despite it all, at first when I read his "My Awakening" and "Jewish Supremacism" I thought he wrote quite well. I am an open-minded kind of guy and will listen to anybody and give all a fair chance.

      See there is one small problem. 99,9% of people will read his crap and lap it up. People like you belong in that league. Then there are people like me who will go and check all his quoted sources and scrutinise them.

      That is how I discovered that what he said stood in the Talmud was different to my copy of the Talmud. Then I discovered there are many different translations of the Talmud in different languages. Then I discovered what Duke was busy with. In just about all his sources he seeks out the ones that confirms his bias and rejects the hundreds that contradicts it.

      Now bear in mind that Duke is a "Professor" in history who holds a "PhD" in history. However he does not make use of the Historical Method to do his research. So I am sorry to say it, but he has discredited himself and proven to me that he is not to be taken seriously.

      Besides this article and this blog is not a forum for your anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, anti-Jewish bollocks. David Duke's websites and his big wifesharing mate Don Black at Stormfront is the ideal place for you. It is like a turd full of "brommers" just like you. I am sure you will fit right in there.

      Alternatively...I can let you in on a secret place where you can go to. See...I have heard that your Führer is still alive. He lives under the ice in a place called Neuschwabenland in Antarctica. You will like it there. You can meet some interesting people there. Elvis, Marlyn, James Dean, Jimmy Hoffa...they are all there flying their UFO's into the opening to Middle Earth, Asgarde, Shamballah, etc...Apparently the place is full of giants, elves, talking trees and if you look very hard you will find a magic ring...please put it on and just disappear.

    3. Anonymous9:27 pm

      Justice Seeker, God is not done with Israel, yes they rejected Christ but that has been put on hold untill the Battle of Armageddon with the second coming of Christ and He will defeat satans armies ( anti christ) when the anti christ will try and kill the jewish people since the anti christ will drive the jews out of their native land( Israel). The jews will be deceived into believing that the anti christ is their messiah but he will also say that he is the messiah of the muslims and he ( anti christ) will tell the world he is god and decieve the gentiles as well and rule from Jerusalem, in other words everyone on earth will be convinced that he is god except those who know the Biblical scriptures.The jews, not all of them will eventually believe in Christ as the real Messiah and be saved.The anti christ with the false prophet are working together to alienate the jews and say the worlds problems is caused by them, be careful not to be decieved.

    4. Anonymous10:31 pm

      That's the problem, you guys see 1 evil jew amongst 10 evil men, and you all point the finger and yell "ITS THE JEWS, ITS ALL THE JEWS FAULT!!!"

    5. Anonymous11:28 pm

      Mike @7:35

      The thing that gets me about all these conspiracy theories is no one can make up their mind.

      First its the NWO, then Satanists, then the bankers, then the hippies, then the lizards (QE 1 2 & 3) then the corporate world, then the Jews, then the elitists, then Morgan Freeman is actually Jimi Hendrix, the Rothschild's...etc...

      My personal opinion its all bullshit!

      Here it is folks...its all about the MONEY.
      Nothing else.

      You are either in the "get along gang" or you are not. Money makes money and yes its very powerful.
      If you have lots of money...guaranteed you can go anywhere in the world and actually "be someone" with the very same people that have money.

      No money and you cant even go anywhere.

      The other thing is the Rothschild only breed in their gene pool...FFS they must look like mongrels by now after centuries of fucking each other.

      The famous saying from the Bible:

      Money is the route of all evil.


    6. Stephen11:44 pm

      Okay guys , ou krokedil and justice seeker hang on boys.

      After every thing you guys know and said , from being influanced by other writings , heres a writing I've read and you can believe this one...
      ..." I will bless those who bless Israel , and I will curse those who curse Israel.."

      I would rather believe Him than you guys , sorry.

      I don't wanto 'chune' you boys , just check yourself before you wreck yourself .for as old as you guys seem I woulda thought you've unleared all the lies by now.

    7. Anonymous1:26 am

      The Rothschilds not Jewish???? No, seriously ... But as for David Duke, I would have thought one chapter of one book would have been more than enough bullshit to swallow. That prick is as transparent as a glass dildo.

    8. Sabbateans are not recognised as Jews by other Jews.

    9. Anonymous2:36 am

      @ TP 11:28 PM, if I may, I have heard all the bullshit from when I was an ankle biter.

      NWO, globalists, the Anti Christ, human tagging, shit every horror story to come in a mans head was a conspiracy against mankind.

      Yes revelation has featured it but remember revelation was written for man by man, man has read it through the centuries into the millennia.

      Yes of course it will affect him because he was raise to believe the bible and therefore the bible was what encouraged his way in life.

      But what the bible never told people is that I( the bible authors) will influence your way of life so that you will be dominated by a few.

      You see the strong in mind and greedy, power hungry fools that have created a life of material wealth have used the bible as their tool to manipulate the masses and the masses are to weak and cowardly to step up and arm on.

      The human species is a majority of scared people that let the minority rule them, people buy into love and peace and turn the other cheek bullshit, then the likes of cock o dil and just shit eater here come with their made up crap that was made up by another weak dick but while sucking on weak dick they swallowed his shit.

      People need to read the old testament, there they will see the original God was not a weak, meek and mild God. God the true God the God of Israel is a God of war, he is a God that punishes and he is a God that defeats and annihilates, he does not show mercy and he doesn't allow competition not in his creation.

      Now people have turned away from God's true will so they will make excuses, find reason and justify their short comings by the shit that you have just read.

      So my opinion is that white people need to man up, arm up, grow a set and set things right. We kill what needs to be killed, trash what needs to be trashed and take our rightful place in the natural order of things.

      But alas we are the minority that must wait for the majority to start the noise so that we can gain a few more in numbers then we can sort things out. So instead of reading and wasting time on cock o dil and just shit eater theories rather stick to the program.

      I would rather have one of you with me in battle than a battalion of cock o dils and just shit eaters.

      We the few will be the difference.


    10. Anonymous9:20 am

      LTMA, you cannot compare the Old Testament with the New Testament since the OT fell under God's law and the NT is the Church age which is the Gospel, 1 Corithians 15, that Christ died for our sins ( Apostle Paul), we are currently close to the end of the church age, apostasy, rapture and the rise of the anti christ,battle of Armageddon is still coming with the rise of the antichrist is close by, in actual fact the anti christ is on the political field in world politics at the moment, he is alive with the false prophet, pope roman catholic church.

      A lot of churches today have perverted the Bible and use it for their own personal gain and preach the Bible very well but have left out the most important thing and that is Christ himself, read 1 John 2, the false churches so be careful of any man reading the Bible and pulling out any verse and quoting it for his/ her personal gain and agenda, anyone can do it instead of reading the whole Bible back to front and actually doing a personal study of it, also using a good Bible namely the King James Bible with a Concordance.

    11. Anonymous11:55 am

      These Sabbatean actors would arise from within the Jewish faith, yet they would soon abandon the commands of the Torah and reject the God of Israel as they spread their messianic faith around the globe. The quest of Shabbatai Tzevi was imbedded not only in medieval Judaism, but also in Islam, and within the heart of apostate Christianity. The very heart of mystical Judaism that came from the revelations of the true Jewish kabbalist’s “Tree of Life” as envisioned and revealed in print by the esteemed Jewish sage Rabbi Isaac Luria in the 16th century at Safed was now ripped from its authentic Torah foundation, corrupted and remolded into the heart of Roman Catholicism by Jewish Jesuits and imbedded within the heart of the Islamic faith by the secret Dolmeh Society, later known as “The Turks”.

    12. Anonymous12:05 pm

      When he came to the life and ministry of Yahshua HaMaschiach (Jesus the Messiah) in the 1st century Judea, he found a Jewish Messiah that was profoundly different that all the rest. Here was a Jewish messiah that not only lived the life of Torah, but lived and taught that His disciples were to live the precepts of all the Torah above and beyond the “letter of the law”. In his charges against the heresy of Shabbatai Tzevi, Rabbi Emden wrote a letter defending the life, ministry and the Torah of Yahshua the Messiah in “The Letter of Rabbi Jacob Emden, the Seder Olam Rabbah Vezuta (1757) to the Jewish Council of Four Lands”. Here was the opinion of this sage of Judaism concerning Yahshua HaNotzri (Jesus the Nazarene):

      Rabbi Jacob Emden – “Certainly, therefore, there is no doubt that one who seeks truth will agree with our thesis, that the Nazarene and his Apostles never meant to abolish the Torah of Moses from one who was born a Jew. Likewise did Paul write in his letter to the Corinthians (I Corinthians) that each should adhere to the faith in which each was called? They therefore acted in accordance with the Torah by forbidding circumcision to gentiles, according to the Halakha, as it is forbidden to one who does not accept the yoke of the commandments. They knew that it would be too difficult for the Gentiles to observe the Torah of Moses. They therefore forbade them to circumcise, and it would suffice that they observe the Seven Noahide Commandments, as commanded upon them through the Halakha from Moses at Sinai.

      It is therefore a habitual saying of mine (not as a hypocritical flatterer, God forbid, for I am of the faithful believers of Israel, and I know well that the remnant of Israel will not speak falsehood, nor will their mouths contain a deceitful tongue) that the Nazarene brought about a double kindness in the world. On the one hand, he strengthened the Torah of Moses majestically, as mentioned earlier, and not one of our Sages spoke out more emphatically concerning the immutability of the Torah.

      And on the other hand, he did much good for the Gentiles (providing they do not turn about his intent as they please, as some foolish ones have done because they did not fully understand the intent of the authors of the Gospels.)”

  14. This is a poem that Kwezi the woman who laid the rape charge against Zuma read out loud in the Netherlands after Zuma was found innocent by the court. cant believe N24 posted it.

    I am Khanga

    I wrap myself around the curvaceous bodies of women all over Africa

    I am the perfect nightdress on those hot African nights

    The ideal attire for household chores

    I secure babies happily on their mother’s backs

    Am the perfect gift for new bride and new mother alike

    Armed with proverbs, I am vehicle for communication between women

    I exist for the comfort and convenience of a woman

    But no no no make no mistake …

    I am not here to please a man

    And I certainly am not a seductress

    Please don’t use me as an excuse to rape

    Don’t hide behind me when you choose to abuse

    You see

    That’s what he said my Malume

    The man who called himself my daddy’s best friend

    Shared a cell with him on [Robben] Island for ten whole years

    He said I wanted it

    That my khanga said it

    That with it I lured him to my bed

    That with it I want you is what I said

    But what about the NO I uttered with my mouth

    Not once but twice

    And the please no I said with my body

    What about the tear that ran down my face as I lay stiff with shock

    In what sick world is that sex

    In what sick world is that consent

    The same world where the rapist becomes the victim

    The same world where I become the bitch that must burn

    The same world where I am forced into exile because I spoke out?

    This is NOT my world

    I reject that world

    My world is a world where fathers protect and don’t rape

    My world is a world where a woman can speak out

    Without fear for her safety

    My world is a world where no one, but no one is above the law

    My world is a world where sex is pleasurable not painful

    1. Anonymous1:18 pm

      Dont cry, Msholozi gave you taxi money in the morning, bitch.

    2. Anonymous2:14 am

      @Anonymous 1:18 PM: You need a date with a broken brandy bottle for some corrective surgery to your head and a fistful of rusty, tetanus infected razor blades up your arse, you rabid dog.

    3. 1:18, you're way out of line here, mate.

      Dony, thanks for that, Boet. It truly depicts the nature of The Beast that calls itself a president and what does it say about its backers?

      I hope to see you around J'town in December, if I'm lucky. It would be a pleasure meeting you.

    4. No probs Tom its about 40mins away from me and the pleasure will be mine. We can definitely arrange something. Let me know when you are there.

  15. coalition here, partneship there, hell man this place is as mixed up vomit in a tumble dryer.

  16. Anonymous8:55 am

    Yes Welcome To Reality.

    Here you go LTMA:

    SA rated the third most miserable place on earth



    1. Anonymous11:49 am

      Reality does not feature in some people's minds mate, their heads are filled with delusion, emotion and all kinds of crap fueled by overactive hormones. They will try to drag you down to their level, browbeat and bully you to accept their delusion as fact. To be honest they are not much better than the kaffer they despise and they constantly demonstrate it with their stupid comments. On some level as a "runner" you know this, that's why you don't stay and "fight".
      Like I always say and get pilloried for, its mostly dregs that remain. The ones too stupid, weak, lacking in ambition, drive or resources that remain. Its a train-wreck happening in slow motion. For crying out loud, the Chinese with Tianemin Square, Hungarians climbing on Soviet tanks with molotov cocktails in the 50's, French resistance in WW2 are all emblematic of passionate people trying to gain their freedom,--what do this bunch do?

      Cry on internet forums for 20 plus years, bicker and stab each other in the back while they still pay the "parasite" to fill their car at a petrol station, wek in the gahden, wek in the kombuis. Clueless that they are the architects of their own demise.

    2. Anonymous12:47 pm

      Hey thanks runner. you have taught me something. Now get the fuck back here and help get it right. Stop moaning, bitching and crying and do something about it


    3. Anonymous9:32 pm

      Hear me, hear me oh hear me white people of the blog, nations of creation be still and listen, the master doth speak. We are not worthy, we are not worthy.

      anon ARSEHOLE 11:49 AM has spoken, bow before the wisdom and intelligence, bow people, bow.

      Hey Cunt! Is that fear? the cancer of cowardice eating your soul, does it wake you in the early hours of the nights morning and gnaw at your gut and chew in your head

      Do you look at yourself in the mirror and not see a man but you just see the emptiness of an incomplete soul, the eyes that look back at you are they yellowed and scared.

      I bet you are on viagra because you cant get the spear of manhood up, I bet you never could even as a young man you could not raise the blade. The girls laughed at you, oh wait sorry, the others queers laugh hysterically at you and would not even bend you because not only was impotency hysterical but your fear was so pungent and strong that you stank of shit so badly that you created your own force field of cowardly stench.

      I bet your wife that you married has secretly lay with men of courage and opened herself wet and wanting to their manliness hard and throbbing, I bet she has absorb their seed and welcomed their life into her womb and has borne forth men that are not yours but she knows your weakness and has lied to you and told you to look upon your sons.

      You in your weak and pathetic life have never realised that you have raise bastards that spit on the thought of you and cringe at the thought that you could be their father.

      Oh, arsehole 11:49 AM you ran so fast and for so long that that your true nature is to run, you even run from death, you of cowardly heart and swiftest feet think that death will not find you in foreign lands, you think you've cheated it but alas you haven't.

      You think that the people you claim to love so dear, respect you and look up to you, alas me lad, they despise you and laugh at your cowardliness behind your back. You arsehole you exude cowards stench where ever you go.

      You are the epitome of coward you're a scared, lonely and destitute soul. You try fight a war through the ethers so that you might appease the cancer of your soul but you fail there too. You're a failure, a runner and first and foremost you are coward.

      You think intelligence is your ticket to integration but your intelligence here depicts your stupidity. I see your cowardly plan, you try your utmost to achieve the level of knowledge and intelligence of the host and you hope to hide your cowardly self within your arsehole scripts but you fail their because compared to the host your script is thrash, your reason is crap and your intention is opposite.

      Why the fuck you post and read here I know. You want to be part of something strong, you want to feel like a man and you want to tell war stories to the bastards you call sons and to the lover of real men that you call wife. It must be terrible to be such a failure to be so low that not even prozac can up your broken ego. We post for UNITY here we are brothers here and we support each other here, you seek to bring division to our ranks and even in that endeavour you fail.

      Cowardly heart go forth if you can find the little courage it will take and ask the woman you call wife whose children those really are then in your final defeated moment take a couple bottles of pills or slit your wrist or go jump off a high bridge or structure and rid the world of you, you useless specimen of oxygen stealing white trash. I would suggest a mans way of exit but a coward is not worthy of a sword.


    4. Anonymous10:32 pm

      Even on the Titanic the music continued until the ship sank.

      And who were those who survived - those who left the ship.

      But unlike the 'movie' version, it is not so romantic to go down with the ship.

    5. Anonymous10:40 pm


      Can I post you a razor blade to your new country, so you can just slit your own wrists and get it over with?

      "its mostly the dregs that remain"



      Secretly people like you want RSA to go pear shaped so you can justify your move as yes the grass is greener in your new country only because there is more shit!

      You made your move...rather focus on that than insult us that chose to stay.

      Furthermore, what about people that cant leave?
      Like an 87 year old granny, is she also "stupid"?

      You can run but you cant hide...the parasites are getting asylum etc... all over the world...and they are the "dregs" that you are importing to your new country!

      Have you applied for your braai permit this weekend?


    6. Anonymous11:10 pm

      @ anon 11:49 AM why don't you get a moniker? I will give you one, CSM stands for " cowardly skid mark" I am not finished with you yet. I hope Mike posts my start with you and this one.

      I have re read your post and I understand your anger and your disgust, I know where it comes from, let me help you.

      I can see that you are angry because your daddy was shagging ousie in the buite kamer while your mommy was in the kombuis.

      Its just a pity he had syphilis when do drop you into your mommies womb. Really its not your fault you look the way you do.

      Its not your fault that your mommy despised and rejected you, I understand her actions as well. Sies, how could she accept a knock kneed, squint eyed, pot bellied freak and syphilis baby. You see she caught your dad out and you were the evidence.

      I understand your anger because you were rejected and cast out by whites when you were growing up and when you tried to befriend the dark side and they rejected you too, that must have been terrible.

      But CSM you must realise that not even blacks like the stench of cowardly shit that permeates everything around you, you cannot blame them.

      In nature, the law of survival, your mother would have disposed of you quickly and quietly but for revenge on your nanny shagging daddy she let you loose on this earth. She saw your cowardly heart and she knew that your tormented soul would never find the courage to remove yourself from life, so her final gift to you was the gift of life long torment, the torment only a coward feels and can live with.

      You proved her so right when you ran and ran and ran, you will never stop running, you were born to run. You stinking, low life coward.

      Every time you run your mom is rewarded for she knows that your fear has overcome you and your cowardly heart is conquered once again.

      Shame you poor, poor little runner boy, it must be hard living the coward life for even the darky that we here so despise, (as you put it) is 1000 more man than what you will ever be.

      CSM what does it feel like to be mocked, rebutted and cast out, what does it feel like to be so desperate for acceptance that you will turn on your own just to try and find recognition? You are truly fucking stupid you white cowardly cunt.


    7. Anonymous1:21 am

      Face it runner, you sold your birth-right for a mess of pottage. You are a globalist now and while we will never understand the mind of a globalist you will never understand the heart of a nationalist.
      Enjoy your life in exile.

    8. Whiteman4:12 am

      LTMA, you have AWESOME writing skills ! I sincerely hope you are writing books, and/or contributing to various websites. But you also have a very good sense of humour, and that is also important. But I do believe, that there are true patriots, among people who have been forced to emmigrate. And they will be back, to help us fight, when the time is right. From time to time, they are actually forced to come back, because things dont work out. They are then often TWICE as angry, as when they left the first time. When a patriot gets very angry, he becomes a very good soldier !

    9. Anonymous4:22 am

      LTMA pure poetry flowing from your lips.

    10. Anonymous4:25 am

      LT missing in action , you a sick man , with a dirty mouth .

    11. Anonymous6:46 am

      @ anon 4:25AM the only reason I went missing in action is because you ran away so fast and left me alone in the action.

      You just went fucking missing because you ran so fast not even a sat could follow you.

      As for the dirty mouth, your mom and wife never complain but they do moan and shudder and scratch the back of my head while forcing my lips harder into their parted thighs.

      Now fuck off and man up or slit a wrist.


    12. Anonymous6:58 am

      1 more @ 11:49

      11:49 moved to Oz or NZ, trying to adopt his new culture. He was sitting in the pub and Bruce came into the pub with 2 sheep under his arms.

      11:49 asks Bruce, are you gonna shearem mate?

      Bruce says, Nah Im gonna fuckem both.


    13. Anonymous7:06 am

      @ whiteman 4:12 AM. There are good hard from SA men that live in far off lands, lots served with me and only left because they wanted better for their children.

      Those men and woman never spew shit about us they stand their ground and defend us, I have witnessed it with my own eyes and ears.

      Those are guys that will come back when they need to, these other twats that throw shit here are the cowardly hearts that ran at the first sign of shit.

      I love these arseholes because they feed my passion and break my boredom. There are a couple decent of guys that post here too, my fight is not with them even if my words generalizes.

      So lets clear that up quickly, you expats that support us and understand us I have no quarrel with you.

      You fucking runners that want to divide us and mock us, keep it coming for I welcome your shit.


    14. Anonymous10:16 am

      Anon 4:22 if you cannot even correctly associate MIA you sure as fuck cannot even see through the gist LTMA's message.

    15. Anonymous11:45 am

      I could reply to your long winded diatribe with a similar one LTMa, but why bother? You just confirmed everything I said,---talk about verbal diarrhea. Like I said before, I've never met a good fighter who talks as much as you do.

    16. Anonymous10:26 pm

      @ anon 11;45 AM ah, CSM you logical argument defies comprehension.

      You say you never met a good fighter that talks to much? Well I have never met a coward that's a fighter.

      I insult you, I degrade you, I curse you, I lure you, I invite you and yet your cowardly heart can only respond with the feeble argument you post, verbal diarrhea, talk too much, good fighters don't talk too much, you pathetic little specimen, you feeble little cowardly worm.

      Is that all you have, if so its best that you ran.

      CSM you cannot hide your true nature, life will always expose you.

      As for talking to much, let me explain something to you, in our nature,in our primal centre there still lives the raw specimen of what we evolved from.

      In there is the pure savage that we once were, now that savage would boast and tell the tribe or clan of his abilities, you see there were warriors, hunters and forgers in those tribes and after victory in battle, success on the hunt or the birthing of a new blade or axe those individuals would boast and recount their trophies of success.

      Those same individuals would also call out a foe, challenge another hunter or forger to betterance. So you see I use my primal right to challenge you and boast if I wish because I can and I have done my shit so I know myself now I am getting to know you.

      You see CSM you watched to much hollywood and think that Rambo is the everyday soldier, you're wrong everyday soldiers are normal people with humour, irritation, frustration, tempers, empathy, compassion and hatred we talk and we laugh, you do have no idea of what you are talking about because you were never there, you have just run your whole fucking life.

      The fact that you do not take me on tells me you're a coward at heart and a coward born, you want to drop your shit and then shelter from the storm while others fight. Fuck off you cunt.

      Do yourself a favour, get it over with.


    17. Anonymous10:38 pm

      @ anon 11;45 AM ah, CSM you logical argument defies comprehension.

      You say you never met a good fighter that talks to much? Well I have never met a coward that's a fighter.

      I insult you, I degrade you, I curse you, I lure you, I invite you and yet your cowardly heart can only respond with the feeble argument you post, verbal diarrhea, talk too much, good fighters don't talk too much, you pathetic little specimen, you feeble little cowardly worm.

      Is that all you have, if so its best that you ran.

      CSM you cannot hide your true nature, life will always expose you.

      As for talking to much, let me explain something to you, in our nature,in our primal centre there still lives the raw specimen of what we evolved from.

      In there is the pure savage that we once were, now that savage would boast and tell the tribe or clan of his abilities, you see there were warriors, hunters and forgers in those tribes and after victory in battle, success on the hunt or the birthing of a new blade or axe those individuals would boast and recount their trophies of success.

      Those same individuals would also call out a foe, challenge another hunter or forger to betterance. So you see I use my primal right to challenge you and boast if I wish because I can and I have done my shit so I know myself now I am getting to know you.

      You see CSM you watched to much hollywood and think that Rambo is the everyday soldier, you're wrong everyday soldiers are normal people with humour, irritation, frustration, tempers, empathy, compassion and hatred we talk and we laugh, you do have no idea of what you are talking about because you were never there, you have just run your whole fucking life.

      The fact that you do not take me on tells me you're a coward at heart and a coward born, you want to drop your shit and then shelter from the storm while others fight. Fuck off you cunt.

      Do yourself a favour, get it over with.


    18. Anonymous3:09 am

      That's right anon 11:45, why bother? Just fuck off!

    19. Anonymous11:20 am

      Geez, you talk so much you're starting to repeat yourself. Why should I "Take you on"? Why waste time, effort and emotion on somebody I don't know for no other reward than beating an inferior specimen? Life is not a schoolyard mate, I can destroy you without seeing you, taking to you or engaging you in the slightest.

      But why bother, it would just make me look like a bully picking on the class retard.

    20. Anonymous7:30 pm

      @ anon 11:20 AM, you could not destroy toilet paper you're a weak pathetic little coward.

      You over inflate your self image and importance

      You post late hoping to miss the retal and sneak away with the last word.

      You prove your inadequacies, you high light your cowardice.

      You cannot match me you feeble little worm, you hiding little runner boy.

      When you get laid to rest they will face you down for the coward cannot look to the light as its nature in to play in dark and stay in the shadow.

      The earth around your rest will die and be contaminated by cancer of your corpse and the creatures that devour the flesh of normal man will not touch the vermin that you are they shall send forth the critters of the dark to remove the curse you call flesh.

      Cowardly heart you shine in yellow.


  17. Anonymous10:54 am


    More attacks in Europe but less news coverage.

    Few months back, when there was an attack we would see it on all major news sites.

    Now when these attacks happen, seems like they are hidden or not covered like they were.


    All Muslims, all claim to be IS.

  18. This article is so true it even hearts me. Let us see who Malema backs. I will bet it will be ANC and not DA

  19. Good analysis. This election was less of a victory for the DA than it was a defeat for the ANC.

  20. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Mike is a stinking inbred Jew-boy that fucks his sister.

    1. Anonymous3:25 am

      @ anon 9:11 PM you palestine cock loving bum chum. You like that dirty filthy arab cock between your cheeks.

      Hey I saw your mother doing a strip tease for the camel in your back yard, even they were disgusted by what they saw, I believe she had to manually stimulate the camel before she could jump it.

      I bet you look like a fucking camel yourself, that why she loved humping you when you stayed home.

      Those 70 virgins waiting for you, they're all arab arses.


    2. Anonymous3:55 am

      @9:11 PM - And you are a stinking, unemployed and unemployable, flea bitten social leper who still lives with his mother at age 59. But hey, you will soon qualify for an old age grant.

    3. Anonymous6:15 am

      Are you projecting your fantasies or something?

  21. Thanks Mike, I was waiting for a proper analyses of what went down. Just reading the media and Facebook friends, the delusion continues.

    Off subject but I am curious. About Maimane. When my wife and I have a fight, I am relegated to the couch. What happens when Maimane and his wife has a fight, does she send him to the buite kamer?

    1. Anonymous6:15 am

      If my woman does that to me (the couch), I would divorce her. You cannot allow a woman to diminish you like that.

    2. An 6:15

      All relationships are different. My woman is stronger in caracter then most men and i wouldnt want her any other way. She is pitite, blonde, got everything a man would want, all of it. She never puts me to the couch but sometimes i put myself to the couch. The make-up is my joker and worth it every time. Dont judge our brothers mate our woman are strong and it takes an even stronger man to keep such a woman.

    3. Anonymous12:56 pm

      I would never put myself on the couch. If conditions existed like that in my relationship, I would invite her to friend zone me and fuck off. Guess we are all different.

    4. Many years ago when I was in my 20's and my first wife was still alive, she tried to lock me out of my own house for the night to teach me lesson for drinking with my neighbour across the road.

      I got into my car and just disappeared. After two days she asked the police to find me. After a week she was worried out of her wits. After two weeks she became a suspect in my disappearance. Three weeks later the cops found me in my car on the beach a few hundred kilometres away. The car was full of girls and empty bottles with the music blaring. The policeman said to me, "I think you should go home, your wife is worried about you".

      I said, no she isn't. I am not going home. They told her I didn't want to come home so she came to me. She was a complete wreck. I was having the joll of my life. At first she started shouting, so I asked her if she wanted me to stay away for another three weeks? So she calmed down and begged me to come home. Reluctantly I eventually did. Nevertheless, that was the last time she ever tried to lock me out.

    5. Anonymous9:11 pm

      I wonder what shaka does when his boyfriend chases him out of the hut?


    6. Jy was n leke stoutgat op jou tyd Mike...?

    7. Anonymous2:17 am

      All these huge domestic fights are fuelled by drinking too much alcohol. I don't believe you that you lived in your car for 3 weeks. Didn't you have a job to go to or was that what the fight was about? It probably happened over a long weekend and you took off for three days.

      It's not just men who get kicked out of the house when drink is involved. I know a woman who regularly gets locked out of her house when her husband gets ultra drunk and nasty. He then phones her on her cell a couple of hours later when he's hungry.

    8. Whiteman3:19 am

      Mike, I love your " lock out " story ! Lets face it, society has become truly fucked up over the years. We could debate the causes for a long time, and probably never reach agreement. But women have usurped mans authority, in many different ways. Sometimes they do it, in such a way, that you dont even notice it, until it is too late. Any female, who uses sex, to achieve a certain objective, in, or out of wedlock, is a prostitute ! We have all been victims of this, at some or other time. But the females justify their actions, by saying that they never took any CASH ! They just tried to change their partners bad temper, habits, behaviour etc. for the better, and used sex as a manipulating tool. This is exchanging sex for something of perceived value. It is called prostitution, and if a woman plays this game, she better be sure that she is offering good value for " money. " Or else her hubby might get a better deal elsewhere ! When my mother was a child, around the 1930s, she asked her mother when the end of the world would happen. Her mother, my grand mother said : My child, when men become like women, and women become like men, it will be the end of the world ! Looks like we are close, my friends. Mike, maybe you should not place this post, for the safety of all the men folk ? I just felt like having a good chat with you !

    9. @ Anon 2:17 AM ...No quite the contrary. I had an excellent job doing contract work overseas earning big bucks in dollars and pounds. That is how I could buy my first house at the age of 23 and my first Merc (AMG) at the age of 25. I was on two months leave and I haven't seen my friend for about six months. We just parked off at his pool caught up in yarn swapping and had too many beers. So I missed dinner. So what? Is that reason to lock me out?

      No I didn't live in my car. That is what holiday flats are for. I just partied for three weeks straight. Surfed, scuba dived, Can't remember most of it, though. There were some clear moments where I can remember a few things. Had a great time.

    10. Anonymous6:13 am

      My father went overseas to look after his Mother while she took a bad turn. He hadn't been there in many years. He caught up with some mates and of course it was at the pub.

      When he came home all pissed up My Gran had locked him out the house. What I found funny about it he was about 65 years old!


    11. Anon 2:17 You must be a woman? "Domestic fights are fueled by alcohol and drinking too much."

      When those fights start it's usually because the woman bitches about her guy drinking a few beers. And you lot are good at pushing and looking for a fight. Personally, I never let it provoke me. I'd just get up, let loose a loud burp and a rip-roaring fart and go and sit somewhere more peaceful.

    12. Anonymous7:05 am

      Mike how did you manage to do your dive tables being half drunk or babalaas the whole time? Just wondering
      Vigilans Et Sciens

    13. @ Tomkat...Ja swaer...don't know why they always bitch when we have some beers with the mates. We don't complain when they pop Prozacs.

      @ Anon 7:05 AM...Boet come down with me to Umkomaas (Aliwal Shoal) and I will show you. Dive tables? Fuck the dive tables. I have been diving since I was 10. Cylinders since I was 15. I do dive tables in my head;-) No seriously I only do dive tables when I dive at altitude. When I am there at Aliwal or at Ponto in Mozambique I dive more than three times a day. Sometimes five. I am a big guy so I suppose it doesn't affect me so much as others. When I dive recreationally I normally go down with a 15L steel cylinder and at a depth of about 20-35 it lasts me about 60-90 min depending on current and movement, although in Sharm el Sheikh I often go down to 40-50 metres on air without getting raptures even with a babbies after a good night at the Camel Dive hotel. Actually I dive longer when I'm hung-over. I guess I breath slower, move my fins less and use less air to fuck around with my BC. Besides I have noticed that the older I get I tend to conserve a lot more energy. I let the ocean do the work instead of me. Get down to 25m against the wall chill and just let the current take you along. Like watching a movie.

    14. Anonymous8:25 am

      Men, you unfortunate boys, why the fuck did you get married, wasn't life good when you were single?

      All that energy wasted on arguing, fighting, unhappiness having to share your space, what is wrong with you fellows?

      I think of having to ask somebody if I can go out, shit no man. Live free, be happy stay single.

      Anon 2:17 I have advice for you and the other woman, its free so use or lose it, up to you. Why do you woman allow yourselves to be disrespected and abused? I am extremely anti woman abuse by any male but I also ask why the women allow it.

      I see how desperate women are, its a sorry state of affairs to see such desperation, you need to tell that woman to stand up and take control of her life.

      Just my thoughts, I don't drink and I am not married or involved and I am definitely not a fudge packer so my advice might not be pertinent, but I hate to see a broken, desperate and abused spirit.


    15. Adrem1:50 am

      It's nice to let go at times, to take a deep breath and think of other things then the sinking ship, called the post '94 South Africa. Swimming pools, babes no end, scuba diving and misinterpreting wives who create stress when 'he' has a few beers too many...

      TT @ 6:34 wins the price when, as he mentioned, ..."I'd just get up, let loose a loud burp and a rip-roaring fart and go and sit somewhere more peaceful"

      Priceless and so realistic, one can almost smell the atmosphere; you are a character TT, keep it up!

    16. Anonymous2:36 am

      LTMA 8:25 AM: Women (or men) who allow themselves to be abused are idiots. People get married because society expects it of them. Most are disappointed.

    17. Anonymous3:01 am

      Locking someone out of the house for sharing a couple of beers with a friend is lame. If you had been forced to live with your wife all the time you would most likely have divorced as nobody wants to live with a control freak. Some women get it into their heads once they've popped a baby that they're the boss, they're now suddenly in charge.

  22. Anonymous11:45 pm

    Just read an opinion piece in the Rapport newspaper by Tim du Plessis, which I believe to be accurate and true. He says that Prez Blesser will now embark on Operation Disrupt.

    Tim says that the ZANC and Prez Blesser783 will follow a scorched earth policy in the metros and towns that they lost, and that especially Athol Trollip will be in the crosshairs of the Zancsters 24/7.

    They will burn, they will loot, they will march and disrupt. In short they will try and make life hell for Athol and any administration that comes in where the Zancsters were defeated.

    Tim says that instead of introspection, Prez Blesser will go for fullscale Zanufication, and to stay in power the way that Mugabe did.

    There was indeed speculation before the election already that Prez Blesser will look for scapegoats, and blame them for the bad performance of the Zancsters. Under the bus they will go, in what will be a purge of anyone that is not an absolutely loyal enforcer for Prez Blesser.

    This will go hand in hand with a cabinet reshuffle where Prez Blesser will pack his cabinet with even more sycophants and loyalists.

    Of course this have huge implications for Pravin Gordhan, and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas.

    Finally Prez Blesser will strive to stay in control, even after he leaves office, by deploying someone he can trust to the Presidency, his ex wife Nkosazana, whilst Prez Blesser pulls the strings behind the scenes.

    This then in a nutshell what the future will hold. Unless we stop him of course.


    1. The ANC tried it Cape Town and it backfired on them. They are still trying it and it is still backfiring on them.

  23. Anonymous6:48 am


    Where are Black Lives Matter with this massacre?

    Oh yes...I forgot, silly me, whites weren't involved so its ok.

    1. Anonymous3:13 am

      Anon 6:48 You mean Black Lies Movement ? yes they just a on and off remote controlled unemployable woman wannabee terr dressed food stamp collectors.

  24. Anonymous11:48 am

    Why do all the bitches who ran, keep coming back here? Like scorned lovers, they scour the errornet looking for a way to take vengeance on us in order to pacify their feelings of male impotence. Impotence caused by their inability to stand their ground and FIGHT!

    The rest of us still have a manhood.

    We are the Leonideses

    The bitches who ran (and read this) will inevitably expose their male impotence by trying to justify their departure by screeching about how dumb we are and how great their lives are in "safe" Germany (which isnt safe now) or wherever the fuck they are.

    We must stand for what is right and refrain from what is wrong.

    The bitches who ran cannot do that, because their male impotence made them weak and pathetic.

    We who are strong will stay and do what is necessary. Then we impregnate as many bitches as we can and eunich the returning bitches in order to protect the gene pool here.

    Fuggem... Stop coming back here, Runner... Fuck off back to liberal Germany. Go cruise blogs there where bitches lay charges against the "balcony man" who hurled insults at a terrorist instead of laying charges against Islamic terrorism.


    1. Anonymous5:17 pm

      Get some help mate, or start taking the meds again. I've heard Lithium is quite effective for what ails you.

    2. Anonymous3:23 am

      Anon 11:48 Its not that all the Germans are Wussies (milch bubies) not moering these parasites , its the German Laws that suppress the Germans from saying and doing things , with STIFF Fines and Black marks on their records. The anger and intolerance is building and the parasites will soon get their reward for their disrespect . Push them far enough like before the 1st and 2nd WW and these will scatter for the Dark before they are stepped on.

    3. Anonymous11:59 am

      Fuck off Anon 5:17

    4. Anonymous3:04 am

      No but seriously, there are quite a few bipolar cases on this blog.

      I must do something similar to what Mike did in the revenge stakes: next time my husband invites divorced or separated-due-to-work friends to our house for dinner - which I am prevailed on to cook but will not have the favour returned because no wives - I will retaliate by picking up two fit guys at a pub of an evening, take them home and into my bedroom with champagne, massage oil, spray on whipped cream and chocolate mousse for the kind of three hour dinner party I would enjoy myself.

      Or I can just tell the husband - as I have now done: "The person who does the inviting does the cooking or, failing that, you can take your freeloading friends to dinner at a restaurant."

  25. @11:48, geluk, jy is volbloed ghetto. Mooi vir jou.

  26. So....wat ons almal al vir jare verwag kan heel moontlik nou gebeur! Die DA se "oorwining" gaan niks beteken nie, veral nie hier bo in Transvaal nie! Die kans is baie goed dat die ANC & hul FIGHTERS nou weer gaan saamwerk en als vat van die wit man af! Ons 'geliefde' Pretoria se naam wat tot nou toe nog (simbolies) gestaan het sal uiteindelik verander word en die res van die kaffergemors gaan daarop volg!

    Ons sou beter af gewees het as die ANC alleen gewen het! Nou gee dit die ANC die geleentheid om hul hande in 'onskuld te was' terwyl hul die EFF policeees van land grabs implementeer. The enemy of my enemy is mos maai freeend!
    Nou vra ek vir julle ander mensies wat saam met my ń wit vel deel. Wat gaan ons kan doen as die zotte op grootskaal begin plak op elke oop stukkie grond wat hul kan kry?As julle dink dat misdaad tot noutoe erg was is ek bevrees dit was hemel teen wat nou kan volg. Jou nuwe geliefde buurman gaan jou nou so teister dat jy later vrywilliglik jou huis, jou grond en al jou aardse besittings vir die gepeupel gaan agterlos! Die agterbakse houtkoppe sal nie eers nodig he om jou goed te kom vat nie, jy gaan dit sommer vir hom los. Die van julle wat nog gedink het SA sal nie die selfde pad loop as Zimbabwe nie, ek is bevrees....

    Aan die ligter kant is dit mos wat nodig is vir ons mense om wakker te skrik en saam te staan, dit het ons Boere nog altyd gesê. Ons sal eers kan veg as ons niks meer het om te verloor nie!
    ....dalk is did God se manier om ons mense te red van die 'mateerialistiese wêreldsgreep' waarin ons vasgevang is!?

    Jesus sê mos dat dit makkliker is vir ń kameel om deur die oog van ń naald te kom as dit is vir ń rykman in die koningkryk van God!

    1. Anonymous12:19 am

      More GG. Man so 'n bek moet jem kry.
      Oor die afgelope tyd was daar verskeie doemprofete wat vele profesie gemaak het. Onder andere, die krag onderbrekings was 'n oefenlopie vir die nag van langmesse. Ander het gese na die verkiesing kom die handskoene af, en niks is gewaarborg nie.
      Maar soos ek dit sien, het die ANC nie juis 'n bloedneus gekry nie, en die DA het eintlik niks om te vier nie. So nou sal daar net 'n paar koalisies wees, en more gaan ons maar net voort.
      Soos die res van Afrika, kan ons die volgende 100 jaar so aanploeter.
      Kom ons kyk wat oor die volgende 6 maande gebeur, en of daar nou juis enige groot veranderings gaan wees.
      Moet erken, ek is heel skepties oor die toestand, en dink dinge kan nog 100 jaar so aanploeter. Teen daardie tyd sal blankes in Europa nuwe heenkome soek, en glo ek dis hulle wat ons kom help red van die barbare.


    2. Anonymous3:08 am

      Ek en jy weet dit, baie mense hier weet dit. Maar ek is bevrees daar is nog te veel Jan van der Merwe's daarbuite wat nie die reality wil face nie. Hulle is meer bang vir die onbekende vrees as wat hulle bang is vir die houtkoppe, brainwashing het gewerk. Dan is daar ou Piet wat net vir sy familie uitkyk en maar sy bêk hou en ja baas hier en ja swart baas daar. Dis moeilik maar hoe gouer die land en die wêreld ekonomie val hoe beter.

      Snaaks, die enigste uitweg is om alles prys te gee, maar ons veg met alles wat ons het om die bietjie wat oorbly te red. Catch 22. Die ironie van die hele saak is lagwekkend.

    3. Anonymous8:31 am

      Noddy, GG and anon, what are you saying? I need a bloody translator.


    4. LTMA, hehe just copy and paste in google for translation!
      ...ek probeer my taal lewendig hou jong, sorry man!

    5. Anonymous10:17 am

      LTMA, GG = Things might start happening what we've been expecting for years now.The DA's "victory" means nothing, especially not here in Transvaal. The chances are big that the ANC and their black fighters will work together now to take away everything from the white man. Our beloved Pretoria's name has stood strong albeit only symbolic but will also eventually succumb to the kaffir shit which will follow. We would've been better off if the ANC alone won. This gives the ANC the chance to "wash their hands" while they implement the EFF's land policies. The enemy of my enemy is after all my friend right?

      Now I ask all my fellow white brothers, what will we able to do once the zots start to squatter en masse on every little piece of open land they can lay their hands on. If you thought crime was bad in the past, it will be heaven compared to what is to follow. Your new "neighbour" is going make it so unbearable that you will eventually just pack up and leave everything to them. These houtkoppe won't even have to come and take your things, you'll just leave it there for them. Those of you who thought that SA won't turn into another Zim, well think again.

      On the bright side is this the thing needed for us to band and stand together. We will only start to fight once we have nothing left to lose. Maybe it's God way of telling us to get rid of the worldly belongings and trappings which is keeping us hostage.

      Jesus stated that it will after all be easier for a Camel to pass through the eye of the needle than it is for a rich man to enter Heaven.

      Noddy = Very well said, I agree. The recent past has seen alot of doom prophets predicting load shedding has been practice runs for the night of the long knives. Others stated that after the election the gloves will start to come off, nothing was guaranteed. As I see it the ANC did not receive a bloody nose at all, and the DA has no reason actually to celebrate. So now we'll see a few coalitions en tomorrow we just carry on as usual. Just like the rest of Africa we'll just stumble on. Let's see if there will be any big changes in 6 months to come. I must admit that I'm skeptical with the current situation, things might drag on for the next 100 years. By that time whites in Europe must look for a better life elsewhere, it might be them that'll help defeating these savages.

      Anon = We all know it. Still too many people out there that are too comfy, some will not face reality. They are more afraid of the unknown fear than fear for the savage. Then there are people out there that are looking out for their families and are going along with this shit situation. Isn't it funny that in order for us to break free we must lose everything, but yet we still defend the little left with all our might. Catch 22. The irony of the situation is laughable.

      (liberty taken here and there)

    6. Anonymous6:29 pm

      It would be more helpful if you all did not write in Afrikaans. If you want your thoughts, ideas and criticisms heard around the world, then write in English.


    7. Anon 629. Give the guys a chance to have a chat on their own in their own language as well. Afrikaans is under attack everywhere and now we must stop speaking it here as well.??

      Nee ouboet. As hul Afrikaans wil praat mag hul so doen, dis net regverdig. Moenie bekommer nie want as jy nie verstaan nie sal iemand vir jou verduidelik of ons sal almal geld in n pot gooi en vir jou n tweetalige woordeboek gaan koop. Nou.!. Raak rustig en gooi vir jouself nog n dop.

    8. Anonymous6:31 am

      Anon 10:17

      'Security complexes' are most of the new developments and where people buy new houses and property, at least in the Western Cape it seems that way.

      Houses outside security complexes are down in value and harder to sell.

      The ANC's plan for the Western Cape was to have all new developments be 'integrated' with low-cost housing. This would have spiked up crime and put squatter camps everywhere. They viewed Hout Bay as a 'model' city.

  27. Anonymous4:42 am

    Gwede came to zumas office and told him 3 brazilians had died at the olympic games. To everyones surprise zuma went grey...and said in a weak voice.
    'How much is 3 brazilion

  28. This comment from S A Prepper sums it up nicely:


  29. Anonymous3:23 pm

    I am an expat and honestly I had to leave because I was retrenched and could not find a job in Joburg. Now overseas.. in the fucked up UK, I always defend white South Africans and explain to the locals what the hell is going on in the new SA. So I am on the side of the compatriots who have remained. ALTYD.

  30. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Hi Mike it's been over 15 years since I have last dived or should I say mud breamed and I don't miss it at all I have only done one dive ever with viz greater than 5m and my dv nearly fell out my mouth because I said wow whilst descending.
    I was once ordered not to surface until my cylinder was completely empty and this was after jackstays, so eventually I was holding onto this cable upside down at about 6m deth in the dark it took me well over an hour to go through roughly about 1/2 a cylinder as in those days with my fitness level I was down to about 15 to 20 l per minute

    1. You must have been diving in the Cape on a good day if you had only 5m viz. Probably after a South Easter. Normally its less than that ;-)

      No seriously, I have had 20 metres at the wrecks off Miller's Point several times. Depth is about 25 metres there.

      Try other spots on the East Coast. Aliwal Shoal, Sodwana, Ponto de Ouro, etc. Great diving with about 20-30 metres viz.

      Go to Sharm el Sheikh and you will have 100 metres plus in 32 degrees water. You don't even need a wetsuit. I dive there with a 3mm wetsuit just for protection. You are in 35 metres depth of water and you can see the bottom. Beautiful. Like diving in a fish tank the size of a football field.