31 July 2016

Mike Smith endorses the Cape Party

By Mike Smith
31st of July 2016

Amazing how the ANC is losing support from all their former diehard supporters of whom one would never have thought it to possible .

Oliver Tambo’s family abandons ANC

Thabo Mbeki and 14 of his family members abandon the ANC

Former ANC terrorist, Minister of Safety and Security and later Minister of Sport, Steve Tshwete’s son Linda and Ghaleb Cachalia, the son of struggle icons Amina and Yusuf, held a media briefing condemning President Jacob Zuma’s “racial” campaign.

The three men who come from prominent families in the ANC said they have the full support of their families as DA members. Linda said his entire family, except for the two, fully supported him when he joined the DA.

Malema said that the ANC has blamed Apartheid for its failures for too long: EFF: ANC has blamed Apartheid for its failures too long

He said: “This is no longer the ANC of Mandela, Tambo and Chris Hani. You must not feel ashamed for not voting for the ANC, because that party is now rotten.”

There is no doubt that the ANC is going to get a slap upside their heads in this election, but what is disheartening for me is that the winners of the lost ANC votes will be the DA and the EFF.

Cape Party: Main Road Somerset West
As you know, I have never belonged to any political party and have voted only once (1994) in my life. That was a mistake, because at the time I didn’t realize that the election was illegal and every subsequent election after that is therefore also illegal.

After the NP repealed the populations registration act on the 28th of June 1991 (the last of the Apartheid laws) they scrapped the denotations of “Whites”, “Coloureds”, “Indians” and “Blacks” and all citizens became the same. Therefore the Tri-cameral parliament, the Constitution of 1983 and their mandate to govern became null and void. The NP should have resigned there and then, called for a new election and a new constitution.

Only the whites voted for them in 1989. They had no mandate from the majority population (non whites) to govern one day further. They didn’t even have the authority to call a whites-only referendum in 1992; they should have simply fucked off.

Therefore the elections of 1994 were illegal and a farce and every single subsequent election the same.

Nevertheless, the majority of the voters in South Africa does not know this and choose to play along. I don’t. I don’t endorse an illegal terrorist government by voting in any of their elections.

Cape Party: Beach Road Strand
However, for those who are going to vote on the 3rd of Agust 2016, please vote for the Cape Party. It is the only party I will endorse, because the DA, the Freedom Front Minus, and The rest of the 200 parties in the farcical elections do not support an independent country or homeland separate from the ANC governed shithole of the rest of SA.

Besides, the hated liberal media is freezing out the tiny Cape Party and Jack Miller, party leader is fighting to get just 5000 votes in order to get ONE SEAT in order to have a say in running of the Western Cape.

Often that is all that is needed. Remember the impact the lone voice of Helen Suzmann had in parliament during Apartheid. Eventually she turned the whole NP liberal to the point where the Conservative Party became the official opposition.

Just look at me. A lone voice crying out in the wilderness and the impact that has had.

Maybe all we need is that one voice in the Cape Parliament to constantly plant the seeds of freedom and independence in the minds of the people. If the Cape becomes independent then it will be the catalyst for the Boer Republics to also be restored and for the Zulus to get Natal.

But why stop at 5000 votes? Give them 10,000 votes; Hell man, give them 500,000 votes!!!! On the 3rd of August, vote Cape Party and get them all elected, but at least get Jack Miller and Ebrahim Davids in there.

Cape Party: Gordons Bay

Jack Miller and Ebrahim Davids


  1. Anonymous1:50 am

    I live in JHB. I am tempted to drive to the Cape and pretend that I am a citizen there and register to vote.

  2. http://mikesmithspoliticalcommentary.blogspot.co.za/2016/03/is-afrikaner-self-determination-still.html/ Boers are delusiona

    1. Anonymous5:59 am

      @Shaka 2:37 AM

      'Boers are delusiona'. Where is your 'l'?

      No, Boers are NOT delusional because they are more than capable of governing themselves unlike you lot and your damn ANC shit show.

    2. Anonymous6:08 am

      @ shakaka 2:37 AM. The delusion is in your fucked up senseless empty head.

      Your type and I are heading for a serious disagreement, I personally believe that it is closer than you think it is.

      Carry on you retarded thing that evolution forgot about, I am waiting for you and your tribe of other things.


    3. Anonymous7:58 am

      Your ANC communist utopia dream is delusional!

    4. Anonymous11:02 am

      uh uh Shaka, us Boers just dream big, and usually make those dreams happen. Soon we will sit back in our own country and check how your kind kill, rape and plunder each other into oblivion.

    5. Mr Mister3:34 pm

      Yep, maybe we are delusional, but you are not a boer so stop worrying about it. I often wonder why blacks always have to kick up a fuss over something that doesn't concern them.

    6. Anonymous3:25 am

      Why try to reason with it?

  3. Adrem3:29 am

    Yes friends, follow Mike Smith's advice: Vote for the Cape Party, it's the only sensible thing to do. Sit down and think for a moment and imagine:


    This might well be the beginning of something we have long been waiting for. Don't let it slip, this is the only chance we have in the unfolding voting circus.

  4. Anonymous10:23 am

    Some people will never be able to read the writing on the wall. There is none so dumb as those who can not read.
    Get out of SA and find a new home where you are will be among your kind.
    This hanging on to every thread of hope is just plain stupidity.

    1. Anonymous10:59 am

      And go where numbnuts? All the civilized western countries are overun by third world immigrants. Soon these countries will make SA look like a paradise. Bombs, mass shootings and stabbings...you can live in your overseas etopia, we will stay put and fight for our own country.


    2. Anonymous2:05 pm

      True that McM.

    3. Anonymous8:33 pm

      @1023 Expat? Wow me too. I must tell you that I can see your smug face from here and it looks like maybe your emigration didn't go down so well with the family and friends back home? Ag shame man! I feel for you. We all had those issues. But posting crap like that doesn't help anyone. All it does is get their backs up and can cause some to bury their heads deeper. Whites stay in SA for the best of reasons - it's their home, no one elses. Thankfully you're a minority. We wish all those in SA the very best everyday. May the ANC go to hell this week.

    4. Anonymous12:36 am

      McM - read the text in the images on the far right of Mikes blog -if you can. There is none so blind as those who will not see.

      And it's Utopia. But maybe in SA it's E-Topia (Eeeeetopia)

    5. Anonymous8:01 am


      You know for years I have had to deal with idiots from Australia & New Zealand claiming things are so safe there.

      Never waste your breath on an idiot.

      In the past, when whites used to tell me they are moving to Europe/Aus/NZ, I would listen and in some dumb cases tell them the truth but people cant seem to picture the future because they are always accessing previous maps in their heads of how things were and are and then assume, things will remain the same based on those previous maps.

      The maps in peoples minds are upside down.

      Well let me tell you, about 16 months ago, I warned, I said Australia will not be safe in Asia and I maintain it. In fact we now have proof. I mentioned this again, about 3-4 posts back.


      So if you think Europe is safe - best get your head checked, if you think Australia is safe, best find out about the South China sea issue.


      Im not sure how long Mikes blog will be online but take this to heart, as impossible, as so far out there as it sounds, as ridiculous as it comes across....

      Dont be surprised that within 5-10 years OR less, we have New Zealanders/Australians (please god no criminals) moving here to South Africa and we find way down the line that the reason the whites from South Africa moved there, was to show them or open their minds that we are similar in many ways.

      The same will happen in Europe.

      No African country can survive with an African on top, things are going to move very fast here now in South Africa.

      By all means, immigrate if you can BUT dont be surprised if you find yourself moving back in 10-12 years or less.

      Just like the new SA in 1980s seemed impossible, would never happen, hard lined whites would never accept black rule, no one could imagine Afrikaners being removed...

      The time to leave has come/gone, we are just about near the end of this thing in SA. Those republics are closer than most people think.

      If you can leave, then leave. If you cant leave, then prepare. You should be uniting with like minded people, arming, training, preparing.

      The worst thing that could happen is you meet new like minded South Africans.

      Know the signs, read the times.

  5. Anonymous11:19 am

    @ anon 10:23 AM, we are not cowards and we are not interested in how much material wealth we can accumulate, or what flashy car we drive.

    I do not give a fuck if you think I am a moron and not intelligent. Intelligence means fuck all if you are a coward and cannot stand for what you believe.

    My forefathers came here and were pioneers here, they are recorded in history and we have a town named after us in honour of their contribution to this country.

    Both sides of my bloodline come from families of distinguished warriors and have fought in many wars and battles.

    My family has represented South Africa in every single conflict it has known since they put foot onto this soil.

    I am the last warrior of my blood, there is none who will carry the warrior gene of my family further.

    You want me to read some fucking idiots writing on a wall and get scared and put my tail between my legs am run, never will that happen in my life.

    I have never done it to date I will never do it for anything. I am the master of my fate and I will determine how my life plays out.

    I do not have hope, I have confidence, ability, aggression and a special skill honed and perfected in conflict and I will not disgrace myself or my family name by being defeated without conflict.

    So rather stay where you are, stop trying to appease your cowardice by enticing us warriors to turn coward, rather not post remarks like you just have, We ask nothing of you and we know not to expect anything of you so leave us be to our fate and I will leave you be to your peace.

    This country is as much mine as it was my ancestors, we have bled, sweated, cried and laughed here, I will not give it away, if these things want it they must take it from me in the manner that my forefathers secured it for me.


    1. Anonymous10:42 pm



    2. Anonymous12:39 am

      you say 'I will not give it away' as though this is ssomething in the future. Fact is you gave it away in 1994. Past tense my freind.

    3. Anonymous12:51 am

      you are not showing courage. you are just being foolish and full of hopeless pride. I hope that you are not jeopardising a family with your foolishness.
      And what town do you have named after you ...kraaifontein?

    4. Anonymous2:44 am

      @ anon 12 51 AM. Fuck! Your jealousy reeks through and clogs the ethers, I bet your running shoes are worn out already.

      A cunt can be called a vagina, reproductive organ and many other nice names but it still remains a cunt. Sorry 12:51 you cannot disguise your character.


    5. Anonymous8:41 am

      Hehehe LTMA, soon these fucks will fade away completely into the coward's abyss from which they sprung forth. FKN lefty cucks.

    6. @LTMA

      Dont mind the naysayers. They are a part of every story in history. They make it more memorable for the brave and the righteous.

      Because when we survive against the odds again, we will be once more glorified in history, even if death takes us.

      Where as the yellow belly will always belong to the forgotten part of history and when remembered, it will be with disgust..

      I am not placing my family in any situation. The parasite and the liberal is putting us in a situation. We did not create it and never asked for it. It is forced unto us.

      My wife dont have dreams of running to NZ. She have dreams of defending our inheritance with or with out me with pride and honor. She has got more balls than these henshoppers, yellowbelly fence sitters.

      I have seen many fights in my life. I have seen both big and small guys call it quits but every now and again you get this one small oke and eventhough he gets bliksemed by the big oke he carries on and stands his ground till the end. Most of the time you will find these two guys become big friends afterwards.

      Thats the type of heart i want next to me fighting. Not this Run Forrest Run for the hills type before they even tested their opponent. I hate cowards.

      To me a big part of why liberals are liberals is because it is a way for them to camouflage the cowardliness in their hearts so much so that they believe pathologically in their theories for liberalism.

    7. Anonymous9:49 am

      @ Dony and 8:41 AM. I love these intellectual, intelligent, well versed runners having a go at me.

      In their eyes I am a moron, stupid, yapper that is all talk no action.

      I want them to think that, they are at the advantage because they went to varsity got a piece of paper that elevated them to God status and allowed them to earn lots of money to buy running shoes. Albeit that those running shoe took the form of one way plane tickets

      You see I am not backing down for them and their advantage, I will bring the fight to them from my level but I will not back down.

      They forget that while they were studying and getting degrees, I was keeping them safe and doing my duty, on the yatti and in the townships, I did the patrol and the guard duties and I do not want thanks or praise because it was my duty.

      I only left my post in 94 when the master that once were slaves took over. All I want from my fellow white man is honour and integrity.

      Those that ran cry family, no opportunity, no jobs and just more and more excuses.

      I stayed and not bragging but I started and have built a company that employs 20 whites, feeds their families and gives them hope and integrity, I support a couple of homeless white people and I look after a couple of old aged unfortunate people that have been forgotten by society because they no longer matter.

      All the above I do without a degree or diploma, only a std 8 and a determination to win and succeed. I am not the brightest and I have achieved this, imagine what I could have done with a degree.

      These runners could have done the same but cowardice is an overpowering emotion and blinds the host from seeing an alternative, so the coward runs but cannot admit his cowardly nature so he will find the excuses and reasons to justify his departure.

      I honestly do not mean to take up so much of your time with my reasoning, experiences and successes but fuck it, I really needed to say that. Thanks guys.


    8. Anonymous10:56 pm

      Keep 'em coming LTMA. You just keep 'em coming bud.

    9. Anonymous8:13 am


      We are here, hearts, minds, souls right till the end.

      If you want peace of mind, you must splinter the hearts & minds of our people. We must embed the seed so deep into their minds now.

      We must let our children, grandchildren, cousins, family, friends know that NEVER EVER again, no matter what.

      No matter what plans they have, no matter what they attempt to do, no matter how many traitors, no matter what outside force, we must know that we will have it back and some more.

      If we embed this into their hearts, souls and minds, then you will have peace of mind. This peace of mind can only come from keeping the flame alive in everyone's hearts, that no matter what happens, 50 years, a century, three centuries, five centuries, NO MATTER how long it takes, we will have it back.

      If that can be put into the hearts, minds, souls of our people, then we can all truly have peace of mind. Those yet unborn, will all be taught this and as a result, we already put into motion our future and destiny.

      Its a numbers game. One of those little or old ones will wake up one day and get the ball rolling. This blog has already kept the flame burning and with every dark hour that passes us by in the new SA, many more flames are being lit now.

      We are no longer a small number in our thinking. The silent minority, will soon become the roaring majority.

      We need to embed this deep into everyone, that we will have it back. We must continue this DESPITE our present reality.

      We must dream what a perfect republic would look like, we should discuss it as if it was already here.

      This is faith! Believing in what our senses cannot see. If we can get this belief into the hearts, minds, souls of all our people, then we can have not only peace of mind but stillness of mind.

      The stillness of mind comes from faith, which can only come from embedding this into our peoples minds. This way, we can have peace of mind knowing that it is just a matter of time....

      No matter what they do, no matter what their plans, no matter how many enemies, no one can take that dream away from our people and by doing this, we actually bring this republic into our reality.

      Never ever again! We will never let this happen again and we will make sure, that this time, we not only take back was is rightfully ours but cut this continent in half.

      We take our half! We must dream bigger than South Africa, we can start with little steps like the Cape Republic but in the end it doesnt cost us anymore to dream a little bigger.

      Half of Africa - Dankie!

  6. Anonymous11:47 am

    Thank you Mike I'll be voting for the Cape Party!

  7. Mike is right. If you live in Cape Town, you should definitely vote for the Cape Party. The chances of them winning at least one seat there are very good.

    If you live in the Western Cape outside Cape Town, you can vote for the Cape Party, but don't expect them to win any seats. Most local councils are too small for the CP to have a realistic shot at winning a seat on them, so if you want anti-ANC representation on your council, you're better off voting for the DA.

    If you live outside the Western Cape, then you should definitely vote for the DA. Sure they're a bunch of liberal SJW wankers, but only they can defeat the ANC. And defeating the ANC should be the primary directive of every White South African. Once the ANC are dead and buried, then we can start looking for a conservative alternative to the DA.

    I found a website that breaks down the polling by race (also age, income and gender) in the 3 contested metros. It confirms my theory that significant numbers of Blacks will vote for the DA when the dominant minority group are Afrikaners (Pretoria), less so when the dominant minority are English-speaking Whites (Johannesburg), and still less so when the dominant minority are Coloureds (Port Elizabeth). Here are the percentages of each race intending to vote for the DA:

    Whites: 88.01%
    Coloureds: 64.34%
    Blacks: 27.11%
    Indians: 7.41

    Whites: 88.65%
    Coloureds: 74.78%
    Indians: 50.04%
    Blacks: 22.75%

    Whites: 91.89%
    Coloureds: 76.54%
    Indians: 46.84%
    Blacks: 17.39%


    White support for the DA is almost total. Coloured support is also very strong, but less so in Pretoria. Indian support is substantial in JHB and P.E., but practically non-existent in Pretoria.

    The only explanation I can think of for the low numbers in Pretoria is that the Coloured and especially the Indian population there are so small that this may just be a statistical anomaly.

    1. Anonymous12:09 pm

      Is there a site showing voters by IQ?
      etc etc

    2. The DA is but a name, the ANC and DA is the same thing. Is it just me or does someone else also see ? The reason the DA was successful in the Cape was because of the demographic not because of the party.
      So you are telling me next week when the DA has won JHB , the taxi

      driver who changed his t-shirt from green to blue is now all of a sudden going to abide by the road rules, pay his taxes and demand the end to corruption. In your mandela wet dream maybe.
      Like the yes, no voters , in a years time no one in Jhb would have voted for the DA. Seriously is everyone so fucking naive? It can't be, then again, maid, garden boy, rugby .......!

    3. Well, income is a reasonable proxy for IQ. People in the highest of the 4 income brackets in that survey overwhelmingly support the DA.

      Conclusion: Smart people don't vote for the ANC.

  8. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Will we able to vote for them living in Jburg? If we can they have my vote. JamieMc

  9. Anonymous9:27 pm

    can a joburger vote for the Cape Party?

  10. Anonymous9:37 pm


    Very good article.

    1. Anonymous12:59 am

      What this article shows is that SA should be carved up into homelands again. Even Zuma's racist stand is showing his preference for apartheid. He wants black only. IFP want Zulu only etc

      This is all showing that the apartheid system of separate homelands is the only workable solution for SA.

      These black politicians are advocating for apartheid again unbeknownst to them and albeit in a somewhat indirect manner.

  11. Klink alles baie lekker maar hoe besluit mens wie is welkom in die kaap? Hoe hou mens dan die gif uit die kaap as dit begin floreer en die res van Afrika vrek van die hongor?

    1. Anonymous11:20 pm

      @GG 10:11

      Landmines, crocodile infested moats, electric fences, armed sentry posts, Drones. They will most likely turn to cannibalism too.

      I honestly prefer the Congo river as the border as it cuts nearly right through Africa, just the Eastern side needs tougher controls.

    2. You simply don't allow the specie in. You declare it a noxious weed that has to be eradicated on discovery.

      No maids and gardeners for the masters and madams unless they're white or coloured.

    3. @GG. The Cape has a natural border in the form of the Orange River to the North and the Kei River to the East. Between Queens Town and Aliwal North you have the N6 (170km)and that is easily defensible.

      The border between Natal and the Cape is the Mtamvuna River and should actually be our eastern border. However the area between the Kei and the Mtamvuna River was the Transkei and Xhosa land.

      My suggestion is the Orange River to the North and the Kei River to the East. An exact line should be drawn from where the Orange River and the Kraai River meet (-30.666669 South, 26.751248 East)just above Aliwal North and the start of the White Kei River where the White Kei, the Grootvleispruit and the Sidwadwa meet. -31.588603 South, 26.930422 East

      This is actually only about 100km long. So in effect the borders will be the Orange River to the North, the Kei River to the East and about 100km of fence in between.

      All along the border will be FOB's (Forward Operating Bases)every 40 km's supported by MOB's (Main Operating Bases)50km behind them and about 200 km distance between them.

      River banks will be cleared and bermed. Ground surveillance Radars (such as the Squire from Thales) and TIR’s (Thermal Imaging Radars, Netvision360°) will be set up. Arial patrols will be done by UAV (drones) such as the German KZO from Rheinmetall and obviously by helicopter.

      The borders will be patrolled by motorized infantry with Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV's) such as Ratels and IMV’s such as Caspirs, Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) such as Land cruisers, Jeeps and Toyota bakkies will also be deployed together with horse mounted infantry (Cavalry, Dragoons), Motorbike squads, All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's, quad bikes) with trailers to carry equipment, and General Infantry doing day and night patrols on the ground. All will be kitted out with thermal imaging equipment.

      Main thing is…No prisoners will be taken. Bonuses will be paid per insurgent shot. Bodies will be impaled along the border to serve as deterrent.

    4. You've certainly given this some thought. Now we just have to make it feasible?

    5. Anonymous6:03 am

      Mike, I love it!! And within 10 years we buy the rest of our country North of the Orange river...

    6. Anonymous6:28 am

      @ Mr Smith 4:13 AM. Mike sign me up please.

      You speak a language that will motivate even the runner boys to repat and maybe regain some dignity.


    7. I think GG is not only asking how to keep out the poison but how to let our brothers in at the same time. We will have to be smart about it.

      You already have blacks in the Cape and many a colourd. To let whites in and block other races will be quite a foreign-affairs mission impossible.

      Maybe we take them in as (refugees under a genocide attack who knows).

      Isnt that what is really happening.

      Sorry about that... Think I just answered my own question.

      Now how to keep out the other asylum seekers pretending to be victims of their "own actions".

    8. Goed so Mike! My vroukie sê sy kom dan ook saam:)

    9. Anonymous12:49 pm

      Mike, you know your stuff in order to protect our new country. Allow me to add something. In our new country the death penalty must be the law of the land. By that I mean every citizen over the age of 12 will undergo intensive self defense and firearm training. If anybody enters your property uninvited or without permission you shoot to kill, you will be expected by law to use deadly force to protect your fellow country men and woman, if you fail you will be held responsible. No questions asked. No legal rights for murderers, rapists, child molesters etc. No liberal "human rights" bulshit and all that kak, you fit in or fuck off. Lefties will by default qualify as enemies of the state and hunted down with vigor and determination. Point is you need to be fucking hard and ruthless to survive and thrive in this fucked up world, if not you will be crushed.


    10. Anonymous2:42 pm

      @TT 1:36 AM

      "No maids and gardeners for the masters and madams unless they're white or coloured."

      Or simply D.I.Y. for those who are able, but definitely NOT THE ZOT.

    11. @ Don 8:43
      Dis waarna ek verwys het ja. Ons kon oorlog voor 94 al gemaak het en die bliksemse zot toe terug Afrika-in gejaag het maar die res van die liberale wereld was ook teen ons en sou ons stop.
      Zotte het mos mense regte jong en daars BAIE inni kaap reeds!

    12. @ McM...Some good ideas there. Thanks. I fully agree with bringing the death penalty back for serious crimes (murder, rape and child molesting) but this will only be part of the total overhaul of the fully independent judiciary. I want to see the jury system back and also the death penalty for treason.
      And no long sitting on death row. You get your sentence you get executed at dawn the next day. Taxpayer’s money should not be wasted to keep murderers and traitors alive one day longer. I also want to see harsher punishment for white collar crimes such as fraud and corruption. That should sort out the bankers and politicians who think they can rip people off. Of course in your home the “castle doctrine” applies.
      During Apartheid we had “Youth Preparedness” (Afrikaans “Jeugweerbaarheid”) in the high schools. We should bring this back. Boys from 12-19 were taught how to drill (school cadet system) and shoot (.22 LR single shot, with rimfire cartridges). Two week “bivouac” camps were free and voluntary during school holidays. The boys whore Nutria brown army overalls, web-belt and “doibies” and were issued with a poncho/grondseil, water bottle, boshoed and boots.

      They learned to pitch tents and were taught military tactics by trained army officers (camouflage, compass and map work, route marches, patrol formations, area and obstacle crossing, tracking, rappelling, temporary patrol bases, ambushes, guarding and patrol (swerwerwagte, etc), survival skills, recognisance, road blocks, move and fire, hand signals, field radio communication skills, tactical drills, building entering and clearing, First Aid, etc, etc.)

      In addition they also learned to handle pyrotechnics, thunder flashes, smoke and tear gas grenades and how to shoot with an R1 rifle (blanks with screw on flash suppressor) including how to take the rifle down, clear and maintain it, etc.
      Nevertheless, by the time they went to the army they knew almost everything already and army basics was just a recap.

      I am also in favour of a well armed populace similar to the Swiss system. Anybody over 18 who has passed weapons handling course and a psychological test should be able to own any small arms he/she wishes. Regular training should be compulsory.

    13. Anonymous11:25 pm

      I'd add hard drugs to that list.

    14. Anonymous11:43 pm

      Agree fully Mike. And I remember those kadette days in SWA, went on camps and stuff. I am just sorry I never joined the army, wasn't against it but I wanted to get cracking at my studies. Still have full respect for the manne who fought and gave their lives to keep me safe, respect for the manne out there, I will always be greatful For your sacrifices.


    15. PreatorianXVI1:16 am

      Set criteria as follow, no TNB allowed, any of that and deport it back where it belongs.

      Liberal progressive multicultural BS is sedition, deport back to where it belongs.

    16. Dony @ 8:43 & GG @ 9:57 Fuck those Zots that are already in the Cape. They must fuck off, back to their tribal lands or be exterminated. The Cape is strictly a Zot-free zone. It's for the Whites, Coloureds, Malays, Indians, Khoisan, Griquas and Namas etc.
      Absolutely no fucking Zots. If you let one in, next month you have its whole fucking family squatting on your doorstep, then the tribe. No boys, they had there chance at integration - no more. They are to be shot on sight as Mike suggested and staked out along the border as a warning to other would-be trespassers.

    17. Anonymous6:40 am

      @ TT and all the rest of you racists that are proud to be white.

      Why the fuck do you want to throw revenue away? The Kaffirs that cross over into our territory we put into reservations and then we offer whoa bass hunts to wealthy bore Americans, Russians, Poms. Fuck who cares, if we can generate 100k a trophy its bucks to pay for the running of the state.

      We make trophy measurement on nose aperture, the wider the flare the greater the trophy, we even make our own award book similar to Rowland Wards.

      We do not have to worry about culling excess we just don't feed them and let them eat each other so that only the strongest survive.

      I am sure that we will add a couple mil to the kitty for state affairs every year.

      Just think we market family deals just like KFC does, family of 6 at x rands, while a 12 litter is x rands, endless opportunity.

      Just a thought.


    18. Anonymous11:16 am

      LTMA, good idea, but I'm more interested in a libshit/traitor/collaborator/banker/MSM fucknut/politician/NGO money grabbers reservation for hunting trips. Ohhh I cannot wait to get me some white libbie trophies. Hunting these fucks down will be such a great pleasure. At first the hunting will be good as we have plenty of these types available for our hunting pleasure. Then the real games start...

    19. LT, Boet, I love that idea - Canned Kaffir Hunting in die Kaap!

      The nostril aperture trophy standard is a beaut! Include the lip thickness as an additional standard.

  12. Anonymous1:04 am

    The modern day Afrikaaner:


    1. Proof that Kaffirs come with white skins too.

    2. Mike, those are the worst kind.

    3. Will it be fitting to say.. "In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king.."

  13. Anonymous8:01 am


    Read the 1st comment, the ANC will win flawlessly due to them counting the votes. Everyone will know and that's when the shit will hit the fan. Perfectly timed with no fuel...watch this space next week. I can smell the shit already.

    1. Anonymous12:06 pm

      They can't be that fucking stupid can they? Oh wait!

  14. Whiteman10:05 am

    It amazes me how anybody can think that this 3rd world basket case, can run a free and fair election ! Show my one avenue in normal life, in this country, where bribery, stealing and corruption is not FIRMLY imbedded ! Show me a black, who is not happy to make a quick buck, any time, day or night. Bring me one black, who is a counter at a polling station, and wants to see white rule in this country again. Bring me just one of these counters, who TRULY bellieves in democracy, and will count accurately, and in a way, to enable a strong white opposition party to develop, and thrive. No my friends, the whiteys are farting against thunder, but let every person follow his/her consience !

    1. Anonymous12:21 am

      Why isn't ex president Jimmy Carter auditing these elections?

  15. Anonymous12:26 pm

    I will not be voting for anybody, there are no parties whatsoever who represent white interests.

    The DA & every other party support AA & BEE, so what is the point ?
    It may sound strange but I am white, never benefit from apartheid whatsoever yet I am being discriminated against by almost all the parties including the DA.
    As for the Independant Cape party they will never ever win anything, most whites & coloureds in the Cape will more than likely vote for the DA.
    The rest of the country will go the way of majority black rule which is the ANC.
    The western Banks & investors will have to contend with the ANC because the western Cape does not run the country.

    White people who vote outside of the WC are simply wasting their time, I really dont know how many elections it will take for this fact to sink in.

    1. White people who vote outside of the WC are simply wasting their time

      Have you not been paying attention? The ANC are not only going to lose Cape Town and every other municipality in the Western Cape, but Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, probably Johannesburg, possibly the East Rand, and dozens of other municipalities in the Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and elsewhere.

      Maybe you're content to roll over and die in the face of the ANC, but most whites would rather fight. So man up and vote.

    2. Anonymous8:20 pm

      @ anon 12:26 PM, why are you crying, why are you whining?

      Man up, why the fuck do you want to change your situation with a mark on a piece of paper? How old are you!

      No mate whoever comes to power if you're not running in the pack that's running the show you are not going to be getting any favours.

      Look at changing the situation in a more definite, honest, permanent way. I think you know what I mean, so crying now, dry those tears and use your pen to sign up

      If you want a better world, best you drop every politician, lawyer, law maker, judge, darkie and cat into the endless abyss.

      Only then will you have a truly good, honest, non corrupt life.


    3. Anonymous7:55 am

      Well said LT. I totally agree with your realistic, no bullshit, brutal approach to solving the problems faced by whites in S.A. Tom

    4. Anonymous9:46 am

      I fully support the Cape Party, but for those outside Cape province, please consider voting for Front Nationaal. They have the same ideals as the Cape party.

  16. Anonymous1:08 pm

    I guess if the Cape Party does well and gets a voice, in time perhaps they could be contesting in their chosen borders across various municipalities.

    This too is a huge advantage as you now delete the rest of SA problems as you have a smaller chunk to deal with. Obviously the finance dwindles however I like their plan of a tax free haven.

    Could be like Monaco in a few years. Hot babes in bikinis (Preferably naked) washing my yacht.

    Sorry getting ahead of myself here, I don't have a yacht.

    1. Anonymous10:42 pm

      I'll be content with anything and anybody, just as long as we don't have to see any of these lying, thieving, raping, killing, burning, racist blacks...anywhere.

      My little fishing canoe will be my yacht. I'll be able to further my studies and I'll be able to find work because I'm white.

      Just as long as we get away from these Negroids.

    2. Anonymous9:32 am

      anon 10:42PM. You are exactly where the elitists pushed you to be.

    3. Anonymous1:15 pm

      ORLY Anon 9:32? Why?

  17. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Mike, I personally will not vote, I have seen the deceit of politicians to often and I cannot trust them.

    You however do have my services for other tasks, when do we start to set up our homeland?

    1. Transvaler10:05 am

      Need space and plenty of it, to test my 'devices'

    2. I personally cant vote because i relocated and did not register. Cape party would have received my vote if there was an option over here. In my line of social activities i have to attend certain political dinners and functions and judge modeling competitions and the likes often.

      To me there is not one party that hold my views but we should not judge all the DA voters because as much as i dislike them i would have USED them for my own agenda.

      Break down the power of the ANC. Let the savage start to attack each other. Let them do most of our jobs and then we jump in to finish the job.

  18. Anonymous8:50 am


    To the trained eye...it looks like the EFF CIC (commander in cunts) might have a slow puncture (Aids/Hiv)

    When those cheek bones show, you know!

    I am hoping that some western doctor pushes in "other" ingredients to the anti-retroviral drugs. Send them over into the abyss in fast forward mode. This should be the biggest and last shipment of these drugs ever.



    1. Anonymous1:23 pm

      At the rate the ARVs go missing ...

      I'd suggest a very contagious virus that turns the reproductive system off.


    2. Anonymous2:01 pm

      @ TP. One of the 49 mil that are positive, pity it works so slow. The odds would really even out if it was just a quick killer.

      I like it when kaffirs are positive and I always tell them being positive is a good thing, HIV positive.

    3. Anonymous1:42 am

      There has to be a way to mutate aids and combine it with Eloba to attack only the black gene only.

      Fuck! Think of it, there would be no faster cure for Africa.

      Even a dead stinking rotting one smells better than the live ones.


    4. I see this Zika thing is spreading across the globe now. Should create a way to spread Ebola with mosquitoes.

  19. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Black majority rule will always take the prize, whites are wasting their time here.

    1. Anonymous10:31 pm

      The stinking shit-hole we all see here and in the rest of Africa? The same stink we see in your ghettos in the US? The same filth you make wherever you find yourself in Europe and the rest of the world? You are more than welcome to your "prize", just leave us out of your fail.

      Your black majority rule has already killed South Africa, all your subsequent endeavors will completely fail and when your failure is complete, you will have made enemies of all that has had the misfortune of having laid eyes on your kind.

      Your "prize" is nothing more than pestilence, death and disease. Enjoy it, soak it up, bath in it until you drown in it. You deserve it.

    2. Anonymous12:16 am

      You are correct. It is amazing to me that the majority think that they are better off now - freeeeeedom. Free to steal, cheat, kill, muti etc etc etc.

      I suppose we whites will never understand why blacks want to live in a crime filled, filthy, dilapidated environment - a ghetto.

      Like flies on shit - they love it.

    3. Anonymous4:48 am

      There is an old saying 'time will tell'

      well, time (22 years) has shown what you guys are about and what you can not do. And that is run a country or build/construct anything. You are all about decay and destruction. You bring everything to waste.

      No need for a jury - time has now proven this. This was the reason for an apartheid system to prevent this.

    4. Anonymous11:13 am

      @Anon 3:57 PM

      "Black majority rule will always take the prize"

      That's right...THE BOOBY PRIZE

  20. Anonymous10:11 pm

    @anon 3:57 PM you are just another cunt that has been listening to many kaffir fantasy tales.

    I beg the day comes soon to nuke kaffir black off the planet. Its not far away

    So go be a good boy and eat more shit.

    Why the fuck you kaffirs black and white have to always butt in where you are totally despised, I dont know but don't ever think you will be accepted here.

    Now don't you have to rape something or steal something.



  21. Anonymous12:22 am

    Whats really going to be amazing is to see all these fat cat ANC government employees out of a job when the DA wins.

    Wow there will be snot en trane.

  22. Anonymous2:46 am

    The only people who talk like you do are the elite, like Bill Gates that want to murder humans. Whites are on the elite's agenda after blacks.

    1. Anonymous4:50 am

      and what are you now referring to? are you sniffing glue?

    2. Anonymous6:33 am

      @ anon 2:46 AM. What are you trying to say.

    3. Anonymous10:37 am

      No. Anon 2:46 Just no. You have it all turned around. After whitey is gone blackie is next. How can you get it so wrong? Are you black?

    4. Anonymous1:49 pm

      Anon 4:50 and onwards. Catch a wake up. I am talking of Eugenics.

    5. Anonymous9:20 pm

      Where the fuck to come up with this shit? We could care less if these black fucks grows brains as big as pumpkins. We just want a society free from these feral beasts who don't when to stop?

      Are you fucking retarded of what? We just want to be left in peace and do what we have always done, prosper without blacks and black arse-kissing suicidal satanic libs. Fuck Bill, fuck the blacks, fuck libs, fuck politicians, fuck Eugenics and fuck you, GTFO. LOL you cunt. :)

    6. Anonymous10:52 pm

      Eugenic-tard did you learn a whole 2 new words this week, elitists and eugenics? Good boy.

    7. Anonymous10:12 am

      Anon 10 52

      Don't you have anything better than child like retorts?

  23. Anonymous4:43 am

    This says it all:


  24. Anonymous4:53 am

    And even the 'dead' are coming back to vote. They are stirring in their graves at what has happened to SA:


  25. Anonymous7:19 am


  26. Anonymous7:24 am


    Look at the picture... (FFS)

    Free and fair sounds like law and order which clearly doesn't exist.

  27. Anonymous7:30 am


    I think white people should start selling more bleach, we can get rich...this bitch would order tanker loads a month.

    1. See so fucking white she must be related to Michael Jackson!!! ha ha ha

  28. Anonymous7:49 am


    If you think corruption, crime, mismanagement, stealing, theft, destruction of the state has been bad up until now, then you are in for a big shock after this election.

    When the ANC see how much they have lost, how little time they have left in this country, you will see the worst of them. It will be like living the bushwar for all citizens in this country.

    When they know their days are numbered (and they do now) they will do everything to stuff this country up beyond repair. They will create tension, racial tension, tribal tension, stealing, corruption, not paying salaries...

    All this is going to take place in the years leading up to the election. Billions are going to be vanishing left/right/center.

    So whatever happens now, we know the end is in sight. Just like 2002 with the farm invasions in Zims that took place 22 years after the final wealth was stolen, now the next 2 years in SA (22 years later) will be the same but not just on farms but all levels.

    The ANC will try to nationalize, scramble to take farms, scramble to change the constitution but all will be in vein.

    South Africans across all spectrum's including those idiot liberals who supported them coming into power are going to see just what we always knew.

    The DA I think will take the most votes perhaps 2nd to the ANC and perhaps ahead of the ANC in many places.

    Beware the terrorist that knows he is caught in a corner and knows his days are numbered...

    I saw Mbeki with Malema hmmm another interesting one considering both met with high level people in London. Interesting that the Xhosa is now switching places, showing his people who they should vote for.

    Remember the Xhosa/Zulu issue and then the Xhosa/Zulu white issue. The new SA is now splintered along the same lines or fast approaching the same state it was in before the union was created.

    I want the Cape separate though, I fully endorse that. Im eager to vote them but I dont think the country/the cape has fully embraced this new idea, the idea is great but before its time.

    It will pick up after the election and we see the ANC stuff this place up now.

    The question is, will the blacks allow the cape to become independent?

    1. Anonymous1:41 pm

      The Zulus should allow it. Otherwise we wont recognize Kwazulu as a legit nation and country.

      See, the zulus have not cottoned onto the fact that they are the only fuckfaces on this planet that get to have a king and not a nation. All they get is a stinking province. White kings get nations, like the cunts in the UK buckingham palace

      What is wrong with Shaka the doos? Why does he accept the anti afrikaner mentality that says you must surrender your sovereignty? At least the Boers accept that Zulus get a country. No one else does.

    2. Anon 1:41 You should maybe clarify which Shaka you are referring to. The regulars here will know but a newcomer will be scratching his head a bit. lol.

      B_N I agree I think we can expect to see such a splintering happen just as RW Johnson has stated. It will happen along tribal lines. So much for the myth of "Diversification" It's is not just whites that want to be separate but the blacks generally will also want their own tribal areas and don't particularly wish to mingle with different tribes. And why the hell not they've been thrown together through circumstances into an unnatural situation. Just look at all the weird social shit taking place. Funny how those who actually read the reality of what Verwoerd saw happening can only salute his foresight. If blacks were to overlook all the vicious propaganda they might also see that far from wanting to "oppress" blacks Verwoerd saw the future of SA in a truly diverse manner where each group co-exists separately within the confines of the borders.

      It was difficult to implement and that is what gave the NWO Globalists and the Eastern communist the ammunition they needed to mount a campaign of brainwashing against us.

    3. Anonymous2:47 am

      See, the zulus have not cottoned onto the fact that they are the only fuckfaces on this planet that get to have a king and not a nation. All they get is a stinking province. White kings get nations, like the cunts in the UK buckingham palace
      WHO or WHAT is a "Zulu" anyway
      That "nation" is as fractious as the Boer "nation"

      Look here for what is happening in the "homeland"


      The Mandlakazi and the Usuthu ( and the Buthelezis somewhere in between )



  29. Anonymous9:06 pm

    See what our REAL enemy is saying about us successful white supremacists, who built a 1st world country out of fuckall, while the poor poor blacks just kept on coming and coming to have a piece of our pie.


    These people need to be nuked, not the brainless blacks. These evil scum fucks are the enemy.

    1. Anon 9:06 Indeed we often cannot see the wood for the trees but these shady ultra liberal (communist) "Think Tanks" do indeed form the nucleus of anti South African and anti-white conspiracy. CFR is just one the other is The Royal Institute for International Affairs which is the UK counterpart to the CFR, the ADL and many others that are in league. If one goes onto the CFR site the list of members is there for all to see and it is telling how many of the usual globalist suspects names are their.

  30. Anonymous2:40 am


    How are all the "Boer" prognostications coming along ( in the light of reality )


    Seems the Eastern and Northern Cape are solidly ANC
    Lots of people there with wonderful old NP education
    (The curse of unintended ( unthinkable ) outcomes
    How many seats for the Cape Party ?

    When they know their days are numbered (and they do now) they will do everything to stuff this country up beyond repair. They will create tension, racial tension, tribal tension, stealing, corruption, not paying salaries...

    NO Mr Mad Prophet
    They will dust off the old copy books of the BB & NP to see how to use dirty but clever tactics to take back the Cape. ( Look at 1948 )

    They have a few years to implement their plans
    Watch carefully how they do it.
    Unless they really go off the plan their backers will follow through
    The ANC plan is after all THE "plan"

    1. In the light of reality.

      Why do you care? Why are you even on this site? Why write so many sentences on this blog.

      Obviously you are sitting on the fence otherwise you would not be commenting here or wasting your breath on mad prophets and the lot.

      Just by the way... We dont like fence sitters here they are worse then the parasite.

    2. Anonymous9:55 am

      I care because I care about my country
      I care about the truth
      I care about helping people to wake up to reality
      ( A somewhat different reality to that understood by some here )
      I am quite clear about where I am
      Not near ANY fences
      I am on the side of the angels ( not necessarily the same angels as those of the mad prophet )

    3. Anonymous12:37 pm

      Anon 9:55 Shoot down others so you can say mimimimimimimi? Fuck off and spread your "truth" somewhere else. You won't turn anyone here....Still here? Fuck off!

    4. Anonymous11:39 pm


      "( A somewhat different reality to that understood by some here )"

      We stand united here so you are wasting your breath and you know it.

      You dont care about helping people wake up to reality. All you want is buddies to join you on your path of thinking because you lack the courage to walk it alone, to take the lead and see who follows.

      You come here to insult the ones that think different from you. The ones who are walking it alone, the ones who want to stay behind and fight.

      We are the minority and the ones taking the lead. We are growing every day and we will become the majority and you sir will still be sitting on the fence with you pants down. Rather get off and go your own way and leave us be.

      You have no business here.

      If you are looking to wake people up, start by reading pandorasbox on the right of your screen because you need to wake yourself up first.

  31. Shit, boys, last I checked the Cape Party only had 1057 votes. What's wrong with the people down there?

    1. Anonymous6:57 am

      I'm deeply suspicious that the votes are simply not being counted. I know for a fact mine was not. My ward is fully counted and doesn't show a single vote for the Cape Party and I'm quite certain I didn't spoil the vote.

    2. Anonymous9:32 pm

      @anon 6:57

      Have you reported it to the IEC?

      I say these elections are not free and fair, never have been and never will be. Human intervention. What if you have 10 ANC bias counters...?

      I really don't know why this hasn't been digital. A program that captures your fingerprint for identification, then counts your vote in real time. By the time the last vote is cast, there would be instant results. Obviously its better like this where a few ballot boxes can be swapped out or removed.

    3. Anonymous10:34 pm

      Yes, I've reported it. And apparently several others in my ward also voted for the Cape Party and have laid complaints. So far the only response is that they are "investigating". Won't hold my breath. If this is possible, how many other votes weren't counted? Their mistake was to leave the count at zero thus making it obvious. If they'd made the count 2 or 3 then the individual voters would be no wiser, which is incidentally the kind of numbers for adjacent wards which really makes one wonder.

    4. Anonymous10:11 am

      Smoke = Fire

  32. Whiteman5:08 am

    Mike, when this election is over, and the fights have been fought, and the court cases are out of the way, we will debate it all, very thouroughly ! I value your opinion, as well as that of many of your readers, and contributors. I just hope, that we will all be able to agree, that things are DEFINITELY NOT going to get better, in this rainbow-fuckup !

  33. Ou Toppie11:52 am

    The Cape Party

    How disappointing!

    I was born in Cape Town (Rosebank) in the 40’s. I was very proud of Cape Town, the beaches and, particularly, Table Mountain. As a kid I used to take the train to Fishoek and Simonstown where the train tracks were right on the sea and where I could see a ‘lighthouse’ on the rocks far out at sea (in fact it was just a warning beacon which was shaped like a small lighthouse). From what I’ve heard it is no longer safe today to travel on those trains. Even in the old days (1950’s) I always thought the Western Cape should be a separate country - never liked Jo’burg, didn’t like the looks of all the blacks there.

    As a photography student in the 60’s I walked the streets of District 6 (during daytime)
    and, from what I observed then, it was the right decision to tear the place down. The stench, the rats and the shit everywhere was disgusting! But the coloured folk there were mostly happy and the area should have been given back to them. It was a mistake to move them out.

    In the 70’s work took me to Jo’burg. Also walked the streets of that city (still couldn’t afford a car then) and it was quite amazing and scary to feel the racial tension in the streets. Not so much in the central business district but on the outskirts of the city. I said to myself at the time ‘just a few more years here and then get out and move back to the Cape’ and that’s exactly what I did.

    In 1993, or maybe early 1994, a full page ad appeared in The Cape Times and The Argus.
    It read: “Make the Cape Peninsula and the Western Cape independent” “Sign the form and join the movement”. I’m sure I was the first person to fill out send in that form. But nothing happened – it fizzled out and the critics said it was not feasible.

    A few months later the April elections took place. I decided to support the IFP. The then DP were useless I knew that we were in for a black majority government and Buthulezi seemed to be the only black leader who realized that the white community were very important for the economy and he also favoured a Federal type system. A federal system would have allowed, I believe, the Cape to keep its character and possibly control the migration from the East.

    I volunteered as an IFP monitor at a local polling station for the 94 elections. What an eye opener! The ANC officials who came to visit the polling station, already at that time, were dressed in fancy clothes and arrived in fancy cars. Where was the money coming from? Their attitude was clearly “We’re in charge now”. But the thing that concerned me most was the long line of blacks who were bussed in and who weren’t locals (in fact they spoke a Portuguese dialect which meant they were probably from Angola!).

    I knew the ANC would win but I was hoping that the IFP would get about 30% of the vote and become the official opposition and eventually one day become the governing party. But when they came in with less than 9% I knew it was over! The very next day I started enquiring about leaving SA and one year later I sold up everything and moved my family to Canada.

    For the past 22 years, I’ve been following the SA news and Mike Smiths’ blog for some time now as I am always be interested in what is going on in the country of my birth. Although we are very settled, happy and safe here in Canada with grandchildren born here, there is still that yearning for the old SA and I was hoping to spend some of my retirement days back in Cape Town. I thought that the Cape Party would be the start of something positive but, as in 1993 with the ‘Independent Cape Peninsula’ movement, it looks like it is going to fizzle out too. So very, very disappointing. I have no idea what the future holds for SA now and it doesn’t seem likely that things will turn around soon. Maybe the SA’s great grand children will see better days.

    1. Anonymous12:50 pm

      @ ou toppie. Thank you.

    2. Anonymous1:02 pm

      South Africa will have to hit rock-bottom like Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe etc etc before anything will happen. The time frame for this if you look at African history is anything from 20 to 50 years, -and even then there is never a recovery that would be acceptable to "civilized" people. In other words a very large part of a normal persons life spent pursuing futility.

      Like you I did the sums (I am an engineer), and the logical conclusion was to leave. So I did, its not about patriotism, altruism, cowardice, the future of the human race or whatever emotional claptrap various commentators here spew on about.

      I can go on and on blaming boere, engelse, porras, kaffers or whatever for South Africa's issue's but the fact of the matter is you have circles of interest and circles of influence. The white mans circle of influence in Africa will never match his interest so he is doomed to unhappiness if he stays.

      I choose to be happy and watch the train-wreck from a distance. YMMV

    3. Anonymous9:11 pm

      Thank you ou toppie, most interesting comment I've read on here in a while.

    4. Anonymous11:35 am

      Ah man, that "we are in charge now" arrogance of blacks. I have had to put up with it as well. Childish fucks. That is why I piss on them when they beg at traffic lights. Hey fuck face begger! You are in charge now! Now take your "in charge arrogance" and go eat it. POES...

  34. Anonymous12:34 pm

    In the light of reality.
    Obviously you are sitting on the fence
    Just by the way... We dont like fence sitters here they are worse then the parasite.
    Worse than these parasites ?

    Meanwhile, talk on the floor was that the Freedom Front Plus, which ran its campaign on the ticket of get rid of an ANC government, had indicated that it would talk to the ANC – and not the DA – about coalitions in Tshwane, where it was the third biggest party in the council before the elections, with 1.7% of the 2011 vote.


    All you brain dead idiots that said you were going to vote for the FF+ -- because -- you did not want to vote for the DA
    Seems that NOW you have voted for the ANC

    THIS is the reality of which I speak
    YOU have learned NOTHING from 2006
    YOU do not like fence sitters
    I hope you like the folk in the FF+ that you helped to give their seats to the ANC
    Dickheads !

    1. Anonymous12:13 am

      A dickhead is someone that thinks the FF+ represent our believes on this site. Show me one place where we endorsed the FF+.

      We endorsed the Cape Party and Front National if it was our only option.

      The reality of the situation is that by taking part in the elections we are denying the fact that the country was stolen from us. By casting a vote we are saying it is okay that this country was simply handed away from the people who created it.

      The DA had 67 seats in parliament when the ANC pushed for the land expropriation bill yet only for votes were cast against the vote in the entire assembly of all parties represented.

      The DA policy if you have troubled yourself to read it clearly state that they will also discriminate against the white minority of 4.7m people in a country of what will soon be 60m people with AA and BEE policies.

      So to me if you vote DA you are either using them to take a stab at the ANC or you are a white skin hater liberal piece of trash who despise you own kind so much that you would vote for a party that will deny your children from entering the job market and prevent your children from owning property.

      "THIS is the reality of which I speak"

      Who in their right minds want this reality that you speak off. It sounds more like planned-future-child-abuse masquerading as intellectualism.

  35. On a separate note and sorry for the hijack but it looks loike Penny Sparrow has been charged with Crimen Injuria and has to appear in court again mid August.


    Read what the ANC lawyer Peter Williams has to say. So we can see that a completely disenfranchised elderly woman's comments bring down the wrath of the state but black leaders like Malema and Zuma can insult whites, incite forcibly robbing them of their land, shooting them with machine guns and general genocide and nothing happens. This attorney states thatb "Besides the ANC several individuals laid criminal charges against Sparrow. Since when can an individual who has not personally been insulted lay a charge over a general comment? Did any individuals lay charges against the blacks that incited genocide on social media and what was the outcome?
    She needs a good lawyer to rip the ANC and those individuals a new arsehole. Until they apply the law without favour they can get fucked.

    1. Anonymous9:21 pm

      This is part of the problem, when white people feel offended by blacks comments, they should also lay charges.

      We don't do it because we know Africa, retribution here does exist - more bluntly put revenge.

      I have a situation where I know of corrupt activities going on, problem is a huge portion of my municipality is involved.

      How do you report on this being anonymous? You have to expose all including yourself. Yes they will shoot you through the window at night time.

      I know its the right thing to report it, it goes so deep. What about my family? I cant take a chance, this is why most whites don't lay charges against blacks screaming their racist ways. Their only shame is being caught.

    2. Anonymous11:26 pm

      Anon 9:21 don't report it. Rather scoop some for yourself. Help break this system.

    3. Anonymous11:46 pm

      You CHOOSE to live in 'Africa' so deal with it.

    4. Anonymous12:29 am

      Mike Smith and ( apparently Afriforum said that Penny Sparrow did NOT exist ?

      WHERE have they dug this Penny Sparrow out from ?

    5. Anonymous10:16 am

      @ 11:46

      Yes I live here, choice...still the best place. (Unfortunately cunts like you are around)

      My other choices include not paying tax to support pieces of shit like you!

      I am having a lekker braai with sirloin steaks tonight...don't get stabbed over a loose ciggie tonight.

    6. Anonymous1:58 pm

      @Anon 11:46 PM

      "You CHOOSE to live in 'Africa' so deal with it."

      Afrikaners didn't choose to live in Africa. They were born in Africa and belong there.

  36. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Ok,so where is the Cape party now ?
    ANC have won +- 62% of the overall vote so where are the DA other than in the WC.
    See, I told all you white freaks that the ANC would come out victorious once again.

    Here we here about DA celebrating small victories in Nelson Mandela Bay yet nothing on them losing Prince Albert to the Karoo gemeenskaps party 33%/ 33%, Hessequa etc within the WC.
    Lets not even mention the rest of the green (ANC) in the dashboard of News24.

    1. Anonymous8:52 pm

      Enjoy your victorious ANC numbnuts. I will enjoy it when you will soon fight and kill for a bag of mielie meel at the back of a UN aid truck.

    2. Anonymous9:06 pm

      White freaks? You rêssis!

      Hmmm, I'd still wanna be a white freak than a black...anything. Yuck.

      Have fun in your little Zim 2 experiment. The joke is on you I guess.

    3. Anonymous11:31 pm

      @Anon 1:34 PM

      "Lets not even mention the rest of the green (ANC) in the dashboard of News24."

      You're right, don't mention anything else. Now fuck off you black freak cunt.

    4. Anonymous3:35 am

      @Anonymous1:34 PM: You must understand that the ANC is anti democracy and works entirely on patronage. Loss of support will cause them to steal and plunder even more while they still can. They stand to gain by causing the economy and rand to fall further so they can blame Pravin Gordhan and their other enemies in Treasury and SARS. A downgrade to junk at the end of the year will cause investors to flee and valuable assets can then be bought cheap by people like the Guptas. The ANC will continue to loot the PIC to further their aims of kicking everyone out of Treasury and SARS they don't like and replacing them with their unqualified premier league cadres.

    5. Anonymous7:34 pm

      Rofl at Anon 11:31. Straight up bro!

  37. Anonymous6:46 pm


    Another attack.


    1. Ninja, laat hulle vir hulle kry. Die dom donners wil mos die vuilgoed se gatte lek.

      "Rapists rather than racists", indeed? They fail to mention that the also have shooters, bombers and stabbers. Sorry, I have no sympathy for the idiots.

  38. Anonymous10:10 pm


    1. Well done, Clint. He still has balls.

  39. Came here to gloat Mikey. Your party flopped.

    1. What was that...? You want to suck my what?

    2. Anonymous9:41 am

      Shaka, why do you not create your own blog to say how great the anc is. O I see, you cannot because there is nothing to write about so you have to come here and pollute the place with your presence, voetsek man!

    3. Anonymous1:49 pm


      Yes, gloat until your useless ANC government plunges the country further into the shit. Stupid kaffir.

    4. I'm an EFF supporter.

    5. @ Shaka...are you still gloating? So the ANC got 54% and the DA only 25%. I suppose in your eyes that makes the ANC right and the DA wrong? I mean it is like Carling Black Label. It must be the best beer in the world, 'cause 15 million Kaffirs can't be wrong...right? Likewise the Cape Party only got 1%. That makes them completely wrong...right? I mean sure according to your logic if 100 million people drink White Horse Whisky and only 1 million drink Macallans 21yo then those 100 million White Horse drinkers know far more about whisky than the stupid 1 million who drink Mac's...right?

    6. Majority rules. Its a hard concept for Boers to understand. Personally I blame the cousin marriage.

  40. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Even if the whole useless black terrorist government magically transforms into all white competent workers today it'll still take decades to undo their evil work. They have broken every system in this most wicked country.

    Bottom line is, nothing changed, nothing is going to change, nobody is coming to rescue us, we are all still sinking and accelerating to the cold dead depths of black depravity.

  41. Anonymous4:13 am

    Jesus is coming...

  42. This sums it up pretty nicely.


    1. My sentiments also. I see so many of my old school buddies going on about the DA and Port Elizabeth.

      I dont blame them though it takes a lot to get out of the brain washing.

  43. Anonymous10:09 am

    It's funny watching the rats abandon a sinking ship

    Zuma is going to take the ANC down with him

  44. Don't know if you have seen this Mike..