02 June 2016

More reason to boycott disgusting Woolworths

By Mike Smith

2nd of June 2016

The last time I was at Woolworths (our version of Marks & Sparks) is four years ago. I walk straight past it nowadays. My reasons are that they have no problem to take money from white people, but white people are not good enough to work for them. They have totally banned the employment of whites. Woolworths can go to hell

In 2010 these miserable scumbags banned Christian magazines from their shelves and after an outcry by the public and threats of bans they quickly reinstated them, but then quietly made them disappear again.

And this morning when I read the article below, I am so glad that I don’t shop at this disgusting store anymore.

“Carmelita Pienaar believes she may have been poisoned by the steak and kidney – and rodent – pie she bought at Woolworths in Adderley Street, Cape Town, on Monday. She said: “I’ve been feeling itchy and have rashes on my body.”

She and her friend returned to Woolworths.

“While we were waiting for the manager, I asked to use the bathroom and then I vomited,” Pienaar said.

She said her horrified friend complained for almost an hour before the manager came to see them.

The manager reimbursed her for the pie, and “gave her R350 to go and see a doctor”.

A mouse in the steak and kidney pie courtesy of  Woolworths


  1. Anonymous1:49 am

    And that gentlemen is why i dont eat pies... vaalpens

    1. Only the ones you make yourself. That way you know what is inside.

    2. Anonymous2:49 am

      So do I. Supermarket pies are disgusting and so are supermarket cakes.

  2. That comes for affirmative action, bbee, and the rest of the law to create a totally black economy.

    No quality control, no supervision and no one cares.

    Woolworths as you state will not support whites so think of who their suppliers are.

    Why would they support white strong business.

    I suppose this place is coming down to eating rats, cats, dogs and budgies before they start seeing us as their next meal.

    Then when we are gone it will be into each other for a days ration.

    Thanks for highlighting this, I now have evidence for the woolworths supporting mommies that believe they are buying quality.

    1. LTMA, spot on, mate. BEE & AA at work, Fuck all quality control, discipline and probably very little hygiene. Also you dare not even reprimand the useless things because you will be accused of being a racist.

      And, yes, Mike only pies you make yourself because the other places, although they aren't as blatantly forthright about it as WW's, also subscribe to the AA kak.

    2. Anonymous12:10 am

      Oooo siesssss! Joh!!!! ga man !!!!

  3. Anonymous1:58 am

    Dit is ʼn goeie maaltyd in Zimbabwe of Venezuela of China.

    1. I was on a two week survival course once. The RAT pack only lasted three days. After that it was snake and tortoise. I must admit tortoise tastes nice ;-)

    2. Mike but those rats did not have the fur still attached. Its like stuffing KFC with a mouth full of wet feathers down the throat.

      "Steak and kidney and mouse pie" - that made my day.

  4. Anonymous2:15 am

    Get used to eating that cos when SHTF mouse and hadeda stew will be seen as a luxury. Nom nom nom.

  5. Mike, I can only agree. I have also boycotted the fuckers totally since they came with their "No Whites" employment kak.

  6. Anonymous3:59 am

    I don't shop there anyway, but will mention this to others and encourage them to boycott Woolworths.

    Racial laws were supposed to have ended in 1991.

    Though, by chance I found a legal journal from the early 90's where Zuma as a lower ranking minister was interviewed and mentioned that the ANC would implement racial quota's.

    So it was known they would do this, even before they came into power into 1994.

    Quite ironic that the only time there has been no racial classification and race laws was under the NP from 91 to 94. Under so-called white minority rule.

  7. I've never had a rat pack with a rat pied up.

    I've eaten squirrel, cane rat and spring hare on occasion, but never had rat, I have seen them eat it in the Congo and northern Zambia and mole as well but never had the urge to try one myself.

    Maybe I will pop along to Woolworths for lunch.

    1. Anonymous9:06 am

      I have seen the Baka's from Cameroon smoke rats out from underground and eat the stuff. These Baka's are more primitive than our Bushmen where 500 years ago.
      But damn, the blacks in this country where oppressed.


  8. Anonymous4:15 am

    We must start a #BBEEE must fall campaign as well.
    Wonder if it will be racist?

  9. Anonymous4:24 am

    To hell with these zionst fuckers. In all my life I have never bought anything from them, too expensive. So woolworths, fok jou sommer nog n keer.

  10. Anonymous4:36 am

    The only thing that is white and work in their stores are the light switches.


    1. Anonymous11:27 am

      Yes, at least the light switches won't be found fast asleep in the stock room.

  11. Adrem5:03 am

    Isn't this outrageous behavior clearly against the SA constitution and the UN charter of human rights (yes, I know...) and is there any association between Woolworth SA and Marks & Spencer in the UK?

    Just imagine what a cleverly arranged PR campaign could achieve overseas with little room to spin by the liberal media, because the sensational value would, by far, outweigh the usual political correctness excuses.

    1. Anonymous8:21 am

      Yes, media spin should done from a liberal perspective, aimed to outrage and offend liberals using their terms and reasoning.

      The communists and ANC use them, so why not?

  12. Anonymous6:09 am

    Woolworth pies - a little too much of a mouse-full for my liking. Bleh!

  13. They put the shit on purpose in the pies,ive seen them sweating and dripping and spitting in white peoples food.without us they would not have money or jobs and then they do shit like this.most of the time i wont eat out or eat food from blacks.i prefer family food and a nice braai.

  14. Anonymous10:12 am

    BBrrrr ! Disgusting. Remember the Chinese saying , " Soup for you rat for me !"

  15. My sister worked at woolies fourways, they had orientation where they teach them about the customers, they were told to be on the lookout for white shoppers who come in just before closing, these skelms are there for shoplifting, fiddling with tags, wrapping items in foil to evade detectors. This has nothing to do with your story Mike just thought its funny.

    1. Anonymous3:34 pm

      And what about the black shoppers who come in just before closing time? Oh no, don't bother to watch them because it's rayciss. Anti-white racism and double standards has everything to do with this thread, but it's not really funny is it.

    2. Anonymous11:01 pm

      O please every country in the world the jail are full of black criminals. White people are the minium and that in coutries wher blacks are much in the minium

    3. Anonymous2:49 am

      @Anon 11:01 PM

      That's my point. Targeting the whites and not the blacks is racism, and double standards. So is having white customers, but not white staff. What's amusing about that?

  16. Anonymous3:49 pm

    The chain is called Woolies because they only employ the woolly-headed. Well, it is now Woolworthless.

  17. Anonymous10:22 pm

    On my way to Zambia this morning to see our nice arrable farm land on the Kafue... watch all your food soon imported from Lusaka Fresh Produce Market.

    1. Anonymous2:43 am

      Good for you!

  18. I never buy from woolworths. Just to pricey and especially when they decided no more white employees. Now their antiwhite and antichristian? Yet its whites who make up the bulk of purchases.. sad world. #cuckworths

  19. Anonymous2:43 am

    Woolworths stopped selling Christian books because the turnover was too low for a supermarket. They don't sell Muslim or Jewish religious books either and you can't force anyone to sell anything they don't make a profit on. If people want to buy Christian books, the CNA has lots of them.

    As regards not employing whites: when did you last see a white face behind the counter at Pick n Pay or Checkers? Spar is about the only supermarket that still employs some whites, but they're quite expensive. Woolworths Food is also too expensive for the average consumer, so we can stand in line with the zots at Pick n Pay and Shoprite/Checkers. OK supermarkets run by Indians are quite competitive if you don't mind going a bit out of your way.

  20. Anonymous10:27 am

    The way that woolies operates is to target higher end clintelle,as well as middle class housewives on credit who rack up big debt.Lets face it, many rich people use woolworths and dont give a shit about racist policies, causing mouse pies and keeping some poorer whites unemployed.

    Wealth will keep flowing into woolies coffers unfortunately.Many a mans wife or girlfriend will shop there regardless!

    Its Ironic that so many wealthy whites shop there and only blacks can work there!This doesnt bother most whites and wont stop them shopping there, as they are attracted to the expensive and supposedly superior merchandise.

    Who has seen many white cashiers anywhere else these days and where? Certain jobs are almost exclusively black, such as car guards,security guards,pikitup men and petrol attendents etc etc. Where are thr complaints for those companies barely hiring whites?. Are whites applying and being barred there aswell or are they doing something else?

    The issue with succesfully boycotting woolies is that certain items are pretty dicficult to resist!

    Its evil how they even copy other peoples ideas,such as frankies beverages. Boycott them, but they will still profit and they are everywhere these days.