15 June 2016

Get ready for the coming mother of all election frauds

By Mike Smith
15th of June 2016

I always cringe whenever people talk about and look forward to elections in South Africa as if they have hopes that the ANC can somehow be outvoted at the polls.

I have only voted once in my life and that was in April of 1994. I already saw then that voting in SA was just a sham.

People vote in Transkei in the morning just to be bussed in to vote in Cape Town in the afternoon. People with invalid and false ID documents still being allowed to vote and the floor crossing that just pulls the Mickey out of any “Free and Fair” election. Dead people who are 120 years old on the voters roll... It’s a total farce.

This year on the 3rd of August South Africa will have their local government elections.

Last month, Parliament was told that the IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) was without the proper addresses for up to 46% of the more than 26 million people registered to vote in the August elections.

Yesterday in the Constitutional Court Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng said the voters’ roll, as it stood, was "inconsistent with the rule of law" and he gave the IEC 18 months to fix it. However the IEC said the elections will go ahead as planned despite 12 million people with no proof of address.

That means you can make up a bogus voter’s roll and add names as much as you like. You cannot prove that the person actually exists and is living at that physical address and is eligible to vote in that ward. You just bus them around from voting station to voting station like always and win ALL the wards.

Despite this…Phephelaphi Dube, director at the Centre for Constitutional Rights, said the August 3 local government elections could still be free and fair.

Bwhahaha…What a joke!!!

“She said a valid voters’ roll was not the only measure of free and fair elections. “It is but one, dare I say, not so important consideration. Other factors include conduct of political parties before elections and on election day, the ability of political parties to canvas for votes without intimidation, the ability of the state broadcaster to fairly cover political party campaigns etc.”

Excuse me? The “State Broadcaster” has become the ANC regime’s personal propaganda voice and there is intimidation at every election. The SABC doesn’t want you to see the ANC’s violently discontented voters and don’t even want to read the newspaper headlines that carry such stories.

On top of this, the Constitutional Court is aware of the crooking of the ANC.

The case stemmed from a November 2015 Constitutional Court ruling that the 2013 Tlokwe (Potchefstroom) by-elections in the North West were not free and fair. The African National Congress had won all the contested wards except one.

Following the by-elections, the IEC conducted its own investigation into the allegation that voters not entitled to register in these wards had been registered, and that their participation had affected the by-election results.

It found that 1 040 people had been incorrectly registered on the segments of the voters' roll for the affected voting districts.

See what I mean? They just bussed the voters around from one ward to another and had them voting over and over until they won them all…But it is “Free and Fair”…Ridiculous. Fucking Banana Republic, I tell you.

I have come to learn a long time ago that the ANC/SACP’s game is “Power forever”.

One man; One vote; One time. That is it...just like the rest of Africa.

After 1994 all the subsequent elections were mere sideshows to amuse the public and make them feel as if they are living in a “Democracy”. All smoke and mirrors. Vote as much as you like...the ANC stays.

The sheeple haven’t woken up to fact yet that they are living in an illusionary “Rainbow Nation”; an Alice in Wonderland scenario where nothing is the way it seems and the truth is that we are enslaved under the yoke of a One Party Communist Dictatorship.

If you want the ANC out, there is only one way… Shoot the useless bastards out of power. If you insist on voting; Vote with your feet. Get out of this hell hole.

ConCourt gives IEC 18 months to fix voters' roll

Court decision 'won't affect free and fair elections'


  1. Anonymous8:18 am

    Malema knows this. He is going to squeal like a stuffed pig when the results come in. Should be enough to get this whole revolution/civil war started.

  2. The nature of the beast does not understand free and fair, democracy is a white mans concept that has been passed to thieves, murderers and other criminal elements that use it for personal gain.

    Why vote in a world where your vote means nothing? You are white, you have intelligence and order, things foreign to the beasts that rule this land.

    These creatures that escaped extinction will never allow a white man to share power with them and to reinstate law and order.

    As you say Mr Smith if we want to continue our existence here in this land best we lock and load for a cross on a ballot paper with a white man's name on it turns to the next arse wipe material for retard.

    Zuma is going to attempt a Zimbob and hold power until the grave is fed. Alas little idiot also wants the same so hopefully we see a square off there in near future.

  3. This boils back to what somebody said in earlier times: 'Its not the ones who vote win an election, it's the ones who count (i.e. engineer) the votes, win the election.'

    Some things just never change.

  4. Anonymous3:42 pm


    How is this not considered as outright racism. Where is the outcry over this story? Gayton MacKenzie should be feeling ashamed of himself since he is or used to be a Motivational Speaker of "the Rainbow Nation of South Africa"

    1. Gayton? Sounds awfully GAY, maybe he is frustrated by his orientation both sex and race.

      Just another obese,lazy, dumb retard to contend with.

      Let see if Zille lays a complaint and follows it up. She is another one of the liberals that created the shit we live in.

      Drop them liberals and the overweight, twisted, corrupt, lying politicians too and then there will not be any of this shit. Chickens without heads have no direction.

      People like Zille are the ones that sell white people false hope. These PA turds shouldn't have threatened her they should have gutted and burnt her. It would have at least caused a ripple as farmers being murdered does not.

    2. Anonymous9:54 pm

      Zille is to slapgat to make a issue of this. Fuck that liberal bitch anyway, she is getting what was coming.

  5. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Will it be a power struggle between boss Jacob or boss Juju?

    1. @ anon 4:46 PM Its our job to ensure there is a power struggle between those two retards.

    2. Anonymous2:49 pm

      @LTMA 9:46 PM

      Yes, Zuma vs JuMa!

  6. Anonymous5:12 pm

    There is just no escape from these evil people. FUUUUCCCKKK!

    Don't think for one second the IEC is "Independent". They are all bought and paid for.

    So watch your little rugby game and braai your old vleisie tough guys, listen to your brainwashing programming on TV and radio, believe the lies some more, all the while everything you hold dear and cherish is getting silently killed behind the scenes. And when you do decide to stand up and stop this madness, you will find yourself alone without power and without support, and unable to resist. How sad.

    Paradise Lost.

  7. Anonymous6:08 pm

    Pigs starve to death on a farm belonging to the ANC government. Can you imagine what it'd be like to eat only every few months? http://stopwhitegenocideinsareports.blogspot.co.za/2016/06/pigs-starve-to-death-on-farm-belonging.html

  8. Een boskakker wat stem nutraliseer jou stem, saakimaak of jy 'n graad het of nie, en dit is sotlik.

    1. Ja, GG, daai boskakker se stem tel net soveel as Johan Rupert s'n.

  9. Anonymous11:01 pm

    This article from a speech by Moeletsi Mbeki has some really interesting facts:


    “South Africa’s murder rate is six times the global average. We are a country in very, very deep trouble,” he said.

    He said that South Africa had the highest unemployment rate in the world.

    “Eskom makes huge profits but throws the country into darkness. It doesn’t promote economic development, it is a tax centre.”

    All of this tax money goes to the public sector, which in South Africa is one of the highest-paid sectors in the world, with civil servants earning more money than their colleagues in the private sector. This is then used by the political elite to enrich itself and its support systems, Mbeki said.

    1. Anonymous4:15 am

      If i may get in on this.

      We know their is a financial attack on SA. Foreign investment loves this because then we produce goods cheaper for them. What they dont like is production interruptions like strikes and civil unrest. We have 30+ protest a day.

      This country is going to blow. The treasury wont be able to pay the police, army and civil servants when this happens. Crime will escalate at a rate that makes the current crime seem like a dream.

      The private sector will fall in to crumbs. No private sector no tax no treasury no governance. You will have gangs running parts of provinces with no rule of law. They will take what they want when they want how they want.

      The powerful and the rich will resort to low profile mining. Their wont be enough food for 60m people not even for 30m people.

      The drought is coming in to effect - food

      The dams are running empty - Water and sanitation.

      No governance no infrastructure - home security (expropriation bill)!!

      No jobs - Clothing

      No police - safety and security

      These are the basic securities of a human being.

  10. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Why are there still whites left in SA. Can't you people think straight? There are none so blind as those that will not see.

    Stop winging and get out. The powers have given you long enough to read the writing on the wall - leave or perish.

    1. Who is going to "perish" us, you? You're fucking scum. You're only good at "perishing" inanimate objects [like monuments & infrastructure and, of course, the elderly, babies and the defenseless. You fucktards are rabble.

    2. Anonymous2:52 am

      And go where? To another country where you still remain an alien?! I was born here and i will die here. Vaalpens

    3. Anonymous3:44 am

      "The powers have given you long enough to read the writing on the wall - leave or perish."

      Who is it that has these "powers"?, do they have the same powers as my Lord, my Father, my Creator.

      Never shall i leave this land, put that in your pipe and smoke it!


    4. Anonymous3:56 am

      Buy me a plane ticket you doos. Also while you are at it get me a home and a job and while you are at that do the same for the rest of my family who can not afford it and who doesnt come from broederbond families like yours who fucked the country up in the first place because of their money god.

      What are you doing on this site if you dont like the whining? Are you waiting and hoping for the perish so you can say I told you so? You are a doos,

      Or are you scouting to see if their is resistance to the perish which are going to make you look like a yellow-belly for running away from the fight.

      You still stay a doos. Fuck-off dont come back


    5. @ anon 11:07 PM. Come and make us leave or make us perish.

      You need to carry out your threats to make us believe you mean what you say. Come now let's see your commitment to the powers that have written on the wall.

    6. Jissum you lot are starting to sound like someone else that I know:)

    7. Anonymous3:44 pm

      @Anon 11:07PM

      For your information, it's 'whinging' and 'powers that be', you illiterate and ignorant pathogen.

      Whites have been in South Africa for hundreds of years and built a first world country on a third world continent. You pathogens have never done anything useful in your entire existence. So, why are your lot still in South Africa when you serve no purpose?

  11. Anonymous11:36 pm

    What is up with whites in South africa. Looks like most have lost their heritage and sense of belonging:

    Another white sangoma from Mamelodi:


  12. Anonymous11:52 pm

    I also don't vote. Its beyond my comprehension to believe if you tick a box that someone you do not know or will never meet will make a positive change in your life.

    Look at the calibre of politicians to choose from, terrible choices ranging from demented, childish, no education, no morals etc... I wouldn't want any of them to wash my windscreen, they best kept away from the control room of South Africa.


  13. In support of The Donald let this go viral, my friends.


    1. Adrem5:09 am

      You are right TT, this document stinks beyond the horizon...

  14. Anonymous9:13 am

    Massive fraud has been going on for years with social grants. The duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate claims are astronomical. Wait and see what happens when the ANC try to reduce the monthly old age grant to R753 that they are now pushing for.

  15. I have always said the votes get re-counted until the right party wins. Like in zim.

  16. Anonymous6:08 pm

    I stopped voting here in the U.S. too. I even went down to the county offices last year and filled out a form to remove myself from the voter rolls. I've lost faith in the entire system and many of the stupid people now in the U.S. Hoping to expatriate some day with a bucket list wish to denounce citizenship. My mental outlook has been much improved after checking out of the matrix as much as I can and taking on a "let it burn, I no longer care" attitude.