30 August 2016

Playing Monopoly in Europe

By Mike Smith
30th of August 2016

A few days ago there was an Attempt on Angela Merkel’s life in Prague in the Czech Republic when a man tried to ram her motorcade with a black Mercedes during a state visit.

Although the British and Russian press covered the story, there is a total blackout about it in the leftist German MSM. Only a few bloggers picked it up.

Merkel faced noisy anti-Islam protestors in Prague who disapproved of her refugee and open border politics.

The other day the anti-immigration youth movement known as the “Identitäre Bewegung” (Identity movement) had a peaceful demonstration at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The “Morgenpost” newspaper of Dresden and Chemnitz in Saxony were caught out that they Photoshopped the peaceful demo and added Nazi flags and some dark scaly characters into the pictures which were later again removed.

Every day the German newspapers report that the amount of refugees streaming over the borders are getting less and that in the next year it will “dwindle” to only 400,000, about a third of the previous year.

However, what they are not saying is that the refugees do not even have to come to Germany… The German government flies them in with airplanes landing during the night when everyone is in bed.

The truth about Merkel’s mass refugees being flown in with charter flights during the night

To fool the German public more, they are being smuggled during the summer holiday break and in between Turkish and other Near East passengers. The Cologne-Bonn airport reported on the 8th of August an increase of 185,000 passengers in comparison to the same month last year; an increase of 18%.

On top of it the German Government has a program which allows those Muslims already in the country to automatically bring their family members in and those then, THEIR closest family members, etc, ad infinitum.

In the meantime 130,000 refugees have slipped away under the radar in Germany and are unaccounted for…And they wonder where the terrorist attacks come from.

The secret night flights: How the German government secretly smuggle in thousands of Syrian refugees without their citizens knowing it

Lying Merkel: Germany’s Secret Night Refugee Flights

The Germans are living in fear. The shops are all out of pepper spray and tazing devices. People are openly admitting on television that they are sleeping with pepper spray next to their beds. The government has warned people to stock up food and water for ten days…Shit is about to hit the fan bigtime.

It becomes obvious to the simplest of minds that there are some clear cut objectives here…dare I say a conspiracy. Let me show you how it is going to be in the short European future. It goes like this:

Lend money to the fanatical Islamists and cause the rise of ISIS (think where all those fancy Toyota Bakkies come from with all those fancy weapons on top?).

This will cause a flood of Muslim refugees into Europe and these Muslims will go on a rampage doing what they have always done for hundreds of years; Rape and pillage.

Let the Europeans now spend all their money trying to deal with the problem and let it cause an economic meltdown.

Let the Europeans get so pissed off that they start a crusade against the Arab world for which they now have no money. Now switch sides, stop funding ISIS and lend money to the Europeans. Let them take over all the oil under Arab control.

Call in all debts and take over all the oil fields and if the Europeans have no more money to pay back, take compensation in the form of controlling shares in all their factories, banks and businesses.

Final result: Total control of all of Europe, all of the oil in the Middle East and couple that with the control you already have over all the gold and diamonds and other minerals in South Africa…and you will have full control of the world. Declare a Single World Government, a single global police force and a worldwide enslaved populace.

Where did we see this before?

The Rothchilds, Rockefellars and Warburgs (CFR, RIIA) funding and lending money to Hitler and building him up taking control of Europe.

Once he was strong, they provoked a war and switched sides. Hitler tried to seize the Baku oil fields in Russia/ Azerbaijan and now found that his former funders were funding his enemies (Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt). Eventually he ran out of resources. No more oil, no more military adventures. Defeat.

After the war, Britain had to pay back all the money Churchill borrowed from the international bankers to defeat Hitler. Money they did not have.

Overnight went all their colonies and their accompanying mineral rights. Churchill sold away the British Empire.

Stubborn idiot white South Africans thought they were special and could hold out against the greed of the “Hoggenheimer” Randlords and International bankers.

Suddenly the same machine kicked in. Starting the funding of white South Africa and lending them money to build schools, houses and hospitals for all the blacks.

Then you give them weapons and provoke a war in Angola. Now stop funding them, stop giving them weapons and switch sides funding their black enemies and giving THEM weapons after you have convinced them of bullshit idealistic crap such as Ubuntu and Communism.

Let your world mass media vilify the “racist” whites. Drive them into a corner and let them hand over power to the Blacks.

Once the blacks are in charge, they have to repay the money lent to them to get to power…which you know they won’t have.

Take control of their gold, platinum, copper, gold, iron ore and other vital minerals. Drive the whites out and take control of all their banks, businesses and factories. Drive the whites off their farms and take control of their food. Take control of all their fishing rights. Now you have control of the entire food supply for the entire Africa and the uppity once get starved to death.

Take control of their beloved sports such as Rugby and cricket. Break their spirit, their morale and their hope and they will never fight back.

…And so I can go on. It doesn’t matter what ideology is in charge; Communism or Capitalism. It doesn't matter which race; black or white...The name of the game is Full Control.

Throughout history you see the same pattern over and over again. First fund the one side and build them up. Then turn against them and fund the other side. Once they have destroyed each other lend them more money to build themselves up again. When they cannot pay back, take control of their resources and enslave them.

Always the same pattern. Always the same role-players and the same names behind the scenes popping up. Not a conspiracy theory...a Conspiracy fact.

At the end of the day we are all in the same boat. Victims of a Satanic Cult seeking control. The name of the game is Monopoly and the ultimate prize is full control of the entire world and an enslaved human race.

But all is not lost. These bastards are always operating in the dark, because they are scared that we are going to find out what they are up to. That is their biggest fear: Discovering the conspiracy and the role-players in it. That is why the media in Germany, South Africa and the world in general try to hide what is really going on, because the day we discover our own strength, see how pathetically few and weak these bastards are and start fighting back, is the day they will lose all control. To them, this equals Hell. For us, it will be almost heaven.


  1. I was sitting on the shithouse this morning thinking exactly the samething. The internet has turned all the Conspiracy Theories intoConspiracy Fact now. Much to the dismay of the global elite, I imagine, seeing as they pioneered the whole thing.

    Anyway, a very succinct post Mike, exactly how it is. And so it will go on and on.

    Cheers, Mate, beer-time!

  2. Anonymous8:16 am

    MS you will scared the living shit out of grand parents with your bedtime stories.

    Thanks for a bloody fantastic article. Lots to chew on here.

    As I said to 5:17AM previous post they must take more from us so that we can focus and start hitting back.

    You have stated in previous blog the battle will not be a gun battle but what awaits our immediate foe will be much faster and infinitely more deadly.

    Call me insane but I pray for the day to break when we can move forward and get done what needs doing.


    1. LT, my mate, we are not nearly united or organised enough. Patience is a virtue.

  3. Anonymous8:26 am

    The psy-op campaign to villify trump is on another level. It almost makes me think he's legit.

    1. Julian Assange is releasing more damning info on Billary on the 26th Sept to coincide with some debate.

    2. And he said it will be damning. Also hinting at her medical records being released.

    3. Dony, shouldn't that be "her veterinary records"? ha ha ha

    4. being a bitch non other term would would suffice.

  4. Anonymous8:42 am

    Brilliant Mike. The truth is always spoken here;) vaalpens

  5. Transvaler10:00 am

    Mike, as always well written and worth reading. Just finished reading all the other posts. You have a way with words - eloquent the word me thinks. Maybe of Welsh or Irish descent.

    Will pass this on to others - might be as pearls before swine.

  6. Anonymous11:55 am

    What if the conspiracy fact movement is merely part of the globalist plan?

  7. Anonymous12:57 pm

    So what needs to be done? Do we kill most of the governments of the world? Do we kill their agents first? Do we kill their foot-soldiers first? Where do we go from here?

    Because we are damned if we do and damned if we don't.

    1. Anonymous1:23 am

      This is exactly why an attempt to fight this is futile. These elite globalist banksters are extremely powerful in light of the fact that they have the money to fund anything.

      Put all your trust/faith in God. He is the only One who will destroy this 'Babylon rising' as stated in Revelation. It must happen first though as stated in Revelation 17:12.

      Let the 'beast system' have it's moment of glory as we move towards the end of this corrupt evil age.

      Faith Walker

    2. Anonymous4:24 am

      We are very close to the end of the church age and the apostacy of christianity and the rapture.After that with the one world government and the 7 year tribulation, wevare very close indeed.Read and study the King James Bible, all the prophecies of Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah, Christ, Peter,Paul and John are coming true.

  8. Anonymous1:15 pm

    A simplistic masterpiece.


  9. Anonymous1:37 pm

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said it is "unacceptable" for European Union member states to refuse to accept Muslim refugees.
    Meanwhile in Sweden, asylum seekers are withdrawing their applications to stay in the country at record rates after the nation began offering applicants money to return to their home countries" Several EU states, such as Slovakia and Hungary, have said point blank that they do not want to accept refugees. Hungary is planning a large border wall as well.

    This bitch won't be elected for a 4th term, but it's a bit late, she has created too much shit already.


    Groetnis, Tbone

  10. RunForrestRun1:58 pm

    Anybody with half a brain has known this for a long time, - the question is how do we fix it and prevent it from re-occurring. A Jew name Jesus chucked them out of the temple back in the day, so its not like this is something new. The problem we have is that getting rid of this bunch will simply create a vacuum filled by a new lot.

    As such there is a lot to be said for the Swiss system of neutrality and the way their democracy is decentralized, its a country with more than one official language, no seaports, very little natural resources,--yet it is successful.

    I wonder why?

  11. Take a bow Big Guy! Never a truer word has been written.

  12. Anonymous5:17 pm

    Mike thanks for this insightful article about our puppeteers. I can see that a penny has dropped for you. Perhaps your readers whom you previously insulted for showing similar awareness will now return to help jack up the level of discussion. An effective battle strategy is comprehensive and requires far more than the puerile posturing of some commentators here. Thanks again. With increased respect, Julius

    1. Anonymous9:19 pm

      @ anon 5:17 PM Julius. With all the hot potato, oxford tone dribble shit that spews from your one celled molecule that you wish is a brain to your finger tip and onto this page, I want to know from you.

      Are you the intellectual idiot class moron that only wants people to agree with you, listen only to you and have no opinion?

      I understand this blog to be about debate, discussion, disagreement of opinion, theory, argument and a good bit of anger, racism and freedom of speech.

      If you get insulted, bashed, fucked over, thrashed, trashed and just plain mauled you accept it and continue or retaliate and give as good or better than you recieve or you just fuck right off and find something that is not so hostile to your emotional sensitivities.

      So lets get over your poor beaten and severely injured pride and leave the accusations of insults and puerile posturing for the gatherings of your gay club and queer queens night that you host every thursday.

      Man the fuck up, dry your whimping tears, harden your weak heart and fit with the program you DFC.

      Give us the effective battle strategy that you talk so knowingly about and stop your whinging.


    2. RunForrestRun1:42 am

      Man, you're a special kind of stupid LTMA.

    3. Anonymous2:39 am

      @ forest running again 1:42 AM. I do so miss you not tackling me every day.

      I am still waiting for you to come poesklap me intelligent as you promised.

      That is what you said is it not?

      So stop talking, yellow runner boy and come. I think you are just the mouth piece of the coward and nothing else.

      Are you one of the queer queens, is that why you couldn't resist trying to get your jibe in. You're one of closet homos aren't you?

      Do worry forest running queer queen tomorrow is Thursday and you can cry on your homo nest buddies shoulders.

      Btw did you find out where SA is if you cannot go ask a boy scout he might be able to help you read a map.

      Now be a good boy and go huddle cuddle with your gay club.


    4. Anonymous6:32 am

      LTMA = Hydrophobia.

    5. RunForrestRun1:33 pm

      LTMA, there is no point taking you on, physically or on a cerebral level. George Bernard Shaw said it best, "I learned long ago, never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."

      In my case it would feel like smashing a special needs autistic child,- and I'm not a bully. You never contribute anything intelligent to the discussion, its just the same swearing, mindless dribble repeated ad nauseum. At least some of the other commentators come up with original and sometimes novel ideas. You remind me of the backward "troep" we used to have, always just a bit too paraat and overenthusiastic.

      Until the shit hit the fan and we had to drag him along crying for his mommy, I shit you not, he cried actual tears running along with his too large staaldak bouncing on his slightly too small, flat head.

    6. Anonymous8:04 pm

      @ anon 6:32 AM. You are too kind, thanks Doc, all this time I was thinking that it was something a lot more serious.


    7. Anonymous9:30 pm

      @ runing forest running.1:33 PM. So you eventually coming to terms with your cowardice, I am so please.

      I bet that troep was you and now you shift the blame and accuse the next, you see my half man, you have shown your yellow streak already by the fact that you ran before the noise got noisy.

      Let me sum you up for yourself, I will save your shrink a couple of ear hurting sessions.

      You inwardly are ashamed of your cowardly heart, you cannot look in the mirror without seeing that troep, that's if you ever were, that ran in the face of the enemy. I think you've borrowed a war story from one of your friends.

      Your self disgust is so great that you cannot handle the shame and so you sit in your new lands and you ridicule those that remain and defend what is theirs.

      You will call a man stupid and dumb and you will rip through his reason for his remaining, you will find any excuse to justify your fleeing and you will take any chance to attempt to belittle those that do what you are incapable of doing and will never be capable of doing.

      As for taking me on you seem to think I give a fuck about superiority, intelligence and education, where I come from, we fought for survival and worked for a living.

      I do not care 2 shits for what you achieved academically or how intelligent you think you are, its where you are today that matters and can you make a difference.

      You see I employ people better than you and I feed them and give them something to wake to. I bet you're just a pseudo talking big walking small. I actually think you sit in your job doing fuck all stealing your employers money, talking big and trying to grab all the credit.

      When you have achieved what I have with a lowerly standard 8 and nothing more then you can wrestle this pig.

      As for the physical son, you're the type that starts the shit and runs, you leave your daddy to deal with your shit and then when you do get taken to task and cut to size you are the first at the charge office or the HRC crying foul.

      So little coward boy when you drop some nuts and grow a backbone then you can enter the fray, till let carry on biting my bait because without fail I catch the same fish again. I do question your supposed intelligence, are you sure your name is not sipho because you sure do act like them.

      You are the type of runner that makes ex pats look bad, you are the sellout that bad mouths the country of your birth to find favour amongst the strangers of your new land.


  13. Anonymous6:23 pm


  14. Anonymous6:52 pm

    The Illuminati NWO is pushing for war with Russia. After the internet switch on 1/10/16 from USA to Soros/UN we might be cut off completely. A fake attack will be launched to blame Russia, then the Illuminati NWO have the so called legal right to nuke Russia out of the coming NWO equation. No election will take place in USA because they will be in a full scale war with the rest of NATO to eliminate Russia while Muslims flood Europe and USA to destroy as many whites as they can. War is upon us, be prepared.

    1. Anonymous9:00 pm

      @ anon 6:52 PM, if what you say happens, there will not be a world for a new world order.

      What is not killed by nuke fire and wave will die from starvation.

      So why would the NWO go down a path that will leave everything fucked?

      Enlighten me, please, that is said without sarcasm.

      I cannot see your theory been put into practice as then the world is junk status.

      The powers that be want to continue the harvest not destroy the field.


    2. The NWO does not want farmers to work the fields, they want slaves.

    3. Anonymous10:40 pm

      @MS what I see is enslaved already almost 90% effective.

      Watch the way people are living on credit, one CC pays off another CC this month next month it swaps around.

      Money juggling for the cash strapped.

      I am not well versed in matters of global concern and would rather live my passions before bowing to the material and accumulation of wealth but I would say the best way to get a slave is to trap them in a financial bind.

      You have stated so in your masterpiece above but to push a nuke war makes no sense.

      Running small and medium arms engagements will benefit the masters handsomely but anything bigger or global will fuck their plans over completely.


    4. Anonymous11:02 pm

      I agree with you 6.52pm. A world war would allow our globalist friends to wipe out millions of people which would in part assist with their plan to reduce the worlds population.

      After the war would be famine, disease and recession. There will be no fight left in people and therefore an open path to world domination.

    5. Anonymous1:52 am

      These globalists make money out of war and thereafter from the rebuilding process. They fund all sides of war.

      They make money out of the food chain that makes us ill and make money from the medical system that treats the symptoms of these illnesses.

      They are not in the business of supporting the wellbeing of humanity - only making more wealth through destructive, evil means.

    6. Anonymous4:31 am

      Out of chaos, a new world order will emerge, the rise of the anti christ, son of perdition is coming.

    7. Anonymous10:18 am

      World population has exploded = not enough resources = people must die = NWO

    8. If Trump is allowed to win it will unfold this way. He'll rule for 8 years, all the while being allowed by the powers-that-be to rebuild the USA (the way Hitler was allowed to rebuild Germany). There will be much wealth creation and high-tech progress. But after about 7 years WW3 will be unleashed upon the world and the USA will lose. They will stand almost alone against Russia and China, aided only by Canada (due to proximity/necessity). Europe will be under muslim control by then.
      It won't be a nuclear conflagration type of war although some tactical nukes will be used.
      If Hillary is given the presidency; the same war comes earlier.

  15. Anonymous7:31 pm

    Excellent article Mike.

    Some more insight below folks, just follow the link

    From 1916 the Round Table group of Milner increased its power, and by 1938 it was without doubt the most powerful force in British politics and remains so today. I would not be without cause to name the Round Table as the main facilitator to the Committee of 300’s full and complete takeover of Britain, first after the battle of Waterloo when the House of Rothschild deceptively took the major share in the British stock economy, and again during the chaos that ensued in the financial sector when in 1930, the European nations now bankrupt after the First World War went cap in hand to the super elite of families within the Committee of 300 as they where offered the chance to borrow from the fund called the Bank for International Settlements. As with all things banking cartel monopoly, there was a catch, a big catch. In order they borrow from the fund it was made clear the collateral the fund required was the people of each respective nation to be presented as assets should the nations default on the loans, the government got the cash, the people got social security numbers, crown copyright birth certificates and an uppercase denoted mimic of their Christian names, a commercial debt account, but that was to come after the Second World War under the socialist labour government. The Rothschilds would hit Europe from their new fiefdom Russia. All that was required from this point was that all the people be trained to identify their humanity as the debt account on behalf of the crown, ergo, the people become liable for the crown debt without realising this to be so, and here we are today as the global banking cartel play out their coup de tat upon global economies bringing everyone under their new financial centre, China which now owns the American economy.

    - See more at: http://thebridgelifeinthemix.info/2015/08/24/in-profile-the-committee-of-300%E2%80%B2s-round-table-network-chatham-house/#sthash.6Azkip0w.dpuf

    1. Anonymous1:03 am

      @ anon 7:31 PM, very interesting and enlightening, thank you.

      Entertain me some more, how does this fit into Africa? These retards cannot and will not be held to book, they will take, break, stash and steal as they please then when fuck all is left they just crawl back to the bush, live on the meagre ration of maize and beans and become tribal rooters again.

      As we have seen from previous endeavours to bring civilisation and culture to the African savage, he does not want. All he wants is what he thinks is his land.

      So how does NWO play out in Africa, these savages will war amongst themselves when the time comes and fuck all will stop that.

      Not all adds up.


    2. Anonymous2:22 am

      the blacks are the 'weapon' used by the globalists to distract and destroy the whites. In the meantime the globalists are driving Africa into more debt and they are looting the mineral wealth from the countries.

      This is why you are dumb to attack the 'weapon'. One should attack the source controlling the weapon i.e. the globalists. You're focus is continually on the blacks, the 'weapon' of mass destruction. One must destroy the real enemy otherwise they will just bring another 'weapon' i.e. isis/disease/famine/drought etc etc

    3. LT, what the parasite doesn't realise is that it doesn't even fit into the NWO's scheme of things. They are totally expendable. After they have sown there disruption & destruction they will be removed.

    4. @ LTMA

      The only real money or the closest thing to it in the world is precious metals. SA having the biggest goldmines in the world hardly sits with any gold.www.wealthdaily.com/articles/who-owns-worlds-gold/2491. The blacks are sweating it in the mines. They are walking over it on "their" land but it still ends up in the pockets of the foreign elite. That is how it applies to Africa.

      Look the real thing that make you rich or poor is not money nor gold or silver but holding the monopoly over other humans. It is your ability to make someone else have less than you and keep them there with debt and regulations trying to increase that gap, that is what it is all about.
      Say for example everyone on earth dies tomorrow except for you and George Soros. I bet he will go in to hiding, but you see, all his fake money and gold holds absolutely no value nor power when he doesnt have people resources to influence.

      People are real living walking talking money, not some piece of paper. Control the people and you hold the power. Money is only a vehicle to keep us in check and control us, it is not the source of the value, we are the source.

      Ever wondered why of all the billions of trees in urban areas growing every couple of meters non of the trees on the sidewalk or parks are fruit trees? The answer is simple. It would get rid of world-hunger and this in turn will start an entire chain of events decreasing this power(monetary) gap that controls us all.

    5. Anonymous5:05 am

      @ anon 2:22 AM, right I get you and see exactly what angle should be taken.

      However, help me out here because I battle with this, I have spent 15 years living and working in Africa and I have seen how the UN and other orgs not just government but ngo,s as well rush into area where there has been a disaster and they rescue these masses, why?

      Lets pages back 2+ years ago Ebola, I was in the thick of it and not assisting the locals but doing my job and trying to miss the shit.

      The WHO and DWOB and all came screaming and streaming to save these creatures.

      Surely it is just so much easier for the financial bosses to stop the funding and have that shit run free over Africa.

      All they had to do was stop funding stop all flights to and from Africa and put patrol boats in the water and AWACs in the air.

      They had the right reasons there.

      I hear you about not attacking the weapon but this weapon used against us buys the bullshit of the master and wants to kill us off.

      I would like to see a debt free country that owes nobody anything, that would fuck over the masters nicely but the problem is people like their comforts and pleasures and the easy life and its always sold to them on adverts, so they get into debt for the new X6 or the house in the better suburb, you know how it goes.

      We need to change the desires of not only the whites but also the blacks and that I cannot see happening before everything is lost. Then of course we have no idea how much debt jz and his crony criminals have landed us in either.

      Let me know your thoughts as I am learning on this one.


    6. Anonymous6:29 am

      Anonymous2:22 AM
      This is true we are ignoring one of the precepts of war. Tsun Tzu: if you know yourself but do not know the enemy you will suffer a defeat for every victory. If you know neither yourself or the enemy you will suffer defeat in every battle."

      We think we know our enemy but he is just the tool.

    7. Anonymous10:10 am

      LTMA, I think that we should take ownership of this 'weapon' of mass destruction ourselves and use it against the powers.

      Imagine if we could educate the blacks into understanding how they are being used and abused by the 'powers' for their greed with no regard for the helpless blacks.

      Imagine if these masses wake up to what is really going on - the looting of their country by foreign powers and the enslavement of the poor masses. And of course the cooperation of their own government in this scam.

      At the moment the powers at be in SA are keeping the attention of the masses on racism and the apartheid legacy. The masses are falling for this bait. Imagine if they became informed.

    8. Anonymous8:06 pm

      Libera te tutemet.

    9. Anonymous9:41 pm

      @anon 10:10 AM, I agree with what you say. I myself have witnessed a change of heart by some of these blacks.

      I have seen a black woman step out of the running for counsellor because she felt that the integrity of the ANC was so damaged and corrupt that nothing she did would correct them.

      She now speaks against those she once praised.

      Our aim should be the middle class as they have the most to lose.

      The problem though is the jealousy that reigns amongst them, they are corrupted by it and therefore lose focus when there is an opportunity to out do a neighbour, even if it means selling out their supposed values.

      At this moment in time I will attempt anything to win back this country and try reinstate it to its former glory.


  16. Does the late Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi have anything to do with all that is currently transpiring?

    1. Fred, he was the master architect of this multi-culti kak.

    2. Anonymous1:33 am

      Well, you did say "late"...


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. PreatorianXVI8:34 pm

    Quality Post, when I tell the sheeple around me this, it is just blank stares and the usual "conspiracy nut" insult thrown around, not that I mind.

    My grand parents generation referred to the International money powers, that term has slipped away over time and people are not as awake as they should be, the ones that are will be better prepared to deal with it.

    1. Anonymous5:24 am

      I am convinced that all the drivel and crap on television that we have been bombarded with is much more than simply greedy business ventures going rogue and trying to outdo each other with filth and drivel.
      Of course on the micro level that is happening but the grand plan has been to set up the entertainment industry with the express aim of diverting the attention of the masses. As long as you can keep them looking at the latest Kardashhian BS etc you can keep them from looking at the realities of what is going down. Our forebears had other things to distract them but nothing absolutely nothing like we've have today which really got its impetus in the early 20th Century with the Burlesque period and the subsequent lowering of moral standards.

  18. Anonymous10:05 pm

    SPOT ON!
    Pielstywe Post Oom!!!

  19. Anonymous10:33 pm

    @Anonymous9:00 PM
    Will a few shots here and there provoke ww3? It does not happen in Syria right now. Something bigger is needed, whether it will be nukes or anything stronger to ignite WW3 I can't say, but they seek war with Russia.

    Secondly, what do these Illuminati NWO bastards care for white people anyway. I heard that 45 million people lost their lives in the Russian revolution, mostly whites. Then you have the France revolution, how many whites died there. Then you have the Boer wars and the 1st and 2nd w/wars where it was almost only whites who were exterminated by them. Evidence so far showed that more Germans died in the concentration camps after the war than in WW2. To them the world can be populated again after the war is over, but then they can implement their NWO rule. If everything is destroyed or not , they really don't care to make use of nukes or something bigger.

    Currently the USA is allied with NATO. If Trump can win the election the NWO gangsters will be worthless without USA support, because Trump will nor support them. So they will try their very best to ignite a war with Russia while the USA is still under their control.

    If Hillary wins they might take a bit longer to get a war started with Russia, but they know they have little time left, because Trump has already the biggest support of voters.

    The NWO was supposed to be implemented after WW1, but without success. Alfred Milner and his 300 Round table men had WW2 already planned for 20 years later as a cover plan if they couldn't succeed after WW1. WW2 is gone and the constipation of a NWO has become almost unbearable. If they don't do it know , it will never happen, because too many people around the globe are aware of their plans and obviously, they are planning too to get rid of this evil NWO governments, infested with their Illuminati Freemason bastards.

    1. Every single one of America’s wars started with a false flag. It is not going to be any different this time arround.

      War of independence – Boston Tea Party.

      Civil war – Blaming the South for slavery

      Spanish-American War 1898 - The surprise explosion inside of the battleship Maine at Havana, Cuba resulting in the conquest of Cuba, Philippines and Guam.

      First World War - Sinking of the RMS Lusitania flying an American flag and carrying American passengers.

      Second World War – The sinking of the blacked out ocean liner Athenia behaving like a warship near Britain and the bombing of Pearl Harbour

      Korean War – Started by SK excursions like sending South Korean Tiger Brigade into North Korea

      Vietnam War – Tonkin Incident with the USS Maddox supposedly being attacked by three North Vietnamese torpedo boats

      Invasion of Granada – To protect US students studying there

      Invasion of Panama – American troops provoking a fight with Panamanian troops as an excuse to invade and control the Panama canal.

      First Gulf War – Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait with the blessing of the US government

      Second Gulf War – Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction.

      Afghanistan – 19 Arabs with box-cutters high jacking four planes and causing 911

    2. Anonymous12:39 am

      Try telling this strategy to the tv watching iphone zombie propaganda slurping `intelligent` masses Mike.

    3. Anonymous1:43 am

      @ Mike Smith 12:02

      Lincoln went to war with the Confederate states because they wanted to secede from the Union. The slavery drivel was only brought in after his assassination to get people to accept the negro in their midst. Lincoln, as well as his successor if I remember correctly, wanted to deport the negros to Africa, hence the creation of Liberia.

    4. @ Anon 1:43 AM Yes you are right. The "slavery" excuse was only used three years after the war. History is written by the victors. The seven Southern States had all the rights to secede as they do have today too.

      Nevertheless the South was blamed and villified for all kinds of bullshit much in the same way as the Boers were later on. This provoked an attack on Fort Sumter which gave the North the go-ahead for the war that they were looking for.

    5. Anonymous4:41 am

      Vloek net Rothchild se ma se p--s. Miskien raak hy so de moer in dat hy sommer ww3 aan die gang sit.

    6. Anonymous4:43 am

      I saw this interesting blog post about the outcome of a Trump or Hillary victory at http://www.naturalnews.com/055146_social_chaos_election_results_popular_revolt.html

    7. Anonymous4:57 am

      The only time NAPA's were a net positive to the economy lol

    8. Anonymous5:13 am

      Anonymous10:33 PM

      The US is not "allied" to NATO. They essentially are NATO. They fund and lead NATO without them there is no NATO.

      66 million or more white Russians were murdered by the Bolsheviks almost all white. Bolsheviks funded by Western Globalists.

    9. The NWO are satanists. WW1&2 were Christian genocides (not jewish genocides). That was the main goal of the wars.

  20. Anonymous10:44 pm

    This is how we deal with scum, niggers and sand niggers take note. You are fucking with the wrong people now...


    1. Well done!!! Een p@#sklap. Way to go, Boys. If the thing approaches you with an attitude, don't even talk, just deck it.

    2. Only language they understand.

    3. Anonymous9:48 am


      Finish him!!!!!

  21. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Identify them

    1. Identify who, FFS?

      It's black, has huge nostrils, peppercorns on its head, a wild look in its eyes . . .???

    2. Anonymous9:44 am

      He is probably talking about the Jooooooooooooozzzzz!

      :D hahaha.

      Jew or not, NWO is evil

  22. Whiteman2:23 am

    We have been led to believe that a 3rd WW will destroy the WHOLE world, and nobody will survive. This is not true, either practically, or logically. When two opponents, or more, take on each other, they concentrate on strategic assets to, start off with. You must knock your opponent fast and hard, so he cant hurt you back. And all your opponents targets, are already programmed into your missiles and/or offensive, and defensive weaponry. Who ever starts fighting on a large scale, will not have enough time to destroy the WHOLE world. And remember, the earth is large, and there are many areas, where it will not make sense to drop nukes. Take the NSA for instance. I dont think it would make sense to drop nukes here. One aircraft carrier, strategically placed, will be able to destroy this whole nignog circus ! But places that do get nuked, will obviously be unhealthy, and it will be tragic for all those inhabitants. But I seriously cant see the whole world being wiped out.

    1. Anonymous6:25 am

      Be a whiteman and go and read a book

      Neville Shute -- "On the Beach"

      Then you can go look up who Neville Shute Norway was


      Maybe too advanced for the normal Mike Smith blockheads !

  23. Anonymous3:05 am

    WELL DONE Mr Smith
    NEARLY Spot On

    Someone has convinced you to take the -- RED PILL !

    NOW you know the name of the game

    All you have to do to connect the dots is explain how these people create "money" out of nothing
    ie. FIAT Money and fractional reserve banking
    Read the history of money and banking
    Go all the way back to the "Geldschmidt" and John Law ( how ironic )


    It is of course very easy to find a multitude of ways to kindle those differences between people. To make them hate each other and kill each other
    PROVIDE the money and means to do it

    Ancient ancient game plan nearing fruition.

  24. Anonymous3:11 am

    Excellent post Mike

  25. Anonymous4:57 am

    South Africans were not "lent" money to build infrastructure. Thanks to President de Gaulle's buying up gold from the USA at the then regulated price of $35 per ounce, the price went up to such stratospheric levels that a gold boom of previously unimagined proportions favoured South Africa. When the dollar strengthened again, and after Portugal (along with England) joined the EEC and could no longer afford to keep their colonies in Mocambique and Angola, and deep level gold mining became more expensive, that was when the shit really started hitting the fan for South Africa.

    Economics and sanctions destroyed the apartheid regime, not debt. It could destroy the ANC too, but the Zuptas do not care about sanctions or downgrades even if tens of millions starve. It is only when the economy finally collapses and the IMF steps in that we will see regime change here. Armchair warriors will not make the slightest difference.

    1. Anonymous12:14 pm

      I don't think we can plan for events in our immediate future based on what has happened in the past given the current global climate. People are starting to see more and more through the lies and propaganda of the western systems. People are starting to question the status quo. Normal people feel the need to break free, those same normal people may start to talk tough and become armchair warriors, those same armchair warriors(normal people sick of being raped and killed) will become unstoppable eventually when they reach critical mass. I don't think you fully understand the desire for normal people(armchair warriors) to break free of this system and to break this system that has kept them as docile slaves for the past 300 years. I don't think you give enough credit to normal armchair people.

      Of course a lot of things has to fall nicely into position for all of this to work, it is not in the realm of impossibilities to think that things might just fall into the right places with a nudge here and a nudge there. We might just get that little tiny bit of luck needed to topple this NWO.

      Never say never. Carpe diem!

    2. Anonymous11:27 pm

      Join OUTA. Stop paying tax.

  26. Anonymous5:09 am

    If they depopulate the world by means of a WW and after that apply the NWO thing then how will they then make money. Money won't have any meaning because they will own everything and people will be their slaves.

    1. Anonymous10:35 am

      If you have too much slaves = too much mouths to feed

    2. They make their own money out of thin air. In their NWO utopia they won't need money; automation and slavery will suffice. Again, 'money' is just a weapon/tool.

    3. Anonymous4:14 am

      In the new world order you will have a supreme world leader who will even tell you how to eat, breathe, pee, it will all be about population control and anyone who does not toe the line will be severly dealt with.

  27. Anonymous8:16 am

    Nice accurately written article mike , not forgetting in 1993 Britain flooded the market with all its Gold , bringing down the Gold price and bankrupting some of our mines. The finance houses in England are in full swing with their fictitious Currency (when we were a mighty Empire propping) we can see why they wouldnt change their currency to Euro because then the proof of economic strength would have to be shown.

    1. Anonymous11:49 am

      Britain was in severe recession. Economics does not know emotion. Get over your bleeding heart.

  28. Anonymous10:24 am

    Hi Mike I found something interesting , the Afroamerican niggs advertising houses in Namibia , for de bruddass in de states.
    Read the comments below quite funny.


    1. They'll be fucking sorry if they let any of those Niggas in.

  29. Follow the money :


  30. The best single article you've ever written. The history of the world in a nutshell.

  31. Anonymous1:18 am

    to anonymous at 10.44 who posted the youtube clip.I have broken my mouse re watching the clip.What a pleasure,give that man a crate of Bells!!!!!

    1. Anonymous11:58 am

      lol me too, that kwa sound I can listen to all day everyday KWA! and the ape falls like a sack of shit to the ground

    2. Anonymous3:14 pm

      Now that is classic snotklap!

  32. Anonymous5:46 am

    Look at all this racist drivel.


    No matter how one tries to stitch this together the result will be the same. The point is that we are incompatible. We can not live amongst each other. We are different tribes. We were separated by God and should not force a union.

    We must live apart otherwise this conflict of race will always be a thorn in our side.

    And look at this dumbo white 'intellect':


  33. Anonymous8:16 am

    I think the Germans and other Europeans will be worse off than us.