14 June 2016

It's time for a Rugby Revolution in SA

By Mike Smith
14th of June 2016

Former Sprinkbok prop Okkie Oosthuizen has come forward and bravely called for the Springboks to be boycotted. Good man!

Time to boycott SA Rugby says ex Bok

I couldn’t agree more. I have been doing it since 2008. As long as there is political meddling, interference and racial quotas in SA Rugby, I cannot and will not support them.

Most of these youngsters in Rugby were born after Apartheid ended. Yet they are being collectively punished for a system they had nothing to do with. No wonder they are leaving in droves and SA Rugby is losing its depth and perspective.

To make it worse, I have read that the utterly USELESS coach Allister Coetzee is crying like a sissy that the 14 man Irish team bullied his Boks

It is time for an open confrontation with the ANC’s sport’s Minister Fikile "Fuckface" Mbalula and the entire useless SARU management. 25 Years after Apartheid has been scrapped and they are still fucking about with racial quotas. Can you believe it?? Why can they not just choose the men on merit?

It is time that the Rugby supporters unite and make it known WHO Rugby belongs to in South Africa. It starts this coming Saturday with the Second test against Ireland in Johannesburg. If you are a true Rugby Supporter, BOYCOTT the Boks! Show them that this time the stadium will be empty.

Instead go to their hideout in Plattekloof and demand the entire useless lot be sacked! Demand their heads. Their address is below. Take a few rocks and petrol filled bottles along. Show these scumbags your anger. Show them you mean business. They fucked up our once proud Rugby. And while you are there, also sort out the F.W. de Klerk Foundation...it is right next door. He is the main culprit and the root cause of all this shit.

In the future, I would like to see, at every Springbok match...the stadium entrances blocked and barricaded. People should be prevented from going to games. Sponsors should be boycotted too. It is time they pay. It is time for a Rugby Revolution in this damn country! If this is the only way they want to listen then so be it!

SARU House
Tygerberg Park
163 Uys Krige
Drive Plattekloof
Cape Town


  1. Anonymous8:07 am

    About time. All that money and effort into our cause and we will be victorious. Empty victories are nothing but a waste of energy. Put our energy into preparation.

  2. Anonymous9:15 am

    Hi Mike, don't know if you saw this one. Read the comments in particular. Looks like a storm is definitely brewing on the horizon... http://www.sapeople.com/2016/06/12/hackers-take-sabc-off-air-hours-warn-best-yet-come/

    1. Great stuff..! They must must attack every Government institution and leak all those documents to Mike. What a day that will be..

  3. Anonymous9:27 am

    The Afrikaner today is weak. They will all be supporting the Rugby and then crying over who made what call and how and who was offside. The only way and you ate right, is a full boycott! #boycottAARugby

  4. Mike Miller10:44 am


    Sports are meant to be played, not watched.

    Work hard, play hard after work, enjoy life.

    Professional sports are a waste of time, energy and money.


  5. Anonymous10:56 am

    one thing is for sure, since I decided to ignore rugby I have plenty time for more important and satisfying activities, like improving my firearm skills, and transforming my property into a defensive stronghold.

  6. Anonymous10:59 am

    The Irb rule book on racial discrimination reads as follows:

    In terms of By-Law 3 of the IRB rules and regulations, the IRB is compelled to prevent any form of racial discrimination in rugby. IRB Regulation 20 also stipulates that any action which may be construed as racial discrimination will be regarded as misconduct. In terms of By-Law 7, not only is a country’s international team bound to this; the provincial rugby unions resorting under a country’s board must adhere to these principles as well. In terms of By-Law 9.4(r) the IRB may institute disciplinary steps against any rugby body that violates these rules.

    Imagine this happening with the England team!

  7. Anonymous11:27 am

    If ex-Springboks and other ex-provincial players can get involved this boycott can gain momentum.

    Empty stadiums need to get on the news and in international media.

    Also, do not use the ANC's terminology such as 'transformation' and such or else you're following their own frame and they control the argument and keep the initiative.

    Terms like 'racial quotas', 'racial laws', 'race based quotas', 'racial classification' etc should be used. Terms which are not neutral. And terms which highlight the racist aspects of the ANC.

    1. Willempie12:57 pm

      You're absolutely correct - this "transformation" - nonsense must come to an end. What is it anyway? Transform to what? Third world status? Junk status? Leaders with the lowest common IQ status? Or what?

  8. They should just get on with changing the name of or national rugby team to the Proteas. It will be a line in the sand representing a team chosen on merit (well, sort of) and a team chosen on race. (I know that sounds a bit counterintuitive given apartheid). Maybe then we can save some of the respect that the Springbok name had.

  9. Every time a sports supporter pays his multichoice subscription, goes and watches a game or buys any apparel that displays His support for a sports or team. He is empowering the arseholes to carry on fucking up the system.

    Why people pay such prices to be entertained by sports is beyond me. Instead of white people wasting money on sports why dont they spend it on themselves. Go buy a gun or a bow and go shooting on a Saturday or buy a bicycle or canoe and enjoy time getting fit and being fit.

    Get a family orientated life together and start camping hiking, caravaning enjoy the last true beauty of earth with your family.

    Everytime you pay to watch sports it is money to the retard and administrators, I am bloody sure they make ten times more than the players make and then specators just add the cherry to the cake.

    Are South Africans so stupid that they carry on giving to the fuckers that have stolen from them and continue to steal from them.

    If only white business would stand up and be counted, these retards would definitely slow down on the theft and fucking stupid laws that affect us. But I suppose most of these whites are fooled that there is a place in retard country for them. So carry on you of foolish faith, I wish you luck in Zuma or Malema land.

    1. Anonymous11:31 pm

      @LTMA. That's only half the problem. If only the whites would stand together and support each other, we could get somewhere.
      I, for example, am trying to get a small retail shop off the ground. It's been nearly a year now, and still a very slow improvement. The problem is the whites staying in my area would rather drive 5km further to the large chain store and save R2 on a product rather than buy from me. They say times are tough and need to save. But they drive the latest model SUV and have the latest iPhone 6.
      Maybe Mike can come up with some ideas of whites rather supporting each other and keeping the money circulating between out own.


    2. @ Noddy, my friend, I hear you.

      Whites are not supporting whites but will support the chain stores that have black directors that do not earn what they are paid. I see whites giving the parking sharks that cruise the parking lots money but they will not help a homeless white man when he is freezing to death.

      Hang in there, things will change shortly. I run my own company and the sad thing is that people cannot pay their bills anymore and are battling to just provide the basics of a normal life.

      Time is not far off when the starving masses will revolt, unfortunately we whites will be targeted first as it is the black retards misconception that all whites are affluent but slowly they will also start warring on each other.

      White people must get rid of this fucking class distinction shit that they practice here as that is what is killing us off as a species. It doesnt matter how rich or poor the man is, if he is white do business with him and support him. I try employ as many whites as what I can and if they are lazy or useless I put measures in to manage them and correct them.

      Noddy, those SUVs are bank owned and those whites still have their heads so far up retards arse that they are not reading Mr Smith's blod yet, but give it time, They will very shortly be coming to you to ask where you get your insight from.

    3. Anonymous2:49 am

      LTMA for once I agree with you lol.

      Whites in general - not universally but generally have become rather spineless and have completely lost any perspective of their own identity. Sitting with people last night spouting off their ignorant bullshit about "loving the country" blah blah meantime they have never done a fucking thing other than flab their libtarded lips.

      Whites need to support each other. Businesses need to stand up and fight back. They hold the money FFS! The problem is that us whites have been conquered via classic division. No leadership and the sheep are all over the place running after any old "feel good" propaganda and giving comfort to the enemy.

    4. @ anon 2:49 AM. I do try my best to support the white business only, I look for the smaller concerns to supply me with what I need.

      I steer clear of black corruption, lethargy and incompleteness, I have only had hassles and non delivery from that sector.

      Somebody once posted here that you hire a darky at a set rate then 2 hours later he is demanding more and threatening you and striking. I have experienced that shit and now I use machines to do my work.

      I used to provide 1 meal a day for the darkies that worked for me. A proper cooked meal by on site chefs, that stopped as well when the demand for meat and another meal started.

      I will rather put my energy and effort into whites and train them to get the job done with machines and no darkies than to sit with darkies that appreciate nothing.

      There are a lot of good whites out there just many have lost direction and purpose. I try my utmost best to give them something to live for again and pride that they can carry with them.

      Every white should be doing that for his own kind. Not all people can take a knock in life so those that can must support those that can't otherwise we lose a bit more of our culture every time we lose a white person to the street or drugs.

      As for supporting each other, it all starts with us, I mean you and me and every able bodied white person on this blog. Make the effort to support a white guy and a white business. It will create a network.

      And whether we like each other or not, put our personals aside until we have defeated a common enemy then we can fight with each other.

    5. Anonymous4:30 am

      Maybe we going off the topic here a bit, but I feel it does have something in common with this post.
      Some time ago I read an article on the amount of money circulating in squatter camps.
      This came as a bit of a shock. Now we talking mega millions. And to add to it, I saw a black guy at a giant wholesaler counting off something like R75 000 in cash for his goods.
      Sure, he pays VAT on the purchase, but the sales are VAT, PAYE, UIF and income tax free.
      Just hard cash....!!!
      So why can't we do the same and support our own. Not only do we need to boikot rugby, but the entire economy.


    6. Anonymous12:28 am


      How do we contact you? I would like to help as well. Time to put our money where our mouth is

    7. @ anon 12:28 AM. Which province do you live in and how exactly do you want to contribute?

    8. @ anon 12:28AM. I think you should start by helping yourself and getting a resistance going around you, or do you want to rely on somebody else to save your bacon?

  10. They must change the name to the Azanian Pansies now.

  11. Stop doing business with guvvamunt! uck tehm and their AA & BEE shit. Boycott them and let them grind to a halt even faster than they're managing on their own.

    Any businesses that are reliant on them to survive is soon going to see their arses anyway when the money dries up. They should deny and diversify while they can.

    1. @ TT 3:32AM. To do business with government, I need to give 51% of my company to retard.

      As long as my skin is white and I breathe oxygen that will not be happening.

      They do not pay in time and there is always some dirty little retard looking for a bribe. The businesses that do business with government now are starting to see that life is not so great anymore.

  12. Anonymous5:59 am

    Ja right, as if the tjops are going to boycott rugby. They're selling their own children for a piece of biltong, a beer, a try and a drop goal. Pathetic!

  13. Anonymous11:09 am

    The Irish have an picked an unchanged 14 to play the Amabokfoks this coming Saturday.

  14. schmoos3:41 am

    Mike and Ockie you have my vote. Springbok rugby is a reflection of SA politics- corrupt. I sold my business because of BBEEE interferance, and i am not alone. I would'nt be surprised if this dickbrained govt. makes me share my bank account with some previously disadvantaged people. let's see the minister of sport fill the stadiums with his brothers

  15. Anonymous5:36 am

    I was there for a job interview a while back (maybe days, months or years)and damn do they have an attitude problem. I sat through the interview listen to their obnoxious statements attitudes etc. They said they will be sending me an Offer which I declined immediately as I realized I could never work for these people and what they stand for. I then heard them speak and apparently I was about the 7th person that took their things and told them to put it where the sun dont shine. The worst was all the Afrikaans speaking people working there, I felt disgusted towards my people. They are real Broederbond Institution.

  16. I will come clean on this one.

    Yes i love rugby. I am the kind that could suffer from a heart attack because of nerves........ NZ vs SA

    I get goosebumps talking, watching and even listening to the national anthem (Uit die blou) before kick-off. (i always wait for that part when you here the audience- spectators kicking in with all their might in voice when the Afrikaans part starts). Thats how much i love the game. I dont drink brandy but i need something to calm the nerves and usually a braai and a couple of beers are in order.

    This being said. I have turned my back recently to the game and it is hard for me but, we need to stand united in our efforts.

    Sports are being used against us and i can tell you.. When the shit hits the fan we are going to need all the goosbumps and rugby fanatics from our fellow brainwashed rugby supporters to nail these savages to the wall.

    In any fight the glory goes to those that fought with spirit with, passion, for a cause against any enemy fighting for the sake of fighting and stealing alone.

    We will win. We will unite. Their is no greater force upon the face of the earth than when the white man decides enough is enough.

  17. Laager9:26 am

    South Africa should follow the New Zealand precedent. The SA Govt has decreed that the Protea is now the emblem of all national sports teams. So be it. New Zealand has second team that plays internationals totally predicated on race - The NZ Maoris. The Springbok is symbol of the original whites only national rugby team and should be legally protected, preserved and remain so. Thus all the quota players can compete for Protea places and only whites can qualify for the Springboks. Then lets see who performs best on the international stage and who the rest of the world will preferably want to play against.

  18. Anonymous7:59 am

    Maybe it's time to let them pick an "all black" team to represent our country.We can call them the Widebeests.Let them go and compete against the best in the world.Why should we allow them to rape the Springbok emblem, name and tradition any further?