08 June 2016

The mysterious "Penny Sparrow" to be tried in absentia

By Mike Smith
8th of June 2016

I see that the “racist woman” who called black beachgoers monkeys for making a mess on New Years Day, “Penny Sparrow” (what a ridiculous name), should appear in court on Friday and the journalists are not sure if she will pitch up. She might be tried in absentia.

Will Penny Sparrow get her day in court?

Of course she won’t appear in court, because she doesn’t exist.

It is all an ANC intelligence psyops creation. Till this day they couldn’t find her or serve any court papers on her. Apparently “She has gone to ground”.

In January 2016 I reported that Penny Sparrow doesn’t exist.

Have we all been had by the Penny Sparrow saga?

The fall of Penny Sparrow is highly symbolic. The two sparrows appear on the ¼ Penny or “Farthing” from our colonial SA coins, and come from the Bible that said that a sparrow will not fall without the will of God.

Mathew 10:29, KJV. “Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father.”

By bringing “Penny Sparrow” down, making her fall or “going to ground”, these Communist pieces of trash elevate themselves above God. It is a mockery of us and our God alike.

That is why I am so anxious to see if she does appear. Just watch…If a woman eventually does pitch up she will have her head covered, etc. It can be anybody. Probably a paid intelligence agent. It is all a showtrial farce for the prolls.

Nevertheless, the question is, “Was the monkey statement true?”

Now when you look at The Durban ANC Chimpout over their own candidates list and how they are killing their own councilors and setting churches alight then I must say that Penny Sparrow’s statement is not accurate.

Monkeys do not evince this kind of behaviour. Only savages lower than monkey's shit do.


  1. Anonymous7:28 am

    Penny is NOT a stupid name for a girl. One of my dogs is called Penny.

    1. Anonymous6:02 am

      That's your conclusion after reading the article....you complain about a name, really... you couldn't get more out of the article

    2. Anonymous9:06 am

      @Anon 6:2 AM

      Not true! My dog Penny is a lot brighter than Penny Sparrow!


  2. Anonymous7:48 am

    So Mr CLver Smith
    Please do tell us who you think this imaginary
    Penny Sparrow was / is ?
    Who she was / is working for ?

    1. Anonymous10:05 am

      So mister clevaaaa idiot read much ?
      im gonna Type this slowly so you can actually grasp what im going to say

      Seriously reread the article plus the supporting articles and yeah maybe just maybe you might receive the answer to your dumb questions

      Hurr Durr

    2. @ anon 7:48 AM. Shows us just how fucking unclever you are.

      Read the introduction and you will find out, the host did do the introduction for everybody's benefit.

      You need to read not just look at the pictures.

      There is no pill for stupidity, sorry for you.

    3. Anonymous1:17 pm

      Hey anon 7:48...put a R200000 jacket on her, then we will call her Hilahoer Clithen..(The USA champ to eradicate inequality)....

    4. Anonymous1:41 pm

      Adumb7:48 You just answered yourself , I M A G I N A R Y !

    5. Anonymous2:40 pm

      She doesnt exist! That is the point. The point is, make a boogie man and then make it a white thing/problem/issue to implement laws regarding racism.

      This way they can implement laws & legally strip the whites of everything in South Africa. Its coming, this is just the beginning.

    6. Penny Sparrow2:56 am

      Anonymous7:48 AM, My name is Penny Sparrow and I worked for Jawitz Properties ;)

    7. What do we make of Penny Sparrow @ 2:56 AM?

    8. @ Penny Sparrow 2:56 AM. How about a date, I would like to buy you dinner and take you to a beach on new years day, I promise to show you monkeys and other creatures not so nice as well?

      I look forward to meeting you.

  3. Anonymous9:07 am


    Mike I still maintain that all these "apartheid era police" that will be put on trial will be done so to convince the tabloids in the UK/Europe about how bad the white man is here.

    I am sure it is a foreign force behind these trials, gives their people in their countries the conviction to get involved in any conflict here in SA.

    Its all planned for the great day of theirs which has been part of their plan for decades.

    Get them on trial, show the people in the UK, how bad this apartheid was (re-in-forces their own multicultural agenda at the same time), support the blacks with their slaughter of the whites (its justified due to their skewed political agenda - didnt you see it in the news?), if the whites be too strong to put down, send in your special forces.

    All of this, including Sparrow are to bring laws into the country to silence the white uprising from happening when they begin taking what they want, houses, farms, business - if anyone says anything - bingo - you are a racist!

    What amazes me to this day, is how genius this all is. If you didnt know how they operate, you would never figure it out. Now if only they could put this amount of effort into actually building the country.

    I maintain that the ratings against SA must be pissing off the ANC, without a downgrade, without a negative outlook it slows them from actually nationalizing everything.

    They can only nationalize "legally" in the name of the economy & its people when the country has collapsed like Zimbabwe. Once the engine is broken, it will be time to fix it by taking everything from the whites and handing it to blacks due to a downgrade/economy faltering.

    This is what has been their plan all these years, rape it, take it, steal from it, build up your bank accounts and when it collapses then pocket some more legally by taking over business, in the interests of the poor.

    Bastards, the lot of them. Not sure how we will get out of this one. These laws are here for the final nail in the coffin for whites. Psychological terror inflicted on those who built the place!

    Usually a majority builds up a country for a minority but in this case a minority who built up this place is being attacked. Its like the world is blinded by the ANC & apartheid, damn that word its like saying "nazi" like the Jews got Palestine for mahala for what was done to them, so the ANC will do anything because of "apartheid" & also get everything for mahala.

    WTF didnt they just call it "segregation", now this is stuck on us forever. This is what happens when you dont think loooooong term into the future.

    Is there a way out of this?
    Do we leave or do we stay?
    At this rate, will it even be worth trying to fix something this broken?

    1. @ anon 9:07AM, BN.do not leave my friend, you will miss the show.

      These retards are into Penny Sparrow to try and build up support from the masses, they want to win back the black support the showerhead pissed down the drain with his thievery.

      As for taking white property and business, well they under estimate some foreign business corporations, when private armies are employed to protect assets thats when the fan gets turned to reverse.

      There is lots of serious foreign money here that the owners are not going to just give to retard.

      Big business has some really nasty procedures that do not get written into files and discussed in boardrooms. They do not concern themselves with the minority white pop of SA but they are concerned about their bucks.

      We just use the unwritten procedure to our benefit.

      Nothing will ever be to broken to fix, our forefathers came here to nothing and built this something, so the least we can do is rebuild the broken.

    2. BN, LTMA & Anon 12:08

      BN, firstly, perish the thought of pissing off. Do you want to give the savages that satisfaction? I'll answer for you. No!

      Don't you guys see that this Expropriation Bill is just a fulfillment of Siener's prophesies? This is the beginning of the end of the "Swart Regering" and the ushering in of what SL refers to as the Doringbos regering [the money men taking over to safeguard their investments].

      As LTMA says, do you think these guys with mega bucks are going to sit by and let this rabble dispossess them? As far as the "rebuild" is concerned I am not as optimistic as LTMA. It won't be a rebuild, but rather scrap everything and start from scratch again. Everything that the parasite has infested is beyond repair. We'll have to demolish the whole of Yeoville, Hillbrow wnd Jo'burg CBD, etc. There is nothing left that would make fiscal sense to try and renovate.

      But, so what, we can do it, as our forefathers did.

      Vasbyt manne en saamstaan. The time is very near at hand, I believe.

  4. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Ninja, my friend, thank you for all your efforts!! You really have gone out if your way for this cause!!
    Personally I have read your blog when you had it as I was subscribed. Whenever people left nasty comments about you, I have always defended you.THANK YOU MY FRIEND!!
    And as you say: Not sure how we wil get out of this one. Ja, and we did built the place! BUT, in every communist country there was death and destruction, and THIS once beautiful place turned armegeddon is no exeption! WE HAVE FIGHT OR GET OUT MY FRIEND!! ARE YOU READY?

  5. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Mike, you are very astute to have grasped this penny /ticky (tiekie) thing.
    However, Ninja, I salute you too for the work you have done on an ongoing basis!
    Unfortunately, if there is no plan in place( which I will not know about)I am afraid I am making plans to fuck the hell out of this HELLHOLE fast! ...if it not too late!

  6. Anonymous1:12 pm

    As usual Mike hits the ANC for a huge six. Watch how the liberals come out in full force to crucify Penny" the racist.

  7. Anonymous1:29 pm


  8. Anonymous1:51 pm

    This is the same Bull propaganda as when they promised/brain washed their followers into getting heaven and earth. The prob is those smashing and burning everything want the promises fulfilled and if they dont get it , its self destruction .
    The frivolous are playing on it , Stamp ! Stamp !

  9. You nailed it right from the start Mike, even when everyone was going apeshit on what a racist she is. You were the first to say she is a figment of the ANC's imagination. You read them like a book. Just highlights again how easily the masses are manipulated.

    1. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun Tzu - The Art of War

    2. Anonymous1:39 am

      The kaffir is simply the tool being used by the real enemy lurking in the shadows.

    3. Anonymous9:56 am


  10. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Mike, my biggest wish is that they would change the name of South Africa to some bongo sounding name and stop riding on the good name that South Africa once was.....Nik A

    1. Mr Mister2:59 am

      The Peoples' Democratic Republic of Azania, Azanian Democratic Republic or The Republic of Sam Boga.

  11. Anonymous10:29 pm

    WTF - Was not the French Revolution started because of similar circumstances, talk about ridiculous - Mbete among top earners in Parliament - speaker Baleka Mbete and her counterpart in the National Council of Provinces‚ Thandi Modise‚ each earned a whopping R2‚716‚798 a year - http://www.bdlive.co.za/national/2016/06/08/mbete-among-top-earners-in-parliament
    Nik A

  12. Anonymous10:53 pm

    Hey MSPC, I've written to you, a few times, on your mail address, without reply. I need to speak with you about ur Apartheid Pages. Please republish the mail address so I can be certain that you are receiving me? Are you able to reply? Thanks.

  13. As always you nailed it again mike , what do you make of the USA & UK warnings on terrorist attacks ? I think if a bomb should go of in Santon ,it will most likely be planted by MI6 OR CIA agents ,I think they will use it as an excuse to expand there operations and to bring in more foot soldiers ,who's sole purpose will be to monitor people like you and me ,and Ninja ,not ISIS ,they already know exactly where & who the ISIS puppets in SA is as they have put them there & are supporting them .Your thoughts my Guru ?

    1. Anonymous1:20 am

      Buddy, rather worry over the current terror attacks from domestic terrorists, who killed, maimed and tortured hundreds of thousands of people since 1994.

  14. https://youtu.be/nk_45WgQ9sw

    Die land aan die brand

  15. Anonymous1:02 am

    Of course the terror threat is real, but the ANC is extremely thin skinned about the Americans making that announcement. Next thing they will close down the US Embassy in South Africa because they want nothing to do with America. All part of the "Africanisation" programme.

    1. Anonymous2:47 am

      And the British embassy. And the Australian embassy. All western country embassies.

    2. Anonymous3:48 am

      Im wondering if the US/UK other gov know what the ANC are planning + doing in the background. Pretty strange they issue the alert after the SABC start banning news stories.

      Its as if they are warning them - " we know what you are doing"

      It puts the terrorists in the spotlight.

      There is a terror threat, its been here in power since 1994, its very real and very dangerous and we can seel the laws now reflecting the real terror threat.

      Glad the spotlight is now on the ANC,will make them paranoid and now they cant keep stuffing around.

      Washington & pretoria now at heads, hopefully Trump comes in and he will look our way, I doubt it but I hope - lets only pray!

    3. Anonymous9:21 am

      Anon 3:48

      Good points. The ANC have been under a lot of (negative) international spotlight lately.

      Perhaps the message is "we've got our eyes on you, and we have operatives reporting to us undetected from inside your territory."

      And "PS, we would hate for any unfortunate accidents to happen."

  16. Anonymous3:07 am

    But who is the woman on the photos?why doesn't she come forward???

    1. Anonymous10:27 am

      Probably someone from the UK, that does not even know about SA.

    2. I agree with Mike

      investigators found no trace of her in tax records before 2011, that her phone numbers were mysteriously created as recently as November, and she went to ground after defending her racist views in just one radio interview with Metro FM — remains unproven. But her name invokes another unlikely coincidence linked to SA’s infernal history.

  17. Meanwhile,across the pond South African volunteers (read K4) are embroiled in yet another shitstorm...

    1. This is precisely the reason I don't employ black people in S.A. they stand on street corners and beg for work ,If you are stupid enough to pick them up ,you negotiate a going rate ,they agree then two hours in they want to renegotiate and then when you refuse they threaten you ,then when you "klap the piss" out of them ,you are the racist and the bad man that abuse the poor soles - I do it myself ,don't employ any of them ,not even for a hour .

    2. @ Johan Nel...Good man! I also do not employ them. I also do not tip them. I am completely racially blind. Black people are invisible to me.

    3. Anonymous5:22 am

      They went to help with the fires in Fort McMurray, Alberta because Canada helped the ANC in struggle against apartheid, according to media outlets.This is the reason of the ANC. Now they are truly making fools out of themselves, keep it up, people's eyes are starting to open up.

    4. Anonymous6:48 am

      I read about that, the embarrassment and shame, I don't even want to know what the Canadians think about South Africans

    5. Mike, you can still smell them tough. I, thankfully, am spared even that since I lost my sense of smell.

      Every cloud has a silver lining?

    6. The South African government sees it as repaying a debt to the Canadian people for their support for the anti-apartheid struggle.the South African deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs, recalled ‘As South Africans, we feel indebted to the Canadian people,….Remember that these are the people who stood on our side in our times of trouble. So today we are paying back.” …
      Read the whole article here.


    7. Anonymous2:25 pm

      @Mike and Johan Nel

      I don't blame you for not employing kaffirs. They'll drive you to drink, insane and to kill them. They are Health & Safety hazards and should display warning signs.


      You should still hold your breath even though you can't smell them. Treat them like carbon monoxide.

  18. Anonymous4:51 am

    They need to go ahead with the Penny Sparrow trials and all the other so called "racists" a half decent lawyer will be able to pin the same label onto all of them and their cronies.

    Imagine the prosecutor stating the charge of "Racism" or "Hate Speech" and the defence SC simply flicking the switch to show actual footage of Durban beachfront over December.

    The only condition is that there must be cameras for the whole world to watch a la Oscar Pistorius.

  19. Ditto. I'm also obliging one MLK....I judge them by the content of their character.

  20. Check this out:


  21. Anonymous9:23 am

    @ Johan Nel 3:43 am.
    You forgot to mention that the fucken parasites first want food before they even start working.
    Then as you say, after two hours they want to renegotiate the terms.
    I will rather do it myself than ever pick up a coon to do work.
    Useless swines

    1. @ JN 3:43 AM and Anon 9:23 AM.
      Amazing how these retards want what we have but they still want us to employ them.

      Now ain't that truly retarded African.

    2. Anonymous2:39 pm

      @Anon 9:23 AM

      Also the laziness, incompetence, pilfering, breakages and risk of death.

    3. Anonymous4:19 am


      @Anonymous9:23 AM - Good one!

      Remember to use the word parasite always! The only good parasite is a dead one.

      We need to completely but completely utterly destroy & fumigate the entire Southern Africa, ridding it of this barbaric, backward, satanic, filthy, disgusting, lazy, spineless, coward of a parasite.

      The world parasite is to be used, it sums them up perfectly and also because no one can ban that word.

      That day will come! We trusted them, we said "fine lets work together in the new SA" and yet the parasite bled us dry and attack us.

      Thats fine, this time no mercy, complete eradication by this time the UN will be dissolved and no one will stop us from doing what should have been done centuries ago.

      Never again, there are no good parasites, the only good one is a dead one. Without us these things starve to death.

      All liberals should be forced to live among these parasites for 24 months & then you will see liberalism end.

      No, I am dead 110% serious, when I say I want ALL parasites gone, I do not want to see one single parasite left in Southern Africa within 30 years, I will be an old man then but atleast I know that our future generations will have an inheritance in a land they built up & it will be a safe country again.

      And I dont hate parasites either, I just know what they are and what they do. I prefer to think of it as putting them out of their misery & saving us from being sucked dry.

      All parasites must fall. Eventually ALL will agree with me in the coming months when they see what this thing does, not just in SA but throughout the western World, it will not be seen as radical but the only hope of survival & the only logical solution, since all other attempts have failed since 1652

      This is war & those who fail to see it as a war will either land up losing their possessions in the coming months or their very lives. The whites need to catch a f-ing wake up soon.

      Get ready to fumigate boys, anything less & you might as well pack your bags and find another country. Anything less & you will be defeated, the parasite wants you out the country, I want the parasite eradicated from Southern Africa - big difference in thinking.

      Does anyone actually think that the masses, even if they strip us of everything, even if by some chance things happen as Siener mentioned would ever accept us living here?

      They havent accepted it under the new SA, they will never ever accept it. To them, we are dogs, racists, anti black and they use that to fuel their inherent hatred, envy, jealousy of us.

      In the end, there can only be one.

      Either a parasite or us!

      Your choice! And if you dont choose, they will decide your fate and we can see what fate awaits us by seeing what they do to our elders, farmers and how they continually attack us.

      I just want to spray this entire sub Saharan Africa clean of something, some pesticide or something that completely eradicates all parasites while listening to Toto Africa looking down while these things just drop dead.


      Join me in thought! Pray that someone rises up that has the same thought! IF you dont think these parasites are thinking this already, you need to open your fucking eyes, look at what they do and say about us.

      We just need to step up and meet them now and see who wins!

  22. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Lets make like Sello and make this country ungovernable. :)

    1. Anonymous3:38 am

      Just start a mass withholding of revenue and see them fold like the house of cards they are.

  23. And the Eastern Cape is burning; East London, Uitenhage, PE, Lusikisiki & Port St Johns all affected.

    Boere Ninja, didn't Siener predict that the shit would start there?

    1. http://vaandel.co.za/siener-ek-noem-vir-julle-die-tekens/

    2. Yip they blocking all around the Port Elizabeth. I had to cancel my trip to JBay this morning. No demands just striking for the love of it

    3. Dony, so I take it you live near the town of my birth, J'ville?

    4. ((J))'ville

      ((S))tone-throw away.

    5. Anonymous3:57 am


      Yes Tom.

      PE is very important because the whites will leave the Eastern Cape en masse due to violence.

      Funny how they want the whites out the Eastern Cape because its their, yet they fill up the Cape which has never and will never be theirs.

      The entire 22 years of the new SA is to get rid of the whites in the country.

  24. Anonymous2:10 am

    yea Mike, you called it.
    Penny Sparrow 'too sick' to appear in court

  25. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/penny-sparrow-too-sick-to-appear-in-court-20160610

  26. Anonymous3:48 am

    Exactly as Mike predicted


    1. Anonymous5:54 am

      WHO is going to pay the R150,000.00 ?
      Is that also imaginary money ?
      Monkey Money

    2. They cant take her to court because if the matter goes to court for hate speech then the ANC and the EFF will also be taken to court for hate speech.

      Monkey Money, cant believe i have never heard this one before. Just made my day and yes it just reminded me its Friday i almost forgot about JP's memes.

  27. Anonymous1:07 pm

    There is no (female) Sparrow registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board. www.eaab.org.za
    Think you're 100℅ right Mike..

    1. Anonymous3:01 am

      That could mean she's been kicked off the Estate Agents Board. She was fined R150k in absentia on Friday. She has no money so nobody knows how she can be expected to pay this.

      Never post your opinions on social media. If you do go on FB only allow close friends to view your profile. There is a setting for this - BUT it won't prevent friends from sharing your posts so what you say there can still get passed on and picked up by someone looking for a fast buck. Best to stay away altogether.

    2. Anonymous11:10 pm

      Or use a fake account and use a proxy server.

  28. Anonymous3:50 am

    This is a serious inquiry. There have been many blacks before and since January 2016 that have posted hate speech against whites calling for them to be killed or for a genocide against them as per what Hitler did to the Jews. Zuma with his machine gun song Malema and Zuma with kill the Boer Kill the Farmer. The Wts Fuck Whites/ Kill all Whites.

    How does one go about getting THEM dragged to court. In fact the ANC said if I remember correctly that they too would have charges laid against them. How does one lodge a public inquiry with the state prosecutor as to the progress of prosecution under the case numbers?

    I know its pissing in the wind but so what I'd love to publicly show what fucking hypocritical lying pieces of shit they are and I'd love to make life miserable fotr the other sides. If they want to play false flag racial games let it explode in the 77 average IQ faces.

  29. Anonymous8:29 am