01 July 2016

Racist double standards in adressing racism in the New South Africa

By Mike Smith

1st of July 2016

It never ceases to amaze me...this hypocrisy of the useless Marxist trash known as the ANC and their sycophantic,  arsecreeping sidekicks and praise singers in the media.

Take this report about Andre Slade. Racist KZN guest house owner faces charges and possible Sars probe

See? Media, ANC and liberal twats; Judge Jury and Executioner.

He is a “racist” (fuck knows what their definition of it is), condemned to Hell and put in the economic and personal electric chair. Hung drawn and quartered by a hysterical leftist mob for exercising his individual rights, the same rights the constitution GAURENTEES and the corrupt scum in the ANC are supposed to uphold.

These individual rights include his personal freedom of association, his freedom of religion, his freedom of expression, his freedom of movement, etc.

FUCK THE FEELINGS OF THE MASSES. The constitution does not protect feelings. It protects RIGHTS!!!

Who is going to explain to these idiots that in a Western Democracy the Constitution does not protect the rights of the majority, but the rights of the minority and the smallest minority is the individual. That is it. What is there not to understand?

So what did the ANC do? The MEC for Economic Development and Tourism in KwaZulu-Natal, Sihle Zikalala opened cases of tax evation, operating a business illegally and crimen injuria at Mbazwana police staion, against racist guest house owner Andre Slade on 29 June 2016.

The first two I can understand, but Crimen Injuria? What a bullshit charge. South Africa must be the only dumbass country in the world with such a dumbass law. Like a policeman once told me, “Whenever you don’t know what case to lay against somebody you lay a case of Crimen Injuria”.

Extremely difficult to prove. How are you going to prove someone’s feelings were hurt? Take his word? See if he breaks out in tears? What utter bollocks. Libel is a different story. It is a genuine criminal offence. But Crimen Injuria? Get outa here.

My advice to Slade is to “NAAI them!!” Lay counter charges. They have trampled all over your constitutional rights. They have slandered and libeled you. No seriously, “PIEL them!”

In the mean time you have the (mis) ruling ANC with the legislated racial discrimination of AA, BEE and quotas for sport and university. You have the President of the country singing “Dubula iBhunu” or “Kill the whites”.

You have the racist extremist EFF leader declaring war on whites.

Five months after lecturer at Law at UNISA, Benny Morota called white students “cockroaches” he remains unpunished

Morota said on 7th of January 2016 on Facebook, “I hate white people and they must go back wherever they come from or alternatively to hell.”

When a certain Harald Sitta asked him if he was serious he hit back with, “idnt entertain white cockroach like yourself…idnt understand why you interfere in my black business…Fuck you pink white murderer…Enjoy the blood wealth of our people, your time to pay with your white skin is emmenent (sic)”

There is NOTHING in the English media about it at all. The university reckons the investigation is in the starting phases. Aaahhh yes...and that is where it will stay.

The former leader of the opposition DA party Helen Zille was told by coloureds in Pretoria ”Voetsek (Fuck off) you white bitch”

Nothing came of it!

Look at this guy Musa Mkhonza…glorifying blacks killing whites (sent in by a reader):

Where are the media and the ANC about this??? Hey? Bunch of racist hypocrites. Double standards by idiots professing “Equality”. Do they really expect anyone to take them seriously?


  1. Anonymous7:11 am

    The problem is the tail is wagging the dog.

    The white libturds started this mess. All the propaganda bullshit about oppression. Meanwhile back at the ranch whites were also slaves and oppressed. (London chimney sweepers, Welsh coal mines, Irish sent to the states and of course our own very Boers etc...)

    As we all know when you give a kaffir a hand he takes your whole arm + + +. This is exactly what has happened everyone felt sorry for their inability to grasp any kind of DIY therefore we have the resultant of an attitude / intent of entitlement.

    Furthermore this is why we are seeing worldwide people are waking up, everyone is wising up on these parasites. Let the truth be told we are in the "mange of the dog" scenario. The fucking kaffir bosluis and fleas is now making the dog itch, the dog is getting pissed off, the dog is scratching its ears... (This is why we see the "white racists" on the news so much because whites are fucking pissed off)

    We have every right to be pissed off, these parasites got handed a 1st world country on a golden platter followed with fuck knows how much money from the evil whites overseas. Huge technological advancements (Cell phones, internet, email)(The NP never had that stuff!!!) All the fucking black labour they could dream of but no, they fucked it up good and proper. Look...everything...just like a parasite...

    (Proud of my Whiteness and Privilege because my Ancestors got off their arse and did something useful...)(I am currently doing the same, Respect to the other "dogs" that are also getting pissed off)

  2. Anonymous7:15 am

    Racism cannot be justified on freedom of association. First of all our constitution condemns all forms of racism, be it in a group you want to associate with or not. That is why you cannot establish a business in South Africa that will only serve whites.

    This has nothing to do with his freedom of movements but has everything to do with his freedom of expression. Freedom of speech comes with obligation. Just imagine a person in a crowded stadium jokily makes an announcement that there is a bomb on the stadium only for a stampede to result from his action. You will be found guilty for ever doing that. That's why Malema was also found guilty for the same thing on his controversial struggle song "Kill the boer". So, the so called lunatic Andre Slade is guilty as charged. Because of the new law he will also be slubbed with a heavy fine, that will exclude his tax woes which might see him even going to prison or sequestrated if he fails to pay millions of rands. The man only invited problems to himself because he even hired the land which he established his business from. Now the Zulu kingdom can safely take over his business and make it their own.

    1. Anonymous11:07 am

      So then why do you establish a black management forum that serves only black managers?

      Your stupid arguement about bombs is just that... stupid. Call to action is not considered free speech. Apples and oranges, cunt face.

    2. @ 7:15 AM who said "First of all our constitution condemns all forms of racism, be it in a group you want to associate with or not."

      Well Anon 11:07 AM answered you. I can add to that the Black Lawyer's Association not to forget the Women's Lawyer's Association. Then we have the Black Business Council, Black Business Forum, Black Business Chamber, The African Farmers Association of South Africa (AFASA), the Association of SA Black Actuaries (ASABA)and of course the National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NAFCOC). The list is almost endless.

      All of them practice their constitutional right of "Freedom of Association".

      I don't have a problem with a blacks only organisation. Why do you have a problem with a whites only guest house?

      If I start an organisation today that only admits bloggers with green hair are you going to charge me with discrimination?

      Oh do fuck off you silly bat.

      Your constitution makes way for "Fair discrimination"...WTF? it is like having Fair Rape!

      The part (9) of your fucked up Constitution that deals with Discrimination can be read here:

      Section Nine of the Constitution of South Africa

      Look at what “Equality means”. We are NOT all “equal”, we are only equal before the law. It means the law cannot protect one person more than the other or prosecute one more than the other.

      Think about that when you look at townships and how it is that whites have to submit building plans, but blacks can build illegally wherever and whatever structures they want. Whites have to get business licences and liquor licenses, but blacks can have shebeens on every corner or sell Fong Kong crap at robots with no trading licence.

      Why are the ANC not acting against Black on white discrimination but is quick to try Penny Sparrow and Andre Slade (whom I suspect is another paid ANC agent)?

      And then your bullshit constitution states that the state or people are not allowed to “Unfairly Discriminate” against each other. So you are allowed to discriminate, just not “unfairly”…and then comes up with a rubbish explanation of “Unfairly” with bollocks like this:

      “(5) Discrimination on one or more of the grounds listed in subsection (3) is unfair unless it is established that the discrimination is fair.”

      Say what? BWHAHAHAHAHA…take your stupid constitution, go read it PROPERLY, wipe your ass with it and then flush it down the toilet, because that is exactly what your useless president and his corrupt, racist ANC are doing.

      Talk about racial discrimination and practice AA, BEE, BBBEE, Quotas in sport, Quotas in University entry, etc…Get the fuck out of here.

    3. Anonymous10:35 pm

      Black Management Forum is not a racist group because it was established for a sole purpose of empowering blacks in line with BEE. Remember the constitution provides that the imbalances of the past should be redressed by empowering blacks. It is more like Afriforum which looks into the interests of whites

    4. Anonymous11:06 pm

      Mike I really cant believe that your knowledge is so limited. Business is not an association but an enterprise. I reiterate my point that our constitution condemns all forms of racism. Those associations you mentioned are not racists but were established for a sole purpose of advancing the interests of previously disadvantaged individuals of SA. "Black" is a generic term that include Africans, Couloureds, Indians, Chinese and all non-Europeans.

      Mike who told you that Blacks are trading illegally? Alcohol can never be sold illegally and anyone who sells it illegally will face the wrath of law. All the tarvens you see in the townships operate under a licence and is being checked regularly by the liquor squard. In fact our township businesses are being harrased more than those fancy ones you find in the cities CBDs. Every weekend at 02H00AM township taverns are being raided and everyone inside is kicked out but nothing of that sort is happening in the whites tarvens because they look fancy.

      Lastly, AA and BEE came into being to address the imbalances done by apartheid. In the United State there is AA and Black Empowerment programmes, but there is no complaint. Why do you complain when you have been empowered by the government for over 200 years as minority but when only blacks are empowered for just only 12 years you are already crying. Mike you need to look at this and see that Blacks were marginalised and deserve to be empowered.

    5. Anonymous11:18 pm

      Mike you were empowered by the government for many years, that's why your residence look better than townships. Mike according to law, residential areas proclaimed as suburbs will normally require your plans to be approved by the city council. Most townships are classified under informal settlements, thats why you wouldn't require a plan to build your structure. It had always been like that even under apartheid. We blame apartheid for not treating us on equal footing. That's why today you are crying. That is because of apartheid. Can you now see the misery that Verwoed has done. Now we have to do everything in reverse in order to redress the imbalances created by apartheid. Now you feel as if you are being oppressed.

    6. To the Collective Doos above. ( Anon: 10:35 PM, 11:06 PM, 11:18 PM)

      You said: “Can you now see the misery that Verwoed has done.”

      First of all, Monkey…When you ask a question, at least put a question mark behind it, otherwise it is a statement. You are really showing your New South African education here.

      So if Verwoerd caused so much misery, then how did all those Blacks in those associations become, Lawyers, Actuaries and Managers?

      So allow me to educate you properly on the “Imbalances of the past”.

      During Apartheid….South Africa had 4,8 million whites and 18,2 million blacks in 1987. The whites paid 77% of the taxes and the blacks only 15%...despite this...56% of the government budget was spent on blacks.

      See the imbalances? Here is more:

      Since 1970 the budget for black education was raised by about 30% per year every year. More than any other government department.

      In the Apartheid period 1955 -1984 the amount of black school students increased 31 times from 35,000 to 1,096,000.

      65% of black South African children were at school compared to Egypt 64%, Nigeria 57%, Ghana52%, Tanzania50% and Ethiopia 29%.

      Amongst the adults of South Africa, 71% could read and write (80% between the ages 12 and 22). Compare this to Kenya 47%, Egypt 38%, Nigeria 34% and Mozambique at 26%.

      In South Africa, the whites built 15 new classrooms for blacks every working day, every year. At 40 children per class it meant space for an additional 600 black students every day!!!

      In 1985 there were 42,000 Blacks at 5 universities in South Africa, about the same amount at the universities of the homelands. That is 84,000 black students at ten black universities all paid for by Apartheid money…White taxpayer’s money.

      Another example of “Bantu Education is the unique medical university of MEDUNSA that I mentioned in Part 5 of this series. Here the whites trained black medical doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons and paramedical personnel to world class standards...at full state costs. About 200 black medical doctors were qualified here every year...thanks to the “oppressive” Bantu Education system.

    7. Now compare that to me…You said “Mike you were empowered by the government for many years, that's why your residence look better than townships.”

      You know what mate. As a child I had to work at Shoprite as a packer and behind the cigarette counter to earn my pocket money, from which I had to buy my own clothes and even my own school clothes. I had to save up money to register for university and worked three jobs to pay my own way through varsity. I delivered furniture, I waited on tables, I cleaned toilets at the gym, I worked at a scrapyard sorting different metals. I fixed cars, bicycles and people’s washing machines to get money. I was empowered??? That is fucking news to me. By whom, may I ask?

      Nobody ever gave me a damn cent and I never asked for one either. My house and neigbourhood looks the way it does because I WORKED for it. The only empowerment I ever received was from my parents and grandparents who believed and taught us the value of HARD WORK. You want to get somewhere in life YOU FUCKING WORK FOR IT.

      Now on the other hand. The Apartheid Government taught you it is OK to burn down schools, they will just build new ones. THAT is why your township looks the way it does.

      Your kind is useless. You were poor before the white man came and you will be poor after the white man left. Look at all those African countries that were "Liberated" of the white man. Poorest in the world. A testimony your utter uselessness and inferiority. You don't need any white man to tell you you are inferior. Just look in the mirror. You prove your inferiority every day. Instead of uplifting yourselves and your countries you bitch and moan and cry and squeal and belly-ache and gripe about how the white man has done you in. Get over yourselves you miserable pussies. When you don't make it in life, don't ever blame anybody else. Show us you are better than that. Blame yourfuckingselves.

      Every Friday afternoon you walk between the bottle store and the township with trolleys full of Booze, yet you complain you are poor??? Fuck off.

      Go to India. Go to Mumbai and see what REAL poverty is. You lot have it good in SA. You complain with a white bread under the arm. You have AA and BEE and you are still useless.

      AA in the States is to uplift a minority. In SA Affirmative Action is there to oppress a minority of 9% whites. Black Economic Empowerment has nothing to do with empowering blacks. It is about disempowering whites. The ANC government sees the whites as a threat.

      You hate the whites so much, yet when you are hungry you go knocking on the white man's door for food and money or a Job. For that the white man is good enough hey? But comes to election time then the white man is not good enough. Then you vote time after time for the corrupt scum simply because they are black. Then you have the audacity to scream "racism"??? Get lost you loser.

    8. Anonymous2:32 am

      Mike some of your mates who received best apartheid education cannot even write a proper English. So, why should I care when the whole lot of racists here cannot even write a proper English language?

      Then, how did it come that the world declared as crime to humanity when it was all perfect? Why do we have affluent white suburbs and scary black townships which never had water, tarred roads and sewages if your apartheid was all perfect?

      Do I need to tell you that most black lawyers of the past were foreign educated and that will include as well other black professionals such as doctors and accountants. The FORTHARE university as well received most of its funds abroad including MEDUNSA.

    9. Anonymous3:03 am

      Mike then can you tell us what went wrong with your glorified system that it ended up being declared crime to humanity by the whole world?

      Why is it that there is so much inequality between white suburbs and black township when your past glorified system was all perfect?

      Why did black townships never even had running water in their yards, electricity and sewages knowing well that it is the responsibility of the government to provide all those?

      You must just admit that you claimed the government all to your ownership forgetting that the government is for all. You even reminded our people about your white government.

      If there was equality why blacks never partook equally in the economy. Why is it that they were only employed as gardenboy and teegirls in your government? Do you see any equality there? I don't think so.

    10. Anonymous3:27 am

      On the Button Mike , 1:54 and 2:07 , Imbalances of the past ? there were more Blacks employed than Whites, and AA and BBEEE are RACIST organizations to take over Positions and Companies that they could never establish themselves. Eventually they become utter Failures , because they never built it up themselves from SCRATCH . All the Employment Laws brought in by the Black Regime covers those incompetents from being Fired.
      One eg. is Afrisam its BBEEE taken over from Wholesim (swiss) who bought it from Hippo Quarries , its running at a Mighty Loss.

    11. @Anon 3:03 AM...

      Nobody ever claimed Apartheid was perfect. No political system is. If you want to educate yourself about the truth of Apartheid read my Pandora series.

      However, when the former UN Secretary General, Dag Hammarskjöld (Sweden) visited Cape Town in January of 1961 he looked at the 17th and 18th century architecture and exclaimed, “But this is not Africa! This is Europe!”

      At the time South Africa was the only Developed Country (according to the UN)on the African continent. One of only 26 in the world at the time. A first world country on a third world continent.

      How did Apartheid get declared “a crime against Humanity”??? Democracy at the UN. Basically the African countries and the Communist who had the same vote as any other country ganging up.

      Nevertheless, In 1960, Ethiopia and Liberia filed a case in the International Court of Justice against South Africa alleging that South Africa had not fulfilled its mandatory duties and was oppressing the black people of SA and SWA. This case did not succeed.

      The Apartheid government submitted a 3000 page document to prove that human rights were a lot worse in other countries, including the two (Ethiopia and Liberia) who filed the case in the first place.

      The Apartheid Government won the case in 1966. The International Court of Justice found that SA and Apartheid did not oppress anybody.

      In those days every time a South African mounted the podium at the UN, the blacks would stage a walkout.

      Not satisfied with the ruling of the International court, the USSR and Guinea together in 1971 submitted early drafts at the UN of a convention to deal with the suppression and punishment of apartheid.

      The convention came into force in 1976 after 20 countries had ratified it. They were: Benin, Bulgaria, Belarus, Chad, Czechoslovakia, Ecuador, the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), Guinea, Hungary, Iraq, Mongolia, Poland, Qatar, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine, the USSR, the United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, Yugoslavia.

      All of them had Human rights abuses FAR worse than SA at the time.

      Seventy-six other countries subsequently signed on, but a number of nations, including western democracies, have neither signed nor ratified the ICSPCA, including Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

    12. To illustrate the Hypocracy at the UN…

      In 1961, the then foreign minister of South Africa, Eric Louw presented a factual comparison of the living conditions of blacks in South Africa compared to other African states. He proved that Blacks in SA had a higher per capita income, better educational opportunities, far superior medical and social services and altogether a higher standard of living than anywhere in Africa.

      How did the blacks respond to the truth? The Black African states engineered a motion of censure against him (first of its kind) and his speech was struck from the record.

      At the UN General assembly of 1962 the Soviet Foreign minister, Gromyko, speaking from a home base littered with labour camps and harsh prisons, described South Africa as, “The veritable private domain of slave owners”. The soviet minister’s speech just happened about the same time of the erecting of the Berlin Wall, that trapped the East Germans under a Communist yoke, and South Africa giving full freedom and independence to the Xhosas in Transkei.

      That is right…At the same time in 1962 when white South Africans gave blacks full independence to rule themselves, UN soldiers were killing thousands of blacks in the Congo.

      Talking about slavery…

      In 1967 the UN Human Rights Commission decided to establish a special unit to investigate “allegations” of cruelty against prisoners in SA jails, while in Saudi Arabia according to the Anti-Slavery Society’s report to the UN, slaves were still sold. The Society estimated that King Feisal and wealthy members held thousands of slaves.

      Look at Cuba, Nicaragua, Hungary, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia and Rhodesia where the UN handed power over to communist regimes. In the 70 years of existence of the UN, it has never once acted against the Communists.

      Terrorist organisations like SWAPO were given observer status in the UN even before they became the government of Namibia. Not only that, SWAPO, the ANC, ZANU-PF and many other terrorist organisations are directly sponsored by the UN.

      Today you want to point out and relive the worst massacre of blacks in SA namely Sharpeville where 69 blacks were killed….

      When 70,000 blacks were killed in Cameroon in 1964 the reports hardly made the papers. When a 100,000 blacks per year lost their lives in strife in the Sudan it made some inside pages.

      At the time of Sharpeville the death toll in Burundi, Uganda and Nigeria topped a MILLION, but it hardly managed to stir the press pundits of the world.

      In Uganda Idi Amin expelled 40,000 Asians…something that never happened in South Africa, but apparently the Liberal International press found Black racists less offensive than white racists.

      Where is your INEQAULITY now?

    13. Let us look at the Townships you claim are so backwards now and how they were under Apartheid.

      At the height of Apartheid in 1978 Soweto had 115 Football fields, 3 Rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 Cricket fields, 2 Golf courses, 47 Tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 Bowling alleys, 81 Netball fields, 39 children play parks, and countless civic halls, movie houses and clubhouses.

      In addition to this, Soweto had 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 Technical Colleges, 8 clinics, 63 child day care centres, 11 Post Offices, and its own fruit and vegetable market.

      There were 2300 registered companies that belonged to black businessmen, about 1000 private taxi companies. 3% of the 50,000 vehicle owners in 1978 were Mercedes Benz owners.

      Soweto alone had more cars, taxis, schools, churches and sport facilities than most independent countries in Africa. The Blacks of South Africa had more private vehicles than the entire white population of the USSR at the time.

      Today Soweto has modern shopping malls like, Dobsonville Shopping Centre.

      In 2005 the Protea Gardens Mall opened. This was followed by the Baramall Shopping Centre and the Jabulani Shopping complex and the Maponya Mall. Experts say that Soweto has as much as 25% oversupply of retail space.

      The biggest hospital in the world, Baragwanath with 3200 beds and at its peak almost 8000 staff had 23 operation theatres fitted out with the most modern medical equipment that existed in the world. Blacks were treated here, operated on...at full state costs to the white-taxpayers for unlimited periods.

      The budget of this hospital was and is higher than the yearly budget of most small member states of the United Nations.

      Next door to Baragwanath is the St. John’s Eye Clinic. The clinic is world famous for the treatment of Glaucoma, Cataracts, traumatic eye injuries and rare tropical diseases. All built and maintained by white taxpayer’s money.

      Baragwanath in 1978 employed 450 medical doctors in full-time service. It treated 112 000 in-patients and 1.62 million out-patients per year. The children and infant death rate with 34.8 per 1000 was lower than Harlem in New York.

      In 1982 alone, this hospital performed 898 heart operations of world quality.

      Ironically...90% of the blood donors for this hospital were whites, who donated blood free of charge, totally voluntarily...to save black lives. (Quoted from The Citizen, 2 April 1987).

    14. You want whites to apologise for Apartheid? Get lost.

    15. Anonymous6:01 am

      So well said and ACCURATE , Fact indeed. They have nothing on us South Africans. Not to forget the Rwanda Genocide which the West and St Mandela shut an eye to . Also Mugarbage with his Ethnic cleansing of the Ndebele by his Nkorean trained 5th Brigade.
      Yes but harp around the Hardness of the past Cops upholding Law and Order because the Evil forces were hellbent of destruction . The proof is right there today for everyone to see what happens when Law and Order isnt maintained.

    16. Anonymous6:11 am

      FUCK OFF!! You arseholes who are trying to defend the "honour" of blacks. UNDERSTAND something, the useless black species before whites came along was what? Huts made of grass, mud and cow shit!! That's hardly more than a fricken bird makes in a tree!!!! No schools, no fucking anything. Get down on ur knees and thank the white race for giving you everything you have, now!! You useless ape race. Oh you wanna complain because we forced you to have a separate post office to ours? Did you guys even know what a post office was before we arrived? No I didn't think so..... WAIT WHAT?! You mentioned being previously disadvantaged???? Oh wait are u talking about when Shaka went around fucking destroying all non Zulus and shoving poles up your arsres, or throwing you off of Shakas Rock? Yeah I guess you really were previously disadvantaged, thank fuck the white race came and saved you and gave you everything you have!!!

    17. Anonymous6:31 am

      Apartheid was indeed a BLUNDER and it is to blame for the CONFLICT that we have today. I cannot believe that one man can cause such a CHAOS. In fact, apartheid should be recorded as one of the MOST POWERFUL CONSPIRACIES in history which destroyed peace of humankind. Look now that after it was established in 1948 it is still engraved in the minds of many that if it was a religion it could have been one of the religions of the world today. It is one of the CONSPIRANCIES which are still worshipped even today. Verwoed was so intelligent. Firstly he used religion to advance segregation and subserviently enforced it as a drill to the people such that the system was so sacred that whites would be treated as demi gods.

      I believe Verwoed was wrong but I still respect him for the creating one of the biggest CONSPIRACIES in the world.

    18. Anonymous6:47 am

      Mike no white man has ever worked hard for what he has achieved so far. If that was a case why can't you continue working hard and stop complaining about ANCs BEE? Whites were empowered by the apartheid government which paved their way to the riches by excluding blacks to partake in the mainstream economy. Today you cannot claim to be working hard because the government is no longer on your side.

    19. Anonymous6:57 am

      Eric Louw was so stupid to use racism to justify his explanation. Surely UN offials laughed him off. Why did he have to compare the life of a black South African to that of other Africans in other countries? He should have started with his own life and that of his own people compared to others. Other Africans were poor because they never had natural resources in their countries. Their lands were not as endowed as those of South Africa. With South Africa's GOLD, DIAMONDS, COAL, etc which were flourishing then, why did a black South African had to suffer? That's what UN wanted to know, not that nonsense that so called prime minister was on about. The officials simply wanted to know what was he doing with millions of rands realised from royalties of those fine minerals.

    20. Mike, this idiot knows everything you say is true, correct and substantiated by fact, he still will argue because his ignorance will always win out over common sense.

      These retards want to claim credit for everything without doing anything, but I am not telling you anything you do not know.

      The best thing that could happen is that these retards kick off their planned, boasted about and much desired wiping out and killing off us whites.

      When that starts and gets going they will no longer have to wait for our apology and the racism that we exercise over them. They can also then wipe out any and all trace of whitemans intelligence, innovation and progression.

      Once they have achieved their aim they will claim that there was never whites in SA a their retarded ancestors built all the infrastructure and brought forth all the innovation that makes life so easy.

      So I really hope that they move their black stink arses and kick off the noise soon because their pitiful cries of injustice and racism are truly fucking irritating and just so tiring.

      Gillian and Max and a few to plenty other white arseholes will apologise to these Kaffirs, just so they know, they will not be getting an apology from me.

    21. Anonymous8:50 am


    22. Anonymous9:42 am

      I am not ashamed to confess that during apartheid our house did not have electricity, sewage and tap water. That I am not ashamed to declare. We have only seen electricity after Mandela took to power. The sewage system and tap water followed the sequence of development. Tarred roads and shopping malls also followed suit.

    23. @Anon 9:42 AM. What? So Mandela brought light to South Africa. Did he also walk on water?

      "The sewage system and tap water followed the sequence of development."

      Ja...it is clear. Mandela struck a rock and the water flowed from it.

      "Tarred roads and shopping malls also followed suit."

      So SA had no tarred roads and no shopping malls until the ANC created it out of thin air. You must be a special kind of stupid. Fuck, you are in a class of your own. You come with crap like this and wonder why you are called inferior??

    24. @ anon 9:42 AM. You obviously haven't travelled Africa.

      Your ignorance is truly retard strength.

    25. Anonymous7:59 pm

      @Anon 6:47AM

      "Mike no white man has ever worked hard for what he has achieved so far."

      What a crock of shit. Whites worked hard to create the best country in Africa and the ANC is busy turning it into shit. Just like the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

    26. Anonymous8:14 pm

      @Anon 9:42AM

      So, South Africa was just like the rest of sub-Saharan Africa i.e. shit until Mandela waved his magic wand and turned it into Europe. Dream on, twat!

    27. Anonymous10:32 pm


      That's is the problem, everyone thinks the government is responsible for your every need.

      There is so much unemployed in the townships, if you worked together you could easily build your own septic tanks. Many things could get done.

      I built my own septic tank, I got old bricks from the dump, chipped off the old daga and built it layer by layer. (Also dug the huge deep hole by myself) I didn't burn down anything to get the government to do it for me.

      Everyone needs to understand that the government doesn't care about you, only your vote, you are just another number.

    28. The sole job of the government is to protect the rights of the individual. Not to build schools. Not to build roads. Not to build houses, create jobs or whatever. ONE JOB. Protect the rights of the individual.

      That is what these kaffirs don't get. Doesn't matter what Andre Slade said. Doesn't matter if you agree with what he said or not. He has a RIGHT to say it.

      Evelyn Beatrice Hall who wrote "The friends of Voltaire" said: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".

    29. Anonymous12:30 am

      Mike why are you ashamed to admit that blacks only saw electricity, tarred roads, sewage, taps and shopping malls only in white suburbs. Don't shy away from the truth. Mandela brought all those to black townships.

    30. Anonymous12:42 am

      Anon 9:14 PM

      Mandela brought a developments to black townships. Something which a black man started to enjoy for the first time in history. That was a day when our when my parents for the first time had to put away candles and parafin and used electricity. That was the first time we started using sewage and see our waste vanishing in a second other than remaining there on the bucket for over a month before the next pick up session could be resumed by municipality. We never ate a lot because of the fear that our bucket will overflow especially when we could not bribe municipal workers for an extra empty bucket. We had to fetch water from kilometre away. It was hard indeed. Thank you Nelson Mandela.

    31. Anonymous1:03 am

      @Anon 7:15AM

      "which might see him even going to prison or sequestrated if he fails to pay millions of rands."

      I hope this happens to YOUR useless thief of a president.

      "The man only invited problems to himself"

      No, blacks created the problem by taking prostitutes into his guest house, getting drunk, breaking things and making unreasonable demands. Whites did not behave like this.

      "Now the Zulu kingdom can safely take over his business and make it their own."

      If the Zulus turn it into a blacks only guest house then the ANC won't have a problem with that (provided it's not Zulu only). It would turn to shit anyway, just like the country.

    32. Anonymous1:06 am

      Mike do you mean the government must protect racists even when the constitution condemns it. Discriminating on the grounds of race is crime and Andre Slade must be prosecuted for that crime. The government will only have to protect Andre's rights by giving him a lawyer if he cannot afford one.

      Mike I don't know where you live. Everywhere in the world government responsibility is to provide public services like schools, roads, housing for those who cannot provide their own, sewage system, water, etc. Apartheid government could not provide any of those but they want to tell us how intelligent they are. If only they could have given all those, whites could have been in power as in today. Just simple services is what they failed to provide.

      Look how diminishing the support of the ANC has become. That is because they now forgot completely about what Mandela wanted to achieve. They no longer provide services and will soon be voted out of power. Ours is not about colour, only if you can provide and use resources sparingly. It doesn't matter whether you are white president or not. However, the problem is that whites are dominated by their own agenda of segregation that's why they do not receive any of our votes. Only if you can sell yourself and forget about black and white and your bible for the bible also told us that the government of the world will not necessarily support our religions. What is most important is individuals. For as long as you know that you and your family are Christians let it end there. For Jesus said those who resist it let it not be imposed on them. Just dust off your feet on their door step and hit the road. We want solutions and not conflict.

    33. Anonymous1:14 am

      This is for Mike's indulgence.


    34. Anonymous1:24 am

      @Mike 12:10AM

      It just shows that this "government" is not there to protect the rights of the white individual.

    35. @ Anonymous1:06 AM...You are a political dunce. You cannot govern, because you do not grasp the basics of what a democracy and a constitution are.

      No the government is not there to build houses. You want a house you study at school, get a good job, apply for a bond and buy a house that you pay off over 20 years. That is how 99% of whites do it. You fucking lazy and useless lot just want to be given a house. Mahala.

      Here go educate yourself. You can thank the Baas later. Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 26: The role of Government, and what Treason actually means

    36. @Anon 1:14 AM...OOOHHH the dreaded Romans 13 and the submission to governing authorities. Ouch...The same verse that was used to tell blacks to submit to Apartheid rule. Why didn't they? The same verse the Nazi's used to tell Jews to go to concentration camps quietly, because it is all part of God's divine plan to be gassed to death in your millions.

      So why did Martin Luther resist the absolute authority and tyranny of the Pope and Roman Catholic Church? Why did Pope Francis recently criticize corrupt governments across the globe? And John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli, John Knox and the other reformers? Why did they resist the Church’s authority? Why did St Paul constantly challenge the Roman tyranny against Christians? Why did Jesus himself resist the tyranny of the Sanhedrin and the Roman occupation of Israel?

      Go read your Bible Properly. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

    37. Anonymous1:59 am

      Anon 1:06AM

      Stealing 246 million rand of public funds is a crime and Jacob Zuma must be prosecuted for that crime. He can find and pay for his own damn lawyer.

    38. Anonymous2:28 am

      Mike your most glorious apartheid government could not govern either. They failed to provide equitable services for all. It is not a secret that apartheid government built free big houses for whites. That I know because I am employed in the department of housing in the local council. We are still having their records in hard copy. So for that you can never convince me otherwise.

      Moreover, they did also built houses for coloureds and blacks but many of those houses were two rooms and were joined, only separated by a wall in between.

    39. Anonymous2:32 am

      I thought Christianity was your religion and ours was Kaffir traditions. It amazes me how a white man is turning away from his religion and deciding to become a communist. The world changes fast. It is not long we will start seeing white sangomas.

    40. Anonymous3:29 am


      Anon: 10:35 PM, 11:06 PM, 11:18 PM

      You fucken black, delusional dum cunt! Jou nat agter-die-ore snotneus kaffer wat altyd bakhand staan vir als!

      Ons gaan JULLE nog almal uithaal! Die laaste fokken een van julle! Genoeg is genoeg! Klaar gepraat, die tyd vir doen is nou uiters naby!

      Ek soek julle bloed op my hande, vir die onreg gedoen aan MY volk!!!

      "Mike no white man has ever worked hard for what he has achieved so far." - jou dom doos! Dis nog lekker om op hierdie stadium in die winkels te stap en kos te koop nê my kaffer? Dis ons blanke boere wat hard werk om hierdie land te voed, maar jy is heeltemal te dom om dit enigsins te begryp!

    41. Anonymous7:20 am


      Correction on my post of 3:29 AM: dumb.

    42. Anonymous8:04 am

      @Anonsense 2:32AM

      CWG is absolutely correct. You really are a dumb shit.

      "I thought Christianity was your religion and ours was Kaffir traditions."

      Well, why don't remind your own people?

      "It amazes me how a white man is turning away from his religion and deciding to become a communist."

      Christianity is a RELIGION.
      Communism is an IDEOLOGY.

      Anyway, why would Mike turn to communism when he opposed to it and YOUR communist ANC "government"?

      "It is not long we will start seeing white sangomas."

      The stupid cunts already exist and I have no idea why. They are merely sangomas because they are no longer white.

    43. Anonymous8:16 am

      @CWG 7:20AM

      They probably didn't even realise that the spelling was incorrect.

    44. @ CWG. Hello there and welcome back. You have been keeping a low profile.

      Nice to see the spirit is in full flare. Keep it up.

      This arsewipe that you've just read the riot act to has been enjoying all the attention the whole weekend so please do not give him to much more otherwise he will start thinking he is welcome here.

    45. Anonymous12:17 am


      Helloooo LTMA! I was never gone, I am always lurking around on Mike's blog, although I want to start lurking around the savages now...

  3. Anonymous7:20 am

    Firstly, Mike who is Musa Khoza? It could be a white man pretending to be a black man because that account does not have much records to have been used for long time.

  4. I'll give him a call Monday.. Need some backup as well. LT, TT, CWG, JP, HOEKVLAG, VAALPENS, DONY, NODDY and the rest I missed...

    Tactic 2. Intimidation.

    4 Taaibos Street
    Leeufontein Farm
    Postal address
    PO Box 73872
    Lynwood Ridge
    (013) 930-1923

    1. @ BLCN thank you most kindly, I will let you know if this mouth has teeth or if it is just a shit spewing arsehole.

      Thanks mate. I know Bucking horse creek well so I shall pay a visit.

    2. @ BLCN when you phone him use a tiki box.

    3. Anonymous6:44 am

      Mike 2:07 and that is a fact, when sitting in long traffic jams because Kaffir stole the robot cables you never see over paid under performing meid with state job roll down the window of here Q7 or Jeep Cherokee to give picanin a Rand or two, no it's always some struggling white in a 93 corolla that gives, I've seen this so often. Concerning myself I only give pepper spray and if little black hands dare to enter through wound down window (old bakkie two speakers and no air con) they get spyderco serrated edge. Anything bigger gets a TWA. I don't care anymore.

    4. Thank you for the details CosaNostra ;)

    5. Update: I have it on record that Musa Khoza has already been fired by the owners and a criminal case against him has been opened.

    6. Thanks Mike, for the update. Was actually looking forward to a midweek cruise to Bucking horse creek. Barcelos there that serves an amazing chicken burger.

    7. Shit man.! I was looking forward to my phone call. And maybe a courtesy trip along with LT to go and visit...

  5. Mike, let's face facts, these Kaffirs only carry on like this because they are allowed to by the whites.

    We whites are just to fucking tolerant and controlled, our culture has taught us to reason with and restrain ourselves.

    Kaffir has just got to use to white man being nice.

    Lots of followers here believe that we should not exercise our savagery but I believe that shortly we should show these Kaffirs exactly what innovative savages we can be and how we can make their slaughter of whites look like kindergarten games compared to our daily business.

    We must show no mercy, man, woman, child, infant all the same fate, for that is what Kaffir has done to ours so let's do worse and multiple to them.

    1. Anonymous11:29 am

      There are only few nice white people. The rest label blacks as kaffir and are very arrogant.

    2. @ anon 12:29 AM. Am I an arrogant racist or rasictly arrogant?

      I would like to know because you seem to have missed the racist in your accusation.

      I am arrogant because I am going to be the nightmare of your dreams, carry on pushing us whites, carry on thinking we are weak and afraid, carry on with your shit.

    3. Anonymous1:38 am

      @Anon 11:29 AM

      How do you know that they're not calling you a kaffir behind your back?

    4. No,no, no...we call them Jack (Just another Common Kaffir) or Sam (South African Munt) or Rick, or Nick, The list is almost endless. See the absurdity? You cannot just ban the word "Kaffir"...You've got to ban the entire English language. Good luck with that.

  6. Laying a countercharge is sound advice. The SAPS are itching to prosecute whitey for racism, but they are also undermanned and dysfunctional. Use their weakness against them. Whatever you do, don't imagine that, because you are a decent, law-abiding taxpayer, you can "explain" your way out of trouble. If you do that, you will just be giving the cops ammunition to use against you. There was a British cop called "Nightjack" who ran a blog in which he gave an insider's perspective on policing and how the (British) legal system really works. He gained considerable notoriety and, needless to say, was hated for giving away secrets to the rabble.

    Here is part of a famous entry on his blog titled, "When the doorbell rings":

    'In these days of us increasingly having to deal with law abiding folk who have fallen foul of the “entitled poor” and those who have learned how to use us [the police] to score points and exact revenge, I thought it would be a good idea to give out a bit of general guidance for those law abiding types who find themselves under suspicion or under arrest. It works for the bad guys so make it work for you.

    Complain First

    Always get your complaint in first, even if it is you who started it and you who were in the wrong. If things have gone awry and you suspect the cops are going to be called, get your retaliation in first. Ring the cops right away and allege for all you are worth. If you can work a racist or homophobic slant into it so much the better.

    Make a counter allegation

    Regardless of the facts, never let the other side be blameless. If they beat you to the phone, ring anyway and make a counter allegation against them. Again racism or homophobia are your friends. If you are not from a visible minority ethnic culture, may I suggest that the phrase “You gay bastard” or similar is always useful. In extremis allege sexual assault. It gives us something to bargain with when getting the other person to drop their complaint on a quid-pro-quo basis. This is particularly good where there are no independent witnesses. When it boils down to one word against another and nobody is ‘fessing up, CPS [Crown Prosecution Service] run a mile and you, my friend, are definitely on a walk out.'

    1. @ DR thank you most kindly.

    2. Anonymous11:24 am

      didnt work for me. Got death threats in the work place. Filed complaint. Caught it on cell phone.

      Fired me instead with false counter accusations.

      They got a 12 month warning.

      Shoot shovel Shutup.

  7. Anonymous8:41 am

    I would love to slit Oprah Winfrees throat and burn her body in a fire pit stupid f bitch.

  8. Whiteman8:57 am

    I have often wondered. Why did oprah winfrey build that very expensive college here in the NSA ? ? There are so many poorer African countries, where the " peopol " are really suffering, even without Apartheid ! Or maybe she did ? I have not heard of it though. One thing is for sure, if the EFF burns it to the ground, oprah will also blame it on Apartheid !

  9. That is such a beautiful cat.

    WTF is that thing above it?

    1. Some Ousie on TV in America...Orpah

    2. Anonymous1:17 pm

      That was "made" by who ??? the White females who supported her Bollocks talk crap shows.

    3. LTMA, The image represents:
      (Bottom) Small Puss.
      (Top) Big Poes.

    4. Ouman. Thanks mate, Jissum! but that big Poes looks just like a kaffir.

  10. Anonymous9:54 am

    Mike we all try to quell the Racist in us , but when one sees the way these underlings conduct themselves it just flows . We musnt give them reason , I mean, they know they fucking up and these that burst out with with their rants , only give them reason to justify their F -ups , yebo its the whites fault because they racist oppressors , enslaving us and making us do wrong.
    Now we all see the way their brothers in Government perform as best as they can , because they dont know any better, So we must not give them reason to justify it.
    So zip it and suffer in silence as they self terminate, otherwise they will come down hard on you and the blinded Lib World is on their side .

    1. @ anon 9:54 AM. Are you related to Thabo Mbeki? Wait maybe you are Thabo Mbeki.

      You want to practice silent diplomacy?

      How much more silent do you want to be? Please tell me. Would you like us just to accept the random abandon at which we whites get slaughtered and sidelined here, would you like us just to accept and apologise for everything?

      Come answer me.

      You seem to think this is going to silently go away and one morning you will wake up in a perfect world where darky and whitey are colour blind. Smell the coffee, my friend. The quieter you are the more they are going to wipe you out.

      When you start standing up against them then they see that there is a movement towards resistance and suddenly they realise that we are not the pussies that they thought we were.

      Only through defiance will we achieve something worth keeping, your silent diplomacy will just allow us to be fucked up, screwed over, slaughtered and trodden over at retards leisure.

      One voice will start uniting the whites and those that do not unite will be the ones that retard will continue killing because they will know that to touch one in unity will be to bring down heavens shithouse onto themselves.

      So please stop trying to promote your reverse psychology here, rather go to the masses and try telling them that their racism and corruption and crime and murder is wrong and they should listen to you and desist from continuing with such action.

    2. Anonymous12:44 pm

      Ltma ,we have been branded by all the sympathizers in the Lib west (allies Not ?) of this Lot as racist apartheid oppressors, now to mouth racist rhetoric to them will only add fuel as it justifies what they use against us.
      Obviously not to keep quiet about their Evil , but to leave racist Rants out of it, for its all they can use against us for Hilighting them to the World.
      They must know that if they trespass into our Domain they will be hit hard. I think we should protect our Elderly and Weak because thats what these cowards target 10 on 1.
      Anyway its not quiet diplomacy its righteous diplomacy , instead of each individual mouthing his racist outrage.
      They get singled out and fined or other, so when I say suffer in silence I mean keep it in mind in front of them not to give reason, but when he comes at you hit hard.
      So Ltma go tell them they are racist , corrupt , murderous and all but dont give them a reason of you being the same. Reverse psychology my ass look into what I mean you might catch on.

    3. @ anon 12:44 PM. I doubt that I will catch on, the reason is that I know you cannot talk to or reason with retard.

      He considers your dialogue, debate and reason a weakness.

    4. @ anon 12:44 PM. Think of this, we have tried to show these retards a nice and restrained and civil side of ourselves for so long. Has it made an impression?

      I understand your view and if we were dealing with something else that has the ability to reason and understand decent human values I would agree with you and even promote your views.

      You know that we have tried our best even during apartheid to uplift muntu boy and girl and we failed.

      Look all over the world where this parasite ends up its always the same, they cry foul this, racism that and you know that in the states white men went to war over these parasites and killed each other so that these retards could have their freedom.

      What have they do with their freedom?

      You see, my argument is that Kaffir appreciates fuck all demands everything and blames everyone for his inadequacy and the more we pamper and fuss the cunt the more of a problem he becomes.

      So let's take the hard line and pay a few fines but while paying fines let's build a momentum that tells Kaffir we will no longer take his shit and that we are coming at him in a way he will never forget.

    5. Whiteman6:25 am

      The posts on this article make very good sensible reading ! Too many people can not, or will not accept, that we are at WAR in this country. Unfortunately, it is a mixture of races on one side, and patriotic whiteys on the other side. So it makes it difficult to draw clear, well defined lines. But when a whitey shows anger, and calls for revenge and/or war, you are shot down in flames, by the good, peace loving, christian people. A favourite accusation, they use to emasculate the patriots is : Dont descend to their, ( black barbarians ) level. Maintain the high moral ground. Show them what true christianity is etc. The fact of the matter is, you can not win a war, by being " nice ! " You can not shoot your enemy, and love him/her at the same time. It just does not work like this in real life. Those of us, who experienced the bush war, understands this perfectly well. Nothing we can say or do, can aggravate the black masses, more than their OWN leaders have already done ! The biggest problem for us patriots, are the " nice " people, who do not understand the black barbarians, their culture, and the way they have operated for thousands of years. This " christian " ignorance, can/will cost you your life, sooner than you realise !

  11. Anonymous11:33 am

    I've heard that just from last year, there are currently over 200 000 cases of racism said to have been perpetrated by whites on blacks.

    1. @ And I've heard you are a moron with less than two brain cells. Prove me wrong.

      I take it you can provide a source for your rubbish claim.

    2. Anonymous1:07 pm

      That's the whole problem..."over 200 000 cases of racism said to have been perpetrated by whites on blacks"...

      Fuck is that all, shame typical kaffir...its never enough is it?


    3. Mr Mister6:07 pm

      I heard last year that being born white automatically makes a person racist.

    4. Anonymous8:33 am

      @Anon 11:33AM

      Lies, damn lies and ANC statistics.

    5. Anonymous8:41 am

      I thought you were going to say there were 200 000 cases of starvation.

  12. Anonymous11:44 am

    We been "zipping it" for too long... Fuck them China

    1. Anonymous12:47 pm

      anon 11:44 Keep them Fuel starved , and hit them with Righteousness.

    2. Anonymous1:07 am

      You must worry more about blacks who have been "zipping it" for too long being called names in their own country.

    3. @ Anon1:07 AM...Worry? No my friend. I am looking forward to it. Please...unzip. Go for it. Show us what you've got or are you a pussy?

    4. @ anon 1:07:AM. Haha haha, what? I must worry? Haha haha.

      Worry about what you stinking little black bantu, you think that I worry about Kaffirs unzipping it? The only unzipping Kaffir does is unzip its pants to shag and make more stinks. Fuck off, stop talking and start showing your courage.

      Take us on I challenge you bring your fucking eleventy seventy meeleeon come you have the numbers let's see what you can do with them.

      You retards sing and make big speeches but your words are like your fucking heads, there is nothing in them.

    5. Anonymous4:53 am

      Every day the ANC regime and its illiterate supporters are verbally attacking white people in the media, parliament and with racial laws.

      But no problem, you're changing liberals opinions and the biggest damage to the ANC is coming from itself and its supporters.

      The world now recognizes the ANC as incompetent, a failure, a joke and a racist regime on the way out.

      Educated blacks vote for the DA, they realize that the ANC represents the mentality of the squatter camp blacks. They want economic progress and want to live in a modern free market society.

      It's the gutter blacks who are the racists, which is probably what you are.

    6. Anonymous8:37 am

      Anon107, your concern is about blacks being called racist names, try having a concern for, no jobs, no economy, mass starvation, moron!

  13. I wonder if their british masters told them what the boers can do if they pick up arms and fight back.this time the boers wont make the same mistakes to leave our woman and children open for attacks,we have already planned and prepped safe places for them for he coming war,this time it will be far worse then the battle of blood river,total war with the bible in one hand and the mauzer in the other hand,God will help us to rid our country from them once and for all!!!!the pests must run or would be crushed!!!

    1. Anonymous1:13 pm

      Anon 12:14 Even if you nuked every main city in SA, there will be many left , they out fuck us with rape , in the whole world its happening and even the White women are helping in their proliferation to swamp us. The only thing that can do it are the sicknesses (aids, ebola etc.) but de white docs are working around the clock to save dem.

    2. @ anon 1:13PM. Go fuck yourself, stop posing you are fucking useless at it.

    3. Anonymous2:02 am

      @anon10:24 Lastly , Go F Fuck yourself , and stop putting weak and elderly whites in Danger, because thats who they will target.

  14. Blacks are making whites racist! Simple. If I read that a black woman says KILL ALL WHITES. Then I want to show her don't even fucking think about it. I am white. I make no excuse for this. I do thank God that I am white. It is such a smart beautiful race of people.

    1. Anonymous1:58 am

      Anon 12:55 " Blacks are making whites racist!" of course they are , any excuse to cover up their blunders , also to win time for their Looting. So when we in our frustration put the focus on us by racist rants it covers them and the subject at hand.

  15. A Kenyan was on our news two days ago, complaining because someone called him a racist name. He has a job and a house here. I said in a blog to everyone, you don't know the half of it. Our poor white brothers and sisters are being murdered and oppressed wholesale in SA.

  16. Anonymous4:28 am


    1. 70 years to create the master race and that is the best they can come up with? Bwhahahaha.

  17. Anonymous11:30 pm


    1. It is this kind of crap that irks the shit out of me; "There is a strong opinion that black people are not racist, based on the belief that they never left the continent to invade others or forced their culture or beliefs onto others."

      Oh yeah? So what do you call the thousands of blacks crossing the Mediterranean every day to invade Europe then? Why did tens of thousands of blacks bridge the fence between Mozambique and the Kruger Park to get into evil White Apartheid South Africa?

  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08Q4XARzT44

  19. Anonymous4:56 am

    This worked for me. Three taxis parked across a T junction making it impossible for traffic to move in any direction until one person decided to mount the pavement and as it happen I too was free to move ahead. When I got to where the taxis were parked I yelled at the three drivers who all whirled around to face me. With them concentrating on me, I said "go and get your guns out of your taxis and shot one another" and I drove off. Hadn't gone far, looked into my rear view mirror only to see the taxis moving. Getting angry is exactly what they want. Play them at their own game.

  20. I honestly don't know how the whites are still sane. I witnessed this driving myself. My teeth clenched, my legs went stiff. ( my husband driving) if you can drive in Johannesburg you can drive anywhere. Civilization has not been fully implimented to these people. They better not ever come here.

  21. Anonymous5:32 am

    You fucking racists have stolen the better part of our wealth taking all the agriculturally rich land and squashing us all in arid land accounting for less than 25% while we make over 75% of the population. You have been doing the shit in the mining industry where the number of white employees account for less than 25% while blacks account for over 75% yet over 75% of the wage/salary budget goes to the 25% white minority. The truth is white people are greedy and are greedy by nature and there is nothing they can do to help it. I have tried doing business with these ass holes and i can tell you most of them put greed before business when working with blacks and all have this wrong mentality of generalizing blacks while not all of us are porn stars or criminals just like you ass holes are .

  22. Anonymous5:34 am

    its time you let that comment through you little coward racist!

    1. Ooohhh...foaming at the mouth I see. Must be from sucking too much racist cock. You can suck mine too.

      Now fuck off Kaffir. Go throw some poo at a stutue or whatever it is you useless lot do...This is a White man's blog. YOu are not welcome here.

  23. Anonymous12:52 pm

    let that comment through U Fucking scumbag! you little piece of shit! you trying to run away from the facts you muthafucken gay!shit! u are nothing! the only reason you are still alive is bcoz u r coward u loser!

  24. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Unless u are aware of your intellectual incapability to take on any debate why the fuck would you little dicked coward have to screen comments? nation by nation we shall massacre you all white pigs! thumbs up to the french massacre!

  25. Anonymous1:21 pm

    You know what u tiny genitals, its good enough that u dont get the chance you need to feed ur fucking white racist greed like you wish here in our beloved S.A. and am gonna leave it like that. The fact that you dedicate hours writing all the bad things in the world about the non white means that sumthang is killing u inside and thats the way i want it! i hope u die from stroke and heart attack.

  26. Anonymous1:28 pm

    voetsek u retard! come out here why r u screening comments? when u should be fucking ur wife u r busy feeding ur hatred, u little dick! its obvious why u hate on blacks when dey fuck and please white bitches in ur presence. what kind of a man that is all about Blacks this Blacks that when he shud be fucking his wife (if she has'nt ran away in search for a black dick yet)

    1. Behold, ladies and gentlemen...I present to you the superior mind of the Noble Savage. Anonymous 12:52, 1.07, 1:21, 1:28.

  27. I am fairly easy going until I hear someone say they are going to murder you whites. Then I get angry and I think to myself, what I am going to be doing while your killing my white brothers and sisters? Wise up you are so full of shit. You are so full of hate and jealousy.