03 July 2016

Dramatic video of Fireforce strike on ISIS fleeing Fallujah, Iraq

By Mike Smith
3rd of July 2016

These Air Assault tactics (vertical envelopment) were first used by the Rhodesian Light Infantry, later transplanted over and adopted by the SADF and Koevoet on the Angolan border and still used by SA mercenaries fighting Boko Haram in North Eastern Nigeria. Today it is widely used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria by NATO forces and the Russians alike. Even the Israelis use it...because it works!.

Tja…we whites at the Southern tip of Africa showed the world how to fight filthy terrorists. Unfortunately, and what a pity, that we had no idea of how to fight propaganda and political traitors in our midst.

Dramatic video shows destruction of ISIS convoy

Burned out human cages, schools packed with explosives and hate propaganda for children: What ISIS left behind when Iraqi forces drove them from Fallujah


  1. Anonymous1:35 am


    Riveting stuff from the Rhodies

  2. Anonymous4:07 am


  3. We knew, but our brethren laughed at us calling us mad, they believed that the nats would not betray them, as obvious as it was, extremely sad, and to see these bastards living the good life, well the wheel turns, lets see.

  4. Anonymous5:36 am

    And the big joke of it all the govt in the late 90s were told the sandf needed to be modernized, then only a few years later the same countries the UK, USA, and the rest of the coalition of the willing were copying our Caspir vehicle's for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    1. Anonymous7:52 am

      Not only that...The fighter pilot helmet. .the G5&6 howitzer and self propelled gun..the Rooivalk. ..man, the SADF were powerful. These days the fucking ex mk idiots roll ratels, how thé fuck do you roll a fucking ratel? ?!!

    2. Anonymous11:54 am

      You give it to a kaffir and tell him NOT to roll it!

  5. Whiteman6:05 am

    We have to accept that a war against the muslems can NEVER be won. Mainly because it is a religion with supporters/members, in just about every nation/race on the face of the earth. I have often wondered, what is so " nice " about this religion, to make it so popular ? ? And people are willing to fight, die, and suffer much hardship, for it ? Then there is the old story, that most muslems are friendly, peace loving, docile individuals, and will never hurt a fly ! The question that we should ask is actually : What does it take, for a friendly, loveable muslim, to become a suicide bomber, or a brutal throat cutter ? We might be very surprised, as to how easily this can happen. In this country, we have the same problem. We are told that the majority blacks, are peaceful, hard working, loveable individuals. So if you start a war, how will you choose between the good ones, and the bad ones ? By implication, if you start a war, you will kill many innocent blacks as well, and that is un-christian. So it is better to just take the punch, and get wiped out in the process. ( I am quoting statements, I have heard with my own ears ! ) We should perhaps ask the question : What does it take, to change Jim, the faithful garden boy, into a brutal farm murderer ? From what I see, and read every day, I would say, NOT MUCH !

  6. Anonymous6:44 am

    That is why as hard as it is for me to accept, I must admit that the SADF was a failure, we won all the battles but we lost the war, and that's why I've discarded all my old army stuff my beret, my browns and boots, I don't even know what happened to my badges, gone because it did not work and for all the paraatness our weekest link was liberalism and a failure for us to politicise our battles even though the enemy did not differentiate between civlian and armed forces, and watch in the next few weeks you will see the politicisation of the sandf because the anc will not want to make the same mistake as the nats. And this time all whites by default will be regarded as racists, and therefore enemies of the black people and new South Africa.

    My hope is that more oue manne will likewise discard the old SADF mindset and it's COIN philosophy and do their own research, training and within the limitations of their own circumstances and amongst their own communities take on an insurgent approach to survival.
    Vigilans Et Sciens.

    1. My experience is that former insurgents when they come to power do not make very good counter insurgents unless they go for extensive retraining. On the other hand. Former counter insurgents make excellent guerrillas with only a few minor adjustments.

    2. Anonymous9:49 am

      Correct .

      It is like Van Rensburg said:

      "There will be many more of you this time, and you will fight differently from the way we fought..."

      There in lies the clue. Discard the old ways and adapt to the new face of war.

      This Komando Korps Boeremag retardation is not the way to go and must be discarded and rejected outright. Don't even go there.

      The poster is correct. Maximize your effectiveness within your own personal circumstances.

      That means that you have to become a 1 man swat team. In other words, teach yourself medic skills like a First Aid course. Can they throw you in jail for that? No.

      Teach yourself basic food production skills. Can they throw your white ass in prison for that? No.

      Teach yourself reloading skills. Can they throw your white ass in prison for that? Not if you have permits and whatever.

      Take an advanced driving course. Can they throw your ass in prison for that? No.

      Can they throw your ass in prison for taking a scuba diving course? No. Frogmen may be needed one day :)

      All legal stuff within the confines of the current laws that can be useful to survive when they try to round us up. We have the right to life.

    3. @ anon 9:49 AM. I am in agreement with you but we need to train the youngsters, we, well most us old guys have a lot of the skills but we need to pass them on.

      Take the younger lads and educate them in field craft and combat techniques.

      Remember we are getting on in years what we win here the next gen will have to keep so this is not our future that we are fighting for but it will be our legacy.

    4. Anonymous11:57 am

      Start by vandalising your old stuff before you throw it away. Old shoes - cut them up into pieces. Containers to hold water - cut them up. Destroy anything useable.

      Bosluis loves Thursday rubbish collection day for free stuff, they stop coming round when its fucked.

    5. Anonymous3:22 pm

      LTMA we can but start with taking the TV games away, give them a taste for history, IE American war for independence 1776, the Spartans battle of Thermopylae, about the unsung heroes of ww2 the SOE and Commando units who probably had the highest fatalities % compared to regular units, and our own history the Boer war, The Bitterenders by Deneits Reitz is a good book for every young man to read, paintball, hunting, hiking, map orienteering, neighborhood watch walks and camping, all these will instill a foundation that will one day make a good soldier out of the young man.

    6. @ anon 3:22 PM. Could not agree with you more.

      Now we need the parents and young men and women to buy into the program and make it a way of life not just a special event.

  7. daily azania mania password? jp?

    Whats going on with your site?

  8. Anonymous10:11 am

    Slim's Defeat into Victory

    If Leadership is defined as achieving positive and beneficial effects from nothing more than imposing your own Character on the events, then no General past or present can hold a candle to this man.

    He had no bombast, no swagger, no Alpha Male character flaws, or egotistical self worth or the craving of glory and honour, he is the very purest example of a Master strategist/tactician, Courageous, Pragmatic, devoted, professional and humble. The lack of notable recognition in the wider populous only serves to underline how much he shunned the limelight and did not seek personal recognition. He is to me the very embodiment of Hector from the Illyiad.



  9. Anonymous10:14 am

    Mike this is a reminder of what Brilliant Leadership and Industry we had during our Battle against the Commies and their underlings to take over SA. The Battle against the Western Sanctions (Allies ??) in favor of the Commies .
    The Battle against the Hit and Run artists trained in Mother Russia with the Help of the Allies, what?
    The Improvisation of Armoured implements to withstand Landmines with our waterfilled V Bottoms, Buffel etc.
    The Battle against the forces of Evil , which the World has to deal with today because it grew so strong. Yes we thrived in SA against all these , our Ideas and Inventions are used today to confront the Evil our so called Allies are faced with.
    Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Born in SA . More of this Below:

  10. Anonymous10:15 am

    Flying the helicopter came later in the life of the always small, if potent, Rhodesian Air Force. When the helicopter was adopted, its agility - its ability to hover, to land and take-off in almost impossible terrain - was exploited to the full by the Rhodesians in their counter-insurgency war. Indeed the Rhodesians were to produce a unique and deadly variant of the tactic of ‘vertical envelopment’ of a target by helicopter-borne infantry, which they called ‘Fire Force’.



    Yes yes I was there I have met the author

    1. PreatorianXVI8:29 pm

      I had a old SS Rhodie as a Sargent Major whe I did my service back in the day, they were a different breed, hard as nails and did not give a flying continental F&ck about political correctness BS.
      Top Soldier, could fire a LMG from the shoulder like anyone else would with an R4, knew his stuff around bush and urban warfare.

  11. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Fire force: The Rhodesians developed it to engage CTs at short notice usually as a reaction force responding to Intel by SF (Selous Scouts) or to a contact made by Selous Scouts pseudo teams. They used para drops by Dakota supported by alouette k cars due to an extreme shortage of troop carrying helicopters. A Rhodie from the RLI holds the record for combat jumps 72 if I recall correctly due to the tempo of operations. Sometimes 3 combat jumps in a single day.

    The SADF Bats adapted it we used both heliborne and paradrop (vertical envelopment. These were the actual "Fire force" ops

    Koevoet never engaged in vertical envelopment assaults as they were primarily vehicle mounted.

    Pictured in the above video are airstrikes whether rotary or fixed wing but not vertical envelopment.

  12. FF ops changed a lot over the years as technology changed, but the basic principle is still there. The video above shows only part of the ops and Koevoet with their Caspirs were part of combined strikes and follow ups carried out by the SADF.

  13. Anonymous9:21 pm

    SWATF, namely 101, 102 and 201 battalions " romeo mike " teams and swapol tin did combined operations with SAAF Allos gunships and jets.PLAN did not stand a chance were and pushed back way over the kaplyn back into Angola and anyone of the insurgents that tried their luck in swa area were severly dealt with to the point that koevoet and swatf were competing for kills.This was the last couple of years before the border war ended, sadf kicked their asses.

    1. When I was in Iraq 3years ago I saw at least 6 variants of the FF technique. In 2011, when I was in Russia I saw them train it as well, therefore I know for a fact they are using it in Syria. I also saw it being trained by the German Bundeswehr together with the Americans at Hohenfels in Bavaria. They even have a Burger King on the army base for the US soldiers ;-)

    2. Anonymous2:46 am

      Mike what are practgical aspects of the FF principle that we can adopt, just ground sweep part for example, we as individuals do not have the combined collective structures to raise money for aircraft or the upkeep thereof, the Moshavs in pre independence Israel could raise funds in my this way to combat hostile Arabs.

  14. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Mike, do you have contact with Boere Ninja? I'm worried about the oke, he seems to have vanished.

    1. Nope. But I am also starting to get worried.

    2. Anonymous12:00 am

      Yeah, me too - really enjoy his posts.