05 August 2016

The 2016 Election feedback

By Mike Smith
5th of August 2016

The voting farce is over, the counts almost finished and time to analyse the results.

To all of those who voted for the Cape Party, even if your votes were lost, thrown away or simply ignored and not counted by the corrupt IEC (ANC puppets)... thank you. Thank you for showing the rest of South Africa that a few thousand thinking and sane people are still alive in this Godforsaken Azania Mania and may you and the Cape Party go from strength to strength. You are true geniuses; the visionaries we need. In a future Cape Republic you will all get minister, deputy minister, directors general and other top management posts.

To the rest of you...You have proven yourselves to be mediocre voting fodder for the Marxist ANC and the Socialist DA. Bunch of lemmings and ‘Useful Idiots’ as Lenin called you lot.

To those who voted for the ANC...I hope you stop all your “Service Delivery Protests” now.

You had the chance to make a difference and make a definitive change. You had the opportunity to vote those who never deliver out of power and the DA in, but you didn’t. You had the examples of the Western Cape and Cape Town specifically to see who the lesser of two evils is and who governs better.

You...fuckwits that you are...still went out and voted for the utterly useless, corrupt and thieving ANC. You must love getting fucked over day by day. Please do not complain now when they don’t deliver. Don’t complain when you don’t have water, electricity and sewage systems. Don’t complain when your barely literate, ANC educated, children cannot find jobs. Don’t complain that your hospitals are falling apart and your babies are dying. Don’t complain that your RDP houses are falling apart. Just sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up and enjoy the corruption and theft you endorsed you miserable retards.

To those who are among the 24,3% who voted for the ANC in the Cape Town Metro, more than half a million of you maggots, please pack your shit and leave the Cape. Go back to your well run ANC Eastern Cape. You have shown and proved that you hate the Cape and cannot appreciate a well run, clean-audits-all-around province. You are not worthy of Cape Town. You are Persona Non Grata in the Western Cape. Suka wena! Just go.

To those of you who voted for the EFF...well, you cannot legally be held responsible for your actions. Your fuckwit leader gave you a piece of his mind and you decided to hold on to it and actually voted for him. You must have the collective IQ of a deep sea tube worm. What were you thinking? What would you have done if you won? Make him president and pull a Zimbabwe?

Can somebody please, please  show this idiot how to wear a beret properly?


  1. Anonymous9:33 am

    The cycle to eternal destruction continues, the anc will never ever lose in "democracy" farce that has been created because of what you have shown above in your post. The population must enjoy some form of masochism and enjoy the abuse that is dished out to them or they are so braindead that they do not even feel the pain anymore , so conditioned that there is no sense of what is normal and what is not.Unreal!

  2. Anonymous9:56 am

    he he he Mike, spot on. Today these ANC suporta idiots vote them back in again to plunder and loot. Tomorrow the same idiotic cunts start gooing service delivery protests, AKA also known as "we want everything for free demands". Bunch of social grant slaves.

  3. Anonymous9:58 am

    That is an old photo of dikpoes mamparra. Check him out now, skinny, sweaty face...slow puncture for sure.

    1. Anonymous10:56 pm

      With the weight loss he looks more like a locust

  4. Anonymous10:11 am

    Die DA stemmers se ID is nie só hoog soos wat Mike aandui nie.

    1. IK, IQ miskien?? Ja ek het hulle die binnevet van die boud gegee. Jy is reg...hulle val almal onder die 67% IK.

    2. Ek skat die gemiddelde IK va hulle kiesers is seker op daai vlak. Die 100 plussers stem waarskynlik nie meer nie.

  5. Anonymous11:20 am

    And maybe when he washes his beret, his fathead will shrink with it.

    1. The thing is doff. He has never been taught how to wet a beret. I think he needs a safety pin on the side ;-)

    2. Anonymous11:50 pm

      The cunt recons he is seasoned war veteran. Wait till the bullets start flying in his direction, him and his supporters will only stop running when Merkel give them hugs in Germany

    3. White fear. Admit it you have nightmares about Malema.

    4. Anonymous5:30 am

      I have nightmares about all the blacks in the world. The smell, the ugly faces, the disgusting habits pissing on street corners raping a child while driving disgusting nightmares i tell you.

    5. @ Shaka. Fear? Nightmares? Why? Malema is my big mate. My canony. Malema and I are like this (holding two fingers together).

      Every time Mallema opens his gob he cures ten liberals who come over to our side. Why would I dislike him or fear him?

    6. Anonymous7:11 am

      Looks like a red clutch plate stuck to its head.

    7. Your side is in Europe not Africa. I fear no liberals or white supremacists.

    8. Anonymous12:29 am

      Nope Shaka, we came, we saw, and we conquered. Only an artificial system like the one man one vote liberal rubish is keeping the likes of you in the picture. You need European liberals to survive son. White fear you say? HA HA HA HA!!! No son, we don't need to be 50 million strong to feel save, we have intelligence, we have courage, we have God, and most importantly, we go fucking bos to protect our families and friends. Fatfuck malematjie and his bunch of useless cunt supporters will be crushed with vigour and ruthlessness.
      Now go make the fire for the pap you fucking village idiot.


    9. McM oh I'm shaking in my boots. Don't make me laugh boeretjie.

    10. Anonymous10:53 am

      @ McM, good good, let the whole world see these blacks and their evil intentions.

    11. Anonymous6:38 am


      Somehow this kaffer(s)tjie think that calling us Boers, Boere or Boertjie is insulting. Just shaking head.

  6. Anonymous11:23 am

    I'll tell him to glue the beret to his ugly face. Major improvement.

  7. Now the real hypocrite show starts. The coalitions. First they throw each other with shit then get in bed together..??

    I believe we've been given some extra time to get better prepared, better schooled and more educated on how to deal with things going forward.

    1. Yes...watch the FF Minus. Political whores of note.

    2. Anonymous5:46 am

      My wife reckons they should be known as anc+.


  8. Anonymous11:42 am

    Right in the centre Mike.


    I think one needs to look a bit deeper here regarding an Independent Cape Colony, as suggested by the Cape Party.

    The facts are there...the beginning of a written history in South Africa. (Any other proof?)

    Remember those small cuts you get on your finger from time to time...rendering most of your hand useless. Painful...just like a small thorn in your foot...deep, you can see it, just cant get it out...You have to butcher your foot to get that klein bliksem out...Because the longer you leave it...We all know what happens...

    I would like to suggest the Cape Party is one of those small cuts or thorns in the "Powers that be foot or finger", that could gain a tremendous support.

    Of course assumption is the mother of all fuck ups...what about the guys who voted for the Cape Party and didn't get counted?

    Aha...If it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and swims like a duck...its most probably is a fucking duck.


    1. Keep dreaming. Cape belongs to us now.

    2. Anonymous2:47 pm

      @Shaka 2:05

      "Keep dreaming. Cape belongs to us now"

      Look what you wrote...you actually admit it is whites land!

      Like I said the beginning of written history! I am not sorry your kaffir half size brain cannot fathom this out.

      How does your inferiority complex fare here? It must really be so shit to feel that no black cunts have created anything worth putting in writing other than your fuck ups!

      My front right tyre on my bakkie has a slow puncture, similar to the disease you and your brothers have...The difference is I can fix it...You cunts cant, you make it worse.

      White people...Please leave these cunts alone...just wait patiently, as they are doing our jobs perfectly, we don't even have to pay them. They are destroying themselves already.

      Keep on keeping on kaffirs!

      Lots of love

      Please go

      Shame shaka...


    3. Anonymous3:22 pm

      @ shaka Poes (Note the capital letters if you can)

      Tell your mother she can collect my empty quart bottles on Monday morning...Sorry I wont let her suck my cock for them either!

      I would suggest cleaning my house in return for the empties...But fuck that your mother will just steel my teabags and sugar.

      She can give my Dog a blow job instead, however my Dog has taste and he would not entertain your mothers thick black lips around his white cock.



    4. It was Hottentots land and is ours by virtue of being their closest relatives. My mom is gainfully employed in a productive sector thank you.

    5. Anonymous11:03 am

      @Shaka 2:47 AM

      "My mom is gainfully employed in a productive sector thank you."

      Thanks to BEE and AA.

    6. Anonymous1:28 pm

      Yes BEE and whatever results in blacks in high end jobs...BUT they either sit and do nothing because somewhere there is a Whitey doing the work or they just do fuck all and nobody is doing the job because there is no Whitey to do the job.Ask me, I am the Whitey doing the kaffir meid managers job....so Shaka basically I do not believe that blacks in high end jobs deserve them at all!!

  9. Anonymous12:05 pm

    You must respect peoples wishes to vote for whoever they want to vote. You cannot even force people to relocate from their homes where they were born to another place simply because they differ with you politically. Those are dirty apartheid tricks which must always be defeated.

    1. Anonymous11:22 pm

      Your story is really touching...now fuck off and annoy some body else.

      You're another mate of the infamous Brett Fish.

    2. Anonymous11:54 pm

      Anon 12:05..answer me one question numbnuts; do you disagree with the anc and eff when they scream us whities must pack and leave for Europe?


    3. Anonymous3:13 am

      Hey 12:05 OK going forward we will only make use of cleaning tricks. Township today, brown field tomorrow. Little by little we will clean the land.

    4. Anonymous5:13 am

      Respect is not demanded but earned in our culture so fuck-off

  10. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Hi Mike. Great posts as i love all your books buddy. i tried voting for the Cape party but but being up here in gauteng, didnt have it on the registar... So sad!

  11. Anonymous12:24 pm

    Mike please tell me how i can get access to the " south African Resistance" blog please?

    1. Sorry don't know. Its not my blog.

  12. These elections showcased that this country works, the DA made impressive gains despite fear mongering of "they're going to bring back apartheid"

    EFF was rejected despite the thesis of many here, who suggested EFF leftists are borne from what the blacks want, wrong again.

    I don't know how you can be so clueless about some issues while incredibly knowledgeable on others(I come here to learn about South/ern Africa history, I learn a lot here.

    1. Stick around. You will learn a lot more.

    2. I feel sorry fr you if you came here to learn history. Mike is a Boer supremacist which is hilarious considering they are inbred hicks.

    3. Anonymous5:11 am

      Rather let Shaka teach you history. Fathers raping daughters and mothers fondling boys to prep them, anything is game in their culture even babies to cure aids.

    4. Anonymous5:13 am

      Who told you that the EFF was borne of blacks? No. EFF was funded by the white London Elite (remember the Mal Emmer trips to London?)

      The London Globalist white Elite need to conquer the final economic hill that still stands in the hands of the nationalists, hence they are assaulting that final hill via the EFF.

      The white Elitist Globalists are evil. They are responsible for eugenics programs against all humanity including HIV and SV40 Viruses designed to kill off blacks. Some whites faultingly look the other way because they are gatvol of being murdered and told that its their fault for being attacked and murdered.

      Blacks will win the war against "racism" if you because law abiding citizens... All of you. But you will lose, because like Thabo Mbeki, (who was a jesuit New world order puppet) climbed into bed with the white elite.

    5. @Shaka. "Boer Supremacist"? Supreme in what? No man...If anything I am a "Black Supremacist".

      Facts are facts. You blacks are far better, far more "Supreme" and superior to us Boers in just about everything.

      Look at murder, rape, stealing...You blacks are all supreme; ten times better than the Boers.

      Corruption, nepotism, misrule. Again you blacks are the kings. We feel humbled in your presence.

      Baby rape, animal rape, burning down of schools, burning down of trains, throwing poo at statues...again you outshine the Boers by far.

      Laziness, breaking stuff, failing at school, failing at university, failing in life...You blacks again are FAR better than the Boers.

      See? The list is almost endless in what you blacks are superior to whites. That is why I am a black supremacist and a white SEPARATIST.

      You blacks are so good at all these things that I cannot even imagine living in the shadow of such great, superior and supreme beings. I am not worthy. I am scum. Better if I just separate myself from you.

    6. Anonymous2:55 pm

      Shaka I would rather be inbred with awesome genes we have than be mixed with pure ape dna......like u guys

    7. Whites and Africans were separate till Europeans invaded our homelands. Now either you all go back or prepare to be extirpated.

    8. @ Shaka...Full Definition of extirpate



      transitive verb

      1 a : to destroy completely : wipe out : to pull up by the root
      2 : to cut out by surgery

      I would like to see you try, Kaffir. Bring it on.

    9. Anonymous12:21 am

      @ shaka 10:38 PM. Stop the threats and start the do

      You lot cannot because you know what will happen.


    10. We are already bringing it on. Weren't you guys whining about a right of return to Europe.

    11. "bringing it on" hahahaha more like cowardly killing old defenseless people on farms. Thats not bringing it on. Dont worry though we will have to show you again what the term means. just like the old times.

    12. Anonymous10:31 am

      @ shaka 10:38 PM. Hau bleck booi, ssssuuuch a beeg word, hau booi

      Ekchewelly in fect I em shor you found eet on the googil.

      You see retard we know you the way you wogs talk and you had to look that word up with the meaning to use it here.

      You're just another example of woggy wanting to be whitey. You retards are so inferior that you will go beyond extremes to try be white, shame you poor creatures

      Creation left you lot behind for a reason, the reason is your too fucking stupid to compete in a white mans world.

      Go home your your nylon headed mommy little booi, she herself is trying to be white with her nylon wigs.


    13. Anonymous10:51 am

      Dony my friend, these blacks do not know what they are doing. Let them carry on, keep still. When the time comes...

    14. Anonymous11:00 am

      @Shaka 10:38 PM


      I bet you looked one that up didn't you.

  13. I hate to use Lenin's quotes, but his phrase of the 'Useful Idiots' hits the nail on the head when trying to explain the outcome of the municipal elections. Here was a chance to start something to at least courtail the incompetent and corrupt ANC lot, but what happens - the lemmings still have learnt nothing during the 22 years of chaos induced at all levels by these Marxist criminals, who call themselves the government of South Africa.

    One can only shake one's head in disbelief, but the resolve to get our country back has even been fortified and strengthened in view what we have, once again, witnessed today.

    1. Demokratie ist ein Verfahren, das garantiert, daß wir nicht besser regiert werden, als wir es verdienen - George Bernard Shaw

  14. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Durban - Two men were caught allegedly trying to sell a human head at Warwick Junction in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Friday.The head had been burned beyond recognition, Captain Nqobile Gwala said.The pair, aged 20 and 24, allegedly wanted to sell the head to informal traders on Thursday. The junction is a popular area for sangomas selling traditional medicine.“A case of possession of human tissues is being investigated by Durban Central SAPS. They will appear in the Durban Magistrate's Court soon,” Gwala added.

    I told you heads would roll!

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA...!!!

    2. Anonymous1:15 pm

      King zwelethini used to get his muti from the same place after contracting gonorrhea, but when he realized that the rub-rub wasn't getting rid of the "e drop". He shifted to the ethekwini hospital in his tax funded 5.7l Lexus to get the white man's medicine.

  15. Graeme1:37 pm

    Mmm, interesting Bell-Curve, honestly I think that you have presented the ANC voters at a level way higher than their given worth, personally I would place their respective IQ in a lower percentile, then again mine is just a subjective opinion, no one yet has developed standardised tests that descend to levels that approach integers.

    1. Anonymous12:36 am

      He he he, true

  16. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Hey julias!smart hat n'all!but u still a ape eksê

  17. Anonymous1:45 pm

    Mike you forgot to give a huge shoutout to the folks of Nkandla who voted IFP hahahahaha

    1. They should be careful that Zuma does not do to them what Mugabe did to the 20,000 Matabeles he massacred in Operation Gukurahundi, (the early rain which washes away the chaff before the spring rains).

      Or like he did in Operation Murambatsvina (Move the Rubbish), 2005, where he simply bulldozed the houses of 700,000 people who didn't vote for him.

    2. Stop lying. Mugabe never killed 20 000 Ndebeles. It was 3 000 insurgents.

    3. Anonymous2:55 am

      Yep Mike Zuma's only get out of jail card left is the Dictator one, and anc definitely morphing into the Zulu party.

    4. Anonymous5:08 am

      Ndebeles, insurgents parasites what ever you wanna cal'em. Same thing to me.

    5. @ Shaka. So let me guess...You are a big fan of Mugabe right? Me too. Pity about the 4000 white farmers he had to set off their land...we will take that as collateral damage. Apart from that, Mugabe is my hero. He killed 1000 times more blacks in 36 years than the entire Afrikaner nation did in 40 years of Apartheid. Mugabe should get a medal. Knight him. Make him an honorary Boer, because he should be fighting on our side. He showed the world exactly how successful black government can be. Further, he never lied. He promised the blacks he would make them all millionaires. He did better than that. Every single Zimbabwean today is a Billionaire. In the future South Africa I am going to erect a statue to him! Watch me.

    6. Anonymous8:43 pm

      @Umfaan (shaka small ntondo boy)

      I suggest you read the book Contact.
      (Rhodesia bush war)

      Have a look how your beloved Mugabe cunts cut off blacks ears and lips then forced their wives to fry them in a pan and eat them.

      But hey perhaps you are right YOU are all insurgents, better known as terrorists.
      Hence COIN


    7. @Mike
      Sanctions are to blame for Zimbabwe's problems not the natives taking back their land.

    8. Anonymous11:33 pm

      @ Umfaan shaka ntondo

      Actually the sanctions are only against Mugabe and his henchmen, not the whole of Zimbabwe as you put it. (Shows the true metal of your mentality, Rhodesia and the RSA had sanctions against them...look what they did...Sasol is a fine example, oil from coal)


    9. Anonymous12:55 am

      But Tjarcoal, if sanctions are to be blamed then you admit that you need the evil white man to make your economies work? Hoe dan nou kontkop? And here I thought you don't need whites? Ook maar fokken dom die etter.


    10. The sanctions are broad based, stop lying. Rhodesia and RSA were never under sanctions it was just white lip service by white supremacists.

    11. Anonymous11:09 am

      @Shaka 2:51 AM

      "Rhodesia and RSA were never under sanctions"

      Where do you get this shit from?

  18. Anonymous1:48 pm


    Mike the ANC will run scared now.

    If this is how they voted now, imagine how they will vote in 2 years time when the party is in total chaos?

    The ANC have 2 choices (IMO) now...

    1. Tell Zuma to fork off
    2. Continue down this Zuma road to nowhere.

    1. If they tell Zuma to piss off, then we have the party split, I think this is what is going to happen now.

    If the party splits, then their uselessness will be even worse than before, by that I mean, that if you think they have delivered nothing but shit up until now, well then this will be even worse meanwhile a mini civil war is raging among the ANC.

    In the ANC, when they are not happy with someone, they whack them like in the mafia movies. This is going to continue and escalate with Zuma and building up to 2018.

    If they keep him, they lose votes!

    The voters wont be doff (Lol I say so) but their support base is fast decreasing now and from here on out, I dont think they will recover.

    Mike the way I see it, (perhaps pessimistic) but we are screwed from all angles. DA/ANC same shit. EFF = ANC of old but more radical.

    The cape party is great BUT BUT BUT, knowing how these corrupt bastards work, they will send millions to live in the Cape to prevent us from having the Cape.

    All we can hope for is that the enemy becomes restless and makes a move.

    Voting, being nice, playing nice is not going to work with terrorists or thieves or Marxist.

    Their #1 rule is, there are no rules.

    I think the Cape party is a fantastic way forward but I am skeptical not of the possibility of them winning or even getting more votes but of the fact, that the ANC will not play ball and simply allow that to happen.

    The only way out unfortunately (how I wish it wasnt so) is by the barrel of a gun, I hope Im wrong?

    If the enemy make a wrong move, get anxious, follow through on their promises, their threats....

    They must just know & so must you readers, that they have 1 ONLY 1 shot, if they stuff that shot up, if they fuck up, if they even make one tiny little misstep, it will be over and we know these dooses cant even maintain a garden without supervision.

    So knowing that they have just one shot, this should make those think, they/you need to be well prepared or aware of this.

    They know, that we know, that we want what we always had.

    They know it, we know it deep down.

    They know they have probably 1 election left and then it is over. If they win the 2018 election, by 2022 they will be out 100% for sure, unless they rig the votes and that will not be as easy in Zims.

    So they have 1 shot left at the election and 1 shot left at the whites.

    I believe they will take that 1 shot at the white, before their last shot at the elections.

    They know, their days are now NUMBERED...

    Its count down and their greatest fear, far greater than anything is the white man ruling South Africa again.

    We have skeptics, we have those who cant believe, who cannot fathom this happening.

    Let me tell you, not only will we have South Africa but SOUTHERN AFRICA.

    We are coming for you baby!

    We carve the entire Southern Africa region out. We know, they know, they have 1 shot and if they fuck up, its then all over for them.

    So these are the ANCs final days, its count down. The count down, 2,340 days left. I will be ticking it off each day now.

    2,340 days left that is all and then these scum bags will be out of power and we will probably have taken the country back by then.

    When they see they will never win the 2022 general, we can then expect what Van Rensburg mentioned or even sooner.

    We will see the build up now.


    Only 2,340 days left boys & girls!

    1. Anonymous4:10 am

      I know what u talking about ninja, I have seen plenty of comments coming from black guys I went to school with, saying how they are worried that whites are slowly going to retake sa back because of these DA results, they are more worried about that than how rubbish the ANC has been for the last 20 years. And these are black guys that got the same education as me from a really good school.

      Now you take the millions of uneducated ones, well they can very easily be stirred up into believing that whites slowly are trying to bring back apartheid....

    2. Anonymous10:49 am

      Anon 4:10 we don't want Apartheid back, we just want to get away from the blacks. Nothing more, nothing less, just to get away from these blacks.

    3. Like i said before. The majority are not voting for service delivery or performance. They are voting against white. They call us racist but they would rather starve under a black man than prosper under a white man.

      We on the other hand will always gravitate towards prosperity regardless of the ruler. It just shows you who the real racists are.

      This is an evil species walking and talking pretending to be like us. In their shacks they swear us even the tea lady they dream of murdering us.

      Since they laid their eyes on us for the first time back in the day they were bliksimed with the reality of being inferior.

      Never knowing anything else for thousands of years other than violence, shacks, other blacks, sand, bush and cannibalism... meeting the white man was just a hurdle to high to get over.

  19. Ek dink die mense by die Kaapse Party moet net fokus op die Wes-Kaap. Ek glo nie hulle gaan ooit al 3 kaap provinsies kry nie.

  20. Anonymous6:14 pm

    This election has kind of made me feel a bit hopeless. I guess I'm one of those bitter ppl whos hoping that this country will completely fail like Zim so we can finally get the revolution we dream of, and do the back to the equator push, and rebuild our once great country. I was expecting ANC and EFF dominance. But now after these DA results, I have every libtard white I know telling me "see, all this rainbow nation needs is time, and we will come together".

    What do you guys think about all this??

    a. Are these results part of the "plan", to give whites false hope and make us drop our guards more?

    b. Could these results be the trigger that kicks off the kak, as blacks may see this as whites slowly reclaiming SA?

    or c. Could the libtards maybe right, and maybe blacks can eventually be educated and become more middle class building eventually to their perfect rainbow nation dream??

    1. Anonymous1:01 am

      Chin up, it seems time is running out worldwide for this system. Something has to break sooner rather than later. We must make sure that we neutralize all politicians before we take any steps. We have to clean the slate. Face it, all the current politicians worldwide have sold out their respective populations. They are all bought and paid for by the IMF/Bankers. In the meantime keep talking, keep sharing your ideas so that more and more people can get on board and then we will become unstoppable, the more awakened people we have seeing through this bullshit the harder it will become for these traitor genocidal criminals to continue with their nefarious agenda.

      Unfortunately we are moving into a period where anybody and anything standing in our way of freedom must be eliminated by any and all means. There will be blood and it'll have to get messy in order to show that we are not going silently and gently into this good night. This farce is going to end, stay strong.

    2. The revolution is when we will kick you out back to Holland the home of your forefathers.

    3. No the libturds are wrong. I sit with the same problem. They all are brainwashed my friend.

      The DA, the ANC and EFF are all part of the same body, same anti-white-policies. The DA is getting rid of white party members more and more, its policy.

      The DA leader Vusi was an ANC member not to long ago so was Malema. Eventually the rot will creep in to the DA too as they become more black and savage and confident in their numbers and power. They are only playing clean til they get their foot in the door.

      You will see with the coalitions also. The EFF already said they will give their votes only if they get what they want. Both the DA and the ANC will conform. Politicians will sell their souls in order to attain more power.

      The DA is part of the ANC only with blue t-shirts.

      The brainwashing continues and it is up to us few to unplug all these people from their prison-minds

    4. Say Shaka...I have no problem acknowledging that Homo Naledi is my ancestor. You blacks outright denied it. So who is from where again?

    5. Anonymous5:06 am

      You cant even kick a soccer ball.

    6. Anonymous4:06 pm

      It is not very PC to refer to our ancestor as Homo Naledi. From now on please use the term Gay Naledi.
      Vos Sill

  21. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Nice comedic overtone Mike, God knows we need to laugh more in this train wreck of a forsaken country. Thank you for the laughs!

    Things are only going to get more interesting from now on in South-Apeland and globally. This is actually a good time to be alive, we get to see how insane and backward policies clash and incompatible cultures devour each other. We get to laugh at libtard shitheads scratching their heads and looking like complete and utter airheads for bringing this shit on themselves. These sheepish libs just cannot get enough of the brainwashing corporate media lies, who are the stupid and sightless ones now I ask you? They are just gulping this polonium NWO poison down like sweet sweet water, yet their thirst will never be quenched.

    Get the popcorn (and all the weapons you can muster for self-defense) ready boys and girls, the greatest show on Earth is about to move into the crescendo phase. Let the macabre games continue...

    Veritas vos liberabit!

    1. Anonymous1:53 am

      7:20 let me take a guess one of the first things the DA will do besides carrying out all the anc policies more efficiently. Is to make Cape town gun free.
      Well I've always had the option to leave the country, but have always stuck it out in hope that whites will grow a spine and emulate the Israelis, Kurdish, Chechens, or even the beleaguered Palestinians and take a stand. Alas not us group think white South africans, for us more Liberalism is the solution. So Bee will continue, so will higher rates and taxes to give to the anc, land seizures and revisionist history, and the silence on farm murders will continue (looking at the vote percentage they probably were DA supporters).
      The big question for me what do I do with my firearms and the thousands of rounds of ammo I've stockpiled over the years, well I've always thought may be I could donate them to whites of course and should things go Sierra Leone well they would at least have a heads up start defending themselves. But after Thursday I think on route to the airport I will just dump them nearest the local township and I don't give a shit who they will be used to kill, as every white I know has voted for the da, besides if I handed them into the SAPS they would still land up in the townships, I will just be more efficient like the da.

    2. You should have stayed in Europe where you belong.

    3. Say Shaka...I have no problem acknowledging that Homo Naledi is my ancestor. You blacks outright denied it. So who is from where again?

    4. Whites are descended from Neanderthals.

    5. @ Shaka...Was that supposed to be an insult? Yes, 13% Neanderthal DNA can be found in about all whites. Neanderthals had bigger brains than Homo Sapiens. If you could transport a Neanderthal from way back then to today you would find that he would be able to pass university and probably do better than most people. Unfortunately the same can not be said from Homo Kafricanus.

    6. Like I said Africa for Africans and Europe for Europeans. Go back to where you belong. I don't care how large your ancestors brain sizes were.

    7. Anonymous8:08 pm

      Yes ok ok Shaka, we all heard you say this before. The only thing left for you to do now is to come and make us leave...I'm still waiting Shaka. Oh yeah that's right, you can only slaughter old people on the farms, you can only rape and cut open our young white women, you can only boil our little boys in boiling water, you can only shoot out little girl babies in the head execution style. Come big man Shaka, come make good on your promise. Please come and make me move? You filthy coward race of niggers.

  22. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Hey Mike, how about you move to Israel? You love the Jews so much!

    1. Anonymous1:59 am

      Anon 9:05 Maybe you should read a bit more about Jews and their origin's and how different they are and in thoughts . Israelis are Jews but totally different to the wall street Jews. German Jews also different to the Bolsheviks etc It makes interesting read. Leon Trotsky etc.

    2. Anonymous3:17 am

      Mike please take me with the Jerusalem shish kebab, falafel and hummus is the best I've ever tasted.

    3. Yes and you eat the kebab with Tnuva cottage cheese and a "Milky" pudding afterwards...Lekkerrr;-) And don't forget the Bambas, those peanut tasting cheese curls and the stuffed Borekas. Tastes great with the Hummus.

    4. Anonymous8:09 am

      Mike there's a place in the German quater I aware it does the best burger I've ever eaten lots of great coffee outdoor café's, big salad meals and no car guards just national service men/women all carrieng m4s. Israel is a great place, stuff all those people that hate the Jews, if there is any people that have stuck together despite the Mathematical odds and come out on top it's the Israelis.

    5. Anonymous11:04 pm

      I like hummus, I like tortillas, Malay curry and roti as well, amongst many other non European dishes, but I don't want to mix with these peoples just because I enjoy their cuisine.

      Jews themselves freely claim to be non white, and claim arab amongst other races to be in their genetic makeup. This fact is also proved in dna studies.

      Even though some whites have their "pet" Jews, as do whites have "pet" blacks, they are as a whole a subversive destructive race, and will not denounce their own, no matter what evil has been committed amongst their own to another.

      As with other races, Jews, in the long term cannot assimilate with white culture and behavior. It is alien to them, as culture and behaviour being a manifestation of what's written in ones gene pool. This they also freely admit to themselves.


      Whites generally peaceful, altruistic, trusting and generous genetic nature can be subversively infiltrated and influenced negatively with filth and miscegenation and lies for a time if they are not on their guard. But as has been the case throughout the ages, there will always be a consequential rebellious backlash in the end when the outcome starts to rub the wrong way, and whites wake up.
      The pendulum has started swinging the other way. The blatant hatred against whites, deceit and lies have piled up to the heavens, the source of our misery can no longer be hidden.

      Whites --> descendants of Shem Jacob

      Jews --> descendants of Ham Esau x Canaanite x Moab x Shem x Chay.

      Orientals --> Japeth Moab

      Blacks --> descendants of the wild beast/beast of the field (Hebrew - Chay) x Canaanite x Moab.

      The truth may hurt some, but it is important for white survival for the truth to be faced.

    6. @11:04 PM...Have you ever looked underneath an AK47 (7.62x39mm) round? Do you know that the number tells you a story? From the abbreviations you can see the country where the rounds came from. Now our own R4 rounds (5.56x45mm)on the Namibian Angolan border mostly came from SA or Israel. In fact Israel sold 25% of all the ammunition they manufactured to us when the whole world had sanctions against us. Israel was violating international law to help us. Even after the UN and USA forced them to eventually impose sanction in the late 1980's they still kept on supporting us covertly. As late as 1989 I was still shooting with Israeli rounds and using Israeli mortars.

      Now in contrast to that...Those SWAPO Ters we took down in Southern Angola...where do you think their ammunition came from? 7.62x39mm rounds made in Denmark and the Netherlands. Cases full of Ammunition and food with NATO stock numbers on it. All made in countries of white Europeans. In fact I never saw a single piece of Ter ammunition from Israel.

      I still have in my possession a .308 sniper round (7.62x51mm) that I took off a dead East German sniper. That round was made in Holland. There were about 3000 East Germans from elite units in Angola as "instructors" and "advisers" to SWAPO. Now bear in mind that most of the Boers are from Dutch and German descent (me included). Why would their white European brothers attack their own people in SA? Why would white Europeans supply our black enemies with weapons, ammunition and food to kill not only white and black SA soldiers but also white women and children in schools, on farms, in shopping centers, etc?

      You know what I do? Every now and again I take that .308 round out and stare at it very closely and think very hard...Not the Jews...Our own fucking people mate. Our own flesh and blood.

    7. Anonymous1:02 am

      And Mike comes up with a hard hitting winner's response. If I really have to immigrate it will be to Israel for sure. Fuck those traitors in Europe.


    8. Anonymous3:50 am

      Question anon 11.04, have u ever spent time with Jews/Israelis? Or been to Israel?

      A few weeks ago I went drinking with a group of ppl in NZ, 2 of them were from Israel. I ended up getting in epic conversation with the Israeli woman, we decided that our white situation in sa is very similar to theirs in Israel. She then said she wishes we could kick all the black bastards out and then said "the white man always builds everything up, and then the black man destroys it!"

      You say we need to accept that Jews are our enemy? Ask yourself something, is it not possible that the real enemy is trying to get us to all turn and hate on Jews, because that's apart of their grand plan, to destroy us whites and Jews at the same time? Ponder on it for a while..

    9. Anonymous10:47 am

      Fuuuuck Mike @ 12:07, that puts things in a whole other dimension if you put it like that? I never knew. More proof that our European/UN/EU puppets are hell bent on the destruction of whitey worldwide. Smart fucks, they are using brother to kill brother while useless black animal is elevated to "god" status.

      Dear Mr. Putin please please tac nuke Brussels, City of London and Vatican City please. Or supply us Boertjies the means to defend ourselves and in a broader sense Christianity. Please Mr. Putin we need your help we are in dire straights here.

    10. Anonymous1:22 pm


      @Anonymous3:50 AM

      The grande plan is to...

      1. Bring total chaos to the world.
      2. From chaos comes order.
      3. A new world order with a one world, all religions uniting.

      Im convinced that the illegal shit coming into Europe is not for war but to outbread the white man.

      The woman will be there for them to devour. With feminism, liberalism, they will marry, inter mix with all this lot.

      Sarkozy of France said that France, the whites should be out-bred.

      See the video below.


      What is happening in Europe was planned before WW2 even, Hitler said the Marxists would flood the west with non whites/Asians.

      He saw their plan ages ago and today if you mention this, they call you a Nazi, racist etc etc but he did mention it.

      Sure he was a nut or was he?

    11. Anonymous2:16 pm

      Anon 3:50 yes there is a group that wants us to hate the Jews they are known as the Jesuits (Illuminati) and it's testimony of biblical Christianity that I hey want wipe out, the Bible declared that the Pope is the anti Christ. Revived Roman empire.

    12. Anonymous3:45 pm

      9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

      Revelation 2:9

      9 Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.


    13. @Anon 2:16. Partially correct. In fact there are three main groups posing to be part of the Monotheistic faiths but who are actually Satanist working to destroy those faiths.

      Jesuits - Current head (also known as the Black Pope) Adolfo Nicolás. Pope Francis is also a Jesuit.
      Sabbateans - Also known as the Frankists and Dönmeh

      Nizari Ismailis - Current head is the Aga Khan IV - Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini, one of the richest men in the world.

      Also read here for more info:

      Who is really keeping Mugabe and Zuma in power?

    14. Anonymous5:44 am

      I cannot say it better than Benjamin Franklin.

      Recorded by Charles CoteworthPinckney
      Delegate to the Constitutional Convention of 1787

      (This prophecy, by Benjamin Franklin,was made in a "CHIT CHAT AROUND THE TABLE DURING INTERMISSION,"at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1787. This statement was recorded in the dairy of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, a delegate from South Carolina.)

      "I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews.

      "In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

      "For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland,as they call Palestine. But gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.

      "If you do not exclude them from these United States,in their Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives our substance and jeopardize our liberty.

      "If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.

      "Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatics, let them be born where they will nor how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American's,and will not even thou they live among us ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention."

      -Benjamin Franklin, 1787,at The Constitutional Convention, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


      Hendrik Vervoerd's words:


  23. Willempiw9:54 pm

    At leasr my concience is clear - I voted "NO" all those years ago and I voted "Cape Party" the other day. Now I consentrate on my sport shooting activities because there is clearly no medicine for stupidity.

    1. You mean somebody voted "Yes" in 1992? Where? Can't seem to find any today.

      In a few years time when the Cape is independent you will see the same phenomenon. In 2016 only 3368 people have voted for the Cape Party. In a few years time you will hear that 3million voted for them on the 3rd of August 2016.

      All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

      Or as Arthur Schopenhauer said: "Der Wahrheit ist allerzeit nur ein kurzes Siegesfest beschieden, zwischen den beiden langen Zeiträumen, wo sie als Paradox verdammt und als Trivial gering geschätzt wird.

      "To truth only a brief celebration of victory is allowed between the two long periods during which it is condemned as paradoxical, or disparaged as trivial."

      BTW...remember how small the DA was a few years ago? Look how they grew. And don't forget a certain Austrian corporal who joined a tiny party in Germany and what hell he unleashed in a few years.

    2. Anonymous12:02 am

      Oh come on Mike
      Are you now becoming one of those -- Neo-Nutzis that you continually disparage ?

      I don't know how you can be so clueless about some issues while incredibly knowledgeable on others

      INDEED !

      Mr Mike Smith is a bit like Malema -- blows with the wind -- you can never pin him down.

      Under the current conditions the Cape Party is only ever going to be fringe.

      Get the whole country and then start talking about a proper federal system.

      Start NOW within the DA for when that day comes.
      They already have it in their DNA ( PFP )


      But then again I am not going to take a guess as to the IQ of the followers of Mr Mike Smith

    3. Anonymous1:38 am

      Anon 12:02..my IQ seems just fine when I have a groepswoeps with your wife, sister, mom (hot milf of note). Seems like low IQ is prevailant in your family.

    4. Cape is ours. Boers are delusional.


    5. Anonymous12:02 Why insult Mike and the readers on here then try to give them advice?

      That is why you dont have friends and why you come here to look for company.

      I feel sorry for your type so i will try and help you. There is a book(best seller) decades old. Its called how to make friend and influence people. Its on the net so you dont have to spend any money.

      I promise you, you will have friends in no time and be able to converse with and influence people to your way of thinking without having to resort to trolling and insults.

      Go read it.

    6. @ 12:02 AM...Who said: "But then again I am not going to take a guess as to the IQ of the followers of Mr Mike Smith."

      I take it you are not a follower of MS Political Commentary then. Koebaai.

    7. Anonymous1:30 pm

      I see I hit the mark ....
      Moenie so kleingevoelig wees nie

      I am not interested in Dale Carnegie OR Napoleon Hill

    8. You dont have to prove yourself to me by naming the author. Seems you feel you must showcase your intellect and confidence which is only another factor indicating the lack thereof.

      I can prescribe books to remedy those as well but i think self-help only applies to people who think to self improve not the know-it-all's.

    9. Anonymous3:09 pm

      I can prescribe -- no actually SUGGEST a solution to ALL your problems.

      There IS a place for you all -- it is called ORANIA
      It is a place where there are no blacks and white people do all the work.
      You see they actually put their money where their mouth is and got on and did something. ( NO waiting for the "Cape-Party" to wake up and do some vote canvassing )
      Strangely enough they are NOT filled with hate like you bunch.
      They just want to be left alone and get on with life -- their kind of life -- the life they like
      (Just like the Ana-Baptists and Church of latter day Saints in the US )
      What is evern more strange .....
      I doubt VERY MUCH the people at Orania would want YOU lot there !
      There you have it
      Perhaps Bra Mike can buy a BIG piece of land in the Karoo somewhere and you can ALL go an krupeer there ?

  24. Anonymous10:32 pm

    Are all the spoilt papers an IQ thing,how hard is it to mark a X,funny also many more in the shackville area's??

    1. Hey mate you wont believe it. I have many people signing their names with a cross on my documentation and then i have to help them make it with my hand.

      I work with lots of these people their numbers are huge judging from my small sample.

      When their IQ drops a bit to far they get disability grant. I mean WTF. Then you get the dumb okes using tik, dagga and alcohol, it is unbelievable what that combo brings forth when you encounter them.

      Really I just shake my head sometimes. We definitely are not the same species.

  25. Anonymous12:27 am


    Ja, wit mense het slim goede gemaak.

  26. Whiteman1:29 am

    Nobody will convince me, that elections in this country, are NOT rigged. It is done so cleverly, that the average citizen cant/wont pick it up. But it is early days, and we must be patient. When a can, is full of lively, energetic worms, it is difficult to keep them all inside, if they all try to crawl out at the same time. ( With reference to my childhood fishing days ! ) Furthermore, I still believe that a politician, is the lowest form of life, in the UNIVERSE !

  27. Anonymous1:37 am

    The only fact that I know for sure about this election result is that myself and three other people known to me, voted for the Cape Party at our voting station and yet the official, audited result is zero votes. Objections have been lodged but I have been told that probably the ballots weren't stamped or the votes were somehow spoiled (yeah right what a coincidence) and that unless this would affect the outcome in a material way they are unlikely to do much about it.

    I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but this is truly a unique situation. Knowing for a fact that you and others voted for a party and yet the count is zero. If it happened to me, how many other votes "went missing"? If you look at the results for other wards they all have only a handful of votes for the Cape Party.

    So you have to wonder, was their mistake at my ward to leave the count at zero, thus making it obvious? Were there really only three or four Cape Party votes at all those other wards? How likely is that?

    You see, it would be a very clever way to manipulate perception. If maybe a few hundred people actually voted for them in your ward you would feel that at least there are like-minded people around you and you can start a dialogue about it. But when you see three or four votes, you feel isolated and alone in your thinking and it feels like it would be pointless to ever again vote for that party.

    I know for a fact what happened to me, that my vote and that of others was ignored. Was this an organised operation to squash a secessionist movement in its tracks?

  28. Anonymous1:50 am

    Always the way I see it , Spot on !
    I would have thought that EFF "everything for free" would have got much more than they did. Elevated fantasy farce must have seen how the rest of blacks are still stuck on anc hoping to get their cut . They know that their representatives thieve at any opportunity , so they want the same , from where I dont know.
    When there is nothing left to steal , they will steal from each other and so it will just carry on.

    1. Anonymous4:52 am

      Yep was thinking the same thing. I guess the powers that B gave them so much media coverage in order to pursue their own agendas.

      They utterly disappointed at the ballots. I thought they would have taken a lot from both the ANC and the DA, but not even a dent in the DA and not that much from the ANC.

  29. EFF rise is just the beginning boeretjies. That's why Mike fears them so much. How did the Cape Party do by the why old boy?

    1. Anonymous4:46 am

      We need and want the EFF to rise kaffertjie. They actually disappointed me in not even reaching the 10% mark. I suppose we need to give them some more time because we know blacks are a bit slow when it comes to well everything, apart from rape and murder.

      “Ek sien ’n klein, maer kaffertjie uit die aarde opkom. Hy word ’n groot, magtige kryger en die skaduwee van sy spies en skild wat hy bokant sy kop lig, val regoor die land.”

      Isnt this prediction picture perfect when you look at the EFF emblem? To bad the end of the prophecy doesnt end to well for the kaffertjie.

    2. Anonymous4:49 am

      Shaka, you bantu thing, pitching your shit again?

      Go back and herd cows and bum run Malema.

      You fucking cowardly sellout out, you have a Zulu name but you run with the mpisi from the north.

      Listen retard, go get the eff retards, load up and come and show us your strength. You fuckwits are not as popular as you thought you were.

      Now why don't you go stink out one of your libtards blogs as everytime you pitch your stink here I have to fit a new cartridge to my gas mask.


    3. Anonymous6:59 am

      Once again Shaka create your own blog on how great your kind are and what you have done for mankind, seriously, would like to read it, waiting!

    4. Anonymous7:42 am

      Shaka, EFF is just an anomalous group of Frantz Fanon spouting nitwits that only appeal to the bored and retarded. Their ideology is from 19-voetsek.

    5. Anonymous11:32 pm

      He's disappointed because the EFF did badly, and that the DA is in the spotlight locally and especially internationally.

      The EFF and Zuma are helping the DA.

  30. Anonymous2:16 am

    I've never been to Germany but I've read on other blogs about how mind-manipulated they've been for the last 3 generations but couldn't really grasp the depths of it until I read this.


    So the man that shouted at the terrorist that killed those people recently, has been charged for “insults to the detriment of the dead” and libel.

    You've been there Mike are things really that bad? It just seems insane to me.
    I think they should have given him a medal!

    1. Truly, humanity is doomed.

      Holy shit, I have never heard such unadulterated kak in my life! Is there any sense left in the world? It doesn't look like it.

      All we can hope for is that these kind of things serve to open the eyes of some more liberals.

  31. Anonymous2:29 am

    What is this story of how Malema voted for the ANC by accident? Is it even possible?

    1. Anonymous1:07 am

      The cunt cannot read or write. From childhood he was told to make a "x" at the ANC emblem.

  32. Anonymous3:04 am

    Come now guys, we have people here that are disheartened, others that are smugly happy, and some that are gloating, that's without the cowardly runner boys joining the crew.

    All good things take time, it took the ANC 90+ years ( I stand for correction, Mike)to get their good thing. They are fucking it up but they waited a fucking long time to have the right to fuck it up.

    Man up boys, the secret to winning is not crossing the finishing line first, its the determination to pick yourself up when you get knocked down, dusting yourself off and getting back into the race.

    Those gloating cunts that are saying we told you so, yes you did, well done and enjoy the party. Know that we haven't given up and we will be back.

    You runner boys, rather just shut the fuck up, you lot sound like pap wheels on a highway. I respect Shaka, sello and the other retards views more than I could ever respect yours.
    At least the pitch for something they believe in. They don't pitch to pacify their cowardly hearts.


    1. Anonymous10:04 am

      yes ltma, you are just another one of the 'left behind' low IQ diehards. Dream on soldier. Africa is for Blacks.The battle ended in 94. When will you get it.

    2. Anonymous1:37 pm

      Yes Anon 10:04 AM, for the time being (until the revolution foreseen by Nicolaas van Rensburg) Africa is for Blacks. I "ran" as soon as I could after '94. Effective coping is a complex process in which personal attributes play an important role. There was / is no 'one size fits all' approach to be taken by Whites in S.A. I wouldn't judge friends and family who stayed in S.A. and I also accept the decisions of my compatriots who now live abroad as I do. For what its worth, I view the post WW3 outlook for S.A. as excellent. Tom

    3. Anonymous7:34 pm

      Anon 10:04 AM I wonder wtf all those dark things walking around Europe are?

      They cannot be blacks from Africa because Africa is for blacks.

      America when there is a riot who is behind it? Couldn't be blacks because Africa is for blacks.

      Runner booi with your BIG iq carry on running booi because you're not safe even in your new land. If darky doesn't get you yellow man will or raghead or hindu.

      Wherever whites are the other colours will follow, we are to ordered, to progressive and too accommodating.

      So runner booi the battle has only ended because for you it never started you've always been running so fast that you haven't realised that your running is what allowed the situation to get out of control.

      So mr BIG iq runner booi, live in your dreamy security bubble because where ever you may be darky or muzzies will find you.

      Me and the other low IQ diehards have at least chosen a path of self respect, oh sorry, I made the mistake you wouldn't know what self respect is, I see you know how to use electronic media, google the word if you don't come right try a dictionary Oxford or Collins very good for BIG iq runner boois.


    4. Anonymous11:48 pm

      @ anon 10:04 AM. Listen to Tom, I think he could help you.

      He is not the low IQ diehards or one of you eternally smart gobbing Big iq boois, he is someone that still remains loyalty to what gave him what he has today and he does have an approach much wiser and more favourable than yours

      Learn from Tom and maybe you will remember that SA was the land of your birth and it catered for your education and fed you and employed your parents and grand parents.

      Then if you still want to spew shit, bring it on because I will entertain you any day. I detest fuckers that just take and take and deplete then move somewhere else and just take more while bitching about how little the last place did for them.

      Now fuck off and clean the shit off the back of your legs and wash out your running shoes.


  33. Talking bell curve its worked fabulously well for the top end of the white elite .It was planned like that. The 20 yrs plus has given them fantastic growth internationally /movement/double passports etc.Whiteskins in numbers will simply wither away in RSA over the next 50 years .Its the natives chance

  34. Why do people vote ANC?

    Let me tell you what happened yesterday. A colourd lady(client) popped in to my office and she likes to talk a lot and gossip she just never stops.

    So she told me that the colourd lady working as a security for the building next to mine was standing on the back of an ANC bakkie with ANC supporters driving past her house.

    She had some blue shirts and dresses on the washing line.(Not DA) but blue enough. So this lady on the back of the bakkie shouts to her. Fok daai blou(fuck that blue) Fok die Boere(fuck the Boers)

    Now the security guard is also a client of mine but i could always detect that white-jealousy behind the eyes.

    Moral of the story. Blacks/colourds vote for the ANC because they are either stupid or racist. Whites because they are brainwashed liberal dumbfucks.

    There is no other reason because the ANC is corrupt to the core and service delivery a wet-dream that never come true.

    Since we set foot on this soil it was the blacks who hid in the bushes till the men were gone so that they could cowardly kill. Black-Racism and evil hate of the white man was there back then just like it is now.

    Apartheid is used to give them the victim perspective. It blinds society from the fact that they are evil to the core. Always was and always will be.

    The ANC is just a vehicle for this hate and evil to thrive where it should have been destroyed centuries ago.

    1. Anonymous3:19 pm

      Anon 3:38 They cannot help it , they see themselves as similar in similar situations so can relate to them . In Booysens used to see them drink together at the shebeens and other parts too.

  35. Anonymous3:45 am

    Janpiet: It really looks like the collective guilt of most white South Africans is the cause of a situation where there is not even 1 white party that is worth voting for here in SA.

    There is no leader for white South Africans and it looks like most of the whites are a bunch of brainwashed libretards. You cannot live with muds… they poison and ruin value and anything of value in their wake… They literally turn all things of value into sh****t… White people in SA need to WTFU because most of them have their heads deep up their own arses.

    1. Anonymous10:33 pm

      We woke up before you did. While you were laughing at McCarthy, we were shutting the doors and passing anti commie laws.

  36. First the bad news:

    The Cape Party won only 0.14% of the vote in Cape Town. There are 231 council seats up for grabs in Cape Town, which means that a party could theoretically win a seat there with as little as 0.22% of the vote. It's a very low bar but the Cape Party failed to clear even that. What a disgrace.

    And, unlike in 2011, this time it was absolutely certain that the DA would win a big majority in Cape Town. So, without any fear of an ANC victory, voters should have felt comfortable voting for "fringe" groups like the Cape Party. Yet only 1,760 did so. This does not bode well for the eventual establishment of an independent Cape Republic, to say the least.

    And once again the DA did terribly in the Northern Cape, where the ANC won all 26 municipalities. There seems to be some sort of psychological barrier between the Western and Northern Cape provinces, where the Coloureds in the former strongly support the DA, while the Coloureds in the latter vote for the ANC instead.

    Take the two neighbouring municipalities of Matzikama, WC, and Kamiesberg, NC. Both are on the west coast and are mainly rural with similar economic profiles; both have strong Coloured majorities and larger numbers of Whites than Blacks; and both are almost entirely Afrikaans-speaking. Yet while Matzikama voted 54.6% for the DA and 34.7% for the ANC, Kamiesberg voted 62.5% for the ANC and only 28.1% for the DA.

    This pattern repeats itself all along the WC-NC border: the Coloured population votes with the Whites in the WC and with the Blacks in the NC. Does anyone have an explanation for this phenomenon? Why won't the NC Coloureds get on board the DA bandwagon? If the DA want to make inroads in the NC, I think they need to replace that goofball Maimane with a popular Coloured leader. Patricia de Lille, perhaps?

    More bad news are the final results compared to the polls. The DA were 14 points up in the final polls in Port Elizabeth, but won by less than 6 points. In Pretoria, the DA were up 15 points in the final polls but won by only 2 points. What this means is that:

    a) the last-minute deciders all broke for the ANC
    b) there was massive voter fraud
    c) a combination of the two

    Someone needs to do some serious detective work to uncover instances of voter fraud, especially in Pretoria. Audit the vote!

    1. Michael Dean Miller10:18 am


      The Cape Party's poor showing is NOT a disgrace.

      It is only the beginning.

      Give the pessimism a break, will ya?


    2. Not pessimism, realism.

      And it's not the "beginning", the Cape Party has been around since 2007.

      Anyway, this is less a criticism of the Cape Party than it is of the voters of Cape Town, who with a paltry 3,000 votes could have elected a CP councillor.

      Maybe you're happy with 0.14% of the vote, but I'm not.

  37. Michael Dean Miller6:10 am


    I don't think there is a good way to wear a beret. Not unless you're a French beatnik or a US Special Forces Green Beret type.


    1. Anonymous1:15 am

      As I said before, the muppet is delusional. He recons he is a seasoned war veteran. Watching to many movies with dudes in berets and sunnies on the back of a bakkie with a 50cal bolted on. Pity he missed the part where these heroes are dropped by a sniper round, or vaporised by a smart bomb. In his case it will the slow puncture that drops him.


  38. And now the good news:

    The DA did well in the metropolitan municipalities, increasing their vote in 7 out of 8 of them since 2011. Here is a list of the big metros and the percentage of DA votes in 2011 and 2016:

    Cape Town: 2011-60.9%; 2016-66.6%
    Port Elizabeth: 2011-40.1%; 2016-46.7%
    Pretoria: 2011-38.7%; 2016-43.1%
    East Rand: 2011-30.3%; 2016-34.2%
    Bloemfontein: 2011-27.1%; 2016-26%
    Durban: 2011-21%; 2016-26.9%
    East London: 2011-20.5%; 2016-23.4%

    They're *still* counting the votes in Johannesburg. I guess the IEC operates on African time. In 2011 the DA won 34.6% of the vote in JHB, and as of right now they have 40.8% of the vote. Why the DA vote in Bloemfontein fell between 2011 and now I have no idea.

    Inkatha (IFP) made a comeback this election, winning 8 municipalities and holding the ANC to a minority in 3 more in KZN. Unfortunately Chief Buthelezi is almost 88 years old, so whether his movement outlives him is an open question.

    But if the ANC moves to oust Zuma, surely the IFP will be the big beneficiaries amongst the Zulu population. And they would be excellent allies in the push for a loose federalism to replace the ANC's centralized state. However, I think that Zuma will probably survive this rebuke from the voters because he's placed his loyalists in key positions throughout the ANC. But keeping him on until the 2019 national election can only further weaken the ANC, which is good for us.

    More good news is that there are a couple dozen municipalities where the ANC finished first but failed to win a majority, including the East Rand and, probably, JHB. The DA can easily form coalition governments with the IFP, VF+, UDM and other minor parties, but the big question is whether they can make a deal with the devil Malema.

    In my opinion they should definitely align themselves with the EFF where the ANC only has a minority of the seats. The whole point of this election was DEFEATING THE ANC, so they should make the concessions necessary to oust the ANC in as many municipalities as possible.

    Dealing with an anti-White fanatic like Malema is never pleasant, but let's not forget who the real enemy is, and do everything in our power to remove them from office where they are vulnerable. A DA-EFF coalition trumps an ANC government every single time.

    1. Anonymous2:02 pm


      The IFP vote is quite interesting to me. I believe it is connected to what the King mentioned about the NATs and the old South Africa.

      I think we will still see fighting in those ANC/IFP wards in the coming months and the build up to the next 2018 election for sure.

      I want the EFF to win a few wards, they will stuff them up even worse than the ANC (hard to believe) and then the word will get out how corrupt/useless and unorganized they are.

      I think the EFF had a fast start, growth boom but that will fizzle out after they handle 1-3 municipalities.

      Time will now tell but I would also like to see if the EFF form coalitions with the ANC, this will be an indicator if the two will later work together.

  39. Anonymous6:35 am

    First things first, if the iEC was anc controlled how the fuck did the DA win Pretoria & PE ?

    Look at the anglo owned media how they are portraying the DA, one would swear they have won elections..lol bunch of bullshitters.

    The DA won two extra metros & they are claiming victory.

    I actually cannot wait to see the DA & EFF merge in a few metros to show their support bases how crooked they are but it may come down to a FF+ amalgamation with the DA, Mulder is a political whore & will merge with the DA racists who support AA & BEE.

    Maimane has said he will not purge civil servants in his wards ..lol so much for fighting corruption.

    The ANC are still firmly in control of SA, just goes to show how many still support the ANC.

    Cape party are a waste of time, I think Icosa & Karoo Gemeenskap Party fared better in the WC, Im guessing they are a DA front like Cope, to be used in future coalitions although it never came to this.

    The ANC have some major plans for SA in the next 3 years, expect some more destabilizing tactics, ie: mine strikes, riots, violence etc. for the DA supporters both on the ground & in strategic corporate positions, the ANC know who fund the DA.

    1. Could not have said it better myself.

  40. Anonymous10:16 am

    All you dumbos debating the political outcome are a bunch of idiots.
    Nothing will change no matter what the result. It's just a distraction to appease the masses - the foolish sheeple.

    Rise above this and seek out the bigger picture, the globalist agenda. Forget about this 'fleemarket' political charade.

  41. Your blue rectangle in the graph lies a little too much to the right. The average IQ of that lot is definitely below 100.

  42. Whiteman12:55 pm

    Thanks to all the contributors, for your interesting, and thought provoking inputs ! There is still going to be much more debate, until all the " election-dust " has settled down. I am biased towards the line of thought, that says this whole business, is just a shovel load of lying, treachery, corruption, and shameless bullshit ! But you still have to study your enemy carefully, so you can plan your own strategy more effectively. And then the Golden Rule : NEVER underestimate your enemy ! !

  43. Anonymous3:05 pm

    Malema was caught out voting for the ANC. He's claiming it was an accident, but seriously, how do you lead a radical party for years and not vote for it by mistake?

    Perhaps there is some truth to those who say he's secretly fulfilling an agenda for the ANC.

    Source: http://imzansi.co.za/julius-malema-accidentally-votes-for-anc/

  44. Anonymous8:55 pm


  45. Anonymous12:45 am

    You know what I appreciate about Mike's Blog? Around here you say what you want to say, Mike is even posting the enemies' posts for good measure. Not unlike the Marxist online news rubbish like N24 and co, who only allows white hating racists and enourmesly stupid SJW idiots (fresh with an useless social science degree) to post absolute crap dripping with self pity, excuses, ignorance and enferiotity complexes. Verwoerd (bitch must change her surname) and du preez are shining examples, allowing only some commenting that fits with their kak. Keep it going Mike, and post more of the enemies' kak, we want to rip into them.
    PS...Tjarcoal, jy is n' poes.


  46. Stephen4:34 am

    Hi Mike

    I'm so glad things are changing , I'm sure we all are.
    This madness we've been living with is drawing to an end and shaka and his ilk are shitting themselfs because they know their days are numbered.

    You see what shaka and his ilk don't understand , is that their beloved zuma was just a tool ( like Nebucatnezzer , oh but he won't know who that was either) ..

    The more people wake up to the thruth and start following Godly principles again , the less power this black plague will have over their lifes .
    See how just in a couple weeks the entire mood around camp has lifted , imagine what's gonna happen if we return to Gods ways in full .

  47. Anonymous8:24 am

    @ shaka, my booi, you have spewed so much shit today that you must stink like a sewer.

    Why don't you take over running the ANC and EFF, you're such a forceful and persuasive retard you will get all the votes, well that's the impression you're trying to give everybody here.

    You could be just like your hero juju with double ray bans underneath a cheap red meaningless beret.

    You most probably aids infested already so you're already on par there.

    So stop shouting off, go get your votes and then show us whiteys that you mean business. Chuck us out, put us on that ship or kill every single one of us as you have been promising.

    Come retard bantu booi, we are waiting for you to prove the shit that you spew.


  48. Anonymous11:38 am

    Hi Mike , based on your Factual Intellect , of it all but takes one to start a movement , which can grow in strength until dominant enough to rule. This Lady speaks exactly about that same kind of Raleigh of people to stand fast against Evil Domination in making.


  49. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Liberation movements in Africa do not and will not cede power without a fight (consult the record if you want). Simply put, the ANC cannot be voted out as a solution. Their core support base is militaristic and fanatical with hundreds of thousands of AK's, most buried in the trankei and ciskei. This is real power in Africa, NOT democracy. The ONLY way the ANC will be rid of is through war - a civil war. And THEY will cause it.

    As such the belligerents will be:

    1-ANC (Conventional forces, after desertion and officer defections, and up to 600 000 militia).
    2-IFP, the return of the King, in the election they just took back the entire Zululand and then some (up to 100 000 militia).
    3-EFF, mixed bag of scum bags just took 8% of the vote (up to 60 000 fyters).
    4-Boere, gat vol en die fokken moer in (20 000)

    Now 2 and 3 will be fighting 1 (fighting each other too depending on the exact location, typical African civil war). The Zulu will claim Natal, the ANC will want to keep the country, the EFF will want the country too, they will launch a guerrilla war against the ANC.

    Now the Boers: We will be fighting a defensive war (like always), against 1, 2 and 3 at different times and places. I will rather not speculate much further other than saying dat hulle gan kak!

    As for the Souties, we might not always get along or like each other very much, but hell boys, we will be in the same stinking trenches fighting the same fukken enemy.


    1. Anonymous9:12 pm

      Anon 4:02 Those odds are tipped too much in our favour. Give the blacks a chance why don't you? hehehe

    2. Anonymous5:57 am

      @ anon 4:03 PM brother I do not know where you find a soutie or a boer in my South Africa for when we bleed together you will my brother and I will not hear your taal and you will not hear language. We will be too focused on our goal.

      So scrap the boere and the soutie, those things we leave for politicians to bicker over after we have fought and won the war.


  50. Whiteman10:42 pm

    Anonymous 4:02 PM, I like your logic, clear thinking approach. I always find it strange, that people think the nignogs in the NSA, are different to the ones throughout Africa ? This is foolishness, in overdrive ! But we have a clue where it all started. During the 1994 period, many " spiritual leaders, " ( Also known as priests of Baal.), kept on telling us, that 80% of blacks were christians ! ! So the good christian whitey brothers and sisters, had no problem, to hand over their whole country, on a silver platter. And many of them, STILL have not seen the light. They discuss the politics of this land, as if they are dealing with highly intelligent, black christian brothers and sisters. To them, I can only say : Dream on, you white, brainless IDIOT !