01 July 2016

SABC journalists turning against the regime

By Mike Smith
1st of July 2016

Following the censoring of violent protests against the ANC misrule at the SABC public broadcaster and the resistance of a handful of six investigative journalists and their suspensions by the autocratic Big Boss of propaganda Hlaudi Motsoeneng , some journalists showed their solidarity and picketed outside the SABC in Johannesburg and Cape Town this morning in what they called, “Black Friday at the SABC”.

Black Friday protests at the SABC

Hlaudi Motsoeneng is abusing his power: Vavi

Journalist Thandeka Gqbele said the sun is setting on journalism at the SABC

Three teams of lawyers are standing by to defend the six suspended journalists.

Anyway I have stopped watching SABC a long time ago. Three years I think. I just cannot stomach that amateurish propaganda crap any more. Non-mother tongue reporters trying to speak English or Afrikaans. How embarrassing. Why can’t they just employ Afrikaans people to speak Afrikaans, English people to report in English and Zulu people to speak in Zulu? No man…rubbish. Just switch it off.

Nevertheless, two thoughts… I find it hard to gather sympathy with any of these journalists. For years we pointed out the misrule, the censorship and the corruption of the ANC. These journalists were our enemies. They called us “racists” and what have you…And now? Kry vir julle. The rightwing was right all along, not so?

Secondly, you will remember how I pointed out a year ago how Gene Sharp mentioned certain critical turning points in the revolution. One of it was when the armed forces turn against the dictator. Another was the journalists turning against the regime. That time has now arrived. What you are witnessing is the start of a major turning point in the fight against the ANC. The ANC will still discover that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword.


  1. Anonymous7:26 am

    Good Article Mike, the pen is mightier than the sword

  2. Some of these journalists have tons of dirt on the ANC and co. They must start spilling it now and break off from the MSM and start their own alternative media source.. Invite them over for a drink Mike.?

  3. What I don't understand is, why did the ANC pick Motsoeneng as their propaganda master. Couldn't they have picked one with real credentials and who knows something about the media. Motsoeneng is a full retard and can't even reply to basic questions. He doesn't even have Matric. Everything he says sounds like its coming from a retarded five year old child - it simply doesn't make sense. What makes it worse, is that he's not shy to talk. This black loves to talk. He claims he doesn't need Matric, because he educated himself - which is better than Matric...huh?? How will such an idiot fare against well educated journalists. As a matter of fact by calling this black an idiot, one is actually insulting genuine idiots. Motsoeneng is in a class all of its own. This is going to get very interesting...

    1. @ Phoenix, fucking well said, mate.

      He was put there by that other idiot, showerhead. You must have heard that retard speaking and reading figures, haven't you?

    2. Anonymous10:16 am

      @ Phoenix.

      Classic comment Boet.

    3. Hierdie houtkoppe lewe en bevorder hulself volgens hul eie kaffer manier. Watse platneus wil nou deur die witman se kanale van opleiding soos skool beweeg as al wat nodig is is n 'charismatic personality', lucky thick lips (always raping) en n groot bek waarme hy ander zotte se guns kan wen.
      Een sêding wat hulle wel by die witman gehoor het is "wing it" of "fake it till you make it". Ek is seker dit is hul filosofie vir ambisie (die min wat wel ambisie het). Hoe min van die bliksems het regte kwalifikasies?
      'Wing it' is verseker ou showerhead se manier om nommers te lees.

    4. Anonymous8:30 am

      As die regering dit 'wing it' beteken die regering gaan een van die dae' implode'.

    5. Ja die ballon pop seker nie altyd nie maar kan dalk net stadig al sy wind verloor en verlep totdat daar net 'n paar plooie oorbly, soos Zzombabwe!

  4. Anonymous3:23 am

    We decided to do without the brainwashing box to keep our children right minded. We just had a flat screen monitor instead. They were unhappy about this as children, but are now pleased they didn't, and don't have their own today.

    It's such a pleasure not ever having paid a tv license too!

    They choose and put their own kind in that are dumber (if that is possible.

    Motleysoneng is just obeying his masters voice.
    Stupid is as stupid does.

  5. The armed forces could well pack it in if there is widespread chaos resulting from the upcoming rigged elections.

    They were recently made to protect government officials homes:


    When things get really hot the police/army will simply pack it in and realise there is nothing in it for them, they will probably join the looting full scale.

    That will be the major turning point. This is one step closer in the right direction however.

    1. @ JP. I do believe that you are spot on there.

      I think the first to loot will be the armed forces and other government departments.

      Hospital pharmacy's and equipment stores will be stripped, army supply depot and warehouses will be cleaned out and government fuel stocks will become the bargain basement family sedan and KT petrol stations.

    2. Black police already doing it. Even brutalizing whites when pulled over by pressing finger in to ass, and fondling white penis, raping white guys. Wont be a surprise too me.

      They surely have some sexual psychotic problems.

    3. Anonymous8:23 pm

      @Dony 8:12AM

      "They surely have some sexual psychotic problems"

      These sex mad kaffir men are the problem. Check out the following link re. the custom of "ironing" the breasts of young girls to prevent rape. The kaffirs even practice this madness in Europe.


  6. Anonymous8:18 am


  7. Anonymous10:57 am

    Says in news 24 that one in ten white families experience crime according to stats Sa.

    What rubbish! Every single white family I know have experienced black crime, most on at least on more than on one occassion, never mind the petty theft.

    Also we are all likely to have at least one friend/family member who has been murdered by dindus.


    1. Read n24 for info but use your own mind and intelligence.

    2. Anonymous10:52 am

      I do that Dony.
      The lies need to be pointed out.
      Granted not for Mikes regular readers, but for newcomers here.

    3. Same sentiments mate.

  8. Anonymous10:49 pm


    1. Anonymous3:59 pm

      10:49 I think Zuma knows his game is up saw a news clip of him speaking at the Durban July, he was taking all kinds of crap about the weather that did not make any sense, he looked confidense drained and his whole body language looked all wrong.

      Hey but can he, and will he try, (obviously egged on by young Edward). Pull of a President for life by some kind of executive order or maybe because it's just doing things the African way.