07 July 2016

South Africa, the World Capital of Police Brutality

By Mike Smith

8th of July 2016

One of my pet hate, liberal idiot phrases is this rubbish called “Black lives matter”. What?...you mean like white lives don’t?

I mean if you are going to be a liberal twat then at least practice what you preach and have a phrase like, “All life matters”.

Nevertheless, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile got shot by police in the USA and President Obama held a speech condemning it…And so he should. Police should never be allowed to act with this kind of mindless brutality against its own citizens and when they do should face the full might of the law.

Police shootings. Obama calls for action

However, I was amazed to read that the White House has a task force on police brutality.

“A White House task force on better policing tactics issued recommendations last year on how to improve community relations with law enforcement.”

Now that is just super. Wonderful the way they do things in America. I was just wondering…Do they also have a task force investigating and making recommendations about nigger gangsters, pimps, drug dealers and addicts shooting white cops on a daily basis?

Obama seems to be of the opinion that if only the police would be friendlier to the Lumpenproletariat of the Negro ghettos, there will be less shootings of police officers by niggers.

The old chicken and egg debate it seems.

Nevertheless, I watched the wailing and gnashing of golden negro teeth on television where they cried that they were being hunted by white police officers and suddenly I thought of what blacks always tell white South Africans when they complain about being brutally raped, tortured and murdered in their homes and on their farms by negro savages…”If you don’t like it…Go back to where your ancestors came from”.

I mean that is why the Negro paradise of Liberia was created in Africa complete with a constitution based on the American one. For blacks to come home to after they escaped the evil land of the white slave master.

Then I thought of our former evil system of Apartheid and how in the 27 years from (1963-1990) 73 innocent political activists died in police detention. Their names can all be read here .

As can be seen…It hardly fills a page.

Today in the New (Improved) South Africa…Over 900 (mostly black people) die in police custody every year

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) revealed on SABC that in 2012 it received about 5000 complaints against the SAPS of which only 10% (500) were recommended for prosecution, and only 36 convictions were secured in court. That means 0.7% of the complaints received against the police resulted in convictions.

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Why is it that black lives only seem to matter when they are taken (on rare occasion) by whites, but when blacks kill whites or other blacks en masse, neither black lives nor white lives seem to matter, because everyone turns a blind eye?

You want to see a sample of South African Police Brutality? Watch this video of Zuma’s Goons let loose on unarmed protesting students. You will understand what I mean. Remember these are the friends of their own children and their own nieces and nephews


  1. So now they turn to sniping the cops in Dallas.

    No, purge the planet of the fucking things!

    1. Yes, look here..

      Where the hell are we in this country if these guys can pull this off.?

    2. Anonymous1:53 am

      Maybe we should think of doing the same here.

  2. We live in a world of double standards, and when you're the one exposing it you will be charged as a racist..???
    Welcome to the liberal utopia kingdom where that which is turned upside down is called 'normal'..

    But be of good cheer, things will be turned back to their rightfull positions soon enough..

  3. Anonymous2:06 am

    Lets protest against police brutality by killing police fucking apes. Vaalpens

    1. Following is an excerpt from a French perspective on the experience of Napoleon’s forces against Spanish “Guerrillas” during the seven years “Peninsular War” (1807-1814) from the book, “On partisans and irregular forces” - J.F.A. Le Miére de Corvey, (1823)


      Such was the system Spain used against us.

      One hundred and fifty to two hundred guerrilla bands scattered all over Spain had sworn to kill thirty or forty Frenchmen a month each: that made six to eight thousand men a month for all guerrilla bands together.

      The order was never to attack soldiers travelling as a body, unless the guerrillas outnumbered them. But they fired on all stragglers, attacked small escorts, and sought to lay hands on the enemy’s funds, couriers and especially convoys.

      As all the inhabitants acted as spies for their fellow citizens, the guerrillas knew when the convoys would leave and how strong their escorts would be, and the bands would make sure they were twice the size.

      They knew the country very well, and they would attack furiously in the most favourable spot. Success often crowned the undertaking; but they always killed a lot of men, and the goal was achieved.

      As there are twelve months in the year, we were losing about eighty thousand men a year, without any pitched battles. The war in Spain lasted seven years, so over five hundred thousand men were killed…but that includes only those killed by the guerrillas. Add the battles of Salamanca, Talavera and Vitoria and several others that our troops lost; the sieges,…the fruitless attack on Cadiz; add too the invasion and evacuationof Portugal, the fevers and various illnesses that the temperature caused our soldiers to suffer, and you will see that we could add a further three hundred thousand men to that number during those seven years…

      …From what has been said, it will be apparent that the prime aim of this sort of war is to bring about the destruction of the enemy almost without him noticing it, and as a drop of water dripping on a stone will eventually dig a hole in the stone, patience and perseverance are needed, always following the same system.

      In the long run, the enemy will suffer more from this than he would from losing pitched battles.

    2. Anonymous4:50 am

      Unfortunately that wont work for whites in SA Mike, The local inhabitants will betray them, the WHITE police will arrest and shoot them.

    3. Yes, Mike, this is what has to start happening.

    4. Anonymous9:52 am

      The afrikaner people should just stand together and take them also out and say absolutely nothing to nobody.without witnesses the police have no case.its a war that has been raging against whites for the past 22 years and the terrorists are in power and sending out their minions to take us out one by one.

    5. @ Anon: 4:50 AM...Don't worry mate. We've got that base covered. We will just do what all guerrillas have done through the ages...kill the bastards who collaborate with the enemy.

      The Boers did the same. Don't make the mistake that the Boers were fighting a "gentleman's war". Read Albert Blake's book, "Boereverraaier" and see how the Boers put their own brothers, uncles and cousins in front of firing squads and killed them for collaborating with the enemy.

      This dynamic was highlighted by the classical insurgency theorist Bernard B. Fall, who served in the French Resistance in the World War II; He wrote in 1965:

      “…any sound revolutionary warfare operator (the French underground, the Norwegian underground, or any other anti-Nazi underground) most of the time used small-war-tactics – Not to destroy the German Army, of which they were thoroughly incapable, but to establish a competitive system of control over the population. Of course, in order to do this, here and there they had to kill some of the occupying forces and attack some of the military targets. But above all they had to kill their own people who collaborated with the enemy."

      – Bernard B. Fall, “The Theory and Practice of Insurgency and Counterinsurgency”, 1965.

    6. Anonymous1:59 am

      4:50 you right my own family would not hesitate to sell me out, if they had any inkling that I have gone live. The Judas money would just be an added bonus.

  4. Whiteman2:37 am

    We should ask ourselves, why is there this blind, irrational WORSHIPPING of the black barbarians throughout the whole world ? It was beautifully demonstrated with mandela, and his " legacy, " is continuously brought to the fore. Remember the times, when missionaries to Africa, were held in such high esteem, and enjoyed incredible status. This whole affair, is not as simple as it might seem on the surface. It is demonic in its origin, and even if you are an athiest, you have to agree, something is VERY wrong somewhere. If the blacks were able to improve the world, and create a higher level of civilisation, I am sure, we would all be very happy. Because any normal, honest person, would be happy to see progress, and better living standards. But alas, the world is on a downward spiral, and worshipping, and arse-creeping the non-white nations of the world, is just speeding up the destruction, for all of us. But I also believe Mother Nature, is very real, and she WILL win in the end ! ( And the humans, who cherish her, and try to look after her, will enjoy special favour, because what you sow, you will also reap ! )

  5. Anonymous4:00 am

    THe reason for this is because the whites allow this. We allowed liberals a voice we allowed traitors in gov and we sit back and do nothing. Till the time we get brutal with these scum our world will burn till there is nothing more to burn. Where is the whites that riot? where is the call to a liberal telling him or her that the next word out of their black-ass-kissing traps will be their last ?
    Where is the burning desire to stand-up and say fuck this shit ! ?
    But now some lame-ass mammas boy will say something he heard his Ngk dominee said to cover his retreat and go sit ons his ass watching his soapie on his favourite sabc channel.

    1. Anonymous4:57 am

      @ anon 4:00

      Spot on.Ons het slapgat geword en dis jammer want dit beteken vir ons totale agteruitgang totdad daar niks van ons oor is nie.

  6. Anonymous5:42 am

    Spot on


  7. Anonymous8:44 am

    Alton Stirling was a gangster and paedophile...BLM went on the rampage and 4 cops were killed, numerous cops injured all for this criminal.

    Here we can see that blacks generally love criminals.
    They should rename themselves criminal lives matter.
    I suspect he was drawing his gun when he was shot.


  8. Anonymous10:18 am

    what is happening is that this is part of the globalist agenda.

    The White house sets up a commitee on how to deal with this. Their solution? Get the UN to oversee the the local police and this is how the globalists set up their global control.

    They cause the problem in the first place by Soros funding the black lives matter movement and importing jihadis.

    We react with outrage.

    They provide the solution to it all by sending in the UN grown ups to deal with fighting children.

    This is how they seize your liberty.

    You had better believe it!

  9. Anonymous2:01 pm

    This sums it up nicely. Veruy n icely in fact:


  10. Anonymous2:02 pm

    As you know by now, five Dallas police officers were killed and seven wounded by a black sniper during a BLACK LIVES MATTER protest Thursday. The killer “wanted to kill white people.” Lovely, isn’t it?


  11. Whiteman1:56 am

    This Dallas slaughter, is again a very significant development. Let us consider the facts. The blacks in the USA, have been subjected to western, ( christian ? ) culture, for generations. They were totally seperated from Africa, and all african backwardness. Did not even speak african languages anymore. They became an integral part of what became the mightiest, strongest nation on earth. As a minority population, they had total easy exposure to the western progress, and/or wealth, and developement. But look at them today ! Cant even speak english properly ! They create what is known as ghettos. A ghetto, is basically a miniature African-state. Just look at the similarities, and you will also understand the NSA better. It is a genetic thing, and nothing, and nobody, will EVER change it. ( And I agree, there are exceptions to every rule. But exceptions, have never been able to change whole populations ! )

  12. Anonymous2:12 am

    I don't know what the answer is, although I have often thought about it, up to this day I have never fallen foul of the law, never even a speeding ticket, I am a very careful person, but should I land up with in a situation where the polce pull me for a bribe or try threaten me with arrest on a false accusation and I can talk sense or reason with them, ja I may pull the shorty and burn them with corbon. I will be screwed ever which way in any case, but until that day comes I will continue to be careful.

  13. Anonymous12:49 am


  14. Anonymous2:26 am

    Ja I am smiling, in the very same way the mujahedeen the CIA created in Afghanistan during the 80s came back to bite them in the 00s, the Kennedy Rd shack dwellers the anc supported in the 80s have come back to Molotov them again and again. The anc controlled eThekwini municipality destroyed shacks last week obviously an attempt to diminish the voter register of that Ward, as most of the squater camps now give their full support to Abahlali BaseMjondolo. All I can say faga mnani ediesal Genna e botteli mmm is rite.

    And I will rest and recoup East of the Vistula while the city burns.
    Vigilans Et Sciens.

  15. Anonymous4:17 am

    Whiteman. You are clueless. Prior to the 1960s communist insurrection of the west (which happened here too) blacks in America were middle class and law abiding. With no gangs. Then came liberation theology.

    Same thing happened here... Blacks were prosperous and the communist Mandela came along

    1. Whiteman9:36 am

      Anonymous 4:17, calling me clueless, is your democratic right, and I can take it like a man. The black law abiding middle class probably still exists, but they are of NO consequence, to any serious debate, when you consider the whole of Africa, or the future of this country. One of the main mantras in this country was : create a large enough black middle class, and all our problems will be solved. But to do this, the satanic libtards had to " rob Peter to pay Paul ! " They could only take wealth from one segment of the population, and give it to another. Who just pissed it out against the wall, because " easy come, easy go ! " If you happen to be middle class, you have to MAINTAIN it, whether you are black, or white. And this is where the wheels come off. Forget about mandela and communisim. Your black middle class friends, are in charge of a luxury train, but nobody could pass the test for the drivers licence !

  16. Anonymous1:05 pm

    If all Black Lives Matter then why haven't they praised the NYPD officers who risked their lives to rescue a suicidal black man from the Manhattan Bridge?


  17. Anonymous1:12 pm

    16-Year-Old Black Trump Supporter Schools Black Lives Matter Moron in Epic Debate.


  18. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Black lives matter, A Soros project, communist.



  19. Police should never be allowed to act with this kind of mindless brutality .....Both had weapons, Mike. My guess is, they get off, as they should.