29 June 2016

On the 3rd of August, Vote Cape Party.

By Mike Smith

29th of June 2016

Following Brexit some people are making satirical jokes about the possibility of a Cexit or Cape Exit.

They reckon we should charge the Valies and Freestaters for Visas to visit the Cape, etc.

I just love it. The more people discuss it, laugh about it, cry about it and celebrate a possible independent Cape the better.

However there are some people who take it quite seriously. Like I for instance. But who am I?

Far more important is the fact that important people like R.W. Johnson and Steve Hofmeyr added their voices for a “Wexit”

Wexit, Cexit EsCape…name it what you like, as long as it happens. Tweeted Steve: “If Wexit happens I’m there tomorrow.”

Hofmeyr added: “Brexit did it. Brits leads (sic) the way to self-determination.”

Jack Miller of the Cape Party
Of course, after my 2007 article where I first called for an Independent Cape, the Cape Party was started by (now 31 year old) Jack Miller who is also the leader.

Further, according to Wiki, the constitutional law scholar and Afrikaans moffie with a string of black boyfriends, Prof. Pierre de Vos, however, has said that the Cape Party could not secede without a revolution. As the constitution has created a unitary state, he has said that threatening the unity of the country would be treason.

Well I have heard clap trap like that before. Cyprus for instance was a British Colony from 1914 until 1960. When the Brits annexed it, they ruled the island with an undemocratic constitution and imposed heavy taxes on the Cypriots. However the Cypriots wanted “Enosis”. Union with Greece and actively seeked it from the Greek King Paul, The UN and the UK.

Hard arse Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill refused the Cypriots independence and warned them that any attempt will be regarded as treason and traitors will be shot. He did not calculate or reckon with the formidable Greek resistance General George Grivas who secretly entered Cyprus in November 1954 and began immediately the formation of his guerrilla organization EOKA.

On 1 April 1955 with a declaration that he signed as DIGENIS (meaning “Two Blood”) and a number of bombings against various targets in the four major cities and military installations, he announced the beginning of his campaign for Self Determination and or Union with Greece.

On the 6th of April 1955 Sir Anthony Eden became the new British Prime Minister and said that Cyprus will NEVER be independent.

A year later on the 15th of March he repeated this to the House of Commons and declared that Britain will stand fast of Cyprus. UK to stand fast over Cyprus; Sir Anthony Eden gets confidence vote

During the struggle, the British colonial administration had offered a reward of 10,000 British pounds plus passage to anywhere in the world for information leading to the arrest of Colonel Grivas. They could never catch him. He was a Greek hero. In 1960 Cyprus defeated Britain, became an independent country...and invoked the wrath of the world’s NWO elite.

After the military ousted the traitor Archbishop Makarios in 1974 Turkey retaliated by invading and seizing a third of the island, the historic Mediterranean island remains split in two till this day…As divided as Berlin before the Wall came down, Cyprus is still bristling with troops and espionage bases and remains permanently policed by the United Nations.

The Cyprus Conspiracy: America, Espionage and the Turkish Invasion

If enough people in the Cape want independence it WILL happen. If it takes a revolution then so be it. About time people start fighting for their freedom.

Besides the ANC as a revolutionary organization knows that when the Cape Rebels stand up, there is no way they can stop them. If these guerrillas start targeting isolated police stations, army basis, rail roads and electrical pylons, ANC politicians, ANC offices, statues of Mandela and the other ANC scum, all hell will break lose, but it will lead to independence…Not only that…

Cape Independence will serve as a catalyst for other independent aspiration. The Boers, the Zulu’s, The Indians will all feel that if the Cape could do it then they can do it as well. Bye, Bye ANC.

The DA does NOT support an Independent Cape. In fact most of the people in the DA supported the ANC to come to power. Today they still want to be part of the ANC run South Africa. Stuff the DA.

On the 3rd of August 2016 there will be a thundering Tsunami of support. Return the Cape to Independence: Vote Cape Party


  1. Anonymous5:05 am

    Start producing and selling the bumper stickers.

  2. Anonymous5:14 am

    Well Jan Hettama has been murdered. Better do the vote quick as whites are running short in SA. Being picked of one by one.


    1. Anonymous6:59 am

      Thanks. Sad news. He was a household name during my youth. Yes, establish an independent Cape soon, before whites go extinct in S.A. Tom

    2. He was an old man and they shot him. These Kaffirs do not understand compassion and sympathy, so why should anybody show them any.

      5:14 AM you are so damn right about them picking us off one by one but watch how they aim at the defenceless and soft targets, its a mind game that they are playing at.

      I vote let's fucking nuke every single Kaffir and rid the world of the menace.

  3. Good idea , then we dont have to waste our money on more nkandlas , fake weapons deals , and all the gate scandals .All whities must move to Escape Town and leave those Johannisburglars behind as well as the ones trained in Nairobbery.
    Lets get the Cape into shape .

  4. Anonymous5:30 am

    Whilst I support Cape independence if the Cape Party was started almost 10 years ago with little progress, and they still don't have a functioning website, then Jack is not the right person to lead this.

  5. Anonymous5:31 am

    This movement needs some steroids.

  6. Hey, you guys down there, you must include the Northern Cape . We're always the Forgotten Province and there are very few of Satan's Spawn her . . . so far.

    Come on, Manne, I'm rooting for Die Kaap - die hele Kaap!

    1. Tom there is little of anyone in the Northern Cape but yes it must be a part of the Cape. The more land the better

    2. TT just for you we will make a concession.

    3. Dony, LTMA, thanks my Boets. I can tell you most of the Coloureds here [not gewone wynsuipende Hotnots. They could give a shit as long as their wine supply isn't interfered with.] are also gatvol of these cANCerous cunts. They are beginning to see that it's only a matter of time before they are also excluded by AA & BEE.

  7. Anonymous5:52 am

    It is time whites in SA adopted the story of the Jewish 'holocaust' atrocity for our own purposes here in SA. After all there are many similarities:

    Jews were a minority group in Germany
    They were victimised and ostrocised
    They were blamed for trying to dominate the economy
    They were viewed as invaders
    They would not assimilate
    They were accused of attempting world domination

    This is the only way the world will accept the plight of whites in SA as a minority group and the genocide that is taking place here. We need to draw attention to these similarities.

    We are facing the same threat of extermination as the Jews faced in Germany.

    No matter what your personal belief is of the holocaust the majority in the world believe the mainstream media brief.

    We need to milk this and cry out - 'Afrikaaner Holocaust'. History is repeating itself under the ANC/Nazi dictatorship.

    1. Anonymous4:33 pm

      African Nazi Congress

    2. Anonymous5:42 pm

      Fully agree!! The holocaust was a huge factor in getting them back to Israel. Regardless of what ppl think of Jews, they have done a brilliant job of getting the world to support them.

      We need to make our voice louder, show the world that there really is a genocide happen against white South Africans. A guy posted a video he made a couple articles ago. Stuff like that, share it, spread the word!!

      Say no to white genocide in South Africa!!

      Free whites from tyranny in South Africa!!

      Support an independent Cape!!

  8. The Cape Party is on the wrong platform and argument's are wrong. The Cape territory must be based on previous historical "hottentot" land. The Cape's characteristics that differ it from the whole of Africa is 1)Khoisan people, culture, particularly Khoikhoi history 2) Afrikaans as the lingua franca 3)Climate and vegetation-summer rain/Bantu region climate will on make up only 10% to 15% of it's territory, It's most arid, Mediterranean. Now, as I said from the Swakop River all the way to the Lower Great Fish River is where the border's of the true Cape is, All political and historical academics can agree with me on that one. The attitude of some Boer/Voortrekkers is "typical", sometimes I think Boers/Voortrekkers are just White tribalists, White Nationalists and modern-day Nats(fokkel to do with true Boer republic history, although one can argue that by 1960 South Africa was a Second Boer Republic that was bigger and stronger than the First). I really don't want to lose faith in incorporating Boers/Voortrekkers into a Cape Federal Republic that could be semi-presidential system(compliments both Voortrekker and British Cape political history) and if needs be add a Symbolic Khoi monarchy to satisfy the heavy number of potential/kingmaker Khoisan people(not Cape Town!!!), who will do most of the fighting against Azania for a Confederal Belgium-type South Africa political system. The land between the Orange River and the Modder River with Bloemfontein belongs to the Cape-Look up Napier Treaty 1843, it was lost to the expanding Winburg Republic with multiple British Governors supporting it and changing the land territory rules(They gave up on the Griquas. The DA could lose Cape Afrikaner and coloured and Khoisan support with a number of Cape English-speaking whites, if a proto-Cape Nationalism Party, a true Cape Nationalist/Interests party came into being with strong arguments why this and that should happen and having Khoisan support and members within it's ranks. The DA could end up being a ANC party altogether i.e. Azania based party.

    1. Anonymous9:52 am

      let me guess only your argument is correct right?

    2. Anonymous9:53 am

      Ag ffsakes die ou is obsessed met hotentot. Dis al wanneer hy iets post.

    3. Anonymous10:04 am

      I do not want my dna diluted. Thanks for the suggestion but it will come back to bite my children in the ass again. Blue eyes, big physique, big brain, better strength, harmony, talent and progress are what i am fighting for.

      I am not fighting to make the ANC fall i am fighting to keep something alive that is valuable. That is my DNA and it is under threat world wide.

    4. @9:52AM It's on the RIGHT TRACK, wouldn't say the only correct argument, but it's damn well on the right track. And whenever Mike posts about the Cape and the future, I must put my 2cents in, coz I foresee the future and how it will go down.
      @9:53AM Hottentots/Khoikhoi people are the only standing block between a Cape with a history and identity and a ever more misguided Azaniafication of South Africa.

    5. Anonymous2:28 am

      Kaapschman- what about Xhosas? Did you know that they are offspring produced by intermarriage between Khoikhoi and Bantus. Xhosas have 100% rights to claim ownership of the cape, both NC, EC and WC together with the Tswanas of Northern Cape. They are the only group of blacks proven to have carried both the genes of Khoikhoi and Bantus. This is in exception of Batswana of NW and Botswana who as well carry the genes of Masarwa (Khoikhoi) and Bantus. The land belonged to their ancestors.

    6. @2:28AM That will never happen, only a person classified from the Apartheid era as "Cape Coloured" who speaks Afrikaans as 1st or 2nd language and especially someone from the western half of South Africa will be accepted as a Khoisan person/assimilated Khoisan person. You can't have black Africans who looks "bantu speaking person", who speaks an Bantu language and who grew as a bantu seaking person with names and traditions as a Khoisan/Hottentot person. It won't be accepted by the international community or the Khoisan leaders here in the Cape. BUT, Xhosa, Tswana and Sotho people are Historical neighbours of the Cape and Khoisan, so the way they will be dealt with is different from other SA bantu speaking groups. The Xhosa, Sotho and Tswana are National Minorities I would say, like the Polish people in Germany. This notion of Khoisan and Bantu/'African' people from the same family tree must come to an end among bantu/'African' people. The Nigerian, Congolese and Ghana archeologists won't accept it evens.

    7. @ Kaapscheman: Sorry mate I am a little bit confused here. I have read all your comments and you are pushing for coloured independence or Cape independence with white and coloureds separate from the ANC.

      Now I have no problem with that. In fact I strive for Cape independence too. However, seeing that you are from the Northern Cape, could you please explain to me how is it possible that the people there (68% Afrikaans speakers) voted mostly ANC (64%) and only 24% voted DA??

      Add to that the 5% who voted for the EFF and the 4% who voted for Cope (two pincers of the ANC Communist crab) and you have 73% of the Northern Cape voting for and supporting the Marxist terrorist regime.

      So my question is this, How do you intend to change that? Because in my opinion and my future Cape, there will be no place for any ANC supporters. Anybody who supports the ANC is supporting a terrorist organisation and should be summarily executed.

    8. Anonymous3:16 am

      Racism is an incurable disease. Justifying racism on your anti-ANC statements still exposes you as a racists. Just contest ANC in a free and fair election and see what is majority voting for. It is not to say that ANC is unbeatable and invincible. DA is a prove that ANC can be beaten. Just launch your manifesto that won't seek to portray whites as kings and blacks as servants and wait and see majority votes coming your way.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. If you give blacks enough rope they will hang themselves.

    The best way forward is for the terrorist ANC to just grab the land - productive commercial land - and let the hunger set in.

    That is the only way I can see things taking off at lightening speed at this point. And they have that legislation because the certainly intend on using it.

    In a very ironic way everything the terrorist ANC does hurts itself in the long run.

    Best just to stand back and let their parasitic nature do what it does best. I'm wondering if they will grab land to appease aggravated parties after August 3rd???

    If what happened in Tshwane happens nationwide after the election, you will get your revolution alright.

    1. All guerrillas (insurgents) use the standard four tactics of

      1) Provocation (destruction of holy shrines, statues or think 9/11)
      2) Intimidation (Necklacing and the killing of traitors or collaborators)
      3) Protraction (Let it drag on indefinitely with no clear result)
      4) Exhaustion (The enemy loses its will to fight and leaves on his own).

      Just think about it. The Boers used every single one of those tactics.

      So if you want to get the Show on the road start thinking...how do we:

      1) Provoke?
      2) Intimidate?
      3) Protract?
      4) Exhaust?

    2. Anonymous9:31 am

      Mike, mountains aeound around Cape town perfect for protracted guerrilla warfare, including Hex revierberge all the way East to the Groot Swartberge. A little different from my beloved Drakensberg, but should you need a Alpine soldier I won't hesitate to join

    3. I am going to have to train up some instructors first ;-)

    4. I agree with all those points. My thing is opportunity to iniate all the above. I think that will come from the fallout to these elections. We need to cops stretched and then the opportunity will present itself to initiate all those aove points. In a strange way, rioting kaffirs who tie up police reosurces will in effect be an ally of ours. Strange if you look at it taht way ;)

    5. Anonymous1:41 pm

      JP, many political analysts are predicting bigger kak after the elections than before.
      I hope it breaks out and forces whites once & for all out of this shit continent.
      Whites do not realize that the best thing that could happen to them would be for them to be accepted in the uS or EU as refugees.
      Blacks will always remain back ward, retarded thieves even 100 years from now & it still makes me wonder why whites never finished them all off when they first arrived, co existence is not a reality & can never work.


    6. There is going to be kak worldwide. Economists are predicting that the "bubble" will burst and that the big banks [JP Morgan, Chase, etc.] are going to see their arses around US election time ten times worse than in 2008. This time it will be so bad that the uS govt won't be able to bail them out.

      Check it out here, just skip the sales spchiel at the end:

    7. Provocation - A starting point could be to somehow convince the Cape Flats gangs to see the influx of "Transkei Refugees" [TR has a nice ring to it, short for Terrs] as a threat to them and as trespassers on their turf. That'll put the cat among the pigeons.

      Intimidation - a loose affiliation of snipers [SA - poetic justice?] to take out key targets at random which will also result in protraction.

      These are only a few of my own thoughts on the matter and will of course be in conjunction with all manner of other disruptive activities [DA - perfect!].

      JP makes a very valid point when he says these rioting and looting savages are a perfect ally by distracting the pathetic police.

      Steve, once again it was the "Money Men" who invited them into our society when the Afrikaner asked for better than the slave wage they were being paid on the mines and the MM then imported the Kaffir. Ever since the end of the second Boer War the Boer has been discriminated against and these fucking Jungle Bunnies have been handed everything the Boer nation built since '48 on a platter and have the audacity to call us racists. No fuck 'em, one and all.

    8. TT, the best thing that could happen would be total global shit, we need a rectifier to bring everything back in line.

      The globe is so out of sync with creation that it needs to be banged back to reality.

    9. Yeah, LT, see the link I posted above, global shit is about to happen and that will be a good distraction to keep the eyes of the world off us while we start Operation Clean House.

      Hopefully, it will also assist in starving e few million K's out of the equation. I still love that photo of the vulture sitting and waiting for the little Zot to keel over. To my mind that and Hector Peterson's are greatly inspiring works of art.

    10. Anonymous7:19 am

      Hi Mike

      To Provoke: Attack anything with Nelson Mandela's name or face on it. You can't go for an hour in any Direction without finding something that has something to do with him. Be rude and be crude. This is about survival not votes. Don't get caught though.

      To Intimidate: Target the howler monkeys, meaning the community leaders, the spokesmonkeys and any cANCer politician that gets on a box to flap his gums at us. BE MEAN!!! Make a spectacle of the attack and the left-lib media, in a frenzy to drop race bombs and assert the victim status of the poor dead animals will do the propaganda for us.

      To Protract: Attack infrastructure. Be particularly attentive to their WATER and ENERGY. They can go for weeks without food but without water (or electricity to boil and purify dirty water) they will turn on each other, their survival demands it. Target government sponsored medical facilities when they start getting sick from the dirty water. Destroy all communications to leave them clueless. Create a perception of weakness amongst them with relentless attacks, and their desperation will make them stupid.

      To Exhaust: 45 million stuck-up, inbred, inferiority-complex-ridden, sub-simian, bipedal noncontributing parasites will do the exhaustion for us when they turn on each other for survival. In everything that leads to this we must be brutal and unforgiving. When he thinks of the white man riches in the south he must associate the picture with a very real possibility of death.

      Have a constitution, leadership and elections waiting in the wings. When we break away, it must be instant and irreversible.


    11. TT a little distraction could go a long way.

      We really need to develop a strong anti - perspirant that we can spray over some of these larger ghettos to kill the stink.

      Trying to clean up the stench one perpetrator at a time takes far to long and is very expensive.

      These genius scientists must throw a potion together that freshens up the air in no time.

  10. Most probably going to be called an arse creeper but fuck its all or nothing, let's get the INDEPENDENT CAPE set up then I can move out of this Kaffir infested cuntry.

  11. Anonymous7:04 am

    Pardon my ignorance, but what will prevent the libtards from gaining access to the Independent Cape under false pretenses, like the terrorist are doing at the moment in Europe? It would be easy to donn the "whites are good, blacks are evil" hat and infiltrate the society without anyone even batting an eyelid. There should be a stringent screening process beforehand, or a stringent "cleaning" process...:-)

    1. All libtards will be quietly taken around the shoulders and spoken to.

    2. Anonymous9:17 am

      You mean neck Mike lol. Vaalpens

    3. Dont worry we have the list and we are maintaining it. I Just put another N24 bitch up today.

    4. Anonymous12:26 pm

      Nice one Dony, we'll have more than enough "enforcers" when the time comes.

    5. Dony, with reference to "The List" there's a sniper's chirp that says:
      "Some people just need a pat on the back . . . from a thousand yards."
      I love the thought?

    6. Anonymous3:46 am

      Here is a revolutionary suggestion

      Make it easy and attractive for people to move to the Cape

      Here is how .....

      1.) Do an investigation and description of all the towns cities in the Cape ( borders as when it was the old Cape Province ) a Geographic description -- location , vegetation , rainfall etc etc

      2.) An economic analysis showing , size population , economy , commerce , job opportunities etc etc

      Look at all the wonderful pamphlets , books , prospectus to attract immigrants that were generated at the time of the great migrations from the UK -- to Australia , New Zealand , Canada , South Africa -- and parts of the US.

      Currently movement to the Cape is done on an individual ad-hoc basis.
      IF you really want to attract people then this is what you have to do -- make it EASY !

    7. @Anon.3:46 AM. I must do what? Why don't you just tell me I should hold their Hands while they take a shit?

      People are free to come to the Cape and have a look and do their own research.

      People are also free to stay the fuck where they are. I don't care. At the end of the day when Uhuru comes knocking on their doors they will be FORCED to the Cape wheteher they want to or not.

    8. Anonymous7:32 am

      TT I can see you but you can't see me, reach out and touch them at 1600 yards, TT there are many diff types of Sniper the urban 200m and harrasment, IE a small bit too far for standard open sight rifle to be dead on accurate, but close enough for enemy to keep their heads down, then of course the premier league one mile club with their sako 338 lapua. But any firearm is a potential sniper weapon because being a sniper is having the right frame of mind then acquiring the necessary skills and tools to make it happen.

    9. Tom exactly _,________
      sjw _T _==____()

    10. Anonymous1:47 am

      So Mr Smith
      You seem quite blase about it all

      How many towns in the Cape have YOU visited and stayed in ?
      How many farms have you visited ?
      How many battlefields have you stood on ?
      ( Northern Cape , Western Cape , Eastern Cape )
      How many roads have you traveled on ?
      How much of the history do you know and understand ?
      In short how well ( really well ) do you know -- The Cape ?

    11. @ Anon 1:47 AM...Me? Oh no, I have just read about the Cape. I know nothing about it.

      Damn I should have thought about that before I opened my huge mouth. Sorry. I did not realise at the time that a learned scholar like yourself would come and grace my blog with his presence.

      "Falling to knees and bowing prefusely, muttering"..."I am not worthy; I am not worthy"...

    12. Mike, I have a world atlas and a road map of the Cape, if you need to bring yourself up to speed.

    13. Anonymous9:01 am

      So I see you watch the Trevor Noah show ?

  12. Anonymous7:23 am

    No racists shall win elections in SA.

    1. Define "Racists"...Could it perhaps be anyone who opposes the ANCunts?

    2. @ anon 7:23 AM so the ANC will definitely not win elections, thanks for the info.

      That should included every other retard political party as well.

      You seem to confuse who the true racists are. Let me help you, you want white skin, soft wavy hair, white mans houses, wealth , food and everything, we are happy with what we have, you never see us wanting to live in your mud huts, blacken our skin, live like you pigs, want your peppercorns we don't even want to eat that shit that you call food and you don't either that's why you lot are obese, fat, humongous blubbers.

      I would say you're the rascist and your greed drives you beyond racism you retards become fanatical.

    3. @Anon7:23

      You're not very bright are you.? Do you think we give a shit about if we can win any form of election.? The election was won 22 years ago asshole.

      What you don't understand is that in time things will reveal itself. What JP mentioned in his post is 100% true. 22 odd years ago when you monkeys took power you got given a rope around your neck. A very long rope. In your short period of rulership you've managed to make that rope shorter and shorter and eventually hanged yourself. All that's now left is just for you to choke to death and die..

    4. Whiteman10:00 am

      In this country, if you oppose a black person in, any shape or form, you are a racist. If he tries to kill you, and you manage to kill him first, you are a racist. We will NEVER get rid of this accusation, because it has been brainwashed into their minds. Even if he steals from you, and you become upset, you are a racist. I follow with interest, this debate about an independent Cape. But because I am a realist, forgive me for being somewhat pessimistic. All the whites in this country, have been sentenced to death by the black barbarians. Various of their leaders have said it, sung it, wtitten it, and physically DONE it ! So whatever plans we make, has to take this into account, if we hope to have any success. To go and play games in the parliament circus, has been tried for twenty-one years thusfar, and the result does not impress me at all. But your way, Mike, does make more sense, and might turn out to be the only workable solution !

    5. Anonymous10:47 am

      Well why is the ANC in power. The people certainly are not voting for service delivery. They are merely voting for black skin. Call me a racist i don't care, if the truth is racist then so be it.
      I have lovely blue eyes by the way. Girls get lost in them aaaa nd black females... i cant tell them to fuck-off enough. I cant understand why they prefer me over your stink and coil hair.
      Every night it takes me hours to remove the spam from my phone. They see the number on my car and then they just wanna chat and send me pics. Sis.
      Just playing with you i know why they prefer me. I am white smart and hot.
      Dont let it bother you though. Go back to the bush and you will start feeling better already. Just dont grab a monkey from behind otherwise i will have to shoot you for animal cruelty.

    6. Anonymous11:52 am

      Racists are people who cannot bear to be ruled over by other races but when his race is in charge there will be nothing wrong. The moment they lose out they will start to call for self determination et al. South Africa cannot be shared into small pieces just to entertain racists. We want one South Africa. Even if you call for referendum 95% of South Africans will vote NOOOOOO!!!

    7. Stephen12:08 pm

      Hey look ! Mike ! this kaffer even jumped the cyber-fence
      anon7:23 is obviously a bone-head and this is our cyber-man-cave , where we chat just the boyz...

      ..and geus what happens ? A flippen flappie interupts us !
      they even jump a fence you can't see...the black-plauge I tell you.

    8. Anonymous1:27 pm

      The racists are already in power, they don't have to be voted in!

    9. Anonymous2:37 am

      Racists are held at bay and anything that comes out of their mouth. BANG!!! We will hit them with R1 million fine. We have now reduced their racist rhetoric to their bedrooms and behind their computers. Gone are those days when you could just call people kaffirs in public anyhow you like. We gonna have to make a lot of money out of you.

    10. @ anon 2:37 AM. Let me explain something to you.

      If you're white you will remember the little diddle " stick and stones can break my bones but words cannot harm me" you're most probably are a darky so you most probably never heard it before.

      Anyway 2 points, a white man can call me a cunt, doos, prick, whatever they want a retard can do the same to me, it only means something if I want it to.

      You retards are so fucking stupidly sensitive that you allow word slinging to effect you, the reason for this is your species has a low to no self esteem, fuck all intelligence, no cognitive ability and you know that you are a fail in the evolution chain.

      You lot are colour sensitive and you know that monkeys and other primates are far superior to you, so of course you will be offended by a little name calling because you're to weak as a species to stand up to reality.

      2. The only way your species can make money is by stealing it from white people. So what's new your big plan of racism fines, we have seen through that smoke screen long ago, you fucking criminal cunts.

      Now fuck off and climb back into your mudhole.

    11. Anonymous6:41 am


      So the ANC won't be able to spew their hatred and racism anymore?

      Perhaps they'll also abandon their racial laws too?

    12. Anonymous11:52 AM

      Sounds like you are describing blacks.

      Dont worry about sharing the land in to small pieces, the black tribes will do that themslefs just like they did before the white man calmed them down and their murderous tribal tendencies.

    13. Anonymous12:11 pm

      Anon 2:37 just gave me an idea.

      BANG! As soon as they attack 1 farmer with x amount of acres on his land... BANG! we fine the cunts 10x acres worth of land and we seize it.

      If we are to pay fines for words, they will pay fines for murder and robbery.

      After 1 year, we will have take Europe too.

    14. Anonymous6:04 pm

      Anon 2:37, the best is when a kaffir calls another kaffir a kaffir and vice versa. How are you going to fine that?

    15. Anonymous3:21 am

      So who will be about if blacks call whites pigs because their skins look alike? Mmmmm!! That will fit your characteristics. The pig is pale and greedy.

  13. Anonymous7:33 am

    Perhaps of interest to some:

    The British Union of South Africa took place in 1910 however the British made legislation I believe in 1902 that they would stop seizing international territory.

    A woman is spearheading this, however I have no other info. But it is real as I met her and she had compiled hundreds of pages of facts regarding this. Included was compensation to the Boers for the concentration camps.

    If true, can of worms

    1. Anonymous12:43 pm

      No it's not true, just a can of worms

  14. Anonymous8:15 am

    Unfortunately in normal times people vote by first looking at their wallets.
    Freedom / Democracy / Patriotism are NOT on their radar.

    It takes MANY dedicated volunteers , a LOT of hard work plus quite a bit of street wise intelligence plus LOTS OF MONEY to get a political party / movement off the ground and successful.

    I will be suprised if the Cape Party even get ONE seat.

    1. Anonymous5:58 pm

      Things can change very rapidly. There was a point where ppl would have laughed off the ANC as well...

  15. Anonymous10:51 am

    Dream on mike whiteys ar fat cats in front of the tv watching rugby, they wont join you

    1. @ anon 10:51 AM those aren't whiteys, those are your black arse sucking white liberal twats, keep watching them please.

    2. Anonymous12:12 pm

      Good, let those fat fucks and beta males stay behind in Azania where they can pollute black DNA pools with their beta male Genes.

    3. Anonymous12:31 pm

      Those that really wants to will...eventually, the rest will get what is coming their way.

    4. Anonymous5:56 pm

      Stop been such a pessimist. People said England would never leave the EU. It's funny how quickly things can turn around. A person one day can go from being a tv rugby person, to the next a fighting guerilla.

      The movements growing, the times coming where whites will have no choice but to wake up and fight....

  16. On paper and in theory it's a no brainer. A independant Cape would be great, myself and many will support it. But in reality it's really a tough call...

    At the end of the day a select few, besides those who already live there will be able to make the move. The high to lower middle class and poor whites won't make it.. Unless there's not ample economic support and oppurtunities available along with border control measures, you will have a small refugee problem with no established economy to support those people. Whites would flock there in their masses away from the kaffirs. Don't forget the Indians, Porra's, Greeks ect..

    Gauteng carries the country finacially and the Cape doesn't have the economic muscle to do that. Not for now at least, but definitely possible in the future..

    3 things I've seen nobody talk about.

    1. Julius Malema is in-fucking-love with Stellenbosh and the Boland if you haven't noticed.?? His dream is to buy one of the top wine farms and claim it for the african dogs... He wants to sit on Mr. Ruperts throne and drive all over Koos Bekkers wine estate with his Donkey..

    2. The deal most people don't know about and many have forgotten. The Natural gas deposits in the Karoo. It's worth Billions.. Probably the single biggest valuable resource this country has up it's sleeve. The proposed border includes this part...

    3. The shipping route around the Cape is one of the worlds 10 most valuable assets to have as a country. The US, China, India, Russia will all get involved..

    A lot to think about..? Then what about us Guys up North.?. I live in Gauteng and so do many of the others here.. This is where the heat will be.. Will the Cape guys support us.?

    I love the Cape, it's truly God's piece of earth that but what happened to all the way to the Eqautor Mike.?

  17. On 2nd thought.. There's not enough time left to pull this off.?.
    War is knocking on the door.. Prepare accordingly.

    1. To be honest i think you are correct but this would rally more people in to our camp and stir the shit properly.

    2. BLCN -"What happened to all the way to the Equator, Mike?" One step at a time, Boet.

      But I fear you and Dony are correct, there's no more time to win it via the ballot box. The shit is about to hit the fan, big time, worldwide.

  18. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Well they better get off their asses. Soon they will have no options left . Least there are sound alternatives to the idiotic fractional parties whom don't represent the true patriots.

    I for one will vote for this party as it's the best plan derived yet.
    Thanks Mike for contributing some realistic and feasible ideas.
    Time the sheep start to awaken and fast.
    Note all dindus fuck off from our C.xolony.

  19. Anonymous1:36 pm

    I fully support an independent Cape but the problem is most whites & coloureds would never vote for one & would rather vote DA out of fear for the anc returning to power. The western cape will therefore always be part of Pretoria & the anc will always make the rules.
    I dont think whites have the ability to see the big picture of a complete breakaway.
    I would also relocate to the Cape if this became a reality, I am in kzn, home of the anc.

  20. Anonymous1:41 pm

    yeh u rasis whites, this is wat we cal funn.


    Oh yeh. wE blacks cannot be rasis.

    Got that?

    1. Fuck me, that is exactly what they are, cowardly scum.

    2. Anonymous6:37 am

      Perhaps, there should be a campaign towards the DA about a Cape federal system or autonomy?

    3. Anonymous6:12 pm

      What a coward, sucker punching him like ! But it is okay, the only language that black kid will understand is when he gets blade in his throat or neck from behind.

  21. Anonymous2:39 pm


    1. Anonymous3:13 am

      Their twnety points are hardly anything new or to write home about.

      The rest of the site long on Rhetoric , faulty history , and emotion

      They need more than Steroids ( and Viagra )

      Perhaps if someone of the stature of RWJ was leading the party -- then perhaps.

      Where are all rich owners of the huge wine estates ?
      Are THEY not interested in a free successful well run Cape ?
      Do they think that the DA does a good enough job ?

    2. Anonymous6:36 am

      Anon 3:13

      They have to start somewhere.

      And yes, if someone like RW Johnson could join the cause, the publicity and support would massively increase.

  22. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Fuck Globalism! We want Nations and cultures living in harmony apart from one another, like its always been throughout Human history.

    This forced integration is a big sham. Being called a racist for wanting this ideal (Independent Nations) is a bigger scam. Stand up and speak out against this unnatural idea of Globalism.

  23. Anonymous4:34 pm

    In response to the claim the Cape Party has no website:

    Wik - "On 17 March 2009, the party's website was defaced by vandals. The website was replaced with an image of a "black devil" and the words "fuck off".[26] Jack Miller, the party leader, alleged that the attack would have required a great deal of funding and equipment, and claimed that it had been perpetrated by one of South Africa's two largest political parties, the African National Congress or the Democratic Alliance.[27] The attack was investigated by the IEC, which has come to no conclusions."

    Link = https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cape_Party

    Regards, Besoeker

  24. Anonymous4:59 pm

    If the Cape Party becomes a real threat to the regime, here are a few things that may begin to emerge... in no specific order:
    1. Travel restrictions, airport and rail closures
    2. Weapons, communications, medical, and press restrictions (see comment on Party Website)
    3. Import/export restrictions
    4. Banking restrictions
    5. Goes without saying actually, an end to tourism
    6. Mobilization of township communities and rioting
    7. Introduction of military to "quell rioting"
    8. Mass immigration (importation of regime friendly cadres) of non-Cape personnel
    9. Rampant crime and mass murder
    10. Movement of Cape residents to military controlled "safe areas."

    Need I go on? Little new here, it's the classic kommunis model.


    1. I believe regardless of an independent Cape we will see this shit all over the country anyways. If the arrow points down and its been pointing down for 20 years and it is picking up momentum then surely rock bottom will be the result.

      For many years now whites have been trying their best to stun the downward spiral of this country. In some cases they exceeded but it wasnt enough.

      The whites are giving up on this fantasy of controlling the black parasitical behavior . Even Max du Preez see the writing on the wall.

      Its just a matter of time before the shit hits the fan. It is not if but when and if you are still internally debating whether this is the case I wish you the best of luck but as for myself i am getting all my ducks in a row.

    2. Whiteman1:07 am

      Besoeker, I have to agree with you, because as long as there is a black barbaric government in charge of this country, the whites will be their slaves ! As I have mentioned in a previous post, we are totally in the power of the black parasites. They may be stupid, but not so stupid, as to let us go free from their clutches. And they do want us all dead, but on THEIR terms, and according to THEIR schedule. Even malema, occasionally makes " friendly " noises about the whites, and how the country belongs to " all its people ! " And there are stupid whites, who lap this up like obedient puppies. I have just eluded to the local situation thusfar. If the USA, Brittain, Russia etc, does not like what us whiteys want to do, they will stop it with one aircraft-carrier ! But because they like to make money out of wars and conflicts, we will probably get backing from one of them. They often support BOTH sides, because their profits then double. Lets face it, we need a MIRACLE !

    3. Anonymous6:34 am

      Or have that happen across the whole country anyway?

      At least a smaller region is easier to control, and is flanked by the ocean to each side protecting much of the borders.

    4. Anonymous11:39 am

      Well they are about to turn on each other in a big way shortly. So instead of whimpering about our lot a "slaves" we need to be ready to take advantage And create opportunity out of adversity.

      If you're not up for it rather leave than be a burden and a hindrance to those that will step up. Said with respect. There is no place for anyone that wants to play it safe and wait for others to take the risks and then come out of the woodwork to capitalise on the success of the commited.

    5. @ anon 11:39AM. Well said, thank you very much for being so blunt about it.

      Ex Unitate Vires.

  25. Anonymous11:06 pm


  26. Anonymous11:16 pm

    I think the Cape Party should make a public statement,
    Something along these lines using reverse psychology.

    "As a white nation we are constantly being accused of stealing from blacks, whether it be land, jobs, cars or any materialistic object. These accusations are thrown around from the ANC to the man on the street without ever providing any facts or even laying charges at a police station of these so called alleged thefts."

    "As a white nation we would like the opportunity to prove to blacks that we can actually do everything ourselves, It would also provide blacks with a huge opportunity too as they can carry on with their lives without ever blaming white people. The previous Cape Colony borders should suffice for this giving blacks a huge advantage with all the mines and good rainfall areas."

    1. You can not prove anything to a black. Dont even entertain the idee. They dont want you to prove it anyhow because it will show them up for being inferior.

    2. Anonymous11:31 am

      And even with the mines, what's left of the infrastructure and good rainfall they will still end up living in a destitute desert wasteland and coming to the gates of the Independent Cape with puppy dog eyes Banging away at their begging bowls.

      Which is exactly why the libtards, elite media and "democracy" as has been rammed down our throats must have no place there.

  27. @ besoeker, what you describe is almost a reality already.

  28. Dont you just love this Andre Slade for sticking by his story. I checked a video this morning where he showed them his crown and his wife's crown on their heads.

    1. Anonymous2:54 am

      Are you referring to that psycho who smoke dagga. He is no different to rastas.

    2. Dont know whether he smokes dagga or not but yes all the liberals did say he is mental and must be on dagga or mushrooms. His eyes were not red in the video but i suppose from the hippie clothes he wears he might have a couple of trees somewhere.

    3. @Anon 2:54 AM So what if he smokes dope? If you use alcohol or nicotine you are using a drug far worse. If you consume sugar you are using a drug far worse that causes a lot more deaths than smoking dope.

      Come mate...don't be a fucking hypocrite.

  29. Anonymous12:47 am

    The time for white rule/self determination in SA is over - from 1994. But there will always be those who cling to any hope albeit foolishness.

    The world is heading in a certain direction and nothing will stop it, but divine intervention at the end of this age i.e. Babylon is fallen.

    Put your trust in the Father who has orchestrated this and don't waste your energy on false hopes. This world is a dark place and will become even darker before dawn.

    But sunrise is not far off, and the lovers of darkness will run from the Light, but they will find no place to hide.

    Our Kingdom is not of this world.

    Almighty Father - Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

    1. Anonymous6:24 am

      Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

      God does not orchestrate suffering, cause death, send storms, destroy lives, or bring about death.

      God helps those who help themselves

    2. Anonymous6:39 am

      "Then the officers shall speak further to the people and say, 'Who is the man that is afraid and fainthearted? Let him depart and return to his house, so that he might not make his brothers' hearts melt like his heart.'

    3. Anonymous6:45 am

      These are what so-called religious people say BECAUSE they do not study the Word of God. They know almost nothing about the Bible because they, by their own free will, listen to what some preacher that Satan himself endorses or some priest that went to a cemetery (oops I meant seminary) and learned from commentaries and from religious books. These people read around and around the Word of God and then act like they are some authority on God. You can only know God by studying His Word

      For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Yahua. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. – II Corinthians 11: 13, 14

    4. Anonymous6:52 am

      Job 11:18

      18 You will be secure, because there is hope;
      you will look about you and take your rest in safety.

  30. herewith my little dose of inspiration for you, My Brothers . . . and Sisters:
    "The ground will shake and tyrants tremble when free men take up the sword."

    Ex Unitate Vires!

  31. Anonymous2:18 am

    I think I`m gonna go to some blacks-only forum/blog/fb page/twitter account and... oh fuck it, can we just openly declare war and get on with it already??

    1. I feel the same, but patience is a virtue & Patience, the Zulu meid, isn't a virgin!

      Are there any Black blogs / forums? It might be an exercise in hilarity checking out what the mentally deficient things have to say.

  32. I think I might have posted this before, but here's a refresher anyway:

    Political Correctness per Harry Truman!

    What is meant by the modern term referred to as ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’..
    The definition is found in 4 telegrams at the Truman Library and Museum
    in Independence, Missouri. The following are copies of four telegrams between
    President Harry Truman and Gen Douglas MacArthur on the day before the actual
    signing of the WWII Surrender Agreement in September 1945.. The contents of
    those four telegrams below are exactly as received at the end of the war - not a
    word has been added or deleted!

    (1) Tokyo, Japan
    0800-September 1,1945
    To: President Harry S Truman
    From: General D A MacArthur
    Tomorrow we meet with those yellow-bellied bastards and sign the Surrender
    Documents, any last minute instructions?

    (2) Washington, D C
    1300-September 1, 1945
    To: D A MacArthur
    From: H S Truman
    Congratulations, job well done, but you must tone down your obvious dislike
    of the Japanese when discussing the terms of the surrender with the press, because
    some of your remarks are fundamentally not politically correct!

    (3) Tokyo, Japan
    1630-September 1, 1945
    To: H S Truman
    From: D A MacArthur and C H Nimitz
    Wildo Sir, but both Chester and I are somewhat confused, exactly what does
    the term politically correct mean?

    (4) Washington, D C
    2120-September 1, 1945
    To: D A MacArthur/C H Nimitz
    From: H S Truman
    Political Correctness is a doctrine, recently fostered by a delusional, illogical
    minority and promoted by a sick mainstream media, which holds forth the
    proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end!

    Now, with special thanks to the Truman Museum and Harry himself, you and I finally have a full
    understanding of what ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ really means....

    1. TT thanks for a bloody fantastic laugh, I haven't had such a good one in days.

    2. A good laugh indeed.. Now to try and give it go. Just use gloves..

  33. The second last paragraph, Botties' statement says it all.


  34. Anonymous6:38 am

    Read this arse wipe article here Mike ......http://www.timeslive.co.za/thetimes/2016/06/30/Rainbow-Nation-dream-turning-into-a-racism-nightmare

    1. Anonymous10:28 am

      Yes, but the racist nightmare began with AA, BEE, farm murders, shoot the Boer and bring me my machine gun.

  35. Anonymous7:45 am

    I think you need to realize black people had their land stolen in Cape Town. They actually want it back now, so. This should help you check your privilege http://jennforster.blogspot.co.za/2016/06/why-whiteness-must-fall.html?spref=fb&m=1

    1. Yeah...The size of my dick was also stolen from blacks. Tell Jenn Forster to come and suck it.

    2. Anonymous10:04 am


    3. Anonymous7:39 pm

      Anon 7:45 Don't come and cry here like a little bitch man, go and lay your charges of land theft wit the corrupt police and escalate it to the corrupt thieving president and then take it to the corrupt courts. You little whiny fuck.


    4. Anonymous1:28 am

      I was born and raised in Cape Town. During my childhood I never saw a black until the age of ten yet they are claiming their ground back in the Cape Town area. We should start claiming our ground (Kyalitsha, Langa, Guguletu, Lwandle, Nonzamu, De Noon etc) back from them and transport them back to the Eastern Cape.

    5. Anonymous1:54 am

      Normal stupid crass reply from the -- great white hope

      Here is the crux of the matter

      But for a small, white minority to control the wealth and resources is inequitable, immoral and unsustainable.
      Such a pity this silly Jenn Forster does not take the time to find out WHO actually owns / controls the financial resources of this country.
      IF she did she might stop blaming every poor white person battling to try and make a living.
      Have NO time for people that talk crap without having taken the trouble to try and find out the -- TRUTH !

    6. Anonymous4:20 am

      It's not the whites of the country who control everything of power in SA you fucking imbecile. Do you actually know what is going on in the world, or do you plan on dying ignorant?

      School yourself in what is really happening in the world kid. If you cannot even grasp who and what is in control there is no point in having any further discussions with you.

      That small minority is enemy of everybody black and white. Wake up. 1/3 of whites are in squatter camps, 1/3 is struggling to find jobs and just keep head above water and the other 1/3 are libs and general rich assholes I reckon. So what is 1 000 000 white middle class against your 4 000 000 to 5 000 000 black middle class? What is +- 7 50 000 super rich white against your +- 2 000 000 super rich blacks? You see my man, you and your fellow blacks are only interested in one thing and one thing alone, to take EVERYTHING from the whites - including their lives. You and you kind are the real backwards and left behind racists who cannot build anything on their own. You and your kind are born parasites and I'm afraid to say you will die black useless stinking invalid parasites.

      Please come with all you have, we are itching for retribution. Come you fuck!

    7. @ anon 4:20 AM. Forget trying to enter into dialogue with something that is not human.

      The thing that you are talking to above is a mistake if evolution, it walks upright and can do basic functions but it has no progressive intelligence and will never advance past the bare minimum of basic survival.

      These creatures are true parasites as you state, without a host they would have died off already.

      This particular viral strain of parasitic amoeba thinks he has the intellect to discuss and debate with you, with you responding to him you fuel that fantasy of the said creature and that way he thinks he is your equal and your friend.

      Save yourself the frustration of trying to rid yourself of a nuisance and everlasting idiot and just ignore the dim wit.

      Just a suggestion.

      You know as well as I do that his own kind will sort him out in short order and in fewer days than he expects.

      The virus is exactly that, it will not tackle us head on but it will act like a true virus and cowardly attempt to overcome its opponent.

      But I do so agree with you, I personally cannot wait to press the delete button.

  36. Anonymous8:01 am

    Obviously it wouldn't happen overnight, but the more support builds for a Cape nation the better.

    Also obvious is that it can't just be white people, since whites are only about 20% of the Cape's voters.

  37. Anonymous5:28 pm


    Something that concerns me and I think it could be a HUGE problem.

    If people start voting for cape independent party that could end up working in Anc favour, as former DA voters would change. Let's face it, at this stage the cape won't become independent through normal elections.

    We could potentially be giving the ANC a stronger foothold in the cape by changing that vote.

    For now I think we need to keep pushing the idea and growing the movement so eventually we take it by force and Revolution.

    For now I think it's safer to vote DA and try keep the ANC vote down as much as possible.

  38. Anonymous9:27 pm


    Someone else also wants to govern their own...

  39. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Jack Miller, excuse my rudeness, you need to move your arse boet. Advertise nobody really knows about you.
    You are onto a good wicket.

    Read about it on wiki, tax haven for the Cape, This info. needs to get out to the rich boys.

    To prevent this


    1. Anonymous11:29 pm

      This is one way to sort out white apartheid. Put the enemy in your midst. You wont stop this desire of the ANC to corrupt white culture with other cultures. Forced integration.

    2. Anonymous11:42 pm

      Why all of a sudden is all this so called 'racism' being reported in the media? most of which is really petty and not worth reporting.

      What is the agenda here? is this so that when whites are attacked 'en masse' the world can see that whites brought in on themselves because they were unrepentant racists.

      Something is cooking.

    3. Anonymous2:09 am

      I'll tell you what's cooking, white genocide in SA and the rest of the white western countries.

  40. Dony & JP, I trust you have this pig fucker Tony Ehrenreich on The List?

    1. Anonymous2:08 am

      Yes, please!

    2. Sre you shotgunning Tom to put the rope around his neck??? ;) Not if I shotgun first...

  41. Anonymous1:46 am

    We need to start on a campaign of propaganda:
    1. Bumper Stickers
    2. Posters
    3. Flyers for post boxes. 4 per A4 page.
    4. Email Shots (Use mass mailing like MailChimp)
    5. Others???

  42. Whiteman2:51 am

    Anonymous 11:42 PM, you have hit the nail on the head ! We must rremember, the world has been brainwashed against us, since the Boer War, and even maybe before that. In general, the whites of this country, are probably the most hated nation in the world. And the average world citizen, does not have time or knowledge, to seperate the Apartheid people from the libtards. And when the black masses start running amok, they will not ask you, if you believed in Apartheid or not ! Because your house, car, wife, daughter etc, is what they are going to take, regardless of your politics ! I am reminded of the incident in Jhb, when they were torching houses, and the lady of the house shouted : I am english, I am english ! She got the same medicine as all the others ! This is the reality of this rainbow-paradise. The democratic miracle, that had the whole world applauding with excitement. Man, they have written us Whiteys off, long time ago !

  43. Anonymous3:00 am

    Hi Mike just interested to know has hits and comments to this blog increased or has it remained much the same over the past 6 months, another thing with the shifting landscape internationally and local( in my estimation the downward slide is always predictable) what can we expect to wake up to after 3 August. Thanks.

    1. Mike Miller4:49 am

      Mike, this is a good question.

    2. The amount of views per day has doubled. Current average of about 6000-9000 views per day.

    3. Anonymous9:05 am

      Strange how there are only a handful of readers who feel are supportive enough to make comments on here. After being a reader/poster for some time you get to know the people who comment. You can almost identify the anonymous as well.

    4. Norman7:39 am

      I read every post and almost every comment. I only comment when it is due though.

      I also have a handle so that anonymous does not get me confused with another anonymous.

    5. Well last time I commented I was shot down so badly by the other commenters, including Mike, about how ugly I am and full of shit and whatnot, that I rather refrain from posting anything, and just skim through it all chuckling at how badly everyone, including me, want the SHTF to occur, and how badly prepared everyone is to face SHTF. My ugly mug prefer kittens and sunsets these days, to keyboard warrrioring. Kry vir julle ouens, die dae is min, maar steeds meer as wat julle dink.

    6. @ Helizna...I did what? Where? Please point it out to me.

  44. Anonymous3:22 am

    The cold front is going to blow havoc through the Capetown squater camps, ja the clouds must be racist. What will piss me off is to see the neo black sash, the black blanket tannies come to the squaters aid with boxes of goodies, while poor beleaguered whites have to fend for themselves, this makes my blood boil even if I was standing on top of the Groot Winterhoek berge in a blizzard.

    1. @ anon 3:22 AM wait and watch, remember to observe and learn.

      We at going to be facing unrealistic odds in the near future, my advice is use gods gift to us and also cultivate strains of nasty that can be unleashed in times when hardships are hardest.

      Those blankets and goodies can always become your weapon of choice in the future. Thank the do gooders now for they open the path for us in times to come.

    2. @ anon 3:22 AM wait and watch, remember to observe and learn.

      We at going to be facing unrealistic odds in the near future, my advice is use gods gift to us and also cultivate strains of nasty that can be unleashed in times when hardships are hardest.

      Those blankets and goodies can always become your weapon of choice in the future. Thank the do gooders now for they open the path for us in times to come.

  45. Dexit - Deutschland Exit.

  46. Anonymous8:45 am

    Persistence and hard work always pays off, well done to you mike, and thanks for adding a counter balance to the lopsided liberal msm

  47. Anonymous11:22 am

    You can buy twitter retweets which we can use to publicize the plight of whites in SA.

  48. So many parties registered in the WCape. Is this a symptom of no unity? Surely it would be better to have one or two strong parties (out of these 117) who are united and contest the elections?
    Voting for 117 small parties = a vote for the ANC to regain the WCape.... United we stand....divided we fall.