10 August 2016

Sorting out the ANC's post election priorities

By Mike Smith
11th of August 2016

You know what I like about the ANC? They always have their priorities straight and sorted out.

South Africa is getting new car license plates

An official unemployment rate of 27%, in reality closer to 50%, and all they are worried about are new license plates…and renaming streets after their dead Communist terrorists. Brilliant!

Well, to be fair, Pretoria is DA now and the DA renamed streets in Cape Town…so maybe the DA don’t have their priorities straight either and we have nothing better to look forward to.

Nevertheless...Maybe I am just wrong. Maybe the ANC know exactly what their priorities are. Three days ago the British press reported, the ANC veteran coward who ran away from their hell camps and turned thieving corrupt bastard and Zupta crony, Kebby Maphatsoe, warned South Africa's white minority that they face 'uprising' and Zimbabwe-style land grab

Nothing new. They lost 9% in the election mainly to the EFF and now they blame the 9% whites in the country. It is not their own misrule, corruption, open theft, cronyism, lies and general inability to deliver on their promises…No…9% whites own 99% of all the land and occupy 99% of all their jobs and historically stole 99% of all their cattle and 99% of all their mudhuts and 99% of all their spears and 99% of their loin cloths they wore and 99% of all the other wealth they possessed.

Hell man, these racist whites with their evil colonialism and Apartheid stole 99% of their soles.

You know, I was actually looking forward to the time after the elections just so that the ANC’s blatant anti-white racist campaign and blame game could come to an end, but it seems as if it only kicked into high gear now.

It should be clear to the simplest of minds that out of the 9% (4 million) whites a quarter is children and another quarter is old people. Further, according to the BBC BBC: 400,000 whites live in shacks and Wendy houses in South Africa

It is statistically impossible that the whites can occupy all this land and all these jobs the ANC accuses them of, but it doesn’t matter how many facts, statistics and graphs you produce…it doesn’t matter how much you try to rebut the ANC lies with truth and logic, it will never be enough.

Do 40,000 whites own 80% of SA? The claim is incorrect

Blacks own 50% of all the land in SA not 13%

The distribution of land in South Africa: An overview

The fact and the reality is that the blacks LOVE to believe these lies. It feeds their hatred of whites and they love to hate… and therefore the ANC is so good at it. In fact it is the only thing the ANC is good at; fanning the flames of anti-white hatred.

Sometimes I find it unbelievable how much energy the ANC waste to find a scapegoat to blame for their own inadequacies and failures. Amazing how much energy they put into spreading their lies and hatred of whites. If only the ANC put so much energy into sorting out crime and governing properly; governing cleanly without corruption, without theft and appointed civil servants and sport teams on merit not on skin colour, they would probably find that 99% of whites would vote for them. No it is too difficult, too much effort to be normal and not corrupt. It is too difficult and too much effort NOT to steal, rape and murder. Too much effort to restrain and hold down that inner beast…and with the little bit of energy they have left…they change street names and number plates. The mind boggles.

Sometimes I just wish the ANC would stop talking and blaming and just be honest. They should stop trying to bullshit and just do what they want to do. We know the agenda. Who do they think they are fooling?

You know what? I am not a racist. I don’t like blacks to hate. I like to see blacks happy and smiling. So I fully support the ANC. When it comes to priorities you identify what is the most difficult thing to do and you tackle that first. Sort it out.

The ANC should just go out and take all the white farms, all the white homes, all the white jobs, all the white cars, all the white mines and all the white businesses, all the white banks and chase out all the whites from the country…and see if that will improve the lives of blacks and makes them smile, because the way it stands at the moment is that, as long as there is one white person in the country, occupying one job that a black could have, holding on to one grain of sand that should be in the possession of a black person…there will never be peace in the country. It is only when that last white person goes that blacks will stop hating and start smiling and be happy.


  1. Anonymous12:36 am

    Hulle doen dit stadig, sodat daar nie weerstand van binne of buite af is nie. Hulle het geduld. Ek het nie.
    Ek soek my Bloedrivier, maar dit lyk nie of ek hom gaan kry nie.
    Ek is jonk maar ek besef dat ons binnekort iets gaan moet doen voordat al die ooms wat op die grens geveg het te oud raak.
    Dis my ouers se skuld. Hulle het ja getem in die referendum. Hulle moet nou verandwoordelikheid aanvaar en hulle fout regmaak.


    1. Anonymous7:37 am

      Time is their plan. They will wait for the old generation to pass. Then the younger ones will be easy to conquer.

      They will be submissive and regretful of apartheid.

      The communist agenda has patience.

  2. Mike I am in full agreement. Why doesn't the scum just come out from behind their very thin veneer of hypocrisy so we can start rock 'n rolling. The white nation needs a wake-up call, desperately and I fear nothing short of a full scale onslaught will serve.

    The majority of our brethren are too blinkered to recognise this "Slow War" the cowardly scum are waging against us. As I said, yesterday, it's getting more and more difficult by the day to resist the temptation to just start taking them out at random; a la Barend "Wit Wolf" Strydom. Only my inherent good sense of the overwhelming odds [or cowardice?] at this stage prevents me from going cuckoo.

    1. Anonymous7:38 am

      Anyone know where Barend is these days?

    2. Anonymous7:39 am

      Hold on TT, it seems that you and guys like you can be of immeasurable value directing shit from C&C posts. You'll get your chance. BTW I know how you feel about going postal.

    3. Transvaler10:22 am

      Share your frustration. Just too many of them and not enough time.

      "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! "

      Wonder what their version of the 'Swapo Shuffle' looks like....

    4. Anonymous3:45 pm


      @Tomkat's Tribulations

      Boet use that intensity in waking our people up, the time will come but we need to be well prepared, its tough and you will be giving hope.

      You will do more good for our cause by letting everyone know, planting it in their heads, that no matter how long it takes, we will get it back.

      10 years, 50 years, 500 years, doesnt matter but we need to start planting that seed now. Where there is vision, the people prosper!

      Becalm! The time will come, they will start with us but end up killing each other. We really need to prepare now, all of us.

      Mentally and physically, be prepared for anything.

      For those overseas with some balls, you too could be preparing yourselves! We need at least 200k strong men & women now.

      Mike should really write about a post about preparation. I have a feeling things fall apart very fast now in South Africa.
      Watch & see what the ANC do when they feel or sense that there might be some chance of them losing a future election.

      Eastern Europe & Europe, look there and you will see how much time we have left according to Van Rensburg.



    5. I hear you, Ninja, my brother, and of course you are right, but moer, it's getting difficult to maintain my cool! The frustration is not only due to the Kaffirs arrogance, but also our fellow Whites indifference and blind ignorance. We have a lot of educating to do.

      Anon 7:38 The Wit Wolf lives in a two-storey clinker brick house next to the Pta / K'dorp highway about halfway between Verwoerdbug [fuck Centurion] and Diepsloot.

      Anon 7;39 That's what I am scared of, that I won't be around anymore when the party starts. Shit, I don't want to miss that! Got to finish the job we started and were prevented from finishing by the traitors.

      Transvaler, brother, no we definitely won't go fucking quietly into the night.
      Ons vir jou Suid Afrika!

  3. This has just been announced as being a hoax! I don't believe that this is in fact a hoax. Bet they will re-announce it at a more opportune point in time!


    1. @ Neighbour...No mate, I see the are now backtracking on the hoax story. It is not a hoax at all and they indeed plan to change the number plates. This is turning into a a total embarresment for the useless ANC again. Everything they touch is a fuck-up. Everything they say is a lie. Check the latest here.


  4. Anonymous12:48 am

    Whites own over 80% of the land and control over 95% of the economy. Blacks only own 3% of the companies listed in JSE. All these inequalities are unfair. We also want the land and all of it is taken by minorities who are not willing to share it with us. The only option left will be blood because the rest of Africa is freed from the chains of bondage apart from South Africa where majority are still landless. All of Africa own their stock exchanges apart from South Africa where majority still do not have control over their market. Mugabe's people are proud of living in hunger for as long as they have their land back.

    1. Anonymous7:43 am

      Take your bullshit stories and fuck off, take your complaints to the Bankers and the Elite sitting in Europe you fuck. Can't you see you are being played like a dumb cunt you are. See Zimbabwe for a nice example of what you claim will happen when ALL the land belongs to you.

      But if you still feel so inclined, come and take my shit you fuck, come.

    2. Then bring it on kaffir boy, declare war.! Do what you need to do, and do it quickly.!

      "Mugabe's people are proud of living in hunger for as long as they have their land back." - and you ask why we call you stupid ignorant kaffirs.??

    3. Anonymous9:03 am

      @ anon 12:48 AM. Why do you beg little booi, is it your nature to beg and cry and moan?

      I think so, you are weak, your species is pathetic, you are the dreggs of creation the mistake in the universe, you are the cripple without a crutch, the runt in the litter.

      You cry foul for everything that you are unable to do, you blame others for all you failures, you make excuses for your inabilities.

      You retards think we owe you, you think that the whites will continue to give. You want and want and want and when you do not get you sulk and cry and complain. Your petulance is as immature as your understanding, your development as retarded as your intelligence.

      If you so believe this is your why do you not take it, fight for what you want, take what is rightfully yours. Why ask and beg and cry foul.

      You retards claim a proud history of everlasting struggle, you recognise great men from you imaginary struggle and fight for freedom that did nothing more than join a party of terrorist, thieves and thugs, you idolised men and women that murdered their own so that they might intimidate others and satisfy their hunger for power and increase their greed.

      Come oh proud and regal retard show us your courage, stand forth and bring your spear of justice, your retribution to ills. I challenge you, I dare you.

      Stop you moaning, stop your pitiful cry of self imposed misery, come and release yourself from the yoke of slavery and theft that the white population of this southern most country of the continent has perpetrated against you. Stand forth you and your retarded clan and take what is yours.

      Show us your dark pride, not in cowardly ways of slaughtering the old and feeble the woman and child.

      Bring your battle into those that are worthy of the pride that you claim to have

      I beg of you show me the pride of your species that I may finally call you a foe of integrity and honour for to date I can only call you and your species terrorist, thieves, murders and despicable.


    4. Anonymous10:09 am

      Blacks own Africa, which is disproportionately larger than Europe. All we want is for greedy blacks to share fairly with the rest of the Europeans.

      Greedy Simian POES...

    5. Anonymous10:10 am


      Please could you supply some links / information to your allegations / thoughts. Facts are amazing things, we can then have a platform to work off.

      All I saw up in Africa was the opposite of what you describe.


    6. Swartman, jy kan niks met jou stuk grond doen sonder 'n inkomste nie. Jy het 'n werk nodig sodat jy eers selfrespek kan kry. Maar nee, jy moet mos steel. Jy sal ook nooit respek he vir enige iets nie want jy soek en kry als verniet en dink noggal dat jy dit verdien!? Eish, aikona!

    7. Anonymous1:45 pm

      Anon 12:48 is a troll. Come on guys, by this time you should know the difference btw shit stirrers and idiots like the village idiot sharka and his kind.


    8. Anonymous3:34 pm


      Typical kaffir, dont get mad just dont show mercy.

      Think they are smart, think because they outnumber us we will roll over - without whitee you dumb kaffir ape, there would be no land, no JSE, all those things the white man introduced you to doff ape.

      Kaffir go back to the bush up North!

    9. Anonymous7:40 pm

      @Anonsense 12:48 AM

      "Mugabe's people are proud of living in hunger for as long as they have their land back."

      BLCN 7:55AM is absolutely right. You lot are as dumb as shit. What's the point of having land and fuck all to eat? How the hell can people be proud to live in hunger?

      Farm land always turns to shit in your incapable hands.

    10. Anonymous5:36 am

      @Anonymous12:48 AM: The Government Employee Pension Fund is worth around R1.6 trillion and is a defined benefit fund, which means that members get retirement benefits based on the number of years worked. In theory, this is an extremely valuable benefit because the fund has to make up shortfalls to pensioners if the markets go down.

      However, the ANC diverts money from the PIC - where most GEPF money is held - into upliftment schemes for the already rich (this is called "corruption"); this money just disappears. Ngaphezu kwalokho, many government employees quit their jobs to get their hands on their pension fund money - often entrusting the proceeds to sangomas. So they wind up with less years of uninterrupted service after they have been fleeced by the sangomas and go back to work. Black people need to educate themselves better in finance. Unisa is a great place to get a financial education. I suggest you start there. I learned Zulu by correspondence at Unisa. Thank you!

    11. Anonymous6:42 am

      I'd rather live in poverty but for as long as I own the land that our forefathers used to own. I am even prepared to die for it just like my forebears died fighting for this land. Zimbabwean are truly proud to own their land today.

    12. Anonymous6:56 am

      Boere Ninja- Kenya has its own stock exchange and so is Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, et al owned by majority of its people. Now these people are laughing at us because they see us as weak in our own country where everything is dominated by minority. Go to Europe or America where majority are white and see who is controlling the economy there. Minority controls almost nothing in those countries and so why does it have to be vice versa in South Africa where minority rules everything and majority just remain economic slaves? That has to change. If you look at the richest people in South Africa, they all have white faces with only one black person, Patrice Motsepe. That has to change.

    13. Jy is maar vokken dof ne. Please understand that the stock exchange is, you guessed it, a white man's invention and was introduced and are still in the broader spectrum managed by white bankers in Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia. You lot cannot do maths so without the white brains backing those exchanges it will in reality just not work..

      And in case you didn't know. Patrice Motsepe is just a yes man and a puppet. The Super Boere are in charge and always will be...

  5. Anonymous1:07 am

    Whites should just get the ball rolling & make it easier on themselves.
    The DA cannot help them, they are in an alliance with the EFF.
    Whites should put pressure on majority white countries & leave this dump as refugees & exiles.
    There is no future for whites in South Africa, the ANC are majority party, the last elections have proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    1. Anonymous7:44 am

      And leave my country of birth? Never!

    2. Anonymous8:29 am

      Anon 1:07 AM As a "runner" of over 20 years I strongly agree with you. Mostly I do not miss S.A. at all, especially the Blacks but also the counterproductive Afrikaans - English conflict that is still evident today. Life for me here is far more rewarding than it is likely to have been in S.A. Whites will rule Southern Africa in due course (Nicolaas van Rensburg and also rational analysis) but the immediate outlook for White South Africans is extremely grim in my view. Tom

    3. Anonymous10:10 am

      Oh look. A Runner. Fuck off and dont come back

    4. 1:07 & 8:29 I agree with 7:44. Never! This land gave me the life I've lived and it was a lekker life; Bush War, etc., and all until the ungodly were gifted into power. So, if I have to give my life so that future generations can again have the life we had, so be it.

      I meant it, all those thousands of times I sang, "Ons sal lewe, ons sal sterwe," I was prepared to do it in the '70's & '80's so why would anything be different now?

      I went to an English school and we only ever sang "Die Stem" [in Afrikaans] never the English version. The English / Afrikaans conflict is fast becoming a thing of the past anyway. There are many Afrikaners who can't be classed as Boere and there are many English who can. Just look at the guys on this blog: Boere LaCosa Nostra, Donycero, JP Viljoen, LTMA and many Anons. We share the same sentiments as the Ninja and other Boere.

      Siener referred to the English Boere as "Die Sybokke" [Angoras]. He saw that there would be many of us siding with our Afrikaans brothers in the interests of saving and reclaiming our country and birthright.

      Faith, boys, faith, is all the advice I can offer you. Stop being so despondent and get ready to come back and lend a hand in "The Extermination of the Parasite."?

  6. Anonymous1:43 am

    Everybody? wait! only the white sane visionaries NOT the retards, libcunts, ragheaded bum runners, self exploding nut cases, palastine hugging queers, skid mark runner boys and polony injecting fudge packers.

    Right now to my question, when the shit hits the fan not IF but WHEN.

    Has anybody though of an emergency RVs?

    Chaps we are down in numbers an will need to gather together for some sort of exfil in an organised and orderly manner.

    So now can we at least set tags for areas where we can gather and exfil?

    A chicken without a head is a dead chicken.


    1. Anonymous7:46 am

      I'm in Jobug, my plan is to move South as soon as SHTF, or if I'm called upon.

    2. RunForrestRun11:06 am

      LOL, you are so funny (and not in a haha way). I'm picking you have never had a lasting relationship or a single good friend in your life. Probably no children either.

    3. Anonymous1:48 pm

      "Lol"...so gay to use that in a post..

    4. Anonymous8:50 pm

      @ rfr 11:06 AM, cowardly heart are you hiding behind your wife and children again? Shame you no man, you are a disgrace, you are the drunks puke laying on the side walk.

      How can you call yourself a man? you cowardly thing, you are the arse licker, the yes man, you are the one that sends the woman to investigate while you crawl under the bed, fuck! You are a horrible creature, you truly make me sick

      Grow some balls and stop offering your arse as a cunt to other queers like you.

      You're sick, you come here and use your family as an excuse to justify your cowards game. Fuck off arse cunt you stench the cowards reek.


    5. LTMA. Bud, Suidlanders has RV's mapped out all across the country.

      Anon 7:46 - Run south and west. Remember, Siener said Prieska, or thereabouts?

    6. Anonymous8:49 pm

      TT, mass congregation does not appeal, small sections, fast moving, tactical thinking, hit run, circle back,

      Too many bodies make easy killing and mass graves.

      Everybody moving South will need protection so some have to stay to create the diversion and be the TITS or JRs.


  7. Anonymous1:56 am

    Usually a honeybee would tune in on "Honeysuckle rose", but what else can we expect from the ANC blue bottles other than tuning in on "Turdsuckle rose"

  8. Dawid2:39 am

    Even if we give them everything, they will still not be happy. That is why they are invading Europe at the moment - if there is any white person somewhere who might potentially own something a black might be interested in, they will want that too. Their culture is one of 'gimme, gimme', breaking and thieving, not of building.

    1. Anonymous7:47 am

      That's right. Make a stand. They will fall. Stand fast.

  9. Anonymous2:52 am

    It is so ironic that Pravin is thinking about a so called "wealth tax" to generate more revenue to uplift th poor and that kak. For fuck sakes man, it is not rocket science to figure out where the real problem is; CORRUPTION AND MALADMINISTRATION. A conservative estimate is that close to R30 billion is just plainly stolen by the ANC comrades each year since 1994. Then there is the tenderpreneurs. Then there is the over bloated civil service (the only way the communist ANC can create jobs and a tell tale sign of a failed government, just check the size of other failed african countries' civil services). Then there is the arms deal, nkandla et et . Then there is the total failure of the educational system to produce educational people. The list is long. But the poor whitey, who has the ability and will to generate wealth out of virtually fuck all, is blamed for every fucking thing that goes wrong in this country, we are accused of white privilage, white monopoly capital et. But who created the wealth out of fuck all in the first place? Was there anything in sa when we came here? NO!!!
    The only plausible solution is a white homeland, where we can just move and join the 21st century club. The rest can fuck off and go and do their own thing.

    PS..go fuck yourself in advance Shaka


  10. Exactly Mike. I always repeat this. They hate us. They are the real racists even from the time we first met them it was them who hid in the bushes then came to rape and kill the Boer woman and children.

    Apartheid wasnt there to oppress them it was there to keep us safe.

    Its not about jobs, food or land. They take the land then sell it back to whites then they just start at the top again claiming we have all the land.

    It is the nature of the parasite. Like you said. Just one white is one to many for them. There is no use in uplifting them or donating to their charities. They can never have enough.

    It is consume, consume, consume as much as you can till the resources are depleted.

    When the west turns its back on this dark continent they will return to their canibalistic ways eating each other again.

    1. Anonymous7:45 am

      It's such a pity that history will repeat itself in SA. Dingaan betrayed the whites and slaughtered them. His spirit did it again in 1994. The slaughter part is just taking a little longer.
      The whites have been betrayed due to their good, trusting nature

    2. Anonymous3:32 pm


      They have always hated us, apartheid was a kind solution to their hatred. Next time, no more kindness, no more mercy.

      We know without a doubt.

      Every century they have tried to get rid of us in this country since we arrived, time to end that cycle now.

      Time to do what should have been done centuries ago. Either they will do it or we will, peace is a dream in this place with this lot.

      Without them, there will be peace. Without us, they will never know peace and will eat each other like in Zimbabwe and probably trek us down to come live off us in another country.

  11. Anonymous3:20 am

    Mikey wishful thinking, the blame game will never stop. They will build museums and monuments of Apartheid, but the blaming game will never stop. These blacks are incapable of facing the fact that they are inferior compared to whites when it comes to building up and solving problems and moving forward.

    How dare you insinuate that they let go of their only crutch? You ressis, lolz.

    The whole world knows this truth is seems except the liberal satanic narrative.

  12. When blacks come over here to Britain no one bothers them. My husband was buying shoes in Sandy Row Belfast. The attendant that served us was as black as coal. I enquired as to where he was from, he said Zimbabwe. He told harrowing tales of uncle Bob and how his Mother had told him life was better under the whites.
    Sandy Row is a completely 100% Protestant community, who don't like outsiders. Blacks are non existant so he would have been viewed as strange.
    He was given a job a house and nobody bothers him.
    How sad that our fellow whites in Zimbabwe were not reciprocated the same.
    Should the people in Sandy Row ever find out about how the white community were treated he would be given his marching orders.
    Africa is a million miles away to this insular community.
    To the blacks in SA you are writing your death warrant. You need the whites. You do wether or not you want to admit it you do. You need their-expertise their brain power, name me one thing that was ever invented by you's.

    WWW is a white mans invention and none of us can live without it.
    I know you have been disadvantaged, when I read that the ANC was coming out with such nonsense about the ancesters if you voted DA.
    Get real start changing you're attitude, ANC did nothing for its own kind and have treated the small poor ethnic minority very badly. Nelson Mandela must be turning in his grave.

    1. Anonymous7:51 am

      Isn't if funny, you have affirmative action everywhere in the world for minorities, but as soon as whites become the minority they are still subjected to AA.

      Even though whites are the real minority in terms of all the races worldwide we get to carry these people who want to displace and destroy us. Why?

    2. Norma, "Nelson Mandela must be turning in his grave."? Dear Lady, please believe me, he was the chief architect of this genocide being waged against the Whites.

      All his "reconciliation talks" were pure bullshit designed to fool the libtards of the world. And he succeeded, admirably. He was a super salesman, I'll give him that because everybody [me included, for a while] swallowed his crap.

  13. Anonymous4:27 am

    "It is only when that last white person goes that blacks will stop hating and start smiling and be happy."

    They will smile all for a few months, after the dust settles and all the sanctions have been applied, all the food has been consumed. (They think food is expensive now)

    The total collapse of the RSA will send one mother of a shock wave right through Africa. Of course none of our neighbours produce enough food to help out, it will just drag them deeper into the shit.

    Many opportunities shall present themselves during this time.


    1. Anonymous7:53 am

      The difference is that the blacks can live in a very basic tribal way that we whites could never do.

      We believe that a ruined economy/ monetary system will bother them. No it won't. It will only affect a small 'westernised' minority of them. The masses won't care. They will continue to steal, rape and pillage. Happiness, lawlessness and freedom - the barbaric way.

    2. Anonymous10:36 pm

      Speak for yourself boet!

      I don't have any services where I live, no lights, water fuck all from the government. I installed my own services.

      Everyone should simplify their lives as in the future it will be forced.

      Mad Max is coming worldwide.

      Yes it will bother them as there is no buffer country now. RSA has always been the safety net.


    3. How do you think the boers survived. They did not get pap and grants from the government and cried about not having toilets. They build it themselfs.

      I have no problem surviving of the land. On the other hand i believe blacks are far worse off living of the land than whites. Take away the grants and they will eat each other.

      Their ability to apear as if they can live a basic tribal way is overated. Pap on the fire is not basic. Take away the pap produced by whites and they will fail tremendously.

    4. Anonymous1:54 am

      I agree with you, TP. We should all start to be as self-sufficient as we can for when the day comes that we have no more running water, electricity or ways to fuel our vehicles. I'm drying seeds from all fruit and vegetables before I cook them. I replant them during the right season. All of us, even those in white squatter camps can do that. Even if there is just one tiny piece of land available, use it. If there's a war those extra vegetables, those saved-up cans, candles and matches and even that extra water bottle will make a difference. Also, I read an article earlier on where farmers are encouraged to take poor white families onto their farms, thus providing a bit more security in numbers when a farm attack occurs,but also helping those families. I also hope to see the day that we offer the positions of nannies, domestic workers and gardeners only to our own nation. It would significantly reduce the number of people who die or get robbed at the hands of their employees. You can't trust the enemy inside your house as long as they are still all carrying around this hatred against us for an apartheid era that most of us haven't even been a part of. At the moment though, being separate and supporting only our own nation, seems to be the safest way forward.

    5. Anonymous3:57 am

      @anon 7:53

      I suggest you read the book "The sheltering desert"
      by Henno Martin.

      Two German geologists and their dog go AWOL in Namibia as they were scared of getting called up for WW2. They ducked into the desert for a few years. Very good read and it shows us whities are a resilient bunch.


  14. Anonymous5:05 am

    Aha Mike, you are eventually starting to see reason. The only solution for sane whites is to leave. Otherwise one will go to the grave in bitterness with this battle.

    There is no future for whitey in SA. Sorry LTMA but your struggle will be in vain. And there will be no one to call you a hero and erect a statue in your honour.

    The reason I read this blog is because I was forced to leave SA and miss the old SA terribly but I was wise enough to see that there was no future for whites there.


    1. Anonymous7:52 am

      Your little corner is next.

    2. I'll stay, thanks.

      At least if I die, I will do so in honour while you're sipping your glass of wine being a coward, living the rest of your life as a runner happily ever after..... And please.! Don't tell your friends when the SHTF how much you wan't to come back and fight, and how you will annihilate the enemy with your superior Rambo training you had in the army..

      No one here is planning on running so you can stop trying to shove that idea around here. Now please don't let us bother you any further.

    3. Anonymous9:08 am

      @ anon 5:05 AM. Trying to appease your diseased soul again are you little runner boy?


    4. Anonymous3:28 pm


      A coward dies a thousand deaths.

      We here till the end! If you dont like, dont come back!

      Things are turning already, those who know can see the signs.

      Those who know should be prepared and grooming all those around them.

      Whether it takes 15 years, 100 years, 500 years, no matter when or how, along the lines, that which is due to the white man in this country will come back into his hands but this time with even more than before.

      These things cant rule, their days are numbered.

    5. Anonymous7:56 pm

      @ BLCN 8:15 AM listen not to this cowardly fool who fills these pages with his traitors verse, he is a cowardly heart that seeks to appease his soul by selling his fear to those he knows he cannot match.

      These are those that the picture in the post depicts, these are those that leave a life but will save a possession, these are those that run from the fight.

      It is not strange that they remain on this blog, they try to sell their new country to us that wish to be here, they call us stupid and moronic, they have labelled us loser and ignorant yet the super intelligent runners remain on this site, you have to ask why?

      Why would somebody that knows they are consider weak in being, bankrupt in integrity, coward in nature and swift in retreating feet continue to post on a site where they know the are despised and their views are opposite?

      You see these runners that post here are coward to the core, they were born scared they ran because they cannot go bravely into the awaiting night.

      These runners are the true enemy for the libcunt stands for what they believe, the retard too. These runner they have no belief just a need to try sell their cowardice to the brave, they cannot raise the bar to meet your integrity BLCN they need to try bring you to their level of life.

      They will tell you how wonderful their new land is and how great a life they have there, they forget to tell you that the people of that land despise them too, they tell you that they have a South African expat group of friends and how it almost feels like home, that is the home the deserted in fear.

      They tell you they want to mix with the fellow runner in shoes but the truth is the people of that land do not want them there, the residents of those lands know that these are the cowards from our shores and that the ran from the fight.

      They are the despicables, the lepers in their colony, these are the asylum seekers, the scorned and homeless ones for they might have residence permits and citizenships but they have no home they are not welcomed in foreign lands and they are not welcomed in their birth land.

      So listen not to the cowardly cry for it seeks to sow division in your unity, it seeks to make you doubt yourself but most of all the voices that utter these deceiving lies seek only to find solace for their ailing souls.

      These are not men, they wish to be but will never be. They are the whores of society, they are the cancer of cultures. I liken these to the traitors of old that sold out their country, their people and their faith for those silver coins and 15 seconds of fame.


    6. LT. I hear you brother.

      I think it's the guilt of being alone and leaving your fellow men behind talking. I do respect if a Father want's to leave out of concern for his family's safety, but don't out of guilt try and run down the people who decide to stay and fight. Rather use your resources ( talking about the runners ) to help and assist those who are left behind than to critisize their choice of staying. Most people abroad are actually doing fuck all for us here except shouting from their balconies trying to expose our so called ignorance for our choice to stay. I do thank the rest of the people abroad making a difference and standing up for the whites of SA, I know there's a few out there. Thanks brothers.!

      But ja. I'm married with no kids ( obvious why ) and my wife knows we are staying and riding this storm out.

      To me it's simple... And it goes like this.. God my creator doesn't make mistakes.!. When He sent my family here 350 years ago it was done so through His divine planning. Each generation here was planned before the foundations of the earth was laid. He, God, knows the end from the beginning. His a master architecht and designer and I was destined to be a white South African living my life here for the time He decided it to be. I'm staying thanks.

    7. Anonymous11:58 pm

      LTMA, you really should tone down your anger and disgusting language. Don't hit back with more of the same. Take some advise and act maturely. Your language is the same as the actions of the savages.

      Another way to view the 'runner' is to understand that they no longer prop up this thieving government with their taxes. They are actually contributing to a quicker downfall of the government this way. Unlike those who stay - feeding the parasite with their taxes.

      No one really wanted to leave. You don't know their circumstances so stop the hate speech. There is tremendous anger with the whites on both sides - 'runners' and 'remainers'.

      Let's rather combine this energy and jointly face the real enemy.


    8. I will stay thank you very much.

    9. It seems dear Runner that wherever your are this shit is coming to you, eventually. So you going to have to run again and again and again, and then one day soon there will be nowhere left to run.

    10. Runner @ 11:58 I hear what you're saying, but let's get the terminology right? We're Boere and "Bittereinders", not just "remainers"! Smile?

      To Dony, LT, BN, BLCN, JP, TP, McM, Heinrich and all other Anon Boere [pls excuse me, those I've missed] , I've got your backs, Brothers.

      There's a woman, Louise, who makes "Vierkleur" flags to pay her rent. her contact no: 071 639 2500. Let's support her people and start unifying.

      I won't publish her surname or town, to protect her anonymity, but let's give her our support, please Manne?

  15. Anonymous5:28 am

    No Mike with the mouth they will be saying that it is because of the legacy of the white man, that's why they will forever be on the bones of the their kwashiorkor arse's, while with the begging bowl clutching hands receiving food and NGO money from Europe and Canada/USA.

  16. Anonymous5:37 am

    Mike, I think you made a mistake with your last sentence.Do you really be!ieve they will be happy and smiling after the last white had left?

  17. Anonymous5:59 am


    They fucked up and got paid to fuck up, now they don't have a job because they fucked up and will get paid more money so it doesn't hurt their feelings.

    Certainly got their priorities right.

  18. Anonymous7:01 am

    The ANC have truly lost touch with reality. Their senior officials no longer live in the real world and their arrogance and disdain was visible during their LGE 2016 campaign. Free T-shirts and a chicken no longer cut it with their supporters. There are now too many "clevers" in the townships/informal settlements and these suckers want more. Promises were made and those promises need to be kept.

    Its no secret that SARS has run out of money. The"gravy train is too bloated and is now grinding to a halt". New taxes will be implemented and the whites will be targeted. I have no doubt that they will start plundering pension funds and the possibility of nationalization may well be implemented. Add to this the back door deals that will be made with the Chinese, etc. not to mention a spike in crime; you can be certain that our country is on a bumpy ride into hell.

    There is also the pending battle between the Zuma & Ramaphosa factions over the control of the ANC. With our diverse black populace we are going to see major tribal conflict.

    We are a rudderless ship heading towards a civil war.

    1. Anonymous7:59 am

      We are allready in a civil war since 1994, check the murder and rape stats. The war is just camouflaged as "ordinary crime". Wake the fuck up.


  19. Anonymous7:55 am

    The biggest problem with whites living in SA is that they continue to think as whites.

    1. Anonymous1:51 pm

      Huh??? No, we continue to think as 1st world people.

    2. Anonymous1:14 am

      That was my first thought but I think he suggest we fight fire with fire or African style - corruption, murder, and rape with corruption, murder and rape.

    3. Anon114.

      I beg to differ Mate. That approach will bring you down to their level. Corruption, murder and rape is not our culture, and let's say we do fight it like that and win we will sit with a 'vrot' bunch of people in the next generation who will do the same to their own people.. White on white..

      Gain understanding and gain wisdom for therein lies true value.

  20. Anonymous8:20 am


    The priority of a parasite.

    In biology/ecology/humanity, parasitism is a non-mutual symbiotic relationship between species & races, where one species or race, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host.

    In South Africa it has been like this from day 1. suck us dry, kick us out, cry for us to come back and feed them.

    Only parasites act like this.

    First one that comes to mind is a tick.

    Sucks you dry, gives you disease, you pull it off, throw it away and it cries for more. You leave it to do its job, you die and it cries for more or looks for a new host.

    Traditionally parasite (in biological & racial usage) referred primarily to organisms or in our case those that walk on hind legs are visible to the naked eye, or macroparasites (such as helminths).

    Parasites can be microparasites or macroparasites.

    This one is a gigantic parasite!

    I have a solution when the times comes...

    For traitors & the parasite. The traitors use the parasite to suck us dry and yet grin like they are making progress like that thing Zille.

    Only happy when whitee is sucked dry!

    Dont worry people, the wheel turns and when it does - no more crying about the white man, we have seen what they do, how they treat us and how they steal from us.

    1. Ninja the funny thing is our forefathers experienced the same things but somehow we had forgotten or lost the knowledge of their endless savgery. Not us on here so much but the majority of our nation is in denile.

      Fortenately we have tech now and can document their behavior properly for future generations to be shooled with.

      The ultimate remedy would be total extermination of the parasite so that our seed will never have to be in this situation again.

    2. Anonymous2:13 am

      BN :It will Die when the Host repels it or Dies. These days Looking at Europe the Parasite is dug in Deep .

  21. Anonymous9:47 am

    Check this out:

    Community kills traditional healer over ‘witchcraft’

    Community members set the woman’s house alight and killed her with an axe.

    This is stuff from the dark ages (no pun intended). What is really interesting though is this statement:

    'It is not unusual in Zulu culture to wait a considerable time to take revenge.'

    22 years????


  22. “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” (’When injustice is law, rebellion is duty")

  23. Anonymous12:40 pm

    If I was Zuma, I would re-employ all whites in key positions, especially SAA, ESKOM, SARS and ministers in govermunt.
    I would wrap white people in cotton and give them freedom of the towns they live in.
    The money these guys would generate and the job opportunities would be endless. I would use the Small Development Corp., African Bank as well as Brics Bank to finance white guys to open shop. They in turn would produce and employ; and income taxes and VAT will come rolling in.
    Mmmm..... maybe I should stop dreaming or change my name to Alice in Wonderland.


  24. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Oh my goodness!!!
    I am utterly disgusted by these racist blacks
    How on earth do they think they will survive without the white people?
    Those people are like retards !
    They cannot survive without the good old-fashioned white baas
    I am so glad I don't have to wake up every day to a monkeys face
    Al dra n aap n goue ring...bly hy nog steeds n LELIKE DING!= A monkey in silk ..is a monkey no less?

    1. Anonymous12:03 am

      Again, a white thinking like a white. Thinking like a white in SA will only lead to frustration.

  25. Anonymous1:09 pm

    I don't hate blacks..I despise them ...fucking life-rapists

    1. Transvaler2:34 pm

      I don't hate them - hate implies some feeling/emotion. What I feel is actually worse ... nothing - nada - zilch - niks.

  26. When thinking about the rivalry here in South Africa (between black and white), and the rest of the world for that matter, I always recall Disney's: The Lion King (ironically released in 1994)... What a great film it is. I just love the symbolic undertone and the parallel truths in it. Especially how it signifies good vs evil, order and chaos, and the battle of white vs black of the animal kingdom.

    In the wild you have the hunters (lions) and the scavengers (hyenas). The same goes for us, you have the whites who will hunt (human terms: create, provide and sustain), and to balance it you have the blacks who will scavenge (steal.... from the whites). In the wild it always takes a hole group of hyenas to challenge the lion. Sound familiar? The cowardly blacks always scavenge in groups in fear of the white man. It's in a zot's nature to be treacherous and envious and to depend on the whiteman. Why do you think they were born with a black hide in the first place!? It's camouflage, duh!!

    Face it, the houtkop is a creature of the night. Same goes for the rest of their appearance and physique. They all look the same, they're not like us with different types of facial characteristics like hair and eye colour... They just have the usual: kaal or korrelkop, dagga-red-brown eyes (dark from hate) and thick lucky lips to round it off. They all look the same so you won't be able to identify them if you need to! Al the zot have to do is get to the nearest township or shebeen and IT is "home free", you'll never catch IT! Also, Sam, Phillemon or Sipho can outrun a white man any day! This entire disguise and physical setup is the way nature chose to ensure the zot's survival as a specie, without it (or us) they're dooomed!

    They will be far better off if they just give the country back to us so we can get back to providing and they be what nature intended. It's just more comfortable that way.

    1. Anonymous5:51 am

      Lol GG, I hear you and understand your motivations. But hell man, I want nothing more to do with them actually. I don't hate them per-say and could care less what they are doing, just leave me out of it. They have shown us all the true intentions the past 20 odd years and no thank you, I want no part in this. Please mr black man just leave us alone.

  27. Anonymous9:51 pm


    The infant mind of the darkie...

  28. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Mike, the land issue in Africa has always been the argument of this retarded species.

    They only want to own it, not work it, the want the white man to hire it from them and develop it and work it.

    This allows them to control the whites and cheat and steal as they please because contracts are a Western culture and Africans do not have contracts and therefore do not see a contract as binding.

    They use these arguments to justify their criminality, they are thieves and the know it but they want to be considered as honest and upstanding at the same time so they try manipulate the situation so the the white looks like the cunt.

    Look at AA,EE and BEE its just a smoke screen for theft and skulduggery these creatures are made to steal and cheat and lie that is why nothing good ever comes from something they touch.

    Their inferiority makes them destructive and dishonest.

    Even CR with all his billions he did not make that money its was giving to him by the white owned companies that gave him shares because they were forced to otherwise there would have been consequences.

    The land issue is as old as when the first white man left the castle and headed for the hinterland by ship or by wheel and foot.

    These retards were always giving land then claiming it back and denying contracts and agreements, I do not know why I am telling you this because you know more about it than I do but thanks for let me vent.

    So to get to my point, they will always cry land and theft and their other weak excuses for their inferiority, best thing is to get them to act on their threats so that we can finish the game.


    1. Anonymous11:07 pm


      You are correct. I have land reform right around me...They don't live in the farm houses, they already destroyed established orchards and pastures.

      From what I hear is that some are keen to sell / rent.

      What I also find strange is that they grossly under pay their staff, R500 per month! Nothing gets said.

      "Master, larnie of Meneer ek soek werk"

      If they loathe us so much why do they constantly beg us for money, food and lastly jobs. (in that order)


    2. Anonymous12:09 am

      Wow LTMA. So you can talk without using disgusting language. Didn't recognise you until the end.

    3. Anonymous5:53 am

      anon 12:09 it's all relative man

    4. Anonymous7:57 am

      @TP 11:07PM

      "If they loathe us so much why do they constantly beg us for money, food and lastly jobs. (in that order)"

      The parasite hates three things: free markets, free will, & free men
      – Andrew Ryan. (via fyeahbioshock)

  29. Anonymous11:44 pm


    Well done dumb DA voters...look what you have done.
    Go to bed with the enemy...you are the enemy.
    Never could trust a kaffir, even a religious one.

    1. Even religious kaffirs still slaughter animals on the side and pray to ancestors. They are fake parasites pretentious creatures even the most modest of ones they are simply more talented in pretending.

  30. Another good piece of sane writing uncle Mike. If only people can grasp this principle of priorities first life here would be much so different, and much better.

    But in the reality of kaffir land priorities goes like this. Eet, naai, slaap en steel...

  31. Anonymous2:08 am

    It seems to be a World Phenomenon that to simulate the FOUNDERS , then take over from them , the Arabs copied the Bible then created the slogan our God is Greater , same as the scenario in SA, copied the Whites then took over from them , we still had to teach them only to be replaced (dispensable Jobs) indispensable Jobs were also replaced for disastrous outcomes. The reality lies in the CORE , where endurance of performance eventually shows.

  32. Whiteman2:09 am

    There is a line of thought, that if bus loads of " war veterans " start occupying farms in this country, the white/black war will start. Why am I not convinced ? It sure did not happen in Zim ? There has been spontaneous support, and unity among many farmers after some farm murders. This is absolutely wonderful ! But it can not be compared, to open armed resistance, and bloodshed against black barbarians, belonging to the anc, or EFF etc. What every farmer must ask himself/herself, is, am I willing to die for my neighbours farm ? Especially after his workers stole my sheep, cattle, tractor battery etc. These are all things, worthy of debate. But I also see another possibility. Should there be a " farm showdown, " and a sizeable number of whites get killed, it could put fire to the powder keg, and this could cause a VERY BIG explosion. Because there are MANY patriots in this country, who are completely GATVOL, and want to fight it out, ONCE AND FOR ALL ! I believe they will decend on this " hotspot, " from all the corners of this country, and maybe even the world. AND THE SHIT WILL FLY !

    1. Anonymous4:21 am


      Sometime back there was sadly a farm murder in my area. Farmers organized fixed wing planes, helicopters and bakkies. They surrounded the piece of shit and caught him. (Quickly)

      This is the point that we really need to show support for each other. Instead of the normal "Im fine Jack attitude"

      Its horrible to say but it will happen again that a farmer gets killed, when that happens we should all go outside the courts and show our support and say enough is enough. If we do nothing it will just keep happening. Yes I could go and do it by myself, however that wont have much effect as say 2-300 people.

      Alternatively we should have a law like some states in the USA where trespassers can be air conditioned without any questions.

    2. Whiteman9:25 am

      Anonymous 4:21 AM, we have tried the nice christian methods for twenty two years now. The sms protests, the letters to the newspapers, the prayer meetings next to the roadside, the washing of barbarian feet, the meetings with the " government, " the playing of election games, the deputies over seas to the UN and other " influential " bodies, protests on various websites, and many things I can not even think of now. The black barbarians laugh at all these futile whitey nonsense efforts, because they have the power, and the numbers, and the world sympathy, and the money ! I also tried and/or participated in some of these nice christian methods, but NO MORE ! All the thinking people on this blog know, that there is only ONE alternative left, for the whiteman, who refuses to roll over and play dead. I call it the " Samson option ! " If I have to go before my time, the WHOLE BUILDING COMES DOWN WITH ME !

    3. If only our hardcore Christian brothers would realise that brotherly love and love thy neigbor as thyself was ment literally we would be out of this mess in a jippy.

      The parasite is not our brothers, the blood of Israel the tribes that come from Jacob.

  33. On a lighter note. I don't even have to see who it is when Brother LTMA posts. I just have to read the first paragraph to know who it is.

    Keep going, Boet! You say a lot of things that I want to, but am too lazy to do. Actually, I think everything you say is what I want to say.

    Cheers Mate. I'll drink a beer on you this afternoon, a good few actually.

    1. Anonymous7:03 am

      @TT 2:33 AM

      Yes, LTMA makes my day!

    2. I am having a couple on all of yous this afternoon. Fire going man-alone for the weekend after a long day's work and a lovely Karoo afternoon.

    3. Anonymous10:33 am

      @ Dony, I envy you, you lucky bugger.



    4. Dony, hoe verlang my hart nou na die Noorsveld! Definitely going to have to make a plan over December!!!