12 August 2016

Running is just a matter of distance

By Mike Smith
12th of August 2016

As you know and as my blog statistics show, about half my readers and commentators are from South Africa and about half are emigrants. A small amount spends their time or divides their time between the two.

Lately the accusations have been flying. Those whites in SA accused the emigrants of being “cowards” and “runners” and the emigrants accusing the ones who stayed behind as “stupid” losers who could not emigrate or were not worthy to be accepted by other countries.

So now what I want to know is this:

What is the difference between somebody who runs to Australia, Canada, UK….and someone who runs to the Cape or Prieska? Isn't the one just running further than the other? I mean the aim is the same…to put as much distance between yourself and the Kaffirs as possible.

What is the difference between someone putting the Indian Ocean between him and the Kaffirs and someone putting the Karoo between him and the Kaffirs? What is the difference between someone building a moerse eight foot high wall (with electric wire on top) to protect himself and his family and separate from the Kaffirs or someone who emigrates to protect his family and seperates from the Kaffirs? It is just the thickness of the wall; it is just a matter of distance.

I mean let’s say the Big Fight starts in Johannesburg like Siener van Rensburg prophesized. It is only about a nine to twelve hour flight away from Perth or London to Johannesburg. It takes longer than that to drive to Johannesburg from the Cape. Does it then matter where the person lives; Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, London; Perth or Amsterdam…?

Main thing is that he is there when the big fight breaks out. That is all that matter to me, because I can already see a lot of people whom I know who are so called “stayers” who will lock their gates and doors and hide like babies under their beds whilst others who are “runners” will be running towards the Big Fight when it comes. So who will be of more use to me on the day when it matters?

And that is the problem I have with most people like the Suidlanders, Preppers and those who have chosen to stay. They all seem to have a “running away plan” and have their “Bug-out Bags” backed for three days of running away from the Kaffirs, but in the mean time they stay and pay taxes and extortion to the Kaffirs and accuse those who have emigrated as “cowards” and “runners”.

As far as I know I am the only South African who has a “Bug-IN Bag” packed and ready to run TOWARDS the fight the day it breaks out. I mean my broader strategy is open to all. I said I will stop at the equator. The tactical detail I will not discuss and divulge here, but I am working on it and refining it every day.

Surely you must have heard of attack as the best form of defence? Statistics have shown (“On killing” and “On Combat” by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman) that in all wars and battles those who run away are the ones who die in battle. Most of those who die in battle have shots in their backs. Those who attack and fight aggressively, even against overwhelming odds, stand a far better chance of survival. So strategically and tactically it simply makes sense to attack. The shape of the attack does not have to be head on. There are many ways and forms of attack.

However we should be careful that we do not fall into the trap of dividing ourselves in an “US” and “THEM” scenario or groups. The British had great success with it against the Boers in the Second Anglo Boer War. We shouldn’t let it happen again.

Main thing is that you start NOW preparing yourself physically and mentally for that day that the Second Blood River comes. The Voortrekkers were also runners who ran away from British rule in the Cape, but that day, when it mattered, the Boers didn’t run.

And so it will be for us from all over South Africa and from all over the world, “we few we happy few we band of brothers” who will run there and make an effort to get there at any price, because we don’t want to miss out on our St. Crispens day, our Battle of Blood River, for all the gold in the world.

He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
And say 'To-morrow is Saint Crispian.'
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
And say 'These wounds I had on Crispian's day.'
Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he'll remember, with advantages,
What feats he did that day.
Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words-
Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb'red.

This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;

And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.


  1. Anonymous8:35 am

    Of course you are right again Mike.

    There will always be divisive agents between us, don't take the bait.

  2. Anonymous9:18 am

    to answer the question "What is the difference between running and emigrating?"

    Well the runners abandoned their country. We who stayed, never did. When we move to the cape, we take our country and culture with us and preserve it.

    The runners adopt a new culture and piss on us...

    1. Anonymous2:13 pm

      Jy praat nou sommer net plein kak! I moved 21 years ago due to work and let me tell you my Afrikaans is much better than most of the people I speak to in South Africa. When I visit there, it is amazing how the locals speak - they speak this mixture of some Afrikaans/English that one struggles to understand. That, Ignoramous, is just one example. Culture? I am laughing here - most people there connot anymore cook traditional food, bake traditional cakes etc. Quite amazing. And yes over here we still make food like we used too, make our own boerewors, get together and only speak Afrikaans - even the English speakers enjoy it. No new culture, but we do live with other cultures for sure. I have many examples, but you sound like a simpleton. Go wipe the piss from your own toiletseat. Read a book now and again. You may learn something new.

    2. Anonymous8:31 pm

      Talking is cheap. Could you supply work and a save haven to those who lost their jobs because of traitors who voted the country away after we have warned them about this corrupted situation that will take place. We all know it is not possible for everyone to move overseas due to various circumstances. The only reason why some people like to blame the so-called runners, is because they are liberals who reap the fruit from their yes votes. What did you expect? That all of the emigrants have to go and live in squatter camps like sittings ducks waiting to be slaughtered. Times will change and the country can be cleansed from all pestilence. I can only hope that all liberals get enough of their beloved devil fucked baboons.

    3. Anonymous11:07 pm

      Anon 2:13 Stay where you are. We do not need uncultured potty mouthed people like you back.

    4. Anonymous10:47 am

      Incorrect. I was born in England, lived most of my life in SA (full schooling and army), and now live back in England. BUT, I am South African and my heart is still in SA.
      I know many people who will not leave SA because they earn too well there.
      Living overseas is not easy. In many ways white in SA still have it very easy, and still prosper.

      I think that the truth is most who remain don't want to divide their wealth by 15+ to leave. It takes a lot of guts to leave.

    5. No mate. I am here. I will stay and fight but i have absolutely no problem with someone taking or trying to take his family abroad in the thought of safety or prosperity.

      Remember, our forefathers were also runners, that is why we are here, why we are alive today. It is in our blood to seek greener pastures. That is what makes us forward thinking individuals.

      I am sure some of our immigrated brothers will be some of our closest brothers when the time arrives.

      Do not confuse migrated trolls with migrated brothers.

      We are Saxon, Germanic, Israelite no matter where we find ourselfs. We are the sons of Jacob.

      Lets stick together. Always. Love thy brother as thyself. (and only thy brother).......

      Build unity and stand against Satan trying to make us all equal so he can divide us more easily

  3. Anonymous9:26 am

    And when the trek boers "ran", they never abandoned their country. They took their country with them. The Runners made like dead beat dads that dont support their kids. Your country is dying and all they do is justify it by saying that the country needs to be euthenased. How fucked up are you to want to euthenase your country and your children like that?


    1. Fuck. How long must we RUN? 200 years, 300, 400, a thousand? Forever?

      When do we fucking stop running and make a stand?

      We ran from the catholic inquisition that was a million times tougher than what we are facing now with Zuma and the ANC. (WAKE-UP-THIS-IS NOT AS TOUGH AS WHAT OUR ANCESTORS ENCOUNTERED)

    2. Anonymous5:07 am

      @ Dony. Some are born runners, they run from their own shadows so they only stop in the dark spots, the reason being not only thinking they've out run their shadow but also that they don't see their own cowardice when they're in the dark.

      They will however tell you how intelligent they are and how hard it is to run and how you could never make it where they are because you cannot change a Land Rover engine by yourself.

      But I suppose to appease their guilt and cowardly ways, any excuse will do.

    3. Dony, my boet, The Stand is here and where would we run to? I can't and wouldn't even if I could. As you quite correctly ask, "When do we fucking stop running and make a stand." My answer is, here and now. This is not just about the Satanic beasts ruling the country now, it's about the salvation of our species and preserving our Christian morals and values, the future of mankind.

      And, guys, leave the runners alone. Some will return to assist us, others won't. Whichever way it goes, count on what we have, not what we might have. We're here, we have to make the play.

      Staan saam, Boere!

  4. Whiteman10:15 am

    Mike, thanks for the inspirational message, and pure logic ! We must all guard against getting " tunnel vision. " It is so easy to fall into this trap, viz. If the next guy does not think EXACTLY like me, he MUST be an arsehole ! A very wise old man told me once. If somebody really makes you the moer in, walk around your house once, smell some roses, and then react. Only time when this rule does not apply, is when a nignog has made you angry. Better to lash out immediately, and if he lives, and you were wrong, say you are very sorry, and then shoot him/her !

    1. Anonymous6:19 am


      Wise words!

      Had the same issue with this nation for years. They continually bicker about who speaks English/Afrikaans, those who left/stay - main point is we stick together.

      The parasite does not ask before hijacking or murdering you, whether you are English/Afrikaans, all they are concerned about is whether you are white.

      They put us all in the same camp, then why must or should we further divide ourselves?

  5. We either stand together as a people or die as individuals. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.


    1. You will die together.

    2. Anonymous5:26 am

      @ shaka 1:32 AM your threats are as empty as the space between your ears.


    3. Anonymous6:59 am


      And you will die when you run out of food.

    4. Must be depressing being in your shoes.? Beign a black boy from Africa so to say.? No proper history to look back on, whatever there is can't be verified and 80% are kaffir stories based on superstition and lies. No achievements as a nation. Always struggling and lagging behind, beign the charity case of the International world. Fellow kaffir brothers whom you despise more than white people and just can't get away from. Failure to govern properly for thousands of years, 1 dictator after the other.. No conquests as a people worthy to be acknowledged or even to write about.. No inventions, engineering feats or medical achievements. Whatever you do is all just copied from other races, which makes even the Chinese look hopeless. A culture of rape, murder, witchcraft and corruption...... You cry white this and white that but you're whole existence is based on western culture which you are addicted to like drugs.. Just can't get enough of the good life can you.?

      You're a small boy shaka. The picture in my head of you is a small skinny little spoiled brat who smells like muti and cow piss. Sitting in you parents home thinking that throwing your shit around on this blog makes you more manly..

      When I got invloved on the blog I asked you 1 question which you still haven't answered and it's because you can't.. Have you ever been in a real fight.?. Have you ever been Bliksemed really hard.? Have you ever had a gun shuffed in your face with only the pull of a trigger away from death.? Have you even as much as fired a puny little thing like a .22 ?. What training have you had.?. I presume just a silent no reply will be in order once again until you surface like a old piece of shit 5 weeks later.

      Your pathetic..

    5. Hate us but you are still squatting on our continent. Why don't you go back to Europe where you came from?

    6. Anonymous6:01 am

      BLCN. Hey the mighty .22 is a big man's gun, it takes a clever thinking man with a strong spine armed with nothing more than a .22lr to take on troop armed with 556 and 9mm. Think big and go small.

    7. Anon601. So what you're saying is .50 cal.?? You can never have too much power.. No, just joking... The berreta 70 .22 was one of the Mossad's favourite weapons.. Off course at the end of the day the right tool for the right job.. A Dilon M134D gatling is the ideal companion to mount on top of your bakkies roll bar.. Up here in Jhb the union strikes can get a bit heavy. So if you want some space to drive without beign peppered with half bricks and glass bottles I recommend the Dilon...

    8. I wish I could get my hands on a few of the new AK12's. I have always been a bit of a Kalashnikov fan. Even the 'firs found it difficult to stuff up the old '47's.

      And that, as we all know, is absolutely amazing.

    9. Anonymous11:41 am

      TT if there is one thing that is kaffir proof it is the old Soviet ground warfare tech hahahaha

    10. Anonymous7:05 pm

      @Shakaffir 5:11 AM

      "Why don't you go back to Europe where you came from?"

      Ad nauseum!

  6. Anonymous10:30 am

    Fok mike kry iets beter om oor te skryf..

  7. Anonymous10:54 am

    Great post Mike! Thanks very much from an expat ready to come back and help out.

  8. And I know,
    if I’m gonna have any life anymore,
    it’s because, I’m still willing to fight and die for that inch
    Because that’s what living is!
    The six inches in front of your face!

    Now I can’t make you do it!
    You gotta look at the guy next to you.
    Look into his eyes!

    Now I think
    you’re gonna see a guy
who will go that inch with you.
    You’re gonna see a guy
who will sacrifice himself for this team
    because he knows when it comes down to it,
    you’re gonna do the same for him.

    That’s a team, gentlemen.

    And, either we heal – now! – as a team!
    Or we will die as individuals.

    That’s reality guys
    That’s all it is.

    Now, what are you gonna do?

    - Al Pacino

    1. PreatorianXVI9:04 pm

      To Quote another movie, a Woody Harrelson one, North Country.


      Is the Ice red or Yellow?

      Ask the "runners" who left by how much yellow ice they were surrounded before mouthing off.

      An awful trait amongst white South Africans is how they will turn on their own and shaft you, just so they can be OK with the US and Them mentality, once you screwed someone don't expect them to have your back ever.

      Which is why this us and them BS, plays neatly into the divide and conquer strategy of these yard ape communists, we are supposed to me more intelligent than them, are we not?

  9. To every man upon this earth
    Death cometh soon or late.
    And how can man die better
    Than facing fearful odds,
    For the ashes of his fathers,
    And the temples of his Gods?

    - T B Macaulay

  10. Anonymous11:23 am

    Mike unfortunately these days nobody has a monopoly of weapons. We will all field same firepower and it will depend of whether we will stop in Europe or you will stop at the equator. In tje modern days what matters the most is the numbers. Even Botha knew that he couldn't stand a chance to take on 160 000 communists soldiers in Angola with only 4000 white soldiers after his black mercenaries were defeated. It is simple, it doesn't matter the amount of training you received, but just one bullet on the head will kill you. So, don't ever think that you have monopoly to victory. War is like tossing of a coin, where you wouldn't know whether it will land on the tail or heads. Most importantly if you have numbers on your side you stand a chance to win. It is not like in the past where military training was only reserved for white boys. Things have changed, millions of young blacks also receive professional military training after matrix as well. So I don't think you stand a chance to pursue these young energetic boys up to the equator. But just only make sure that they do not end up chasing you to Europe just like they chased your former apartheid troops back to their own borders. I was there when we chased you back into your own backyard.

    1. Anonymous2:23 pm

      En toe jy wakker word, is jou koffie koud.....

    2. Anonymous7:07 pm

      @ anon 11:23 AM do you actually believe the shit you spew, " I was there when we chased you back into your own backyard" you are a total ignorant stupid and wholesome bullshitter.

      You fucking chased us nowhere, I was there when the cunted politicians sold us out and made deals with your terrorist leaders.

      If you chased us back to our backyard why the fuck did you not drive us into the sea? You talk a sewer full of shit.

      You haven't a clue, I can tell you that, the politicians did not want to mobilise SA reserves that were sitting back at home, we had numbers well trained and ready to go.

      So go do your research you stupid retard of evolution before you spew your grunts and clicks here.

      You won fuck all, you chased your own fucking shadows in your retreat, so go click you fucking lies to your retarded off spring at the fire in front of your cave because your lies and fairy tales are not welcome here.

      You would make me laugh if I did not know how thick you retards really are.


    3. Anonymous7:45 pm

      I was also there and you did not chase us anywhere my friend. In your dreams with your 160000 commie troops we also had US and friends waiting for you characters to make one wrong move and put you out of your misery!Works both ways.

    4. Anonymous8:14 pm

      Israel does not have numbers on her side, the Jews do not have numbers on their side but I can tell you Israel will win in the end, guarenteed.Numbers mean squat!

    5. Anonymous8:35 pm

      If you know just a tiny bit of history you will know that you are sucking big black donkey balls now. Keep on sucking idiot

    6. Anonymous9:16 pm

      Well if you are so sure that numbers is the only determining factor in war then grow some balls and come get some. You outnumber us so your victory is assured. We whites are tired of your endless whining about everything. Stop being such a bunch of old women, come out and take us white men on in a fight. Come show us how you will chase us to Europe.


    7. PreatorianXVI9:20 pm

      The only defeat the old South African military suffered was at the hands of spineless Judas politicians, not on the battlefield.

      Anglo Boer war forces, more or less form memory.

      Boers = +/- 85 0000 of which about only half were active most of the time.

      British Imperial forces = around 500 000

      On the battlefield they got their arses handed to them.

      Lessons to learn, once Concentration camps were introduced it all came to a grinding halt, have to make contingencies to keep your non-combatants out of harms way, which is why the Cape Option is great, only one direction to cover, forward.

      No soldier can fight on an empty stomach, once on the run there is no time to gather supplies.

    8. Some sensible posting for once. Boers are truly delusional if they think they can beat blacks. We have guns too now.

    9. Anonymous1:50 am

      Lol… LTMA don't forget that your cowardly president ran to UN for intervention when he saw that in no time he was gonna be forced to hit Atlantic ocean. He even unwillingly stroke a deal to end apartheid because he knew well what was coming for him. One way or another it was gonna end with a barrel of a gun and his advisers saved him that embarrassment because we were gonna walk him naked in Andries Pretorious street after we staged coup d'etat. Don't underestimate the firepower of Russian made weapons.

    10. Anonymous1:54 am

      Israel has never been challenged in a real war. All that it was involved in was just a field play. Let them be tested by Russia and China and see how they fare, then you can talk.

    11. Anonymous2:06 am

      Anon 7:45

      US divorced you long time and washed their hands clean so that any of your exhibit wouldn't be seen on their hands. They denied you on daylight as if you were a stranger. You didn't even have money to buy a jet fuel, nor a ship the size of Dromedaries to take you back home. The only option was to play by our rules because you never had any options.

    12. Anonymous2:11 am

      Anon 9:16- please just don't runaway when that train of 44 million tonnes comes to sweep you away. Please don't ever create that distance Mike spoke about between you and that train of 44 million tonnes. Be brave enough to stand in front of it.

    13. Anonymous2:30 am

      Pretorian- We also master all the battle formations and among us we have those who are perfect with the art of musketry and who can transfer that skill to others. We can strategize as well because all those are no longer monopoly of a white man. We also know how to do section and platoon attack. We also know how to fire those RPGs, Mortars of all sizes and MGLs at the same time intensifying the attack with LMGs for the enemy to be put under immense amount of pressure until he finally gives in or runaway. But we will not be offensive rather defensive to prove our innocence the same way we have done in Angola and from there will take on offensive until the enemy runs back home with the tail stiffly fastened between their legs.

    14. Anonymous5:02 am

      @ anon 1:50,54,2:06,11 AM. You really should play with things that can hurt you, you obviously have no clue of what you're talking about

      As for Russian weaponary, well look at russia today and study Afghanistan history.

      Israel never been in a real war? I hope you're teaching your fellow retards military history.

      Firepower? Ok show us your fire power.

      I am glad you have guns now too, you must have been throwing rocks in the struggle then. Your perceived struggle that is. But now you have guns, I have spares and ammo.

      Americans do not know how to fight wars that's why they use us as contractors, so we don't need them we just use their technology.

      You're hoping for 44 million tonnes of support, but I have seen how blacks evaporate in wars, they become refugees in other countries and disappear into the bush and do not get involved.

      So without saying to much, I will be counting on the 44 mil to appear, it makes the job easier. No tracking hunting or chasing up.

      Oh and just so you are aware the politicians that you so voted for will be on the first plane out of here and they will be seeking assylum in mother fucking russia or down in the dumps china.

      So stop splabbing off and show me your reality and I will give you a date stamp.


    15. @Anon 1 54:AM Are you for real? Six Day War and Yom Kippur war were not real wars? I guess then our war in Angola was also just "field play"?

      So if Israel is such a pushover why has she not been pushed over yet? So why doesn't Russia and China test themselves against Israel? I mean why are they holding back? Israel can only push about 500, 000 soldiers into battle. China alone can push 50 million into the field and outnumber Israel 100 to one. Russia can easily add another 10 million to that. So why are they not giving it a shot? Hhmmm?

      Russia and its useless satellites and allies such as East Germany and Cuba with a collective force of about 100,000 "professional" soldiers could not even beat 3000 South African conscripts (mere kids of 18/19 years old) on the Namibian Angolan border.

      Russia lost horribly against the Afghans and the mighty Russian Empire has been fighting a bunch of rag-tag Chechnya rebels since 1785 and still cannot beat them. In fact in 1996 the Russians withdrew with their tails between their legs and with their bottoms smacked red by the Chechens. They tried again in 1999/2000, but still have not got Chechnya under control. Please enlighten me as to how you think the mighty Russians Empire will be able to subdue Israel? Good luck with that, moron.
      And for China…Please mate. Little Japan walked all over mighty China in the Second Sino-Japan War during World War II.

    16. Anonymous5:29 am

      I can guarentee you if you go against Israel, you will feel,the wrath of God against you, God is not finished with Israel. Battle of Armageddon, read up on it and see what is going to happen if you stand against Israel.It is coming.

    17. Anonymous5:29 am

      @ mr Smith please do not give free education to these retards

      They will not recognise the privilege and start demanding and toi, toiing.


    18. Anonymous5:35 am

      USA and Britain might have denied us to a point but do not threaten their gold, minerals, diamonds and sea route, should you have tried to push us further over the kaplyn they would have intervened trash you commie lot to pulp. You might have one this battle but you have not one the war and we will win this war, it is prophesied.

    19. Anonymous6:41 am

      LTMA- Your most trusted reccies who have now resigned in the force to form mercenaries were running like hell in Angola. We chased them and knocked them out one by one until your whole Batallions and Squadrons evaporated in Angola with their pants wet from their urine. I was there and you were not there. I know that they told you all lies about us but just ask them why have they not captured Angola if they claim to have overpowered us? Ask them why have they bowed to pressure then to end apartheid, if they so claimed to have been so invincible? We humbled your SADF and send them to the wilderness in Cuito Cuanavale.

    20. Anonymous6:52 am

      Mike- Russia would be seen as a bully if ever they can pick a fight against small Israel. Let alone China, would consume Israel is just two days. Israel was brought to a stand still by just Egypt. Look up to the military rankings and see who are the superpowers of the world in terms of firepower. You will be most likely to find America on top followed by Russia and China. Israel will just be measured to s fly against those countries

    21. Anonymous7:07 am

      Mike here is a comparison from expert point of view.


    22. Hahahaha...I see according to the Global Firepower Rankings they have USA as number one and france at 5. Vietnam at 17.

      Shame how wrong they both were when they thought they could beat Vietnam. Shame the cunts are still licking their wounds.

      BTW when last did the USA win a war? I mean win a war on their own, not with the help of Britain and other allies.

      I see they have Israel at pos.16, just one better than Vietnam. Interresting.

      Maybe you should read what they say at the top, "Current political / military leadership is NOT taken into account"

      Let me tell you something. How many guns you have (firepower) is of little concern. How many men you have is a minory concideration. When it comes to war, INTELLIGENCE is everything. Other factors like quality of leadership, superior training and morale are far more important than quantity of men and guns in hand.

    23. Anonymous8:37 am

      @ anon 6:41 AM. Thank you so much for the laugh, my pants are wet from pissing myself with laughter.

      Have you thought of becoming a comedian, seriously you will kill us by making us laugh ourselves to death, I never realised retards had humour, that is something that needs creativity.

      Were you being serious or have you learnt to tell jokes?


    24. Anonymous9:00 am

      @ anon 6:41 AM I get the impression you're talking about the now sandf, the might of the new south africa, please note the little letters because using capitals would be over kill?

      You are bragging about Angola and Cuito and your superiority and all the feel good shit that you've taught yourself.

      Tell me what happened to your superior training, massive firepower, guns, ammo and all this other stuff you are bragging about when you lot of retards went into Lesotho?

      Did you forget you had the superior training, the firepower, guns,ammo? Did you revert back to stone throwing?

      As I recall you got fuck up so badly in Lesotho that it was an embarrassment that made you lot bow to Lesotho and not even try argue with them about who owns khatsi.

      So be a good boy, come to my place tomorrow bring your overall and work in the garden, you have been lazy for far to long now, you need to get back into labourer mode.

      I don't want to find you supporting the spade when its tired and no nose picking either, keep your back bent and the earth tilled.

      And yes do not be late, try be on time, I know its difficult because you cant read or tell time but if you get here at sunrise then you know you will not be late.


    25. Anonymous9:16 am

      Anon 5:29- I truly cannot believe that you are so convinced that those white men who hijacked the land of poor Palestinians and call themselves Ashkenazi Jews are the original Israelites who could speak with God during the bible times. Those are imposters and have nothing in common with the offspring of Jacob. The true Israelites were never white.

    26. Anonymous9:33 am

      Mike I cannot believe that you still believe in the miracles of David and Goliath. Your expertise regarding military is by far very low. Being an ex operative myself I know that equipment and numbers in war are very important and without it you will remain ineffective. If you cannot match your enemies forepower, particularly transporters who can transport battalions as efficiently as possible in war zone in large numbers, then you must just call it quit. With regard to numbers, I don't know if you had ever heard of an incident where military recruit civilians from public just to make up the numbers. When the military go around looking for young boys to conscript and if your country cannot find any, it doesn't matter the experts you field in, but you won't win that war at the end of the day. Numbers do count in the battle. That is why it will not be easy to beat four strong man when you are just alone.

    27. @ Anonymous 9:33 AM... Ag please fuck off you miserable defeatest cunt. I have met hundreds of you so called "Operators", You are not and operators arse.

      Yes, equipment is important, yes numebrs are important, what I said was is that it is not EVERYTHING.

      As an operator doing small team operations behind enemy lines you should know this. Not?? You should know the vallue of superior training, intelligence, leadership teamwork and morale.

      You can have all the equipment and fancy gadgets...but fancy gadgets and numbers are not everything.

    28. Anonymous10:30 am

      @ annoyumous 9:33 AM, the only thing you operate is or have operated was the baases tractor and lawn mower.

      When you broke it, the doctors had to operate on you to take his size 13 boot out of your arse.

      Fuck off and go fantasize elsewhere.

      Your operating here is not working


    29. Anonymous11:01 am

      LTMA- Now it seems your screws on the head are getting loose. During the bush war there was nothing like SANDF, then South Africa's military was SADF. The very one that got the beating in Angola after using Congolese and other black nations as their mercenaries until we overpowered them all. They lost the war so bitterly that they ran to Mandela to talk to us and plead with us not to cross the borders.

      Nope, we didn't bring our firepower with when SANDF was formed. We left everything behind with the forces of Angola and some to Cubans. By the way why would you spread lies that SANDF lost in Lesotho when their mission was successful. They stopped the coup or do you somehow dream of seeing Lesotho under illegitimate government of rebels? However I am no longer in the military service because I refused to be integrated.

    30. Anonymous11:21 am

      Mike- operator's main purpose is not to become Rambo. We have many areas of specialities ranging from demolitions, espionage, COIN, etc. We actually do not need to be muscular like body builders to show that we are operatives. What we only require is fitness, tenacity, stamina, vigilance, etc. What we do is just only recce mission and gathering of intelligence about the enemies' firepower.

    31. Anonymous11:31 am

      Mike- like it or not numbers are everything in war. So, what do you think all those reserve forces are for? Fighting an army which has a million soldiers will give you headache because whether you like it or not you will have to spread your soldiers apart to curtail the attack for all round. Failure in which will call for an early defeat. In no time all your troops will be under siege and defeated completely.

    32. Anonymous11:33 am

      I disagree with your notion that INTEL is everything. Look at what happened with the battle in Crete in WW2 with German paratroopers.

      Allies knew the Krauts were coming and had all the Intel (unless you are talking IQ :) ).

      Krauts took massive casualties. However, the Krauts were able to change their strategy quickly and decided to rather land planes in the corner of the island. Sure, the planes got shot to shit but the Krauts managed to get boots on the ground. The Germans, despite taking casualties and despite the Allies having INTEL, eventually took the island and the Allies left.

      So it is more than INTEL.

    33. Anonymous11:35 am

      Lol. Anon 9:33 sounds like a mall ninja... hehehehehe

    34. Anonymous11:54 am

      "Garibaldi's first battle in Sicily matched his men-"The Thousand", they were called-against more than 3000 Bourbon troops firmly entrenched near the village of Calatafimi. Again and again he attacked, and each time was thrown back. Then, he was suddenly hit with a large stone; exultantly he cried out that the Bourbons were out of ammunition. The hand-to-hand fighting that followed lasted for hours-but when it was over the rebels held the field. The victory inspired the people of Sicily and they joined the fight by the thousands. Within six weeks the entire island was liberated."

      Taken from Times life books, the age of progress, chapter 5 Nations made by blood and iron. (1967)

      Faith, determination towards a goal and a pair of balls are all we need. We can hunt and gather along the way.


    35. Anonymous12:31 pm

      Mike hope you will find this very interesting


    36. FredBarbarossa7:52 pm

      There are many natural 'experts' still living in SA.
      The Finn, Simo Häyhä was just one such expert.

    37. WFredBarbarossa - we need to get a squad of "Simo's" together, spraed throughout the country for specific jobs?

  11. How appropriate and moving, the St. Crispin's Day Speech from Shakespeare's Henry V.

    Well chosen Mike, my compliments.

  12. Anonymous12:13 pm

    Beautiful Mike. Vaalpens

  13. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Mike thanks for your astute comments on the "stayer" / "runner" issue. I know from personal contact with many highly intelligent White friends and relatives still living in S.A. that the anti-emigrant comments on this site are not representative of stayers. However I can empathize with the envy / smugness that some people indulge at times. As you implied, the support of runners and foreigners (especially Germans, remembering the prophecy of Siener) will be vital to the eventual triumph of Whites in Southern Africa. Absolutely, instead of wasting energy on absurd self-manufactured in / out-group conflict among white South Africans on the basis of geographic location, we should focus on preparing for the Second Blood River. Thanks for your invaluable blog Mike. The quality and frequency of your articles is extremely impressive. Tom

  14. Anonymous1:16 pm

    11:23, Ek is bly daar is mense soos jy wat bang is vir die Kaffers se getalle. Dit beteken daar is meer Kaffers vir my om my WRAAK op uit te LEEF!!!! Mense soos ek soek nie net 10 kerwe op ons kerfstok nie. Nee ek soek 10 kerfstokke met minimum 10 kerwe per stok. By God beteken groot getalle niks nie man. Maar dankie, jou vrees vir koekies los meer in die blik vir my!!!

  15. Thanks Mike, obviously a matter that is close to my heart. To defend my decision to leave SA 8 years ago will not only be futile but I actually agree with some of it, as strange as that seems. The frustration from the people who call me a runner is understood as I realise that dealing with Mr Fur on a daily basis would drive any reasonable man insane.To respond I will try and break it up into a couple of sections.
    Firstly dealing with the running away part, a lot of South Africans leave the shores and cut all ties, adapt to their new country and carry on with life. A lot of us, can never leave. As well as trying to fit in, which is bloody difficult, we make new friends and enlighten them about SA. Believe me, the bad press about SA has created a generation of people who hate white South Africans. I really dont think white South Africans understand the way the world sees them. So the role I see myself play in that is vital. With more and more people spreading the word, the rest is starting to wake up, at a slow rate. The other thing is I keep myself fit incase the unthinkable happens, which I will elude to later. As you point out, its a couple of hours away by plane. I can be there the next day, and will be if the shit hits the fan.
    In the perfect world, the people who should not be allowed to leave, should have been the ANC supporters, the white rubbish who demonstrated against Apartheid, the Sheena Duncans of the world. They should have been forced to remain in the shit hole they created.
    Personally while in SA, employed at a big company in a fairly senior position. I was very vocal about AA and the then BEE. I got shafted by my white colleagues and basically screwed up my own career because I spoke out against the reverse apartheid. So while throwing stones at me for buggering off, have a look around you, there is some real poepols that staying behind.
    Support for local organisations - looking at the support parties like Front Nationaal has when for example they had a demonstration on the anniversary of the anc bomb blast, the numbers attending was laughable. The 11 year trial against the Boeremag, how many of these people that are throwing stones at me are supporting, Rudi Gouws, Cliffie and the rest ? The biggest case of injustice against white South Africans and most kids dont even know their names.
    The Sieners prediction, personally I dont think will happen. There will be no Chimorenga , night of the long knives. Its not going to happen. What is going to happen and what is happening is South Africa is being colonised by blacks. It is simply the African way of life being forced on whites and no matter how much they squeal and protest, there is nothing they can do to stop it. South Africa is turning into Azania, from government to school to shop. So get used to poor service, poor standards of education poor everything. The only way that can be stopped is a white up rising, do not employ and black labour. The white homeland that is the dream of many, will only be successful if people make their own bloody beds , clean their won toilets and work in their own gardens. If not even the dream will end even before it begins. Anyway, I am off to have myself another kaffir free day :)

    1. Whiteman12:26 am

      Dingo, you have hit ( one of the nails ? ) on the head ! The whiteys total dependance on the blacks in this country, is our biggest weakness. Sure, there are many whites, that have rolled up their sleeves, and function without black labour. But even they, still depend on black labour and various black inputs, albeït of an indirect nature. This is the dilemma at present. Say we manage to get a " Boeremag " activated again, to protect farmers against zim type farm occupiers. Now in a war situation, you can not sit down with the farmer, to seperate the good " honest, loyal " workers, from the bad ones. And if you should kill the " good " workers, even by accident, the farmer, especially his kind hearted wife, will HATE you. Especially because they are decent christian people. And you can apply this concept to the city dweller as well. So where does this leave the patriots, who want to fight, and solve the problem ? We will just have to wait. The farmer HAS to be thrown off his farm first, before the patriots can even think of starting to fight. The city dweller, must be thrown out of his/her house, before you can clean the place out. This is why malema, with, or without zuma, must bring it on ! The sooner, the better, because we whiteys, are running out of money, fitness, numbers and the things you need to win a war. And remember, we will have to fight against our OWN kind as well !

    2. Anonymous6:10 pm

      Well said Dingo. Very well said.
      Regards, Besoeker

  16. Anonymous6:50 pm

    Out of the the night that covers me
    Black as the pit from pole to pole
    I thank what ever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud
    Under the bludgeoning of change
    My head is bloody but not bowed

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the horror of the shade
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds, and shall find me unafraid

    It matters not how strait the gate
    How charged with punishment the scroll
    I am the master of my fate
    I am the captain of my soul.

    Do you stop living because you lose a leg or do you adapt, engineer, overcome and excel?

    It all depends on the nature of the beast.

    The runners that post their negativity here are the cancer that nobody wants, they where the throwers of stones way back, the dissatisfied, the moaners, the negative even back in the good days

    They where the ones to sit on the sideline and duck the responsibility, they were the excuses the complainers and the doers of nothing. They ran and I can tell you that there negativity ran with them.

    They bitch and complain about their new land too then just to up their dosage the cunts come to try spread their disease and fear into this blog.

    So why the fuck would they be any different today!

    Read the shit they post, please read it carefully.

    I and my band of brothers, we few, we happy we are not morons, stupid, idiots and all the other names that cunt cowardly hearted runners choose to label us with.

    No mr Smith as much as I know your intelligence, knowledge and commitment and respect you and your efforts, there in no fucking way that I will let a runner have the privilege of insulting my brothers that stay and fight the good fight.

    Even trolls need to be controlled,


    1. RunForrestRun11:44 pm

      One of these days I'm going to buy a plane ticket, just to give you the poes klap you need to wake you up.

    2. Anonymous2:03 am

      @ runningfoerestrunning. Come boy, stop talking, come.

      You still want to play with poes klaps until you realise that what's hit you is no longer playing games.

      Book your ticket you dumd little running cunt, stop threatening show me that you're not a coward, you want to talk big so put your money where your mouth is cowardly cunt, come.

      I await you, deliver your poes klap so that I can end your misery.


    3. Anonymous2:58 am

      @ runningforest im runningas fast as I can.

      You really need to come off that stuff you're smoking, its affecting your reality

      You ran out of here so fast you most probably do not know where South Africa lies in the world anymore. Buy yourself a map before you book your ticket, I would hate you to miss out on the opportunity that I afford you.

      Oh fuck! Sorry I am deceiving myself, I thought for a second there that I was talking to a real man, a man of substance, integrity and courage, I forgot I was talking to the coward, the yellow boy ( not chinese yellow but coward yellow), the runner, the swift footed, the deserter.

      Little man I forgot that you are actually shit scared of the fight, you're afraid of the retard and you're even afraid of your shadow, so I mustn't get excite and wait in anticipation for a good fight.

      I can see by your outburst that you think a poes klap is the fanny flap that takes over your emotions when your boyfriend scolds your for not washing your arse.

      I thought that your threat was actually going to materialise into promise but I have come to my senses and realise that you are just the coward that you were when you ran and you are to afraid to come back to SA so I will just have to contend with reading the shit you spew to hide your weakness.

      I am not into fanny flaps so keep it for your boyfriend.


  17. Anonymous8:11 pm

    Is it possible that we are living before a 7 year of great suffering and distress?Are we close to a world wide collapse of the monetary system and will trade be done via micro chipping? A time of mass starvation, buying and selling without cash but using electronic payment or if you do not take the chip. If you rebel against the system since everybody will forced to adopt the new system, you will be imprisonend or executed especially if do not conform, seen as a trouble maker.

    This is not a conventional war or guerilla war but a war for souls, we are living in very strange times indeed but in the we who oppose the system and endure to the end after the seven years, we will win and Israel will go through hardships as well but will be saved, it is important to get saved, all of us, it is very important.

  18. Anonymous9:43 pm


    What you say is true. I think many people got upset with a certain individuals comment where we are stupid etc...

    I still maintain that it is your choice to stay or leave. If you feel that your family has a better future overseas, then please by all means do what you feel is important for them. However if you do go, please do not criticize or insult those that chose to stay or those that cannot leave. (Old age homes)

    I think that is a fair statement to make.

    Many people talking about the 2nd Blood River or a civil war. From your previous article, yes why don't they just come out and say it already and take everything? What are they waiting for? Something has to break.

    Perhaps, it will go down like Oom Siener said.
    Who knows, one thing for sure is time will tell.


  19. Anonymous10:41 pm

    im a stayer, we can go to the UK tomorrow, we choose to stay. Why because Im not a dog, i see my brothers and sisters here need me, why must i run and take care of myself, thats not Godly, love is sacrifice. Those that ran have chosen to abandon their country, when the slaughter begins they wont be here and all they will say is we told you so. Once we who stayed find God almighty again and repent a different persona will arise, those that ran will not be allowed back to live here for it will be Gods land again and he will be first in all things. God hates a coward. The war that approaches is not a race war, it may begin as such but will end as a crusade. No quarter will be given for the rampant slaughter will be revenged. Lastly, things may look bad for us here but you who ran, you ran to die amongst foreigners, people alien to you, do you think its only coming to South Africa. The whole of earth is now denying God the Father, look around, read the ungodly comments. There has been plenty of warnings but alas none will turn, it is written that all people on earth will know the Lord approaches yet none will turn. Those who ran, you mock us, you insult us, you meddle in our affairs, you gave up your right by leaving.
    In simple langauge they are the people that once the hard works done they come to back to claim the positions of those who sacrificed, like those idiots whouse the yellow lane to take shortcuts. They return full of arrogance, pride, haughtiness, deceitful, liars, lovers of themselves, just as they were when they left. Sorry Mike you wont be here either, once it starts you will be where you are or do you really believe there is going to be airports open for war tourists, get real people stop living in dream land. If you live in South Africa, turn to God now, get on your knees and repent, ask him to change your heart to a crusader heart, make war for his peoples, the orphan, the old in years, the widow, your wife, daughters and sons. There can be no greater sacrifice than a man laying down his life for another, a most profound teaching from Jesus, the highest honour of love we can achieve is laying down our lives for another, a martyr for the real King, Jesus Christ our Lord.

    1. Anonymous1:07 pm

      yes we are living in the last days of the church age, effecting Christians and none world wide. I doubt guns and bullets will solve anything unless you physically can defend your family but there is more to this war then the physical reality, spiritual war. Yes we should pray but you have to do more than that and that to get saved through Christ, 1 Corinthians 15. Get saved because the time of the rapture is close and the 7 year tribulation after which Christ returns to save Israel and fight and destroy the anti christ. Those who are not christian will hate Christians and kill them in the 7 year tribulation, it is already happening in the middle east, Christians are being beheaded, read Revelation 20:4, so get saved now. Mike is right, running is just a distance on earth, getting saved through Christ is what is going to win this war, spiritually and God giving Christians wisdom on how to survive in the end times.

  20. Siener was a delusional drunkard. Boers lack rationalism.

    1. Anonymous7:10 am

      En jy is n bobbejaan...plat neus en Lang bek..haaha ha

    2. Anonymous8:39 am


      Please could you tell me what do blacks want exactly from whites?

      Lets use this extremely hypothetically scenario:

      All whites in RSA just give everything to the blacks, their houses, cars, farms, factories, hair dressing salons, supermarkets, computers, TV and even the kitchen sink and whatever else you can think of.

      There we are all the whites only left in the clothes we are dressed in, at airports and harbours ready to go.

      Where does everyone go to, which country?
      (Most of Europe does not identify with white RSA people, they even said so. Its only a handful of people that have the ancestral option, which I am sure has nearly been exhausted by now)

      Now you blacks have got all this free stuff, who gets what?
      (Apparently we have +- 4 million whites*. Apparently we also have about 40-50 million blacks. (legal ones anyway)

      How would you divide all of that free stuff without any violence?
      (Bear in mind many of those whites are families, at a rough guess perhaps whites only own about 2 million houses*)

      Do you think that slice of cake is big enough to end all of your "problems"?

      What about the Bushman?
      What about the Brown chaps from the Cape?
      What about the Indians in Durban?
      What about whoever else also wants a slice?

      Talk about self inflicted misery, there it is!

      Please read that and absorb it, answer in a day or three, sleep on it and reply.

      This is a question for you or any other darkies reading this.

      Please explain this to me, you guys moan all the time about poverty, small houses albeit 10 kids, no land (you standing on it) no nothing.

      Every black guy I have ever employed I did my upmost best for them, when the minimum wage for labourers was R70 per day, I paid R100 + all the free stuff including educational books for his kids which he didn't even know what subjects they took at school.

      This guy used to disappear when it was "allpay" child grant money time. He came back about a week later still pissed and of course hungry.

      Please explain that to me? He could never!
      I mean he lost a week of wages and they spent the money meant for his kids on booze. He wonders why he is poor, despite the fact I had plans to further him...he didn't give a fuck!

      I tried again and again...I am now sitting into double figures of blacks that were exactly the same as the first one. Hence why I choose not to employ them anymore, I would rather mission by myself.

      I tried at least 15 times to really help you, but it really is impossible. Many of my friends have similar and worse experiences.

      I recall a saying in Afrikaans (I stand to be corrected being a soutie)

      "Die een wat se is die een wat doen"
      (The one that says is the one that is doing it.)

      Saying that perhaps its not the whites causing all your problems, perhaps it is you.

      *(From above)* I think the 4 million whites is also bullshit by the way, I have never been counted in a census along with at that time my whole town, + others. Think about it...How would we know the truth?


    3. Yes. In fact every white person in this country would like to know.?. Thanks TP. Best question of the year.

      Unfortunetly shaka is a stoep-kakker and he will fold.. We'll see him in 5 weeks again.

    4. "You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom."
      "What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving."
      "The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. "
      "When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for...that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation."
      "You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."

      Dr Adrian Rogers. Quoted in 1931

    5. Anonymous7:26 pm

      @ TP 8:39 AM, that darky that you wasted so much energy, compassion and effort on, the one that failed to pitch for work and drank himself clever, that I am sure is one of shaka's fathers.

      The way you describe him it sounds definitely like shaka is from that gene pool, just a few similarities that I picked up are like shaka he was to stupid to understand, thought he was more intelligent than his master, wanted everything for nothing, argued with shit for reason and most probably stank just as bad as the curse he released on earth and now calls child.

      Oh, wait. Any amount of darky could be shaka's daddy because they all run the same trait and they could never just have one father these things, the are the products of numerous tadpoles from various donors, we all know how poor
      The moral fibre and how loose the thighs are of the females of that species are. So I suppose shaka is no closer to finding out who his fathers are.


    6. Anonymous12:24 am

      Tp , he wants your everything , he wants you House , your Car, your Wife , your Money , your Style , EVERYTHING
      except one .......... he doesnt want your EFFORT.
      Hell no ! He wants it FREE.

    7. @TP
      You go back where your wretched ancestors came from which is mainly Holland, Germany, France and Britain. Surnames are a good trace of origin don't act stupid.
      Let us worry about how we share our resources it is not your concern. Blacks come first, Indians will be expelled too, they don't belong here.

    8. Why are you folks spending your time replying to this troll? He could well be an agent sent to tie you up into meaningless arguments and discussions. He could just be a troll but he is still tying you up.

      For all the words you write trying to arguue with this bot imagine how many comments you could have made on news sites and liberal blogs and articles debunking myths about South Africa and the Boers.

      Imagine how many MSM and Liberal Blog readers who are otherwise clueless and will absorb any propaganda and brainwashing that is dished out by the left, that you could have educated or even planted the spark of curiosity within.

      Why waste your time on a troll when there is work to be done. Mike does his work here but it is just one blog. Imagine there are thousands of Mini-Mikes trolling the hell out of leftist writings and facebook etc etc?

      There is the potential of every single person who does not agree with the narrative to get busy. Someone called it the "Troll Army" for all you know Shaka is one and is doing his bit to neutralize you.

    9. Shaka does not care. He is not here to argue a point or to make a case. He is here merely to fuck with you.

    10. Anonymous10:15 pm


      You never answered my question.
      I will give you a + for your punctuation of using capital letters, which means deep down you still respect the White Boss.

      My Lovely Ancestors are from here.

      TP / The congo is calling you

    11. Anonymous12:28 pm


      Shaka = agitator.

      Probably some old doos sitting with one finger up his gat when typing.

      Forget Shakashit!

      Leave him to his fantasies

  21. Anonymous2:15 am

    I do love it so when I strike the cord and they feel the pain of their cowardice, you can read the self pity that oozes from the explainations.

    Why justify and explain when you are right, why threaten when you are secure.

    Shame you cowardly beings does it hurt that much to be caught out in your cowardice?

    No wonder the dark side sees the whites as push overs and weak, they look at you lot and measure us against you.


    1. Anonymous8:58 am

      An excuse is actually worse than the thing itself, every time a runner opens its mouth all I hear are excuses.

  22. Many UK/Polish/Mexicans /Italians etc etc etc live abroad .Hello

  23. Anonymous3:13 am

    Have a look at this film flick.

    "After Armageddon"


    I imagine something like this would unfold when the SHTF.
    Its always good to have a plan. It might not even start out as any conflict, perhaps a outbreak of Ebola or some other ghastly disease.


    1. Anonymous3:37 pm

      The second coming of Christ will happen, to defeat the enemy, we are close by.

  24. Anonymous3:59 am


    Nice and long overdue!

    Doesnt matter who stays or who goes, what matters is who helps, assists, fights for our people.

    The divisions on all sides need to stop, Afrikaans, English, remainers/leavers, doesnt matter, in the end the only question is...

    You either fight or you die fighting.

    One must be prepared now to accept the odds and accept that death awaits us all in the end but a cowardly death will haunt you for eternity.

    In my experience, its a giant generalization though but I have seen it, the whites who left this country in many ways are more staunch than many whites here in SA.

    Many of them just could not stomach being in a country run by terrorists and the crime etc etc.

    Sometimes knowing full well that you have to leave, not out of choice but because it is too damaging to the soul to see your country go this way, is more difficult than staying.

    I have friends/family that left, immigration is not for the faint of heart! They cry for this country deep down, every single day!

    The other reality is that no white country is an island, Aus/Nz will eventually have the same issues as SA and so will all the western white nations.

    Now Mike, we need a few articles on preparation and being prepared for a moments notice if/when things happen here.


    1. Anonymous6:52 am

      @BN 3:59 AM

      Spot on. The kaffirs don't give a damn about who left or who stayed. They couldn't care less about who speaks Afrikaans and who speaks English.

      They hate ALL whites.

    2. B_N

      New Zealand and Aus are racing towards it at a speed that is truly frightening. There you'll find yourself locked up, hung drawn and quartered should you question the governments long term plans on immigration. In the early 90's the Government started to swamp the place with Asians because they felt that Asians would be far more palatable than Africans and Muslims then they started to ratchet it up to include those two demographics. By then you average NZder had been well and truly brainwashed by the Cultural Marxists.

      It is happening frighteningly fast and with a brazenness that shows that the globalists truly believe that they have surmounted the hump and achieved the critical mass needed that the fight is a foregone con clusion.

      However whatever you think of him Trump appears to have woken many of the walking dead along with efforts from the right in Europe there is a resurgence of Nationalism. If it results in a mass uprising and the dormant survival instinct being stirred up only time will tell.

      Rather than slinging insults at each other like these guys lost their viagra or something they should be using their energy to campaign and troll every MSM news site media site, liberal blog facebook everywhere non stop.

      There's way too much talk about what people are going to do. I know that people that are doers do not talk about what they are going to do they just do it. Rather get out there onto every site and troll the shit out of it. Use facts, educate yourself and be civil but get the message out.

      The constant drip of water is what hollows out the stone not the gushing torrent that lasts for a few minutes. This is what they've done to us and we shrugged it off while we got on with the "important things" guess what? They now make the rules. Its time we did to the leftists and liberals and MSM what they have done to us but its not going to happen whilst the chair-borne warriors sling mud at each other.

    3. Anonymous4:26 am


      100% agree.

      NZ/AUS will be fine for max 10-15 years and then it goes the same way as SA, perhaps even sooner.

      People tend to think about the future based on the past. They must look at current trends and project them forward several years.

      Several years from now, with....

      1. The amount of Asians they have let in & how fast they are breading.

      2. The amount of Asians they are letting in.

      3. The decline of the white birth rate.

      When you add them all together, I personally believe those countries are more fucked than us whites.

      We at least know who we are, what we stand for. We have not been brainwashed. That is one benefit of being a minority in SA, we know what we know and you cant fool us or tell us any other way.

      Those lot in Aus/NZ/ US/ Eur have been groomed by Marxist/globalists for 40+ years, an entire generation has been born race blind and when you dont see race you will be amalgamated into one.

      But things are going to change very fast world wide now, especially in the US. The race thing is getting out of hand very fast.

  25. Anonymous5:21 am

    Mike I hope you are not relying on you nappy clad kikes from the IDF the ones that deserted you 22 years ago.

    1. I hope you are not relying on your child killing Hamas buddies who blow up school busses.

      BTW, Israel was with us to the end and shook their heads in disbelief when 70% of white South Africans voted "Yes" in the 1992 election to simply GIVE the country away to terrorist scum. There were negotiations to the end about it. This was the time when I befriended Lord James Callaghan and played chess against him every night. I still see him as my political mentor. Eventualy Israel volunteered to look after our nuclear weapons.

      No mate, Israel never deserted us. It was the other way arround. We deserted not only Israel, but also ourselves.

      I just hope and pray every day that Israel never falls in that same trap and does what South Africa did.

    2. Anonymous2:45 pm

      @Milke, thats quite right I remember when I was younger walking with my parents on a track in NZ, we bumped into an Israeli couple, I remember them making some snide comments to my parents about us abandoning South Africa

    3. Anonymous1:54 pm

      One is deluded as the other.

  26. Anonymous6:12 am

    I have the following comments:

    1) I live overseas because I am allergic to zots. Full stop. If I remained in RSA I would have snapped at some stage and probably ended up in jail. I can't stand the fuckers. I definitely am not frightened of them in the least!!!
    2) Any so-called brave "stayers" in RSA who criticise emigrants as "chicken runners" etc.: what brave things have you done? As far as I'm concerned you are too scared to move anywhere (it takes guts) and you just sit and ride it out and complain.
    3) Mike: I have read, on a number of occasions, you saying that when the war begins we will take back SA plus more: go all the way to the equator. I think JP Viljoen might also have said that (I'm not sure)..anyway, it sounds good and I like your attitude stukkend but it seems pretty far-fetched to me. Why? We don't even have enough people to occupy SA if we win it back! You should know: unless you have boots on the ground to occupy and maintain a conquered area, you will lose it. A recent example: the Yanks in Iraq. I'd love to hear more about your plan and how it would work! Cheers

    1. Whiteman10:23 am

      Anonymous 6:12 AM, I understand fully this " allergy " you speak about. We have a place in this country called Orania, on the banks of the Orange River, where people like us, can go for relief. Just dont know how long it is going to last, because malema also likes the place ! But you make valid statements, about boots on the ground etc. For all our plans to work, the country has to collapse first. This is obvious, and logic. As soon as the NSA falls flat, all the nignog countries close to us will also collapse. People generally dont realise how we have been keeping the whole of southern africa going. Then comes the age old equilizer called : Famine and disease. Of course, whites will also die in the process. But I firmly believe in devine justice. The white trash, who brought this terrible curse upon this land, will then reap what they have sown. With their bleeding hearts, to help the " poor " blacks, out of the way, mother nature will help us to do the job. Maybe right up to the equator !

  27. Anonymous6:52 am

    I always wanted to die for a worthy cause...so sign me up for the mother of all wars..I AM COMMING FOR YOU SHAKA

  28. Anonymous10:23 am

    Face it guys, which crazy white would want to continue living on a black dominated continent ?
    Kaffirs damage, riot, steal, rape & murder on a daily basis, many of the whites commenting here will probably nevr make this major war they speak of because they will be victims of the kaffirs, whites numbers are dropping by the day, no work, AA, BEE, farm murders.

    Face it guys our time is up here in black africa.
    Standards are far too low in 3rd world africa.

  29. Anonymous11:42 am

    I get the impression that people are slightly miffed in this country :D

  30. Mike .. Uncle Mike.. You are probably much older than me, that much I can gather.

    I am not in the Suidlanders group but I am of a group affiliated with the Suidlanders. Their plan might seem as a running plan and it actually is, but do not underestimate the illusion a plan with what it actually is.

    Suidlanders are not in the game to run out of SA. They are in the game for survival of our people in Zuid Afrika. That means their plan is to be here when its all over even-though it might seem as a running group.

    I truly believe…, and I can be wrong, but an attack-plan presented as a running-plan will suit our initiatives better across the globe than a white-racist-movement. We will need support from somewhere……..

    The Suidlanders are a very big group, bigger than all our best efforts combined and they have done extensive logistic research and planning. I bring them to your site daily.

    LOGISTICS is the phrase I want to paraphrase. This is what sets them apart from any other group or initiative. You can watch peppers on dstv and see who is best, but nothing worldwide compares to the Suidlanders.

    It is another initiative like Sasol, like the creapycrawly, like the first heart transplant, we are setting the standards in prepping by a milestone and maybe this is part of the miracle that Siener predicted.

    Mike… The second bloodriver…… Lets stock ourselfs ( the river) with weapons before the time,,,,, because we already know where this river is. It is your boarder for the Cape. It will still play out like the prophecy whether we plan or not so lets make it work, lets be part of the prophecy.

    I mean all his other predictions have come to be…. and this is just one single one more. Lets play along because it works out in the end for us all.(Israel)

    We have brothers across the seas and we have traitors across the seas. We have brothers in our mists and we have traitors in our mists. Lets not confuse internet trolls with them . Let us all build and keep on building on this great platform you have provided.

    Keep it up Mike. Hope to meat you December at the monument… ou balie sal jou seker moet oom noem ne!

    1. Indeed Donycero. I have been a fighting soldier too and I can tell you that nobody will be running towards the sound of the guns if the scenes in the rear are messy. That includes everything from logistics - food and ammo do not last and nobody is going to do anything other than populate large POW camps without those items. Another thing is that if your wives, sisters and mothers are being raped and murdered at home you will see mass mutinies and desertions from the ranks. An army in disarray is a faltered army and will fail as surely as night follows day.

      Let those that deal with logistics deal with logistics. Let those that deal with medicine deal with medicine let those that deal with food deal with food and let those that need to fight enter the fight knowing that they have a backstop that will not let them down.

      The SL do good work and there are many good people there giving their knowledge and experience they will be needed when a major crisis hits.

    2. Anonymous11:38 am

      The corner stone that the Suidlanders concept is built on is the prophecy so called of one man, firstly that goes against Gods word that prophecy has ceased 1Cor 13:10, Mr Gustav who apparently was an ex mi officer in the old SADF must decide whether he wants to be a preacher or a military leader. Or does he see himself as the self coronated King of his suidlander tribe, in an old testament theology but in a new testament dispensation. I have a thick book on my shelf on cults, and the one common denominator is when a person inside or out cannot criticize or question the leader, so let's put Gustav to the test.

    3. It is actually verse 8 and it doesnt say has ceased it says will cease. Then verse 9 continues and says that tongues and knowlege will also cease. ??? Now what about that.

      Has is past.. will is futer.
      My bible reads "will". I dont know if you are reading some other bible over there perhaps.

      What ďo you want to critisize Gustav on? Being overly religious? preaching and praying before and after meetings?

      Axtually i dont care if he seems or even is a cult leader. The work they do is for us not against us. To me in most part you can argue that all churches and religions are cults.

      I dont care about all of that. I know what my telationship is with the Creator. I care for my nation and the Suidlanders make up a huge portion of the people i identify with. More so than fake pastors and gay dominies and priests that fondle little children and try to tell us we are all equal.

    4. Dony, Mike's not that old, I am! Please talk to me at: aquamarinetechnc@gmail.com

      I might want to ask you to bring some Noorsveld mutton to the monument for me. Joking, Bud, I'll come and get it myself and some of Porra's chicken sosaties. I also have an ulterior motive though.

  31. Anonymous12:27 pm


  32. RunForrestRun12:40 pm

    Reading through these comments only confirms that I did the right thing leaving. To fight and die for idiots and morons must be one of the most useless and futile things to do. Mike, you seem intelligent and I applaud your analysis and the way you persevere with this blog, but its like throwing pearls before the swine. There are Greeks, Hungarians, Poles, Russians etc etc all over the world, they maintain their cultures and their identities and cherish their history.

    Any fight requires people to have a common identity, to feel a brotherhood for the person next to him/her, a commonality of purpose and future vision. Sure, people will band together for survival in extremis, but its not a long term basis for nationhood.

    And therein lies the crux of the matter, most of us runners just do not see that long term future based on a common brotherhood back in South Africa. In fact anyone who has immigrated will tell you just how hard it is and THAT particular struggle has bonded us "runners" in ways the ragtag clueless lot on your blog find difficult to understand.

    The way we think and do things is what sets us apart, we are doers able to make it anywhere in the world. We recognize that in each other and band together wherever we are, we are the people who sail singlehandedly around the world, change out our landrovers engine singlehandedly in the wops. Perhaps that is why we have little patience or regard for people who sit and cry for 20 years on internet blogs without ever doing anything.

    Do you really want to be classed on the same level as the LTMA's of the world?

    I don't.

    1. Anonymous10:17 pm

      @ running faster running 12:40 PM

      Don't cry little man, your intelligence might leak out, you cant even change your mind without being scared.

      Stop making excuses you white retard you came with your fucking macho man, rambo clint attitude, now fucking prove it.

      Did you boyfriend give you your poes klaps again? I see you're looking for excuses and reason today


    2. Anonymous11:04 pm

      Ok so then why do you come back here? Go and participate in British Blogs or wherever the fuck you are.

      Like a rejected lover, you keep trolling your ex's facebook page and stalk them on social media. Why are you here if you are so glad that you left?

    3. Whiteman11:30 pm

      RFR, you make a very clear case for what I call a globe-trotter, or global-citizen. You are people who are happy to live anywhere, and like a cameleon, can adapt to the " colour " of your surroundings, and blend in with the environment. It is your democratic right, and/or privilege. But I have a BIG problem with the wealthy whites of this country, who look down on those whiteys, who are less privileged. And lets face it, to emmigrate, you have to be more wealthy than the average person in this country. Or you have contacts, and or skills, and or abilities, which the average whitey does not have. So good for you, but be careful to be think you are Gods gift to the world ! The last time I checked, they said there was 600,000 whites, living in squatter camps in this country. What about those living in garages, wendy houses, servant rooms etc. with family and friends ? And EVERY week, the numbers increase. These people will NEVER be able to emmigrate, even if they wanted to. So the majority of whiteys in this country, have their backs against the wall, and will be forced to fight or die. So be happy you could dodge all of this, but if you critisise us, who are forced to stay and fight, you will surely reap destruction. Even in your comfy, safe, feathered, little overseas nest !

    4. Anonymous12:25 am


      There you go insulting us again.

      Do you think everyone on this blog has never left RSA?

      I travelled and worked around the world looking for these so called greener pastures. Yes I know how hard that is (Its actually fuck all - you make a choice and do it, fill in the paperwork for visa, permits, sell your stuff and buy a plane tickets and off you go)

      I pulled my Land Rover engine (300 TDI) out last year by myself too, so what whoopyfuckingdo!

      The people who "sit and cry" on this blog don't have to do anything, that's the whole point, the darkness is doing a fantastic job already. Its really a game of chess.

      Please note RFR that not once did I insult you as you have done to us. I suggest you and your new country go make like "me and jenny were like peas and carrots"

      Uncle Mike, thank you for your blog...you have and are doing something. Thank you for the platform to air our views and I apologize if I fly off the rail sometimes.


    5. Anonymous3:02 am

      Forrest 12.40 PM I strongly agree with you. I greatly respect my compatriots who have also succeeded abroad. I too would not want to associate with -- let alone die for -- some of the "ragtag clueless lot" who "cry . . . on internet blogs without ever doing anything." However I know that many "stayers" (including Mike and people who comment on his blog) are at least as capable as the "runners" and they too do not identify with some of the lower forms of White life left in S.A. Tom (British Isles)

    6. Stephen3:18 am

      Okay forrest , you got to work with what is in your hand , allow Ltma to work with what is in his hand.

      You know we have no objections to you being there , rather help by sending words of encouragement than judgemental views .

      And hats off to you , really that you can make it anywhere in the world , we're so tuff we can make it right here in SA .

      As unto the prodical-son , you have chosen to spend your inheritance and have your fun while were still working for it , don't worry when its all spent and done well welcome you back with open-arms, and celebrate

      because we would have been given back a lost-brother.

    7. Exactly, you have forgotten your, or never had a sense of patriotism and nationalism towards your fellow white South Africans.

    8. Forrest, yes, emigrating is hard, so hard in fact that I am a shadow of my former self and spend most days hiding in my shed with a few bottles of Birra Moretti and my cat. When I left SA I made no promises to anyone that I would be an ambassador for the country or that I would be the prototypical hard-working South African. That's good because I have not distinguished myself in any way in the 11 years since I left. If I ever return to SA, people will marvel that I was an even bigger loser overseas than I was in Joeys.

    9. Ag guys, just los old Forrest. He's only looking for company because he can't assimilate wherever he is. He misses home, but is too proud to admit the error of his ways. At least Dioscuri Redux is honest.

    10. Anonymous8:40 am

      I lived and worked for a decade in the UK. I decided to come back to the Western Cape.

      I now live a far higher standard of living and am much happier.

      Even with a good salary in the UK, the quality of life and standard of living comes nowhere near to the higher standard I now have in SA.

      People are generally also much more polite, friendly and easy-going in SA, or at least the Cape.

  33. Anonymous2:52 pm



    We must watch Eastern Europe because events start here first. We are so close now, if only the whites would realize, those republics are not decades away but around the corner - people will be shocked when it happens and how fast it happens.

    Still lots of things to happen but watch Eastern Europe.

    We really need to be prepared now more than ever. Wake up those around you - I have noticed more whites waking up though, seems like their rainbow blinkers are finally coming off.

    1. Anonymous11:02 pm

      But according to your hero Adriaan Snyman, this was the Bosnian war in the 1990s?

      Why cant you siener people make up your minds?

    2. Anonymous8:23 am

      Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already. Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. They are from the world; therefore they speak from the world, and the world listens to them. ...

      1John 4:1-6
      For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,

      2 Timothy 4:3

      “‘I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear with those who are evil, but have tested those who call themselves apostles and are not, and found them to be false.

      Revelation 2:2

      Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.
      Matthew 7:21

    3. Ah well the Yugoslav and Bosnian wars were indeed the beginning of the phase that we are seeing today. Believe me that if Russia then was as strong as Russia is today those conflicts would either not have been undertaken so outright by NATO and the balance of power may have seen a very different outcome.

    4. Anonymous11:59 pm

      Anon 11.02 Moenie jou kop breek hieroor nie want dis ver te ingewikkeld vir jou.

    5. Anonymous4:42 am


      Adriaan says " look at Bosnia" he did not say it is bosnia.

      But according to your hero Adriaan Snyman, this was the Bosnian war in the 1990s?

      Why cant you siener people make up your minds?

      Its simple, those events have all and are all leading up to current events.

      Russia (Putin) is pissed off about that Bosnian war, I listened to an interview with him and he discussed it at length on a video on YT.

      The events in E Europe, go hand in hand here when Russia got involved or gets involved. Russia did not get involved in Bosnia.

      But they have gotten involved in Crimea/Ukraine. We then tie up a black nationalist movement in SA (EFF), drought, pension problems, unemployment, farms being taken, Afrikaans language being lost...

      Now none of these happened during the Bosnian crisis, so we can easily see Bosnia & events here dont link up but we can link up these events.

      For example, he said the Eastern Europe Russian thing will go hand in hand with our oppression and stripping of everything in this country.

      See problem is when people read those visions they dont think, they think the author or Siener is going to tell you everything.

      They provide the signs, it is up to you to connect to signs, the dots with current events and then see where along the line we are.

      Afrikaans language being taken out of schools/universities goes hand in hand with us being stripped, losing everything, our time of oppression and that time coincides with events taking place in Europe, a revival of Russia, immigrants flooding Europe, Racial tension world wide.

      Adriaan in his books asks "whether this is it" but at that stage we had not been stripped like we have been in the past 5 years. So in some cases his questioning was about 10 years too early but he non the less was spot on with tying those events to current events.

      We can take each small vision and try tie them up, I dont do this. I look at the overall picture.

      That is that the whites here would be stripped, lose everything - now is that happening?

      Is there a Russian revival?
      Is there a black nationalistic movement now?
      Is there severe drought?
      Is there a conflict in Eastern Europe with Russia?
      Is there an immigration issue in Europe?
      Has our language faded into the background?

      Open your mind, dont be closed minded, look at the big picture and simply ask " are we seeing this happen all at once"?

      The answer to all the above questions, is that all those events mentioned are happening at the same time, that is how we know how much time is left on our clocks in this country before that day.

      So in the meantime, dont look for disparities in their interpretations rather look at waking our people up, preparing, arming, uniting, coming together as one volk English/Afrikaans speaking, one volk, one goal, one republic and most of all...

      One nation, One heart under one God!


  34. Moenie worry nie,ons hier in die buiteand praat nog die taal en braai al reen dit.die meeste ouer mense van SA wat hier is is baie liberaal en dink liewers ons almal by die huis moet nie gewere he nie want daar is teveel geweer moorde,maar die spoke skiet nie so lekker nie en gebruik nie so baie gewere soos pangas en kap messe nie.ons is vyf broers en almal maak fisies reg vir die groot dag en geestelik is ons gesond en reg vir wat kom.Ons almal wat afrikaners is moet nooit weer die fout maak om die goed in ons land toe te laat nie want die goeie goed gee geboorte aan rassiste en dit sal nooit ooit verander nie.Hierdie moet ons laaste boere oorlog en bloed rivier wees!!ons in die buiteland preserveer ons volk want in SA word ons uitgemoor,beter om hier in vrede meer te word en weer terug te gaan met genoeg fondse en wapens.Hier kan ons geweer lisensies kry en oefen om te skiet soos ons boere voorvaders wat gaos onder die engelsmanne gesaai het. Die keer gaan ons dit doen teen die swart rassiste.solank ons die kos en die water kan beheer en die res vernietig sal die spoke nie n kans staan nie.

  35. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Zephaniah 3:8King James Version (KJV)

    8 Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the Lord, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy.

  36. Anonymous1:57 am

    Enough of these internecine squabbles about who is right to leave and who is right to stay. A bit less religion would also be a help.

    None of the black candidates for Thuli Madonsela's job as public protector are innocent of lying and abusing their positions in their previous jobs, which makes them unfit for purpose. Do you think this kind of behaviour could just be genetic amongst blacks? Perhaps Willie Hofmeyr will be appointed in spite of being white.

    Please put up a post on this, Mike. Dankie by voorbaat!

    1. Anonymous8:09 am

      Who cares about the genetics of blacks or whites or who ever and who ever is lying, the end times are here the way the world is going, prepare for the world leader to come who wil " set" the record straight, do you think only guns will win this war, you need much more than that, it is way deeper .I think we have talk and study " religion" more than ever, time is scarce.

    2. Anonymous12:25 pm

      Anon 1:57 AM yes, conflict between sub-groups of White South Africans is self-destructive and can be managed through attention to our shared goal. For what its worth, my experience in the British Isles shows that there is a far greater percentage of intellectually high-functioning Whites in S.A. than here (due to dysgenics in this society). In my social network, the main difference between "stayers" and "runners" was personal choice and not ability. If anything, remainers were more talented than leavers and often they had more to lose in career achievements if they left S.A.

      Concerning the White - Black behaviour differences that you mentioned, as Mike previously indicated (an article that referenced the work of Prof J. Philippe Rushton) this is associated with Blacks' low intelligence and capacity for abstract thinking (genetic basis) which certainly "makes them unfit for purpose" as you said. Tom

    3. Anonymous11:18 pm

      Here we go anon 1.57

      Proverbs 23.9 Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.

      1 Corintheans 2.14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned

      1 Corintheans 1;18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

      A fool has no delight in understanding, but in expressing his own heart." Proverbs 18:2

      Maybe you need a bit more 'wisdom'. You would do well.

    4. Anonymous11:22 pm

      If only you understood that our moving away from God is what has put us in this scenario in the first place.

      The wise thing to do is to turn from worldliness and return to the ways of old - the ways of God. The hour is late and there is little time left for repentance. The door will soon be closed.

      Pray that God give you wisdom and knowledge of His ways.

    5. Anonymous3:08 am

      @Anonymous 11:22 PM: The earth will continue to sustain life for another two billion years until it gravitates too close to the sun, so the hour is definitely not "late". Guys, get your noses out of that ancient book full of superstitious nonsense. It's very dumb-womanish to take religion so seriously, that's why Muslims are retarded fudge packers who wouldn't even be able to get it up for the seven virgins in their imaginary afterlife.

      As Tom says, a lot of whites still here are highly capable and well established and have a lot to lose if they leave South Africa.

    6. Anonymous11:33 am

      @ Anon 3:08 how about....NO? No!

      And please don't compare us with the mudslimes.

      Nobody here is trying to convert you, why are you trying to convert? Sies man.

  37. Well /mike most certainly has a point, but allow me to offer an alternative point of view.

    The people that have stayed behind are angry at the runners for the following reasons.

    1) Patriotism and
    2) Nationalism

    You see when you remove yourself from your country of birth, you forego both of the above, which means that you reduce the capability of your group of people to survive an onslaught.

    You basically choose your own and your families' survival over the survival of the group/collective. Of course whether this is bad is debatable, but know that you cannot call yourself a patriot or a nationalist after you have abandoned YOUR GROUP.

    Similar types of abandonment would be a Boer slipping away into the night on the eve of blood river, as similarly his own survival is more important to him that the survival of the collective.

    BUT, we all have families that we are responsible for. Therefore we have to choose, do I emigrate and ensure the survival of my family, or do I stay and face a certain fight, knowing that my family might have to pay the ultimate price?

    Is my survival more important that the survival of my volk?

    1. Indeed there is no more identity amongst the majority of us whites cowardice and materialism over all else has been pumped ito us by the NWO media and "education" systems. Only the here and now counts they will not do anything that does not reap instant rewards.

      They refuse to acknowledge that "for their families" is but a short term solution because their families are going to stand alone in their adopted lands when legislation turns them into cultural refugees.

      Kicking the can down the road I believe it is called. But having said that just because someone upped and left does not automatically make them fall into that category. For many it is the lack of cohesion and resultant hopelessness that forced their hand. As Mike said their are many that have stayed that most certainly do not have a warrior ethos and will hide whilst others fight and die.

    2. Anonymous11:31 pm

      fools - both of you. I will lay down my life when my Father calls me to. And it be for His purpose not the lust of my flesh or pride.

      You only want to return to your ways of dominance and oppression of the poor - the downtrodden. You are not wanting victory for righteousness.

      You are just beasts of the field living by the serpent nature.

      I will never stand alongside heathen, no matter what colour. My people are those who follow the Light.

      The Great Book reveals the outcome of this 'worldy' battle and who the victors are.

      Stop lusting after your own agenda. Siner this and siener that - nonsense, absolute nonsense.

    3. Anonymous3:09 am

      In a blunt word: Yes.

  38. Anonymous5:59 am

    Here, nee, mense, sowat van kak pratery het ek lanklaas gesien. Goddeloosheid man. As julle kan skiet soos wat julle mekaar besmeer dan was die kaffers lankal in die minderheid. Skaamtelose bliksement emmers, nie een word verder nie, stop dit nou.!

    1. OK sorry Oupa... Gooi vir jou nog n dop.!. Of rol n oukie en rook hom...

      Kind Regards.

  39. Watch till the end..


  40. Anonymous10:15 am


  41. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Dan you have hit the nail on the head.
    Now we need to cut the criticisms both sides, being neither useful nor relevant to those who either stayed, or left for greener pastures.

  42. Anonymous6:22 pm

    niggs be niggin' all ova


    Interesting comments coming from the whites.

    1. Whiteman1:19 am

      I watch the nignog disturbances in the USA with great interest. To think, they have tried to convince us, and the WHOLE world, what a rainbow-paradise they have created. And we are just low class Apartheid-skunks ! Note how similar the nignogs riot there and here. They look the same, jump around the same, burn and break the same, and you can see they are a world wide brotherhood. They ALWAYS find a reason to destroy the whitemans creations. The latest horse they have saddled is : Police brutality ! Nobody asks the important question, why are police acting the way they do, even if they do overstep the line. Before you can qualify to objectively critisise a mans job, you really have to do it yourself, for at least a year. But these creatures will ALWAYS be undisciplined, destructive, satanic and self-destructive. They crave a society with NO police, and/or law and order. Only JUNGLE-LAW, where dog eats dog, and the strongest dominates the weakest. This is how they have operated, for THOUSANDS of years, from way back before Adam and Eve. And any person, who in this enlightened age, still think that they descended from Adam and Eve, like the white race, is TOTALLY DOF ! !

    2. Anonymous11:19 am

      Jip, they did the same thing in SA. "Oh the poor nigs, help the stupid nogs, teach the useless dindus" Never asking why we did not want to have anything to do with them.

      These people are quick to jump on us without ever asking why and what was the cause.

    3. Actually, we are all descendants of Noah and his three sons since everyone else croaked during the flood. I suspect 'black' people are the descendants of Noah's son, Ham. Regardless, everyone is under 'Messianic Law' (I rather prefer 'Messianic Teachings' myself) so that settles the issue of 'religion'.

      My questions is this: What are you fighting over? Anyone can see this world is dying. Fukashima Diachi has been spewing radiation into the environment for five years with no end in sight. Once Europe and the US collapse into chaos more nuclear power plants are going to melt down.

      Get right with the Living God, Jehovah of Armies. Follow the commands of your rightful king and savior, Jesus Christ. It is up to you to take the first step towards your Creator who sent His only begotten son to die for YOU so that you may have eternal life.

      "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." -Matthew 6:33

      'Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whomsoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." -Matthew 10:32-33

      Note that no mention is made of women since woman was created from man (Adam) and is either under the authority of her father or her husband or in rebellion against Almighty God.

      "For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all Churches of the Saints. Let your women keep silence in the Church, for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience: as also saith the Law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the Church."
      -1 Corinthians 14:33-35

      Every one of you reading this is a SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL created in the image of the sovereign Almighty God, Jehovah of Armies. Stop letting people between you and His Word, the Holy Scriptures! You may be VERY CLOSE to eternal damnation.

      Read Romans 1:16-32.

      I could go on and on. Many believe in a pre-tribulation rapture which is supported by Holy Scripture. Some believe that event will occur this year.

      I sincerely beg you all to search your heart and call on Almighty God in the name of His only begotten son, Jesus Christ.

      "But what saith it? The word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;

      That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.

      For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

      For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

      For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.

      For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." -Romans 10:8-13

  43. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Right there is all this talk of talkers vs doers, stayers vs runners, arm chair keyboard warriors vs gunning slinging, missile toting land rover engine hauling wops poes klap boys.

    I stay lets see who can cut the grain here, lets start putting money where our mouths are.

    We get accused of bitching and moaning while the runners are accused of running and hurling insults.

    I challenge you all to prove your worth, WE need to start something worthwhile so lets start a trust get money together buy up huge tracts of good land start kibbutzes and create jobs for the disadvantaged whites.

    From there we buy mines and more lands throughout Africa and then start buying up industries over the continent.

    I have the energy to see this through and I will contribute financially.

    I challenge all of you, runners included, I will go so far as to say you're welcome to repat back and restart your birth rights.

    I have heard NWO, globalism and all the rest, well I suggest you fight back and to fight back you need to start unifying and big money.

    So come you doers out there show your doing, I am putting myself out here so come now.


    1. Anonymous11:36 pm

      is this really you? no.. can't be. You are making too much sense.
      Anyway well said for a change.And see how nice it reads without the filth.

      I agree with your comments. Nice.

    2. Anonymous12:31 am

      Iets soos die Eden projek?


    3. Well, LTMA, my brother. Get a Trust Fund going. I suggest that you, Mike, JP & Donycero, Ninja etc., and whoever else is trustworthy and wants to get involved can be trustees.

      I have been thinking along these same lines for some time now. Let's start doing SOMETHING other than just talking?

    4. May I suggest a name for the fund? Boere Afrika Trust - BAT. It has a nice ring to it. We're going to bat this Satan's spawn right over the square-leg boundary and out of our civilisation? hee hee hee - fuck 'em all!

    5. RunForrestRun2:29 am

      You are about to prove my point, - I'm betting you get less than 20 people prepared to be involved. So please tell me about this nationalism and patriotism and "volk" and just exactly who we are talking about.

      There is no such thing in South Africa, so why the hell would anybody join in?

      Come on, -prove me wrong.

    6. Anonymous2:46 am

      Nice one man, I've been saying for ages now that whites in SA should start up kibbutz's

    7. Bats also feed on parasites, mossies, fruit flies, etc., don't they? And the Afrikaans connotation of "Afrika" will piss the nignogs off even more.

    8. Anonymous4:59 am

      @ TT, I will get started on the trust and keep everybody posted as to progress.

      Remember I do have my own projects to run so be patient as to progress.


    9. LT - open a bank account and advise all of the acc. no. and let's start donating, Boet. I've got fuckall but will contribute what I can,

    10. Anonymous11:06 am

      TT I am of the opinion that a bank account must be opened and managed through a notable accounting company.

      I have started talking to 2 different accounting firms and am also approaching legal counsel for advice

      I want this done transparently and correctly, I myself do not want to be involved in management but would like to be a donor and supporter of the venture.

      I think that somebody like JP has the knowledge to be involved in managing it. That is if he is willing.


    11. LT - Donycero is the boy to manage it. I think??? He sits down there on the farm and might welcome it.

    12. Accounting firms charge a fortune for doing basically fuckall. We just need one to do the annual audit.

    13. Anonymous1:17 am

      Donycero? What do you say? About managing an NGO non profit monetary fund to enrich presently disadvantaged white South Africans. Not about sitting on a farm doing FA.


  44. Anonymous12:29 am

    Anonymous 1.54 AM - Israel has never been tested in a real war!?!?!?! Are you fucking serious?

    1. Anon 12:29 I believe the arsehole is actually. Doos! [as in empty box - not the other lekker ding].

  45. Anonymous4:21 am


    Its not just whites running in SA, they are now running in the US...


    The great race war is going to happen in the US. In the US it will eventually take the same shape as it has taken here.

    Riots, riots, crime, white areas being attacked, whites being hijacked.

    The race war will be far worse there than in South Africa IMO.

    This is what happens when you go from one extreme and then suddenly treat them as equals on all front.

    One thing we can say with confidence, with zero feelings of guilt, we have never had slaves here during those apartheid years.

    That is why things have been bad but IMO again will never be as bad as the US because blacks know we had segregation, which is actually part of their own culture.

    They use the race thing here for politics but on the ground, when you speak to the average black person, there are not the same hatred that the US had.

    When I was in the US, I could not believe how sensitive blacks are in the US and how they really do hate whites in the US.

    The Muslim laws being worked on in the background are a precursor to segregation laws being implemented in the US again.

    The racial thing is going to go to a whole new level world wide, just in time for us in this country.

    We will have hundreds of millions of whites looking our way in the coming months.

  46. Anonymous4:26 am

    Kak Mike,
    I'd much rather go at it alone.
    I'm fkcn fed-up to the hilt with these Yahwah-wettu's, Siener van die Suburb-lackeys & quasi perves, forever gawking as to whether you're fkcn circumsized.
    Ek fok nie slagveld-toe met gewaande mal etter kampkommendante wat glo hul dra meer Israel-DNA in hul lyf, as gewone stront in hul kaksak nie.

    1. Tja...that is why I am blogging alone.

    2. Anonymous12:23 pm


      @Anonymous4:26 AM

      So what are you doing Rambo?

    3. Anonymous1:17 pm

      This is why there will never be any unity amongst the whites today. Everyone has turned away from God and the Truth and seeks their own 'worldy' agenda.

      You are in for a huge wake up, and very soon. 4.26, I would never stand with you - you are lost.

      Our fore fathers were united in their belief and walk with God. This made them a powerful unit. This is not so today.

      I have no problem with what is happening in the world today. I focus on the Word and await the 6th seal. God is in control and His plan is unfolding before us.

      What has happened to the whites in SA was brought about to draw His people back to Him - in these last days.

      Faith Walker

    4. Anonymous6:35 pm


      @Anonymous4:26 AM

      Unless Siener Van Rensburg emailed business insider with the following info, how do you explain it? Or Maybe they are also suburb-lackey perves who get off reading Adriaan snymans book on the toilet?


      Russia has deployed additional military forces and systems to Ukraine’s northern, eastern, and southern borders. Russian military activity around Ukraine has increased since **MAY** 2016 when Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the creation of three new divisions in the Western and Southern Military Districts.

      Russia has deployed additional military forces and systems to Ukraine’s northern, eastern, and southern borders. Russian military activity around Ukraine has increased since May 2016 when Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the creation of three new divisions in the Western and Southern Military Districts.

      Siener Van Rensburgs vision regarding Russia

      The Beginning of Oppression
      War breaks out in Europe around April or May (year unknown) as
      soon as the thaw sets in, but by the time there is no more ice and
      snow, it will have progressed considerably—so much so that it
      seems if the Russians are winning

      This will be the time of OUR oppression as well.

      People must wake up and see the signs.

      Time is now FAST running out for those who want to prepare but still arnt. We see the state of the world, then see his visions.

      You dont have to believe in gravity to know it exists.

      One of many of his prophecies.

      Mike we need something that can allow our people to prepare or prepare them now, not sure what or how they can do it, either solo or with groups but the guys need to be prepared.

      Not to alarm anyone, or cause chaos but to be prepared for anything coming our way now.

      Time is about to fulfill his other visions here in South Africa.

    5. Anonymous1:10 am

      You will die alone as well.

    6. Ninja, you will never educate those qho don't want to be educated. They're too stupid to read the signs that are all around them. Save yourself the effort, Boet.

      You called it right when you called 4:26 Rambo - he's a legend in his own imagination.

  47. Anonymous5:33 am


    Reminds me of our monkeys in RSA.

  48. This is for Shaka, the illiterate piece of non-human excrement. If it can read?

  49. Transvaler10:18 am

    Wonder what will the event that turns on the fan, cause the brown stuff is already falling all over ?

  50. Anonymous10:46 am

    Hi Mike

    I would like to ask you a question, and I am hoping you will reply to it. (Please do)

    I know you are well read on many subjects along with your own life experiences.

    I read that you were / are a Jew, Muslim and perhaps Christian. (Sorry if that is not worded correctly)

    I read your replies to some of those questions or statements by fellow commenters. I can assume you were searching for some sort of truth in the world.
    (As everyone should be)

    I was baptized as a Presbyterian, went to church for several years. The last time I went to a church service on my Mothers request, I almost vomited. I call them Sunday Christians, as on Monday many of those same people are quite happy to "naai" you for many reasons mostly money.
    The other thing about the "Church" which I cannot fathom out is what is all the sexual assaults / rape of young boys, which are somehow swept under the rug?
    That upsets me to no end. How does Jesus allow the very people preaching his name to do this?

    However I will say this, every country I have ever visited I do make a point of going to a Church. (Not a service) I go to admire the architecture, it is always truly amazing, colossal and even beautiful.
    This is what I cannot understand that many of these Churches were built hundreds of years ago in hard climates. Was life not hard enough just to survive.

    Take the Orthodox church in Ethiopia carved out of rock. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lalibela

    This one in Orkney was started by the Vikings and finished by the Scottish.

    Many, many more everywhere.(Not forgetting the Eastern Buddha, Hindi etc...)

    I have read about Siener, and he has been correct, Leonardo Da Vinci was also correct with his sketches.
    South American Shamans also go into this spirit world and see things and relay onto others.

    Where is the truth or rather the proof that any of these Gods exist?

    If a God does indeed exist that "loves us" why all the bloodshed and terrible things that happen daily?

    For sure it is undeniable that something Spiritual does indeed exist.

    I am not sure to believe in the Bible or just plain old scientific physics.

    Please can you offer your opinion regarding the above?


    1. Here you go TP, i hope this gives some clarity.


    2. Anonymous12:16 pm

      The mere fact that you're asking intelligent questions like this is evidence that God exists.
      Otherwise we all would have been dead planets and burning stars or stardust!
      Feeling physical pain is different to be tormented emotionally? Thus ..evidence of spiritual existence.
      God sent his only Son to bare witness of his existence and to save everyone created in His Image.
      So man up and except his gesture to save you or stop trying to confuse others about the existence of The One True God.

    3. Anonymous1:09 pm

      If you want to experience the love of God you need to open your heart to Him and provide Him space to guide you into His light, through the Saviour 'Jesus'.

      God is a 'set-apart' Spirit and will not invade your free will - yet that is.

      God has a plan for His creation which is written in the Scriptures for all to uncover. One has to want to find the truth in His Word. This does not come with casual reading.

      One must sincerely hunger for the Truth.

      Do not be put off by those who are casual pew warmers in a 'church' environment. We are all human and everyone has allocated their own measure of commitment to finding the Truth. Most are too distracted by the things of this world.

      When you have immersed yourself in the Word, have humbled yourself and prayed for God's reign in your life, you will begin your journey of discovery with absolute amazement.

      There is a seven thousand year plan for the world (parabled in the 7 day creation week). We are currently coming to the end of the 6th day. The 7th day (7th millenium) is a Sabbath. Only those who were found acceptable throughout the ages will experience the magic of this Sabbath. The rest will spend the Sabbath Millenium learning the Truth.

      Haven and hell is not as described by the 'church', in fact very little that is taught in mainstream christian churches is truth. They have misrepresented and misinterpreted the Word.

      There is an old saying 'don't throw the baby out with the bath water'. Humble yourself and ask the Saviour into your life to guide and teach you. He will not fail you.

      Faith Walker

    4. Stephen1:25 pm

      Tp , men go to great extends to 'find' their truths but pass themselfs . The catch is to not over-think it.

      Believe in God the father and His son Jesus Christ , remember people will allways disapoint you so don't look to them for the answers , the church is a very good place and maybe you just havnt been to a real one ,

      I'll tell you this much , your gonna miss them when their gone.

      Tp yes , this world is filled with brokeness and no, God does not like it either , He will judge these people

    5. Anonymous3:49 pm

      TP, it seems that you are lost and the best thing for you to do is to get saved, you need someone to witness to you that Jesus Christ is our Lord and saviour, that He died for our sins and was resurrected again from the dead. Read 1Corinthians 15 . Yes unfortunately there are a lot of churches that are false and the Bible does talk about it, ones that teach false doctrine and also ones that are only interested in mammon and money. Be careful what you read and watch as lot of stuff on the internet and msm is false doctrine and dogma as well.

      I say the best book to read is a King James Bible and also a to have good concordance to help you understand what you reading.I hope this will help, as I say be careful of false teachings.

    6. "Seek ye the Lord, while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near. Let the wicked man forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord and he will have mercy upon him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher then the earth, so are my ways higher then your ways, and my thoughts then your thoughts." -Isiah 55:6-9

      Maybe if everyone was searching for Almighty God in His Word, the Holy Scriptures, things would be a bit more peaceful, yes?

      Seek Almighty God in His Word, the Holy Scriptures, and through humble petition through prayer in the name of His only begotten son, Jesus Christ.

      Do not ask for 'signs'. This world lies firmly in the hand of the wicked one, Satan. Almighty God gave you free will. Use it. Do you honestly think man can subdue a fallen angel?

      Death entered the world through one man, Adam. Jesus Christ conquered death on the cross and by so doing saved everyone who believes in him and his righteousness.

      Angels can not be killed and have free will. That is how Almighty God created them and He will not take that free will away from them or US. Ascribing sin to Almighty God is blasphemy. Almighty God gave you His Word, the Holy Scriptures, so you can learn about Him. Have you studied His Word yourself? Or, like most 'Christians', are you CHOOSING to be led to slaughter by wolves in sheep's clothing?

      If you don't understand something in His Word, YOU need to beg Almighty God for understanding and SEARCH out the TRUTH of the matter in His Word. STOP counting on people to interpret His Word correctly when ONLY Almighty God knows what you need before you even ask!

      Seriously, we are all running out of time. WHO will you turn to when you are standing before Jesus Christ for judgement and he says he doesn't know you? Who is going to protect you from the Wrath of Almighty God?

      May the peace and love of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, be upon you.

  51. Anonymous1:21 pm

    you see yourself as a victim, please stop!
    As much as you blame Jesus for all the bad things in life, the guy next to you can blame you for whatever wrong you did to him!
    Fact: People commit awful things to one another.
    If God created us all the same we would be robbed of the choice to be who we are....good or bad.
    Adam and Eve ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
    Don't blame the God who created you for the evil men do.
    Try to protect your brothers and sisters against all that is bad...but firstly try to protect yourself against yourself doing harm to your neighbour.
    All I know for shure is to love God (the same God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob)..the same God living today.

  52. Anonymous9:30 pm

    So....still everyone criticizes one another?? Runforrestrun was just stating his opinion. Why should the rest of you think you can ostracize him? Tell him he has given up on the "group", etc??? I left SA 4 years ago and everyday I yearn to go back, but I cannot. I tried to mobilise friends (whilst in SA) to get organised for the coming problems and they couldn't see it. They couldn't believe me. I bought them books, I showed them this blog, I did everything I could. A simple thing: I tried to organise that we list our blood-groups, just in case we could assist one another in times of need, after the Blood banks have run dry, or have been contaminated. No luck. These are intelligent, lifelong friends. NO-ONE and I mean NO-ONE amongst the Whites knows how to fight back. The time for that has come...and gone. Years ago, Mike asked "why do we stay in SA until someone is raped, maimed or killed before we leave" and that struck a chord. Where I am, I have ZERO friends and am just making enough to stay alive. I do not want friends here, because I am a hardegat, loyal (expecting loyalty), angry South African!! I fought the Unions on my own, crime in my neighbourhood on my own and it got me nowhere. Criticise if you wish, but Africa is over for the Whiteman. Anyone watch the Boeremag go down?? Which Whiteman can you trust?? IF and that's a very big IF, the Politicians can get a Homeland for us, i will bleed for it! But not a moment before. And screw you idiots that keep criticising!! You are all fucking BIG talk on the forums, but should my prayers be answered and there is a Homeland, i won't take your kak, at home, Boetie.

  53. Anonymous10:15 pm


    A story you may wish to use:

    ‘We WANT BLOOD! We cannot co-habitate with WHITE PEOPLE!’ – UGLY video from Milwaukee


    Regards, Besoeker

    1. Whiteman3:08 am

      Besoeker, and other thinking patriots. This latest developement in Milwaukwee, is VERY important on many different levels ! It shows how truth, and reality, has this " horrible " way of surfacing, no matter how many " lids " you try to put on top of it. The nignogs in the USA, are under tremendous strain, because the first world standards, are JUST TO HIGH for them to aspire to, or to sustain ! We dont realise what it is doing to these creatures, especially in the long term. But just compare it to our situation here. Being the majority, and after receiving a WHOLE country, on a silver plattter, they could : Bring down everything to the African-standard. But because this country was so well developed, and prosperous, it actually took " HARD WORK, " to bring it down to African-level. And it is still a work in progress. And we know, the stealing, burning, breaking, destroying, genocide etc, will continue, UNTIL THE DESIRED STANDARD IS REACHED ! We know a race war is comming. We just dont know where it will start in earnest. At this stage, I think the USA, and the NSA, are running neck to neck. Maybe we must ask the bookies, how the bets are looking ?

    2. Besoeker, this just proves; once a Kaffir always a Kaffir. You can take it out of the bush, but never get the bush out of it?

      What don't the things understand? We Whites don't want to co-habit with them. We just want them to fuck off as far as possible and leave us the hell alone. But, typical of the spawn, they act as if America is their country and owes them something. The eternal entitlement attitude.

  54. Whiteman2:00 am

    Anonymous 9:30 PM, you make valid statements, and I respect your views ! Twenty years ago, I did much the same thing as you. It was also basically a waste of time and energy. That is why I firmly believe this country HAS to collapse first. The only time, when people will stand together to any USEFUL degree, is when : You have lost everything you posess ! When you are VERY angry, and hungry at the same time ! When you REALLY realise, that you need your brother and sister, to help you survive ! And you REALLY realise, everybodies religion and politics, must be kept out of the survival picture ! These two elements, can destroy any survival attempt, before breakfast. So the camp law should be, you keep your religion and politics to YOURSELF, and inside YOUR OWN TENT ! I would be happy to join any action, that sticks to these basic rules for survival !

  55. Anonymous2:27 am

    Mike left a little bit out of the speech.

    That he which hath no stomach to this fight,
    Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
    And crowns for convoy put into his purse;
    We would not die in that man's company.


    The fewer men, the greater share of honour.

    Who says we will let u back in the country Boetie? Typical tough guy runner, he'll come back when the fighting is done, what a hero, you are a cunt just like your friends.