17 August 2016

How NOT to try and cure race relations in SA

By Mike Smith

17 th of August 2016

According to UNISA chancellor and former judge Bernard Ngoepe Race relations in South Africa are so bad that it could lead to civil war

I fully agree with the honourable and learned judge. Race relations in the country are now far worse than they were under Apartheid.

I would just like to know what did all that BULLSHIT at the TRC or Truth and Reconciliation Council (that he was part of) help? Werent they supposed to have fixed relations between black and white and make us all hold hands and sing Kumbaya together?

Not to mention the millions Ngoepe, Tutu and Dr. Alex Boraine got and the other millions wasted on a “tranedal” spectacle also known as “The Des and Alex Show”.

You would think that somebody who failed at reconciliation between races in South Africa would STFU and STFD, but not our learned judge. No he has a new absurd and shallow method to stop “racism” and that is to criminalise it. In other words take out the clauses of “Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Expression” from the constitution and throw anybody in prison that offends a black person.

Nobody is happier than me about this law. I cannot wait for it. Finally we will see a definition of “Race” in order to define “Racism”, because for years the Libtards have told us that race does not exist and is only a social construct.

However racism never stopped the ANC of using it against the 9% minority whites in South Africa (and the coloureds and the Indians). In fact, 70% of the Western Cape’s people are white or coloured and are paying 90% of the taxes, but they are racially discriminated against through BEE, AA, racial quotas in university entry and sports, etc by an ANC central government. High time that the Western Cape declares independence.

Nevertheless, I know and can see that this is not what the judge meant by racism, because in his mind only blacks can be racially discriminated against and can be victims of “racism”.

In fact the 80% blacks in the country need draconian laws to protect them against the 9% whites that might offend them...or is it the other way around?

Maybe the judge’s words actually mean that it is better to stick the 9% racist whites in prison or concentration camps to protect them than to have a civil war and let them be massacred by panga-weilding blacks, because in the absurd Azania mania, taking racial offence is a valid excuse to kill someone.

Law academic Joel Modiri, from the University of Pretoria, said racism could be seen as a psychological issue which required reconciliation, but it could also be about structural and power inequalities and addressing a conflict created by "the very arrival of whites in this country".

He said: "What kind of freedom is this that blacks need protection from whites?"

See? These new anti-racism laws and bills will be a one way street. They are only there to protect blacks against white racism and not the other way around. To blacks “Freedom” and “Liberation” does not mean the same as for us. As long as there is any trace of a white person in the country the blacks will never have “Freedom”. They will never have their “Uhuru”.

“The gaze that the colonized subject casts at the colonist's sector is a look of lust, a look of envy Dreams of possession. Every type of possession: of sitting at the colonist's table and sleeping in his bed, preferably with his wife.” Franz Fanon, Wretched of the Earth.

Nevertheless it will be interesting to see this law in action; which offensive words they will banish. You cannot ban words without banning the entire language. If you ban “Kaffir”, people will invent new words such as “nog-nog”, “spear chucker”, “papvreter”, “Marmite Monster”, etc. Eventually you have to ban the entire language. Good luck with that.


  1. I know it is somehow a criminal offence to call a kaffir a kaffir or a baboon. I think it's normally about R10 000 for kaffir and R20 000 for baboon. Shows you these things know they are baboons and take great offence to it seen that it has the bigger fine attached to it.

    The legal experts can inform us further.

    This morning I must have clocked up about R2 millions worth of fines. Kaffir taxi driver. The usual. I make a point of opening the passenger window and letting it have it. They can hear exactly what I am calling them. Don't give a shit. I want them to see my lips say it.

    Maybe I am mad compared to most people, but if you want to see a kaffir blush watch me go off.

    'You kaffir monkey' has a great ring to it...I've had it with these parasites.

    1. I have always wondered what Helen Zille says when a black taxi driver cuts her off. "Oh you naughty black man." ???

    2. Anonymous6:17 am


      JP! lol.

      The "K" word for me has too much emotion attached to it, I want to wipe out parasites.

      I feel zippo when I hit a flea or some parasite with doom or let off a smoke bomb and wipe out an entire colony.

      That is what I want to happen here. I want to see them drop in their millions upon millions upon millions!

      When I say I dont want to see a parasite in Southern Africa in 20 years time, I mean it!

      For those sentimental types and who think they will miss them, we will have an underground museum for you to go see 1 or 2 of them stuffed behind thick glass windows and bars, to prevent them from breaking anything or stealing anything.

      Some call it evil, I call it survival.

      Its either them or us, they know it, some have forgotten it.

      We must move beyond emotion and just do what we need to do to have peace.

      Now how do we get this into the hearts and minds of 4.2 million whites? That is the challenge!

      But in time, we wont have to do anything - their beloved parasites will do our work and then we will have to do what should have been done centuries ago.

      We will do it with new technologies, no noise, no rumbles, no bullets, no bombs, we will do it the biological way.

      All this will take place in a few years.

    3. Boys, I really don't have anything more to say.

      Mike, Zille probably squeaks, "Oh, fuck me!" and the taxi driver replies, "I already have, Helen." Maybe not physically, but at least mentally?

      Ninja - "The "K" word for me has too much emotion attached to it, I want to wipe out parasites." I agree about the word, but it rolls off the tongue so nicely, although I also do not want to waste any emotion on these things. I simply ignore them, totally.

      J-man, taxis were the reason I had to move out of Pretoria. Barend Strydom had just run wild on Strydom Square and I was being hard-pressed not to follow his fine, albeit a bit of a low count, example.

      Nee fok, Boys, ek se maar fokkol. This thing must just come to a head. We can't carry on like this.

    4. Anonymous11:24 am

      Gillian Schutte disagrees with you :D

      On a side note... Does anyone agree that Boer ninja is a globalist? Only Globalists want to exterminate people

    5. Anonymous11:28 am


      Tom, I used to feel the same way about that word.

      I am beyond that now, it took me a long time to get over the anger thing. Once one moves beyond that, where you dont feel anything, you experience utopia.

      That place is a dangerous place, because I have no emotion attached to them and I am nice to them when I speak/see them. If they start their shit, well its their fault.

      I know what I want, the people will soon find out they want the same thing when this thing goes up in flames and they come out in full force with their pangas.

      Then they will want someone who is prepared to do what should have always been done.

      Anyone who thinks this is radical is in complete denial about the situation. What I hope for, the parasites are busy implementing, to get rid of the whites!

      I just want it to be a mass extinction, millions upon millions must drop, like someone hitting an off switch.

      How? I already know how and have researched it thoroughly, its genetic and very easy to pull off under the right circumstances.

      We aint leaving here until all our farmers, brothers, sisters, friends are avenged.

      Im serious! Those who know me, have know that I have said this waaaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaaay back. Im still singing the same tune and continue it, just waiting for the right moment to present itself.

      The day will come and if a future leader or politician does not do it, I will pack my shit and never return.

      Why have history repeat itself? What we are experiencing today, the black / white issue has been happening every century since we arrived here.

      Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the same result.

      You men/women who read this site need to keep it in your minds, when the shit hits the fan and we have some limp dick leader/politician who wont do what needs to be done, he / she / it needs to be taken out.

      We must do what should have been done!

    6. Anonymous8:41 pm

      Hey fuckface 11:24 you have gone full retard with that little question huh? No my fuckface little friend, we kill all those that keep us down and keep us prisoner, keep us from going to Uni, keep us from owning a business, keep us from finding work, keep us from living freely, keep us from going to school in our mother tongue. Any more retard questions? Stupid fuck, go and try your globalist ideas somewhere else you are projecting and inverting, typical enemy tactic. What a cunt of note. I can't wait to get my hands on the likes of you buddy.

    7. Ninja, my Bru, as always, I am in full agreement with you and, to this amply named Fuckface @11;24 -" Only Globalists want to exterminate people". Hey, catch a wake-up, twat, we're not talking about people here, but parasites.

    8. I was arrested for crimen injuria for using the 'k' word. Unfortunately, the person I was addressing was a policeman. Therefore, the time that elapsed between utterance and finding myself lying on a urine-soaked blanket in a police holding cell was much shorter than usual, and proceeded with maximum efficiency. I do not regret using the word, getting arrested, or even getting arrested before a crowd of onlookers. No, I regret that I threw away my dignity. I was only able to get back some of my dignity when I handed a police sergeant a wad of cash to make the problem go away. When I shouted "kaffir" I was in a rage or it wouldn't have happened. All I did was demonstrate my impotence. When I gave the cop the bribe I said, cheekily, "You need this more than I do." I was wrong. I needed it more, because without it I would have been stuffed.

    9. The funny thing with you JP and your sites and commentaries are, you call them out but they would rather go after an old tannie called Pennie Sparrow then go after you.

      I have seen you begged them to come after you but nothing......., happens.... but for closing your site. The things you say are million times worse in their minds than the comments of Sparrow but poof nothing...

      You do talk the walk and I like it, keep it up. I know you are focusing on your body currently and i should also be , but keep up your good work and come back to waking our brothers up from there slimline slumber.

    10. Anonymous11:19 am


      It should only be a criminal offence to call a baboon a kaffir because that is a real insult.

    11. Anonymous11:38 am

      @Anon 11:24 AM

      "On a side note... Does anyone agree that Boer ninja is a globalist? Only Globalists want to exterminate people"

      Boere Ninja is neither a globalist nor a Dalek. He is a man who has had enough of 22 years of this ANC and kaffir bullshit.

    12. Anonymous7:14 pm

      The blacks should be bankrupt by now because they call each other kaffirs all the time, but I guess these fines don't apply to them. They are a bunch of hypocrites.

      Also, what is the fine for racially abusing whites? Frig all rand because there is no bloody fine. This is double hypocrisy and they'll probably introduce a reward for it at some point.

      Anyway, calling them baboons is a compliment not an insult.

  2. Legislate this Ngoepe..

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    (.(....(....(..../.)..)..(..(. \....)....)....).)
    .\................\/.../....\. ..\/................/
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    ....\..............(.......... ..)................/
    ......\.............\......... ../............./

    1. Anonymous6:05 am

      Hahahaha gangster!! Fuck these munts. Vaalpens

  3. Anonymous6:09 am


    The time of our oppression.

    It will get worse now, I pointed out on the other post that, in May 2016 Russia has increasingly gearing up for war in Ukraine/Eastern Europe.

    We were warned about April or May year unknown, the media has told us it is 2016! Not Siener but the news confirmed the year, he confirmed the month.

    This is when things go totally dark for the whites in this country. The furnace period. We are going to be stripped of everything, you have not seen anything yet.

    "Maybe the judge’s words actually mean that it is better to stick the 9% racist whites in prison or concentration camps to protect them than to have a civil war and let them be massacred by panga-weilding blacks"

    Let us pray they do this...

    All we need is an excuse!

    This time, no mercy, no forgiveness and just like them, then our freedom will only come when there is not a single parasite in SOUTHERN AFRICA and not just South Africa.

    So let us pray the illegals also get involved, so we can find them in their countries, remove their parasite governments and most importantly wipe out ALL parasites.

    ALL is all. No mercy, no forgiveness, no nothing, zippo, nada, niks, vokkol!

    So let the judge try his shit, let them bring their pangas, this time they must just know, we will not stop until the parasites are cleared from South Africa to the equator.

    They have 1 shot thats all. If they make even one wrong step along the way, one wrong calculation, dont finish the job right, whether it takes 50 years or 500 years, they will all be wiped out - All!

    Lets let them bring in the laws and then lets see how those bastards in Europe, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand react to these laws, do they implement sanctions?

    Hmmmm, we will see! I already know the answer, just have to look at their double standards regarding sport.

    I would also very much like that our future republic never participates in another international sporting event.

    Those who prefer sport over our country, what has been done to us are traitors - plain and simple!

    We know who our enemies are. Those who support the parasite, who supported the parasite during the segregation years are ALL our enemies.

    We will take vengeance in many different ways in the future.

    In the end we will come out this a stronger nation, with no sympathy for this prehistoric parasite.

    1. Whiteman7:46 am

      There is one thing that the satanic media in this country have missed completely. Either through stupidity, ignorance or dishonesty. It does not really matter. And that is the ( growing ) anger, of white men AND women in this country. But because we are civilised, and/or christian, it does not show blatantly, for everyone to see. I am not referring to swearing at a taxi, or a drunk nignog that crashes into your car. No, I am referring to Holy Apartheid Anger, that turns a docile, friendly man/woman into a warrior, like Samson, Dawid, Gideon, and many others. I know there are such persons, that read and/or participate on this website. These are the people, who are going to write the history of this country, and they will be triggered, when the time is right !

    2. Anonymous11:17 am



      Yup that is right. We will contain it until that day and then it will be time to fumigate. No more feeling sorry, no more segregation, no more racism.

      You can be racist when you only have whites in a country!

      Like I said, I dont want to see one initially in Southern Africa and then right up to the equator.

      We can send all these parasites to those who hit us with sanctions, they can take them in and we only play sport against them when their teams reflect the change.

      Our vengeance will go far beyond our borders. Our time will come, there is one thing I know for sure, it is in the white mans DNA in this country..

      You can never hold us down en n boer maak a plan!

      We are making plans right now on this blog, spreading the word, visualizing the future republics and like I keep on saying, whether it takes us 15, 40, 90, 200 or 500 years to achieve our goal, we must make sure to implant this ideal into the hearts & minds of the youth.

    3. Anonymous11:26 am

      All the evidence we need is nicely written up, catalogued and filed. Every day the database of atrocities against us grows. We have enough Casus belli to make war and kill these blacks until the end of time. The moderate ones black and whites who think they can walk over and talk nicely is in for a nasty surprise, think Dingaan.

    4. Anonymous12:35 pm

      Why do you call those whom your forebears stole their land parasites? People had their land robbed with a bulldozer and barrel of a gun with nothing in return. They were not paid even a penny when their land was robbed. So now do you expect them to just laugh and enjoy that their masters have taken their land for good use? We don't care whether you used that land to plant your veggies and maze; or even used it as your private game reserve all that we know is that the real parasites is you. You paid nothing for the land and you want to paid for the land that you even never manufactured. Tell me how much did you pay for that land that you inherited from your grandparents? We can never come to be called parasites for what we know originally belonged to us. The parasites are in fact you white people.

    5. @ Anonymous 12:35 PM ...You said: "So now do you expect them to just laugh and enjoy that their masters have taken their land for good use?"

      No not at all. I want you to do something. Maybe I can help you a little:

      See, last time I looked theft was a crime in South Africa. So I take it if you make all these accusations then you have proof of what you say. Kindly take the names of those who stole land from whom to the police and lay charges against them. All those bulldozer drivers and those with the "barrel of a gun" were committing crimes, so I am sure you have all their names and therefore it will be no problem for the police to find them.

      So kindly take all your evidence to the police. Real evidence that will stand up in a court of law, not your anecdotal propaganda bullshit you carry in your woolly head and I am sure they will be able to help you.

      Because what you are busy with is also a crime and blatant hate speech. You are criminalising whites and their history in South Africa. You are inciting violence against them and the theft of their property.

    6. Anonymous10:14 pm

      Mike I don't need a proof that once we had a place called Sophiatown which was ravaged by bulldozers. That is just one example among tons and tons of atrocities committed by your ancestors. I don't even want to go further to 1913 and even prior that fateful year in which our people lost their source of wealth (land) and their cattle.

    7. Anonymous10:44 pm

      LOL!!! As usual we're long on rumour and short on fact.

      In 1802 my family bought a farm from a Basotho chief. We still have the title deed demarking the area of the farm in the south eastern free state. The deed describes the farm, its boundaries, who bought it, WHO it was bought from and what was paid for it. Payment consisted of 10 pregnant cows, 30 oxen, 5 bags of salt and 10 knives... Current value of those items is about R 380,000.00... which is about what the farm sold for in the 1980's before the massive drive to convert land into game farms in the area pushed the prices way out of whack.

      So... According to this unwashed ignorant and intolerant troll... My family STOLE that land.


    8. Oh so you don’t need proof. You made the bullshit accusation that the whites stole black land without compensation. Not the Apartheid government; WHITES.
      You can say a lot about the Boers and Apartheid, but you have to admit that they were damn efficient. See, they recorded everything they did in the finest detail. It is still there in the archives of Cape Town and UCT for instance. If you want to know the truth about forced removals go to UCT and read the Dennis Verschoyle Papers. Or read my Pandora series where I refer to it:
      Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 10 – District Six, A case study in forced removals
      There is your proof of why certain sections had to be cleared. Because of you dumb, filthy fucks, it was a health hazard and a bomb of diseases waiting to explode.
      Further, kindly tell me more about the 1913 Land Act. I am sure you know far more than me about it. I laid down the evidence that the 1913 Land Act was promulgated to protect black land and added vast sections of land to black areas. In fact it resulted in a 65% INCREASE in black land. Read here:
      Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box Part 32 – Who does the land belong to?
      Here go see where your Homelands were; On the most fertile sections of the country with the most rainfall.
      Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 8 – The lies about the Homelands
      As for the loss of your cattle: I can show you historical proof of how Piet Retief and other Boers recovered your cattle for you stolen by your own black tribes. Further I can show you lots of evidence of how you blacks stole cattle from Boers. If you want to look at what caused the loss of your cattle look no further than your black prophetess Nongqawuse

    9. Anonymous11:25 pm

      Hehehe… So why wouldn't you let us to die living in our disarray. Even Jan Van Riebeeck when he arrived in our shores he found our people living that way and they never died from sicknesses. Your pathetic pandora or whatever you call it, seeks to convince people about how kind you were and how savage were blacks. It is so biased such that it does not see fault at whites and as such it cannot pass to be admitted as an academic work. So stop deceiving yourself about your pandora. We all know where our ancestors wealth has gone to or perhaps when you came to Africa you brought along your cattle as well as the land. You are former thieves and now you only now you want us to play fair. You never went to court when you forcefully removed our parents from their arable land and so why do we need the courts and compensation to take it back?

    10. Anonymous2:59 am

      Hey you! Sophiatown Kaffir why don't you take a helicopter flight over Nongoma and the rest of Zululand and see how your brothers have turned prime land into dongas, they have stripped the topsoil with over graizing and bad land management. Now all they are left with are very deep & wide donga's, even if I had one of your bulldozers and maybe an excavator it would take along time just backfilling, and regenerating one donga, I suppose that's why your STD vrot King wants to take the white man's land.

    11. Anonymous3:53 am


      @Anonymous10:14 PM

      What a parasite!

      If it is a town and called Sophia, you can be sure it is not from a parasite.

      Towns have roads, sewerage, running water, roads, buildings...

      Which parasite tribe in this country ever had a town when the whites arrived.

      EVERYTHING but everything in this country is from the white man!

      Eat it, suck it up, drink it...

      From waking you lot up to what century it was, to dressing you in clothes, telling the time, the seasons, reading/writing, geography, history, agriculture, medicine, education, buildings, housing, roads, electricity, wheels....

      No parasite ever, ever in AFRICA had these things before the white man or the Arab introduced them!

      Get over it, with all the education today, free education blacks are dumber than they were than during apartheid.

      They are dumbed down munts who speak better but once again, F all is going on in that over grown, forehead of theirs.

      We wont stop fighting until they kill everyone of us in this country!

      If you leave one of us, you will pay the price.

      Mense, you must in the coming months be prepared to sacrifice everything or leave, because when we begin partying and the fireworks are going off, we have to make a pack...

      We dont stop until everyone of us is killed and if we are not killed, we dont stop until the equator.

      And all traitors executed by dragging them through on highways at 180 km per hour, no hangings, no shootings, you drag the bastards behind cars on the highways...

      That includes Zille, her pets, that bitch Schutte, women, men, doesnt matter. We drag them on the highways until the only thing left is their foot still in the noose.

      That is how you send a message.

      There has never been a dictator in Africa that will match die boerevolk when they get going and when we get going, aint nobody gonna stop us.

      And I will only stand with like minded people, anyone too soft, too nice, dont bother. You either fight or die - nothing in between.

      Those who sit on the sidelines will be considered traitors, you aint gonna benefit from the fruit of the republics by sitting idle being a bang brook.

      Its now fight or die.

      Fight even if your backs are against the wall!

    12. Anonymous4:04 am


      @Anonymous11:25 PM

      Forget Jan Van Riebek

      Go to the oldest sources of South Africa, the Portuguese.

      Now lets consider that they traveled throughout Africa, around the coasts but out of all the countries they settled Angola and Mozambique.

      Now why didnt they colonize Namibia and South Africa in the 14th Century?

      Now logic and thinking dont go hand in hand with parasites, so let me spell it out for you.

      Nambia had back then, an almost zero population. I would guess it had less than 10,000 blacks, probably more like 500+ bushmen.

      South Africa was barren, empty and the cape of storms was too much for them...

      But then why didnt they colonize Natal?

      Bingo! You will read in their explorations that the Zulu were virtually starving and so small in number when they arrived that they continued and decided to settle in Moz because it had a "population"

      If there was a population of blacks in Namibia and South Africa, the Portuguese would have colonized it.

      My Great Grandmother from the Cape had not even seen blacks in the Cape in the early 20th Century! She had seen coloureds but not blacks!

      The Cape colony if you look at an old map is roughly 30+% of South Africa, now if my Great grandmother had not seen parasites in the Cape, then we must surly look at the documents and historical evidence and can clearly see that 400 years earlier this place would have been empty.

      There were sporadic tribes here and there but not even thousands back then.

      Parasites cant live without food and three quarters of South Africa is semi arid desert.

      Now if the first stable diet the Zulus had, that came from the Portuguese introducing Maize, then it is more than evident that they could never have survived here in large numbers and supports the fact that this is not their land.

      They are simply parasites that came to leach off the white man. But will sort that out in the coming chapters of the history book.

      You cant build an empire on taxes when you dont have a population to pay your taxes and do your work!

    13. Anonymous5:49 am

      Boere Ninja then why can't you get the hell out of parasite territory like most of your brothers have done and leave us in perfect peace like how out ancestors used to live before? You will never get to see a parasite with his backwardness ever again.

    14. Anonymous11:06 am

      Because 5:49 you filthy parasites are worming your way into every white country and bringing your death and disease with you. You are spreading your black plagues across the world.

    15. Anonymous11:51 am

      @Anon 5:49 AM

      Perfect peace? Really? What about tribalism?

  4. Anonymous8:36 am

    Racist" is what flippin LIBERALS call you if you disagree with them on anything!

    1. "Racist" is what liberals call you when they actually want to call you a "Kaffir".

  5. Anonymous8:40 am

    You may not call them kaffir, but they can't stop you from calling them Riffak's. Simple see...

    1. Anonymous11:27 am

      That is beautiful. Use that term more here so that it can sink in and be used more and more. I love it.

    2. Anonymous11:29 am


      LOL - I might use that one!

  6. Anonymous9:16 am

    Mike truly I can see that your brain is still suffering from down syndrome and has never improved ever since. The problem with you whites is that you cannot differentiate between freedom of expression and racism. That is exacerbated by the fact that you were all raised from racist families that taught you that anything that is non-white is not human and can just be equated to an animal. That's why when you call other people "Baboons" and "Kaffirs" you don't see it as racism rather a freedom of speech. You even drove your pathetic racism to the Christians' church and paint the bible as white and all the characters of the bible as white just to advance your white supremacist agenda. It takes a moerse sacrifice for a white man to undress his/her racist coat. Even some white professors with doctoral degrees, despite their level of education they still cannot differentiate between freedom of speech and racism and so are white judges who recently insinuated that rape is a culture of black people. Yet, the judge cannot make simple calculations as to why does she end up with rape cases on her table. If rape was a culture of blacks, then was it necessary for blacks to approach the courts if it was their culture?

    I also agree that racism has grown to the worse. The new dispensation has actually revealed secrets that apartheid government has been doing behind closed doors by empowering minority and even giving them land for free. So now when a black man reflect on these inequalities he is painted as a savage and a hypocrites. We all live in South Africa and deserve an equal opportunity. The scale must be levelled and the previously disadvantaged must be empowered by the government in the same way as the United States has done when the oppression of blacks were abolished.

    1. Anonymous11:10 am

      Mike, this one is not worth a response. It is a blatant troll. I think its one of our guys testing your resolve.

    2. Anonymous11:13 am


      So then piss off back to the bush, throw your internet away, throw everything away because....


      Dick head!

      Now go die somewhere else.

      Mike please block these fuckheads from posting on here! These things need to go somewhere else.

      We are racist, then fuck off and dont come back!

      No one invited you here.

    3. Anonymous11:29 am

      If you simply stopped stealing raping and murdering, and I mean completely stop, we just might vote ANC and support you.

      Does anyone else agree? If everyone who is white agrees to do this then you lose your argument.

    4. Anonymous11:33 am

      What's your point? I'm a proud racist. I'm the biggest racist you will likely ever encounter. And sadly for you I feed on your tears and there is fuckall you or anybody can do about it.

      Take your BEE and AA anti-white scale and rig it some more. The whole world is watching.

      Oh BTW, a black reflecting? BWHAHAHAHAHAH (breath in) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA stupid riffak. Your words are meaningless.

    5. "The scale must be levelled..." I fully agree with that. The problem is that the “levelling” project is in the hands of blacks. They have been "levelling the field" for the past 22 years now and everybody is worse off than what they were before 1994. Even black people. People who were not poor before are poor now and there are no opportunities for anyone and everybody must make use of corrupt methods if they want to make a living or come anywhere in the republic.

      The few blacks, Indians, Coloureds and whites who are right at top in government does not count. They are super-rich now by way of corrupt means. They are hated by all and they know that when the revolution comes, they will be torn apart like warm bread by the people.

      What are those secrets that the new dispensation had revealed about the old government giving free land to minorities, I would like to study it. How does that compare to the free, fully functional farms handed over to blacks in the present? If black people are so above criticism, why do they mess up ALL the farms handed to them for free?

      If you are a regular reader of Mike's blog, you will see that I always admonish those who call blacks baboons, monkeys, etc. They are insulting those proud animals by comparing blacks to them, because there is simply no comparison. I never call blacks Kaffirs, because it is simply wrong. The word came from an Arabic word which means "one who does not believe in a supreme being.” An unbeliever. It is totally irrelevant to use that term on blacks, because they have not reached that abstract level of civilization.

      I disagree that all whites have been brought up in racist families who thinks all non-whites are non-human. If that was the case, there wouldn't have been non-whites in the country and we would all have been killed ages ago. Everything you used to put this comment on Mike’s blog, came to you via white people, who invented it. That is from the alphabet you used, to the gadget you typed on, right through to the Internet, etc.

      "The problem with you whites..." That is a racist statement. Not all white people think exactly alike. Which means you are against racism, but you too are racist.

      If you are a proud member of your community and you are sure of yourself, you will never cry when other people insult you. You will either ignore it or insult the other person in return. Blacks are the only people in the world who cry racism whenever they are criticized. However, they are more racist than anyone else, if there is something like racism.

      Freedom of expression/speech is exactly that. The freedom to say anything you want. Once we are rid of liberals we will have freedom of speech and the world will be a much better place with people who can think on many levels at the same time. Even blacks will be much happier...

      By the way, people with Down syndrome is like that for life. There is no cure for it. You don’t get better, although you can live a normal life…

    6. My bo-oy, the solution is very simple! Let us be then we'll stop being "racists"!
      ....and leave our stuff bo-oy, get your own in an honest way. Maybe then we'll even respect you for it bo-oy!

    7. Michael Dean Miller2:37 pm


      There is no such thing as "Racism"... this make believe thought crime is only a poor opinion of other people.


    8. Wow, Mr Anon 9:16, thank you for once again, showing why black and white can never co-exist peacefully. As a people we are too diverse and you must use your voice for the struggle to gain a white homeland. Think about it, you won't have to look at the racist whiteys anymore.

      Just a couple of pointers to your drivel. One doesn't suffer from Down Syndrome like its a flue or something, you are born that way. I dont like blacks, never have, and in all my up bringing have never been told by my parents or teachers that blacks are not human. We are different and even you would agree to that? People are calling blacks kaffirs because of their behaviour, not the pigmentation of their skin. I know some pretty decent decent blacks who I will never refer to as a kaffir, unfortunately its the overwhelming majority that behave like kaffirs that makes that term a term of endearment for white people.This also highlights the difference between black and white. You take enormous offence if you are called names, white people dont give a shit if you call them names. Must be a primal thing.... With regard to rape, you dont see it as rape, the concept in itself is foreign to you thats why you have trouble understanding the uproar about it.
      Agreed it has gone worse, during my national service, I hitch hiked (ry veilig) through Zululand in 1982. At night and in my browns. Got lifts with various people, twice with blacks who saw me as a person who needed a lift not a white soldier who hated them.
      So you are telling me that I have a farm somewhere in South Africa that I dont know about, because the government gave me one for free? Please tell me where I can claim it.
      Deserve a equal opportunity, man, better wena hima bema lo ntsango. That dagga you are smoking are destroying your brain. What scale must be levelled ? In terms of employment , university entrance, business ownership etc blacks have a distinct advantage with the law being on your side ( just pisses you off that whitey still does better even with the odds stacked against them). HaHa, USA, believe me they have endless problems there as well. Not from blacks but from niggers, so South Africa is the same, there is no problem with blacks, its the kaffirs that are a problem.

    9. Anonymous7:37 pm

      Anon 9:16
      I don't think it has anything to do with down syndrome. I think it has more to do with being proud. Proud of being called a boer, proud to be a Christian, proud to have a history of a nation overcoming all odds, (even to this day), proud of surviving BEE and AA and watching the "previously disadvantage" get all the opportunities yet still get it wrong. Proud to know that God has placed us here for a reason, and nothing you do or say can take that from us. We will rule this country again and you cannot change God's plan for RSA. You can change the history to try and brainwash the kids, but in the end we will rule.
      Now please leave Madam's computer and go steal or rape something.


    10. Anonymous8:11 pm

      Boere Ninja- Throw away our land and riches and well throw away your internet. Simple

    11. Anonymous8:20 pm

      Anon 11:29- you see why I always assert that you people lack intellectual capacity. Your reasoning is very poor because you truly don't know anything about poverty and oppression. What does your vote has to do with you being a racist? A racist is a racist, plain and simple. Whether he votes for ANC, EFF, FF+, or DA, if he made up his mind to be a racist, so he'll be a racist for the rest of his life.

    12. Anonymous8:29 pm

      Anon 11:33- Surely you have never studied further than a high school. There is legal discrimination especially when past events created inequalities to benefit others leaving other groups suffering as a result. Such legal discrimination is practised in America and UN endorse it. A white man was empowered in South Africa for 300 years without blacks benefiting from such empowerments. You were given wealth, land, better jobs, better grants, etc with a black man sitting on the corner with nothing.

    13. Anonymous8:35 pm

      Grootbek- you have never paid for that land. You robbed it with a bulldozer and a gun. So now do you only expect us now to play a fair game when you never played fair? An eye for an eye, so says the bible.

    14. Anonymous8:41 pm

      Michael Dean Miller- Let me leave you to wallow in your own pool of delusion. So do you accuse the whole world of speaking against something that does not exist? The world send strong message against racism through sport, world cups, Commonwealth games and Olympics and so you want to tell me you don't see all that? You must be living somewhere in the bush.

    15. Anonymous9:00 pm

      Dingo- you don't even deserve to be responded to as your explanation lacked substance. You are still one of those lunatics who cannot define a racist. Europe does not reserve certain land specifically for blacks and so why would Africa reserve special land for white people. Such would be to please who? Racists…

      Our land is not here to entertain racists. If you cannot stand blacks, then you are welcome to leave our shores to Australia. That's where you shall find white-only homelands. This is Africa and unfortunately it cannot please racists.

    16. Anonymous9:28 pm

      ANON 7:37- I am so disappointed how poorly you tried to promote your pathetic racism in the name of pride and still only end up making no sense. I have never knew that racism was your pride and now you have made it clear that you are proud to have robbed others of their land with bulldozers and barrel of a gun. Proud to have been benefited by apartheid government. Proud to have been given land for free and proud to have been empowered in all respects. Yes, you proud to be a pathetic racist indeed.

    17. @ Anon 9:28 PM...I challenged you elsewhere to deliver proof of your accusations. I am still waiting. Calling People "racist" is not an Argument. It is pathetic, whiny name-calling.

      Besides give us a definition of "racist" and by what criteria you judge someone to be a "racist". Maybe then we can telly ou if we are or not.

    18. @ Anon 9:00 PM...You said "Our land is not here to entertain racists. If you cannot stand blacks, then you are welcome to leave our shores to Australia. That's where you shall find white-only homelands. This is Africa and unfortunately it cannot please racists."

      Why Australia? The Whites there are settlers just as in SA. What makes the land "Yours"? Who is "YOU"?

      You said already that you are not decendants from Homo Naledi, so that means you are also settlers in SA.

      Now I have no problem to claim descendency from Homo Naledi. According to the scientists and their theories of "Out of Africa" we Whites were once all Homo Naledis and trekked North and settled Europe. So Europe was not originally our land; Africa is originally our land.

      Besides, the land mass of the earth was once all one piece called "Pangaea" and only started to break up 175 million years ago. So exactly how far back do you want to go?

    19. Anonymous11:41 pm

      Mike I told you that you stole sophiatown and does not need any proof whatsoever. If it was a health hazard. You shouldn't have to relocate people but just only to develop their infrastructure and shift them in an orderly manner.

    20. Anonymous11:54 pm

      Anon 9:16 fix your errors you stupid cunt. Firstly the white Judge insinuated nothing. Do you even know the meaning of the words you use before you type them? She said it out right.

      Furthermore your small brain can't seem to grasp the fact that black women (not us blacks as you say) go to the courts because finally they are told they have some recourse. That judge said it outright because that is what she experiences day to day at the very sharp end of having to deal with your savage culture.

      You also said: "It takes a moerse sacrifice for a white man to undress his/her racist coat. Even some white professors with doctoral degrees, despite their level of education they still cannot differentiate between freedom of speech and racism." You are to stupid to think that you lot never give any reason for whites not to feel racism. You demand it as a right but you do not understand the western concept of "rights" comes with responsibilities. We perfectly understand the difference between "Freedom of Speech and "Racism": Freedom of speech is being allowed to describe what you see without censorship and Racist is what you call us when what you actually want to say is "Fucking Nigger".

      Yeah you are right it takes a "Moerse Sacrifice for a white man to Undress his or her Racist Coat. A sacrifice many are realising that its just not worth making. And BTW can you not for a change fucking learn that a white man cannot be a "him or a her".

      You and fucking Malema!: "Yes that Caster Semenya He is a Womaaaaan."

    21. Mike he wouldnt be able to grasp what you just said. They are like evil little children trapped in grown-up bodies. That is part of the reason they flip out over name-calling. But what do you expect from underdeveloped brains.

    22. Anonymous12:44 am

      Mike- Our ancestors were never settlers in South Africa. History tells us they inhabited South Africa thousands of years before Christ. The Southern tip was inhabited by the Khoisans who then intermarried with the Bantus who lived in the inland to produce the offsprings that you see today. One such nation is a Xhosa nation which is the offspring of the khoi and Bantu and the Batswanas whom your ancestors robbed of their land. Today they don't even own more than 3% of the South African land mass.

    23. Anonymous1:04 am

      Mike they just wanna run away from facts, doesn't matter how far and how long - they just want to get away from the awful truth that they will never be more than just your average pavement naledi. Cowards who cannot stand themselves, cannot face facts.

    24. Anonymous4:21 am

      Anon 12:54- Tell me do our black woman go to court when they are being taken for initiation? Nope, why? Because it I'd their culture. Do they go to court when they are forced to sex? Yes, why? Because rape has never been our culture. Rape affect us so badly as it affect you.

    25. Anonymous4:24 am

      Anon 1:04- the only facts that I stand for is that you stole our land.

      Once a thief always s thief.

    26. Anonymous10:57 am

      Anon 4:24 says the biggest criminal, murderous thieves backed up by years and years of observation worldwide. The facts are there.

      Pangea? Bushmen? Who stole what criminal niqqer?

  7. Anonymous11:19 am

    What a sad and pathetic race of people-like creatures. Truth be told I'd also make up laws to protect me from the world if I was a stupid useless black. Thank God I'm not black.

    We are having such a laugh at work at these libs and their little pet monkeys. The lib will work him/herself to death instead of doing the right thing and call a spade a spade. "Shhh shhh, here comes the lib and the little useless pet monkey" hahahaha It's very satisfying and LIBERATING watching these people struggle on a losing battle. Fucking libtards, laughing stock.

  8. Anonymous11:31 am



    See, the French are gatvol.

  9. Anonymous11:33 am



    1. Anonymous5:32 am

      Hi BN. I think this is the correct link:


  10. Anonymous12:30 pm


    @ Anon 9:16 AM, what a fucken boring load of bullshit!!!

  11. Anonymous12:31 pm

    "Marmite Monster" haha good one. New to me. I'm gonna use it tomorrow casually in conversation.

  12. Sorry Mike, off topic but just look at this photo and see if who can spot the male in it!?

    Semen? Ja!

    1. Anonymous2:32 am

      Hi GG. I find the Semenya case very interesting indeed. She has a Y-chromosome and testes but did not develop fully male due to a chromosomal abnormality. She has no womb or ovaries. Her testosterone levels are three times the normal level found in women. So she is genetically male and anatomically female or ambiguous.



  13. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Anobody 9:16 BLack Men Buit nothing Arabs Built nothing , you havent contributed anything Positive towards planet Earth , your breeding HABITS just burdens us , because most of your spawns are running around aimlessly Fatherless. If you cannot get away with your evil desires , then you play the VICTIMS.
    Your own Kinds dont give a Rats ass about the next , its survival of the Fittest and the most conniving , its proven over and over again. On youtube you look at it yourself, what Karabs are all about .

    1. Anonymous1:29 am

      Hiv is the only positive thing about them

    2. Anonymous4:10 am


      @Anonymous1:29 AM

      Its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

      Too damn slow! I want a plug n play option, where I flick a switch and they drop like in star wars, all at once - 200 million of them.

      They cry about the man in the mustache about 6 million J`s, they aint seen nothing yet but we wont keep any in camps, out of sight out of mind!

      Im hoping caster sugar brings back some Zikke from Rio or some other athletes brings it back, I will even sponsor them.

      Zikka, TB, Aids - that is a good tonic.

  14. Graeme2:56 pm

    In attempting to respond to your foray in addressing Mike I immediately formed an opinion about the type of person that you are, based on your approach.
    It is quite likely that I don't know you but the opinion stands nonetheless.

    Anyone who is afflicted with Down Syndrome normally has a countenance that distinguishes them from others on a physical level and in most cases their intellectual capacity has limitations.

    I do not know Mike Smith, I have never met him and have never engaged in any debate of any sort but I would think that his ability is not impaired in any way that would prejudice the outcome of this discussion, ultimately that is for him to respond to as I am not his legal counsel.
    As evidenced by your judgement of him I assume therefore that the two of you are acquainted perhaps in some way?

    Since you have made a generalisation inferring that us whites (of which I am a treaty to by birthright), cannot distinguish between racism and freedom of expression I feel that I am compelled to respond.
    Whether my response is unpalatable to you or not is not going to temper or thwart my level of well-being, I have a clear conscience.

    Let me elucidate.
    I was never raised in a household with hatred, as children we were taught to respect our elders unconditionally and those around us regardless of whom they were.
    As time has progressed I have formed opinions about the conduct of a select group of people and have the capacity to conclude that these behavioural traits are common amongst individuals who share similar genetic and cultural origins.

    If I am expected to reveal the basis of my observation/s of which I have used logic as a basis for I will summarily be branded a racist by default simply because this is an automated response on the part of the person or persons who form a part of that subset.

    So the behaviour and conduct of those individuals however deplorable it may be, now legitimises me for criminal proceedings based on the inane, moribund and feckless society that we all live in.

    Without wanting to patronise you let me summarise;
    "Criminal intent and anti-social conduct on behalf of a group whose cultural mores differ from that of my own render me the criminal!"

    This is why it has been termed Cultural Marxism.
    I am charged with thought crimes and the parasites amongst us think that they can enact legislation to counter people who have the gumption to form opinions and express them, this whilst the perpetrators walk away scot-free!

    On these grounds you could be held liable for making broad sweeping statements that generalise and pigeon hole a specific race group, although I am not holding my breath?

    Is this not the very reason that we all suffer a miserable existence under the abysmal and deplorable chaos that surrounds us?

    1. Graeme, well said, but I fear your logic is way above that of the parasite's. I doubt if IT even realises that you are responding to its inane utterings.

    2. Anonymous11:08 am

      @TT 11:49 AM

      The yellow eyes of the parasite would have glazed over on the first paragraph.

  15. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Anon 9.16 you stupid fuck do you still not realise that kaffirs and whites are different species?facts are facts.stop being jealous and fuckoff.you lot were given homelands with the most fertile soil,good rainfail.what did you achieve on your own?fuckall.instead you migrate towards the mlungu because u envy his enginuity and ability to adapt to any condition thrown at him.nah negro we see right through you

    1. Anonymous12:06 am

      My parents were product of former so called homeland or Bantustans and one thing I hated about them was the bad soil that you could grow anything from.

    2. Anonymous12:56 am

      You are the epitomy of pathetic racist I was referring to, who are completely clueless about the world around them. That's why you cannot give a simple definition of "species".

    3. Anonymous10:53 am

      Anon 12:56 I don't know so much, it is pretty obvious to see that the white man and the black man are completely different species of animal.

      So BTW, define racist for us.

  16. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Thief of Light, Iniquus, what is your cold-hearted charge? “To lead Lambs to Slaughter.”


    1. I think your caps-lock button is stuck.

    2. Jy moet rustig raak Bastian. Net nou 'pop' jy n aar in jou kop my tjom.. Of jou keyboard gaan ontplof...!

    3. Anonymous3:40 am


      You are right. SA is a testing bed for whites, if the "Afrikaners/whites" will put up with it, then the whites from all over the world will gladly roll over.

      But they must also remember the flip side of the coin.

      The day is fast approaching when the whites will not roll over and there lies the greatest derailing of their plan.

      When the minority decide to fight back, with all their odds, just like Sparta then you must know the time is up for the NWO genocide against whites.

      It will usher in a new era where we dont GAF about colour and we do what we want to do. The race with a brain that has brought forth all inventions will make sure it never happens again at all costs.

      When it happens here, it will happen in all parts of the world.

  18. @ Anonymous 9:16 AM
    Do you really like the results of the Affirmative Action in the USA ? Are the blacks there happy with it ? How do the tax payers feel there who have to finance this ever worsening charade ?

  19. Anonymous8:46 pm

    Sorry whitey you are being pushed out of your own countries of birth.


    Our master plan of eradicating all the whites of the world is coming along nicely. We are making laws now that you cannot even object to your killing. HAHAHA. The most dangerous race of people is being killed by their own laws, in their own countries, in their own beds - and they cannot even say a damn word to stop it.

    1. "Our master plan of eradicating all the whites of the world is coming along nicely."

      Just help me here?. "OUR" masterplan. So your a big player huh.? Thank you for gracing us with your presence sir. Please don't hurt us Mr black man.??..

    2. Graeme4:35 am

      If one reads the article on your link a KEYWORD immediately indicates that this campaign is being promulgated by a LIBERAL. Did this surprise me??


      Since you have posted as anonymous, one must therefore conclude that you are George Soro's, so out of courtesy I will address you as George.
      If I call you anonymous I know that some liberal out there will legislate this as a hate crime and I will be held liable for crimes against humanity.

      George,  we are all aware that you are spearheading this globalist agenda of yours and don't want to stand in your way, in addition to this I would like to commend you for the work that you are doing.
      Every large city needs a China Town, they add diversity and we all enjoy eating a bowl of  noodles once in a while.
      Perhaps you are unaware but even Jo'burg had a thriving Chinese community once as did Kimberley and other parts of the Country.
      These communities have been marginalised now because South Africa belongs to blacks (at the exclusion of everyone else)!

      Insofar as eradicating whites you are doing a commendable task I wouldn't encourage you to keep it up but credit must be given where it is due.

      Do remember however that it will probably be a white physician that will discover the cure for the many diseases that afflict so many on the African continent, notwithstanding HIV/AIDS,  my recommendation therefore would be to spare just a few? This as a special request. Thanks! ;)

      Since we are on the topic of diversity and (eradication of whites) I would like to share with you a case study that you can use as a template to bring meaningful change (and dialogue) to so many other parts of the world.

      Brooklyn or more specifically the 75th Precinct is home to around 1240 whites, this constitutes 1.3% of the total population.
      It is these whites (Europeans) who have destroyed the fabric of 'da hood y'all!

      I can attest to this first hand, I drove down Euclid Avenue not too long ago and saw boarded up buildings, decay and squalor everywhere.
      The borough has roads full of potholes and there is a "certain vibe" as Alicia Keys attests to in the lyrics of her song "Empire State of Mind"!
      Why not go and take a look see when you have a meeting or conference in NYC again?

      I would also recommend visiting the "projects" at Gramercy Park and of course Harlem and the Bronx, what an eyeopener! Try Philly too (that is if you can get out alive)?
      One of my favourite parts of the Big Apple is the Long Island Expressway, this road takes one to the Hamptons (which you won't like because it is overwhelmingly white).


    3. Graeme4:39 am

      The 75th Precinct is home to America's law enforcement office that suffers the highest incidence of injury and death to active duty personnel. They are on Sutter Avenue.

      It is easy to find them, they are near the billboard that offers a $ 10 000.00 reward for Cop killers. (Actually these are all over NYC so this could be somewhat confusing)?

      One of those 1240 Brooklyn white racists has painted some graffiti on the wall nearby that says NIGGA you will spot it next to the Puerto Rican Deli!

      While we are at it here are a few Stats.

      75th Precinct violent crimes (latest available data) 2015

      899 reported cases.*
      These include: Murder, rape, aggravated assault, misdemeanour assault and robbery.
      The Borough average for the same period is 500
      This places the 75th Precinct on the worst possible level of 5 out of 5.

      75th Precinct property crimes (latest available data) 2015

      955 reported cases.*
      These include burglary,  larceny,  grand larceny (motor vehicles).
      The Borough average for the same period is 766
      This places the 75th Precinct on a level of 4 out of 5.

      *per 100 000 inhabitants

      Additional notes:

      Brooklyn still trails Jozi and Tshwane in the crime stakes, I attribute that to the fact that there are more whites in these areas.

      The 75th Precinct holds Community meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at 07 h 30.

      For more information please contact the Auxiliary officer on +1 [718] 827 3545, [24 hours] alternatively Capt. Erik Hernandez can be reached on + 1 [718] 827 3512 when calling from outside the United States.

      Recommended reading:

      How East New York became a Ghetto. Walter Thabit
      This is needless to say a controversial read, brace yourself.

      In summary:

      When those last 1240 whites in Brooklyn are eradicated then and only then will matters improve.

      As you are well aware I cannot provide demographics of Brooklyn for fear of being branded a racist (yet again) what I will say is that 3% are native Americans and 38 or less than 1% are Asians, please do some research to see who all the other "victims" are.

      Thank you George, do have a good day!

    4. Anonymous3:52 pm

      Huh in this country verraiers will sell his own family members for $10.

    5. Anonymous10:53 am

      @Anonsense 8:46 PM

      You kaffirs are so damn incompetent that you'll probably end up eradicating yourselves by mistake. Wishful thinking.

  20. Anonymous11:48 pm


  21. Stephen12:37 am

    Hi Mike

    You know what I draw courage from , its actually ironic.
    These kaffirs hating us so much , as this doos above with his master plan ,haha....we all know who his master is and why they want to kill us.

    Well I take courage from it , because its just more confirmation that of what we know ,you see flappie , us whiteys know that this life is only temporary and is passing by , you however think this is it ,that's why you gotta have it all to yourself, they have been at it for two decades every single day non stop continuously all about their hatred for us and all about the big chip-on-their-shoulder.

    While we've been getting on with our lifes ,their hatred for us has been growing day by day , that's why it consumes them totally and they cannot see past their BLACK noses.
    have a look at these comments above , they are so stupid that they don't realise we can see the pure evil in their words, some don't even try to hide it , like doos above he is so saturated with hate that's why that's all that comes out his mouth....man im glad im white , I can control my urges.

    to all the anon9:16s and satan spawn like above , im gonna tell you what God told Cain in Genisis 2.

    ......'' Why has your countenance fallen , why are you so angry , did you not know that sin lies at your door and desires you''....

    well you wont understand this , but the sin at your door has really consumed you , carry on flappie yo are pilling more coals on your own head...ahaha...don't believe ? okay im prepared to wait and you will see..hahaha

    1. Anonymous3:37 am


      I love parasites. Nothing gives me better satisfaction when I whack an annoying insect or parasite.

      The parasites will unite more whites than any other white leader.

      They will unite us.

      I also like the fact that maimane`s colours have come out, wanting to get rid of die stem.

      Let them do everything, re-name, change, whatever, what they remove eventually will be implemented and forced throughout Southern Africa.

      Give them a chance!

      Lets see how far they can push us but please dont complain when we retaliate.

  22. Anonymous2:18 am

    @ Anonymous8:46 PM

    "Our master plan of eradicating all the whites of the world is coming along nicely."

    You are the most stupidous NWO elite clown commenting here on this racist blog. So nice to hear a few baboons are part of the NWO Elite. No wonder they are losing their support vigorously . LOL

  23. Anonymous5:27 am

    I've heard that Zika is actually a cure for AIDS but the white man is trying to hide this fact from the blacks and trying to introduce a cure before the blacks find out and benefit. Shame on you whites.

    Spread the word.

    1. Anonymous10:49 am

      Shhh don't tell EVERYBODY.

  24. Anon 9.00 Lacked substance... Suppose I would also be pissed off with the world if pubic hair grows on top of my head !!

  25. Anonymous9:30 pm

    To Anon 9.00 and the rest of your boeg friends. Yes we whites did steel your land. But four of you black cunts stole my car two weeks ago. FUCK YOU...now we are even.

  26. Anonymous12:30 am

    The end result of free masonry is liberalism. They even got Solomon to wander of the correct ways of God.They infiltrate all governments, churches and learning institutions. In the governments they make the legislation so they can orchestrate their evil without any prosecution. In the churches they twist the scriptures to deceive the innocent and they preach a false love. In the learning institutions they learn the innocent to eat drink and sleep liberalism. That's why we are where we are now. We tolerate these evil doers in our midts. They are the cancer in live. I know of a man who stood up and wipe them all out during his reign. Unfortunately he couldn't wipe them out in all parts of the world. The end result was, all these high degree free masons gathered together and got the world to declare war against that King. Sad thing, he lost the war. The whole world is paying the price now for listening to these demonic infested demons. Look in what situation is South Africa now. Look at Europe, England and USA, the whole western society. They all pay the price for dancing on the tune of liberalism which comes directly from free masonry.

    Apartheid, Separateness ,which is one of the cornerstones of nature has been declared evil by them. Race, which is the second corner stone of nature, is also delared evil by almost the whole world. All these liberals want to eat tomorrow, but do they ever think that when nature decides to adopt liberalism and it becomes a multicultural nature where everything abandons it's nature of race and separateness and starts to mingle with each other and everything, what the end result will be? After one cycle of production nature will wipe itselves out, liberals included. That is the test for each and everything on this planet in order to survive. It needs to be in races and these races or species need to be separated from each other in order for nature to function correctly.a Multi culti society can never work, it will always be a curse. What is good for one part is simply bad for the other part. Those who do not or cannot understand it, is already rotten to the core and needs to be wiped out in order to restore nature again.

  27. Anonymous11:20 am

    Stefan Molyneux,check him out: explains a lot of our problems:

    and this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJhRiA6h1k0

    or this :http://tumview.com/tumblr/users/sodangerouslycurious/photos/70530810818/

  28. I wonder How they are going to get past this one. Arrest a billion Muslims?

    "Wherever you find a Kaffir; Kill him" - Holy Quran 9th Surah verse 5.