19 July 2016

The lies around the African love story of Sir Seretse Khama and Lady Ruth Williams

Sir Seretse Khama and Lady Ruth Williams

By Mike Smith

19th of July 2016

I stopped going to the cinema about 10-15 years ago. One day I woke up and found that I just couldn’t stomach all this blatant, in your face, politically correct bullshit anymore. At the time the best movies on the circuit were animated ones and that says a lot about the quality of the crap that flowed from Hollywood.

Nevertheless, a while ago a read an article about a new film supposed to be released later this year about the love story of Botswana’s first president Sir Seretsi Khama and his white English wife Ruth Williams.

New film tells explosive tale about late Botswanan President

The film will be called “A United Kingdom” and Seretse Khama will be played by British Actor, David Oyelowo and Ruth Williams will be played by Rosamunde Pike. The director is Amma Asante, the black British screenwriter and director.

I have not seen the movie yet, but judging from the write-up that it got it is going to be a major hit and they are already polishing several Oscars for it.

Problem is that every good story needs a villain and when there is none, well you just invent one.

And so it is in the case of the movie about Sir Seretse Khama and his wife Lady Ruth Williams.

The movie makers had to first find a villain and secondly find a way to take a slap at whites like they always do. They didn’t have to look very far or for very long, because of course right next door to Botswana was the evil empire of the White Apartheid regime…So evil was it that at the time of Botswana’s independence in 1966 more Tswanas were living and working in South Africa (800,000) than living and working in Botswana itself (500,000).

Nevertheless, the movie makes it out as if the white South African regime was about to launch Apartheid at the time, when in fact it was already instituted by the British who also created the three black homelands of Betschuanaland, Lesotho and Swaziland.

…And of course these evil white Afrikaners did not want a black guy married to a white women living just across the border from them. Bad PR for their crap ideology of Apartheid, see? So it caused a diplomatic crisis….whoooo!

Now get this. The NP of South Africa came to power in June 1948 winning the elections with a slight majority after a coalition with the Afrikaner Party. Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams met a year earlier in 1947 and got married in September of 1948.

So they, the evil white Afrikaans bastards of little South Africa who just came to power, pressured the Mighty British Empire to break up the relationship between Seretse and his wife to be.

Sorry, but the word “Bullshit” seems to drift past my brain.

Nevertheless, the story tellers want us to believe that…Not Seretse’s uncle or his own protesting family and tribe of the Bamangwato people who ostracized him; not the British who banned him from his own country for five years (changed to “indefinitely” after the Tories returned to power) and forced him to give up his claim as prince of his tribe. Not the Bishop of London, Dr William Wand, who refused to marry them and instructed the whole Anglican Church to do the same; Not her father George who threw Ruth out of the house for wanting to marry a black dude; Not her boss at Lloyds of London who offered her a transfer to New York or be sacked (which she took)…

…No…White Afrikaans South Africa, and of course evil Apartheid were the pigs in the story and are to blame.

Even the liberal darling, Trevor Huddleston, later the archbishop of the Indian Ocean and a sainted opponent of apartheid, advised Sir Evelyn Baring, the High Commissioner to South Africa as well as Bechuanaland, against recognizing Seretse Khama as chief of the Bamangwato; though he later regretted it…

Funny enough, at the time of independence, one could see how well Britain looked after Botswana and how logically they administered it.

Botswana, that should have been part of the Union of South Africa in 1910 and the Homeland of the Tswana people, had its capital city, Mafikeng, outside of the country in the Cape Province of South Africa up until 1965.

At the time of independence, enrollment of school children in Botswana was only half that of Lesotho and only one fifth that of South Africa. Its pupil teacher ratio in secondary education was 11:1, primarily because of the small number of schoolchildren in this grade.

In 1961, UNESCO reported that there were only 30 teachers employed at secondary education so that the number of children in secondary schools at the time was a mere 330 in the entire country. By 1966 it rose to a wonderful 1,409.

Of course Botswana had no university of its own. The first one, the University of Botswana was established in 1982. So poor Sir Seretse Khama had to go and study at Fort Hare in the evil White South Africa (horror of horrors) and at Oxford in England, where he met his wife.

Of course, at the same time, the evil, bad, Apartheid, South Africa was producing thousands of highly skilled black teachers every year, from ten black universities (five in SA, five in the homelands), many of whom were Tswana speaking.

The money the 37,000 Tswana mine workers in SA sent home was the bread and butter of their country and before the Pula was introduced in 1976, Botswana used the South African Rand as its currency. A Rand was worth more than the US dollar, in fact one Rand was worth US$1.40 from the time of its inception in 1961 until 1982, when mounting political pressure combined with sanctions placed against the country due to apartheid started to erode its value.

Britain developed Botswana so well that at independence in 1966 it had no industries of any importance and about 98% of the people made a living through raising cattle. The amount of people earning regular salaries were less than 13,800 and almost all employed by the government. Botswana's only railway line was the was the South Africa-Rhodesia line which ran from Mafikeng in the Cape to Bulawayo in Rhodesia and was operated by Rhodesia Railways. This line carried all of Botswana's imports and exports. South Africa was the market for 40% of all Botswana’s exports.

At Botswana’s Independence Day celebrations, South Africa’s minister of foreign affairs, (one of those evil stupid ignorant, Apartheid “Dutchmen”) Dr Hilgard Müller, a Rhodes Scholar who earned a doctorate in law from Oxford, was an honorary guest of President Khama and the furniture in the office of Botswana’s president was a gift from the evil whites of Apartheid South Africa.

Incidentally in the other British protectorate of Lesotho, the Speaker of the House of Assembly also sits on an elaborately carved stinkwood chair – also a gift from the evil, bad, white scum regime of the former Apartheid South Africa.

Nevertheless, Sir Seretse Khama and his governing Democratic Party was so in love with the liberation movements that in early 1966 he published a document which not only attacked the opposition Botswana National Front as a “Communist front organization”, but rejected out of hand any O.A.U. proposal which smacked of “liberation movements” or which could bring Botswana into any kind of confrontation with White South Africa.

Whereas Britain, in the last five years of administration, gave anti-South African terrorist elements like the ANC and SWAPO free rein in Botswana, the new President, Sir Seretse Khama was cracking down on them, banning several members of the ANC leadership and eight members of the SWAPO leadership. The leader of SWAPO, Sam Nujoma, was declared a prohibited immigrant and had to move his base to Tanzania.

Of course there will always be those who say that the Apartheid government coerced their neighbours, threatened them and destabalised them, but this is very far from the truth.

In 1964, Sir Seretse Khama told reporters in New York,

“I think South Africa knows very well they stand for one thing – Apartheid – while we stand for the exact opposite, therefore we can never agree on ideology. But they have not tried to intervene in our affairs or to influence us in any way, and we have no reason to expect that they will try to do so in the future”.

So the mind boggles…if Apartheid South Africa tried so hard to break up the relationship between Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams, then why was he so friendly towards South Africa?

Of course we cannot allow facts, truth and uncomfortable questions to come in the way of a good story now, can we?

Nevertheless, after Seretse’s death, Ruth stayed on in Botswana and did charity work for the Red Cross. Her eldest son Ian Khama became the current president of Botswana in 2008, 28 years after his father’s death.

Ironically, there was a ripple of surprise in 1990 when her other son, “Tony”, one of the twins Tsekedi and Anthony, announced that he wanted to marry a South African white girl, an Afrikaner girl nogal, from the rural Afrikaner stronghold of Rustenberg across the border.

Funny how history has a tendency to repeat itself.

Lady Khama warned that there might be some trouble with conservative tribal elders. Funny enough, there were no objections from any of the white Afrikaners.

Of course Tsekedi, the other twin, is married to an Israeli, Thea…but that is a story for another day.

Main source: "The Third Africa", Dr Eschel Rhoodie.


  1. Yeah Mike I understand the point you are making in this article. The British are liars and deceitful. To be honest the British devils must LIE because they have the most disguisting history of all humanity.
    If the sheeple are told the truth, the whole world would call for Britain to wiped off the face of the earth.

    Let me make just a few small tiny points to show how wonderful and great British history.

    1. The biggest drug dealer in history is the white English.
    2.The biggest rapist in the entire history of mankind is the white English.
    3.The greatest genocidal maniac in the entire history of mankind is the white English.
    4.The greatest thief in the entire history of mankind is the white English.
    5.The biggest pimp in the entire history of mankind is the white English.
    6.The greatest racist in history was the white English.
    7.The nation that started the most wars based on lies is the white British.
    9.The biggest dead beat dad in history is the white English. They sired children starting from India/China, down through Africa, going now to the Americas and then the Asian islands. The white English never took care of even one of those children.
    10.The British caused the two world wars because they were jealous. Who ever reads the history leading up to the two world wars will know that the British were pushing all nations to adopt a hostile attitude to Germany.

    The British have nothing nice portray their history. So you must know even before a movie is made. It is already all lies. Because there is nothing special about the British.Everybody knows the British are the children of Satan. It is no secret.
    The Africans dont like the British/Americans/Isrealies. The Asians dont want them. The Arabs dont want them. The South-Americans dont want them. The Europeans dont want them. Because we all know who the liars and thieves are.

    1. Anonymous1:05 pm


      Just remember that the common volk on the ground in the UK/England are not all involved. There were Christian converts from Christ in Cornwall years before the Lord was put on the cross.

      They are also from the royal lineage of David.

      Britam from which we get the word Britain - in Hebrew means covenant. They are Celts/Saxons/Germanic - all part of the lineage that even the Dutch/Afrikaners come from.

      Yes they have some bad history and yes, they did terrible things to our women/children in this country but they are not the only ones.

      There are, like in all places good people from the UK (England) that support us here. I remember meeting a Brit/English guy and the first thing he said to me was Mandela is a terrorist!

      He was not the first, there are many there that would stand for us here, they also see through the lies. I could not believe how many of them I met in pubs that know what we face this side, they will support us now, they can see how their own country has gone.

      Most dont even know about the Boer war! Britain was involved in so many wars, that to them it was just another war and at that point in time the people were not informed on the ground like they are today.

      There are loyal English to our cause as well, I have met them, some even more passionate than our very own brothers/sisters who support the springboks, more loyal than that dick head Max Du Preez.

      I still think the reason the two never got on so well was because they are so thick skinned. Besides the language, they are both a very stubborn people.

    2. Anonymous6:40 am

      Do yourself a favour and go crawl back under your rock
      Before you do that however please provide some sort of sensible justification for your ignorant nonsense -- with verifiable references
      Perhaps it must all be true because -- Ouma told you so
      In your tiny little mind you paint a whole nation with the same brush as a few rotten politicians and money lenders
      Rather do something useful and go look at your darling Oom Paul -- and his "investments"

    3. You are correct that not all English people are bad. I lived in the Uk for 3,5 years. Many English "today" are waking up and are forced to look beyond their own British self interests and take a look at the big picture. They have no choice because there simply are no other options.
      However, English history is another cup of tea. 100 years an English man would give any non English a bloody kick up the arse and a very strong one at that to.

      Concerning religion to be honest I have no idea about that. About christ in Cornwell and King David.
      I grew up in a typical North European house hold where religion has no meaning. Personally I think Islam and Nazism are good religions. I think these religions can make good soldiers.
      I posted a video just to show you what the typical North European mentality is like.


    4. @Anonymous6:40 AM

      Why dont you post messages using your account. You post anonymously and afterwards you login to your account.
      Stop being a coward and stand up for your opnions. My posts are there for everybody to see, each and every single post.

    5. Anonymous12:49 pm

      The problem with the English is that they were "Captured" (to use a term that has come to light in SA recently) by the Globalists. People who financed both sides of virtually every conflict from the Anglo French war onwards and turned a tidy profit. The same Banking groups that used the royal Navy to tax the high seas and raised Pirates (the first PMCs?) to raid merchant ships of countries that did not comply with the Crown's taxing of the Ocean routes. The Brits were fed bollocks from cradle to grave about "Patriotism" "The British way" and other meaningless terms and that is what caused them to fight other peoples economic wars. Even today they are mostly unaware just as the whole world largely is, that the globalists have raised the very enemies that they are sent to fight and if there are no enemies they will create them.

    6. Anonymous1:21 pm

      @BN 1:05PM

      Many thanks to Mike for showing us the truth.

    7. Anonymous10:42 pm

      Strange not being religious but having a name -- cristo ( Christ )

      Some people can afford opinions -- others not !
      IF anyone is "logging-in" it is NOT I

  2. Let them rub it in further. When the big race war has hit Europe & North America and the dust has started to settle, the revulsion of Hollywood and its PC BS will be even greater (I have no doubt as to who the victors will be). I too have abandoned all the crap served by Hollywood. Perhaps I'm too sensitive but I find even the modern animated movies so inundated with liberal trash I cannot stomach it. I'm relegated to trolling YouTube for channels like Petrolicious who showcase cars beautifully restored (not by Philemon) dating from the days when the world still had some decency, or I'll watch clips on British Pathé showing what the world looked like when whitey held the reigns and things still worked (I sent DSTV to hell years ago). Just have a look here at Durban in 1962: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJn6W-32sJM. Isn't it beautiful? Rather than watch Hollywood k@k, I'll watch these and nurture a few fond memories of a time where life could still be enjoyed without locking everything and looking over your shoulder. Maybe again one day when the dust has settled......

    1. Petrolicious.?.Good choice indeed Mate.

      Here's my favourite.. If you got a good sound system I recommend you bliksem it full tilt.! That V12 engine is just something else....

      Watch "7 Minutes Of Pure Ferrari 250 GTO Hillclimb Bliss" on YouTube

    2. Here's the other clip. Njoy


    3. Anonymous1:30 pm


      @MarsWarrior9:24 AM

      You are spot on, the world in the past years has changed a lot, I read the comments on so many sites and seriously, the comments are far, far and I mean far right wing - radical!

      I never saw that even 1 year back, today when a liberal posts crap they are torched by these guys on various news sites.

      A race war is going to happen.

      Can we not see now that when Siener said "Europe looks our way", we can see it happening, it is happening, right before our eyes!

      They will look our way, they will support us! The liberals days are coming to an end and so is multiculturalism.

      But there is also not much time. Today there was severe fighting in the Ukraine with Russian troops, that is another silent war we seem to forget is still simmering in Europe.

      France & Ukraine are simmering pots.

    4. Anonymous8:38 pm

      BN can we please get a link to that heavy fighting in Ukraine today?

    5. Anonymous7:17 am


      Here we go.



    6. Anonymous11:17 am

      Cheers for that bro!

  3. Good one, Mike. This must really count as one of your best articles. This is history that many of us never knew. I really hope that we can soon go back to the way things were. If we look at the way that things are moving in the world at the moment, it looks like that moment is very close. I suspect that next month's election is going to be the Rubicon after which all hell will break loose.

  4. Anonymous10:57 am

    I think Charlize can play the role as the dude's whore perfectly. .

    1. Anonymous11:41 pm

      I tried watching Me Therons youtube clip on Aids and dear heavens....I was 30 seconds into the clip and I nearly puked.She is one ignorant bitch!!!

    2. Anonymous12:57 am

      Bitch from Benoni...she must adopt more blacks and take them out of here.

    3. Anonymous1:01 pm

      word is that the biggest "celebrity" on the planet, a renowned libtard, Bono, was cowering like a little bitch in a shop while the terrorist was rampaging through people in his truck in France. I mean, why didn't this libtard warior do his duty and jumped infront of this lunatic shouting peace and harmony my brother. ..fucking coward.

  5. Rhoodies story is worth telling

  6. Anonymous11:58 am


    Releasing a film about race, when race relations are the WORST in US history with blacks killing whites and Europe is gatvol with these things.

    I dont think it will be a hit, they can try bullshit us as much as they want, they can hand their Oscars out, the name of the game in Hollywood, like in all business is money - lets see how much it makes.

    12 years a slave won how many oscars, total $56 million, Ninja turtles first day was higher than the total gross of that pathetic film.

    Notice how most of the films with most of the oscars are the shittest films out and that few people watch them.

    Botswana aka the walking dead.

    More than 55% of the population has a slow puncture (aka AIDS that we know of) they should make a movie about the walking dead in Botswana - parasites lives matter, in 20 years time they will have a population of what 500,000? If they are lucky.

    Add drought, low food production from neighboring countries, the fairy tales are not over yet!

    Zimbabwes fairy tale turned into a nighmare.
    Botswanas is not over.
    South Africas has been a dark fairy tale, with an ending much like a horror show.
    Namibia - oh we can blame first the Germans and then the evil Afrikaners as well.
    Mozambique - 20 years produced shit. They say its the fastest growing country in Africa but when you start from 0, then for sure you are the fastest growing country.

    So out of all of Africa, they have 1 example of a country that has made it? Whos population has the highest AIDS rate in the world? Has hardly any water to survive and no major agricultural prodcution?

    Just another banana republic that is going to come under our new Boer republic in the end.

    Another British propoganda film to persuade their masses in the UK in prep for them assisting thesse fools here.

    You can sense though that all these fairy tales are coming to an end when you get a hold of the book, the last chapter will tell a different story - just look at Zimboonwe!

    @Anonymous10:57 AM
    Yes and shoot the bitch between the eyes just as the film is about to end. Now that would be a happy ending, she is one evil white bitch that!

    Her and Gillian Schutte would make good kook sisters.

  7. Thank you Mike, a really good article. The truth will always prevail..

    The liberal world at large suffers from a serious inferiority complex to once again demonize the white population here.? How many propoganda films have been released in just the last 10 years about us.??

    What a shamefull effort once again by Hollywood.

  8. Anonymous12:10 pm


  9. Anonymous12:15 pm

    This blaming the whiteness is a useful excuse.

  10. Anonymous12:55 pm


    @Tomgats_Tribulations :)

    In regards to your previous comment on the last post - I replied regarding the chaos in the world...

    Here you can read it from another perspective but its happening and never going back now, we reached a tipping point, within months it will boil over in Europe.

    We need 3 more attacks and then its game over.


    Some bullshit in that article like - colonialism stole our oil - bullshit, bullshit

    Few people realize that Canada is the largest exporter of oil to the US and the US has never needed oil from the middle east, between Canada, Alaska & the US, the US has at arms length more oil than Saudi.

  11. Anonymous2:59 pm

    It doesn't end Mike. I hardly ever watch tv but the other night I glanced at the news (watching in New Zealand) and it was non stop about the poor treatment of blacks in the USA by police. Not one mention of the fact that 94% of blacks murdered in the USA are by other blacks. The news was then followed by a new tv show called Roots ( I think is the name) which goes to show how awful the white race is against the slaves, and is about the slave who led the "rebellion" against the masters.....

    Do you think in the last couple months there has even been ONE mention of the Pretoria riots in the New Zealand news? Not a word about what's going on in South Africa, I have to constantly show kiwis footage of what's going on.

    1. Mr Mister4:42 am

      News and current affairs reporting in NZ is nauseating to say the least. When not going on about blacks being hard done by or bashing Donald Trump to the point of madness, they're constantly peddling the Maori as victims and blaming the government for their issues. Bad weather such as fog at an airport often makes headlines.

  12. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Fuck that, only evil multiculti whores will go and watch that movie. There is no way that a real honey bee will go and suck nectar on a turd. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Do not watch that movie, reject it with the contempt that it deserves. I can only wish a swarm of real honeybees will sting the shit out of that corrupted liberal multiculti minds promoting such rubbish.

    It amazes me how these idiots can vomit there multiculti shit and not think for one moment that if nature decides to turn multiculti and everything follows their multiculti mingling ideas and rules then all flowers will probably have the smell of shit. Their food might be one ball of stinking shit too. It looks like that's what they want. The idea that each thing out there in nature, humans included, because they are part of nature, needs it's or his own space around him without the interference of another specie to reproduce, do not come up in their twisted sick minds. For nature to function properly there must be separateness ( Apartness or Apartheid). Multiculti sick liberal minds cannot understand it. They call it racism, imagine you that,nature is racist. How sick in their minds are they?

    When they look at nature they simply cannot see that each specie goes to it's own kind to reproduce, no all they notice is that all species in nature are sharing planet earth with each other (in their separateness) and that is enough ground for the multiculti liberal society to justify interracial marriages and promote multiculturalism.

    It makes sense why there were wars from the beginning of mankind. When they became so corrupted with their multiculti liberal gay lives you have no other choice than to make war and wipe them all out. No education what so ever can free them from that sickness, but the death only.

    Look at the gays and lesbians over the globe how demanding they became the last few years. Simply they too cannot understand that gay and lesbianism is wrong. Let loose gay and lesbianism together with multiculturalism in nature and what will you get? All males to males and females to females and no reproduction of any kind will take place. In one year's time nature will be wiped out. They simply cannot see that their deeds are wrong. The worst part of all is that they demand to adopt babies in order to have their own children. Can you imagine that poor little babies how they will be abused and taught all the wrong ways.

    None of us had a choice if we wanted to be born or not, but as an adult you certainly can think for yourself not to let such things happen to the unborn. Picture you this, you vote yes for gay marriages and child adoption. The newborns that very same day will ask you twenty years later, why did you as an adult let that happen to me? You could have prevented it. How do you want to pardon yourself from that. You know that gay and lesbianism together with multiculturalism is contra nature. Rotten fruit and veggies must be discarded in order to save the healthy ones. If not, then pay the price and see if you can survive on rotten stuff.

    Therefore, do not support multicultural societies or liberalism or gay and lesbianism. Don't vote for them, or take part in their rallies or any thing that can possibly support them, reject them with the contempt that they deserve.

    1. Anonymous2:16 pm

      The only embarrassment most children would feel is having a parent with a mindset like yours. Maybe i should add dutch children, these days considered to be the happiest in the world and not some american kid already into trophy hunting loving to kill/murder innocent animals.

  13. "Socialism Makes People Selfish"


  14. Graeme11:42 pm

    Mike, at the risk of sounding like an unscrupulous 'gatkryper' you are an absolute sage with a vast repository of knowledge!

    If I was a professional journalist I would be trembling at the thought of losing readers to your excellent and thought provoking articles.

    Either that or you are a master artist when it comes to B.S. which I strongly doubt?

    Even Wiki agrees with your Stats.!


    Indeed the commentary of the many valuable comments posted by regulars are of value and hold substance!
    My only qualm is those who post anonymously, I honour their respective need for privacy however their contributions (in time) will all help.
    A simple Nom de plume will suffice, even make believe initials.

    Since we all appear to be singing from the same Hymn Sheet I think that it is high time that we convene (in person) for a 'Bosberaad' to further our collective aims and goals?
    I can assure you that we are not alone!

    Your thoughts on this?

    1. @ Greame. I will take your comment as a compliment.

      It irks me too that people have all these anon's. The Blogger platform does not record IP adresses and I cannot see who or where the comments belong to or come from. Better would be if People just pic a damn Name and use that. They can still be anonymous, just with an addy. However I am not going to push it and force it, because people have the right to stay anonymous if they so choose.

    2. Anonymous1:21 am

      Mike, it is simple. I made the mistake of commenting under my true identity on social media platforms and was subjected to death threats etc etc. The day will come that we will use our true identity but for now I am protecting myself and my family, there is some sick fuckers out there.

    3. Graeme, re your suggestion of a Bosberaad. So far JP and I and I hopefully BLCN, Ninja and some others will attend [don't know about Mike] are planning to be at the Voortrekker Monument on 16th December[if it's still possible by then]. So, if you can make it?

      Donycero is a bit far away, but hopefully I'll be heading down that way afterwards.

    4. I really want to come up and join you guys at the monument. I dont want to be a ja-broer and just say yes, but my business is still in the toddler stage, in a stage where I must still keep a close hand on things.

      But who knows. My business sometimes takes me up north even as far up as to Pietersburg.

      Last December we went for a Christmas holiday to visit the father in law in the Freestate on a farm on the Natal border. I sat in between the rocks where the Boers held of the English on a koppie on the farm. I even held a revolver that was taken off a fallen red coat by a Boer in my hand. It is awesomely beautifully crafted and in good condition for something considered a relic. The belt along with it. I mean how many people have trophies like this in their safes!!!

      This father in Law will no doubt leave the memorabilia as inheritance to me as he have never seen the kind of patriotic enthusiasm even among his direct family i am sure. I played with old Independant Freestate coins between my fingers. Taking a horse up that koppie and just looking back over the landscape is an unforgettable experience thrusting you back in to history.

      One thing i can tell you though .. I would rather be up halfway on that koppie in between among those rocks than cumming up from the bottom to a fight.

      If i dont meet you guys at the monument I ill be there in soul. You can bet on that.

    5. I'll be there, no doubt..

      To be honest, if a few others decide to join no prob, but unfortunetly you can't pitch up there as 'Anonymous 11:28'..?? Obvious why.

    6. Guys, let's ID ourselves by way of the ResistANCe banner / sticker. I have one on my bakkie and will stick one on my shirt. You all know what JP looks like. Never fear, birds of a feather . . .. Or we all wear khaki shirts or something Boere.

    7. I don't comment much, but I read Mike Smith daily.
      It will be an honor to meet the legends.

    8. We will think of something TT and put it into plan a bit closer to the time...

  15. Anonymous3:18 am

    Wonder why shw doesn't move in with them the Libass - Charlize Theron: AIDS doesn't discriminate on its own "HIV is not just transmitted by sex. It is transmitted by sexism, racism, poverty and homophobia," http://www.aljazeera.com/blogs/africa/2016/07/charlize-theron-aids-doesn-discriminate-160719181138131.html

    1. Anonymous1:19 am

      None of those reasons she mentioned stops a person from using a simple condom. Or choose your sexual partner carefully. Liberal rubbish at its best. The question of rape is also not a issue, when it is made clear that rape is an epidemic in certain cultures it is swept under the carpet in the of political correctness and racism.

    2. Fuck Charlize Theron and I mean that figuratively, not literally.

  16. Mike this was a sterling article. Fact after fact after fact. I always wondered where that mixed bread Ian Khama came from. I'm sure there's more to it behind the scenes, what are the chances your son becomes president??? Probably cherry picked by the Oppenheimers or something along those lines.

    The retarded liberals days are numbered.

    Moral of the story, never help blacks, not even a little, it just comes back to bite you because it will never be enough.

    We have enough of our own poor whites to look after. Start with them.

    1. Thanks Boet,...we aim to please ;-)

    2. Anonymous6:49 am

      Strange that no-one mentions that they were married and stayed married until death and brought up a family quite successfully.
      WHAT does Botswana look like today compared to SA ?
      Sometimes you people can get stuck on a scratched old record.
      Same old same old biased nonsense over and over
      SURELY if one of the family is marrying a JEW
      WHY then is the great joo lover so upset ?

    3. @ Anon 6:49 AM...Maybe you missed the point of the article. The point was not whether we condemned the union of Seretse and Ruth, the point was the eight years of British and Kaffir hypocrisy that followed it.

      A further point was that a Black British filmmaker now goes out and makes a film vilifying the white South Africans as racists stinks of hypocrisy and blatant lies to high heaven. The ones who condemned the marriage in its strongest were the racist blacks from his own family and tribe.

      The British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan delivered his “Winds of change” speech to the Parliament of South Africa on 3 February 1960 in Cape Town telling us whites to accept inevitable black rule, when Ruth’s British father threw her out of the house, her British boss fired her, her British churched refused to marry her and her British government expelled and banned her husband from his own country. Who were the real racists here?

      Sorry, but the British are quite well known for their hypocrisy. In 1910 the British formed the Union of South Africa. Between 1953 and 1963 they formed the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland between Zambia, Rhodesia and Malawi which failed because of the Black Nationalist aspirations of Malawi and their racist president saying that he would rather let his people starve to death than be in a white dominated union. For years during Apartheid they pressured us whites to accept majority black rule and even harbored our enemies in the ANC. Yet came 2016 when Britain was at risk of being overrun by blacks, Arabs and Persians, what did they do? The exited the European Union.

      See what I mean? It is all OK to force White South Africa and White Rhodesia into unions with Kaffirs, but they themselves don’t want to be in a union.

    4. Anonymous7:15 am


      @Mike Smith11:46 PM

      Mike the British will pay the ultimate price still!

      Their problems have only just started. What all those nations did to us, what will be done to them is far worse than what they did.

      We already see France lol, they are so confused they dont know what to do.

      Out of all of this, we know one thing for sure. We cant put our hope/future aspirations in the hands of other nations. We have to trust ourselves and look to ourselves first as a nation.

      They would not even do a thing if the whites were attacked in this country, they say nothing at present knowing full well what they did.

      They are guilty and have blood on their hands. They will pay the ultimate price!

    5. Anonymous11:51 am

      Sorry, but the British are quite well known for their hypocrisy.

      So are most politicians and most other countries
      It is all about -- me first.

      Why not post some articles showing what the man in the street had to say about the founders of modern Botswana.

      There is a difference between then and now , time has moved on people have moved on ( except here )

      As for current situation
      I very much doubt ANYONE wants mad men going around shooting and stabbing people.

    6. Anonymous11:57 am

      Black Nationalist aspirations of Malawi and their racist president saying that he would rather let his people starve to death than be in a white dominated union.

      Dr Hastings Kamuza Banda was GREAT friend of John Vorster and the rest of the NP




      I suppose a bit too complex and convoluted for you ?

  17. Anonymous7:43 am

    Botswana is ruled by proxy by the queen of england herself. Google Letseng Diamond mine, trace the owners of that mine and you'll see why Willy/Harry are regularly doing "charity" work in Botswana and Lesotho.

  18. I find it difficult to understand why a good looking woman would mate with another species...

  19. Anonymous2:18 pm

    I think it is about time we nominate online news media sites for weekly leftist libtard Darwin awards;
    This week that award must surely go to news24.

    this paluka site presented two absolute winners

    First one is the statistical report by some unknown group about the income gap or something, I tried to do some research on this fly by night organisation, but the info available is dodgy at best..
    The second pearler is the so called report by the United nations university of economics or something, a hard core leftist propoganda bunch of shit and idiots.

    Feel free to check it out. irony is that this online news site blocked comments a while ago with the excuse to bring quality reporting and news to the public. What a fucking joke.

    1. Anonymous6:49 am

      The Daily Maverick, with Pierre de Vos as it's vanguard, makes Adrian Basson looks like a KKK radical.

  20. Anonymous5:46 pm


    2nd French attack in less than a week.


  21. PreatorianXVI6:47 pm

    This was the Uncle of Seretse, not his son..another bit of truth admitted by the very people of Botswana, he, he...the whole article is quite interesting and would be totally racist if written by a white person.


    Tshekedi Khama was right to oppose Seretse’s marriage (Part 2)

    In September 1948, Seretse announced in a letter to his uncle that in a little while he would be returning with his twenty-two year old bride to the Ngwato territory. In his own words Seretse wrote; “I realize that this matter will not please you, because the tribe will not like it as the person I am marrying is a white woman.

    Tshekedi had sleepless nights over this whole affair. He immediately contacted the British Residence Commissioner in an attempt to block the marriage. The matter was escalated all the way to London in an attempt to block Seretse’s marriage to a white woman. The uncle went as far as instituting legal action against his nephew and all this was done based on the fact that the tribe was in a state of dire disapproval of the heir apparent’s actions. The British government ignored the pleas of the tribe echoed by the regent because according to them, Seretse was within his democratic rights for the choice of a bride.

    1. Anonymous12:08 am

      If you want your handle to be "Praetorian" you might want to change it to the correct spelling. Nice handle though.

      Just sayin'.

    2. PreatorianXVI3:42 am

      Some took that somewhere, stuck with it now...


      Shitlibs Are Exhausted. Here’s Why

      Leftists I know:
      2009 – happy, hopeful
      2013 – angry, gloating, bullying
      2016 – tired, confused, afraid

    3. Anonymous6:05 am

      That's a great blog! Always the second I look at daily after this one. 3. Voxday 4. Sbpdl. 5 Anonymous Conservative. Who even gets their information from TV these days?

  22. Whiteman8:48 pm

    I have always felt that Russia Today, spews less lies than the other channels ? But occasionaly, their black barbarian worship undergarment, becomes dangerously visible. Take the latest drugging nonsense in connection with the olimpics. They have un-earthed king-mandela, to bring us his eternal words of wisdom, and force the world into humble submission. Sport is the magic ingredient, to unify the WHOLE world, into one happy peaceful rainbow-paradise ! But they are clutching at straws, because the thinking people, are realising that the rainbow-dream, is actually a horrible NIGHTMARE ! I have also noticed, that BBC, and CNN, are really pushing this rainbow agenda, even more than RT. It is like a modern tower of Babel, and it is going to fall, BIGTIME !

    1. I love watching RT for a different perspective on CNN and BBC reporting but dont get me wrong they are stuffed with espionage agents same as the other two.

      The only difference is that the USA is at war with Russia so RT stories are directed at destabilizing the US. They see at as fair game to report on Russian interests and foreign propaganda against US views.

      They want BLM to run amok. They are trying to play the same foreign destabilizing game as America.

      In the end i do believe that Russia at the moment is more for our (white) cause than the Obama, Hilary administration.. or..."their" objective.

      The whites are waking up in numbers though. I see it on all comment sections. Three years ago there was nothing and now white consciousness is prevalent on youtube and all other sites. That is why they are closing all the comment sections on every news site.

  23. Anonymous4:59 am


    Chickens are starting to run headless!

    1. Anonymous11:06 am


      Zuma doos says...

      "“The poverty that we see today was brought about by the oppressors. They were doing everything for themselves and enriching themselves. If we can forget that, we will never see the fruits of freedom.”"

      Really? The poverty in Zimbabwe is also blamed on the west, says the man who has stolen billions, him and his parasitic BEE/AA partners.

      Nah, this thing is a parasite! The only time there will EVER be prosperity in this country is if the parasite is removed and chased. That is why no political party will solve this issue.

      The issue will and can only be solved when this thing is gone and there are none left within the borders.

      Until then, it will be just another infested country in Africa. The only word is parasite. They dont provide anything of value, no inventions, zippo - take, take, take, rape, steal, destroy, burn, break, blame and repeat.

      In the animal kingdom, it would be considered a parasite and to be considered a human being, you should have moved on, had a few inventions, helped uplift mankind, contributed something valuable to the world.

      A flea, mosquito, tapeworm offers us more than this thing, they have a role to play in mother nature but this thing is an insult to parasites.

      If you think Im talking kak, listen & see how this parasite confirms what I have said...

      “Our children are not educated because we don’t have a university,” he said. “We want to place it very high on the agenda to build our own university so that our kids can be educated.”

      He has been on this continent for how long? In all that time, all that time it hasnt even built its own educational facilities with its own language or provided their own parasites with a single school or university.

      So again, it wants to suck us dry, kick us out and take what we built.

      Didnt he promise 5000,000 jobs when he came to power? In all that time he has helped shed jobs, cost the country billions in investments & companies going bust.

      He urged black people to stop fighting among themselves, saying that was only pleasing those who were oppressing them

      hmmmm tells me there are already factions forming, blacks turning on blacks, die geld is fast running out. Dont worry soon we will have a US base in Botswana and then we will see all these parasites kaking in their pants.

      Our time will come, we just must make sure we are prepared and then act on the opportunity.

      The first thing you, I and our fellow Boere/whites/Afrikaners can do is unite. Without uniting, then we will be in this situation for a very long time and have an economy like Zimbabwes.


  24. Anonymous6:03 am

    Send all these exploited breeders to Turkey!

    Pacsa says you should pay your domestic worker R8,000 a month – minimum

    The Pietermaritzburg Agency for Community Social Action (Pacsa) says that the minimum wage in South Africa should be set at R8,000 to provide a basic level of dignity for all South Africans.

    The group’s proposal is based on an analysis of household composition in South Africa, in relation to the country’s demographics – keeping in mind that a large portion of the population is unemployed.

    “In determining the value of wages – in addition to productivity, we should be looking at how families are being supported: number of wage earners, income levels, family sizes and the costs of goods and services,” Pacsa said.

    “If employment levels are very high then it means that wage levels can be lower because households have lots of sources of income. If employment levels are very low then it means that wage levels must be higher because households have limited sources of income.”



    1. Anonymous9:38 am

      Exactly the reason to rather clean your own house and maintain your garden. Remember they don't need white people.

    2. Anonymous10:04 am

      Mike, I get the drift of your article, on a more or less comparison. (Actually less)

      I went on a fishing trip a few years back. A whole lot of friends, wives and kids. Turns out also a friend of the other friends arrived with a darkie chick and a couple of goffel kids.

      To be honest, the kids were well behaved along with his darkie cherry.

      Point being is all the guys stayed up having a few toots and someone asked the guy about his darkie wife.

      Fuck man he has a hard time! Not from the whites, yes from the darkies. He said its really heavy, they get verbally assaulted from darkies all the time.

      We are not "allowed" to be separated.
      The guys that visit the dark side are also not well liked!

      Cant hate them and you sure as hell cant love them either!

    3. Anonymous12:35 pm


      I feel like we are all just a bunch of organisms in a "petri dish art" sculpted by two apposing powers

    4. PreatorianXVI7:10 pm

      I work with a Coloured from Zimbabwe, quite a nice guy, does not think or behave have like the average goffel, well educated, salesman of note and actually gets stuff done.
      He married an Asian / African mix girl, quite the bit darker than him, the Kids look like Pacific Islanders, he is the odd one out with his light skin tone. Told me that the most abuse he gets is from black men as they feel robbed of a good looking female by a lighter skinned man.

      Inferiority complex of note with these darkies and it is all true....

    5. Yes, you see the black cock-carriers are all jealous because their cherries prefer white meat. A white guy with a black chick I can still handle [different strokes?], but for fuck's sake, a white chick with a kaffir I fail to understand!

      A couple of years ago I went and worked in the Bob'jaansberg [Jo'burg] for a while again and the number of white chicks with kaffirs, and goffels, I saw there in the Florida area was sickening. Nee sies!

    6. Anonymous2:28 pm

      Maybe real women are tired of being called chicks and having their choice for a partner referred to as preferring white meat. Here in the Netherlands women of colour prefer white dutch man because of their mental attitudes and social skills in relating to women. As for kaffir, here in the Netherlands white non muslims are all kafirs. Personnally i felt quite sick watching black men drool when seeing blondhaired white women dance in the dancing i used to go to when younger, liking african music. it is said black men have bigger cocks. Possibly but for the rest they are lousy at sex, at pleasing a woman.

  25. Anonymous10:07 am


    Read it and weep mother fuckers?

    1. Anonymous4:22 pm

      Hopefully they have finally figured it out but I hold my breath.

    2. Yet they still say they are mostly ANC supporters??? Shows you how stupid the ficking things are.

      No, it's as the Ninja says, there is no political solution to this situation. The only solution is total extermination.

  26. We are coming for you - Ramaphosa warns assassins killing KZN candidates
    2016-07-22 06:20
    The ANC's deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa has warned those assassinating ANC candidates in KwaZulu-Natal that the party was going to get them.

    Dont you just love it. Popcorn is in order

    1. Anonymous6:54 am

      Check Limpopo after the elections, the EFF is going to savage ANC "big wigs".

  27. Anonymous12:41 am

    Time for some new topic Mike.

    Trump said: " Let us make America great again"
    Farage could get so far to get the UK out of the EU.

    How about, "Let us make the Boer Republics live again".
    Keep in mind, in the times of the Boer Republics there were no voters except the "Boers".

    If the Euro could let go the UK then we certainly have the right to dissolve the union of South Africa and restore it to the Boer Republics as it were before 1910.

    We know that Louis Botha and Smuts were lackeys of the so-called Empire these days. The British Empire was totally controlled by the present day NWO globalists who were only interested in the mineral wealth in the Boer Republics.

    In order to lay their hands on it we know now how they unified the Boer republics and took control of it .

    Therefore we have the right to claim our republics back, because it was all fraud by them and caused only misery from then until now.

    1. Anonymous4:18 am

      Well that is if Scotland & Wales breaks away and the common wealth gets dissolved as well.

  28. Whiteman3:02 am

    Donycero, if the zulus really start fighting, these other nignog species will see their arses before breakfast. Remember the zulu, ( security guard ? ), march to Lethuli house some time ago. Then the zulus in the joburg hostels, who become agitated from time to time, and cause major shit among the locals ? Anonymous 12:41, the Boer Republics will be reinstated again, but not necessarily in the way that most of us think it should happen. The Boere, together with whitey friends, from ALL walks of life, will still have to consolidate somewhere, and then form a united front, against the enemy. My feeling is that it will be somewhere in the Cape, but could be in different areas initially. But when they start fighting, the Boer War, and the Bush War, will look like a Sunday school picnic, because their backs will be against the wall. And they will only have ONE chance, to pull it off !