04 July 2016

The SABC's censorship circus

By Mike Smith 4th of July 2016

We knew it all along and the Liberal twats have been denying it. The former SABC boss, Jimmy Matthews, has admitted that the public broadcaster manipulated the news and coverage of opposition parties such the DA, COPE and the EFF.

SABC admits to News Manipulation

Now...who seems more upset? The Liberal idiots who for years sang the praises of the ANC.

Charl Blignaut of City press said “Voices critical of the governing party have steadily been silenced at the SABC for years already, notably under the reign of chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng. Mostly as a result of his personal decrees, there have been talk shows pulled; satirical adverts banned; documentaries canned; a policy decision to cut the use of external commentators and political analysts; a sunshine editorial decision to broadcast 70% good news... “

The case against SABC protest coverage

Matthews resigned last week under a cloud as the furore at the state broadcaster continued.

In his resignation letter, Matthews said Motsoeneng (Chief Operating Officer) had fostered a climate of censorship and political pandering at the SABC, resulting in the suspension of several journalists.

Mathews said: “People are being bludgeoned to toe the line under threat of dismissal.”

Motsoeneng’s reign of terror

But insiders say Matthews himself was the main culprit. One told City Press how he would cut voices (what is called “upsounds”) out of scripts to reduce the visibility of some politicians.

Another told Rapport, “It is Jimi who tampered with stories and refused to broadcast”, referring to the SABC’s refusal to show violent protests.

And to think they complained abaout the Apartheid government's censorship. Now it's ten times worse.


  1. Anonymous4:03 am

    Nice little "regime" you libs brought up, huh?

    Don't go away yet lefty looney libbies, there is much more to come. The show has only just started.

  2. Mike, give Matthews credit for resigning. He did say that he had done things that went against his conscience.

    I am glad to see that some people can still stand up and admit to their mistakes.

  3. Wonderfull. Full of smiles.!

    Haven't had TV for 8 years now, SABC or DSTV.. Saved R72 000 over 8 years on DSTV subscription and TV license.. Not bad Nigé..

    1. Anonymous7:35 am

      Let me guess Carlo Tito Internet huh boet lol

    2. Anonymous9:33 am

      And even if you had a TV, there's nothing they can do if you don't pay the license and ignore them.

  4. Anonymous6:06 am


    1. @ anon 6:06 AM. Just another reason to push for our own country.

      Nobody is ever truly free in life unless you give up everything and go live in the jungles or deserts where politicians cannot fuck with your life but at least we as white people and humans do still respect certain values.

    2. Anonymous7:59 pm

      LTMA.9:17 AM
      Right on pal nothing in life is free and the facts that have been revealed to me in life so far is that it is an unwritten way/law also within the vast unknown number of universes that surrounds this little planet. I therefore see Freedom only as a challenge to mankind and not as a privilege. Show me one challlenge that is overcome in life without a single sacrifice being made and I will gladly and humbly retract every word of my statement. Freedom (in my eyes and mind)is a word used as an excuse to insight and unite the lazy loathful political fools of fantasy into a mental mode of thuggish, destructive and criminal activity. Freedom is a word without meaning or direction and that is the only freedom that mankind will ever get from it.
      Regards from: Yendor.

      LTMA.9:17 AM

  5. Anonymous9:46 am

    Sorry, off topic but important because we are all part of the "global village".

    Did the Saudi's do 9/11?

    FBI declassified information out with links to actual documents.


  6. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Well, if I'm not mistaken, most of those journos who are now complaining has so far feverishly opposed / censored right wing politics... karma can be such a bitch.

    Ja boet, life's a beach, and then you fry...

  7. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Hlaudi Motsoeneng - SABC Chief Operating.

    The only thing that he should be a chief of is a tribe.

  8. Foeta en Suna, kry vir jou n lekker truksvy...dorings en al, reg in jou hol.

  9. Anonymous11:03 pm


    The African National Clowns are amazing, everyday live comedy. You couldn't dream this shit up. Truly fucking amazing!

  10. Anonymous11:39 am



  11. Great blog, Mike! I hope all the readers realise that the main reason for this recent escalation in media censorship is actually to influence the up coming municipal elections next month in favour of the ANC...