04 July 2016

HRC refuses to investigate woman who called for genocide of white South Africans

By Mike Smith
4th of July 2016

Here is another one of those cases where blacks call for the genocide of whites in SA and the HRC ignores it. Actually I don't mind it when blacks do this. Let them speak. Let us see what is really on their minds. What gets me down is the onesidedness of the authorities when it Comes to investigating such hate speech.

Two years ago in July 2014, a black woman known as Palesa Sotjifa, asked the EFF to “kill 500 white people for us”.

No investigation has been done into her yet.

HRC does not investigate “Kill white” hate speech

She kicked off her tweets with “They were supposed to stop them there and there and kill all of them. We would be having a whites free country.”

Most blacks supported her in the hashtag #HandsOffPalesa saying blacks cannot be racists.

One ignorant idiot called @ActivistAfrica said “blacks cannot be racists until they show us history where whites were slaves of blacks”.

Uuuhhhmmm…ever read, “Christian Slaves, Muslim masters, White slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500-1800” by Robert C. Davies? Ever read, “They were white and they were slaves, the untold history of the enslavement of whites in early America”, by Michael A. Hoffman II?

Tja…It’s what happens when you burn down schools. You remain an ignorant doos for the rest of your life.

Sorry, I’m digressing.

Gail Smith, spokesperson of the hypocritical and one-eyed HRC, said they are aware of the tweets, but will not investigate, because they haven’t received a formal complaint about it yet.

Yes Gail. If it was a white person who said something about blacks he/she would have been hung drawn and quartered by now.

Here is a tip Gail. If you want to be taken seriously about combating racism, then at least be consistent across the races before someone mistakes you for the hypocrite that you are. You can start with your president (not mine) Jacob Zuma who said all South Africa's Problems started when Jan van Riebeeck arrived at the Cape in 1652 and still calls whites “Raping dogs” and tell people to shoot the white people in his favourite song “Dubula Ibhunu that was banned in 2012.

"Dubul' ibhunu (Shoot the boer) ... Mama, ndiyekendiDubul' ibhunu (Ma, let me shoot the Boer)... Ziyareypalezinja (These dogs rape)."

Yesterday the HRC gave him another extension to react on the claims of Hate Speech against him and so it will carry on indefinitely.

Palesa Sotjifa


  1. @ Mike, thank you for keeping us informed with fact and not bullshit liberal media.

    I wish that these Kaffirs would bring it on. Truly bring it on.

    I am so gatvol of Kaffir and his shit, he talks and talks and talks a whole lot of shit, he threatens, threatens and threatens with empty threats and the Fucking cunts think they can intimidate us and instill fear into us, well he must start putting his money where his mouth is now.

    I am not here for dialogue with these kaffirs I specifically came back here because I know there is war brewing, so these cunts must now step up and do what they spew out of those shit holes that they call mouths.

    1. Oh so you are calling us "k's"??? Like...? Why are you pouring petrol on fire? I'm black and I had the decency to break this story. One of the untold stories in SA, but you got the decency to call me a k? Like you can't be serious my guy.

    2. The Ultimate liberal test

      @ Reneilwe:

      See if you can pass the "Liberal Idiot test"...

      In December, 2010, four filthy kaffirs paid some of the kaffir farm workers of the farm “Tweefontein” R500 each to tell them about the whereabouts of the farm manager Attie Potgieter, 40 and his wife Wilna, 36.

      On the day that Attie Potgieter drew R7000 to pay salaries these four filthy kaffirs ambushed him at his home on the farm, stabbed him from behind with a garden fork and hacked him to death with pangas.

      These filthy kaffirs then went into the home and raped his wife Wilna and shot her in the back of her head in front of her 3 year old redheaded daughter, Willemientjie Potgieter.

      Little Willemientjie was then picked up by her hair and shot execution style in the back of her head and laid on top of her mother’s body.

      Now these kaffirs did not do it, because they were hungry. A plate of food was still found in the microwave. Credit cards covered in blood as well as a 9mm firearm, which was also covered in blood, were found in a shack near Lindley. Another firearm was found on the scene.

      If these kaffirs wanted money and firearms why would they need to kill the entire family? Why would they write on the gate, "We have killed them. We are coming back"?

      The point is this: If you are more upset about me calling these bastards “Kaffirs” than you are about them killing this innocent family, then you are definitely a “Liberal Idiot”...and a Kaffir.



    3. Anonymous8:59 am


      Listen Reneilwe, why don't we do a test with you, I promise you, out of my beautiful white heart, you will be instantly famous!

      As you are a young, freeborn journalist living in Johannesburg, why not start with an indepth investigation on and reporting of the ongoing brutal farm murders of the past 22 years as well as the daily gruesome attacks and murders and rapes of white civilians in South Africa and start spreading the news amongst your own people and preferably the international media?

      The test will be to see if you have any courage whatsoever and to see how quick you will be taken out by your own government.

    4. Anonymous2:29 pm

      @Mike 5:21 AM

      I think she needs to pass the basic literacy test first.

    5. @ anon 2:29 PM Nah mate, she now thinks she is the messiah cone o lead us to salvation.

      She wants recognition because she has become a galloping SJW.

      Bloody parasitic virus that these things are, they just do not seem to want to stay away from human beings and always are trying to muscle into everything that whites do.

  2. Until the bullets starts flying around her head. These people got no idea what war is...

    She will be the 1st one to shout "Asb Baas, hou op skiet.!"

    1. It's always like that LaCosaNostra. Something about 'empty vessels making the most noise'.

      Until one of their 'comrades' gets hit in the head with a 7.62 and what little brains they do have falls out.

      The African poker face is only 'brave' when in large groups. Always will be.

    2. I truly believe our day and will come..

    3. Haha...you guys are as bad as she is. Inciting violence. You can be charged for this if you are not careful. LOL little brains....

    4. Inciting violence when we are being threatened with war.?. Wake up Reneilwe and read between the lines please..

      LOL little brains.?? No my dear. Rather go school yourself on the truth 1st them come back and play.. Funny how you blacks never have any proof of 99% of the accusations you throw around.?. Do you even know the true intentions of those people you voted into power.? Oh sorry.. You can't bring the facts because your people don't have a written account of their history..
      Let's do this. Bring me your history written in your mother tongue starting 400 years back then we can talk.. I have mine....

      You despise your kind, admit it.!. It's an embarresment I know.. Thought you could run a country and what now.? A complete fuckup.!!.

      Take some advice. We do not want a war. We want to be left alone AWAY from you slapgat raping, murdering, thieving, corrupt nation of people. BUT.!. You are pushing and pushing and you will get what's coming to you in due course.

      Awaiting your reply..tik-tok

      "Alea iacta est"

  3. Anonymous12:16 am

    Black privilege!

    I read a letter from a black dude in a Namibian newspaper some years back. He stated the following:

    "Blacks are quick to blame whites for everything even their own mistakes. We hate the West but why do we love German cars, Johnnie Walker whiskey, expensive clothes. Our leaders slam the west and stash their stolen money in Swiss banks. When sick, we are quick to seek help from western hospitals and white doctors.
    The best we do is build over crowded townships and stab each other to death over a cigarette."

    1. Anonymous2:25 am

      Anonymous12:16 AM [Black privilege!]
      It is all in the name and cause for the preparation of hardcore communism you see. Blade Nzimande the main honcho of the SACP is hoping to be a bigger and better communist than Zuma or Malema could ever be. Basically communism is structured as a dictatorship. The dictator and his elite subordinate cronies live in their own little capitalistic style of democracy while the vast poor majority of the nation are forced to serve them. Communism cannot stand alone because it was designed to favour the elite in a dictatorship and only and the serving poor will suffer continually in poverty. Revolution then becomes necessary to remove the elite and it then the same old political crap starts up all over again. The communists remove the capitalist government with a revolution and then the poor majority remove the communists also with a revolution of their own. Apparently Blade of the SACP has big plans for the future. So check this out and see the black SACP plans for the communistic future of this country.

    2. Anon 2:25 AM - Ag, you know what, this Red Revolution is just more Kaffir shit-sprouting with no substance as they always do. They're big on words and all fall short on delivering. I mean, take this idiot saying they'll be hosting a school to teach their members to run the country?

      For fuck sake, who is going to teach who to do what? They are all totally inept so it's a case of the blind lading the blind. Those that never have are going to try and teach those that never can???

      Nee wat,Boet, pay scant regard to their meaningless rhetoric and prepare, There is only one way that this country is ever going to become a civilised place again and that is via the barrel of a gun and the extermination of this Black Plaque. There is nothing else one can do with them. They are simply good for fuckall.

    3. Anonymous11:28 pm

      Absolutely TT.


  4. Anonymous12:21 am

    When I see something like this, I know the battle is lost. It's actually very tragic:


    1. Anonymous4:52 pm

      All those people are poor whites that are jobless and most of them are homeless.about one kwarter of all whites are jobless and homeless and nobody helps them not even whites.its about time that whites help whites and not the ungrateful fat blacks.

    2. Anon 4:52PM - Fucking A, Brother! Whites for Whites and fuck the Kaffirs. I won't even donate blood any more because it gets used to save some useless Breeding Bitch's life after it has popped out another unneeded parasite.

      No, My Mate, fuck them totally.

      All those poor Whites that the doos Malema is courting are so desperate that they will grasp at any straw offered to them no matter how hypocritical the offer the promises may be. It's an absolute shame that a large part of our nation has been reduced to this.

    3. Anonymous8:03 am


      @ 4:52 PM: The whites really do contribute where they can but I also do agree, whites must help each other where possible. It really fucks up my day when I see whites helping the bottom of the barrel blacks or any for that matter.

      It is terrible to think that Malema can use the whites which he hates so much, to get votes. Many doners feel betrayed by these poor helpless whites and they feel unappreciated. I can only hรณpe their eyes will open before the 3rd of August.

      Tomkat, I am due to donate blood this week, but yes, it ain't gonna happen anymore! I will only donate to my own people.

  5. Anonymous12:48 am

    Palesa Sotjifa was merely reacting to the abuse being suffered by blacks everyday at the hands of white people. To her enough was enough. She could not bear it any longer when people like Steve Hofmeyr could proudly sing using a K-word but nothing was done


    1. @ anon 12:48 AM. Stop trying to fucking find excuse for your animalistic behaviour. There is always and excuse with your retards.

      Stand up and accept responsibility for your actions and behaviour.

      Its always somebody else's fault and you lot were never wrong.

      If the whites were so fucking bad why did they vote yes to an integrated South Africa in the 92 referendum?

      Your species have fucked up a perfectly good country, economy and system and now that you know its gone and you lot are responsible for its collapse you want to blame somebody for it so yes you blame the whites.

      Well fuck off because I for one will not accept the responsibility for your failures and fuck ups and if you want to claim racism then start looking at why racism is becoming prevalent.

      For 17 years racism was almost non existent in SA then it all started up because you cunts pushed it to the fore front.

      So come and fucking kill me like you retards proclaim you want to do. I promised you one thing, its not going to be as easy as you think.

      Now fuck off and go grow some balls.

    2. @ anon 12:48 AM you have to dig 5 years of history to make your point.


    3. Anonymous8:27 am

      Steve Hofmeyer did not call for people to be murdered.

      That black woman can be charged for incitement to commit murder. This is no joke.

      No rational person would ever justify such behavior which incites people to commit murder.

    4. Anonymous9:48 am

      Why do decent people call other people kaffirs? Is that not equally animalistic? Is seems as if we have plenty of hypocrites here.

    5. Anonymous12:57 pm

      @Anon 12:48AM

      And right-minded whites are completely pissed off with the abuse being suffered by whites everyday at the hands of kaffir savages.

      Any white person calling for the murder of 500 kaffirs (even one kaffir) would be hunted down and incarcerated.

    6. Anonymous1:57 pm

      yes, because words are worse than actual murder....

      Tsek, jou naai

    7. Anonymous4:22 pm

      Eerie weerie eerie eerie weerie.gloek gloek gloek.
      You people all make the same noises! How many whites kills blacks in south africa in a year, net even 20 and then they all are in self defence and youre kind kill everyday about 20 whites and the majority is old people, children and woman.you should come one one one and feel how a real man will moer you?Die boere sal julle een vir een uitvat as die k@k spat.Enough is enough.after twenty years of keeping quiet you are slowly but surely waking up the juggernaught in the afrikaner and when we get momentum not even youre numbers would be able to stop us.

    8. Anonymous5:49 pm

      Blacks call each other kaffir as well, anon 948 am. Yes you are right there are far too many hypocrites here.

    9. Anonymous11:35 pm

      Zotgif. She like da white stuff!
      Haha! I laughed at the posed pic of Zotgif above in da white finery.
      Even with the white mans goggles on it still can't see!


    10. Anonymous11:59 pm

      Anonymous9:48 AM
      Why do decent people call other people kaffirs?

      Why do decent people get hacked to death by other people?

      Why do decent people get raped by other people?

      Why do decent people get shuffed by AA and BEE policies?

      Why do decent people have to listen how their president sings love songs about killing them?

      Why do decent people have to watch their country burn?

      Why do decent people have to watch other people standing on corners with their dicks out pissing in the street?

      Why do decent people have to put up with other people throwing rubbish in the streets and on the beaches.

      Something tells me we are not dealing with the same group of people. Something tells me the one group of people are not so decent at all. Can we really call them people? Or is there perhaps another more suitable word?

    11. Anonymous12:44 am

      If you read your bible you will come to the realisation that words are more powerful that action itself. Hypocrites can never diagnose themselves.

    12. Anonymous12:48 am

      From now on I will tell my people to call you pigs because you look alike. You call me kaffir, I call you a pig.

    13. @ Anon 12:48 AM...Good, Now Fuck Off!

    14. @ anon 11:59 PM. Please allow my correction.

      These dark, retarded, stupid, stinking creatures are not people.

      You do not have to ask if they can be called people because they supply the negative answer to your question daily.

      People are human, these thing are so far from human that the term basic form of life springs to mind.

    15. Anonymous6:11 am

      We're not infantile, so we don't care about 'bad words', call people whatever you want.

      However, incitement to commit murder and commit grievous bodily harm is completely different to calling people 'bad names'.

    16. Anonymous8:09 am


      @ Anon 12:48 AM

      Ooooooohhhhhhh, fucking shaking in my boots cause kaffir is going to call me pig! Call me whatever the fuck you want you kaffir!!! We are not suffering from inferiority like you scum!!!

      PS: Don't you think murder is much worse than calling a person a bad name??? Wake up you piece of black trash!!!

    17. He called me a pig! Sho! that is bad joh! I think i am going to cry. A pig you say. That is just to terrible. It hurts my feelings so bad. I cant even explain how bad, words are not enough. I think i must kill someone now, hack them with a panga and grab their baby by the feet and smash the head against a wall. Maybe this will make me feel better about getting called a pig.

      Or no. I think i will enjoy a beer in the cold and maybe end it of with a glass of Oldbrown or two before i enjoy dinner.

      You say a pig? I laugh my ass off at these motherfuckers thinking they are on par with human intellect and emotional intelligence.

      They are children stuck in grown-up bodies really. My daughters when they were 3 and 4 would say stuff like.

      Daddy! Michelle wont stop looking at me!
      or Michelle called me snotty or something.

      I am telling you children stuck in grown-up bodies. They should not be allowed to have sex or sit in grown-up(white) conversion or matters at all.

    18. Anonymous1:04 pm

      You pigs think that you are owning South Africa. You bloody swines.

    19. Anonymous3:16 pm

      @Anon 12:48 AM

      Pigs, the best a primitive mind can come up with!

  6. Anonymous1:21 am

    Anonymous 12:48 AM said

    Palesa Sotjifa could not bear it any longer when people like Steve Hofmeyr could proudly sing using a K-word but nothing was done...

    great sarcasm bru ;-)

  7. Whiteman1:50 am

    LTMA, you have vocalised the feelings of many white patriots in this country ! The accusations, between black and white, is a centuries old thing. There will never be consensus, as to who were the biggest scoundrels, in this sorry tale. So all the meetings, debates, writing of books, washing of feet, arse creeping etc, etc, will NEVER solve the problem. We will just have to fight it out. There can be NO peace, without a war ! This is how the world has operated, since Adam and Eve. In this country especially, our backs are against the wall, and the slow genocide, to which we are subjected on a daily basis, is TOTALLY unacceptable.

    1. Anonymous11:59 am

      I wonder if Mr Smith will be suprised to know who else reads Crane Brinton ?
      Who suggested that the person in question read the book ?

      Why no have a look in -- "The Sword and the Pen"
      Should be easy to find
      It is worthwhile reading the rest of the book.
      Although the author was probably co-opted to the dark side early on in his career.
      No doubt Mr Smith will have some crass comment to make.

    2. Anonymous11:44 pm

      Yes Whiteman we have learnt to our great cost to...
      Never feed the baboons and monkeys. Lest they invade your house and clean you out.
      Its natural animal behaviour.


  8. Anonymous3:17 am

    I hope the debt I am making to prepare isn't for nothing. Something needs to happen soon otherwise I will have anything...

  9. Anonymous4:06 am

    Whites raping dogs?? Zuma himself is a rapist. Jeez I wish someone can go target practise ons some of these idiots

    1. Whiteman9:32 am

      In the African culture, there is no such thing as rape. You only get " affirmative lovemaking ! " Somebody told me once, that in some or other black language, you could not say: I love you ? The closest expression was : I WANT you ! ( By implication, a sexual want/desire ! ) I really dont know if this is BS, but it does make sort of sense, in a way ?

    2. PreatorianXVI5:45 pm

      @ Whiteman

      Ask any black in South Africa what us the word for Love as we civilised people understand it, is in their language, you have 11 options, I bet a big fat 0.

      Two other civilized words missing from the monkey chatter vocabulary as well is "Thank You / Dankie" and "sorry / jammer". They have no empathy and no moral remorse, only when they are caught.

      They rightly deserve the variant Arabic term of Kufar, Kaffir as they behave like it, savages at best.

      Read Credu Mutwa - Indaba my children, there he tells you exactly what his people are.

    3. Whiteman & praetorian Of course there is no word for love in their language. They do not make love to their meide. I mean, could you imagine making love to something like that?

      To them it is simply the act of "draining the sac" to physically satisfy their beastly lustful desires. There is nothing intimate about the deed. And, unlike animals that copulate to procreate, the male of their species doesn't even really care if procreation occurs. Only the meid does and purely for reasons of the social grant she is going to receive.

      You see it is not about the joy of bringing another human being into the world at all because they know they aren't human.

      Now, how's that for a fucking fine bit of philosophy?

    4. Anonymous1:54 am

      You're correct.

      If I recall correctly the blacks vocabulary originally consisted of about 180 odd words in total.

      They had a word for copulation but not for the abstract "love", which means they cannot have any concept of this feeling.
      It is why they are able to toss their progeny down latrines and on garbage heaps. Sell them for muti etc.

      Their natural average compassion and love can be compared to that of a psychopath. Such as the likes of Ronnie Kasrils. Capable of self love only.

      Not sure if the ones with more admixture of white genes can inherit white concepts to some degree.


    5. Fine philosophy indeed my man - thumbs up to that!

  10. Why is she wanting white peoples hair and posting comments in white peoples language? She hates us because she wants to be us.

  11. Anonymous6:22 am

    No complained lodged? ...No suprise..us whities don't run to lodge complaints every time racist behaviour is focused towards us, we don't have an inferiority complex and don't give a fuck about some uneducated zot's remarks. We do however spend time with our legally aquired firearms to make sure we can use it properly and efficiently for the day it is needed to defend ourselves. .

    1. Anonymous11:23 am

      Stem saam6:22AM
      Hulle wil eintlik wit wees!
      Only dog shit turns white after a few weeks in the sun.

    2. Anonymous12:19 pm

      I am busy stuffing primers into some cleaned cases as I type this :D :D D:

      It is relaxing... like knitting hehehe.

    3. Anon1123

      Het jy al ooit daai wit drol met n grassnyer raak gekap.?. Daai poeier klou orals vas.. Hehe

  12. I'm sick and tired of this shit now. Let's just nuke the fuckers?

    1. Anonymous12:25 pm

      there is an easier way. Chuck KFC buckets into a deep hole

    2. Anonymous12:44 am

      @Anon 12:25 PM

      How about an active volcano?

  13. Mike, just a thought.

    Bore Ninja could be on holiday as his disappearance coincides with school holidays.

    Just a thought.

    1. Anonymous11:52 am

      He has gone to Sodwana to learn at the feet of the master .....

    2. Anonymous12:25 pm

      Dood. He ran long before the holidays

    3. Anonymous12:25 pm

      men in suits and dark glasses got him

    4. @ anon 12:25 PM those were nostrils not dark glasses.

      The advantage of Australopithecus Africus Niger Niger, you never have to buy Oakley, Rayban or Gucci.

    5. Anon 12:25 PM I suspect "men in suits & dark glasses" might be in for a nasty surprise should they attempt to confront the Ninja?

      That's just my personal opinion. more a suspicion really.

  14. Anonymous9:51 am


    This bitch offends me because she imitates white girls hair and its racial, offensive and stealing our culture.

    Where is the HRC?
    Where is our government?

    Human rights are just a Western Thing! (Unless whites are the bad guys)

    1. Anonymous12:58 am

      I truly haven't seen any black women wearing a white woman hair. That women will laughed off until will have that hair removed. Whites have terrible hair. Their hair is shedding all over the place.

      Black women wear expensive Indian, Brazilian or Peruvian hair but not white hair. Whites have very bad hair and I don't wish my lady to wear a white woman's hair. That's why white women wear fake hair as well because their natural hair looks very ugly.

    2. Anonymous1:39 am

      More like horse hair just it looks better on a horse

    3. Anonymous4:38 am

      @Anonsense 12:58 AM

      With each new day you people reach a new level of ignorance and stupidity.

      Why don't you ask yourself why black women wear fake hair?

      Do you really think that black women would reject white hair for their own?

    4. Anon 12:58 Hey Poes! Didn't you understand Mike's message you dimwitted piece of non-human excrement? Fuck off!

    5. Anonymous10:07 am


      @ Anon 12:58 AM

      Why is your meide not happy with their salt and peppercorn frills the way they were created?

      The white women of South Africa are amongst the most beautiful woman in the world, not only our woman, we have the most beautiful families!

      Yes, you always have to copy other nations with everything, you have got nothing of your own!

      Zero culcha!!!

    6. I dont want to talk or reason with this sub species. You can see by his comment he is not on par with our intellect. Dont even bother.

    7. Anonymous1:18 pm

      Black women just don't wear whites hair because it looks terrible more like a ghost hair. It is thin and breaks easily and shed all over the place including in your food as well. Our black women go for expensive weaves. Even white women wear fake hair.

    8. Anonymous1:59 pm

      @Anon 12:58 AM

      Black women with blonde "hair" look absolutely fucking ridiculous anyway.

    9. Anonymous2:07 pm

      @Dony 10:16 AM

      I don't blame you at all. You'd be better off conversing with a lump of shit.

    10. The more we respond to this retard the more he wants to join Mike team and then he will want executive powers and then 51% of the blog and then Mikes business and then Mikes home.

      Then he will bring his kin in and fuck it, you know how it goes so, please guys and girls stop encouraging this twit.

      I agree with Dony and 2:07, I bet all ot you that a lump of shit would have better reasoning ability and way more intelligence, I would go so far as saying compared to this retard a piece of shit would be equal to Einstein.

    11. Anonymous1:51 am

      LTMA is snoring like a pig. You know what a pig deserves to be put in a sty where it belongs. Gone are those days when people will just call you "my baas". We are the new generation of blacks that shatters the ego of pigs and put them where they belong. I don't ask you anything. I have my own money, car and house. instead your fellow pigs ask for money and jobs on the streets and car parkings and I always give them 10 cents that I find lying around in my car. You are just whole lot of pigfontein

    12. Anonymous1:13 pm

      @Anon 1:51AM

      Snoring pigs? Pig fountain? You really are an affirmative action moron.

    13. Anonymous1:33 pm

      @Anon 1:51am

      You're so dumb that if you were a waiter and someone ordered a pitcher of beer, you'd bring them a drawing.

    14. @Anon 1:51 AM...Are you perhaps a Ronaldo fan?

  15. Anonymous12:03 pm


    Note in the above article the floppys use the word Mzungu to refer to White people, in SA its Mlungu.

    Potential Hashtag: CONGO-CALLING

    1. Anonymous4:59 am

      Here is the book


      Here are the comments
      Go through the shitstorm and have a look see who the main players are calling hoax on this book
      I am not suprised
      You may be
      Of course we know what the great jew lover Mike Smith will say.





      One wonders after all the smoke what the TRUTH is ?

  16. I humbly correct you Mike, this is not a woman. It is the female of a proto human species that has no morality, kindness or humanity, and therefore acting quite within the bounds of it's normal behavior...much like my dog licking its balls

  17. Anonymous1:35 pm

    All South Africa's problems started in 1994, but they'll never admit it and blame Jan Van Riebeeck until kingdom come.

  18. Willem Wikkelspies1:58 pm

    Anonymous12:48 AM what kaffirs fail to comprehend is that without taxpayers governments are bankrupt . So when the recently primitives resort to burning buses and trains and trashing schools you lot are fucking yourselves in the bum . Why you ask . Well its pretty simple . When schools , trains & buses are replaced or restored it is paid for by taxes . That means less money for everyone . Can you bantu not get that into your thick retardus velcrocapitus skulls and resist the temptation to burn and destroy .

    1. WW - what that kaffir @ 12:48 AM is too stupid to understand is that abuse is all their scum is deserving of.

    2. Tom dont get mad, they will never understand. They are incapable of it.

      Every time they say something i think of this N24 news article i read some time ago.

      The heading praised one of our blacks for building a helicopter with junk parts even going as far as to mention things like scholarships and all the sorts.

      I hasted to open up the news article because it was unbelievable. It was actually amazing. I was so impressed. A bum black doing all of this. I thought a black actually doing something impressive for a change.

      Then i opened the article and this thing had a fucking Shoprite trolley with junk taped on to it.

      I just think of that fucking trolley every time one of them wants to join in on our intellect and conversations.

    3. Dony, my mate, I don't get mad,just so frustrated at times because there is no hope with this sub-species running around on the loose.

      I keep telling CWG not to get angry, but to get even. I don't know how people in the cities still cope. I moved out of Pretoria at the end of the '80's because if I stayed there any longer I would have started taking out taxi drivers.

      No Boet, like you, los my in die platteland.

    4. Yip mate was telling a visiting client the other day how i love living here. Every two weeks or so i have to go to Jbay though. It is not a big town but 1 car guard is one to many for me.

      They can see the hate in my eyes and i am not bluffing i am actually very scared that i might flip and and get myself in to big trouble with the law.

      Having their disgusting eyes on me, my wife my car my children. I can see the rape and murder in their faces. Just tying to ask me for money after i said no to watching my car could mean the death penalty to one of these creatures.

  19. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Hey Mike have you seen what's going down in Zim Mugabe and his fellow pig politicians along with his security dogs are losing control... I think Zuma must be shitting himself, he knows if the Masse's get hold of himself they will give him the necklace.

    1. Boere Ninja mentioned CIA helicopters in SA and ZIM in one of his dreams. His interpretations was that the US will be overthrowing both governments by their tried and practiced methods.

      Well i dont know a lot about prophesying but i must admit Ninja was entertaining.

      As for Zim yep they are also blocking news on a massive scale. From what i can gather things are pretty messed up over there.

  20. Anonymous4:46 pm

    I dont know a single white man or friend that have ever raped a black sitbok.its like raping a pig, they all smell like boy and their mouthes smell like dog shot.sies.the prisons is filled with every colour except the white colour. I wonder when the black would start to complain about the muslims that call them Kaffirs,because its actually a muslim word.the blacks wont care about them calling them kaffirs because its like a black calling another black a nigger.as long as it isnt a white person calling them that.

  21. Anonymous2:21 am

    Palesa, los nou uit jou foon en bly van Twitter af.

    Gaan was die koppies in die kombuis en mop die vloer. Breek dan sommer 'n paar goed en steel so paar teesakkies.

    1. Anonymous5:41 am

      White people do all those chores better and I never knew. That's why I found myself a white maid and white garden boy.

  22. http://southafricatoday.net/south-africa-news/the-blood-of-the-white-south-african-is-on-your-hands/

  23. Anonymous5:20 am

    Does anyone know who funds this useless organization of a HRC ? Possibly Soros?

  24. UPDATE!

    Palesa Sotjifa apologized for racist tweets

    She says she is sorry and she is not a racist. She reckons her comments were taken out of context and born out of the frustration of many young blacks.

    She also apologized to the EFF for bringing their name in disrepute.

    So there you have it people. Call for the genocide of blacks as much as you like and when someone complains all you do is apologise, say you are not a racist, that your comments were taken out of context and born from the frustration that many whites feel about farm murders…and all is forgiven.

    Hey…what is good for the black goose must also be good for the white gander.

    1. Sooooorreeeeey oom.

    2. Who exactly is she apologising to?

  25. Anonymous1:44 am


    She can stuff her apology right up her arse!!!

  26. Whiteman2:39 am

    This is African/communistic propaganda in its purest form ! The seed has already been sown, and the bloodthirsty masses, have made it their own. Lets face it, the race hatred in this country, passed the point of no return, LONG time ago ! The masses are waiting, with bated breath, for the final instruction : UHURU ! ( Like a dog, jumping around excitedly, to go " walkies, " with its owner ! ) The thing we dont know at this stage, is exactly how that instruction will be given ? Maybe it will just happen spontaneously ? All we can do is, BE READY !

  27. Anonymous3:44 am

    Its is the whities own fault. Its sad to say but in this stage of history the boer is a disgrace to his own heritage. We should stop calling our people boer because the whitie in sa now, is a disgrace. If it was 1890 and the real boer walked this earth there would have been a " stront streep " of blacks fleeing africa if they crossed the boer. Now we have a bunch of pussies with groot bekke when it comes to rugby. The so called boer today have the ousie raising his children while his snob wify shops. And when Zuma and Malema say kiss my ass they really lick that black asshole. It is sad but a uhuru will be a washing machine.