08 July 2016

The sick mind of the LWB

By Mike Smith
8th of July 2016

So get this. Last year when the Syrian Rapefugees flooded into Germany and the chancellor Angela Merkel hugged and kissed them, the German libtards were falling over their feet to “help” the poor bastards.

One could only stand in awe of the utter stupidity of the delusional brainwashed Teutonic masses.

Selin Gören
Take the case of Selin Gören (24), spokesperson for the Communist Youth or “Linksjugend” known as “Solid” .

She was one of those leftist Germans who helped the Arab invaders of her country until one night at about 01:00 am when three Rapefugees approached her and grabbed her by the throat and choked her until her knees folded under her. When her attacker released his grip slightly so she could gasp for air, he stuck his filthy dick into her mouth. The other two swore at her in Arabic or Farsi, took her trousers off, raped her and robbed her, before leaving her behind like a discarded ragdoll.

She called the police who asked her if the attackers were Arabic migrants. She lied to the police and said “No, they were mixed…Arabic and Germans”.

She carried on lying to the police saying that they all spoke German when in fact NONE could speak a word of German.

She then went back to her flat and got into bed with her boyfriend and had a tremendous feeling of guilt and filth and decided to tell him what REALLY happened.

Not sure if she was complaining or bragging, but obviously the boyfriend was furious. Not just at her attackers, but also at her.

She went back to the police 12 hours later and told the truth, saying she lied in order not to create more hatred towards migrants in Germany.

She then went online and wrote an open letter to the man who stuck his dick in her mouth saying, “I am going to scream…I will not stand by and watch, and it can happen that racists and concerned citizens name you as the problem. You’re not the problem. You’re usually a wonderful human being who deserves as much as any other to be safe and free.”

She profusely apologized to these rapists and blamed it all on the German “racist” and “sexist” society…She finished off by saying, “Thank you that you exist, and glad to have you here.”

Hey? What kind of message does this now send to the Rapefugees? Rape more German women, because they will publicly thank you for it afterwards?

However she is right. They are not the problem. SHE is the problem.

As I always say...The only cure for liberalism is a bullet to the brain.

Raped German politician lied about the nationality of her attackers to stop racism

Leftist politician raped by three migrants and guess who is guilty?

Selin Gören’s full online letter translated here

Why do feminist not fight for Islamic women


  1. Can't agree that the only cure for liberalism is a bullet in the brain. I used to be a liberal. I red-pilled years ago. It only took a few bad experiences and the willingness to reflect to help me to see the error of my ways. One of the first things I had to realise was that my moral system was inverted: I was kind to my enemies and shitty to my friends. That had to change. No bullets necessary.

    1. No you are wrong. I was just like you. Probably worse. People would have classed me as a liberal as well, but then I realised that I was never really a liberal at all. I was a conditioned victim of liberals who kept on pointing me away from the truth. Considering the liberal environment in which I grew up, at home in school, in church, various liberal academics and political leaders...I am still astounded that I actually did manage to wake up and convert.

      Very few people are able to do so. You and I are exceptions, but it is because of people like you and I that this blog exists. To lead the few lost sheep back to the light of truth.

      Such people were never truly liberal. Just a bit misguided.

      True liberals never change. There was a time that I dated a string of them. I thought I could convert them, even maybe shag some sense into them. To no avail. I reiterate. For the true liberal, there is no cure, but a bullet to the brain.

    2. Anonymous1:45 am

      There are three types of libtards;
      The ignorant ones, like we were before the red pill moment..
      The leftist bleeding heart ones that believes their way is the only way, and jump up and down if others don't share their warped believe system, labeling them as racists etc etc, n24 and other news media use a lot of them as bloggers..Max a shining example. They usually also hide their racist agendas behind the facade of liberalism,
      then their is the false liberals, like clinton and obama, who uses their liberarism as a mask to hide their totalitarian agendas. These are the types that uses the two other types as foot soldiers, and are extremely dangerous.

    3. Anonymous10:45 am

      For a perfect example of a type 3 liberal go read Hilary's response to the shooting of 5 white cops in the states. I tell you what, if that one takes the presidency the USA is a gonner. So ironic, for decades the States battled the communist USSR, now the Russian Federation, a rightwing state, will possibly war with a leftist socialist USSA (United socialist states of America)

    4. Anonymous2:09 am

      Go read Max's latest blog on N24, goodness gracious but these type 2 liberals are delusional to the nth degree. it is astounding how these types attempt to defend their warped believes even after it were shattered by the hard cold truth. In Max's case the whities are still to blame for all the fuck ups in this country, even after he mentioned the REAL reasons.

  2. Anonymous6:51 am

    What a screwed up bitch this Selin Gören is.

  3. Anonymous7:15 am

    Well, most of this problem relates to western men not being the MEN that they should be. They no longer defend their women. They have cowered to the feminist battle geared at women's upliftment and equal status. Women should be loved and respected by their men for being women, not as rivals.

    The whole feminist movement was aimed at getting the women out to work (more tax) and as a result getting hold of their children at an earlier age to brainwash them in school.

    Western Men no longer see themselves as the dominant 'warrior type' protector in their society. They have become wimps. This is the same in SA. Where are the Men?

    Oh yes - here we are anonymously typing away on blogs. Wimps, the lot of us.

  4. Anonymous7:17 am

    oh well, here you have it from the specialist. We have all been wrong.

    Skin deep: Race a cultural invention, says scientist:


    1. They will argue this point, but then support the next scientific finding.

      Chimpanzees (sometimes called chimps) are one of two exclusively African species of great ape that are currently extant. Native to sub-Saharan Africa, both are currently found in the Congo jungle. Classified in the genus Pan, they were once considered to be one species. However, since 1928, they have been recognized as two distinct species: the common chimpanzee (P. troglodytes) live north of the Congo River and the bonobo (P. paniscus) who live south.[2] In addition, P. troglodytes is divided into four subspecies, while P. paniscus has none. Based on genome sequencing, the two extant Pan species diverged around one million years ago. The most obvious differences are that chimpanzees are somewhat larger, more aggressive and male dominated, while the bonobos are more gracile, peaceful, and female dominated.

      Why come when they refer to humans they say race is only skin deep. I mean if you put these chimps next to each other they look the same but when you look closer their behavior and other genetic traits differ completely.

      Like Mike said a bullet to the head is the only cure.

  5. Anonymous7:48 am

    Aaaahh the libtard mindset at work here. Fact is stranger than fiction. Vaalpens

  6. Whiteman7:52 am

    Mike, some years ago, a white christian lady was raped by a black savage. While he was raping her, she prayed for him like this : Father forgive him, because he does not know what he is doing ! ! Thus emulating Christ's words on the cross. This was promoted by the newspaper, and probably many others, as showing what a MEGA christian is, and should be. At the time, I nearly puked, and have much difficulty, repeating this story again. But give that german female some credit. At least she did not drag false religion into the picture. People do not realise, that these creatures also read newspapers, watch TV, and talk among themselves. How much encouragement, does the average barbarian need to rape a woman ? Especially if you get prayed for in the process. One can only wonder, did she also give him a three course cooked meal for all his trouble ? Maybe she should clock into a shebeen, on a Saturday night, and see how many lost souls need " prayer ! " Ok, I am being sarcastic, but it is this sort of thing, that has destroyed this country, and it makes me HOPPING MAD !

  7. If it is any consolation, this woman is not a true German; she is of Turkish origin. If you google her name and click on images, you will see that she does not look like a Northern European. A large number of Turks came to Germany on work visas a few decades ago and refused to leave when their work was done; my guess is that she is descended from them.

    1. You are right she is a westernised Turk who grew up on western liberal values, i.e. a brainwashed puppet and parrot.

    2. Anonymous11:52 pm

      So in truth, she did not lie for the reasons being pandered about, but rather she lied to protect her own, and in keeping with the plan, to sow even more disunity and give more strength to "the cause".

      Turns out, in a comical turnabout, that she is really a bad agent who couldn't keep her shit together and ended up falling apart.

      Instead of trashing her with "libby this way, and libby that way" (which clearly she is not), we should use this to again expose 'the cause".

    3. Anonymous5:17 am

      This is the Muslim mentality in all its glory. This is why Winston Churchill said that Islam is to humans what rabies is to dogs.

      Women Are Responsible for Rapes, Always!

      by Ayesha Ahmed

      A woman’s whole body, according to several hadiths, is awrah—the Arabic word for pudendum (the external genitals). It is natural that the sighting of awrah arouses men and creates an uncontrollable sexual urge. This urge is specially very acute in Muslim men due to their higher sexual potency. Allah gives all Muslim men a higher libido to enable them to enjoy their sharia permitted four wives, and their slave girls/captured women (our prophet was given the libido of 30 men to enjoy his 9+ wives and the continuous supply of captured women from jihadi raids. Here is an example of our prophet’s instant arousal at the sight of a woman)....

      Muslim , Book 008, Number 3240:

      “Jabir reported that Allah's Messenger saw a woman, and so he came to Zainab (the woman must have turned him down) as she was tanning a leather and had sexual intercourse with her”.

      Only Islam realizes that when Muslim men are aroused they must have it right away. No wonder that western prisons are filled with Muslim rapists. Australia's top Imam and mufti , Sheik Tajuddin Halali declared the Muslim rapists , terrorizing unveiled women in the west, innocent. Here is an excerpt from a news paper..

      Daily Mail: Outrage as Muslim cleric likens women to 'uncovered meat'

      Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, the nation's most senior Muslim cleric, compared unveiled women with meat that is left uncovered in the street and is then eaten by cats.

      In a Ramadan sermon in a Sydney mosque, Sheik al-Hilali suggested that a group of Muslim men recently jailed for many years for gang rapes are innocent.

      Addressing 500 worshippers on the topic of adultery, Sheik al-Hilali added: "If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it.. whose fault is it - the cats or the uncovered meat?

      "The uncovered meat is the problem."

      He went on: "If she was veiled and in her home no problem would have occurred."

  8. Anonymous8:29 am

    2017: War with Russia
    by General Sir Richard Shirreff
    From Russia with love. By Robert Fox

    The great strength of the tale is that it is told by an insider who really knows. The scenes inside the alliance’s headquarters are wonderfully depicted — the politics as electric as the shooting. We watch politicians and ambassadors, demurring and delaying, trying to avoid action at all costs. But all know that the war to their east could go nuclear at any second — for the nuclear option is written in to every major phase of Russia’s current military and war doctrine.

    The moral of the story is clear. The relentless hollowing out of the military and defence postures of the west have placed us all in danger. Cameron’s casually dysfunctional defence policies have cut UK military strength by half since 2010 and Obama’s posture of intellectualised disengagement has left Europe and the Mediterranean exposed. In the book the British PM is a wonderfully weasley figure, William Spencer, who is finally brought down by his own smug inertia. The characters, military and civilian, are quite brilliant in a narrative of cartoonish energy — Dick Tracy meets Raymond Chandler. Of course, some will quibble about the tank-spotting detail. This is not the point. This is a parable with a real message about our general ineptitude in the new realities of hard power.


    You fail to read this book at your peril' - Admiral James G Stavridis, US Navy, former Supreme Allied Commander Europe.


  9. Anonymous8:52 am

    The Matrix comes to mind.

    She can't help it, as like others she suffers cognitive dissonance, programmed by msm mass hypnosis.


  10. Anonymous9:31 am

    Off topic.
    What's up with JP's Azania Mania site ?
    Need to log in or something.

  11. Anonymous10:35 am

    I think JP's blog has been shut down.

    1. Anonymous5:05 pm

      He is back on his house of isreal blog

    2. Anonymous2:47 pm

      Good: because I don't buy all that 12 tribes Israelite garbage, that he is trying to push, It does more to undermine the real efforts by normal white men and women who desire their own autonomous and self governing small or large home land that they can live in.v

      And by the way JP if you are out there please let me know what you think of SS Oberfuerer Dirlewanger and his brigade of criminals the waffen SS 36th grenadiers. See JP when I was a young man I to had an admiration for the SS but I could not find a way round the infamy of that man, or the many opinions expressed by true professional soldiers in the wehrmacht from general to private on the SS brainwashed glory boys. And JP did you know about the strong links Hitler had with Rome and that the SS were modelled after the Jesuit order. It was for very good reason that our Dutch Protestant forefathers banned the papists from setting foot into the Cape colony, so don't get sucked into all that Nazis crap and remember they lost the war, so let's stop the fascinating on silly distractions and take good advice from Mike when he gives examples like how the Spaniards fought Napoleon, that we can use to fight the real Nazis of our time, that being the African national socialist Congress.

    3. Anonymous1:49 pm

      You suffer from MSM brain washing.

    4. Anonymous12:38 am

      1:49 you reckon I am brainwashed by msm where many of the journos and presenters were educated in Jesuit schools and institutions, what do you suggest I become a nazi and free myself their hold over my mind.

    5. There is nothing that we could suggest that would make an iota's worth of difference too you. You don't believe in The Bible.
      "Good: because I don't buy all that 12 tribes Israelite garbage, that he is trying to push," Really?

    6. Anonymous4:16 am

      TT I do believe in the Bible, Eph 2:8 By grace are ye saved and not works Lest any man should boast. That includes good works or your imaginary 12 tribes gene pool. I hold to the Calvinistic doctrines called TULIP and to the 1689 Baptist confession of faith, which was based on the Westminster confession, I also am a strong advocate in a man's freedom to act on his conscience where in agreement with the Bible, freedom of association, ownership of property, and arms in order to uphold the civil liberties, and protection of family and fellow citizens, as was exercised in a limited way by our old kommando units. I don't believe in any modern day false prophet, of the happy clappy sort, or otherwise, I hate cults where there is a father like figure that is supposed to have direct communication with his supposed god, and will lead his blind followers into some earthly promised land. What you say now TT.

    7. Whether you believe in the Israel identity and twelve tribes or not doesn't matter. We are getting slaughtered all over the place and the first thing we want to do is attack one of our brothers fighting for the same cause as ours.

      I will say it loud and clear. JP is my brother. If you dont agree with his views it is your prerogative and i will call you a brother as well. BUT please stop this brother bashing that is so part of our history and recent culture. Lets come together with our differences otherwise we are doomed all together.

      Do i believe in the Israel identity. Well 99% and i am still doing research every day. I keep an open mind and nothing is written in stone.

      Do i consider myself a Nazi. No but i keep an open mind.

      Keeping an open mind is my philosophy. The world was flat at one stage now it is round. Disagree with opinions, argue it but never get personal.

    8. Anonymous9:15 pm


      @Donycero11:27 AM

      There is no way to discredit the Israel identity, all one has to do is follow the footsteps of the apostles and see where they went and then connect the dots of the Churches and see how those early churches were the first missionaries that spread the word throughout the earth.

      It is through those Churches we find the gospel preached, no other nation on earth other than the Western white nations, to whom those original apostles went fufilling scripture & prophecy throughout the world.

      They are Israel, after all Yashua/Jesus told his apostles to only go but unto the house of Israel and in terms of NATIONS - they are the ONLY nations on earth that have accepted Christianity as a NATION.

      There are so many undeniable truths, facts that the Kings of Europe can all trace their ancestry to Israel. The Scotts mention it in their declaration written in the 1300s.

      Why is it that those nations, out of all the nations on Earth are the wealthies and most progressive nations, like the tide they uplifted the world... 10% of the worlds population yet the richest, best educated, Christian, laws based on biblical laws, their languages have their roots in Hebrew and the first Churches founded in France were from the apostles and in fact, the first church was set up by Lazarus who was risen up from the dead, was/is the first bishop of France.

      All one has to do is begin scratching the surface of history, archeology, taking biblical prophecy and following the apostles footsteps to know for sure who the Israelites are in the world today.

      Who is being attacked wordwide? It is those people, the Israelites who are being attacked. They dont know their identity but many are waking up to it.

      You will know them by their fruits, what fruit has Zimbabwes Cananites produced since taking over farms with the same equipment, the same land, the most "fertile land" and South Africa?

      Israel - the 10 tribes, are found in the west & are the ONLY nations to accept Christ. They are also the only nations to have spread the gospel throughout the earth.

      If one looks for all the graves of the earliest missionaries, you will find they are from European, western European descent.

      You will find that those Churches all have their foundations on the apostles and where did the apostles go?

      Matthew 15:24 He answered, "I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel."

      The entire bible, from Genisis to Revelations, is ONLY for the Israelites, no where, no page, no verse ever says....the entire world, all nations - I have yet to find anyone who can prove that sentence wrong.

      From Genesis to revelation, it is the restoration of the Adamic race. In fact we find this encoded in Genisis when we translate these names.

      Hebrew English
      Adam - To go red or blush -
      Seth - Appointed
      Enosh - Mortal
      Kenan -Sorrow;
      Mahalalel -The Blessed God
      Jared -Shall come down
      Enoch -Teaching
      Methuselah- His death shall bring
      Lamech -The Despairing
      Noah -Rest, or comfort.

      Adamic race (is) appointed mortal sorrow; (but) the Blessed God shall come down teaching (that) His death shall bring (the) despairing rest.

      We can trace Christ to Adam, listen to Mathew.

    9. Anonymous9:22 pm



      Now if Christ came for the world as all these idiot (yes, 99% of them are idiots) pastors claim, then why did the Lord say he only came for Israel and why is it that the nations can only come through to the Lord via Israel?

      & which nations have accepted Christ? It mentions it 2 chapters before the end of revelations that it is only through the restoration of Israel/ when they unite again, that all the nations can come to God - read it

      And I mentioned this parasite is a canaanite, it is a fact. This is what the Lord says about this thing....

      Zechariah 14:21
      Furthermore, at that time, there will no longer be a Canaanite in the Temple of the LORD of the Heavenly Armies." Eish, haibo - see, the Lord is all about apartheid.

      But go ask those idiot pastors and they will tell you everyone can be saved.

      The content of the bible is for Israel, the context is about Israel. Pastors/Churches seem to get confused that the entire collection of books is only for Israel (all 12/13 tribes), so when it says love your neighbor, it is in the context of Israel as was mentioned when the Israelites left Egypt in the Exodus.

      Amen & hallelujah to those who seek to find the truth.

      Im not saying Israel is superior, in fact they are worse than the heathen for backsliding - They were created to be a blessing to the world, by following the laws, they would uplift all the nations and why Apartheid/segregation was/is the only key to them being able to follow the law, hence why the world is in Chaos throughout the western world.

      1 interesting thing/fact, if you take the camps of Israel, the way they all gathered when they first moved into the promised land, if you map them out you will find they are all gathered (when they were gathered in Israel in their assigned places) if you connect the dots and draw it out, you will see the cross.

      Judah in the South, has the largest portion just like the cross. 3 Israelites gathered in 1 camp, 4 camps in total and Levi in the centre.

      Draw it out, map it out, connect the dots and you will see the cross clear as day light.

      Just an interesting note most have not seen.


      - Nothing is left by chance in those books...

    10. Dony, thanks for that, my brother. I'm glad to see that JP has held himself aloof here.

      Anon 4:16 - what I say is, I suppose it's all a matter of interpretation. I do not subscribe to any doctrines which are mostly corrupted to interpret The Bible to suit some or other political agenda. Hence, I am not a supporter of churches at all.

      Look at them today. All of a sudden Apartheid was a heinous crime against humanity [the NGK etc.]. Homosexuality and lesbianism is acceptable and a host of other abominations [most of them].

      No, my friend, I read The Word and understand it as it is written. I don't twist what is written with interpretations to suit myself. I leave the philosophizing to those more well-versed than I. All I know is that there is no way that this black parasite is of the same species as me. I don't need the 12 Tribes for proof of that as it has been scientifically proven. So, if you don't believe in the 12 Tribes how do you explain where we originated from.

      I presume the "modern day false prophet" you are referring to is Siener? Well, if you are, all I can say is can't you see his prophesies being fulfilled all around you?

      I live my life by a simple philosophy: if I can't do a good deed for my fellow man, I'll rather pass him by.

      And, as Dony has said, we need to be constructive and pull together rather than critical and destructive. Of course, it is your prerogative to disagree, but do so in a constructive manner.

      Anyway, that's my two bob's worth. I have no desire to become embroiled in a lengthy debate about individual interpretations of Christianity. I believe what I believe and will do it my way, with the support of my brothers like JP, Ninja, Dony, LTMA, Whiteman, and a host of others here on the blog.

      Have a good day and may the Lord be with you when the SHTF.

    11. Hey, look who's surfaced. Welcome back Ninja, my mate!

      Read last weeks blog and see that some people doubted you, Bud.

    12. Thanks for that Dony, no time for shit now. && Good to have you back Ninja.

    13. Yip lets pull together.

      You guys read about the arms caches all over the country being under guarded? They say you can basically walk in and take what you want. No electric fences, no booms, 2 to 3 security guards at the premises. Was in all the major newspapers over the weekend.

      Mike? article maybe?

      Dont know if these cashes have any stock left in them but if they do they just advertised to any aspiring wannabe terrorist where to find arms, bombs and ammunition.

    14. I have been saying for a long time that the enemy is the best source of weapons for the guerrilla. These are but a few places. I know of many more. Just think of all those small Police stations everywhere. The mines, the sucurity companies, etc. No, mate...I haven't been fucking arround on a blog for the last ten years. I have been making maps. The blog is just a sideshow.

    15. Good for you Mike!!! We gonna need logistics like that. And, a few good men, which seems to be the major problem.

    16. I am glad then sir. My concern however is that every dumb EFF cracker also now caries the info.

    17. Anonymous7:29 am


      @Tomkat's Tribulations12:04 AM

      Thanks, glad to be back! I have been away, needed to sort a few things out, get my head screwed on straight.

      People doubt no matter what, they always will.

      To be honest, for the last 7-8 months I have kind of in a way been in my shell, too .... to poke my head out & see whats happening in the world.

      The world is fast approaching a climax, sometimes I dont know how to deal with it. Being a watchmen, seeing the horizon & what is approaching while looking down seeing the people party, carrying on like nothing is happening...

      When I look at what Siener mentioned and I see how close we are, concerned for my fellow white South African because the people refuse to face the reality of the situation here.

      We see Russia preparing for an attack from NATO, we were told the attack would happen here in SA BEFORE it happens in Europe - so how much time do we have here?

      How long will the stand off last - I also think the British know NATOs timeline, the Brexit was well timed to not be dragged into NATOs battle.

      Which is why the English would sell out the Americans to Russia as Siener mentioned. They want to play piggy in the middle.

      The whites, OMG, the whites here. I speak from experience with family, friends and just plain old whites in this country - part of the reason I took a break. I cant believe how naive these whites are - Guess ignorance is bliss.

      When I speak to the whites, my heart sinks, it is soul destroying - obviously Im speaking to the wrong ones.

      Im not sure how Mike deals with it, or the other readers but it can be challenging when you see where this road leads to.

      Amazing how whites could gather up and get 250,000 troops to fight for a Europe they left during WWII, yet in this country we cant even gather 20,000 to fight for what is rightfully ours in our only country or even simply just prepare for what is coming.

      I would have assumed atleast 20% of the population would be willing to do so, but how naive of me to think so.

      If we could raise an army of 25% of the left over white population, we could take over Africa.

      Unless there is a country where this parasite does not exist or a future South Africa where no parasite can be found, then it is pointless even trying. We will be in the same situation again in 300 years time, they breed like, in true fashion like parasites.

      See, their fears in the US Southern States are upon them. The radicals there, like the radicals here want all black states or an all black country - that is not racist.

      Yet when we want an all white country or an all white state, then we are racists. No parasites = no racism. Multicultural society with parasites = death, rape, destruction to the white man in the long term.

      Guess thats what happens when you disobey the biblical law to remain apart.

      Seriously, If it were not for this blog and similar blogs, Im not sure what the people would do - they now search for a new hope, a new leader a new future because under these circumstances here at this present time, there is no future other than a Zimbabwe for South Africa.

      Our greatest weapon is 1st in prayer and then through the barrel of a gun. If two or more come together in my name, then it shall be given, now can not 200,000+ whites come together, join me in prayer for this nation, join each other?

      Let us pray day & night to the almighty to give us back this land and deal with the heathen as in the days of Joshua.

    18. True Dony. Was actually thinking earlier if they haven't swiped some of those weapons already.?.

    19. Anonymous1:44 pm

      That's one of the first things I started collecting after94 1:50000 and 1:250000 charts I have the whole country covered, some might be a little outdated but can always pencil changes in using Google earth. Today their was serious riots outside Ballito I reckon the country is close to erupting, if there ever was a time to take a sober reflection on the situation at hand and get everything in order, it sure is now.
      vigilans Et Sciens.

    20. Ninja 7:29 - Yes , my brother, I know exactly how you feel concerning the apathy of our fellow whites. Een here where I am the "stoere-boere" refuse to accept what's going down all around the country. To be fair to them we are far removed from the mayhem in the metropoles, but it will come here as well.

      Those that do understand are fatalistic and say, "Ag nee, ons wittes sal nooit kan saamstaan nie." It makes me so the moer-in I just want to klap them. What has happened to the spirit and camaraderie that carried us through the Bush War & Angola?

      Indeed I pray that their eyes will be opened, but I am afraid it's going to take the massacre of whites that Siener prophesied before that will happen. Unfortunately, we have to accept the fact that we are going to lose a lot of our countrymen before we'll make a stand. In the meantime, I just try and look out for my own [who also don't understand].

      Yes, with 25% of us we could take the country back. That fucking pig in the White House is pushing Putin to the brink and if he's intent on starting a war with Russia it'll have to be soon, before he vacates office? I don't think Billary will beat Trump. I hope not, anyway. The Yanks seem to be starting to realise how they are being screwed by their politicians.

      In the meantime all we can do is wait and watch . . . and pray.

      Take care, Boet.

    21. Anonymous12:21 am

      Absolutely dear brother Boere Ninja. It's good to see you're back!

      It is dishearteningly frustrating to see whites behaving like ostriches and genocide facilitators.

      All is not lost, as those of us with real faith have our Father on our side.

      If we ask we shall receive, but God's time is not ours.
      He lets every situation develop to the max (fullness of time), then he separates the wheat from the tares, to give His children enough time to see the Light.

      We can see the vengeance of our God is coming soon, for how His children have been cuckolded, used and abused by the wicked, even after all the great kindness we have shown and done in the past.

      Although Jacob, our ancestor showered his brother Esau with many gifts, jealous Esau plotted to kill obedient to God Jacob.
      Esau knowlingly bastardized his lineage,and ruined his seed line, (genes) through miscegenation with Cain's progeny. Thereby cutting himself off from the inheritance of the promise made to our forefather Isaac.
      As it is written: Romans 9:13 "Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated..."

      We have special genetic traits given to us by our Father which other races don't have. This is why we need to live under Gods laws for our own well being, and protection from parasites.

      We, of Adam and Isaac through Jacob, were created to rule the whole world under God's just laws.
      Jealous Esau, Cain's progeny, knows this and is ruling the world under his filthy laws today.

      May God give us His strength to break our chains of slavery.


    22. Yes JP's blog was shut down but i expeted that much. His news articles are to staight for a liberal. We need plenty more sites to our cause. The more the better and the harder we make it for the powers that be to shut us up.

      @Ninja. Welcome back mate, and yes i share most of your sentiments.

      Religion however is a very personal matter to me because people just argue over who is right everytime there is a dissagreement. Religion can make the best of friends and the worst of enemies at the same time. My religion differs a bit from the majority and from yours but it is not open for discussion because the end conclusion will be that both of us will see each other as on the right path but not quite enlightened to where one should be.

      I do however enjoy and apriciate your coments and spiritual insights regardless, andd miss your old blog too by the way!!!
      Exscuse spelling and grammar, using a device,

  12. Seattle10:42 am

    It's not too far fetched to imagine a time when the western white minority will be fleeing for their lives to Eastern Europe and Russia where common sense still prevails. These countries will not submit to the multiculturalism farce and probably the reason the U.S. wants a war with Russia so bad. I'm already tentatively looking at Russia, Poland and some Asian countries to expat to as Liberalism has completely infected the public school system here and the upcoming lemmings are exactly like this stupid woman in the article.

    1. Anonymous5:25 pm

      For decades we have been pitted against the "evil communists" from those countries,-I have watched several videos of Putin now and have met quite a few people from those countries, perhaps they were "evil communists", -perhaps not. The fact is that THESE days they are much more aligned with MY way of thinking. I agree with you, if our leaders continue to push the globalist multi-culti agenda then perhaps we are actually on the wrong side of the fence. Its pointless harping on about the historical genocides of Stalin, Hitler, - or even the yanks dropping atom bombs on civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If you look far back enough in history there is no nation or culture that has not committed some or other atrocity.

      What is more important is whether they have learnt from it and whether their future aligns with your expectation. I think the Nats of the 60's and 70's backed the wrong horse and should have initiated dialogue with the Soviets, -even if it was only a stalling tactic it would have bought us more time to make the homelands more viable with their own middle-class controlling the masses

    2. @ Anon 5:25 PM...After I have been to Russia and saw the beautiful Russian women I have always maintained that we should have capitulated looong ago ;-)

    3. Whiteman1:30 am

      Anonymous 5:25 PM, thanks for your clear thinking logical post ! We must remember, that it is under " christianity, " that this country was handed over to communistic sub-race barbarians ! What difference is there between false christianity, communism, islam, witch docter worship etc ? The proof of the pudding, is always in the eating. America, with their thousands of " christian " churches, have stuffed up the world. They cant even produce peace loving christian blacks, who can control and influence their rioting, destructive brothers and sisters. I also watch Putin with interest. The so called West, is like a den of lying thieves, and my money is on Putin. They are going to force him to push the BIG BUTTON first. Attack, has always been the best form of defense !

    4. Watch "Putin Issues Desperate Warning of WWIII" on YouTube


      I don't think we really comprehend how heated things are between Russia and the US at the moment..

    5. Anonymous7:10 am

      Four out of ten Americans are so-called "Christians". George W Bush was the worst kind: a "born again Christian", and look at the shit he caused in Iraq because Saddam Hussein offended his father. "This man is evil, evil, evil," he cried, "and I am Christian, Christian, Christian. We Republicans are ALL Christian, Christian, Christian. It is our DUTY to invade Iraq!"

      I wonder how Theresa May, a vicar's daughter, will get on with Angela Merkel, a pastor's daughter - if May does become next prime minister of England and Wales. You can expect a lot more shit spouting from these scumbags.

    6. Anonymous4:03 am

      Imo. Most if not all Christian churches have been infiltrated by the liberal aka communist sickness.
      I avoid them like thee plague.
      Revelations tells Christians to leave them.


    7. Mike, I agree with you about the Russian women, mate. We were indoctrinated that they all had beards, etc. If we had known the truth back then we probably would have capitulated?

    8. Mr Mister2:29 pm

      That's the difference between us and them - the progressives live in a world where they want things to fit their theory and narrative whereas we learn from past and present experiences.
      Slightly off topic, I'm considering visiting Ukraine to find a beautiful wife.

  13. Anonymous1:23 pm


    Please watch the above Rhodesian documentaries. (RSA today)

    We are where we are due to the libturds, its a hell of a mess they created.

    We turned our back on God, Please let us all face front and UNITE. WE CAN FIX THIS.

    Pray and Unite


  14. Anonymous12:53 am

    Give that pride a Bells - Lions shred poachers to pieces in Zimbabwe - http://www.thesouthafrican.com/lions-shred-poachers-to-pieces-in-zimbabwe/

    1. Anonymous4:01 am

      Anon 12:53 Nice , best story I`ve read in years.

  15. Have any of you ever googled the Jesuit Priests Charter? Very interesting reading. They want to kill all Protestants.
    There was one in particular called Aidan Troy a slimy bastard by all accounts, he is now in Paris.
    He tried in vain to discredit my people here in Ulster.
    They hate the fact that we don't buy into this holy water nonsense, or that that are powerless to control our minds.
    My family fled Europe to escape Rome. Watch out for this pope he also is a Jesuit.
    We are trying to survive here in Ulster our culture and religion is being eroded every single day.
    We have a strong resemblance to South Africa.
    Please read Massacre at the Bann, in a scale with Blood river.

    1. Anonymous7:26 am

      Satan's master plan, divide Christianity, the illuminati has infiltrated so many churches. The old plan divide and conquer.

    2. Anonymous11:53 am

      "Holy water nonsense..."

      Some years back I went to the grotto of Saint Bernadette at Lourdes in France. Religious friends had asked me to get some of the 'holy water' at the grotto.

      The water is free for the taking, but you must bring your own empty containers. I filled up some small containers for my friends, and then topped up a 1.5 litre plastic bottle for myself to take back to my hotel room.

      It tasted okay with my Bushmills - nothing special.

  16. Anonymous12:38 am

    Agree with Khaya "mudhut" Dlanga that liberalism is illogical and a mental disorder. Blacks should be left to their own devices.

    Only whites can end racism

    Khaya Dlanga

    *Comments are now closed on this article

    The greatest mistake racists make is thinking that whiteness is something to aspire towards.

    Not only do they think that you should aspire towards it, but will not accept you even if you try your hardest to act and behave in the whitest possible way. Whatever that white way is.

    Let me correct my first statement. I made a massive mistake, because racists don’t think.

    They think they think. And they think they have facts. Racists assume that whiteness is something to aspire towards.

    Black people do not aspire to be white. And before some of the racist readers are touched on their studios, there is nothing wrong with being white either. There is something wrong with being a racist because racism is illogical and a mental illness.

    more here: http://www.news24.com/Columnists/Khaya-Dlanga/only-whites-can-end-racism-20160708

    1. Anonymous9:30 am

      Well amazingly at the end of the day and after all is said and done the S.A. blacks have actually become exceptionally top notch imitators of the white nations who live within this country. They want everything to become black and they fully intend to enforce their black power authority to achieve their objectives. However since 1994 the blacks (especially here in South Africa) have deliberately set their future lifestyle, appearance and even culture based on the traditions of the former so called greedy “racist” whites. The blacks certainly have made a great fuss about their colour and openly brag about being black. Yet thereafter they make a colossal effort to become as “WHITE as possible as SOON as possible” in everything that they do in their daily deeds and walk in life. However their black culture is definitely backward which means that it would become completely worthless and insignificant within the advanced modern white technology that is thriving around the modern world of today. So without any worthwhile inventions to prove black ingenuity and a very sad, ignorant and destructive past history to show on the whole African continent they move forward looking, dressing and speaking like white people but without a hope in hell of ever truly achieving a white status. Their ignorant and stagnant minds will always be aimed in a backwards direction and as black as the ace of spades. The “WHITE GHOST” is entirely a guilty reaction brought on by their low intelligence, low self esteem, and a continual failure to productively create anything of worth. Their obsessive and compelling desire to destroy the whites will definitely and also ultimately lead to their own self destruction. Over the last century and up to this day very day so far not even one single former colonial or white ruled country in Africa has ever recovered from the total political failure of black rule. Blacks are now fleeing in their millions from a worthless war torn African continent and fleeing into the white countries all around the world. The fleeing blacks have every intentions of taking over and destroying them as well. The ignorant blacks will forever continue to live in the stark reality of the white nation’s lightning fast progress forwards in life and the incredible mind boggling inventions that the whites have produced while the blacks had been in an stationary unprogressive slumber for six thousand years. Therefore to falsely lay claim to the higher intelligence, glory and success of the white nation’s supremacy is the easiest and most convenient thing to do under the dismal black political circumstances. Black lies and fantasy rules in the minds of most blacks only and black lies and fantasy have made them the followers and imitators of the white nations upon this earth forever. Even their communist style of government that they profess to serve so faithfully today is originally a white lunatic’s mad invention. So get real you godforsaken liberal idiot and wake up to the truth and reality of what is truly going on around you! "ARSEHOLE"

    2. Anon930. Spot on Mate..

    3. Good one, Anonymous 930AM. I see our friend didn't reply, so another notch on our wall. Like Queen said: Another one bites the dust...It seems to me that blacks are the only creatures in this world who call someone who don't agree with them, racist. All other races and nations either ignore criticism against them as a race, or give counter arguments.

    4. Anonymous9:37 am

      ... He said in English. what a joke.

      For millennia africa has belonged to the Negroid. For millennia they have walked upon the earth with bare feet never once extracting the rich glimmering mineral wealth just beneath.

      For millennia the negroid has walked between the trees and never sawed one piece of lumber or created one tool.

      for millennia the negro has sat at edge of the ocean, gazing at the horizon, listening to its thunderous raw and never built one ship to visit distant lands.

      For millennia The negro has discovered nothing, built nothing, achieved nothing. They are nothing. nought, they are worse than nothing. they are regressive and take us backwards.

      I AM A RACIST and i am PROUD.

      and above all i am thankful. I thank you Lord almighty that i was not born a nigger. You endowed me with such gifts, a free spirit and above all a free mind. With these gifts i will build your kingdom on earth. I will die to protect your kingdom in the making from those who wish it destruction.

      Hail Victory my Brothers.

  17. Anonymous11:32 am

    http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11672106 The crazy mind of the multiculturalist,---they believe race is a social construct yet have no problem appealing for blood and bone marrow donors from a particular race. FOR FUCKS SAKES IF RACE WAS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT IT WOULD NOT MATTER.

    Talk about cognitive dissonance

  18. Californian9:56 pm

    I wonder how many of the European victims of Muslim/African criminal assaults were like Ms Goren? I wonder how many of these victims years ago protested against apartheid in SA? How many of them provided support to the ANC, SWAPO, ZANU and ZAPU? How many of them shook their fingers at American Southerners for segregation?

    I suppose there is some sort of karmic payback going on here. Liberals thought that third worlders were innocent little children needing some liberation and some loving from "compassionate" people like Ms Goren. Now they see their cities being trashed by "refugees," their cars burned by "immigrants," and themselves being destroyed as human beings.

    But it is the strength of liberal-left ideology that even when their third world children attack them, they still go on believing in the delusion.

    "Liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide." -- James Burnham

    1. Anonymous11:57 pm

      Anon 9:56, you described the type 2 liberal...They cannot fathom that their warped delusions are proven wrong, and thus they start blaming and accusing anybody not in sync with their bulshit thinking.

  19. Anonymous12:39 am


  20. Anonymous1:59 am


  21. Anonymous3:25 am

    Police in Berlin say 123 officers were injured in clashes with leftist protesters over the redevelopment of a district in the east of the city.

    About 3,500 protesters marched through Friedrichshain on Saturday. Some were masked and threw missiles, police said.

    The protest was the most violent in the past five years, they said.

    Tensions have risen since moves began in June to evict squatters in the area. Friedrichshain has undergone rapid gentrification in recent years.

    About 1,800 police were deployed at the protest, which began peacefully but escalated into violence. Eighty-six people were arrested, police said


    I see history repeating itself in Germany ( 1933 )
    "Reds" trying to turn Germany into a "workers-paradise"
    All I am waiting for now is the rise of the "Superman"
    It is coming
    The pendulum has swung to far to the other side
    It now needs to balance but will again swing too far in the opposite direction
    Too many distractions ( millions of poor refugees )
    Communism ( Zionism ) and "Islam" ( Jesuits ) to destroy Europe

  22. Anonymous5:22 am


  23. Anonymous8:08 am

    Goeie fok. Sy is dalk soos daai vuil Gillian Schutte wat hou van stink swart tril. Sies.

  24. Anonymous11:09 am

    Who Are The Beasts Of The Field?


    1. Thanks for this Anon 11:09. There you have it. Clear as daylight. Say no more.

      I posted it on my FB. Hopefully it'll do the rounds and piss some libtards off. hee hee hee

  25. Anonymous8:46 pm


    Hi Mike/Readers

    You are going to love this one, I nearly fell off my chair, the Southerners fear has caught up with them.

    This was the reason they freed those slaves in the 1st place, to prevent a Haiti revolution happening in their backyards - oh well it was bound to happen.

    In fact in the book Mein Kampf, Hitler warned the US what would happen if they allowed the Negroid to carry on like in South America.
    black panther leader: we want to form our own country
    Black panther, nothing more than a black terrorist aka ZANUPF & the ANC.

    A top leader of the radical People's New Black Panther Party says his group wants to gain major footholds in five Southern states to establish "our own government in a nation within a nation."


    Oh how bitter the pill must be to swallow. The white man world wide now is getting attacked by these Canaanites. Again, let me say they should all go back to their bibles and see specifically what is mentioned about this parasite.

    It should have been wiped off the face of the earth centuries ago.

    22 years after the end of Apartheid & America with all their civil rights movements, democracy, giving into blacks....

    The US in a way in a worse situation on the ground level than South Africa.

    IF you feel sorry for this thing, it will devour you and your kin.

    "I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa.

    is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and
    know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the
    intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally
    with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life
    to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but
    I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and
    they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as
    their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will
    destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who
    would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this
    status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would
    help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as
    your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you."

    Albert Schweitzer

    1. They already have a country of their own. It is called Liberia. It was created based on the American constitution for blacks to return to Africa.

      This is what Abraham Lincoln wanted. He wanted the Southerners to free their slaves so the slaves could return to Africa. Lincoln understood demography and what would happen when blacks are kept as slaves and eventually outbreed Whites. For that he was assassinated.

      Nevertheless when we in SA gave blacks their own countries to rule themselves we were scorned by the world.

      That "Quote" by Schweitzer is bollocks by the way.

    2. Anonymous5:06 am

      Welcome back BN - we missed you!

    3. Anonymous6:46 am


      I know Mike, I simply cant understand how weak the white man is in todays world. Why the hell does he simply not kick them out.

      Always feeling sorry for these things.

      I read that the Schweitzer quote was wrong or bullshit but cant find 100% proof it is fake or that he didnt say it. Whoever wrote that, knows like we know, that this parasite is a effing curse upon the earth.

    4. Anonymous11:42 am

      Yes BN, its good to see your sharp intellect and spiritual awareness here again. Tom

  26. And there are some people out there who see this lot as some kind of threat?
    Hopeless, the whole fucking bunch.

  27. Whiteman2:52 am

    Mike please clarify the facts about Schweitzers quote. I have also been led to believe it, because it is so logic, and you see the reality of it every day ? If Lincoln really believed he could sen the blacks back to Africa, he was a total dreamer. Throughout history, rich men have had slaves, no matter what race or colour. They bring you wealty, comfort, ( sex ? ), and for the power hungry types, that cherished, warm feeling of power over other people. No normal person will willingly part with his/her " slave wealth ! " And this will be our downfall, because there are just too many whites in this country, who have become addicted to their " slave wealth." Many whites do not have an alternative, and I do feel sorry for them. But the slaves have now taken over. And the masters, who think they are still the masters, are only bluffing themselves !

  28. Anonymous3:24 am

    Did u see that post doing the rounds on social-media about that guy who got kicked to death by 12? Looking at the photos u can see his gun lying next to him.
    I wonder what happened there? It made me remember something my grandfather told me decades ago, 'never try to scare some one off with a gun, if the gun comes out its firing, if you're not willing to use it u will be beaten'.

    1. The gun was a plant for the pic which the savages themselves took. The guy never owned a firearm in his life his family have confirmed.

    2. http://www.whitenationnetwork.com/paper/?p=50497

      Interesting . . .

  29. Whiteman5:56 am

    Anonymous 3:24, you make SUCH an important point ! If you are not willing to kill your enemy, black or white, with your gun, you should NOT own a gun. End of story. And if your weapon has fallen into the hands of a criminal, because you are such a nice peace loving person, you are a criminal yourself. Because that weapon can, and will be used, to harm your REAL fellow man/woman. If you dont even know who that is, then maybe you need a real life demonstration, to wake up !

  30. Anonymous8:17 am

    Here is the real enemy facing whites in SA - the enemy within your own kind. A house divided will fall:


  31. Anonymous10:51 am


  32. Anonymous11:23 am


    Normal bullshit article.
    Some of the comments are interesting..

    "This probably explains the general ambivalence of most Canadians when it comes to first nations' issues. Because we pay and pay, and we generally seem to be fine with that, but if you're asking us to prostrate ourselves on the floor in contrition, well, that's probably asking too much."

  33. Whiteman2:23 pm

    Am I the only person to notice how the politicians, all over the world, are flip flopping all over the place ? Like a fish, just pulled out of the water ? Politicians have always been masters at speaking with " forked tongue, " but hell, why make it so OBVIOUS ! The sins of the USA is definitely catching up with them. Have you noticed, as soon as they have race problems, the " slavery horse " is saddled, and given a good whipping. Obama is shedding tears, because the rainbow dream is just not comming together. We have exactly the same problem here. I am convinced, the word Apartheid, is already used on Mars, because it is SO powerful, and important !

    1. Anonymous1:42 am

      Whiteman, yes, the politician puppets are desperate. They know their time is short and can see many whites are waking up via the unforeseen consequences of the internet.
      They see white's are waking up to the realization that they've been had.

      The rotten cuck spawn are committing own political suicide by literally flogging "the evil white" lie to death.


    2. Anonymous5:02 am

      the new weapon in use globally to destroy the white masses is:

      'weapons of mass migration'

    3. Anonymous8:25 am

      They got fuck all else to use. Nothing gets past that thick boned contraption that they call a head!

  34. I like...


  35. Anonymous5:10 am

    Black lives matter ??? the way the Nigs act in the Hood (neighborhood) that is , knocking up their females then running away to the next , couldnt give a fuck about their spawn blm ?? my arse, the way the single females with money for hairhats bring up their spawn , undisciplined , the lost just brings himself up and joins the multitude of gangs to be de man.
    Blm racist as it is thinking the way they conduct themselves compared to other races, they are just owed to by everyone but themselves, we just dont want them anymore , my wall just got higher.
    Its the same with these sand fleas that multiply and then swarm over to our territories to start practicing the outdated beliefs and barbaric actions.We dont want them amongst us. Non of these and the Nigs have ever , EVER invented anything.