23 August 2016

Is the West preparing for the Apocalypse?

By Mike Smith

23rd of August 2016

Yesterday the German government announced an official strategy of “Civil Protection” (Zivilschutz) in a 69 page document and warned their people to stock up on two liters of water per person for 5 days and food for ten days in case of a worst case scenario, massive terrorist attacks, war, whatever...in general, a “national emergency”.

German version: German Government warns its citizens to stock up for the Apocalypse

BBC: Germans told to stockpile food and water for Civil Defence

Immediately followed the head-shaking leftist, making the strategy off as alarmist “Panic Makery” (Panikmache) and irresponsible of the government.

The leftist debate about hamster buying and panic-makery

In my opinion, live by this rule of thumb: “Whatever the left says is bullshit and should be discarded”.

However when you speak to the Germans they make jokes about the warning saying their fridges are full of beer and the meat is stil grazing in the field, so they are sorted.

So this would be my strategy: You don’t need to stock up on food and water. You just need to make a list of all those leftists who laughed and find out where they keep their food and water. When the shit hits the fan; that is where you go.

No seriously, it is always a good idea to be prepared. Have a “bug-out” rucksack packed for three days. Have some ammunition and fuel and think of worst case scenarios, because it is not just about a civil war or nuclear war situation; You can have severe hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes or a meteorite hitting the earth.

But there is nothing wrong with being prepared and having a plan. Remember that an electromagnetic impulse coming from a nuclear device exploded in the atmosphere can burn out all silicone chips in all computers, so your cell phone might not work and neither will your GPS and car. There are chips in everything. Roads will be congested. You will probably find that you will get further with a bicycle.

This warning from the German government did not come as a surprise to me. However one has to ask: “What do they know that we don’t?”

You see…for years the Western governments have told their people that things were getting better. In 2007 they had 170,000 troops in Iraq. Al Qaida was a non entity and well defeated. Troop withdrawal started and completed by December 2011.

But then the Arab Spring, which started a year earlier in December 2010 with the fall of Tunisia, followed by Egypt, Yemen and Lybia (2011), started going badly wrong in Syria in 2012.

The Americans were hardly out of Iraq or Nouri al-Maliki, the American puppet Prime Minister (and a Shia-Muslim), started to arrest the leftovers from Sadam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party (mostly Sunnis’) including vice president Tariq al-Hashimi who fled to Turkey.

Maliki did his utmost to limit the power of both Kurds and Sunnis. Maliki worked to further centralize governance and amassed greater controls and power—from militarily to legislative—for his party. Instead of strengthening and securing Iraq, Maliki's actions have led to a rise in both Kurdish nationalism and Sunni insurgency, which has resulted in civil war and the effective failure of the Iraqi state.

All these Sunni’s that were purged from the Iraqi Army, Police and Civil Service suddenly found themselves without a job and started turning to crime and joining the leftovers of Al-Qaida or vice versa. However these were high ranking officers and even generals who brought structure and discipline to terrorist ranks and suddenly in 2014, ISIS/ISIL burst onto the scene almost out of nowhere.

It was clear that these were not the old Al-Qaida anymore. These guys had tanks, armed vehicles and state of the art weaponry. They were organised... and on the 29th June 2014 declared a Caliphate known as “The Islamic State” or IS.

The ISIS tentacles started to spread all over the globe and you now have satellite organisations in places like Morocco, Mali, Libya, Nigeria, to Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines.

In 2014 a Civil War started in the Ukraine due to the eastern part who did not want to join the Western part in the European Union and NATO and wanted to remain Russian, resulting in a referendum on the Crimea and Russia annexing the Crimea on 18 March 2014.

As the situation in Syria turned for the worse, Bashar al-Assad asked the Russians for help to defeat the rebels and insurgents. America and France were bombing ISIS in north eastern Syria and in 2015 millions of refugees started streaming into Europe. Under this blanket of refugees, ISIS smuggled in thousands of terrorists who are now sleepers in European countries from where they launch terrorist attacks in France, Belgium and Germany.

Currently we see the Turkish dictator Erdogan consolidating more and more power, divorcing the West, having an affair with Putin and wanting to reinstate the Ottoman Empire.

It doesn’t take much to realize that the world is a far worse place now than what it was before 11 September 2001 and strategists have no real answer as to what to do.

David Kilcullen, the Australian born Counter Insurgency strategist and expert admits defeat in his book, “Blood Year: Terror and the Islamic state”.

He was one of the main people who devised the West’s strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan and now says that he was wrong. All that WHAM (Winning Hearts and Minds) didn’t work. He calls for a new strategy that he calls, “Disaggregation”…But if he was wrong before, who will trust him to implement another strategy now?

What is “disaggregation”? Basically he wants to turn terrorism into a non-entity by splitting the terrorists up into individual parts, where they are so insignificant that hardly anybody notices any of them. Deny the terrorists the attention they crave by denying them their support.

But hang on a minute…Isn’t that what we did in South Africa? By the end of the 1980’s the ANC was defeated and nothing more than a fax machine in Dares Salaam. Hardly anybody in SA knew anything about them, their leaders or could care less. It was the Black Conscience Movement that was doing everything not the ANC. There was no reason for the leftist liberals in politics and academia (Van Zyl Slabbert and Prof Willie Esterhuyse to name a few) to go and talk to the ANC in Dakar. FW de Klerk allowed thousands of the scumbags back in the country and blew new life into them. The result we see today.

In January of 2015 I wrote a miniseries about how to counter the Crime insurgency in South Africa. I said forget about WHAM. Fight back. Be brutal and be quick. Nobody ever listens to a South African.

Nevertheless, the world is a rapidly, changing place and off late it has become clear to anybody, not just the German government, that big trouble is looming in the near future. Armageddon might be closer than you think and buying a few bottles of extra water and some extra cans of Ravioli won’t hurt.

All I know is...I am ready for the worst case scenario.

Mike's fridge is stocked

Bug out bags are ready


  1. PreatorianXVI4:34 am

    Definitely something in the offing everywhere...

    Not that I am a conspiracy nut, but when Churchill got of the plane with his peace in our lifetime tune, no one thought bombs would be dropping and WWII was 6 months away.

    I read this quite sometime ago, I would advise anyone who scoffs at the idea of a system collapse, be it natural or man made to have a read at this article, the recount of a Bosnian who survived the 1992 - 1995 Bosnia war / Apocalypse, be prepared.

    Guns, beans and bullets to begin with...

    One Year In Hell…



    "It does not matter what will happen: an earthquake, a war, a tsunami, aliens, terrorists, economic collapse, uprising. The important part is that something will happen."

    1. Anonymous5:22 am

      PreatorianXVI, you'll find that those "conspiracy tinfoil hat wearing nuts" were right about a lot more things happening in our world than not.

    2. Anonymous6:47 am

      Sorry Preatorian, it was that arrogant Chamberlain that got of that plane....I think..
      But let us ask that idiot who recons that europeans stole all africa's ideas and technologies from the Alexandrian library.....

    3. Anonymous9:24 am

      I am glad to see others read as much as me. I found that article years ago and since then I have always had a box of lighters in the house and other things. One more tip, make sure you have glycerine and Potassium permanganate on hand to start a fire. The other stuff you can figure out for yourself.

    4. Willempie11:56 am

      I hate to be pedantic but Churchill did not say that - it was Neville Chamberlain.

    5. Anonymous2:16 pm

      Anyway Churchill wanted a war and the conspiracy with poland and the corridor , attacking the german civilian population cut off from the german mainland. Then it was War .

    6. PreatorianXVI6:01 pm

      My apologies, I keep mixing up the two criminals...

      The way Germany was carpet bombed even when the allieds knew they have won is criminal at best, and then there is the allied concentration camps where they further exterminated Germans, by starving them to death, very similar to what they did during the second Anglo-Boer war.

    7. Chamberlain far from being "arrogant" was actually the insightful one. Along with Lindbergh etc. Churchill, Rooseveldt and Stalin were edging for a war. Didn't like the fact that Germany under AH had clawed back her sovereignty from the murderous Globalists and Banksters. Thereafter was started a chain of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated allowing millions of young men to be dragged into a vicious gene pool destroying war.

      Anyone studying the events of the turn of the 19th/ 20th centuries will not fail to see how so very many of the same circumstances are playing themselves out today. We have seen the dreaams of the Frankfurt School come to fruition and now through a lying MSM we are being conditioned rapidly into another futile confrontation. This time with Russia.

      So odd how we of supposedly superior intelligence quota see the lies that stretch out behind us disappearing into the hazy past, and yet each time they lie to us subsequently we lap it up and follow them like lemmings over the cliff. Each time choosing to take the lies over the truth.

  2. Anonymous5:56 am

    As hard as it is to believe, the first I became aware that there even was such a thing as the ANC was in mid to late eighties when they started blowing people up in Wimpy bars and shopping centres, but even then it was reported more as communist terrorists and an extension of the border wars and the name ANC was seldom mentioned. I had never even heard the name Mandela until the big Mandela birthday concert in Wembley in 1988. So it's true, they were a complete non-entity as a known movement, certainly in the eighties. The public face of the anti-Apartheid movement was actually the Mass Democratic Movement which comprised the churches, and many other parties than the ANC - at the time it seemed like the PAC, IFP, etc were on equal footing. Somehow, the ANC managed to emerge from all of that as the dominant party, in no small part due to violent initimidation in the townships.

    1. Anonymous6:51 am

      No, the public face of the terrorist scum was the holier than though libtards of the west. The anc was sweet fuckall until they were made something by FW and other white libtards like Maxine du Poes.

    2. The ANC had a very innovative method of getting people to change alliances. There was a lot of successful black people, doctors, lawyers , business people who was quite happy with the status quo and basically just wanted to get on with life. The ANC convinced them by means of sheer terror and brutality to change their thinking. The necklace method springs to mind. If that was to time consuming, getting the crowds worked up, then just plain shooting or stabbing were sufficient . Imagine if YouTube was available in the 80's, if people around the world would have been so against apartheid?

    3. So true Dingo. So few people realise that the ANC was far more involved in a war with blacks in SA to become the preeminent succession party then they ever were against the whites. The white regime was merely the distraction needed by them to feed to the brainwashed commie liberals running the West and not much more than a speed-bump in the scheme of things.

  3. Anonymous6:29 am

    Been preparing for this kinda shit the last 4 years. Sadly not everyone else is. Vaalpens

  4. FredBarbarossa6:59 am

    Thanks to the leftist media, Australian's too have become rather naive (or maybe have always been). One is automatically labelled a conspiracy theorist for conveying the message of an alternate media source, but articles like this are of concern. Not to mention the current 'rattling of sabres' by NATO on Russia's doorstep.
    I have taken the option of stocking-up!

    1. If covernments have contingency plans in place it is fine. When we have plans in place it is called conspiracy theories and what not. Wear it proud brother. Being prepared and identifying threats is not bad it is a major part of any big business or enterprize.

    2. Fred, they are so naïve that the Northern Territory Govt has leased the Darwin Harbour to a Chinese company for 25 years, possibly denying access to their own Navy. But don't worry, they think that Brittain will come to their defence therefore they will not vote to become an independent republic as South Africa did.

  5. Anonymous7:41 am

    Nice beer collection Mike but what are you going to do on day 4?

    1. Those liberals who were laughing so much...I will find out where their cellars are and where they keep their other stashes and I can guarantee you, they won't be able to stop me. First rule of guerrilla warfare; The enemy is your source of supplies.

    2. Anonymous9:52 am

      Hahaha brilliant answer. Don't forget to keep some alive so we can torture them for 'information'.

    3. Yeast is your friend....

    4. Mike, I admire your resolve. I keep stocking up like that, but two days later I have to stock up all over again! Also, one must bare [should that maybe be beer?] in mind the shelf-life of the brew?

      During the war in Angola [75/6] I managed to find a constant supply until we withdrew so far and the MPLA took over Sa da Bandeira which was where the brewery was. After that my interest in proceeding dwindled somewhat.

    5. Anonymous12:57 am

      @Tomkat... LOL!!!

      I was there a little later... Lomba River anyone?

      Anyway, we didn't do beer... We made mampoer from Mangos and Pineapples we fermented and distilled using a pot and some hydraulic lines ripped out of a shot out BMP. We swapped Unita and the Povos rat-packs for every 5 mangos or pineapples they brought in.

      That stuff really took the top of your skull off!!!

    6. Anonymous3:58 am

      Little later than Lomba - was driving G5 ammo on kwevoels to G5s within range of Cuito - beer a bit short on supply but warm as tea

    7. Mine was also warm on the back of the Mog, but who cares, it was beer and good stuff too, "Ngola".

  6. North Korea is showing the middle finger to the west. Even CNN changed their tune from first denying North Korea having nuclear rockets and warheads with the ability to hit US soil to saying yes and they wont even be able to even detect the pathway of such a launch.

    I saw some clips last night on their military and people. I must say the pictures is a starching resemblance of a Nazi Germany back in the day.

    They look passionate about their cause, not that i support them but i have seen plenty of fights in my life and usually the guy with the most passion in the dispute comes out on top.

    This is just one country in the picture of a WW3 scenario but there are many others and you can feel the temp rising all over the globe in this regard.

  7. Anonymous10:51 am

    jeeeez... and you still have a liver?

  8. Anonymous10:59 am

    what pussy gun is that? :D

    1. Anonymous9:38 pm

      Anon 10:59 probably owns a glock lol:P vaalpens

    2. @ Vaalpens. He probably doesn't. Mocking another man's gat is a sign of ignorance. It is like a mechanic who has only one tool in his toolbox; a moerse big hammer...and mocks everyone else for having precision tools for specific jobs.

    3. Anonymous12:38 am

      Pretty jealous on that sig Mike. Beautiful and deadly pistols. Haha i am a 1911 kinda guy.vaalpens

    4. @ Vaalpens. You want to see something beautiful and deadly? Check this out, but don't tell Tomkat. He won't be able to handle it ;-)


    5. Anonymous1:16 am

      Haha how diabolical of you Mike. Need one of those ar's with all the mods seen in the vid...;) vaalpens

    6. Ha ha ha! Thanks for that Mike. I now know who I'm recruiting for my squad Bud, Daria, Amanda Sue, Melinda . . .

    7. The .45 IS great, but it depends on the job in hand and the situation. I am not a Rambo. I find that a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that “bigger is better” and a .45 have more stopping power. Ask yourself why most modern police and soldiers then opt for the 9mm instead of the .45?

      People don’t realize how heavy a loaded pistol can get. Shooting a .45 cal at a stationary paper target over 15 meters is one thing, but do 3 hours of tactical training in full webbing, running up and down stairs, searching rooms, rappelling from roofs, etc and see if you can still hit that paper target. You will probably find that you can hardly lift that .45 anymore let alone aim. What does all that stopping power help you then?

      Look, a person can take any weapon he/she wants, but at least know the weapon and train as close to reality as possible. It is like women who think they will be able to dial 911 or 10111 on their cell phones whilst being attacked in the dark. Rest assured, 99% of the time when you need to use your weapon, conditions won’t be ideal like in a shooting hall or firing range. The room will probably be dark or smoke filled. Shots will be going off. People will be shouting and screaming. When the adrenaline pumps and you are under stress, you lose your fine motor skills. You will find you can hardly get the safety off or exchange magazines. Under such conditions, a girl, trained realistically with a .22, will tick you and your .45 over. The SIG Sauer fulfils most of my needs.

    8. Anonymous2:50 am

      True Mike .45acp is heavy to cart around. Only reason i own it is it was given to me, could never part with it. Would love a wonder 9 as ammo is cheaper and lighter. But when shit goes down there will be a few 9mm's without owners;) vaalpens

    9. Vaalpens, if you're a 1911 "Slabside" man check this out.


      "Coke adds life, Colt takes life!"? 6.5 pounds empty.

    10. Anonymous4:13 am

      Haha i love my colt. There may be others like it but this one is mine. Vaalpens

    11. Anonymous4:32 am

      My dick is bigger than yours mentality.

    12. Vaalpens, I think I prefer this though???

    13. Anonymous5:27 am

      Mike perhaps you might know, after the French gign retired the 357 Manurhin revolver, what did they replace it with? Apparently they had to practice, shooting 150 rounds daily through those wheelguns.

    14. Anonymous6:06 am

      @Tomkat that is one beast of an AK. Anon4:32 no one here is comparing there dicks... this aint kindergarden, go play there. Vaalpens

    15. Vaalpens, we got to ask Putin to donate a few.

    16. Anonymous1:40 pm

      So how many rounds you carry with that measly Sig?

      And do you have spare parts for that gun? Spare unused mags? Reloading equipment?

    17. Anonymous1:44 pm

      I call BS on the "fine motor Skills" thing...

      Fighter pilots can control switches and gadgets under pressure with enough practice. The average mampara, can realistically get more training than a pilot does with flight hours,

    18. Anonymous3:51 pm

      Ag vaalpens lighten up old sport, we all know you have the biggest and baddest d..... sorry I mean gun, just taking the mickey out of you, relax.


    19. Anonymous11:30 pm

      1:40 with any 9 iron you have to carry shit load of rounds, these days all Tupperware guns come with double stack mags, maybe they need the extra rounds to make up for inaccuracy.

  9. Dont forget the Democratic Party also sent a contingent to meet the ANC in Lusaka.
    Ian Iversen, Donald Woods, Michelle Korber & then there was Anglo Americans Gavin Relly & the ANC's London representative, Solly Smith who all met in London whilst Margaret Thatcher was supposed to have been apartheid SA's friend .

  10. RunForrestRun1:03 pm

    Yeah,--Its part of the reason I get so impatient with South Africans,--"boere" et al who denigrate us runners as cowards etc etc etc. The fact is most of us know the shitstorm will not be localized, it will be a world wide event. Therefore our future planning is about survivability and sustenance.

    Its why I chose New Zealand, I call it the pimple on the butt of the world and people think I'm joking. It has very little that anybody else covets and is very farking far away, but its entirely self sustaining in energy and food resources and has a HUGE fucking moat around it. With a population of only 4 million it will not be unduly difficult to cull the undesirables.

    Your mileage may vary, but to me its never been about a piece of land.

    1. Anonymous9:43 pm

      The Chinese are going to take over Australasia when WW3 breaks out. What planet are you living on?

      You are going to need your survival skills for the labor camp that you and your family will be dumped in.

    2. RunForrestRun12:03 am

      Have you ever been to the South Island, of NZ? If not sit down and shut the fuck up. Just by the way, its a verrrrrrryyyyy long way from Australasia. You can still hunt and fish for survival, there are few harbours, very few airports and NO FUCKING REASON for Chinese or anybody else to go there,---nothing to steal, no people to sell to, no industries, etc etc.

      Like Alaska and the North Western parts of the USA its still the kind of place where like minded people can gather in enclaves. Unlike those places it also has A HUGE FUCKING OCEAN BETWEEN IT AND EVERYONE else.

      Believe me, the Chinese, Yanks, Russians and everyone else will be too busy killing each other to worry about the pimple on the butt of the world.

    3. PreatorianXVI12:16 am

      @ RunForrestRun

      The Chinese will need to feed their army, NZ is a food bowl and to a degree so is Australia, but NZ has abandoned their Military salvation to their Australian neighbours under commie Helen Clarke. I lived in Auckland for quite a number of years and travelled both Islands extensively.

      NZ Navy ships are under rated to deal with their environment that is why they are parked for most of the winter in Devon Port as they cannot handle the rough seas, so much for stopping the Japanese whale hunters, Greenpeace terrorists have a better Vessel.

      With a police force that for the most part only works weekdays and office hours at that, lets hope SHTF does not happen on a weekend. That said if you are prepared there, going bush especially the South Island an effective guerilla style resistance could be mounted, at least you can get your hands on firearms there.

      Or it might be too much of a bother being that far out of the way and not being a military threat as long as they forward their food supply to their new masters.

    4. RunForrestRun1:50 am

      NZ produces more food than it can consume, BUT in no way will it ever feed a Billion Chinese. The main food exports are Milk powder and friggin Kiwi Fruit.

      Like you said, its not a military threat, it does not have any scarce or strategic resources, its not on the way to anywhere,---like the Cape of Good Hope, Suez or the Panama canal.

      The only people who come here do so for tourism, --anyway the Chinese component of the population is already around 10%, so there is a good chance NZ could become the Switzerland of the South Pacific, unaligned and ready to profit from everybody.

      If you lived in NZ for any length of time you will know kiwi's are pretty good at that, LOL. Its not perfect by any means but it beats the hell out of Europe, USA or downtown Joburg.

    5. Anonymous2:07 pm

      As someone who lives in NZ I have to disagree with you. When I first arrived in this South Island town 10 years ago there wasn't an Indian in sight. Now I'm blown away by the amount that I see, every super market, dominos, warehouse etc is fully staffed with them.

      I'm studying at the moment, and the other day we had a lecture on cultural safety, on the PowerPoint the lecture showed us the gov's stats. Up until 2002 NZ was 80% European, it's now dropped to 60-70%, and by 2050 they predict lower than 50% European. But what completely blew me away, is that all the white kiwis sat there smiling and nodding in agreement at how wonderfully multicultural NZ is. I couldn't effing believe it!!!

      Sorry to say, NZ as been targeted as another white country to be brought down, where will the white man go eventually??

    6. RunForrestRun3:02 pm

      I dont disagree with you mate but Indians and Chinese are not the problem. They have a comparable level of evolution to us, they understand about segregation and that multi cultural means the upliftment of all cultures without it being at the expense of minority cultures, they dont force themselves upon you.

      In short, whilst you may not like them or embrace them, they pretty much feel the same about you and for the most part are quite happy to live and let live.

      You need to get your head around the fact that the black man is a parasite that forms a parasitic relationship with us and is very difficult to get rid of,--the others form a much more symbiotic bond.

      You dont see very many blacks in New Zealand. On a personal level, my racism extends only to blacks, I feel a physical revulsion when I see, hear or smell them. I think that is mother natures way of telling me they are NOT breeding material.

  11. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Anon 9:11 North Korea is supported by Commie China to instigate , so the Slits can build up strategic bases in International waters. Nazis also fought the Commies and Bolsheviks.
    N Korea would be destroyed in Minutes if they launched. Its just that Momma is just next door. They would win if foot soldiers were sent in from their cosy sofas. The Difference is your allies (christians not) bombed the crap out of Christians fighting Commies. So how do we stand ?

  12. A war is still a few years off. The tensions with Russia and China have not escalated enough for total war. However, in my opinion war is inevitable. look at the figures, before WW2 the west including their white states like SA,NZ,OZ etc controlled 90% of the worlds resources and wealth. The west(whites) made up 25% of the world population, that means there where as many whites as there are Chinese and Indians(that time including Pakistan,Srilanka etc).

    Today the west controls only 25% of the worlds resouces and wealth(trade etc). White fertility in the west is falling for example today(about 10%, correct me if I am wrong). By 2040 below 6%. The economies of all western countries are shrinking every year except for germany which is growing by about 0.6%, which one can interprate as stagnation. The only power the west has is the threat of North American military aggression which is kind of scary for the non western whites but also means fuck all, because the west has the most modern atom bombs and machinery but one single well placed suicide bomber or missile with a nuclear device can collapse the entire central nervous system of a certain countries power grid as well as major transport routes etc. The east Russia,China etc have less modern weaponry but that means nothing because strategy can make it even stevens as I already pointed out above. Let me give more erxamples. A ground to air missile(which Russia and China have the most advanced systems) can shoot down the most modern and fancy drones and aircraft.

    In my opinion and according to my analysis the west has three scenarios open to them for the future. If the west wants to continue with its quality of life that is today available in western countries then the west will have to militarily recolonise Africa. Take a look at the scenario. Angola,Zimbabwe,Mozambique,South Africa,Uganda etc. These countries will never give whites resources to build and advance. The Russians as everybody knows financed and armed their so called wars of independance and therefore take the lions share of resources. look at Zimbabwe, the Chinese and Russians get all the diamonds and uranium for nextto nothing except a million dollars here and there whilst the western companies must oblige to black economic empowerment(BBE) and scede 51% of the holdings shares to local blacks. Which means blacks officialy own everything and inevitably call the shots, which means Uk,Germany,USA,France go to hell. If this trend continues the west will never be able to advance because of lack of strategic resources which are only found in Africa.

    Second scenario. Accept that the west will never again recolonise africa and thus the resources and become economic migates that have no power at all. In other words they are fuck all and must shut the f*** up.

    Third scenario. Continue to allow third world immigration into the country to keep their local economies growing with stimulates local economic growth and keeps the west in place as economic giants. But what is nice about that because whites are not making babies and will total minorities in their native lands the same way whites in SA are a minority yet a hundred years ago they were 25%(every fourth person was white), yet today only one in 10.

    1. Anonymous4:58 am

      Tensions between West and East do not have to escalate on a "traditional" level. This is where most people make the mistake to think that tensions need to rise a few more degrees before war breaks out. The area that most people overlook, and simply do not understand is the global economy. Most people asses the economic status of the planet by the accepted Keynesian model. A free market is not free when intervention is instituted. The stock market is no longer a price discovery mechanism as it was intended to be, it has become a wealth transfer mechanism. As with any debt based economy, survival relies on perpetual growth, which presently does not exist, hence negative interest rates in Europe and near zero interest rates in all other developed economies. I believe the economy is the driving force for the next world war, and as with almost everything in society today, the majority of people simply do not see how this is playing out.
      Do not look solely at military escalation and saber rattling for your cues. The bang factor is covert, it is the economy.
      One day very soon a single event will bring the financial system to it's knees and no amount of intervention will be able to correct it. The result will be the incapacity to trade. Either this takes place first and the result is world war or world war comes first as a decoy to save face from the inevitable.
      Be prepared, the writing is on the wall for anyone who wishes to see it.

    2. @ Anonymous4:58 AM:

      You mentioned interest rates in connection to an economy. Could you elaborate a little on how interest rates affect an economies growth. I am trained in a technical field so when one talks about the financial side of an economy I kind of understand the deeper principles of these things but as I said I did not study in this area. I stduied engineering and computer sciences.

    3. Whiteman9:33 am

      Anonymous 4:58 AM, you make a very valid point. But people also tend to forget the mindset of the military men. Especially the generals in high places, who know their own arses wont get shot off. Saw a good documentry about the missiles in Cuba with Kennedy. Everybody agrees that the 3rd WW was narrowly avoided, those days. Kennedy said afterwards, one of his biggest problems, was the TRIGGER HAPPY generals. Normal people would say, how can any decent, sane person want a world war ? They dont understand the military mindset. That person, chose that job, because he LIKES WAR ! Also interesting was a further statement by Kennedy, concerning that very difficult period in his life. He said, if only he was not surrounded, by such utter " dooses, " things would have been MUCH easier for him ! Now remember, only one idiot needs to fire a missile, to cause an irreversible chain reaction. They say to fire a nuke, two people must push the button ? Do you know how easy it is, to find two idiots in ANY government today ?

    4. Anonymous2:25 am

      @Cristo, google "Monetary policy".

    5. Don't be so quick to lay the blame for arming and financing Africa's so-called wars of independence solely at the feet of the Russians. The Russians were simply competing with the West for those resources. Ever wondered why the West was so against us? Only the proles were led to believe it was about Human Rights and Apartheid. The leaders all knew it was a grab for the control of resources and geo political landscape. The Bolsheviks were equally influential both in pre-war Russia and in the West - Hell, research who financed the Revolution! Once Stalin came into the picture the Bolsheviks started getting kicked to the curb in Russia thus the ones in the West (yes the Bolsheviks = Globalists = Banksters) started to view Russia as the Prime Enemy and so the cold war was started.

      The most dangerous enemy is the one you thought was your friend.

  13. The Opening Ceremony of the World’s Largest Tunnel - Attended by Europe’s most powerful people, the opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland... To celebrate the inauguration of this tunnel, an elaborate ceremony was presented in front of European dignitaries such as Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, President Francois Hollande of France and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.


    Bizarre kind of bunker, lair or hideout for a further war...

  14. Satanic Ritual In Switzerland? World’s Longest Tunnel Opens With Bizarre Ceremony [Video]




  16. THE HOMO POWER ALERT !!! Scottish lesbian/gay/bisexual/trans-gender, and intersex organization have declared war on white South African preacher whose name is Angus Buchan and whose origins are Scottish....they want him banned from coming to Galashiels, in Scotland !!! It looks like white homos are demanding Scotland all for themselves !!! Straight whites no longer welcome in Scotland !!! Out with the straight white men !!!

    1. Anonymous3:04 am

      It was mostly women who wanted Buchan out because he preaches that women must be submissive and allow their husbands to beat their children. Buchan was also accused of quackery because he claimed to be able to "cure" homosexuality. He was told to go back to South Africa and confine his opinions to a country where they are appreciated. Most Scotsmen are definitely NOT gay.

    2. Anonymous4:22 am

      How can these lesbian gay or gender confused whatever morons have so much say, the get way too much air time in the media, they are a small minority really, nothing else.

  17. Anonymous10:52 pm

    911 was a planned inside Job by the builders of Babel. 911 was their spark to ignite the fire that send the hordes of 'migrants' into Europe to get the nations mixed to ONEness.

    1. Let's see what Putin reveals about 911. They reckon he's going to do it on 911.

    2. Whiteman2:56 am

      Maybe Putin has a sense of humor, and nukes New York on 9/11, with the following message for obama : Hey, you useless nignog. Put this in your pipe, and smoke it ! Lets face it, with the type of warfare we are facing in these modern times, attack, will definitely be the BEST form of defense. Even zuma knows this, and he is totally dof !

    3. Hey, Whiteman, "nuke NY?" Shit, Bud, when can only, but dream. I think he's going to do the next best thing and nuke the US govt & libtards with irrefutable proof that 911 was a false flag inside job.

      He is apparently a great believer in timing and is timing this to give Trump some support and sink Billary.

    4. Anonymous11:11 am

      No need for Putin -- there is already so much


      This should keep Mike Smith and the crazy rasputin Ninja busy for some time.
      Of course the article presents some attempt at evidence.
      Unlike some others whose only claim to fame is peddling constant BS ! ( mad nightmares and wet dreams )

  18. Food for thought.

    Do we see any connection between the supposed Satanic ritual at CERN and the earthquake in Italy last night?

    1. Anonymous1:38 pm


    2. Nah,I agree Anon 1:38. After I read some of the comments I agree it's a hoax.

  19. Anonymous5:19 am

    Mike what else do you keep in your b
    B,O,B so called beside a cooler bag for the six pack of labels, ha,ha.

    1. Dooby, bru. When the shit hits the fan, I just smoke a joint and fly outa there ;-)

    2. Anonymous7:01 am

      Hi Mike there is guy you all should YouTube, his name is Joel Skousen, he has been preparing bunkers and escape routes for years for the rich. He shares a lot of excellent tips, route planning a must. Those asses suidlanders I contacted my local guy, I'm still waiting for a meeting a month later, maybe cause I speak engels. My downside is I can't get my hands on a firearm. So I have improvised, been slinging for past year, 3 ounce sinker I cast 250m, hit a rugby post from 100m, have learnt to make all sorts or traps, have made a few recurve bows 70#@28", got hold of some knives, now I'm after a sword something traditional you know, lol. Most important for me is having bibles stashed away.

    3. Anonymous7:25 am

      Well you better come to durbs plenty of that, besides we can use those bags to carry bait and tackle , you know when we go shock the fish

    4. Anonymous7:31 am

      Hey Mike I think we should do like the Taliban and set up a narco state in the Bo Kaap then sell zol to the liberals.

    5. Anonymous1:47 pm

      my ex girlfriend will just climb on her broomstick and fly outta here... :D

  20. Anonymous9:19 am


    Big shits coming my brothers & sisters, not only to those countries in Europe and the mid east.

    Here on our door step.

    The only thing we can do now is...

    Unite, arm, train, prepare & prepare for the worst and pray for peace but know that if peace doenst coming knocking on your door, you best be prepared.

    Turkey todya launched attacks now in Syria.

    This is world war 3!

    Britain, the US, Germany, France, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Iran - how many nations have to be active in the same war before we call it world war 3?

    Soon there will be a recruitment campaign in the EU and the world, dont be surprised!

  21. Anon 11:11 Do you call what Ninja is saying here a wet dream, or are all those "confrontations" he's mentioned purely a figment of our imaginations?

  22. Anonymous4:00 am

    Mike what litre cap are those bags, I see a lot of these American preppers go for 30 - 45l bags as there so called bug out, what good is that, if I were use my 85l hiking bag as a BOB I know I will get my 1 man tent, sleeping mat, lightweight compression sleeping bag, and 1 spare set of clothing, medical kit, 300 + 1000 rounds of ammo, cleaning kit, water purifying pump, 2x2l water bags, 2x1l water bottles, food for one week, compass, maps 1:250 000, portable radio Rx 100khrtz to 470 mhrtz TX 2m & 70cm, gps, roll out solar charger, multi tool survival knife, titanium spork, msr multi stove and pocket rocket, msr cook pots non reflective, proper boots etc. After saving and buying all this stuff, that's why I can't afford dstv or going to watch the rufby, ah well least I can disappear.

    1. The cammo one is 100 liters and the khaki one 70 liters. You need at least 70. 100 is better. Comfortable carry weight on a 15km route march is 20 kg. 25kg at the most.

    2. For water try the LifeStraw and the Platypus GravityWorks (filter and bag) system. It is fast and works excellently

    3. You really are a "survivalist guru". Thanks for the useful water purification info.

    4. A tent can be replaced by a simple tarp. Very lightweight ones can be purchased mainly from custom makers overseas. Expensive but good. Alternatively these can be sourced locally relatively cheaply. If you're location has plenty of reasonable sized trees nothing beats a good hammock and tarp (bivvy) set up. Sleeping bags and hammocks aren't a great mix so a lightweight over-quilt works best all quite a bit lighter and more comfortable than sleeping on the ground in or out of a tent. Solar chargers are a great idea for electronics etc.

  23. Anonymous7:30 am

    That's right mine also expands out an extra 15l Lowe Alpine use a floating lid systen, all in all about 20-25kg with water and lots of food is about right. I'm not as fit as back in the day when it was 45 for 45. Anyway walking is still my primary excercise, I often see white men in shopping centres and I know immediately that they can't walk and some are loaded full of steroid muscles.

  24. Anonymous7:31 am

    Katadyn pocket is still the best

  25. Anonymous9:48 am

    a better water filter than life straw is Sawyer mini. I bought it locally (on line)

    It has a smaller micron diameter than the life straw which means it is a better filter for the small goggas...


    The sawyer mini can attach to any plastic bottle commonly sold in the supermarkets (such as water bottles and 2l coke plastic bottles and it comes with its own water bag.

    The bag wont last forever. Mine tanked after a few months of repeated use but the filter itself is still going.

    Just a thought :)

  26. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Take note of this date (because 'they' do - most certainly.....) January 12, 2020 = Stellium - Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn. Google "Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn, January 12, 2020 – Stellium" for more info and what it means.