27 August 2016

Pienk Frikkie De Klerk’s new “Centre of Diversity” and what it actually means

”You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”
-- Inigo Montoya, “The Princess Bride”

By Mike Smith
27th of August 2016

Sorry to disappoint you, but arch traitor Pink Frikkie has not croaked yet. Together with the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation, he has just launched the Centre for Diversity.

De Klerk launches Centre for Diversity to encourage race relations

He had a lot to say last night. Probably too many brandies and cokes already. According to Pink Frikkie on Friday Many white South Africans will be forced to leave the country, because of BEE and AA policies

Apparently he is also Very critical of Jacob Zuma because “the African National Congress has not upheld former president and ANC stalwart Nelson Mandela's legacy but is instead promoting racism.”

What legacy of Mandela might that be? Mandela was a convicted terrorist and an idiot as president. He was a racist who couldn’t stand being in the company of whites for longer than 15 minutes. He used to get all jittery and aggressive when there were too many whites around him and had no problem to voice his disapproval and wanted them to leave. The newspapers never mentioned this.

However, De Klerk said…Equal respect and dignity are under threat in the New South Africa

What is the aim of his new Centre for Diversity?

“The centre should consider encouraging white South Africans to understand the depth of the hurt apartheid policies had caused to non-whites.”

You see the plan? Race relations in the country are only going to improve if whites pull out their intestines about how bad they were to the blacks and how evil Apartheid was.

I don’t know why, but every time I hear De Klerk speak, I get a pain in my butt and the word “Doos” drifts past my brain.

When he speaks you can actually hear the effects of what years and years of alcohol abuse does to the human brain. There was a time that I just wanted the senile thing to shut the fuck up and die, but now I think keeping him alive and letting him watch the fruits of his treason is a better and more apt punishment. Although I would still like to see him put up against a wall and face a firing squad, I think a bullet to the brain would be far too humane for a piece of shit like him. He needs to die slowly and in agony. I hope he lives long enough to see the country go tits up and burn down along with his FW de Klerk Foundation in Durbanville and his new Centre for Diversity. I hope he sees the results of his wonderful “Diversity” that he helped to bring about through treason.

What do people understand under “Diversity”? One would think that it is different races living alongside each other in peace, harmony and “good neighbourliness”, but hang on…Wasn’t that the vision of Dr HF Verwoerd? Wasn’t that Apartheid?

We tried it and apparently it didn’t work? Now we have the New "Diverse" South Africa and it is also not working. De Klerk seems to be critical of it. So what now? What is this “Diversity” he strives for?

If a black family lives next to a white family you still have Apartheid. The area is just smaller, but you still have a fence between you and them. So what should it be? Take the fences away? Or should we have children with a string of different coloured women like his useless loser son Willem? What is “Diversity”?

Let us explore and start with a “Diversity” of ideas.

I disagree with De Klerk that race relations will improve when whites pull out their intestines about Apartheid. In my opinion race relations will only improve when one or the other becomes extinct in South Africa. Either blacks have to go completely or whites will have to go completely, because as long as the two share the same country there will never be peace and only bad race relations. The evidence is abundantly all around. There will NEVER be equality, tolerance and respect for each other. It is a useless pipe dream.

Now do you think that is what De Klerk and his liberal idiots want to hear? Would they have tolerance for my diverse opinion? Like hell they have. To liberals “Diversity” means conformity; conforming to their opinion and theirs only. It means "people who agree with me." ..and if you do insist on having a different opponion; “You are a racist”.

In Libspeak, “Diversity” means the exclusion of white, heterosexual Christians, especially white males. “Equality” means preferential treatment for darker races, “Tollerance” means the approval and endorsement of perverse, deviant lifestyles and “Democracy” means Marxism.

That is the bottom line. Liberals use code words to mean something completely different to what normal people understand under those words.

“Diversity” to a liberal means all becoming the same godless, one race; a mixed, coloured, homosexual race.

In short, “Diversity” is a paradox to a liberal that actually means the absence of “Diversity”.

It is clear that Libtards have no idea of what the word actually means and they should not even try to understand it, because they are incapable of it. They are incapable of clear and logical thought.

Take it from me: De Klerk’s “Centre of Diversity” is just another “Centre of Liberal Bullshit” to undermine the whites of South Africa and keep them enslaved.

Cicero, in deciding whether a person was guilty or not, always asked the question, "Cui Bono?" (Who profits?) ...just follow the money and you will get to the truth eventually.

So what do you think; How I am doing so far, Boss?


  1. Whiteman3:45 am

    Mike, thanks for a truly inspirational article ! The video clips also made my day. Imagine, when we cull our enemies, black AND white, we will say the following : I believe in Apartheid. Prepare to die ! Saying these words, will bring such blessed closure, to all we have suffred in this country. And while on the subject of closure. All the farm murderers, rapists etc, will be shot in their jail cells, using those very same words. There is NO way, that hard working patriots, will be required to keep these creatures alive. Where possible, they will be used for laboratory experiments, and the monkeys, rabbits, white rats, etc, will be SET FREE !

    1. Anonymous7:50 am

      All the farm murderers, rapists etc, will be shot in their jail cells, using those very same words.

      WHAT is stopping you doing it NOW !!!!!

    2. Anonymous8:38 pm

      @ anon 7:50 AM, we are waiting for you to lead us.

      You see we need a strong, forceful leader that can punch through and emphasise his intent by asking meaningful questions like you do and by using!!!!!!! Instead of?????????.

      So show us the way and we will follow your lead.

  2. Anonymous4:00 am

    The wrecking ball, Soros must be of the 5 most evil men on this planet.

  3. Anonymous4:35 am

    What's the difference between de klerk and those limp wristed boere that pack the rugby stadiums waving the shit flag designed for kaffir by kaffir?

    Those so called boere are also selling our culture and race out, any white that supports, represents or funds this terrorist state is selling us out, so why only pick on de klerk?

    The fuck did sell us out but then so did all his afrikaaner buddies that voted yes and also those that just thought of entering into diplomatic talks with terrorists.

    Mike, I hate these fucking terrs but by christ I hate whites that refuse to see the facts, more. I hate these so called boere that pose as descendants of strong proud warriors, for they are the weak link they are the ones that allow these traitors and terrs the strength to breakdown our culture.

    Leave de klerk be he is a wasted piece of shit that is trying to be something but will never be anything, start whittling away at these vibrant young afrikaaners that are worshipping rugby and being enslaved to black masters, rather lets start changing them for this is where we will need to change if we want whites to remain in this the land of our covenant with our creator.

    De klerk is like the runners that ran from this land at the first opportunity but now wish to throw their 2 cents in and become part of something they have no investment in, you see de klerk just hides behind his terr buddies and spews his shit from his safety net. His only interest is himself and his ego, same as these runner boys

    We are losing this war and if we do not start doing something fast there will not even be a monument let alone a race to show our existence.

    If we start gaining a momentum and start acting then maybe we can execute the prescribed manner of pain for those that are deserving of such.

    The centre of diversity will only attract those whites that are interested in going dark and those are not worth the energy of the fight because they will run before the noise becomes a bang.


    1. Anonymous7:07 am

      @LTMA. Agree with most of what yiu say, but it sounds like yiu have something againsr Afrikaners and so-called 'runners'. FFS man - it is not onkt Afrikaners that votes yes. It is not just Afrikaners that watch rugby, and a lot of white youngsters just want to make a living. I am not going to open up another discussion about who stayeed, who left,who came back etc etc. Start your own personal momentum and stop dividing the whites. You sound like a real doos with some of your dividing comments. As jy weer skrik, dan skrik jy sommer wakker. We were all sold out - we have to stick togeher here.

    2. Anonymous10:14 am

      thanks for that 707 but you will never make this doos see reason,

    3. Anonymous10:29 am

      @ anon 7:07 AM, are you angry? If so good use your anger in a way to achieve more.

      I am not dividing you at all and if I am a doos then so be it.

      Read my response lower down and you might understand.

      Your forefathers made a covenant with the creator and that covenant stands to this day and should be upheld by the children of those great men and I take that covenant seriously, so should you.

      When last did you go to the monument built in honour of your forefathers?

      There are more chinese and foreigners that visit the monument than what our own people do. So when you skrik why the fuck don't you skrik wakker.

      I do not believe you sell your culture out for money, those youngsters can earn a better buck playing for overseas club than they do playing in the colours of a country that shows no respect for their talent and that hates their culture and people.

      So if my comments divide you then you need to ask yourself why.


    4. Anonymous11:39 am



      Like usual, you + Tom are correct. Few whites actually are in touch with reality.

      LTMA, if it were up to me. We would not play international rugby for a long time. Anyone that supports this new South Africa with its racial quotas is guilty.

      The war will happen. We need it & when it begins, when it starts there can be no mercy and those who supported all of this, the liberals, the people behind everything we see should be taken out.

      Of course, Im a radical according to some BUT I am fully aware of what needs to be done in order to change things for the better.

      Shock them with the most gruesome deaths and you will be sure to quickly kill the death of all liberals.

      Kill criminals in the most inhumane way & you can be sure you will have no criminals, we can take a page out of the Islamic world with criminals.

      We must let the war come to us, when the liberals heads are spinning, not knowing what to do, then perhaps we get involved.

      At this stage, I say stuff it, let the liberals enjoy it but they must not ask us for assistance in the end because the assistance we provide will be getting rid of them first.

      We can solve the western worlds problems very quickly but first we have to sort out the liberals evilness.

      I.E in France, it is the liberals that should be taken out first before trying to solve their Muslim problem. Liberals must be put to death, they are evil, evil, evil, society is backwards because of Liberals.

      I just cannot for the life of me even begin to fathom how De Klerk has the nerve to tell us 22 years what we told him 24 years ago.

      We knew what was going to happen and this doos just handed it over, too busy worrying about his Greek squeeze.

      I agree, I cannot stand whites who bury their heads up their asses. Time will tell, had plenty of family tell me Im nuts, everything is cool.

      They just not phone me or expect me to help them when the shit hits the fan, I warned them many many years ago and as of late, many now want to tell me what I told them!

    5. Anonymous1:13 pm

      ltma has stated multiple times on this blog that afrikaans and english guys must bury the hatchet and work together

    6. Anonymous1:18 pm

      LTMA I usually really enjoy your posts but this 1 annoyed me. You start off well, bringing up very valid points, but then you go into that stupid waste of time "runners" argument.

      Not all are runners, some like myself were taken by my parents. Also u forget as Mike himself has said many times the positives that we can make. I'm constantly telling kiwis the truth about SA history, every chance I get I show as many kiwis as possible videos and pics of kaffir behaviour, burning looting etc. and I can assure you, I have gotten many to realise the mistake of giving blacks rule!!!

      Also you don't realise, one of these days if the kak really hits the fan, you guys will get an army of "runners" who will come back to help, and bringing $, €, £. I'm pumped and ready to come help!!

    7. Anonymous3:32 pm


      @Anonymous1:13 PM

      I agree. The English speaking South Africans in this country whos families go back centuries, speak English but are not English.

      Just like there are many blacks & coloureds who speak Afrikaans but are not Afrikaans.

      If you are a white south African with roots in this country, then you are an Afrikaner, someone who`s forefather took a chance/kans in Africa/Afrika, hence Afri-kaans, short for Afrikakaans or African chance.

      Now if they took a chance, a real chance, they would have sent these parasites straight to hell, now we sit with this shit and someone like dick klerk who wants to tell us, what we told him 25 years ago.

      There is no such thing as a pure Afrikaner, just like there is no such thing as a pure "amerikaner"

      This is our home, just like America is the home of the American Europeans - here till the bitter end but when it happens, I dont want to hear anything about "radical".

      We must do what is necessary to secure the land for future generations, the only limit to what needs to be done, is that there are no limits.

      Anything necessary!

      The term radical is what wussies use who think you can argue your way out when the barrel of a gun is shoved in your face by terrorists.

      No! The next time, the only negotiation will be with us having the barrel of the gun in our hands & there are no limits.

      Dont even get involved with anyone or any group later on down the line who does not want to do what is radical.

      All radical ideas are radical, until they are done. History is a testament to this, from inventions, battles, business, sports, entertainment - everything is radical at first but it is not normal not to be radical under these circumstance.

      Whats radical is that we still have whites in this country believing this bullshit rainbow nation.

      Beware the traitors, the traitor is someone who does not want to be radical or do the right thing, just look at De Klerk squirming now.

      He had two choices, he made his choice with his other head! Now he wants to talk kak to us and tell us what we always knew.

      Whats radical, is that the idiot is actually contradicting himself 25 years ago. If this older De Klerk told the old Greek struck De Klerk what he is saying now, would he have listened?

      No! He called everyone who spoke sense a "radical" - now I find it ironic that he insults our intelligence with his empty bullshit, hollow, pathetic talk.

    8. Anonymous8:57 pm

      @ BN, You're not radical mate, you're a realist. Time for nice, soft, cultured limp dick pc is over, it should never have occurred in the first place.

      Chop, hack, burn, blow and savage this curse to total extinction, that, that they use against us we must apply 100 fold against them.

      Leave no woman, no child, no trace, annihilation is the only focus.

      The same must apply for the liberals and for the sympathisers of these terrs no mercy no compassion even if they be my blood.

      What these offended by my post have not realised is that I am not fighting the Afrikaaner here I am attempting to stir his passion awaken his angry and get him to regain his honour.

      Afrikaaners are blamed and bad mouthed for everything, when retard opens that stink hole he calls a mouth he blames Afrikaaners, the boere. They kill the Afrikaans farmers and focus their attention on Afrikaans business ownership.

      These retards do not take on the English because somehow the English have managed to turn everything onto the Afrikaaners. You never here colonialism being blamed for laws made that fucked up retard, it is only apartheid and the boere.

      Yet the boere still go and support a sport that their forebearers dominated and made their own but wog took over and has made a mockery of.

      These retards are making mockery of the Afikaaner and the Afrikaaner is allowing it and displays his willingness to allow it by supporting the national rugby team.

      All you other dudes out there that think I am dividing here, get your heads out of your arses, wash the taste of your own shit out your mouth and wake up.

      I am trying to awaken my brothers to the fact that his culture and pride is being stolen from him and I want him to unite and take it back.

      Fuck! For supposedly intelligent people some of you really act stupid.

      I am a soutpiel and I enjoy and own my boere heritage and will not sell it.


    9. Anonymous12:48 am

      @ anon 1:18 PN, I apologise for offending you.

      I do not consider you and your type of ex pat as runners.

      Please hear me out here, the only ex pats that I consider runners are those that trash us stayers, the ones that post negative comments about us that try keep the positive going.

      Seriously to all the ex pats that support us and keep the positive flowing I appreciate your efforts and energy.

      Please read my post carefully I said that Fuck wit de klerk is like those runners that spew shit but have no investment here.

      My apologise to all ex pats that always support, give helpful, objective and decent commentary here but not to the negative, shit spewing runners that try to divide and destroy us.


    10. Anonymous2:50 am

      Ahhh cool I see how u meant it. Yeah I hate those kind of "runners" 2, I encounter them here in nz from time to time and won't associate with them at all

    11. Anonymous10:14 am

      LTMA - you are a Muppet. You are quick to divide and bring insults, but when people corner you with your comments about so-called runners, the 'bad' Afrikaners then you quickly try to retort by saying you are a 'soutpiel' or that you just want to stir the pot etc. Please stick to the discussion and let's focus on the real issues at hand. You seem to only pick insults at certain groups - you know nothing. Have you ever been outside SA? have you ever lived in another country? You sound bitter. Maybe you were a clerk or cook in the army - no actually I am sure you never were in the army. We today sit with all this nonsense in our country after these asses folded, after they were paid a lot of money. Let's focus on how we can turn this around. Go take vacation somewhere outside SA, see for yourself how ex-pats are doing, see for yourself how patriotic they still are. Doos!

    12. Anonymous12:02 am

      @ anon 10:14 AM, did you wake up and get nothing this morning?

      Shame mate, you really are sounding frustrated and depressed.

      Let me make you feel better, first I have never been out of my home town of Reitz in the Orange Freestate, is that what you want to hear? There we go, feeling better now?

      No I have never got further than nursery school so htf could I have been a clerk or a cook in the army, now I have really made your day.

      I bet I hurt your feeling by touching on your rugby fanaticism, I bet you stand to attention in you infront of your TV and cry those big B&C boere rugby tears as you wear your fake rugby springbok trui and hold the B&C in your left hand as you clutch your fake bokkie in your right fist hollering inkosi sukkel in afrika at the top of your tear jerking sobbing voice.

      Then when its over you start your antics of up and down howling insults and comments at the ref because he judge against your boytjies. Am I on the nail so far?

      Then at the end of the game you drag your B&C fat arsed carcass to the braai and do the post mortem on how it should of been done and how the ref sided for other team and you just loved the way that bobo and jantjies move together and hug each other and how good it is that the white Afrikaans boys are now hugging the black African boys and you so wish that you could join them in their little queer huddle and hug.

      I bet that what happens if you're an expat living outside SA.

      If you live within our borders you one of those shit flag carrying Dutchmen sharing stands with houtkop, holding his hand and calling him boetie and swaer. Ja boet I see your type.

      So I am really glad you hit me today because now I have flushed one of you rugby bums that enjoy boytjie on the weekend and then want to foul mouth him on Monday.

      I do not make excuses you twat, I give where I want and I take the shit that others give me but I am not a limp dick, a kaffir boetie or a rugby loving double standard poser and believe me I will be glad to take you on any day you poser twat.


    13. LTMA & Ninja -Firstly stuff all this quibbling about "Runners". Ignore those that seek to "criticise and divide". Surely we are bigger than they?

      I've said it before and I'll say it again, work with what we have to hand; those that are here. If ex-pats return to come and lend a hand, good and well, but let's not count on them. A bird in the hand . . .?

      Ninja, my bru, I agree totally that there is no such thing as radical in our fight against the evil that surrounds us. It must be by any and all means necessary to exterminate the vermin.

      That's been the problem with civilised forces facing the uncivilised. The Geneva Convention only applies to the civilised. The uncivilised wipe their arses on it. They use all manner of unspeakable brutality to achieve their goals, but we are not allowed to? I say, bullshit with that.

      Just look at where it got the Yanks in 'Nam. Look what's happening now in the Middle East. The Sand Kaffirs brutal public executions are condoned and accepted by the libtards as that is "their way". But, just let a few Brit soldiers execute some in a humane way, with a bullet to the back of the head as opposed to being beheaded with a blunt and rusty knife, then all hell breaks loose! FFS, then the libfucks turn on their own???

      Nee manne, no more of this PC bullshit, Geneva Convention, Rules of War, Terms of Engagement and all that kak. The simple goal is the total eradication of all Satan's followers. As LTMA says, our forefathers made a covenant with God and I'm saying it is up to us, few sane and reasonable people, to resurrect that covenant or else we aren't going to make it through the "Dark Time" that Siener predicted.

      I'm like Mike; I don't go to church and I am certainly not a Bible-puncher either, but I believe in and worship God and KNOW, that without Him, we are going nowhere. So, see you all at The Monument on 16 Dec?

      No speeches and kakpratery nie; just a personal spiritual commitment from all of us to a united brotherhood od Boere [Engelse & Afrikaners]. What language you speak does not define where your heart lies. And while we're there we will pay tribute our brothers who didn't make it and paid the ultimate price, sparing a special thought, also, for their parents, who didn't have the privilege of seeing their children grow up and have families of their own.

      F . . . it maar ek het baie te se vir 'n Maandagoggend!!!


  4. Anonymous4:37 am

    The picture is more damning than the article. The picture seals the deal. De Klerk is NWO.

    Fucking POESFACE...

    1. Anonymous7:13 am

      Agree - him, Pik, Roelf, the whole lot. Can only winder how much they were paid.
      And @LTMA - not all were Afrikaners.
      Soros should pay for all he kak he is funding, even now.

    2. Anonymous9:06 pm

      @ anon 7:13 AM, no traitor has the right to receive pardon, even if he is my own blood.

      Soros and all those others must be made to pay but first we must reunite a once proud and strong nation then we can start the cleansing.

      I could think of nothing better than a heat burn to peal the skin off their wretched flesh as the excruciating pain makes them realise their treachery.


    3. Anonymous10:20 pm

      De Klerk doos has R 12 Billion in his bank account

    4. Anonymous3:45 am

      @ anon 10:20 PM 12 bil for selling out his country, his covenant and his history.

      He might have R12 bil in his bank account but it will never be able to repair his rotten cowardice soul.

      On their death beds they shall shed the tears of shame and beg the forgiveness of their ancestors for the treachery the enacted on their people.

      A spirit in limbo never rests and Fuck Wits spirit has been curse 12 bil fold so his hell has already started.


    5. You guys, stop wasting time and energy on "excruciating deaths". Fuck that, a bullet between the eyes or the gallows and it's over and done with. Save your energy for better things.

    6. Anonymous12:42 am

      @Anon 10:20 PM

      "De Klerk doos has R 12 Billion in his bank account"

      R 12 Billion = 30 pieces of silver

    7. Inflation has certainly added up since old Judas took his reward! :-)

  5. Anonymous4:39 am

    oh by the way, George Soros is a Nazi collaborator. Self confessed one as well.

    That makes Frikkie a Jew hating globalist from Stormfront.

    1. Anonymous3:14 pm

      That is too subtle for Mike. He won't understand. His semi-acknowledgement of our true (((leaders))) is just a ploy to try recover some of his lost credibility. Julius

    2. Anonymous12:06 am

      Apparantly he is not jewish either. Nor is Adelson jewish, just like the Rothschilds.

    3. @ Anonymous 3:14 PM...They are missing you over at African Crisis. Your usage of the brackets (((doos)))) gives you away. Do you ever stop talking (((crap)))? Take your head out of your arse and wake the fuck up (((kont))).

    4. @ Anon 12:06 AM...Say what? Soros is Jewish? You probably believe that the Rotschilds and the Rockefellers and Warburgs are also Jewish??? You must be a special kind of ignorant stupid. If they are all Jewish why do they strive for the destruction of Israel?

      BTW, did you know that Alfred Milner and his Round Table network donated £21 million to the Bolshevik revolution. I guess Milner was also Jewish??? So was Lionel Curtis who founded the RIIA (Chatham House) and so was Colonel Edward Mandell House who founded the CFR with the Rockefellers' money. Oh my word...you probably believe that Henry Kissinger is Jewish too. Your ignorance is staggering.

    5. Anonymous7:46 am

      Of course George Soros is a Jew. He is a Hungarian Jew and got into merchant banking with the help of a fellow Hungarian Jew.

    6. Anonymous2:16 pm

      Mike I can see that you need a bit of help here. George Soros' father was a Jewish lawyer Tivadar Schwartz who changed the family name to Soros. Soros is widely referred to in the media as Jewish. Jews (like everyone else, with the notable exception of Mike Smith) do stab each other in the back for money / power. Therefore Soros' anti-Israel activity does not mean that he can't be Jewish. Glad to assist. Julius

    7. Just to check a bit of logic . If Soros (a piece of shit) was a nazi collaborator, how old is he? The 2nd world war ended 72 years ago, so he was 5 or 6 when he was "collaborating"?

    8. @Anonymous 7:46 AM Of course you are an idiot. You are a South African idiot who got into blogging with the help of a fellow South African idiot.

      @ Anonymous 2:16 PM Wow! Thanks for all that enlightening information. I learn something new everyday. So I take it you believe that the Pope is a catholic and the Agha Khan is a Muslim? Or do I have it wrong?

    9. Anonymous8:09 pm

      Mike I respect your publication of posts that highlight your lack of awareness of the Jewish role in our problems. We are all learning, and we do so more quickly with humility. All the best, Julius

    10. Mike, FFS, explain it step by step to these people what the difference between Jews and the Elders of Zion, etc., etc., is. I am not informed enough to do it, but this ignorance is now becoming tiresome.

    11. @TT...No I won't explain anything. They know it all already. They are trying to explain it to me as if they have just discovered a Gold mine of secret Information...PSSST! The Jews are behind EVERYTHING.

      Like you say...tiresome. Boring to the extreme. Most of the time I just delete their rubish.

    12. Anonymous2:41 am

      George Soros was only born in 1930, so how could he have been a Nazi collaborator?

  6. Adrem5:09 am

    Spot on Mike, absolutely. The whole thing is nothing but a money-making racket to disguise the usual marode and revolting BS the liberals preach to lull their brain-dead followers into feeling good and to keep White guilt alive.

    The fact that the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung is involved with this swindle shows how much the institution is eroded. If Adenauer would still know, he would not only turn, but rotate in his grave...

  7. Anonymous5:22 am

    The teachings of Babylon, false doctrine.

  8. Just by hearing the utter BS DeKlerk utters and looking at his picture I see a lot of red dot laser sight points on his cheeks and nose. Could not be the veins of a drunk I think.

    1. Anonymous6:43 am

      Hell, if you screwed the Whites of SA as much as Frikkie did, you'd also climb into the bottle.

    2. "Met drank en p . . . s,
      het hy ons lewens verwoes!"

  9. Whiteman6:13 am

    It is disturbing to see, how that even Donald Trump, must suck up to the black barbarians, to get their vote ! And he knows, even if they are a minority compared to whites, they can swing the vote. In this country we have seen exactly the same thing, with zille doing the barbarian-shuffle on stage. Even worse, is seeing white people doing the toi-toi, together with demonstrating nignogs. All this, to try to convince the world, that the rainbow-dream is a reality. But the thinking people, throughout the whole world, know that you only get a RAINBOW-NIGHTMARE !

  10. Anonymous6:13 am

    Soros and de Klerk...cute. These two are stained in innocent blood. They will have to answer to a higher power one day. I'm glad I am not either one of them. Ouch!

  11. Anonymous6:16 am


    The world is coming apart now fast, including SA.

    Dont worry, De Klerk will have his day but he should have the "traitor" tattooed on his forehead. I am so happy I never bumped into him in 2007, I think I would have been arrested at Heathrow airport on way to SA.

    It was just by chance I missed him.

    We must NOT hang him, he must be made to walk the streets with a dompaas that says " I fucked my people over"

    No shoes, no house, and every now and again a Shambok across the ear.

    We keep him here in SA, he must have his tattoo this beast. This is a beast, traitor, liberal doos.

    But the other liberals, they MUST be dragged behind a car including Zille, Schutte, De Preez and any other scum liberal.

    I would like to see them dragged on our highways at 180 kms per hour, I want to see the flesh rip off of them. That is how you deal with liberals that encourage genocide against their people.

    What these white liberals are doing is far more grotesque than anything Hitler did, the damage is irreparable. It could take centuries for the white nations to recover, in our case about 1-2 centuries to come right.

    No, they must pay!

    1. Anonymous6:46 am


      You think that Mussolini and his skelm pomp got off lightly?

    2. Anonymous8:32 am

      Drag them behind cars? Flesh ripped off? Man, you really are demonically possessed.

    3. Anonymous11:30 am


      Anonymous8:32 AM


      What about the 25,000 farmers attacked and tortured? Thats ok right?

      What about the 4,000 farmers murdered? Thats ok right and not demonic?

      What about the 1,000,000+ South Africans whites hijacked, killed, robbed, raped, attacked?
      This is fine right? Not demonic

      Im demonic?

      Fuck off! Im a realist & know what needs to be done, to make change you must send a message.

      Yes, they all, all deserve to be dragged behind a car.

      When you execute rapists, murderers in public, you have an instant reduction in crime! When you execute liberal genocidal maniacs that support the starving of our people, the taking of their homes, farms, land, country and everything they built with their own blood, sweat and tears?

      We need men, not a bunch of wussies, if you are wuss, leave now!

      Pull your head out your ass, you cant bring about change until those traitors are brought to justice.

      Hanging is too fast - the message is weak.
      Shooting is too fast - the message is weak.

      Now dragging these people behind cars on a highway speaks volumes, it sends a strong fucking message.

      Im about sending a message to these liberal pricks!

    4. Anonymous1:08 pm

      no 8:32 that is a sure sign of someone who has been kept prisoner and discriminated against and has been fighting for survival for the past 22 years, where have you been or are you defending this Satanic SA situation? Are you one of them?

      I say kill these people in the most horrific ways like they have been killing us. eye for an eye, let it be a reminder and an example to others

      anything or anyone defending this system or anything or anyone who keeps us down with fake guilt feelings are now the enemy and are fair game to be hunted and killed and dragged behind cars among other things

    5. Anonymous2:57 pm

      @Anon 8:32 AM

      There is absolutely nothing demonic about it because these liberal cunts are NOT innocent.

    6. Anonymous12:20 am

      25000 attacks, 4000 murders, 1mil+ hijacking a rapes etc. wow that's a lot of fucked up shit. How about we set up a truth and reconciliation commission to hear the stories of these criminals. Then we'll just release them back into society with a pardon. Wouldn't be the first time South Africans are told to just get over it when it comes to large scale violence and oppression. Let's hear the stories, then you can just get over it. Unless of course you guys are incapable of forgiving or behaving like the civilized christians you claim you are. If you're unable to rise above it, we'll understand. We never really set the bar that high with our expectations of you people. If you need to resort to dragging zille, schutte and dupreez behind cars to quell your meniacle blood lust, then go ahead. It'll be nice for historians to have a side by side comparison of how different racial groups react to crimes against humanity meted out against them. Even the Aliens that take over earth after we're long gone will be able to go through the records and see how fuckin crazy and hypocritical you people are. I'm cool with it... On a side note, I'm new to this blog so I just wanna wish you guys good luck when it comes to the upcoming race war; since the rest of us Havnt been informed about this I'm assuming it's just gonna take place in your heads, you delusional pencil dick motherfuckers. Thank you and goodnight.

    7. Anonymous2:44 am

      @ anon 12:20 AM, I don't think you are new to this blog, I think you are new to earth.

      I think your planet expelled its idiot but you will feel quite at home with Zuma and the rest of the retarded idiots that roam and run the NSA.

      How do you talk with such authority on pencil dick motherfuckers? Did your mother use to scold you for rattling around inside her? Refer her to Mikes previous posts, there is something there about cunt clipping and wasted space.

      Wait maybe you should try those penis enlarging adds stuck to distribution boxes and lamp posts, maybe just maybe they will make a crayon out of you pencil?

      Tell your mom, quickly now. The bashing of your self esteem might just stop if both of you go for procedures.

      Listen Fuck face are you one of those needle noses that can only lift a pen and not a sword, if so youre in the wrong company, best you fuck off to bed then.


    8. Anonymous7:31 am

      Hahahaha LTMA these poor Social Justice Warriors are getting butt-fucked and actually thanking the people who are doing it to them. How dare you not conform and lay down?

    9. RunForrestRun11:32 am

      Matthew 15:10-11 ESV

      And he called the people to him and said to them, “Hear and understand: it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.”

    10. "Hanging is too fast - the message is weak.
      Shooting is too fast - the message is weak."

      Ninja, my brother, here I have to disagree with you. I also said much the same in a post above.

      Think of it like this? Doesn't dispatching them in such an insignificant and irrelevant manner [in public, of course] add insult to injury? Doesn't it imply that they are not worthy of better consideration?

      Yes, the damage they wrought is unforgivable, but it is also irreversible. Rather let us expend our energies on constructing Our New World [ONW? - I like that! It's a confusion of the Satanist NWO.]. The priority of the reconstruction is the removal of The Plaque and all the Forces of Darkness from our land.

      Let us not be sidetracked and blinded by irrelevant deires for revenge; gone is gone?

      Take heart, Brothers [and Sisters - come on, CWG, say something for a change?], the time draws ever nearer.

    11. Anonymous1:03 am

      Forrest, your little scare tactics in the face of the evil we face in the world has no traction anymore.

    12. Anonymous1:54 am

      Dragging them behind cars would be over far too quickly.

      They should be forced to live in one of the many white squatter camps.


      Let them experience the poverty and suffering caused by their betrayal of the Afrikaner people.

      Let them be uncomfortable and on edge with the eyes of anger and disappointment upon them.

      Let them realise the error of their ways and that there shall be no forgiveness.

    13. Anonymous3:02 am


      @ Tomkat, I am always here, lurking, stalking... waiting in anticipation for our time to come.

  12. Great article, Mike and I agree with you. I am really surprised at De Klerk. He is well educated and he grew up in a civilized society. These two factors alone should make him see that he must keep quiet under the circumstances. He caused a lot of trouble and problems for ALL the people in the republic by handing the country over to blacks. If I were De Klerk I would simply disappear quietly, without too much to do.

    Now he’s saying government policy is going to force Whites to leave the country – as if this is going to make the blacks stop their racist policies.

    When the revolution starts and De Klerk is still in the country, he will be ripped apart. I even think that hanging him with piano-wire from a streetlamp (ala Benito Mussollini) would be too good for the old traitor. This whole mess started with him and people are going to make him pay for that.

    I heard the word diversity the first time when had to go on a 'Diversity Course' in 1995. When I heard what diversity is and how it works, I told the facilitators it will never work, especially there where I was working at that time. I gave them proof of this throughout the whole course. They tried their best to convince me otherwise during the three days that the course lasted, but without success. Strange was that some of my fellow white- as well as black course goers told me in private they agreed with me, but were too scared to bring it up during the workshops.

    The truth is that people will mix with cultures and people who have different believes to their own for short periods of time, but after a week or so, it starts to irritates you. Everyone prefers to be amongst their own people, like you have said in several of your articles.

    We call it ethnocentrism in my field of study, Anthropology. Every person believes that his culture is superior to any other culture he comes in contact with. I didn't agree with that too, when I heard it the first time, but real life experience have proven it is true and no law of man is going to change that. In addition, there is nothing wrong with it.

    As long as people stay amongst their own people in their own areas, there won't be major problems. As soon as different cultures start to mix on a permanent basis, you have unending problems. South Africa is a handbook example of that fact.

    That is when I started seeing that the old men; Malan, Verwoerd, etc were quite correct when they said that people should live apart. The only thing I think they did wrong was to give it a name. Why, oh why did you have to give it a name, Dr Verwoerd? Separateness was something that was applied since forever, but no one ever gave it a name.

    In any case, I too hope that De KIerk is still alive when the revolution comes…

    1. Anonymous11:42 am


      Education and intelligence are two different things.

      I have met and know many highly educated fools book smart, common sense zero - they cant even tie their shoe laces properly.

      True intelligence is doing the right thing, he did not do the right thing. He took the easy way out and the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      He was too busy busy greasing his peel, selling our future, our inheritance down the river.

  13. Anonymous8:09 am

    I burst out laughing when I read this centre of diversity kak. Typical liberal delusions on an epic scale. Max and Frikkie will form a perfect gay liberal couple.

    1. Anonymous3:15 am

      Put Barbara Lerner Spectre in a spectator chair and let her watch how these two fuck each other.

  14. Anonymous8:25 am

    People let's get pro active to counter, this diversity so we can undo this traitors mess he has left us with. Just prior the 94 elections a big effort was made to bring the Zulu onside, well how bizarre that the Zulu is once again the major threat to this NWO South Africa.
    I suggest if you work amongst Zulus tell them, hey Simpiwe woza want to tell you something, eish I'm worried, everybody is ganging up on Zuma, all he is trying to do is protect the money, Gordhan is trying to steal the money for the chaar oues, ramaphosa wants to take it for the Tswanas, and Maimane wants it for the Pondo's and rich whites in Cape town, and malima wants the money for the shangaans and to give to Mugabe and the kwere kwere. Ja if the Zulu don't stand with Zuma KwaZulu is finished.
    Vigilans Et Sciens

    1. Anonymous11:31 am

      Man, you can say one thing about old zoomer, he really moered over the apple cart for these libtards. I mean, who would have thought a goat herder would fuck up the plans of these libtards by totally drukking them a fat toffee by just ignoring them and their multiculturalism delusions by being a stealing and corrupt idiot, nenegate was a perfect example. Dont get me wrong, I despise zoomer, but he is really really moering these libtards by blindsiding them with beauties such as SARS WARS. And by the way pink frik, you mean zupta's ZANC.

    2. Anon 11:31 I have to agree that the goat herder is doing a great job to open the yes of the draadsitter [not libtards] Whites. Nothing will ever open the eyes of the libtards until they feel the necklace burning them and, then, thankfully, it will be too late.

  15. Californian10:35 am

    What gets me is that it is white politicians who lead the charge against their own people. Blacks, on their own, could neither think up nor finance institutions like this. And I'd say the same thing about the entire "struggle against apartheid." Consider how much support for the ANC-SWAPO originated from treasonous elements within the Western world, liberals and radicals in SA as well as Europe, America and the UN.

    We see the same thing today in the USA where Black Lives Matter is largely a product of the mainstream media (agitating blacks over the cop killings of street thugs), international financiers (providing buckets of cash to "activists"), liberal politicos (groveling before BLM rioters), and whoever writes the teleprompter feed for the current denizen of the White house (giving the party line handed down from on high).

    Left to their own devices, blacks tend to self-destruct. They end up creating a Haiti, a Liberia or a Detroit. They really can not much harm other races as long as they are kept within their territories--preferably by military force. It only took a small number of whites to keep them under control, whether in Rhodesia or Selma. That was until outside forces stirred up blacks and used them as muscle to push a communist agenda. Once they were done with blacks, they left them pretty much to rot, witness Zimbabwe today or any American inner city dominated by Africans.

    Take it from me: De Klerk’s “Centre of Diversity” is just another “Centre of Liberal Bullshit” to undermine the whites of South Africa and keep them enslaved.

    Nicely summed up, and is also the situation in Europe and North America.

    Pay attention the Man behind the Curtain...

    1. Black Lives Matter is an attempt to create a "mandela ANC" kinda of thing in the US, the US is being attacked in the same way we were. That's how it seems to anyway.

    2. Anonymous5:07 pm

      BLM is another frakenstein created by dr evil himself, soros.

    3. Anonymous12:52 am

      I dont need to take it from you. Soros has already admitted to being a nazi collaborator and admitted to wanting to undermine the west.

      Even if you believed in tooth fairies, I would believe the above.

    4. Californian11:22 am

      Black Lives Matter is an attempt to create a "mandela ANC" kinda of thing in the US, the US is being attacked in the same way we were.

      This is so. There's also an element in BLM of the various Arab Spring and European Color Revolutions, all of which have seen the hand of Soros, the current gang in the White House, and the usual suspects. The assault on white SA is part of a much bigger globalizer assault on any country which resists globalization. The critical thing is in getting people -- especially white people -- to see that they are under attack. And then get them to fight back.

    5. Californian11:44 am

      Here is what gets me:

      “The centre should consider encouraging white South Africans to understand the depth of the hurt apartheid policies had caused to non-whites.”

      OK, let's assume this is correct, poor widdle blacks were "hurt" by apartheid. So if apartheid was so eeeeevil, then what policy would De Klerk and the liberals have implemented instead? And when?

      Supposing the SA government abolished apartheid in 1960 right after Macmillan's "Winds of Change" speech? Would South Africa have turned into a democracy with everyone holding hands and singing kum-bay-ya? How about in 1948 when the National Party took control of the government? What if the National Party had abolished apartheid in 1948? Would the kum-bay-ya chorus started then?

      Well, what happened in the rest of Africa...

      We can look at how Congo upon independence in 1960 self-destructed into civil war, massacre and Big Man rule. We can look at how Ghana and Nigeria, which were both supposed to be prepared for independence, tuned into dictatorships. We can look at what happened in Angola when the Portuguese pulled out...the country became a Cold War battleground between rival insurgent factions. And then we can look at Liberia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, etc., etc.

      Where anywhere has giving blacks equal rights worked in Africa? As far as a literate person can discover, the answer is: just about nowhere.

      Now, I can understand why the chiefs of African "liberation" movements might want indpendence. It's their chance to become the Big Man, get the Mercedes Benz, bulk up their Swiss bank accounts, and put the boot in on their tribal rivals. Makes sense in an African sort of way.

      But what do liberals get out of one-man-one-vote? Within a decade of majority rule, African countries turn into dictatorships which wreck their economies and not infrequently are the scenes of tribal bloodbaths. Not to mention giving the boot to white liberals. Consider all the missionaries, NGO members and general do-gooders who have been the victims of black terrorism from the Congo Crisis to the current mess in the Sudan. There's no advance for liberalism anywhere in Africa. Yet liberals are so deluded by their ideology that they can not see this.

      Which gets back to my initial point: if apartheid was so eeeevil, then what policies should South Africa have enacted instead?

      I have yet to see any liberal give any realistic answer.

    6. Anonymous9:21 pm

      Californian..remember a liberal lives in a fantasy land. Realism isn't part of their mindset.

    7. Anonymous7:41 am

      We can look at what happened in Angola when the Portuguese pulled out...the country became a Cold War battleground between rival insurgent factions
      You lot are the ones that live in cloud cuckoo land

      See here for Angola


      This is especially for Mike
      THEN you can tell us WHO buys the CRUDE OIL ?
      WHO enables these dictators ?

      WHO killed UNITA and enabled the MPLA to become totalitarian ?

      A bunch of dumb Afrikaners working for a GV hero in an organisation called EO !

      You people are so far off reality as to make every thing you say laughable !

    8. Anonymous12:41 pm

      Sure sure anon 7:41 it is a bunch of "dumb Afrikaners" sitting behind all this stuff happening world wide? Fuck but they are good, them dumb afrikaners sitting behind the BLM movement and the rape of Europe. sneaky sneaky dumb afrikaners.

  16. Willempie12:27 pm

    The blacks does not care what the price/consequence is - they want the whites gone. All you have to do is look at Zim. Does it look like the blacks give a flying duck that Mugabe screwed up the economy there? They honour him like a god. Why? He showed the whites who is boss. Siestog, now it has dawned on de Klerk that they are driving the whites out of South Africa!? Well hell - what on Gods green earth did he and his coterie of idiots expect to happen? They were warned that democracy in SA will be nothing but the tyranny of the majority but he was far too busy learning Greek to cast his eyes to the north and take heed...

    1. Actually Zimbos seem to have woken the fuck up. About 50 years too late albeit but at least now they can look around and experience their stupidity without the rosy tinted shades they've been wearing.

  17. ---South Africans living in ‘white bubbles’: de Klerk


    ---THE Exterminator of The White People in South Africa Who is Known as a Bubble Man(De Klerk) is Now Publicly PREDICTING That Whites Will Be Forced to Leave...




  18. justice seeker6:54 pm

    well one thing is for certain I've had enough of liberals especially white south african woman liberals...they can have the kaffirs I'm running like you said distance I'll go back to europe where europeans belong not liberals. I'm a solutrean and always will be. fuck sa and its scum. don't farmers are wonderful they inject cows with poisons to mass produce.so again fuck sa and it's people bunch of losers

    1. Anonymous1:45 am

      @ just prick eater, ah my little sjw, have you just woken and had some coffee?

      Why the fuck did you come here in the first place, what were you hoping to gain?

      Did you think that we the order of SA were going to roll over and open up to be shafted?

      Little man what went wrong did your little white tart that liked sucking up to black arse take in some diesel pipe?

      Did you wake up one morning with a nasty rash and an irritating itch?

      Did you have to go see the doc for some really strong antibiotics?

      Have you since had blood test and realised that hiv does exist?

      Ah! My poor little just prick eater my heart bleeds for you.

      Remember your arguments on this blog defending these retards, remember when the guys here told you to wake up?

      You have woken up, me boy but now you run like a beaten mongrel, tail between your legs and your echoing howl fading into nothingness.

      Go, begone, get lost, fuck off this country is better without your type,

      If a white liberal woman bends your tail I cannot imagine the carnage should you have been involved with a true pure blood South African white resistance girl, my little man you would have been broken by now.

      We don't miss you.


    2. Anonymous4:38 am

      Could you please type in English and not mxishit?

  19. Great article Mike! It all makes sense now. Mr Soros funded De Klerk. Hes funding liberal crap all over the place.
    I really want to know why there is a mass anti white agenda within our own people. All non whites are just tools of these NWO. Get rid of the NWO agenda, non-whites have no power. An eye opener book is Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps. Good read.

  20. Anonymous1:03 am

    Would be lovely to see this vile man put to task for crimes against humanity. His actions indirectly caused death, suffering and the overall destruction of his own people in SA. He surely has blood on his hands and will probably defend his idiocy till the day he kicks the bucket as else his conscious would probably kill him.

    F.W. Judas de Klerk is probably the world’s biggest fool. All African countries look and operate like cesspools. Why would South Africa have been any different when ruled by the negroid?

    Over the course of time since history has been recorded (by whites not blacks) Africans have been backwards and any kind of prosperity absent. Why would South Africa be any different when ruled by the negroid?

    Even blacks back in the day, intelligent or not could tell you that if South Africa landed in black hands that it would turn to sh*t. Dumb Frikkie and dumberer with time is the perfect metaphor to describe a sod like Pink Frikkie. This fool could probably be classified as the world‘s dumbest man.

  21. Not a de Klerk problem .RSA problem sitrep

    1/ to many people born daily and on the increase in RSA
    2/low education
    3/ 4th industrial revolution namely technology replacing people

    1. When it comes to ballistics there are four section of focus. The ballistics inside of the round when it is triggered, the ballistics inside the barrel when the round is expelled, the ballistics of the round once it leaves the barrel on its flight path and the ballistics of when the round penetrates the target (target ballistics).

      When we focus on the last section, there are basically three different ways of killing a person. 1) By destroying the vital organs such as the heart, Aorta and stopping the circulation of blood, 2) by causing a wound where the person bleeds to death (shock) or by 3) destroying the central nervous system.

      In number (1) above, the person dies because the heart cannot pump blood to the brain anymore. It takes about seven to ten seconds before the person becomes unconscious (the dead man’s ten seconds) and is brain dead after about three to four minutes.

      In (2) above the round can start to summersault after penetrating about 10-15 cm (about 12 cm with a .223 Remington FMJ). The Russian Military round 5,45mmx39 at about 10 cm. Due to the fact that the human body is made up of about 70% water the round gives off its energy to the muscles and displaces the body fluids in such a way that the bullet hole (depending on the speed and energy at penetration) expands to 25 times the size of the calibre of the round. Of course due to the elasticity of the muscles the wound does not stay at this size and after several pulsations shrinks again until a permanent wound channel is left behind. Bones that are hit splinters causing secondary wound channels. The person bleeds to death and dies of medical shock.

      In (3) where the central nervous system is destroyed, one needs to hit the cerebellum (small brain). This can be reached from the front by aiming at the tip of the nose of the target, from the side by aiming and fixing slightly above the ear hole and from behind by fixing on the top part of the spine where it enters the skull. A ring can be traced all around the head from the tip of the nose, past the ear and the back of the head back to the tip of the nose. With an exact hit the central nervous system stops in a matter of 0.0000516 of a second. No conscious body actions such as pulling a trigger is possible anymore .

      The target does not even have time to pull off a trigger out of reflex, neither can he do so due to a spasm. Therefore it is called the “final rescue shot” by German precision shooters (finaler Rettungsschuss) and only used in extreme cases when a person has a weapon against the head of a hostage or so. Normally when the small brain (cerebellum) is hit the person’s knees will instantaneously fold under him, in most cases he will fall backwards.

      This can be clearly seen, because the target is almost always found with his buttocks on the back of his calves.

      There is a slight uncertainty factor though, because it can be that the target will show some peripheral spasms during his sudden collapse in way of the arms and legs jerking in varying degrees from mild to strong for a few seconds after which the muscles then relax and becomes still. Normally in this time the hostage has freed him/herself from the hostage taker and will be out of danger.

    2. Is so nice to read something from someone who knows about the art of shooting and the effects of the different points of impact.

      I say, forget about the fancy head-shots and go for centre-body-mass. When the projectile hits bone, the bone and projectile fragments and the shrapnel causes major havoc on the vital organs. It's not necessary to kill with every shot either; depending on circumstances.

      A severely wounded comrade, screaming with pain, is very demoralising. But, as we know, the parasites leave their wounded behind in the knowledge that they would be looked after by our medics. That, however, will not be the case in ONW scenario. No more mercy.

      They showed our old and young, isolated farmers, defenseless women and children none. Now we fight fire with fire.

    3. I don't know why, but everytime I read about F.W. de Klerk saying something I have weird thoughts about ballistics and what a .300 Win Mag can do.

    4. Anonymous6:00 am

      Every time I read about FW I think his wife is a lesbeen, I mean she is married to a poes.

    5. Can't blame yo Mike. I have the same thoughts, not just where Pink Frikkie is concerned but the whole bunch. My preference however lies with 375 H & H Magnum preferably a Model 70 Winchester.

      The latter is really not relevant though. Both will do the job excellently.

    6. Anonymous12:03 pm

      I like FW
      because he will show everyone what the devil looks like

    7. Anonymous3:46 pm

      Mike & TT where do you shoot those AMA Berettas when they stack out side ones front door, they normally protected by level 3 ballistic vest with ceramic plate, one can shoot a whole magazine of 9mm at centre mass and all will just bounce off.
      Up untill the Boer war military ammo were round about the .45 to .50 range IE the American 45-70 or the British Martini Henry 577/450. In military trials a 500 grain 45-70 was expected to kill an enemy in excess of one mile, since then ammo was reduced to .30 caliber then after the 2nd world war reduced again to the .223 calber to accommodat the high fire rate required for fire and movement on the modern battlefield
      I find it interesting that since the 911 wars there has been a growing military interest once againin the fat calbers like the 450 bushmaster, SOCOM 458, .50 beowolf, and most interesting the 300 blackout, which basically replicates the German ww2 7.92x33 Kurz of the stg 44. This is telling me that warfare is evolving and just like in every age the weapons also evolve to meet the requirements of the soldier. I remember in the early 90s when I was being trained to fight a bush war, I would see a new style of warfare on CNN in the balkan wars.
      Men I believe if we just mix and match different warfare techniques, the sandf would stand no chance, I also believe this has been the secret behind the IDF success.
      Vigilans Et Sciens.

    8. @ Anonymous 3:46 PM

      To penetrate a ballistic vest you need a certain amount of energy and different types of rifles, different types of rounds, etc. give you different reach and effect. I will try to explain:

      Kinetic energy can be calculated with the formula Ek =1/2 m x v^2 (m=mass of projectile and v^2 = Velocity squared.

      First of all I am not talking about hunting rifles here. These are military sharpshooting rifles.

      Looking at my tables the following appears:

      The .223 Remington (5.56x45), 4.47g travels at about 950m/s and has about 1798 Joules when it leaves the muzzle (muzzle energy). The energy drops off and after 100m is 1272 J, 300m 585 J and at 800m only 147 J.

      The .308 (7.62x51) 10.9 g travels at about 790m/s and has about 3308 Joules when it leaves the muzzle. The energy drops off and after 100m is 2858 J, 300m 1968 J and at 800m only 690 J.

      The .300 WinMag (11.67g) travels at about 900m/s and has about 5264 J when it leaves the muzzle. After 100m 4580 J, 300m 3431 J and after 800m 1529J.

      To penetrate a man wearing a ballistic vest you need at least 530J with a .223 and this is at about 350m not possible anymore. With a .308 you need about 580J and this can still be done at 850m.

      To shoot through a tree branch of 25mm diameter you need 150 J with a .223 at 400m and 200J with a .308 is no problem after 850m.

      A steel helmet you need about 420J at 400m with the .223 and about 770J at 850 m with a .308. About the same for a Kevlar vest.

      So now you can work out for yourself if a .223 Rem (5.56mm x 45) with a 4.47g hollow-point can effectively do something against a man wearing a ballistic vest, standing behind a tree at 300 metres.

      BTW, to shoot through 15mm aluminium (airplane) you need at least 1500J at 400m with the .223 and 1800J at 850m with the .308.

      To shoot through 50mm concrete you need 1200J at 400m with the .223 and 1500J at 850m with the .308.

      However to put it into perspective, a .38 special has a muzzle energy of about 420J, the 9mm 470-520J, a .45 about 500-540J and a .357 Magnum 750 joules. This energy goes down the further the man with the Ballistic or Kevlar vest is from you. So you can see that the level 3 vest will stop most handguns over 10-15 meters.

      According to the American study “AICLAD” and their experiences in various wars such as the WWII, Korea and Vietnam, rifle fire was only effective up to 250 metres and most hits were aimed at less than 100 metres. Most M-16 (.223 Rem) hits were in under 70 m, carbines at 20 meters and pistols in under 10 meters.

      Due to the “man-stopping” deficiencies of the standard NATO round (5.56mm x 45) in the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan, Remington has developed the 6.8mm x 43 SPC based on the .270 Winchester hunting round. It falls about halfway between the 5.56×45mm and 7.62×51mm NATO in bore diameter and muzzle energy. This is still being experimented with and at the moment seems to have died a silent death.

      Further, remember that effective range and maximum range are not the same. Shot at the right angle a .308 round is still deadly at 5000metres and a .50 BMG at 15,000m!

    9. Anon 3:46 I was talking 375 H & H so fuck him and his ceramic vest. ]I don't know where they'll be getting these larney vests from or are you talking SANDF here?]

      And, if they're stacked outside my door, which they won't be because the Claymores would have taken care of most of them. The remainder I'll shoot in the eye with my .22L. No point in overkill and wasting expensive ammo.

    10. @ Tomkat Tribulations. Maybe he thought you meant the .357 Magnum revolver instead of the .375 H&H (Big Game) hunting rifle. Now with one of those he can have six munts in Kevlar vests standing behind your door and you will shoot through all of them and rename your pozzie “Seskaffirsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein”.
      However the mistake a lot of people make is to think that a good hunting rifle makes a good sniper rifle. It might get the job done if you have a large target like an elephant to shoot, but for precision shooting in the military or police most hunting rifles do not cut it.

      For instance, the military equivalent of the .375 H&H is the .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle (8,6 × 70 mm).

      This baby with a 6.2 g LockB round gives you a muzzle energy of 6,600 Joule and after 100m you still have 5,901 Joule, 300m-4641J and 600m-3,149 Joules. Effective reach is about 1200m.

      In 2010, British sniper Cpl, Graig Harrison from the Houshold Cavalry managed to kill two Taliban machine gunners at a confirmed distance of 1.54 miles (2,475 km) with a .338 Lapua Magnum. He holds the current record.

      This rifle is used by the British, Dutch, German and the Israeli Defense Force (amongst others) see here. Acuracy International AWM L115A3

      A sniper rifle is in general a heavy rifle to reduce recoil and make it lie more stable. (6-10kg) with modern sniper rifles. The .338 Lapua Magnum weighs 6.9 kg’s (with an empty magazine) and has a 27 inch barrel (without suppressor). The .308 has a 24 inch barrel. The .300 WinMag 26”.

      The bigger the calibre the less rounds you can carry. 3.1kg in rounds means that you can carry 260 of the .223 rounds, 120 -.308 rounds, 99 - .300 rounds and 72 - .338 LapMag rounds. .50 BMG only 31 rounds.

      The larger the calibre the more expensive the rounds and the shorter the barrel lifetime. About 2500 shots with a .308 Win Mag and about 2000 with a .338 LapMag. Bear in mind that during his training the sharpshooter will fire between 5,000 and 10,000 rounds and you can see how many rifle barrels he will be going through.

      On top of it, it takes about 100 to 150 shots to shoot the barrel in and chemically clean it before consistent accuracy can be achieved and trusted on.

      There are many other factors like the thickness of the barrel for instance which depends on the job in hand. There are advantages and disadvantages to everything. A thinner barrel weighs less, but warms up quicker which influence consistency in grouping. 20mm dia is a middle of the road choice.

      Other factors for the choice of weapon are for instance a trigger weight of 1,5kg with adjustable triggerstop and stainless steel screws. The entire weapon becomes useless if the screws start rusting after a week of rain.

      A muzzle brake or recoil compensator is indispensable for a precision shooter especially on a .338 LapMag. Try shoot one without it. Good luck with that. The reduction of the recoil has an obvious technical purpose in increasing the accuracy, but the power of the incoming recoil can also cause a psychological effect in the shooter, causing a slight fear or anticipation panic. The shooter may close his eyes when pulling the trigger that can also influence accuracy with fatal results. The same reason why you wear ear protection. Not just to protect your ears, but to protect your mind and your eyes.

      About optics and scopes I can write a book or two, but I found that the Leupold scopes make my eyes water. I thought it was just me until I heard other guys complain about the same thing. I prefer the Nightforce 5.5-22x56 NXS

    11. Mike, in 'Nam the Marine snipers used Remington Model 300? in .308 and the longest confirmed kill was Carl Hatchcock at 1268 yards. In those days 2 km kills were unheard of like with the heavy calibres of today.

      What do you know about the Russian 11.9 / 14.7mm[? I'm not to sure about the calibre - getting old!]. Apparently it's highly rated.

    12. By the way, I forgot to say I loved the "Seskaffersmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein". Stuff two measly Buffs! I'd rather take six parasites as a trophy any day.
      It was the Remington Model 700 not 300.

    13. @ TT. I think the “Russian rifle” you are referring to is the Azerbaijani Istiglal Anti Material Rifle (AMR) using a 14.5×114mm (.57 Cal) round.
      No, I have never shot one. It came a long after my time, in 2008.

      The best weapon in the AMR class is the South African Denel NTW-20 effectively firing a 20mm anti-aircraft round. In this caliber one would rather talk of a shell instead of a round seeing that this is already a cannon shell. It delivers muzzle energy of 47,000 joules. Compared to the Istiglal that delivers 32,000 joules and the .338 LapMag that delivers 6,600 joules.

      Of course muzzle energy is not everything. The distance plays the big role. What use is 6,600 Joules at the muzzle when only 140 Joule arrives at the target? You need at least 150 Joules to go through a car door.

      These AMR weapons are used to take out vehicles, parked aircraft, electrical transformers, communication masts, etc. It can literally stop a train if you know where to shoot.

      Both the Istiglal and the NTW requires two men to carry, assemble and operate and breaks down into two sections. It is a “crew served” weapon. The Istaglal is a bit heavier to carry (34kg) compared to the NTW-20 (31kg). Bear in mind that a comfortable carry weight for a 100liter rucksack is about 18-22 kg…it is murder over a long march and does not leave much spare capacity for food, water and other gear.

      Speaking of sniper teams. In the classic police team you will find three people. The #1 shooter, the #2 shooter (spotter) and the team leader.

      Every shooter is responsible for his own water and sandwiches during his (up to) eight hour shift before he gets relieved and it normally is about a hostage situation where innocent people can get killed. So the mission is relatively short and the shooting distance less than 100m.

      In the military it is a different story. There it is about inflicting as much losses on the enemy as possible by taking out human and other resources. The mission can last several days and shooting distances of up to 3 km’s !!

      The classic two man military sniper team is made up of two complimentary individuals who preferably share the same language (to avoid any misunderstandings) and have trained together for a long time. They might also be supported by one or two flankers.

      Nevertheless Spotter and Shooter know each other extremely well. Although both Shooter and Spotter are trained snipers, on a mission/operation they have different and clearly defined roles such as during the march, the Spotter leads and covers to the front, the shooter covers to the rear. During stalking the Shooter leads and spotter covers to the rear. The shooter is responsible for choosing the shooting position and site, the ammunition, etc…the spotter is responsible for observations, identification of markers and sketches, wind, distance and angular calculations, etc. The spotter is also responsible for defense with the assault rifle, etc, etc.

      Fact of the matter is…these are not Rambos. These are intelligent, highly qualified and extremely professional individuals.

  22. I dont know how many south africans remember or were even around prior to 1994 but this same shit bag De Klerk & Roelf Meyer were always on TV guaranteeing the rights of minorities during his negotiations with the ANC.

    He is now openly making his problems ours,

    Now he has a different story to tell.

    White liberals can always join the Devils Alliance because they have the EFF's support & are 60 % white governed in most of the metros they won, for how long is anybodies guess.

  23. Anonymous1:51 am

    DeKlerk & his hungarian jew friend Gvorsky Schwartz are scum.

    Soros is such a skelm he has lost his hungarian citizenship because he is an evil jew, he is now a pawn of america with US citizenship.

  24. Anonymous2:15 am

    I think SA would have been a different Country today if we had resisted . It would have become a war zone, I think even the ALLIES (NOT ?) would have created a no fly zone and the west strangled us into submission to pave the commie way with Kiss ass messenger in the lead. It would also have inspired the Black population into battle since the Commie Lexicon was brain washing them into a revolutionary frenzy deprived of their God given rights , we would have been ostracized from the World .
    The only thing that I think should have been done , is that we had our own Homeland just like they had.
    Since their fear of not wanting to destabilize SA ,is becoming feeble since we heading toward that now . As the anc looses power the terrorizing will increase , their brainwashing is in full swing flooding the young black minds who wernt even around.
    These old commies at the Helm are keeping the mind bending very much ALIVE.

    1. Anonymous7:37 am

      Well, enough of our people has already been killed worse than some regional war stats.

  25. Whiteman5:57 am

    After reading the Sunday newspaper, a libturd idiot tried to convince me, that the clever, black, capitalistic, wealthy business men, are going to sort this country out ! Let me share the advice I gave him, so I can get my blood pressure back to normal again. There are FIVE factors, that determine whether you can maintain, and/or improve the standard of anything on earth. Whether it is your washing machine, car, house, farm or country, makes basically no difference. 1) Money ! You can do NOTHING without money. Is the money supply increasing in this country ? Is the world rushing to invest here, or is money flowing out, at a horrendous rate ? 2). Manpower ! Is your labour force becomming more productive and stable ? Are you increasing skills levels by investing in training, and selecting the right worker material ? Are your skilled workers fleeing out of the country ? 3) Morale ! How is the morale of your population in general ? Are all the people enthusiastic and happy to work hard, to build and improve the country. Do they feel a sense of safety, and belonging, to pursue a common constructive goal ? 4 ) Birthrate ! Is your population producing new generations, capable of taking the " ball, " and running with it ? 5) Time ! Do you have enough time, to do everything that has to be done, to at least maintain a reasonable standard ? ALL these factors are equally important, because one can not function properly, if all five are not present. Now the big question. The state to which this country, AND its peoples, have deteriorated, is past the POINT OF NO RETURN ! But I am not saying, that in the right hands, it can never be fixed again. But I see only WHITE HANDS !

  26. It’s a known fact that George Soros is Obama’s major sponsor and a serious destabiliser of countries …. His association with de Klerk should set alarm bells ringing.

    1. Anonymous9:13 pm

      The bells were ringing since 1992 when it comes to pienkfrik

  27. The continuous reference to apartheid for everything thats wrong with South Africa is really past being a joke. Its like an industry on its own. I do understand that he who is in power controls history, but one would assume that parents (black and white) would point out to their kids that the majority of what they are being fed is didly doo. The most outrageous rubbish as how blacks were treated during apartheid is believed by youngsters today. If you try and tell them stuff like, in the 80's there basically wasn't any apartheid, people just went about on their normal lives, they dont believe you. Obviously the trouble makers who objected to everything, kind of like they do today, got their arses kicked.
    Thank Goodness its a South African thing. Because gradually overseas people are giving less than a rats bum about the so called suffering of the past.
    The 2nd point Mike is, dont you want to do something about South Africa, BEFORE Apartheid. It seems that most of the indigenous blacks now believe they met Jan van Riebeeck , while their forefathers were strolling down paved streets dressed in shirt tails sporting bowler hats.
    Its easy to carry on about Apartheid , but where were they before, what did they do. What was their life span, they hated to be taught in Afrikaans , but what were they taught in before? Many things like, housing, electricity, basically the whole infrastructure before apartheid . It just seems that everyone is so focused on apartheid they tend to forget the piece before.

    1. Anonymous1:00 am

      Apartheid is the new Nazi's. They'll never let any good feelings of guilt go to waste, even though it is the only viable solution to all our problems worldwide.

    2. Anonymous4:31 am

      The anc and liberals love apartheid, it is the evil apartheid they can feed off and the masses into hating whites and keeping it alive all the time. The analogy is like taking an electrical fan and plugging it into a wall outlet, the fan starts to spin hence feeding the masses bs. Once you unplug the fan, it loses power and momentum to turn the fan so it slows down, when the masses start to see the things for what they are so the powers in charge have to plug the fan back into apartheid and keep it going so that the blades keep,spinning and you keep feeding the what the powers in charge want the masses to hear.

    3. Anonymous4:58 am

      Dingo 9:43 Its not the language its the persona , because the Boer know the Blackman all to well , his activity his personality (gremlin) his lamentations and his desires . Wher the Pommes dont and also dont believe those that do . So the hatred if you cannot bullshit to escape retribution. FACT .
      Since the Boers trekked North and were confronted with this untamed and forever more being it hardened their personality. It hardenes one when its the same atrocities over and over again. Look around you, placed anywhere same result. Just cannot be tamed and the breeding and feeding frenzy continues. Planets curse I tell ja !

    4. Anonymous11:54 pm

      @Anonymous4:31 AM
      Hey man!, you are such a bright spark. a Burdizzo will work perfectly with you.

  28. Anonymous1:10 am

    De klerk is a very sick man(mentally), we will remember him and his day will come that is for sure.

  29. As I said previously it's a numbers game and a big one by the way http://www.biznews.com/matthew-lester/2016/08/29/lester-economic-growth-hits-nil-but-man-can-sa-produce-people/

    1. That, plain and simply, is the problem with Africa - just too many 'firs.

      The libtards must simply stop interfering by feeding and curing them of their diseases [as that Irish journalist wrote]. Let nature take its course as God intends it should.

    2. Anonymous10:26 pm

      @TT 6:31 AM

      They are the most annoying and useless race on earth. Africa would be a safe and prosperous continent without them.

  30. Anonymous8:30 am

    As a young white male in this country,i find myself severely dis-illusioned by Affirmitive action policies as they are not fairly appplied.

    For instance it seems that certain blacks benefit immensely while others are left to starve in their shacks.Maybe there is a very good reason- to ensure that there are millions of starving desperate blacks who will continue to blame, attack and rob whites, while the black elite and middle class feast off whities tax money buying e class Mercedes and fancy whiskies.

    It is also ironic how certain whites will use AA laws as an excuse to deny other whites opportunities, whilst they sit comfortably in their high level positions protecting their precious scorecards to impress the blacks in power they are submitting to.

    Young whites in this country better get used to being robbed as the government will squander hard earned tax money amongst their cronies, denying poor blacks the opportunity to get out of poverty. The poor blacks desperation drives them to steal whatever whitey has left over.

    I have seen countless blacks get jobs with ease, which are not based on merit but just to fill score cards and AA Quotas, whilst hard working top performing whites are oppressed, discriminated against and kept at the bottom of organisations ironically founded by white people!.What a truck load of bullshit that is.

    I have experienced exactly this, despite how much money you help make or how well one performs- this simply does not matter!

    I guess i made the mistake of thinking that someone in power actually cares and also forgot about the negative impact of being born white in the new South Africa for a moment- how silly!

    I have also found myself being robbed severely by the poorest of the poor who are a part of the constant flow of illegal immigrants that cross South Africas borders daily.( a gift from robber murgarbage!). So whitey just gets screwed over and robbed from the top and the bottom until such a time that the only thing left for them to take is your life- which they are certainly willing to take too. This is the sad truth and its all a part of the blacks plan to bring down whites like a slow cancer, picking whitey off at every level and with every opportunity until the white man is gone.The blacks are even managing to get whites to betray one another very successfuly with fines and threats.

    Any suggestions as to how to counter this?.

    1. Anonymous12:36 pm

      Yes, the fact that amongst the whites, there are those that sit in positions, and live wealthy lives, in lovely estates, drive the best, eat the best, wear the best, and then deny other whites the same chance, but will give those very chances to every single black out there, is what made me say screw it.
      I am now overseas working my ass off, living in a strange land, in order to provide for and keep my family alive in South Africa.
      I will eventually bring them here to me, and we will live a good life again, and perhaps one day, if sanity returns to South Africa, return.

      I cannot as a man, in good conscience, sit workless, without income, or another way to make a living for my family, beg and go for interview after interview, and always hear the same answers from whites ... "sorry, but you are white"...

      And to all of you that will now tell me i am a whatever, because i left my country, to provide for my family? Piss off and get a life, you are probably one of those assholes i approached for a job, and are one of the Jew Boere, those who fuck other whites over for a crust of bread, and there are sooo many of that kind of white, who will do anything to keep their paws on the money...

      So my advice to you, is look overseas, get a job, work your ass off, and if you can take your family with you.

    2. Anonymous12:37 pm

      Anon 8:30 You actually want to counter this black racism? Are you telling me you want to resist this evil practice? Are you beginning to see the light?
      You fucking racist and bigot, how dare you go against the globalist grain of disenfranchising and criminalizing of whites world wide? It's your fault and it will still be the fault of your unborn children this current evil beast system. Shame on you, you racist.

      //sarcasm off

    3. Well that's the question everybody is asking Mate. Whites for now are stuck between a rock and a hard place.. Not necessarily a bad spot to be, it's building character and perseverence.

      We have to lure them into a gaurd position and use their own strength against them. We will never win this with a full frontal assault, being it through politics, commerce or actual war..
      It won't be a walkover, but it might not be as impossible as we think or others say it is... For everything there's a loop hole or a weak spot, and for a arrogant kaffir government there's even more.. We must work smarter.

    4. BlCN - I agree about building character, but then I'm not living in a squatter camp . . . yet. It is also forcing Whites to start uniting; opening the eyes of those who do not want to see.

      You're right, it won't be a walkover but it also won't be as difficult as the naysayers think. The Kaffir because of his innate stupidity and shortsightedness has forgotten just what fury the Boere Dogs of War are capable of and have unleashed in the past. To advance 1300 kms in 30 days as we did in '75 vat manne op perde en nie dose op donkies nie?

      We just have to get organised!!! For starters, as Mike has expounded, small bands of guerrillas employing hit-and-run tactics, harrying and demoralising the Forces of Darkness. We can increase the sizes of our forces as more and more people come around and then sweep our country clean.

      Dreams are good friends when you're . . . pissed off & frustrated? But we'll get there. We have no choice.

  31. Anonymous11:44 am

    Anon 8:30..you just described a liberal fantasy world, a delusional utopia for the socialists and communists. But as with any libtard wet dream it ends up as a monumental fuckup, in the end the goose that lays the golden eggs is slaughtered. Thus my advise is to get ready for this fuckup, for when it hits it is going to be bad. After the dust settles we start over and do it right this time.

  32. I agree that there will never be a rainbow nation of peaceful coexistence, the notion that only when whites give us our land will we be equal thus peaceful nation is bullshit.

    Its very easy to see that the angriest blacks are the ones who live in proximity to whites, the middle class, the ones who attend the best universities and schools with whites, like we saw in Pretoria Girls High School.

    The problem as I see it is rejection of white culture, even by whites themselves, those you call libtards,there's hatred of western culture, western norms, western values and this is even taught in schools as critical theory.

    Anyway I'm rambling but the point is yes, one of us has to go, it obviously won't be the majority black population, so maybe Mike you should start preparing for mass evac, call the UN or somebody because the writing is on the wall, for the record I understand that whites just like us are victims of history, so I don't even blame anyone for apartheid, but some things cannot e changed, you guys are stuffed.

    1. Anonymous8:38 pm

      You and your parasite kind will just follow us and come look for free handouts where ever we go, like you've always done since we had the misfortune of meeting you. Then you'll just start having more and more niglets and start out breeding us again and demand that everything is yours again because you are the stink black majority?

      First you go and tell your nigger brothers and nigger whores to get the fuck out of Europe and America then.

      You blacks are all the same, everything, every system you touch gets tainted by the black touch and dies. It becomes dark and black and corrupted just like rotting corpses. We will have no more communion with you evil beings - the accusers and destroyers.

      You think we are stuffed? HAHAHA we can and will get back into our saddle. You lot? Not so much. You just keep telling all your black friends we are stuffed, please do that. Please believe it!

    2. You are right there will never be coexistence, people are too different and cultures vary too much. As usual follow the money, the dick who dreamt up the rainbow nation rubbish obviously make money out of it.
      I agree 100% with you, the Pretoria Girls High story, again it shows how we differ. Its not about hair, its about discipline and conformity to ensure a atmosphere of learning. You won't understand that, thank God, because thats how white people excel in what they do. You lot always have to look at how you can disagree and change things. Thats why everything you touch turn into shit.
      You enjoy the results of western culture, you love the houses, the businesses, cars and order. The success that western civilisation has brought to Africa, what you dont like or understand is the work it takes to maintain and develop it. Have you had a look at the streets of Harare lately? Do yourself a favour and have a look.
      You are rambling a bit, however, it will be very interesting to see how things transpire in the nearby future.

    3. Anonymous9:01 pm

      @ MM 12:00 PM. Ah retard, you return. I like your thought pattern please keep thinking that it will not be retard that gets fucked up.

      We will not be calling the UN or any other dick sucking org, there will be no ROE and no GC shit. The libfucks that suck your arses will be dealt with in a manner suitable to traitor and coward.

      But little dark boy, here me out what awaits your masses will be forever recorded in history as textbook annihilation of a species by another species.

      So please stop promising start doing so that we can test each other and see who is victor and who is deador.


    4. Anonymous10:06 pm

      No, you're the ones who'll be stuffed when a blacks only South Africa becomes Southern Zimbabwe.

    5. Mohau, why don't you just fuck off?

      What are your apprentice sluts doing in a White school, built by Whites, for Whites? Pray tell me?

      You know what they're doing there? They're there because your specie cannot provide them with the level and standard of education they desire. Do they belong there? Definitively, no; as the furor about hair proves. It's really a storm in a teacup, as far as I am concerned, but y ou see, the cultures don't and cannot mix.

      Personally, I prefer your semen-receptors to affect Afros rather than those sickening, filthy, bedraggled weaves [Pep Stores Pruike] they prefer in their efforts to clone the White Madam.

      What you fuckers can't accept is that, no matter what fancy cars you drive, what fancy suits and shoes you wear, what expensive booze you consume [of which you have no appreciation, but merely drink it because of the price-tag] you can never be us. You are different and will always be inferior.

      But, as far as the Afros go, I have no objection, but of course the kids', sitting behind that beehive kroes. view of the blackboard would be severely obstructed.

    6. Anonymous12:28 am

      10.06 They don't care if SA becomes like Zim. They love to live in chaos/ruin. Like rats they thrive in filth. Stop thinking like a whitey.

    7. Anonymous12:10 pm

      @Anon 12:28 AM

      You're right. They're not bothered about economic decline as long as they've got the land and their own corrupt leaders.

  33. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Mike you are a racist to the core. Indeed, you are not a pretender but a true racist by heart. Racism has been imprinted in your DNA.

    1. Anonymous8:43 pm

      A badge we learned to wear with honour dealing with black and bastard blood wanting to kill everything white. Experience is the best teacher, there's just no substitute. I thank you for acknowledging the only solution left now, the only avenue open to us for our survival, to be the best racists we can be. Thanks man, I means a lot to us.

    2. Anonymous9:11 pm

      2:11 PM was that coffee good, I see it did wake you up to facts in life.

      Good morning Sunshine.

      The most amazing fact is that the creator divided creation into race for a reason, one of those is separate survival.

      Now dumb fucks like you want to rearrange the order of creation and play God. Fuck off cunt and go dead because your type of weakness has created world chaos.

      Races are meant to create racism, you cunt. I olden times it was called survival of the fittest or territorial domination.


    3. Anonymous9:54 pm

      @Anonsense 2:11 PM

      "Racism has been imprinted in your DNA."

      No one is born racist because there is no racism gene. It's what people have experienced that makes them racist. Ask yourself who's to blame for white racism in South Africa.

    4. @ Anonymous 2:11 PM who said, "Mike you are a racist to the core. Indeed, you are not a pretender but a true racist by heart. Racism has been imprinted in your DNA."

      So? and your point is...??? I mean...you say it in such a tone as if you mean it in a bad way.

    5. Mike, I'd take that as a compliment. Although I prefer "culturist"; as in civilised versus savage. But, either one will suffice.

    6. Anonymous11:35 pm

      lel LTMA, these little sheep are so far gone in their brainwashing they don't even question the lie anymore, they can't even use logic of cause and effect anymore. Imagine what fun we can have with little sheep like this crossing our paths and crosshairs? Like good little unthinking unquestioning lambs to the slaughter. All the little SJW ducks in a row.

    7. Anon 2:11 - I really don't know whether you meant that as a compliment or an insult. And, I have no idea whether you're Black of White.

      No, Mike wasn't always a racist. He was actually a libtard at one stage. I take it that you [like most Johnny-come-lately's to the blog] have not read what made him see the light?

      Once again, you can only blame [or thank, depending on your view] The Black Plaque. Personally I thank them, for once, for without that incident we would not have the pleasure of this blog.

    8. Anonymous1:18 am

      Keep these retarded dirty stinking decay breaths thinking they have us on the back foot, FMD it will work so well.

      These stink holes think they know terr tacs, they know fuck all, remember they have always operated behind the veil of western support and supposed oppression.

      The above was before 911 and the ME debacle that has unleashed the wrath of Jihad.

      You all know the story of USA today, look at the facts Somalia, Iraq, the Stan every single one a disaster that the media tried to turn into a victory.

      With the Jihad raging, do you guys( I am talking to my white brothers) really think that the western powers want to mix it up on the backward continent?

      HFN, the Western powers are going to let this theatre play out on its own here, those arse suckers are already thinking that there are only 4 mil white left in apartheidland so they're fucked.

      They must be lead to think that and to believe it, SA will rewrite Rwanda, it will eclipse The stan and it will out play the Arab spring.

      Remember this, Terrorists are not covered by GC shit, so all goes and by fuck I know lots of really clever, imaginative and cunning whites some show themselves on this site, that can make textbook terrorist tactics look like kindergarten games.

      So please do not stop these idiots from believing we are fucked and washed out, it is to our advantage that they think it.


    9. Anonymous1:26 am

      Anon 2:11 PM

      Whites make only 10% of the world population and they are the most troublesome creatures on the universe. To deal with them will be quite easy and the only problem is that we people of colour are so merciful. We must adopt character of Muslim brothers and whites will be so scared of us.

    10. Anonymous4:45 am

      @ anon 1:26 AM, you dumb fuck, yes please join the muslim brotherhood. I can see you're a retard.

      Those muslims will fuck you up 6 love because you haven't the discipline to be a follower of the faith.

      Go turd face go, take all your ill disciplines with you please.

      I can see you have never met the extremist believer.


    11. Anonymous2:04 pm

      @A Knob 1:26 AM

      1. It's IN the universe, not ON the universe.

      2. The Muslims want fuck all to do with you because you are infidels to them, not brothers.

      3. So merciful? What about the execution of 3 year old Willemien Potgieter? What about 12 year old Amaro Viana who was drowned in boiling water? The list could go on.

      No, it is you kaffirs who are the most troublesome creatures in existence. A truly vile and despicable species.

  34. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Experience is indeed the best teacher and in my experience I have been betrayed by my own kind and screwed over by the govermunt, financial elite and the poorest of the poor as a young white.

    Its a case of David and golliath but the golliath turned out to be fellow whites too. Shame on them for submitting to evil to save their own arses and to protect their own selfish intetests.

    Life experience has made me feel genuine hatred to blacks but not all of them are that bad and there are a few decent ones among us.

    There is however a paradox in the sense that after most of what you have has been taken- do you fight on outnumbered and weak to defend the land and buffer zones or do you cut your losses and run for your life and leave the land before they come to take your life?

    I would not be sitting here today if my grandfather held onto land in Africa despite death threats after doing damage to liberation movements and being betrayed just like whites in Zim were by the fuck wit British empire and goverment.

    Some of you may discriminate against people who leave the land and go abroad etc, but when you are facing death and have been betrayed by your own kind- survival instinct kicks in.

    If i had support and if anyone white with power gave a shit then just maybe we may have a chance of holding on to what is naturally ours, but until traitors such aa fuck wit De klerk and the New world order are burnt out it is going to be very difficult.

    Can whites please stop betraying one another for the sake of their own benefit at the expense of another white? As we are now being divided and will eventualy be conquered by evil parasites.there needs to be unity and support not betrayal if we have any hope of remaining in Africa and restoring order.

    Give me one good reason as to how not to be racist- my experience and just observing the majority of black behaviour has cemented these ideas in my head and until the day i see and experience otherwise I will remain racist as id have to be an unreasonable blind retarted liberal asshole to think otherwise.

    1. Californian11:57 pm

      Can whites please stop betraying one another for the sake of their own benefit at the expense of another white?


      If white people were to stand united, there would be nothing to stop us from defeating our enemies and reclaiming our lands.

    2. Anonymous12:05 pm

      Californian each man has his price, and our masters have all the money in the world. Now there's your problem. Our people being bought off.

  35. Anonymous11:46 pm

    @Mohau Moloto12:00 PM
    Why do you kaffirs cry about racism and how wrong apartheid is? Do you call it peaceful living with the whites by murdering them night after night. Tell the world why do you lot of kaffirs who claim that SA is your land are all living in apartheid in your so called homelands and each one of you stick to your tribe. Not even a natural baboon and ape sleep in the same tree.You kaffirs have your homelands and countries where you do not tolerate another baboon, but when it comes to the whites in South Africa then they don't have the right to have their own land or to live in separation from you idiots. You can't live in peace with each other, but you want the whites to live in peace with you. We have the same right as you kaffirs to live in apartheid. All the nations over the globe separates themselves from each other because of peace. Why deny the whites their right to live in apartheid SA, then take away all boundaries from all nations and see how long will the peace last. So if there is someone who have to move then it is you lot of bastards, half broods from baboons and devils. Back to your Enki baboon fucker. He made you as slaves for him , now we have to sort out the shit which he had created. This time it will be sorted out the right way. If it was not for the white man in Africa then you would not have been here today.

    Those libtards you are referring to are the Enki seed which he had planted on earth in Gen 3:15. The rest of them are those false Christians who believe the twisted dogmas of Constantine, but as live goes on they wipe themselves out by mingling with the Mamzer of Enki. They live in a world created in millions of different kinds of species , races and yet they cannot see and live the truth.

    They are the bastards with their twisted views in live and guess what? all you murderers believe what they are telling you. Sick in your minds you sneak around at night and murder the innocent. That is why we have to separate ourselves from you. Apartheid will keep you in your land and the whites can sleep in peace at night.

    1. Anonymous2:02 am

      That is easy. If you fail to adapt then you die. You must pack your bags and fokof out of our forefathers land.

    2. Anonymous8:40 am

      come and make us pappy...

  36. Anonymous12:09 am

    Here we go again. Another blown out od proportion racist accusation:

    Come on guys, you can't pull their weaves off man...thats just cruel.


    1. Dis kak snaaks.!

      " and as we were leaving the scene of the train and e' and e' and e' and e' train... He / she called me a kaffir.. Blah - blah fish paste then she pulled my weave.. Aaahhhh cry cry cry..

      Why was she admitted to hospital.?. Cause her weave got pulled and she was called a kaffir.? Check in the photo how she poses with the scew weave.. Hehehe. . They are OBSESSED with self pity and attention.. YOU KAFFIRS ARE PATHETIC.!.

  37. Anonymous12:22 am

    Why are we whites offended at being called racists? as if there is something wrong with that. Why are we so apologetic. We must stand by our principals. So what if we are racist.

    Remember, 'mongrelisation' of the worlds population is the weapon of the global elite. To achieve this one must first destroy and criminalise racism. Force man to believe that we are all the same.

    1. Anonymous1:30 am

      @ anon 12:22 AM mate we are not offended by being called racist, we are proud of it.

      Proud of our colour, our culture and our strength, I think you are posting on wrong blog, you're looking for the Hellen Zille, Gillian Schutte and other black arse suckers blog.

      This is the racist, apartheid blog here.

    2. Who says we're offended by being called racist? I'm not. I think what offends some is the logic [stupidity] of the parasites arguments for calling us racists when it is, in fact, they who are arch racists. Bring me my machine gun; Shoot the Boer, kill the farmer; One Settler, one bullet", et al. Need I say more?

  38. Anonymous1:57 am

    One of Nelson Mandela's best friend was Bill Clinton and they used to spend many days together. Mike stop feeding people your ignorance by telling them that Mandela was a racist. In fact Mandela's PA was a white woman known as La Grange.

    1. Anonymous4:41 am

      There is a species of white kaffir as well. So be careful what you class as white.

    2. Anonymous5:06 am

      Keep your friends close and you enemies even closer... food for thought hey? Vaalpens

    3. Anonymous5:17 am

      It is very easy to deal with racism. Firstly, reintroduce apartheid but this time around it must be designed such that it will oppress minorities. Take away their land and citizenship. Regulate their businesses and keep them at bay. Kick them out of those government funded schools which their always pretend to be theirs. Build them poor underdeveloped amenities and introduce separation of amenities act with blacks getting the best while minorities left to wallow in poverty. Let the ownership of the government belong to majority. Let the minority carry their identities where ever they go failure which will land them in prison. Only until such is introduced a white man will never understand how bad apartheid was. And let black government never stop with that envisaged apartheid until we see whites begging on the streets. In no time, like it or not, racism will be have drained out of their DNA. Many will even address us as boss and madams. That time is certainly coming because they do not want to comply even when we are willing to play a fair game.

    4. Anonymous5:39 am

      Anon 157..


      I wonder why he had a white PA.??.. No rocket science there... Why did he also appoint white cabinet ministers..??. Also, no rocket science once again.. He might have hated whites but 1 thing he knew was this; You want the job done, employ a whitey.. Stupid houtkop.!

    5. Anonymous8:01 am

      @ anon 5:17 AM, wake up retard, pull your head out of your black shit filled arsehole, do not worry about rinsing the shit out of your mouth because your mouth smells better with shit in it than without.

      You are still as fucking stupid as you were when you were classed australopithicus, it matters not that some libcunt scientist reclassified you, you still remain a backward forgotten retarded species.

      You think you can get a white down? Ha-ha, please get us to that point that I may collect the best brains in the country and make the poisons to exterminate you with and we can sabotage you fuckers into oblivion.

      Come Austrapithicus Retardus do it.

      You think we are your local white limp dick libfuck, I have a surprise for you.

      You retards believe the bullshit you fed, please do. I want to show you how effectively deviant we can be.

      Right now to many whites still have too much to lose but please carry on taking from them for I need their skills and talents.

      Lets see whose DNA gets washed through the sewers and seeps through the ground and wafts away in the stench of burning flesh as it peels off the bone.

      Cleva retard I beg you please take more, I need your greed and stupidity to unite my brothers into a focused force.

      You lot certainly have never considered the reality beyond your fantasy.

      Dream on about a true white addressing you as boss and madam its the closest you will ever come to it happening.


    6. Anonymous9:13 pm

      Hey nignog 5:17 have you ever wondered why you niggers had to carry passes and why you dindus were not allowed into our neighbourhoods at night? Take a hard good look at what happens in the streets at night now then you will come to the realization that no human want to be close or would want you close to us, you kill steal and rape any and everything you can get your parasitic paws on.

      Have you ever wondered why we did not want you in our schools? Take a good hard look at what is happening in our schools now, you bring your violence and sex and drugs with you and pollute the minds of our children with your animalistic tendencies.

      Have you ever wondered why we did not want you in our places of work and learning centres? Take a good hard look at our workplaces now, you bring your stealing corrupt lazy and system breaking animalistic behaviour with you.

      Don't worry I would also want to get away or erase anybody who has seen the animal in me and know the truth about me if I were as disgusting as you bunch of niggers. Even your semi-proffesional niqqers are a total waste of space and effort. Total black useless. USELESS!

      So go ahead and play some more fairly with your laws and BEE and Affirmative action, go and cheat and steal some more to get "ahead". Pray that your masters in Europe keep you safe for a while longer, because once they betray you, you fucks are going to get everything you deserve...and more.

  39. Anonymous4:57 am

    The Centre for Diversity will attract all lost honeybees sucking turd for a living.

  40. Anonymous5:22 am

    We are Racist because we dont agree with what the other Race does, we cannot go along with the way others behave and conduct themselves. We are so different in our ways and the way we live .

  41. Whiteman5:33 am

    Of course mandela was a racist ! How can you be a black terrorist, trying to overthrow a white government, and not be a racist ? To have a white PA, was one of the ways, he could celebrate the black victory over spineless, useless whites. For the same reason he moved to a white suburb, instead of living between his own people. He also never denounced the armed struggle, in spite of making politically correct, multi-culti rainbow clichés. And the white rainbow-idiots, lapped it all up, like obedient puppies. I had one christian female say to me once. Mandela is such a good example to all christians, because he is so forgiving ! ! She was really hot, and I did have plans, but after this, I took my horse, and galloped into the sunset !

    1. Anonymous9:29 am

      Mandela was never a racist. He only fought for freedom of tye majority. He is a world icon and the world can never choose a racist as its icon.

    2. Anonymous12:04 pm

      If you say so ape 9:29. Keep drinking your kool-aid boy.

    3. Anonymous3:33 pm

      Mandela not a racist? Unfortunately the world did choose him as an icon (A Porn in the world of chess)

    4. Anon929

      On the right hand side of the blog beneath the picture of our flag there's 2 blocks with some writing in it.. Please do yourself the favour and read it.
      It's simple really. Your illusions are beign destroyed and it's tough I know, but you are going to have to swallow the pill no matter how bitter it is...

      Mandela was a Communist bastard who is sitting in the inner circle of hell, reserved for the special people.. His got the blood of 70+ thousand white South Africans on his hands, and the blood of thousands of unborn babies through abortion. ( mostly you're black babies )

      So much of a hero... A hero who took God out of the schools,, a hero who legalised murder in the form of abortion, a hero who pushed for gay marriage to be legalised.?.

      Sorry bru. But good luck anyway..

    5. BLCN - wasting your time bru. None so blind, not as those who cannot see, but those who lack the intelligence to comprehend or understand. Remember the things IQ level?

  42. Anonymous5:39 am

    “Today it is written in the book of fate, that hidden, faceless world powers will eliminate everything that is unique, autonomous, age-old, and national. They will blend cultures, religions, and populations, until our many-faceted and proud Europe will finally become bloodless and docile. If we resign ourselves to this outcome, our fate will be sealed and we will be swallowed up in the enormous belly of the United States of Europe. 

    We must therefore drag the ancient virtue of courage out from under the silt of oblivion.

    First of all, we must put steel in our spines, and we must answer clearly, with a voice loud enough to be heard far and wide, the single most important question determining out fate. The question upon Europe stands of falls is this:

    Shall we be slaves – or men set free?” 

    - Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary

    1. Ditto Viktor Orban exactly for our plight here in SA.

      Opstaan en wakker word, Boere!

    2. To me that is a really profound and fervent speech. Comes from a man with a lot of passion for his country.. As for us white nation on this southern point of Europe; we've come this far and we will stand in faith and finish this. We were not put here on this chosen piece of land by mistake.. God does not make mistakes. Me, You, Mike, the guy next to you, your family etc were planned for the place..

      1 thing, and this is the most important thing that we fail to remember and live by sometimes... If you've ever been to the Voortrekker monument and stood right at the top of the monument and looked around you and imagine that fateful day..? Looked at the wagons arranged in the circle... What it must have felt like on that day for those people.??. The atmosphere in that laager must have been something else man.?. And then the battle itself. Famous, so famous it's known about worldwide.. That was REAL. Those people were REAL. And ONE thing, just ONE thing pulled them through.. God, and their faith in Him.
      They made a vow that day and they honoured God for keeping his hand of protection over them that day, that fatefull day..

      Make no mistake;

      I will defend the weak
      I will defend freedom
      I will sacrifice so others may live free
      I will defend my family to the death
      I love peace but I am a fierce enemy
      I live by a special code
      I live by honour.!
      I was born to be a fighter.!

      Let's start pulling our Laager together..

  43. Whiteman2:27 am

    BLCN, I have often wondered, why in spite of thousands of dedicated christian people comemmorating 16 December every year, everything keeps on deteriorating ? I do not buy the the " cop out, " that it is because not all the people are participating in the event.. You will NEVER get everybody to participate. I have a theory, which I put forward, for discussion. Who decided that a " Geloftefees, " must be like a church service ? Obviously the churches, so that they can control, and bullshit the people further. That is why more, and more of them, are preaching " reconcilliation ! " That is the nice " christian " multi-culti thing to do. What would happen, if a modern day " Andries Pretorius, " stood up on 16 December, and called up all these patriots to meet somewhere, to form a " Straf-kommando, " as was done before Blood River ? Let me tell you. The churches, and their dominees would go APESHIT, and ex-communicate all their members, who dared to " take the law into their own hands ! " And how dare they rebel against a government, that was " instituted by God himself ! " And they, and their members have been praying for this government, for twenty two years, so you can not be a true christian, if you try to hurt the government. Only when this problem is sorted out, can there be true freedom !

  44. I agree Mate.

    Why do things keep on deteriorating.? . My answer would be this; 'the love of money'.. It's as simple as that. Once greed takes over all kinds of evil will follow.. The people have forgotten that we were a nation built on Christian values which got exchanged for money, control and power. God's word is not wrong when it says "the love of money is the root of all evil". Not money itself, but the love thereof.. There's nothing wrong with money, it is only a tool..

    The church movement is corrupt to the core, especially the big shot pastors and ministers.. And yes, they pervert and twist the truth to fill church seats and obviously their pockets, which once again goes back to; 'the love of money'.. Our culture and heritage were hijacked by these people and I agree with you.. Who gave them the right to do that.??. No, definetly not the God I serve. God never instituted this goverment, the lovers of money did. Why would God in all his supernatural wisdom institute a black, corrupt, communist government.. Why would God want His people to be murdered and controlled like this when he says in his word. "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."

    As for reconciliation.. Well again. Who gave them the right to make that decision and change the 16th of Dec to that.?. It was a battle.! The Boere and the Zulu's didn't get together for a braai that day. They fought a fierce battle and no one shaked hands afterwards and said all is well.. It is OUR day and I will not share it with any other nation or corrupt traitor Afrikaner bliksems..

    If culture and race is not important to God then why didn't he just create 7 billion Jews or Chinese or Russians.??. Why the tower of Babel.??. Faces without races nonsense...

    I don't have all the answers or solutions but that's my 50 bucks worth..