28 July 2016

Behind the bad weather. Major conspiracy uncovered

By Mike Smith
27th of July 2016

Currently the country is being swept away by bad weather and storms…

Snow, floods and now a Tornado

…But fear not. The conspiracy has been uncovered. We know who the culprits are:


  1. Anonymous4:07 am

    Thats it Mike!!I am convinced of the Ay en Cee's good and capable work...I am voting for them...because of the snow you know...

  2. Anonymous4:12 am

    Hahahahaha nice one. Vaalpens

  3. I will give her some points for being anti ANC but yes these things are from another dimension. Lalaland or somewhere where all continents can fit in to Africa.

  4. The ANC will undoubtedly appoint a commission of inquiry to investigate the allegation to uncover the truth of how apartheid was actually to blame for this... LOL

  5. Wish I could have seen those kaffirs running around like startled gazelles with that tornado jaaging them!

    They will always think us whites are out to get them. That's why it is nothing but futility helping them in the first place.

    A good mate of mine whose folks I house sit for has 'the meid and gaa-dinner' and the ousie has diabetes. They have given her so much support, buy her brown bread nogal, not white bread, sorted her diet out, then tried to help with medication and stuff.

    They are both doctors. She wouldn't take any of it because the 'gaa-dinner' told the ousie 'the whitees are trying to poison you' with 'their muti' and kak. I mean FFS! Not that they were liberal Afrikaners, not at all, but simply naïve that you should not be helping and employing them.

    I think many people have learnt good lessons are the last few years, at least that's one positive of the Rainbow Nation, we know we don't want it.

  6. "and they wonder why we call them stupid ignorant kaffirs.?"

    A case of racism, malicious damage to property, intent to do grevious bodily harm, attempted murder, defeating the ends of justice and off course crimen injuria has been opened. The ANC vows that the tornado will get his day in court for his unacceptable racist behaviour.. It only went through Tembisa while the white areas were left untouched..? Hau.??

    If anybody knows the wereabouts of the tornado they should please contact Jacob and/or Julius. A reward of R70 will be offered...

  7. Whiteman5:39 am

    Call me a pessimist if you like, but with one week to go to the " election, " I am still asking : Will there be any election at all ? And if there is a " fuel strike, " who will we blame for that ?

    1. Anonymous5:49 am

      Haha the whiteman lol. Vaalpens

    2. Anonymous6:06 am

      Who fucking cares. For us around here it will be lekker braai en drink dag.

    3. Anonymous2:31 pm

      Im not scared of a beer however to be serious,

      Has anyone ever heard of a strike from SAB?

      SAB get booze into every nook and cranny in the RSA, every day, every week and every year...

      Perhaps just get SAB management to run the RSA...


  8. Anonymous6:05 am

    clearly an EFF suporter. Jissis but that bunch is just dof behind comprehension. They want to rule a country?? Bwhaaaaaaa!!

  9. Anonymous6:16 am

    I see max du preez vomited anti-afrikaner rubbish on that commie news site a few days ago, proclaiming that afrikaners shouldn't expect their own universities, stopping afrikaner nationalism is needed etc etc. Well max, this remark from the idiot above is exactly why we REAL afrikaners want our own schools and universities, the quality and result of integrated and decolonised learning institutions is clearly indicated by the above idiot's post.

  10. Anonymous6:18 am

    Come now fellows, Jesus was black so was ancient Egypt and the Israeli were black but they evolved into whites so who says the ANC could not create tornados and control the weather.

    Shaka and his stupid fucking stink kind have been trying to tell you whiteys this for so long now he just got the ANC to prove it.


  11. Well, it's much the same as the meid minister who said they were going t ask the CSIR to investigate where lightning comes from. I mean, FFS and they wander freely amongst us!!!

    1. They have submarines to protect us against shark attacks i mean wtf

      You cant make this stuff up.

      The fighter jets are missing because whites stole them and are keeping it in museums

  12. Anonymous7:01 am

    Even Zuma must be shaking his head...me, I struggled to type this post because I cannot stop laughing.

  13. I think Mike threw in this bit of comedy to cool the tempers down a bit?

    If I interpret the tone of the comments correctly us boys are getting more and more gatvol by the minute and we're getting accordingly more the moer-in. So he's done this just to prevent someone from going off at a tangent and doing something stupid before the time is right.

    1. Anonymous8:00 am

      TT the time is right we need the spark to the tinder now.

      I myself can not stand by much longer and be a spectator while we are pushed further and further into the corner.

      I have never tolerated these fuckers but have deliberately tried to avoid them but now they are climbing into my space and getting into my face.

      I am not some stupid liberal cunt that can be sweet talked and bullshitted.

      I think you are starting to see the unity forming amongst us whites.


    2. I myself am thinking about withdrawing from my lifestyle and life and to go all out boeremag type and see who follows and where it lead but then sanity prevails and i realise that the time for this is not chosen by me or you but by my Lord.

      He will give us the signal.

      It is aproaching just hold your horses a bit longer. I am sure many of us are raring to go but timing is of utmost importance.

      We will stand together in arms shortly brothers.

    3. LT & Dony, I am totally in-sync with you, Brothers. The fuckers will cast the first real stone, not the pebbles they've been picking us off with randomly so far, and then they'll kak.

  14. Anonymous7:20 am

    If that tornado was really sent by us whities, it would have been a catagory 5 tornado, not that little peashooter that barely touched ground...

    Not our fault you shit-for-brains kaffirs build your shacks without proper foundations and no roof wires to hold down the am-sinke so that the first little gust of wind blows your mud huts to hell and gone.

  15. Anonymous8:11 am

    Storm from the X-Men has must have joined the ANC.

  16. Anonymous8:33 am

    This is what she looks like now.


  17. Anonymous10:28 am

    And ... why is snow always white? when is the ANC going to bring black snow too?


  18. Anonymous2:46 pm

    Off Topic but seen as we are talking about morons.
    What do think will happen to this one?
    The IEC is investigating it but why has it not been splashed over all news sites and why has this idiot not been hauled to the HRC
    Double Standards big time

    1. Anonymous10:19 pm

      @ anon 2:46 PM. How is this retards outburst any different to Showerhead's songs?

      My friend if I may call you so, get use to the idea, they want to hack you to pieces, bash your head in with rocks, burn your white flesh in tyres and they want to gang rape your wives and daughters before they sink the blade into their vaginas and slice up the womb so that they can watch your most loved die in agony as they sit eating your pop corn and drinking your beer.

      They know they will not be pursued and brought to justice, firstly the police and government are their brothers and sanction the acts, secondly whitey is to afraid to take action and retaliate, he might just die or have to give up his comforts and flashy car and God forbid his rugby and braai.

      Get it into your skull, as long as we keep acting the nice guy, being afraid and trying to resolve and declare our future through dialogue we will fail.

      These THINGS know that and they are using our fear and our vices against us, effectively I might add.

      Stop high lighting the incident and start acting, mobilise your plans gather your groups and start retaliating.


  19. PreatorianXVI5:26 pm

    For everyone of them that actually says or write something this stupid, there are thousands of them thinking it...

    Quality ANC / EFF voter material, dumber than a bag of hammers...

    @ Anonymous6:16 AM - Nationalism is like poison to any Commie scum, throws water on their Utopia wet dream of all being equal and the same, kumbaja bs...

  20. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Bwhahaha! Just when you think stupidity has reached its limits. As they say in the classics, there is a limit to intelligence- but no limit to stupidity. They continue to amaze one. Jamie Mc

  21. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Eish, they even thought of the right wing and sent a racist tornado to Tembisa! Ha, ha, one can't make up this level of stupid! Wonder if the government ever published the results of their alleged investigation into the racism of lightning strikes a few years ago?

    1. Her name was Nomsa Dube, KwaZulu-Natal MEC for co-operative governance and traditional affairs.

      "We will do an investigation and talk to the department of science and technology on what is the cause of the lightning, and if it only happened to the previously disadvantaged as I have never seen any white people being struck by lightning" said Dube.

      "The department has dealt with floods and fires, but lightning was new to us," said Dube.
      Read Here:
      Lightning doesn’t strike whites
      Lightning never strikes whites
      MEC calls for racist lightning probe

    2. Anonymous6:43 am

      For the BEE/AA moron.

      Lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge during an electrical storm between electrically charged regions of a cloud (called intra-cloud lightning or IC), between that cloud and another cloud (CC lightning), or between a cloud and the ground (CG lightning).

  22. Anonymous3:41 am

    Working together we can destroy Africa better