25 July 2016

Judge Chris Jafta says Afrikaner culture belongs to the dustbin of history

By Mike Smith
25th of July 2016

What never ceases to amaze/amuse me is how the Afrikaner, after his virtual political Hara-Kiri in ’94 is fighting a daily trench battle against the leftist spawn of Satan who is not content with the political kick-to-the-curb of the disarmed, disenfranchised and ten-to-one outnumbered white minority, but want him totally eighty-sixed off the menu of cultures in South Africa.

Case in point is the group of unionists and activists collectively known as Soliforum (Solidarity and Afriforum) that seems to be struggling from one long court battle against the Marxist ANC to the next in defense of what should be constitutional imperatives.

Afriforum wins court battle over University of the Free State language policy

Maybe I missed something about the dead terrorist Mandela’s triple-negative promise of a New (Improved) South Africa when he said that “Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another.”

…Or maybe I just understood "oppression" wrong, because 22 years later, the already marginalized Afrikaner is experiencing the boot of oppression stomping down on his face on a daily basis. Why should Afrikaners still have to go to court to defend their constitutional right to be educated in their mother tongue at their own universities?

Take for instance the recent case that Soliforum lost about the cultural genocide of changing Afrikaner street and place names in Pretoria and Constitutional Court Judge, Christopher Jafta, said afterwards in an article on Politicsweb that Afrikaner Culture belongs in the dustbin of history

It is a long article of saying everything from mostly nothing to sweet blue buggerall. You can read it if you can stomach his subjective drivel, but the gist is like this.

“You Afrikaners are all racist and oppressive scum who brought nothing good to South Africa and should therefore sit down, shut the fuck up and take your beating you deserve. Your culture is evil and inherently racist and should therefore be wiped off the face of the earth.”

There. Took me four lines to say what the learned judge took four months to write.

Of course, apart from being an Affirmative Action nobody who in his own words were promoted too rapidly from a rural Transkei court interpreter to ConCourt judge, Judge Chris Jafta is also an idiot with a long history of embarrassing and controversial decisions often not supported by his colleagues and described by senior advocates as "awful" and "inexplicable".

He is also a backpedalling coward who cannot face up to his decisions that led to charges of gross misconduct when judge Hlope asked him to rule in favour of president Zuma and the Constitutional Court laid a public complaint against Hlophe which Jafta and his equally stupid sidekick Nkabinde supported. This was just the start of what became known as the “Hlope circus”.

Six years later Jafta and Nkabinde went up against themselves in court saying their own complaint was not legally valid. They were nailed by legal commentators for bringing the Constitutional Court into disrepute.

The High Court dismissed the judges' application in 2014, but Dumb and Dummerer appealed. The Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed that appeal in 2016, criticizing Jafta and Nkabinde's damaging court application and implying that the case raised questions about their "integrity".

On 6 April 2016, Jafta and Nkabinde filed an appeal to the Constitutional Court – their own court – asking it to overturn the Supreme Court of Appeal's judgment saying that the SCA made "hurtful" imputations about them.

All this despite the fact that the Constitutional Court already held in 2012 that it cannot hear appeals in the Hlophe matter and that any SCA judgment was final.

See, the point? They don’t even know how the legal system and the courts work, but they want to be constitutional judges. Clearly the Roman Dutch law system is too advanced and wasted on them. They would be better off as elders ruling in a tribal judgment somewhere in a Bundu court held in a grass hut in rural Transkei.

Now according to the cultural relativists and the racial egalitarians, both law systems are equal, western lawyers and tribal elders are equal and western doctors and Sangomas are equal.

This brings us to another one of those great contradictions of the learned left who believe that “Equality before the law” means something different than that all people, rich and poor, clever or stupid are subject to the same laws of justice and “Due process”.

In fact, Article 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states that "All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law."

Of course in the case of South Africa we know this is bullshit considering Zuma’s rape case, the 783 cases of corruption against him, the Nkandla ruling and of course Hlaudi Motsoeneng’s uttering’s that Zuma is somehow special.

I think it is safe to say that the justice system of the New (improved) South Africa is a farce. Nevertheless, the belligerent multiculturalists like the learned Judge Jafta believes that people are indeed all equal as far physical and mental abilities are concerned.

Now I don’t know if this equality thing is true in the insect world; I know for a fact it is not true amongst cats and dogs and it is certainly not true amongst my own people, the whites of South Africa. Why should equality then be found across races?

In a true test of the Infinite Monkey theorem these libtards believe that given the same environment, the same resources and enough time, anyone can be a Shakespeare, a Mozart or Da Vinci…and of course, that all cultures are the same…except that the White Western Culture is always worse and the Afrikaner culture only worthy of the dustbin of history.

So ultimately the judge, with his strong feelings about Afrikaans culture, in some perverse way, agrees with me that relativism is bullshit and all cultures are not the same and do not have equal worth.

Somewhere along the line one needs a standard to which one measures, otherwise five equals six, and in my culture that standard is the right to life and the protection of individual rights.

Now when I compare the white Afrikaner culture to Judge Jafta’s Xhosa culture where a woman’s worth is measured in cows (Lobola), where young girls are abducted and ritually raped by much older men to make them their wives (Ukutwala) and where young boys are genitally mutilated with rusty blades (Ulwaluko) to the point where their willies drop off from gangrene, then I must confess that the Afrikaner culture, with all its faults, measured to the standard of life and individual freedom is far superior to that of the culture of the educated Noble Savage, Judge Jafta.

But this brings us to another irony and that is that the same culture that gave Noble Savage Christopher Jafta his first name and his primitive ilk the opportunity to educate themselves by building schools and universities for them and by simply showing them writing, arithmetic and the concept of the wheel to catapult them from the Stone Age into modern society, is now the culture that he criticizes, hates and wants to relegate to the dustbin of history.

However, Jafta’s culture is the “Leitkultur” in South Africa (at least at the moment)…but it is a topsy-turvy artificial creation that is giving him a false sense of security like the levees of New Orleans gave the citizens of Louisiana a false sense of security during Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and just like it happened with the mighty Mississippi, the river of history also has a way of finding its natural course and sweeping artificial constructions away.

The wheel turns slowly, but it turns and Judge Jafta should be careful that his culture does not suffer in the near future what he wished on the Afrikaner culture yesterday.


  1. Anonymous6:30 am

    Mr Smith ,
    You miss the point
    It is currently election madness time
    ( Just a bit more mad than normal )

    1. Anonymous7:19 am

      I disagree. It's looney tune time all year round with idiots like this shouting the odds. We have extremely low standards of dialogue because of lack of grey matter where possession of grey matter, matters.

    2. Why do you think it is so important for politicians to down the white man in order to get votes?

      Because it is exactly what blacks want to hear. Wat die hart van vol is loop die mond van oor.

      Because the majority of blacks are racist to the core. Inside they cant stand you. They hate you with a passion indescribable in white feelings. They are chameleons trying to act like us but they are very different.

      I have a test for some of you willing to try this. You find a black. Even if you know him. A work colleague or someone of the sort. Ask him to do a stare down with you face to face and see what happens.

      They can only pretend so long. You will see the evil quickly. Dont let them pretend to be shy(like humans) and look away. Just be on your toes at the same time.

      These things are not the same as us. Evil is black and good is from the light(white). That is why we look different so that we can know evil and keep ourselfs holy(separate).

      No matter whether it is election madness the root is the same. You say what people want to hear and that shows what is in their hearts.

    3. Anonymous1:06 pm

      No anon 6:30 Kaffir boy and Kaffir meid have waited 22 long years so that they can return to the their african roots in order for them to live an existence true to their nature as Doctor Schweitzer used to comment on various specie's, and that is the condition you will find every sub Saharan country in, South Africa being the last because of those wonderful years of apartheid that restrained the Kaffir from being a Kaffir.

      But what that judge (so called)should be more afraid of? Is not us whites, but the hungry, homeless, job less, black mob that will be eyeing out his nice house, and German sedan, and all the other trappings of wealth that he has accumulated from the over taxed hard working Afrikaner. Bring on the collapse and we will see who will be dust binned.
      Vigilans Et Sciens

  2. Anonymous7:14 am

    Jafta's diatribe reveals a disconnect with facts. He absurdly claims that whites occupied nearly 90% of the landmass - Indians, coloureds and blacks were squeezed into the remaining 10%, then. He agrees with section 30 of the constitution that everyone is entitled to their own culture - but with the exception of Afrikaners. He interprets section 30 (2) of the constitution to mean that Afrikaners, as the historical evil creators and perpetrators of apartheid, are not entitled to any culture of their own. They must all drop dead, then.

    This piece of garbage should be reported to the Human Rights Commission. But racists can't be racist, right?

  3. Anonymous7:20 am

    They say that the truth is oft times stranger than fiction but when the ignorant power hungry ANC and their communist comrades and liberal supporters around the world changed the Afrikaans word of “Apartheid” (meaning separate development) into “Aparthate” they at first did not realize as to what a large misinterpreted psychological political weapon they had actually stumbled upon. It would become a major tool for the culling of future sympathy in the eyes of the foolhardy liberal minded world in their effort to seize total racist black power control of South Africa. They then blatantly enforced their own form of a much more brutal black power “Aparthate or segregated strategy” against the whites in ignorant revenge. From then on they had arrogantly declared that South Africa was now an equal, fair and also most surprisingly a free “DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY”!!! So now can someone in the racist black communist ANC please enlighten me as to how in the hell the ANC can blatantly declare itself to be such huge full-blown COMMUNIST band of enforcers, idolizers and followers on the one hand but thereafter when it suits them they suddenly switch to become a government of equal rights and “DEMOCRACY ” on the other hand?!!! Forgive me for deliberately saying this but there is something really politically “fucked up” going on here and the rest of everywhere upon this plane! But for the life of me I truly wonder how, why, when or where the lies, deceit and corruption of the black ANC political idiots will be deliberately ignored and continue to conceal the truth and reality of the ANC’s black power racist policy??? It is a TRADGEDY for sure but there are none walking more blind than those who choose/prefer not to see. So hopefully there eventually will one day be a spot for the sincere genuine democratic voter as well Your X will be your gain for truth or loss thereof so when the time comes place it on the right spot. “Just be forever patient “WHITEY” and good luck in “THE NEW S. A. HYPOCRISY”!

    1. Anonymous3:20 am

      Demon o cracy = communism.
      2 sides of the same coin.

  4. Anonymous7:31 am

    Just look at this Jafter doos. You don't have to do an IQ test, you just know this mamparra is not endowed with much brain functionality. In fact, in any civilized western courts this doos would maybe qualify as a floor sweeper.
    Regarding the name changes, let them do it. Have you seen the state of those streets? I say change those names, the afrikaner names cannot be associated with those linear rubbish dumbs, it suits the names of the terrorists perfectly.

  5. Anonymous7:36 am

    Well done ANC! Changing those street names is going to create 17 million jobs. It is going to feed 25 million hungry people. It is going to magically make universities appear with mother tongue learning abilities. Really ANC, what an acomplishment!!!

  6. No worries my side, we'll change the names back shortly anyhow.

    Good article otherwise.

    PS: they should make our kaffir judges wear those white wigs they wear in England. That would make my day...check these coons out...



    1. Anonymous2:18 pm

      They wear those wigs in Zimbabwe, fucking hilarious...

    2. Hee hee hee! JP'sThey look like a merino's arse that's had the wool shaved away to stop the shit from cloying to it.

      Al dra aap 'n goue ring . . .?

  7. Anonymous7:53 am

    Is his name Jafta or Jafka? He does seem to be totally confused, that's why I ask.


    1. Anonymous4:53 pm

      His name should be Jaffa the Kaffa.

  8. Whiteman8:17 am

    Mike, we must never forget, there is such a thing as the Boer Nation ! They are the only white nation, to really go to war, for their survival in this country. Although they have cross bred with Afrikaners, and various other European nations, there is still a genetic component, through the generations, that can fight like a true warrior ! The future of this country depends on these people, and they speak various European languages. But mainly afrikaans. Because of the stigma attached to the word Boer, many afrikaners shy away from this word, but when the tiime comes, they will embrace their true identity. This is why, you hear about englishmen, germans, dutchmen etc, with " Boere-hearts ! " These men, and women, are going to make ALL the difference in this country ! They are just under the radar at present, but when they rise up, ( soon ? ), the shit will fly !

    1. Just my opinion but I dont think it is the identity of the name Boer it self that caries the heart of the worrier for many a thousand of the boers fought on the English side and many abstained from fighting all together.

      Even general Christiaan de Wet's brother Piet Daniel De Wet who was also a successful assistant Boer general eventually turned against his own brother after losing a vote for position to him and joined the British forces.

      Both formidable warriors but a rift because of leadership position did this to two Boer brothers. Imagine what it will do to strangers.

      This is the reason I always preach unity. With out it we will go nowhere, but how to achieve it is another question. I believe that we should sincerely pray and preach unity. Make a pledge so strong that their will be no room for jealousy or envy among ourselfs.

      I believe the majority of the rule for the bittereinders was a firmer faith in the Creator than for the rest of the joiners and henshoppers.

      But yes just my opinion.

    2. Anonymous2:18 am

      There will be unity, the battle will seem hopeless but there is gonna be a name that will unite the remnants, Jesus our redeemer. I pray too btother that people realize this is not gonna be a race war. It is a spiritual battle that is coming, worldwide. It's the "big one", prepare your souls, look around at the world see for yourself. May those that begin their journey find Him, those that are on the journey stay true to Him.

  9. Equality only matters when whites are ahead. It is a phrase to curb white progressive culture. It is part of the propaganda that promotes white genocide.

    Multiculturalism - only apply to whites and white countries.

    Equality - only to whites

    Racism - only to whites

    We should actually feel very proud that such a big effort is made on curbing our progression but we do not need the flatter because we already know we are the "shit"

    We actually dont want to fight or oppress any one. We just want to be left alone in our inherited aroma of progressiveness.

    1. Anonymous11:03 am


      Well said and so true. As a nation, we are wide awake to this, poor Europeans have only awoken to this fact over the past few years.

      Gosh, we were ahead with apartheid, we are head knowing what their aim is.

      The time is here, it is coming where it is going to be a complete reversal of this, the whites world wide now are waking up en masse.

      Europe + the US will be far, far right within 12 months or less. I thank the Muslims, blacks each time they bomb, riot, kill whites in other white countries, the world gets to see what we have lived through since 1652.

      I have no doubt, apartheid type laws will introduced in the US against Muslims in 2016 and also be used against blacks but in stealth mode, then it will move to Europe, Germany/France being the first to adopt them.

      Then the apartheid thing will be world wide news again and at this time the fighting will begin, egged on by the English / British supplying, training these blacks - remember all these riots have happened no later than 8 months after Malema was in the UK!

      The UK will be the only ones, a lone Island promoting racial integration/Multiculturalism because of their BREXIT they will need to continue having relations with non EU members and also they are here behind this black civil unrest.

      Within 12 months, we are going to see a far, far right wing spring up throughout Europe and fighting erupt against this invasion.

      Britain thinks it has escaped all this by retreating back to its Island, little do they know all these invaders will be ushered into the UK and then when the blacks leave SA during our civil war shortly before the Boer republics, they will be the final nail in their coffins.

      But when this world turns, it aint ever going back. This experiment is over and the people are now awake. There is more racism today thanks to Multiculturalism than ever before.

      Thank the liberals, they have done more for the right, than any previous right wing leader.

    2. Anonymous1:54 pm

      That is the problem Dony, they cannot progress themselves that is why they deny everyone they meet the freedom to progress. Old adage for these blacks are "what we cannot be or become we destroy" Primitive species.

    3. Anonymous2:40 pm

      But the problem is that whites cannot be progressive without exploiting others. Look in Australia and America where your kind came and stole land of Aborigines. Same happens here where you stole the land with a gun. Is that what you call progressive.

      You are just like a greedy man who David dreamt about who had many herds of cattle and sheeps but instead of slaughtering one of his sheeps when he received visitors he opted to go and take one sheep from a poor man who had nothing. Your people are no different from that man. You are minority but you have most of the land that you don't want to share. The only option would be to opt for revolution.

    4. So if you were the equals of Whites, why did you let Whites take over so quickly? Revolution? Bring it on retard.

    5. Anonymous12:53 am

      Anonymous2:40 PM

      Let me explain to you how it works.

      Do you exploit animals for food, or transport, or any other thing? Yes you do. And you dont feel bad about it.
      Now you dont hear the animals crying about blacks exploiting them and that blacks stole their land do you? No you dont.
      Exploiting resources and developing it is what makes you progressive.
      You are to me what a chimp is to you so i dont care about you. You are not my species, you are below me. I dont feel bad for you and dont recognize you as a man but only as an animal that can speak and copy me.
      The only problem with your species is your breeding. Afrikaners were the majority of any tribe in SA a 100 years ago but because of your breeding and rape culture and white medicine you have out bread us so that we have become a minority.
      The difference in our exploiting is that we uplift the resources by building and creating just like we lifted you out of the bush and away from eating each other.
      Your species on the other hand exploit resources and devour it before moving on to the next resource available. You build or create nothing. You use it till it is finished and spread to the next. The parasite species.

    6. Anonymous1:01 am

      @Anonymous2:40 PM

      I like your little story their about the dream it is cute but i see myself as the poor man with one sheep and an ugly you as the baboon in the bush wanting to rip out the stomach of my only sheep. You are not man.

    7. Anonymous1:10 am

      @Anon 2:40 PM

      "Is that what you call progressive."

      This should end with a question mark.

      The plural of sheep is sheep, not sheeps.

      "he opted to go and take one sheep from a poor man who had nothing."

      Where did the the sheep come from if the poor man had nothing?

    8. Anonymous10:01 am


      Anonymous2:40 PM

      We dont need to oppress, if these people you mention in these other lands werent acting like savages and actually progressed, then there would never have been a reason for us to put them back in touch with the laws.

      Just goes to show you, the western white christian world numbering less than 10% of the worlds population conquered it!

      Call it what you like, but they have something!

      And in all that time since these modern black savage countries were handed over, with democracies, strong currencies - what has been the fruit of their works?

      Nothing! They couldnt even manage good farms, with thousands of fruit trees/farms, with modern equipment.

      Like I say, once a savage, always a savage! Let the bastards starve and eat each other.

  10. Anonymous9:17 am

    Jafta looks like a gammat or a half-cast and no matter how hard he tries he is definitely not ever going to be fully trusted or accepted by the blacks. When you are "Pure Black" you are "BLACK" and when you are "Pure White" you are "WHITE" but if you are an unfortunate "inbetween" then you automatically become an untrusted and unaccepted stranger in the black ANC's racist political fight!

    1. Anonymous2:29 pm

      Voortrekker monument is a proof of Afrikaner belief in Paganism.


    2. Oh you forgot to mention that Afrikaners are decendants of the Anunaki shapeshifting lizards.

    3. https://www.discerningtheworld.com/2014/.../nelson-mandela-freemason...

      Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and Desmond Tutu all Freemasons

      Must be a lot of Anunaki out there.

    4. May I suggest you first Forget all the bullshit you have heard or read online about Freemasonry, then read Albert Pike's book, "Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry".
      Excellent book. Best book I have ever read in my life. Took me two years to get through it.

      Then go and discuss it with someone who is a Freemason like I have. One of my friends is a 28th degree in the Scotish Rite.

      My experience after reading Morals & Dogma is that the higher you go in Freemasonry the closer you get to God.

      That is it. Live a good life. Do good to others. Improve yourself and get closer to God. Freemasonry in a nutshell.

      Don't be fooled by the likes of the Knights of Malta bestowing bullshit honours onto Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela. These are meaningless medals like an honourary doctorate.

    5. Anonymous2:44 am

      Anonymous2:29 PM

      Voortrekker monument is a proof of Afrikaner belief in Paganism.

      This Monument Does Expose the Afrikaner Broederbond, that Calvinist Bastion of freemasons

      The masonic temple of Christian Calvinist Nationalist worship, the Voortrekker Monument, adequately reveals the spirit of masonic destruction that governed the apartheid regime. Their clandestine UNICORN, the global entity that symbolizes masonic, New Age, socialist communism, has only one goal in mind: to tear down in order to renew communistically under the power of the Global Government. This was the spirit behind the atrocities of the Broederbond regime, just as it is the spirit, which is steering all other communist chaos in the world.

      It is Ok, the monument can be destroyed, but this time we will build one that does not contain any of these masonic shit of this NWO.

      That is why the Boer republics must be returned to the Boers, because these NWO bastards unlawfully stole the republics from the Boers. If they did not steal it we would mind our own business and no kaffir or liberal could accuse us of enslaving or oppressed them. It would result in a perfect Apartheid Republic free from kaffirs and liberals.

      It is not a secret anymore that these freemasons are the lackeys of the NWO elitists and they infiltrate each and every government in this world.

      We as a Boer nation are not responsible for their deeds, as you can follow their tracks of destruction and pestilence through history.

    6. Totally Coookooo!!!

    7. Anonymous11:21 pm

      Mike i share your understanding of freemasonry. I just wanted to show the idiot that you can come to any conclusion surfing the web.

      I bet he spent the entire day pondering over his god Mandela.


    8. Anonymous9:42 am


      @Anonymous2:29 PM

      Lol - Proof of paganism

      Look in the old testament when the tribes took the land of Canaan, there was debate about the monuments they built and they clearly said, they built those monuments to honor God.

      That is what our monument is about, not paganism. Read the vow you fool!

    9. Anonymous9:47 am


      My belief regarding Masonry.

      You will find a lot of symbolism in the order, stars, numbers etc etc and it goes back to Egypt.

      Now the book of Enoch tells us the Lord gave him many wise things, his sons became the Shepard kings and rulers of Arabia.

      Before the Muslim world took over the middle east, the regions were named after his sons. They are the ones who were given the details/dimensions of the earth, etc etc all found within the pyramids building, shown through their design.

      The wonder in Egypt is linked to the bible. Throughout the bible it tells us they rejected the capstone. The same capstone is still missing from the pyramid.

      Enoch saw Jesus many moons before Noah was even born. Those secrets have been passed down in an order, the order could be freemasonry that traces its roots to those Shepard kings.


    10. Anonymous2:29 am

      I'm going to try open your eyes, if you read and understand Enoch, my favorite book after the bible, then understand earth is not a globe. Enoch clearly describes something very different, yes I'm a God loving zealot who believes in his word that the is unmovable.

  11. Anonymous10:46 am


    There is serious mobilization of the black masses now, you can see it with all the protests. We are in grave danger now.

    I also notice more local power outages. Seems like they were getting the grid sorted first by areas/regions and now noticing specific suburbs targeted/tested with power outages in the South & East of JHB - no mention of them, the power goes off then back on in a matter of hours, so no need to report.

    If you guys experience such outages, please post online, we need to keep informed of whats happening and map out the areas, then we will know which areas will get hit and can so be prepared.

    The riots are done with military precision, which tells me they are well trained and if they are getting training, then we can expect them to be just as well armed.

    We need to arm, train, prepare and work as a nation now. Malems is continually calling for the whites to be removed, killed, kicked out.

    Time to prepare. There are now so many riots, the police cannot handle them and the truth is the police will have to be made to look like they are doing something before this night attack.

    See the signs, see the warnings. We were told they would do this in the JHB region and the vaal triangle will be hit the hardest, see the most intense fighting.

    The vaal triangle at the moment is under siege from rioter for more than a week already, blocking roads, shooting at police, burning tires.

    Things happen very fast from here. These riots are too well organised for them to be random acts of violence. They are using them as a testing ground, perfecting their night that is coming.

    Mense! See the signs, you need to be prepared now. The next 2 years are going to be like living in Somalia, there is going to be nothing but chaos before these new republics are underway.

    The US is not setting up that airbase for fun in Botswana- there are things happening in the background that we dont know about. These riots are now everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE!






    Know the signs and prepare while you still can.

    May we eventually have a 2-2.5 million man/women strong force! Anyone that can arm, prepare, capable of handling a weapon needs to stand up and work together.

    Mike we need an article on preparation, things are now moving ahead fast in this country and so many of our people are simply not prepared nor know what to do.

    Please anything, they need to know.

    Time is running out.

    1. Ninja my wife and I discussed the issue last night. We have had 3 outages in the last 2 weeks. Last week we had a major one lasting almost 12 hours. No one in the town knows the reason. Then we had another 4 hour outage but this time it was only the suburban area, the location had power.

      Yesterday we had an outage for about an hour also only in the suburban area but funny enough other towns and the city in the area also experienced an outage at the same time.

      The bad thing over here is that when we have a fullout outage no one gets signal on their phones and also no internet so we dont know if the outside world had stopped when we have a blackout.

      Something is definitely up because I have people and groups all over the country reporting the exact same thing.

      Its always a transformer or something. It is to big to be a coincidence or otherwise the infrastructure is completely falling apart.

    2. Listen guys, last night I got it from the "inside". The SAPS is on 24 hour standby from now until the end of October. They are expecting big shit during and after the elections.

      My question is, what good will it do? They stand idly by and "observe and monitor". Useless arseholes!

    3. The guys in the cities should not trust or rely on Police. Not at all. They will come when you are already dead. I almost want to say i believe it is to late to start your own groups if you havent done it now, but better late than never.

      I have police members in my group and Tom you are right.

      Guys hope you have done some scenario practice runs at the very least. The storm is approaching rapidly now.

    4. Anonymous9:55 am


      Nothing new guys. They are planning and so you guys need to make a plan and join groups.

      Dog poisonings are on the rise. They are the first line of defense and provide you with a head start. They are planning something for sure.

      The police wont do a thing! They will be assisting these blacks to kill the whites.

      Better you guys prepare, make proper plans and join groups to be informed about changes happening.

  12. Anonymous10:47 am



    Good video - keep up to date!

  13. Anonymous10:50 am

    is ukhutwala a zulu or xhosa thing?

  14. Anonymous11:47 am

    "It is a long article of saying everything from mostly nothing to sweet blue buggerall." It is NOT a mere article. It is a verbatim record of the actual judicial pronoucements (Judgement) by JUdge Jafta

  15. Anonymous2:09 pm

    First of all Mike you are not marginalised or oppressed. Afrikaners live far better life than all other groups of South Africa. You still live in your fancy double storey houses in upmarket suburbs and you still have your big farms with cattle and sheep. Now when it comes to universities I find it very amazing why would you want to have your own special universities in a diverse society like that of South Africa. Your universities always ask for subsidies from our government. My tax money should pay for one special Mike who only want to be taught in Afrikaans and as well, my money should be used by SAQA and NQF that must ensure that Mike's Afrikaans qualifications get recognised so that he can get a job. South Africa is a multiracial country which must have one common tertiary education system which must cater for the needs of all South Africans. That means when I go to Stellenbosch university I must be able to be taught in all the languages which are spoken in Western Cape not necessarily the whole university must be Afrikaans university. What special status does Afrikaans have in South Africa? It must be treated as equivalent to all nine other African Languages spoken in SA except English because it is an international language and the medium of instruction in South Africa. The same rule should be applied to pukke in NW Potchefstroom. Free State university recently bowed down to pressure as well as Stellenbosch. The only remaining is Pukke in NW Potchefstroom and we will crash it down just like we crashed Rhodes statue in UCT.

    1. Anonymous9:41 pm

      @ anon 2:09 PM. I can see that you're one of these retarded foul breath, huge stench, dumb cunted, half witted kaffirs.

      We took your species out of the bush but we will never remove the bush from your australopithicus savage non human species.

      The only reason you want Afrikaans removed is that you fear the Afrikaaner, you shit yourselves at the thought of the might of a few Dutchmen rising up and taking you on.

      Your natural instinct tells you that they are not to be fucked with and your dreams that you inherited from you ancestors are filled with images if your tribes being shot to shit.

      Carry on crashing and burning, you kaffirs celebrate and cry over soweto 76, I am informing you that what is coming makes 76 look like kindergarten.

      Come kaffir boy, take us on I pray, I beg you.

      You seem to think all of us are here for dialogue, well fuckface, some of us are here for war. So carry on but make it official so that we can really get stuck into you retarded fat lipped, flat nosed bantu boois and whores.

      If you think you can beat us come, come and try. You want to slaughter us and expect us not to retaliate. I have a surprise for you, we are not the liberal kaffir arse sucking whites that you are use to. So come you retard put your tax money where your mouth is and come and crash the afrikaaner for he is my brother and I will be at his side.

    2. Anonymous10:32 pm

      This has nothing to do with Universities. It is a reflection of the sad state of affairs that despite having a majority the powers that be are unable to follow their own rules to change name boards

    3. Why dont you take your tax money and build a kaffir university?
      Oh nou gan ek eers my kroesies moet krap voor ek antwoord ne.

      Oh yes I know. We are parasites. We can only consume. We can not build only take.

    4. @ Anon 2:09 ...First of all Whites contribute the majority tax in this country and every single university including the black ones were built with white taxpayer’s money. The whites are marginalized through the ANC’s Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action, racial quotas in University entry and racial quotas in sport.

      If you were truly the equals of Whites you would not need such racist policies.

      The fact that some whites still manage to survive is a testimony of their determination and survival skills. You should actually be afraid of that.

      Nevertheless you ignore the 800,000 whites living in abject poverty and many in sqauter camps since the ANC marginalized them. It seems like you are suffering form socio-political blindness.

      Mother tongue education is a human right contained in the United Nations charter. Out of the 21 universities of South Africa only four were Afrikaans, When you have 17 universities to choose from to go and study in English why do you want to force your way into racist Afrikaans universities?

      Let me explain it like this. If a guy asks a woman to sleep with him and she says yes then their rights should be respected to do so. However when she says no, her right to say no should also be respected. Anything else would be rape. Same with groups. If group A wants to integrate with group B, But Group B does not want to integrate then their rights should be respected. Any form of forced integration or coercion is tantamount to “Cultural Rape”.

      Further if the guy forces himself onto the woman after she said no, do you think that the relationship between them will improve or get worse? The same with forced integration of groups.

      It increases racial animosity and breeds resentment. Any policy that does that (increases racial animosity and resentment) is racist. So you, my friend is the biggest racist scum alive. A racist Rapist. When it comes to integration, which part of “NO” from the Afrikaners is it that you do not understand?. Why can you not leave them alone. You hate them. You call them racists. So simply avoid them. Leave them alone. Don’t take taxes from racists. Boycott them and tell them to keep their filthy racist tax money.

      If you lot are so good then build your own universities instead of trying to take over others’.

      And finally…Show me ONE learning institution anywhere in the world that after de-segragation increased their standards. I am waiting.

    5. Anonymous2:20 am

      Anon 9:41- you are more than welcome to take on 40 million of us. We will be glad if you can challenge us to war and see who is the king.

    6. Anonymous2:28 am

      Saxon- we are not racists. If that was what you wanted we would close down all the Afrikaans universities and remain only with Kaffir university so that all whitey pigs who cannot afford to go overseas will bow down to pressure. But at least we are not as mean as you are. We want to bring in a neutral system that will cater for all students' needs irrespective of culture, race, sex or religion.

    7. Anonymous2:43 am

      Mike- Truly you think like a conservative because they always think backward. So do you mean that the population of Tlokwe in NW Potchefstroom should not study in Pukke where they will be able to save accommodation fees simply because Pukke is Afrikaans university. Do you mean Khayelisha and Langa students who could not find space in UCT must not find the previledge of studying in Stellenbosch simply because is Afrikaans. Nope. All universities belong to the government and it doesn't matter who contribute more tax because we have many blacks who contribute tax through working and buying groceries. Instead most blacks are the ones who buy more goods than whites and that way they contribute more tax. Things have changed and it is not like before when whites contributed more tax. Your admission to contributing more tax in a population of 55 million people will only make you guilty of exploitation. It will mean that you still have more wealth than more than 50 million others. Your population is decreasing in SA and is not growing. Your population can hardly make 4.5 million now and how does it come that you contribute more taxes than the rest of us? Think out of the box dude.

    8. Anonymous2:52 am

      Mike the reason why we have AA and BEE is because we want to cancel the imbalances of the past. The equation is still not balanced and so we are still helping the left hand side to catch up and be in balance with the right hand side.

      Then, still when you want to divorce yourself from us. You are more than welcome to go to Europe and leave us with peace because here in South Africa you will never see segregation. Never……

    9. Anonymous3:44 am

      @ anon 2:20 AM. It is I LTMA that is anon 9:41 PM. Wake up Kaffir, I am at war with you already.

      The assault just hasn't started yet.

      You dumb fucking kaffir. You and you 40 mil stupid retarded brothers do not know what war is, you're just a mass of fucking cowards that is all you are.


    10. @Anon 2:43 AM...You have three English speaking universities in the Cape within 20-30km of each other, but you want the Afrikaans one as well. So if all those blacks who didn't get place at UCT, UWC, or CPUT or any of the private Universities such as Varsity College then why don't they do distance learning through UNISA? Why MUST they worm their way into Stellenbosch?

      If all the other universities are full and the Xhosas and English go to Stellenbosch as well, then where must the Afrikaans students go who wants to study in Afrikaans (many are coloured) as specified in the constitution as a RIGHT...not a privilege?

      Where do you get this bullshit from that universities belong to the government? Who is the government? The ANC? Does the universities belong to the ANC? When did this transfer of deeds take place, because I certainly missed it. You are showing your utter ignorance and stupidity.

      “Think out of the box”. OK let’s try. So you are saying that whites do NOT contribute most of the tax, but at the same time that they control all the wealth. So where does all the tax then come from? Whites have all the wealth and contribute no tax. The blacks who have nothing contribute all the tax from money they don’t have.

      Or otherwise blacks must be contributing most of the tax so blacks are not poor at all then and actually controlling all the wealth, not whites. So what exactly is your argument? You are going around in circles.

      You are saying “most blacks are the ones who buy more goods than whites and that way they contribute more tax”…I take it you are referring to VAT. So where do all these blacks who have nothing get all this money from to buy all these things that contribute so much VAT for the ANC (who owns the universities) to steal?

      It is clear that mathematics and logic were not your strong points at school.

    11. @ Anon 2:52 Am who said: ”AA and BEE is because we want to cancel the imbalances of the past. The equation is still not balanced and so we are still helping the left hand side to catch up and be in balance with the right hand side.”

      22 years and all the help from the IMF, the World Bank, the UN and all those donations from the USA, UK, Germany, Holland, etc. and you still haven’t build a thing.

      All your RDP houses are falling apart. You haven’t created a single job. Instead unemployment is increasing at a rapid rate. Your outdated socialist policies are not attracting any investment. Jeez mate. It took Germany and Japan with a Marshall plan less than ten years to build themselves up after they were flattened in WW2.

      You fucking lot got everything handed on a platter. A fully functioning first world country and economy and you fucked it all up. Just admit it, you are useless. Utterly USELESS.

      Then you say, “when you want to divorce yourself from us…blah, blah, fucking blah”.

      No doos. This is our home. We built it. We paid for it. We stay. You know where the door is. Beitbridge along the N1. Don't let the door hit you on the arse on your way out. You can leave willingly while you still have a chance or be thrown out on your arse. Your choice, because the time is getting close.

      “South Africa you will never see segregation. Never……“

      Never say never. Just because we fucked up in the past with the gentle and slow approach does not mean that we have not learned from our mistakes.

      See, segregation is like circumcision. You cannot do it slowly and gently. You cut it the fuck off and get it over and done with as quickly as possible. Sure it hurts for a short while, but then it is over.

    12. Guys, guys, guys you are trying to debate with brainless being! Just look at the quality and illogical replies. Just tell them to fuck off!

      Anon 9:41 I am in total agreement with you. I am so gatvol of talking. Let these fucking heathens bring it on and let's get the show on the road and over with, once and for all.

    13. Anonymous5:52 am

      @Anon 2:28

      "Saxon- we are not racists."

      So what is 'whitey pigs' then?

    14. Anonymous6:12 am


      Too right. We'd get more sense from a plank of wood or a cardboard box.

    15. Anonymous6:12 am

      You whitey pig called LTMA come and challenge us and see a train crashing you to death.

    16. Anonymous6:17 am


      Remember what happened in Vietnam!

    17. LTMA, yes mate, these nig-nogs are good at crashing things aren't they? Especially trains. See the first one of those imported "misfits" still lying along the line in the bush where it fell I believe.

    18. Anonymous6:30 am

      Mike the rules are simple if you want to live in opulence and enjoy your wealthy lifestyle you live by our rules. You attend same schools and universities as everybody else because you are not special. If you have a problem with that you know where Cape Town is to catch your first Dromedaries or Ruiger straight to Europe where you shall live peacefully and not get to see Kaffirs again. So, here unfortunately all the whitey pigs and Kaffirs shall interact or else back to Europe. I am a Xhosa a hybrid of the Bantu and Khoisan. Both my ancestors owned this land and I shall kick you out if you bring divisions.

    19. Anonymous6:36 am

      Anon 6:12 AM. Stop fucking talking and start doing. Leave the farmers alone and declare your war that you dumb cunts sing about and talk crap about.

      Leave the varsities and colleges and come, stop your toi toi and mass action where you blame everything on us whites and threaten us and come.

      Get your showerhead idiot and your red beret gang to actually lift the machine gun and kill us whites.

      You cant because you were born coward and live coward.

      I am challenging you now, do the shit you spew, come that is my challenge to you, you aids infested mud man.


    20. Anonymous6:43 am

      Mike- Blacks irrespective of how little they earn spend much buying goods than whites. Get to any mall and see how many whites are there. Ask any cashier at Shoprite/Pick n Pay/ Checkers and ask how many whites bought groceries for that day compared to blacks who have bought groceries that day. SA has a whooping 43 million blacks who are representing the purchasing power of SA. So, it means anything you put on the market, blacks will likely buy it more than any other groups.

    21. Anonymous6:51 am

      @Anon 6:12 AM

      There you go again with that tedious 'whitey pig' insult. You're so stupid that you don't even realise some can't be crashed to death.

      TT is correct. You are all fucking brainless beings and evil to the core.

    22. Anonymous6:56 am

      @ anon 6:12 AM. Your fear stinks through the ethers, you kaffirs are scared of the whites rising, your night of the long knives is nothing to match the rise of the whiteys.

      You and your kind cannot intimidate me and never could, you black shits only intimidate the weak and defenceless.

      I call your bluff kaffir, come.

      As Mike said " I see your jihad and raise you one crusader" well kaffir is " I see your threats and raise you one challenge".

      Lets see if you have the balls or the manhood to meet my challenge.

      Maybe you just use those things to rape your sisters and impregnate your mothers.


    23. Anonymous7:25 am

      Mike allow me please.

      @anon 6:43 AM. You obviously have no concept of economics, spending borrowed money is not good, especially when you cannot pay it back.

      You lot have borrowed so that the economy is crippled but you fucking dim wits do not understand that, when there is no more you will just borrow more, when there is nothing to borrow you will print more.

      Ah, African economics, wonderful. Its what happened in Zim not so long ago, oh, I forgot Zim is your model African state.

      Your leader cannot even read figures but you give him leadership over a country and its finances. FMD that says it all.

      Spend more money in the malls,please I cannot wait to see you lot starving and killing each other for food. Fuck hurry up take your brothers, sister, cousin and tribe go to the mall, spend, spend, spend there is no tomorrow so why worry.

      Go back to the bush and eat dirt, you do not belong in a progressive and economic society.

      You lot are a parasitical infestation.

      You lot don't own the money you spend, you borrow it or steal it. When you don't pay it back that is also theft.


    24. Well LTMA, he just admitted that blacks have more money to spend than whites, so why are they complaining that whites have all the wealth and blacks are poor? It doesn't make sense.

      Besides if blacks are spending more money than whites at the malls and tills of the supermarkets, spending money on shit they don't need with money they borrowed, then why are they wondering why they are not getting ahead in life? Whites live within their means and save money. It is not rocket science. Blacks buy brand labels like Gucci and Versace, Diesel and Levi's when whites buy at Mr. Price. Then on top of it the black take the shirt or the shoes off at a party and burn it in front of their friends to show them how much money they have, when in fact they stole their grandmother's pension for the shirt. They call it "Izikhothane".

      Read here and think about this next time you see a black man begging.

      'Izikhothane': South Africa's bizarre money-burning trend

      Izikhothane Wikipedia

      BBC, Going out with South Africa’s flashy young “boasters”

    25. @ Anonymous6:30 AM…Aaah, so you are a Xhosa? And you are proud of that??? Bwhahaha…Nine Kaffir wars against the whites and you could not get them away. So what are you going to do this time when the whites refuse to leave? Call Nongqawuse again so she can tell you to kill all your cattle and burn all your crops so the whites can disappear into the sea? …and then you starve to death??? BWHAHAHAHA!!! Jeez you lot are truly a bunch of superstitious idiots and then you wonder why whites call you stupid Kaffirs?

    26. Anonymous2:15 pm

      Kaffir, we won't fight this war with bullets primarily . We will win this war with food. You WILL be segregated from us due do dying of hunger.

    27. Anonymous9:11 pm

      @Anon 6:12 AM

      So now you murderous kaffir criminals want to progress from carjacking to trainjacking. How are you going to do that when you're too stupid to even operate a train set?

    28. Anonymous11:05 pm

      @ Mike 10:36 AM. The total waste and lack of appreciation for everything seems to be inbred into these savages.

      They always crying poor and disadvantaged but they cannot appreciate, care for, show pride in, or maintain anything.

      They have a mindset of the retarded, "fuck it up and we will be given a new one."

      We must exploit this mind set and abuse it, we must mind fuck these fuckers into self destruct.

      Luckily for us these things have no endurance and need to rest often.


    29. Anonymous12:22 am

      "Well LTMA, he just admitted that blacks have more money to spend than whites, so why are they complaining that whites have all the wealth and blacks are poor? It doesn't make sense."

      I have never made such admission that blacks have more money to spend than whites. All that I have said was that our population is big and as a result we are the once who are supporting business in SA by buying more.

      Everyone that establishes business looks upon our population as his market. In those white butcheries who is buying more there? In those supermarkets who is buying more there? Obviously blacks because they are majority. They feed and clothe almost 44 million of themselves.

      Mike Just for once, become liberal in your thinking. That's why you wouldn't easily find a conservative professor because they all have narrow thinking. They would always reside more on to the negative thoughts that the positives. They oppose everything and are a cause of today's problems that are experienced my millions of people across the world because to them hierarchy is what matters the most and not equality. They do not respect the concept that all people are equal.

    30. @ 12:22 AM..."They feed and clothe almost 44 million of themselves."

      Oh...so you believe vegies and meat come from nice little Styrofoam packets made by blacks in factories.


      Get your head out of your arse and look it the ever dwindling amount of white commercial farmers out there that are feeding you lot.

    31. Anonymous12:48 am

      This time around there will be no myth of Nongqawuse. We will physically drive you out because there is nothing of white pigs we fear now. Whatever that they can do we can do it 40 times better. In the past they had monopoly of using guns but not anymore. Now we can moer each other like nobody's business without a fear that when police comes they will lock you up just because you are black.

    32. Anonymous12:57 am

      @ anon 12:22 AM you stupid twat.

      Who employs the majority of your stinking kind?

      Fuck off and go argue with a brick, it has your level of intelligence.


    33. Anonymous1:01 am

      Anonymous2:28 AM

      If you close down all white universities you wont have only kaffir universities. You will have no universities.


    34. Anonymous1:23 am

      @ anon 12:48 AM. Carry on thinking that moering will take place and there will be police.

      You are as retarded in thought as you are in evolution.


    35. Anonymous1:24 am

      The problem is that have arable land. White people have taken all that from us. Otherwise we could have provided all the veggies and food ourselves just like our brothers in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, etc, do. It is not like it is white people who work in those farms. Their only contribution there is the ownership of property. Poor kaffirs are the ooneswho are exploited to produce all those veggies at a poor remuneration package.

    36. Anonymous1:26 am

      Anon 1:01 keep on dreaming.

    37. Anonymous1:29 am

      Anon 12:57- That Christmas of employing blacks will fade with time and soon you will work for Kaffirs as well just like some of you have already started doing.

    38. Anonymous2:11 am

      @LTMA 12:57

      That's not really fair on the brick. LOL

    39. Anonymous4:14 am

      @ anon 1:24 AM. You are just another confused kaffir, making statements you know nothing about.

      Travel, work and live in Africa before you spew shit here.


    40. Anonymous5:17 am

      @ anon 1:29 AM. The only one having christmas from whites employing them is you bunch of retards.

      Your bbe and aa and quota system forces us to employ useless, lazy, stupid retards that cannot think for themselves, haven't got the integrity to do an honest days work and who break and steal our assets and equipment.

      Believe me there are enough whites to employ but you fuckers need laws to promote you not skill, experience and intelligence

      You hide behind your laws and governmunt.

      Useless race of imbeciles.


    41. Anonymous8:24 am

      @Anon 1:24

      "Otherwise we could have provided all the veggies and food ourselves just like our brothers in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, etc, do."

      You lot don't even come close to Afrikaners when it comes to farming. And most of you aren't even interested in it.

      "It is not like it is white people who work in those farms. Their only contribution there is the ownership of property."

      Rubbish. Afrikaner farmers are extremely hard working and many work long hours on their farms.

      "Poor kaffirs are the ooneswho are exploited to produce all those veggies at a poor remuneration package."

      Is that why you people murder and rob Afrikaner farmers and their families?

    42. Anonymous10:11 am


      @Mike Smith3:59 AM

      See, segregation is like circumcision. You cannot do it slowly and gently. You cut it the fuck off and get it over and done with as quickly as possible. Sure it hurts for a short while, but then it is over.

      Love it!

      This time, is fumigation time. I said a long time back, I was told I am a radical....

      I DO NOT WANT to ever see another parasite from the Cape to the Equator in 30 years time, none!

      All must go!

      This thing is a parasite. I want it GONE, out of sight, if you want to see it, then you will need to go into an underground museum and see 1 or 2 stuffed ones behind a glass window, chained up, just to make sure they dont come back to life and destroy anything.


    43. Anonymous11:41 am

      That is just african jealousy rearing its head

  16. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Now when I compare the white Afrikaner culture to Judge Jafta’s Xhosa culture where a woman’s worth is measured in cows (Lobola), where young girls are abducted and ritually raped by much older men to make them their wives (Ukutwala) and where young boys are genitally mutilated with rusty blades (Ulwaluko) to the point where their willies drop off from gangrene, then I must confess that the Afrikaner culture, with all its faults, measured to the standard of life and individual freedom is far superior to that of the culture of the educated Noble Savage, Judge Jafta.

    You whole lot are lost because you don't know what a true Afrikaner culture is. Afrikaners are not christians, they have adopted it just like other nations particularly from the English. Your true culture is paganism. Just visit Afrikaner monument and tell me how many signs of pagans do you see there. It was forbidden in the past for blacks to go there because they would have soon discovered that their masters were in fact giant kaffirs than they were.

    1. Anonymous12:35 am

      "because they would have soon discovered that their masters were in fact giant kaffirs than they were."

      What??? Try writing something that's understandable please...

  17. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Two more abhorrent kaffir customs. Female genital mutilation and breast ironing or flattening.



    Isn't kaffir culture just great?

    1. Anonymous8:54 am

      Just great!


    2. Best news all day.

    3. Anonymous12:34 pm

      @Anon 8:54 and Mike

      It gets even better. The so-called parents and village elders could also face arrest.


      And 9 other 'hyenas' are on the run.


      The Malawian government has been embarrassed into taking action.

  18. Anonymous8:52 pm

    Hey Mike, go fuck your mother you Jew bastard!

    1. Hahahaha...Is that the best you can do?

    2. Anonymous12:08 am

      Mike allow me please.

      @anon 8:52PM. Mike is white so therefore he does not fuck his mother or his sister or his brothers, unlike you stink black kaffirs with your retarded cultures.

      Your mothers seem you enjoy fucking their booi children, while you males like fucking your daughters. Disgusting filthy kaffirs you are.

      We Jews are going to show you stupid kaffir retards a thing or two, we show your mates those palestinian rag headed mother fucker and daughter fuckers something new everyday.

      Wait we are going to teach you new tricks as well.


    3. Californian12:34 am

      Mike, I have a question.

      Back in the 1980s I happened to be touring South and Southwest Africa. Up around Windhoek you'd see the occasional SADF convoy rumbling north towards the Angolan frontier. There was a war going on against SWAPO, then the Angolan communist MPLA and Cubans. Operations Savanna, Protea and all that sort of thing. Yet the war was kept relatively quiet back in SA for political reasons. Even a few hundred casualties up on the border might have upset the home front.

      But when you consider all the white South Africans who have been killed by crime, farm-attacks and assorted ANC terror since 1994, the casualties from black majority rule have been much greater than the Border War.

      So here's my point: given this, would it not have been better for the SA government to have mobilized a much bigger military effort in the 1980s, say around the time of the Cuito Cuanavale actions, when there was a chance for a military victory against the MPLA and SWAPO. True, this might have led to a couple thousand more SADF casualties, but again that would have been less than what is being suffered by whites today. And a military victory up in Angola could have been translated into a political victory for white (civilized) rule in SA.

      This seems to be the same dilemma faced by the French in Algeria and the US in Vietnam. The home government did not have a war winning strategy (though the French came close in Algeria). Too much effort was dissipated in limited war operations while the communists/insurgents went for the full win. The result was a lot of lives lost on distant frontiers, and ultimately an unraveling of the home front.

      Anyway, since you are closer to the scene than I am, I really would be interested in your thoughts on this matter, as well as those of other South Africans.



    4. Anonymous1:16 am

      Anon 8:52

      That is disgusting vulgar behaviour. Why don't you ask Mike for his email address then you can sort out your issue in private.

      Join the women's club as you have no balls.

    5. Now that was good laugh..!.

      Anon 8:52.. Keep em' coming mate. By the way, we're just bullshitting you lot. We are all actually a bunch of Coolies from Durban... Mike's real name is Pravesh Govender.. right.!

    6. Anonymous1:23 am

      @Anon 8:52 PM

      Now, submit at least 1000 words to justify your statement or don't come back (hint - the latter is preferred).

    7. Anonymous2:35 am

      @Anon 1:16 AM

      It's a demonstration 8:52's lack of intelligence. By the way, the women would tear him apart. Now that would be a sight to see.

    8. Anonymous3:01 am

      @Anon 8:52 AM

      Any other type of bastard is a preferable to being a kaffir bastard.

      At least Mike doesn't stink of raw sewage, vomit and piss like your sub-human carcas.

      Fuck off and take your rancid culture of incest and paedophilia with you (and your foul smell).

    9. Anonymous4:35 am

      Mike, we also like you.

    10. To this Anonymous piece of trash @ 8:52. Mike won't deign to lower himself to reply to you because, unlike you lot the thought of fucking our mothers never crosses our minds. But I believe I might have fucked [completely by mistake when I was blind drunk years ago]. That would explain the rampant case of syphilis I contracted.

      Now, be a good little Kaffir and just please fuck off and display your ignorance and lack of breeding, culture and intelligence and everything else civilised elsewhere. Like all of you, you add no value to anything, least of all to the debate on this blog.

    11. Anonymous5:40 am


      No matter what you think of a man or how you feel about him, never ever disrespect his wife, his sister or his MOTHER. You have been warned.

    12. Anonymous7:10 am

      Californian- Apartheid forces stood no chance at all to defeat Castro's forces. After being trained by the Russians they were much better resourced than never before. They dominated air superiority over the ailing SADF mirages. They pushed SADF forces out of Angola after they lost Cuito Cuanavale to the point that Botha's health started deteriorating. Guess who were flying Cubans MIG29s? Small Cuban chicks and daughters of liberation movements. They said Men down, women up. I was there when Afriksner whities were peesing off their trousers after Savimbi's forces whom they trusted lost positions. As always, they usually put blacks forward and whities at the back. We broke past their mercenaries and they all ran away. When we were after their traces to SA borders past Namibia, the next thing we heard there were negotiations calling for a cease fire.

    13. Anonymous9:54 am

      Say this back to him (in a coloured accent) :

      Tjou maaaa!!!


    14. Anonymous9:56 am


      @Californian12:34 AM

      You are 100% correct.

      In my estimation, in terms of attacks, murder, rape, robbery, hijacking, the figures stand far greater than 1,000,000

      When you consider that many White South Africans have 1 or 2 incidents, then it quickly adds up.

      My father has had so many incidents over the past 22 years, so many I forget.

      My mother, brother, Aunt, cousins, good family friends - either been robbed, hijacked, shot at, in some cases murdered.

      That is my cirlce of family/friends but then each circle that is connected to other friends/family, tell you stories about one of their cousins friends, their family issues regarding crime.

      The numbers are insane, it has been a slow civil war for 22 years.

      Farm murders now in the 4,000 range but farm attacks,torture, hijackings, beatings, raping, assault are according to Steve Hoffmeyer and their research, past 25,000.

      So yes, the number of white South Africans killed, tortured, psychological warfare is far, far higher than the border war deaths.

      We should also talk about death! Those who fought that war have been dead since this country was handed over, they watched their friends/family die up there and all for what?

      They have had 3 deaths. One at the border - seeing good friends/family die, one when it was announced we would simply hand over and now the 3rd death, the worst watching everything you love be destroyed by your enemy now called a freedom fighter.

      I posted on another blog post of Mike`s, that more white South Africans have had incidents than all the previous whites who ever lived in Africa under their verious colonies.

      It boggles the mind.

    15. Anonymous2:11 pm

      Hey 7:10 you must have got that crap from a Cuban propaganda comic written by Fidel. Try tell that bullshit story to the man who called in a 155 barage on a fapla armoured convoy. Maybe if we play a repeat, the deja vu might cure your memory. By the way Looks like the weather is on our side.

    16. Anonymous4:22 pm

      Californian, anon 7:10am reply is total nonsense, SADF did not loose the border war nor were we pushed out of Cuito Cuanavale. The SADF & UNITA Accomplished their objectives by pushing the enemy all the way back over the Cuito river, namely FAPLA forces. Also the SADF assisted UNITA in an advisory capacity since UNITA did do most of the work, they were a bigger force and Angola was obviously their country so they were engaging FAPLA who was in turn assisted by the cubans, east germans and USSR. FAPLA had more fighter and bomber aircraft so they had the advantage over the SouthAfrican airforce but their impact was not that great, FAPLA in general with their allies suffered more casualties then the SADF and Unita, SADF was a much smaller force since as I said they had to face FAPLA, Cubans,East Germans, Soviets,Swapo insurgents operating from Angola and some ANC MK insurgents as well. once the SADF reached their objective namely pushing the enemy over the river they did not do any follow up because things could have got worse and after the withdrawl of the SADF the SA government with the advice of the USA asked the SA's to have negotiations with the Cubans and Angolans.

      Think about this, if the propoganda bullshit that anon 7:10 am says that the cubans beat the SADF why did they nott just chase SADF out of Angola but out of SouthWest Africa ( Namibia) as well all the way over the Orange River back to South Africa.Why did they ( Cubans and Russians) not try and invade south Africa and kick the so called apartheid government out? Because they could not, they would have had their asses handed over to them on a platter.Best is to do your own research, their are lots of websites and youtube videos out their, lots of propoganda as well.

    17. Anonymous10:14 pm

      @ anon 7:10 AM. You obviously have forgotten the stench of burning kaffir and the white phos smoke that enclouded your buddies and their screams of anguish and pain as the phos ate into the stinking kaffir flesh.

      You couldn't have seen the skulls split by 30 mm HEAT and all the cranium removed so that just floppy wool cap remained.

      You must have been in a different confrontation because the one you talking about sounds like kaffir fantasy land.

      California, know this if the prickations of SA had wanted to we could have taken Africa right past the equator.In 88 they made a token war, there where only NDP fighting there, our reserves and ou manne were not called upon to become active.

      We had more than enough reserves to take care of business but white traitors were selling patriots out for 30 pieces of silver.


    18. Anonymous11:44 pm

      Anon 2:11- Do you want to argue with a former liberation forces militant who fought and defeated apartheid forces personally in Cuito Cuanavale. I was just 18 and very athletic, aggressive and everything. I didn't fear death at all because I was only thirsty for freedom.

    19. Anonymous11:53 pm

      Anon 4.22
      there were international forces on standby to take out the SADF should the 1994 agreement not have been reached. This is why deklerk had to succumb to the international pressure.

      Apartheid SA was going to end - either peacefully or through annihilation. DeKlerk choice the peaceful option.

    20. Anonymous11:56 pm

      ANON 4:22

      We couldn't invaded you up to your borders because After you realised that your UNITA and Black Battalions were defeated you ran away and headed straight for negotiations for a cease fire. You cowards agreed to leave ANGOLA and NAMIBIA and for our bonus you also agreed to abolish Apartheid because you knew we were after your tails. You ran to UN headquarters with your tails between your legs knowing well what was coming to you. Bra we were damn aggressive such that your Generals told Botha that they cannot fight anymore as it was risky that they would lose more soldiers and blacks at home then do as they please when SA does not have soldiers left. The only option left was to negotiate.

    21. LTMA, my mate, aaahh the sweet memories you bring back to me! I retired from "active duty"" at the end of '83 and I take my hat off to you youngsters that were there till the end. You boys took it to another level. Well done, Chinas.

      Indeed if there'd been a national call-up of oumanne and reserves to take the rest of Africa, I would have been first in the queue though. And we would have taken it as well. I tend to disregard these ignorant kaffirs, like this piece of shit @ 7:10, but I thank you for informing of those wonderful memories we shared and reminding me of them.

      Thanks mate.

    22. Anonymous11:58 pm

      LTMA you I don't take serious because you truly supposed to be a young freeborn generation. You are just a young boy.

    23. Anonymous12:00 am

      LTMA you are a born-free.

    24. Anonymous12:41 am

      @ anon 11:58 PM. What shit are you trying to say, talk man, talk in a language we understand.

      Fuck! Are you a riddler?

      Let me tell you, burning kaffir smells so much better than a live one, we always use to say that the burning ones were isolated and temporary unlike the living ones that always infested the air when we returned to the states.

      Please continue not to take me seriously, I am just a Durban coolie shooting the breeze and all, BN told you thats what we are, he was not bullshitting you.


    25. Anonymous12:51 am

      @ anon 11:44 PM, yeah you were so thirty for freedom that when the noise got hot you fucking dropped your shit kit and AK and ran back towards the Congo.

      I retrieved your fucked up dirty stinking equipment and weaponary.

      You were so thirsty that you even left full water bottles behind.

      Your aggression ha ha. You fuckers use to run away you didn't know what aggression was. You make me piss myself laughing.

      Bring that aggression, I await you.

      Now fuck off back to the bush.


    26. Anonymous1:38 am

      @Anon 11:58

      "LTMA you I don't take serious because you truly supposed to be a young freeborn generation. You are just a young boy."

      Come back when you have finished school.

    27. Anonymous1:45 am

      @Anon 12:00

      "LTMA you are a born-free."

      Are you calling LTMA Matt Monro or a lion?

    28. Anon 1:45 your sarcasm is wasted on the Kaffir. He knows neither who Matt Monroe is or what lion you're referring to. If you had to ask him for an answer the closest he could come would be, while scratching the peppercorns, to say, "Eish!"

      In the dumbed-down education system that would be enough to score him a point. It's as close to Elsa as their spelling capability allows, the teacher's included.

      Wasted effort, Boet.

    29. Anonymous4:34 am

      SADF did not loose that war, I was also there and we did, I repeat did not loose that war on the military front, you are talking nonsense politically yes we lost and you are right we had politicians for retards who did not know what they were doing as we can see today for the useless anc is in power but it is going change soon.Look you can argue till the cows come home, in your mind you won, good for you, you might have won one battle but you have not won the war as it is still continuing and the peace that your god mandela was telling the world was a lie, so enjoy it for now because things are going to change and you might have to eat your words.

    30. Anonymous10:19 am


      The kaffirs were so brave in Angola fighting the SADF, that they needed Russian and Cuban troops to help them win it.

      They then hit us with further sanctions so we fought a war with our hands tied behind our back, we should just have nuked Zims, Angola.

      The past 40 years is nothing, we take it all back. It happened to Portugal in the past when they lost Angola for a brief period of time, this time we take it and make sure to wipe out EVERY single last parasite, women - YES, children YES and everything that is a parasite - show no mercy.

    31. Anonymous4:15 pm

      And on another note you say that there was an international force on standby to take us SADF" out " if we did not comply, yes there probably was and I think it was there if things really got out of hand like if your communist buddies did manage to get the better of the SADF, they would have intervened, I can assure you this force which was probably the US and allies would have done something and things could have really got ugly, so have your little time victory because it is not going to last, today Russia and China vs NATO ( UN) and you better pray that things will work out in communist anc favour because if you lose your allies, you as a government in south africa are done and right now it does not look so good in your favour:)

  19. Anonymous1:35 am

    Listening to Bernie Sanders talk is like listening to ANC - Commie double talk - https://youtu.be/oaFEPpWXaW8

    1. Ol' Bernie is a fucking Closet Queen, the fucking old poofta and Hellary is a Bull Dike. Fine pair, the two of them.

  20. Anonymous10:04 am


    Eish! More terror in France


    Oh well, we warned them, they called us backward dutchment/racists/nazis/white supremisists.

    Bom Voyage!

    Guess you will have to get used to terror just like your one minister already mentioned.

    1. Anonymous2:11 pm

      Non-whites have no business in our White society. They bring terror, death and misery with them.

    2. Anonymous2:16 pm

      10:04 and the Kaffirs in the Calais jungle are waging a war with the Afghanis.

  21. Anonymous10:15 am

    Mike,sometimes I think I am an ignorant cunt,and do not think through our todays problems.
    Why do the po lice etc shoot these,and here we can be really nasty,but for once lets call them over the surplus of humans.
    Surely a stun gun/etc would have a simular effect (there might be a few fuck up's !!) and than extract/ask nicely/kick the shit out of them,who their mates are.

  22. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Other than fuck off to your own mud hut/tent you black/brown goat shagging throat slitting smelly cunt,can replace good old APARTHEID.
    Unfortunately at the moment in Europe it is called Waza Lapa you good thing.
    My money is on Apartheid or whatever they are going to call it,I would be interested what the readers think.

  23. Anonymous4:20 pm

    Look I am a staunch hard-line Nat & always will be but this has all gone too far for me.

    I have spent thousands of rands defending white south africans, many hours & tears over all this bullshit against the anc, uk etc.

    White south africans need to accept the fact that the anc are now in power with majority black rule & they will never be voted out of power, not by the masses.

    White people & particularly the Afrikaners will always be targets by blacks & the ANC, it is their only way to stay in power. parties like the DA also support discriminatory policies like AA & BEE so that is them also covered. DA = ANC Lite.

    I have said it before & will say it again, there is NO FUTURE for whites in africa, they will always be on the receiving end of k4 crime, racism by the ANC/ DA & their only option is to band together & petition Europe & the US etc to accept us as refugees.

    We cannot win a war against a majority, I dont know how long it will take for whites to realize this.

    Yes, we constantly hear about the "fight back" campaign but truth be told nobody is doing anything of the sort, yes there are a few "victories" with the courts but the truth is that blacks are the majority, they have low iq's can never be productive, will always be exploited by the west & others & they will always blame local whites.It will always be us the whites as the aggressor & blacks as the victims.

    Whites can NEVER ever win a any form of war against these savages.
    I have lived in many european countries & I can confirm for many that yes, life is better in a majority white country.

    How many more years must whites be unsafe in south africa, be without work, regress into poverty, turn to alcohol, drugs & prostitution, maybe many whites who read this do not see it but I can assure you, I travel throughout SA, i see the regression.

    Is this the future we want ?
    Is this the future we want for our kids ?
    Many whites in SA cannot even afford kids, school fees, food etc.
    They have zero future, safety, peace of mind, turn on the tV & radio its just black. Watch the news its black, apply for a job, its blacks, apply for business finance, its black.

    Please people, stand together & get out or perish at the hands of the true africans.

    The ANC never won their war with bombs & terrorism, many were housed in european capitals forcing their hosts to ensure the NP relinquish power, the same can be done by whites both locally & internationally to get Europeans to accept us as exiles & refugees.

    People can argue with me as much as they want, one day they will see my wisdom, maybe they will never but they will perish here in SA, in the long run.

    1. Anonymous11:47 pm

      I agree with you fully. Those on here who comment about a white backlash, including Mike, are just dreamers - dreaming of a white christmas.
      Blacks are the 'elites' 'weapon of mass destruction' for the 21 century. They will destroy every country in which they are set loose.
      Like it or not whites have to leave SA. Or face the full evil of this weapon.

    2. He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
      Will stand a tip-toe when this day is nam'd,
      And rouse him at the name of Crispian.

      He that shall live this day, and see old age,
      Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
      And say "To-morrow is Saint Crispian."

      Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars,
      And say "These wounds I had on Crispin's day."
      Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
      But he'll remember, with advantages,
      What feats he did that day.
      This story shall the good man teach his son;
      And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by,
      From this day to the ending of the world,
      But we in it shall be remembered-
      We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
      For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
      Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
      This day shall gentle his condition;
      And gentlemen in England now a-bed
      Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
      And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
      That fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.


    3. @ Anon 4:20 Please tell me where do you get this crap from: "We cannot win a war against a majority, I dont know how long it will take for whites to realize this." ???

      Being outnumbered is nothing new to a Boer. At Blood River 50:1, In the Second Anglo-Boer War 16:1, In the Angolan Bush War1 12:1...I would say being outnumbered today 10:1 by the Kaffirs is about a fair fight.

      No my friend, it is clear you have no idea of warfare. Numbers mean absolutely fuckall in war. Far more important are aspects such as training, morale and leadership. Just take a look at 6 million Israelis holding out against 200 million hostile Arabs all around them. Intelligence and knowledge of the terrain are further aspects.

      Tying ten cripples together does not mean they will outrun an Olympic 100 meter sprinter. Tying 10 blind men together does not mean they will collectively out box an Olympic boxer. Go study history. Go study Thermopylae and Agincourt and see how history is full of vastly outnumbered armies that defeated their opponents.

    4. Brother by all means take your family to safety if you can.

      From what i understand a petition will do nothing for us at the moment. Europe see SA whites as scum living in luxury while the blacks suffer. It might make a difference once TSHF but we do not know for sure if they will aid the white man.

      There are many SA whites who are blind to the genocide and wont give up their belongings for a future in another country where they have no clue as where to start a new life and how it will happen.

      I just want to differ from your opinion that we can not defend ourselfs here. You say you do not know of plans and maybe that is why you think that we cant hold off and defeat the enemy.

      I on the other hand know of plans and of groups. It is totally possible.

      Better prepare and be ready because if Europe dont except your ass you will be stuck here, not prepared and not able to defend your loved ones.

      Rather be prepared for war and not go to war than not prepared and finding yourself stuck in one.

    5. Anonymous12:42 am

      Mike, the Israelis are a government with american finance, millions a day together with Jewish finance from businessmen around the world. Rothschilds themselves have donated millions to Israel over the years to develop their state, so have the british jews.

      The greeks were completely organised into a nation with an army of men at Thermo, Boers had cannons & guns while blacks had spears.

      Today Afrikaners are no longer a government with an army or police force.

      Afrikaners are no longer trained, those who fought in the SA Bush war are as old as the hills or dead.

      Once again, time to go.

      We are not here to protect the wests financial interests.

      We should be putting pressure on them to accept us as exiles & refugees or die in farm attacks, die with discrimination based on language, race, home invasions, AA & BEE.

      Its over, forget about living in Africa.
      I am already walking around dead in SA & so are many other whites.

    6. @ Anon 12:42 AM...So what are the Israelis doing right that the Afrikaners are doing wrong? Maybe it is time that Afrikaners start learning from the Israelis and start becoming more like them.

      You say, "Afrikaners are no longer trained, those who fought in the SA Bush war are as old as the hills or dead."

      Speak for yourself. Yesterday I ran the 2,4 km (1.5 miles) in 11min50sec. Better than I was when I was a conscript of 19. This afternoon I am going to the shooting range to do some tactical training with some "old ballies". On the weekend we are going into the bush to do a night time route march. It is great fun. We hid cases of beer and other "treasures" over a 15km track and you have to use your map and compass to navigate there and find all the treasures. It will take two days, so we will have to set up a TB complete with trips in the bush and overnight.

      No man. Your defeatist attitude is simply pathetic. Man the fuck up! I have been working tirelessly for the last ten years on these blogs to get the white's in the right shape of mind. Yesterday I had over 7000 hits on my blog. That was a bad day. In the last five years my blog got more and more popular, whilst the ANC lost more and more ground. Don't let anybody ever convince you that one man cannot make a difference. I am living proof of it.

    7. Anonymous1:23 am

      @Anon 4:20 & 11:47

      "We cannot win a war against a majority"

      The Vietcong did and they were greatly outnumbered by the South Vietnamese forces, and their U.S. allies.

    8. Anonymous2:25 am

      On the NEW Button Mike for the others are worn down.
      Reminds me of the SWA Schutztruppe where 7 soldiers held off 500 Ovambos armed with martini henry rifles at Fort Namutoni, one can guess who had their smelly hands in this. Many Battles in WW2 proved your Fact.

    9. Anon 12:42 - I agree with Mike, man up and stop being such a defeatist. I am a lot older than Mike and I have no intention of running anywhere. While I might be "old as the hills" I'm ready for these fuckers anytime they eventually decide to come.Born here, die here, if I must, but with God's grace hopefully I will take a lot of the scum with me.

      Lessons learnt at the cost of survival are not easily forgotten Boet. It's like riding a bicycle. Cheer up and have faith. We are a much superior being.

    10. Anonymous3:23 am

      Tom and Mike remember that these agents all everywhere. They want to break our spirit before the fight has begun. They will employ all tactics to them, even the "we can't win, we are only a small number blah blah blah(please don't stand up we are shit scared".

    11. Whiteman3:57 am

      Mike, this is such a meaningfull discussion, because it basically highlights the ONLY two options for us whiteys in this country. For those, who believed in the democratic " rainbow-miracle, " there was a third glorious option, and their war cry was : Make SA work ! Now I think this lot, have thrown the towel in by now, unless they are on some potent drug. The reality for most whites in this country, is that they are too poor to emmigrate, or buy themselves into safety and protection. So our backs are against the wall, so either you FIGHT, or become a passive victim, and let satanic barbarians wipe you off the face of the earth. I choose to fight out of principle, and because I am a RACIST whiteman ! But I am waiting for this country to collapse, because only then can the patriots fight for freedom. We must be able to fight freely, and not be worried about being thrown in jail. At present, there are also too many traitors among us, and it makes things too complicated. Sometimes, it is even your own family, but the barbarians will kill them, so that we dont have to. Therefore, we should pray for the NSA house of cards, to collapse as soon as possible, because we are getting older, and POORER all the time !

    12. Anonymous4:18 am

      Mike, you & how many more can sprint 1, 5 miles in 11 minutes LOL dont make me laugh.

      Afrikaners are not spread all over the world like Jews who have ingratiated themselves into all european & american financial systems & ready to help their brothers back ":home" in SA.

      You have to face reality that a minority will never rule over a black majority ever again, I would not even want to, its too costly.
      The jews & western elites all support black majority rule in SA & they will aid the black man to keep the whites out of power, come hell or high water via the UN, nATO & others.

      If you know the history of Yugoslavia you woill see how NATO bombed white serbians against arabs, they will do the same to whites in SA against the blacks.
      You cannot win a war against the ANC, black majority or UN & NATO.

      Mike, whites are finished in SA & cannot rule over a black majority, blacks will go back to terrorism with China, Russians support practically overnight like in Iraq where they up to 12 car bombs a day sometimes.

      Why i say China & Russia is because I know most anglo & afrikaners would support britain, the US again in such a scenario.

      The rest of africa is Lost, french, germans, rhodesians, portuguese, belgians all had special forces, fought hard wars but in the end the west supported K4's against these colonialists.

      Wake up people, in the big picture you are dead in africa, the UN, NATO will make sure of this.

      Best option is to apply pressure on European, american, australian governments to accept whites as exiles & refugees starting by renouncing your SA citizenship in public rallies.

      You cannot ever get SA back on track, its too stuffed ,& would become more stuffed if they have to resort to terrorism, you also cannot live alongside parasites who are simply leaches to the whites.

      European countries would have to provide reintergration programs for destitute SA whites who made europe, israel, britain wealthy due to colonialism, these are all things that need to be thrashed out, as a matter of fact, mandela, mbeki & JZ have all said we are free to leave SA, its the western countries who need pressure applied now by white south africans, not the ANC.

    13. I did not serve in the army I am to young. I am a good shot though and live in a hunting town but i tell you my dad can shoot fast moving targets like you wont believe. It is the stuff of campfire legends and rabbid-pot.

      I dont know whether he was born with it or learnt it during national service. But i cant get it quite right.

      He doesnt like to talk about his service but a bullet scar across his forehead is enough to leave his history where it belongs. The oldballies have a lot to offer.

      I would rather have my dad next to me with a rifle the a 20 yearold.

      Yes the Boers had rifles at Bloodriver. The question you should be asking is why did the boers have riffles and the zoeloes did not. Forward-progressive intellect.

      Bloodriver wasnt won with rifles it was won with genes and with the Creator.

      Each of those rifles had to be loaded with gunpowder and a bullet before every shot. That takes you about 20 seconds if you are fast an I know the woman were loading second rifles but still.

      Now imagine 20 000 Zulus coming at 470 men. That is 44 Zulus for every Boer and not one Boer lost his life.

      Na you cant explain it away with rifles. This was bigger than mere men. We will do it again with His hand over us just like all the other times.

    14. @ Anon 4:18...You said "You have to face reality that a minority will never rule over a black majority ever again."

      You might be right. So instead of spending all your energy telling me why it is NOT going to work, why don't you try and work out a way to turn that black majority into a minority?

      No mate, just joking. You see, you have the wrong perception here. I don't think whites want to rule over blacks. I think whites want to rule over themselves.

    15. Anonymous5:33 am

      My 2cents worth. A battle, war, conflict, fight, obstacle whatever is won, defeated, overcome by attitude, the confidence in oneself and the ability to persevere and endure when you think that you are beaten.

      Men, brothers, soldiers of this cause believe in yourself, your cause and your God and you will be victorious.

      Know that you are better, harder and more capable and you will display those qualities at all times because you start living them not just believing them.

      We will win this war believe it, prepare for it and lets do it.

      Ex Unitate Vires.

    16. Anonymous5:41 am

      Mike, whites will never ever get a piece of land in RSA.
      The west will never allow a white state so close to RSA to show the K4 up for what he really is which is a useless parasite of whites, they support black majority rule over the entire africa.
      The french, british, porros, belgians & others all tried it in africa & failed.

      Whites in SA have to face reality that life in a majority white country is far better than life in a majority black country.
      Any products produced in China are worthless, whites need white products, clothes, cars, etc etc everything in africa has to be imported if a white person wants to live a white quality of life, this is why these items in RSA are so expensive.
      I have lived in many countries, america, england, canada,s-america, europe etc whites there, even poor ones live a better standard of living than local poor whites.

      Here our entire existence is at the mercy of a useless black majority who is constantly manipulated by jews, americans, british from abroad.

    17. Anonymous5:49 am

      @ Mike Smith, I am proud to say I know you and men like you, Dony, TT,BN and BLCN and of course JP You encourage me and keep me believing in my brothers.

      I say the above because you lot never get defeated by seemingly insurmountable odds and know how to carry the fight to the foe and not back down. Keep it going.

      Now any fuckers that want to call me an arse creeper please do because I am proud to creep arse with men of such strength and character.


    18. Anonymous6:27 am

      @Anon 4:18

      "You cannot ever get SA back on track, its too stuffed"

      What about the reconstruction of Germany and Japan post World War II?

      Also, look at the transformation of Singapore into an economic powerhouse in just decades.

      Remember, Afrikaners can do what kaffirs can't.

    19. I think i was getting a bit ahead of myself by calling this bloke a brother.

      He smells of that smell that i dont like to smell.

      The plan, if you get my drift, is not to rule over them, the smell would still be there.

    20. Anonymous7:43 am


      They say we are outnumbered but what about the Ozzies/Kiwis floating in the middle of Asia, outnumbered 3 billion to 26 million?

      What about Europe being invaded and surrounded by Asia and the middle east? The world is a small place now.

      Japan tried to take out the Aussies in the last world war.

      We might be outnumbered but these lot are doff! I would not like to be sitting in those parts of the world when Asia goes to war.

      Close to China/Japan/Korea - India already sending troops to China border, South China sea issue, The Aussies are desperate to start their relations again with Britain, not for trade deals but because they know, if a war breaks out, they will be lone Islands in the middle of no where.

      Those who have little faith, dont know the Afrikaner and his God. They remind me of the same people who felt sorry for David when he fought Goliath.

      I always felt sorry for Goliath, no giant, no nation, can hope stand before the God of Israel! That is a fact. If they go back to their roots, turn back, then we will quickly see.

      And people really need to understand that the Afrikaner today, is in a better position than anytime before.

      The big Xhosa / Zulu rift has begun. See Mbeki`s ANC statement, he just changed the minds of all those loyal Xhosa ANC voters - The tribal rifts have begun, now we are all fighting for what is ours in SA.

      The trouble will be instigated by / through foreigners in this country. Mugabe/Zimbabwe has been Britains long plan for South Africa, the plans were set in motion decades ago.

      Hence why he was never take out during the bush war. I can mention things about a Rhodesian who took out many ZANUPF key politicians, that person was given SPECIFIC orders not to take out Mugabe.

      What happens there will effect us here. Britain IMO have used Zimbabwe to put pressure on this economy and flood us with immigrants and soldiers dressed as civilians in the end.

      The foreigners are being driven out of the locations, into the cities and suburbs. They have nothing to fear or lose, nor fought for anything in SA. They are also behind a huge amount of the crime in this country.

    21. Anonymous8:40 am

      @LTMA 5:49

      No, you are not an arse creeper. You are a man of honour.

    22. Anonymous9:01 am


      Those concerns are valid above but what you have to continually ask yourself in our present situation, is how did we get here.

      Not politically but how did we get here, to live here in SA?

      The question is not "how can we survive this" but how HAVE we survived here for 360+ years! That in and of itself is a miracle!

      When our nation wakes up, when they go back to the Lord, then 1 of you will chase 1,000 of your enemies, so it is written.

      When this nation becomes awake, when they awaken from this whore of a new South Africa, when they go back to their Lord who delivered them at blood river....

      Hmmm, hmmmm

      May the Lord be with the heathen in this country! There will be no stopping them this time. We will have an army of more than 2 million - 2 million white citizens who will stand up in the coming months, possibly more.

      If you doubt that number you are wrong! There are already some organisations here in SA with more than 1.8 million members with this exact same thought. When you add up all the organisations, you will possibly have about 70% of the nation and when the real shit begins, you will have an entire nation standing together, in prayer!

      It is the only way and when they come together, it will be in prayer and during and after that prayer session, as the Lord only knows, something is going to happen here like we have never seen before.

      The same thing that happened at blood river, you can laugh all you like, you can point to the facts of being outnumbered but you look at the situation through your human eyes, you must see the situation from your spiritual eyes - if 2 or more come in my name and pray, then it is given - what happens when 2 million+ pray at the same time, together for the same thing ?


      I pray the heathen wake up and turn from their evilness while they still have time. When this nation becomes electrified in spirit and trusts the same Lord who led them from Europe, to the Cape, to then trek north into the most hostile country on earth with savages that made native Indians look like Pocahontas....

      You must all ask yourselves...

      How is it even possible we are still here after blood river, fighting the mightiest empire on earth, 73,000 Boere fighting off more than 750,000 troops backed by the richest people/nations on Earth and still they were not defeated.

      73,000 UNTRAINED farmers against trained soldiers. I think we all know, the Brits are stronger than this lot and had more brains, now if they could not do it with those numbers - do you really think they can do it here, especially after we have all prayed?

      The Boer war was never lost. The Boers won it fair and square, the actions of the British proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Any man or women, will be brought to their knees through their children.

      Let us learn from that experience. This time though, they will not start with our elderly (already begun), women & children last. Like the British, they will begin the attack on the weakest, the Brits though only resorted to this tactic at the end - that is the difference between the two.

      Will we survive? Well if we dont, we can stand like Sparta. Brave till the very end! The world can either sit and not do a thing but if they do this, they should know the same fate awaits them - you see it right now in progress.

      Or they can help us and we sort this bullshit out worldwide together!

      There is only one way, pray to the almighty to be here with his people and not only will be rule South Africa but eventually half of Africa and the world - dont think with human minds, the Lord does not think like a human, he is not human!

      Come together pray now before it is too late and watch and see the miracle that happens here.

      You can fight my words all day long but you can never break the promise given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. After all the whites/Afrikaners in this country are the literal descendants of Jacob.

      When you know that, then you dont fight alone but fight with the mightiest weapon on heaven & earth by your side, the Lord!

    23. Anonymous11:32 am

      So go join them. Fucking joiner...

  24. PreatorianXVI5:30 pm

    This article explains why, now what in the world could go wrong, Vikings of old would turn in their graves.

    Normandy: Jihadist Mosque Next Door to Beheaded Priest’s Church


  25. Anonymous5:31 pm


    Nice hey!

  26. Anonymous5:53 pm

    Look at what these non whites are doing in Europe and the USA. Look at what these non whites are doing to us here in SA. Look at them, I mean just look at them, they are killing everything white. These beasts must be put down and expelled away from us. These anti white racists must be destroyed completely because clearly dialogue isn't working. They had the chance to make it work.

    Non whites, you are waking up a very very dangerous giant worldwide. We tried to warn you not to do this, you non whites of the world will soon feel what it is to fall under the gaze of a very pissed off giant ready to right all the wrongs you fools have perpetrated against us.

    Your blood spilling will soon come to an end. And we shall only stop once you non whites are dead and forgotten. You evil non whites have just opened Pandora's Box. You have no idea. And don't think you can come with your pretty words once you start feeling it, we don't believe you anymore, and we shall never believe and trust you near us again. Your precious lefty libshits won't be able to save you for much longer, you have pissed off and angered even the most staunch liberals. This giant will eventually deal with this modern cancerous false leftist ideals, but first we must stop you from harming us any further. Feel it, it's here.

    1. Anonymous9:53 pm

      Anonymous5:53 PM

    2. Anonymous5:57 am

      America is still a majority white country & if white sa exiles or refugees are offered citizenship in america I will leave this shithole of RSA almost overnight.
      Many Boers left SA after the boer war for some of the same reasons.
      Africa is a backward continent & always will be.

  27. Mr Mister6:42 pm

    JAFTA =


    1. Anonymous8:15 am

      Jail And Flog This Animal

  28. Anonymous1:49 am

    Man held at knifepoint knocks out mugger, takes selfie:


  29. This is what these savages are doing now in this "Beautiful" rainbow nation!!!!http://www.europeanknightsproject.com/landsdowne-capetown-dog-rape/ Fucking monsters

    1. How the fuck can the rest of the world view these things as humans???

      I never believed that even the parasite could sink so low. This defines new levels of non-human behaviour and should finally convince non-believers that these tings are indeed inhuman.

    2. Anonymous6:48 am

      We should never call kaffirs apes ever again because even apes would draw the line at this.

    3. Anonymous8:14 am

      While I was ought buying electricity and groceries at Spar, a black man came to our house begging. My 75 year old husband let the German shepherd, spaniel and dachshund out into the front garden. My husband said to the beggar, "I am just an old white pensioner, why do you ring and ring on my doorbell when there are plenty of rich neighbours who will give you money?" He said this beggar was focusing on our house. Our German shepherd is a rescue dog found tied to a pole after being stolen from whites, abused and left to starve. She hates blacks and goes for them. The other two dogs are not far behind and are fast catching up with her.

  30. Anonymous2:51 am



  31. Anonymous3:17 am


    1. The only reason all the subs are still there is because they are u/s.


  32. Anonymous5:08 am

    Some one up-thread mentioned a preparation post from Mike. A journalist once did a series of video interviews with over 1200 people who had lived through civil wars, revolutions, from Bosnia, Kosovo, Tunisia, Libya. I've been trying all day to recall his name but anyway this is what stood out for me.

    (He asked all the people the same questions from a list)

    The one question everyone answered in common was, that when, people start saying the worst is over that's when it gets really bad. I guess that's when Mikes ultra-radicals make their move.

    Other things that stood out.
    A Bik lighter becomes worth its weight in gold.
    You can swap a working car battery for an AK and 100 rounds.
    Fathers renting their daughters for a tin of expired bully-beef.
    Sickness and disease that would normally be shrugged off killing whole swathes of young and old.

    Moral of all the above? Get more ammo!

    1. Anonymous10:11 am

      and condoms and bully beef.

  33. Anonymous5:17 am

    Just to clarify, I meant the ultra-radicals Mike told us always make their move while other groups are trying to work together to bring a bit of stability.

  34. Anonymous5:25 am


  35. Anonymous6:21 am

    The following will explain the Vietnam war and why they never intend to win it.

    Rockefeller agrees to help Great Britain in WW II in exchange for Mideast oil fields!!
    The Vietnam Standard Oil War!!
    The Rockefeller controlled Pentagon used the excuse of the war to drop bombs in the water and listen to the echo in order to locate the underwater oilfields.
    Herbert Hoover, later to become President of the United States did a study that showed that one of the world's largest oil fields ran along the coast of the South China Sea right off French Indo-China, now known as Vietnam. This was before offshore drilling had been invented and before a man named George Herbert Walker Bush was to become the CEO of a world-wide offshore drilling company.
    In 1945, Vietnam was still a colony of the French. Laurence Rockefeller, it appears, had given the extensive store of weapons to Ho Chi Minh with the hope that Vietnam would drive out the French so that Standard Oil would be able to take over the as yet undeveloped offshore fields. But in 1954, Vietnamese General Giap finally defeated and drove out the French at Dien Bien Phu with weaponry provided by the U.S. Ho Chi Minh reneged on the deal since he could read too, and he was well aware of the Hoover resource report and knew there was a vast supply of oil off the Vietnamese coast.
    In the 1950's a method of undersea oil exploration was perfected which used small explosions deep in the water and then recorded the sound echoes bouncing off the various layers of rock below. The surveyor could then determine the exact location of the arched salt domes which hold the accumulated oil beneath them. But if this method were used off the Vietnam coast on property Standard didn't own or have the rights to, the Vietnamese, the Chinese, the Japanese and probably even the French would quickly run to the United Nations and complain that America was stealing the oil, and that would shut down the operation.
    In 1964, after Vietnam was divided into North and South, and the contrived Gulf of Tonkin incident, several U.S. aircraft carriers were stationed offshore of Vietnam and the 'war' was started. Every day jet planes would take off from the carriers, bomb locations in North and South Vietnam, and then using normal military procedure when returning would dump their unsafe or unused bombs in the ocean before landing back on the carriers. Safe ordnance drop zones were designated for this purpose away from the carriers.

    Even close-up observers would only notice many small explosions occurring daily in the waters of the South China Sea and thought it was only part of the 'war.' The U.S. Navy carriers had begun Operation Linebacker One, and Standard Oil had begun its ten year oil survey of the seabed off of Vietnam. And the Vietnamese, Chinese and everybody else around, including the Americans, were none the wiser. The oil survey hardly cost Standard Oil a nickel, the U.S. taxpayers paid for it.

  36. Anonymous7:11 am

    Two sayings come to mind: "Nothing in life ever remains constant"; and, "those who forget history are condemned to relive it".

    The continual bombardment against the white man in South Africa will eventually start losing momentum, as we can already see how the blacks are turning on each other. Democracy and freedom are concepts that are lost on black culture.

    In time we are going to find very unlikely allies who will only be too pleased to take up arms against their fellow blacks. A civil war will not exclude coloreds, Indians, foreign blacks and our own black middle class. A threat against us will become a threat against them.

    When the conflict does come, the numbers who join our ranks will be a lot bigger through sheer necessity of survival.


    1. Anonymous10:48 am


      Well said and true.

      Dont forget, we are no longer 4 million but now 400 million whites all look to South Africa, our present is their future and we all face the same threat world wide.

      We are no longer alone, Europe is now moving far far right very fast. The parasites have never stopped their bullshit with the whites, this time they must be wiped off the face of Southern Africa FOR GOOD!!! no mercy this time.

      When the day comes, before I pick up a weapon, I want to know - are we going to wipe the parasite off this tip of Southern Africa or Southern Africa...

      If the answer is no, I put the weapon down, shake his/her hand, thank you very much not worth my time.

      Its either all or nothing! Not doing the SADF thing where we fight only to hand over in 80 years when this piece of backward barbaric shit outbreeds us again.

      Like you say history repeats, so we have to do the job properly this time. I dont mind dying on the field, I have accepted that but I will not do it if a single parasite remains in this country.

      If the boys/girls in charge cannot make that promise then we should just pack our bags now! Not worth anyone's life, it is either all or nothing.

      Think big or go home.

    2. Anonymous12:41 pm

      Totally agree with you on that, the parasite will just infest you again. That is why I left, there are very few people who have the intestinal fortitude to do what must be done. The biggest mistake westerners made was classifying them as human and assigning the same rights to them, all our concepts of democracy and a civil society are lost on them, -it is a base beast that looks human and mimics human actions but ffs it never invented a wheel, brick or even a fucking boat.

      We are our own worst enemy, as long as the "madams" employ them and the "baas" uses them as a gardener the parasite will keep on coming back. I don't really care where in the world I live, I'm not fixated upon a piece of earth like South Africa or anywhere else. BUT I want to be surrounded by like minded people striving for common goals, for me South Africa will never be that place simply because of all the divisions even amongst our own people.

      A while ago Mike had an article that asked what do you want out of a New South Africa. I read it and the comments and realized that nobody has a fucking cooking clue,---to me the first part of the constitution must be about the eradication and prevention of re-infestation by the parasite, everything else after that will take care of itself.

    3. Anonymous12:06 am

      @ anon 12:41 PM. Sometimes it not about a piece of land, sometimes its about giving more away than just a country or land.

      A lot of us here feel its about heritage, culture, history, pride and ourselves.

      I myself cannot walk away from an incomplete life, I never finished what I started in 82, the powers that be were never allowed it.

      I can complete it now, the time is right.

      I have an insatiable hatered that needs to be quelled, war against these terrorist kaffirs will appease my hatred.

      I do accept that not everybody is like me and that people choose to leave but guys in far away lands lend us your support, don't shoot us down.


    4. LTMA, my brother, read this. It'll help so that your hatred for these "things" will never be appeased or quelled, lest we ever forget. No, they deserve to be hated for all eternity.


  37. Anonymous7:19 am

    The poor child was only 14 months old, but that didn't stop the dirty inhuman bastard.


  38. Dear Mike
    I started to read this persons article but stopped!
    I am British/Irish. I absolutely believe that the Afrikaners are a brilliant race of people.
    The women in particular must have had nerves of steel. Firstly they went into the interior of a wild untamable land. Then they had to deal with savages and wild animals.
    Can you imagine menstruating every month that alone would attract flies, wild animals would pick up the scent.
    They fed their men rested their families. Had babies.
    No, this is a fantastic race of people whom you can only admire and respect. It is such a pity that other people cannot appreciate their very great contribution to the making of a very great country.

    1. Anonymous10:34 am


      Irish are a great nation! Have utmost respect for them.

      Both our nations have faced the empire and both seek their freedom.

    2. Anonymous11:02 am

      The strong will always be hated by the weak. That is why the Afrikaner is so hated.

    3. Norma, that is indeed a wonderful tribute. Thank you on behalf of the Boere, of which I consider myself to be one [half Scot, quarter Norwegian & quarter Dutch]. Although I was brought up in an English household I have always identified with the Boere and, with the help of God, we will make this country great again.

      If I may suggest it, start reading about Nicolaas "Siener" [Seer] van Rensburg, the Boer prophet and you will see that what he prophesied a 100 years ago is unfolding on an almost daily basis now.

      I also agree with the Ninja [I always do!] concerning the Irish.

      Take care.

    4. Anonymous2:37 am

      TT I would gladly share a foxhole with you bro.

  39. Anonymous9:49 am

    Lets do it!

  40. Anonymous9:54 am

    Suid-Afrikaanse kundigheid is deurslaggewend om 400 000 ha landerye onder besproeiing in Soedan staan te maak

    1. Anonymous3:34 am

      Dis darem eending wat hulle goed kon doen, altyd gereed om die onkruid te bemes.

      Die word geld nog steeds," Julle sal die vrug van julle handelinge eet"

      Hoe oud wil jy word om "n bietjie wysheid te leer.Kan julle nie sien wat julle reeds in Suid Afrika aangevang het om die boosheid te voer en te versorg nie.

      Nou sit ons sonder 'n land en dit danksy julle verraaiers word onskuldiges vermoor.

      Hou op om die onkruid water te gee as julle iets omgee vir julle volk. Dis nie 'n prestasie nie , eerder 'n skande.

  41. Anonymous11:20 am


  42. Anonymous12:26 pm

    One day the remaining farmers in this country will play a pivotal role in feeding what is left of the nations after WW3

  43. Anonymous2:19 pm

    The roof is on fire whiteys.brace yourselves,and your people for the time is near.stock up on supplies,clean water,ammo

  44. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Join private security companies(make 110% sure that you can trust them and meet the owners if possible)arm yourself by any means possible and know your weapons-train train train.always remember that the enemy is only as strong as you allow it to be.outnumbered but never outgunned.we've got this!

  45. Anonymous4:53 pm

    What the Bible says about self defense.


  46. Anonymous5:41 pm


    More crazies


    1. Ninja, my bro, what did Siener say about "na die droogte wanneer die reens weer kom en gras weer hoog staan"? Isn't this perhaps the time with the heavy rains we're beginning to experience ad the shit that's going to start flying after the elections?