28 June 2016

A proposal for Jacob Zuma he cannot refuse

By Mike Smith

28th of June 2016

So get this, Zuma steals R246 million to build his Nkandla palace and only has to pay back R7,814,155.

This is encouraging large scale corruption and theft.

If I know that I only have to pay back 3% of a sum I steal and effectively get to keep 97%, I would steal a lot more than Zuma.

This is setting a precedent. More people are going to steal now, because if Number One, Msholozi Showerhead, can get away with it then why not the rest of us?

In fact, I would like to propose a challenge to the illustrious President (yours not mine) of the New (improved) South Africa on behalf of all the tax payers whose money he stole:

R246 million – R7,814 155 = R238,185 845

Now, President Zuma, here is the proposal…If you can pronounce R238,185 845…listen properly…you get to keep the money. All of it. You fail and you pay back every last cent of the R246 million. Deal?


  1. Great, Mike! Absolutely brilliant, though I doubt the idiot will accept your challenge.

  2. Anonymous4:54 am

    Hahahahaha Mike i think he will have to contact africa bank for a loan after he is done pronouncing that sum. Vaalpens

  3. Anonymous4:54 am

    Doos of note!

  4. Anonymous5:19 am

    Hau no it is eleventy seven!

  5. Anonymous5:37 am

    Sory for the off-topic comment Mike.

    https://www.enca.com/south-africa/tzaneen-petrol-attendant-attackers-behind-bars - Check out the racist comment by juniormelumngomza. Ala "Penny Sparrow", easy R150 000...

  6. Anonymous6:09 am

    Leesan carefoully three hundred and seventy leven twoo hundred an fouthy leventy seven and one... lol

  7. Anonymous6:18 am

    Ha..ha..he..he elevety seventy....


  8. Anonymous6:20 am


  9. The civilized people of the republic are getting more and more frustrated by the day. Many can't keep in that frustration any longer. This is a good sign.



    Things are going pear-shape at an enormous rate now and the skin will soon burst from the sausage.



    Remember people, when the fighting starts, begin with the liberals. The blacks will be easy to conquer, but the liberals are dangerous. With them out of the way, the rest will be easy.

    1. Anonymous12:18 pm

      Wipe out the fukcing lib scum. Wipe 'em out first. Got it!

  10. Whiteman7:37 am

    For decades, we have heard how angry the blacks are, because of Apartheid. The satanic media, endorsed this at every opportunity, and succeeded to intimidate the white population of this land, into a state of paralysis ! The churches ran with the narrative, and convinced its followers that a true christian does not make war, but prays for their government, and bows down in obedience, and turns the other cheek ! Think of the many instances, when a white gets murdered, his family/friends are reported as saying : We forgive these ( barbarians ), because it is the christian thing to do ! ( I have often wondered, if the family really did say these things ? ) But you hardly ever read, of the ANGER of the white man. But occasionally, it does show on various conservative websites. And the day it explodes, the whole world will definitely take notice !

    1. Anonymous12:17 pm

      I forgive only my brothers and sisters, those that are near to me in spirit and mind. Heathens I put to the sword, lib enemies of God's law we put to the sword. Simple.

    2. BLCN & Whiteman - Agree my brothers and the sooner that day arrives the better = damage control because things are getting out of hand now.

      This fucking Head Honcho Kaffir is now really pissing me off. How the fack can that thing be president [yes, Mike, not mine either] of a country, albeit a totally fucked up mess of a country???

    3. Never in the history of this land was there so many white directionless fools with so little vision as we have seen since 1994...

  11. @ Mike, reading the Phoenix post here, I have a question.

    Will we as white South Africans unite.

    Everyday I read here on your blog English trashing Afrikaans and vice versa, lots of Jew hatred and along with that just general bad feelings towards every country in the world.

    When someone reads these pages they get the impression that SA has been fucked over so many times that it must be a blow up doll.

    There is so much bickering and infighting amongst us that its hard to see how we are going to band together as a unit.

    Shouldn't we concentrate on what lies immediately in front of us, the shit is here it just hasn't started attracting the flies yet.

    I have no argument with Afrikaner, English, Israeli, Jew or any other nation that will raise his colours with mine and be my brother in arms. I welcome him. So why is all the hatred for what is past dividing our efforts.

    Let's focus on the war ahead, a war that is going to cost us lots of blood before we can claim victory and believe me there will be more than enough blood flowing without providing more from the internal battles that are ongoing.

    I ask out of interests. I am here to win this war and for no other reason.

    1. Agents Provocateur, boet. Just ignore them. If I have to worry about their shit I would have closed this blog a Long time ago. Which is what they want. Throw enough shit in the hope some will stick and I depart and close the blog.

    2. Anonymous10:01 am

      Believe me, your not the only one. One Boor, one nation and with God on our side, who can be against us?

    3. I tend to agree with you, and have voiced my opinion on this matter several times. The collective is our white skin, our common humanity and some overlapping history and culture. We share very little with those who will murder us based on our pigmentation. One can only hope that there is a real leader, as yet undiscovered, to lead South Africa back to prosperity and freedom.

    4. Anonymous10:40 pm

      I hear what you saying, is does seem that we are not standing together, even our own family members think we are nuts,don't loose heart when the fighting starts, more will stand with us because they will need us, those of us that can see now will be the leaders that will defend our nations and kin

      St Miki

    5. LTMA, my mate, it's as Mike says and usually those AP's comments are baseless and fraught with shit. I don't even take note of them. As Phoenix mentioned "the civilised people of the republic".

      Anton & Anon 10:01 Yes our common humanity, Christian morals and values is what should unite us and nothing else.

    6. LMTA - you're not alone as far as family members thinking we're we're seeing ghosts, Boet. CWG has the same problem. I do and I am sure there are many others. None so blind as those who will not see?

      Fuck me, what more eveidence do they need. The country has collapsed around their ears and is now being burnt to the ground, but, no, it's business as usual. Never mind the fact that civilised people daren't venture out in the evenings or even take a stroll in a park in daylight. The fact that they have to live in virtual fucking prisons has become an accepted way of life. Being mugged without being murdered is seen as a blessing. And, they're quite happy to survive like that?!?!

      Well, the day will come when their eyes will be opened for them, but then it's going to be far too late for the majority, I'm afraid. They won't be able to say they weren't warned.

    7. TT, you have to ask yourself where the true South African has disappeared and where did our values go with him.

      I think whiteman posted sir ACD's appraisal of the Boers on the previous post and you read Montgomery, Patton, Smuts, Botha, Reitz, Churchill men that have been in the think of it, their appraisals of south Africans, MAN! What an honour to come from such lineage, how much more do you need to make you proud.

      For me nothing makes makes me prouder, even if I have an ocean dick. I still claim heritage to the South African line.

      Where has the unity of family gone, where is that brothers in arms and struggle gone? FUCK!

      Now we have our own sell us out for 30 pieces of silver and a black noddy or is it golly wog badge.

      I am ashamed of most of my fellow South Africans for they are traitor and turn coat.

      Another chap posted on a couple of posts ago how at a BBQ his family were spewing shit about loving the country but doing fuck all to save it. Well if people really love this country then they wouldn't be so quick to sell their fellow white men out. That chap said as much about his shit spewing family because he says they are all talk and no action.

      I see daily these whites that hang around with retard and white men driving their black whores around in their SUVs and BMW sedans, fuck how low has the white man sunk that he has to seek solace with retard.

      As for family, there is no bigger traitor than ones own blood. I am not allowed in my families houses because of my views on the scum that runs this crimetry.

      But you're right when the time comes they will not be able to claim ignorance.

      My friend, "Ex Unitate Vires"

  12. Jay bird8:06 am

    Hahahaha. You really made me laugh today Mike.

  13. Anonymous8:28 am

    Why do we have to obey the law of the land if these fucks ignore it?

    1. Anonymous12:29 am

      A fucken good question my mate WHY?????

  14. Anonymous9:19 am

    The sad truth of this story is that it has cost the tax payer more than R246 mil. I would guess the lawyer / investigation and various task teams fees alone (and their lunches) on this was inflated too. Probably nearing R300 mil.



  15. Anonymous9:37 am

    Naand Mike

    Laat hy dit in Afrikaans ook sê, dan gee ons hom n bonus by.

  16. Anonymous10:25 am



    1. This is the "liberation" ol' Maxie wanted and now he's got it. I hope he realises he's not wanted in either laager. The Kaffirs don't want him and we definitely don't, other than to execute.

  17. Anonymous12:38 pm


    Quote: "Your president not mine."
    No, he's not mine!

  18. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Jakkie Cilliers, 'n kenner by die Instituut vir Veiligheidstudies, waarsku dat geweld binne ANC gaan uitbrei na geweld tussen partye. Sien interessante ontleding hievan op Suidlanders web vandag.

  19. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Max se poes man. Vir jare was die kont n' dik pel van die ANC. Toe hy n' poes klap van die fokkers gekry het toe raak hy lekker suurgat en nou is die ANC dit en die ANC daai. Tipies van n' liberale doos. En die fokker is n' baie goeie voorbeeld van hoe die media in sy moer in is, die ou word gesien as n' "hero" op daai patetiese nuusblad wat hy deesdae op blog. Nee wat, gee my liewer Mike, of Daan, hulle se dit soos dit is. Stem nie altyd saam nie, maar geen political correctness en daai kak nie.

  20. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Can you believe it, a sort of sane "voice" on that libtard leftie online news circuss. .


    What is your opinion people?

    1. Is what he's saying any different to what Mike and we here on the blog are saying about a Cape Republic? The only difference being that he doesn't say anything about exterminating the parasites.

      I think he might be implying that the fragmentation he proposes will cause them to self-destruct?

  21. Anonymous3:09 pm

    That anc shirt he is wearing probably cost the tax payer eleventy-seventy rand.
    Anyway I was sitting back listening to Sergei Rachmaninoff last movement of his 4th symphony conducted by the wonderful Vladimir Ashkenazi (there I go again getting my mind poisoned by Jewish music). Sorry I digress and it occurred to me that us SADF oue manne soon as we see riot or protests we want to go stamp it out as if that will be the solution to the problem. but the riots are only the symptom of the problem and that problem is the organised business crime syndicate headed by that cock head Zuma.

    Last week when some security committee made up of govt ministers met with the SAPS about the ongoing riots in greater Pretoria, apparently the SAPS were instructed to make ministers homes, so called key points and Union Buildings their priority and screw the rest. Well if that is all they are concerned about why don't we hit them where it hurt's. Zuma and tribe would love us to attack the rioter's. But what if all we focused on was to sabotage his and bis cadres business interests. There are many ways we can make him hurt in the pocket. Just a thought, oh time for a.little Prokofiev's no 1 in d flat.

    1. Anonymous1:04 am

      Yeah even the kaffir music here in SA has deteriorated into American wrap crap under the ANC government. What used to be known as beautiful synchronized black vocal harmony has now become a bunch of babbling wrap crap monkeys. Africans have now clearly shown that they have become their own worst enemy and a failure to their own kind since the beginning of civilized mankind upon the planet. OBLITERATE THEM NOW BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

  22. Anonymous3:33 pm

    He'll probably take the piss and repay the 3% at one rand per week. The thieving slaphead cunt. Roll on independence.

    1. Anonymous1:15 am

      Zupta has 45 days to pay, and the presidency is asking for donations, lmao, the gall of it

  23. Anonymous8:50 pm

    These k4's are such thieves, the english must be so happy they were funding the anc all those years out of London's 28 Penton Street.
    Oh well, fuck them & the Anglican church.


  24. Anonymous1:21 am


    Dis nou goed en wel hierdie idioot moet nou die bietjie van die groot gedeelte geld terugbetaal, maar wat van die derduisende korrupte staatsamptenare wat ook daagliks van ons steel?

    Die hele lot moet waai! Die een is so sleg soos die ander! Hulle kan net eenvoudig nêrens waarde toevoeg nie!

  25. Anonymous3:29 am


    Voetsek jou naai!

  26. Anonymous2:23 am

    Strange how the collective enforce a capital gains taxation on everyone else ... its time for SARS act appropriately ..

  27. Anonymous8:11 am

    Mashabela of the EFF calling Zuma a thief and a criminal in parliament. She refuses to back down.