29 July 2016

Divine backing of the ANC: The Gods must be crazy

By Mike Smith
29th of July 2016

Just the other day The ANC’s Gwede Mantashe said the ANC is God’s chosen party and that the ANC was personally anointed by God to rule South Africa.

I don’t know so much about that, but I do know that God sometimes moves in mysterious ways. It could be that God is setting them up for a big fall, but they have that base covered, because when God fails them, then they have the dead ancestors behind them. Zuma said: Vote ANC or the ancestors will punish you

“The ancestors are turning their backs against you if you leave the ANC and you will have bad luck,” he said at an election rally in Letlhabile near Brits.

“They [opposition parties] know they will not win – why should you waste your vote on them?” he asked.

So if Zuma is so sure that the ANC will win then why does he still bother to tell them to vote for the ANC? Who needs a stupid vote if God already anointed you to rule and the ancestors are backing you?

However there could be a conflict of interests, because the clergy, God’s representatives here on earth or the whores of Satan, are not backing the corrupt terrorist ANC anymore…that they helped to bring to power during Apartheid with their Satanic “Liberation Theology”. Catholic bishops want voters to send politicians a warning message and tell them that they are tired of corruption

The mayor of Cape Town, who was once a PAC terrorist herself, said that Zuma was possessed by Satan. De Lille says: Zuma is possessed by the Devil

Judging from how much money the ANC is spending on their election campaign…I would say they are also backed by Mammon and if you watch the cringe worthy Al Jazeera interview with International Relations and Co-operation Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, I would say that Bacchus/Dionysus is also in the bed with the ANC somewhere.
ANC election campaign hits R1Billion

However if you look at how the ANC is losing ground in the major Metros ...then I would say that the god Cronus is calling time on their asses and Hades is waiting down there with a moerse big fork.

All I know is that God cannot possibly back the ANC, because in Job 15:31 God tells us why we should never vote for the ANC…."Let him not trust in emptiness, deceiving himself; For emptiness will be his reward.”

And I am sure that in 1 Samuel 12:21 God had the useless ANC in mind when he said: “You must not turn aside, for then you would go after futile things which cannot profit or deliver, because they are futile.”

What has the ANC ever delivered? I rest my case.


  1. Anonymous3:41 am

    Mike, no sane person can argue with your logic. However Zoomer's logic is as usual idiotic, no suprise really..

  2. Anonymous4:14 am

    Personally, I think that all 1652's (settlers) need to just leave the country. Like put all of them on boats (coz we symbolic like that) and just request space. Once we sorted our issues, we give conditional citizenship based on:
    1) How many African languages they are able to speak. Minimum 2 African languages.
    2) Complete psychological rehabilitation from 1652 disease.
    3) Close monitoring and evaluation for any symptoms of 1652 disease on a monthly basis. Symptoms include: violence, taking up too much space, talking over Africans, rape, entitlement of any kind to African land, African people's time and bodies, stealing and other such long fingers habits, murder, superiority complex, assertion as natural leader of Africans etc
    4) Comprehensive rehabilitation and resocialization on how to be human.
    Any sign of relapse such as pronunciation of Sihle as Shishle, you back on the boat to England and Holland. Nisiqhela amasimba at this point.

    1. Anonymous4:31 am

      Ek praat al klaar 'n inheemse Afrika taal jou dom drol, en die enigste een endemies aan Suid Afrika. "violence, taking up too much space, talking over Afrikaners, rape, entitlement of any kind to Afrikaner land, Afrikaner people's time and bodies, stealing and other such long fingers habits, murder, superiority complex, assertion as natural leader of Africans" is alles kenmerke van jou spesie wat eers na 1652 hier ingeseil het.

    2. Anonymous4:36 am

      Personally, I think that all 1652's (settlers) need to just leave the country. Like put all of them on boats (coz we symbolic like that) and just request space. .....well by all means go dig them out their graves put them on ships they dead we don't care but the other problem is that you would also need to dig your ancestors out of their graves seeing if you know history (wich I highly doubt) and send them back from whatever tree they were swinging in west africa but if you are refering to us well then make us nothings stopping you please do try death will be waiting for you

    3. Anonymous4:58 am

      as I said, only sane persons can see the logic...

    4. And, Ladies & Gentlemen, here we once more have a hallucinating Kaffir, high on some or other shit.

      Sipho, do us all a favour and fuck off.

    5. PreatorianXVI6:20 am

      So once you people introduce and enforce this how many darkies will be left? Seeing as you black cowardly settlers came running down from the north killing the little old San Bushman in your way.

      And note you people are not allowed to cross the Fish River, that is your border, stay above it.

    6. Anonymous7:12 am

      @ anon 4:14 AM hey joke what's your name?


    7. Anonymous7:55 am

      Hey, sub human piece of shit, we will make you a deal, get your fucking stinking ape brothers and sisters out of Europe and we will fuck-off back without hesitation. Also no more help from Europe for you sub humans. We will just let nature take it's course. Africa should be rid of the kaffir sub human parasite within 10 years.

    8. OK Pal, let's make it simple for you to more better understand...

      Go look at the sixth word in your first sentence. Now you see that.?? It's called a date. A certain point in time where a moment occured that was captured and recorded by man on paper and in person.. Now the question is..? I, have a date, a starting point so to say... What the fuck have you got.?? Hhhmmmm ja, begin solank jou kop krap.

      The funny part is you lot use OUR DATE as YOUR reference point because you don't have one.!. Where do you come from houtkop.?. Do you even know the history of your people 8 generations back.? You didn't even have a alphabet back then, never mind a written langauge.

      Our 1st generation family on African soil came here 7 months after Van Riebeeck. Our family has been here for 360 years.. I'm staying thanks.

    9. Anonymous11:57 am

      @Anonsense 4:14 AM

      Speaking of disease:

      "Some STDs can have severe, life-changing consequences; syphilis, for example, can eventually cause progressive destruction of the brain and spinal cord, leading to mental dysfunction and hallucinations, speech problems and general paresis."

      Go and get some treatment for your STD you syphilitic kaffir cunt.

    10. Anonymous4:17 pm

      Looks like you are making reference to your own kind or what?

    11. Anonymous5:06 pm

      @Anon 4:14 AM

      Sounds great! Sign me up to learn monkey chatter.

    12. Anonymous12:17 am

      The geni grants Zuma, Malema and Van each a wish saying that their wishes will realize in 24 hours. Malema wants all the whites out of Africa and back in Europe, Zuma asks for a 5 meter wall around Africa 3 meters wide where no one can enter. Van asks "will the wall be waterproof?", yes replies the geni. Van replies "maak vol water boet".

    13. Anonymous12:19 am

      I just love how these parasites always bring up rape. As if the white man ever raped blacks. Check all the records for the past 100 years.

      Whites do not rape blacks, period. Even in the US some years go by without ONE black being raped by a white.

      Blacks are the rapists, the murderers and the evil ones.

    14. Anonymous2:55 am

      In 1652 there were no zots in the Western Cape. But you should know that because you were apparently there.

      Stupid cunt. How many people do you know from 1652 that are still alive? Or for that from 1570 when the whites forst met the stone age savages at the Kei River?

    15. Anonymous3:00 am

      What will you do if we hypothetically were to leave? Not a day goes by when several of you parasites approach me with "Baas please give me the wek."

      To fucking stupid to see that it is you not the whites that enslaved yourself through backwards thinking.

      Additionally please indicate the last time - In fact lets make this really easy for you: Anytime a white has been in court for raping a black? Well?

      Idiots you cannot even cross the road without getting flattened by a car. Your situational awareness it so dismal .

    16. Anonymous6:21 pm

      I repeat Africa does not want you therefore I think that all 1652's (settlers) need to just leave the country.
      This is Africa not europe, you are parasites in this continent and other continents you filthy ocuppy unlawfully. You are not welcome here-your laws are not African laws you cannot dictator to us how we should conduct ourselves. You do not have a history in this continent-we do not know you-you do not know us, why are you here ? Go back to europe we are home you are not.

  3. Anonymous4:20 am

    Jeremy Cronin dies and goes to hell. As an elite of the SACP and ex-Catholic who once considered entering the priesthood, he has considerable powers of persuasion and manages to talk the angels into sneaking him upstairs into heaven.

    The devil is counting his numbers one day and notices that Cronin is missing. He goes up to heaven to see God about this state of affairs: "Lord God! One of my own has escaped from hell to heaven. Kindly return him at once."

    God replies: "First of all, don't call me Lord. You may call me comrade. And don't call me God. I don't exist. And good day to you, I am late for a Party meeting."

  4. Anonymous4:41 am

    @anon 4:14

    I just wish you lot of cowards would grow a backbone and come try. FFS man, you have our little Afrikaner nation outnumbered, outgunned, impoverished and still you can only cry like bunch of girls and women. Talk, talk, talk is all you can do. I swear, my 94 year old granny had more guts than you. Come on, stop whining and come do it. I bet that if we had a look under your skirts we would find that you all have pussies.

  5. Anonymous4:44 am

    Well it depends which god he refers to. All the black tribes up north says "osiri" when they mean, it is true. They swear by Osiris.

  6. Anonymous4:48 am

    "The mayor of Cape Town, who was once a PAC terrorist herself, said that Zuma was possessed by Satan".

    Zuma has not yet obtained his Dingaan and Shaka degree.

  7. Anonymous4:51 am

    I agree 4:14. I helped your cause and left 25 years ago. I wish all whites would leave and then we could watch from afar and see you useless shitskins destroy everything and eventually die of starvation.

    1. Anonymous8:00 am

      @4:51 I agree with you, but unfortunately the white liberal pussies will fall over themselves to "support" the kaffirs again, instead of letting nature take it's course.

    2. Anonymous6:23 pm

      Don't be stupid did we die of starvation before you setters came here ?

  8. Anonymous4:56 am

    "Vote ANC or the ancestors will punish you"

    How long would a U.S. Presidential candidate last if he/she said "Vote for me or Bigfoot goin' git ya"?

    Zuma would never ever say crap like that in the company of Western heads of state. He knows that the gullible and superstitious voting fodder will believe this, and act accordingly.

    They are slaves to their ANC masters, but can't see it.

  9. The fucking clergy, please? The warn the Satan's spawn against corruption, but say nothing about the genocide being perpetrated against the Whites.

    Naah, fuck the churches. Verily,"the whores of Satan", they are, Mike, nothing else.

  10. Anonymous5:21 am

    Did the 1652 settlers come to Africa to kill us all ? Really ? What have we ever done to you that you would come with ships to Africa to kill us all ? For what so good reason ?

    You still wanna kill us all but we never did anything to you !!!! Before you came here we never knew you people so why kill us ? for what ? What logically reason do you have? I wait.

    The wheel......wait Mike did you invent the wheel? did anyone you know invent the wheel? I wait.

    Matter of fact....Mike what have you invented in the last decade? or century what did you and/or your strips(biological descendants) invent? I wait

    As if I would die without the wheel.....smdh We invented the wheel...hahahahaha You and who ?

    Again writing and inventing the wheel are not measures of intelligence as much as education or a degree are not measures of intelligence.

    When you arrived in Africa did you find people who were in poverty and needed your help ? Nope it was people living a "primitive" lives that's all.No expedition was sent out to Europe to say guys guys guys guys !!! Come to Africa. NONE !!!!! You came here at your own accord, thieves, murders, untouchables.....yes untouchables !!!

    You are descendants of criminals and murders-figuratively and literally who were chased out of Europe. Dispute this Mikey Mike I wait.

    I cannot go to Ireland and the hate them because they love to drink, India because they worship cows, native Americans because they believe in their own Gods[Totems] or the Netherlands because they have a red light district, I cannot go these places and hate the people because of what I find there and I do not agree with it that is absurd. You cannot hate Africans in South Africa because of how you found them living their "primitive" lives. You are NUTS !!!
    I cannot go to your house and hate you because you are RACISTS !!! Do you get Mikey Mike !!! Okay shapo now understand THis is Africa you found it like this you will die and leave it like this....well not really because you know you brought books, the wheel, racism, colonialism, vegetarians-What the FUCK is a vegetarian ?

    And listen here you little TWAT !!! You do not insult a good country-Botswana is way better than any other country in Africa.They built themselves from absolutely nothing to were they are now.Black....nah wait African people because you know you are not African I am-you not, you more white European or rather white, fair enough I digress,African people build a prosperous nation WITHOUT EXPLOITATION OF OTHER PEOPLE. How dare you ridicule the founding father you racist piece of.....I was raised better.

    If they owned a country like South Africa they would have turned it into an African jewel void of any bigotry like how they turned a desert into a African Diamond-dispute these facts?

    It was better to live in hell[mud hut] than to be now living in heaven[so called civilization/white ingenuity] I have to share with the devil.

    Mikey Mike......You probably date an African woman you European-weird because in life you find the most racist people with mixed race children or in mixed race relationships. Weird !!! but you know it is true Mikey Mike. So I see you !!! Mike I see you or maybe you gay YES you are gay Mike with an African man-not too far fetched. You do love the colour purple weird for a man to love the colour people Mike.........:~)

    1. OK Sparkie. Firstly. Where the fuck did you get some of your info from.?? We came here on ships to kill you.?.? Would like to know..?

      What did we invent.?. You ignorant little fool. You've just humiliated yourself. Are you aware that we manufactured and invented some of the best weapons technology in the 70's and 80's. We had our own nuclear development plant. SASOL ( another white built company you kaffirs hijacked ) was 1 of the most ground breaking companies in the world, INVENTING a world 1st method of making petrol from coal. We've invented the best mining equipment the world has ever seen.. Our industry was renonwed for technological breakthroughs and new inventions. If Botswana kaffirs are so clever where's their SASOL, DENEL, SAL, SPOORNET, ISKOR, EVKOM ( all white built, now fucked ) you probably don't even know what EVKOM is.?? Let's just say it was when we still had electricity.. You fool.!
      Have you ever been to the 'white built' Sentra Rand.? Do you even know how advanced our railway systems were.?.. I can go on for ever........ Your riding the wave of white ingenuiety and development.

      Get over yourself please. We're staying. You sound like a young 'snotkop'. And learn some respect, the way your speaking to Mike only makes you look like a bigger fool. Take you SABC kaffir soapie shit somewhere else. Now Piss Off

    2. Anonymous10:00 am

      Hey Anonymous5:21 AM
      Fuck off....NO self respecting white man, would touch a fucking african women, take note i said no self respecting White man, makes me wanna puke just reading that sentence of yours.

      Now go on.....fuck off from this blog!!

    3. Anonymous10:33 am

      @ BLCN 9:18 AM, ignore this black stink retarded thing, he is trying to bait us

      The thing stinks so much that the fumes are blocking the ethers. Its the dumb sweaty shit old stale foul unwashed breath and arse smell that is everywhere in our country of late.

      He is really hoping that we will accept him into our midst and say he is intelligent and clever, he is hoping that one day he might become like us, white and clean and freshly fragranted.

      You see his inferiority complex and the need to be recognised drives him to desperate measure and he yearns to just be recognised by us whites that is why he is trying so hard to bait us so that he can look in the mirror an praise himself and say " I might be human" that will be an achievement for him. Just to be able to say to himself " I MIGHT BE HUMAN"

      With the total lack of any form of intelligence he will never realise that his is just a species forgotten by evolution and totally retarded in life.


    4. We found lower beings with small brains very violent and raping anything it sees and who liked to eat each other.

      But we found them a hundred years after we came on the ships.

      We dont know why these beasts came here to the white setteld southern africa but we think that they ran south because they were weaker than the black beasts of the Congo.

    5. Anonymous11:04 am

      @ BLCN, these things are not something to reason with or talk too, they are not human, they are just things.

      Look at the hair, it looks like the strands grow inside the skull and the roots grow outside. I have seen that those pepper corn clusters hold the water droplets in them, just like the ancient prehistoric desert plants do.

      I have always wondered why, maybe it to keep the skull moist so that the trapped air inside the skull between the 2 ears does not overheat.

      We know that there is no brain there so maybe that pocket of air must be kept cool for some reason.


    6. Anonymous4:36 pm

      Anon 521 have you been smoking some Durban poison mixed with tik or what, must be good shit to hallucinate some intellectual kak that is altering your head gears. Lay of the hallucinogens and get your facts right crack head!

    7. Anonymous4:58 pm

      @Anonsense 5:21 AM

      YAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWN!!! Good night, kaffir.

    8. @ Anon 5:21 AM
      The 1652 settlers didn’t come to SA to kill anybody. They came to build and save lives. They came to build a halfway station between Europe and the Far East to replenish ships with supplies in order to save lives of seafarers. At the time there were no blacks at the Cape so they certainly did not come to kill any blacks. The whites only met the first blacks 120 years later at the Fish river, 1000km away from Cape Town. That was when the killing and stealing started…BY BLACKS. Blacks killing white frontier farmers, raping the women and stealing their cattle. Nine Xhosa wars were fought against the whites in the Eastern Cape. The whites who wanted peace and trekked away (Voortrekkers) were murdered by cowardly Blacks en masse. Educate yourself about The massacre at Bloukrans , Piet Retief and his men’s murder some boys less than eleven years old and the coloured servants of the Voortrekkers were also murdered, and the
      The murder of 28 Boer men, women and children by Ndebele savages that led to the siege of Makapan’s Gat . These Boers were skinned alive like animals whilst draped over rocks and hanging from trees. Makapanspoort murders

      You asked, “Matter of fact....Mike what have you invented in the last decade? or century what did you and/or your strips(biological descendants) invent? I wait“

      Me personally…You have no fucking idea do you? I have invented several things from stochastic filters for guided missiles to simulation programs for modern ships. If you do not know what a Stochastic filter is look it up. In fact by 10:00 in the morning I have done things that change this world every day.

      However, what we have done as whites is invent western society that produces people like me, scientists, engineers, architects, medical doctors, etc. Every day a white person, a clerk in a bank, a nurse in a hospital, a teacher in a school, a butcher, a farmer adds his building blocks to building what you see around you; White Western Society. It is a collective effort that gave you everything from the Gariep Dam and Baragwanath Hospital to the Johannesburg Art Gallery, the Nico Malan (Artscape) Opera House in Cape Town and the Royal Observatory.

      Now look at your black societies anywhere in the world. SA, Sub Saharan Africa, Jamaica, Haiti…What have you delivered? What kind of society have you produced?

      And yes, blacks were always in a state of starvation. That is why there are townships, because blacks, unable to produce their own jobs and food were always begging for it from whites. Always outside the doors and gates of whites.

    9. @ Anonymous 5:21 AM continued/...You said: “You are descendants of criminals and murders-figuratively and literally who were chased out of Europe. Dispute this Mikey Mike I wait.“

      It seems like you are mistaking South African whites for Australian whites. The whites who first came to SA were farmers working for the VOC (Dutch East India Company) the worlds first Mega Corporation. Then came religious ministers as missionaries, tradesmen, etc. Later on came the French Huguenots who were prosecuted in France for being protestant. German farmers and entrepreneurs and the British were set off in the Eastern Cape and Kaffraria (Transkei). That is why you still have those German towns there like Stutterheim, Berlin, Hamburg, etc.

      In fact South Africa always did everything in its power to prevent convicts from being settled at the Cape. There was a whole “Anti-Convict movement” in Cape Town during the 1800’s. You can read about this in the book, “A Commonwealth of Knowledge” by Saul Dubow on page 62,63 when the British wanted to set off convicts with a ship called the “Neptune” in 1849. A protest led by a journalist John Fairbairn and a banker John Bardwell Ebden was organised and a “Great Meeting” was held at the Commercial Hall in Cape Town on the 4th of July 1849, the picture of which is on the cover of the book.

      Petitions, boycotts, newspaper campaigns, protests in the harbour, etc were held. It was the first time that whites and coloureds protested together in SA and that was to keep white convicts out of the colony. The book states on page 63, “A collective determination to represent the Cape as a respectable colony of settlement, untainted by convicts who threatened to undermine the moral fibre and worth of the country, was clearly evident”.

      You say, “You cannot hate Africans in South Africa because of how you found them living their "primitive" lives. You are NUTS !!!“

      Who „HATES“ Africans? You are absolutely right, I cannot hate blacks for being blacks. Therefore I don’t. It would be silly…like hating a cockroach for being a cockroach. It cannot help for what it is. In fact I am totally indifferent to blacks. I don’t care of you rape your babies and practice Ukutwala, Ulwaluko, Ukeshwama, etc, etc. I just want to have nothing to do with you. I don’t want to oppress you. I don’t want to rule over you. I simply want absolutely NOTHING to do with you. Do you understand that?

      As for Botswana…Botswana has more blacks working in South African mines and factories than living in Botswana itself. If it wasn’t for white South Africa, Botswana would be fuckall. Besides it is common knowledge that the country is run by the Oppenheimers not the Khamas. BTW, how is your human rights record as far as the Bushmen is concerned? Are you still hunting them like animals?

      You say, “Mikey Mike......You probably date an African woman” and “or maybe you gay YES you are gay Mike with an African man”.

      Hehehe…are you having fantasies about me? Sorry, my dating days are over. However when I was younger and more liberal, I travelled the world extensively. I am not shy to say I dated women from all over the world. I had a Hungarian, Polish, German, Russian, American, Canadian, Danish, Brazilian (with blonde hair and blue eyes, not the dark variety) even a Lebanese, Japanese and a Thai. So sorry about your gay fantasies, but I am VERY hetero.

      I don’t mind gays and actually have some gay friends. As long as they don’t come on to me it is fine. I lived in two countries in Africa. 40 years in South Africa. I have also travelled throughout Africa. Namibia, Angola, Mozambique, Nigeria, Congo, Cameroon, Senegal, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania…you name it. You know what? I have never, I mean NEVER in my life found a black woman attractive. It hasn’t even crossed my mind to ever jump in bed with one. I think I will throw up. So don’t worry about me ever going to steal your black women away from you. They are safe. Like I said, I simply want nothing to do with you lot.

    10. Anonymous8:41 pm

      @ anon 5:21 AM JACK your wise arse comment ' Mikey Mike" has bitten your arse so badly, shame little kaffir booi, you were not expecting that, were you.

      You see kaffir booi you come with your cleva cleva and then you get shown your stoopid stoopid. Hau.

      Say soarie baas Mike.

      Oh, you ignorant thing I suppose you're to stupid to get embarrassed.


    11. Anonymous2:13 am

      As usual Mike poesklapped the anon 5:21 typed with a brilliant piece of truth and logic. The cunt's ears will burn for the next 2 days at least.


    12. Anonymous6:36 pm

      Boere LaCosaNostra-You keep using we we we we You and Who did what and when ? Did you start any of those PPP companies ? Which one ? .. You! YOU! You need to stop riding the wave of white ingenuity and development and learnhow to spell you ingenuis white thing....

      Okay give us Azania and all of its resources-Botswana will show you how to properly run a country....simple.

      Leave Africa dude really no African wants you....go back home to Estonia or Sweden just go back to Europe.

  11. Anonymous5:53 am

    Dis reg. Onthou net as ons waai, gaan alles Westers saam met dit.

    Niks meer ry in jou Mercedes-Benz nadat jy hou gesig en swart vingers blink gevreet het aan die pap en hoender nie.

    Wonder hoe lank jy sal wag totdat jy ook die baas wil gaan roep.

    Ek dink eerder jy moet terug fokkof Noord-Afrika toe, voor die baas die moer in word en jou so hard poes dat jou stink skewe tande soos vertraagde soldate by jou hol uit masjeer.

    1. Anonymous12:48 pm

      Nou raat jy my taal!!!@anan5:53AM

  12. Anonymous7:00 am

    Anon 4:14

    Guess what you dumb poes?

    "Once we sorted our issues"
    Yes...Everyone will be dead by that time because you cant sort out fuck all.

    1. English is the language of international business - FACT
    Who will buy your gold or diamonds if they cant communicate with you?

    2. Did you know there are lots of white people in Africa who lived and worked in other countries before choosing to settle here? (Germans, British, Russians etc...)

    3. That is the whole point fuck face, the ANC never sent any tugs to escort Jan Van Riebeeck into table bay in 1652 because they didn't exist nor did any black people, systems or anything resembling civilization. It was no mans land.

    4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human


    Please watch the above you tube link, The journey of man.

    Let us say they are correct in their studies, all humanity comes from Africa, We are already home.

    Further more what about the super continent of Godwana?

    Think about it...We are all indigenous to this funny floating ball named Earth, its our home.

    Cunts like you should go to Mars.


    1. Anonymous10:39 am

      @ TP 7:00 AM. All humanity does not come from Africa, fuck man! Stop insulting us.

      We do not stink like these things, we are not as fucking stupid as these things and we're sure as hell are not as fucking ugly as these things.

      Stop buying the liberal twats arse smoke and stop giving these things hope that they might evolve into something that is useful.


    2. Anonymous11:47 am

      @ Ltma 10:39

      Did you got the wrong end of the stick there?

      As for insulting "us", where did I mention stink, stupid and ugly?

      I am not too keen on liberal twats either.

      I am sorry if I hurt your feelings LTMA.

      Perhaps you could enlighten "US" as to how everything became?

      (Did you watch the film flick?)


    3. Anonymous6:46 pm

      @ TP, relax mate, I was being sarcastic and insulting annon 5:21 AM.

      My post was definitely not aimed at you even though it was addressed to you.

      I am hoping to get the retardus to attack me full on.


    4. I have been pondering this out of Africa story. Recently I have learnt that o-negative blood is only found in 4% of the entire world population. Physical features are more often than not read to light hair. Green or blue eyes and white skin. (the classic white or European man)

      Now this is the interesting part. The (negative -) or (positive +) of blood means minus or plus the monkey factor.

      (Yes this is the word scientists use MONKEY PROTEIN or rhesuses)

      The monkey factor is a protein found on cells of the great apes (primates) and most humanoids. Different blood types can have this protein.

      A man that is O(-) can donate blood to all other blood types but can only receive blood or organs from other O(-) people. The O- negative attack and repel other blood types.

      A Woman that is O(-) .. If she is pregnant and the baby is any other blood type other than O(-) her body destroys the fetus. Sometimes a woman can get away with the first born and deliver but after her first pregnancy it is impossible to carry a child that is not O(-) blood type.

      Some people also claim that O(-) people cant contract HIV for the HIV virus attaches itself to this monkey protein.

      Now dont get me wrong. You can have blue eyes and blond hair and not be o(-). There are many blood types positive and negative but scientists are baffled by the O(-)because it goes against the mainstream theory of evolution and out of Africa.

      A man can be O+ and silently carry the O- gene and give it on to his child if his wife have the o(-) and also gives it to the child and the child will be white almost every time. It is a lot to explain on this site but do read up on it.

      This clearly tells me that we did not evolve from the same point as liberals would like us to believe.

    5. Anonymous4:18 am

      @TP 7:00 AM

      "Cunts like you should go to Mars."

      That's a damn good idea. Let's send them all there and turn the red planet into a black planet.

  13. Anonymous9:13 am

    "What has the ANC ever delivered? I rest my case."

    Mike, does fuck all count?


    1. No. If only the ANC did deliver Fuckall it would still be OK. If the ANC just sat on their hands and did not touch anything and let us get on with it, they would still be doing OK and SA would still be the way the Nats handed it over. However that is not what they are doing. Everything they touch turns to shit. They are delivering less than fuckall which means the only thing they are delivering is wholesale destruction.

  14. Zuma and kie will pay for their sins. Like the bible say the one that let his fellow man fall will be judged the hardest

  15. They are shitting themselves!!!
    " If we leave the ANC, the BOERs will kill us..."
    THEY FEAR US...9% of the population.

    1. Well it is what the ANC tells them every day.

    2. Anonymous7:10 pm

      @ JAB 3:12 PM of course they fear the boers, the utter aggression of an angry sa dutchman is enough to make kaffir shit the black out of himself

      Now we need to make the Afrikaaner aware of the massive psychological weapon he possesses and then maybe most of them will start believing that all is not lost and that we can win this war.

      Fear is an amazing tool.


    3. LTMA -I know too well. I was a builder in the 80's & 90's in Midrand. Also built "Garage & 2 Rooms" in Tembisa, Vosloorus & Soweto. People will still remember "Baas van Donner". They used to think the SADF gave me muti to make me befok.

    4. While we are on the subject of builders. My father was a builder too yet i always hear the savage claim they were slave builders and it was them that build the infrastructure of this country.

      I know many blacks claim to be builders and you will find them standing on the corners with levels and overalls but i have seen a black wall without white/colourd supervision.

      It is a piece of shit and you wished you never used the bastard in the first place.

      My dad, I and my siblings never used black help. We laid every brick ourselfs back when we build my parents house and today many years after the RDP houses are falling apart we admire our PT with a glass of wine a braai and a couple of beers. It still looks brand new.

    5. Anonymous8:04 am

      It is a viscious circle the more the blacks vote for the ANC the more the ANC will destroy the country by destroying the economy and infra structure, perpetual loop of misery so that these corrupt communist bastards can stay in power, total madness.

  16. *Don't feed the trolls*

    Mike: Thanks for linking those polls. I'm going to reprint them here so everyone can see them.

    ANC: 31%
    DA: 29%
    EFF: 10%

    DA: 33%
    ANC: 28%
    EFF: 10%

    Port Elizabeth
    DA: 34%
    ANC: 30%
    EFF: 7%

    The ANC averaged about 64% over 11 national and municipal elections since 1994, but now they can barely crack 30% in the big cities. Laughs. The DA is leading in 2 black-majority metro areas only days from the election. After 22 years, urban blacks are almost ready to be ruled by whites again.

    Looking back at the 2011 municipal elections, the DA vote depends on 2 factors: the size of the minority population, obviously; and the *composition* of the minority population. Here's a list of the big 8 metro areas, the percentage of minorities (m), the DA vote in 2011, and the difference between the two.

    Bloemfontein: 16.7% (m), 27.1% DA, +62.3%
    Pretoria: 24.6% (m), 38.7% DA, +57.3%
    Johannesburg: 23.6% (m), 34.6% DA, +46.6%
    East Rand: 21.3% (m), 30.3% DA, +42.3%
    East London: 14.9% (m), 20.5% DA, +37.6%
    Port Elizabeth: 39.9% (m), 40.1% DA, +0.5%
    Cape Town: 61.4% (m), 60.9% DA, -0.8%
    Durban: 26.2% (m), 21% DA, -19.8%

    The DA get a lot of black votes in Bloemfontein and Pretoria. Why? Because the composition of the minority population in those cities is mainly white and Afrikaans-speaking, the most motivated and civic-minded of all South Africans. They vote in huge numbers, overwhelmingly for the DA, and their political influence rubs off on the other minorities and a lot of black voters too.

    The second-most motivated and civic-minded group of South Africans are the English-speaking whites. In the cities where they are the more-or-less dominant minority group (Johannesburg, East Rand, East London), they get a lot of blacks to join them in voting for the DA, though not as many as the Afrikaners do.

    In the cities where coloureds are the dominant minority (Port Elizabeth and Cape Town) the DA vote is almost exactly the same as the percentage of minorities. Meaning that the DA get very few black votes there. Politically, blacks will follow Afrikaners and Anglos, but not coloureds.

    And in the only big metro where Indians are the dominant minority, the DA underperforms compared to the percentage of minorities. Not only does the DA get virtually none of the black vote in Durban, but a lot of Indians don't vote for them either. Could partly be about Zuma though.

    So the DA, despite its leaders and policies, are the de facto "white" party. And the core of their support are the Afrikaners, who--surprising to some--bring large numbers of black voters in their wake.

  17. Anonymous7:52 pm

    These majority whites voting for the DA now are all these liberal traitors of the PFP and NP who always cried out against apartheid and supported the terrorist ANC demons to rule South Africa.

    Now that they reap the fruits of their labor, they want to vote against it. Even if they become government, they will still cry out against apartheid and will treat the Boere worse than Kitchener treated the Boer woman in the concentration camps.

    Try this, to prove to yourself how screwed up these bastards are. Let Mike ask for support amongst all whites in South Africa so we can gather and stand up against this ANC terrorists and take our country back. It means War.

    Then you will see how little support he gets from them the "de facto white party".

    Why not engage in war? Whites are sitting ducks in todays live. They get murdered anyway, at least if we get into war we have the opportunity to free ourselves or to die. better to die in war fighting for your freedom than hiding like a coward and be slaughtered anyway.

    If you don't want to go into a war then better terrorize the fuckers as they did with us. They cry out everyday against the bad apartheid, but they want to drink the water of the apartheid dams drive on apartheid roads, lie with their stink asses in apartheid hospitals and send their apes to apartheid schools and universities.

    No forget about that DA liberal shit, they need to face the ANC music which they have helped to become government.

    The quicker the ANC can destroy the country the quicker the whites will be free from them.

    1. Anonymous7:52 PM:
      They won't go to war outright because they know what will happen. They also know that as individuals we have too much to lose by "over-reacting" to the low intensity terrorist campaign against us. Therefore whites will not band together and go on a rampage each time one of their white neighbors is raped or murdered because they themselves have not been touched and thus by "over-reacting" they will make targets out of themselves in the criminal "justice" system.

      They know that if they raise the threat to open warfare those sitting on the fence will be made to re-evaluate their priorities and at the point that they decide that now they have more to lose by being passive then things will change.

      Additionally people think in very simple terms but there are not 40 million with bad intentions. Many may well give tacit support but taking to the streets? No there are far far fewer than 40 million that will ever do that. A cabal of hardcore militant thinkers but they have neither the skill or motivation to actually fight a war against whites at least at this point.

      No that is why their leaders try to demotivate whites through the educational system and the formal employment sectors etc. If they can finally break their spirits and liberalise the young they will have a much better chance.

    2. We don't want the ANC to destroy the country, we'd prefer to destroy the ANC instead.

      Whether we like it or not, whites have chosen ballots rather than bullets to fight back against the ANC. And we're only days away from defeating the ANC in Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and many other municipalities they now control.

      That's a good thing. Of course there's much more to be done, but defeating the ANC in their electoral heartlands is an excellent start.

      It sends a signal to the country and the world that South African whites aren't going anywhere, and that they will keep fighting until they win their country back. Hopefully it can be done legally through the political process, but, if not, then by any means necessary...

      It's not over until we win.

  18. New poll bad news for ANC, good news for whites.

    DA: 36%
    ANC: 32%
    EFF: 9%

    DA: 41%
    ANC: 26%
    EFF: 11%

    Port Elizabeth
    DA: 44%
    ANC: 30%
    EFF: 6%


  19. Whiteman7:39 am

    The biggest problem that the patriots have at present, is the fact that the majority of whites critisise, and look down on them. Remember how the Boeremag were made out to be the scumbags of the century. And the " holier than thow " types, who lambasted them with Bible verses, and accusing them of un-christian, ( satanic ? ) behaviour. I think they misjudged the patriotism, of average whitey in this country completely. They paid an incredible price, just to be kicked in the teeth ! So I am once bitten, twice shy, in this matter. We must allow the barbarians to first wipe out the liberal rainbow-trash. Then the surviving whiteys, will PLEAD with the patriots to help them. They wont try to tell the patriots how to do it, and will definitely not have a " holier than thow " attitude. They will definitely not pray for the " government, " or submit to its satanic authority. We still have too many " christians " doing this, due to brainwashing and/or tragic ignorance !

  20. Whiteman8:37 am

    I am afraid, I dont believe ANY poll, done by ANYBODY in this country ! This country is rotten to the core, and I will concede, that the criminal " leaders, " come in ALL the colours of the rainbow. Remember way back, how the whites were manipulated, and threatened to go and vote ? Otherwise the anc would get a two thirds majority in " parliament, " and they would then change the holy constitution ! ( nogal the best one in the world ! ) What a load of KAK ! And remember how the anc just could not make the two thirds ? Because they sit around a table at the end of every election, and decide who gets what percentage. Even Kriegler said way back, if you work in a whore house, you cant expect to be a saint ! Very wise words from a judge. Think about the savages who count the votes. Can they even count ? How easy is it to bribe them, to count " right ? " And never forget mugabe. When the MDC won the vote way back, mugabe just refused to accept the results, and THAT WAS THAT ! What worries me more than anything else, is that intelligent whites, at this VERY late stage, still cant understand how Africa works ! !