22 July 2016

Eastern Cape Blacks exonerate Apartheid. Saying Apartheid was better

By Mike Smith
22th of July 2016

It is not often that you hear this kind of objectivity from blacks:

"We shot ourselves in the foot by toppling the apartheid government‚" residents of an Eastern Cape village said on Thursday.

We were better off under Apartheid Timeslive, Malibongwe Dayimani, 21 Juli, 2016

Last I heard this kind of objectivity was when the Zulu king said the same.
Zulu King slams South African democracy; says Apartheid was better

But I guess things must be pretty bad if the Blacks in the ANC’s former stronghold of the Eastern Cape are admitting that they were better off under Apartheid.

“Tsholomnqa villagers had been waiting for a tarred road and decent houses for decades"‚ said community leader‚ Wele Ntshongola.”

Decades? Two long decades? You have been voting ANC continuously for two long decades and hoped, believed and trusted this spawn of Satan would deliver? Tell me something, Wele…why do you get upset when whites call you stupid?

I often get some liberal twats on here who say that Apartheid was evil, oppressed the blacks and the Chief Ministers of the Homelands were all corrupt.

I don’t know. Maybe they were corrupt. Show me one Sub-Saharan country where blacks are in charge that is NOT corrupt. However acknowledging that they were all corrupt should then be a clear sign that they were not fit to govern in the first place. So when are liberals going to apologise for betting on the wrong horse?

Continued Wele Ntshongola…"This village was in a good state under the Ciskei homeland led by LL (Lenox) Sebe. We used to have a tarred road... with workers who used to maintain it as well as free seed‚ crops and livestock." He said they celebrated when democracy dawned. "Little did we know that democracy would bring more oppression.”

"I am not saying that I agree with the policies or laws of apartheid‚ but at least we were getting service delivery back then." Ntshongola said.

Tja...you criticized the part without understanding the whole. You chucked the baby out with the bathwater and raised a monster. Now you complain?

Maybe, just maybe it is, Mr Ntshongola, that you never understood those policies of Apartheid properly. Anytime you want me to explain it to you, drop me a line.

See, the Apartheid government didn’t lie to blacks like the liberals and socialist do. We were honest with you and told you the truth.

The liberals and socialists lied to you. Their starting point was and still is that there are no differences between whites and blacks when simple observations tell us differently.

The Apartheid government acknowledged the differences in culture, in language, in beliefs and values of all the tribes of South Africa and acknowledged their rights to rule themselves and preserve their languages and cultures which are to a large extent distinct and sui generis.

The creation of the homelands of Ciskei, Transkei, Bop and Venda, etc, was not much different to what the Americans and Canadians did with the creation of the Indian and Eskimo Reservations. In those countries those policies were considered “Progressive”, why should it be different in SA?

In those countries they forcibly moved the Indians en masse to these reservation far away from their original lands, whereas in South Africa we created the black homelands on the soil the blacks picked out for themselves and settled themselves and we had more success than the USA and Canada as far as the protection of minorities and development of these homelands were concerned.

Instead of a “melting pot model” where all minorities were expected to speak one language (English) and where the American Negro lost his original culture and language in what can only be considered a “Cultural Genocide”, Apartheid South Africa insisted on mother tongue education for all groups in at least the primary school level and preserved the languages and cultures of South African blacks.

Today the Xhosa culture and language is intact, because of Apartheid, not despite of it. The same for the Zulu culture, the Venda, the Sotho, etc.

Surely then our system of Apartheid or “Separate Development” should have been considered even MORE progressive than that of the USA or Canada. If you break it down, Separate Development was based on the science of Anthropology, classical Western Liberalism and the Christian values of “live and let live”, “empathy” and “fairness”.

Apartheid ideologues were not mindless “racists” who opposed the principle of equality and wanted to “oppress” the native. However, bringing about equality brings up the big paradox of the racial egalitarian. Like Professor Stefan Possony (Stanford), the Austrian-born U.S. economist and military strategist who conceived the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative, popularly known as Star Wars, explained: “If the principle of equality is to be implemented in a realistic and not in a purely legal manner, it calls for “unequal” measures.”

See, it works like this…If two people are to be given equal opportunities and if one person is handicapped while the other person is not, equal opportunity exists only if the handicapped individual is helped more amply and by qualitatively different means. Furthermore, the principle of equality does not apply only to individuals, but also to groups of individuals like ethnic groups.

Thus, if one group is “behind” or handicapped while the other is not, the trailing group must be helped more amply; and if the two groups are different in attitude and aptitude, they require differential types of assistance. Legislation that distinguishes between groups does not, because of those distinctions, violate the equality principle, but may implement it: e.g. a progressive tax is unequal treatment for a strictly egalitarian objective.

In the 1960’s South Africa stood accused before the International Court of Justice for “oppressing” and “exploiting” the natives, the judges, although they might not have agreed with Apartheid, after hearing South Africa’s case, disregarded the accusations which, for that matter, were dropped by the applicants themselves. The applicants then changed their strategy and tried to build a case on current world trends and world opinions instead of facts...and failed miserably. The court threw their case out.

Based on the 3000 pages of irrefutable evidence, in 1966, the Apartheid government was found NOT GUILTY by the ICJ of oppressing and exploiting any blacks in or of South Africa.

You want to see "Exploitation", Mr. Ntshongola??

Do you know where the International Court of Justice is? It is in The Hague in the Netherlands. I have been there. Do you know what else you will find in The Hague? There is a surviving document , a letter from Peter Schaghen, the original of which is held by the Rijksarchief in The Hague, showing how the Dutch bought Manhattan from the Lenape (Delaware) Indians for 60 Guilders back in 1624, drove them off their lands, and killed them off either by gun or smallpox. In 1630 they also bought Staten Island for another 60 Guilders. There is your exploitation.

How the Dutch bought Manhattan and Staten Island

Yes…these same hypocritical Dutch who criticized us South Africans for “exploiting blacks”, who formed the Dutch Anti Apartheid Movement and assisted the ANC, who is today destroying South Africa; destroying the various cultures and languages of South Africa…bought Manhattan for 60 Guilders. Today they are also waking up and seeing that South Africa and Apartheid wasn't so bad after all.

Besides what is exploitation? This concept of “exploitation” which is bandied about frequently by Liberal idiots is derived from dubious Marxian economics.

Apartheid South Africa had real economic policies such as the “Small Business Development Corporation” which helped blacks to become successful business people. And many did. Many became millionaires. The entire black taxi industry was created as such. Was that “exploitation”?

The South African policy of “Separate and equal development” (Apartheid) was not there to legalize exploitation, but to prevent and suppress it. The objective was to foster the economic development of ALL groups living in the Republic, not the development of one group at the expense of the other.

One of the major objectives of Apartheid was not to racially discriminate against anybody, but to eradicate racial discrimination. In a homogenous society where people vote for their own and rule themselves there cannot be any “racism”; There cannot be any “exploitation” of one race by another. This was exactly the reason for the homelands.

Sure Apartheid was not perfect. No political system is. Liberals were often fascinated by minor incidents of petty Apartheid and laid traps to make it look ridiculous, but forgot that any policy has its costs and penalties and yes, there were defects. The South African “Blueprint” for Apartheid was not complete and many procedures and solutions were tested experimentally. Some situations were unique and others very unpredictable; Some officious bureaucrats and “Stasieblompotte” interpreted regulations by the letter instead of by common sense, but that will always be so. We are only human.

Be it as it may, there is every reason to criticize mistakes, because criticism is the first step on the road to improvement, but the criticism is not valid unless it is derived from full comprehension of the overall facts and holistic observation of the entire system. The part cannot be criticized effectively if the whole is not seen, let alone understood.

You see, Mr. Ntshongola...What you blacks did was to reject Apartheid without understanding it. Now you have the ANC and you call them worse than Apartheid as if Apartheid was something bad, yet you long back to the days of Apartheid when you had excellent infrastructure. How should we whites understand this?

You Mr. Ntshongola, claims the villagers are mostly ANC supporters and should be prioritised by the government. Do you still have hopes that they will? You demonstrated at their offices, but they ignored you. They have ignored your knocking at their door for 22 years. When are you going to kick the damn door down?

You now have to buy gravel to fix the roads yourself, just so that the police, ambulances and fire brigades can reach you in times of need, because the useless ANC has done nothing for you in the past 22 years, yet you support them and vote for them election after election? Why? The mind boggles, Mr. Ntshongola. Is it simply because they have a black skin, because surely it cannot be on merit?

So you tell me Mr. Ntshongola, who are the real mindless “racists” here? And then you wonder why we call you backward, ignorant and stupid Kaffirs?

I will tell you why you are “backwards” Mr. Ntshongola.

It is because you are far behind the times. Look north to your Sub Saharan brothers who are daily fleeing their black run governments in their tens of thousands risking life and limb and scrambling off to white run European countries. By the time you lot in SA wake up, Europe will be full of your central African brethren and there won’t be space for you SA Bantus anymore. You are too far south; too far back. It is like a pyramid scheme; you need to get in first. You need to move it, move it. Gajima, gajima!

BTW…Say “hi” to the Dutch from me.

Just be warned that in Switzerland, Germany and Austria they have already started introducing segregation laws and rules. That’s right. They have Apartheid at swimming pools and trains. Apartheid is coming to Europe fast.

Just a few days ago a 17yo Afghanistani migrant who lived with a white German foster family for a few months since he entered less than a year ago, stabbed and hacked people with a knife and axe on a train near Würzburg in Bavaria after shouting “Allahu Akbar!” (Allah is great). Now the Germans are forcing migrants to wear a pass on them at all times and when stopped by the police they should present it immediately. Failure to do so will result in imprisonment and deportation.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

When we did exactly the same in the 1950’s they also called us, “Stupid”, Ignorant” and “Backwards”…. “Dumb Dutchmen” and “White kaffirs”, they called us…And now? Should we call them the same?

Now they can see we were not “backwards”. In fact we were 50-60 years ahead of Europe. We were visionaries. What we have forgotten about Apartheid they must still learn, and are learning more and more every day. Tja,...Manchmal ist Schadenfreude wirklich die schönste Freude.

Just like the blacks in the Eastern Cape are only waking up now and seeing that Apartheid was far better, Europeans will also come to realize very soon that Apartheid will be their only solution, because the other, in the words of Prime Minister John Vorster, is just too ghastly to contemplate.


  1. Anonymous2:12 am

    Mike this post brought a tear to my eye,to a time where there was real progress, real freedom and real governance. Vaalpens

    1. Anonymous11:32 am

      REAL stupidity ( just like here )
      I cannot believe that Mr Smith is still peddling these farcical faery stories

      Please Mr Smith explain where ALL these people in their glorious OWN countries were going to find work ?
      Nice idea = unworkable system
      While the blacks in their "own" countries were breeding up like flies and overpopulating their "own" areas where was the industry / commercial farming etc etc in which they were to find jobs ?
      WHERE were the census results for these black "own" countries ?
      I suppose the idiots in Pretoria had never heard of demographics -- and probably could care even less.
      Quite clearly small scale farming at a subsistence level is NEVER going to feed ALL these people.
      WHAT do they do ?
      They become migrant workers -- the "reserve army of labour"
      They become cheap labour for the mine owners and associated industry.
      They ALL move to the white areas where the work is.
      Border Industries does NOT work
      Influx control does NOT work
      Tomlinson is ignored
      NOW we see the result of the unworkable system of the idiotic people.
      We have more mythology from the wonderful Mr Smith an Economist of note !

    2. Anonymous12:54 pm

      Have you ever been to a city in a neighbouring country, doos? For instance, Maseru? White people drive there every day from South Africa to make a living. An honest living, off the backs of the poor blacks that live there... shame, siestog.

    3. Anonymous1:27 pm

      Anon 11:32 answered his own questions with his statements, the cunt is to ignorant to realize it, dom poes.

    4. Anonymous1:36 pm

      oh fuck off anon 11:32. Your libtard multicultural delusions are being destroyed in Germany while you were spewing your libtard crap, idiot.

    5. Anonymous3:30 pm

      Anon 11:32
      I think like most who cry "stupidity" you failed to take the log out of your eye before protesting the splinter in your neighbours eye. Let me explain:

      You just admitted that they are completely incapable of creating work for themselves and have to in order to survive parasite off the white man. Secondly your ability to read and comprehend is clearly severely limited. Did you not read about the governments initiatives to assist blacks to become economically independent. Let me quote the excerpt:

      "Apartheid South Africa had real economic policies such as the “Small Business Development Corporation” which helped blacks to become successful business people. And many did. Many became millionaires. The entire black taxi industry was created as such. Was that “exploitation”?

      The South African policy of “Separate and equal development” (Apartheid) was not there to legalize exploitation, but to prevent and suppress it. The objective was to foster the economic development of ALL groups living in the Republic, not the development of one group at the expense of the other."

      Your mindset is merely of everyone "needing a job and finding employment" how about they create their own freaking jobs FFS there were tens of millions of them its not like they were in danger of saturating their markets or anything!

    6. Anonymous3:43 pm

      Not to mention all the white started textile factories that were set up in the various homelands to give them employment. Interestingly I was on duty in some of these homelands with my unit tasked to protect SA assets that were being attacked and burned down raided and pillaged as well as protecting the local back workers who were being murdered for working there. Interestingly some of those other assets were Lennox Sebe's residence (he was in exile by then) and the government buildings in Bisho.

      There was a great deal of infrastructure set up within those black homelands at great expense to the white taxpayer and it was all good. The schools were modern and well equipped actually much better than the dilapidated government schools that I attended.

    7. Anonymous4:19 pm

      Anon 11:32 am, well what practical ideas did you have in mind since todays idea of democracy in south africa is a total mess. The lesser of the two evils, the old apartheid government was much better thank you, not perfect but better managed.

    8. Aaah the hobo pitches up again, this wanker goes from site to site expressing his nothing view, gives him a hard, WAC

    9. Anonymous8:33 am

      What do YOU do ?
      I notice NO-ONE can debate the points raised.

      That by its very nature the policy of apartheid was doomed to fail
      It made NO allowance for the reality of ECONOMICS.
      How much money was wasted on failed schemes that were NEVER going to work.
      Schemes that were implemented NOT to help the blacks
      To try and make an impossible policy work.
      Billions spent so as not to admit failure ( which eventually happened in the end )
      Go and get a "hard WAC" on that reality !

    10. @Anonymous 8:33 AM...You are right. Whites should never have spent all that money trying to uplift blacks. Maybe the Deir Yassin option would have been better...or the Sabra and Shatila option even more better.

    11. Anonymous2:52 am

      Was watching a documentary last night about an Ethopian Omo Valley tribe who kill their children if they are "mingi" - born outside marriage, born inside marriage but not approved by the elders, top teeth developing before bottom teeth, twins. So this Kara tribe wondered why they were dying out. Some white liberals decided to educate one of the boys to enlighten this lot. So mingi killing has stopped in the Kara tribe although other tribes in the Omo Valley still practice it. The Kara children now all want to be doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants and engineers with the help of "white" education. Yeah, sure.

  2. Anonymous2:51 am


    What an amazing piece of truth & well written article Mike!

    Its so uplifting to see for that for 22 years, we knew all along we were right while the world continued to shoot us down for apartheid.

    Really, all these nations and I keep on repeating it, are already paying the price for what they did to us. We, the whites/Afrikaners of this country managed to combine biblical law within a political system that uplifted blacks- that in and of itself is a miracle because no other whites on earth have ever been able to uplift blacks without slavery.

    Think about that, we combined modern politics with biblical laws that were working but not for Satans liberal, marxist multiculturalist.

    But the Dutch, French, Germany, Swedish, western Europe are all being raped now, chopped up now, bombed, stabbed and it is because they forced us, they disobeyed the law and now they pay the price!

    Oh well, let them eat their multiculturalism, immigrants and parasites.

    Mike/Reader, we will see in the new year that the US implement more apartheid laws than Europe and watch Europe follow behind them. It will start in the US and be pushed heavy in Europe. The UK, like they did with us will be frothing from the mouth and barking at all of them - this time it wont work, because they will simply flood the UK with the left overs and the UK will be able to enjoy them.

    The US, the writing is on the wall! Its coming, they will use the Islamic thing to introduce them and then apply them to those parasites causing problems in the US as well.

    Problem is Mike, we followed the law but also disobeyed it. First off, we should have cleansed the land, we cannot live with heathens like this - that was our biggest mistake. They are from the land of canaan and phut.

    But we will change that in the future for sure. No more mr nice Boer in the future. This time follow the book of Joshua.

    On another note - reader asked on the The succesful false flag staged failed coup in Turkey post, when or what will cause WW3 and I replied saying we are already in WW3 - here is more proof, the media simply keep us in the dark.


    People, we are at the end now in SA, know the signs, take heed and prepare. We go through everything just before this all begins in Europe. Not much time left now.

    Siener warned us! The times tell us.

    Unite and pray for this nation, things happen fast now.

    1. Anonymous11:38 am

      nice one BN

    2. Anonymous1:40 pm

      Aaah agree with you 100%, BoereNinja.

      Like my Oupa says: "staan saam en trek laer!"

  3. Whiteman3:49 am

    Mike, the satanic liberals absolutely freak out, when they read an article like this. When their black brothers and sisters, actually echo your words, they approach nervous breakdown ! Lovely. What better example of : What you sow, you will reap ! Referring to the picture about Namibia. I have often wondered, how many resident germans there, together with those living in Germany, would like to see German South West Africa again ? And would be willing to fight for it ? Something to wonder about !

  4. Anonymous5:37 am

    Another excellent article Mike. Thank you.


  5. Another great one Mike. Moral of the story, victims can only cry if they can breathe.

    Better to kill someone and pay for a funeral than just cripple them and pay out your arse for the rest of your days.

    This time we don't make the same mistake our forefathers made. Don't leave any monkeys to breathe and you won't have to hear them cry.

    Stick with your own tribe.

    No more cross subsidization.

    This time it's non-cross-subsidized-segregation. That is our mantra. We keep all the fruits of our own labour.

    If liberals want to play god, we will gladly throw them onto the other side of our wall. We will give them a cell phone and some airtime and they can send us pics and vids of how well it is going.

    But not on my side of the fence. Never again!

    1. Anonymous10:09 am

      Why pay for the funeral??? You only go to their funerals to make sure the buggers are really dead.

  6. Anonymous5:57 am

    Excellent piece Mike.

    Same old Rhodesian, Syrian, Libyan, Iraqi globalist regime changers at work yet today. Mucking around in the business of other people and lining their pockets in the process.

    Please see Obama regime for details.

    Regards, Besoeker

    1. Anonymous10:06 pm


    2. Anonymous11:20 pm

      Ja, you do remember who changed the regime in wat is now Zim? As I recall, it wasn't the people of Zim. My point is the west needs to generally remain at home and completely out of other people's business. We've not been able to do it in some 50 odd years, I suggest we give it a go. The Swiss appear to be doing quite well.

      Regards, die oud Besoeker

  7. Anonymous6:01 am

    I'm so glad I found this blog - I felt so alone for so long in my way of thinking. It's nice to see that I'm not alone. Thanks Mike, for a great article! I never really knew apartheid, sounds like heaven compared to what we live with now! I can't even imagine it.

    1. Anonymous8:44 am

      I can tell you right now you are right. Sure there were some minor flaws with the Apartheid Government (not much though), anyway, this current terror regime is a thousand times worse than those days.

      These current vipers who are jockeying for power in SA is pure unadulterated evil. They are killers on a mass scale.

    2. I am glad when i see young blokes like yourself who is not blind to the truth. It gives me hope for the younger generation.

  8. You can see the media psy-ops in full swing again:


    I tried to comment as enca used disqus, but am banned apparently. Tell them to get fucked on my behalf please ;)

    1. Anonymous6:42 am

      Well JP, if you stop promoting genocide on a scale that makes the Holocaust look like a picnic then maybe your IP address wouldn't be black listed on social media.

    2. Anonymous6:45 am

      JP, what is up with your blog? I can't access without a sign-in. Is this something you have implemented? why?

      I was enjoying your articles.


    3. Anonymous10:07 am

      What about all the ANC councillors and councillor-wannabes mowing each other down in KZN ? Those buggers don't get searched and arrested. Not that I give a fuck if they kill each other. Apartheid kept them from each other's throats, which was a silly Christian thing to do.

    4. Anonymous 6:45 thanks for your comment. You get shut down quick when you push certain buttons. I am always thinking though on how to bounce back. You Tube is something I have been thinking about. I already have a channel with other peoples vids I re-upload so why not just start talking???

      I'll keep you posted. But once you public like that there is no turning back, so the timing has to be right.

      PS: to anonymous 6:42 which holocaust are you talking about??? The Ukranian holodomor???

  9. Anonymous6:22 am

    Zoos around the world have been practising apartheid for years and no bugger ever complained. The different animal species are separated just like in the wild.

    Hey libtwats, what would happen if they were all put into the same enclosure?

  10. Anonymous6:36 am

    Fucking hell, if a community is just upset about a fucking road after 20 years of "freedom" these idiots shouldn't have the right to vote. And why dont they fix the fucking road themselves!!! We whites built an entire first world country with nuclear capabilities out of nothing, surely a fucking road couldn't be THAT difficult? We didn't wait for others to do it, hard work, in conjunction with a drive to accomplish something did it for us.
    I can tell you one thing, if the NP did to whities what the ANC is currently doing to darkies they wouldn't lasted for 20 years, in fact, they wouldn't have lasted for 5 years!!! But hey, I am called a racist if I make the statement that darkies vote ANC for a simple food parcel and a t-shirt, a promises of a better life. Check how many of these idiots are dumping the ANC and is running to the eff, a bunch of cunts that is making even more empty promises.
    By the way, let Europe and the USA burn, they fucking nailed us with their two faced liberal crap, now it is their turn, "kry vir julle pappa, kry vir julle".
    Oh yes, can someone please post this brilliant article on Charlize's twitter (I don't have that crap), let us see if this aspirant white liberal bleeding heart can respond with a credible response, I sort of a challenge.

    1. Anonymous11:28 pm

      @ Anon 6:36 AM. Good on you mate, well done and well said.


  11. Anonymous6:50 am

    White for life

  12. You see, we gave them our tax money and they still singing their filthy kaffir songs about killing us, just posted op Netwerk 24:


    1. Anonymous3:24 pm

      Disgusting communistic filth. Can only categorise them as voting ignoramus morons

    2. Anonymous8:19 am

      Yeah yeah, gibbus da free stuff! Kaffirs don't belong in Khayelitsha. They must fuck off out of the Cape.

  13. Yeah that village speaks for all off native Africans. Mike at your finest, no wonder nobody takes you seriously.

    1. Anonymous10:43 am


      You'll never admit that your government has failed you and that Mike speaks the truth. By the way, their tarred road is sitting in Zuma's bank account.

    2. Anonymous10:56 am


      No not only that village, plenty more agree my china!

      All over the Transkei & Ciskei large farming projects were set up for the local darkies. Centre pivots, pumps, tractors implements, pipes, diesel bowsers etc... All done for free from the Apartheid government on behalf of the majority white taxpayers.

      Have a look at those once successful projects...Fucked since the ANC pulled the plug on funding them.
      Magwa Tea near Lusikisiki comes to mind. Great tasting tea now not on the shelves.

      Umtata, Port St Johns, Lusikisiki, Bizana etc... were once nice, tidy booming towns...today they are just another African filth infested shithole.

      Go ask the darkies about how their crops get sprayed with poison. Apparently to eradicate dagga. While the SAP helicopters spray the evil dagga plants they also spray their mielies,beans and pumpkins. The poison also gets into the water sources so the darkies and their livestock drink poisoned water. There is now an apparent increase of cancer in the Transkei zol growing areas.

      Is that OK Shaka?
      I would say it is fine as long as it is under the hand of other darkies hey my china!


    3. Anonymous11:42 am

      Again you miss the point of the article you stinking black tyre-lip. Thick fuck aren't you?

      In the grand scheme of things we don't actually give a fuck what you and your monkey brothers and sisters say anymore.

    4. Anonymous12:05 pm

      yeah, just like the International Criminal Courts didnt take you seriously. oops... I meant to say Seeereeeaaaaaahhssss!!!

      Eish mara wena, jys n mampara

    5. Anonymous12:06 pm

      hey shaka... what does it feel like when your zulu king doesnt take you seriously.

      Read here about how the king of the zulus praised apartheid...



    6. Anonymous1:21 pm


      For fucks sake, it's "all native Africans" not "all off native Africans".

    7. Anonymous1:42 pm



      Shaka, should we take Zuma seriously?

      White liberal trying to stir - sad you cant find any rainbow nation blogs anymore claiming SA is so wonderful?

    8. Anonymous4:33 pm

      Shaka, it is your own people who is praising apartheid, Mike is just the messenger, thats all he is, as is said, don't shoot the messenger.

    9. Anonymous8:43 pm


      We all take Mike seriously, unlike YOUR illiterate and innumerate BEE/AA president.

    10. Anonymous11:06 pm


      The so called war veterans say in the article above they would welcome whites back to Zimbabwe.

      Say it loud and clear:



    11. Anonymous12:27 am

      Shaka = Dom Kak.

    12. Anonymous1:53 am

      Yeah but most whites would leave them to rot in the misery they created after their treatment of said whites.

    13. Mike this piece of shit doesnt care about your facts. They are all the same. They will sing the same tune over and over and over no matter what you present but thanks for all the links. Increasing ones cultural vocabulary is always good.

    14. http://www.iol.co.za/news/crime-courts/south-africans-better-off-than-ever---statssa-2041065
      Your links are worthless to me I can match any link you post.

  14. Anonymous9:27 am

    Extremely well written article, as always Mike. Sad truth though... it`s all too little too late.

    A war is on the horizon, and I think we all know why? I can only weep and feel sorry for the children of this beautiful country, for all hope is lost.

    "A wise man would find a way NOT to go to war"

    1. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself...

    2. Anonymous8:21 am

      Well said ZeroToleranc!


  15. Anonymous11:14 am

    Shooting rampage in Munich Germany 22-07-2016 19:06 GMT summer time


    1. Anonymous3:45 pm

      But this cannot be! Doesn't Germany have strict gun control?

    2. Anonymous8:01 pm

      But this cannot be! Doesn't Germany have strict gun control?

      LOL, from the news on the net so far it became clear that it was an Iranian German they say. Without any criminal record.

      "Bid jou siel aan"

      They call a hyena that was born in a lion's den, a lion. That's how corrupted the MSM is. He's a fuckin Iranian or Syrian or Indian. Doesn't matter if he was born in France or Germany. The country where he was born cannot change what he is.

      These shit skins get guns from nowhere. That's how gun control works everywhere in this NWO society over the globe. All law abiding citizens are without guns, to "so-called reduce the violence", but all criminals have a gun to murder innocent people at will.

      That's NWO globalist law.

    3. In Germany they have two gun licenses. One for owning a gun and one for carrying a gun. Just about anybody can own a gun, but almost nobody is allowed to carry a gun on them unless you are a trained security guard and have a very good reason for needing to carry a gun. No, self defence is not a reason.

      Personally I think this rule might be changed very soon, because the German police will not be able to protect everyone all of the time.

      Last night they shut the whole of Munich down. All the highways closed, all trains and busses stopped. No taxis allowed to carry passengers. This at rush hour traffic. Nobody could get home.

      This is exactly the aim of the terrorist. Prove the government is unable to govern and control. Imagine a shooter like that every night in every city. A few people can bring the entire country to a standstill.

      After the police shootings in the USA the police are now doubling up on patrols. There are no additional police so their manpower is now cut in half and restricted. Next they won't be patrolling the streets on foot anymore, only in cars. Next step they will be restricted and confined to the police stations.

      This is classical guerrilla strategy.

      I hope some of our future white guerrillas are taking notes on how to do this in South Africa in our future war.

    4. To get illegal weapons in Germany is a piece of piss. Just buy one from the Hells Angels or the Bandidos motorbike gangs. However they are nowadays full of undercover cops. Your best bet is to drive across the Czech border and buy one from a motorbike gang there. They will sell you anything from a 9mm to an RPG7 to Razor Semtex shape charges for bringing down steel girders on bridges, no problem. An AK 47 will cost you about €150. A Dragunov sniper rifle about €300. There is no border control, because of the European Union.

    5. Anonymous12:33 am

      That weapon situation you describe Mike is screaming liberation. Imagine what justice we can exact with these black killer savages if we had such easy access to things that make a Nyala go dead.

    6. Anonymous1:50 am

      Hey Mike do you really think that they might change the firearm carry laws? My impression is that they are so hell bent on making this madness work that Mama Merkel and her goons will just continue to tell them to get used to it and stop being such awful fucking racists.

      Unless of course they pull a Mussolini on her.

    7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXM29s1nUJo

    8. Anonymous3:31 am

      The Munich shooter bought the pistol illegally on the internet. If an 18 year old lunatic can do this, anyone can.

  16. Anonymous11:14 am

    You're a slave in your own country, White Man. Each year you get to keep less of the fruits of your labor; each year it gets more difficult to carry the burden the aliens have placed upon you each year the cheap labor of aliens makes your future less secure; each year you retreat a few steps more into the world of slavery.
    Where will it all end? I'LL TELL YOU — it will end with the complete and total annihilation of "Whitey."
    By George Lincoln Rockwell (March 9, 1918 - August 25, 1967). He was a United States Navy Commander.

    Yendor comments...

    Well we did warn all of you white English, American and European folks old chap and that was way back between 1960 and 1994 but the majority of you guys and your governments and the rest of the world thought you knew the “blacks” better than we did. You all ganged up with the communists and helped the blacks to overthrow the previous white government. Read P.W. Botha’s “Rubicon Speech (1985)” on the internet and in it you will see that he predicted and warned the world against ... the imminent and disastrous political black plague attack. This has turned out to be a tragic reality and the gospel truth in Africa and now in South Africa at present. In turn it has left your “DUMB LIBERAL” English, American and European governments with egg splattered upon their so-called righteous anti-Apartheid faces. The cunning greedy blacks have been quick to plunder, steal and to seize the political and social rewards of their victory over the whites in Africa. They are unashamedly boastful and arrogant and are still blaming the previous white government (who ruled 20 years) ago for their own current stupid faults and shortcomings. They openly mock and laugh at all of you foreign white folks for your gullibility and now regard all “whites” as weak and stupid cowards. In the meantime through their shear ignorance and a lack of good modern leadership qualities and experience they have where possible destroyed the whole continent in every destructive way imaginable. They deny this of course and whoever has the guts to resist or denounce them for it is accused of being a racist. They will do what they please whenever and however they please and to hell with the whitey’s moral standards or this country’s so-called democratic constitution. They are the only law, whether just or unjust and whitey is forced to bow down to them or suffer the consequences accordingly.
    Your fat gullible soft hearted English members of parliament, who so willingly betrayed the whites and supported this so called black freedom and democracy campaign in South Africa and the rest of Africa, will soon be sitting on the streets of London with the rest of the jobless white Englishmen and women.

    1. But Africa is not the white man's homeland.

    2. @Shaka...Don't be silly. Just because the trees your Bonobo ancestors lived in stand in Africa does not mean Africa is your homeland. Claiming that Africa belongs to blacks is like claiming it belongs to chimps and only chimps have the right to rule it. Whites have been in Africa for thousands of years. Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, etc. In more recent times the top part is Arabic, not black. You lot are only indigenous in Central Africa. You illegal immigrants migrated to South Africa. Time you get chased back up the trees of Uganda and Rwanda.

    3. Anonymous12:44 am

      Shaka fuck off back to the Congo where you belong, swinging from trees and eating each other is all you lot are good at anyway. Oh sorry I forgot, you are also masters at standing with your cupped pathetic hands begging for free shit.

      You are a race full of fail. Go fail where we don't have to smell your black stink. Get the fuck out of our great White Civilization, we don't need you, we have never needed ANYTHING from you, and we sure as fuck will never need anything from you in the future, EVER. Fucking parasites with an inferiority complex bigger as Mount Kilimanjaro. Brainless fuck.

      Mike, this is all they have left now. "It's our land, it's all ours" They have no claim to anything in this country, lying thieves - all of 'em. We have clearly seen their true face the past 20 odd years.

    4. Anonymous2:14 am


      "But Africa is not the white man's homeland."

      Bullshit! Whites created the most well developed and prosperous nation on the continent. Your Azania would have been shit just like the rest of sub-Saharan Africa. Well, the ANC is busy making your Azanian dream come true. I hope you're happy.

    5. Michael Dean Miller7:34 am

      Shaka, If Africa is the origin of all races, Whites have legitimate claim to move there.

    6. I'm am talking about Sub-Saharan Africa, it exclusively belongs to black people. I like to compare it to India and China they are both Asian but are not the same, so nice try but no cigar. I will go back to Congo the day Neanderthals go back to the Caucus mountains.

    7. Africa for Africans, Neanderthals don't belong here.

    8. Anonymous2:12 pm

      @Shaka 8:48 and 9:13

      Well, ALL Africans should be kicked out of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand then. You lot definitely don't belong there.

    9. Anonymous2:23 pm


      'Neanderthals' were capable of creating the most prosperous country in Africa by far. So, what does that make you?

    10. Anonymous3:55 pm

      Shaka once you lot of puppets have been use to destroy South Africa and white European countries, "The Tribe" will use their race specific bio-weapons to eradicate you lot

    11. Anonymous8:34 pm

      We, my little black apeish friend are mainly Cro-Magnons. Your cretin kind on the other hand are the missing link between us and your very very close relative the common ape of Congo. You are not even worthy of any real classification. You have not even left the pre-Stone Age yet. And guess what missing link, you will never advance any further than what you are now. You and your kind have lost the evolution battle and are now redundant and shown yourself to be a threat to us, whereby you and all of your kind must be either removed from us or nuked into oblivion.

      There ain't no coming back now my boy. You fucked it all up. You had your chance, you lost.

    12. Anonymous1:22 am

      Whites don't belong in Africa. You are just only identity thieves just like your ancestors.

    13. Anonymous10:04 am

      So what do you think you are doing? Wearing European clothes and driving European cars?

  17. Anonymous11:41 am

    Thanks you for this. Especially for the 1966 ICJ trials
    That is a gem and a half.

  18. Anonymous11:41 am

    Looks like Germany getting fucked up right now,as we speak.
    Wonder where the 3 shooters come from.
    Well I am not going to be kept awake tonight wondering.

    1. PreatorianXVI7:49 pm

      Munich Terror Attack: 18-Year-Old German-Iranian Dual Citizen Kills 9 at McDonald’s, Mall


  19. Anonymous12:15 pm


    Fits your posts image perfectly


    Apartheid in Europe any day soon.

    1. Anonymous8:49 pm


      Repatriation is preferable.

  20. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Terss running amok in Munich. Europe is burning.

  21. Marvellous article. Should be mandatory reading. The rest of the white, Christian world is about to experience what you guys managed so well under Apartheid. They won't be nearly as successful at it.

  22. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Is it so difficult to understand the law of nature, "Apartheid"

    Why do mongrels who hate Apartheid so fiercely , live in their own homes in Apartheid. If Apartheid is so wrong then practice what you preach. Open your doors so everyone can go anywhere in anyone's house to eat sleep and drink as they wish. No , but when it comes to that point you have to share with your mongrel brother then apartheid is good enough to keep the lazy parasites from your ass.

    However, after they have parasitized and consumed everything of the evil Apartheid and can hardly make a living anymore then they want to cry for Apartheid again.

    How does the saying goes: "The trees thou have planted, the fruit thereof you will eat".

    These two laws of nature cannot be undone.(1)The deeds of your works will return to you, (2) Apartheid.

    Everybody and everything needs his own space around him in order to pre-exist. To have your privacy as an individual so does each nation needs his own country where they can live and prosper. If you break that law, you wipe out a part of nature, in other words, you are a destructor who are on the way to destroy yourself and others around you.

    Any nation that didn't follow these laws, but who cares more for other species than their own. They fertilized the weed in their gardens and expect to reap a mega harvest. They will reap the fruit of their deeds.

    The British established the apartheid laws in South Africa, because they understood it perfectly well. Now they pulled out of the EU in order to have Apartheid otherwise the refugees would flood their country. America have no choice but to close their borders and fall back on the principle of Apartheid. If not the same fate as South Africa will strike them. Every nation has the right to live in his own country, without being dominated by any another nation.

    The 3rd law nature. If you do not want to work, you should not eat. That counts for the whole nature humans included.
    Simply, if the lionesses don't go out for the catch , they have nothing to eat for the night.

    Therefore each nation in his own country where they can deal with each other without the interference or enslavement of another nation.

    Therefore, this Union of South Africa which came to live in 1910 by the NWO globalist in order to rob the Boer Republics from their mineral wealth has to be dissolved and their land to be returned to them.

    Each nation on this globe lives in their own country. Those who tried to break this simple three laws of nature are paying a hefty price now. Soon they will realize that their multi-cultural ideas will be more head aches than they can handle.

    Unfortunately they would rather wipe themselves out than recognize that separate living or Apartheid is imperative.

  23. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Mr. Tshongolo, there is no more apartheid left in South Africa, but as Mike has suggested, gajima to get in EU , because they are only now starting to practice apartheid.

    If you get there quickly enough maybe you will not just receive tarred roads but a new house as well. It's worth all the effort. These are very kind people, they supported terrorist mandella all the way to get rid of apartheid here.

    Now they are free to implement apartheid there and will be more than willing to hand out whatever your needs are.

    So hurry, and don't forget to take a few million others with you, because these guys didn't like it very much when only one or two refugees showed up, they like thousands.

    Don't forget to take a few tractor tubes with, because the boats that the Italians supply are not very trust worthy.

    1. Anonymous12:45 am

      Who is Mandela? That devil is gone and forgotten.

  24. I don't even want to add something to this article. It deserves the front page in every Sunday newspaper and the top spot on every news site. How more clearly do they want it.?. "That's why we call them stupid arrogant kaffirs..."

    1. Anonymous2:00 am

      "A very disappointing race"

  25. Anonymous12:57 am

    You helped me "see the light" and hastened my departure from SA BEFORE anyone in my family was hurt. I lost most material things, bUT my family is safe. Having calmed down on this side of the World and looked back at SA (and the World), the only hope for White South Africans is our own, defendable to the death, Homeland. I have yet to find a truly happy white Saffa here and I can see which ones are bullshitting themselves. We need to get some heads together, away from SA, and make it happen. Nothing else will EVER SUFFICE....

    1. Anonymous8:24 pm

      Jip, we need to cleanse our lives and our history of all that is black. We will experience untold fortune once the black element is eradicated from our midst.

      The coming cleansing must start from the very top. We erase everyone and everything that helped and defended this current system that has kept us in slavery and killed us in the most horrific ways. We start at the top of the pyramid.

  26. Whiteman1:24 am

    I have a message for the enlightend blacks, who miss the Apartheid era. They probably also refer to the Homelands, which were in effect miniature African states, where they could do their own thing, and determine their own future. It was our hard earned tax money, that Verwoerd and others used to make this happen. The churches brainwashed all of us, that uplifting the poor black disadvantaged people, was the glorious christian thing to do.Today, WE, are now the poor white disadvantaged people, and nobody is going to help us. For our christian trouble, and dedication, we have been rewarded with genocide. All I can say is : Once bitten, twice shy ! No more hard earned christian tax money for these creatures, ONLY BULLETS !

    1. Anonymous2:40 am

      See the real enemy. It is satan.

    2. Anonymous4:01 pm

      The Synagogue of Satan

    3. Anonymous8:08 pm

      Maybe Anon 2:40, but the immediate enemy is the black trying to kill us physically, mentally and financially.

      Now the time has come to kill back. And this time we won't stop until they and their white demon libshit friends are gone forever.

    4. Anonymous9:05 am

      The only hope for White South Africans is our own, defendable to the death, Homeland.

      Interesting then that the old regime when they had the chance to create a white homeland never did ?
      Wonder why that was ?
      As our expert Mr Smith maintains all the tribes were settled on land that they had originally inhabited.
      WHERE were they going to settle the whites ?
      Did they somehow inhabit ALL of the land ?
      Quite clearly that is what the old NP ideologists thought.
      NOW the whites have NOWHERE.
      HOW did that happen Mr Smith ?
      NO "homeland" NO country

  27. Anonymous2:17 am

    Apartheid was no any better. Those blacks are doing it only to scorn ANC. How does an system that makes you a foreigner in your father's land any better than that of ANC? Slavery is what makes those blacks not to think out of the box.They are so used to slavery that once in their life time they would remember Egypt.

    1. Anonymous6:20 am

      Anon 2:17

      You pathetic, did you read the article, did you read all the comments with attached links?

      As Ian Smith once said, "Never in a thousand years"
      (Meaning that blacks will never manage anything with success)
      As we can see all around us he was right.

    2. Anonymous6:39 am

      So if you want to be a foreigner in your own country, the why did you reject Apartheid's offer to let you have your own bantu countries?

      Azania's borders were drawn by the satanic New world order cabal. Not your forefathers.

    3. 1. It wasnt your fathers land you come from the Congo. Your fathers land is the Congo go back to Congo.

      2. There was no slavery in apartheid SA except under black tribes.

      3. Those blacks can not think outside of the box because no blacks can do that, it is a white mans trait.

      4. Egypt was WHITE. Mummy DNA is white, blonde hair blue eyed blood not flat nose. Saying Egypt was black is like saying the USA was build by a black because Obama got elected.

      5. Fuck back to your liberal or black news sites. Your vocabulary carries a kaffir smell.

    4. Anonymous7:44 am


      Hey doos, dont come here without reading - all the facts are on this blog. They were given MORE land during apartheid than they originally had or could claim.

      Second of all the parasite is not from South Africa.

      3rd of all - are you one of those boons that think the boon was a slave in Egypt? Let me tell you, if the blacks were left to rule Egypt like so many claim, we would not have pyramids but Giant collapsed mud huts - that are nothing better than a swallows nest.

      piss off!

    5. Anonymous8:04 am

      2:17 AM: You stupid, stupid nigger!! Blacks have NEVER been able to think their way out of any self inflicted disaster. They get whitey to pull them out of the shit, every goddam time. What's that you say about Egypt? Living it high in Egypt? In your dreams! Nigger, you were stone-dragging slaves in Egypt!

    6. Anonymous11:04 am

      What does a nigger have in common with a bicycle? They both need chains to work.

    7. Anonymous3:28 pm

      @Anon 2:17 AM

      "Those blacks are doing it only to scorn ANC"

      No. Those blacks have finally realised that the ANC is rubbish and does fuck all for them.

      You are all slaves to the ANC. They are only interested in you at election time when they con you into voting for them.

      You have the power to vote them out, but you won't do it. They are your masters.

    8. Anonymous1:30 am

      Blacks will never vote for a white man no matter how much they will praise slavery of Egypt. Moses also used to be told by Israelites how Egypt was better than the life they were living en route to Canaan. The same goes to these black hypocrites. You are just wasting your precious time if you think apartheid shall stand again. You will all die waiting for that day to come.

    9. Anonymous1:41 am

      Donycero you come from Europe. At least Congo is just only a walking distance from South Africa. Our Ancestors used to walk tall around the whole Southern Africa because it was their territory. That was Millions of years before Christ was born. Your ancestors needed a ship to cross the oceans in order to come to South Africa and that's when problems of Africa started. Merchantile slavery, Colonisations, Exploitation of our minerals, Apartheid, Persecutions and all kind of evil that Romans are known about started to befall our land. You are all offsprings of the Romans..

    10. Anonymous2:01 am

      Docinero stop contradicting yourself you lunatic man. One time you claim Adamic people are white and all other people including Egyptians were not white since they were pre-adamic people. That's why I am saying there is no crazy people in the world like white race. They like to steal other people's glory. Mummies of Egypt were black as could be revealed by science. The same science revealed that all people in the world were black and they only started changing colour when some started losing their melanin to adapt to the harsh cold weather of the west. You bloody fool. Your race come from us.


    11. First of all I am an Afrikaner from the southern tip of Africa. I can trace back my family tree 300 years. My genealogy is even on the internet father to son 300 years. Now you blacks struggle to find your grandfathers with all the rape.

      Any link with "black-history" should be avoided. Blacks dont have history because they could not write it down. A scientific fact is that the African brain is to small to have mastered the maths behind the construction of Great Egypt.

      Yes i claim ADAM is white so is Ancient Egypt so is ancient Mesopotamia and the great Andean civilizations. What I claim is the white DNA is the founder of civilization. blog.world-mysteries.com/ancient-writings/the-red-haired-race/

      White Egypt DNA proof.io9.gizmodo.com/why-king-tuts-dna-is-fueling-race-wars-1539130793




      I can go on and on with the links. Replacing Verwoerd's statues with that of Mandela doesnt take a way the fact that SA was the product of white DNA engineering, not black, lazy flat nose small brain DNA.

      Sure blacks walked around a lot but they could not cross rivers and lakes because they were the only race to not invent a boat or wheel or anything.

      No contradicting myself at all only conversing with a stupid which i am already regretting.

    12. Anonymous2:04 am

      Ancient Egyptians were black dummy. King tut DNA was tempered with by whites after realising that indeed ancient Egypt was black. White people are generally identity thieves because they usually want to be regarded as superior than others.

    13. Anonymous3:13 am

      @Dony 12:19 AM

      It's impossible to get through to these things. You'd be better off communicating with a chimp (a real one) or barking with a dog.

  28. Whiteman6:18 am

    In the days of the Homelands, I was involved with the Small Business Development Corporation. Visited many beautiful factories, built with white tax payers money. Could never understand why the factory always had a white chief. Then the officials told me why. As soon as they found a black with the right skills, to run the show, they would promote him, with all the privileges, money etc, that came with the position. Then the next thing they see, he has become a useless alcoholic ! Then the process starts all over again. Nothing changes in the African context. Let us take a guess, how many alcoholics, are sitting in " parliament " today ? And the forever debating, about who was here first, will NEVER be finalised. So we will just have to fight it out, but with NO interference from politicians, and non patriotic riff-raff. And the useless "generals, " will be shot first !

  29. Anonymous7:57 am

    Look at this stupid Liberal White Bitch walking the crime infested streets of Chicago in a sandwich board apologising to black people for being white.

    96% of crime in Chicago is committed by blacks and hispanics - mostly to other blacks and hispanics, but not excluding LWB's. If she wants to be gang raped this is one sure way of getting it done.

    She will then thank her rapists for doing her the honour they have bestowed on her.


    1. Anonymous3:00 pm

      @Anon 7:57 AM

      WTF. This silly bitch is away with the fairies.

  30. Anonymous9:57 am

    Uitstekende artikel Mike!!!

  31. Anonymous10:28 am

    Shaka,when your main ou's Mom died,he killed 586 417 (rough estimate,cause no written records by houts)brothers with a sharp stick and a cliff near Mandini.
    This record still stands.
    Surely with white guys WMD you can beat this dismal record.
    Prize for 2nd 3rd etc etc avaiable.

    1. Anonymous8:39 pm

      Anon 10:28 Good luck trying to get through to this Zot, he is as dumb as a rock and stuck on a "blacks built everything in the world" record.

    2. Anonymous9:17 pm

      Well of course kaffirs built everything. How else are you going to get dumb cheap labour?

  32. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Don't be hard on Shaka guys, after all his mom was a retard. Who when she got knocked up out of wedlock and went back to her village, told the villages in her retard way that she wasn't pregnant, that it was a beetle(shaka in zulu), and in their retard way they believed her.
    Then when young beetle was growing up the other kids made fun of his small dick,that's why when he came to power he made all the zulu woman speak at the top of their voices so no one would be able to mock his tiny muh dick.
    (That's why zulu woman screech at the top of their voices when the person they talking to is only a foot away).

    1. Bwhahaha...Igqira lendlela nguqo ngqothwane
      Igqira lendlela (kuthwa) nguqo ngqothwane

      Sebeqabele gqi thapha bathi nguqo ngqothwane

      Shaka was gay and ugly. Apart from his protruding forhead, he had a big nose, buck teeth and according to witnesses spoke as if his tongue was too big for his mouth. He never married and never had any children but was always surrounded by women. If one of them got pregnant he would kill her. He was also insanely jealous of his warriors wanting to marry and forced them to remain celibate until 40. It is well known that he used them for his pleasure and encouraged them to rather seek the love of a man, because love for a woman would make them weak.

      The story that he invented the short spear and the bull's horns military formation is also a myth. He copied it from other tribes.

      Shaka was nothing but a mommy's boy who became a psychopath. When his half brothers Dingane and Mhlangana, and an iNduna called Mbopa assassinated him he screamed and cried like a girl. They dumped his stinking carcass in a grain pit and filled it up with stones and sand. Today nobody knows where it is exactly, but somewhere near the town of Stanger.

    2. Anonymous5:26 am

      Mike you are watching too much of Trevor Noah's stand-up comedy shows, anyway watch his latest show in America when he speaks about racism.

  33. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Here we are all scrambling to one Dumbass shaka wannabee who has to ask himself one question . Namely what has he CONTRIBUTED to SA ? Its actually quite simple those that contributed toward the building of SA have a rightful place in its society.
    To me it seems that most of these useless unemployable Lot that burn and destroy Infrastructure and learning Institutions and Public Transport have never ever lifted a finger to make them possible.
    On Merkelchens policy of flooding Germany with all these from the Middle East even though they are commonly Muslims they dont Love each other , they will bring their hatred for each other with them and practice it out in Germany like they did in their Paradise . It will come making Germany another Battlefield . Merkerl will be voted out , but in the meantime the damage is done for the youth to bathe out in the future.

  34. Anonymous8:18 pm

    Boere Vryheid, back to the Boer Republics. Cry out everyday for your right as a nation to self determination. Insist on your freedom to become free from this terrorist ape infested anc government. Fraudulently our ancestors were screwed over my this present day NWO and their lackeys to rob the Boers from their land by uniting it into a Union of South Africa. The end result was a total control of the Boer republics by one authority in order to prevent the Boers to move from one republic to another.

    Now we all can see how fraudulently and cowardly they did it only to lay their hands on the mineral wealth of the Boer Republics.

    This present day anc ape infested government is just an extension of the NWO fraud which was handed over to the apes by traitors. These apes made slaves of themselves.
    Present day ape influx in the EU is proof of that.

    Treason must be met with the death penalty and their part takers wiped out.

    No price was to high for the Boers to keep their freedom. They simply took every stand to defend their land for us. We know the bitter price they have paid in order to maintain their freedom. Today we are still oppressed by the NWO globalists through their lackeys, this present day anc terrorists, pretending to be a government.

    Nowhere in the world terrorism is tolerated , but in South Africa's case the communist, socialist NWO supporters try to cover it up with freedom fighters, defending their terrorist murders and crime as "Reverse Aapaarthide".

    Well, if they want to play that card, then we certainly have the right to become freedom fighters as well. Measure them with the same measurement they measured us.

    Screw them and their supporters over in all possible ways you can. In no way should they walk around on the streets or sleep without fear.

    That's how they played the game and until today our people cannot walk on the streets or sleep without fear being robbed, raped, or murdered.

    So pay them back until they are so tired of a Boer that they can't wait to hand over the Boer Republics.

    Do to others what you would like to be done unto you. So we build them schools, we build them hospitals, we developed their homelands, we protected them from killing each other. What did we receive from them on return of their love. Terrorism , robberies, rapes , murdering, all kinds of hate which they call "Reverse Aapaarthide".

    How long will the Boer nation tolerate this, how long will they take to wake up from their sleep to return the much needed love requested so dearly?

    This time you spare none, each traitor must pay the price with their NWO lackeys and apes.Remember who they are and make them pay.

    1. Anonymous9:10 pm

      Fuck yeah man!

  35. Anonymous10:52 pm

    I watched the Americans with their whinging of genderless bathrooms. Mericans are gender apartheid afrikaner sexists deserving of death and murder,

    Sound familiar?

    1. Anonymous1:17 am

      You have two sides of the coin now. One group of Mericans wants genderless bathrooms and the other group says wtf do you want to do in the ladies bathroom. Do you want to sniff the ladies
      toilet seat or what?

      Now you accuse them of Afrikaner apartheid and wish them death and murder on their way.

      Is it wrong in your eyes for ladies to have privacy in their bathrooms or are you one of those honeybees which lost the plot completely. When a honeybee reach that stage it cannot distinguish anymore between a flower and a turd.

      Then all turds become like flowers to him and obviously start sucking nectar on turds. What is wrong becomes good and vice a versa. To make matters worse they teach the young bees to suck on the turds as well.

      They spend their whole lifetime's income to educate their youngsters in the uni's and colleges. Finally,
      just become degreed turd suckers.

      To make it clear so you can understand the terms. Turd sucking is equal to NWO Globalist liberal idiocrazy. That's right, that's what all the uni students get taught. To serve the NWO Globalists with their liberal ideas to mingle the whole world in one multi-culti shit skin world.

      They have only one thing on their minds and that is to betray their folks wherever they can. They couldn't wait to tie up the shoelaces of the terrorist or to wash the baboons' feet to prove to big NWO turd suckers that they are well taught and have a degree in turd sucking too.

      Next move is, betray your whole nation and hand them over to be slaughtered.

      Hopefully, Trump can make it to presidency to restore law and order. At least he hasn't lost the plot yet.

      I can just imagine how tear full you'll be for not getting your chance of sniffing the ladies toilet seats .LOL

    2. Whiteman9:14 am

      Trump makes a very good impression, even if he is a bulshitter ! But he is rocking the political boat badly, and a whole bunch of powerful men/women, are not happy. If I were him, I would be armed to the teeth, even at church, and would employ more security than Obama ! He can afford it, so let us hope he takes good advice !

  36. Anonymous12:53 am


  37. Anonymous3:57 am

    Is it the zulus per say that are driving the genocide? If it was them, the country would have burnt by now. Its the other tribes I think...

  38. Anonymous4:38 pm

    "One of the major objectives of Apartheid was not to racially discriminate against anybody, but to eradicate racial discrimination. In a homogenous society where people vote for their own and rule themselves there cannot be any “racism”; There cannot be any “exploitation” of one race by another. This was exactly the reason for the homelands."

    You see where the problem comes from. You are so biased. Then you were in power and you were more privileged to choose the fattest cows and leave other groups with emaciated cows. If today there was apartheid like it was in the past, we would have removed all of you in your fancy houses and farms and relocate all of you to Kalahari desert. That is all what apartheid is. We would then only take back those who are willing to work for us in our gardens and kitchen to come and live in our neighbourhood so that each time when we need one whitey pig we wouldn't have to drive all the way to Kalahari. I just hope it would have been fair hey…

    1. Anonymous8:51 pm

      Rich coming from a black K4 whose limited history does not even warrant any real consideration. Dumb ape, you are going to eat your children in the coming years. You've done it before and you will do it again. Enjoy your heaven, heaven got fuckall, heaven got food. Heaven Zim style. Stupid black fuck.

    2. Anonymous11:01 pm

      Put whitey in the Kalahari and he'll turn it into forest land in a couple of years, with flourishing industry. And infrastructure in the areas where you removed him would disintegrate (further than at present!) There would also no longer be any tax inflows to be pillaged by the wonderful government "leaders".

    3. Anonymous11:53 pm

      If whites were to leave SA altogether the country would totally collapse within two years. There would be no commerce or industry left. No taxes, no food supply - nothing.

      The majority of wealthy blacks are employed in the public sector, exploiting and being paid from the tax base.

      Black business men are few and far between.

    4. Anonymous12:53 am

      Don't make me laugh. Anyway keep on dreaming young whitey boy. Without political and economic power you can't do anything. If you don't have that platform to negotiate with the outside world and tell them what you need or even make a loan in the world bank, you can't do anything. If you don't have that power to negotiate with investors and ask them for help in creating jobs and help you to turn Kalahari into a forest land, you are going nowhere. Before that investor comes to you in Kalahari will have to come through us. Before anyone outside will have to come and build you infrastructure, he will have to ask us for permission first. That's how things were during apartheid. No matter how industrious you are if you don't have political power you can't do anything, not even to build forest in Kalahari. You will all end up living in mud houses because we wont even sell you a cement. Even that little farm of yours in the northern cape cannot exist independently without our water supply, electricity, resources, money, etc.

    5. Anonymous2:08 am

      There is no a single white man in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, etc, but still they still have businesses.

    6. Anonymous2:51 am

      @Anon 4:38

      You ignorant and illiterate kaffir. Anything more is wasted on the likes of you.

    7. Anonymous4:17 am

      No, I think you have it wrong here, Whitey who will live in the Kalahari will turn it green and make it bloom and all your kind will then want to come and live with whitey in the Kalahari, that is how it will be, hey!

    8. Anonymous7:27 am

      Make Kalahari green with what. If we have political power we can manipulate everything to oppose Kalahari into being turned green by suffocating you with financial resources and infrastructure. We would even refuse to sell you a simple cement. You will have to use our ports, our air ports and our roads. You will stand no chance of developing if you don't have political power.

    9. Guess we'll just have to then kill you first and go and bury you in the Kalahari .... Julle kaffirs het lanklaas n pakslae gehad, byt vas doos, dis naby..

    10. Anonymous6:03 pm

      Anon 7:27 oh really, okay, moron, the same roads, air ports, ports, etc will be built by whitey you might be the numba one at the top but you still need whitey to make you look and feel good, so you can have your political power all you want to stimulate your over inflated ego but at the end of the day without whitey and his money that you so desperately want, you are nothing.You idiots have been in power for the last 22 years and you have gone backward, not forward, the country is crumbling and your voters will soon be coming for you to lynch you, lying scum.

    11. Anonymous6:16 pm

      For twenty two years you had the chance to get investors in this country but nobody wants to come here because you are lying thieving scum and they can see right through your bullshit schemes because you want to be the boss, the numba one, hau. Your work ethic stinks, you do not have a work ethic because you want to do the least amount of work for the most amount of pay, the country has too many unions, too socialist, to the point of communist, a crime rate that is of the charts so who in their right minds will come and invest in your shithole?

    12. Anonymous10:15 am

      @Anon 2:08

      "There is no a single white man in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, etc, but still they still have businesses."

      Do some research before posting shit.


      Take a look at Kenya and Ghana. Nigeria has whites working in the oil industry.

  39. Anonymous4:49 pm

    "Now the Germans are forcing migrants to wear a pass on them at all times and when stopped by the police they should present it immediately. Failure to do so will result in imprisonment and deportation."

    It is good that Germans are doing it on foreigners, same way as South Africa demands foreigners carry their permits wherever they ho. So, now apartheid government did it on their fellow citizens whose ancestors lived in the land long before whitey pigs could be seen.

    1. Anonymous10:11 pm

      Anon 4:49


      Answer: Savage / that's why God made you guys black so we can have a early warning of trouble just by looking at you. Facts are facts!

    2. Anonymous2:40 am

      @Anon 4:49

      Oh, there you go with that tedious pig insult again. We shouldn't expect more from the mind of a kaffir.

  40. Anonymous5:23 pm


    Another Attack - 4 in one week by Muslims - Enjoy, Mulitculturalism ist ze gut!


    1. Anonymous11:00 pm

      God hates apartheid and Mike endorses it.

      1 Corinthians 12:12-13 reads:

      For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—Jews or Greeks, slaves or free—and all were made to drink of one Spirit.

      Ancient Jews were black and Greeks were white, believe it or not. Science even proved it.

    2. God hates Apartheid? So why did he split people up into different nations with different languages at the Tower of Babel? Why did Jesus say himself in Math 15:24 that he exclusively came ONLY for the lost sheep of the House of Israel?

    3. Anonymous11:47 pm

      Yes Mike, in fact you and anon 11.00 are both correct. But we are brought together in faith now through our Messiah - into one heavenly family of a 'new kingdom'.

      But Mike if you believe what you do why do you support the the claim of whites belonging in SA. In view of God dividing the nations, whites had no business venturing into SA in the first place. We should have stayed in Europe.

    4. Anonymous12:09 am

      Our Heavenly Father and Creator, Yahweh, Prohibits Race-Mixing and Commands Racial Purity and Segregation

      Deuteronomy 14:2 "For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God, and the LORD hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth."

      Exodus 33:16 "So shall we be separated, I and all of Thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the earth."

      Deuteronomy 7:3 "Neither shalt thou make marriages with them: thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son."

      Joshua 23:12-13 "if ye do in any wise go back and cleave unto the remnant of these nations, even these that remain among you, and shall make marriage with them and go in unto them and they unto you: know for a certainty that they shall be snares and traps unto you and scourges in your sides and thorns in your eyes, until ye perish off from this good land which the Lord your God has given you."

      Ezra 9:2 "For they have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons: so that the HOLY SEED have MIXED themselves with the people of those lands: yea, the hand of the princes and rulers hath been chief in this TRESPASS."

      Nehemiah 9:2 "And the seed of Israel separated themselves from all STRANGERS and stood and confessed their sins, and the iniquities of their fathers."

      Note: "Strangers" above in Nehemiah 9:2 is from Strong's Hebrew word #5236, "nekar", meaning "a foreigner" or an "alien".

      Nehemiah 13:3 "Now it came to pass, when they had heard the law, that they separated from Israel all the MIXED multitude."

      Hosea 5:7 "They have dealt treacherously against YAHWEH: for they have begotten STRANGE children:"

      Note: The word "strange" from Hosea 5:7 is from Strong's Hebrew word #2114, "zuwr", meaning "a foreigner".

      Deuteronomy 23:2 "A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord, even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord."

      Note: The word "bastard" above in Deuteronomy 23:2 is from Strong's Hebrew word #4464, "mamzer", which is defined as "a mongrel" or person of mixed-race.

    5. Anonymous12:16 am

      Mike Israel was black and Canaanites (Phoenicians) were white but Jesus loved us all.


      The Israelites became big headed and their privileges were taken away. Jesus then decided to unite all nations and deliver all that believed in him. Among Israel there were many other nations. There were Romans who were white, Moabites, etc.

    6. Anonymous12:18 am

      Ancient Jews were black.
      Do you even know how did the name Jew came into existence.

      In your heaven you will get the job to "was al die stink kaffer pote soos ou pootwas Adderjan Vlok"

      Stop smoking "post toasties", that scientists who proved that, is this present day liberal donkey ball suckers.

      Why would God hate apartheid when he created it Himself. God separated himself from the evil and ordered us to do the same. Now you want to twist the scriptures to sooth your guilt of your unholy multi-culti living.

      God cast the evil out, you want to take it back to heaven. What's wrong with you?. The whole nature is based on Apartheid, which means separateness which means holiness. Go search the word "holy" in Strongs Concordance yourself and see what it means.

    7. Anonymous12:31 am

      Anon 11:00.PM. Who the fuck are you to decided what God hates.

      You dumb kaffir arse fucking doos, go fuck yourself and your philosophy. God created species different for a reason.

      You and your twisted soft cock, liberal cunt family have taken Gods word and twisted it to suit your own purpose.

      Listen cunt, go put a gun to your head a do us a favour by squeezing the trigger, its cunts and softies like you that have created this shithole that we now live in.

      I pray to my God that you cunts burn and burn slowly for your sin of corrupting his word and his creation.

      Fuck you and your kind.


    8. Anonymous2:12 am

      Anon 12:09- why did Israelites married with other nations then?

    9. Anonymous2:25 am


      I am so glad that you're back, but I bet Shaka isn't.

    10. Anonymous2:32 am

      When Jesus said, knock on the door and it will be opened, he didn't mean freeloaders are welcome. If you - during those times and within that tribe - were to go to your neighbour late at night because you had visitors and needed to borrow three loaves of bread, your neighbour would get up and give you the bread just so he could go back to sleep in peace. Never mind the isolated incident of the good Samaritan. You play the samaritan outside your tribe in South Africa and you will be murdered for your trouble. Look at the idiot "Christian" samaritans letting blacks live on their farms because they feel sorry for them. They soon run into major problems with fighting and false entitlement.

    11. Anonymous6:49 am

      @ anon 2:25 AM. Thank you.

      Yes, I see somebody let the garden booi dress up and go into town.

      I look forward to having some interesting debate with riffak in the future.

      Shaka's head is so full of shit that the stench oozes through his pores and violates the fresh air of this country of ours.


    12. Anonymous7:07 am

      Anonymous2:12 AM

      Anon 12:09- why did Israelites married with other nations then?

      It is because you read a the new twisted translation of the bible. Abram and Isaac were Hebrews , they were not Israelites. All the other Hebrews were not Israelites either. There were thousands of them.

      The existence of Israel started only with Jacob.
      Abraham passed the covenant that God made with him down to Isaac and so forth. Go read the covenant carefully in the old king James version.

      In the covenant God said to Abraham

      Gen 17:7

      And I will establish H6965 my covenant H1285 between me and thee and thy seed H2233 after thee H310 in their generations H1755 for an everlasting H5769 covenant, H1285 to be a God H430 unto thee, and to thy seed H2233 after thee. H310

      Gen 17:2

      And I will make H5414 my covenant H1285 between me and thee, and will multiply H7235 thee exceedingly. H3966 H3966

      As for me, H589 behold, my covenant H1285 is with thee, and thou shalt be a father H1 of many H1995 nations. H1471

      Gen 17:9

      And God H430 said H559 unto Abraham, H85 Thou shalt keep H8104 my covenant H1285 therefore, thou, and thy seed H2233 after thee H310 in their generations. H1755

      Now can you see that God told Abraham and his generations to keep the covenant, He referred to his seed in all generations, and also that He will make them many nations.

      So, it not so clever to figure out that when Isaac needed a wife he sent his servant
      Gen 24:4

      But thou shalt go H3212 unto my country, H776 and to my kindred, H4138 and take H3947 a wife H802 unto my son H1121 Isaac. H3327

      They didn't marry any "bos aap" as your conclusion is. Read your Bible properly. They marry girls out of the Hebrew nation. The Hebrews obviously multiplied just as the other nations have multiplied.
      Now you also know who the gentiles are. Jacob was the first Israelite and all the other Hebrew families made up the gentiles.

      The dwellers on earth (heathen)were the nations from Gen:3.15

      The history of Lot's two daughters resulted in two sons.
      Gen 19:37

      And the firstborn bare a son, and called his name Moab: the same is the father of the Moabites unto this day.

      And the younger, she also bare a son, and called his name Benammi: the same is the father of the children of Ammon unto this day.

      Now the history of Ruth

      Rth 1:4

      And they took H5375 them wives H802 of the women H802 of Moab; H4125 the name H8034 of the one H259 was Orpah, H6204 and the name H8034 of the other H8145 Ruth: H7327 and they dwelled H3427 there about ten H6235 years. H8141

      Now Boaz was an Israelite and he could only obey the laws of God. Although they called Ruth a Moabite she still was from Hewbrew offspring

      Rth 4:5

      Then said H559 Boaz, H1162 What day H3117 thou buyest H7069 the field H7704 of the hand H3027 of Naomi, H5281 thou must buy H7069 it also of Ruth H7327 the Moabitess, H4125 the wife H802 of the dead, H4191 to raise up H6965 the name H8034 of the dead H4191 upon his inheritance. H5159

      Therefore the kinsman H1350 said H559 unto Boaz, H1162 Buy H7069 it for thee. So he drew off H8025 his shoe. H5275

      And Boaz H1162 said H559 unto the elders, H2205 and unto all the people, H5971 Ye are witnesses H5707 this day, H3117 that I have bought H7069 all that was Elimelech's, H458 and all that was Chilion's H3630 and Mahlon's, H4248 of the hand H3027 of Naomi. H5281

      So Boaz H1162 took H3947 Ruth, H7327 and she was his wife: H802 and when he went in H935 unto her, the LORD H3068 gave H5414 her conception, H2032 and she bare H3205 a son. H1121

      So don't confuse yourself with the idea that the Israelites mingled themselves out of existence with other demonic nations. By the way, have a look at Saartjie Baardman and compare her with a girl from any of the white races and see who will you want your son to marry.

      So the principle of apartheid, separateness, holiness is not just a wish of the Boervolk. It is a principle of God when he created everything. Go and mingle everything on this earth, if you wish, and see how long will you exsist.

    13. Anonymous8:16 am


      Anonymous12:18 AM

      It is true some blacks became Jews but the first Jews cannot be black because the first Jew, as mentioned after Abraham came from Abraham.

      If you read Christs lineage, you will see he traces his roots through the tribe of Judah all the way to Adam.

      If you read Tiberius Cesar's account of Jesus, you will see clearly that he mentions him with a golden beard. Found in the Washington Congressional Library - search it online.

      Now if Christ can trace his lineage (which the book of Mathew does) all the way back to David, David we are told before the battle begins with Goliath that, he was "fair & ruddy" and we can trace all the kings back to Jacob, Isaac, Abraham - Abraham had a fair wife called Sarah, which is why he told the Egyptians she was his sister and not his wife because of her fairness - that fairness is a literal fairness and not a personal/personality trait -

      Now if Abraham is the father of the first Jew, how could he & his wife give birth to a black if his wife was fair and he was a descendant of Adam? Adam - meaning redish/ruddy in Hebrew we find the countenance of David to be the same.

      We know they are fair because the bible speaks specifically against racial mixing and Israels children not to mix.

      So If Christs complexion was that of Davids, Davids was that of Abraham, then how could the first Jew (different from the religion) be black?

      You shouldnt speak about Jews when you dont or cannot tell the difference between Jew in the form of religion (Chinese can become Jews tomorrow - then do we say all the Chinese are the Jews in the bible?)

      Then you have to make a distinction of the house of Judah and the Jews that returned from Babylon and to make it even more confusing for simple minds, then you have to know the difference between the modern day Khazarian Jew and the Jews of Babylon, the Jews of Judah and the first person called Judah.

    14. Anonymous8:17 am


      @Anonymous12:16 AM
      @Anonymous12:18 AM

      Adam - meaning to go ruddy/red and not man kind/humanity as is taught by the Church was the great, great father of Noah, it tells us in the Hebrew texts, Noah was without blemish.

      In the book of Enoch it specifically mentions " the sons of God - The fallen Angels took the daughters of men because they were fair"

      Adam was not the first man on earth, because Cane went out to live with other nations after killing Abel. Adam was the first white man, from which the western Christian come from, found in the west to which the apostles went to preach, Christ says " I have not come BUT unto the lost house of Israel"

      When a Canaanite women (African) asked for his help, he said No initially but here is where the Church mixes this up, if you read the verse, the Lord says "because you had faith, it is done unto you" In other words her own faith in Christ and not Christs special powers/miracle/gifts were at play in her healing, this is not the case when he healed his neighbors/Israelites from which all 11 Apostles came, except Judah.

      So anyone can become a Jew but the real question is, if the blacks are the promised people, then why hasnt Africa as a whole or entire nations accepted Christianity and then we must ask what blessings have the Africans been to the world? After all it is the white man that feeds them and not them that feed the white man!

      They have never preached the gospel, they dont even accept the gospel!

      Christ says, you will know them by their deeds, the only deeds Africans from the beginning of time have done is rape, plunder, starve, never spread the gospel, never accepted it and to this day live in poverty, as they have always done.

    15. Anonymous8:18 am

      @Anonymous12:18 AM

      God doesnt make a human being that cant look after itself, so then we have to ask who is the real father of these nations? Anyone with biblical maps can quickly find out who the blacks are and what the commandment was to do to them.

      So where/how did the blacks become Jews? The answer can be found in your bible quite clearly.

      During the time of King Xerxis of Persia, in her Exile Ezra found favor with Xerxis king of Persia and shed light on the fact that their were certain Persians/people who wanted to kill the Jews, totally destroy them.

      When Ezra told Xerxis, he gave her permission to do what she wanted with her enemies. Now the book of Ezra specifically mentions that the King ruled from Persia, India and the land of Cush - today Sudan surrounding lands - North East Africa.

      Because the people were so afraid of being put to death & killed, many turned to the Jewish faith. This is why in the new testament we read that in Ethiopia Paul met a fellow Jew - now remember the Israelites were also in the Sudan/Ethiopia region and take into account what Ezra said and there you have your answer.

      The Venda of South Africa, which can trace their roots far up into Africa, to that specific region still practice Jewish customs but they are of the Jewish faith and not Jews blood from the tribe of Judah. They can never say they were under the cloud during the Exodus!

      There is your answer and any black can ask me anything, I will simply point out 400 reasons why they are not Israelites based on the bible, history and archaeology -

      The simplest way to find out is to ask where those apostles went first? The answer can be found in where the first Churches were built and I will have to point out, they were not in Africa.

      It says - The tribes were scattered beyond the river Euphrates, now I know geography was and has never been any Africans strong point, in 1652, they had no idea where in the world they were, what year it was and they were living like heathens found in the lands around Israel 4,000 years ago.

      Now here is a trick question - If the Lord said, I will scatter you beyond the river Euphrates, either the Lord is confused that the Nile is the river Euphrates or blacks simply dont know where the river Euphrates is - the river is North of Israel, not South - We find the apostles going North, not South into Africa.

      I you would like another 399 reasons, please let me know and I can show you.

      Phoenicians were a sea fearing tribe, the Israelites were white let me paste in here for the morons who think Christ was black.

    16. Anonymous8:29 am


      Was Christ black?

      Now if Christ was black, he would have sent his apostles to Africa after his kind. The Israelites - Jacobs children ALL traced their ancestry to Adam! It says so in the book. The Scottish declare in the 13th century declaration they crossed the sea from Egypt - Are the Scott's black? The Scotts come from the Irish - Are they black? The Queens/Kings in the UK also have descendants from Ireland/Scotland are they black?

      From Pontius pilate to Tiberius Cesar

      To Tiberius Caesar:
      A young man appeared in Galilee preaching with humble unction, a new law in the Name of the God that had sent Him.

      At first I was apprehensive that His design was to stir up the people against the Romans, but my fears were soon dispelled. Jesus of Nazareth spoke rather as a friend of the Romans than of the Jews. One day I observed in the midst of a group of people a young man who was leaning against a tree, calmly addressing the multitude.

      I was told it was Jesus. This I could easily have suspected so great was the difference between Him and those who were listening to Him. His golden colored hair and beard gave to his appearance a celestial aspect. He appeared to be about 30 years of age.

      Never have I seen a sweeter or more serene countenance. What a contrast between Him and His bearers with their black beards and tawny complexions! Unwilling to interrupt Him by my presence, I continued my walk but signified to my secretary to join the group and listen.

      Later, my secretary reported that never had he seen in the works of all the philosophers anything that compared to the teachings of Jesus. He told me that Jesus was neither seditious nor rebellious, so we extended to Him our protection.

      He was at liberty to act, to speak, to assemble and to address the people. This unlimited freedom provoked the Jews -- not the poor but the rich and powerful.

      So unless Pilate was lying and had some hidden agenda, there it is folks!

      The truth.


    17. Anonymous8:46 am


      Now have you ever seen a black person with a rosy skin complexion, blue eyes and a crown on their head from which their hair eventually sits on their shoulders?

      Notice the Lords countenance is that of David, Sarah, Noah, Ezra and his people, the Israelites. The Lord is from the same genetic makeup because it traces the lords Genealogy in the book of Mathew.

      Another account of Jesus for those who wont or cant handle one account of our Lord and savior....

      The following description of Jesus Christ was written by Publius Lentrelus, a citizen of Judea in the reign of Tiberius Caesar. It first appeared in the writings of Saint Anselm of Canterbury, 11th century:

      There lives at this time in Judea a man of singular virtue whose name is Jesus Christ, whom the barbarians esteem as a prophet, but his followers love and adore him as the offspring of the immortal God.

      He calls back the dead from the graves and heals all sorts of diseases with a word or touch.

      ----->>>> He is a tall man, well-shaped, and of an amiable and reverend aspect;

      ------>>> his hair of a color that can hardly be matched, falling into graceful curls, waving about and very agreeable crouching upon his shoulders, parted on the crown of the head, running as a stream to the front after fashion of the Nazarites.

      His forehead high, large and imposing; his cheeks without spot or wrinkle,

      ---->>> beautiful with a lovely red; his nose and mouth formed with exquisite symmetry; his beard, and of a color suitable to his hair, reaching below his chin and parted in the middle like a fork;

      ---->>> his eyes bright blue, clear and serene. Look innocent, dignified, manly and mature.

      In proportion of body most perfect, and captivating; his arms and hands delectable to behold.

      He rebukes with majesty, councils with mildness, His whole address whether in word or deed, being eloquent and grave.

      No man has seen him laugh, yet his manners are exceedingly pleasant, but he has wept frequently in the presence of men. He is temperate, modest and wise.

      A man for his extraordinary beauty and perfection, surpassing the children of men in every sense.

      Now I dont mean to be rude but we have to speak honestly. We know these things here who claim Christ was a parasite have flat noses, dik lips and do not fit the description above, so then how could they be of the same genetic makeup of King David, who`s throne was to last forever?

      Ok ok all these accounts were racist! Sure! Satan is deceiving the world, causing chaos with this multiculturalism.

      We are told, as in the days of Noah. If it tells us, Noah was without blemish, one can assume not too many people existed with this countenance during that time. Their entire seed/genetics of God had been destroyed when the Angels of heaven, took fair daughters of Adams race.

      I dont listen to the Church, I have a bible, history, archaeology on my side. I dont twist verses for the hope of winning favor to pay my Church expenses.

    18. Anonymous9:04 am


      Anonymous2:32 AM

      Remember, that verse love your neighbor was not new. In fact is was one of the first things the Lord told moses to tell the Israelites after leaving Egypt.

      If the entire world were our neighbors like the modern, whore of a church they are tells us, your pastor will say " everyone is your neighbor" if this is the case then they must answer this.

      1. If everyone was their neighbor - then why didnt the Lord simply leave the Israelites in Egypt to love their Egyptian neighbors?

      2. Why did the Lord tell Israel to remain separate from their neighbors around them?

      3. Why would the Lord tell the Israelite's to completely destroy, utterly destroy and show no mercy to their neighbors?

      The neighbor confusion lies in the fact that the Church claim the old testament doesnt apply, is only for Jews and that the new testament is all that matters.

      Well the new fulfills the old covenant with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the promise to David. The new testament is preaching the gospel " go but unto the house of Israel" then the pastors get confused regarding Saul/Pauls words.

      The ENTIRE context/content of the bible is around Israel and their final restoration of them. It is through the Lord they are saved, the apostles sit and judge the tribes and it is only through those tribes all the other nations then come to God - last 2 chapters of revelations - go read it.

      Now we know Satan is a deceiver, then we know that he will deceive the elect from their final inheritance mentioned in revelations, if this is the case then we must ask how will this Satan with his brood of vipers try to do this?

      1. Mongrelize the tribes of Israel, make them equal to all nations and mix them to a point where there is no trace of Israel found in their DNA - like in the time of Noah, so shall the end times be, we must know this present time is nothing new - it has been going on for centuries, the racial battle between the seeds on Earth.

      2. Through complete destruction via warfare!

      The other way is a spiritually weak people that will accept the first and face the latter, the 2nd point - total destruction - my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge - the church is the abomination of desolation!

      These are the only two ways! And this battle is now picking up speed because that fallen one knows his time is up! The battle will rage like the ocean during a hurricane.

      South Africa will feel the brunt of it! The white Christians in this country followed the rules/regulations up until 1994 when they were forced through sanctions, a new world order and the current world system to be an example, a way forward for the entire western world.

      Why did we have it so tough here? The last days, Satan tempts those who follow the laws more than those who are led astray! The world is Satans domain but only for a little while longer.

      We will be used for a wonder to those nations, you will see what happens here in the end, only something of a miracle will save this nation and that miracle lies in our faith and following the laws given.

    19. Anonymous9:05 am


      There is only AND only one way this nation, you, I our families come out of this demonic new South Africa and that is first through prayer and going back to our roots, history and following what we always followed which is the truth mentioned in the bible.

      The west is in Chaos because for the past 80 years they have all departed from those books, they have been deceived through Marxism, liberalism to abandon their faiths and the results are devastating.

      A spiritually weak nation can be defeated easily! We must spiritually go back to our book and Lord and repent - Im not saying become a saint but keep yourselves clean in spirit in these final days of this demonic South Africa.

      Do not fear the heathen, fear the Lord! If you want the republics to stretch from the Cape to the Equator, then you must pray for it and if two or more of us come together in the Lords name, then the Lord shall give it to us.

      So join me in Spirit and pray day and night for the salvation, restoration of this white/Afrikaner nation, so that we may shine bright and set an example to the world and our Israelite neighbors, this way they may turn their backs on this world system and do the right thing.

      Do not mix, do not accept Multiculturalism and life will be easy!

    20. Anonymous10:36 am

      Don't worry we shall take you to Kalahari to go and live there in peace. That's the kind of life you chose to yourselves because you believe that God is a racist.

    21. Anonymous11:18 am

      Well said Boere Ninja, and thank you.

      I for one shall pray with you for our peoples salvation.

    22. Anonymous11:13 pm

      Boere Ninja stop misleading people with your Hollywood rhetoric that always potray Jews as white. The truth is there on the bible. The white race have nothing to do with sematic people. The real original Jews were black as proven by archeologists and historians.

      Joseph when he was sold to slavery in Egypt which was a black country, it appears he was black because after 20years his brothers could not recognise him among Egyptians. Pharaoh who was dark skin raised Moses under the impression that he was his grand son. So, do you want to suggest to us that blacks cannot recognise a white man among them? All of these are a clear proof that Egyptians and Israelites (jews) looked alike. The only thing that differed among them was a tribe. So, Jews were black.

      Don't be fooled by those Ashkenazi Jews who have robbed Palestines of their land. They are fake Jews who stole identity of the real black Jews. But what I like about them is that they all agree that original Jews were indeed black. Former late Egyptian President once told them that their claim to Israel land is fraudulent because they left Israel as black people but return as white people some centuries later. Very surprising indeed. But there is nothing amazing of a white man because he is a thief of glory of other people as always. It won't surprise us that in future they will also claim that Ninjas were white and not Japanese.

    23. Anonymous11:46 pm

      Boere Ninja-Once more, I told you that Europeans and Semites have nothing in common. Your little drama about Jesus is just another myth told by Hollywood and Eurocentrism that always seek to portray Jesus and all bible characters as white. Jesus son of David, was a descendent of the Cushites who were black. Jesus was black. That's why John likened his skin to brass and his hair to wool in the book of revelation.

      Europeans just like other nations adopted religion of the Semites and because they are identity thieves from the onset, they have tried much to confuse the world to make people believe that Christianity is a western religion.

    24. Anonymous4:16 am

      Anon1146 and 1113, prove it with scripture text from the Bible tha t Jews where black?

    25. Anonymous4:26 am

      Anon 1146, go read the Bible and you will see that cush was the son of ham, Christ's lineage dates all the way back to Abraham which in turn goes all the way back to Shem, one of the sons of Noah and not Ham.

    26. Anonymous8:43 am

      Anon 4:16

      All of Ham's sons (Gen 10:6) are described as being black except Canaan.

      Canaan was basically albino or had Biblical leprosy. Albinism and vitiligo was historically was known as "white leprosy" of which this particular form of leprosy is now referred to as Alphos.

      Vitiligo is a skin disease that turns black man to become a white man. Just Google the symptoms of the disease and see how is it like.

    27. Anonymous12:26 pm

      @kaffer saying that Jesus are black You are so funny and please remember that your blasphemy is punishable by hellfire
      Have a nice holiday with satan

    28. Anonymous11:25 pm

      Look at this whitey pig. Is your ego now shattered to learn the truth that Jesus was not white and instead was black. Europeans and Semites have nothing in common. Blasphemy is perpetuated by your kind who potray Jesus Christ as white man on the cross not us. That is the standard Romans have set in the world to brain wash modern people and you are unfortunately a victim as well. You shall be forgiven because you are as well innocent.

    29. Anonymous12:55 am

      Boere ninja, explain the following please.

      "This is why in the new testament we read that in Ethiopia Paul met a fellow Jew."

      When did Paul go to Ethiopia?

    30. Anonymous9:09 am


      @Anonymous11:13 PM

      First off Hollywood is not for Christ, hence the blasphemy and the error in your assumption.

      Christ was white end of the story, read Pontius Pilates letter to Tiberius Cesar regarding Christ description.

      Jesus Christs lineage goes directly to Adam, it goes through the genealogy in the book of Mathew.

      Before you argue read it, read the description of Pilate and no one in their right mind would ever accept a black as a god.

      Every nation when they see blacks looks DOWN and not up to them, hence the various cast systems in the world.

      Jesus was related to David and David was fair & ruddy, read the book.

      I believe the reason for the confusion, goes back to what the Lord said before listening to the Canaanite women. Dont feed pigs what is holy or dont let the dogs eat what is sacred.

      Now blacks after learning about the bible FROM whites, think and want to tell us what it means, like they want to tell us in our democracies we should give them equal rights, when there is nothing equal about us, they have never produced anything fruitful for any nation, not even for themselves.

    31. Anonymous9:18 am


      @Anonymous11:13 PM

      You have so many errors in your flawed thinking

      First Egypt has never been an African country, blacks like to claim it as theirs.

      It was never black! Blacks might have helped with the construction of they pyramids but they never built or designed them, how could they simply forget all their design skills and not build anything in Africa for another 5,000+ years.

      2nd No where does it say Joseph became black, it says Joseph hid his identity, he did this several times, testing/playing games with his brothers by sending servants and messengers to them. Even hiding goods in their bags and accusing them of stealing it - does this now make him a thief or liar? You add in details that arnt there and have a false assumption Egypt was black, it was never black African. DNA + Genetics prove this - its all been debunked.

      You say dont be fooled by the Ashkanazi Jews but I clearly mentioned this in the first post - you need to read before you make statement.

      Well talk about white and Japan, if you go into Japanese history you will find that their first emperors were the whitest asians, in Japan for centuries there has been a class distinction between the Japs that looked fairer and those that looked more mongol.

      That is a fact, same in China, Korea, India - there is a cast system worldwide and no one would have believed a black Jesus! He could never have been black based on the genealogy in Mathew and then we have eye witnesses to his stature to prove the gospel correct once more.

      The only flaw is in flawed thinking and not understanding who those people are in the book, the Afrikaners, my great grandmother knew with the historical + archaeological evidence, today we know for a fact who they are and where they are.

  41. Off topic, but you were right again Mike. According to some sources , Erdogan was behind coup to conduct ````purges. British intelligence seems to have uncovered some info. Will wait and see what comes out in the "newspapers".

  42. Anonymous10:54 pm


  43. Anonymous2:13 am

    Nothing will come of all our efforts to stop our race being wiped off the face of this earth without the help of our Creator God.

    Evil Cain's descendants, fathered by satan - are the hidden puppeteers who work up, and use the dumb black races against whites here and world wide. (We being white Seth's descendants).

    The bastardised descendants of Cain, who lost their heritage through their own doings, have throughout history used bribery to foster traitorous white anti race behaviour to further their agenda of white destruction and world dominance for themselves.

    Cain has fomented lies war usury communism atheism and bad morals - deliberately weakening and destroying our God given civilized white cultural values.

    For us and our world to flourish, Cain's progeny need to be stopped and toppled.

    As long as we refuse to acknowledge and obey our Creator Father God this reality will not be possible.
    For therein (our acceptance and obedience to God, lies our strength and salvation. This is because we are "wired" differently to other races. If we reject our wiring we malfunction and are lost sheep.

    Descendants of Cain = destruction and death.

    Descendants of Seth = creation and life.

    In order for whites to win the battle of Armageddon - Hebrew meaning "the battle of my loved ones", we need to know our Father. The face/nature of our Father is shown to us in Christ.

    In the old testament, our Hebrew ancestors could not see the face of God.
    In the new testament we are shown the face/nature of God through Christ, so believing in Christ we gained freedom and no longer had to live under the sacrificial law.

    The whole bible is a will and testament from our Father God to his white children only.

    Our father did not say we are to turn the other cheek to all races.

    To turn the cheek means to forgive one another of personal sleights, and this only applies to our white brothers and sisters.

    Our collective survival or destruction hinges on our awakening to our birthright, and our obedience to God.

  44. Anonymous4:38 am

    Big OOPS! on JSE. I was wondering what was really behind all the sudden optimism.

    JSE error shows foreigners continue to sell SA equities

    Ryk van Niekerk

    Foreigners did not pile nearly R100 billion into South African equities during a record streak of 36 consecutive trading days since May, but were rather net sellers of securities to the tune of more than R30 billion.

    The JSE said in a communication issued on Sunday, that a programming error caused the trading data for the period between May 31 and July 20 to be incorrectly calculated.

    Moneyweb reported on this apparent inflow of foreign capital and many commentators attributed the inflow to foreign investors looking for high-yield securities in developing markets. Several commentators also suggested that this capital inflow was a major reason why the rand strengthened against international currencies during the period.

    The JSE communication states:

    “It has come to our attention that due to a programming error affecting the manner in which we extract statistical data from our core transactional systems, the non-resident (foreign trading) statistics for the Equity Market for the period 31 May to 20 July 2016, were incorrectly calculated.

    “The programming error was corrected on 21 July 2016 and daily reports received from 22 July 2016 are accurate as is the source data.

    “The correct non-resident statistics for the period are: May 2016 (net sales of R16.1 billion); June 2016 (net sales of R20.3 billion); July 2016 to date (net purchases of R0.05 billion). This compares to the previously published non-resident statistics of the same period: May 2016 (net purchases of R6.4 billion); June 2016 (net purchases of R63.8 billion); July 2016 to date (net purchases of R27.9 billion).

    "Subscribers will receive corrected statistics on 25 July 2016 dating back to 23 May 2016.

    "We have taken immediate steps to correct the statistics and we are considering additional measures to avoid a reoccurrence. We recognise the importance of this data to all stakeholders and apologise for the miscalculation."


    1. Anonymous3:12 am

      God is the mighty word of spiritual power given by the creator of the soul. The physical deed is and has to be done upon this world by natural persons who have been spiritually cleansed by the word and are God's worthy Holy Servants. Without the deed to prove/back God's Holy and righteous word the power of "GOD THE WORD" will be none existent to the evil heathens upon this world. See KJV John 1:1(Read the whole chapter. It is worth it).

  45. Anonymous4:56 am

    The Hebrew noun “Yehudi” (“Jew” in English; Strongs #3064) is derived from the name Judah, who was one of Jacob’s twelve sons. Judah was the ancestor of one of the tribes of Israel, which was named after him. “Yehudi” occurs 76 times in the following books of the Old Testament:
    – 11 times in Jeremiah (written about 600BC), where it describes Judeans,
    – Twice in 2 Kings (written about 550BC), where it describes Judeans who lived about 750BC and 590BC,
    – Once in Zechariah (written about 520BC), where it may describe both Judeans and Israelites,
    – 52 times in Esther (written about 460BC), where it describes those dispersed after the Babylonian invasions and living in the Persian kingdom, including Mordecai a Benjaminite (Est. 2:5; 5:13), and
    – 10 times in Nehemiah (written about 430BC), where it describes exiles who returned to Jerusalem.

    A related word “Yehudain” (Strongs #3062) only occurs in the books of Daniel and Ezra (written about 530BC and 440BC respectively). So the most robust answer to our question, “When did the tribe Judah become known as Jews?” is from about 600BC.

    1. Anonymous10:27 am

      Try living according to the new Testament my mate! The Old Testament is just a natural and worthless history book. Spiritually speaking the Spiritual truth of God the Spiritual Father was and still is brought to the soul within the mind of mankinds understanding by the Spiritual teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ. Thanks for the history lesson but I fail to see or understand why a Holy, Righteous and Spiritual teachings of JC is always brought into the discussion when naturally minded mankind has filth such as political problems to solve.

  46. Anonymous5:41 am

    @Anonymous10:27 AM

    if you ignore the old worthless history book, how will you know to whom does God refer to in His prophecies.

    How will you know what does He mean when he referred to nations, tribes and tongues in the new testament?

    How will you know to whom does He speak when you read in the new testament "all nations" or "each and everyone".

    That's why you need to read the old worthless history book and pay attention to the everlasting covenant God made with Abraham.

    If God cannot keep his word then all his prophecies are worthless, and the spiritual life and truth you talk about is man made up worthless crap and the Messiah has died for nothing and none of our faith will be worth anything.

    All the Apostles, used and referred to the old testament and the promises that God made to Israel. That was the only scriptures they had. The present day bible only came 300 years after all the apostles were dead. The new testament is only an extension of the word of God and confirms that what He said in the old history book becomes true, because He said it and will make every word that he had spoken come true.

    So, it is worth to take note of that old worthless history book, the old Testament.

    Unfortunately, you have only the scriptures to steer the ship, or to correct this stupid idiots. How will you prove to them that they are wrong if you have no law stating what is wrong or right? You should know that the word "love" that Messiah refers to means to uphold the law. He mentioned, that is the only way you can prove to God the Father your love, and that is to keep His commandments.

    Political views must be corrected with the word of God. If not, it will result in the already prophecy where God said his people honor him with their lips, but the hearts they are far away.

    Therefore, traitors must die, because they make Gods word and law, null and void through their deeds. They turn righteousness into unrighteousness, good into bad.

    Undeniably , that's where South Africa is now. Without God, without law, without an old testament to steer the ship.

  47. Anonymous12:34 pm

    You see now how the west boycotted & sanctioned the NP to put the ANC in the big chair.
    They bought out Madiba, their big saint 7 he sold out the majority & the freedom charter now the same anglo capitalists are stuck with the ANC & ISIS.
    I say good for them, let the kaffirs rape their anglo owned SA economy as punishment & let france, Germany & britain suffer at the hands of Jew controlled isis.