28 July 2016

Rape culture? What rape culture?

By Mike Smith
28th of July 2016

I always wondered how they got that smell up there.

Kwa-Zulu Natal man gets 12 year sentence for raping wife with fish can

What amazes me is how our judges can still remain objective when they have to hear such cases on a daily basis. I am sure every judge and prosecutor in this country can write a book on all the strange stuff they have come across dealing with these savages.

But that is not all. Take note of how the media buries a child rape case in the same story further down when they refer to: “In a separate incident, a 26-year-old man was sentenced to life imprisonment for the rape and kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl. He dragged her into the nearby bushes and raped her.“

See? Just by the way…another child was raped. Nothing new. Move on.

And then this one 53yo man raped an 11-year-old girl, and gave her R10 to keep quiet about it

Then two months ago Judge Mabel Jansen was suspended for saying that there is a rape culture amongst blacks. Damn right there is. Underground rape culture does exists Khayelitsha woman says


  1. Anonymous7:54 am

    Mike, feel not sorry for them, I pray that they carry on doing this to themselves.

    Fuck them all, let them rape each other and their children, infect each other with aids, syphilis, Zika and the whole legion of nasties. Fuck I would like to let ebola loose amongst them too.

    They do me a favour with exercising their savagery within their own.

    For every white man, woman and child they have killed they owe me 100 kaffir lives for 1 white life.


    1. LTMA brother a 100 is not even close to enough.

      I tell you should one of those basterds touch my daughter or my wife or any member of my family i will resign from my current life and i will kill a million or more untill there is no breath left inside of me.

      I am lucky, my family survived minor incidents from the savage thus far but believe me the savage is a thousand times more lucky for there would be major reprecusions. I am not the forgive typy.

      And i believe there are many others like me. SA is sitting on a timebomb of lunatics like myself waiting to explode

    2. Yeah, My Boets. The time is fast approaching. Fuck me, can you believe it, there was a house or farm attack in Vanzylsrus this week???

      Of course you won't hear a word about it in the media.

    3. Whiteman2:22 am

      Donycero, you are NOT a lunatic ! You are a patriot, and human being, created in the image of God. You have empathy for your fellow man/woman, and feel responsible to protect them against satan and his creations. You are capable of Apartheid-rage, just like Samson, and many others have had through history. Read his story again, and it will inspire you. Read also the " Boek van die Opregte, " which I believe should have been in the Bible, because it is AWESOME ! You read about the twelve sons of Jacob, who were incredible warriors. They had a God given war cry, when going into battle. It was so potent, the pregnant heathen females, would abort on the spot, on hearing this ! Man, we are going to see this again, for sure !

  2. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Like grasshoppers. 1 or 2 is OK, but soon they start breeding and you end up with a plague of locusts....


  3. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Once again spot on, Mr Smith.

    A nice lesson for the msm as far as your accompanying photo is concerned. When a kaffir commits the crime, let the accompanying photo show a kaffir, not the wit baas.

    Nice touch Mr Smith. Always 100% truth.

  4. Anonymous6:24 am

    The sad thing is that these kaffir men don't see it as rape. They see it as a given right and any female (or animal as we have recently discovered) is at risk.

    I suspect that they would draw the line at their elders and sangomas, but not 14 month olds.


    They have no moral compass and do not think about the consequences of their actions.

    A different species can't be expected to change its behaviour, therefore total separation is a viable option.

    1. Anonymous7:25 pm

      @ anon 6:24 AM, let then rape each other and infest each other with their diseases.

      We really need to just turn a blind eye to all their sick and twisted cultural beliefs.

      Why raise issues and pounce on them when they work in our favour?

      Let them rape infest and fuck each other up, maybe they can mutate AIDS into a quick killer and then we have a bonus there too.

      Let the savage remain the savage if it is to our advantage, when it affects us, well then we counter the savage accordingly


  5. Anonymous11:22 am

    There is no race that endorses rape culture. Judge Jansen was wrong because nobody wishes to see her or his daughter being raped. If we really had a society which treats rape as its culture then we wouldn't have made rape a crime and we would not have had convicts of rape today. Just as it's a white man's disease to westernise Christianity, in the same breath there are certain types among blacks who condone this unlawful act. If really rape was what blacks enjoy then 44 million of us would have endorsed it. So, if there are some people who hate rape, then has to be blacks because if all blacks would have been rapists, all South African women black and white would have been raped by now. We all hate rape and has never been our culture.

    That African culture of forceful abduction is no longer allowed because it was practiced only in the past where a person would intentionally abduct a women and rape her in order deflower her knowing that in the past women could only be allowed to marry men whom they had deflowered or slept with or impregnated. Same thing happened in the bible where rape was done with the intention of forcing the woman's hand in marriage. So, the problem with you whitey pigs claim to be reading your bibles but don't know that such things were happening in the bible.

    1. Anonymous7:53 pm

      @ anon 11:22 AM. Thing, I watched the movies lord of the rings and the hobbit last weekend.

      I never realised that they made movies that detailed about the arrival of kaffirs on this earth.

      Fuck! You need to see how fucking ugly you things are and how you are not born but are formed in mud and how destructive you are and ill discipline rules your species.

      The stench of you lot was visible if not smellable through the screen.

      I must say the film makers captured you lot perfectly.

      Your species was captured so well, the way you devour and lay waste to everything good and beautiful, the way the darkness follows you and the way that there is not one good kaffir anywhere.

      Watch the movies and you will not even see kaffirs living amongst the white, developed and progressive people in their towns. Those white people in the movies were wise and informed.

      It was really good movies to watch, I particularly enjoyed watching how the outnumbered and under armed but resourceful and ingenius whites fucked your ugly stinking and brainless kind up.

      Fuck, I love those movies, maybe someday my successors will show them to their children so that the children know what kaffirs looked like and how they behaved.

      A mate of mine told me there is another good movie about your species called District 9 where you are referred to as prawns but apart from that the rendition of kaffir is excellent.

      I will watch it today and then tell you about it once done.

      In the interim do yourself a favour and watch the lord of the rings and the hobbit and see how your species came into being and how you behave and what happens to naughty, unruly and bad behaved natives when they push their luck with white people.


    2. Anonymous4:38 am

      @Anon 11:22 AM

      "Judge Jansen was wrong because nobody wishes to see her or his daughter being raped."

      Well how do you explain this. These so-called parents paid this vile creature to have sex with their 12/13 year old daughters over a three day period. This is automatically rape because a 12/13 year old girl can not consent to sex.


    3. LTMA you could have been dead by now if we were really barbarians as you speak. There is only 4.5 million of you surrounded by 44 million blacks. So, if they really were that bad, you could have all been killed particularly your children who were raised by black women as maids. They could have long poisoned your kids. So all these prove you otherwise.

    4. @ Sello Puo...Thanks for sharing that. You just cost another 10 black maids their job. I just love it when you blacks are honest and tell us exactly what is on your minds. Tell us what it is you want to do to whites and their children. Every time one of you blacks open your gobs it drives another ten liberals our way. You should be working on our side.

    5. Anonymous9:07 pm


      Dark skin. Dark heart. Dark mind.

    6. Anonymous9:59 pm

      @ sello puo. You think I do not know that you lot of things are actively killing white people?

      You lot declared war on white people not that long ago then you try explain it away by saying it was not aimed at all white people only a few

      Let me remind you of your commie slogan "an injury to one is an injury to all" I have adopted your slogan when I deal with you things.

      Your president, ineffective, rapist, thieving, corrupt, lying supposed to be leader openly sings for his machine gun so he can kill whites, your species is forever at demonstrations holding placards that promote killing whites, you things regularly post on electronic media the desire and intention to kill whites.

      These brainless things that run the country blatantly in verbal shit spewing persecute whites.

      Then you things try an explain it away, but I do not believe you, you lot are to prehistoric, stupid and ignorant not to mean what you say, so you must be intending to kill every white in SA.

      So thing do not come here a tell me I could have been dead if you things wanted me dead, you do want me and my kind dead and would dead us if there wasn't enough like me left here to keep you in check.

      You see thing, you fear my type, you fear us that will stand against you, your natural instinctive fear of the more superior, aggressive and non intimidated is to great for you things to overcome. So you things will go out attack old and defenceless, isolated farms and unsuspecting folk, you will not come and take on the ready and willing.

      If you lot did start poisoning babies and children it wouldn't surprise because you lot are coward born and live coward. I know your nature thing but please carry on showing it to those that believe you things to be human. I win every time you things bring to pass something that I said and others thought I was just a racist, when you things act my prediction out I then become the realist.

      So thing carry on with your retardedness and savagery and I will continue my hatred for your species so that there is a balance to the situation.

      Now that District 9 movie I watched it, these movie makers are truly seeing the nature of these things that don't like to be called kaffirs. The maker of that movie also got it right to capture your species behaviour perfectly. Watch the movie and see what a destructive virus your species is, where ever you lot go, destruction and corruption become a way of life and for as little as the price of a tin of cat food.


  6. Whiteman12:24 am

    Once, a very wise old man said to me : The blacks will not use weapons, to destroy the white race. They will only be THEMSELVES ! How many times has a black taxi given you heart palpitations ? What happens to your heart, when your nignog worker breaks expensive equipment, that you are to poor to replace ? What is happening at the hospitals, especially the state slaughter houses ? Here they can kill whites most effectively, and not be caught out. Often patients are killed, not even on purpose, because the " nurse " can not understand the instructions, given by a highly intelligent doctor ? Yea bru, the odds are against us whiteys !