21 June 2016

Pretoria Burning

By Mike Smith
21th of June 2016

Pretoria is burning. Apparently the blacks are upset that the useless ANC has nominated Thoko Didiza (a Zulu woman) as executive mayoral candidate for Pretoria instead of current mayor Kgosientso "Sputla" Ramokgopa (a Pedi).

Thoko Didiza held the post of Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs from 17 June 1999 to 22 May 2006 and Minister of Public Works from 22 May 2006 to 25 September 2008 when Mbeki resigned she handed her resignation in as well, but later crawled back to Zuma.

However, Ramokgopa has been very critical of Zuma and called on him to resign and therefore is being kicked to the curb by the Msholozi gang.

It was in her post as minister of Agriculture that Didiza went on Afrikaans Radio station RSG with a message to the white farmers just before Christmas and tearfully pleaded in her rubbish propaganda advert that the white farmers should please not evict their black workers so close before Christmas, yadda, yadda, bullshit!

I still cringe whenever I think of that advert.

The Blacks of Pretoria are saying: They can’t bring a Zulu to govern over Tswanas, Tsongas, Vendas and Pedis and They will vote DA if Sputla is replaced by Ramokgopa

On Monday night 20th of June at least 19 buses were set alight and City of Tshwane (Pretoria) workers had to be withdrawn from several townships for their safety. The N1 near Hammanskraal and the Darspoort tunnel in Pretoria West have been blocked by protestors.

Residents have chased away journalists, saying they don't want media in the area.

Foreign nationals’ shops have been looted and plundered whilst the police are standing by doing nothing

Of course the SABC has censored any footage of the events and refuses to read newspaper headlines about it. Last I checked…the DA couldn’t stop smiling.


  1. Anonymous6:32 am


    This video taken by white afrikaner women from her house.

    1. Those people should rather get themselves to safety.

  2. Anonymous6:33 am

    Let it burn Mike. Vaalpens

    1. Whiteman9:52 am

      I agree, Vaalpens. Only when this country collapses completely, can the patriots rise up. The blacks will slaughter most of the liberal white trash, and it will be easier to identify who are our true friends. Right now, the odds are against us, and we can not afford to have patriots put in jail. But as soon as the wheels come off, we will actually free our friends, from any jail-house !

  3. Its a hard pill to swallow when your tatics turn and bite you on the bum.

    3 cheers for the ANC and carry on the good work Showerhead ol boy.

  4. Anonymous7:02 am

    I smell a rat...

    Seems there`s more to these riots (read chimpouts) than meets the eye!

  5. Stand back and let them burn it down.

    Let it spread. Couldn't care less at this point.

  6. Anonymous7:19 am

    Well I think They have double standards...zuma is a zulu...
    Pathetic scum of the earth

    1. Anonymous1:48 pm

      People this puts a big smile on my face, the Pedis have rejected the Zulu meid, sectarianism will do most of our work for us, Mike it's like your judo thing you were explaining to us, and we must let them use their energy and strength to push against each other, let them burn everything in the process, and we will rebuild again.

      Keep your ammo dry and Vigilans et Sciens.

  7. I have looked at these videos and quite funny, if a story like this doesnt make it to CNN something is seriously wrong with the world.

    This would have been my bread and butter if i was chasing news stories.

    Hope the world gets to see this.

    1. Anonymous4:34 pm

      It would have made news on CNN if there were white police and white soldiers like the old days with Casspirs and Buffels to stop the unrest and CNN would spin the news around and made damn sure that this is evil white mans fault for pushing the poor black man down. I know I was there, international press always had the habit of lying through their teeth and made as if we were the bad guys creating all these problems. So let it burn to the ground, who cares if you are white make sure you stay away as far as possible and if you unfortunately have to pass through without avoiding it, make sure you are well armed and you know how to shoot.

    2. Anonymous4:32 am

      Anon 4:34 My sentiments exactly .

    3. Graeme1:21 pm

      Anon 4:34, we would much like to award you with a Pro Patria medal for wisdom above and beyond the realm of mere mortals, unfortunately you are merely anonymous at this point in time.

      Even if you are reluctant to put your name initials or any Nom de Plume will suffice.

      Thanks again for your binding comments.

  8. Looks like the burning oil fields. Sadly this will be hidden from the world.

    1. Graeme1:17 pm

      Certainly not Donycero!

      This is why this Blog is a National Asset along with your contributions, people are reading this far and wide!

      Keep up your good work and fight the good fight!

      I have spent 4 hours today gathering information related to this and disseminating it far and wide.

      I would also like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of the Cadres at the ANC (well those few who remain), you are making our task so much easier!

      Amandla! Awhetu! Viva Mandela.

      So as ye sow so shall ye reap!


  9. Anonymous7:34 am

    Army and Security cluster now involved
    Full of BS
    Malema in the thick of things
    WHERE is the mad Rasputin ? ( telling us about what the mad "prophet" foretold )
    Have the Suidlanders gone into lager yet ?
    Is this the start of the -- unraveling ?
    Another Marikana ?

    Back to the future ( 1994 )

    1. Anonymous2:21 pm

      You again? You are such a negative doos huh? Any solutions? Or are you just here to sow discord and go with the main flow? Shoo shoo you poefter.

    2. Anonymous10:46 pm

      I am afraid the future does look negative
      Sorry if this upsets your understanding of reality.
      Get down to the "Free Independent Cape Republic" and go buy some property.
      Build something that you and others can defend
      A reading of the frontier wars in the Eastern Cape will help.

    3. Anonymous11:34 pm

      You know what I'm talking about you cunt. You taking pot shots at individuals and organizations who are trying to help in their own ways. Fuck your reading and your fuck your reality you fucking fuck. You always break down instead of trying to build up morale, that is the negativity I'm talking about, you unthinking ape. Playing dumb when it suits you.

    4. Anonymous11:36 am

      My Grandmother would have suggested you wash your mouth out -- with soap !

  10. Replies
    1. and as you cannot treat a rabid dog, the most humane thing to do is put it down....

  11. Anonymous7:50 am

    Can a libtard PLEASSSSSSSEEEEEEEE explain this barbaric behaviour to me, should these animals enjoy the same political freedom and voting rights as hard working tax paying citizens? As a first world centre right orientated person it is so obvious to me that separate development is a no brainer, these fuckers are not interested in moving the country and themselves into the 21st century. If I am not happy with a political party I just don't vote for them, simple. I don't go on a rampage and burn, loot and destroy property and stuff, which was paid by hard working private sector tax payers.
    so libtards, I am awaiting your response. Poesneus Sello can kick off with the opening argument.

    1. @ anon 7:50 AM. Do not hold your breath.

      These liberal cunts are the dinkum cowards, they will remain as silent as the long dead now.

      Think they cannot even blame racism on this one.

      Let's hope the country fucking burns now so that we can rid ourselves of these virus that infects our land.

    2. Anonymous2:25 pm

      They cant. It will shatter their illusions.

    3. Anonymous11:40 pm

      I went through a Max du Preez article yesterday. They will come up with any explanation but the truth, and the truth is this is Africa.

    4. The reply is what Bishop Tutu said some time ago; "during apartheid we lost our moral bearings." Apartheid, rather than having been implemented to prevent this (as the op says), spawned this kind of behavior. That said, there comes a time when people need to take responsibility and leave legacy of apartheid behind. Crime flourishes in those communities where people accept it as normal. I watched scenes of some people looting in Hammanskraal, while others just stand around watching without trying to do anything to stop them. Basically the same thing happened in Baltimore, Maryland, USA in April 2015.

    5. Graeme1:26 pm

      A meritocracy would be ideal, any prospective voter would pay a standard fee to write an academically challenging exam, those who pass withban 80% score move forward to cast their vote.

      In South Africa your Government will only ever be as smart as the median electorate which is playing out right in front of our own eyes!

  12. Anonymous8:13 am

    Ha ha ha, I see juliaas "kiddi" Malema is crying like a little bitch after the cops gave him and his red beret wearing muppet chommies a few poes klappe!!! And this is the snotkop that recons he is going to make war with the mighty Boere, bwhaaaaaaaaa!!!

  13. Anonymous8:54 am

    Here we are Mr Smith
    I am going to destroy your and others illusions.
    Cape Town - A former police colonel, who was arrested after stealing and selling guns to gangsters on the Cape Flats, was on Tuesday sentenced to an effective 18 years behind bars.

    Chris Prinsloo, 55, entered a plea and sentence agreement with the State after being arrested on 11 charges ranging from theft to racketeering and money laundering. He appeared in the Bellville Magistrate's Court.

    The Vereeniging policeman was, according to police, behind the arming of gangsters primarily in the province’s gang-ridden communities.

    Chris Prinsloo ( a Colonel )
    Could he by any chance be a white Afrikaner Conservative ?
    Ja Boet -- the devil told me to do it ( more like Two Million bucks -- nice gambling money )

    Not so Mr Smith ?

    1. You are not destroying any illusions, but thanks for bringing this to my attention.

      Personally I cannot understand how any self-respecting white person can still work for the ANC police or the SANDF for that matter.

      It is like working for the Devil and claiming that you are a Christian.

      I would rather be a mercenary fighting sand niggers in Afghanistan and Iraq than work for the ANC scum.

      Problem is that whenever I see protests or situations like Marikana where the police are involved there are always whites amongst them. Why? Where do they come from? The mind boggles as to what motivates a white person to take a career in a force where they are subjected to racial discrimination in the form of Affirmative Action in appointments and promotions.

      I just always ask myself, "When the big fight breaks out, whose side are they going to be on?"

    2. Oh and by the way, he is white...white trash. You can see him here:

    3. Anonymous8:44 pm

      What the fuck does this prove? That 1 in a million on the white side is corrupt where as 1 in a millions is clean on the black side? Yeah we all know this. What's your point?

    4. Hulle moet die ou se anus bietjie vol hiv verkrag in een van ons jooligste tronke

    5. Anonymous10:40 pm

      Anon 8:34
      What is the point you are trying to make?

    6. Selling guns to the Cape Flats gangsters is a great idea in my book. One of these days those boys might just get gatvol of the Transkei invasion that is being forced on them and get their priorities in order and "Bye, bye Xhosa invaders".

    7. Anonymous5:23 am

      Moron, now the cape gangster problem will suddenly end, yes right. You will just have another gun supplier replace this one.

    8. Anonymous5:52 am

      TT 12:10 tik them up then send to the riots armed to the teeth, ah no teeth I mean armed to the gums.

    9. Graeme1:32 pm

      No different from Ronnie Kasrils, Albie Sachs, Joe Slovo, Nadine Gordimer, F.W. de Klerk, Helen Suzman, Alister Sparks and Max du Preez.

      Cicero cautioned us of traitors amongst us, better an enemy at the gates of the fortress, one that can be identified with ease.

  14. Anonymous9:37 am

    Top News:

    SA unemployment now non existent thanks to this AD;

    Job Opportunity: Riots Burning & Logistics Department

    Job Description: Fill containers with petrol, collect tyres & combustibles, Burn random public / private property.

    Job Salary: Commission based, as much stuff as you can carry from any shops you plan on burning, scrap metal from any buses or cars you burn.

    The great thing about this job is you are self-employed, the only tools you need is a box of matches and there is no housekeeping to do afterwards! You can do it anywhere anytime!

    1. Anonymous11:43 pm

      And no Tax returns

  15. Anonymous9:47 am

    i don't mean to be that guy that waits till the last minute to say anything but..... did anyone bring any marshmallows ?

    Hurr Durr

  16. Anonymous9:49 am

    This is due to democracy.

    1. Democracy? In this rather a case of demoncrazies?

  17. Seattle10:44 am

    Low IQ savages merely reverting to what they do best - tribal warfare and attacking foreigners. There's a media blackout here and I happened to read about it browsing Stormfront headlines. Why any whites remain in South Africa is a mystery. Please come to the U.S. by any means necessary. Once here, overstay your tourist visa while obtaining a drivers license, food stamps and working for cash under the table. Fedgov is basically refusing to track and apprehend illegal immigrants, although being white might make you slightly more of a target. There's also a good chance you'll eventually be granted citizenship for merely being here. I'd recommend the Pacific NW which remains (for now) majority white and has clean air, beautiful scenery and plenty of water. Washington, Oregon or Idaho.

    1. Anonymous8:52 pm

      @Seattle 10:44 AM

      Thanks, but South Africa is a white country and Afrikaners will never be driven out by these savages.

    2. Anonymous8:55 pm

      Don't tempt me Seattle, I spent some time snowboarding in Vermont and had a good time in Boston a few years ago. Man, I still have the best dreams of those places and when I wake up and realize it was only a dream I get deeply depressed. Fuck I miss America. Why don't you come and help us drive off the invaders here and we can timeshare one another's places in the future.

      But alas there is work to be done here.

    3. Anonymous10:49 pm

      I hear Oregon is full of the same kind of bunny hugging liberals we have here ?
      ( It does apparently have a very low crime rate ? )

    4. Anonymous11:56 pm

      To be honest with you. I want this place to burn and the savages to have a tribal war. We will take back what was and still is ours.

      The reason why I wont move is because after the dust settle SA will be safer than the US. We dont have a big Nuclear target painted on our backs but the US will. They already do.

      North Korea isnt looking this way nor is China, Pakistan, India or Russia and probably soon to be Iran. They are all looking towards the main peanuts, the flag with the stars and the stripes.

      Yes we will have it bad over here but i honestly believe there will be a WW and I certainly dont want the biggest target on my back when it happens. You just cant defend against a nuclear bomb doesnt matter how big your dick is or how many push ups you do.

    5. Seattle - Tommy Bedford [Springbok rugby player] once referred to Natal province as "The Last Outpost of The British Empire". In The Seer's visions South Africa is to be The Last Outpost of White Civilisation, culture and Christianity.

      So, no, we can't run. We have a duty to perform, but thanks for the advice anyway, mate. Support, in any form; moral, logistic or financial, is always welcome.

      For me, personally, and others I'm sure, it's also a matter of pride. We fought the fuckers before and kicked their asses only to be betrayed by the politicians. Now the scum claim victory against all facts to the contrary. So you see, people like me feel we have a score to settle and need to set the record straight, once and for all.

      No more Mr Nice Guy and no fucking politicians this time around.

  18. let the ANC send in the cops again, with real bullets, score to beat is 50 and to get the grand prize 100 go COPS

  19. Anonymous1:06 pm


    Just received a voice message on whatsap.
    2000 blacks on the march in Bremers Strast Pretoria.
    They say they will burn all the houses in that street and kill any white people they see.

    1. Anonymous9:20 pm

      Hide your women and children and all your valuables, the killer black racists are coming to steal and kill and rape and burn.

      **RED ALERT RED ALERT** The blacks are coming.

    2. @ anon 1:06 PM, Lady. Now there is something that the liberals will miss and purposely avoid.

      Why would they want to kill white people? White people have SFA to do with who is the mayoral council for Pretoria but we again will have to carry the repercussions for these retard stinks decision.

      Amazing isn't it that always the retard decision is somehow white mans responsibility.

      Some contributor posted earlier that they smell a rat, there is a rat in all this unrest, its called retard but that rat is been controlled by a greater power and that powers aim is to unseat authority and the best way to do that is rid SA of present whites.

      Be prepared and never drop your guard but also validate all that you hear because the power that initiates the unrest also wants to destabilize you and your fellow white South Africans.

      Stay away from these retards and only engage them on the battle field when you set the terms of combat.

      And yes destabilize these retards as much as you can, feed them psy ops about each other so that they continue to tear each other apart. Use your superior intelligence to further our goal.

    3. Anonymous12:00 am

      Apparently the power went off in Pretoria last night. A transformer blew. Might be the last preps before the big night.

      Source N24

  20. Anonymous2:32 pm

    And you bleeding heart suicidal liberals want to try and build a future together with these animals? You lot are touched in the head.

  21. Willem Wikkelspies2:36 pm

    These are the offspring of those murderous , rampaging , necklacing mobs of 1976 and this ungovernable status was foreordained.

  22. From one of the linked articles:

    Another protester said they did not want another Nkandla, referring to Didiza's KwaZulu-Natal roots, and that she must be taken back.

    "They must take that Nkandla to Natal. This is not Natal, this is Atteridgeville. This is Pedi, we are not going to allow anyone from outside to come to our city. Didiza doesn't know us, she doesn't even know our street names," he said.

    Nkandla is the name of Zuma's homestead in KZN. This protester seems to be using it as a slur word for Zulus in general. He also claims that Pretoria is Pedi territory. Very interesting.

    I'm telling you boets, this kind of tribalism will be the downfall of the ANC. Last month it was the school burnings in Limpopo, now Pretoria's on fire. What will happen if and when Zuma is deposed?

    There are two key preconditions needed to effect real change in SA:

    1. Unite the minorities
    2. Divide the majority

    The DA have done a good job with the former, bringing the vast majority of whites, coloureds and Asians under one political tent. The self-destructing ANC are unwittingly doing the latter, pitting Vendas against Tsongas, Pedis against Zulus, and who knows what other tribal rivalries that are percolating just below the surface.

    More, please.

    1. Anonymous9:24 pm

      Fuck the DA!

    2. Anonymous12:07 am

      I read some comments on social media.
      "where is the police"
      "why are they behaving like this"
      "why arnt the government stopping this"
      "we need to get rid of this in our country"

      For me, I would like the student protests to come back while this is happening. Wouldn't it be great if they can burn a couple of universities another 40 schools while burning the cities like this and looting. Why not let the xenophobia also start up again.

      We must realize the sooner this country falls the sooner we can build it back up again because with this lot running the country we ware going nowhere very fast.

    3. Jeppo, isn't this fucking ironic? Here we have Apartheid rearing it's "ugly" head again, with no help from the Whites.

      The different Kaffir tribes don't want to coexist with one another, but we Whites must coexist with all of the scum. What fucking retard can ever expect that to work???

      Oh yes, of course, the Libtards, Gillian Schutte, Maxie du Preez and the rest of that delusional lot.

      No mate, fuck 'em all. Let them burn everything down and the Libtards with it.

      And, LTMA @ 9:45PM - as for rules. There are no more rules when we get going The Terms of Engagement do not apply. There is only one rule - EXTERMINATION. No POW's. We don't want to feed and shelter the scum.

      Anon 9:24PM - No, not fuck the DA, they are useful idiots at this stage. Jeppo is quite right with his 2 points. We'll fuck the DA later, but lets use them to divide the majority for now.

      Relax, manne, the time is now fast approaching. What a show we're going to be privy to between now and election time, and afterwards. Just be prepared.

    4. Anonymous3:27 am

      The DA, despite their faults, are able to capably run cities and provinces. In that regard, they do a good job. Cape Town, under their rule, has vastly improved.

    5. Anon 3:27 Nobody will dispute that, but their political agenda is the same as the cANCer's; AA & BEE etc. Have you heard MM's radio ads" All about Blacks, Coloureds & Indians being disadvantaged. Show me a disadvantaged Charra and I'll show you a retarded Charra.

    6. Anonymous6:03 am

      Jeppo stuff the the DA they have sold the whites out we need unity with one people only and that is the Boer in my sights I am colour blind I can't tell the difference between yellow or blue.

  23. Anonymous3:58 pm

    What I find incomprehensible after watching the Youtube video linked by Anonymous 6:23 AM is how people can live like this, just look at the burglar proofing, palisade fencing and they think they are living normal lives. The barbarians in a mob like that will pull down those fences and burglar bars in 30 seconds flat with some car jacks. Then the idiots stand by the windows with shots being fired outside peeping through the curtains. Seriously, if this is the level of intelligence of the average white person in South Africa then you have got much bigger problems. FFS, how are you even going to defend yourself, let alone the Cape Province? I know I will be pilloried for this, but this is exactly why thousands of us have left, with everything going on people like this are STILL unable to comprehend that they are fucked and should be doing something about it. Flame me if you will LTMA and his gatgabbas, but with this kind of population you will never achieve anything and you need to take a good hard look at yourselves and decide whether saving SA is feasible. Now go ahead and call me a "runner" or a "coward" or whatever you want to, --just don't call me stupid, stupid is what people are who really think things will just get better if they wait long enough.

    1. Anonymous9:09 pm

      @Anon 3:58

      Don't worry boet, the main thing is you did what you felt was the right move for your family.
      We moved from Zim to SA now its part two of the savage for me.

    2. Anonymous9:29 pm

      Know one thing my x-pat bru, where ever you may find yourself at this moment in time, this scourge is creeping closer to you as well. Nowhere will be safe from this non white plague. This blight is taking over all of our Western countries. You might still live out your life in peace, but sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, your children will find there is no place left to run.

    3. Whitemanstanding9:59 pm

      If the Germans had all fled the country when their backs were against the wall would there be a Germany today? If the Russians had fled during the Mongol occupation would there be Russians today? I can go on and on.... remember the Alamo? I wish those whose decided to leave will stop fucking criticising the rest of us for staying. Do you think we're staying 'cos we're stupid?? Are you so far removed from your sense of nationhood? Why don't you like others put some shoulder to the wheel and help those who REFUSE to go?

    4. @ Whitemanstanding...So all those Boere who fled to Argentina after the Anglo Boer War were stupid? All those Zimbabweans fleeing Mugabe's paradise are stupid? All the Portuguese who fled Mozambique and Angola were stupid? All the east Germans who fled the Stasi were stupid? All the Russians who fled Stalin were stupid? All the Romanians who fled Nicolae Ceaușescu were stupid? All the Cambodians who fled Pol Pot were stupid?

      No mate. I don't critisize anybody for staying or leaving. It has nothing to do with "nationhood".

      There simply comes a time in your life where you look at how many years you have left on this earth and have to decide if you want to spend it under a corrupt black Communist regime or in a civilised Western country.

      There comes a time when you look at the future opportunities for your children, the risk of your wife and daughter being raped, mugged, hi-jacked or killed and you have to decide...Do I expose them to that risk or do I bring them to safety?

      Now it is all good and well to say, we make a stand and we all stand together. I have no problem with that either, but are you going to show us where to stand?

      Look arround you mate. White traitors everywhere. Good luck making your stand with them.

      I just want to know...when the big fight breaks out and those people who have left send your Guerillas money, are you going to refuse it? When they petition their host countries to help you in SA are you going to refuse their help? When they return to SA to fight on your side, are you going to chase them away?

      No mate. Get real. People want to leave, let them leave. You want to stay, then stay, but don't stay and do fuckall. Do something.

    5. Anonymous11:47 pm

      That may be Mike; but ANON 3:58 has been on this blog before and criticizes the remaining whites in this country by calling us useless dregs.

      The point is that it is easy to sit in your arm chair in another country and be a spectator of events in South Africa. For many of us can not just up and leave even if we wanted to. Therefore we have no alternative but to watch as events unfold and prepare as best we can for the eventual fall out.

      Anon 3:58pm is one of those bright sparks who is looking forward to throwing us the "I told you so line". He clearly can't wait for this country to implode. However he and his kin will soon be dealing with their own racial shit and the possibility of a Chinese invasion down under.

    6. Anonymous12:12 am

      Thanks Mike for that level headed reply. I would also like to believe that SA is redeemable but whites are too few and SA is too far gone.

      Any macho white male who stays and has a family, is just plain irresponsible and not a good husband/father.

      Clearly this does not apply to those who can.t move and are stuck. But to put your family in harms way for your own stupid pride and macho attitude is just plain stupid.

      When I think of this type of GV whitey the vision of the Bop AWB shot at their car comes into my mind. Now get with reality - get out if you have family - if you can.

    7. Anonymous12:30 am

      Anonymous3:58 PM


      Mate it is all good and well that you left. I will say it again. Well done to you for keeping your family safe.

      The issue here is not you leaving, coward or being stupid but your inability to comprehend that not everyone in actual fact most Afrikaners cant afford to do what you did.

      You in terms of your social standing and abilities, your neighborhood and the people who stayed there but your eyes are shut to the majority of whites that live on the breadline. They dont own properties and businesses and their mommies did not have money to send them to universities.

      I had to put myself through university and even though I own my own business i dont have enough money to take my entire family with me oversees and quite frankly i would not leave them to the wolfs either.

      You made it and i am glad for you. But please please stop looking down on people for something they cant do anything about.

      And just one more thing. Just because you cant see what some of us are doing behind closed doors doesnt mean we are sitting and waiting for hings to change.

      Friendly regards.

      Hope you will support our case like Mike mentioned above when the time comes.

    8. @ Mike 11:27 PM, White man standing 9:59 PM and anon 3:58 PM.

      Each to their own, if a man wants to leave he must. As you say Mike we need outside support.
      But let it be support, do not trash us for staying behind and call us stupid for trying to keep what is ours.

      Anon I am not going to go at you, I see no point in it, my enemies are here on my doorstep and I have enough and will have over enough to contend with here very shortly.

      You show me the respect of not telling me I am stupid and mindless in my belief and I will show you the respect of not trashing your decision to leave SA.

      Whitemanstanding, I have stated before that not all men are equal and some are more adaptable than others, it is not stupidity to recognise what will be best for you as an individual. Let those that need to leave be, somewhere down the line they could be the asset we require.

      Not every person is a warrior and not all of us know peace and quiet. Respect their decisions until they disrepect yours then you can take them on. Right now we have a war at home to fight, concentrate on our immediate front and do not be distracted.

      I do agree that we should not be critised for making a decision to stay. Africa is my blood and I would never be able to lead a life no matter how abnormal anywhere else. Is that stupidity?

    9. Anonymous1:59 am

      This argument needs to stop. It will achieve nothing - only unnecessary infighting. Let's accept that some see no hope for SA, are scared for their family, have the means to leave, and leave.

      Even those who left would return given half the chance/hope of recovering SA.

      I for one have moved my family to the UK. I don't like it here and want to come home - that is why I read this blog, to stay in touch with what is happening in reality there. For many that have come here though it is working out and they like it. Same with Aus/Newz/Canada. Each to his own.

      Loyalty to family comes before loyalty to country - which has been taken from the whites anyway.

      Let's focus on the real enemy and stop this destructive bickering.

    10. Anonymous3:23 am

      I came back to the Western Cape after living a decade overseas in a developed country. I live a far better standard in the Cape and I'm much happier, despite all the political problems.

    11. @ anon 1:59 AM. Agreed, so let's keep it that way not just say we are going to do it.

      When home is home again you come back and rebuild, right now you lend your support in other ways.

    12. Graeme1:54 pm

      The Hugenots fled Europe under the imposition of the Edict of Nantes, who can berate them?

      Desperate times call for desperate measures.

      There are many Exiles fighting the good fight abroad.

      For those unfortunate enough to be lumbered with the problem in Arzania please be reminded that it takes resilience and conviction to overcome the evil in your midst.

      This has all been done before by our forefathers in spite of the difficulties that they had to overcome.
      It can (and must) have a favourable outcome for us, there simply is no other option, we have the will and the determination.
      Eendracht maak magt!

  24. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Liberals how is your democracy working out for you?


    1. He is right ;-) They are scared of criminals and against the constitution.

    2. It's beautiful to behold K-factor vs K-factor. Juju missed an opportunity there. He should have asked the cop what he would have done if it was Whites who were holding the weapons.

    3. Anonymous3:33 am

      Among all the serious shit flying around, the Human Rights Commission is flipping out over this woman driver skelling out blacks. But somehow I don't think she's going to apologise anytime soon.


    4. Is the HRC too dim to understand that she and others like her, us, simply want sweet fuckall to do with them?

      No, I don't think there's going to be any apology forthcoming either.

  25. Anonymous9:57 pm

    Lets get this right: Whites (Most on this blog and I) Do no want to be governed by any black regardless of their tribe. We get shot down as white supremacists and racist.
    (Now we can get fined because of our views)

    The Pedi tribe clearly doesn't want to be governed by any Zulus and are therefore showing it by burning the place down. They get called angry protestors.

    This is what I have always called racism - bigotry, It is a clash of the cultures. No cultures peacefully co exist.
    Every culture wants their own representative.

    If the Pedis achieve turning this round in their favour what is stopping whites turning it in their favour for the cape colony?
    My nomination for the Cape Colony:

    1. Anonymous9:14 am

      I like.

    2. Anonymous10:46 am

      The Soviet of socialist tribes is coming to an end

  26. http://www.fin24.com/Economy/Eskom/25-000-in-the-dark-as-tshwane-unrest-thwarts-eskom-fix-it-team-20160622

    Test runs Ninja?

  27. Steal millions from the people that vote you into power, run backhand scams with Gupta's, Shaiks and other scum, syphon off a couple of million in arms deals, set up coal mines for your sons, rape woman at lib and just be a second rate criminal and be too fucking stupid to read numbers and give speeches.

    Run the economy into the ground, trash the rand, do not give assistance to drought strickened areas and just fuck the country up.

    No retards will riot against the above but put a Zulu to rule a tswana or a Sotho or a Xhosa or vice versa, all hell breaks loose.

    Now you liberals cunts, please explain your dumb fucking loyalty to me? I hope that all you white liberal cunts burn in the streets and feel the stupidity of your liberally twisted mind.

    Where the fuck is Gillian retard schutte and the other purple haired witch that so love black stinks, where is Helen Zille and those other white whores that were stirring this shit in the 80s.

    All those big fucking white liberal gob shits are safely tucked away now, they're to fucking scared to go calm their black stink buddies.

    Believe me you liberal cunts, I want the new SA to burn because then when lawlessness is nice and cosy we can get on with the job of taking back what is ours and restoring the white mans order.

    1. Anonymous6:05 am

      Well said LTMA, can I suggest after we restore law and order we round up all these prominent liberal arseholes and put them before an outdoor military court next to a large enough tree.

  28. hahahahaha Love it. Hopefully not to longer and SA will return to its former glory and rightful settlers, then screw the rest of the world they've stood back and watched......

  29. Whiteman3:58 am

    LTMA, I like your honest direct approach, in these matters ! We will definitely vote you into Mikes parliament. I can see that you, just like Donald Trump, are too busy to be politically correct. Go man GO !

  30. No ministers in the new republic; a CEO and 6 Directors. We'll run the place like a fucking business. You fuck up, you're fired. No politics to confuse matters. Haven't you guys seen and realised yet how politics has fucked up the whole world? This will be a "businesscracy".

    1. Anonymous2:49 am

      Yes, that's how Hong Kong is run, their 'government' is a corporation with a board of directors.

  31. Anonymous6:35 am

    Hear, hear - Prime Minister Mike Smith all the way........

  32. Anonymous7:00 pm

    Oh lookie here, the terror organizations ANC and EFF made millions and millions of little terrorist babies for our enjoyment and for the whole world to see.

  33. Anonymous1:09 pm

    I wonder if any whites in and around Pretoria attempted to take a few pot shots a the rioters or looters. Well if there were men or women brave enough I salute you.