13 May 2016

Zuma promises no more load shedding

By Mike Smith
13th of May 2016

Apparently...according to (your) president (not mine) Jacob Zuma... South Africa will not suffer anymore load shedding

Said Msholozi Showerhead: “I always tell people that we are not going to receive load shedding anymore. I told the leadership of Eskom that I’m going to tell people that we are not going to have load shedding anymore because I was here‚" he said.

Talk about an electrifying appearance. 

Nevertheless, who was responsible for the load shedding in the first place?

“Eskom has been plagued by deteriorating electricity availability from plant breakdowns since 2010 due, in large part, to a politically motivated mantra to keep the lights on at all costs. Keeping the lights on meant that planned maintenance was neglected.”

With no redundant capacity it means everything always run at full capacity and you cannot shut any part of the plant down to do planned maintenance.

Actually, according to the report above, Eskom did absolutely nothing to improve the supply of electricity. The only reason why they can cope at the moment is because the demand for electricity has dropped.

After nine years Medupi and Kusile power stations are still not finished. Medupi was going to cost R32 billion, but now is estimated to cost R154 billion. Kusile was going to cost R31 billion, but now is estimated to going to cost R118 billion.

Last year the DA laid criminal charges against the ANC after Hitachi paid US$6 million to a front company (Chancellor House) belonging to the ANC.

DA laying charges over Hitachi payment to ANC ‘front’ for Medupi, Kusile contracts

“According to the SEC’s complaint‚ filed in US District Court for the District of Columbia‚ Hitachi was aware that Chancellor House was a funding vehicle for the ANC during the bidding process‚ yet continued to partner with Chancellor House and encouraged the company to use its political influence to help obtain government contracts from Eskom.”


  1. Anonymous2:12 am

    there might be no load shedding, but there is lots of job shedding! Goodness gracious but these anc idiots are just plain dumb.

  2. No, this whole shit-shower is getting too much for me! I can only shake my head in wonder. These fucking baboons actually believe the shit they sprout. It would be the greatest comedy ever if it wasn't so tragic.

  3. Anonymous3:57 am


    How likely is this?

    1. Anonymous5:51 am

      Doesn't matter, he will be replaced by another puppet, the corruption will continue as usual

    2. Anon 3:57: not without a fight!

    3. @anon3:57AM. If Zupta steps down it will be with such a packet from the citizens and tax payers that the country will not need downgrading, bankruptcy will be a natural event to follow.

      These wogs will carry on stealing, raping and breaking to make sure that they look after their own.

      Not one of the executive had the balls to kick him out, so why now has he agreed to go.

      He eventually accepted the offer and now will retire and live happily on our money.

      Oh! I also forgot to mention, the ANC is going to erect 2 statues of Zuma the same size as the Mandela one at Sandton, at the entrance to Voortrekker monument, they are planning the unveiling on the 16 December this year.

      I wonder why on that day?

  4. Anonymous5:12 am

    You just can't believe a word...

  5. I promised myself that I would forgive the retards their sins, fuck I didn't say when.

    1. Anonymous8:34 am


      LOL - When they are all gone and can only be found in Museums then I will forgive, then they will be out of sight and out of mind

  6. Anonymous5:24 am

    Hau, is broken, roep die baas.

  7. Anonymous5:31 am

    Here is a good chart - http://www.statssa.gov.za/?p=4045

    The economy must have shrunk as it is at the same level as 2006.

    1. Anonymous8:03 am

      Oh shit! But it could happen.

      The rand could hit R60 to the dollar by 2019
      Chris Hart

      South Africa will most likely have reached junk status by the end of this year, according to Chris Hart, former Standard Bank economic commentator.

      Hart, who resigned in March from his position as investment strategist at the bank’s wealth and investment division amid a Twitter furore, spoke at a Cape Town Press Club lunch on Thursday about the current economic and political climate as well as what he perceives as censorship on freedom of speech in South Africa.

      The fact that Moody’s rating agency has retained its credit rating outlook of South Africa at two notches above junk status is not a sign that other rating agencies, such as Fitch and Standard & Poor’s, would refrain from downgrading the country to junk status, Hart said.

      “With Moody’s it was more a case of ‘the glass is half full, not half empty’. Moody’s had a wait-and-see stance, but Fitch and S&P may take a different view (when the rating agencies consider South Africa’s credit rating in June).”

      Hart spoke about South Africa’s watershed moments – the first of which was a peaceful transition to democracy under the late president Nelson Mandela.

      For him, the second watershed event when was President Jacob Zuma was elected as ANC leader in Polokwane in 2007 and the corruption charges against him were dropped. “This compromised the institutions that used to give South Africa its strength.”

      According to Hart, there is currently a landscape of policy failure and politics of distraction under the ANC-led government.

      “Race is that distraction. But it’s not so much about race for the ANC than control. ‘Transformation’ has become a watchword for control.”

      Hart said South Africa has a budget shortfall because there’s no economic growth. “And how do you bring new economic activity in existence? You have to have investment. And what resources do you use to invest? The answer is you have to consume less than what you produce. But we don’t teach people that.”

      An IMF bailout?

      Hart is also of the view that South Africa’s decline to junk status is only a “milestone” and the next step would be to ask the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a bailout.

      “But the IMF is the nastiest, most spiteful organisation on earth. They’ll lend you money on the condition that you stop doing the things that landed you in trouble. And these are the things government is doing to get more votes and now they can’t do it any more.”

      Hart added that in two-and-a-half years’ time the rand could trade at R60 against the US dollar.

      “It will be significantly weaker from the current level. We’re not immune against that. The current economic thinking is taking us down this route.”

      Censorship and freedom of speech

      From a socioeconomic point of view, Hart said South Africans’ freedom of speech is infringed upon. “And the media is complicit. Maybe we need a media tribunal and we’ll start appreciating what media freedom is.”

      With reference to the tweet that landed him in trouble in January this year, Hart bemoaned the fact that South Africans aren’t defending their fellow citizens’ right to say whatever they want to say.

      “Nobody has the monopoly on rights. There is no fighting against the current insidious censorship. Freedom of speech has to be more important than being offended,” he said.

      Hart was suspended early this year after a tweet that said: “More than 25 years after apartheid ended, the victims are increasing along with a sense of entitlement and hatred towards minorities.”

      Standard Bank immediately distanced itself from his tweet, adding that the bank did not endorse the comments made.


    2. Anonymous12:26 pm

      @Anonymous8:03 AM

      The electricity usage is the same as 10 years ago. That tells me that there are many businesses gone as they would be using the most electricity while still paying for it. Large business taxes last year was down while small business taxes increased by 13%. Now take away the 7% inflation and the big business sector has shrunk and the small business sector has stalled. The electricity usage shows it up just like when you look at China and see that their economic growth stats are fake because electricity usage is also massively down.

    3. Anonymous2:03 am

      @Anonymous12:26 PM

      The Chinese have been lying to the rest of the world for a long time. That's why the ANC admire them so much.

  8. Anonymous6:58 am

    Twenty+ schools destroyed on a single day.This reach page two in Beeld newspaper.Headline news in Australia is a kangaroo running across a highway.

  9. Mike, did that EFF retard not claim that Zupta removed 6 billion to Dubai?

    Just correlating the facts and getting the conspiracy theory going.

  10. Not so long ago you did an article on Iscor and the steel industry that is failing. I hear that Mac steel is planning to retrench again.

    This will be the third or fourth retrenchment in 6 months.

    So. Chats expect the crime rate to climb again.

  11. Anonymous7:41 am


    Mike, readers this is where the danger comes into being and into play.

    See there has never been a power/electric problem, it has been created.

    It is election time and the ANC know they are going to lose big time, the last thing they need is cold voters.

    They scared us for so long, many people were wondering if that night would happen. Now they have elation and think the danger is over.

    NO - this is the most dangerous time. When your enemy is confident - make him scared, when he is confident strike!

    There was never a power problem, this is another tool they use to control the economy. Their plan is, as it was from day 1 to destroy, the capitalism, destroy the comforts of your enemy.

    I am more on guard now that the enemy tells me all is fine. More on guard because he knows our weakness, while there be music, people play folly.

    Beware the Marxist, he plays mind games, the most evil of them all.

  12. Anonymous7:58 am


    Shit a Brick

    Bricks are falling -



    Interesting times -

    Zuma now willing to step down, hmm lets see, what will the bargain be?

    The bastard should have been shot years ago and we not only would have killed a terrorist Marxist but also saved ourselves billions.

    He must go back where he belongs - Prison or be put to death, nothing short of this will be satisfactory.

    Russia down
    Brazil down
    China down
    South Africa down

    Only 1 more to go -

  13. @BN7:41AM. Mate, you have a point to take note of over there, 3 headlines to ring the alarm bells. Zuma to step down, no load shedding, SANDF bankrupt. Mmmmm, what a way the relax the whiteys. I must admit I never saw that coming. Thanks for the wake up call. Time to sharpen the machete again.

  14. Anonymous3:51 pm

    Promise and Zuma in the same sentence. He's taking the piss. Why haven't you repaid the state funds that you misappropriated for your Nkandla "upgrades"?

  15. Anonymous6:06 pm

    Just pre election perdevye.

  16. Just to congratulate the ANC on South Africa now being the third largest economy in Africa.

    Very well done you bunch of space headed retards, no creation has ever done a better job of fucking something up the way you have.

    In 22 years you have taken numero uno and the power house of the continent down 2 places , fucking brilliant, amazing stuff. Give yourselves all a fat bonus now.

    We white, rascist, apartheid enforcing, intelligent people made SA the country on this continent, we did it through the sanctions that you bunch of arsewipes so begged the world for and we remained an economic force in the world.

    You fuckers really have fucked up, haven't you.

    Well done, go buy another jet, have an overseas shopping spree and built a country estate. You retards could never match us.

    By the way look at Africa, you bunch of dumb pricks there
    There is no competition there. FMD! You cunts are fuckung stupid.

    1. Anonymous10:35 am

      LTMA, they'll never understand. They can't. Don't say a word just drop 'em with head-shots.