17 June 2016

How to achieve an Independent Cape

By Mike Smith
17th of June 2016

The idea of an independent Western Cape is not new. Nine years ago on the old SASucks blog I first proposed it in an article called, What future is there for Whites and other minorities in South Africa?

It created a shit storm. People considered the idea revolutionary and seditionary. I took a lot of flak for that article, even from my own friends, colleagues and fellow bloggers. Most saw only one alternative to the New SA and that is emigration. My alternative for those who did not want to leave or could not leave was to establish an independent Cape.

Shortly after my 2007 article, Jack Miller started the Cape Party which I endorsed in 2009 and still do today. They received 2,552 votes and currently have more than 1000 members.

My proposal was that the northern border should be the Orange River and the Eastern Border should be the Kei River. The Cape Party prefers the Fish River. As far as I am concerned the Independent Cape as proposed by me and those from the Cape Party is morally, historically and physically defensible. Historically blacks have no claim to this area.

In 2010 I asked the question of how this independence will be achieved with an article called: South Africa - Civil war or Peaceful split? in which I proposed a peaceful solution such as Norway/Sweden, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, etc.

Over the years support grew for the idea of an Independent Cape Republic. But that is how revolution works. The small seeds of revolution are sown and years might pass until one day when the conditions are just right and the rain comes the freedom fighters pop up everywhere like mushrooms.

Last year I wrote an article called The yearning for an independent Cape Republic is not only alive and well; It's growing stronger as the Coloured Politician Peter Marais and businessman Hein Marx openly discussed the idea on Radio Tygerberg where they said that a federal Cape is “an achievable prospect”.

So it was of little surprise when I read two days ago that the political commentator, journalist and Cape resident, R.W. Johnson, also added his support of such an idea to the chorus of people crying out for an independent Cape in an article titled: An independent Western Cape?

The article is a bit long, but worth reading, because Johnson discusses in detail the possibility of the Cape breaking away and getting more autonomy.

He acknowledges that people in the Cape are nowadays openly discussing independence. He also acknowledges that the Cape is much better run and maintained than the rest of South Africa that is run by the ANC. The Cape municipalities consistently get clean audits everywhere and the ANC is insanely jealous and simultaneously embarrassed by it, because it shows them up for the corrupt and thieving scum they are.

Of course the ANC accuses the people of the Cape to be “racist” and not African enough. That it is a white and coloured “Boerestaat”, etc, etc.

Nevertheless in the opinion of Johnson, the major watershed will occur when the people of the Cape stop paying taxes to the ANC and rather to an internal fund or trust.

For understandable reasons, Johnson stays well clear of the possibility of a war of independence, which I find will ultimately be unavoidable. He only talks about an own police force, not an own military.

However, the elephant in the room cannot be ignored. The ANC will not let the Cape go without a fight. They will use their supporters in places like Grabouw and Khayalitsha to wreak havoc, burn property down and fling poo at statues, universities and airports…as they have done in the past. Ultimately they will use their police, army, MK veterans, Narysec, and other goons like the Hawks to prevent such a breakaway. If we want Cape Independence, then we are going to have to FIGHT for it.

I am of the opinion that ultimately a three tier strategy of Political, Urban and Rural Guerilla warfare will bring independence to the Cape.

The political campaign I have discussed already and extensively with my articles on peaceful resistance. For more detail read these articles:

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Mao’s cat and an independent Cape

As can be seen, I am an advocate of a peaceful solution for independence of the Cape, not because I am a pacifist, but simply because it achieves the best results quicker with the least amount of loss of life.

However, knowing the ANC and their terrorist tactics and habits, I am fully aware that they will answer such a campaign with violence. The reality is that they will send in the army and the police, because…dumb fucks that they are, it will be the only solution they will be able to see.

Therefore to restrict and exhaust their resources, the other two campaigns of Urban and Rural Guerilla warfare will have to be fought.

In the beginning the idea is not to hold any ground. There just won’t be enough guerillas and they will be too poorly armed to take on the army and police in direct battle. The idea is to hit and run, harass, irritate so that the regime will be forced to spread its forces thinly chasing ghosts…making them vulnerable to isolation and attack. Eventually they will be demoralized and forced to restrict themselves to their police stations and bases, taking the heat off the political campaign.

For me the watershed will come when the Cape forces spring all the bridges across the Orange and Kei Rivers simultaneously. Not that it will stop the regime’s forces from crossing over, because it won’t. Modern military engineers can quickly build makeshift bridges and infantry can be dropped in by parachute or helicopter. The springing of the bridges will be a symbolical act…A cutting of the umbilical cord to the rest of Africa so to say.

Only one bridge should not be sprung, the N2 over the Great Kei River. The illegal immigrants who were bussed in by the ANC in the last 25 years will need to be shown where the backdoor is so they can return the same way they came in.

The biggest problem is not the technicalities of the campaigns, but rather convincing the people of the Cape that independence is not just a pipe dream, but a real prospect. A real possibility.

We must be prepared. Our biggest resistance will not be coming from the oppressive regime, but from our own naysayers and pessimists.

People have a natural tendency to believe that, because they cannot think so far, others cannot either. They simply don’t believe in themselves and when it is not possible for them, it won’t be possible for anyone else either.

That is what the regime wants you to believe. They want you to believe it is all hopeless and there is nothing you can do about it.

These people need to be taken by the hand, spoon-fed and shown clearly in small doses that they are not helpless little lambs, but have the potential to be vicious wolves.

They forget there are people who already know the names of every single bridge across the Orange and Kei Rivers, what they are made of and how far the nearest towns are. There are people who know all the mountain passes off by hand, know exactly how wide they are and how to congest them. I for one, counted them all. Did you know that some bridges actually have police stations next to them? You don’t have to believe me. Check it out on Google Maps. You have loads of intelligence there. Satellite pics, street view, pictures, etc.

Further…If you don’t know where the construction companies and mines keep their explosives you can make your own. With a simple still and nitrator made from everyday material like a fish tank air pump you can make any kind of explosive, blasting cap, igniter, primer, you name it….from stuff you already have in your kitchen, garage and garden shed.

Once you know what it is you want to achieve it is easy to make it happen.

Apart from explosives such as ordinary gunpowder, gelatin dynamite, ammonium nitrate, picric acid, ethylene glycol dinitrate (EGDN), RDX (C4), etc, primers such as Ammonium tri-iodide, Mercury Fulminate, Potassium Chlorate, Nitro cellulose (gun cotton), can all be made at home from simple things like battery acid, aspirins, hexamine camping firelighters, fertilizer, toilet bowl cleaner, etc.

You can make tear gas such acrolein from Jays fluid and glycerin. Or Chloracetone from Jays fluid, bleach and nail polish remover. The French used it in World War One.

You can make poisons such as chloral hydrate (Knock-out drops), hydrogen cyanide (Prussic Acid), the heart poison, concentrated Nicotine (extracted from chewing tobacco. A few drops are lethal) to Alkaloids extracted from Oleander or Water hemlock.

Imagine a few buckets of “knock-out drops” in the water supply.

Incendiaries like Napalm…no problem. 36 parts petrol, 25 parts Lux or Palmolve soap flakes (detergent won’t work) and a bottle of Vodka or Meths. Potent stuff.

To burn through steel beams and trusses you need Thermite. You can get it from gouging rods.

Thermite is nothing more than three parts Ferrous Oxide (FeO, ordinary iron rust) and two parts powdered Aluminum. It burns at a temperature of over 1000°C and will melt or weaken any steel beam so that it collapses. You need an igniter and booster though to get it going, but a simple kid’s magnesium sparkler will do. Thermite is used to weld train tracks together. You can use it to cut train tracks, cut train axles, cut tracks of military tanks, throw it in the barrels of artillery pieces…the uses are endless.

You can make a simple Thermal lance to slice up any bridge, steel or concrete in a matter of a few hours. Once the one end comes down, the whole thing will come down.

You can use these explosives to make anything from handgrenades to claymore mines and anti-personal or anti-vehicle mines. A claymore mine is made by strapping explosives and shrapnel to a plough shear, setting it off with a battery or cell phone signal.

No problem. Piece of piss for anybody with a matric knowledge of chemistry and a basic knowledge of mechanics. You can teach anybody on a long weekend how to make it all.

You see, the point is not to produce and use explosives. The point is that people need to know they are not helpless against an oppressive, totalitarian regime. Further and more importantly is that the regime also needs to realize that people are not little lambs that can be kicked around and stepped on. Once people realize their full potential there won’t be any oppressive regimes left on earth.

The regime does not want you to know what you are capable of. I, on the other hand, see it as my duty to show you the way.

We the people of the Cape and of South Africa in general do not need to put up with the oppressive scum of the ANC. We can get rid of them whenever we decide to do so…and ACT on it. They need to fear us, not the other way around.

For the ANC a peaceful split is the only option when the people of the Cape demand it. Anything else will be futile. They don’t have the resources to fight a protracted guerilla war. Their army and police are too weak. I expect more from their MK vets and Narysec “green bombers” than from their useless police and army. Knowing how greedy they are, they will rather steal the money, cut and run than to waste it on a war they cannot win anyway.

The last thing they want to do is step on us enough to force us underground, because once we get those home labs cooking nothing is going to stop us. Once we wake up and stand up and demand our independence, they should rather not get in our way, because once we gain the initiative and decide to cross our own Rubicon, the Orange River, we will chase their sorry asses all the way back to the equator. The piece we will take then is what Dr. Verwoerd proposed and Eschel Rhoodie called "The Third Africa"...a sort of European Union of Southern Africa.

Verwoerd was a nice man who had a vision of cooperation through "good-neigbourlyness". I don't like neighbours. If you want it you TAKE it.


  1. Anonymous8:26 am

    I like the idea of an independent Western Cape. And often wondered how it could be done, especially with the large amount of black people living in squatter camps.
    Driving from Goodwood to Bellville along Voortrekker Road today, was an eye opener. These taxi's are a law unto themselves.
    That made me realize, ban the taxi and you rid yourself of the parasite. All taxi's should only be allowed on roads that take them to the N2. The quickest route. They should not be allowed into the suburbs. And Voila....! Problem solved.
    One could always hire a few busses to carry the few remaining parasites to the "border". It will be worth the effort.
    The problem is: How do we convince the DA electorate.


  2. Mike this can work and dont get me wrong it will take a lot of work. On my evaluations a small number of actions and moves can set this in to action within 2 weeks. My problem that i am working on is..

    Will we have enough space and the capability to get the right people in to the Cape. How do you get the people in Joburg to pack up and support the idea without them having housing and a way of income.

    Waiting for a night of the long knifes situation might do the job yes but I dream of a way that will spill less blood and save as many of our brothers as we can. I dream of achieving this rather sooner than later.

    How do we motivate our other brothers and sisters in the country to support it or do we simply just start with the people in the Cape and see who follows.

    Just remember the Cape majority is colourds and there are many blacks to also a lot of liberals. They will ask why come we are letting in whites from other provinces and not others.

    Just a thought.

    1. Anonymous11:21 pm

      The country as a whole is about to slip into a state of war. When this happens I believe the population will splinter along racial lines. Each race will naturally gravitate towards their own kind out of necessity to survive. Whites will gravitate towards the WC. The national clusterfuck will provide us with the perfect canvas to paint our independent vision. Napoleon Hill once said "Every adversity has within it the seed of equivalent or greater benefit". Our opportunity is about to arrive, best we ready ourselves and prepare accordingly.

    2. Anonymous12:12 pm

      Anon 11:21
      Not just racial lines but Tribal lines is where you will see the fissures appear first.

  3. "If you are not prepared to fight when you have everything going for you, you will be forced to fight with the odds stacked against you because it is better to fight and to die than to live as a slave." - Winston Churchill Ek dink ons het nou net mooi genoeg gehad daarvan om slawe in ons eie land te wees - of hoe?

    1. Anonymous12:46 am

      Hoor hoor. Ons het lankal genoeg gehad maar is te slapgat om iets daaraan te doen. Ons almal wag vir iets om te gebeur maar solank zuma en sy trawante ons beheer om sodoende ons geld te steel sal niks gebeur nie. Sien weer gister se rugby, n hele stadion vol sotte. Ek was lief vir rugby maar op hierdie stadium moet dit agterblewe bly want daar is belangriker dinge om te doen.

  4. Anonymous9:57 am

    Noble Idea, But within 5 years, the blacks, like with apartheid, will risk their lives to come IN and live with us "Racists" who "oppress" them.

    Then the white medems will hire them to be their house pets

    1. Anonymous8:05 am

      If there were no sloppy, demanding white men there would be no need for domestic servants. The white meddems would be better off getting their husbands to clean up after themselves and not make excuses: "Oh but the maid is coming tomorrow". No maid. DIY.

    2. Anonymous12:15 pm

      Anon 8:05 We as South Africans have grown lazy and contemptuous of doing our own work and cleaning up after ourselves. I have not employed a "domestic" for over 15 years. I clean my own house. Do my own washing and ironing and wash my own dishes. We need to catch a wake-up, but I believe more and more are doing just so.

  5. Anonymous10:42 am

    The only reason why we accused you of sedition was because many were afraid that a SWAT team would bust through the door 15 minutes later and make us disappear.

    But they are doing that anyway. Except that its not a SWAT team. It is civilians.

  6. History in the making!

  7. justice seeker11:56 am

    Blacks were first in Africa before it was divided into sections I.e Nigeria botswana etc.south africa is in africa and therefore belongs to blacks. Your theory is like going to Canada and just settling on unused land and saying that nobody there therefore its yours they will say its in canada so f off.

    1. Are all of humanity not from Africa? Is it not to all? Weren't all continents connected at some point in history?

      Did the African not commit genocide and cannibalism on to all African tribes in the worst degree before the white man arrived on ship contrary to nothing progressive, invented or intervened?

      It Shall be your destiny- the curse of hunger be!!!!!!! Your destiny. For ever more the ages before and beyond.

      The mark you love to fond!!. Black is darker than white and on it thow, you shall be judged.

      But for the righteous your voice would matter not even like one sand of grain.

      For you are on to me as wind on to nothing.

    2. Anonymous1:43 pm

      Scared a bit?
      An independent Western Cape is becoming a reality.

    3. Anonymous3:01 pm

      Try telling that story to the millions of black already in Europe and North-America, and while you are at it my boy, tell the millions of more black parasites streaming into Europe and America why don't you. Now fuck off you dumb ape.

    4. Anonymous3:54 pm

      What are you? Some sort of whiney little pussy?

    5. justice seeker12:07 am

      When blacks tell whites to go back to europe so shall whites from africa goto europe and tell the blacks there to go back to africa...a direct swop if they don't do it then that must be said to likes of mugabage and malema. Now which white is brave ebough to say that......none us whites are spineless coward fools who prefer to watch rugby and drink.

    6. Justice seeker, yes, what you say sounds right, but I don't agree. Blacks and Whites arrived in the region we now call South Africa at the same time. When Whites moved into regions where there were blacks they actually legally bought the land from them. Once land is bought, it belongs to the person who bought it.

      The region now known as the Western Cape in the 1600's itself was occupied by Hottentots and Bushmen. There were zero blacks here. The Hottentots and Bushmen never saw land as a possession and had no problem sharing it with whomever came here. There was enough for everybody, actually. The problem was due to the cultural sophistication as well as diseases the Whites brought with them the Hottentots and Bushmen were reduced in numbers and pushed in total out of their homeland.

      I think the people living in the Western Cape should simply take it over. Whites and other civilized people from all over South Africa will automatically come live here, because it will be better than South Africa on all levels under a civilized government

      Once we have the Western Cape under our control, we can organize it once again in rational civilized lines. Then we simply start taking over other parts of South Africa bit by bit, until the whole land is under our control again.

      The only problem I see is that Western countries like the US, Britain and France will assist the blacks in fighting against us. So far I couldn't find a solution to that. But on the other hand, maybe we will also have assistance from civilized countries.

      The old Siener did say that Christians will all have to flee to South Africa, so maybe that is it.

      Whatever happens, the civilized people of this country will be victorious in the end.

    7. Anonymous11:50 pm

      Pheonix, the Western Cape would have to be more creative in finding allies.

      Perhaps the nationalist capitalist countries in East Asia?

    8. Anonymous1:02 am

      anon . pm. An independent Western Cape is becoming a reality and after that the whole of Southern Africa. I think these bastards are shitting themselves. And btw justice seeker , I can smell you and its not pleasant.

    9. Anonymous3:05 am

      What about the Arabs in the north of Africa? And Egyptians?

    10. Anonymous12:18 pm

      Well you seem to have adapted to the borders and the territorial wealth exploitation quite well so I guess your argument holds no water. Give it all up and go back to living in upside down birds nests and wearing grass and you'll have more credibility, maybe.

  8. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Minus these types please,


    The new, new ZAR free of all that sick and demented folk.

  9. Anonymous12:37 pm

    Just a quick heads up. Major psychological Operation under way. A lady by the nsme of Vicky Momberg was robbed on the road. She used the K word and now all chaos is breaking out, on the same scale as Penny. She's an estate agent so the blacks say it's property related and want land back. Crazy times.

  10. Anonymous12:44 pm

    AN independent Cape is second or third prize... I agree with Mike, everything South of the Equator will do... Thanks you!

  11. Anonymous3:15 pm


  12. Adrem6:13 pm

    I have always been of the opinion that an independent Cape is the only viable way for us, on the grounds that Mike has sketched out. Fully realizing that it will be an enormous task but remembering the Voortrekkers who have done something comparable and have been successful eventually, the idea becomes more palatable.

    On the other hand, what other viable options do we have to escape this Marxist hellhole?

  13. Anonymous11:20 pm

    As RW Johnson argues, the turning point would be when taxes are paid locally instead of to the ANC.

    In the break-up of Yugoslavia, the first steps were tacit independence of the breaking away states. Even several years before independence they were ignoring the central government.

    The Cape or Western Cape does not necessarily have to be 'legally' an independent state at first, it just has to ignore the central government's laws and not pay taxes to them.

    The Western Cape is the only way a part of 'South Africa' will be saved.

    Imagine if all the Racial Laws are scrapped, and the Western Cape promotes itself as an investment hub, an African Silicone Valley, promoting technological development, and subsidizing new businesses with tax breaks etc?

    1. Anonymous11:33 am

      Yes 1120 it's one angle of approach another is demolishing squarer camps on the grounds of planning permission, health and safety laws, and environmental degradation impact. When they protest as a consequence, heavy handed response is applied.

  14. Dan het ons mos nou weer 'n apartheid situasie. Ons in die kaap, en hulle die res van anzania. Hoe en hoe lank sal ons die "mass produced retards" kan uithou as hulle weer HONGOR raak!? Ons sal net weer rasiste genoem word.

    1. Anonymous11:49 am

      GG I was accused a few times I just grin back and say I don't care, and I really do not care I can eat a whole plate of food in front of a starving to death Kaffir and i still would not care. I feel no goodwill toward them. I treat them exactly how they treat their own kind, so it is impossible for that whole racist guilt trip to have any effect on me.

    2. Anonymous8:48 pm

      Anon 11:49 Ek voel dieselfde as jy, once bitten by these niggers, twice shy. Ek voel 'n veer vir hierdie arme ou gedrogtes wat nie eens een dag in the toekoms kan insien nie.

  15. Like the guy says in the movie "Fargo": "There are no rules. All that we have is what we can take and defend."

    1. DR - That is exactly how it is going to be.

  16. Anonymous12:11 am

    Ok so lets say that a group of whites manage to take over the cape and chase the darkies out. What happens to all the whites in all the other provinces? Do you not anticipate some kind of backlash and potential genocide in return?. What about all the ultra liberals of the cape? What will their response be? Oh and what about international powers, what will they do? The Chinese and Russians will more than likely back the ANC majority and may send their armys to prevent a white take over of the cape. It may be possible to create a pocket of white paradise,but at the expense of what surrounds, as the rest of the country will become a black infested and looted hell hole. The whites in these regions will suffer and may be chased into the Cape if they are not killed on the way. This plan is all well and good if you are already well established in the cape, but what about everyone else who have invested elsewhere? Must they just give away the game farms,poultry farms, massive agricultural set ups and businesses in the free state, Mpumulanga,North west, Gauteng,Kzn,Limpopo etc. Im sure there are many blacks that would fully support a mass surrender of the whites not in the Cape. Im sure in this sense the EFF would fully support this plan,as the whites would be forced out of Africa and will be ready to be pushed into the ocean eventually. You are suggesting that we un do the Great trek and the movement of whites deeper in land, for the sake of holding onto the cape which is pretty much fucked already by the black and coloured masses. The Western Cape is mostly dry and un-african as it is, the climate is not the greatest and its not the greatest place to live in SA. I personally prefer other parts of SA, and not willing to hand over the best land for the sake of freezing seas, winter rainfall and large tracks of dry karoo land. Just imagine the whites vacating KZN and Gauteng and losing all that business and property. The Blacks will celebrate get stronger and push to take it all. So do you really think that all the whites outside of the Cape will be willing to leave it all and run to the Cape as refugees? Too much to lose- not so?

    1. Anonymous4:46 am

      You've lost it all already, it's now only a matter of time, and not much time left, can't you see that? The WC is a starting point. Whites can't fight across the entire country but we can rally together and slowly gain ground. Stay and defend your investment in kzn and Jhb, you will die, you will lose what you tried to defend and your contribution to the fight will have been for nought. Or join the fight for the WC and make a difference.

    2. Anonymous10:55 am

      You're viewing this from the wrong perspective.

      If the Western Cape is independent and strong, there will be pressure on the ANC to behave.

      A lot of businesses have already relocated to the Cape, the population of Cape Town alone increased by 30% in 5 years. New developments are popping up everywhere and the roads can already barely cope with increasing traffic.

      The process has already started of people relocating to the Cape.

    3. Anonymous11:45 pm

      We fucked up the Soviets before and their 55000 Cuban stooges to the point that Castro executed his top dog General. That was with less than 3000 combat troops and actually less than half of that in any one large operation.

      Not to mention that 200 Executive Outcomes operatives brought UNITA and the RUF to their knees. Do not think that numbers tell the story because they don't.

      Additionally I do not think that Russia or China will do squat. Both have their own issues and neither really has the ability to project military force in the way that the US has and the US is too busy promoting faggotry in their military currently.

  17. Anonymous12:16 am

    Why does sterkinekor show free screenings of Sarafina on youth day? To stir up black tears and violence. Twitter has gone mad with anti white sentiment now. War is brewing.. But hey, the boks are playing tonight...

  18. Anonymous12:22 am


    Stop deceiving yourself by falsely asserting that blacks have no valid claim to the cape. When you refer to the "blacks" you are basically using a generic term that include as well Khoisans. Don't tell me that you don't know anything as basic as khoisans being reffered to as blacks.

    Even the Bantu arrived in the cape long before Jan Van Riebeeck reached the cape.

    For you further indulgence, read the link below;


    1. O really? "Even the Bantu arrived in the cape long before Jan Van Riebeeck reached the cape."

      2500-3000 years ago there were already whites settled in South Africa. The Bushmen (San) painted them together on a hunt with San. The “White Lady of the Brandberg” can be as old as 20,000 years. This was also acknowledged by Credo Mutwa, the Zulu historian.

      In Swaziland at the Bomvu Ridge near the Ngwenya (crocodile) Bridge Adrian Boshier discovered the oldest known iron mine in the world – laboratory tests and radio carbon dating suggested that it was over 43,000 years old. Boshier also discovered rock paintings of cities inhabited by whites going out to battle on horseback.

      This has been confirmed in the book “Strange Shipwrecks of the Southern seas” (1968) by José Burman who identified several wrecks of Phoenician galleys on the South African coast.

      The ancient European settlement of South Africa

    2. Anonymous3:36 am

      Most of the blacks that you see today are not 100% Bantu offspring. They are a mix of Khoi and Bantus since they carry both their genes. It has been proven through genetic tests including from Mandela who carried most of the Khoisan genes.

    3. Anonymous3:41 am

      The white lady was infact an albino, not white. That is just a propaganda.

      The Bantus have lived in South Africa long before white man could see Africa. Even during the time of Moses, the Bantus have already inhabited South Africa.

    4. Anonymous4:12 am

      Mike that which you are relating to is just a tale. I also know that my granny also once told me that ancient lions and elephants were able to talk. They could as well walk on two feet and cuddle just like humans.

    5. Anonymous5:53 am

      a lot of those links are now broken, deary mikey. I should have saved the docs back then :(

    6. Anonymous12:00 am

      @Anon 3:41 AM

      Since when do you black male chauvinists allow women (even albino ones) to come hunt with the men?

      You really think we are stupid?

    7. Anonymous1:21 am

      anon 3.41 Show us your written history... Still searching and cannot find it... thought so.

    8. I suspect the new world encyclopedia entry on the Bantu quoted above was written by a Bantu. It plays hard and loose with "facts" like maize came to Africa from Asia and the Bantu resided in the Waterberge in 450AD but the final migration from south central Africa took pace from 0-1000 AD. Oviously this Bantu was one of Angie's math wizards.

  19. Anonymous12:51 am


  20. Anonymous12:56 am

    Wishful thinking but it won't work as much as we wish it.

    There are too many cucked liberals in the Cape with their heads buried in the sand.

    The blacks will outbreed us in no time and we will be back to sq 1.

    It's clean up to the equator guys.

  21. Anonymous1:15 am

    In SA (and worldwide) muds are the visible arm of the (((hidden))) agenda against whites and their values.

    Aiming for an independent Cape is akin to removing the scabs off the festering sores of smallpox.

    1. If it is such a "(((hidden)))" agenda, why does a simpleton like you seem to know about it?

      Let me guess...your "hidden" agenda has something to do with Joooos, right? Or is it the shapeshifting reptiles of the freemasonic illuminati?

    2. Anonymous5:36 am

      I will answer your question.

      A simpleton (your word not mine) like me also knows The detrimental to White cause (((David Icke))) is Jewish. Now why would that be? 😉

    3. Anonymous8:23 am

      Mike, n mens kan net wonder waarom jy altyd die Edom Jode moet verdedig? Jy is te "clued up" om nie van hulle te weet nie!

    4. Anonymous11:39 am


      That was uncalled for or are you having a bad day? The guy asked a simple question and it is a valid one in my view.

      1. There is clearly an anti-Christian drive at the moment and it is picking up speed. Legalise gay marriage, abortion rights and every other perverted act. In Canada they have now ruled that having a dog give you a blowjob is not illegal. This is communism which according to Marx means the opposite of everything God prescribes. You might recall he said in his poems that he will build his throne above the one above. This is the true face of communism, its not atheistic but anti-Christian.

      2. Good point on the scabs. If you move for an independent Cape you are going to get more blacks flocking into the Western Cape. Its makes the problem worst. I have asked before as to how to solve this issue but there was no solid response. Should they be paid to leave (they will not). Napalm (bad idea). Forced removals (not going to work) with the communists running wild.

      3. If you made a smaller area say from the Fish river to say De Aar and back across. That is about 1,300Km of fencing. If you look at the cost of Israel where it is $2m per kilometer then the fence will be expensive. A good investment but expensive. Who pays for this?

      4. I dont fully understand your views Mike. You dont like goffels yet you wish to build a state with goffels. I dont get it. Do you wish to have apartheid again in the Western Cape or are the goffels now ok? If you wish to have apartheid again do the goffels get told beforehand or not? Yes I know you want it as a stepping stone, but is it the right stepping stone? Could you please explain?

      BTW the post "Our vision of tomorrow" still has very little good ideas in the comments section. Why not look at the situation as a business plan. Most people will not move. One guy above made a good point that whites will not move from Pretoria to the Cape without an incentive. Clearly they will not move unless mass killings breaks out. Most people are spectators, they wait till the end to pick the winning side. The idea is not winning right now.

    5. Anonymous2:13 pm

      Mike you are yet another dumb arsehole that will never wake up to reality.

    6. @ Anon 11:39 AM. Instead of spending all your energy trying to tell me why it is not going to work, rather come up with ideas that will make it happen.

      The guy above Anon 1:15 AM did not ask any questions. He made two bullshit statements.

      My proposal was that the northern border should be the Orange River and the Eastern Border should be the Kei River.

      These are natural borders and a small section from Aliwal North to Queenstown (167km on the N6) through the Southern Drakensberg mountains will be the rest of the Eastern Border.

      In other words you do not need to build a wall. If a wall ever needs to be built, then from the mouth of the Kunene on the West coast of Africa to the mouth of the Zambezi on the East Coast. See the Red line across Southern Africa in the picture above. 3400 km of wall. There will be enough forced labourers to do the work. We should consult the Chinese on this issue. They built a wall 21,000km long and after 3000 years it is still standing.

    7. Anonymous2:18 am


      I really enjoyed this article and share your sentiments on this matter. However I don't get your lash out at this commenter.

      I don't believe any of those conspiracies you mentioned, yet I can see clear as day that there is an attack on the white race. Almost every white country has had the multi cultural agenda pushed on them, I've pretty much stopped watching movies because the anti white messages in them are just getting to much. Even a simple movie like the new Star Wars movie was blatant anti white.

      The constant glorifying of negros, the fact that whites have been made to feel so guilty and responsible for slavery, even tho many races have committed far worse slave trades, even in our modern world China, India and Africa is still rife with slavery, yet somehow it's always the "evil white slave owner". I can go on and on.

      I don't believe in reptiles, evil Jews, illuminati etc. but I think he does make a point about blacks being used to destroy white society.

      If we are going to fight for an independent Cape, that's one issue we are going to have to face, getting the world on our side, countering the anti white media, getting fellow whites to see exactly why we need to be separate from blacks, their true nature and why eventually we should force them to the equator.

    8. Anonymous7:42 am

      No they are not bullshit statements Mike, and I'm not a guy, I'm a lady.

      I back up my claim with a link below.
      You can find the truth of my statement there re. David Icke. Scroll down the surname list and you will find it there.


      Your anger at my statements and parentheses is akin to the rage liberals vent when one generalizes about blacks being a degenerate people. As in; "not all blacks are like that."
      Were you one of these people before your eyes were opened to the black question?

      I will leave it at that.

    9. Anonymous11:50 am

      4. I dont fully understand your views Mike. You dont like goffels yet you wish to build a state with goffels. I dont get it. Do you wish to have apartheid again in the Western Cape or are the goffels now ok? If you wish to have apartheid again do the goffels get told beforehand or not? Yes I know you want it as a stepping stone, but is it the right stepping stone? Could you please explain?


      Mike are you building a goffel government like the FF+?

  22. Our ancestors fought as guerillas against the British and they were winning - until Kitchener introduced the "scorched earth" policy and put the women and children in concentration camps. How embarrassing for the Brits, to have to go to such extremes to conquer a people whom they considered to be merely uneducated farmers. So there is a precedent for us. Since we have done it before, we can do it again. The methods will need to be changed to match the modern world, but the faith, character, love of the land and determination we have inherited from our forebears. All we have to do is use them.

    1. Anonymous3:33 am


      So, don't you think the concentration camps atrocities can repeat itself? Remember history has a way of repeating itself and this time it will be done by blacks.

    2. Anonymous5:12 am

      Concentration camps? Scorched earth? Its called "FEMA CAMPS"

      South africa is a petre dish for the USA. Yanks are too stoopid to see it

    3. Anonymous7:26 am

      Drones, my mate, drones. Fuck them up from up above, no direct manpower required, just white cleverness. Strike anywhere, anytime, at will. Can you just imagine how Dlamini will shit himself?? No place needs to be safe. Do the wrong thing by Whitie and suffer the consequences quickstix. @ Zots: Guard your GPS coordinates if you can. You can't. So you will suffer. Get it? Simplesh. Let's do it clever guys!

    4. Anonymous8:14 am

      In GOD i trust

    5. Anonymous1:32 pm

      I love the story about the Chechens who walked into the govt office building in Grozny and gave the Russian officials one hour to get out of the building and the newly declared republc of Chechnya. At this point the russian local govt head decided to voice his protest at such a ridiculous demand and also decided to remind them that it would be a good idea to stop all this madness as his Russian govt had an army ready to invade and restore order in no time. The Chechan then replied if you won't leave voluntary we will throw you out grabed the man and threw him out of the high rise building. Know that's how you go about the business of declaring an autonomous free state republic of the Cape or any other small or large enclave within southern Africa.

    6. Anon 1:32 I agree and love the Chechen modus operandi.

      I have long advocated that we need to put the fear of God into the heathens as Mike now espouses with the guerrilla tactics. As Anon 7:26 says, "do the wrong thing by Whitey" and ZAP!

      And, yes we'll also have to fight clever; drones, contaminated water supply, hit-and run tactics hitting them where they least expect it, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

      Think outside the box, which Darkie is not very adept at except when it comes to stealing and breaking.

  23. Anonymous4:00 am


    Your plan will be a complete blunder and will remain a ticking time bomb that will explode right through our faces. Blacks with the mineral powers will become more richer than us. They will buy powerful weapons and purge all of us to the sea. The world will not stand for us if we take that decision.

    It is not POSSIBLE. Just not POSSIBLE. UN will not even SUPPORT it as the whole world only know SOUTH AFRICA as belonging to blacks. They will even fail to grant us recognition. Our new state will not even be recognise.

    All the countries you mentioned were not divided on the bases of race but due to political conflict. They all had one race that differed politically and as a result the decision was reached that they should be divided.

    1. @Anonymous 4:00 AM. Never credit your enemy with a victory he has not deserved yet.

    2. Anonymous11:42 pm

      This IS a political conflict!

      The Cape does want to be ruled by the 'dead hand' of racist Marxist-Leninist Communists who will destroy everything!

      The people who want to live in the Cape are those who want to live in FREE freem-market system, be safe, and live a prosperous life in a modern, developing society.

      The Cape was also forcibly integrated with the other 3 countries in 1911. We have nothing to do with the rest of 'South Africa'.

      It doesn't matter if its official or not, tacit independence is a good starting point too as occurred in Yugoslavia already in the late 1970's, long before they officially separated.

      The Cape will be the investment hub of Africa, a safe-haven, with guaranteed property rights etc. The SANDF is pathetically weak anyway.

    3. Anonymous7:41 am

      Anon 4:00 the clock is already ticking away and there are numourous incidents from election fraud to an electric grid collapse to a prominent political murder that could set off a condition of unrestrained public anarchy.
      And by the way they did have powerful weapons given to them by the USSR in Angola and they weren't able to destroy us, and what do you know about the Bop affair or this general plan. from 93 as far as I know DMI was waging a blood letting from within the SADF and were affective in creating an environment of mistrust and suspicion go ask the ask some of the commando unit kommandants who had their armories inspected by DMI officers just before the 94 elections and having everything larger than an R1/R4 removed back to Pretoria.

    4. Anonymous7:42 am

      Anon 4:00 the clock is already ticking away and there are numourous incidents from election fraud to an electric grid collapse to a prominent political murder that could set off a condition of unrestrained public anarchy.
      And by the way they did have powerful weapons given to them by the USSR in Angola and they weren't able to destroy us, and what do you know about the Bop affair or this general plan. from 93 as far as I know DMI was waging a blood letting from within the SADF and were affective in creating an environment of mistrust and suspicion go ask the ask some of the commando unit kommandants who had their armories inspected by DMI officers just before the 94 elections and having everything larger than an R1/R4 removed back to Pretoria.

  24. Anonymous6:32 am

    Take a tin of white paint and pour some black paint in it. At first the colours are separate. Then after stirring for a while, the the paint will eventually become tones of grey. Now try reversing the process to separate the white paint from the black paint - not easy, perhaps impossible.

    1. Mike Miller6:21 am


      People are not paint.
      Paint is not people.
      What's your point?


    2. Anonymous12:46 pm

      Mike Miller, are you totally stupid!!!

    3. Anonymous8:43 pm

      Mike Miller is sorely lacking in the `Abstract Thinking` dept.

  25. Why do you want to leave 1 bridge standing?

    Would your enemy have shown you such a merciful gesture?

    Leaving one bridge will only allow your enemy to think you are weak and unwilling to push to a definite and total conclusion, they will think you're leaving a back door open.

    Why would you want a peaceful settlement when we as a species have be threatened with violence and had our race killed off by violent attacks for so long?

    Why would you want to stop at the borders of your proposed homeland, you know that as soon as you get things up running and ticking again that your enemy would come flooding back into the area and start their shit again.

    If you have run them ragged and fought them tired why not push the final push and claim all, that's what they would do and are busy doing.

    I am all for a white and independent state but as long as we leave our enemy standing that will not happen.

    Who can tell me how many immigrants are in SA? They are here because there are whites here creating an economy and opportunity. You do not find immigrants flooding other African states for work or food.

    If you want to go your proposed route you need to clean the slate properly for it to work, if not you will eventually have the whole of Africa within the borders of your independent state.

    The old SA was so successful because of its hardline policies and everybody knew we never accepted, ate or allowed shit, much the same as Israel does, so if you really want this to work there cannot be a compromise or humanity involved. You would need an Israeli approach and you need to enforce it hard.

    What you suggest is really ideal and would be great but it will not happen through dialogue, its going to be a hard fought battle and how many people are truly willing to go to war.

    1. @LTMA who asked "Why do you want to leave 1 bridge standing?"

      Sun Tzu, The art of war, Chapter VII, 36: "When you surround an army, leave an outlet free.Do not press a desperate foe too hard."

      This does not mean that the enemy is to be allowed to escape. The object, as Tu Mu puts it, is "to make him believe that there is a road to safety, and thus prevent his fighting with the courage of despair." Tu Mu adds pleasantly: "After that, you may crush him."

      You say: "Why would you want to stop at the borders of your proposed homeland."

      My proposal was that the northern border should be the Orange River and the Eastern Border should be the Kei River.

      These are natural borders and a small section from Aliwal North to Queenstown (167km on the N6) through the Southern Drakensberg mountains will be the rest of the Eastern Border.

      These will be the initial borders and easier to defend, but only until the initiative has been gained. After that you have to stay on the initiative and head for the final push to the Equator. Triple our former territory. This time around we will not make the same mistake as our good natured forefathers. We won't ask, we won't buy...we will TAKE.

    2. @ Mike, got it.

      Only checking to see we are on the same page. I would hate to leave a problem brewing if it can be deleted immediately.

      With you on this 100%.

  26. Anonymous10:47 am

    An independent Cape is the only solution.

    It is the tip of Africa, surrounded by sea on each side and has mountains, rivers and a landscape which provides a natural defence.

    The shape is very much like Constantinople, which held out against the surrounding Turks in their own territory for hundreds of years.

    The Western Cape is the only viable option.

    1. Anonymous3:52 am

      Try Richard Lidbrook Cope for an understanding of Carnarvons Confederation scheme for SA
      COnsider why the British did not feel that posession of the Cape ALONE was sufficient to guarantee security.

      Much of this stuff has already been thrashed through
      Reports in dusty papers in Archives , Parliamentary papers in "Bluebooks" and Theses that no one ever bothers to read.

      You do know what happened to Constantinople ?
      You have read Wilbur Smiths book -- "The Sunbird" ?

  27. Anonymous12:48 pm


    Boere_Ninja, I hope you get this message: 120 cases of dog poisoning reported since the beginning of this year, currently prevalent in the Goldfields area and also heard of a reported case in Bloemfontein surrounds.

  28. I say a thousand times, Cape Natives/Khoisan, Cape Creoles/coloureds and Cape Afrikaners and Voortrekkers/Boers must come together. A VOC era type nationalism aka Cape Nationalism will arise and also will incorporate Cape Whites/English speakers in it. 3 Heros of the Cape: Hendrik Witbooi, John Molteno and Paul Kruger(born north-east Cape near Steynsburg). That will be history worth rallying around together. A Kaapschstaat vir n' Kaapsche Volk is possible! If the above happens. Cape Nationalism.

    1. Uhmmmm.
      Jou Hollandse inslag vind beslag in jou phokken rooi sokkies en houtklompe. Nie te vergeet jou/jul voorliefde vir die Bo Kaapse meide nie.

  29. Instead of making things difficult for oneself make it easy. Why try to fight all the Africans that reside withon the Borders of RSA?. That is pathetic and stupid.

    Make it easy with intelligent strategy and victory will be like taking candy from a baby.
    What i mean by this is simply let the Africans fight each other. The Zulu`s would love their own state. If the Zulu`s attempt a break-away from RSA then the Ndebele in Zimbabwe follow their brothers in KZN and also follow suite. If the Zulu`s ally themselves with the Cape then that way international opposition will be muted and even greatly reduced because if African people support the project then who are the outsiders to say no?

    Think about it. This tactic is exactly what the old RSA generals wanted to pull off back in the early 90`s. But that idiot Terreblanche and the AWB fools messed up the whole thing by storming into Bophuthatswana and acting like monkeys. The Boere would have had their own piece of SA already in the early 90`s. Infact various African tribes even agreed to help implement this(Zulus, Bophutatswana).

    1. Anonymous2:01 am

      "Simply let africans fight each other". How do you plan doing that. They already had 22 years to grab each other by the throat but nothing happened and it wont happen for the next 22 decades.

    2. It can actually be easly done if the right minds are tasked with finding solutions to that problem. Those with a background in the political sciences,arts and physcology are best suited to answer your question. God has only blessed me with talent in the natural sciences.

      As i said, the seeds are already planted. Look at the xenophobia, it is obvious that certain sections of the african population are more than willing to part ways with the ANC and subsequantly RSA.

    3. Anonymous11:15 pm

      They are already fighting amongst themselves.

      We know how they all want to be at the top, and will not help a fellow one unless it benefits themselves as they have no natural empathy.

      Their inborn traits of unadulterated greed, jealousy and selfishness is their biggest weakness - an inherent genetic trait that will ultimately lead to their own downfall.

  30. Potential allies and trading partners are there for the taking. The Cape does not have to isolated.




  31. Phillip9:30 pm

    Only Fear and a few strong minds win battles and wars; no numbers nothing else!!

  32. WC only option. My partner and i have bought a property in WC. Now trying to sell our property here. One estate agent wants to know why everyone is moving to WC. Do you know that the Gvt is already TAKING farmland without paying? One of the biggest breeders of cattle was forced to sign part of his land over. They reckon the land is not being utilised. They do not undetstand the concept of having enough grazing to feed cattle and not over grazing land. They also took some of his cattle. He said he didnt have an option because they would just come in and murder him and his family. He now has to downscale and also find additional grazing for his animals. He is also making plans to leave.

    Another case. 5 farmers in the Memel area have been murdered this last month. Many of the ones remaining have their farms up for sale. Some already having sold all their livestock or in process of. Some going to Oz. Who apparently want farmers. Was told again the govt went in and annexed 400 ha of land. These are just 2 cases i know of as i know these guys. How many others are there? One does not see this in the media.

    The writing is on the wall... in Bold. Anarchy is coming. Soon. These dumb assholes cant see the wood for the trees. No farmers no food. When there is no "pap" or KFC the masses will revolt. Not even talking about the hate being stirred up against the whites.

    Not sure how Republic of WC can be achieved but something must be done. Us whites are sitting ducks just waiting around to be slaughtered. Problem is to mobilise our people. Less debate more action. And those with "too much to lose" -- you will lose it anyway and probably your life as well.

    Difficult times are coming. Soon. Veg vir Volk en Vaderland. DeLa Rey, DeLaRey.....

    1. Mike Miller6:15 am

      If real estate agents see a trend to the WC, consider that a good sign...a very good sign.
      Now, everyone,...gather food, water and ammunition. And popcorn. Its gonna be one hell of a show.

    2. Anonymous8:02 am

      They know how to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. No more goose, no more food.

    3. @ Jamie, white South Africans must start realising that Mugabe is a god to the retards that infest our land.

      Retard must claim at least another 100 farms then the wake up will dawn.

      I have never seen such a bunch of retarded whites as what I see here, most of these white believe we will not go Zimgabe here.

  33. Anonymous11:48 pm

    Just line the N1 with KFC and free stuff leading up to the equator, the darkness will be in there like a feeding frenzy, the yanks will support us as they make cash from chicken exports. Its a win win situation.

  34. Anonymous12:19 am

    Start on new years day, beaches are concentrated, herd them onto ships and sail them into point noire. Chicken parade through the southern African bush inland. Build a huge wall with crocodile infested moats. Clean up all the shit from the townships and dump it over the wall like good neighbours do.

  35. Federalism is a more realistic goal than independence, at least in the short term. But first the provincial borders should be changed to better reflect the ethno-linguistic divisions in the country.

    South Africa is divided into 226 local municipalities (LMs) and 8 metropolitan municipalities. The majority or plurality language in each of the LMs should determine which province it belongs to. Using this formula, SA would be divided into 10 linguistic-based provinces, one for each official language except English because there are no municipalities where English is the dominant first language.

    As for the 8 metro areas, I think most of them should form their own provinces too, with the exception of East London and Bloemfontein (too small), and the East Rand (which should be joined with Johannesburg to form a 'Greater Joburg' province).

    So there would be 15 provinces total: 10 'ethno-states' with 2 official languages each (English and the local dominant language), and 5 'city-states' with the official languages as follows:

    Greater Joburg: English, Zulu
    Cape Town: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa
    Durban: English, Zulu
    Pretoria: English, Afrikaans, Pedi
    Port Elizabeth: English, Afrikaans, Xhosa

    Finally I would propose expanding SA to what I would call its natural ethno-linguistic frontiers. Thus, Lesotho would be added to the Sotho province, Swaziland to the Swazi province, Botswana to the Tswana province, and the 2 southernmost regions of Namibia (Hardap and Karas) to the Afrikaans province.

    All the linguistic data used to draw these new provincial boundaries and determine official languages in the big metros is from the 2011 census, and is scrupulously fair and based on the data alone, favouring no particular race, language group or region of the country.

    The result would be a loose federation of ethno-linguistic provinces based on the Swiss Confederation model. Of course this would be violently opposed by the centralizing ANC, but I believe this plan could garner enough black support to make it a reality.

    I think we should laser-focus on language rather than race when defining the natural divisions in South African society for 2 major reasons:

    1. It unites the minorities
    2. It divides the majority

    The ANC wins when using race to divide the population. They unite the 79% black majority in their resentment and jealousy of the 9% white minority. But we can win by using language to unite the minorities (Afrikaans-speaking Afrikaners and Coloureds; English-speaking Anglos and Asians), and divide the black majority into its constituent 9 tribes.


    1. Excellent idea. Imagine forming an alliance with the Zulu,Afrikaans and Swazi linguistic groups. That right there would an overwehlming political majority.
      No blood spilt, no fighting an unwinnable war, no foreign resistance.
      At the end of the day the only people capable of stopping any ideas from been implemented are the powerful foreign nations.If the africans themselves are in favour of such a development then the foreign nations will have no choice but to keep their big mouths shut.

    2. Anonymous3:25 am

      The result would be a loose federation of ethno-linguistic provinces based on the Swiss Confederation model.
      Can ANYONE be so incredibly STUPID !

      These savages running around here are NOT SWISS

      Read up on Mzilikazi of the Khumalo clan and how he created the Matabele
      THIS is the standard black african method of -- creating a "federation"

      Quite obviously people commenting here have very little idea of the history of this part of the World we call South Africa
      The greater Africa

    3. @Anonymous 3:25 AM, So what is your proposal then?

    4. Anonymous4:11 am

      IF you can keep your head when all about you
      Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
      If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
      But make allowance for their doubting too;
      If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
      Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
      Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
      And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

      If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
      If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
      If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
      And treat those two impostors just the same;
      If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
      Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
      Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
      And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

      If you can make one heap of all your winnings
      And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
      And lose, and start again at your beginnings
      And never breathe a word about your loss;
      If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
      To serve your turn long after they are gone,
      And so hold on when there is nothing in you
      Except the Will which says to them: 'Hold on!'

      If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
      ' Or walk with Kings - nor lose the common touch,
      if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
      If all men count with you, but none too much;
      If you can fill the unforgiving minute
      With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
      Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
      And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!


    5. Anonymous9:33 am

      In 1903 Jameson was the leader of the Progressive Party in the Cape Colony, winning the general election in 1904. Jameson was prime minister of the Cape Colony until 1908. He attended the Colonial Conference held in London in 1907 and in September that year the Cape parliament was dissolved for new elections which he lost in January 1908. In 1908 he was chosen one of the delegates from Cape Colony to the inter-colonial convention for the closer union of the South African states, and he took a prominent part in settling the terms on which union was effected in 1909.


      Bridekirk and his later associate, SJ Mollet, were awarded a ten-year government contract for the production of the Gazette. During 1847 Saul Solomon & Company purchased Bridekirk’s printing facility and remained government’s main printing supplier until 1881 when a new company, WA Richards & Sons, obtained the majority of all the government contracts. During this period, printing establishments also expanded to other areas with the northbound movement of pioneers and the establishment of the Republic of Transvaal.


      Local Imperatives And Imperial Policy, The Sources Of Lord Carnarvon's South African Confederation Policy.


      Prime Minister John Molteno of the Cape Colony called the idea badly informed and irresponsible. In addition, many local leaders resented the way it was imposed from outside without understanding of local issues.[17] The Confederation model was also correctly seen as unsuitable for the disparate entities of southern Africa, with their wildly different sizes, economies and political systems.[18]

      The Molteno Unification Plan (1877), put forward by the Cape government as a more feasible unitary alternative to confederation, largely anticipated the final act of Union in 1909.

      P. A. Molteno: The life and times of Sir John Charles Molteno, K. C. M. G., First Premier of Cape Colony, Comprising a History of Representative Institutions and Responsible Government at the Cape. London: Smith, Elder & Co. 1900. Vol.I. p.284.


      IF -- you want real history you have to dig DEEP !

  36. Als goed en wel Mike, maar hoe gemaak met die sleg klomp blixemse geelbek hotnos ?

    1. Anonymous3:58 am

      Jy vat dit so uit my mond uit

  37. (Continued from above)

    If you want a slogan to define this new, language-over-race vision of South Africa, I would propose this:

    "Eleven nations in one country."

    Here is what the 15 provinces in a new, expanded South Africa would look like, with the 10 'ethno-states' listed first along with their populations, followed by the 5 'city-states':

    Zulu: 8.5 miilion
    Tswana: 6.7 million
    Sotho: 5.6 million
    Xhosa: 5.3 million
    Pedi: 3.7 million
    Afrikaans: 3.3 million
    Swazi: 2.4 million
    Venda: 1.3 million
    Tsonga: 0.9 million
    Ndebele: 0.6 million

    Greater Joburg: 7.6 million
    Cape Town: 3.7 million
    Durban: 3.4 million
    Pretoria: 2.9 million
    Port Elizabeth: 1.2 million

    I'm going to take it as given that this plan would have overwhelming support amongst minorities. They would dominate the huge, new Afrikaans province (stretching from Rehoboth, Namibia to Kimberley and down to the south coast just west of Port Elizabeth), as well as Cape Town, and form a powerful minority bloc in the other 4 'city-states'.

    I think the Zulus would be big winners too, with their 'ethno-state' containing almost all of KZN, about half of Mpumalanga and parts of the Free State and Gauteng. They would also dominate Durban and have official language status in Greater Joburg.

    The Tsongas, Vendas and Ndebeles would get their own 'ethno-state' provinces, much larger and more cohesive than their former Bantustans. The Tswanas, Sothos and Swazis would hugely expand their territories and populations with the annexation of the surrounding states, and their influence in the new SA would be that much greater.

    The 2 biggest losers in this formulation would be the Xhosas and Pedis, who would both see their relative influence decline. But they would both have official language status outside their respective 'ethno-states', the former in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, and the latter in Pretoria.

    So I think a plan like this would have the support of the vast majority of whites, coloureds and Asians, and probable majority support of 7 of the 9 black nations/tribes. I think it could be publicized by simply publishing and distributing a map of an expanded South Africa divided into 15 provinces, with a tagline like:

    "Imagine a bigger and better South Africa"

    I wish I had the mad skillz on the computer to do it myself, but alas ... It would look something like this, but with Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana and southern Namibia added:


    Anyway, that's my plan. I believe that it's far more feasible than Cape independence, at least in the short term. And in the long term, the Afrikaans 'ethno-state' could combine with Cape Town and possibly Port Elizabeth to declare independence as the Cape Republic. Federalism under new borders could be just the first step towards independence.

    1. @ Jeppo...Welcome back mate. Haven't seen you on here for a while. Thanks for a great comment and I must admit you are a really nice guy. I was like that once too. Wanted to allow every tribe his place in the sun. However I have changed my views over the years. There is no place for "Nice Guys" in the plan of Mother Nature. If the name of the game is "Survival of the fittest" or "Nice Guys end last" then I would like to say that when push comes to shove, I am not going to be a "Nice Guy". That time is over. If it is "Survival of the fittest" then I say get fit and survive.

      Mother Nature is a cruel Bitch. She doesn't care for Political Correct Bullshit. Either you play by her rules or you come horribly short. I have no intention of coming short and if it means wipe out every single one of the 23 tribes of SA so my tribe will survive I will have no second thought.

    2. Mike don`t try to bite off more than you chew. Hitler tried the very same idea that you are refering to and we all know what happened to that. Great britain also tried that and now where are they?.

      Isreal and the American economy will eventually collapse within the next 30 years because they are over-stretching their resources and capabilities.America as we speak is in major debt because they want control too many areas on earth. Even America is failing at this because there are not enough resources available on earth to pull such a thing even if they wanted to.

    3. Anonymous12:04 pm


      Completely agree with you Mike. No more Mr. Niceguy.

      Dit is absoluut skrikwekkend hoe ons blankes DAAGLIKS uitgemoor word, word net erger en erger, kan nié so aangaan nie.

    4. Anonymous2:11 pm


      The problem is that people who are like you only end up being killed and the world thereafter becomes a better place all over again. Ask where Verwoed, Hitler, Terblanche ended? All have ended six feet under and have never lived to see what they wished for being realised. Nature has a way of dealing with people like you who are controlled by anger.

    5. @ anon 2:11PM. Oh mighty immortal, you are really a stupid retarded cunt.

      You're born to die get the fact into your dumb skull.

      I see you're one of those little cowards that thinks you're going to live forever. Hello! Death awaits you and dark places lurk.

      I hope your death is a excruciatingly painful and fully concious episode where your brain registers exactly what is happening and the fear of what's happening is a living nightmare.

      Two your your above mention were murdered and the other took his own life, at least they stood, lived and died their cause. Not like you, you cowardly piece of shit that is to scared to take a stand.

      Fuck off and go live in your little huddle bubble

      The world is a better place without you fucking fudge packer, liberal all loving shit eating mongrels in it.

    6. @ Anon 2:11 PM...Do I detect a threat? Please tell me you are not threatening me.

    7. @ anon 2:11 PM. Please bring your retard black stinks and your white liberals that suck on black arse and come make us dead.

      You dumb fuckers want everybody to love you spineless, criminal twats.

      We see through open, realistic eyes and have seen you scum for what you are.

      Get this right because I am educating you free now. We are not angry we are just starting to pay back.

      You retards and liberal cunts owe me for all the whites that you've murdered and injured.

      How do you retards say? " an injury to one is and injury to all" well let's us show you the meaning of that.

    8. Anonymous12:40 am


      @ Anon 2:11 PM

      Either you are a dumb liberal or there is something very wrong with you. If you are NOT enranged with anger at the state of affairs in South Africa, you must be blind and shortsited as well.

      You see, we are willing to fight even with our backs against the wall, come hell or high water, I WILL fight for my country.

      Verwoerd was 'n uitstekende mens, maar dit sê ek maar net weer vir my blogmaats, jy sal te vlak wees om dit te kan insien.

    9. Anonymous2:15 am


      Like I have said, nature has a way of ridding itself off the evil and send it to hell where it belongs. If you don't believe it, go and ask Hitler, Verwoed and Terblanche in hell. Their souls are burning to eternity and they are all pleading with God to allow them to live again so that they can all become better people. They so wish to warn you but unfortunately you are on the other world. They can see well that Satan has won you over to undo the creation of the almighty. There are some things you can never change in the world. Verwoed, Hitler and Terblanche tried it, but all in vain. Mike will also die wainting for his evil dream to be realised but none of it will see the light because it is based on irrationality. We have seen that same anger leading to the creation of Boko Haram and ISIS because they all want to impose their ideologies, religion, philosophies, etc on other people.

    10. Anonymous2:53 am

      @Anon 12:40 PM

      I think now it is time that we must as well ask ourselves same question as to how blacks felt about apartheid government. Don't you think they were much worse than what we find ourselves in today. I still remember that the government then was even against the idea of my father transporting his workers on his bakkie. Now because my father's workers had to walk long distance to come to work in the morning, we had to use our bakkie to accompany them when they knocked off late in the evening to the nearest road that lead to the township. The government officials then warned my father that he should never escort Kaffirs on his bakkie because kaffirs were meant to walk like donkies. So, my father never escorted them again until we hear that one of them died because one of our neighbour set dogs on them while they were peacefully walking along the road. The owner of the dogs accused them of wanting to steal and that was not true, I know it. Ben was one of the people who were so shy and could never even step on your feet. My father was so disheartened to the point that he lodged a case against neighbours but was later dismissed based on the fact that blacks did not have legal standing on the country. So my father even asked them if blacks were not humans and they told him straight into his face that Kaffirs were aliens and not people. Sometimes people are paying for their sins and the punishment will take its own due course until such time God shall decide we had enough.

    11. @Anon 12:40 AM...What a load of anecdotal rubish. You are not White. You are a black pretending to be White. I can spot your types a mile away. Always the victim trying for sympathy. I shall tell you where you can find "Sympathy"...in the dictionary somewhere between "Shit" and "Syphilis".
      Bugger off you moron.

    12. Anonymous3:55 am


      @ Mike, I think your message was intended for Anon 2:53 AM. Ek is beslis wit met die pragtigste Germaanse hare.

      @ Anon 2:53 AM: Yes, your warning of "Nature has a way of dealing with people like you who are controlled by anger" is definately still in the pipeline and it is one of thé predictions of Seer van Rensburg that I really cannot wait for! It is going to help us a lot!

      Suustog, die arme kaffers wat moet stap, hulle stap vandag maar nogsteeds na 22 jaar en die van hulle wat ry is gedurig in ongelukke!

      Gaan koop vir jouself 'n bus dan ry jy hulle elke dag rond?

    13. @ CWG...Sorry Girl, yes you are right. It was meant for that moron Anon 2:53 AM.

    14. @ anon 2:15 AM. You are a fucking retard a black stink retard.

      You have adopted a white mans religion , jumped into a white mans church, because your government pushed its way through for you to be allowed in. Now you want to come an lecture me on hell and god. Fuck off you poser.

      You think that praying to a white god entitles you, well it doesn't.

      While we are on the subject, look at Israel and see their anger, are the Israelis dead? You dumb fucking stink turd. God is very much alive in Israel and the Israelis are angry at those fucking sand retard Palestinian cunts that you retards support.

      As for boko haram, ISIS, Alqueda the Taliban they have not tried to impose their beliefs, they are defending their beliefs as I defend mine. The soft headed Christian liberals that allow you stinks into the religion have caused more conflict in the world than anybody, so do not come here a spew that stink shit that flows out of your unwashed mouth at me.

      Go get your fucking facts straight and then come and spew shit here.

      I have told you once I tell you again, I am not angry I am just getting even and started. When I am angry then you will know and so will your kind.

      My religion is based on the strongest rule and the fittest survive, so put your soft cock words away and come and show me the error of my ways.

    15. Anonymous4:12 am


      You see where you went wrong. I am white who you would refer as liberal simply because I normally do not agree to what other whites believe in. Simply because I do not agree in a manner in which Ben was killed by dogs, I will be painted as white liberal. Simply because I don't agree in a manner in which blacks were treated by some of our own, I will be painted as white liberal. Mike you cannot dismiss the reality that we also have our own fair share to blame to what South Africa has become today. Our response cannot be akin to those of Verwoed of pushing blacks to the sea. He has failed dismally in uniting South Africa and his legacy continues and is agitated by you today. His philosophy of "good-neighbourliness" has failed and yours of "violent-neighbourliness" is bound to fail as well.

      I can see that you don't like the whites because what you are on about will only bring their abrubt end in Africa. Do you want the whole world to bring Afrikaners to extinction. The whole of Africa will attack that envisaged state of yours and Europe won't even dare to intervene and their only solution will be to offer you refuge far away from the place you once called home. It will be your end to Africa. Only if you can stop Egypt, Nigeria, China, Russia then you can continue with your devious plan, but be rest assured that not all whites will support you and it will start by me. If you want millions of whites to die because of you, then I challenge you to continue.

    16. @ anon 2:53 AM. Ask yourself why we had apartheid.

      We had aparthied because retard just fucking steals, breaks and murders as he wants, retard destroys, decimates and desecrates whatever he touches.

      White man had to put order in place otherwise SA would look like the Congo, Sudan, Zambia, Zimgabe, Mozambique, Angola should I carry on?

      So go fuck yourself and your retard buddies with your how did retard feel about aparthied.

      If we had done things the right way retard would not exist and if he did it would be on the reservation with his cheap dop and as a curiosity for dumb cunted liberals like you to come view.

      If you are a white liberal cunt please be in the front line when it gets noisy.

      I hate WLCs that sell out their own kind.

    17. Anonymous4:41 am


      @ Mike, no problem. If after all these years he cannot grasp all of the benefits of organised segregation there really is no hope for him. He can take one easy step and go look at THE FUCKEN HIGH CRIME RATE!!! Yes, I am enraged with anger about the daily genocide of whites in this country!!!

      En mannetjie @ 2:53 AM, pasop báie mooi vir wat jy ons volk toewens! Jy en jou liewe liberale pappa raak dalk ook een van die dae deel van die moord statistieke!

      En nog 'n ding, dink jy werklikwaar daar is nie blankes wat werk en skool toe stap nie???

    18. Hey Bird [CWG] moet jou nie so opwerk nie. Netnou beleef jy 'n hartaanval!

      I've told you how many times, "Don't get angry, get even."

    19. @ anon 4:12AM. If you're white stop acting like a munt.

      You obviously do not know much about African states, their armies are a joke and they too busy defending themselves from the next coup to get involved is SAs shit.

      If they come to aid these retards it will only be a week and our retards and those retards will be killing each other.

      You must wake up and smell the coffee, there is not going to be intervenrion here by any world power because they are too busy sorting their own shit out.

      The minute China or Russia mobilise in Africa the west will mobilise to stop them, the west cannot afford a communist power base on this continent.

      But you carry on your dream and carry on sucking black arse, you've done it for so long that you've lost you're identity and we whites don't want racially confused liberals in amongst us.

    20. Anonymous6:09 am


      @ Tomkat, I am relatively calm. Yes, I want to get even.

      This show needs to get on the road so that we can start to live again.

    21. Anonymous6:12 am


      I don't mean that every Kaffir must have a car or bus. I only wanted to reflect on the past about how our worker was denied justice simply because he was black. My father had to pay compensation while the well known killer scot free.

      You are surely mistaken to what you are on about. What I am saying is that most of us were truly behaving so bad during apartheid such that you could kill kaffir any day you wanted and still get away with it without being brought to court. Such things you will never see Mike touching on, despite knowing well that some whites had licences to kill blacks during apartheid without their deaths being recorded on statistics because blacks then did not have legal standing. At least, today we have reliable stats to quote from. We can exactly tell how many farmers were killed and in the past there were no official stats to tell how many blacks were killed. I am only saying that, God once gave us control but we abused it to the extend that He was displeased with us.

      Verwoed planted the seed of evil among us and many of us saw that seed as the future not knowing that it was a doring boom. So even today we still see this small verwoeds who want to plant this same seed among us and this time around it will no more be just a doring boom it will be atomic bomb which shall decimate the whole Afrikaner people.

    22. @Anon 6:12 AM Yes, just as I thought. You are Sello Puo. You are exposing yourself more and more as a black pretending to be a white. You are lying. You are making up stories. Typical Kaffir Bullshit. License to kill blacks. Ag please fuck off. Today we have reliable stats? Are you out of your cotton picking mind? There is a moratorium on crime stats. According to the Medical Research Council the murder rate is at least double of the official version released by the police.

      You know FUCKALL about Verwoerd. In the 1960' he had good relationships with all black countries Including Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi, Botswana, etc. Verwoerd wanted to create a Commonwealth of Southern African states. A Southern African version of the EU. Politically independent but working together economically to the benefit of all states.

      You, sir are a stupid dunce. A political joke. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. It is clear you have swallowed the ANC propaganda.

    23. Anonymous8:03 am

      If standing against what is wrong is liberalism, then let me be a liberal. I never even knew that liberals are those whites who stand against what is wrong. Liberalism is where I will go.

    24. Anonymous10:41 am

      YOu must understand the mind of Sello Pullo and all blacks.

      They want the right to be alpha male Lion of the jungle. They want to, like a lion, come in and murder the males of the pride and take over (Mike Smith pointed this out in I think Credo Muthwas or that other black POES's writings). The black man lusts for what the white man has, including his wife.

      The black man feels that it is his God given right to murder and take over and thus feels that when a white man denies him this chance that it is an "injustice"

      The "injustice" that blacks speak of is NOT the "injustice" that you and I know. It is an injustice in a sense that you denied him the opportunity to take your house and wife and all your cool shit and gadgets

      Now that I understand this myself, I have resolved to say this to all blacks "Up until here and no further"

      You want to fucking play alpha male with us pale faces? Then come... LETS PLAY ALPHA MALE LION!!! :D

      Bring it bitches

    25. Anonymous11:16 am


      Anon 8:03 AM

      Yes, for sure you are a fucken liberal!

      Just fucken go already please! You are like a lifeless jellyfish drifting in the sea.

      Grow some fucken balls in life you idiot!

    26. Anonymous11:33 am

      GO tell Malema not to be angry then.

    27. Anonymous2:51 pm

      @Anon 2:11 PM

      You wouldn't threaten a man in his own home, so don't threaten him on his blog. Posting here is a privilege not a right. Mike's articles are well researched and his posts are well reasoned, clearly not the work of someone who is controlled by anger. With reference to Mr Terre'Blance (may God rest his soul), he'd still be alive if we'd had an Independent Cape. So would thousands of other Afrikaners and Boers who also died at the hands of these murderous kaffir beasts.

    28. Anonymous3:05 pm

      @Anon 6:12 AM

      Smello, you and your baboon babble have been rumbled.

    29. Anonymous3:29 pm

      @Anon 2:11PM & 2:15AM & 2:53AM & 4:12AM

      Go and take your monkey mumbling elsewhere you annoying kaffir.

    30. Anonymous3:54 pm

      @Anon 2:15AM

      "they all want to impose their ideologies, religion, philosophies, etc on other people."

      Liberals attempt this through bullshit "upliftment" and fail. We want kaffirs to keep their culture, keep their religion and keep away from us.

    31. Anonymous4:16 pm

      @Anon 4:12 AM

      No, kaffir/traitor arsehole. Mike wants millions of whites to live.

    32. Anonymous5:43 pm

      Sello poo or smell your own poo, did you not say that you are living Ireland? Is it not strange for someone who hates whites to live in a white mans country? Why is that?

    33. Anon 6:12 Mike id quite correct, you are an ignorant doos, Do you not know that Blacks and Coloureds were equally as devastated by Verwoerd's assassination as the right-minded Whites were? That Blacks also lined Church Street, crying, as the funeral procession moved from the Union Buildings to the cemetery?

      He wasn't assassinated by any Black Movement [so your useless fucking ANC can claim no glory for that], but by his own. People who were opposed to his vision of a Federation of Southern African states; his successor being a chief culprit. His death heralded the end of any possible peaceful solution in this neck of the woods. S A declined steadily after that. He, Verwoerd, had taken the country to the pinnacle of success. He was a genius.

      So, take your bullshit and go and get rubber-fucked and bounce away.

    34. Anonymous1:07 am

      CWG – Part One:
      Anon 6:12 - "I only wanted to reflect on the past about how our worker was denied justice simply because he was black" - Ok, what about the injustices done to whites, many of which you and I will not know of? What about the gruesome daily genocide on whites which is not reported on in the mainstream media? What about all the money whites had to forcefully take out of their pockets in order to secure their homes because of lawlessness in the country? What about whites who cannot secure their homes? What about whites who wanted to go study but were too poor to pay tuition fees, and did not burn down universities in order to get what they wanted? What about whites that could not ever afford a house and had to buy a small flat? What about the 80 000 plus whites in squatter camps who do not get any state help but 16 fucking million blacks rely on the state for grants? What about whites who could not afford a car and made use of public transport or ride a bike, and this was all well before 1994? Whites had to work for what they have and want, even today, and fucking believe you me, it did not take only 22 years to achieve! Blacks just flick their fingers and they get what they want, because, ag shame, they are black and cannot fend for themselves and are so hard done by. . . . . to be continued.

    35. Anonymous1:08 am

      CWG – Part Two:
      "What I am saying is that if most of us were truly behaving so bad during apartheid such that you could kill kaffir any day you wanted and still get away with it without being brought to court" - You are talking the biggest load of rubbish. Speak for yourself, if you behaved badly during apartheid. Did you perhaps kill a few whites? Back then, there was law and order in this country. We treated blacks well, then and now, and so do millions of whites, still today. Do not ever underestimate my nation!
      "At least, today we have reliable stats to quote from" - Ag please! Nothing is done properly when kaffirs are in charge! Yes, in the past farmers were not murdered because any sane person will know the worth of a farmer for a country’s food security and wellbeing of the economy! And again, there were commando systems which were highly efficient and law and order prevailed. There are definitely very accurate crime statistics available for those years, and you will be shocked at the low crime rate, although you will rather choose not to see the truth of the facts. It is today’s statistics that are cooked by a pathetic government who does not want the public to know the truth. In other words, the statistics available today are much higher! I read about murders in South Africa DAILY that are not reported in the news. . . . to be continued.

    36. Anonymous1:09 am

      CWG – Part Three:
      "God once gave us control, but we abused it to the extent that He was displeased with us" - Again, speak for yourself, don't speak for my nation. The whites were and are still too good to the blacks. FFS! It is not even our duty to uplift them! Just think about one simple aspect of working life quickly. If all the whites who are currently employing blacks let go of all black workers, domestics and farmworkers, and in whichever white owned businesses, it will be a total fuckup for the millions of black families, now will it not? I do not see blacks creating jobs. In fact, the unemployment figure is escalating month by month!
      And now for the biggest laugh of all - "Verwoed (Verwoerd) planted the seed of evil among (amongst) us and many of us saw that seed as the future not knowing that it was a “doringboom" - Uhm, a more than vast majority of our nation (my nation, the whites), did not know Verwoerd, in other words we did not live during his presidency. The only seed that is implanted in us is the seed of right and wrong. It really is a no-brainer. We know which road to follow, it is instilled in us. We are not influenced by ghosts or the deceased, unlike the black youth of today who claim that they suffered under apartheid, but in fact it is due to their own shortcomings and failures in life!
      Now, is all of the above Verwoerd’s fault as well? Or is it due to your own fucking incompetent government’s fault; the mismanagement and theft of state funds and personal greed, which whites contribute to?
      Go get fucked, you imbecile.

    37. A little aside regarding Dr Verwoerd, or his wife really. In the '80's I worked for a company in Pretoria and Mrs Betsie Verwoerd was a customer. We had a black guy, Simon Raphetane, working as a counter salesman [and two other white guys]. Mrs Verwoerd would only let Simon serve her. If he was busy with another client she would wait until he could attend to her and it wasn't a case of that she "looked down" on him. She was always most courteous, as befitted the absolute lady she was.

      Now, how's that for the wife of a "racist"?

      Can any Zots say that about any of their politicians' rabid nannies.

    38. Anonymous10:56 pm

      Why not do yourself a favour and do some genealogical research into the family tree of Betsie Schoombie

      IF you were so inclined you could do the Kriges as well

    39. Anonymous11:04 pm

      He was a genius.
      Unfortunately he did not know much about ECONOMICS
      Why "border-industries" were a non-starter
      Why BLACK labour would continue to stream into the Witwatersrand -- the mining capital of SA
      Why mining bosses created -- South Western Townships
      Like Kruger got to pally with the jewish mine owners
      Disregarded the report of Professor Tomlinson
      Never created a purely WHITE homeland

      Some "genius"

    40. @ Anonymous 10:56 PM...Tell you what. Why don't you enlighten us?

      Hold on folks. This is gonna be interresting.

    41. Anonymous11:40 am

      You can start by ascertaining how many original full unabridged sets there are of the full Tomlinson report -- ALL the volumes.

  38. Lot's of misguided and dumb comments here. You Transvaal Boers/Voortrekkers have no shit about HISTIOGRAPHY. It's when one can claim legitimacy to a territory for thousands of years. The Cape Natives/Khoisan has that, why don't you form an alliance with this rapidly developing group, they going to receive recognition soon by this Azania government. I can say now that Khoisan are going to militant just like the berbers and Africans in Mali and Sudan(former)respectively and fight for political power, that's inevitable. F%$@! How many brains does it take to figure out a grand strategy, but no you people and your selfish me me me scenario, like you alienated the coloureds, idiot idea! in the first place and 2 Cape Afrikaner MP left that Boer/Voortrekker chamber because of that Coloured Vote Removal of the 1950s. I don't think Boers/Voortrekkers and the Cape people going to have a identity together or evens a good relationship. Thumbs up for those moderate Voortrekkers who understands what I'm on about.

    1. Anonymous2:38 pm

      Agree, Afrikaners and Coloureds United will be beneficial to both

    2. Anonymous9:12 am

      Thinking multiculturalism works or will ever work is dumber than the dumbest dutch, voortrekker, boer comment ever.

      Forming a temporary alliance with colourds is one thing but the more you talk the more i smell something stinking on your breath. I hope it is not brown pussy.

      Colourds are the fastest growing population group in SA.

      Why do you think that is? It is because the carry the same gene as the parasite.The black gene.

      Not long before you sit with the same problem. Language dont make them different to other blacks just look at the US. Gangs violence murder and rape. Same old same old.

    3. Anonymous8:39 pm

      No Coloureds. Period. I wish them all the luck in the world, but we want nothing else but a pure White society. Multiculturalism is an EPIC failure. It hasn't worked in the past and it sure as fuck won't work in the future. Let each race go his own way. That is pure diversity. That is the only way.

  39. Anonymous7:36 am

    Im with you Mike my sword will bring you victory
    Hurr Durr

  40. @ Mike, how does this intention become action and when should it start happening?

    Is there a political structure that can be used to start the action of not paying taxes to the central bunch of thieves?

    Is there a way of getting the Republic of the Western Cape to unite?

    1. The ANC is doing a fine job of uniting us already.

  41. Western Cape will give whiteskins safety for a long time but it will not be forever

    1. That of course depends on how hard you are prepared to fight for your safety.

    2. Kevin, it is not meant to be forever. Just a temporary solution until we can take the whole country back.

    3. Anonymous6:20 am

      His will you win the whole country back? Perhaps it will be through war I guess because democratically I don't see it happening.

    4. Anonymous11:15 am

      Democratically? Oh, you mean rule by mob here is failed banana republic South Africa! Ochlocracy for the win here in South Apeland.

  42. Mike dankie vir die blad. Ek is net so gatvol vir al die plaasmoorde en wil my eie polse kou want ek weet nie wat om te doen nie en voel hulpeloos. Sal graag meer wil leer oor al die goed aanmekaar te slaan soos beskryf hier bo. Ek weet nie of jy mense ooit kontak nie. Of hoe kan ons met jou in kontak kom.

    1. uc.mikesmith@googlemail.com

  43. The murder of Annatjie Myburgh near White River by 4 armed kaffir thugs is just another example of how the whites are being picked off one by one and at the kaffirs leisure.

    What would be the result I wonder if we immediately killed 10 black women in retaliation? I think that they would get the message quick smart... kill us at your own peril. The kaffirs need to be made to realise that will be consequences for their actions.

  44. Anonymous12:10 am

    The idea is gaining momentum.



  45. Anonymous1:13 am

    Hi Mike - Don't know if you have read this yet - RW Johnson: Independent Western Cape gains support as SA economy flounders - http://www.biznews.com/undictated/2016/06/15/rw-johnson-independent-western-cape-gains-support-as-sa-economy-flounders/ Nick A

    1. Anonymous4:44 am

      wakey wakey now Nick

  46. Anonymous1:22 am

    I remember way back when Hout Bay adopted the novelty of referring to itself as the 'Republic of Hout Bay'. I suppose this was meant to give the area a sense of 'exclusivity' and uniqueness. Anyway it did attract attention and in my opinion did make an impact. Maybe this is why Hout Bay was flooded with squatters - to destroy this claim of superiority.

    We should do the same thing for the Western Cape. Maybe pre-empt the whole independence idea by adopting the old red/whie/blue striped flag of the Cape and a title - 'Cape Republic'. Or something like that.
    This will begin to foster a sense of ownership and separation which will hopefully grow. I am sure that most residents from the Western Cape would readily adopt this 'exclusive' reference to this territorial ownership. Bumper sticker on most cars??

    It would be a start to psychologically introduce the separation from the broader SA.

    1. Good Idea. I think I shall put up the Independent Cape flag on my site.

    2. Anonymous3:37 am

      All people need to do is move to the WC -- buy property there , relocate their businesses , encourage their friends to do likewise.
      At least your MUNICIPAL rates and taxes are now not going to the useless ANC apparatchiks.
      Let the process happen in an evolutionary and organic way.
      Establish more ORANIAS
      Perhaps the mad prophet will tell us why Russia , America , the EU will not be able to interfere.
      Perhaps he will also tell us how all the "parasites" disappear.
      Millions of numbers are NOT a problem for Mother Nature when she sets her mind to it.
      After a month everyone is starving
      After six months everyone is DEAD !

    3. Anonymous4:47 am

      great Mike - maybe we should lose the 'bird-kak' voc thing though and the union jack thing must also voetsek.

    4. Anonymous5:08 am

      I think that we should use the red white and blue flag, minus the bird shit and have a graphic of table mountain in the middle (something like this - http://www.youthvillage.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/cape-town.png).

      We could use a name 'Cape of New Hope', aligned with the original 'Cape of Good Hope' - see meaning from wiki below:

      The term Cape of Good Hope:

      It was the name of the early Cape Colony established by the Dutch in 1652, on the Cape Peninsula.
      Just before the Union of South Africa was formed, the term referred to the entire region that in 1910 was to become the Cape of Good Hope Province (usually shortened to the Cape Province).

    5. Anonymous5:24 am

      Province of the Cape of Good Hope:


      what about:

      Cape of Last Hope
      Cape of Only Hope

      ha ha

    6. Cape of Good Dope ;-)

    7. Anonymous11:23 am

      Lot better than current "Rape Town"

  47. A bit of humour.

    Will the Kaffir Exodus over the last remaining bridge go down in the annals of history as "The Bridge Over The River Kei"? hehehhe!

    1. Hehehehe :-) Smaak!

    2. Mike Miller6:11 am

      Don't be such a smart Alec.

    3. I don't think there are too many people around today who will connect to "The Bridge Over The River Kwai."?

      Damn it, dating myself here!

  48. Anonymous5:42 am

    If we just stuck with the flag etc and the original name 'Cape of Good Hope'we would be proclaiming the original title and territory of 1652. This has positive connotations and would make a valid and meaningful statement.

    The Cape of Good Hope was also not really associated with the apartheid system either. It was rather forced on them as it was rolled out. So positive and constructive all round.

  49. Adrem8:43 am

    Puts a big smile on my face when reading these enthusiastic inputs on the idea of an independent Cape and don't worry about that 'medem' who wants to employ Black domestics again, we will sort her out for sure - in good time!

  50. Anonymous10:24 am

    This talk of independance is too old school.

    Just drop live snakes onto them in the squatter camps.

    The place will be a ghost town in 24 hours

    1. or this one:


    2. Yes, Mike, excellent! That'll put the fear of God into the heathens, especially at full moon.

  51. My only question would be, why stop the red line at the Rhodesian border? Surely the Sahara makes for a better "line in the sand?"

    1. Personally I would like to see the Red line at the low water mark on the Mediterranean coast, but for now we are too few to look after such a huge territory. We first need to increase our numbers through breeding and immigration and maybe in 50 years or 200 years we will rule the WHOLE of Africa. This is what Cecil John Rhodes originally envisaged...Africa completely white from the Cape to Cairo.

  52. Anonymous7:57 pm

    We simply have to get away from these blacks ASAP. Not only has the ANC and co. stolen our lives and the lives of our children, they have also sold out and totally destroyed the lives of millions upon millions of blacks here in SA. There is one big ticking time-bomb waiting to go off with all these "youths". Once these blacks have figured out that their own brothers stole the food out of their mouths they will start skinning all these kidi amins and zuptas alive.

    Wake up blackie, wakey wakey - You've also been sold down the river, also by your own kind. I guess we are even now on this front, huh?

    I see glorious fireworks in all our futures.

  53. Mike, just a thank you for your time, effort and energy that goes into this blog.

    It is really a great thing and the knowledge and insight gained from it is more that educational.

    Thanks mate, excellent work.

    When we have driven these stink retards off our continent WTH are you going to do with your time? I can see that this blog takes up chunks of your day.

    1. My forefathers were "Bittereinders".

    2. Shouldn't we start a FB page: "Bittereinders"?

      Donycero, get to it, Boet. You got fuck all better to do down there in the Noorsveld?

  54. I have campaigned myselffor this here is my petition: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Head_of_the_United_Nations_call_for_the_self_determination_of_white_South_Africans/?preview=live

    1. I have officially petitioned the Governments of Nigeria, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda to allow the Bantu's to return to their ancestral mother countries. The petion was handed over to them a few days ago.



    2. Anonymous2:23 am

      You will first have to return to Holland before Bantus can ever return to where they come from 4000 years before Christ. Yours will only go back 300 years and you will find yourself in Europe.

    3. Anonymous2:38 am

      Your petition is already 1 year but could only accumulate 250 people, shame. I will start mine with the title: ALL WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS MUST RETURN BACK TO EUROPE. I Know that it won't take even a month and will already have over 1 million support. After one year it would have grown to a whooping 45 million and After two years it would have over 400 million supporters from all of Africa. We Africans love our continent and all of it was given to us by the creator. We want to move freely from it from cape to Cairo.

      Mandla of KZN.

    4. Anonymous6:24 am

      And then Mandla and his fellow tribesman can resume killing each other and burning down things in 'protest' in and regress back in time technologically in peace.

      Because without Whites, who created the state of South Africa, there would be nothing only scattered tribes without a wheel in sight, no alphabet and no civilization.

    5. Anonymous12:37 am

      @Mandla of KFC

      "We want to move freely from it from cape to Cairo."

      Do you really think that North Africans want the likes of you up there?

      You don't even get along with blacks from other tribes and other black African countries.

    6. Anonymous4:53 am

      @Anon 2:38AM

      Why don't you go and "move freely" in Northern Nigeria and see how far you get, idiot?

  55. Anonymous6:16 am

    You'll be eating your words when the whites are gone because there will be fuckall else to eat

    1. Anonymous12:41 am

      They'll probably revert to eating each other.

  56. Agree 6:16. I cant believe they are too dumb to realise. No economy, no jobs, no food,faction fighting. Infrastructure not maintained at all. Zim typical blueprint. Lost cause.

    1. Anonymous12:54 am

      Kaffirs do not think about the future. Having a full stomach today is all that matters to them.