03 July 2016

Any more questions where the Homeland should be?

By Mike Smith
3rd of July 2016


  1. Anonymous1:03 am

    I would have expected a higher visibility of green local to Cape Town, Natal and Witwatersrand for English distribution.

  2. Anonymous2:32 am

    Give the Afrikaner a 200km X 200km piece of land in the Northen Cape. A nuclear power plant, a few desalination plants, a few billion dollars to start with. Within a decade we will be the economic powerhouse of Africa. Why? Because we know how to create something from nothing. We possess the most important ingredient to prosper and move forward. ..intelectual capacity. We will rival Hong Kong, Singapore and the likes of Japan in creating wealth out of nothing. Forget about the rest of south africa, it is fubar.

    1. We need an harbour as well

  3. Whiteman2:34 am

    It is interesting to ponder over this map. But one has to project forwards, to try to see what will eventually happen. Afrikaans is being attacked on ALL fronts. Not only by the government, and their millions, but by afrikaans speaking people themselves. It is all part of the Race-genocide, which is going on in this country today. For decades now, afrikaner " leaders, " have tried to unite the afrikaners around a language. Some tried church and religion, but that just caused more fighting. Some tried history, and culture, but that also just caused more fighting. Some tried to create a common ( black ) enemy, but that also did not work, because too many whites, absolutely LOVE blacks, and are happy to be murdered. ( They really feel guilty about Apartheid etc, and they see themselves as martyrs, for their faith, or whatever ! ) At this point in time, we still have not discovered that very important binding factor, that will FORCE conservative whites to stand together, and fight for survival. One thing is for sure though, if you lose all your posessions, and/or family, you become VERY angry, and seek the company of other people, who have had a similar experience. You cast ALL your differences aside, take up arms, and FIGHT to win !

  4. Anonymous2:43 am

    how can a Vaalie vote for the Cape independance party?

  5. Anonymous2:46 am

    i find it surprising that the former traansvaal and free state have such low levels of Afrikaans. Did you all leave your republics?

    1. Anonymous7:47 am

      anon 2:46...do you understand the simple mathematics of proportions? Your education level is fairly low, must be post 1994 matriculant. Now go and try and figure out the maths. Hint..1/2 of 1000 is less than 1/3 of 1000000..

    2. Anonymous7:47 AM

      Dont be a doos. Unite our people.

    3. Anonymous9:52 am

      OMG 7:47 Gaslighting asshole. Fuck off.

    4. @ anon 2:46 AM. Are you still trolling?

      Guys I do think that this is the same troll that has been eaten up the ethers all weekend.

    5. Anonymous11:02 am

      Keep your panties on girls, I am just schooling the idiot regarding numbers. Why don't you also go for some extra math classes.

    6. Anonymous2:48 pm

      Anon 747 you sound like someone who is short a good poes-klap.

    7. Anonymous4:20 am

      Anon 2:48...gaan speel met jou tottie oubaas se honnes. As jy nie kan agterkom dat anon 2:46 n' sarkastiese poes is nie dan is jy ook maar fokken stupid.

  6. Maybe we need more than one homeland. Metro Cape Town is big enough (and growing fast enough) to justify becoming a province in its own right. And Cape Town's demographics are rapidly diverging from the rest of the Western Cape.

    CAPE TOWN (pop. 3.7 million)
    Coloured: 42%
    Black: 39%
    White: 16%

    WESTERN CAPE outside Cape Town (pop. 2.1 million)
    Coloured: 60%
    Black: 23%
    White: 16%

    The Bantu invasion of the Cape has been mostly concentrated in Cape Town, leaving the rest of the Western Cape with a much lower percentage of blacks. Here are the native language stats:

    Afrikaans: 36%
    Xhosa: 30%
    English: 28%

    WESTERN CAPE outside Cape Town
    Afrikaans: 75%
    Xhosa: 15%
    English: 5%

    While Cape Town becomes increasingly Anglicized and Xhosafied, the rest of the Western Cape has remained staunchly Afrikaans-speaking. And the Afrikaans language is the bedrock upon which the white and/or minority homelands will be built.

    So if Cape Town (a minority-majority city-state and anti-ANC hotbed) became its own province, there are 3 possibilities for the rest of the Cape.

    1. The rest of the Western Cape becomes a province with Paarl as its capital city. It was in Paarl that the foundations of the Afrikaans language were laid, so it's only fitting that it should become the capital of an Afrikaans-speaking homeland.

    2. The rest of the Western Cape is annexed by the Northern Cape. This new, expanded Northern Cape would have a population of 3.25 million, roughly 13% white and 68% Afrikaans. The annexation would be contingent on eventually redrawing the province's borders to accurately line up with Afrikaans-speaking territory.

    3. If and when these borders are redrawn, the Afrikaans province will occupy the western third of the country (minus Cape Town), contain 51 local municipalities (24 from WC, 21 from NC, 5 from EC, 1 from FS), a population of 3.1 million, and will be roughly 15% white and 75% Afrikaans. The capital city will be Kimberley, with Paarl acting as a "southern capital" responsible for the WC and EC municipalities. There will be only 2 official languages, Afrikaans and English, with no language rights for Xhosas, Tswanas or any other Bantus. Eventually the 2 Afrikaans-speaking regions of Southern Namibia should be annexed.

    If Cape Town became its own province, not only could it trigger the creation of an effective Afrikaans ethnostate, but other big metros could follow suit. I'm thinking specifically of Port Elizabeth and Pretoria.

    If these 2 metro areas declared their "independence" from the Eastern Cape and Gauteng respectively, and became provinces in their own right, this would be beneficial to minorities in general, whites in particular, and Afrikaans-speakers above all.

    Port Elizabeth and Pretoria are by far the 2 biggest of the very few black-majority municipalities in the country where Afrikaans is in a strong second place amongst native languages. Outside the greater Cape, those 2 cities are where the chances for survival of the Afrikaans language and Afrikaner people are highest.

    You can see this in voting patterns. The DA is strong in Port Elizabeth (40% in 2011 muni election), and Pretoria (39%), and have a good chance of leading anti-ANC governments in both cities after the 2016 elections.

    These elections will help define the future borders of our homelands (plural). An Afrikaans ethnostate based in Kimberley and Paarl containing one-third of the country; a minority-majority Cape Town city-state; two more DA-voting city-states with Afrikaans as an official language.

    So that's about 12 million people in 4 future provinces, including more than 40% of SA's whites, and 75% of Afrikaans-speakers. It would be an anti-ANC coalition of provinces that protects minorities as they work towards a decentralized federal system, and eventual independence.

  7. I have been thinking about this all day. It seems really hard for whites to unite. If say the ANC actually did plan an all out genocide against is, I think we would fall in together and unite. But how things are now I just dont see it. Then I wonder about the old people, if we told them to all move and be centralised somewhere. Then move the poorer people next. But how to start? To get the ball rolling something major has to happen to change the mind set. The other option is just to campaign and hope people wake up and listen. Those who stay deaf can deal with the mess. And generally people need an incentive to move which makes sense. Think its best to start with helping the Cape Party.

  8. Anonymous10:26 am

    Ons gaan nie nodig he om te "settle" nie. Ons gaan die hele Suid-Afrika vat. Later, die hele suid punt van Afrika - tot by die ewenaar. Dis net ñ kwessie van tyd en doen wat van ons gevra word... Hou maar dop :)

    1. Anonymous4:24 am

      Hoe gaan dit gedoen word? Die hele blanke bevolking is maar omtrent 4 miljoen. Konsentreer liewer op n' kleiner staat wat net ons sin is. Jissis ou, om n land te regeer wat tot by die ewenaar strek is ontmoontlik met so min mense.

    2. @ Anon 4:24 AM. Boet, daai post is al ge-cover. When our 4 Million are taxed less, a lot less...there will be more money to raise children. So ons sal moet begin steek en broei vir die A-span.

      Another option is mass imigration from former Eastern bloc countries like Poland, Slovakia, etc.

      According to my calculations we need a Military of about 300,000 and a Police of about 100,000 to maintain order and safety in a macro state. With 4 million we can do it no problem. Establish some FOB's (Forward Operating Bases) from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean along the Kunene, Kavango and Zambesi and Bob's your uncle. Everything South of that is White man's territory. That is the true Rainbow Africa. Brown at the top, black in the middle and White at the bottom.

      I first thought about clearing Africa of Blacks completely, but we kind off need a buffer between us and the Camel Jockey's up North.

    3. I trust none of the fuckers will every be allowed south of the "kaplyn" again, for whatever purpose whatsoever?

    4. I read Jeppo's very informative stats, and I am now even less in favour of a Cape homeland. We shall still be a minority group against the Coloureds. What is the sense in that? I agree that our homeland WILL be Kunene river as north western border, going east with the Kavango, Chobe and Zambezi river as north eastern border. Southern tip, Cape Town. Small homeland in Namib dessert (20 hactares) for the libtards. No forced removals to take place, but gentle encouragement to board a train north by the military to everyone not liking the idea. Of course there will be WBBEE (White Broad Based Economic Empowerment), that means 100% job embargo for blacks, so blacks can have the golden opportunity to take up all the lovely jobs in Central and Northern Africa. Of course the justice system will be streamlined. Only one penalty - death by firing squad. That should take care of the numbers problem as well.

    5. Tomkat, for security purposes, there will have to be a demarcation zone, any fauna of the biped sort to be cleared, lets say our northern border to Congo river. Yep, that should be just about adequate.

    6. Mike, I like your thinking, but we'll need to import cheap labour from Europe en masse, so we should probably have a base white population of around 10m. :))

  9. Anonymous10:30 am

    Spatial representation of South African Demographics from the 2011 Census


    NOW please go and study this
    Then come back and tell me about the Cape and ALL the little towns !
    Every one with a township on the outskirts of the main ( European ) CBD / Old town
    after that
    Go and study DEVOLUTION !


    Devolution differs from federalism in that the devolved powers of the subnational authority may be temporary and are reversible, ultimately residing in the central government. Thus, the state remains de jure unitary. Legislation creating devolved parliaments or assemblies can be repealed or amended by central government in the same way as any statute. In federal systems, by contrast, sub-unit government is guaranteed in the constitution. The powers of the sub-units cannot be withdrawn unilaterally by the central government (ie. without the consent of the sub-units being granted through the process of constitutional amendment). The sub-units therefore have a lower degree of protection under devolution than under federalism.


    Devolution can happen TODAY even under the DA
    It is a better start and achievable.
    I suggest someone write a really good book about how and why an Independent Cape is possible -- with all the Economic stats figures and financial / domographic motivation.


    1. Anonymous11:19 pm

      who are you? are you an observer only - you do it.

  10. The only way forward will be to unite in the Northern Cape. With it's low population you need to move 500000 whites and you will have a strong enough vote to take control of the area.
    Then it will be the job of all of those with ability to entice everyone else to vote for independence.
    If you don't create a defend-able area, don't even go that way. The Coloured populace will ave to be drawn into this as well and even if you do not like the idea, there will be no other viable way forward.
    Most of your Cape Colored are Christians and Afrikaans speaking and most are able to converse in English as well, plus they share a lot of shared values with us.

    1. Anonymous4:26 am

      Agree 100%. But some okes want a country that stretches into deep dark africa.

  11. Interesting map, Mike -- changed by ANC-regime's ongoing ethnic-cleansing
    ANC regime warfare against Afrikaans children:
    379,000 new 'land claims'

  12. Anonymous11:23 pm

    I think the only way forward is to have the Afrikaaners/Boers reclassified as coloureds.

  13. Whiteman1:19 pm

    Mike and others. Please check out on suidlanders.co.za a very interesting article, which fits in with the debate around an independent Cape. A very interesting map, with red dots, indicating all the nignog hotspots in the NSA ! It is obviously very difficult to do this accurately, but makes interesting reading nevertheless. One thing is for sure, those red dots, are only going to get bigger, and BIGGER !