22 June 2016

Who will restore the order in the Rainbow Nation?

By Mike Smith

22nd of June 2016

Last week the brother of Thabo Mbeki, Moeletsi Mbeki exposed South Africa’s hidden civil war

Apart from the SABC refusing to broadcast violent protests, exactly how hidden is it? In 2014 City Press reported that there are on average 32 service delivery protests a day

Amidst the tribal clashes and violence in and around Pretoria ANC ministers have set up a war room

Moeletsi Mbeki is right. SA is at war. A power struggle within the ANC. A war of ANC factions against the ruling ANC class of Zuma

It can only get worse and who knows where that is going to lead to? Experts are saying worse protests will come after the elections

As the country is going tits up, the silence of the liberal idiots in the West, The UN, etc, who wanted the ANC in power is deafening. We told them the ANC cannot govern and they would destroy South Africa. They called us “racists”. What do they have to say now? What do they expect us to do?

It still boggles my mind how the Western World could ever turn against us whites in South Africa and support the Marxist ANC scum.

Surely it could not have just been our gold and other minerals. Do they have control over those minerals today? The ANC have closed most of the mines already and took over the rest under the guise of BEE.

Surely it could not just have been Apartheid. Other countries had the same or much worse human rights abuses. India with their “Cast” system, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries with their gender Apartheid. Australia with their reserves for Abbo’s and the USA and Canada with reserves for Indians, Segregation in the USA, etc, etc.

Besides White South Africans always actively supported the West.

In the First World War, South African whites totaling only 1.25 million, sent 150,000 white soldiers to the aid of the Western Allies in places like Palestine, Egypt, East Africa, Flanders, the Somme, Delville Wood, etc.

21 Years after the peace of Versailles World War II broke out. This time, a white population of no more than 2 million contributed 280,000 soldiers, all volunteers, fighting in East Africa, the Western Desert, Italy (Battle of Casino, Monte Stanco, Valley of the Po) while some 45,000 air force personnel fought in practically every theatre of the war.

On top of that the white farmers of South Africa produced fantastic amounts of food for the Allied nations while the manufacturing industries produced thousands of armoured cars, bombs, explosives, etc.

When the United Nations called upon member states to prevent a Communist military invasion of Korea, South Africa was one of only fourteen countries (out of more than eighty) to heed this appeal.

During the critical time of the Berlin Airlift South African pilots and air force personnel contributed more than their share to save the Germans.

During the 1963 Cuban Crisis, South Africa was the ONLY country in the entire Africa to send a message of unqualified support to President Kennedy. At the same time, the ANC’s Nobel Peace Prize winner Albert Luthuli sent a message of support to Fidel Castro.

For 71 years (1919-1990) South Africa administered Namibia for the UN and fought a 23 year proxy war (1966-1989) on the Angolan border on behalf of the Western World against the Communist empire to uphold that UN Charter.

During the Cold War South Africa successfully defeated the Marxist insurgency of SWAPO/PLAN as well as the conventional Communist forces of the Cubans, the East Germans, the Russians and the MPLA without them ever touching base in Namibia.

South Africa showed the world how to defeat the ANC Marxist terrorists by hunting them down everywhere in the world and terrorizing terrorists into submission. What makes these feats more remarkable is that South Africa did all of this with economic sanctions and arms embargoes from the UN and the entire Western World against her.

Boer General Jan Smuts sat on the British war councils of both World Wars, was the father of the League of Nations, wrote the preamble to the UN Charter and was the only person to sign the charters of both the League of Nations and the UN.

There can be no doubt that South Africa (and Rhodesia) showed a willingness and an ability to play their parts against Communism and in the defence of the Free World.

It is a sign of the morality of the West that whilst South Africa sustained many casualties, killed, missing in action, wounded, etc in defence of the Charter of the United Nations…most of those countries who did not heed the UN’s call to defend Korea against Communism used that same Charter to make South Africa out as the “Skunk amongst Nations” and bring her to her knees, because of a dislike of her domestic policies.

When we had order in this country they sold us out. Betrayed us…put the Communists in charge of Rhodesia, Namibia and eventually the last domino, South Africa. Now that South Africa is going up in flames, where are they? Where are the USA, the UK and the UN who wanted this scum in charge? Is this what they wanted all along, chaos and anarchy, so they could come in under the cover of “restoring order”? How else do you explain their fucked up logic and abominable decisions to throw us to the wolves?


  1. Anonymous5:34 am

    I think you are correct Mike but we will not give up without a fight. War is in our genes. We will unlease hell upon any whom wish us harm. Vaalpens

    1. Anonymous9:09 pm

      That's right Vaalpens, there's nothing left for me here in this current dead country. I might as well get some payback for the past 22 years of unjustifiable tyranny.

    2. Vaalpens & Anon 9:09PM. I totally agree. I have got fuckall else left to do but die, so I might as well do it while taking as many of them out as possible. [notice: out, not with me because I sure as shit hope we're not going to the same place!]

      Vaalpens as you said "war is in our genes" and we cut our teeth on it from the age of 18. As I mentioned to CWG the other day, for us "vets" it's not the fear of death, but rather the fear of failure that worries us.

      Ex Unitate Vires!

    3. Anonymous9:08 pm

      > Let the Black bastards rule and look after themselves. What a joke! Just leave us the fuck alone!

      This. This is why the Boer must die. To do for oneself, is to reject being done for. To refuse slavery, even to be served by slaves, is still an affront to slavery. Where would the world be without slaves, and their masters?

    4. Anonymous12:32 am

      Anon 9:08 are we the only sane 4 million (and dropping) people left in the world for seeing the truth? It's is truly us against 99% of the world.

      The burden of righteousness is almost unbearable. But hell, what an honour.

  2. Anonymous5:49 am

    This is a brilliant post among your usually excellent ones Mike. Sadly, I suspect that the west (lower case w is deliberate: fuckemall) wants the Whites in RSA gone. End of story.

  3. Whiteman5:58 am

    Mike, the New World Order has one main objective. The world population must be interbred, so that all forms of patriotism, nationalism and exclusivity, can be obliterated. The RSA, to my knowledge, was the only country, with Apartheid, officially as the Law of the land. And it was enforced ! So that made us enemy number one, to the BIG plan. We are still enemy no.1, despite the large number of rainbow-idiots. But they have decided to wipe out all whites in the NSA, because it is too complicated, to distinguish between the Apartheid people, and the rainbow-types. So there will be collateral dammage, depending on what side of the fence you occupy ! This is my humble take on the situation. I agree that it is perhaps over simplified, but I am sure your other readers can add further points.

    1. Anonymous7:00 am

      Much play of late at the UN concerning the estimated 65m in refugees treking about. Some writers have suggested "Syrians should remain in Syria - Mexicans in Mexico." How novel, how original! Almost as if some groot divine order, some social separation was established from the beginning. Ag man, how can that be? [sarcasm off]

      Regards, Besoeker

  4. Anonymous6:26 am

    The only reason why Europe won't support whites in SA and instead pledge their support to ANC is because they have long realised that there is a considerable number of white South Africans who cannot stand being ruled over by blacks. They know that while blacks in Europe are minority, that way have now learnt to live by the rules of a white majority. The expect the same to happen in Africa, where majority must rule.

    1. Anonymous2:03 pm

      We don't want to rule these blacks anymore. We want to rule ourselves, we want to be the majority in our own place.

    2. Anon 2:03 I agree. Let the Black bastards rule and look after themselves. What a joke! Just leave us the fuck alone!

    3. Anonymous11:28 am

      Aye TT!

  5. Anonymous6:36 am

    Majority rules and it doesn't matter the political ideology.

    1. Anonymous2:51 am

      That's no better than mob rule. Most people are uneducated and ignorant too, not a good combination.

  6. Anonymous6:51 am

    "It still boggles my mind how the Western World could ever turn against us whites in South Africa and support the Marxist ANC scum."

    Mike: The ruling oligarchy cares little about the politics of the proles [this political party or that], so long as the proles remain impoverished, beset by constant crisis and conflict. Marxism and crime are the perfect vehicles to sustain the turmoil. Meanwhile, the ruling oligarchy rapes the land and confiscates land and wealth. The reefs of the Witwatersrand offer vivid proof.

    Two things make the world go around... and the other one is money.

    Regards, Besoeker

  7. Anonymous7:04 am

    Mike why did South Africa fight communism so much as if it was not a political ideology that qualifies the same as conservativism and others. You see where the problem come from? Communists should have as well have been allowed to contest elections just like anybody. Where was the political tolerance? The only reason why apartheid fought communism was because it enjoyed majority support. Apartheid government should have only challenged communists in election battle other than wasting thousands of billions of rands in supporting the war which it eventually lost. Money which should have been used to develop South Africa.

    1. Anonymous12:10 pm

      oh you mean like when Rhodesia challenged Commie Mugabe to an election, in which Nkomo won. Right? Oh thats right. When Commies lose an election, they make like Moogabe and return to war. Why waste time with a commie dog and pony show? FFS

    2. Anonymous1:04 pm

      Communists don't contest elections. It is a totalitarian ideology that is enforced on a country. Right there your argument falls flat. In addition, trillions were used to develop south africa, it ended up as the first african country with nuclear capabilities, and infrastructure that rival the best developed nations in the world. But yet again, your precious communists decided on a policy to destroy it all through terrorism and anarchy, and wanted to inflict a brutal totalitarian system on the entire population. By the way, the war against the commies was not lost, go ask the Russians, Cubans, Angolans, Namibians, East Germans etc etc.

    3. Anonymous12:54 am

      Sometimes we must stop dreaming when we insinuate that a war against commies was not lost because the commies rule SA as we speak. I had South Africa ran out of money and resources to sustain that war and hence had to throw in the towel.

  8. Mike, when last did you hear somebody say " it was my fault and I shall bear the consequence of my errors"

    Well mate, you know it and I know it, that just doesn't happen anymore.

    There is nobody that manages a country,council or organisation with that type hardware nestled in their rods.

    These soft cocks that lashed out at us want to be politically correct and well paid so they just carry on giving and giving until there is nothing more to give, then they start blaming.

    Watch the space, someone is going to blame the fucked up NEW SA on apartheid and whites and all the other shit that these lame dick supposed leaders come up with.

    1. Anonymous9:11 pm

      Ag LTMA, we've heard it all before a thousand times. Their little Marxist tags and accusations has lost its edge and is totally blunt. We march forth.

  9. I see some chap posted on the previous post that Tutu has already blamed apartheid for retards loss of morals.

    I only saw this after my post on this blog but it does reinforce what I have just said.

    Tutu forgets or is just too fucking stupid to admit that retard has no morals, never had and never will have.

    You can teach a man to be a criminal it lies within his consciousness whether he decides to follow the path or not.

    It's the nature that one feeds the most that wins out.

    Excuse and blame are easier than responsibility and integrity.

  10. @ whiteman 5:58 AM. The white liberal cunts that sit on the dark side of the fence will be the first to be slaughtered by their retard stink buddies.

    The aim might be to wipe us whiteys out but they must achieve that aim first.

    Fuck all these black retard stinks, they try intimidate us and threaten us and most of the time they get it right because the attack woman, children and lone farms but wait until we start attacking and not being selective, then we will see how intimidation really works.

    Trying to win hearts and minds is soft cock liberal bullshit that just causes unnecessary crap.

    To win a war, control the fear factor and every true bloodied white South African on this blog knows that when we go noisy there will only be one set of ROE and those are the ones we make.

  11. Anonymous7:41 am

    According to Mmusi Maimane, leader of the DA:

    "For me the EFF is the military wing of the ANC, and are more radical parts of the ANC"


    1. Anonymous8:31 am

      Interestingly, e also said that the DA is a 'centre-right' party.

    2. Anonymous10:54 am

      And now the DA has gone to shit...


  12. Anonymous7:46 am

    If getting rid of Whites was the Wests ultimate goal to gain control of our resources, they now have an even bigger problem of the Chinese to contend with as they are already deeply entrenched in SA ...or its just what can be expected from a lazy, thieving, good for nothing bunch of Zots just like in the rest of Africa.
    I fear things are going to get much worse. Keep your powder dry!

    1. Anonymous8:32 am

      And the Chinese are considered 'Honorary Blacks' so can get BEE deals too.

  13. Anonymous8:16 am

    You just have to look at the24 protocols to realise that if the puppet master are not happy with you they will unleash the mass mob to bring you (goverment) under control or remove you.Further to that the state of crime and violence is allowwed so that the people will beg for a police state.

  14. Anonymous8:42 am

    The biggest mistake that South Africans ever made was to go over to the British side under the hensopper Smuts and co. I say this as an English speaker that the Afrikaner mind was captured in the post English war era and that was the start of the degeneration. We (white South Africans of like mind) knew what Britain was all about and what she tried to do yet we (generally as a whole) gravitated towards Britian and her ideologies. We should never have turned against the Germans.

    Even Kruger was dismayed that the Boers racial kin the British were so co-opted to try and destroy the boers. The Germans never tried to do that to us.

    1. Yeah, the country should have followed Mani aritz and Koos de la Rey in 1914. Smuts & Botha betrayed the country and the Germans who supported them in the Boer War. But Smuts & Rhodes belonged to the same Round Table[???] although the were, supposedly, on opposite sides of the fence during that war.

      The machinations of the puppetmasters are sickening.

  15. Sometimes we should stop thinking in terms of gold, silver minerals and money.

    Power is what the puppet masters are after.

    Yes sometimes or more often than not gold, silver and money are the vehicles bringing power but it is not absolute.

    Power is more important than money and who knows their long term plans with SA.

    I mean if the company Toyota can have 100 year goals and plans written out, so can the international banksters. For them to not have access to our gold and minerals for a 40 or 60 year period means nothing. These big shots are waiting on 100 year and who knows 500 year plans playing chess with dummies like us because we have been blinded. We dont know who our real opponents are and we dont even know what kind of game they are playing. How can we win then? No chance!

    Only chance is to wake up and i do not mean a thousand or a million. We, our entire nation needs to wake up so we can start playing the game back.

  16. justice seeker9:21 am

    But under the same breath millions of whites including farmers whom I know personally just go on as normal no caring for there fellow brothers. Let them continue I like it and stop blaming the west the boers gave in so suck it up and enjoy. Farmers live it up on property with millions and the rest of us try to find work. Nobody gives a shit for me when I am down yet I cared for all the others when I was ok not anymore.

    1. Anonymous9:34 pm

      You really are clueless hey justisseeker?

    2. Anonymous9:45 pm

      Poor Justice seeker...nobody cares about you, boo hoo

      Welcome to real world you bell end!

    3. Anonymous12:37 pm

      JJ did you go ask the rich farmer for a job, he might have thought you a few life skills.

  17. Anonymous9:25 am

    I dont really believe cunning conspiracies. At any point in time, people with influence and power do what is in fashion politically and what they think is the right thing, and what is in their interests. So it is an accident whether it works out well in the long run or not, as the situation often evolves organically in reality,ontwracting with the political decisions made. Thus war occurs to rectify political meddling.

    1. Anonymous12:41 am

      Go back to sleep then you fool.

      Ignorance is bliss so they say. I wish I believed that rubbish. Unfortunately knowledge is power and knowledge reveals what is really going on in the world.

      But hey, get back to your wors and the rugby and enjoy your life. You are in for a big wake up though.

    2. Anon 9:25 - I agree with Anon 12:41, continue in your blissful ignorance. WTF have you been your whole life?

      Wars are never about rectifying the political imbalances you may, in your blissful ignorance, perceive on the surface, but about furthering the aims and goals of the Illuminati.

  18. Anonymous9:48 am

    Who will restore order in the rainbow nation?
    Nobody. The rainbow nation is about to die.
    More importantly what nation will replace the rainbow nation?

  19. Anonymous10:49 am

    Yes, the current situation IS what was wanted all along. The name of the game is 'control'. All of the western countries are occupied nations filled with a brain-dead populace. The will of the people here counts for nothing; but that doesn't absolve us from our responsibility to overthrow these satanic/anti-Christian marxist NWO scumbags. South Africa was the last 'free' country in the civilized world, it was the toughest nut to crack, and couldn't have been cracked until the rest of the white world was sufficiently brainwashed against it.
    If you are able to re-gain control of your country don't let whites from Canada, USA, UK etc immigrate there. They will only be opportunists looking for a temporary reprieve from their collapsed societies, the way liberals destroy a place like California and then escape to Texas and try to implement the same liberal crap there.

    1. Anonymous9:15 pm


  20. Anonymous12:29 pm

    The Pomms are the champions of betrayal , if it doesnt benefit them then one will hear zip . They getting a good taste of Ethnic dilution , with the Libs and the wanna love all making sure they help in the proliferation of the non thorough BRED.
    In the States its the same, and even the previous French President Sarkosy still uttered that they must interbreed with Flappy.
    No more thorough Breds in future , or you will feel out. F that !
    Even my machines and tools are thorough.

    1. Anonymous12:37 am

      Listen bonehead. Don't be a doos and blame the poms. It's the ruling elite. British people are also just sheeple who are manipulated and fed thought potatoes.

      This global war on humanity is being directed at the highest levels of 'globalists'. So refrain from using the general term 'Pomm' - ok dutchman. Not nice is it.

    2. Anonymous1:41 am

      Pom , Pom , Pom , Pom here comes Tom the Pom. Ok I blame the Doos that lets in so much Pom that eventually created you Tom

  21. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Ja number 10 thinks it is the political ethics police of the worrld, I would love to see them try send their tattooed soldiers to Alexander township or Tembisa to win hearts and minds.

    1. Anonymous5:40 am

      It's not number 10, but the "CITY OF LONDON" where all the decisions are made.

  22. Anonymous12:51 pm

    That's why we should push them to burn more even a few embassies, consulates and foreign financed NGOs need to go up in smoke, lekker burn the new South Africa to the ground. Then maybe then the Europe and the USA will pay some attention

    1. Anonymous9:03 pm

      Burn all the banks next. After that ALL the media houses and presses.

    2. Anonymous11:43 pm

      Annon 12:51 Don't know what attention you want from them. Burning countries down has been the stock in trade of the US and Europe all along.

    3. Anonymous12:46 pm

      11:43 10 kaffirs each armed with a box of matches and half a brick combined probably have more destructive power than a fully loaded B52

  23. Anonymous2:01 pm

    When the time comes for us to strike in self-defense all these people and countries dare not utter a word. We have pleaded and we have asked nicely. Now we defend ourselves on our terms. This is our fight, this is our country, this is our lives being taken for nothing, this is our fight for survival.

  24. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Great article Mike. Great discussion and rant as well.

    A little over six more months of our Kommunis Kenyan master, then I fear the odious Hildebeest.

    Regards, Besoeker

  25. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Just think about how bad the situation is for the anc, Zuma can't govern the land from Union Buildings because Zulus are not welcome in Pretoria, he can't govern from Capetown because he is not welcome there. Well it looks like nkandla has become his prison because it's the only place that he feels welcome.

    1. Anonymous9:07 pm

      Even there they'll turn on him and rip him to pieces for the right price, if you catch my drift. Show a black a bit of bling bling and a t-shirt and some maize meal and he will do anything for you.

  26. Anonymous8:49 pm

    The UN is a defunct useless organization who is more inclined to be used by the globalists for their own agenda.The west is also on its way just like south africa going down the drain with no morals or values, in actual fact Russia is more of a Christian nation then what the west is,moral decay will be the downfall of white western power since mammon is more important than upstanding values and morals, debauchery is ruling the day.

    1. Anonymous11:40 pm

      I'd add to that and say that the UN was specifically set up as the political arm of those that wish to impose the NWO. Just as the League of Nations before it served that very purpose.

  27. Whiteman i think is correct in saying its the World Order instigating. They know the Boere Volk wont cow-tow to them or be the sheeple they want. As Mike points out, history shows. A threat to their plans must be taken care of. So we have to be destroyed. The blacks are easy to manipulate and are being used as puppets. As long as they have food, shelter etc they would accept a One World Order. We wont. Excellent article Mike.

  28. Anonymous10:24 pm

    RSA seems to have been the willing horse that got flogged. (Both flogs meaning beaten then sold)

  29. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Excellent post Mike, excellent!!

    Don't know if this is off the topic but I want to add my 2 cents if I may.
    Everything that happens on this planet should be seen in the following light:- The God of Israel is the only One that can successfully rule over diversity. Satan can not. He needs everybody to conform and become one. Like robots. Everyone should think the same, do the same, say the same, act the same. That way he can control everybody easily. Think of the tower of Babel. Think of the current laws that exist only to enslave us. We have but one solution for our current situation. The same solution the Boers had at Blood river.

    Someone once said..."Never state the obvious" I am sorry if I did just that.

  30. Anonymous12:58 am

    Who will restore order? The Radio talk show hosts and presenters of course Mike, they seem to have all the answers. John Robbie himself has descended from liberal heaven with all the answers.

    So by the way have any of you noticed the amount of brainwashing going on in the media? I mean the ads and the various people literally tell you "you are happy, you are content, everything is fine."

    This country has turned into a fucking freak show. Little country of horrors.

    And remember people, you are happy, you are happy, everything is fine, you are happy...

  31. To all.
    I have just finished reading "The Rockefeller File" by Gary Allen, published in 1975. Try and get a copy if you can. It's disgusting to see just how far their tentacles spread then already. They are all fucking whores and communists to the core.

    It was David Rockefeller who pulled the plug on us and I just discovered that Mark Zuckerberg [FB] is his grandson.

    1. Makes you wonder about the who created FB debacle. Guess the one with the support was the winner.

    2. Yeah Dony, just another form of control and manipulation of the media and communication. No wonder that anything racist or controversial gets blocked or removed from FB and YouTube.

  32. Anonymous1:18 am


    To understand what is happening we need to see the full scope of modus operandi that's being used against us wire people in SA and world wide.

    First alienate us from our God using ridicule, and a sustained attack on our moral code, because therein lies our power.

    Follow this up with multi cultural brainwashing, racism fear,divide and conquer wars, murder, miscegenation, theft,corruption of morals, displacement, censorship and forced assimilation with other non white races.

    Christian people need to stand together.
    The biblical word holy means to be apart, ie white racial separation.

    We need to chuck the lying "church religion" and read our bible ourselves to find the truth.
    After all we wouldn't trust our arch enemy to interpret the inheritance we received from our fathers last will and testament now would we?

    Without the armour of God we will stay divided and vulnerable, as we have our fathers God given racial attributes of morals, compassion, high IQ and creativity.

    Whites are made in God's Image.
    Miscegenation destroys these God given attributes.

    We whites are being attacked from all sides, now recently made really obvious in huge multi culti invasion of white countries.

    1. Anonymous1:02 pm

      Ons wittes is te verdeel in geloof! Kyk net na al die verskillende kerke! Ons gaan eers deur n smeltkroes moet gaan en dan sal die bietjie wat oorbly die eenvoudige beginsels van christen wees aangryp en gered word. Gered word op grond van opregte geloof en deur enige mens nie. So vergeet daarvan dat n mens ons gaan help

    2. Anon 1:02 PM Vergeet van "verskillende kerke". Jy is heeltemal reg wanneer jy praat van "die eenvoudige beginsels van christen wees aangryp en gered word".

      Die kerke is tweegevreet jakkalse. In die ou dae het die NGK Apartheid goedgepraat en nou is dirt ewe skielik die GROOT SONDE van die Witman???

      Nee wat, jou geloof is in jou hart en siel en kan van geen kansel af aan jou afgekondig word nie.

  33. http://myfreshnews.com/soldiers-odins-growth-explodes-across-europe-muslims-panic

    1. Thanks for this link, Tomkat. This is good news. Seems good things start happening when the situation seems darkest.

  34. Thank you Mike, once again a solid post.. But unfortunetly it's like a massive tree that fell in the woods that only a handfull heard and saw...

    Being 'the nice guys' never brought us anywhere. Like you mentioned to Jeppo earlier, those days are over..

    We will always be the few, the outnumbered, the group that nobody bets on. But we sure as hell will leave a mark, a rememberance for those to come.

  35. Anonymous1:39 am


    Just to add:
    Our attributes is what makes the misguided white liberals in our midst so dangerous.
    They have our white attributes, so they have compassion, which they misplace through constant outside brainwashing. We are infected from within by these. Leading to our, their own destruction.

    "My people are destroyed through lack of knowledge."

  36. Gentlemen . . . & Ladies,

    Fuck what's being done to us. We all know we're being shafted. Look to the future. How are we going to put an end to it and rise from the ashes because, Boets & Sussies, believe me that's what it's going to be; ashes, once these savages are done.

    In my view we, at this stage anyway, have no alternative but to let things take their course and let the savages reduce everything to rubble.

    We dare not make a pre-emptive strike in our present disorganised state. We have to wait until the Satan's spawn opens the eyes of those with blinkers on and pushes them into our laager. And, that is still going to take a lot of blood, sweat and tears I am afraid to say.

    Then, like The Phoenix, we will arise from the ashes. It's all as The Siener predicted.

    That's my tuppence's worth anyway.

    1. Anonymous11:35 am

      That is a very valuable Tuppence indeed TT.

  37. Anonymous2:59 am

    Hey Boere Ninja - where you?

    1. Anonymous4:04 am

      I was wondering the same. I miss Boere Ninja's intelligent and thoughtful contributions. Perhaps he gave up on us after that Low (Truly low) Mental Age (LTMA) fool started trashing the quality of discussion here? Tom

    2. @ anon 4:04 AM. Have you been hitting the booze bottle again and suddenly discovered liquid courage.

      Go have another drink, hero.

      Nice try anyway.

    3. Anonymous10:38 am

      Gone to consult the Oracle .....
      To look for those strange guns the EFF have hidden away in Jewberg.
      To come up with some more of his "prophecies"

    4. Anonymous11:18 am

      Pom Pom Pom Tom is that you? And what do you bring to the table (POM) (TOM)

    5. Anonymous12:40 pm

      Ek wonder wie die "engelse staatsman" gaan wees wat volgens siener gaan dood gaan een van die dae? En hy het gese hy sien lee winkelrakke in engeland(wat gaan met hulle ekonomie gebeur as hulle die EU verlaat?)

    6. Anonymous8:45 pm

      Anon 12:40 Kom ons hoop dis daai pig-fucker Cameron wat vrek.

    7. @ anon 11:18AM. Please allow me to answer your question.

      Pom Tom's contribution is negativity. Let me profile Pom Tom for you.

      Pom Tom is small in stature, weak in physique. He was the kid at school that wore his pants pulled so high that he got roasties in his arm pits, he never had to worry about a cluster box in his pants because he never had the hardware for such happenings.

      Pom Tom was the outcast of the class that whimpy needle that wore binoculars and called them specs, he was the constant running nose and red cheeked freaked.

      His friends weren't and so he hung around the libs, those girls that were kind to the oppressed and weak.

      You see Pom Tom has lived on pity and in pity his whole life.

      He has an in bred negativity and he is afraid, afraid of life and afraid on death so he is in limbo. To keep himself amused he hides in the ethers and takes liberties at the strong and passionate, he dispises people that see opportunity and have hope, he cannot fathom strenght and courage.

      Pom Tom will only see the failure in everything, he will never attempt anything because failure is his true name and only character.

      Pom Tom is most probably the guy that married Sello's sister and ducked to liberal lands because the whites in SA scorned him for his weakness.

      Pom Tom is most probably the one who educated Sello shit in SA history and facts, you see Sello has the same out look on life that Pom Tom has.

      The sad sad fact is that not even the dark side wants Pom Tom, not even dark energy wants Pom Tom.

      Pom Tom is just a negative,scared and lonely voice hoping to be accepted somewhere so that he can at least say I fit somewhere.

    8. Anonymous12:25 am

      You know what LTMA, behind all that bravado and greyhound like determination of yours, there is actually a very intelligent and cunning man hanging back in the shadows. I pity anyone who crosses swords with you when the time comes. And it's coming, slowly but surely.

    9. Anonymous10:17 am


      @ LTMA, aggghhh you are such a joy to me!

    10. Anonymous8:47 am


      Glad to be back.

      Truth is I had to do some soul searching for a while. I had a tiff with a few family members & friends over whats happening here.

      They told me Im paranoid, too intense and need to cool down. So, that is what I did.

      I thought, perhaps they are right. We cant see our own faults. Let me have a break, see if it is me that is paranoid or me that is correct.

      Problem is with the whites here, they prefer to live in the hope of peace and the rainbow nation. It is a natural tendency, to want to go the easy route.

      I have mentioned it a few times, I sincerely do. Guys, brothers, sisters, we might not all agree on every point, we might get annoyed with someones comments, their attitude but let us all agree on one thing.

      A South Africa that is free and fair to those who built it up and we need our own homeland or own country. So long as we have that in agreement, let us not fight or create divisions among ourselves.

      Let us leave the name calling alone, let us put away pettiness, let us work together in spirit, pray and unite together. If we dont, there is no hope.

      If someone annoys you, dont attack them. If someone upsets you, dont mock them - rather approach them and say cool it, calm down - we all want the same thing here.

      If only this nation could realize who they are, what they have inside of them. Nothing breaks my heart & soul seeing this nation divided, this nation in sack cloth and being trampled on.

      We will have our time, you will have your time. I dont resent the parasite for anything. If anything, it will bring the Boere out in all of us. We have to join together first in prayer, then everything shall be delivered.

      Dont be afraid of the parasite, be afraid of the Lord who put you here in the first place. You are all here for a reason, its tough, its very difficult seeing this country in this state but we can know for sure, that if we will unite for a common goal, then we can achieve it.

      Please guys, lets work together for a common goal. Think far, far ahead, 200, 300, 500 years into the future. We dont know what the future holds but we can dream and dreams dont cost a single cent.

      Let us dream together about the future republics, the laws, who will live the land, how will the nation rule itself? What leaders do we want? What constitution do we want? What faiths do we allow in the new republic - Who knows, if we can all agree on a common goal, a future republic, then who knows it might just happen.

      For starters, it will be time to send the parasite back to its jungles in central Africa. If there is someone who can point out an alternative, if there is someone who can paint a different picture.

      I have looked at the scenario from all angles, there can never be peace here. One will have to go, either it is the parasite or us but either way it will happen like in Zimbabwe.

      The two cannot work together, Liberals wish it so but but it cant work. Try it, look for ways it can work - if you can find a solution, then please share it.

      Separation didnt work, working together doesnt work - then? I have not given up on the idea of the two making some agreement and singing kumbaya together but so far, as far as I have seen, history repeats. Peace cant be achieved when ones IQ is that of a teenager without a single invention and the other is continually progressing.

      It would be kinder to the parasite to leave him, push him out, let him be as he would have been and always will be.

      Let us not argue, insult, mock, on this blog. We should be uniting on a common goal & in my mind, that is a future Boer republic (for me - without a single parasite anywhere in the land, you might think differently & thats fine just please be sure to provide a solution).

  38. Anonymous4:52 am

    Mike, i agree with everything you said and likewise i cannot make out what the west plan is with us whites. I know the elites of the world ,Bilderburgs, club of 300 etc, have mentioned they are gatfull of all the useless eaters in the world and therefore stirring the shit between black and white and hope to start conflict between the two. I am not talking of SA alone but of the whole worlds black & white to grab each other by the throat.

  39. Anonymous6:34 am

    I don't think they finished yet as there seems to be quite a few pathetic anti white propaganda going around again.


    Truly fucking amazing how these people are looking under every rock to find the white South African "Reyciss"

    I truly wish people would just get on with their own lives.

  40. Great article, Mike. I believe that we should do everything ourselves, without depending on any outside entities. Outsiders who come to join, will have to fight under our rules. It seems the big day is very close...

  41. All this talk got me thinking. Most likely the the Globalists are the European royals. I mean in most Western countries the elite are related in one way or another. They want a one world government, one world army, everything. Easier to control people, they stay on top that way albeit for long as possible, we are just pawns. Forbes mag lists worlds richest people. But funny though, the rockefellers,rothchilds, the royals even the queen and so on. They are never mentioned. Makes sense to target white countries first as they know we will resist and fightback, the other countries and races submit no problem. Theres so much disinfo on it all, so much crap to sift through.. time to forget about the west to. Concentrate on our own!

  42. Hopefully the people of Pretoria decide to move down south(Cape). If only we were more concentrated!

    1. Anonymous1:28 am

      TW no people of Pretoria should declare an autonomous enclave and form links with other Boer enclaves

    2. Anonymous1:31 am

      It's already happening. Better to do it sooner than later as property prices are going up in the Cape due to increased demand. The roads are already barely coping. Head offices are moving down too.

    3. Anonymous10:22 am


      Verskoon my asb, maar ek is met niks minder tevrede as die hele Suid-Afrika vir ons volk nie. As ek eendag in die strate ry wil ek slégs wit gesigte sien.

  43. Californian11:23 am

    I have confronted various liberals here in America and Europe with this question: "Why did you single out white-ruled South Africa for such opprobrium while you tolerated or even supported various communist and third world dictatorships?" The liberal answer is basically ideological: "Apartheid era SA upheld white rule over blacks and thus was (horrors!) 'racist;' therefore, apartheid had to go."

    The thing to grasp is that liberal ideology is beyond rational reasoning. It is on the level of a demented religion which calls for its followers to sacrifice anything and anyone in order to maintain purity of faith. In pursuit of liberalism, liberals will turn over their children to be cut to pieces (Amy Biehl) or marched off as sex slaves (Rotherham).

    The "struggle against apartheid" allowed liberals to engage in their fantasy of fighting for a world of equality, one-man-one-vote, global citizenship and universal Birkenstocks. And if black-majority-rule led to an Idi Amin or Rwanda massacre? Well, ghee whiz, the people of those countries are just overcoming the "problems" of colonialism and are nonetheless marching towards a democratic future.

    In some cases, liberals were thinking in terms of the American Civil Rights struggle. Bantus and Xhosas became downtrodden Southern blacks; Soweto was Selma; the South African Police were Bull Connor's cops; Sharpseville was the new Edmund Pettus Bridge battle; Nelson Mandela was the reincarnation of Martin Luther King, jr; and by supporting the ANC, your American liberal enlisted in the ranks of the new Freedom Riders and thus guaranteed a place among the select when the final trumpet doth blow.

    Never mind that Africa is not America, never mind that every attempt at black-majority-rule on the continent has led to black-run dictatorship, failed states and non-stop bloodbaths in the name of "liberation." Never mind that black majority rule in Detroit or Selma has led to those once thriving American cities being turned into urban wastelands.

    Ideology is king.

    I suppose there is some schadenfreude to be found in recent events in Europe and America. Africans and other third worlders riot in cities like London, Paris and Malmo. We've seen the mass sexual assaults by "refugees" in Cologne. I wonder how many white victims of these crimes were anti-apartheid activists? Similarly, here in America Black Lives Matter runs amok on liberal college campuses, despite liberal protestations that "We supported Martin Luther King, we opposed apartheid!"

    I'll close out with my usual quote from James Burnham: "Liberalism is the ideology of Western Suicide."

    1. PreatorianXVI5:31 pm

      Here is a very good essay on modern Liberals, it's not just ideology, it's a new religion, the relevance of modern liberals and their dangerous ideology puts them on par with extremist Muslims, only difference, except they are arm chair warriors.


      If God Does Not Exist, Anything is Permitted

      Dostoevsky said it best: If God does not exist, anything is permitted. His novel The Brothers Karamazov had it right, without a religious moral code as its backbone society degenerates and becomes amoral. People begin to stand on shallow principles, as has happened in the West. Nihilism, the belief that life is without any intrinsic value becomes rampant. And, as one churchgoer told me at a Catholic church here in Latin America:

      When people don’t believe in God, they begin to believe they are God.

      G.K. Chesterson also knew the dangers of ditching religion.

      When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.

      As we are about to see, even atheists often have religious beliefs. But, their beliefs are focused on other dogma instead of a god.

    2. Anonymous7:12 pm

      What a great comment.

    3. @ Californian and Praetorian great posts, thank you.

    4. 100% right, Mrs. Ples is their new god!

    5. Oh yes! Comfort is also a god to the white man!

  44. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Hi Mike, great article.

    I think its just plain greedy business.

    Look at Africa and her colonial borders French, Portuguese, Afrikaans, British, German, Belgian etc... Now if all these countries were not systematically destroyed, what would have been?

    Rhodesia and South Africa could easily feed the rest of Africa. All of Africa working to her full potential with generations of whites born here. (Obviously educating darkies so they can also work) It would have been too much for the rest of the world to deal with. Too efficient and successful.

    The best thing in business is to destroy your competition, a darkie is the right tool for the job. After the countries fucked they need to start importing things that they used to export including food. Where there is chaos there is cash. Bluntly put consumerism.


  45. Anonymous4:01 pm

    Dear Californian: Please visit rantburg.com and share your superb insights! I would love to read your comments on the wide range of postings on the Burg.

    Regards, Besoeker

  46. selfsame6:18 pm

    The SA whites should pull in around a coastal city, kick out all other races, and declare themselves independent. That is probably their last best strategy at getting out of the chaos and regaining the opportunity to govern themselves.

  47. Anonymous7:10 pm

    C'mon SABC report on the protests, looting, violence, burning and killings. It's after all "The right thing to do"
    hehehe fkn cucks!

  48. andon7:26 pm

    It still boggles my mind how the Western World could ever turn against us whites in South Africa and support the Marxist ANC scum.

    in the U.S. I think it was that stupid movie they showed us - Lethal Weapon. "Diplomatic Immunity"
    and we all bought the load of bull :(

  49. Anonymous10:13 pm



    A MUST read guys and ladies!

    Well done Mr André Slate. You are a brave mad for walking the talk!
    I am glad your book and blog got a punt.

    André's blog and book: Where to from here?

    If I ever am in your area I will most definitely support your guest house.


    1. Anonymous1:02 am

      OK OK
      Now I know where the "Ninja" has gone
      Sodwana Bay
      Good Luck -- with the fruit cake
      Just another mad crazy white rascist extrimist
      They will probably feel so sorry for him that they will not even lock him up
      Enki and Inanna.

      6 June this body was born 54 years ago ….
      As the dominoes of the Old Roman Empire are tumbling before your very eyes, bear in mind that it requires the destruction of all sovereign nations and borders to make way for a New World Empire (Order). An Empire where the only sovereign entity will be the Vatican/Holy See/sea beast and their “Merovignian” prince of peace, the Red Dragon.


    2. Anonymous10:37 am

      Anon 1:02 Poefter

      I'm willing to wager you jerk off furiously to the mere thought of a strong race-pure upstanding guy like Ninja. Your obsession is in full view of all here. You disgusting poef.

      P.S. I'm a proud extreme racist, what are you gonna do, poefter?

    3. Anonymous11:09 am

      I do not have to do ANYTHING.
      You are already providing enough of your OWN rope to be hung with your OWN petard !

      As for the "Ninja" -- his false prophecies will come to find him !

      The wheel turns -- just ask "Enki"

    4. Anonymous12:56 pm

      P.S. I'm a proud extreme racist
      A pretty dumb one


      THIS is how the "war" is fought

      Dumb sh!t

    5. Anonymous1:18 am

      You are right about one thing poefter, the wheel turns.

  50. Anonymous11:43 pm

    off topic


    Why keep trying to force someone to do something they don't want to?
    It is the owner of the business right who he can choose to stay at his accommodation.

    1. Anonymous12:17 am

      That is also my new motto. My Bible and my God commands me to stay separate and apart from heathens and people who oppress me and who wants to destroy my way of life. How dare anyone criticize my religion and my freedom of religion? Those bigots and religion racists must be killed and neutralized.

  51. I just loved reading this


    If you want to have a lovely Friday and a good weekend read how this " guest-house-racist" tuned the black radio host.

    1. Hehehe...André Slade Needs to be handed a medal. I love Scuba diving in Sodwana...Guess where my next stay is going to be next time I am up there? I'll have to book early though. I think Mr Slade's guest house is soon going to be making tons of business from other whites. Media is giving him loads of free advertising.

    2. Anonymous12:55 am

      How long before someone wants to -- take him out ?
      ( Not to dinner )
      I am awaiting the Penny Sparrow shit-storm
      ( Seems a bit late in coming ? )

    3. Yeah, three cheers for Andre Slade! We need more people like him to "come out".

      Thanks for that Dony. It did indeed make my weekend.

    4. @ Mr Slade. Thank you for having the integrity to follow your beliefs and for defending those beliefs.

      You are aware that shit will fallout from this but we as true whites will support you.

      Please do not back down, apologise or change your beliefs.

      Thank you again for showing the courage of one man in a country full of traitors, cowards and retards.

    5. These retards, liberals and other fucking all hugging scum are already shitting themselves over Mr Slade refusing to allow retards or criminals access to his guest house.

      These arsehole seem to have forgotten that everybody has the right to determine who they want to associate with, talk to, entertain or live with.

      Since when does the world dictate to an individual what he will say, who he will associate with and who has access to his home, business or property.

      The writing is on the wall, it says if you not in with the way the general population of the world thinks then there is no space for you.

      I am of the opinion that maybe the independent homeland of white South African in the cape must happen fucking quickly.

      I am so tired of hearing this majority democracy shit.

      Rather we fight to the end than live under this fucking stupid shit that these arseholes spew.

      Who knows maybe they fight to a quicker end than ours. Remember our job will not be to die for our cause but rather make them die for theirs.

    6. Anonymous11:43 pm


      Can you imagine what the comments would look like if they had not closed them. YOu would have 1000 comments in 5 minutes and they would close the article.

    7. Anonymous12:17 am


      They won't get far trying to make André Slade grovel.
      He has truth on his side ie. separation from the dark side. He is standing firm. No apologies.

      Whereas Penny Sparrow to my mind is a set up lie designed to keep us whites in fear of speaking out against our oppression.
      They don't realise the drivel they feed us (evil whitey), is and will backfire on them.
      Their constant self pity is fast reaching it's expiry date.

    8. Anonymous3:13 am

      These stupid liberals will never point the finger of blame in the right direction.

      He USED TO accommodate blacks and government officials, but not anymore. And this is why:

      “Most of the times that we get blacks walking through these doors, they bring prostitutes here and they fuck all night in their rooms and make me feel uncomfortable.

      “They bring booze here and sit and get drunk and break things…And when my maid has left, they come to me and demand things. They ask me to clean their bedrooms…”

      “I have never had this problem with white people.”

      He is correct in saying that they are not people because people do not behave like this. They are subhumans who are lacking in morality, decency and social ettique.

      He has put a lot of time, money and effort into his guest house which is his also livelihood. Why should he allow kaffirs to destroy what he created and make himself destitute?

      Good on him for refusing to put up with this crap any longer. People (not subhumans) can now look foward to a pleasant stay in a clean and safe environment.

  52. http://www.maxdiaries.com/2016/06/hurry-up-this-video-is-disappearing.html

  53. Anonymous3:13 am

    And they still want to pretend the farm murders are merely normal crime:


    1. Anonymous10:53 pm

      thanks for the story...

      Quote from the article:

      The 55-year-old Louis later died in hospital. His son managed to fire shots. In the ensuing frenzy, one of the robbers was shot - a death for which Mandlazi was charged and convicted of.

      The above proves to me that whites are being retards when they are afraid of shooting back thinking that they will be charged with murder. The person instigating crime is responsible for all deaths that follow the crime. So even if an innocent by stander got shot by a stray bullet from you, the crook goes does for the murder because he instigated the crime.

      Just fucking shoot back but make your arrows fly true

  54. Anonymous5:10 am

    This idiot 'reporter' was traumatized ?? Eh! It was a fricking telephone call... why didn't she just hang up? Like she did not know she was looking for shit! She should rather 'report' about knitting or bead work articles for the sake of her poor, attention seeking feelings. Fucking IDIOT. And she lied about not being from the media.
    And they wonder why we don't want anything to do with them.

  55. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Everyone - please read this:

  56. Anonymous5:18 am

    Too bad the Spanish never colonized South Africa because today there would not be any kaffirs to complain about the past & how the SA whites owe them.

    South Africa would today be a total white utopia with a wealthy economy controlled by whites for whites.
    With its abundance of minerals we would be a greater economy than any country in Europe or even America.

    All the colonials in Africa, be they Portuguese, British , French, Dutch, German, Belgian, all treated these black scumbags with kid gloves this is why they all ultimately came short & had to return to Europe with their tails between their legs.

    1. Anonymous11:14 am

      Too bad the Spanish never colonized South Africa because today there would not be any kaffirs to complain about the past & how the SA whites owe them.
      DO you have ANY idea of what the Spanish did in the Americas ?
      Do you have ANY idea of what the JESUITS did ?

      NO thank you ; Drake had to sink the Spanish Armada and TGFT

      Now we have a JESUIT POPE
      THIS is what you want

      Save me from the utter ignorance on this blog !

    2. Anonymous1:28 am

      @Anon 11:14AM

      "Save me from the utter ignorance on this blog !"

      Please read and evaluate every single article and post before making such statements. Also, you can save yourself as the exit is always open.

  57. Anonymous12:43 am

    Yes, i know exactly what the spanish did in the americas, they created some of the greatest empires from one end to the other.
    No other white neo liberals were able to infiltrate the area like they did in Africa.
    The Spanish built infrastructure which most is still in existence, in africa the whites built fuckall, they only taught their bullshit christian religion & traded in slaves like the french, dutch & british who were responsible with polluting america with kaffirs from west africa & elsewhere with their jewish friends.

    The only reason why the jesuits & the vatican have been used as scapegoats by protestants, anglicans & others is because they never bowed to Jews like the rest of the white world.

    England, france, germany, holland, america are shit holes today because they embraced jews & zionism.

    1. Anonymous6:51 am

      Jews and Zionism? Pictures like this one will be a total mind fuck for you... lol


  58. Anonymous4:24 am

    White liberals don't care what Arabs do to Filipinos in the Gulf States. That would be racist. They only care that white people exist, and that sometimes white people don't grovel in front of blacks and are therefore racist.

    The entire thrust of liberals in the West is always anti-white, even in South Africa you see people mindlessly advocate racial suicide so they can get backpats from other liberals.