10 August 2016

LWB Helen Zille says white men rape just as much as black men

By Mike Smith

10th of August 2016

On women’s day, Helen Zille said that Rape Culture is not a race thing

...the word "bollocks" drifting past my brain again...

Just the other day I mentioned a few examples of how a black savage raped his wife with a can of pilchards, how a 53 yo black man raped an 11 yo girl (Ukutwala, just Google it), gave her ten rand to keep quiet about it, and how several black women from Khayalitsha township acknowledged and confirmed what Judge Mable Jansen said that that a rape culture does indeed exists amongst blacks.

Mike Smith: Rape culture? What rape culture?

Now remember that this LWB Helen Zille is fluent in Xhosa and knows the Xhosa culture inside out. She knows about Ukutwala. How can she be so ignorant as to this theme of “Black Rape Culture”? Either she is sticking her head up her arse and pretending it doesn’t exist or she is deliberately lying. Which is it?

Said Zille. "We need to tackle rape culture head on. This is not a race thing: Patriarchal culture does not affect only certain races. It affects everyone."

Cough, cough, Bullshit!

OK. I hear you Helen. Now why don’t you put your money where your liberal lying gob is?

Let us put your theory to the test. Why don’t you strip naked (God, the un-wanting mental model forming…) and walk through Khayelitsha at 22h00 and then through Constantia and Waterkloof and then after you have been gang raped by your beloved Noble Savagiae come back to tell us and educate us on “Rape Culture” being equal amongst all races? OK?


  1. Anonymous9:56 am


    When I say I cannot stand this THING, I mean I cannot, when I see it, I want to throw up.

    More shit comes out of this things mouth than out the mouth of that girl in the exorcist.

    Fuck really, if I had a choice.

    Shoot Malema or shoot Zille.

    I will shoot Zille without a doubt. Malema has an excuse, we can forgive him, he did not choose to be born a parasite but this thing, fork me, this thing is so out of touch with reality that you must wonder what drugs its on because its certainly not on planet earth.

    The DA cannot be trusted, their policies are the same as the ANC.

    1. Anonymous11:07 am

      White men have been rapinv their black maids while their madam was away.

      Two capetonian white males rape a Zimbabwe woman looking for a job.


      If you think white people don't rape think twice.

    2. Anonymous1:18 pm

      @BN 9:56 AM

      This complete waste of a white skin is a lost cause and has full citizenship of La La Land.

      The kaffirs called it a white bitch and told it fuck off, but it still defends them.

      More shit comes out of its mouth than the mouths of Shakaffir and all of his brethren combined.

      There is so much shit that it should walk on its hands and have its mouth as its arse.

    3. Anonymous12:15 am

      Coloureds called her white bitch not Africans. Stop deceiving yourself.

    4. Anonymous1:43 am

      @Anonymous 11:07 That video comes from a porn site you twat. Do your research before posting. Yes, some white men rape but those are sick fucks who deserve the death penalty. Zots make rape their national sport.

    5. Anon 11:07 Just like you get a few good Zots, you also get a few white shits, I dare say, the ratio is about the same.

    6. Anonymous12:54 pm

      @Anon 12:15 AM


    7. Anonymous2:50 am

      Racist ignorant fucker.

    8. Anonymous2:38 am

      @Anon 2:50AM

      It's far better than being dirty ignorant kaffir.

  2. Anonymous10:14 am

    Sounds like she`s in a pleasing mood to exonerate those that practice Rape mostly , we read about it all the time , ask the Black women they will tell you what their men do if they honest enough.
    As far as I know from what the Black men talk about most of the time , like there must be some Imaginary Big PUSS in front of them. Its like its his life duty to impregnate as many as possible , no time for profound reading to development and invention. If you had a Big Puss party, then that would have won overwhelmingly in votes.

  3. Anonymous10:28 am

    That's right because we are all equal, right Zille? Historical facts means fuck all to these libs. Pity whites are discriminated against on all levels of this evil country. Where's the equality now? Only solution now is to eradicate any and all politicians we come across now.

  4. Anonymous10:51 am

    Mike stop misleading people with your misinformation. Being a Xhosa myself I know what my culture stand for. Ukutwalwa has never been a practice that was promoted in Xhosa culture and it was condemn at all cost. It is a practice that arised as a result of villagers agreeing that a man that deflowers a woman has to marry her or stand being excommunicated from the village. Now, potential offenders exploited this law for their advantage and abduct little girls whom they wanted their hand in marriage. Very often parents of the victims were displeased with the act and sought after the recourse from the chief. This practise has now become defunct and will see you behind bars should you even want to force a woman's hand in marriage using this form of compulsion. Rape has never been anyone's culture and even in the bible it was used by men to force women into marriage same way as ukutwala. So, please stop misleading people, that why Helen wouldn't mislead people because she knows our culture well. Unlike you who read about it. Helen lived among us as a journalist to understand us. Rape just like a disease does not have a race and white men do rape as well.

    1. Anon 10:51 You sound like one of the more enlightened 0.001% of your species. Unfortunately there are still the other 99.999% running loose out there.

    2. Anonymous4:22 am

      Talking crap!d

    3. Anonymous11:32 pm

      Rape is not part of white culture either. Then we don't have a problem, do we?

  5. Kyk, ek is nie 'n matagel nie maar die ding sal die slegste uit my uitbring! Ek meen dat ek handgemeen en voetgemeen sal raak en dit rerig sal geniet ook! Asseblief, asseblief tog net vyf minute saam haar in 'n UFC hok asseblief! En as ek opgewarm is soek ek vir juliaaaas!!

  6. Anonymous11:43 am

    BN you can actually shoot them both with one bullet, the real question should be who would you put in front of the other?

  7. Anonymous11:47 am

    And to think that my entire family, including extended, votes for this black sash Kaffir strond.

  8. Anonymous12:07 pm

    Maybe that's the only lay she ever gets? Been raped by a blind drunk man because by the Gods that made me she is truly one of the most despicable creatures ever to roam this planet.

    Truly I would rather shag Nanny Mcfee than touch HZ, even if I had to use CSM's hardware


  9. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Mike honestly if a naked white female had to walk down my street, I would obviously think somethings wrong, maybe mental health issues or diabetic having a low sugar seizure, or she has been assaulted, I would grab a sheet, T shirt or anything to cover the person and call for an ambulance.
    But if that scumbag zille had to walk down my street I would drag her to the big tree in my garden and hang her till she is dead then dump her carcass in the rubbish dump,

  10. Anonymous12:44 pm

    Dumb rickspider

  11. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Mike isn't a pitty so much capital, men and resources was spent combatting our external enemies, and although there was lots of internal COIN on the go, I reckon the govt of the day should have arrested people like zille under state of emergency laws. It is obvious now that she has aways hated whites, and her dishonesty in using whites to further her black utopia South Africa. It just goes to show that liberals are the most devious unethical people out there.

  12. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Simon says:

    Malema & Ndlozi are going to rape her white DA supporters in Tshwane if & when a Tshwane / Gauteng coalition goes ahead.

    That will be a nice anglo capital (Lord Renwick) & Zionist (DA) coalition for the white DA supporters in Tshwane & Gauteng.

  13. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Liberalism is truly a mental illness, it destroys the mind's ability to think with logic and reason. This woman thinks with emotion even with all the facts in her face she will stll think with emotion, feeling constantly guilty and hating her white skin, liberals have some serious mental issues and the worst is if they are in political leadership.

    No sane white person should even vote for this airhead, she has not got it in her to stand up to the ANC, they do not respect her, I do not respect her or her associates, she is just like Merkel and Clinton.

  14. Mike, you will get sued..innocent kids will gaze upon a naked godzille and be mentally and otherwise scarred for ever..young men will rapidly progress from pubescence to old age, limp dick and all...no, better let zille maar keep her clothes on...

  15. No you have it wrong, this libtard auntie is using that statement to brainwash all the other mentally challenged libtards to feel sorry for the raping kaffirs and throw money at them/her/whogivesafuck

  16. Zille...

    "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt"

    - Abraham Lincoln

  17. Before I even read anything but the heading. This bitch is totally delussional. She's no LWB, she DWT: Dumb White Twat.

  18. Anonymous2:04 am

    Reading the history of Cush, then you discover that they have literally mingled or bred the Egyptians((Pharaohs) out of existence, or maybe raped them out of existence.

  19. Anonymous2:09 am

    Zille didn't say white men rape as much as black men. She said rape and abuse has a lot to do with poverty. I suppose if you're an unemployed and bored male with time on his hands you will go around raping women and babies and dogs for the fun of it. If your father didn't hang around your mother longer than it took to fuck her, then you won't grow up with much respect for women. Then again, white men shoot their girlfriends through toilet doors or drown them in Mauritius or organise a hit squad.

  20. She said it is not a racial thing. Just by saying that she emplies race as part of the equation. Why even mention race in the firat place.

    She is the same as Hilary Clinton. Their heads are not functioning properly. When you see people overexaggering bodylanguage and laughing fits in public you must know there is some kind of mental disturbance.

    Might be the liberal parasite in their brains going on to the second stage of damage.

    I dont like swearing but fuck that bitch. She must keep her filthy lips of my people. Maybe rape is part of her sick family sircles but it definately is not part of mine.

  21. Anonymous7:54 am


  22. Anonymous12:38 am

    "and then after you have been gang raped by your beloved Noble Savage" ....... 'n Spiesgooier sal haar nie eers met 'n geleende piel wat spyker nie......!

  23. What a waste of bandwidth reading all the rubbish posted here. Looks like there has been a major data breach at Valkenberg.

    1. When did they release you?