16 July 2016

The succesful false flag staged failed coup in Turkey

By Mike Smith
17th of July 2016

I watched the so called “Putsch” in Turkey with a smile and amusement, because to anybody with a bit of brains it was clearly a false flag operation.

First of all it did not have the support of the entire army, only a few top officers who even held the army chief hostage. These soldiers who carried this out are either extremely badly trained, total morons or performing a poorly acted out and unconvincingly “show coup”.

Turkish soldiers normally get quite good training and they are definitely not idiots so that does not leave much else of what it could have been. After being arrested and being led away, they were even smiling for crying out loud.

Erdogan has been trying to change the constitution, set down by its first president Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, for quite a while now so that he could get the position of Executive President and consolidate more power into himself. He has been cracking down on dissidents and critics for a long time including trying to coerce the German government into imprisoning comedian Jan Böhmermann for calling him a goat shagger in a hilarious satirical poem.

It has been reported that since 2014 1,845 journalists, writers and critics have faced charges of insulting the president, an offence which in Turkey carries a potential jail sentence.

On top of it, since the Arab Spring he has been shitting himself, because protests against his increasingly dictatorial behaviour and one sided authoritarian decisions such as banning alcohol, media censorship and setting his goons on critics have increased exponentially, culminating in the Taksim Square/ Gezi Park protests in 2013.

In 2014 when the ISIS insurgents seized Kobani in Syria and displaced 300,000 Kurds who fled across the border to Turkey, the Turkish soldiers allowed them through, but prevented Kurdish volunteers and People Protection Units from going the other way to defend Kurds against ISIS. This sparked massive Kurdish protests in Turkey.

So when I saw this “coup” taking place in Turkey I just smiled as the word “Bullshit” drifted past my brain. I thought to myself…Erdogan must be loving this. This will give him the excuse to become full dictator and wipe out all opposition. It is a false flag as clear as Hitler burning the Reichstag and 911 giving the Americans the excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. Always ask yourself who benefits the most.

Pleasant was my surprise when I noticed I am not the only crazy conspiracy theorist who thought so. Turkey coup: Conspiracy theorists claim attempt was faked by Erdogan

See, people underestimate Erdogan. The boy has big plans. In 1991, I was in Adana, Eastern Turkey (just to buy some leather jackets). I know the area quite well. Plenty Americans live there with their families and of course drive around in their American Pontiacs and Mustangs because nearby is the American Air Force base of Incirlik from where they have been flying sorties against ISIS in Syria. What people forget is that the Americans have 50 Nuclear weapons stationed there.

When the coup happened, the first thing Erdogan did was to shut the Airbase down and effectively held 50 US nuclear weapons hostage

Gülen and former Pope John Paul II
He also threatened America with war, because they are housing the moderate Turkish Muslim cleric Fethullah Gülen, whom Erdogan scapegoated as the mastermind behind the coup, and who is the man who is promoting a brand of the Islamic religion which promotes belief in science, interfaith dialogue and multi-party democracy which the Americans want to export throughout the entire Islamic world since their bombing campaigns in Iraq and Syria has failed miserably.

Gülen opened up a major can of worms in 2013 when he exposed widespread corruption by several bureaucrats, ministers, mayors, and family members of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) of Turkey resulting in widespread protests and calls for the resignation
of the government led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

On 14 December 2014 Turkish police arrested more than two dozen senior journalists and media executives connected with the Gülen movement on various charges. On 20 January 2015, Turkish police launched raids in Ankara and three other cities, detaining some 20 people suspected of illegally eavesdropping on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other senior officials.

The suspects were linked to Turkey's telecommunications authority and to its scientific and technological research center TUBITAK. Local media said the move was aimed at the "parallel structure" — the term Erdogan uses to refer to Gülen's supporters in the judiciary, police and other institutions.

So Erdogan hates him...problem is, most Muslims reject Gülen too, because he promotes a pussyfied version of Islam that preaches tolerance and dialogue to Christians and Jews and the common good of Muslims the world over instead of what they want to hear i.e. Salafistic Jihad and the genocide of everyone that is not a Muslim.

Incidentally Fethullah Gulen also thinks this is a false flag operation

Nevertheless, as usual, one can always rely on the ANC clowns, who know absolutely fuckall about current world events, to provide us with our daily dose of laughter.

SA condemns coup attempt in Turkey

“The South African government has expressed concern over the attempted coup in Turkey‚ saying it strongly condemns any attempt to seize power through unconstitutional means. It also condemned the resolution of political disagreements through the use of force.”

Pretty rich coming from a Marxist terrorist organization that killed people with bombs, necklaces, tortures , throwing them off moving trains, making them eat and drink detergents, etc. to come to power in South Africa.

The former Department of Foreign Affairs now called DIRCO or Department of International Relations and Cooperation actually issued a statement.

“South Africa supports democracy and the rule of law and we are of the firm view that the will of the people must be respected. The South African Government appeals to the people and all political leaders in the country to refrain from any violent activities that may further undermine peace‚ security and stability in the country. We urge all involved to adhere to non-violence‚ and to debate issues in a peaceful and inclusive manner.”

It is not clear how the ANC intends to “support” Turkey…

Are they perhaps going to send in the useless SANDF like they did with Opperaiton Balls-up in September 1998 in Lesotho and got their arses kicked when they wanted to prop up their big mate and undemocratic dictator King Letsie III?

OK, strictly speaking it was acting President Mangsuthu Buthelezi who gave the order to invade and the OC was Colonel Robbie Hartslief, a white veteran of the Angolan invasions in 1987/88 known collectively as the “Batlle of Cuito Cuanavale”, but still…Tiny Lesotho led them into an ambush and kicked the shit out of them to the point where they had to call in 450 reinforcements and a further 120 from Botswana to come and bail them out.  


  1. Anonymous12:02 am

    Mike, SA will get a coup attempt very soon I suspect. This attempt will come from the EFFol idiots after they lose election results they believe they should have won. Off course these idiots' asses will be kicked all over the show. But that is not the point, Zuma, with his totalitarian Marxist buddies, are just waiting for such an event to unleash the military and security forces on the civilian population (marikana was a small taste of what is expected), as such an event will grant Zuma as state president totalitarian powers. Powers he will not let go. After that, the delusion of democracy and freedom will be shattered for ever for even the most bleeding heart ignorant libtards.
    Anyone who cannot see this coming is an idiot, the brazen attacks on democratic institutions, such as the free press, freedom of speech and association, and the communist indoctrination of higher learning institutions, are clearly visible and an indication that the ANCunts are planning to kick the constitution and democracy under the ass.

    1. Whiteman4:57 am

      At this point in time, I would rate a showdown between the EFF and the anc, as a 50/50 affair. Depending on which side the USA/Brittain backs, we will not know who the winners will be, untill their involvement becomes clear. I believe a very large proportion of malemas supporters, could not be bothered with election games. At a rough guess, I would say that the " political party, " who chases the first bunch of farmers off their land, are going to be the winners, regardless of what happens at the ( corrupt ! ) ballot box !

    2. Anonymous8:59 am

      So you actually believe that kidi amin is "opposition" to the ANC?


    3. Anonymous11:04 pm

      The eff is bank rolled and under the influence of the global elitist agenda. The ANC is just a bunch of local parasites intend to loot and steal through state capturing. Maybe you should wake and smell the coffee Anon 8:59.

    4. Whiteman2:32 am

      I am aware of the theory that zuma and malema are in cahoots, and malema is the anc millitary arm ? Quite frankly, in the NSA, anything is possible. But we can all agree, the main objective, is the destruction of the white race in this country. How they do it, can be done with various permutations. But even a dumb nignog can see, the " spoils " are running out, and soon there will be nothing left. Our only hope, is that they will start to devour each orher !

    5. I see in my small town the EFF is matching the efforts of the DA with the ANC behind them taking third place with advertising.

      Now i dont know how it looks in the rest of the country but this is an indication of funding. The EFF must have big sponsors to be able to do this if its all over he country. They do not have this kind of money, the question is who is sponsoring them. This kind of advertising and campaigning is in the hundreds of millions of rands.

      We can only guess

    6. Anonymous7:28 am


      @Donycero11:49 PM

      A faction of the ANC sponsored their events to Maputo 2 years back - so we know the ANC fund them.

      2nd ZANUPF/Mugabe - no doubt.

      3rd- unseen force, probably out of the country.

      4th - their ever larger, every growing masses.

  2. Anonymous2:01 am

    “South Africa supports democracy and the rule of law and we are of the firm view that the will of the people must be respected. The South African Government appeals to the people and all political leaders in the country to refrain from any violent activities that may further undermine peace‚ security and stability in the country. We urge all involved to adhere to non-violence‚ and to debate issues in a peaceful and inclusive manner.”

    Maybe hey should apply this concept to their internal affairs too...

    1. Anonymous11:40 am

      Ek sien dit ook
      Maar zuma gaan wegval en n ousie gaan sy plek vat...hulle na-aap altyd die weste😂

  3. Anonymous4:12 am

    Unrelated....possibly, but an interesting article from:

    American Thinker - July 16, 2016
    We Have a ‘War on Cops’ because of the War on the Family

    Excerpt: "Social science is finally revealing what sound morality and good common sense always told us: Children of single mothers do worse in almost every metric measured: school achievement, poverty, crime, emotional well-being, drug use, delinquency, violent behavior, and so on. These negative outcomes are even worse for black children born to single mothers. Millions of black youths -- because of the frequent absence of fathers -- are growing up poorly disciplined, poorly educated, and poorly churched."

    Link to article: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/07/we_have_a_war_on_cops_because_of_the_war_on_the_family.html

    Ag! Actually, no 'social science' is required. Here in the States, we've spawned an entire generation of Godless, basement dwelling, tat armed, texting, bong sucking haters. They even have a trendy generational name. Fatherless? Hardly, these evil mongrels have a father, his name is Satan. Surely you recognize him.

    Regards, Besoeker

    1. Anonymous12:09 pm

      Father's Day: The most confusing day in the hood.

    2. Anonymous4:11 am

      Anon 12:09...that is just brutal bwhaaaaaaaa!!!!

    3. Whiteman9:43 am

      I read an article long time ago. This person researched male prisoners, and discovered that most of them, black AND white, had a problem with the father figure. Whether it was abuse, or non availability, basically boiled down to the same thing. Now what about the lady who absolutely hates her ex ? She uses the son as a tool, to get back at the " pig ! " She will show him that she, and the son, can get by without him. Then the son ends up in jail, or worse, and she cries bitter crocodile tears, because she gave him EVERYTHING ! Except a father, even if the father was a bit of a shit house. I have seen this over and over again, and the son is often efeminate as well, because he lacks a male role model. This is a classic spin-off of womans lib. Viva womans lib ! !

    4. This is spot on. The agenda is to break down the family structure to weaken the people. It takes a special kind of woman to control a teenage boy or girl for that matter. Even a woman needs a father figure. All the woman i know hold their fathers in very high regard.

      Male confidence lack when there is no father figure. With out this male(Alpha) confidence it is easy to succumb to pear pressure and become washouts and fags.

  4. Anonymous4:19 am

    Spot on Mr Smith
    What is next ? ( obviously Turkey holds a key geo-poltical position. )
    BTW; do yourself a favour and do a bit of digging into who Mustafa Kemal Atatürk really was -- and his life history.

    1. Anonymous6:57 am

      Good point, Anon 4:19 AM.

  5. Anonymous4:28 am

    I thought Boris Johnson wrote the limerick about Erdogan shagging a goat in a poetry competition run by the Spectator, where Boris was previously editor?

    "There was a young fellow from Ankara
    Who was a terrific wankerer
    Till he sowed his wild oats
    With the help of a goat
    But he didn't stop to thankera."

    Turkey can forget about joining the EU. The whole EU will go down the tubes anyway.

    Here's hoping Donald Trump wins the US presidency. Boris Johnson cracked about Hillary Clinton that she looks like a nurse in a mental home. Anybody remember Nurse Ratchett in "One flew over the cuckoo's nest?" Looks just like her.

    1. Anonymous8:51 am

      I see now that humourless useless bitch Angela Merkel granted Erdogan's request to have Jan Böhmermann "investigated" - i.e. hounded to a near-death experience. Merkel is an international disaster on a level with Hillary Clinton.

    2. Anonymous12:11 pm

      Merkel and the Klintons speak with one voice. The voice of George Soros.

    3. Anonymous10:15 pm

      Psychopathic Hillary looks just like chucky doll. Those creepy, crazy rolling eyeballs - she is clearly insane.
      Nurse Ratchett looks like a beauty pageant winner by comparison.
      Merkel is another lunatic who's escaped the asylum.

    4. Anonymous4:13 am

      If you look at the ugly chicks ol' Billie fooled around with it really indicates how fugly Hilary really is...

  6. as entertainment on SABC has been poor in quality, I cant wait for some "gifted" SA general to stage a coup...It will start at the army barracks, and once he has negotiated with foot stomping toi-toi'ing ama soldjas as regards overtime, he will have to skillfully evade / avoid KFC outlets,shebeens and suchlike diversions along the way, as he may end up with fewer ama-soldjas than initially anticipated. Once in the government buildings, he may come to realise that parlia-munt is actually in Capetown and give up the whole thing as a waste of time..shortly thereafter he will receive a medal or two for his career advancing exploits and bravery.

  7. Anonymous2:47 pm

    And not too long ago I was speaking to a Kurdish acquaintance of mine and we talked about various things but I am always interested in how things are advancing in Kurdistan, anyway something he said has really stuck with me. He said "if it was not for the PKK there would be no Kurdish people." Thank goodness they don't play rugby. If only us proud Boere can learn from whom we often regard as being inferior to ourselves.

    1. Anonymous10:52 am

      PKK: Portraying Erdogan’s AKP as democratic is more dangerous than the coup attempt itself

      QAMISHLI – The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in a statement about the failed military coup said they are not siding with the coup plotters or the Turkish government led by the Justice and Development Party (AKP).

      “The AKP fascism drove the army into Kurdish cities and towns, made them burn the cities to the ground and massacre hundreds of civilians. Furthermore, it enacted laws to disallow the trial of the military for the crimes they have committed,” the PKK said on Saturday. “There already existed a military tutelage before the coup attempt made yesterday; which makes the current case an attempt of coup by a military faction against the existing military faction.”

      The PKK rebel group is worried that the international community might brand the Turkish government as democratic, after they managed to resist the coup plotters.

      “Portraying Tayyip Erdoğan and the fascist AKP dictator as if they were democratic after this coup attempt is an approach even more dangerous than the coup attempt itself,” the PKK said.

      “The Democracy forces do not side with either camp during these clashes. If there is a coup against democracy, it is the one carried out by the fascist AKP government,” it added.

      “Political power’s control over the judiciary, the implementation of fascist laws and policies through a parliamentarian majority, the removal of parliamentarians’ immunities, the arrest of co-mayors, the removal of co-mayors from their positions, and the imprisonment of thousands of politicians from the HDP and DBP constitute more of an actual coup,” the PKK said.

      “The latest coup attempt shows that Turkey needs to get rid of the fascist AKP government and have a democratic government. The recent developments make it urgent for Turkey to democratize and get rid of its monist, hegemonic and fascist government,” the Kurdish party said.

      “This coup attempt makes it necessary for us to not slow down the struggle against AKP fascism but to enhance it so that chaos and clashes in Turkey come to an end and a new democratic Turkey emerges,” the PKK concluded.


    2. Anonymous3:30 pm

      Why can't we Boere take a leaf out of their book and fight back, the Kurdish are spread over three countries but they react as one people

  8. Anonymous3:33 am

    Ek dink jy het reg opgesom Mike. "Erdekan" se streke kan hom straks inhaal.

  9. Anonymous7:41 am

    And as you all comment on Turkey another of our folk is murdered.

    Stuff Turkey - what is happening to us:


    1. Anonymous1:07 pm

      RIP oubaas. My hart gaan uit na sy naasbestaandes.

      tick tock...

  10. Anonymous8:23 am

    It is estimated that this African Union passport and free movement will bring a further 5 million into SA.


  11. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Not long now...soon ISIS will be called "freedom fighters" instead of terrorists.
    Just like the terrorist Mandela

    1. In fact only people like you and I still call them ISIS or ISIL. Since they declared the Worldwide Islamic State in June 2014 and made Abu-Bakr-Al-Bagdadi the new Caliph they have been referring to themselves only as IS or "Islamic State".

      Now watch the media and how the media refers to them also as only IS giving them de facto recognition.

    2. Anonymous2:44 am

      I just refer to them as muhammadans, many Zulus here in Natal refer to them as sulamans

    3. Anonymous5:13 am


      @Anonymous12:08 PM

      Great minds think alike! Lol, I said the EXACT same thing to my partner while we were out yesterday afternoon.

      I said to my partner with a grin on my face, the day, the hour, the minute the French declare the dompass, I will start a anti apartheid riot here with the blacks, coloureds, Indians against those hypocritical bastards.

      The day is going to come when they are going to implement it, Mike mentioned it ages ago, I dont believe it - no need to believe when it will be the only solution.

      When that happens, I will start an anti apartheid French protest. Those bastards mustnt think that they could cost us billions upon billions in lost revenue and the eventual destruction of the whites here and then think they can simply do what they told us not to do.

      @Mike - Mike explain this last bit, sorry not following, though I think I get it.....

      In fact only people like you and I still call them ISIS or ISIL. Since they declared the Worldwide Islamic State in June 2014 and made Abu-Bakr-Al-Bagdadi the new Caliph they have been referring to themselves only as IS or "Islamic State".

      Now watch the media and how the media refers to them also as only IS giving them de facto recognition.

      Please explain - many thanks

      Are you saying that the media has already self declared, already hinting they accept an Islamic state ie African union?

      Sorry not following or getting the gist of it.

      I also refer to them as ISIS since the actions are the same as day one, I know they keep changing their name but is this a diversion for the masses not to get stuck on a name and keep the parts moving?

      Your thoughts please.


  12. Well.. What can we still say.??

    France is on lockdown and under martial law. Turkey is now officially on lockdown and under martial law. The US is very very close to lockdown and full blown martial law.. The rest of Europe closely following behind.. Next, maybe Germany or the UK.

    The buildup to everything so far has been enormous if you've looked around you.. Droughts, earthquakes, tropical storms, volcanoes, floodings..

    Then, the people of this world have become so ungodly and evil it's jaw dropping. The Massive drive of the gay and lesbian agenda, transgenderism, multi culti bullshit etc... Satanism is now a accepted religion in the US.. The pure evil cabal which is Hollywood and most entertainment out there is all pure filth, designed to pollute your soul.!. The people have given themselves over to the lusts of their flesh. GREED, GREED, MORE GREED.!! Materialism, jelousy, hatred, adultry, pride and on and on and on.....

    Pushing God out of society and replacing His wisdom with human knowledge. Men believing they know better then God. Just look at Cern, the partical hadron collider. How can the creation be superior to the Creator.?. People who create their own problems then appoint other people they call politicians to solve those problems on their behalf.. Society has given over their sovereignty and self rule to a select few who makes it their life's work to control and manipulate their fellow men, giving permission for demonic doctrines to be preached and a implementation of a total gridlock on freedom and liberty.

    We are close the end. Everything can change in 1 hour...

    1. Anonymous9:26 pm

      I hope so Mafia. One thing is certain, all of the Western governments of the World has sold out their own people, our people. These crooks sold our heritages and histories for next to nothing. Bought cheaply. All of these so called leaders and politicians will have to swing in order for us to move forward, and may what has been happening for the last 30 years never ever occur again. So help us God.

    2. BLCN & Ninja. I am so despondent with the Satanic direction humanity is going I just don't give a shit anymore. I don't watch TV and only listen to the news on the radio taking cognisance only of what might affect me in my immediate vicinity. The only thing that interests me is this blog and a few others.

      No Boys, the sickness of humanity astounds me. I have no more words. I am just waiting for the inevitable. I have no more comments and views to contribute. I suppose you could say I have become apathetic except where it comes to despising the parasite.

    3. Anonymous5:06 am



      What people cant see, fail to see is we are witnessing the abomination of desolation spoken about.

      All this chaos, the climax,it has reached, has been sped up because the Church for the past 15-20 years has allowed the wrong things in. The same things Daniel spoke about.

      The Church is what kept the West alive, the lamps kept burning but now it is spiritual death. With the nations seeing how weak we have become, we are easy targets.

      The time of Jacobs trouble - is upon all the tribes. It is only them who face this constant bullying and tormenting.

      No mosquito spray and you get eaten alive.

      That spirit that was alive, in the background in Europe since those that were sent to it after Christ, is all but dead. What was holy has become unholy.

      The people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. During their prosperity, they turned away.

      Liberalism/Multiculturalism has all come about as deception and we see its results. The evil one has used the verse " Love your neighbor" against us, because we do not know the context and content of that verse - the true context of it can be found in Exodus.

      It applies only to the Israelite's! If it applies to the world, then there would never have been any need to come out of Egypt. The Marxist agenda behind liberalism which has its roots in Taoism, eastern mysticism, turned it against us by infiltrating every sector of society, sowing confusion and destruction, first in the Church and then throughout society. The Church was/has been the pillar of society for centuries now, the most fruitful time in all the western white nations history.

      I look but dont let it effect me anymore. You are not alone, we are not alone. The world is where we were in 1990, do they simply hand over or do they fight?

      They will fight! That tide, will turn our tide... The tide is changing. Just read any yahoo news comments regarding attacks, black on white violence in the US and know you are not alone, you are now in the majority of your thinking.

      A silent majority. It will take a few more attacks and that silence will be broken and once broken, they will never be silent again.

      It will not be long! 3-5 more attacks in Europe and it will happen so fast, those who dont know the signs are going to shit in their pants, it will be like a raging fire and one that will not be put out.

      We must all have faith, we must unite in prayer for each other, our country and our future. Nothing else will save us, we will have to be forced to take it by the gun eventually if we wish to still worship both here in South Africa and the rest of the world.

      Our laws, western laws, all based on biblical laws will change throughout the world and our inheritance stolen from us, unless we turn back and go back to our faith and follow the law or we can ignore that and simply accept the present state of things which will get worse each waking hour as we move forward which is actually backwards.

      The heathen will rule us and our heritage taken from us.

      You are not alone!

    4. Anonymous5:17 am

      Have faith, the rapture is soon and the 7 year tribulation which the anti christ (the muslims, christ) will rule, this has to play out and then the battle of Armageddon which Christ himself will come and annihilate the anti christ and his armies and all this pc madness, so have faith, read your Bible, the time is close.

    5. Thanks Ninja. I pray that THE DAY OF RECKONING will roll on when we can rid ourselves of the parasite and heathen, once & for all.

      I totally agree with your philosophy. I am not despondent, I am just done talking. It won't do any good. As you say, there's only one way.

      Take care, Brother. Our day will come.

    6. I must say 2016 has been incredible so far. Unbelievable in fact. Its one thing after another.

      Even so, the climax is still building. We have a couple elections around the globe for the second part of the year. Our own elections are going to cause fireworks i am sure.

      When i look at the US i see on CNN they are promoting anti-Trump riots. Like yesterday hours and hours of coverage on the protest at the Cleveland convention even before there is any protest and the convention havent even started yet. They are planting seeds in the minds of people to go out and protest. This is why Tom doesnt watch TV. Their agenda is so obvious once you comprehend the NWO. It is actually disgusting how obvious they have become.

      I tell you now. There are crazy hillbilly rednecks with big rifles. These police shootings are going to cause one of these crazy fucks to take out a crowd of BLM protesters and then you are going to see a proper race war over there.

      Same goes for Europe. The shit is around the corner. Soon now very soon things are going to explode. I can smell the tenseness in the air. It is going to take one action from a white group to ignite all the whites around the globe.

      This modern world doesnt know the white savage rubbishes that we can be and they are going to wish that they did not taunt us. They have no clue. They think our silence is weakness. Once the that savage is awaken they gonna wish they are dead because they will not come out of it that easily.

  13. Anonymous1:20 pm


    @Anonymous8:23 AM

    Its good, it will cause unrest and when the shit hits the fan, then we dont need to make a distinction between foreigners and locals, in fact they are all foreigners.

    Chase the bastards all back to where they come from!

    The AU cant even help Zimbabwe out, they have a project 2063 or some bullshit like that. Now show me which parasite can even think further than 1 month, let alone 40+ years - pie in the sky dreaming.

    Let them in, let the locals moer them! I have no issues, let the economy tank, let them do what they need to do and when the time is right, we will simply do what we have to do.

    Another Zuma in the AU - disaster before the disaster even strikes. The AU will crumble in the coming years like the EU. They cant even feed a starving nation like Zimbabwe but are planning to have an African Utopia - Pleeeeeeeeeeeze!

    Another 5 million would be good here, the locals can eat them with the food shortages and food prices going higher.

  14. Anonymous5:55 pm


    Another peaceful Muslim attack in Germany attacking za German people, just a few more attacks in Europe & she will swing so far right, so fast!

    1. I see they claim this to be the first potential jihadist attack on German soil but the motive is still yet unknown according to CNN. That goes for the Baton Rouge police shootings as well. They cant say the words racist attack when it is not a white man.

      Dont these liberal idiots just crack you up. They will deny the truth until they cant anymore.

      The thing is these attacks on westerners are becoming so common and obvious racist nowadays the media is starting to look like a bunch of clowns trying to hide the anti white agenda. They wont be able to keep it up for much longer.
      There will be many more attacks because the Trojan horse has entered every single western country and the enemy is inside now. No stopping it now or should i say hiding it.

      Only stopping is for the white man to find his white identity and return to his proud roots. Its gonna happen.

    2. Anonymous5:19 am


      @Donycero11:25 PM

      "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." - Abraham Lincoln

      People are waking up now - the Media will either have to change or they will be shown for what they have always been.

      I wonder what % of whites in this country still believe the bullshit the ANC spews or this new rainbow nation - few or they have their heads so far up their.... that they cant or refuse to see.

  15. Anonymous11:41 pm

    Off the topic here. Check out ozziesaffa.blogspot.com
    CNN's Don Lemon gets crushed by Sheriff Clarke. At least this guy has his head screwed on the right way.

  16. Mike, no matter that Bobby Hartslief was the commander in Lesotho it's the calibre of the troops he was commanding that lost the day.

    1. I hear what you are saying but people like Colonel Robbie Hartslief who joined and served the enemy in the SANDF or the SAPS are joiners and traitors in my eyes. When the big fight breaks out whose side are they going to be on? Ours? I don't think so.

    2. Anonymous4:07 am

      Tomkat I'd not talk about the calibre of the 1 Bn troops in Lesotho. If you'd like to discuss this face to face I'd be very happy to oblige.

      For your info many of the troops involved were Bats from my time. They had their orders and they were restricted in terms of how they were allowed to approach the LDF bases. They were also restricted in terms of the arms and ammunition they were permitted to carry. The support elements had no large calibre weapons and the Ratels deployed by the SAI were armed with blanks by order. This was not something that was dictated by the troops on the ground.

      This was supposed to be a pre-arranged (via SADC)disarmament and the intelligence was faulty whether by political expediency or just through sheer shite operational control is up for debate I suspect the former or a combination.

      Anyway I wont tolerate you badmouthing the calibre of the Bats on the ground in Boleas that were victims of political grandstanding and shoddy command and control and intelligence. They were set up to fail. There were two companies on standby at Bloemspruit armed to the teeth and ready to do a combat jump without notice who were stood down because of orders from above. The reason they were on standby is beacuse the Bn commander knew that they were walking into a trap with their hands tied behind their backs. Too few troops to thinly spread carrying virtually their personal weapons alone.

    3. Anonymous4:42 am



      I agree 100% - They are traitors, all traitors be put to death, hung in public. We really should have a blog with their names on it, they should know.

      But in time they will ALL pay for it. Scum the lot of them!

    4. @ Anon 4:07 AM, Could you please shed some light onto the reason why these former SADF soldiers were involved in the SANDF and what motivated them to join the ranks of the enemy, namely the Marxist Terrorist scum who blew up innocent people in shopping centres and golf Clubs? Was it Job security? Money?

    5. Mike, I agree on the topic of "traitors".
      Anon 4:07 I had actually typed a response, but you are not deserving of it. You come on here with a threatening and divisive attitude instead of being constructive and unifying. If it makes you feel better, I am actually quaking in my boots.

    6. Anonymous3:25 pm

      I am going to come in here because I was a parabat, and although 1 Valskerm was not my unit I had to go through the same 3 day selection and hanger training as the rest wore the same khaki smock, and got to carry the same marble and cried in agony in the same pyn tuin as all those of 1 parachute, I went back in 95 about (6 months before i resigned from the sandf) to do some jumps out of the casa as I think they mothballed the turbo Daks, anyway the place was starting to go to shit, the discipline amongst the Ciskei, Transkei, Bop troops was rubbish, the base maintenance was in the beginning stages of decline, and most importantly the sense of purpose that was the vision of the founders for 1 was not there anymore who was now the enemy? Something that did make me feel ashamed of my sandf paymaster was to see a handful of those para qualified 32 battalion soldiers wasting away in the old bravo company bungalows. Now the reason why I resigned was my conscience said to me, what am I doing in the sandf, and when they finally got me to only wear the new pattern uniform, I packed it in. And I have been struggling to survive since, because the same conscience said I have no place fighting England's dirty war in Iraq or Afghanistan, but what I am prepared to fight and die for is a proper self reliant autonomous free state for us Boere.
      Vigilans Et Sciens

    7. Anon 3:25 - Welcome back, Brother. At least you did the honourable thing. There are lots of us battling to survive. And it's not only those 32 Bn boys in Bravo Coy bungalows, but at Pomfret also. Of course, the cANCer simply ignored them and Jan Breytenbag's attempts to get a better deal for them because the parasite has no honour.

    8. Anonymous12:56 pm

      Sorry for late reply I had a long day at work, thanks TT, keep stock piling, I don't think these new ma soshas have any clue what they are going to be up against. If you leave a KFC bucket where they are carrying out a search I guarantee you 10 out of 10 of them will pick it up or open the lid to see if there is a leftover thigh or wing. Ja Street wise 2 NE!

  17. Anonymous2:16 am

    A bit off the topic...have you people heard that liberal claptrap that benoni slut, Charlize "Fe-rone" spewed at the aids conference? Jissis, what a pathetic ass licker. According to her, it is the fault of white people that 3rd world people contract the hiv virus. I mean, do we force people to have unprotected sex!!!?????

    1. Just this morning a coloured woman whose father is in the army here told me that her father says the army is now only a "teelgrond" When the inspect the bungalows they find meide hiding in lockers and under beds.

      Daar word nou net gesteek en nie meer geskiet nie!

    2. She is the absolute pits.

    3. Anonymous3:57 am

      HIV originally developed in chimpanzees and was transmitted to black Africans slaughtering chimps and eating their meat. Even handling infected chimp meat transmits the virus. Scores of gorillas have also been killed off but the virus migrated to black Africans because it's a much bigger market. And of course gays are a godsend for HIV.

      What is it with these old Hollywood broads like Charlize Theron that the older they get, the scawnier, with no tits? Sharon Stone also looks appalling in her fifties - no curves, just a skinny old chewed up bone, although she's mercifully not self righteous as well. They spend their days eating egg whites and gyming themselves senseless.

    4. at least Sharon Stone only adopted White children, unlike Madonna and Charlize.

      And don't forget Paula from Sewende Laan, Diaan Lawrenson.

    5. Anonymous1:16 pm

      You gotta be fucking kidding me Mr. Mike....sewende laan is still on TV???

    6. Anonymous1:38 pm

      @Anon 2:16AM

      This silly bitch is a lost cause, well beyond the point of no return.

    7. Anonymous2:07 am

      Paula from Sewende Laan is gutted because she has to give the white baby back to its biological mother. The plot will change to her adopting a black baby then. But Diaan Lawrenson saw that coming and is leaving 7de Laan to look after her own real life, white kids.

    8. @ Anon, 2:07 AM...http://www.sarie.com/bruid/mnr-en-mev-abrahams-die-volle-storie-van-diaan-se-troue/

    9. Anonymous8:12 am

      @Mike Smith 3:16 AM: Well, that IS a surprise about Diaan Lawrenson Abrahamsegoffelkind! Truth really is stranger than fiction.

  18. Anonymous5:29 am

    Hi Mike, just want to tell you guys, the Muslim world are celebrating Erdogan as the Mahdi, I wouldn't take this lightly, he is fulfilling Islamic prophecy, just as our Christian prophecies are being fulfilled. Twitter has been abuzz calling him "Prince of the Muslim world with his army, i.e. Muslim brotherhood. It is time for us to turn to Christ as the impending war is far more than just a race issue, get over skin colour and look to the spirit.

    1. Anonymous12:38 pm

      Do you all think that Erdogan is "The Turk" in Siener's visions?

    2. Whiteman4:45 am

      The Erdogan situation is very strange on many different levels. It has all the ingredients of a CIA " regime change, " but what is the end game or plan ? The first question to ask, is, who will make the most money, out of all this chaos ? He has become very cocky lately, even thumbing his nose at the USA ! You dont fuck with the classroom bully, unless you have a big boet to save your arse, when pay back time comes. Or maybe he thinks he is a Rottweiler, while he is only a Miniature Pincher ? The world is so mixed up at the moment, I recon anything can spark off the 3rd WW ! And everybody is angry, like a stirred up hornets nest. Dont be surprised, if the 3rd WW gets started by ACCIDENT !

    3. Anonymous2:27 pm


      @Anonymous12:38 PM
      Yes, Siener mentioned this time he will be stronger. The Russians believe ISIS is funded by Turkey, the oil they buy is from ISIS, his son is the main guy behind the buying of the oil.

      It will be this that sparks it, its all connected.

      Whiteman, I believe we are already in WW3, we just havent been called up yet. Its there already, all the signs.

      Just workout how many nations are involved in Syria - Russia, USA, Britain, France, Germany, Turkey, China (there was mention of them), then we have Ukraine sparks going off, NATO buildup.

      Its here, its happening, its just a case of someone in the media actually saying, "here it is".

      WW3 is already here, the great peace is now over, from here on its like what we see in Europe.

      The Arabs know what the West has been doing there & Turkey was an empire and I say "Once an empire, always an empire" - the same with Russia and Britain. None of them want to be controlled.

      Its quite an interesting read/watch. The Ozzies helped bring the Ottoman Turks to their knees. They fought them and kicked their asses.

      The world is deff mixed up, messed up badly!

  19. Anonymous5:33 am


    Hear of hear, the famous last words. This guy will be the only one saying this in the future. Europe is rejecting it yet he still continues to smoke his own dope.

    The University of the Free State, flawed as it is, gives us a glimpse that we can actually have progressive, open, multi-cultural South African universities if we work hard enough at it.


    1. Anonymous1:19 pm

      Classic symptom of a delusional leftist libtard..delusional. ignore the cunt.

  20. Anonymous6:38 am

    Anonymous2:16 AM
    She is playing Mommy and Daddy to two black American kaffir kids and that should be more than enough indication as to where her true interests lie. Won't be long now and she will also find an excuse to bring home to them a black Daddy and for own personal black sexual satisfaction.

  21. Anonymous8:32 am


    @ Anon 2:16, I have heard her indeed and cannot stand her. A few years ago she literally crawled into Madibas arse! She just had to adopt black children as well, she is an absolute disgrace to our nation and I wish her the best of "luck" in her twisted liberal world. What a kaffir suck-up!

    Can one really be so ashamed of your own white skin?

    In future stay out of your former homeland you Liberal White Bitch, I will kick your fucken bony white ass!

    1. Anonymous10:51 am

      Those kids are just fashion accessories for the white libtard ego. Same as her fake american accent. Mommy is also a bit cuckoo, whacking her old man and all.