08 June 2016

The Expropriation Bill and the Communist Pincers.

By Mike Smith
8th of June 2016

The controversial Expropriation Bill has been passed by parliament on the 26th of May 2016 and only needs to be signed by President (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma in order to speed up the theft of white owned property (i.e. farms, houses, cars, livestock, pension funds…in fact everything) by the black majority.

Yesterday the useless opposition party, The DA asked Zuma to send the Expropriation Bill back to parliament

Yeah right, like he is going to do that.

The bill has only been in the making for the last 104 years of the ANC’s miserable existence. There is no way in hell they are NOT passing it. Stealing white owned land and property is what they have dreamt of for decades. Once the bill is signed by Zuma, they can legally take what they want.

Of course the ANC is not so much concerned about a few farms with sheep and cattle. They want the big stuff…the mines, the banks and the businesses.

Just the other day Kidi Amin declared to cheers and applause: ”We are at war with whites who took our land and we now want it back. We want our land and we want our wealth; if you stand in our way we will crush you”

Now you have this:

EFF will expropriate land in Municipalities it governs

Apparently the EFF had some tense discussions with the leaders of the peaceful town of Orania where Afrikaners just want to be left alone. Tense discussions between Orania leaders and EFF

After the August 3 Municipal elections, Orania will fall under the EFF local government. Orania officially falls in ward 2 in the Thembelihle local municipality, where current mayor and former ANC member Danny Jonas will be standing as the EFF’s mayoral candidate. Thembelihle, which means “Good Hope” in Xhosa lies east of Prieska and includes Hopetown, Strydenburg and of course, Orania.

Orania’s Transitional Representative Council still enjoys special status at the local level, but the EFF will simply invade it and the ANC will do nothing to protect the people of Orania. Make no mistake. Orania and everything they have built up, will be stolen by the EFF with the ANC simply looking on.

Said Juju Amin: "That the descendants of colonial murderers, barterers, and robbers continue to occupy, use and benefit from illegally and illegitimately acquired land is not in dispute amongst sensible and rational South Africans. What is in dispute is the manner in which this illegally and illegitimately acquired land should be transferred to the ownership and for the benefit of the people as a whole”.

You see these lies and hate speech against whites? What is the ANC doing about it? Absolutely Nothing! Because in the eyes of the ANC and the EFF White South Africans never legally bought any land, house, car or whatever. Whites never studied hard. They were just given diplomas and degrees. Whites never worked hard for what they have. Blacks did all the work, whilst the lazy white Baas sat and watched them toil away. Everything Whites have was gained through theft and exploitation of the Black man.

This is the stuff genocides are made from.

People forget that Julias Malema was the leader of the ANC Youth League and instrumental in bringing Zuma to power. “We will kill for Zuma”, he chanted.

His firing from the ANCYL was not a demotion; it was a promotion…to leader of his own radical Communist Party, just another arm of the ANC. He was sent to London, Zimbabwe and Venezuela to study from the best how to properly steal in the Commie way paid for by the ANC through fronts in Zimbabwe and ANC tenderpreneurs Kenny Kunene and Gayton McKenzie before they broke away to form the Patriotic Alliance party.

What you are seeing here is a classical Communist Pincer Maneuver that I warned about since the days of the formation of COPE and the strides of the EFF in the last election in 2014.

You have the whites caught between the hammer (EFF) and the anvil (ANC). The votes the ANC are losing are not going to the DA they are going to the EFF and when the ANC and the EFF combine again you are back to square one: A Tyranny by the Majority. Remember the name of the game is “Power Forever”.

I just find it amusing that the leadership of Orania even thought they could talk reason to this Communist trash. You can’t. There is only one way to rid yourself of this Communist scum and that is to shoot them out of power. Diplomatic politics will get you nowhere. You need protests in the streets of South Africa and abroad. You need an underground movement. You need guerrilla fighters in the rural as well as urban areas. You need to put the fear of God into these terrorists and only then will you have peace.

John Locke wrote, “Whenever the legislators endeavour to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience.”

It is time people start reading a few books, train and experiment a little... Don't you think?

”War of the flea” by Robert Taber

”Fighting in the streets: A manual of Urban Guerrilla Warfare” by Urbano

”Total Resistance: Swiss Army guide to guerrilla Warfare and underground operations” by Major Hans von Dach Bern

”The Accidental Guerrilla: Fighting Small Wars in the Midst of a Big One” by David Kilcullen

”Resistance to Tyranny: A Primer by Joseph Martino

The Anarchist Cookbook


  1. Anonymous4:56 am

    As a former boy, who made bottle rockets, played with petrol bombs, chlorine and brake fluid, car batteries and hydrogen, and many many other forms of explosives, that video, and those morons in it, are your typical example of the assholes the video is supposedly against.

    as to their napalm? Please. you need petrol and omo washing powder. thats probably closest to the real napalm mix, which is jellied petroleum, that is deployed under pressure, or those lovely bottles of jellied firestarter we sell locally.

    Pipe bombs, claymores, plastique, tnt, all the oldies and goodies are not that hard to make, but you do need to know what you are doing.

    Some internet booklet, written by some half stoned american college pothead is only going to get you hurt, or dead.

    Making fertiliser bombs ala the oklahoma bomber, mc veigh, is just as easy.

    but, as with bhopal in india, all you really need is a nice big fat ass afrox tanker and one man can kill thousands.

    to see the possibilities of making your own weapons, just read the warning labels on all the products in your local builders warehouse.

    1. Actually you don't even need explosives. Do you know what damage you can do just with an angle grinder, an hydraulic jack and an oxyacetylene set? Or maybe a few propane cylinders and a washing machine timer? Or a can of petrol in a microwave?

      And then you use nature...wait for that South Easter to pump in Cape Town...

    2. Anonymous8:28 am

      Modern warfare is about chemicals, even the Americans used explosives with depleted uranium in Fallujah. Besides the damage from the explosions, the smoke and fumes were poisonous.

    3. Anonymous2:14 pm

      Mike bulldozers and don't forget 360° excavators, all you need is 3 armed men on each side to protect driver and machine and that huge blade will protect them from the front as it cleared a path.

    4. @Anonymous 2:14 PM. Exactly mate. I like your way of thinking. Problem is that when caught with explosives you can be locked up, but I can destroy ten bridges a day by using only legal equipment. Don't get me started on dam walls, electric pile-ons, railway tracks, etc. People don't realise that your brain is the only limit. Six months ago I was standing underneath the Paul Sauer bridge at Storms river (you can walk underneath it from the one side to the other)thinking how I could bring this thing down by using simple tools. Peace of cake. Will take me about two hours and that whole thing will be at the bottom of the gorge.

      When people start to think and apply themselves they will soon realise how much power they have.

      That was the whole point of Phillip Luty of The Homegunsmith. You can ban firearms and explosives as much as you like. Building firearms and ammunition is actually quite simple. My point is you don't even need firearms or explosives. Try to think about how to do it without illegal arms and explosives.


  2. Anonymous5:00 am


    Danny Jonas, Mayor and EFF Candidate says: "You can't have a Boerestad per se in an area like Thembalihle or in South Africa".

    1. Anonymous11:11 pm

      People of Orania must start digging ditches, sand & rock barriers, stagard obstacle's to the entrance of town, armed patrols, good prepared firing positions, and of course declare independence, and when the Kaffirs are beaten off annex new territory and expand. Open your hand of friendship to the white refugees that will be pouring into Orania

  3. Anonymous5:04 am

    Hi Mike

    I would appreciate to hear your thoughts on the land expropriation bill vote. It passed with 208 votes for it with just 7 against it. So the DA did not even vote? After all they should have at least 89 votes or something.

  4. Anonymous5:27 am


  5. Anonymous5:36 am

    Kyk na hierdie YouTube. Verbeel julle net wat 'n swerm van die goed kan doen as dit moet. Sulke toerusting is goud werd as daar min "boots on the ground" is. Natuurlik is bekwaamheid absoluut noodsaaklik. Dink net: verskillende grotes, payloads, ens. Let op na die "self destruct capability" in die video. Vlieg die goed in die vyand se vergaderingsplekke in, ens. My fok, mens kan selfs Cessna 172s gebruik, daar is hope daarvan!


    1. Anonymous9:20 am


      Better to have them drop fumigation over the parasites. I have seen it before & think its brilliant, we need about 200,000 of these things.

      Seems like the prawns will start eating shells in the future.

  6. Anonymous5:37 am

    Best line in a movie ever! Al Pacino in Scarface; 'I kill commies for fun'.

  7. Yes, Mike, there is only one way out of this. Peaceful resistance was never going to work. It can't with scumbag savages.

    1. In the days of the ANC's "struggle" they had a Four Pillar approach. They had a political arm (Black consciousness), an underground intelligence and propaganda arm, a military arm and a foreign arm.

      Armed struggle alone cannot work. You need a combination of people protesting peacefully in the streets (Political) combined with vicious urban and rural guerrilla campaigns (Military).

      Read up on Colonel George Grivas and the EOKA guerrilla campaign on Cyprus during the 1950's.

      Almighty Britain declared that Cyprus would NEVER be independent. Five years later they left with tails between their legs.

    2. Anonymous8:36 am

      Mike, I don't see whites protesting peacefully in the streets. I see blacks protesting violently in the streets. The whites I know who are preparing have no interest in protesting in the streets, they simply want nothing to do with these savages and their backward government, they are preparing for war, at home, in groups, stockpiling and planning. The whites that do go to the odd #zumamustfall march are all wearing DA t-shirts and believe that a vote is going to turn this all around. The country is 2 minutes away from midnight, where are all these peaceful marches/protests? The blacks are igniting this place at an unprecedented pace, if civil war erupts the time for marching will have passed, wouldn't it?
      I agree with your approach, I just don't see enough support to execute it. Whites are so dumbed down with all this white privilege/rainbow nation crap that the bullets will be whizzing and the blood will be flowing before they catch a wake up. Currently the only protests that are underway are by blacks, protesting against the ANC, and the only political struggle on the cards is being executed by the EFF. Even though the EFF and the ANC are 2 sides of the same coin, the perception being created is that they are opposition. I'm sure it was Stalin that said "The easiest way to control the opposition is to be the opposition".
      So in your opinion, if armed struggle alone cannot work, do you honestly see a political struggle coming out of the white camp? If not, do you think we are up the creek without a paddle?

  8. Anonymous5:52 am


    I always maintained this, its the war of the buffalo.

    The Zulus used this tactic against the British by splitting their armies and sourrounding them from both sides.

    The EFF can do what the ANC always said they will not do.

    The idiots overseas only understand "black & white" and fail to see the communist ties, they will simply see it as a black and white issue & we will see more apartheid stories come up on our radars in the UK - they will be selling their people the atrocities for what is going to happen here.

    That Kenny thing mentioned the ANC funded Malemas trip to Moz a few years back. The EFF will do what the ANC always wanted to do and even more.

    The ANC were always going to have to play by the rules of the constitution & they had to play the international game. I believe Zuma has been testing the constitution with all these issues... testing for weaknesses, lets see how far we can push this thing.

    Now the EFF can see how far the ANC can push it, they will push it even further, until we have African style fighting going on here.

    The only thing they want is first to strip us of everything and then murder us. They know they will not be able to kick us out the country but they can do everything to speed that up.

    The ANC groomed Malema, they taught him well & while they are attacking Zuma/ANC in court, causing chaos, they are passing laws in the background while people are being entertained in parliament.

    If a doff zot annoys me, then there is nothing like a gullible white South Africa. When they want their farms, the farmers talk nicely, when they want to destroy your language - they talk nicely back, whites are so passive in South Africa.

    This is the result of guilt being shoved down their throats for 40+ years.

    There is only one solution, either they take everything & destroy us or we wipe out the parasite.

    I would rather accept a defeat, than to live this bullshit.

    They will make 1 mistake though. The Brits originally fought a war, man to man, then brought in tens of thousands and when they could not win, they resorted to something no one in war should ever do - murdering children and women.

    This lot, will attack our women & children first because they are cowards. They already started on the elderly & farmers.

    Maybe in the grande scheme of things, better to get your ass kicked by a superior opponent & learn your lessons. This lot are the most coward, conniving, skelm things you can ever meet.

    My motto is simple - there will be no future racism because there will be no parasites. Any white in the future employing these things should be locked up or the first few culprits should be hung for treason.

    The only good parasite is a dead parasite. All must go, every last one of them, no mercy this time. Time to fumigate and do a good job, get your mind right for what is on its way - you can either look the other way pretending its not coming or start making a plan.

    But its coming!

    Remember we fumigate this time, every last one or pack your bags and leave.

    1. Kill or be killed. An age old concept. Time to rise up!

  9. Anonymous7:01 am

    It's gobsmacking how few people are preparing for a civil war here. I can't understand it. What does it take to wake people up? Even my own brother just flat out refuses to accept it and has assigned me to the looney tunes dept. WTF has possessed the people around me. Perhaps they can't grasp a zombie apocalypse because they themselves are the zombies. Its infuriatingly frustrating that people are so damn dim. I always said I will never give up on trying to wake my people up, but I'm starting to wonder if my people are actually my people. Its a seriously sad situation.

    1. Anonymous8:40 am

      They are under a great delusion and live in denial. Poor souls.

    2. Anonymous9:17 am

      ~Anonymous7:01 AM

      I have given up on them. Sorry but I have tried over and over and over to speak to people here. They look at you as if you are a moron!

      I have family who think Im nuts when I ask them to lock the front door - they think because they have a security gate + a 12 foot wall that it is impossible to get through... Ja

      No, In many ways I feel like giving up on them, not the cause. Perhaps those who are meant to see, will see and those who cant, no matter what, will never see.

      I know your frustration, I feel it as I write. They call me a doomsday prepper, negative, pessimist.

      But I am a realist, like many on here. I see the world for what it is, not through rose tinted glasses & hollywood bullshit.

      I connect the dots bot here + abroad.

      I would say, forget them. Make your own plan. I know it is so so difficult to think that way, especially with family but If they are anything like mine, you might as well bang your head against the floor.

      Some people also prefer to live in denial, I would rather fight even if both hands chopped off and no feet, I fight till the end, some people give up before the fight - its just how it is.

      No I have given up on family members, I mentioned to one of them that xyz would happen and 6 weeks later it happened. They then denied it and made excuses, they are still in denial.

      Shit, I wish I really could do something but to me, family members are actually the last people to speak to. My uncle once said this to me and it stuck, one of those moments when someone says something at the right moment & it lasts a life time

      "parents dont like taking advice from adults who`s asses they once wiped"

      Perhaps its true?

    3. Anonymous9:39 am

      Yo will see the Zombies at your local pub this weekend watching the rugby. They think that its for our "country" and that its patriotic! Its really tragic. Then on monday they are paying their fines, taxes and etolls. The enemy within is always the worst. These zombies are unfit, fat and lazy - lets see them fight. Why do you think there is rugby on? To make most South Africans slaves to it - to make them weak and think they are victorius. All the while the enemy prepare and slowly advance until they are strong enough to crush us. We need to wake up and wake others up.

    4. Anonymous12:29 pm

      Dont worry. Your "dumb" brother is practicing OPSEC.

      I do it too. I mock people and then I prep so that I can live the grey man existance

    5. Anonymous2:36 pm

      Let them be the buffer, during the warsaw uprising Russian general zukov rested his army on the east bank of the Vistula while he planned his campaign to take Berlin, he never lifted one finger to help the poles, against the Germans because he knew the militant ones would only cause him trouble later.
      So let the anc kill the liberals then we won't have any problems down the line.

    6. I hate it when you tell someone and they give you that blank empty stare as if theyve just heard a ghost or something. Infuriating especially when you expect them to understand and be more sympathetic and thankful for the insight you just gave them. Nowadays I dont bother, people will wake up or die on their own terms I guess. We will be the ones saying I told you so.

  10. Anonymous7:52 am


  11. Now gentlemen, ladies, men and woman. Who of us will be the ORIGINALS?

    50 max, are you up to the task, are you prepared to do what it takes?

    I am putting my name up and its on the notice board in neon.

    Who is with me?

    1. Anonymous11:35 am

      I don't wanna grow old and develop some chronic illness in this corrupt, broke and typical dead African country SA is turning into. I have no future here, I have no family left. I have nothing to lose.

      You can count me in.

    2. Anonymous11:47 am

      I am in.

    3. Anonymous12:33 pm

      Who do you report to? the NIA?

    4. @anon 12:33 PM you're another on of those too scared to move forward or backwards.

      You will rather standstill in paranoia and play silly little games.

      Now fuck off here and go play somewhere else.

    5. Count me in LTMA!!!

    6. Anonymous11:19 pm

      Hmmm. Lets see, I am not allowed to work here, I'm not allowed to own a business, I am not allowed to study here, I am not allowed any grants, I cannot escape this place... Might as well kill those that prohibit me from living a simple life. I might as well IED some taxis and blue light brigades that is making my life a living hell. Might as well snipe some anti-white libtard white. Easy choice LTMA

    7. Anonymous11:39 pm

      Yep, this is starting to look like another Bop disaster. How many can you squeeze into your mercedes LTMA?

    8. Anonymous12:37 am

      Anon 11:39 So just sit back and let them kill us slowly? Either you are a coward or you so desperately don't want to fight this current system because you profit from it in some form or another.

      Explain your rationale of doing nothing while the noose gets pulled tighter and tighter around your neck. What is your motivation to bring down any talk of resistance? No my man, your negative words might phase people for a little while longer, but make no mistake, not you nor anybody else on this planet can stop what is coming. And when the time comes and you reveal yourself to us, which you will with your defeatist talk, I'll gladly put two at the back of your skull.

    9. @ anon11:39PM. This is my third attempt to get this message through to you, every time I finish typing the blog goes off line.

      Have I promoted full frontal assaults and invasion of percieved enemy? We know whothe enemyis but they can still claim perception on our behalf.

      I promote resistance and preparedness.

      You are going to need to rely on small well prepared groups for your survival shortly, groups that plan and execute with precision, groups that have high mobility, superfit and ready to roll mentality.

      If you think we are going to win this with full frontal assaults and staged fighting, youre the biggest idiot to walk the planet.

      Are you with us or are you against us, do you unify or do you devide.

      Pick the post where you pin your badge.

      Just stop your shit either get on this bus or stay in the shelter, don't come and puncture tyres if the bus is not travelling in your direction.

  12. I agree. People seem to be in denial. Cant see the writing on the wall. They think im a loonie delux. All one can do is speak out. And hope they wake up in time. Meantime keep on prepping. Not long now SHTF. Anyone read John Rawles? Good prepping advice.

    1. Anonymous12:35 pm

      We arent in denial. We are practicing OPSEC. The ones who scream PREP! PREP! PREP! RESIST! FIGHT! are usually the assholes on the SAPS and NIA payrol. Just like with the Boeremag. There is enough evidence out there that proves what I say.

    2. Anonymous9:37 pm

      "usually" and the other times?

    3. @ anon 12:35 PM. Tell me how are we going to get this together.

      Nobody wants to talk, everybody is a spy, we all being led deceptively.

      The truth is that everybody is scared, the other truth is that there has to be failure before success and sacrifices have to be made.

      The fact remains silence is going to lead us to defeat.

      Somebody needs to start organising and gathering and developing. It will not happen by its self.

      I tell you now already, the way we are at present we are defeated because a lone operator is evading not resisting or attacking.

      If we all evade, the retards pick us off one by one with ease, as there is no set standard and there is no organised resistance to count on.

      Most of the time I hear negative critism and shout downs from a lot of people on this blog, those same people never come back with something better or even an idea.

      You see the scream goes both ways. I personally would rather try and fail than never try at all.

      Pick the post where you want to pin your badge.

      The sad news is that we are fucking close to being wiped out and nobody is doing a damn thing about it.

  13. Anonymous8:32 am

    And recently I've been worrying whether it was the wrong decision to move a large chunk of my funds overseas...

    Perhaps not.

    1. Anonymous12:35 pm

      Well Done. You just donated your life savings to the NWO

    2. Anonymous11:36 pm

      @12.35 that was a really stupid comment. Take it back and give yourself a klap.

    3. Anonymous3:01 am

      @12.35 yes, give yourself a klap. But a lot of people are in denial about investing in South Africa. If the top ten companies on the JSE were to pull out there would be no stock market left. And those stocks are way overpriced because there is too much cash chasing too little value. I can tell people this a hundred times, Magnus Heystek can tell people this a thousand times, but most whites have convinced themselves that the rand will recover, and you can't tell them otherwise.

    4. Anonymous10:43 pm

      Anon 3:01

      You reckon long-term the money is safer out SA offshore and in dollar denominated ETF's?

      The downside is loss of interest, but trying to look at the long term. The graphs going back the last 10 years indicated an average of 7% loss a year to the US dollar.

      It's hard to trust the 'government' in SA. Any day they could say something crazy or do something without warning and then the Rand falls.

  14. The insidious decay is happening everyday but the further it encroaches the less I see white people doing anything about it.

    When retard shouts his mouth off, some white liberal cunt tries to explain what retard meant.

    When retard threatens violence on white, liberal cunt goes and sucks retards arse to say sorry.

    When retard accuses whites of some percieved injustice liberal white cunt will go apologise.

    When retard demands liberal white cunt just gives.

    I personally believe that the cleansing should start with these white traitor sell out fucking liberals in our midsts.

    Then we clean house properly we delete man, woman and child and infant, leave none to grow into another problem.

    This what we face is not going to be Geneva convention ROE shit, this is a battle that must be fought with zero conscience and no rules.

    Anon 7:01 AM your brother is your enemy if he is not with you, my brother and sisters are my enemy for they have the same attitude as your brother.

    I cannot impress upon people the need to be prepared and trained and fit, I stopped trying a long time ago because I realised that people are fucking stupid.

    We have been driven into a corner here, white people must decide do they want to come out fighting or do they want to get slaughtered like yellow bellied cowards deserve to be slaughtered.

    Readers on this blog might wonder why I do not use the word Kaffir when I speak of retard, Kaffir means non believer but non believers are still able to understand, learn and be productive. Retards are exactly that, these black subspecies we have to deal with are so retarded that they cannot be trained, cannot reason, cannot learn and cannot be productive.

    I will not insult a non believer by labelling retard a kaffir as I will not insult any mammal or beast by comparing them to retard.

    These fucking retards are a scourge to this planet

    1. Anonymous12:45 pm

      I made the mistake of letting non whites know that I am armed and prepared and it caused them to target me. I have since changed address and jobs and friends.

      The people you talk to are correct in pretending to not prepare. They are keeping low. I am one of those types. I have legal guns. I cycle in the gym every day. I have 2 years worth of food and water filters.

      But I am the guy that mocks you to your face about being a doomsday prepper. I even mock you in the other posts.

      Stop whining and get to the CHOPPA! :)

    2. @anon 12:45PM. Unless you actually go out there and hug and walk with retard and adopt the little retards and drive them around to malls and public places, my post was not meant at you.

      And then I hear you tell everybody how wonderful and cute the retard offspring are and when some upstanding white true South African asks you how you can do such a thing, you get all aggressive and defensive and start shouting rascist.

      Or are you one of those who gym with you retard cronies and share the roids and call him buddy and brother and make him your equal?

      So stop whining and standby, standby.

  15. Anonymous9:35 am

    I see them come up to me every morning at the gym with sad little frowns on their faces - big men, well over 6 feet. They say, "More, het jy die Rukkkby gekyk...blah blah this captain, this ref, offside etc.." No you bloody fool, I did not watch this propaganda and false victory - we won no victories my friend - we lost more ground to them...

    Around bars and braais and boerewors cooking this weekend you'll hear stories about "vermeullen and his betrayl", this captain was the right choice or about refs who are biased against the poor Boks. These same people call me unpatriotic and not supporting my country... yeah right.

    While these boythies are drinking and feeling a false victory they are passing laws to take everything we have. Like Shaka's formation, the Zulus are closing in with their young guys on the outskirts burning and causing havok, their ANC oldboys in power in the front and their chiefs like Zuma at the back directing. Why should I be watching rukkkby at the pub when we're in a war already? I'm not un-patriotic, its these rukkby boytjies that are unpatriotic and simpletons. They feel that a few guys putting a ball over a line will save this country. It wont!

    These are supposed to be the people who are fighting at our sides. I would sooner fight alone or with guys like Mike and LTMA, guys who you can count on than these boozed up rukkkby victors who didn't even step onto the field.

    Don't get me wrong, I used to watch the game, but we shouldn't be playing and watching while we are at war. Its insane. Its a waste of time and resources. Millions of man hours lost every weekend that could be used to stockpile, raise awareness and train. Yes, instead of sitting around we should be training, preparing, running, exercising, learning martial arts and how to use firearms. I am lucky I did martial arts for many years but its shocking how some of these rukkby boytjies cannot do anything but talk oud and lift a beer glass... disgraceful.

    Its also shameful that so many grown men are in tears when we lose. Its shameful that so many great-grand children of our Voortrekkers would rather watch a game than defend what our ancestors fought for. Its a shame they allow themselves such weakness. Its pathetic that one minister can burst their fantasy of rukkkby with the stroke of a single pen.. pathetic.

    Rukkkby can come back when we are back in power and have our own country. Then I'll be joining for a beer.

    So boykies watching the rukkkby, you're not tough. If you don't start preparing and boycotting this empty past-time with fake victories, you'll be supporting the English in England or the Ozzies. Wake up boys. The time is now!

    1. Anonymous11:40 am

      I can do nothing else but agree, fully.

    2. Anonymous8:26 pm

      Most rugby supporters I have spoken to, are in denial or downplay the seriousness of our situation. Those that realise it is serious, grip on to some magical fantasy that all these problems will sort itself out somehow and they need not intervene.

      It is really sad hearing these grown men, expressing their expert opinion and analysis over a 80minute game. It reminds me of the time of the Roman Gladiators in the arenas, just a different version, the killing now happens outside the arena while the games are being played.

      I agree with Anon 9:35 AM, it is a disgrace and even a bigger disgrace to boast about your stupid Superbru rank when in reality, you could have achieved a much higher rank by ensuring your and others' survival

      Fuck Rugby, Fuck Supersport, Fuck superbru and Fuck the Springboks. Their dead to me

  16. Would the EFF have been interested in gaining that munincipality if Orania wasn't built there.?? Well anyone can answer that. Here's the catch. Orania is one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in SA. Worth a cool R500 million. Twice that of Douw Steyns mansion.

    Orania is a absolute embarrasment to all the kaffir politicians out there, that's why they want it.. Once again the whites have proven they can outsmart the kaffir and do something which they can't. Please bring me the 'all kaffir town' that can be remotely compared to Orania.?

    It's also a threat, and the way the EFF / ANC had gone about setting this up smells like fear. Yes, the kaffir is very scared and intimidated when a group of Afrikaners get together and build something, they always have been. It can serve as a stronghold in a war, which their shit scared of..
    Also, if they grow bigger commercially they can become a financial stronghold with a economy that can rival many cities, even provinces.

    Well. Like LT very well said. Who's the originals among us.? Will we sit here and talk shit if Orania is attacked ala Zim style and those people are pushed of that property.?


    Will we go there and hold the line.?

    1. Have you visited any of the capital of former black homelands? They are all by far more developed than Orania farm.

    2. Anonymous11:39 pm

      Sello Poo you fucking retard, no one here talked about how developed it is at the moment. You fucking dumb apes always miss the point. Fuck off you stupid unthinking beast of the field. You are a child stuck in a grown up body aren't you?

      Inadvertently you always prove our point without getting it yourself. I can't wait...

    3. A while ago I had a flat tyre between Butterworth and Mthatha, because the stupid kaffirs doing roadworks there put the roadwork signs to far into the road and my Merc hit it. Changed it in ten minutes, but had to get it fixed in Mthatha seeing that I was on my way to Durban. Yes...Mthatha...what a dump. Filthy and animals walking in the streets.

      As usual the white areas looked decent and like white areas and the black areas...well look like townships.

      Same with those other Eastern Cape towns like Mount Frere and Butterworth. Typical Kaffir destruction of what was built by whites during Apartheid, Airport, train station, soccer stadiums, etc.

      Worse were those former small jewels in Natal like the towns of Piet Retief, Paulpietersburg, Vryheid, etc...I couldn't believe the destruction in the last 22 years. Those little towns used to be so clean and beautiful...just like Orania today. Go to them now and you will hardly see a white face in the main street. Just overloaded black taxis blaring Kwaito from the boom boxes. Potholes the size of zinc baths.

      Kimberley is the same. Kimberley used to be one of the richest towns in the world. It had electric street lights before London in England. Now it is filthy and massive potholes in the roads. I think Kroonstad was the worse for me. A pothole every 20 cm. You cannot dodge them. You have to drive no faster than 10km/h. Just hope and pray your house is not on fire, you don't need the police or an ambulance, because they will take forever to get there.

    4. Anonymous12:03 am

      Hey Sello, can you comment on that old man that was beaten up by protesters just for going to do a honest day of work? Is this how freedom is celebrated, by burning, looting and violence?
      By the way dude, the capitals of the former homelands are third world dumps.

    5. Exactly Mike, I mentioned those areas in a post a while ago. Unlike the older generation I never got to see those towns in the good ol days. They are really pathetic dumps now. I feel sorry for the younger generations

    6. Mike

      You talk as if those towns were any better under apartheid. It was worse then because there were no tarred roads you could see there. So, I don't even believe they even knew what was a pothole then.

    7. Sello. Why would I waste my time to go and visit a black homeland.??. From Sudan down to Khayelitsha it's the same picture. Where you people live it's a fuckup.. Please prove me wrong and I'll buy you a plate of pap n chuck,, my treat.

      Again your arrogance have exceeded your intelligence and you've once again failed miserably to address your own people's shortcomings, like always. I've never read 1 of your posts where you admit that the black nation suffers from a serious case of stupidity and 6000 years after creation you lot just cannot cut it in life..

      You're lost pal. Now piss off.!

  17. Anonymous11:48 am

    Dont pay for books. https://kickass.unblocked.one/usearch/War%20of%20the%20Flea/

  18. Anonymous11:48 am


    Like they in the classics, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

  19. Only problem is... the Border war was very little to do with South Africa's freedom... go do some research on it... it was a war we fought for the US...

    1. Really? Nooooo !!

    2. Anonymous6:19 pm

      What were the Soviet, East German and Cuban soldiers doing there? Tourists?

  20. Anonymous3:12 pm

    If they actually started stealing mines that would be nice.

    The West and the East only put up with South Africa because the ANC lets them own the mineral wealth, when the ANC tries to go into business for themselves the whole thing will come crashing down.

  21. Anonymous10:08 pm

    This Bill will test the validity of SA's democracy and it's constitution. If the ANC uses it to steal and plunder on an even bigger scalethis country will implode into anarchy. It will force people to protect what is rightfully and legally theirs by any means necessary. Hopefully it will also open the eyes of the minority groups in this country to push for a totally independent homeland, free from these idiotic communist scum, a country where we can move forward into the 21st century without being held back by bunch of stone age idiots suffering from a massive inferiority complex.

    1. Anonymous10:51 pm

      And the media are not saying much about this bill.

      Just focusing on avoiding junk status till December.

  22. @ anon 10:08 PM. The ANC wants war, they wants you dead they want to obliterate your whiteness from these lands, FOREVA!

    The constee2shun is fuck all we have all recently seen that dog bite, its false teeth fall out when it opens its mouth. Rule of law packed its bags when showerhead became chief thief.

    Look north Zimbabwe, were you sleeping, did you miss something? We are Zimbabwe in the making we just deny it.

    If you have not left when the noise begins youre chopping block material for the masses. There is not going to be good whites in black eyes, get that into your head.

    These retards want to obliterate your whiteness from these lands they want no memory of you and they want to claim all of yours as theirs. Look North, Africa bares testimony to my written voice.

    You see the masses have not starved and been totally desperate yet, when that time comes there is a strong and ruthless military to keep control and wipe out any pocket of resistance to the dictator.

    You must realise as a white your superior logic is the biggest threat to a dictator, you will find a way to extract, resist and rebuild yourself, that is why retard must annihilate you, you will keep him busy with things that interfere with his model plan.

    Retard masses are incapable of evolving to such heights and with a show of power a spray of bullets and some retard corrective discipline, their resistance crumbles.

    I can give you examples if you want. I can name lots of countries where the resistance operates outside of the borders of the country and is a band of thugs pillaging, thieving, raping and terrorising the local pop and not affecting dictatorship structures at all. All the dictator does is use the thuggery to its advantage. Resistance battle is lost.

    So stop thinking in legal longwinded terms and pull on those boots hit the fit routine and gets proactive or buy the ticket book a window seat and wave good bye when the wheels leave the tar mac.

  23. Anonymous11:27 pm

    This has been said before but needs to be repeated.

    This planned demise of SA - emphasis on 'white' domination/rule, was strategically carried out under the leadership of international elitists set on a 'global' rulership plan or NWO as known in the 'conspiracy' labelled media.

    White 'power' has to be destroyed globally before these 'globalists' can pursue the goal of global government. This is why the battle in SA is not 'white' against the ANC/EFF but runs much deeper i.e. the globaist forces.

    Whites will never rule or have freedom in SA again. They will be destroyed if any attempt is made to regain power. The globalists have their fingers on the mineral wealth of SA and control the money/currency flow - i.e. central banks.

    The ANC are their puppets being used to destroy the country through their mismanagement and stealing.

    And when the pressure was put on mining with increased local costs such as labour force, look what they did to the Rand - they crashed it. These companies are paid in Dollars and therefore have doubled their Rand income by crashing the Rand - at the suffering of all who live in SA.

    The SA good days are gone and time is running out for whitey. Soon whitey will be stripped of what is left. You can not fight this.

    1. @ anon 11:27 PM. How would you like to exit this life, knowing that you did all in your power to fight the scourge that infested your forefathers legacy or having that scourge come into your home, your castle, your domain, rape your wife and slit your throat?

      Just a question for your consideration.

      Now a fact for your consideration, with all the modern technology and weaponary, the West cannot quieten the simple people of the stan,iraq, syria, libya should I continue?

      I had a major once say to me, "ek soek nie die Manne wat kan, ek soek Manne wat wil" he was a good leader a good person and an excellent soldier. Its not only about technology and weaponry, its more about the heart, the desire, the commitment. South Africa my be over for a lot of white South Africans but for me it will only be over when I am dead or I have defeated my foe.

      I hear you and I respect your views, I will not say you are wrong but mate believe me I am going to try my utmost to prove you wrong. If I fail I will have failed while trying not failed to try.

  24. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Mike, why is it that this blog, with all it's racist comments, is not exposed to the media/authorities? and shut down/prosecuted etc

    Do you enjoy some 'special' protection from the authorities?

    Is your task to draw out and expose the right wing dissenters? Even JP and his blog. How do you guys get away with this?

    Just asking.

    1. I am a Mossad agent...haven't you heard? Just ask all the Nutzi's, they will tell you. I am funded by the Rothschilds and other shapeshifters, etc, etc.

    2. Anonymous1:39 am

      That's right Mike, ridicule the question instead of providing an answer.
      Why have you got 'immunity' from the law in SA with regards to racist propoganda?

    3. Maybe you need to define "racist" in "Racist Propoganda" (sic)

      See, therein lies the problem for the ANC and the HRC. The term "racist" is very subjective and besides I have constitutional rights of freedom of expression, freedom of association, etc. I know my rights.

      I am not immune. I was once hunted by the HRC and they tried to prosecute me for 12 months. The more they tried the more I nailed them back. After 12 months they sent me a letter that they have let it all go and dropped the case. Never heard from them since. The letter I have framed and it is hanging in my living room like a badge of honour or a medal. One day when my grandson asks me why I never did anything, I will show him that letter.

      Nah...The ANC reads this blog regularly. They use it as a disposition barometer amongst whites. Further they know that if they try to shut me down I will go FULL Public and nail them. The pope once tried to shut Martin Luther down. He went full public with the pope and exposed all his hypocrisy, his lies, his bullying, etc. In the end the church didn't only lose; they split down the middle and lost all political power. Believe me, the ANC is not that stupid.

    4. Anonymous 11:52 That's a fair question especially in light of what happened back in the 80's and 90's regarding the betrayal of the right wing. So regarding whether or not I am some special agent is futile to debate because it always ends in a he said she said and we end up nowhere.

      But if you want proof of someone genuine simply look at what they are doing and more importantly what they have given up.

      I was completed my CA (SA). I completed my first year of articles end of 2013 and had passed my first board earlier that year. I only had two years left to go and one more board exam and then I could flash around my CA (SA) as a dick extension all I wanted.

      Why would a guy - who used to help the professors at varsity completing textbooks etc - stop so close to the end when I clearly had the ability to do so???

      It's madness isn't it. I mean a job that will pay in excess of R500 000 a year once completed. You actually have to be crazy to give something like that up.

      At least that's what everybody used to think of me. I mean, you can go and get married, piss of whenever you want to another country if shit gets too hot here. Why give up all of that for writing unless you have a vision of something far greater in the future.

      But the people will never know what your purpose in life is, only you can know that, so you can never rely on a person to tell you what to do with your life - and the biggest betrayal will be to not use the gifts you have been given.

      Like I said, it's a fair question, the answer will be you will just have to watch and see. Then you will see whether or not I'm an idiot who should have just finished his CA or if what I have seen is genuinely possible.

      You'll be amazed how quickly things change and all of a sudden you are on top again and the little voice you listened too was true guidance indeed.

    5. Anonymous4:54 am

      Mr Smith is a FULL ON supporter of the state of israel
      THERE is your answer.
      He makes NO secret of it ( although he deletes ALL reference to anything that the bad jew boys get up to )
      Perhaps he is not joking about being a Mossad agent -- well perhaps only a ....

      Sayanim are Jews who live in and hold the citizenship of lands outside Israel who are recruited clandestinely by Mossad to help with its operations, i.e. providing 'safe houses', transportation, access to communications networks and other facilities, official documents, etc., etc.


    6. Anonymous5:34 am

      Thanks for your response Mike. It just seems strange that the media pursue any trace of so called 'racism' and yet this blog continues unchallenged - so it seems anyway.

    7. @ anon 4:54 AM. Fuck off with your Israeli crap.

      I support Israel and when you show me the determination, ability and courage that the Israelis have then you can spew your shit.

      Until then put your money where your mouth is boy.

      You fucking paranoid twats are all up conspiracy theories arse and you rely on conspiricist to prove your argument.

      Some people just ask for shit even when its too much for them to shovel.

      Crawl back into your hole.

  25. Gentlemen honestly we are not greedy and we don't want to take everything from a white man like how Mike is misleading you. All that we are saying is that when you have 100, 000 hectares of land. All that we ask for is just only 40% of that and you can keep the rest. I wonder if you have analysed the report of rating agencies of standard and poor and Fitch. It all boils to one thing that our economy is fragmented on the bases of colour and is concentrated only to the hands of the few. Such trend is impacting negatively on the growth of our economy. Thus, it makes the growth compressed and something must be done as urgent. The problem does not lie with the ANC, the problem is deep rooted in how our economy is organised. We do not have black industrialists, not to say that blacks are lazy but has everything to do with how historically a black man in South Africa was disadvantaged. Another discrepancy exist between males and females. We are of the view that white South African females were also historically disadvantaged to participate actively in economic activities. There must be many factories, farms and mines which must be owned by white females. Truly, white SA females must be beneficiaries of whatever government will be doing to ensure that the power of economy is spread equally among the people of South Africa.

    I wonder why would people harbour wrong perceptions about the EFF's involvement in Orania. We are in full support of the preservation of the Afrikaner culture and we will always do everything to protect it. I will even support the cause that will seek to expropriate more land for Orania. Those guys are doing exceptional work there and we believe that they don't need to buy land if they want to expand their estate.

    I personally only have a problem with those whites who will be counter revolutionary to oppose progress which is necessary for the benefit of all and for the health of the GDP of the country. Those who will want the status quo to remain which does not help us but only to further the gap between the richer and the poor. If only the richer are getting richer, that does not grow the economy. It will mean that we are still not balanced. The economy only grows when the that gap between the rich and poor is narrowing. The question will be, "How do we narrow that gap?" You cannot narrow that gap without infringing upon the rights of another, but now do we have to leave everything the way they are?

    1. Anonymous9:13 am

      40 % ??
      Such communist policies only lead to ruin, it's never worked anywhere.

      Such government intervention infringes on personal rights. The Rand would drop like a stone and foreign businesses would flee.

      No government or group has any right to determine who should get what and to who things should go. The government are the most inefficient group when it comes to handling anything.

      SA should focus on privatisation, embracing a modern free-market economy, accept that globalisation is a reality of this world, and try emulate and learn from the successes of the Asian Tigers.

      The racial laws of the ANC regime is designed to DESTROY whites economically, so that they will never be a future 'threat'.

      Their can be no harmony when blacks are racially attacking whites and persecuting the white minority via discriminatory racial laws aimed to deliberately hurt white people.

      At least the NP gave blacks Homelands, and gave them a choice under which system they wanted to live in...

    2. Anonymous11:23 am

      60 % of farmers have been driven off already. Now you want another half of WHATS LEFT.

      Just like Siener predicted. The pie will be cut and cut and cut again until there is nothing left.

      Piss off, parasite.

    3. Anonymous11:30 am

      Oh please Sello, why don't you just go fuck yourself. Less than 1% of whites actually own land. Do you hear the other over 99% crying for land?

      No you do not....

      Why not?

      Because you boons think that land is the road to INSTANT WEALTH and the reason you think so is what makes you boons. To stupid to understand that economic freedom is found in the aquisition of knowledge. A race of strugglers, eternally struggling against their inability to adapt in an IQ driven world.



    4. The former regime expropriated land forcefully using bulldozers yet no investor ran out of the country.

    5. Anonymous10:33 pm

      Sello 12:22

      We live in a different era.
      Mugabe did the same and the Zim economy and dollar completely collapsed and the country is in ruin.

      People follow the money.

      Under the NP government, even though foreign governments opposed the racial policies, they knew the leadership still had friendly policies for foreign investors and would not take anything. They knew their investments were safe from the government and would not have to hire some blacks and give them free shares.

      BEE and Affirmative Action infringe on personal and property rights, are against the concepts of Liberty and are anti-free market and unnatural.

      Foreign investors don't like to be told how to invest or have racial laws applied ON themselves.

    6. @ Sello 12:22 PM... You said "yet no investor ran out of the country"

      Again, like all your comments...rubbish.

      Have you ever heard of the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act? Investors such as Barclays, GM (Chevrolet), Mobil, Chase Manhatan and Kodak all pulled out of South Africa. Go educate yourself you IQ67 imbecile. Disinvestment from South Africa

      Between 1986 and 1988 as many as 55 British companies sold off their subsidiaries in South Africa and a further 19 reduced their investments. The number of British companies investing in South Africa fell by 20 percent. Standard Chartered, the second largest bank in South Africa, also pulled out, as did insurance companies Norwich Union and Legal & General, and arms manufacturer Vickers.
      British Anti Apartheid Movement

    7. Anonymous5:55 am

      The delusion of these ANC and EFF supporters is mind-boggling.

      Every other Communist 'land redistribution' regime in history is a failure. Venezuela is now in ruins and this is the system which Malema supports and want to emulate....?

      Taking land = economic sanctions, international boycotting, massive disinvestment and capital flight.

      Do they realise that the Rand would utterly collapse, and they would almost all be impoverished and trapped in an economically collapsed SA?

      The only ones who benefit are a small group of political elites.

  26. Anonymous1:48 am

    Sello you are a retard! Not the ANC's fault you say. So stealing and raping the economy in your view does not harm the economy. In your view it also helps bridge the gap between rich and poor. And you honestly expect people with an IQ of slightly more than a watermelon to believe the crap you spew? Fuck off!

    1. It is not stealing. The expropriation of land is only in defence of the poor and the landless be it they are white or black. We don't want your expensive car, beautiful house or your business or neither are we in support of an ANC expropriation bill. All that we want is the land for people to live on. There is nothing so humiliating than to find yourself living in any country and you are told that there is no any more land left for you to build a house for you and your family. The advice you are being told is to go and buy a piece of land from certain Mr Somebody or a real estate company. Even in Europe there is no such thing that is happening in South Africa. The economy is controlled by certain few who do not help the economy to grow. Why should the government always have to pay when they have to build infrastructure like roads, prisons, airports, etc. The infrastructure which will as well be used by the land owner himself. Now, issues of land are blocking everything because when the government wants to build anything, they will have to have a meeting with Mr Smith first who will in turn ask for compensation. If you call for land expropriation without compensation, you are labeled a communist. Even most members of the ANC are not communists but rather nationalists. The situation is really bad in South Africa and not long people will start owning scarce resources as water.

    2. @ Sello...If you want land, let me tell you how you do it.

      First of all, you study hard at school, then you study for a trade, diploma or degree. You save up for a deposit on a home loan and you apply to a bank for a bond. With your approved bond you find an estate agent and you BUY your fucking property.

      Now that Sello is how White people aquired land or homes. They did not steal it. They did not get it handed to them; They WORKED for it.

      Of course WORK is a foreign concept to you lot. You just want everything on a silver platter. Leave the white people's stuff alone and let the government deal out the land they have in trust. You are knocking on the wrong door. Be careful when that door opens and a gun gets shoved in your face.

    3. @Anonymous

      The ANC is corrupt yes, but we cannot ignore the most critical issue that the power of our economy is in the hands of the few. So, it wouldn't help to even elect capable political party because it will still fail. Imagine having to write a Maths paper without calculator and all relevant set. Do you think that you will ever function effectively and efficiently? So, now our economy can grow but such growth will not be sustained long because there are some anomalies within our society which will require to be changed. Imagine having an oil pump in a machine that only transport oil to one area while some areas are left dry. So, now you will be faced with situation where the whole machine will crash because the oil is not distributed equally to lubricate all the parts.

    4. @Mike

      Sorry to differ with you. Capitalist principles has destroyed your logical thinking. Do you mean, you first have to go to school and subsequently a university where you would have to acquire a degree in order to own land. Perhaps all those will be possible with a loan from the bank. Then after you got a job you must again approach the bank(capitalists) to apply for a bond which you will have to repay in 30 years. Come on, not all people are that lucky. That trend will only breed a society which will be indebted for life. So, is there any problem if the government expropriate land and give it to people who will use it to build their own houses with less expenses of having to pay for the land as well as the bond.

      During Apartheid the nationalists expropriated land for free and handed it to its loyalists who could not even have bachelor's degree in agriculture. That is not a secret. National party could not wait for people to run to the bank and apply for a loan. That was because it wanted people to produce food. There was a need. So why is it a problem now when the land has to be expropriated and be given to black farmers who graduated from agricultural colleges and universities. South Africa has many black Agricultural economists and scientists who want the land to produce food. We have now become a laughing stock to the world because we have become a society that has only one race controlling all means of production. Our economy is now suppressed because it suffers imbalances created by the former regime. So, expecting it to grow will remain a pipe dream.

    5. Anonymous5:55 am

      Sello as long as you carry on with the Communist rhetoric of Revolution and Counter-Revolution you will get no traction. We have all seen what your "Revolutions" have brought.

      Secondly no one actually gives a rats arse about you only wanting 40% of a Farmers land. When the farmers first settled there is was because of negotiated agreements with your tribal chiefs whe never farmed the land in the first place. Those same chiefs after witnessing the success of those farmers chose to breach those agreements and murder the farmers which brings me to your comment on white women.
      Additionally where do you see white women as lining up for supposed handouts from you Commie thugs? No that only exists in your imagination where you have successfully separated white women from white men. Try again. Then hypothetically why would white women (without their men) wish to occupy farms alone whilst your lot are doing what they have always done EXCEPT during the period of "Apartheid" which incidentally was the only period of safety for whites and farmers specifically.
      You say: "It is not stealing. The expropriation of land is only in defence of the poor and the landless be it they are white or black".
      Well now we all know what a crock of shit that is. Firstly we know that whites are not considered poor and certainly not landless by your types, because as you are fond of saying that they should be landless because they "stole the land" in the first place.
      You see when you weave a web of lies and BS then you are bound to get trapped in that web as you have now done.
      You also say: Why should the government always pay when they already have to pay for all the infrastructure? Well, clearly you didn't feature to brightly in Economics 101 and are therefore unaware that it is not Governments money but OUR money. In fact the 90% of tax payers that never voted for the evil idiots in the first place.
      Then I'd like you to explain how the poor and landless blacks are going to continue with massive tracts of land "Expropriated" from white farmers? Are they going to carry on with those farms with even a modicum of the success enjoyed by the previous owners? will they run them into the ground as has been the case in virtually every example up until now. Or will they simply squat there with a billion shacks and demand that they be given "free" (someone, read whites has to pay) electricity and running water?

    6. Anonymous5:56 am

      Who is going to pay the farmer for the additional mortgages he has had to take out against his farm and the future value of crops livestock etc? Must he foot the bill for the whole debt? Who is going to pay the new owner’s money to plant their crops, and to foot the bill for failed harvests? Who is going to buy them livestock or must the farmer give half of his stock? Who pays for feed? Who pays for fertilizer and irrigation systems? Who pays for maintenance and upkeep? Who pays staff? Who pays the veterinary bills? Who provides the Agricultural Degree?
      You see I couldn't care if you, as you say "don't want my fancy car (assuming because I'm white I have a fancy car and not the 8 year old Renault that I drive) because you can have my car and my house fuck you can have it all. As long as you pay for it just like I had to.
      Then once you have reduced this country to a smouldering wasteland where will you run to? As RW Johnson points out there is nowhere left to go nothing but sea down south unless you wish to move onto the Continental Shelf where us whites are hiding the rest of South Africa.
      Bottom line is if you expect the farmer to pay than you are not ready or mature enough to run a farm and will fail. That childlike entitlement attitude will not even get you off the starting block. How can you expect to be treated as an equal or even as an adult if you think like a dependent child. Why can you not buy the farm and then succeed and fail of your own accord. Government had over two decades to assist and have indeed had how many organisations created to supposedly uplift blacks but what did they do? They stole .. I mean "Expropriated" the money to do that and spent it on themselves and their wives. So don't come with your BS upliftment of the poor and landless. You could have done it the right way but instead you chose the Communist Terrorist way.

    7. Anonymous6:46 am


      Look to what Mr Johan Fourie has to say about land. The man is genius.


    8. Anonymous9:16 am

      That's the way the world works Sello, in EVERY country.

      The few, the elites, the wealthy and the privileged rule. And when the system changes, this concept stays the same.

      That's just the way it is.

    9. @Anonymous 5:55AM

      My views has nothing to do with communism or capitalism. My views are based on principles of ethics about what is right and wrong. Perhaps your phobias were exalted by the use of words like "revolution" which are often used by communists. After all it is English or should I have used more friendly word like "Change" instead of "Revolution"? Just the other I watched this documentary where whites who holds conservative views agreed that the land issue in South Africa needs a reform. They have all agreed that it is not ethical to have one group of people owning almost 80% of land, be it in entity or individuals, while the other group cannot even own up to 3%.

      In relation to white women. Even studies have shown that white women were economically deprived by the past regime. So, now all that we are calling for we are saying that businesses owned by white women should as well be empowered. They should also be empowered to own shares in industries and corporations. We are of the view that they should as well be appointed to positions of CEO in companies and AA should never be applied against them. They have as well suffered under apartheid. We don't say that they should receive handouts as you say. In fact, they should be empowered to compete equally in 50/50 ratio to their male counterpart. Such is the opportunity they never received under apartheid.

    10. @ TT, I see the light brother, thank you.

      This retard that enters into the conversation is definitely to fucking stupid to take notice of.

      FMD! Then they complain about been called or compared to monkeys, monkeys are definitely more intelligent.

    11. @Anonymous 5:56AM

      You are missing a point here. We do not suggest that white farmers should pack their bags and sell everything including their livestock. All that we are saying is that there many farms which are too big for certain farmers to handle. I wonder if you have ever been to Europe and see how manageable their farms are. They are not as big as most of the farms you see in South Africa which can consume the whole of Johannesburg and Soweto including the whole of west rand. All that we are saying is that their size should be kept to manageble size and all the unused land be handed to black farmers for their utilisation. Don't worry about how black farmers will fair. We will send them overseas to be trained in areas of producing poultry, meat, etc. They will have to be trained in areas of modern agricultural technology. They will have create jobs. Some lands will have to be used for industrialisation to process agricultural produce, etc.

    12. Anonymous11:22 am

      Ag Sello please just fuck off. There are 4.5 million whites in the country and about 30,000 commerical farmers.

      This means that less than 1% of whites actually own land. Oh my? How ever do they make a living? By using what you blacks do not have...brains.

      I started my company in 2009. How the hell can BEE be applicable to my company, which was created DECADES after the end of apartheid.

      No Sello my man, it is time you blacks wake up and realize that you CANNOT create wealth, you are parasites and BEE is proof of that.


    13. Anonymous11:26 am


      You want to expropriate land and you say it is not stealing?


      Then will you agree that if a framer can prove that HE BOUGHT AND PAID for the land that it is his?

      Of course you will not agree to this, because you are part of the idiotic, nonperforming, low IQ, free shit army.


    14. @LTMA

      You already call blacks monkeys and it doesn't change a thing. That's why you would allow blacks to own the land because monkeys cannot own a thing. That's how unfair life is for a black man in the continent of his forebears. I don't blame you for calling him a monkey because even to this day he remsins landless just like a monkey.

    15. Anonymous5:41 pm

      Sello it is a lie that whites own most of the land in South Africa,,your beloved ANC government owns most of the land in south africa.I have travelled around a lot of parts of south africa, especially in the rural areas and I can tell you that the blacks that live in those areas have owned that land for a long time even before they even came in contact with whites. Also it is not totally true that the national party chased blacks of their land so that whites could buy it from banks, the opposite is true since my grandparents used to own a farm, bought from the government in the sixties, and in the seventies that land was expropriated already by the nationalist party from white farmers with compensation and handed over to blacks. You do not have all your facts!

    16. Anonymous8:29 pm

      Sello, white women don't need handouts, even though you claim they were disadvantaged, they have more than enough ambition and brains to achieve success on their own. Keep our white women out of your fantasies, they are capable and will never worship your ANC

    17. @ Sello 10:30. I have been to Europe. It is my second home so to say. Do you know that Denmark has 5 million people, but the farmers can produce enough food for 45 million people? The farmers are subsidized NOT to produce. That is right. The government pays the farmers not to produce food so that it does not drive prices down. Further you cannot compare a European farmer who never has a shortage of water to a farmer in the Karoo. The conditions are completely different.

      You are a simpleton who knows absolutely NOTHING about farming. There is a reason why farms are big in SA. Our farmers get NO subsidies. The farms are run like businesses. You have inset costs for fuel, fertiliser, electricity, etc. For the farm to produce a surplus (to keep food cheap and provide a profit incentive to the farmer) the inset costs need to be kept low in accordance to the yield. Therefor the farm needs to be a certain size.

      99% of all your black owned farms that you stole through expropriation are failures. Read Dr. Philip du Toit's book "The Great South African land scandal". This is after the farmers stayed on for six months to a year after the farms were taken over and showed the blacks how to farm. Orange farms destroyed. The blacks sell the wood of the orange trees on the side of the road as fire wood.

      It is quite simple Sello. Farming is hard work. The farmers cannot "Gippo". You "Gippo" and your farm will go under. You need to wake up at 04h00 in the morning and work until 22h00 at night. You blacks just cannot do that. Without a white man to kick you out of bed early in the morning, nothing will happen.

      Personally I wish our farmers would be more like European farmers. Everything is mechanised. The people who do the work is the farmer his wife and his children. No kaffirs whatsoever. Once or twice a year he might employ ten or twenty season workers from Turkey or Romania, but that is it.

    18. @ Sello Puo 12:14 PM. You are truly a dimwitted retard sub species. I would never insult a monkey by calling retards monkeys.

      Monkeys are intelligent, progressive and beautiful, unlike you retards. You lot are definitely nowhere near the above.

      Haven't you got something to go and steal or break?

    19. Really amazes me daily how these retards claim and demand entitlement to everything.

      Not only here in Africa but where ever the retard virus travels it starts demanding and claiming.

      FUCK! I am one that see the only lasting solution to this problem is to terminate their tenure on this planet.

      Annihilate and obliterate this viral infestation forever.

    20. Anonymous11:15 pm

      Brief: Is daar nog hoop vir ʼn volkstaat vir Afrikaners?


      Compare the comments there to those here

    21. Anonymous4:23 am

      Mike also with the rubbish Rand what farmer can afford these days to upgrade his machines such as tractors and bailers, on top of security costs etc

  27. Anonymous6:23 am

    Issues of land in South Africa from experts point of view.


    1. Anonymous11:29 pm

      "Experts" = ex-spurts
      The kind you find here = thick as shit



      Why not go and see who Ruth Hall is ?


    2. @ anon 11:29PM, that's not nice, shame on you, are you directing that at us.

      Us white unforgiving true bred keep it white boys? I hope not.

      Your mom was never that rude when she was sucking on my white rascist dick, swallowing your offspring and begging for more while licking her lips.

      She loved it, just couldnt get enough white intelligence cream.

      Come to think of it your wife is the same, she gulps it down and goes totally ape for it. Just think she is swallowing your illegitimates.

      You see the only idiot here is the one that thinks we are just going to go away.

      If you want it come and take it, put your words into action.

  28. @ those that put their hands up for the originals.

    Thank you for standing up.

    I do believe that vasbyt is a requirement to determine ability and commitment, who agrees with me?

  29. Die EFF sal in Orania begin toi toi todat al die witmense patgee en niemand sal hul kan stop nie want jy mag nie jou eiendom beskerm nie, slegs jou eie lewe ("""as dit nou rerig in gevaar is""). Orania is binne kort op soos ou gebrande kafferpap en verkoolde tjops!! So gaan hul alles steel onder ons uit....

  30. Anonymous11:06 am

    blacks see land invasions and land seizures in the same light the we see business deals. For example. We see that we can take a lemon tree. Buy the lemons for R1 each. Take Sugar at R10 a KG. Then we make lemonade where it retails at an amount that covers the raw materials and a profit.

    That excites white people, knowing that production will make them rich. Its business. And it brings prosperity since people can drink lemonade.

    This is how blacks see land invasion. Its a business. It excites them. It is what drives them.

    The same blacks see producing lemonade as slavery while whites see land invasion as oppression.

    It is truly an inversion of reality across the colour line.

    No point in trying to explain it to Sello.

    It is no use explaining it to them

  31. Anonymous11:39 am

    LTMA reminds me of marwingsing. Loudmouth "white" who was in the sack with cape coloureds. :)

    1. I don't think so, but some of the Nutzis on here does remind me of him.

    2. @ anon 11:39 AM. Stop pitching shit and come show your shit, where ever, when ever.

      Lets see your true colours.

      Troll if you want but be prepared to put up as well.

    3. Anonymous1:44 pm

      Tchaaaaa Swaaaaeeeer,- Never heard of this LTMA for 20 plus years while the country was burning,---and believe me I followed a lot of "race realist" websites. Suddenly this GV pops up shouting the odds, calling all and sundry cowards and calling for meetings and get-togethers?
      The poor fucking imbecile has no clue, he doesn't seem to realize that most of these websites are actively monitored by the intelligence services and they just love to set traps and bait people into revealing things.

      Or maybe he does.......

      Let me give you a little tip poes, the people who will survive this have been preparing for a long time, they took to heart what happened in Bop and with Barend Strydom and the Boeremag boykies.

      They don't make a lot of noise like you do and they are very suspicious of anyone who does. so fuckoff like a good little retard now please.

    4. @ Anon 1:44 PM.20 years ago I was keeping your mommy happy and making your boeties and sissies. You fucking stupid twat.
      20 years ago you were shitting in your pants while packing your fucking bags and buying plane tickets you little yellow bellied coward.

      Where I was 20 years ago has got fuck all to do with you, you ignorant cunt. 2O years ago where the fuck you you? Where was anybody pitching their shit 20 years ago.

      Come now you dumb fucking half witted limp dick, 20 years ago you were fucking silent, today you are silent and for fucking ever you will be silent.

      You fucking imbeciles practice so much opsec that you've forgotten what the mission is, your fucking excuses stink with fear, you exude fear in your appearance and you are the epitomy of fear.

      So fuck face, practice what you fucking preach because I tell you now I would fucking pull your preparednes to pieces in 30 secs if I had to look at it.

      You are the AWB mentality you are the typical fat bellied, lazy arsed cunt that thinks keeping quiet and watching rugby is the future of the white race in SA, I spit on you, you piece of shit.

      You are the fuck that cannot move your arse across the road and thinks it can win wars in Mercedes Benz packed with 5 b&c consuming poorly trained unfit, ildisciplined men toting hunting weapons. You are the defeat of the white people in South Africa.

      Now why dont you fuck off you little fly, fuck off go drink your brandy, watch your rugby and dream of the war you are going to win around your braai.

      Another thing doos, was it your idea to go and invade a country in sedans while using hunting rifles, it sounds like you might have been behind that one, fucking shit for brains.

    5. @ anon 1:44 PM. Thats your fucking shadow being you not a NIA, CIA, FBI, agent.

      You paranoid cunt.

    6. @ anon 1:44 PM. Hey limp dick, innuendo of Boer seun.

      Do you know why your Afrikaans forefathers lost to the english, let me tell you, there was traitors,cowards and weaklings like you in their mix. There was limp dicked individuals keeping quiet and hiding instead of fighting.

      Cunts like you selling their brothers out.

      I have seen your type in Africa, the big fucking boere taai guy,here is SA and no sooner has the rubber hit the aging tarmac and youre through the delapidated airport and careless customs, then youre into nanny.

      You drool at the thought, mama is by die huis, sy sal nooit uitvind nie. I have seen your fucking cowardly kind, I have also fired your cowardly kind and sent your aids, siff infected arses back to mama.

      You fear filled, yellow bellied, rod staining little coward. Come at me poes let me fuck you up so that you know youve be fucked up.

      Just so you know soft cock, this war we are going to fight will cost lives it has already and your type that cannot sacrifice are no use to the fight, youre to fucking scared, jou fokken bang broek.

      Let your wife and mom know I say HI. Watch them lick their lips when they remember me.

    7. Anonymous3:42 am

      LOL. like I said, a very noisy man, - we don't like noisy people in the bush.

    8. Your bush is the grass in your back yard you useless limp dick.

      Cowardly cunt.

      Did you see your wife lip smacking when you gave her my message?

    9. Anonymous5:00 pm

      Sheeeeh, everything you write, syntax, grammar, spelling and use of language, just screams loser. I'm betting you're still live with your mother and pass the evenings jacking off to old porno mags you hide under the mattress so your mother wont find them. She on the other hand, has a hard time getting her syphilitic brain around just who could have possibly fathered the deadbeat living in her basement.

      But seriaaasly, --go back and read what you wrote, or get someone to read it to you. Then ask yourself what kind of imbecile would go to war with a retard like you? Its like you've got verbal diarrhea the way you spam the comments section, over and over the same shit, day in and day out. It must be fucking tiring to be you.

      I know its boring as all hell to read the shit you keep dribbling.

    10. @ anon5:00PM. I am so so so sorry mate, ceasars ghost, I really am sorry. I never meant to upset you so.

      Please accept my sincerest apology. I will not say another word. I really do not want to upset you winners, intellectuals and higher beings.

      Forgive me oh master being, I pray forgive me.

      Does that make you feel better? You only want people to agree with you so there we go my little weener you must feel ontop of the world now.

  32. Q: who or what the fuck is marwingsing?

    I know what a cape coloured is, those are the blue gum tooth gaping half breeds that anon 11:39 AM forefathers created, and he is still busy creating but fuck marwingsing, I am lost.

  33. When life throws lemons at you...

    Kill the boer, kill the farmer, expropriate the lemon farmer's farm!
    Chop off the lemon trees...

    No more lemonade, no more lemon meringue, but hey, at least no more lemon throwing

  34. Anonymous1:16 am

    When all is said and done, the issue at hand is not about land ownership but about the control of food supply in SA.

    Land ownership is an emotional issue with all in SA and the government/EFF are riding on the emotions of the blacks to take back the land.

    The real issue though is that they want to control the food supply, or at least destroy the ready access to food abundance.

    When you have a population who are starving because of poor food supply i.e. a destroyed agriculture sector, it becomes very easy to control the masses.

    The desperate/starving masses will become like useless sheep for the slaughter.

    1. Anonymous6:25 am

      Exactly! That is the Communist aim and method of rule.

      Control the food supply and you control the people.