24 July 2016

What really happened to those political snakes of the National Party?

By Mike Smith
25th of July 2016

Not a day goes by without some black politician or liberal white idiot in the media uttering blatant lies and hate-speech against Afrikaners and their history. This past weekend it was our illustrious über-racist president Jacob Zuma (again) in the Eastern Cape when he said that that blacks should not vote for the DA, because The DA is the spawn of the National Party and likened them to snakes:

Said Zuma. “When a snake, a poisonous one, gives birth, it gives birth to another snake. How can you vote for people who don't know you and who you don't know?”

Look I am no friend of the DA, but of course Zuma forgot to mention the snakes in his midst, because when the New NP disbanded in 2005 the ANC absorbed them all, not the DA.

ANC Caucus
With effect from the 5th August 2005, every single one of the NNP members of parliament became members of the ANC, in accordance with the system of crossing the floor in South Africa, which allowed politicians, elected on one party ticket, to defect to other parties or becoming independents. And they are still there albeit under the radar: Martinus van Schalkwyk, Pik Botha, André Gaum, Renier Schoeman, etc.

Don't just look at the black ministers that the ANC use as a front. Behind them you have all those deputy ministers and deputy directors general...All former NP snakes working for the ANC today.

Nevertheless the philandering sexist, rapist and polygamist Zuma even praised the young women wearing “doeks” (head scarves) in the audience and said he loved seeing them all dressed up.

Amazingly none of the hypocritical LWB’s in the Feminazi brigade said a word about that.

A convivial atmosphere prevailed, with supporters clearly lapping up Zuma's every word. He closed with his signature rendition of the "Umshini Wami" (Bring me my machine gun, so I can shoot the cowardly whites) struggle song before a performance by hip-hop artist AKA.


  1. Anonymous12:28 am

    The dregs of the barrel. Its sad to see someone stoop so low. Obviously the screws are being tightened and showerhead needs to show his true colours...which is a very dark hue in a very long tunnel.

    This is not worthy to be called a man...he lacks every trait that makes a man a man. Sorry for your ancestors they must be ashamed.


  2. Anonymous12:30 am

    Something is wrong in nature, even that snakes in the photo likes Apartheid.

    Zuma should practice what he preaches and get rid of that white liberal traitors in the ANC.

    Maybe Malemma will do a better job. He got the right attitude to handle traitors.

    1. Anonymous2:16 am

      @Anon 12:30 AM

      These former NP snakes are not liberals. They are self-preservationist traitors.

    2. Anonymous12:03 pm

      Many of them are liberals

  3. Whiteman12:38 am

    Mike, let us NEVER forget what these spineless white " leaders, " did to us, and this country ! And I include ALL of them, regardless of the political name tag under which the operated. The Patriots will have a " Neurenburg-trial " when the time comes, and we will wheel them into the courtroom, even if it is on their death beds. Something like a " Truth and Extermination Commitee ! " And the rich ones, who manage to flee overseas, before we can catch them, will be brought back, with the help of patriotic " bounty hunters. " This will be a very well paid job, with a simple instruction : Bring them back, DEAD, OR ALIVE !

    1. Anonymous1:46 am

      Best place to hang them is at the Voortrekker monument, infront of the names of the troepies that gave lives for this country and was pissed on by the likes of FW and Co.

    2. Anonymous4:43 am

      What! you want drag them into a court room, confirmation of name then lining them up against a wall is what they deserve. There is no need of any judicial process, because they never gave us that much before handing the country over to evil.

    3. Whiteman7:06 am

      Ok, my patriotic friends, maybe abusing tax payers money, with court cases, is not the right thing to do. We are often called website warriors, because our enemies say we just talk, and do nothing. There is a time and a place for everything, and sharing thoughts and plans, are also necessary. I believe that all farm murderers, rapists etc, will be shot in their jail cells, when the patriots take over. They already had their day in court, so in the new dispensation, they will automatically qualify for the death penalty. This will be very dirty work indeed, but I will be willing to do it, for minimum wage, because I have empathy for my fellow man/woman. Ok, maybe I will do it for free !

    4. I give myself up for nomination to be considered for director of this commission. Nothing will bring me greater joy in life to perform this task and I wont be afraid to get my hands dirty either.

  4. Anonymous12:41 am

    What I just cant understand or comprehend, is while Showerhead pissis and shit on whites, you have these white twats sitting on lamp-posts, standing and representing the ANC! It is a sure sign these lib-shit-people are truly mind-fucked and brain dead. Beyond help!
    W Etdo

    1. Anonymous2:42 am

      Maar die feit dat hulle nog bly lewe. Lyk my Max gaan doodgaan van ouder dom.

    2. Anonymous3:37 am

      Money and power, it's all these white career politicians care about. They don't care about our history, they don't care about our future, they don't care about our children. They are like beggars vying for the left-over scraps and crumbs falling from the table. Pathetic. Luckily we know who they are, we know who is who and who said what. Oh yeah baby, no escape for these black hearts.

      Even these new breed of white movers and shakers will stand before us, we know who they are, we see through their tactics and we know all their moves.

      They'll pay for this treachery.

      Hey smart politician/NGO whitey with all the money and with all the right words, we are not going to fight a war for you, we are going to war against you and your libshit kind. Bet on it.

    3. Anonymous4:26 am

      Take down their names and add them to the list

    4. Names are already on the list and many of us are maintaining the lists. Its just a waiting game now for SHTF but we dont want the big names only. The list can get as big as we can make it. I want nobodies on the list as well.

  5. This floor crossing is a heap of bullshit. If someone is elected on the ticket of a certain party, which their constituents voted for, how in the hell can they just change sides without a mandate from the same constituents who voted them there?

    1. Anonymous6:33 am

      Perhaps you need to find out who thought up and implemented that ruling ????

    2. Yes Tom exactly!

      It is a perversion of the concept elected by the people for the people. We are not the rulers of ourselfs but slaves to the establishment of governments which are the biggest mafia syndicates in the world ruled by the NWO

      When we get our freedom i hope we can establish a better system than democracy, because democracy good in concept becomes open to manipulation by elites in practice.

  6. Anonymous1:58 am

    Dr Hendrik Verwoerd would have been spinning in his grave at this ultimate betrayal of the Afrikaner people.

    This has turned out to be a triple blow because in addition to the handing over of power to the ANC, his grandson, Wilhelm, also joined them in the early 1990s.

    These former NP/NNP vipers have abandoned Conservatism and Afrikaner Nationalism for African Nationalism, Left-wing Nationalism, Social Democracy and Democratic Socialism.

    Shame on them all. They may as well become kaffirs because there is no way back for any of them.

    As for Zuma, think of him as a political Medusa. Just don't look him in the eyes.

    1. The betrayal was not from the Afrikaner people so to speak. It was from the Afrikaner/Broederbond who abandoned their initial inspirations to uplift the Afrikaner people to whoring after money.

      I can bet every cent i have that Verwoerd's descendants are all very high up in the Broederbond because i know sons and grandsons of ministers and they are all still very much connected to the group. And yes all of them are rich.

      It is just a pity that they were so easily manipulated in to giving up their morals in order to bend before Mammon.

  7. Anonymous2:24 am

    Zuma cannot win supporters confidence with the truth about good governance, and the only way Zuma will get the votes is through instilling fear into the hearts of the masses.- http://dillydee.blogspot.co.za/2016/07/zuma-is-desperate-to-avoid-political.html

  8. Anonymous2:25 am

    VIDEO LINK - ZUMA SAYS DA ARE SNAKES - https://youtu.be/2a1K4CZ1Wow

  9. As long as their is mass chaos resulting from next weeks elections you will see all the snakes on full display - backstabbing and all.

    Let it gooi, I'll watch it on TV until they cut the power.

    And I never knew old Pik was still operational, thought he would be playing golf or on his deathbed by now.

    1. Anonymous7:42 am

      Pik is a cheapskate. He was promised a monthly allocation of 30 bottles of klippies for the rest of his life to roll over like a bitch in 1994

    2. JP I honestly believe that these guys are hanging out for the reason that they have had a plan all along. I read the minutes kept by a Broederbonder during one of their meetings in the 70's that they were going to establish black rule for 30 years before taking back the rains after a failed state.

      Why dont they immigrate with all their money and their children?

    3. I've heard of these kinds of stories too Dony. One was regarding HIV/AIDs. It's deliberate biological warefare that was established by the Nats to weaken the blacks. They were apparently pumping the kaffirs full of it. WHy else would our zots have such a high rate of HIV/AIDs compared to all the other munts???

      Time will tell what the hell really went on.

  10. Anonymous4:26 am

    Wouldn't it be a great relief if Dingaan repeats Ungundlovu with all this NP traitors and liberals?

  11. Anonymous5:13 am

    "A convivial atmosphere prevailed, with supporters clearly lapping up Zuma's every word. He closed with his signature rendition of the "Umshini Wami" (Bring me my machine gun, so I can shoot the cowardly whites) struggle song before a performance by hip-hop artist AKA."

    Why is he still singing about killing white people ( the taxpayer by the way) and still getting away with it??
    Didn't somebody open a case at the SAHRC? Look what happens to others that dare be racist like Penny Sparrow etc. but he not only racist but is inciting the ONGOING GENOCIDE OF WHITE PEOPLE!!!

    1. Anonymous6:08 am

      @ anon 5:13AM. These kaffirs believe that it will come down to a gun war with the minority of whites.

      We must allow them to carry on thinking so. Let showerhead australopithicus sing for his machine gun, encourage him to carry on singing.

      With the white liberals cowards, Jehovah witness freaks and other untrained members of the whites here in SA we cannot do a running battle as our numbers cannot sustain losses and we would be to thinly spread.

      It is far easier and more efficient and cost effective to use chemical and biological agents to wipe out mass infestation of viral parasites.

      Let these fuckers carry on thinking a gun is power.

      They must never realise that when pushed to the limit survival has no rules.


  12. Anonymous5:29 am


    1. Anonymous6:44 am

      Careful careful now
      Uncle Dan is using veiled language to refer to the real Satans spawn
      The big buddies of blogger Mike Smith

    2. Anonymous7:12 am

      Actually to tell the truth Uncle Dan has as much race hatred as Justice Christopher Jafta
      Read the article again
      British Army organised rape of Afrikaner woman by blacks
      genocidal aspects of British Colonialism
      Yes I do know about the Havenga Report

      In 1982 the so-called Havenga Report was made public. It contained the statements of many women and young girls telling of the rapes and attempted rapes during the war.


      Seems Uncle Dan is just like those 32 NP vipers
      Out to pander to a certain clientelle
      YES Dan Roodt you and Judge Christopher Jafta make a FINE PAIR !

    3. Anonymous7:40 am

      Extremely good essay by Dan Roodt.

  13. Anonymous6:41 am

    So Mr Smith
    Please provide the names of these 32 THIRTY TWO NP Afrikaner VIPERS .....
    However, primarily through the desertion of 32 New National Party (NNP) councillors from the DA to form a coalition with the ANC in 2002, the ANC regained control of the council through floor-crossing. With the NNP gone and the ID new on the scene (since 2003), predictions were that the 2006 elections in Cape Town would be close, hinging on former NNP voters. Much of both the DA and ID electoral campaigns focused on capturing this particular market and, within it, those coloured voters once loyal to the NNP and on whom Western Cape politics more generally tends to turn.


  14. Anonymous8:44 am

    Don't Pik your nose Botha is still in gov? Bloody hell, snakes sure enough.

  15. Anonymous10:09 am

    Whilst on the topic of nationality Roodt, whilst on the subject fails to mention Braam Fischer was only half Afrikaans. The other half being related to Joe Slovo's tribe.

    1. Oh really? I take it you are going to supply us with proof as to which half was Afrikaans and which half Joe Slovo.

      His father was Percy Fischer, a Judge President of the Orange Free State, and his grandfather was Abraham Fischer, a prime minister of the Orange River Colony.

      His mother was Ella Fichardt and although she was English speaking was the granddaughter of President M.T. Steyn of the Orange Free State. Ella’s father was Eduard “Charles” Fichhardt and her Grandfather Gustav Adolf Fichardt a German. Ella Fichardt’s mother was Cecilia Johanna “Hannah” Steyn, daughter of President Martinus Theunis Steyn and Rachel Issabella “Tibbie”Fraser who was the daughter of Dominee Colin Fraser. All were members of the Dutch Reform Church.
      So please enlighten us to which tribe you are referring to.

  16. Transvaler11:17 am

    Nothing a few well placed mortars during one of their rallies can't rectify ....

  17. Anonymous1:38 am

    Were these snakes even bothered about doos Zuma singing Shoot the Boer and Bring me my machine gun?

  18. Whiteman2:37 pm

    Mike, I would like to refer all the patriots to an article : South Africa-blood reign. Can be found on the website : whitenationnetwork.com. A graphic blow by blow account of a gruesome farm murder ! ! We have to read stories like this, so we can stay focussed, on the PROBLEM we have in this country. Here is a test of your empathy, for your fellow man/woman, in these dire times we live in. Test yourself, and refrain from being a callous " know it all ! " Dont critisise this family for not being more " paraat " etc. Nobody can be totally paraat, 24/7, on a permanent basis. Just WEEP with them, and then I will be happy, to fight in the trenches with you !

  19. Anonymous3:55 pm

    What a lot of DA supporters never want to admit is the fact that a party is made up of supporters.

    What is a party without its supporters ?
    The ANC spent 1 Billion Rand on its supporters, that is how much they value their supporters.
    Most of those who once supported the nP in the Western Cape & elsewhere are now mostly DA supporters & to a lesser extent FF+.
    So I ask the white DA Supporters in the Western Cape, how many of you were once supporters of the NP ?

    Hope my comment can be posted without being censored.

  20. Anonymous2:30 pm

    'ANC is running a racist election campaign, DA’s Mmusi Maimane states'

    Lets hope none of those stolen items from Naval Base Simon's Town mysteriously turn up in Maimane's garage.

    Regards, Besoeker