21 June 2016

Detroit University drops Mathematics for "Diversity Training"

By Mike Smith

21th of June 2016

Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan has 27,578 students of which 15,004 (55%) are white and 4,881 (18%) are black.

Asians, Hawaiians, Hispanics and American Indians make up the rest.

The University has a general fund budget of $602 million and 32% of that ($190 million) is paid by the Detroit Tax payers.

The Whites and the Asians (7%) are doing quite fine, but because the minority students are struggling with mathematics the university has decided that you don’t actually need mathematics. At least not so much of it, so it decided to drop mathematics for that wonderful feel good subject that is far more important namely “Diversity Training”.

Wayne State University in Detroit drops mathematics as general education requirement: Replaces it with Diversity Training

See...there is a reason why people at university should study mathematics. When you are a professional out there in the real world you will need mathematics in EVERYTHING. You need to be able to interpret quantitative representations of information such as graphs, tables and statistics. Without mathematics you won’t be able to understand or carry out 90% of your job. At least not as efficiently as someone who had mathematics.

But you see that is not important. What is important for you as an Affirmative Action employed black manager is to understand that you just need to be nice to Whites and Asians who indeed have studied mathematics so that THEY can do your job.

Problem is that when we all just study the easy subject of “Diversity” and nobody bothers to do the difficult mathematics anymore, then who is going to do the job at the end of the day? Like the Afrikaans poet C.J. Langenhoven used to say, “Ek meneer en jy meneer, wie gaan dan die wa smeer?”

No, getting the job done is not important at all. Holding hands and singing Kumbaya together is far more important. Just look at the state of Detroit. Stupified graduates everywhere wandering through the ruins of a once beautiful city. Volksverdummung on an epic scale. And this for a University whose Football team is known as “The Warriors”? Sounds more like a bunch of liberal pussies to me.


  1. Stephen12:38 am

    Hi Mike

    I know why they rather drop maths and take up anything as long as its not maths , yes they're dof and can't comprehend , but there's more to it .

    I'm not a historian but I know the word maths and its roots in the original greek text someting like 'mathesis' also means diciple..reminds me of dicipline.

    Maths is a dicipline yes , obey rules have boundries correctness -the God kinda stuff . Its as simple as that , no more maths equals no more dicipline and Jesus did ask ...'' Will the Son of man find any faith on earth when he returns ? ''...

    Seeing people throw away dicipline in this manner these days , I now understand why He asked that question.

    1. Hear, hear!!!

    2. PreatorianXVI9:44 pm


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  2. Anonymous1:13 am

    From the photo, the university's slogan seems to be "Aim higher". LOL!

    1. Anonymous12:59 pm

      @Anon 1:13 AM

      "Aim higher" in Detroit probably means to shoot someone in the head.

  3. All part of The Plan, Mike; dumbing-down of the majority. It's pandering to the Inferiors' incapability to elevate themselves to our level and reducing the idiot liberal kids of America to theirs.

    Nah, fuck 'em all.

  4. Anonymous2:39 am

    Must read this


  5. https://twitter.com/TheRealClementM/status/745177908549820416?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

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  8. Whiteman5:08 am

    Hi Mike, I am a new reader, and would like to compliment you with your potent writings ! Tomkat took the words from my mouth. Keep up the good work !

  9. Anonymous5:11 am

    Maths is a subject to teach you to think.

  10. Anonymous5:22 am

    Tshwane is busy burning down


    Zim is about to be accepted back into the global monetary fold


    All the amazing Mike Smith can come up with is this CR@P
    Is the guy off his meds -- or something ?

    1. And what is it you've come up with, Einstein?

    2. Stephen7:05 am

      Anon5:22 too quick on the draw - shot yourself in the foot
      Look at the post above this one smarty ' and please don't post news24 headlines and think your smart,we knew that this morning allready.
      go back to news24 we like the all amazing Mike Smith.

    3. Anonymous8:08 am

      Anon 5:22...Glad you called it Tswane, a city full of mathematically challenged idiots like you. By the way numbnuts, the device you use to spew crap around here is the result of mathematics, but I guess you believe diversity training is responsible for all the nice shiny trinkets that you so love, hey my boy?

  11. Anonymous5:45 am


    The one detail which is perhaps misleading is that NEGROS (partially inbred with Whites in the US) have an average IQ of 85 - one standard deviation lower - whilst the average AFRICAN IQ is a full two standard deviations lower at 70. 70 by the way puts you in the range of mildly mentally retarded, making you TRAINABLE but not EDUCABLE (ie unable to integrate learning, deal with abstract concepts, etc etc.). Interesting huh? And explains a lot.
    regards Jay Bird

  12. Anonymous7:07 am

    The standard of education has been dropped to accommodate black students, because they lack the ability to cope with a first world curriculum.

    In my opinion, blacks students at tertiary institutions across South Africa want the standards dropped in order to ensure that they pass and get a degree/diploma. In fact they basically want to get a bursary, go to varsity/tech, do
    fuck-all; get the relevant transport and subsistence allowance that the bursary offers, skip classes, party and cause shit on campus and still get a qualification at the end of the course.

    The reality is that if you give these retarded wogs your hand, they will take your arm as well. They truly are on: "a road to nowhere".

  13. Anonymous10:12 am

    I taught a lot of young Black adultss for quite a number of years, and what was interesting to me was that the vast majority have, well, low IQ. Thus only able to lean a little within strict limits. A few were cleverer. Also although 95% of the time they were well behaved, if they were "set off" they turned into unreasoning savages. But the low IQ thing is absolute fact. They CANNOT get ahead as a group without artificial help like quotas etc. And in the free market od academia they come stone last, though you MAY get one or two bright sparks. Jay-bird.

  14. Propaganda, Lies, and Distortion of reality. It's sad what liberalism is doing to my country. Gotta vote Trump, it's the only chance to change the American train about to go off the cliff.

  15. Anonymous10:32 pm

    LOL... Too true. I went to my Alma Mater, a PRIVATE, for profit, centre of excellence in the Programming world somewhere near Rosebank. I studied there 20 years ago which launched my career in IT. They are probably the best at what they do in South Africa. ANyway, I digress... My point is this: I am in the process of immigrating and required a copy of my diploma so I went to the training centre. Out of a class of about 40 people, 3 were black, about 6 were coloured and the rest were split almost equally between asians (and ol and ols) and whites. This institute requires you to come in and write a FOUR hour aptitude test in order to get onto the course. If you are accepted, you pay for the first module. After that, depending on your results they will sponsor you (as long as your marks remain high enough). They recover the cost from your employer or from your prospective employer, who are more than willing to pay the price to get you as they know the product (you as a programmer) are highly skilled, well trained and will require very little additional training to do your job. The few blacks on what amounts to a free IT training course that employers consider to be highly sought after simply points to their lack of: a) required IQ, and b) lack of correct thinking style.

    And THAT is why "FUBAR, We been having it!".

    They do not have enough people that fall into the "innovater" levels of IQ, neither do they have enough people who fall into the "supporter and maintainer of innovation" levels of IQ. Furthermore, those that do lack the requisite thinking style to be able to pul it off successfully.

    Simply put, South Africa is FUCKED!!!

  16. Anonymous2:26 am

    Theseus98:05 PM
    Trump is the last hope for the survival of the white first world nations upon this planet. Other than that the entire extinction of the human race is definitely immanent.

  17. The truth always hurts those that want to deny it.

    The truth about BRS is that they believe that they just have to attend an institution of learning/ education and that is enough. One does not need to study to become intelligent and wise, just go to class and wear amareading eglasses and you're made.

    Use words like cirKumstunsays and eleventy And just be black, cry disadvantage and oppression and then you've achieved.

    These retarded things just want and want and want.

    Please do not misunderstand me, I too want but I want to write a history that only shows the total annihilation of the destructive virus species and the flourishing of a pure untainted white earth.

  18. Detroit Refugee4:33 am

    10-15 yrs back, the Wayne State campus & surrounding area was in constant fear & both male & female students were in danger.
    Here's why; a black male(no surprise), was coming up behind people, slugging them in the skull, & rape/sodomizing them.
    He'd usually strike in the doorway or hallway of the numerous apt bldg's around campus.
    And of course he didn't use condoms.
    How's that for "Die-versity"?
    Oh, and he'd rob his sexual assault victims as an added bonus!
    No doubt, the Dindu was using his limited math skills, to count up his earnings after sharing diversity w the naive students.