06 July 2016

The report on the Chilcot Report

By Mike Smith
7th of July 2016

I have been following the Chilcot report’s release yesterday seven years after it was initially convened.

For those who do not know, it is about Tony Blair’s lap-dog backing of George Bush to invade Iraq in 2003, together with over forty “coalition” countries, without UN support or backing.

Despite the 12 volumes and 2,6 million words, there is not much new in the report. It is what we said all along. These lying bastards flagrantly and illegally violated international law to destroy the cradle of civilization, invade a nonbelligerent country and rape it for control and profit.

There were no links between Al Qaida and Iraq. There were no weapons of mass destruction. Sadam Hussein posed no imminent threat to the West and the war was totally avoidable and of course the intelligence agencies knew that it would make terrorism worse, which it did.

They call that “intelligence”, when anybody with half a brain could have told them that.

Blair acted internally on his own, willfully lied, mislead parliament, his senior ministers and Britain’s public - inventing a nonexistent threat “with a certainty that was not justified,” said Chilcot.

The War on Iraq was entirely based on lies and followed up with genocidal crimes, yet neither Bush nor Blair will be held accountable or ever be tried for crimes against humanity.

Between 150,000 and 1 million dead Iraqi’s, Depending on which study you want to believe (casualties of the Iraq war) , 4,500 dead American soldiers, 179 dead Brits before the UK pulled out in 2009, 139 dead from other countries and 1,500 mercenary “contractors” dead…and the lying bastard Tony Blair is unrepentant, According to him the world is a better place today.

Yes...It is...and  because of idiots like Tony Blair  I have to take off my belt at every damn airport check-in in the world today.

Everytime I think about the Americans and the Brits in the Middle East I have to think about what Colonel Younghusband said.

Sir George John Younghusband was a British cavalry officer who fought in India, Afghanistan, Burma, wounded in the Second Anglo Boer War and finally fought in the First World War. In 1908 he wrote a book called “The Story of the Guides” in which he quoted a Pathan (Pashtun) saying.

For those who do not know, The Pashtuns are an extremely warlike race who loves fighting. They are classified as “East Iranian”, but found in Northern India, Pakistan and are the majority population of Afghanistan today. These are the people from the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the “Mujahedeen”.

For the Pathan saying is: “First comes one Englishman, as a traveller or for shikar (hunting); then comes two and make a map; then comes an army and takes the country. It is better therefore to kill the first Englishman.”


  1. Anonymous9:38 pm

    What I find hilarious about the whole business is just how stupid these people are and just how stupid they think we must be. Billions of dollars wasted , hundreds of thousands dead, injured, lives destroyed and this sanctimonious little ratfaced fuck tells us the " world is a better place without Saddam Hussein".

    For Fucks sakes, I could have done the job with a sniper rifle for $50k and all this shit would have been avoided,---just how stupid do these fuckers really think we are?

    Its insulting for crying out loud.

    1. Anonymous11:54 pm

      Yes but the really sad fact is that we are (the masses anyway) as thick as they think we are. The majority have bought into this lie.

      How many do you think really understand the second world war, and the satanic atrocity AGAINST Germany - few, very few.
      Most believe the lie of the evil Hitler - and history is written by the victor.

    2. Believe it. Most people are still sleeping, but our people are waking fast now and in numbers.

    3. Yeah guys, just as the believe in the "evil" of Apartheid and that Dr. Verwoerd was a bad guy. I think his huge intellect embarrassed the arseholes of the world so he had to go.

    4. Anonymous3:58 am

      Anon 11:54 PM refers} 'HELLSTORM: Exposing the real genocide of Nazi Germany.'
      Check it out!!

    5. @ Anon. "Exposing the real genocide"....

      You mean to say the other one was not a real one?

      Maybe you should go to the Jewish museum in Berlin. I have been there three times already.

    6. Anonymous9:29 pm

      Mike says “Maybe you should go to the Jewish museum… and so on and so forth”.
      And round and round we go, and the PTB laugh their arses off.
      Jesus wept.

  2. https://youtu.be/PCJ8JqtGahQ

    1. Anonymous12:04 am

      I like his comment:

      'a lion does not care if a monkey in a tree is laughing at him'

    2. Saddam wasn't stupid..

      Here's something else to chew on.. Mike have you watched it.?

      Watch "JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick" on YouTube


    3. Anonymous3:17 am

      Anon : 10:48 Its all about the Money, the Oil, the Gold etc.
      The real threat of Saddam Hussein and Col Gadhafi were their intention of trading Oil in Gold instead of USD.


  3. Anonymous11:01 pm

    Many a UK soldier living on the streets, kicked to the curb when your services expire. Refugees come from Iraq and get all the benefits. It really doesn't make sense.

    That right Mike, every airport is a pain in the ass thanks to Bush & Blair.

    1. Anonymous12:10 am

      I did not begin with Bush and Blair and it won't end with them. Anyone elevated to these lead roles just carries on the agenda which has been in existence for decades if not centuries.

      Onward march to a global dictatorship. Those who resist or get in the way will be destroyed.

    2. Anonymous2:41 am

      Anon: 11:01 Yes the Airport security is a pain, but I would rather have that than having to have a nasty device and Evil Zombie on board 10 Ks up. Pan Am over Scotland proved that. All the Tango Acts from these and beyond , and still the Obuma Merkels Hollandes and the Rest are Ignorant and shut a bLind Eye. We lived through it in SA and the Israelis were confronted with it.
      In Germany anyone saying anything against this Bundestag Ignorance , is classified as Nazi practicing Hatespeech and is quickly relieved of his hard earned Money through Fines. Hence the Silents .

    3. Anonymous2:41 am

      Anon 12:10 Spot on.

  4. 3 profound speeched..

    Watch "PAUL HARVEY FREEDOM TO CHAINS 1965" on YouTube


    Watch "JFK - The Speech That Killed Him" on YouTube


    Watch "If I were the Devil - Paul Harvey's 1965 speech (Extended Version)" on YouTube


  5. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Bush senior had a personal vendetta against Saddam, his son just did the dirty work for his dad.

  6. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Agree - and I am an Englishman. But one must be sure to have a proper perspective/understanding of this. The seat of evil is in the UK - but not the common people/sheeple.

    The 'globalist agenda' is being led from Britain. 'Order out of chaos' is their motto. Supposed enforcement of'democracy' their method.

    Look at these pictures. You could add Johannesburg SA to these and see the pattern - 'order out of chaos'. This is their agenda - first destroy, then introduce the globalist solution - a One World global government.


    1. Anonymous2:46 am

      Anon: 11:48 Excellent Article and Fact.

    2. Anonymous2:56 pm

      Ja 11:48 Englander and yet the public representatives in the House of Commons voted by majority for invasion of Iraq, and Tommy made sure he could pass the medical so he could join his mates in one or other Queens regiment, an go to Iraq an give em sadams a right ole boo-in.
      You English bastards went on and on about my generations supposed national sin called apartheid. But from now on when ever I hear an English voice (r u awe rie mate) I will make mention of your national war mongering sin, and the hypocrisy of it all Whitehall takes our apartheid military technology the Casspir APC and use it to keep blighty safe from the roadside bombs in Iraq. I am sure some of your older BBC journos must have scratched their Heads thinking to themselves, where have I seen that vehicle before.

      Nothing has changed with old brittania between 1899 and today ,except your politicians have learnt how to better spin their lies and excuses.

    3. Anonymous11:42 pm

      Anon 2.56
      Listen you self righteous bonehead dutchman. Lets not forget the Boers part in world war which you are so proud of. They helped destroy Germany.

      This wheel of deceit keeps going round. Now it's Syria's turn.

      Stop pointing fingers at the dumb and mislead masses. Don't forget you dumb dutchman voted for your democracy. You dumb twats. Now enjoy it.

      Not nice to be verbally attacked is it? So stay with the real issue - white genocide, not nationality.

      I bet you are one of those who wear khaki and blue/green shirts with rugby socks and shorts. Oh and the veldskoen.

    4. Anonymous1:49 am

      Yes anon 2.56
      and lay off slagging the pom accent. Maybe you are not aware but being an Afrikaaner is not the flavour of the month. You would do well to obtain a new accent yourself.

    5. Anonymous2:12 am

      No English bastard I don't wear khaki like your SAS celebrities, I spend most of my day in a blue overall working hard to keep a roof over my head and a plate of food on my table.

    6. Anonymous6:55 am

      Anon 2.12
      yes, we are therefore in the same boat - on common ground. So stop the nationality slagging and focus on the real enemy. Die swart gevaar. And no I am not a bastard, but you are still a persecuted dutchman. So lets tackle this together.

  7. To me when i see CNN reporters (CIA operatives) pushing an angle on their reporting i always wonder what is the objective.

    When Iraq was overthrown it was all positive reporting. Now many years later they are pushing a negative angle on it. The report is quite damning to Bush and Blair to be fair but we all knew this was bulshit and illegal at the time. Why were they pushing the overthrow without evidence?

    My take is they are not going to burn Bush and Blair for this. Not at all. CNN have an objective with every report they place in favor of the globalist elite.

    1. Anonymous3:34 am

      Yes, they are going to use this 'atrocity' to introduce a new globalist law to prevent this happening again. Like after the world wars i.e. the United Nations.
      The solution is a global government, global military, global currency... and with all this - a global dictatorship.

      But first they have to show how the world as it is, is a mess. With financial crisis, poverty, wars/terrorism, religious intolerance etc etc

      Introduce order out of chaos. But they initiated/controlled the chaos.

    2. Anonymous3:56 am

      Its easy to come clean after the damage has been done and you have collected your pay cheque. Note all the State Dept officials and CIA agents and other spook types and analysts that were siging the tune with all their might back when these wars were all building up.

      Now they're all appearing on news programs and other shows outing how corrupt and evil the whole thing was and all the lies that were peddled and the false flags engaged. Fuck them. The time to speak up was then not now. They were complicit and should be treated as such.

  8. People, check out this movie. Here's an ex-pat chick who has done something very constructive. Spread it far and wide, mense.


  9. Correct Mike. They're all fucking criminals. It's sickening to watch the video link that Anon 11:48 posted and what they did to an innocent man.

  10. Whiteman1:14 am

    Lets face it, the world stage has never been so chaotic, and volatile, as we are seeing it today ! I think most thinking people agree, that the money men are working towards a New World Order, for various reasons. On a more practical level, we have the world wide weapons industry, and all the related industries, who feed and support this MONSTER ! Has anybody ever put a value on this, moneywise, and in terms of labour ? It is so big, it can not be allowed to fail, because the world would collapse. And this "monster " is hungry, and must be fed all the time. So there HAS to be wars, ALL the time. Not only that, but the wars must get BIGGER all the time, because there is BIG money, in weapons and/or wars. But there can be no war, if you dont have people to shoot. That is where you and I come in. We are the canon fodder, ( collateral dammage is such a nice, innocent word ! ), which makes these despots richer, every day !

    1. White man, not to be a doomsday prophet but the reality is that if earth can survive another 25 years it will be a miracle.

      I am not talking about mankind, I am speaking of our host mother earth.

      We have exhausted all the natural resources and the forest are now been harvested at an alarming rate.

      The ocean is fast being depleted of fish supply's and the air is poisoned past reconditioning.

      Now mate, all that money and all that power means fuck all when you cannot breathe or are starving.

      If there is a war let's enjoy it, fuck, it really will beat dying of oxygen starvation or malnutrition.

      I do believe as a species we should stand up to these fuckers and say enough is enough but unfortunately, enough is never enough for the human species. We always want more than we need.

    2. Anonymous3:58 am

      The earth will survive and replenish. It is us that will be kicked to the curb. Nature doesn't tolerate being fucked with.

    3. Anonymous8:00 am

      Agreed. The planet suffers in proportion with the human population and its degree of technology. Less humans = healthier planet. We lose sight of the fact that the NWO order needs us and that simple fact means that it is not guaranteed that they will get what they want, we may still be victorious. One thing is for certain, once the shit goes down, like ww3, the human species will have a massive shift in collective consciousness. Our intelligence, technology and the planet will become a mutually beneficial symbiosis if we do not allow the NWO to win. This is what keeps me in the fight, the chance of a better tomorrow. I mean what would the motivation be to fight if we were guaranteed to lose? Nah, stay strong, speak out, hold true and screw the masses who look at you like you're a looney, the idiots will not survive what is coming our way, only the strong and prepared will make it. And we want only the strong and prepared because anyone else will only repeat the same mistakes that they couldn't identify the last time around.

  11. Anonymous3:04 am

    Meanwhile back at home, almost 4000 farm attacks with almost 2000 brutally murdered, with 1200 farmers slaugtered. But not a fucking peep from our gavamunt. But when one or two ANC members were whacked a special investigation from the Hawks was quickly comisioned due to the perceived political nature of the killings.

  12. Anonymous3:39 am

    First comes one Boer, as a wanderer or for shikar (hunting); then comes two and make a lager; then comes a Kommando and takes the country. It is better therefore to kill the first Boer.”
    Well Mr Smith ( following your logic ) seems you know what was going through the head of Dingane when he killed poor old Piet Retief and the rest of his party

    Not so ?

    1. Anonymous7:38 am

      Anon 3:39...true, but dikgatdaan made one mistake, he killed the first boer, but then failed to kill the rest. In fact, his ass was kicked big time not long after. He even instructed his impis to stay away from the Boers after that big poes klap. A very wise move even today.

    2. Anonymous8:51 am

      First comes one black, as a beggar. Then comes another and they multiply and demand everything is theirs. Then comes the black army and kills everything in sight. It is after all better to kill the first black.


    3. Anonymous9:48 am

      First comes one black refugee in Europe for benefits and rape. Then comes a wave of munts.

      Better to kill the first refugee, no?

    4. Anonymous10:20 am

      Anonsense 3:39 Imagine that ? had the Boer not come , you would be still spearing and knobkeiring each other, and would be running like in snoop dogs song run mtf run , run Nigger run, and spread out all over the show like in shaka`s time.
      Hell you would be impaled for your "insolence" . SA would be a war zone with the Zulu`s moering all the smaller tribes and taking from them, a kind of Looting (raiding) to survive, starvation would be the norm , actually Death would be like blessing if it was to have stayed like it was.
      SA would have become a War Zone in later years with the Super powers struggling for its Resources and it wouldnt have lasted if it wasnt for the those damned Boers that built this Country to a power house , that the West envied and were only to happy to betray , to quench their jealousy . Oh How brainwashed you lot are to believe those that run it now are draining it and blame the Boer . Wonder how long it will last ?

    5. @Anon 3:39 AM...Following YOUR logic...First comes one Xhosa from Transkei looking for a job in Cape Town, then comes two and they build a shack in Hout Bay. Next they are bussed in by the ANC in their thousands and create townships like Khayalitsha...It is better therefore to kill the first Xhosa.

    6. How the fuck is the logic that allows them to come and squat in unhygienic conditions and then the rate payers of the Cape have to foot the bill of providing services for the parasites?
      I heard a Coloured on the radio one night asking what the fuck the things were doing in the Cape. He should rather start talking to his gangster buddies and get them to sort out the problem.
      It pisses me off no end. They've also bussed them in here and there is no work for them, but the cANCer doesn't care about that.

    7. Anonymous8:21 am

      After the battle of Blood River the Dutch Emigrant Farmers could have carried on and wiped out the Zulu ( or could they )

      WHY did they not do so ?

      Perhaps because Blood River was NOT the end of the Zulu power.
      WHY was it left to Mpande to defeat the forces of his half brother Dingane ?

      WHY did the Voortrekkers reach agreement and make a treaty with Mpande ?
      ( and keep a whole lot of -- inboekelinge )


      IF one had to tell the truth the "Boer" would rather not fight if he did not have to and was not forced to

  13. Anonymous4:31 am

    Whilst Rome burns, the media assault on Blair and Bush continues. I'm no great fan of either, but it is a simple diversion. Hey broer, look over there, a Weaver bird! We experience diversions on a near daily basis in the States. Something for the proles to busy themselves with. ME conflicts should be avoided at all costs. In fact, most conflicts should be so 'avoided.' Thousands of years of regional tribal history must surely prove they're quite handy enough at killing themselves. For root causes of conflict, I tend to 'follow the money' vs the politics. One could argue for sex, but the more common default appears to be money.

    Regards, Besoeker

    1. Anonymous9:15 am

      Yeah the sex is the bonus.

    2. Anonymous10:23 am

      Besoeker, its exactly what they do, when everyone was criticizing merkelchen about her refugee politics, she started saying germany is in for war problems regarding ukraine etc. to take the focus off her.

  14. http://businesstech.co.za/news/business/128732/south-africas-white-population-is-shrinking/
    Guys check this article, very up to date. +-70000 less whites than 2011, its not specific on the reasons but il take a guess and say murders and immigration. Take note of the comments. People are awake!

  15. Anonymous10:31 am

    I see that one of the suspects (Lebohang Rethabile Lekoro) behind the murders of the Groot Brak couple is described as having a BROWN complexion:


  16. Anonymous2:06 pm

    I love how libtards when confronted by the multitude of whites that have been murdered are always so quick to say: "Lets not forget the 350 000 other South Africans senselessly murdered. So because the savage is an equal opportunity murderer we must get on our knees and be grateful?

    Fucking idiots are too stupid to see how their arguments cement the fact that blacks murder better than they do anything else.

  17. Anonymous4:52 pm


  18. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Breaking news. #BlackLivesMatter the terrorist group just killed 4 police in Dallas and injured 6 others.

    1. WWRW World Wide Race War.

      Its coming.

  19. Anonymous12:22 am

    Five police officers now dead, many others wounded on the heals of our feckless Kenyan master's televised, kak stirring comments regarding the recent noble savage shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota. What an amazing coincidence. Law enforcement are now encouraging people to avoid downtown Dallas, TX. Full-blown 'Ferguson Effect.' The urban takeover has begun.

    Sadly, all of this was very predictable.


    Link: http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/dallas-county/breaking-shots-fired-and-officers-down-at-downtown-dallas-protest/266881573

  20. Whiteman4:23 am

    Friends, this is a very significant occurance ! I am no prophet, or clairvoyant, but I try to analise things in a logic realistic manner. The USA fought a very bloody civil war, long time ago. The black slaves were a very important ingredient. I can see how history can repeat itself again. And the black " ingredient, " will again put flame to the powder keg ! But obama has saddled the " gunfree USA " horse again. All I can say is : Dream on, black boy !