14 June 2016

Review of the Orlando Shootings

By Mike Smith
14th of June 2016

A lone Arab nutter walks into a gay bar...

Sounds like the start of a perverse racist joke doesn’t it? And actually it is...if you look at what these idiotic libtards, their psyops media and their queen dyke Hillary Clinton are pushing.

One of their own shooting many of them. It must be the worst dilemma or conundrum for the left since the liberal, leftist psycho, Jared Lee Loughner shot the Jewish born Democrat Representative Gabrielle Giffords .

At first they said he was a Rightwing Extremist and “anti-semitic” as if the two are synonomous, then it turned out he was Jewish himself, then that claim was proved false. Then it said his mother was Jewish, but Public records disproved this

In fact the “Jewishness” of Giffords had nothing to do with her being shot. Loughner was a deranged drug addict, psycho and conspiracy theorist who dabbled into the occult. He shot Giffords for being a “fake Democrat” and a “sell-out” to the left’s cause. She wanted more border control between Arizona and Mexico.

That is right…Jared Lee Loughner (another one of those “Lone Nutters” with a middle name like Lee Harvey Oswald, Timothy James McVeigh, etc) was of course a leftist radical, a drug addict and mental case of note, but it didn’t stop the left from trying to pin the shootings on the right.

The same now with the Orlando shootings by 29yo, Omar Mir Seddique (Mateen).

The media is full of contradictions: What do you believe and what not?

Omar Mateen was a religious Muslim who prayed in the Mosque four times a week, yet he regularly drank alcohol and visited gay clubs strictly forbidden in Islam. Some people say they have seen him there frequently. Other people who frequented the Gay club regularly said they never saw him there ever. 

People who knew him said he was a quiet non violent guy. A resident at the gated community where he worked as a security guard described Mateen as "very polite" and "a very nice, positive person", yet his former wife said he was violent and bi-polar and used to beat her up.

The security company that employed him said two screenings of Mateen, conducted upon hiring him in 2013, had raised no red flags. He had no criminal record. He had no history of violence.

Yet, a former coworker who worked with Mateen in a gated community in western Port St. Lucie described him as "unhinged and unstable". He also said that he frequently made homophobic, racist, and sexist comments, and talked about killing people.

However, his Imam, Shafiq Rahman at the Fort Pierce Islamic Center, said he was a quiet guy and that he did not preach violence toward homosexuals. A former high school friend and coworker said that despite reports of Mateen's homophobia, a number of his coworkers at Treasure Coast Square were gay and Mateen had no obvious conflicts with them.

There have been speculations by people familiar to Mateen that he himself may have been gay. A gay friend of his from 2006 when the two were in police academy together has stated that Mateen went to gay clubs with him, and that he once asked him out; Mateen refused because he had not come out yet. Club-goers also recalled Mateen dancing with another man.

Mateen specifically told coworkers that he had family connections to al-Qaeda and that he was a member of Hezbollah. Hezbollah is an enemy of ISIS, to which Mateen later pledged allegiance, and FBI Director James Comey noted the "contradictory" nature of Mateen's statements.

See what I mean? You don't know what to believe and what not. It is all very contradictory and confusing. Deliberate cognitive dissonance created by those who do not want you to think too much.

All we know is that a shooting took place inside a Gay bar over a three hour period. The work of a “Lone Nutter” or maybe more?? Who or what flipped the switch on this normally peaceful “Lone Nutter”? 49 dead and 53 wounded. The police took three hours to kill him. Why? Was the slaughter allowed to happen?

In cases like these always ask yourself, "Who benefits?"

Of course the first thing Billary and Obama did was call for tighter gun control, when in fact guns are inanimate objects. Mere tools. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Do they really think banning guns are going to prevent Radical Islamic Nutcases from killing people? Did banning of guns or gun control stop the 19 RINs at 9/11? Of course not. RINs will just find another “tool”, in the case of 9/11, four Boeings.

Banning guns does NOT solve the root cause of the problem. The root cause of the problem is not even the RINs themselves…it is these stupid Libtards who invite them in. Sort them out and you won’t have another terrorist attack in your country ever.

Nevertheless, I have learned one thing from all these “Lone Nutter” shootings and Manchurian Candidates ... NOTHING is ever what it seems.

Omar Mateen: Wikipedia

The Orlando nightclub shooting

Orlando gunman 'was a regular at LGBT nightclub Pulse' before attack 'and used gay dating apps'


  1. Anonymous5:50 am

    Mike dont know if you saw but penny came out speaking and looks nothing like photos we have seen of her just my 2c . Vaalpens

    1. Anonymous12:40 pm

      It is her. She is just much older. Listening to her she remind me of the perfect DA supporter. No wonder Mike had it wrong. They will see the problem and even feel it in their bones and will even type it. BUT WILL NEVER ADMIT IT. They/she will still believe in the African dream. Not savages that KILL but only naughty monkeys

    2. Anonymous11:16 pm

      The media/ANC are really taking the piss out of whitey with this Penny sparrow charade. We are being made to grovel. This is pathetic.
      Whitey looks pathetic. If this is the best we can do in defence then give up on SA and get out.

  2. Anonymous6:12 am

    Apparently there is 1000's celebrating the Orlando attack on the Al Jazeera Arabic Facebook page. They (muslims) hate gay people, but they shag flipping sheep, goats and rape 4 year olds. They are very sick f..Ker's.
    Muslims hate gay people. Liberals love Muslims. What a Ball's up!

  3. Anonymous6:21 am

    Gun control is a farce. Look no further than SA, one the most violent countries on the planet, rivaling ME armed conflicts, with AK47 wielding terrorists a daily occurance, yet we have oppressive gun control laws. Obviously the libtards like Clitton and her merry bands of idiots are to cowardly to call a spade a spade, a club was shot up by an extremist, the type they want welcome with open arms in the USA, but no sirry, it was due to the fact that he could buy a gun legally.
    what is also two faced from these libtards of the world is when third world people are killed by their hundreds nobody says a thing, but when the shit goes down in their own backyards then flames must be lit for world peace, radio show hosts goes all teary eyed blah blah blah.

  4. Anonymous6:45 am

    Mike, here's a better joke for you -

    Once a group of terrorists were handed the power of the once 1st world nuclear superpower of Africa...

    And with stories like these they are are just setting up and chipping away at our freedoms bit by bit, aren't they?

  5. At least Trump is pointing out this hypocrisy of letting Haji's in and then wanting to take away legal guns:


    His speech was very good, other than the fact he had to show support for fags and stuff- but he can't do everything in one shot now can he.

    Banning these people is a great start.

    1. I am glad Fox news is giving him live time. The speech was good. I gathered that he had some dirt on the owner and was going to use it if he did not get his way.

      I am saying this because CNN and the other channels are bashing the Trump, cutting clips, discrediting him in every way possible.

      I sit and watch this and i am astonished at the extent to how they operate. It seems like every journalist and reporter is some kind of secret agent working against Trump.

      I hope and believe that the people watching the crap they show on CNN notice that it is propaganda and lies.

  6. Anonymous7:08 am

    It is just another false flag terrorist "occurance" like 9/11 so that they can disarm American law abiding citizens and to groom them for the future police state and FEMA deathcamps that are already built and waiting. We all know who perpetrated 9/11...to be able to strongarm anyone that does not agree with government. It is part of the NWO and South Africa was the first the model for such.

  7. If every patron in that gay-club had a gun with him, there would have been no shooting in the first place, or at least such a lot of people would not have been killed, because the muslim filth would have been shot to pieces. But luckily gun sales have gone up in the US and The Donald is getting more and more supporters. Which is all good.

  8. Anonymous7:14 am

    For speculation about the possibilities of the Orlando shooting being a false flag, see Jim Stone's web site. He also makes similar observations as Mike does.

  9. I wish no one harm. I try to live by the law. The tragedy that unfolded in Florida is sad. However my raring and teachings, tells me homosexuality is against Gods teachings. I have read this in the Bible. When the south of Ireland made it law I was shocked. Ireland is almost Catholic. I am Protestant from the North. I really cannot stand seeing two men fondle and kiss each other.
    But I am not allowed my views and now it is not savvy to stick with Gods word.
    I believe the Devil is having a field day, and God is coming back.

    1. Norma, forget how those on Earth judge you. They count for naught. It is how God judges you that counts.

      Stand for what you believe in [and know is right], even if it means you stand alone.

    2. Norma, an addendum. The Bible don't bullshit and it says, plain and simply, "If a man should lie with another man, he should be stoned." Doubt not God's word.

  10. Anonymous10:52 am

    Als wat ons as kinders geleer het van goed en sleg is nou omgedraai.
    Die wereld sal ons wat by ons waardes bly haat, want al is ons in die wereld, is ons nie van die wereld nie

    1. Anonymous1:47 pm

      Isaiah 5:20
      Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness
      Faith Walker

  11. Mr Mister6:41 pm

    I get the feeling the mainstream media are upset not because of the huge loss of life but simply because it wasn't a redneck or a white Christian male who walked into the bar and opened fire on those innocent people.

    1. You know i have a sister in law always traveling and working abroad. She is a self proclaimed lesbian, loves animals and dont believe in racial differences but do believe that there is 9 different species of tiger and they should be protected and left in the wild and also not interbreed.

      Feminist to the core and even told me she feels a fear when in the presence of any unknown male.

      Now recently she started bashing Trump on fb and Monday she was posting all about the shooting.

      I tell you they( gays, liberals, banksters) wish it was a white male who had done this. There heads are in a spin now. This dont make any sense to them. Their brains cant handle it

    2. Jeez Dony, my sincerest sympathies regarding your sister-in-law. At least my boet was only a mainstream gangster. At one stage J'ville's most infamous export. ha ha ha

    3. Anonymous10:43 am

      Jeez Tom dont worry ...lmsp... You can never know what you marry in too. The up side is she is oversees(almost always) , because her own family cant except her ways nor can i watch her posts.

      Unfriended her Yesterday. I tried my best to be civilized but fuck these feminists are irritating


  12. Manchurian candidate.........bobby kennedy, his brother, there have been many, Dr.Verwoed another, that changed our history.

    1. Yes, Dr Verwoerd, his own fucking people arranged his assassination. The bastards!!!

  13. Anonymous11:31 pm

    I'm still trying to find the downside here.50 odd fudge packers dead and another 50 or so incapacitated. The shooter a bi polar gay alcohol consuming religious moslem(every single contradiction possible) wastes his bum chums for contravening the koran. The libtards dont know what the fuck to say. So many worms crawling out of the woodwork that the libtards are hard pressed to keep the lid down. And the dune coon was killed too,cherry on top,as I said where is the down side?

    1. Anon 11:31 Fucking A-One Brother! There is absolutely no downside to this. Dune-coons, fudge-packers and a few libtards all getting zotted, who the fuck cares?

      Pity the arsehole only wounded the other 50+. Waste of ammo!

  14. I see the mainstream media trying their best to dull the extremist radical Islamist element. They are using terms such as lone wolf, hate crime, homophobic, gun laws and closet-gay.

    The reason for this and the only reason is that this shooting supports Trumps take on immigration and Muslims.

    This shooter was a security guard and regardless of the gun laws already had a gun licence including heavy caliber.

    Now if you weigh the facts.

    1. This guy have been going to the mosque for 4 years straight on a regular basis according to his current wife

    2.He shouted allahu akbar while shooting the mofos.

    3.He made a 911 call swearing allegiance to ISIS.

    4. His father is a self proclaimed foreign president of Afghanistan and a staunch supporter of al qaeda with pictures of him visiting US state departments on social media. (US officials denying they ever met with him).... This might be an important point......

    5. His wife and mother of his son is in FBI custody and have said that her husband was planning jihad violence.

    6. ISIS themselfs have taken credit for the attack.

    7. He visited a dining hall in Disney world hours before the shooting according to his cellphone signals and his wife confessed this much.

    8. He visited the gay-club with his wife a couple of times as well as the dining hall in Disney world.

    Now CNN and the mainstream media is painting a different picture.

    1. His ex-wife is changing her story on CNN from he never did anything that could suggest he was gay to saying he could have been gay because he liked to take pictures and selfies of himself. This after 48 hours of CNN propaganda.

    2 He visited a gay joint. They leave out(with his wife)

    3 He used a gay app they leave out ( according to the people he conversed with.. to find the best night clubs and never took part in any sexual sexual texting) so i believe he was scouting for targets.

    This is all to prevent Donald Trump from using the incident to support his case.

    I believe this wasn't a falls-flag operation but they sure as hell is trying to turn it in to one and paint a story that is not fact.

    What Hillary, Obama and the mainstream media don't realize is that by painting this guy as a homo they are upsetting a lot of radical extremists who will feel the need to proof them wrong.

    I am sure you can expect another incident on ordinary folk shortly after this one, once again playing in to the Trump campaign.

  15. Is there anything you don't hold an opinion on? You act like an expert on everything.

    1. @ Shaka, you retarded black stink.

      You seem to love reading these opinions as you're always infiltrating these pages and posting your brainless black shit in them.

      Yes we do have opinions and we share them here they are debated, argued and attacked at times but it has sweet fuck all to do with you. This is a whites only forum where you and your type keep on trying to intrude.

      Admit it to yourself, you would love to be white, you would love the intelligence, the soft wavey straight hair, the cleanliness, the fragrant fresh smell, the order and disciplined lifestyle and the ability to work for what you have and not have to steal it or force somebody to give it to you.

      So yes everybody has an opinion on everything but we do not want your fucking stupid, retarded opinion here and you just do not seem to getting the fucking message.

      Do you not know what fuck off means. Why dont you go visit a gay bar in Orlando on a day when there is a trigger happy, pissed off muslim there with a big gun maybe he can explain to you what fuck off means.

    2. Anonymous10:32 am

      I dont know why G-O-D made them stink. Or maybe i do know after all.

    3. Mr Mister5:30 pm

      Shaka, Is there anything on Mike's blog that you agree with ? You need a new hobby.

    4. Anonymous1:30 pm

      @Anon 10:32 AM

      It's a kaffir alert for the blind and partially sighted.

    5. Anonymous1:37 pm

      Shaka you fucking barnacle. Your smell is coming through the speaker grills on my tablet.

  16. Anonymous12:58 am

    Excellent piece Mike.

    Obama's reality avoidance of the term 'radical islam' and defense of the greater Muslim community, drones on at every turn. Good from bad, it's rather like attempting to sort fly spoor from pepper. Bound to be a good one or two in the lot, but I've generally preferred to avoid the family entirely if possible. I don't run with die bul in Pamplona either.

    Posters here are spot on. The mainstream media is beside themselves now that the Orlando shooter has been identified as a bum buggering switch-hitter, vs common racist hater. The narrative has been destroyed. Ag, so now they revert to the usual default, attacking firearms.

    We're seven months and closing on long awaited regime change. With any luck our Malema-lite, Kenyan master will soon by history. Let us hope his replacement is not the odious and veracity challenged Hildebeest.

    Regards, Besoeker

  17. In the meantime Nato is pushing thousands and thousands of soldiers and convoy up against the Russian border. The largest since the coldwar

    Nato's explanation.

    We are doing this preparation for a Russian attack on Nato. This on live TV.

    I mean wtf?

    1. Dony, you know these fucking Yanks keep pushing Putin, just like the k's here keep pushing us. One day he's going to get pissed off and give them a snotklap.

      I can't wait. He should call for a meeting with Obummer and give him a real, insulting snotklap, in person, before the arsehole leaves office or just crush his hand when he shakes it.

    2. Anonymous2:08 pm

      Those that serve the satanic cabal run the U.S.A.

    3. Anon 2:09 The whole fucking world knows that.

    4. Russia knows that should they double their military budget they would still come short 4 fold to the US who's military budget equals all other nations combined and even more.

      The only thing thing Russia have got going for them is their numbers in fighters abled, the vastness off the biggest country in the world and to an extent the secretive military advancements unknown to NATO.

      We all know there is hostility but i have recently been paying attention to build-ups and WW# scenarios.

      All i can say is something is happening.

    5. Anonymous6:33 pm

      Putin's military forces aren't strong enough to win a conventional war against NATO

      The American high command is pushing for a WWIII that will inevitably go nuclear

  18. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Given any opportunity whitey in Azania is praising the "CHOSENITES" the ones behind the destruction of South Africa. The kaffir is simply the tool.

  19. Anonymous6:29 pm

    According to a gun store owner the shooter came in and asked for body armor and 1000 rounds of a specific kind of bullet. The gun store owner lied and said he didn't have those things and Mateen left the store while talking on his cellphone in a foreign language. The gun store owner notified the FBI.

    The funny thing about that story is if it had come out before the shootings liberals would have had a shitfit about racial profiling.