13 July 2016

Ayanda Mabulu’s new masterpieces

By Mike Smith
13th of July 2016

The controversial artist Ayanda Mabulu has a few new paintings of Msholozi Showerhead out.

Shocking new Ayanda Mabulu painting depicts Zuma in sex act with Gupta

Not exactly the painting I would buy, but satirically brilliant. What I cannot understand is how the media called it “shocking”…Personally I wasn’t shocked at all. It is the truth.

Said Mabulu:

“Why must I hide the truth when it is as blatant as the sun‚” Mabulu says in response to a question about his use of sexual scenarios in depicting the political leadership of the country.

In fact what I DID find shocking was the chorus of Zuma ass-kissers who all shouted how distasteful and disrespectful the paintings are.

Hello? Can these Kaffirs please explain to me WHAT there still is about this thing to respect?

It is a corrupt pig, a rapist, a philanderer, an illiterate village idiot who can hardly string a few numbers together and people still want to have respect for it? Zuma shafts the people every day and they respect him for it? Fuck me…am I in the wrong film here or what?

And if you are one of the Zuma supporters and upset that I called you a “Kaffir” then I have a deal for you…Stop supporting Zuma and I will stop calling you “Kaffir”.

As for my supporters...Save these pics and spread 'em wide. No pun intended.


  1. Anonymous9:19 am

    Trust me, some white liberal idiot will obviously try to blame this shit on the whitey. Keep your eyes on their rubbish blogs the leftie news media will post in the next few days.

  2. Anonymous9:25 am


    When the showerhead is no more, those paintings will be worth a tidy sum of money.

  3. Anonymous9:31 am


  4. Anonymous9:47 am

    I think Mabulu is going to Zuma's version of Vlakplaas quite soon.

    In the meantime, I, like most of SA is laughing.

  5. Whiteman9:58 am

    Let us truly face it : A picture paints a thousand words ! I have often regretted not having the talent to paint, art and/or draw cartoons etc. I have the right sense of humour, but lack the ability. If I had computer ability, I would create controversial video clips, that would show the world what a stuff-up this country is, together with how stupid its politicians are. But thank goodness, I can fire a gun !

  6. Good one Mike but i dont think the Kaffir word will change their minds, their standards and what they look up to are completely different from ours.

    The more i research and the more I read i find that calling us all the human species is wrong, totally wrong.

    They are something that looks and can act like us but we are two totally separate species. They are the most evolved parasite and actually a fascinating creature to study if it wasn't for the burden of my fellow brethren.

    1. Anonymous8:00 pm

      "actually a fascinating creature to study"

      Yes Donycero, I also find merely sitting and watching baboons fascinating too.

      The photo of the darkies in Vuyani comes to mind. Standing on the roof with 14lb hammers "decolonizing" the school.

      Hey all the shit aside we have 24 hour comedy shows. Everytime one of these clowns open their mouths or do something, that hole is getting deeper.

      I see malema now supports the people of Zimbabwe however Mugabe is his role model. (Im not sure if he knows the people in zim are against Mugabe at the moment) They don't know if they coming or going.


    2. It is like having 8 year olds in the body of a grown-up. They change their minds like the wind. They tantrum all over the place, cant take responsibility, pick their noses(and eat it), piss in the streets, have no long term foresight of outcomes and events.

      You will also find that they have what i call "oog klappe" like a race horse that must only focus forward. They walk in a mall they only see what is in front of them and stop all of a sudden regardless of whats behind. Same with driving in the fast lane they never watch their mirrors, you have to overtake them taking the slow lane. How many times would i have been in an accident if i trusted the hand gestures of car guards trying to direct me out of a parking! I tell you these things can not look behind them, only when they stole something and you are chasing.

      Maybe this is a real issue. Like the zika effect. I understand that the cranium(top part of the scull) closes much earlier in life for the Negroid and at a much later stage for Germanic children. This have an effect on brain development for the negroid stunning proper maturity of the brain thus they stay psychologically stuck in children's fairy lala land for the rest of their lives.

      Only problem is they are now pumped full of adult testosterone and think they are equal to adults.

    3. Anonymous11:45 pm

      Donycero you are a bloody pig. You not a homo sapiens yourself but just a kalnek.

    4. Anonymous11:01 am

      @Anon-entity 11:45 PM

      You have just proved Dony right by reiterating your childish pig insult. Is that the best that you wretched people can come up with?

      I don't think that Dony gives a shit provided the pig is pink and not black.

  7. https://youtu.be/2GOrtHd5tTU

  8. Anonymous3:18 pm

    He should also paint Kidi Amin and Mugarbage.

    1. Anonymous12:17 pm

      Kiddi amin's picture will look like a big hairy poes with raybans and a red beret. Mugabe's one will look like a big old hairy poes with one lip in the coffin.

  9. Anonymous3:40 pm

    If a white man painted this painting, he would be branded a racist of the worst order. SA would then burn and all hell would break loose. Tja, it's a strange world we're living in Master Jack...

    1. Anonymous3:11 am

      Anonymous3:40 PM
      Yes it's a very strange world that we're living in Master Jack... INDEED! The colour of a person's skin colour is now more important than the colour of their mind or soul.

  10. I read a lot about 'Zuma must Fall' what I didn't realise, is that he would fall for Zupta.

  11. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Imagine the look on Zumas and Guptas face when they initially saw the 1st painting!! Must have been priceless. This sort of thing we need more of, thank god the artist is not white- its great to see black resistance grow against Zumas regime. Art inspires thought and reflection and we need more art like this- maybe one of malema licking Murgabages ass hole with Zim protesters in the back ground or perhaps one of Fw De klerk and Mandella?

  12. This Mabulu has done wonders for the country. Given the majority of Zots' inability to read and understand the written word these paintings are the perfect eye-opener for the sub-species. More so than all the rhetoric sprouted by all the opposition political parties.

    Give the man a Bell's!

  13. Anonymous12:56 am

    Naïve me!! I never did realise that arse licking was a "sex act" - always thought it was "the action or practice of behaving obsequiously in order to gain favour:
    ‘that minister got his job from arse-licking’"

    as defined in http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/arse-licking

  14. Anonymous2:58 am

    I thought you might enjoy the comments on this Brett Fish's new libtard page for TV.


    1. Anonymous1:44 am

      What a doos. The sort of person you tell to fuck off every day if you are forced to share a townhouse complex.

  15. Anonymous8:07 am

    I wouldn't call this Art but just opportunistic trash. Business must be really bad for Ayanda to have to resort to this kind of paintings to get the attention of the public.
    Since Brett Murry's 'The Spear' (also a piece of trash if you ask me), this Ayanda saw a chance at fame by painting Zuma's genitals... he must be obsessed with them.
    Don't get me wrong, I also think JZ is an exceptional doos but these paintings just show how disgraceful is South Africa's society today... in every aspect.

    1. It is quite disgusting, but it is the language they react too.

      Its like calling names when you are 8 but only much worse because it is so filthy.

      You do this with a US presedent it wont mean anything but to these children stuck in grownup bodies.... you will see how they react over the folowing couple of weaks.... like children.. even worse because they are savages!

      I dont even think the word savage describes them properly.

      It should be digusting parasites all the time every time. Dont let their parroting abilities fool you.

      We are not the same. Never was never will be unless they bread us out of existance.

      We are waking up though. The wind are changing and i love seeing it all over the globe.

  16. Anonymous8:42 am

    Nothing fantastic obout this kaffir's paintings at all. Other than revealing the truth of the black political filth and disgrace that is running rife in this country. The paintings are not even worth a blue cent to the millions of poor who have been systematically robbed and are now being discarded in the latrines of the greedy ANC politic thugs who promised them everything and gave them nothing.

    1. Fuck the artistic merits. I agree with you it's not what I would call art, but the value of the political statement it makes is priceless.

      Subtlety and art are concepts of which the kaffir has no clue. So, a good snotklap like this is the only way to get the message through to them.

  17. never been one for badly drawn 2 dimensional zottie art...but I do admire his constant goading nambah whan...methinks he does nor realise that he will soon be "stompied" or "winnied" with a firestone and a litre of petrol. Or even worse, be re classified as white, then the whole libtard world will orgasmicly vent outrage and scream "racist!!!!!"

  18. Anonymous12:53 pm


    What do you make of this? How long before they ask how to implement apartheid ? :D

  19. Anonymous2:33 pm

    Granted, these works are never going to stand "the test of time" in the same way as the Mona Lisa, but it is kind of gratifying to note the race of the "artist"...!!

  20. Anonymous11:39 pm

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  21. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Hey Mike, go fuck your mother, JEWBOY!

    1. Ladies and gentlemen...I present you the superior mind of the Neo-Nutzi.

      Hey, Hitler-boy...You've had 70 years to create the Master Race and this is the best you can come up with?

  22. Anonymous8:05 am

    These images would make some perfect good internet memes. :-)

    Speaking of memes, someone have fun with Zuma and Lena Dunham, an annoying holier-than-you liberal star of a boring series named Girls with this meme. https://memegenerator.net/instance/69459531

    And these Zuma paintings reminded me of this painting of Harold Washington, former mayor of Chicago.