02 June 2016

Steve tells the Dutch the truth about the New (improved) South Africa

By Mike Smith
2nd of June 2016

I want all those idiotic liberal twats who called Steve Hofmeyr a “racist” and wanted him silenced in the Netherlands to please tell me WHAT is racist about what he said and further…exactly WHAT of what he said below is not true?

Bastards should hang their heads in shame, but I am afraid these sophomoric ANC sycophants like Johan Sloet de Villiers have no shame. “South Africa is one of the most pathetic country in the world.”

“My people don’t have monuments, street names or town names left anymore”

“We burn down our schools and farms”

“In South Africa we “Necklace” people. When you are set alight in South Africa people don’t run away; They stand and watch how you roast”.

“Do you know why South Africa is the country with the most pets? Because we regularly have to replace our pets that are poisoned by criminals”.

“South Africa is a fool’s paradise. I cannot stand up to say something then I am branded as a “racists”.

“I have erected two monuments to my people in the middle of the night already just so that the government does not arrest me”.

Fortunately we still have a small hill in Orania where the statues of Verwoerd my stand. If your monuments in Holland are broken down too, please send them to us for safe keeping.”

“I went to visit all the new presidents to tell them that we are still here. I also met Mr Zuma. He is charming, but not very intelligent. He cannot read big words and numbers.”

It is the most horrible thing to be a father in South Africa. I cannot talk to my children about their future.”

“In South Africa we can tolerate each other, but please don’t call us one nation”.

Steve Hofmeyr


  1. Anonymous5:46 am

    As jy ingaan op die skakel onderaan die skrywe "Steve Hofmeyr" en jy lees die kommentare sal jy geskok wees om te sien hoeveel Afrikaners teen Steve en Afrikaners is. Ek is geskok.

    1. Anonymous10:09 am

      The Marxist indoctrination has worked well on these people, focus on those that are still with us. Write them off as enemy for now.

    2. Fok die K...f ons het verniet op die grens geveg en het vriende verloor nou moet ons nog deer i K regeer word ek is gat vol kyk waar is SA ons Boere het slapgat geraak word waker

    3. Anonymous1:18 pm

      Ek wed jou n sekere boring breakfast radio show van Pretoria se vervelige hosts gaan weer kots oor Steve se besoek aan nederland. Veral daai simpel vrou mens wat laas vir Stevie wou "vasvat" oor die lug, maar toe hy haar tune sy leef in n' liberal fantasy land toe is haar bek sommer tjoepstil.

    4. Anonymous1:19 pm

      Anon 5:46

      Ek is geensins geskok nie, dis nou maar hoe dit is ons blankes word gehaat vir die laaste dertig jaar hier in SA waarvan ek weet. Ek kyk gisteraand HELLSTORM en is geskok oor wat CHURCHHILL, ROOSEVELT EN STALIN gedoen het met ons voorouers die DUITSERS meestal. Hulle het NADAT die reeds OORLOG VERBY WAS die Duitsers by die miljoene uitgemoor verkrag en uitgehonger sodat hulle n gebroke nasie was daarna. Pure WIT HAAT want ROOSEVELT,CHURCHILL EN STALIN WAS ALMAL JODE! NOU PRAAT DIED JODE VAN N HOLOCAUST, ASSEFOKENBLIEF!

    5. Anonymous1:36 am

      Dresden, the cultural city of Germany was bombed flat after the war was over. Mostly women and children were killed.

      Around 26 million Christian whites were tortured and slaughtered in the most brutal way in Russia. For eg. pregnant women were sliced open their babies removed and stabbed in front of them whilst they were still alive. A true holocaust indeed.

      The world did not get to hear about these as the controlled puppet media kept quiet about these atrocities.
      When ones eyes are opened there's no going back if one's heart is in the right place and one truly care for our kith and kin.

      I'm glad the internet is opening peoples eyes. Its why they are trying so hard to censor the truth.

      A good rule of thumb to follow in order to know the truth:
      Look for thought control.
      Look at what the media and the powers that be classify as hate speech, where they fine and even jail one for - as that history past and present. This my brothers and sisters will be found to be the truth.

  2. This world is a confused tangle of traitors, liars, cowards and criminal.

    When one person stands up to it they are kicked out by the masses, they become the outcast and the rascist and every other conceivable sin known to man.

    We as we are here, not the liberals, the fence sitters, the sympathetic misguided and undecided, really need our own space.

    Seriously chaps and girls we need a place that we call home, where I can say my say and argue with somebody and its listened to and rebutted. Not this crap where I am turned on, roasted, tarred and feathered because I have a belief and an opinion.

    Ceasars ghost! 100 years ago man was not such a bunch of nit picking ninny wits, what has happened ?

    Have the Afrikaans people removed themselves so far from honour and loyalty to those that worked so hard to create a nation for them?

    I wonder where mankind will be in 10 years because the way things are going now retard will have overrun him and there will only be caramelos and retards left.

    I hate those bastards that sold us out.

  3. Anonymous9:27 am

    i have a proposal for all interested. I live in Durban, i propose a meeting of all who read mikes blog,obviously if you live in the area, it is time to start organiing. we pick a place to meet, we attend and start from there. I will tell you that looking outside our country at this time for help is not going to happen. if anyone is interested leave a reply. we can arrange from the response. Most important is we meet at a church, that way we put the Lord first.
    Please if you a barstool rambo you arent needed, trust is priority.

    1. Anonymous8:29 pm

      Agent provocateur alert!

    2. Anonymous10:23 pm

      Ek dink dis n goeie idee. Jammer ek is nie in Durban nie, maar in Potch as mense wil saamkom. Wat se die slim mense, hoe gaan ons dit doen? Hoe gee ons inligting om mekaar te ontmoed sonder dat ongewensdes dit nie kry nie?

    3. Sounds like a plan, I am in Durban. But on the other hand. Problem with the net and meeting strangers is you just dont know if its a set up? Im all for it but what if it is an agent provocateur . Im all for meeting though. Just these days trust is an issue..

    4. Anonymous11:46 pm

      'all who read mikes blog'????

      that will give you 10-15 people maximum.

    5. Anonymous11:47 pm

      This really has become 'desparate housewives' now. Wow man.

    6. Anonymous3:29 am

      I posted that message, yup as usual all everyone sees are the problems. That's why we meet face to face, I see you you see me, seriously it's really time to start meeting up. Don't be fools and start doing subversive things, it's about organizing, routes out, defensible areas, food, water, communications, intel etc. if you full of shit loop aan ons soek u nie. No drunks last thing I need is some idiot getting pissed and shoots his mouth off, I don't want to take a life for nonsense. So offers out there, one dude so far, cool. I'll check back this evening. Last thing, you can mock me, scoff at the idea but it's gonna be hell when the shtf best start preparing. People will join up if they know you prepared when it's time because they wouldn't have. Better to have some plan than none

    7. @anon3:29 AM. Nobody who is serious will scoff at or mock you.

      I am in JHB so I cannot but I do believe you're making the effort and attempting the right stuff.

      Guys are wary but wary will give way shortly. Do not give up, ten more like you and we will have moved forward in leaps.

      You give the church name and address I am sure you will have guys coming into scope it and check it out before they commit.

      Keep it up, mate. You're doing more than most people.

      Do not let anybody shout you down.

    8. @ anon 11:46 PM, so without you there would be one less?

      If its so shit, why are you reading it, you ignorant doos.

      Fuck off with your smart arsed comment because you're definitely in the wrong company here.

    9. @ anon 11:46 PM, so without you there would be one less?

      If its so shit, why are you reading it, you ignorant doos.

      Fuck off with your smart arsed comment because you're definitely in the wrong company here.

    10. @ Anon. 11:46 AM Who said: "'all who read mikes blog'????that will give you 10-15 people maximum."

      Blogger stats shows that on a bad day I get 8,000 readers per day. On a good day 30,000 like recently when Steve posted a link to my blog. Not bad for a one man show who do not advertise, hey? All word of mouth. 200 members might not me a lot...but how many do you have? How many readers to you pull per day?. Do I perhaps detect a scant scent of jealousy?

  4. Wel dit is Netwerk24, sal nie iets anders verwag van hulle aanhangers nie.

    And they are quick to close the comments too yellow-belly networks i tell you.

  5. Hoekom bly Johan SLET De Villiers in Nederland ? Hoekom kom bly die simpel, lae, VIGS deurtrekte stuk gemors nie hier nie. Laat die rektumring deur "Butternuthead" se kriminele polisie gestop word vir fkol, in n' tronksel gegooi word saam met 40van ons geliefdes.. Na hulle met hom klaar is,sal ek graag weer met hom wil praat.. Ek dink dalk, hy sal se: "Asb kan ek nog he ?"

    1. Anonymous9:51 pm

      Jip, he looks like a real pillow biter that one...

    2. Anonymous11:50 pm

      only those with half a brain, or who cant live without 'Doris the meid' still in SA.

    3. Willem Wikkelspies11:08 pm

      Ananymous of 11h46 just suck my piles and fuck off back under the rock from whence you came.You would be surprised how many okes I know who read this . Im ex SAP but yes the are probably more than a few cardboard barstoolers here but I am aware of guys who were in specialised security forces with experience over a few decades internationally whose sons do duty in the ME, who regularly scan these pages . Not for one moment making any suggestions - that would be idiotic BUT your assertion of 10 readers besides being particularly juvenile is downright infantile .

  6. Migrant in UK trying to bully and punch bus driver. The bus driver then fucks him up.


    1. Sad to say it's actually in Italy. there aren't many Italian bus drivers in the UK.

    2. My mistake: it was in Thailand See Here

    3. Seems like it was in a bunch of countries then, but yes could be Japan after another look.

  7. Anonymous11:11 am

    And there you have it Mike, read those comments and see why us "runners" exist, for 20 plus years we were like Steve, talking to people, protesting and pulling our hair out to wake people up. That is why we left, when you read the comments of people who STILL cannot see the truth. We woke up a long time ago and realized that as much as you would like to "save" South Africa and "veg vir jou land", its just not possible. The parasitic cANCer is too far gone, it will require radical surgery and a mindset change that most people are not willing to make.

    Its why I despise people like your LTMA who suddenly woke up after 20 years and run around shouting the odds like a headless chicken, WHERE the fuck has he been for 20 years? NOW he suddenly discovers how brave he is and how cowardly everybody is?

    I have a lot of time for your blog, you have more reasoned articles with good evidence than the typical race realist blog, but ffs man when you have a lunatic like that spamming your comments section you start losing credibility.

    1. Bohooo, bohoooo, boooho boohooo,sniff,sniff sob,sob, my heart bleeds my emotional distress knows no bounds, I wail in your anguish.booohoooooo.

      And now ladies and gentlemen, SAs new #1 a song by the intellectual deserters " little runner boy"

      A new airline has just opened up for the cowardly at heart, please book your tickets at " get out of here fast"

      Oh ! Excuse me I am not running I am just moving my intellectualism.

      Pick the post where you want to pin your badge.

    2. Anonymous12:11 am

      Well said. People like LTMA makes the blog a redneck hangout.

    3. Anonymous12:32 am

      Well, mate, why waste your time reading and commenting on this blog then? If it is a lost cause then you made the right choice by moving overseas so call it a day and enjoy your new venture and forget about South Africa. LTMA is a bit excitable, yes, but he is far more valuable than you are to the 'lost' cause. When the SHTF, who will be facing the music? Not you, so why worry?
      Peace bro and enjoy your greener pastures

    4. Anonymous12:58 am


      @ Anon 11:11 AM

      Luister mooi, ons wat nog hier is is hier omrede dit ons land is en omrede ons hier wíl bly en leef. Buiten dit verskil mense se omstandighede hewiglik in die lewe en jy moet dit respekteer. Nie jy of enige iemand anders sal ons voorskryf om hier pad te gee nie. Ek is hier gebore en ek sál hier sterf, vir my volk, selfs vir jou, en ons sál hierdie oorlog wen! As al ons blankes uit die land gevlug het soos jy, ag hoe vervelig, om dan nou maar sommer net so op te gee, nee! Ons is hier om te bly en te baklei!

      Wat LTMA betref, moet tog nie so liggeraak wees nie. Wees dankbaar vir ons wat huidiglik wel hier is en wat bereid is om te veg vir ons volk en land in hierdie uiters gevaarlike land!

      As jy so graag wil saamstaan, kom dan terug en stáán saam met ons, maar moenie negatiewe kritiek lewer vanoor die water nie!

      Flippen vang net bietjie gees toe!!

    5. @CWG. I agree with you 1000%. You are so right.

      Don't be silenced by the masses for it is in the silence that those who wish your silence will sell you out.

      I care not for what people think of me, I care for my country, my brother, his family and our cause.

      I will carry on fighting for ours, yes yours and mine and together we will win.

      Thank you all who defend me even when I know that I post some of the most offensive and vile stuff.

      I have never caught a fish without casting bait and I know not my enemy if I do not war on him.

    6. Anonymous3:33 am

      Leave the runners they gonna get it worse. My flipping family ran, my wife's family too, we could leave within a month but how could I ever live with myself. Funny how easy it is to tune your neighbor when you aren't even in his yard. Don't need them.

    7. Anonymous4:56 am


      Dis eintlik nogal erg om te dink dat ons oorblywendes aan hierdie lot oorgelaat en toevertrou is, maar so is dit nou maar. Ons weet gelukkig presies watter pad om te stap.

      @ Anon 3:33 AM: Jy is sterk in murg en been. Dis vir my erger om te hoor dat jou familie júlle verlaat het, as dat julle aanbly in die land.

    8. Anonymous7:12 am

      You people that left sourh africa, do not worry, the world in general is going down which is true but as far as I am concerned and have something to say about unlike LTMA and his buddies, you are always welcomed back in SA. The likes of LTMA are playing exactly into the enemies hands creating division amongst white SouthAfricans, he could even be the enemy. You guys that left are always welcome back, it is afterall you heritage.

      I know you are doing it for a better life for your offspring and it takes guts and balls to go it alone to a foreign land and feel isolated with things you are not familiar with but you are always welcome back and if things change for better in SA, your money and skills will always be welcome to rebuild the economy and country.

  8. Anonymous11:16 am


    1. Anonymous12:12 am

      And there you go, only 3092 signatures. Pathetic. SA is a lost cause. Accept it and move on.

    2. Anon
      Yes 3000 odd signatures is pathetic but don't for a second think ur W @r$3 is protected
      War against W is what it's all about

  9. want hulle is die scum libtards wat geskei moet word van die regte boere nasie wat sal veg en weereens sal oorwin! so word die kaf van die koring geskei. laat hulle maar hulle en ander se leuens bly glo.... dit sal in elk geval hulle ondergang beteken.... wie wil nou n klonp rugstekers wat jy nie kan vertrou langs jou he as jy vir jou lewe moet baklei die dag...... en dis baie naby

  10. Anonymous11:22 am

    What the hell is he wearing on his head, though? It looks like the black rat that escaped from the Woolworths pie. Dude, old men don't look good in DIY hair paint, especially when the grey face fluff tells another story.

    1. Anonymous9:47 pm

      Ag asseblief tog, wat de fok het sy hare met die storie te doen? Is jy jaloers omdat jou vrou drip soos n stukkkende koshuis kraan wanneer sy vir Stevie sien?

    2. "drip soos n stukkkende koshuis kraan"...BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Goeie een ;-) Afrikaans is darem maar 'n beskrywende taal. Is dit nie miskien "drup" nie? Ek is self nie seker nie.

      Nietemin, die mense is gou om sy haarkleur uit te wys, maar kannie sy kommentaar kritiseer nie. Wie weet miskien moes hy sy hare kleur vir 'n rol. Party mense kan so kleinlik en kinderagtig wees.

    3. Dit is "drup". Drip is Engels.

    4. Anonymous1:55 am

      Ok ok, "drup" it is.

  11. Anonymous11:36 am

    The truth that these overseas idiots is never powerfull enough to attract much notice. Somehow the message in its bridled or watered down form is not attracting the proper response and we are being regarded as petty wingers. SO TELL THEM THE BLOODY TRUTH JUST LIKE IT IS AND STRAIGHT FROM THE SHOULDER. THIS IS DIRTY BLACK RACIST POLITICS THAT WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST MAN NOT A FRIENDLY OR RELIGIOUS GATHERING OR "HOW DO YOU DO" IN THE PARK! FOR FUCKSAKES TELL IT LIKE IT IS MAN SO THAT THERE IS NO DOUBT LEFT FOR THE UNINFORMED DOUBTERS TO THINK ABOUT!

    1. Anonymous1:42 am

      Again, another plonker who just does not get it. The world 'elite' are the puppet masters behind Zuma and worldwide multiculturalism.
      Complaining on a global platform of any kind is useless. It is each for his own and that's it. The survival of the fittest. Winging is not the answer - action is.

      This is the problem with whites in SA. They are waiting for some international 'watchdog' or 'peacekeeping' force to come into SA and save the day. GET REAL MAN, THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

      Look at the Palestinians and the Syrians for example - no one gives two shits about their plight.

  12. Anonymous11:37 am

    I'm not surprised at all. Over the years I have been attacked more vociferously by Afrikaans speakers over my conservative views than by any other group. I am actually pleasantly surprised now when I meet one that shares my views.

    As an English speaking South African I know more about the Boere history and sadly give more of a damn about where we've been and where we are going than most Afrikaans speakers I come across. How sad is that?

    I know they are out there but there are just not enough anymore.

    1. Eventually all race realist whites will unite, language and country wont matter. Our blood and heritage all that matters. Only the strong survive. All libtards and traitors will go down the rabbit hole lost and never given the light of day.

    2. Anonymous2:53 pm

      Tyrone, our ranks in America and especially in Northern Europe grows much quicker than anticipated. Soort soek soort.

  13. Hats off to Steve and job very well done. He had the balls to go out and do something like this, even after an attempted boycott he still pulled it through. Salute..!

    If I'm not mistaken I believe his also a regular reader of this blog..

    1. I am not a fan of Steve...Steve is a fan of me!

      hehehe...How many people can say THAT?

      No seriously, Steve is a cool dude. If he likes my blog I am honoured.

    2. Ja - ne.. His got a poster of you in his pub at home.. Nice 1 uncle Mike.!

  14. http://m.timeslive.co.za/politics/?articleId=16923516

  15. Hey !!!! Malema !!!! We know the british are funding you. Queen Victoria tried to muster troops for the second Anglo Boer war after they were totally defeated in the first one.
    She said " Remember Amajuba".

    Now I say to you ...... "Remember Amajuba". We are not your playmates. You infringe on our heritage and declare war on us as Whites. Big mistake Pedi Boy. We don't need weapons to destroy you. We only have to remove your water and your masses will die of thirst. You can find our plan of your destruction at malemaisstupid@wtf.co.za. IDIOT .....

  16. Anonymous1:07 pm

    Mense kan se wat hulle wil..ten minste praat Steve nie net nie, hy walk the walk ook. anders as daai poes malema, is Steve nie grootbek en verklaar oorlog en daai kak nie, hy wil beskaaf wees en stel die afrikaner se saak voor aan die wereld. Ek hoop die wereld begin binnekort luister, want as die kak begin spat wanneer ons rerig ons moere strip moet die lot nie se ons het hulle nie gewaarsku nie.
    Steve, jou yster, steur jou nie aan die klomp ignorant liberale k""nte nie, jy kan jou kop hoog hou onder ware afrikaners. Selfde aan Mike, wat dit se soos dit is, respek manne, respek.

  17. Anonymous6:26 pm

    HOLE IN THE HEAD INDEED - Watch how embarrassing and dumb this illiterate bonehead is when she enters into a heated and sometimes odd exchange with South African journalist Jane Dutton on Al Jazeera. SA’s Minister of International Relations and Co-operation said she had a hole in her head from carrying water buckets when she was a child, that she had a lot of respect for President Jacob Zuma (major arse licking), and expressed disinterest in the US presidential race which distinctly looked like she did not even know who is in the running for president out there.
    Part 1 - https://youtu.be/XSKOMQhKcCo
    Part 2 - https://youtu.be/oN6CDuy2uYo
    Nik A

    1. Anonymous10:51 pm

      What I want to know what value does she add to this country? Our tax money is just being wasted on this drug addict.

    2. Anonymous6:55 am

      She's drunk. They should have checked her handbag for the half jack of vodka. That's why she nods off in parliament. Same as the late, unlamented "beetroot-and-garlic-cure-for-Aids" Minister of "Health", Manto Tshabalala-Msimang. Remember Manto, she used to steal jewellery from patients in hospitals? This one looks like she steals when she thinks nobody is looking as well.

    3. No! I managed to watch the first minute and just couldn't watch any more. It was way too embarrassing. Shag my ol' hound dog!!!

  18. It's time to go back to Holland guys. Can't you take a hint? Give back what is ours and we won't have any problems

    1. Anonymous10:47 pm

      What exactly is yours? Tell you what, if you default back to the stone age, and decouple yourself totally from western technology and lifestyles, then maybe you have a foot to stand one. Then, after doing that, you develop your own technology, like the communication device you just used to tell us to fuk off, and maybe you have the right to spew crap around here. Until then, go fuck yourself.

    2. @Shaka. Why do you want to steal more stuff while we are on vacation?

    3. Anonymous11:52 pm

      Be careful what you wish for, Shaka boy, it might just happen and then...

      Got the hint, parasite?

    4. Anonymous11:59 pm

      No thanks @Shaka, there are way too many kaffirs in Holland now as well.

      Oh, and why don`t you "buy" back what you think is yours? Just like the white had to "buy" everything we own today...

    5. Anonymous12:26 am

      We can't leave you behind Shaka. You need to come with us.

      We are going to need a garden boy over there and you are the right dog for the job.

      In any case, we need you to come with in order to remind ourselves of how lucky and privileged we are as whites. You see when we look at your backward features and that bloated face that looks like ten miles of bad road, we will be reminded of how the evolutionary process left you behind.

      Of course Shaka you need us, because once the host leaves, you parasites will all perish.

    6. @ Shaka...like I told you the other day...The country is yours? What makes it yours? Look around you Shaka. Who paid for and built the airports, the dams, the bridges, the highways, etc? Tax paying Whitey. You kaffirs were just a fucking side show and source of cheap labour like a donkey is used to plough a field.

      You drifted down from central Africa into South Africa like filthy sludge in a glass of dirty water. You are NOT indigenous to South Africa. You came knocking on the white Baas’ door for a job and food, because you are too stupid to build or produce anything yourself. Now you have the audacity to tell me to leave my country???

      I tell you what…Why don’t you go and sign my petition where I have asked the governments of Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Nigeria to allow all you South African Bantus back in to your original countries? The petition was officially handed over to them a few days ago.

      Allow the Bantu tribes of South Africa the right to return to their ancestral mother countries
      That is right, get your stinking carcasses back to the equator before we chase you up there.

      You think you have numbers and you will rule South Africa forever, because you outnumber us ten to one. BWHAHAHA.

      Do you think that is enough? I have news for you Sparky…Numbers mean NOTHING in a guerilla war. To successfully counter a guerilla war you first need BRAINS and then you need well trained soldiers with a high level of motivation and morale. Once you have that, you will need to outnumber the guerillas at least 100 to one. Experts in Counter Insurgency reckon 250 to one and then you are still not guaranteed of success.

      So keep dreaming of your “rule forever”. Once we get going we’re stopping at the equator. So go and familiarize yourself with the N1 over Beitbridge, because shortly you will be well acquainted with it. That road is going to be choked up with you lot streaming north once we get going. Then we will see who the real “cowards” are.

    7. Fuck you, Shaka. Thaat is all I have to say to you and your kind and all you are capable of understanding, you dimwitted piece of dried up dogshit.

    8. @ Shaka, don't you just love been told off by the boss.

      Now Black Bantu boy, Mike has made many valid points to verify what he said, you just dropped one on us. So I gather you must like taking the beating, do you miss the days that your type was slave?

      I think you might just be missing the baas to booi relationship.

    9. Anonymous2:05 am

      If you want the land, "Come and get it!"

    10. Anonymous6:38 am

      You can argue it as much as you can but the bottom line is Africa belong to Africans. That's what we support as Europeans. For as much as Europe belong to whites, Africa was made for a black man. Globalisation in Africa happened long before a white man could make his first step in Africa or even ever thought of discovering Africa. So, don't lie to yourselves, Blacks have always been in South Africa even before Christ was born.


    11. Anonymous10:29 am

      Marcus, then Get out of Europe, gollywog.

    12. Anonymous11:26 am

      Hey, Marcus or is it "Ma se poes", wtf, you reading your history book up side down or you smoking too much Transkie Gold, Boy.
      Fuck off Cuntie.

    13. Anonymous2:50 pm

      Marcus you silly man, Europe is being overrun by non-whites and non-Europeans. And there your little story falls flat.

      ....AAAAnd then I read your nonsensical shyte of African globalization and realized you are either a enemy white-nigger or worse, a full-blown niqqer.

      UK, look to yourselves in the coming months and years, you will soon see what is happening.

    14. @ shaka, eff,anc and any other retards that want " their" land back.

      I a White South African born male, will give you your land back, If.

      If you pay back all the billions of rands that you have stolen from white tax payers of the last 22 years. Repayment made in $ currency.

      If you pay compensation for all the household goods you have broken or stolen over the last 22 years. Compensation will be paid in $ currency.

      If you compensate all white business for the theft of materials, stocks and consumables of the last 22 years, compensation to be made in $.

      If you compensate white business owners for the share of their business that that were forced to give you. Compensation in $.

      If you compensate all white wrongful deaths committed by your kind @ value of a trillion $ per death.

      Q: can you retards do the above?

      A: No you cannot, because if you had to you would have to go and rape another white mans country to make that type of money. No because without the white man there would not be money to steal.

      Q: Do you have the integrity to do such a thing.

      A: no, retards do not know what integrity is.

      I have only asked for the last 22 years I have not ask for the period before that. If I did you would owe us a continent not just a country.

      You see retards, you shout "give us our land" I tell you we whites have more than paid for this entire property, we have most probably paid 5 times over for this earthly stand.

      So fuck off and go dry your tears, pack your bags and head north to your origins.

      Because if you had to pay us back it would take you 50 life times to just get a deposit together.

      Consider this retard, the creator even made frost white because he wasn't sure if there would be soil left in the morning if frost was black.

    15. Anonymous8:36 am


      @Mike Smith12:41 AM

      Mike we are not outnumbered here. The shit hasnt hit the fan yet but when it does Europe will be looking our way. Europe is going to move so fast to the right, I think most people are going to be scared shitless when it happens.

      Then the brains thing comes in...

      1 brain of ours does equal 40+ million! With all the free money, stolen money, grants, they cannot produce a single bright spark.

      I have never seen a single, strong black army! When shots are fired in their direction, they drop their weapons and run.

      They are cowards, they will attack us on the sly like they attack our farmers! They will never confront us head on and even if they did, this white man in this country is not like a soft liberal from Europe.

      In some ways they are more kaffir & savage than the natives. A trapped animal is a dangerous animal, anyone knows that if you go hunting, best not try shoot an animal in a corner, even a duiker as small as it is when found trapped can do damage with those small horns.

      All we need are weapons and the uniting of the people will happen if we are attacked.

      Dont forget what food will 45 million eat without us? How fast will that number shrink, we have been self sufficient from 1652, not needing their farms to feed us.

      I look at so many of them and not only are they obese but they are doff! Numbers have never meant anything, how many of them would actually fight? 10 million, 20 million?

      If push came to shove & they attacked us, we would have over 90% of the whites here and a tens of millions of whites looking our way from their multicultural failure countries - I think it would be a big mistake for them, more for them than for us.

      They are cowards, they could not do it then and they might try it now but it will always fail because they cannot think further than tomorrow.

      @Marcus needs a history lesson & geography lesson, listen carefully Marcus worry more about London than SA. First of all, North Africa is Arab NOT BLACK, Central Africa was black territory, the Cape, Transvaal & orange free state are ours, there is no debating that at all, its a historical fact. You can read the Gov website & find out for yourself

      Marcus the only blacks in SA were the bushmen but they never settled here, worry about the UK and enjoy Londonistan, you will still get fucked there from the blacks and Muslims, dont worry about us worry about your women being raped by Pakis! Now fuck off!

      If South Africa was black, then they must prove it, ask them for their maps and please dont put your nose in our problems because we dont have blacks, we have DIFFERENT black tribes, who speak different languages and even look different but then again what the fuck would a pom know about SA - give Scottland back, Wales & Northern Ireland before talking shit to us & give the Maoris + Abbos back their land before coming here find another site MATE!

    16. Anonymous3:06 pm

      Marcus UK, okay why is only white south africans not allowed to be in south africa, like saying white North americans don't belong in USA or Canada or white Australians don't belong in Aus or white New Zealanders do not belong in NZ or white Brazalians do not belong in Brazil etc.

      Your comment on blacks being in south africa before whites is absurd since blacks in sa do not have any written or recorded history of their own and so called correct history is made up by the pc brigade, no proof and the only " blacks" who were really discovered by the first europeans where not even part of the nguni race either but the san nation.

    17. Anonymous6:23 pm

      @ saka
      I have news for communist useful idiots like you. Your destiny was predetermined as far back as the mid 80' when the cabal was testing race specific bio- weapons in the townships. You savages are simply a tool being use to destroy white culture in South Africa. Our common enemy sees you as occupying the lowest rung on the evolution ladder and will eradicate you once you have served your purpose.

    18. Anonymous6:11 am

      So, now that blacks do not have recorded details about their history you now find it easy to deceive them about how they arrived in South Africa. Go and have a look at Taung skull and learn how long has it been there. It has been there for ages way far longer before a white man could make his foot prints in Africa. Africans have a culture of passing down their history to their young generation around an open fire and it is often that history that is genuine free from propaganda. A written history is often tainted with lies and innuendoes to satisfy an existing illusion.


    19. Anonymous2:27 am

      Land rightfully belongs to those most capable of developing it, not to stone age relics!!!

      In today's issue of The Times:

      Germans have most favourable nationality

      Your nationality could have more significance than you realise. The first annual Henley & Partners-Kochenov Quality of Nation Index released last week found that Germans have the most international currency, while being from the Democratic Republic of Congo could make your life very difficult.

      The research took into account the scale of the economy, human development, peace and stability, as well as external factors such as visa-free travel and the ease with which one can settle and work abroad.

      Germany topped the list, with a ranking of 83.1%, followed by Denmark (83%), Finland (82%), Norway (81.7%), Iceland (81.6%), Sweden (81.6%), Austria (81%), Ireland (81%), France (80.9%), Switzerland (80.7%), the Netherlands (80.3%) and Belgium (80.3%).

      With a 30% rating, South Africa is at number 89, behind Ghana at 79th position with a 32.3% rating. The DRC is at the bottom of the overall index at 161, with a 14.3% rating.

  19. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Sorry off the topic.

    How can anyone feel safe if they have black security guards? Its akin to hyenas caring for sheep.

    Cash in transit robberies stopped when the security companies strikes were on as no inside information could be given.

    1. Exactly. That is why I never had ADT or CHUBB. Never had any wall or alarm system. Only some burglar bars a dog and safety gates. Not to keep te bastards out, but there to just give me a 2 sec advance warning. It's all I need.

      There was a survey once in SA about what crime People feared most. Funny enough the most answered to be at home during a break in.

      I cannot understand that. I once had a break-in (bastards came through the balcony door)on a Saturday night and my biggest regret was not being there to have welcomed them. It would have made my day. I would have amused myself for hours.

    2. Anonymous2:22 am

      It's amazing and quite ironic how comfortable we feel with blacks who are provided with a uniform. Somehow this makes then honest and trustworthy. Somehow this makes them love the whites and will make them die to protect you.

      We really are dumb. Sometimes I really do believe that we deserve what we get.

      Away with 'meids' 'gedners' and 'security' ..away.

    3. I'm with you on that one Mike..

      Please come inside and make yourselves comfortable. The owner of the property loves uninvited guests.. Especially niggers.

    4. Anonymous5:25 am

      They ( blacks) are all the same, to your face they are trust worthy and innocent but behind your back, plotting and scheming, they hold the poker face very well. As the saying goes never relax around blacks.

  20. Anonymous2:26 am

    I wouldn't feel safe in a gated community. Free standing is still best, and put in your own security.

    Don't drive a car that the niggers like. Toyota spent R6 billion to expand the production of its Hilux and Fortuner models in Durban - for the export market, as you dare not drive a Hilux or Fortuner or for that matter, any Toyota model anymore, or even a Nissan bakkie in South Africa. Next thing is that the insurance companies will refuse to insure a Toyota vehicle.

    Blacks typically stop paying insurance for their fancy cars that they buy on credit the moment they have it out of the showroom. More than 60% of drivers in South Africa have no insurance on their cars, so you wind up paying more for your own insurance.

  21. Dit is hierdie tipe gesprekke en uitbundige haatspraak wat onder andere die oorsaak is van baie moorde, aanvalle, padwoede, ens ens. Al die rassistiese vloeke wat uitgespreek word, is maar bloot 'n simptome van ons siek, baie siek samelewing. Die swart man se haat lê diep - waarskynlik dieper as sommige van bogenoemde skrywers sn.

    1. Oh look what the cat just dragged in...if it isn't a stinking self-hating liberal and ANC sycophant! Welcome to the blog mate. Hope you enjoy your new arsehole.

    2. Mike what's this dude saying? My Afrikaans is not that good?

      Summarise for me please. I gathered its some liberal nonsense judging by your comment.

      I need to understand him before I have my go at him.

    3. Anonymous5:28 am

      Liberal ashole, take a hike, voetsek, hamba suka wena!

    4. Anonymous2:44 pm

      Lol Mike, you have such a way with words.

      Zanzan, jy het nie 'n idee nie. Kom vind uit, jy en al jou lib tjommies, kom. Staan in die pad en jy vrek. Truths promise.

    5. You are trying to excuse murder so that you can stay true to your believe that the savage can be human.

      What is worse> To make a racial comment? or
      to murder?

      Not a racial comment or any action can justify murder only pure evil can and sorry to burst your bubble for the world can clearly see what race is the most racist and kills without blinking an eye.

      We listen to Mozart, Brian Adams, Celine Deon, love songs, motivational songs. They listen , sing and dance to kill the boer so fuck you. They listen to machine-gun songs, to rappers rapping about criminality and murder. They carry evil in the genes, so what if you call me a racist for hating evil. I dont care but dont you come here and try to justify murder you hypocrite.

      Die swartman se haat het diep gele sonder witmense lees jou geskiedenis, moord, volksmoord, moord en weereens moord, kanibelisme, muti, moord, steel, verkrag, moord, zimbabwe, Detroit, Jackson,Miami,Chad, Sudan,Congo and now SA....,. Dit is waar die probleem le. Rassiste veroorsaak nie moord nie, moord veroorsaak rasiste!

      Maar hou jou kop in jou gat want ons gee nie meer om oor moffie liberaliste se opinies nie. Ons is verby dit.

    6. @ Mike, its ok,I had an Afrikaans friend tell me what it says.

      @Zanzan. I must inform you that you are not an Afrikaner but a softrikaner, you are most probably a 92 yes man.

      A traitor not only to your people but also to your culture and your country.

      We know you are one of the makers of caramelo babies and a true retard arse sucker.

      Stop begging for mercy and remove your reason from the pages.

      Fight if you want to fight but do not blame us for your inadequacies.

    7. Anonymous8:23 am


      Zanzan, what is your stance on Malema talking about killing whites & Zuma singing songs about shooting whites?

      Then what is your stance in regards to our farmers being slaughtered by blacks? That is ok?

    8. Anonymous12:55 pm

      Zanzan ek dink nie jy besef die ware toedrag van sake nie.Hou dan maar aan om Kumbaya te sing en handjies vas te hou met die die Uhm ... reenboog nasie.Maar ons wat elke dag die blog lees en Mike se insette hoogs waardeer, weet dat rassisme vanaf liberale idiote en swart mense erger is as enige van ons gevloekery ens hier op die blog.Los ons dan maar liefs alleen want hier kan ons darem bietjie ontlaai...

    9. Anonymous7:05 am

      LTMA, soutpiel jy moet Afrikaans gou leer as jy saam met die wittes wil wees. As die wittes oorneem gaan hulle net Afrkaans praat, geen engels nie. Die tommies wou ons taal wag neem, die keer gaan hulle dit nie doen nie, engelsman.

    10. @ Anon 7:05 AM. Ja Oom.

    11. Anonymous12:30 pm

      Hehehe :)

  22. Anonymous5:19 am

    Zanzan here is some advice:

    No matter how far you bend over backwards to make excuses for disgusting black behavior and blame it on innocent whites it won't help you in your day of reckoning.
    The only outcome to that is you end up with your head stuck up your arse.

  23. Thank you for your endearing welcoming speech. Amandla! I am all for freedom of speech, but hate speech as experienced here can but only encourage the spirit of violence in our beloved country.

    1. Anonymous2:42 pm

      Do you mean the unchecked violence of the past 22 years? In what little dream world do you find yourself in, oh yeah, I forgot, you find yourself in OUR BELOVED COUNTRY.

      Another Rainbow Abortion Disciple.

    2. Anonymous4:56 pm

      What would you call " bring my machine gun" and "kill the boer, kill the farmer" from the ANC?

    3. Anonymous11:55 pm

      So you find the current state of SA beloved???

      The spirit of violence against whites both physically and economically is perpetrated by blacks. Where is your criticism of this???

      Blacks are envious of and hate whites. It will not go away no matter how far you bend over to accommodate them.

      You can choose to be boiled slowly like a frog till all we whites are wiped out or you start waking up and take a stand.

    4. What do you love about the country?

      white things.....clothes, cars, restaurants, sport, beautiful woman, beer?
      or black things.....taxis, muti, shacks, big lips, stink, rubbish in streets, violence, rape,?

      Trying to justify violence. Weak people react to words with violence. You on the other hand can not react to violence not even in self defense because you are weak and a moffie so you take your war to field of words which is another subject but then you want to use the subject of violence to give credit to your war on words.

      Go converse with the black 76% IQ mates of yours because you dont stand a chance on this level of intellectual understanding the science of racial characteristics and inheritive behaviors.

      The African was African before, during and after apartheid and will always be African. You can see this in every African land or community. Apartheid is not an excuse for this behavior.

      This behavior was always there. Apartheid merely clamped it down. Soon the African will be free of the whites who are always trying to stop them from returning to their African ways, free from the liberal trying to make them European, in his own image because he thinks he is God.

      Soon he will be free from the likes of you to live his savage dream to his potential.

    5. Anonymous4:45 am

      some people are violent by nature , they don't need any blogs or the content thereof to become violent.
      Wise up man ! Ask your pharmacist for pills to clear up your clouded and confused mind !

  24. Anonymous6:10 am

    Ek kan nie glo dat wit mense iets sleg hoeroor kan se nie, want is is net die waarheid. Hier in Suid Afrika kan jy niks se nie dan is jy 'n rassis of hulle blameer als op ons wit mense en Jan van Riebeeck. Dankie Steve dat jy vir ons ook praat daar anderkant. Hoopenlik kry ons hulp en bystand van iewers af. HOEKOM KAN ONS WIT MENSE NIE SAAM STAAN NIE! DIT IS PATESTIES MA! DINK AAN JULLE KINDERS EN HULLE TOEKOMS! Die swart mense haat ons en wil ons hier weg he en daarom vermoor hulle ons en besteel ons. Die swart mense staan ook vir mekaar op al is die ander een nie reg nie, hulle beskerm hulle swart mense teen ons want dit is hoe hulle voel hulle moet wees. WAT IS VOUT MET DIE WIT MENSE DAT DIT NIE GEDOEN KAN WORD NIE??????

    1. Anonymous5:32 pm

      Want die wittes het nie meer die motivering om saam te staan nie, amper asof die wittes vergeet het wie hulle is. Wittes se identiteit is nie meer belangrik, kultuur is nie meer belangrik nie so daar is niks om voor te baklei nie, daar is niks waardevols om vir te baklei nie. Wittes is net bekommerd oor geld, mammon en sport, nie sy identiteit nie.

  25. Anonymous6:27 am

    Why cant the South African people (note i said people not apes)stand together and back the person telling the truth and as it is?A country that faced so much adversity over the last 20 odd years since the anc came into play and served on a golden platter to be stuffed up by uneducated and useless fresh air thieves and scoundrels together with their allies around the world. They want to avoid the truth!!!!!!!bastards all .

  26. Anonymous6:31 am

    Damn!! This blog is too racist. What is it that you find so funny in racism?

    United Kingdom.

    1. Anonymous9:59 am

      Oh look, a gollywog

    2. Marcus, shut up and come live with retard.

      Then once you have the experience then you can talk.

      You lot of retard supporting freaks do not have standards like we have and want to see everything become a no standard society, that's why you want Africa to go black.

      You want to drag your lazy useless arse across here, shag nanny drink beer and just wallow in your uselessness.

      If you think this is fun and funny what we are living with here, them come across now so we can watch you laugh when you face what we do.

      You only see our racism, fuck you! You choose to ignore the black racism that we must endure. You are really ignorant and blinded by your stupidity.

      I truly hope the Muslims sort you out over there.

      I suppose you're a darky, or a caramelo or offspring from migrated black skin to the UK.

    3. @ Marcus, I suppose you are Thandi's relative and also related to Brett Fish and Valerie.

      You almost got away with it.

    4. Anonymous11:36 am

      @Marcus 6:31 AM

      "What is it that you find so funny in racism?"

      Have you seen any racist jokes here? No one here is laughing because there's nothing funny about being white and exising in the new South Africa.

      This is a serious blog and you're welcome to leave at any time.

    5. Anonymous2:37 pm

      You raysis, there is nothing funny about these black raysists in SA killing us and taking over the world.

      Nothing fucking funny about that. And if it means I must wear your little "racist" tag for defending myself; so be it. Give me more!

    6. Anonymous5:01 pm

      Yes, racism is nor funny especially if you are a visual minority and picked on in your own country of birth.

    7. Anonymous12:14 am


      Racism isn't funny. Its a healthy natural state of self preservation.

      This blog which is a huge personal sacrifice on Mikes part serves to wake up people such as your self.
      However it is impossible to wake up those who are already Dead.

      Would you classify a white family racist because they educate protect and feed their children above others?

      The white race is akin to a huge family whose natural responsibility should be to care for their own.

    8. Not funny in racism. Every race is racist. Every tribe is tribal every sport team team orientated. Every fish school orientated, every Orca whale, dolphin racially pod orientated. Every chimpanzee community is tribal and racist. It is instinctive and natural.

      We find you lot funny trying to influence and upset the balance of mother nature.

    9. Anonymous4:50 am

      no this blog isnt to racist its quite exelent factual information
      you just got your head to far up your own ass and to low an iq to grasp the general concept of whats going on anyways for you to come here and class other people as racist you yourself need to be and arte indeed a racist
      if you need any furtheer explanation feel free to ask and someone might be delighted to help you
      but if your brain rot is to advanced well.... im sure someone might be kind enough to take you out back and do the descent thing by putting you out of your misery

      Yours sicerely
      Mr Durr

    10. Anonymous8:16 am


      Stay in the UK you fuck head, enjoy your Eurabia, soon the English will also be teaching Arabic in their schools like Germany, Holland, France, Belgium and counting.

      Already whites are the minority in London, enjoy it please dont come back.

      This is a South African blog not a South England blog.

      Nou Vok Off!

    11. Marcus, you've answered your own stupid question

    12. Anonymous7:06 am

      You whole lot are too racist to can help yourselves. Your minds are preoccupied by racism. Everything about you is racist, racist, racist. Don't ever think that you can come any day to Europe and bring that rotten racist tendencies. We will lock you up and make sure that you don't see the day ever again.


    13. @ Marcus..."You whole lot are too racist"...

      And that is the best you can come up with? You miserable twat cannot even give me a definition of racism or the criteria by which you judge us, yet you cry "You whole lot are too racist".

      Now you have threatened to shut us down...Give it your best shot mate. You have threatened to lock us up. Again give it your best shot. GFY you miserable cunt.

      You have absolutely no argument other that, "You whole lot are too racist"...Where is your intelligent debate? Where is your argument? You have none other than "You whole lot are too racist "...and you expect us to take you seriously?

      Don't bother with a definition...We know...A racist is anybody who disagrees with you, right?

      Yet you idiots are too stupid to see your own hypocrisy. You want to shut people up and shut people down who share different views to you, but at the same time claim to be the models for "tolerance" and "Liberalism". Fuck off, you Black Afro-Nutzi.

    14. Anonymous10:06 am


      Arguing with a racist is time and energy consuming. It doesn't matter the amount of time you will invest in trying to convince a racist about what is right and wrong. A racist remains a racist, no matter what. I am white British and I remember well that the last time I was there, I kicked your ass on the orders of my Queen and if you want to kiss my boot again, I will do it over and over until you discard that foul smelling racist attitude of yours for good and start realising that you are not the only ones who have monopoly to be called humans. We have blacks, Indians, Chinese, etc, and all those are humans for goodness sake. I can see that you forgot my boot and I think is time that I should come and place it right there in that hole you call your mouth.


    15. Mr Mister6:25 pm

      Everything about us is racist, racist, racist. If it isn't then it's homophobic or transphobic or islamophobic. So What Marcus ? It's my life. It's my choice. Deal with it !
      Why don't you mind your own business and keep your nose out of African politics ? I'll never set foot in Europe as I've lost nothing there.

    16. @ Marcus...What was that? You want to suck my racist what...?

    17. Anonymous1:57 am

      Hey Marcus, I'm the biggest Racist in this world and there ain't a goddamned thing you can do about it. HAHAHAHA, that must just eat you up inside?

    18. Tell me marcus, do you have to constantly look over your shoulder?

      When you leave for work or the shop do you have to make sure you time it just right so you dont have the thieves and murderers who lurk the streets and sitting at every street corner 24/7 see that your property is open for business?

      Do you have to stay up most of the night patrolling your property, after about 2 hours sleep, waking up checking the markers by the wall to see if anyone slipped through, when going to work do you have to dodge fucktards driving their taxis, not abiding by any laws whatsoever and putting you and your family at risk? Oh and i forgot to mention when stopping at stop streets don't forget to watch out you dont get rammed or driven into by the cunts on the wrong side of the road, also do you have to be on the look out for armed hijackers?

      When you call the police do they pick up?
      If they do how long do they take to respond? days? 24 hours maybe?

      When someone is looking over your wall in your property and you ask them 'what the fuck are you doing" are you branded a racist thereafter?

      And also do you live in a country where children and the elderly are getting raped murdered and hung, getting killed in their own homes and nothing being taken every single day?

      I met a young group of about 5 people one day in a road block in transkei 2 of them being brits and 3 american, they came to my car window i presumed they spoke to me because they thought i could speak english, they asked why is there a roadblock so i replied, "the township is pissed off because the lack of water, the government has promised them new taps for years and haven't delivered"..

      So the american said "do you think we could get through, we are in a hurry to get to east london and maybe they would understand"... i told them "if you try and go there, those people will stone your car and probably kill you".. they didn't listen and about an half an hour later the road was clear and when i drove through the roadbloack i saw a little BMW station wagon on its roof with 5 little white foreign prawns shitting themselves with fear surrounded by a angry mob not knowing what the fuck just happened to them. You see sir those people fucked up their own water lines, they stole their own taps and pipes and fucked up their own shit, now that is what is going on in this entire country, they stealing their own electricity their own piping etc and then blame the govt and the whites which in turn sways the townships people's brain to say (ok its the whites fault), electricity thieves (izinyoka) they complaining about them in townships, but its those people who are complaining are the ones who pay them to run illegal electricity into their homes... where is the logic in that???

      When i was a child i saw family friends of mine, civilians who were gunned down by MK and APLA even the black workers were killed, waking up to a grenade blast and then walking out your home across the street to seeing people you know getting fucken slaughtered. You sir have no fucken idea about whats going on in this country.

      What you call "racism" really is extreme frustration and anger. I don't know you, you might be a troll or just an uninformed person but come to south africa your point of view might change.

    19. Anonymous3:04 am

      "Marcus UK" is just a troll. He's probably an English speaker from Rosettenville.

      In any case, how can one be "too racist". You are either racist or you are not, like you are either pregnant or not. I don't understand anymore how anyone can NOT be racially aware. It's the main topic of the day for blacks in South Africa who realise every day of their lives they can never, ever compete with whites. I believe that blacks are far more racist than whites could ever be, because when whites are in charge, who do they need to fear? Do whites need to be racist to survive if they are left alone?

      No, of course not. But blacks cannot run even a small municipality like De Aar. Ninety five percent of municipalities cannot balance their books even if the work is outsourced to expensive Indian "consultants".

      A million Africans typing on a million computers for a million years will never reproduce Shakespeare's works. Monkeys might get it right, but not Africans.

    20. Anonymous3:32 am

      @Mr Mister

      First of all I am a qualified historian who had studied in Cambridge, UK. I had accidentally stumbled over this blog when I was doing my research project. And the only forgone conclusion I could make about this blog was that it had little to do with politics but more to do with racism.

      Coming to your disillusioned assertions about you losing something in Africa. To be honest, you've have never lost a damned thing in Africa.

      In 1652, Africa had already undergone a transition period of civilisation. If during then Indians existed who traded in spices, what of Africans. Do you think that they lived in caves? Nope, that's where you are wrong. Africa was already established with villages and the whole of Africa was inhabited by people everywhere. The whole of South Africa's landmass was filled with people whom your ancestors stole their land from.

      Have you heard anything about Mapungubwe? A Bantu village which existed in what you now call Northern transvaal right there in Southern Africa somewhere in the 13th century. Some over six hundred years before a first white man ever discovered South Africa. The villages existed for 80 years before its population estimated to over 5000 scattered all over South Africa and intermarry with the Khoi-Khoi people. They both gave birth to the offspring which you are now hating so much. The ancient Khoi-Khoi and the Bantu have now gone extinct because their offspring looked different from them but still carry some of their traits like broad flat noses from ancient Bantus, as well as huge buttocks and corn hair from the Khoi-Khoi people. However, only few among them, particularly those who lived in far away places managed to preserve their original race and they are still living in South Africa, yet only few. The Khoi-Khoi people have many artefacts in which the Bantu were depicted holding hands with them as a sign of their harmonious relationship between two groups.

      The claim of land from white people by the Bantu people is valid and can never be put otherwise. The Bantu inhabited South Africa for ages and their land was hijacked by white people with a barrel of a gun and all of their livestock confiscated by the Voortrekkers. The Bantu people traded with gold with other nations, since from Mapungubwe.

      To learn more about the kingdom of Mapungubwe, copy the following link below;


      So, what I love about us "British" is that we have never hold on to a stolen land. We colonised it, developed it and gave it back. We never had any intention whatsoever to settle forever on a stolen land just like your forebears. So, do the right thing by willingly giving back the land to its rightful owners. It is not yours. How do you get it right as minority and still own 80% of the landmass of South Africa? In fact, those blacks are just only cool with you for enduring your nonsense for so long. They are now in power, and should just expropriate it and give it to the majority. We wouldn't have any problem with that and neither will Netherland dispute it.


    21. @ Marcus…Ah yes…Blacks lived in well developed cities with streets of gold, held hands and sang Kumbaya every day.

      What utter clap trap.

      Tell me have you ever heard of the Mfecane (Defecane in Sotho) or the Great Crushing? Blacks were murdering each other in their millions before the whites came just like they are doing in the rest of Africa today.

      The Bantu tribes were nomadic and never settled long or permanently. The Bantu was first met at the Fish and Kei Rivers around 120 years after Van Riebeeck’s landing and 1000km east of Cape Town. Besides it doesn’t matter who arrived befor 1652 and who after. The “Out of Africa” theory says that all humans originated in Africa, so your entire argument falls flat. Besides Have you ever heard of “The White Lady of the Brandberg”? (Actually a young European male hunter). Did you know that Phoenecian ships 2500 years old made of Ceder wood were found in Cape Town? Did you know that Adrian Boshier discovered an iron ore mine 43,000 years old in Swaziland?

      The Ancient European settlement of South Africa
      You a historian? Don’t make me laugh.

      The Voortrekkers stole the land. The British gave the land back? Where do you get that pseudo history from? Sir Benjamin d’Urban, Sir Harry Smith, Sir Henry Bartle Frere, Lord Chelmsford, et al crushed the Kaffirs in the so called Xhosa Wars and Anglo-Zulu Wars and incorporated their lands into the British colonies of Natal and The Cape.

      In fact the British went to war with every single tribe in South Africa, including the white tribe of the Boers/Voortrekkers. Who gave the Xhosas their land back? The BOERS… gave the Xhosas Ciskei and Transkei. Who gave the Zulu’s their land back “Kwa-Zulu”, the BOERS. Who gave the Vendas their land back? The BOERS. Who gace the Tswanas Bophuthatswana? The Boers.

      That claim that whites own 80% of all land is complete rubbish and a lie. You call yourself an Historian and a learned man? Go read this and go educate yourself. Do 40 000 whites own 80% of South Africa?

      “Claims that 40 000 white families own either 80% of South Africa, or 80% of the country’s farmland, are incorrect and not supported by the available data. Although a state land audit has shown that 79% of South Africa is privately owned, this includes land owned by individuals, companies and trusts, and includes all urban real estate and agricultural and mining land in South Africa.”

    22. Well said @ Mike!!!

      @ Marcus - most likely your a brit darkie who speaks pommy english so you think your better than us. Mean while you probly sucking the british dol dry with your 10 kids from 10 different woman watching bbc as your history channel. If whites hadnt come to Africa, then this would have been a gigantic zoo. Just imagine people from all over visting here. You would be the main attraction. Id be throwing you some bananas! But your lucky. If it wasnt for the world wars, costing the colonising countries their best and brightest and all the wealth that couldnt sustain it. You are very lucky. But that luck is running out. Wait and see! What do the pommies say, Piss off you bloody wanker!

    23. Anonymous6:46 am

      @ Marcus,

      You make the following statement:
      "So, what I love about us "British" is that we have never hold on to a stolen land. We colonised it, developed it and gave it back. We never had any intention whatsoever to settle forever on a stolen land just like your forebears."

      Must I refresh your memory about the USA's War of Independence (1775–1783) - which was to remove the country from British rule? The Crown refused to 'return the land' like you claim. Your Crown chose war and ultimately lost.
      Just like the Indian Rebellion of 1857 - against the minority rule of the British East India company.

      I particularly love the line "We colonised it, developed it and gave it back." How's Australia doing, mate? Still a colony I do believe. Or are you still 'developing' it? What about Scotland? Not a sovereign nation. Last I checked, the Scots were still under the Queen's rule. Same as Wales and Northern Ireland.
      Speaking of the Paddy's, why has Northern Ireland not been reunited with the Republic of Ireland? Are you still developing Northern Ireland too?
      Or how about the Falklands? 12 978km apart, your Queen still claims ownership. Even went to war in the 80s over these islands that are not hers. But yes, you colonise, develop and return it, right?
      In addition, what you forget to mention is to whom are the countries returned - because it sure as hell is not the indigenous population.
      If so, the USA should have been returned to the native American Indians, surely?
      Or, to be more precise, Australia would have to be returned to the rule of the Aborigines.

      You know, for a qualified historian who studied in Cambridge, UK, you certainly don't know much about your own country's history.
      How about your Queen returns the diamonds on top of the Crown Jewels - yes, there are two. And both come from South Africa. Give it back please.
      No, my friend, whoever you are, you do Cambridge a disservice. And I would suggest you seek a refund for your studies.
      One final point - more to the point about 'stolen' land.
      Why are there no land claims for a patch of land in Alexandra, Soweto, central Johannesburg, Tembisa? Could it be that no one, ever, lived in those areas before the white man? Why is it that only developed areas form part of land claims? Could it not be a cheap shot at free fucking land?
      Have a look at the claims, and tell me, why are almost all the claims for developed farms? Why are there no claims for fallow, undeveloped land?

    24. Anonymous7:10 am


      I know that your version of history was obtained from a South African history which was nothing but a propaganda to advance an Afrikaner supremacy. That's why Black people rejected it because it was all a propaganda. To start with, the Khoikhoi people have always lived with the Bantus hundreds of years before whites arrived there. The Bantus were mainly farmers who boasted hundreds of herds of cattle while the Khoi-Khoi people where merely hunters. Where do you think the Xhosas come from? They are offspring of the KhoiKhoi and Bantus who lived along the beach of the Indian ocean and in the cape of good hope. This is proven genetically and that's where the Xhosa languages with their clicking sound come from. Another group that is direct offspring of that intermarriage is the Tswanas since they and Xhosas are the most who carry the genes of both Bantus and Khoisans on almost equal proportions.

      Your ancestors have done everything possible to feed you propaganda in attempt to satisfy the existing illusion. How can they claim to have first met Bantus 120 years ago when their ancestor, Jan van Riebeeck met with the Bantus on his arrival to the cape. Now I see why blacks reject your own version of history.

      When it comes to the atrocities we committed in Africa, I will surely won't dispute any of the claims because the British forces acted on the orders of the Queen and fought with any group that opposed their goal. We had acted on official orders to achieve British empire, but after some years we backtracked on that campaign and gave back the independence to all those who were affected.

      Now, with you Afrikaners is a different narrative. You held on to a stolen land and you are not even prepared to give it back. You want it to be bought back from you, albeit you paid nothing for it. When those blacks kick you out like the way Mugabe has done, don't think we will waste our own energy to protest on your behalf on international platform because your people are greedy. You do not want to share the stolen property. Do it while the time still allows you because that window is closing. You will end up losing everything.


      For further reading.


    25. Anonymous12:28 pm

      Marcus, you first. Give the stolen land back.

    26. Anonymous5:05 pm

      Fuck you Marcus prick, bring your tommiie bastards again, you british are more hated around the world than what blacks hated the Boers, you miserable british scum only know how to kill woman and children in concentration camps, go and learn your own history of you british colonized virtually the whole world with your saying the sun never sets on the british empire, you think you are going to do it again you are sadly mistaken, ww3 is just around the corner, you brits are in for a truly hard time you self righteous asshole. Get lost you lying hypocrite bastard, you brits know how distort truth and lie, piss off!!!

    27. Anonymous5:20 pm

      Marcus do you know that your people the british raped our women and put our people in concentrationcamps where our children died of hunger.youre people the british are not better than the blacks of SA.that is why you defended them.becaus the british are cut out of the same wood like the barbarics of SA.

    28. Anonymous11:25 pm

      @ Marcus - please stop insulting our intelligence. You are not from the UK. You think by using a 'white' name and claiming to come from the UK we will accept the kak you are spouting. Sorry boet, we are not as stupid as you. You are a black South African, thinking he is 'clever'. You're not. Besides the holes in your argument, your contradiction and your lack of knowledge regarding British history, your language and diction contains the hallmarks of second-language Africanisms. Try again - because for a 'Cambridge educated historian' your language use is shocking. And it is shocking because you are not Cambridge educated. You're a local black, simply lying (as per usual) about your story. The whole thing about 'land claims' is wanting something for free because you are too damn lazy to do the work. It is that simple. Your nation is fucking lazy. And corrupt. Now you blame whites for that.

    29. Anonymous1:23 am

      Anon 11:25 typical black, can imitate, but not originate.

      At Sipho AKA Marcus from the UK, fokof jou swart moer, jy is nie welkom nie.

    30. Anonymous5:25 am

      @Anonymous 11:25PM

      Have you recently suffered a serious knock to the brain from one of the negroids in your neighbourhood and is only now you're convalescing from TBI? Or should I say that you are drunk from that cheap cape wine? A typical white South African man. A paradigm of a lost cause. It doesn't matter the myriad of insult you would spew out by putting my standard to test and keeping it juxtaposed to that of a black man. That insipid performance wouldn't hurt me but rather would make me indifferent. Blacks are humans after all and your affront was in delirium.

      Perhaps, you are one of those English men in diaspora, who have suddenly developed this obsequious civility of pleasing their host just to pave their acceptance to the group. Your sycophantic character will not help you and will never help you to dissimulate your true nationality. The Boers will never accept you as one of their own. You bloody traitor.

      So, you assert that I am not being academic. This is not a forum of intelligentsia, it's a bloody blog and for what would I have to be academic for? For who? Perhaps for professor Mike Smith who has never even seen doors of learning. I don't even believe if he knows the address of his nearest university. I cannot believe that I have been so elusive that I could be mistaken for a black South African. I hope you recover your soberness soon from your intoxication. But, just make sure that you do not relapse to your usual paroxysm.



    31. Anonymous7:17 pm

      Go away you stinking snaggletooth genocidal Brit and sort your own shit out. Oh yeah, fuck your queen! :)

    32. Anonymous5:04 am

      @ Marcus, your 5.25am response applies:

      First of all, I did not assert that you are not being academic. You, yourself, stated that you are a qualified historian who studied at Cambridge. You also imply you are a UK citizen, yet you know nothing of your own history or the crimes your nation committed.
      You are correct, this is indeed a blog. But, remember, you are the one who tried to stun us with your academic credentials - but given the lack of structure, critical discourse and glaring gaps in knowledge, I find it doubtful that you ever studied history at any university, let alone Cambridge.
      You make the statement that 'blacks are people too'. Yes, black people are people, no argument. But tell me this, why are you then pretending to be white? Why did you suddenly vomit a thesaurus in your response to me? Could it be that you have been caught out? Could it be that you, yourself, are so ashamed of being black that you must pretend to be white? I'm not pretending anything. I have my own beliefs and moral code. I don't need affirmation from the Boers, Brits, Yanks or anyone else. And yet here you are, pretending to be someone, something, you are not. Why is that? Or is it that you, yourself, do not perceive black people to be people and are now transferring your own feelings of guilt and inadequacies onto me?
      Debate the points I mentioned in my first reply to you, at Anonymous 6:46 AM.
      I would much rather be part of the paradigm of a lost cause, as you so eloquently put it, than to be part of the mindless masses ruining this country. The question, of course, is what lost cause? You no doubt wish to insinuate that I am a racist, a believer of Apartheid, like that will be some grievous wound to me. By mere virtue of my skin I am classed as racist, which ironically, is racist. But I guess the irony is lost upon you.
      No, my friend, you sit on a site this like and spew your drivel forth in the hope of sparking a response - the type of response you can bandy about like Penny Sparrow.
      And why? Why is it that you must highlight the actions of a tiny proponent of a tiny minority? Hell, we white people make up less than 10% of the population, yet you must enforce laws to help the majority! Ha ha! What a joke your 'Rainbow Nation' is - so afraid of less than 10% of the population! Oh good grief, the notion is ridiculous to say the least! What you, and so many other black South Africans are claiming, is that the black majority is so incapable of succeeding on merit that you must legislate your success! Ha Ha Ha!
      No, my friend, you have been caught out. You have been weighed, measured and found wanting. Your arguments are as flaccid as your manhood. Your ancestors turn their backs in shame to you - they are ashamed that you pretend to be white and do not embrace your true identity.
      Your father has turned his back on you, you are an outcast. And, this is the really humorous part, it is not because you are black. It is because you are a fool.

  27. https://youtu.be/uXHWKLXcwZE

    Steve Hofmeyr op bezoek in Europa

    If you can understand the dialog.

    1. Anonymous3:07 am

      Excellent interview on Flemish tv. Steve Hofmeyr speaks very rationally, he can't be made out to be a racist. He warns Europeans not to become a minority in their own countries. What the Flemish and Dutch will do is to donate money to increase security on South African farms - but if this only goes to white farmers, there is going to be an outcry about it. It is a difficult situation for the Netherlands to be involved in.

    2. Anonymous3:07 am

      I beg your pardon, it's totally ok to be racist. The Europeans just need to wake up to that ineluctable fact.

  28. Graeme6:19 am


    Ek wil graag reageer op sekere aanmerrkings wat haatspraak aanbetref, mag ek eerstens verskoning vra omreeds die feit dat my taal gebruik in Afrikaans uiters swak is. Ek wil dus verder aangaan in Engels.

    The origins of crime are manifest for a various number of reasons, in South Africa there isn't a single cause why this occurs but the rate of incidence is alarming.

    In short criminals are opportunists, be they rapists or thieves.

    As white South Africans we needn't admonish ourselves by thinking that this problem is unique to us, black South Africans are sick to death of being targeted by petty thieves, gangsters and shysters!
    They are fed up too.

    I think that you can see where this discussion is going,  white South Africans possibly have a lot more in common with (moderate) black South Africans than we would care to admit.

    I am not attempting to coerce anyone in a cosy Rainbow Nation co-existence of Nation building, blacks want separate development as much as we do.

    I know where in the political spectrum my allegiance lies and some of the black South Africans that I know are smart enough to recognise the same. The Marxist,  Leninist types keep their distance (which is just the way I like it) and the moderate ones have approached me in confidence individually and addressed their utter contempt for the wretched evil that befalls them and our Nation.

    I am old enough and smart enough to know if the tears of a (black) Mother who has lost her son to violence are genuine or not.
    I can instantly discern theatrics from reality.

    Before I get shot down in a hail of bullets let me stress that there is a contingent of white South Africans who are innately evil and have done South Africa considerably more harm than some of the blacks that I know.


    1. Anonymous6:28 am

      FW de klerk? Cant argue there :)

  29. Graeme6:23 am

    These (black) South Africans have confided in me because they have confidence that I will not betray them and reveal their names to the criminal element amongst us. Detailed portrayals of the miserable squalor that they have to endure of life under the ANC stay with me, period!

    Shortly put if I was sent into a battle zone to defend whatever autonomy or freedom it is we are seeking to attain I would sooner have them in my platoon than I would allow a treasonous white race traitor to defile everything that we have collectively worked and fought for.

    Your comments are partly correct, loose lips can sink ships, sometimes provocation is called for and at certain times it can create division.

    I have travelled extensively through Northern Ireland and I can assure you that no one deserves to live through what they have endured, what a powder keg!

    One has to be very selective about what comments one makes, it is a case of think first and then speak or regret it forever more!

    Again,  like South Africa a beautiful part of the world!

    Where does our problem lie?

    If you  ask me it is with the minority of stirrers, more often than not these individuals have a very low cognitive function and they all have one common decider; they are all victims!
    I have never seen so many victims living in palatial homes as the victims that South Africa has!

    I have never seen so many victims driving imported luxury cars as the victims that South Africa has!

    I have never seen so many victims enjoying luxury excursions abroad as the victims that South Africa has!

    I have never seem so many victims shopping at the Mall of the Emirates with a plethora of shopping bags branded with high-end consumer names with the likes of Gucci, Aigner and Dior.

    Excellent taste they have in abundance, these victims all of whom speak ethnic languages that are discernable to my ear.

    To address your "Haatspraak uitlaatings" I would imagine that many posting here are like the myriad blacks who have been marginalised.

    I was fortunate enough to escape the wrath of being immersed in a highly unionised work environment in South Africa over 2 decades ago, I make perhaps the incorrect assumption that you too are perchance blessed enough as I am to be in a position where I can choose who I can work with?

    The responses that I see here I am certain are ones of desperation, cries for help when no one is listening!

    Well they are wrong, everyone is listening! These pages are read far and wide.
    Even foreigners are forming opinions and starting to ask questions where they once automatically derided white South Africans by default, let us not allow the clock to be turned back.


  30. Graeme6:28 am

    The ANC is one of our best allies, no one could have done a better job of trashing their already lurid name anymore than they have done, we can of course always assist them.

    As usual they have excelled in everything that they do, no half measures.

    ○ Revenue and tax collection

    ○ State sponsored violence

    ○ Coercion

    ○ Intimidation

    ○ Threats

    .......and my two favourites: Racism and playing the victim.

    These strategies worked in the past, we can all discern who the racists really are.

    What I would like to say is that we never become victims of the shocking and poor example that they have set.

    We must never descend to the levels of depravity that they have reached.

    We have standards and we must never compromise on these.

    Certain white South Africans actively strive to outdo them and lower themselves to those of "The Revolutionaries", which gets us back to Steve Hofmeyr and Mike Smith.

    Try and pause for a minute and think who could be a likely candidate to get all of us out of the mire?

    For me that spotlight is shining intensely on one Steve Hofmeyr, who else has the smarts?
    Who else has the spine?
    Is he not that Beacon on a dark, stormy night?

    Is he the man who will address a large crowd on a Koppie outside of Lichtenburg?

    Is he the man with the brown jacket?

    For me he represents the pinnacle of what the Trek Boers amounted to, determination, fortitude and a clear conviction.

    Please help all of us find more Steve Hofmeyr's, he cannot go it alone!
    I for one stand Four Square behind the man!

    Do you?

    This blog is an invaluable tool, we simply cannot rely on mass media, Mike Smith isn't about to negotiate an arms deal with the Para's in Nicaragua, he couldn't care less!
    No deal or pact will influence what is posted.

    The content here is fair and represents a broad scope of the rot in our midst, this is a macrocosm of our once hopeless situation.

    Thanks to him and people like him there is now a compass, we are finally finding our way, let us do that diligently.

    His remarkable efforts are commendable to say the least, the delivery is also not beyond the realm of the extraordinary.

    For those who post comments on all of the blogs it is always interesting to try and reach a determination of what the sentiment is on the street?

    Zanzan, it is neither my responsibility, nor yours to aye or naye them!

    All comments are moderated, the person who makes that determination is the owner, if we choose not to like the comments we can move on (or create our own blog).

    Having said that your comments are noted and are respected to a certain extent, they are also clearly divisive as judged by the innumerable responses, this looks to me a bit like having a barbeque on the ammo dump outside of Armagh?

    For anyone who may want to get some pointers, Stormfront has a set of excellent guidelines for posting which can be found on their website.
    I am of the opinion that the quality of the content on SF has greatly improved over the past decade on the basis of these pointers.

    The Red neck, Hill Billy trolls have disappeared, those who contribute are clearly in control of what they choose to post and what they choose to contribute. There is definitely a set of standards and those appear to be for the most part commendable ones.

    Let us continue to fight the scourge in our midst, be this from within the Country and also with help from the countless people abroad who continue to fight the good fight relentlessly and like Steve Hofmeyr does, with conviction!

    1. Thank you, Graeme, for your reasoned and constructive commentary. A rare thing, these dark days.

    2. Anonymous12:17 pm

      Great stuff Graeme.

  31. Anonymous12:59 pm

    In a post on Facebook on Tuesday, Hofmeyr addressed the cancellation of his appearance. He wrote: "The freedom and invitation to tell our story is not being stopped by the Dutch – they were the ones who invited me – but by South Africans in the Netherlands who know we are busy hiding something gruesome," Hofmeyr says in the post.
    As far as I am concerned the majority of South Africans participating on this blog have/s never hidden anything from the Dutch or anybody else for that matter. So what does Stevie boy mean by “we” and what is the something that “we” are supposed to be hiding and not “they” the rotten ANC? It is this kind of confusion as to the genuine truth and reality of the situation here in the RSA that is allowing the ANC and the EFF to do just as they please overseas.

  32. Yeah, just keep on sipping at your brandy and coke and carry on with the hate speech and filthy language. It may be called off loading, but you do not succeed in organizing yourselves to respectfully claiming your rights as a minority group in South Africa. The white racist is as bad as the black racist. White hatred is as terrible as black hatred. Blacks act out by violently killing and destroying, whites do the same by using foul language and destroying our culture of being the so called "educated". Sies man.

    1. Anonymous1:52 am

      Sure Zanzan, and you just keep on believing that your perfect little fairy tale of a world is just around the corner. Delusional "educated" Zanzan, go back to sleep.

    2. Anonymous5:47 am

      Zanzan, how do equate "violently killing and destroying" with using off colour language? Talking about education, South Africa will soon have no universities of any standing left, partly thanks to "educated" people like you whingeing on sites like this.

    3. Graeme9:28 am


      I am inherently racist.

      I was never taught to berate others whose origins or race were different to my own.

      From a young age I have subconsciously reached a conclusion of a person based on his or her conduct or level of intelligence which in part addresses your comments, so when a group of people share an overwhelming characteristic or idiosyncrasy that can be considered socially unacceptable or deplorable I immediately form a negative opinion.

      Brand me a racist,  I honestly could'nt care less!

      Conversely if a certain group of people share an endearing trait I find myself warm to their qualities whatever these may be. More often than not a group of people of a certain statute share similar attributes and are often pooled from a homogenous racial profile..

      If we are going to reverse the trend in South Africa of having a black hegemony berate the white minority why not start right here?

      To even come remotely close to levelling the playing field whites would need to start murdering, rioting and plundering en masse, many blacks do this as it is an inherent way of life be it in Detroit or Daveyton.

      This Blog is a dissident voice,  people are sharing their respective right to free speech which the ANC espoused prior to 1994.
      Like all of their other failed promises the ANC has now suddenly decided to renege on their previous whim and want to drastically curtail the right to free speech. And that is where we come into the fore!

      I cannot wait to hammer my few nails into the ANC coffin and I know that there are tens of thousands who will willingly help!

      Let's move forward and hasten the process with a concrete strategy, any suggestions?

      I am not an apologist and it is high time that white South African Liberals freed themselves of guilt, we do not owe anyone anything!

      To quote George Bizos, "There comes a time in the life of every person where you either succumb or you fight!"

      I think that everyone here has made it clear on which side of the fence they stand, myself included!

      I have finally found a glimmer of hope, George Bizos did/said one constructive thing in his wasted life, thanks Saheti George!

  33. Anonymous wrote,

    "Dresden, the cultural city of Germany was bombed flat after the war was over. Mostly women and children were killed.

    Around 26 million Christian whites were tortured and slaughtered in the most brutal way in Russia. For eg. pregnant women were sliced open their babies removed and stabbed in front of them whilst they were still alive. A true holocaust indeed.

    The world did not get to hear about these as the controlled puppet media kept quiet about these atrocities.
    When ones eyes are opened there's no going back if one's heart is in the right place and one truly care for our kith and kin."

    Oh, boo hoo. It's war. Germany deserved it after they had bombed London, or did you forget?

    Secondly, 26 million Christian Russians did not die. You people are never consistent on the numbers. It's either twenty million, forty million, fifty or even a hundred million. You cannot decide.

    1. Anonymous1:56 am

      Anonymous @4:08PM

      I really think you should do a little more research before commenting.

      "Oh, boo hoo. It's war. Germany deserved it after they had bombed London, or did you forget?"

      If you had done your research, you would realize that the pervert and incompetent Churchill came to power in a "palace revolution" on the 10th May 1940.

      On the 11 May 1940, he ordered squadrons of Whitley bombers to bomb Berlin. So it was Churchill and not Hitler that started the so called bombing campaigns.

      Now, If you had read the "Lindeman Plan", or the writings of that madman Bomber Harris, you would realize that the bombing of soft targets was the intention all along. Hitler held back for 3 months, and after numerous warnings, only retaliated in September of 1940. However, his bombing campaign targeted mainly industrial areas, but as with any bombing, especially in those years, there was collateral damage, with innocent civilians being killed. The difference being that the allied campaign was deliberate, murderous and criminal.

      As for Dresden, that was a war crime and still needs to see justice done and the war criminals named and shamed, as it is not possible to do anymore than that, seeing that the bastards are already dead.

      For your info, Dresden was a cultural city and had no military significance and no defense against bombing attacks. At the time it was filled with refugees fleeing the soviet barbarians, and they were camping out in the streets and parks, occupying any piece of open land that was available.

      It was upon this seething mass of humanity that the allies launched their bombing attacks for three days and nights, the poms and the yanks taking turns to deliver their loads of death upon innocent and unarmed men, women and children.

      Maybe someone like the asshole Chuck Yeager appeals to your sense of justice, because the Germans deserved it. He admits in his book of machine gunning unarmed German farmers while they were plowing their fields.

      You see not all is as it seems, and maybe, just maybe, it wasn't the good guys that won the war.


    2. You are correct Boerseun. If you read the book "Inferno: The Fiery Destruction of Hamburg, 1943" by Keith Lowe (a Brit) then you can see how the British under Arthur Harris from Bomber Command destroyed 75% of Hamburg. The book also has maps of where the bombs fell and they are far away from the harbour area where the Blom & Voss shipyards are. It was mostly civilian areas that were deliberately bombed to break the spirit of the Germans.

      Now you can argue if it is allowed, because the German soldier said he fought for his home, his wife and his children. If you take his home and family away he has nothing to fight for anymore and you bring the war to a swifter end. This was the same mentality behind the scorched earth policies of the British during the Anglo Boer War.

      However, the deliberate targeting and bombing of civilians are strictly forbidden in the Geneva Convention and seen as an act of terrorism.

      I can to a point understand why Arthur "Bomber" Harris targeted civilians and like I said how he justified it to himself (He was unrepentant to his death), but what is inexcusable is how he bombed his own British POW's. He said the Germans used them as human shields, but that is rubbish.

      The fact that Churchill and Harris deliberately bombed their own people was withheld from the British public, but when they found out about it after the war they got rid of Churchill. Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris was knighted for his acts of terrorism against the Germans and richly rewarded. In the 1950's he went to South Africa where he started the shipping company Safmarine which today is part of Maersk, the Danish company.

    3. Anonymous3:12 am

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for that additional info. Very interesting.



  34. Potholes, blackouts, farm murders, crime, devalued currency, affirmative action, BEE, over 1m Whites unemployed, corruption, EFF, White genocide. This is Black rule.