10 June 2016

The irony of hypocritical Nigeria

By Mike Smith
10th of June 2016

During the time of Apartheid, one of South Africa’s biggest critics at the United Nations was Nigeria who complained bitterly about how we treated our blacks.

Ironically between 1967 and 1970, when the Christian Igbo people declared independence from Muslim Northern Nigeria and founded the Biafra Republic the Nigerian government, backed by the Communist USSR, went to war with the Igbo, surrounded Biafra, blockaded Port Harcourt and proceeded a genocidal rape and slaughter of about one million people and deliberately and unashamedly starved a further two million to death.

Of course the USA turned a blind eye and declared neutrality.

Today Northern Nigeria is ruled under Sharia Law and the accompanying human rights abuses.

According to the USA Department of State report on Nigeria “The most significant human rights problems included the abridgement of citizens' right to change their government; extrajudicial killings by security forces; the use of lethal and excessive force by security forces; vigilante killings; impunity for abuses by security forces; torture, rape, and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of prisoners, detainees, and criminal suspects; harsh and life threatening prison and detention center conditions; arbitrary arrest and prolonged pretrial detention; executive influence on the judiciary and judicial corruption; infringement on privacy rights; restrictions on freedom of speech, press, assembly, religion, and movement; domestic violence and discrimination against women; female genital mutilation (FGM); child abuse and child sexual exploitation; societal violence; ethnic, regional, and religious discrimination; trafficking in persons for the purpose of prostitution and forced labor; and child labor.”

Tja…It makes Apartheid South Africa look like a picnic in the park.

Currently Nigeria is experiencing many problems including an extremist Islamist insurgency by terrorists of Boko Haram in the North East, Niger Delta militants in the South and the violently militant Fulani Herdsmen who are affiliated to ISIS and Boko Haram in the East.

Ironically when he was faced with an offer of help from the UN to combat these terrorists, the then Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan , declined the offer and rather opted for Ageing White South African Mercenaries from the Apartheid era because he believed they would get the job done a lot better and a lot cheaper than the useless UN soldiers.

Of course this irked South African Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula who said that SA soldiers assisting the Nigerian army in their fight against Boko Haram should be arrested on their return.

Current president Muhammadu Buhari's administration terminated the previous contract with South African mercenaries when he came to power in May last year, because of its lack of accountability and transparency in how it operated.

Five months later according to a report by the International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law released Oct. 7, 2015, more than 1,700 people were killed by Boko Haram again.

So what do the Nigerians think would now be the “Only solution to the country’s problems”??

Lo and behold…They want Apartheid!!

United Nations asked to divide Nigeria into SIX Republics

Funny isn’t it? Apartheid soldiers, Apartheid politics….Like I always said…The day would still come that all our former critics would beg us to show them how to introduce Apartheid.


  1. Graeme7:29 am

    Modern journalism is mind-numbingly based on debauchery and halls filled with smoke and mirrors, this format with its content is a refreshing breath of the purest mountain air.

    I am adamant that the establishment is quivering in their boots.

  2. Anonymous7:33 am

    Well, that way you can keep the whole of western cape and Blacks keep the remaining eight provinces. That way it will be better.

  3. Anonymous9:10 am

    Hey Mike, looks like you were right about this one, well done mate ......Penny Sparrow 'too sick' to appear in court - http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/penny-sparrow-too-sick-to-appear-in-court-20160610

  4. Anonymous11:07 am

    The parasite will fight any attempt for the host to escape its clutches - therefore there will be no white homeland in the offing.

    1. Anonymous7:09 pm

      When the time is right, we take it. Along with our freedom.

  5. Anonymous2:25 pm


    Just saw this, I want to see her, this penny sparrows face and not some covered up women and her speach filtered on TV


    This is to make the whites shit scared for what is coming, you say anything whack! We fine you whites! This is all in prep for what they are going to do in the next few months.

    1. They wont show her.

    2. Somebody is going to pay some money to somebody and then it will be swept under the carpet. Penny Sparrow does not exists. It is a fictitious character. The false interviews, the false daughter, the false Facebook posts, etc are all NIA bullshit creations. Paper effigies to sacrifice on the PC altar to scare people from telling the truth about the useless and corrupt ANC.

    3. Anonymous3:04 am

      Hope that you become the next victim. I Wonder why everything to you is conspiracy theories. Penny Sparrow was a real estate agent and member of DA. She exist and I know her well.

    4. Anonymous3:53 am


      Mike I agree 100%

      Its what they want to use these stories for which concerns me. These stories will be used to bring in laws against whites and be used for international propaganda to continue their struggle against whites.

      The evilness of how they continue to use apartheid for what they have been hoping to achieve since we all settled here is so deceptive. There are just too many moving pieces for the average person to actually understand it.

      From communism, NWO, British Empire, Tribal factions, political analysis, that for the average guy is way too confusing - we know the masses are by and large doff, anything more complicated than football or rugby goes over their heads.

      The upcoming trials against former apartheid police, ministers, will also be used for international propaganda.

      I can bet Britain (BBC) will be covering these stories in full to convince their masses that "racism" in South Africa & the redistribution/nationalization is justified & they will be assisting the blacks here during their bankrupt times.

      It amazes me, Britain thinks its ahead with their "multiculturalism" agenda but they are actually so far behind that they think they are first.

      They have convinced themselves that "multiculturalism" is the savior, all the while I believe we will see the US, Europe and many other countries including Aus/NZ be rejecting it and I can see a white world wide movement now growing completely rejecting + rebelling against it.

      They will find themselves isolated in Europe & the world.

      It will just take a few more bombs/groping`s/raping, in Europe now for the final nail in the coffin to finally bury this notion of "multiculturalism".

      The EFF will use these "penny sparrow racist" stories as well. They are all going to latch onto them and we are going to see a very strong anti white movement now raise its head in South Africa.

      Last week was the SABC censorship, next week or next month will come the internet censorship but you can bet your ass that apartheid era crimes will be broadcast & televised to further convince an already agitated black masses that everything the whites own, have in SA must be taken away in the name of....


      Dark times ahead, the whites really need to start uniting + working together.

    5. @ Anon 3:04 AM...Oh really? There is no (female) Sparrow registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board. www.eaab.org.za

      So, try again. If you know her so well, then please show her. Present her to us.

      • All available phone numbers, including Penny Sparrow’s cell phone number, work number and home number, were created on 30 November 2015 – exactly one month before the incident.

      • There is no record of Penny Sparrow with SARS before 2011.

      • The ID Number , 4712300016082 belonging to Penny Sparrow leads to a person employed by the South Coast Herald. “Penny Sparrow” herself claimed to work for South Coast Herald in 2008 and we found evidence that she was involved with this newspaper, as well as another, as far back as 2006.

      In her telephonic interview with eNCA she appears to be a natural English speaker, yet her apology she posted online is full of spelling and grammar mistakes and definitely not the same person who wrote the original "monkey" post. Not even Afrikaans speakers make so many mistakes. It typically appears as if it was written by a black person.

      So far the DA could only state that, “they intend to suspend Penny Sparrow”. What is taking them so long? Is it because they couldn’t find such a person on their membership records?

    6. Anon 3:04. How's that, you doos?

      Plumb, middle stump, I suggest? Crawl back into your hole and stay there.

  6. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Maybe the "esteemed" battle hardened MK "veterans" must go to Nigeria to sort out Boko Haram. After all, according to "history" they kicked some serious SADF ass..let's see if these glorious heroes can sort out a few pesky coward terrorists..oh wait, they are also cowardly terrorists. ..

    1. Anonymous1:39 pm

      Anon 4:38 Hahaha yes maybe they should since they are such a formidable Stike force. Hahaha they will be on strike within the hour when Boko looks at them . Man it would be a slaughter.

  7. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Hi Mike. I don't know if you have seen this double talk by Malema, well worth a watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6pW9pcPBic&t=1987s

    1. Die zot sal seker sy 40% kom haal soos die mafia!

  8. Anonymous11:19 pm


  9. PreatorianXVI11:24 pm

    All six future republics should be armed to the teeth by various sides, America, Russia, China, etc, then throw a match into the tinderbox once all six have their independence, one big problem solved.

    International Oil companies from across the world have a huge stake in Nigeria, it would make the Iraq invasion mess a Sunday school outing.

  10. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Animal overload tragedy.
    Livestock theft and subsequent deaths is a major problem in South Africa - http://zululandobserver.co.za/114704/animal-overload-tragedy/

  11. Mike your disgraceful censorship is a disgrace. Why don't you post contrarian posts? This blog is Pravda which is ironical since you are anti-communist.

    1. @ Shaka, calling me a "Bufoon" and "Clueless" is not a "contrarian post" it is childish name-calling. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind you calling me a "Bufoon" and "Clueless". I have a thick skin, but when your comments are devoid of any substance, research and you are just there to "Troll", then I am sorry...I will delete your ass. Now you...cunt...have been told by me, several times I must add, to "Fuck-off". Which part of "Off" in "Fuck-Off!" is it that you do not understand?

    2. Anonymous3:54 am


      Shaka this is not a new South Africa blog, please go post comments on other websites. Enough with your baboon chatter, please!

    3. @ Shaka, why the fuck are you so on about what Mike posts.

      You lot have declared war on whites so why don't you get off you aids infested arse, stop writing complaints to Mike and get on with kicking your war off.

      Come you retarded stink, come and carry out your threat.

      Thank you and your retarded brothers for showing everybody more of your retardedness with what those useless supposed to be fire fighters pulled in Canada.

      Fuck you lot are stupid.

      The shit you spew stinks as bad as your rotten body odor.

    4. Okay show me where I was wrong then? I obviously showed that Nigeria wasn't a real country and that is was created by British colonialists. You can't equate that to Apartheid where Europeans stole African land. You are purposely spreading disinformation and it my duty to point out your deceit. I now I make you angry cause I ruin the black bashing, but don't dish it out if you can't take it. Blacks were never opposed to segregation we were opposed to whites stealing all our arable and best land.

    5. @Shaka who said: "Nigeria wasn't a real country and that is was created by British colonialists"

      Nigeria has been independent since 1960. 56 Years they had to redraw their borders back to the original tribal ones. Bear in mind there are about 500 tribes in Nigeria. Now why haven't they? Why are they maintaining the colonial borders?

      You said: "Blacks were never opposed to segregation we were opposed to whites stealing all our arable and best land."

      What utter rubbish. Of the 23 black tribes in South Africa only three, Venda, Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Transkei (both Xhosa) chose independence. The Zulu's did not want the full independence of KwaZulu, neither did the Pedi's with Lebowa or the the Sotho's with QwaQwa or the Tsongas with Gazankulu, or the Ndebeles with KwaNdebele or the Swazi's with KaNgwane.

      All these coutries are in the eastern part of SA with the best arable land and highest rainfall. Look at a rainfall map of SA as pointed out in my Pandora series parts 8 & 32.

      What land was stolen by whom? Go to the nearest police station and lay a charge of theft against that person and follow the legal process. Bring your proof and evidence and have it tested in a court of law.

      OH, I see you cannot do that so you bring in bullshit laws to expropriate white owned land, not because it was stolen, but because it is simply "in the interest of the people".

      "The People" are not "Blacks" or "South Africans" for that matter. The term "The People" has always and will always refer to the ANC.

    6. @ Mike 5:05 AM. They make new laws to justify their theft of legitimate white owned property.

      They cannot prove any of the shit that they spew so they just go along and change the law to ensure that they can steal legally.

      Have a look a Zimbabwe, the whites that stayed after Bob took over carried on producing and driving the economy while the retards that had taken over the existing farms and business from the whites that had left or that were kilked, ran them into the ground.

      What happened after their was nothing left of what retard had taken?

      You know the answer but allow me to answer it for retards sake. Land invasions happened retard drives white man out or kills white man.

      Now Zimbabwe is fucked, no food, no work, no happy ending. Zimbabweans are in South Africa looking for work, they wont be here much longer because retard is going to drive or kill white man out here too.

      Just another African state, poor, starving, crying for aid, corrupt, killing each other, war torn, and printing monopoly money because its done that way.

      BTW, the Chinese come in buy the president and cabinet and bring in own labour and educated and squeeze the local pop out of everything. Then they also bank the money into bank of China not a Western bank.

      If they cannot buy the government they buy a warlord and let revolution tear the country apart.

      Oh sorry that's not only the Chinese, I have seen a couple of Western countries do the same thing to create a very unstable environment while they pillage the country of its wealth.

      What the Gupta's did here is nothing new, its happened all over Africa, just not as blatantly as here and when it happens there, there are no whites to ask question and local pop knows what happens when security forces roll in on technicals and dropsides.

    7. Igbos tried to secede but British supported Muslim Hausas in order to gain control of their oil, ever heard of the Biafra war. Independence from your own homeland is impossible, we want all the land that Europeans illegally occupy. Land stolen by Europeans from the indigenous Africans during Scramble for Africa, why couldn't Europeans stay in their own countries? History bears witness.

    8. Anonymous7:37 am


      Who are you trying to fool? The area which whites chose all to themselves was rich in minerals and was favoured by the most seasonal rainfalls. The question is "Why didn't you chose to live in the dry Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, or the mountainous Trankei?


      You cannot try to fool us with your half cooked research. There is no academia that will ever support your claim.

    9. Anonymous7:39 am

      You must return back our stolen land and we will never rest until we get the land of our forefathers.

    10. Anonymous9:36 am


      "Mike your disgraceful censorship is a disgrace."

      That should be "Mike, your censorship is disgraceful" or "Mike, your censorship is a disgrace".

      By the way, Mike's censorship is neither. He is like a pair of kidneys filtering out crap. Now, would you call kidneys a disgrace?

    11. Anonymous10:06 am

      @Shaka 6:47 AM

      And what would South Africa have been like if Europeans had remained in Europe? It would have been a country that you would not want.

    12. @ Anonymous 7:37 AM who said "The area which whites chose all to themselves was rich in minerals"...

      Ah yes...So why did they give Bophuthatswana to the Tswanas who already had a massive country of their own? I take it you do know that Bophuthatswana had the largest Platinum resources in the world.

      Ciskei and Transkei are GREEN. Xhosas got two countries. Incidently, family of mine had a cattle farm in the Ciskei. Their farm was expropriated by the National Party to make way for the independent Ciskei. They then bought a farm in the Kareedouw district and built it up to a successful dairy and wheat farm. Now the ANC wants to expropriate that farm too.

    13. Anonymous12:58 am

      @Anon 7:39 AM

      I think that you should be saying this instead.

      "Zuma, you should return our stolen public funds and we shall not rest until we get it."

      This actually happened. Whites stealing your land did not.

    14. Anonymous2:17 am

      @Shaka "Land stolen by Europeans from the indigenous Africans during Scramble for Africa, why couldn't Europeans stay in their own countries? History bears witness."

      You see, this right here is the problem with "smart niggas" like you. You try make out that Africa was this thriving place and you guys where all working so well together before the white colonists arrived. Africa's problems started long before the white man came. You guys having always been slaughtering each other, always been enslaving each other, always been stealing each other's land, ironically you name yourself after the biggest land theif of the lot!! I would quite confidently say that the colonial times were probably the most stable, peaceful and prosperous periods Africans had. They got to experience new technology, no longer had to worry about being massacred by tyrants, and yes, got to work for better slave masters, because I would argue any day of the week that working for a white master is a 100 times better than working for an African or Arab one. The world is waking up now, and people are no longer buying into the bullshit "poor little innocent black man, had everything taken from him by the European" theory.

    15. Anonymous4:32 am


      @Anonymous7:37 AM

      Another brainless fuck head

      Saying whites chose the best land with minerals, is like saying Columbus went to America to put a man on the moon.

      Please! When whites arrived, the last thing on their minds were minerals and if it were not for the white man, you would not even know what a mineral was or is you dof parasite.

      Whites were in SA for nearly 200 years before gold or diamonds were discovered and if you people knew about them, you sure as hell werent mining or using them.

      The problem with Africa is that you have a bunch on inbred parasites, who are descendents of a bunch of inbred, raped parasites.

      No maps, no roads, no books, no schools, no idea what year it was, what planet they were on, no concept of the planets, stars, continents - shall I go on?

      Show me one invention you people had before the white man arrived? Show me one invention of a black man? Something that has progressed and moved man kind forward?

      You will never find it. The very fact that you post on this blog is proof that you parasites will always be our bitches.

      The internet, blogs, internet are all results of the white mans brains.

      Its fine, continue with your bullshit lies. I want it known to EVERY single white in SA that every parasite must be destroyed from the Cape to the equator within 30 years, leave not a single parasite alive!

      Every parasite must be wiped out! We can see now see, giving this thing the vote, making it our equal is the worst thing, its a sin to do so.

      Time to start fumigating these things. Its the only way we will have a future here and the best part is, I wont even need to convince the whites about this.

      Within a few months they will all be thinking on the same lines, the only difference is, they will be calling out in their hearts, minds, souls for someone, some leader, some power to do it and the good news is, many will step forward to do so.

      It should have been done 200 years ago but what should have been, will be done.


    16. Anonymous7:31 am

      Hey Shaka old boy, why not start your own blog instead of taking valuable air space here, then you spread your disinformation on your own space instead of the kak that is between your ears on this piece of space, tyou can attract all your own thousands or millions of like minded readers on your own blog, no run along and piss off!

    17. Anonymous8:45 am

      Anon 2:17, and they didn't have to be worried that they would be eaten by their chief or by the tribesmen on the other side of the koppie if they were caught wondering to far from the kraal.

    18. Anonymous5:11 pm

      Shaka old chap, here is a question. If whites must give up their land and private property ( farms, businesses, mining, industry) and give it to the blacks for free, whites not getting compensation. How will all these blacks with the free land that they recieved maintain the population of other blacks in South Africa ( businesses, creating jobs, feeding the millions, farming, etc)?
      Also if blacks working for other blacks who recieved free land and have businesses obviosly running on free income since they recieved the land for free, will their black labour work for free? I say free income because blacks who recieved free land and run their businesses for free will have to give their products and services away for free since other blacks will want it for free.

      Just wondering how your economic model would work if everyone wants something for free? Or not work?

      Point being you have nothing because you give nothing in return!

  12. Anonymous1:19 am

    Jissie, maar daai swart vrou gaan haal hom diep. Sis man.

  13. Anonymous4:41 am

    We are just on the tracks of revealing the administrator of this blog and bring him to book. Hate speech is a crime. Our investigations are just too close.

    1. @ anon 4:41 AM. Just, just, just, eeeh mek queeek.

      Define your fucking hate speech.

      Go troll somewhere else, you ignorant twat.

      Now you retards want to tell us what to say and who to like.

      Just, just, just fuck off.

    2. Anonymous6:14 am

      Last time you did that with Uhuru Guru, the movement grew by 10fold. Please go ahead...

    3. Anonymous9:53 am

      @Anon 4:41 AM

      You are so full of shit. If this load of bollocks were true there is absolutely no way that you would have announced it here. That would be like the police phoning ahead before a raid. Your scare tactics will not work here.

    4. Anonymous12:37 pm

      Sorry but black is BLACK an white is WHITE...black = bad and white = good

    5. Psst..here's a clue...his name is Nike Sparrow.Now...Just do it.

    6. Anonymous7:04 pm

      Mike, I eagerly await the release of your backups when you are ready for digital distribution. We'll just open another 1000 blogs exactly like this one on every blogosphere on the planet, linking each and every fucking one.

    7. Anonymous7:49 pm

      Hate speech you say,mmmm, what is kill the Boer, kill the farmer, bring me my machine gun, kill white people? You are a lying thieving hypocrite now voetsek, take a hike!

    8. Anonymous9:16 am

      Anon 4:41 and so is stealing people's property and possessions a crime, anyway if the administrator has to go on the run, he will find a safe place of refuge in my home. And further more with my limited resources I will do all I can to assist him rebooting this blog.

  14. Anonymous5:45 pm



    Well done Ireland!

    Fuck off all you white springbok players, you lot are worse than De Klerk, you play on the field for an enemy that hates you and wants everything you own and destroys everything your family worked for.

    This is just the beginning of your losses, get used to it, its kind of like flying with SAA or getting electricity from Eskom or having a phone account with telkom - hell of a frustrating, you know there is potential but just cant seem to find it or make it work - hint hint, there is a bobbo hand behind every fuck up in this country & continent.

    They should just make the entire team black! The ANC like losing & fucking everything up that is white.

    Enjoy it! Enjoy losing! You will not even beat inferior rugby teams in the future i.e Japan.

    I didnt watch the game but enjoy watching these parasites play economics & political sports.

    We dont need to be banned or stop our players from entering major tournaments, we simply have to keep playing like that baboon mabula wants and we will never even qualify to make it to those matches.

    Everything these fucking things touch turns out broken, robbed, raped, destroyed, mismanaged. I just wish now they would rename the team & the country.

    That is not the springboks, they should call them rainbow from Azania.

    Its becoming a joke now, the world thinks its us "whites" when they should think + see that what we have is the parasite in power and the result?

    The sport is just one more reflection of black rule - nothing they touch ever works out, nothing, nada, niks!

    Any white playing for South Africa is a traitor, I would hold white players in higher regard playing for overseas countries rather than for the piece of shit new South Africa run by terrorist scum.

    1. Anonymous12:43 am

      When I heard this wonderful news on the radio this morning I got an insta erection, hearing the words "For the first time in history the black bucks lost on home ground against Ireland" Fuck yeah!

  15. And Ireland did it with 14 men against 15 for 60 mins.

    I also see Russian and British brothers brawling over football.

    The powers that b is surely giving it to uss whites straight up the arse, brain-fucking us with our sports.

  16. Mike Miller6:12 am


    Mike, for the love of the Christian God, will you please change the picture associated with this article. Now I gotta go scrape my eyes out with rusty Popsicle sticks.


    1. Anonymous2:02 pm

      @Mike Miller

      Just be thankful that you weren't actually there. You'd never recover from that. None of us would.